July and August 2004

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1. Pop Bitch 7/2
Which supermodel was seen being led gently backstage at Glastonbury spinning out from too much MDMA? Perhaps the fact that a younger actress/celebrity girlfriend seems to have successfully stolen her boho-chic "look" was all too much for her? Kate Moss/Sienna Miller

2. GLOBE 07/05
This big-screen beauty barked so many orders to staffers at a posh London hotel that they were shaking with fear and loathing every time she or her assistant called. One room-service guy got so fed up after she'd sent her steak back three times for not being cooked properly - then failed to tip him - he tossed the piece of meat on the floor and spit in her mashed potatoes.
 Julia Roberts; Cameron Diaz; Catherine Zeta-Jone; Ellen Barkin

3. Filth2Go 07/05
Could it be that a certain sexy actor has been caught with his pants down? Not only that, but he was caught by his then-girlfriend. I’ll go one better – he was caught with his pants down by his then-girlfriend while he was getting all freeky with another guy! OK, so maybe the galpal was stalking the talented thesp, but it’s not like she didn’t have good cause. After all, only a fool would assume all that glitters is gold. James Franco/Marla Sokoloff

4. 3 AM GIRLS 07/05
ACTRESSES filming love scenes with this Hollywood hunk beware. While shooting a nude scene for his latest flick, this charmer become a tad over-excited. Our source on the set confides: "The shots ended up on the cutting-room floor. They never would have got past the UK censor." Shame!
Colin Farrell

5. NY POST/PAGE SIX...07/06
--WHICH flamboyant designer is suddenly showing up on TV everywhere and getting preferential Hollywood treatment? Seems his boyfriend heads up the TV department at a powerful agency and makes sure he gets booked . . .

----WHICH pop singer needs a lot of "thinking time?" Whenever the former boybander wants to smoke pot, he tells his entourage to go away because "I have to think" — and he's been thinking a lot.

----WHICH former NBA star spent a fun few hours being driven back from the Hamptons the other day receiving sexual favors from a stream of strippers employed at a well-known New York jiggle joint?

6. 3 AM GIRLS 07/06
WHICH model shocked revellers at a recent outdoor event by boasting about her boyfriend's sexual preferences? The buxom lass told anyone who'd listen that he liked her to play with his, erm, back passage. Nice.
Liz Hurley

7. L.A.COM 07/06
On- and off-camera, this sizzlingly sexy TV and movie firecracker looks and acts just about as straight as they come. But among those in the know, the dude is getting semi-affectionately nicknamed “The Toolbelt Queen.” That’s because, when he is isn’t busy working--or cherry-picking the crop of gorgeous, willing women who hurl themselves at him--he cruises solo to suburban Home Depot-type stores, which tend to be packed to the rafters with the butch plumbers, painters and workmen types that get him all hot and bothered. What better way to kick back from the stress and strain of checking out those aisles of nuts, bolts and widgets than to linger in the men’s rooms of those stores a little too long and a little too often? When things go especially well, the party transfers to an out-of-the-way motel, where the booze flows and the manly men start to...well, you know. Craig Bierko

8. PopBitch 07/08
Which Oscar-winning Hollywood superstar's doctor claims she was born a hermaphrodite, with undescended testes where her ovaries should have been? (And no, it's not Jamie Lee Curtis.)
Angelina Jolie

9. L.A.COM 07/09
You know him. You love him. If you buy into that straight-arrow-active-guy image carefully constructed by him and his well-paid but overworked peeps, you probably think he hit Hollywood straight from Mayberry and now lives in a cottage on Sesame Street. It turns out there are more than a few twists and turns in this jovial dude’s internal roadmap. Just ask the new owners of the posh vintage LA manse they purchased from the movie favorite. Being typically paranoid Angelenos, they didn’t bat an eyelash at the speaker system that had let the big shot former owner eavesdrop on any conversation on the entire property, let alone at the tiny security cameras that let him snoop in every nook and cranny. But you would have thought that before the guy started packing up all those Bekins boxes, he would have plastered over the super-secret peepholes he had drilled in every guest bathroom and bedroom.

10. GLOBE 07/12
This sexy band member has been engaging in steamy rendezvous with one of the biggest names in rock. The guy's married with kids, so they usually met up at an apartment which she shares with a jealous female roommate. The roomie tried to join them in a threesome, but they turned her down, so she's now threatening to spill the beans to his wife.

