September and October 2003

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Everybody in town seems to adore this gifted young charmer on TV and in movies. Even the worst of them, she lights up the screen, grabbing all the attention and acclaim away from her co-stars. Maybe that's why they're so worried about little miss nicey-nice's self-destructivebehavior, which is threatening to turn her into a casualty before she even hits her peak as a hot Hollywood property. Somebody who love this girl had better schedule an intervention - and quick - to stop her from snorting coke while shopping in Beverly Hills and New York, as well as at movie premieres and Industry parties. Besides, how many more moviemakers and publicists can write off her crazy behavior during filming and photo shoots as 'eccentric,' as opported to seriously effed-up? Rose McGowan; Alyssa Milano; Brittany Murphy

At a NYC close-out department store known for attracting celebrities on the hunt for hot threads, one youngish male actor - who appeared in one the summer's biggest blockbusters - is known to indulge his proclivity for stealing underwear. The actor-boy has literally hundreds of pairs of boxer-briefs but refuses, no matter how rich and famous he gets, to pay for them, insisting that they can be worn only a couple of times before they lose their elasticity and softness. His method: He takes loungewear-type items, which are stocked in the same area, into the dressing room with several boxes or hanging pairs of boxer-briefs tucked underneath. Then he puts on five to six layers of underwear under his pants, and walks out of the store. One observant salegirl's only suspicion was that suspiciously large lump in his pants.
Tobey Maguire

One young, ultraglamourous household name with a killer shoe fetish always shops with her baby in a cute stroller at L.A. boutiques. The diaper bag and the stroller's many storage departments make perfect places for stashing merchandise. Her method is pure chaos: She insists to the clerk that she has smaller feet than she actually does, and changes her mind every five minutes, so that a pile of 12 pairs of shoes ends up scattered all over the place. During the confusion, when the salesgirl is slipping in the back for yet another size of the Manolos, she takes her size, scatters the boxes to make putting them back together even more confusing, and calmly tells the salesgirl that she needs to go feed her baby. Little does the salesgirl know, she's feeding her shoe fetish and letting her baby's stroller carry out the pricey shoes.

4. Australian magazine "New Idea" Sept.
OK, so there's the big TV star who's everybody's friend. Only problem is that he's gay and has had a boyfriend for the past decade. But did that stop him from marrying the model? Of course not! Now they all live together quite happily in the TV star's mansion - the boys in one wing and the girl in the other! Matt LeBlanc

There's the couple who were paired to heighten publicity for their movie. When it didn't do much for either, they split. But now each star is constantly asked about the other and it's making them so mad they are storming off the red carpet when the other's name is brought up. Insiders say they curse the day they agreed to the stunt. Ashton Kutcher and Brittany Murphy

There's the story of the big movie star who romanced (and later married) the pretty younger movie actress. The story around town at the time was that the couple had a multi-year contract that even specified how many kids they'd have and how long the marriage would last. At the time, many observers refused to believe the contract rumours - until the couple divorced soon after the last child arrived. this just happened to coincide with the preset number of years in the 'contract' that the couple were supposed to stay together. And while the above mystery couple split amicably and the exes are now "best friends", many others in the fake relationship pantheon don't come out of it so gracefully. Tom Cruise/Nicole Kidman

Everybody in Hollywood knows about the perky female superstar who was contracted to marry a gay man and even had a family with him. But then our romantic girl fell for a co-star - a notorious Hollywood Lothario. Headlines ensured and the lady got the worst press of her life for leaving her "loving husband" for her new man. Meg Ryan/Dennis Quaid/Russell Crowe

The funny girl is a movie star with a drug problem. He's a pop star who, despite his reputation as a ladies' man, is anything but. Together they sizzle, but who would suspect that she's only in it to hide her druggie ways and he's only on board to further his career? Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake

And what about the star loser known for drinking and hitting women, the man who most smart women won't date? That didn't stop him saying he was monkeying around with a much younger female starlet. And why did she agree to the pretence? She's gay and she told the sad-sack she'd knock him out if he ever laid a hand on her! Mark Wahlberg/Jordana Brewster; Kate Bosworth/Val Kilmer

5. Filth2Go 09/01
--The gay reality show graduate currently appearing on stage and begging his director to add a nude scene so he can show off his toned body and prodigious talent?