11. 3 AM GIRLS 07/14
Which Hollywood babe is a battling a secret drug addiction? The goody two-shoes star is caught in a haze of cocaine abuse and got so wasted she had to be carried out of a recent premiere.
Kirsten Dunst

12. L.A.COM 07/14
She’s a sassy, sexy thang with a booming movie career that just won’t quit. And it turns out she’s got an appetite that just won’t quit either. Just check out her curious habit of juggling several no-name boyfriends at the same time--not all that hard a thing to do, considering how much time she spends filming and making the scene all around the planet. Why, she’s even hired a couple of her anonymous studs to join the staff that waits on her hand and foot (not that she keeps them on very long once they’ve outlived their usefulness). But Dolly knows that the real reason the lusty thing likes to keep her dating options in the multiples is because her favorite way to get her freak on is to do it in threesomes and foursomes and, yes, fivesomes.
Angelina Jolie

13. NY POST/PAGE SIX...07/15
WHICH lovable TV actor cheated on his longtime girlfriend by sleeping with a pretty blond co-star in his upcoming movie? To make matters worse, the cad told one pal of his tryst by using an obscene hand gesture . . .

TV actor: Ashton Kutcher
longtime girlfriend: Demi Moore
blond co-star: Ali Larter or Taryn Manning

14. L.A.COM 07/16
What gives with that edgy, eccentric and insanely well paid star? Years of movies and TV have made him so incredibly rich, he never has to work another day in his life if he doesn’t damn well feel like it. He’s always got an amazingly hot young thing clinging to his hunky arm and, careerwise, seems to be on top of the world. But yet waiters hate to see him walk into a restaurant because he tips as if he’s down to his last dime. He dresses like a rag man, constantly clips newspaper coupons--and the rare times he shops, it’s only at sales and thrift shops. Although he lives in a fabulous old LA spread, most of the rooms are completely empty. His parsimonious ways have cost him more than a few friends and several famous girlfriends. Jeez guy, cut loose with a buck once in awhile, will you? Leonardo DiCaprio

15. 3 AM GIRLS 07/16
WHICH ageing actor is so jealous of his ex-wife's hunky toyboy he's splashing out £20,000 on hair restoring techniques? His paranoia is so bad he's turning to massage, hypnosis and even surgery to help his balding bonce. Where there's a will..
Bruce Willis; Kevin Costner

16. NY POST/PAGE SIX..07/16
WHICH hard-partying funnyman was cut from his latest production because he was more interested in snorting lines than learning them? Chris Kattan

17. Filth2Go 07/19
Could it be that a certain sex symbol isn’t aging gracefully? Honey, she’s kicking and screaming every inch of the way. After cajoling her surgeon to do more than the recommended “touch-up”, she is virtually unrecognizable. With that high-profile film project coming up, she’s been lying low and is currently working with a “specialist” to regain some facial movement. On the positive side, she’s much easier to deal with now that she can’t talk!
Meg Ryan; Sharon Stone

18. 3 AM GIRLS 07/19
Which world famous starlet tops up her earnings with a bit of extra curricular work ? For £30,000 - plus first class travel - you can hire this bombshell for 24 hours. We'll just have to keep it a secret.

19. L.A.COM 07/19
While slithering up the ladder of TV and movie fame, this prodigiously sexy (and prodigiously well-endowed) actor won raves from scores of female journalists by seducing them, sometimes literally, whenever a pretty one came to interview him at some distant location. Now, slightly older, a bit scruffy around the edges, but still a raving horndog, the married-with-kids guy is happily enjoying the time he's gained from the cooling of his career. How? By plowing his way through erotic encounters with a dizzying succession of anonymous housemaids, waitresses, nannies, sales clerks, cocktail waitresses and Starbucks chicks. Meanwhile, his certifiably insane showbiz wife slaves away to put health food on their very expensive table.
 David Duchovny; Harry Hamlin

20. The Oregonian 07/19
Which long-famous, if cosmetically enhanced TV star fired his personal assistant for refusing an invitation to join him and his teenage co-star in a cocaine-fueled sex romp? Don't even ask, I'll never tell.

21. GLOBE 07/19
This divorced movie hunk just can't seem to get over the fact that his ex, the love of his life, gave him the boot after catching him cheating. White he's been dating up a storm, gals are dumping him because of his bizarre bedroom habit. It seems the poor lug keeps a large portrait of his former wife hanging over the super king-size bed. One gal says it gave her goose bumps trying to make it with him while his ex was staring down. Ethan Hawke; Bruce Willis

22. AMBROSE 07/19
A super famous star's son's life didn't go the way he wanted, and he felt abandoned by his famous pop and family. On and off drugs and desperate for money, the famous for the wrong reasons, star offspring, is so desperate for money and attention that he was quietly threatening to make public some of the home movies, home recordings and diaries made by his famous dad, who is now in ill health. The son who is an outcast, even in his own family, gained access to the material with the help of a family "retainer" who secretly helped over a period of years, get access to the hot pages, celluloid and magnetic tapes, and transfer the scorching material to videos and later computer discs. "The unfortunate son, now middle aged," holds the material in secret because he still hopes for a prodigal-like chance to return to the family fold and a chance at a respectable life, something which seems more and more unlikely. "The salacious collection" is safely hidden in a safety deposit box known only by the son and the above mentioned "retainer." Among the juicy bits, include scandals involving a myriad of stars from over the decades. There are stories of who is or was doing whom, and scores of films and recordings of such,many included the wayward son's papa. Some of the material is called, "incredible Hollywood earthquake, causing material." Within the material is an astonishing "admission of a confession" of a gruesome murder of a young starlet, which was covered up by Hollywood power brokers, because of personal affection for the killer, who was such a bankable star, who had just gotten Out of control" and "made a mistake." Made a mistake! (exclamation of astonishment mine.) The son, who has lived a reckless and dissolute life is aware of the truly hot nature of his cache of material and is extremely paranoid that he could be in danger if word gets out what he has in his possession.  
Eric Douglas

23. Michael Musto/The Village Voice 07/20
--Which has-been teen idol actually slept with one of his cousins and-more shockingly-it was a female one?
Ricky Martin

--Which showbiz tell-all nervously shredded a startling chapter on sexual harassment mere moments before going to press?

--Which deposed reality-show personality goes to parties with a look-alike of that show's main star to remind people who he is/was? Bobby Trendy

24. NY POST/PAGE SIX...07/21
--WHICH gorgeous network newscaster, rumored to be soon marrying her powerful boyfriend, looks pregnant? One eagle-eyed viewer said, "She has a spray-on tan to try and cover up the weight gain, but she must have put on at least 20 pounds lately" . . Julie Chen

--WHAT Broadway producer has been bad-mouthing his just departed leading lady? The impresario, who didn't like her onstage or off, is touting her replacement as a big improvement . . .

--WHICH Hollywood actor is going back into AA after finishing his latest movie? The producer hired someone to watch over the thirsty thespian, but the "minder" is entirely unqualified, having been a punk rock star.

25. 3 AM GIRLS 07/23
WHICH tennis star shocked onlookers at a celeb-studded function by fondling her boyfriend under the table? The ace displayed her, erm, superior backhand technique in the packed party - not realising her other half's grunts would give the game away.

26. NY POST/PAGE SIX...07/24
--IT seems to start snowing inside nightclub bathrooms whenever a teen queen steps inside to "powder her nose" these days. Our spys at Avalon in L.A. say that one very famous underage starlet, who regularly gets soused at party promoter Brent Bolthouse's Friday night celebfest, was snorting disco dust in the bathroom before she was cut off from ordering any more drinks from the club's staff.  Lindsay Lohan; Hillary Duff

--Meanwhile, here in New York, another teen star — this one with a squeaky-clean image — was doing her best anteater impression inside the bathroom at P.M.

27. GLOBE 07/26
This sexy leading lady, who's dated a slew of hunks, got so turned on kissing her pretty co-star in a scene, she's been after her to reprise their roles, only for real and without the cameras rolling. The leading lady has sent her fellow actress flowers and romantic notes, but no luck. Seems the gal of her dreams is dating a dream boat. Ironically, the guy was once the main squeeze of the leading lady.

28. Filth2Go 07/26
Could it be that a certain newbie nighttime star has a secret? Not for long, if some smarmy producers have their way. Picture it – a hot boy out at a drunken party in New Orleans over a year ago (when he was a nobody) allowed someone to videotape him “pleasuring” himself. Nothing unusual there. Except now he’s got that big network gig, and the footage has made its way to the producers of Guys Gone Wild, the male companion to that successful series of tittie videos! What to do, what to do? Oversleep!

Ryan Kwanten "Summerland"

29. L.A.COM 07/26
Dolly wonders how long that fresh, funky movie star will get away free and clear before someone busts her Winona-style for her light-fingered ways. All her friends know that she has such a mania for keeping her sensitive skin looking great that she seeks out the best spas and salons for facials and treatments wherever she goes. But though she makes plenty of moolah, she just loves to snake expensive skin care products when the busy facialists and salon owners aren’t looking. Recently at a Santa Monica spa, she got caught red-handed with a bagful of pricey product and, being famed for her skill at improv, she quickly spun a tale to the beautician about how she only put the goodies in the bag so that she could remember exactly which items had been used on her so she could buy them before checking out. They didn’t buy it any more than we do, but they let her slip that one time. Cameron Diaz; Debra Messing

30. 3 AM GIRLS 07/28
WHICH drug-addled female celebrity kicked a girl out of a taxi after inviting the partygoer, the girl's boyfriend and some friends back for a party? The star had a touch of paranoia on the way home and rudely told the girl to leg it out of the cab, leaving her stranded in the middle of nowhere late at night.
Sadie Frost

31. 3 AM GIRLS 07/31
WHICH drugged-up rock star gave this reason for staying at the home of her  fashion designer pal?  The not-so-lovely lady boasted that it was great because, "you get to do coke off the Picassos". Courtney Love/Donatella Versace

Coworkers are ready to slug that gorgeous young star of a so-so TV series success. It seems the little miss, who has risen from obscurity to megafame (well, in her own mind anyway) has become an obnoxious, demanding, bratty little diva who throws tantrums over everything that doesn't quite go her way. Anything from a catered meal that isn't to her liking to a limo that arrives a few minutes late will send her into a tirade. What she hasn't yet figured out is that she isn't why the show is a hit - plus she's making such enemies that the producers are quietly plotting to kill off her character and replace the pretty monster with a prettier, bigger, more grateful young star. Mischa Barton of "The OC"

One of Tinseltown's sexiest and most famous actors is such a big spender that any high-end shop, boutique or salon would just about kill to have his business, especially in these lean economic times. But many others would just as soon kill than have him as a customer because he's also such a big slob. The movie guy's hygiene is so utterly lacking that he leaves any environment reeking not only of marijuana, which he enjoys at every possible waking moment, but also of body odor so extreme that it's been known to send one or two of his lovers packing. Clean it up, boyfriend. Brad Pitt; Benecio del Toro; Keanu Reeves

34. GLOBE 08/02
This soap hunk has driven a wedge between himself and his co-stars. The arrogant actor shows up late everyday for work, constantly fumbles his lines and thinks he's God's gift. It's gotten so bad that cast members refuse to speak to him when the cameras stop rolling.
Jacob Young on All My Children

35. Filth2Go 08/02
Could it be that strange rivalries are afoot on that small but powerful show? So say my sources who are close to that allegedly well-hung gent and that sudsy stud who meandered onto the set. The newbie may be a year the star’s junior, but he’s the new golden boy, devouring his co-stars and stealing scenes. I’m told this has caused quite a bit of friction between the two lanky lads. Or is that sexual tension I smell?

well-hung gent: Tom Welling
sudsy stud: Jensen Ackles
small but powerful show: Smallville

--Which superband frontman is stepping out in his European hometown with another internationally famous group's lead singer, who is not his wife? Bono and Andrea Corrs

--Which Hollywood ex-couple is waging a whispering war to spin the breakup? The latest from his camp: "He wasn't dumped, he left her because he couldn't deal with her spiraling coke habit." Jake Gyllenhall and Kirsten Dunst

37. GLOBE 08/09
There's nothing funny about this comic's enormous drug habit. He pops prescription pills and ecstasy tablets like crazy, snorts lines of cocaine and smokes marijuana like crazy. Pals are surprised he hasn't fallen off stage, or worse, died from an overdose. Martin Lawrence

38. L.A.COM 08/10
Swanky celeb dinner parties are as old as the Hollywood Hills, but a recent one, thrown by a big time female star whose career has recently hit a few nasty speed bumps, turned out to be one for the books. Her oh-so-hip guests filed into the dining room of her lavish home and were amused to find the walls covered with glam photo portraits of the star from the beginning of her career, but (given the star’s famously wicked sense of humor) all assumed she was spoofing. Until, that is, she kept steering the dinner conversation back to herself, asking each guests to name which of her movies they liked best, which scenes they loved her best in, and what kind of movie they think she should do next. Oh, but Dolly hears that’s nothing compared to the nights she’s invited girlfriends over for pajama parties that always involve watching one of her earlier movies on video--which she watches with absolute entrancement. Paging Norma Desmond.  Faye Dunaway; Glenn Close; Sharon Stone

39. POPBITCH 08/12
Which current movie villainess doesn't want anyone to know she got her start in Hollywood as a high-class hooker? Sharon Stone

40. GLOBE 08/16
This action hero dressed up in drag during a night out in London and attempted to pick up two young hunks. The guys had no idea "she" was really a "he" - until they got back to the star's ritzy suite. They immediately made a beeline for the door, but not before stealing his watch, driver's license and several hundred dollars.

41. L.A.COM 08/12
That studly actor who is exploding to fame on that red-hot TV series may need to hire private security to protect himself--even when he’s behind the guarded gates of the studio. No, he’s not getting death threats or being stalked. The fact is the guy is being hounded by all kinds of women (and more than a few men) who seriously want to sample his wares. He’s accustomed to getting women throwing themselves at him from his last series, but this time, women who actually have better things to do are hanging around the set, trailing him flirtatiously in the commissary, passing notes and phone numbers to him and, when all that fails, even trying to bond with the nearby producers and writers. Too bad that at the height of his fame, he’s suddenly having so much trouble, um, keeping up his end of things without lots of nasty toys and more than a whiff of rough stuff.
Julian McMahon of "Nip/Tuck"

42. N.Y. DAILY NEWS..08/15
1) Which television personality sealed her shoot with a major men's magazine by consenting to a threesome consisting of her, her husband and the mag's male publisher?

2) Which major model enjoys those lingerie catalogues as much as her male admirers? There's a reason you never hear about a boyfriend?

43. 3 AM GIRLS 08/16
Which British actor has an embarrassing crush on a footballer? The thirty-something star is a hit with the ladies but what really gets him going is the sight of this guy in action. Not that he's in with a chance. The object of his desire only plays away with women.
Rupert Everett

44. Filth2Go 08/16
Could it be that a star of stage and screen (both large and small) is flexing his thespianic skills in that virtually ignored new project? Not only does he play straight, but his pussy-hound efforts are almost entirely convincing. This is no minor compliment from moi, since I am fully aware that he’s now embracing his feminine side and experimenting with being a bottom in his current liaison. Well, you are what you eat.
Kevin Spacey; Neil Patrick Harris

45. L.A.COM 08/17
What's causing many a sleepless night for a well-known producer of high-profile TV projects? It seems Mr. Big-Time Producer’s famous minx of a wife has been staying home way too much lately to indulge in her all-consuming obsession--which isn't plastic surgery, drugs, booze, younger guys or women, as have been rumored. It seems the deep-pocketed lady has taken to spending every waking hour outbidding anyone who dares cross her path on eBay. Her junkin’ jones started with little tchochkes, but now she’s buying high-ticket items, overpaying enough to make her husband gently but firmly suggest therapy. Apparently, she believes her face and name are so well-known that she’s better off on Internet auctions than showing up at live auctions. Talk about deluded.
Michelle Pfieffer; Candy Spelling

46. GLOBE 08/23
This showbiz couple's marriage is a complete farce. He's had an open relationship with his wife's personal assistant for years, while she has her own female lover. What's even weirder is they all live happily together under one roof. Their families know all about the special arrangement and give it their blessing.
Steven Spielberg & Kate Capshaw

47. Filth2Go 08/23
Could it be that a certain heartthrob is thinking of leaving the business? And in the nick of time – after all, those film offers haven’t been around in a dog’s age, and he’s dancing as fast as he can. But he’s got some smaller work on the horizon, and he’s putting on a brave pie face, telling people that this will give him time to consummate…er, concentrate on his home life – and perhaps soon reprise the role of Mr. Mom. Of course, that might be tough, since wifey is keeping mighty busy, and she’s big with the people in South Africa. But not too big! Freddie Prinze Jr.

47. L.A.COM 08/24
That movie star may be quite the ladies’ man (though you’d never guess it from the brainy dweeb roles he sometimes plays), but he sure is hung up on a certain famous old flame from his checkered past. A notorious boozer and hellraiser, the guy is particularly well known for persuading his endless series of one-nighters to "slip into something comfortable." What they probably don’t know is that the “something comfortable” is culled from a stash of clothes he’s kept that belonged to his ex--a stage, movie and TV name. That’s right, he gets off on trying to get other women to dress like his lost love; then, when they don’t measure up (who could?), it’s easy for him to give them a quick brush-off the morning after. Has this guy seen Vertigo too many times? Dolly guesses the guy is still hurting after his squeeze first cheated on him with a struggling actor/bartender/hustler-type half his age before dumping him for another woman, with whom she’s shacked up ever since.

48. NY POST/PAGE SIX...08/27
--WHICH cast member of the new "Apprentice" has an enemy spreading the word that she's a slut? As our tipster put it, "I knew her from high school, where she was known as the easiest girl to get in bed" . . .

--WHICH clothes-designing hip-hop star is furious he has been left off Esquire's best-dressed men list in its new issue? Andre 3000 of OutKast was placed first, but we hear the riled rapper considers himself more of a trendsetter.

49. L.A.COM 08/27
A new wrinkle (or, more to the point, a whole bunch of them) has a certain Hollywood honey of a movie star in full freak-out mode. Tensions have boiled over on the set of her new movie, her first potential blockbuster in ages, where she has set off all kinds of headaches and craziness based on her insecurity about her famous good looks. By demanding (nicely, of course) new lighting setups, endless retakes of even minor scenes, and declining to appear in the same frame with younger, prettier actresses, she made life a nightmare for everybody on the project. But a funny thing happened when the moviemakers watched the dailies. It turns out the big problems wasn't her looks, which were still plenty dazzling. It was her performance, which was flat-out awful.
Kim Basinger

50. NY POST/PAGE SIX...08/29
--WHICH vinyl-savvy party boy of regal Hollywood stock has been spotted around town sporting a unique accessory to conceal track marks on his arms? The wild child is reportedly wearing fashionable bandanas on both forearms to cover up the embarrassing markers, which some East Village fashionistas mistook for a hot new look ... Cameron Douglas

--WHICH rich, aging, Hollywood legend is rumored to have had a testicle lift? ... Robert Redford; Tim Allen (he announced it on Jay Leno)

--WHICH boy band enjoying publicity over his new girlfriend is actually dating a guy - just one peek at all the photos of the two around his Hollywood home shows the two men are more than just friends.

51. NY DAILY NEWS...08/30
--Which chart-topping diva, keeping company with another big-name woman at the VMAs, is sparking rumors that the two are more than just friends? Christina Aguilera and Paris Hilton

--Which hip-hop heavyweight is banned from half the clubs in Miami for his habit of arriving with an entourage and walking out on the check? P. Diddy

--Which huge Hollywood star reputedly arrived at a Miami hot spot high on Ecstasy and then invited two bemused cocktail waitresses back to a party in her Jacuzzi?

--Which hip-hop honcho had a shrieking publicist on his hands when he stopped his SUV suddenly and a loaded Glock slid over her toes?

52. Filth2Go 08/31
Could it be that a certain music man is tired of living a double life? So say folks close to the weasel who tell me that he’s finally shaved off his beard once and for all – to the dismay of those powerful people who hired him. Of course, he didn’t have much choice, since he was caught playing “hide the baton” one time too many. I guess June is busting out all over.
Craig Bierko

53. L.A.COM 08/31
One of movies’ better-known stars uses his celeb power in quite unusual and idiosyncratic ways, even for Hollywood. Insiders know that when it comes to casting women in his projects, he insists on taking a very active--some might even say hands-on--role. Careful observers might have noticed that many of the projects include at least one or two scenes starring a very hot woman who just happens to be barefoot. That’s because he absolutely insists on such scenes, the better to subtly satisfy his funky foot fetish, a predilection on which, offscreen, he spends a fortune paying hookers to play footsie all over him, with and without shoes.
Quentin Tarantino

Last updated: November 18, 2004