--The former trophy wife with a trophy of her own who is spending all of her time with gay men, saying, “This is just like my marriage – but more fun”? Nicole Kidman/Tom Cruise; Brooke Gordon/Jeff Gordon

6. GLOBE 09/02
This handsome TV star, who's pushing 50, has been warned by producers to stop his cradle-snatching ways. The guy has a beautiful wife and kids at home, but he likes to stray with under-age girls and it's worrying everyone around him sick. He's already had a hushed-up incident with a baby sitter, but now someone may have to babysit him. Kelsey Grammar

7. NY POST/PAGE SIX...09/03
--WHICH former TV reporter, who got married just a year or so ago, was spotted in a bar in Los Angeles canoodling with a beautiful brunette who was not his wife? . .

--WHICH baseball hero, who also got married just a year or so ago, doesn't take his wife with him when his team goes on the road? He takes his girlfriend. It makes you wonder why these guys got married in the first place. Alex Rodriguez

8. GLOBE 09/09
This divorced Hollywood beauty is renowned for dragging guys home to her place and....beating them up! The brassy blonde has slept with numerous showbiz legends in the past, but those hoping to hook up with her better be forewarned: In the throes of passion, she gets a big kick out of sucker-punching her sweethearts. Most men say once is enough and they have the black and blue marks to prove it.

9. Filth2Go 09/15
Could it be that a certain blond himbo is trying to do some damage control? After burning bridges at not one, but two soaps, my sources tell me that the boy got a bit too big for his britches and announced that he had options - options that didn't pan out (one went uncredited, and the other went straight to the bargain bin). In short order he was begging a former employer to take him back, but his replacement is working out just fine, thank you very much. Going back to his roots (in more ways than one) and trying to toughen up his image only made him more laughable. But once the ink settled, he found a new employer and was signed to a limited contract - after jumping through a few hoops. I just hope he finds what he's searching for.

10. GLOBE 09/16
What Oscar nominated long time married star, whose wife is also an actress, has something going on right under the trusting woman's nose? This sly guy is an actor's actor, who likes to teach the art, and is carrying on with his pretty students, giving them - ahem - private lessons. His wife thinks he's just a harmless flirt who likes to help youngsters, but there's a lot more than acting being taught.
Ed Harris; Gary Sinese

11. Filth2Go 09/22
Could it be that a certain pretty pop princess is investigating her Sapphic tendencies off stage as well as on? So say my sources in the dirty girl's entourage who tell me that her first order of business when hitting a new city is finding the hot gay spots where the beautiful people hang out. Although she knows better than most what a girl wants, she prefers watching rather than actually participating. Sometimes she watches in person, but more often than not she has an assistant urreptitiously video tape these encounters. After all, the last thing she'd wanna be is obvious. Christina Aguilera

12. GLOBE 09/23
What old time movie star insists on walking around the set in a dress shirt with no pants on -- or even underwear? This guy has been getting away with this for years and laughs at anyone suggesting he put on proper attire. Movie crews have learned to ignore him and his obnoxious antics, but it's not easy. When shooting close ups, he likes to drop his trousers and stand there with no pants on and everything blowing in the breeze. Marlon Brando; Sean Connery

13. NY POST/PAGE SIX...09/23
--WHICH amorous actor can't stop fighting his temptation to cheat on his wife? Our spy saw him at Show's Wednesday night party bumping and grinding with a whopping young lady nicknamed "Burger King." After our hero worked up a healthy sweat with his chunky chippie on the dance floor, they went to his hotel for horizontal hijinks . . .Cuba Gooding Jr.

--WHICH member of Wu-Tang Clan had sex in a closet with a female fan at Frank's steakhouse in Chelsea?

13. NY POST/PAGE SIX...09/28
--WHICH sports legend is barely speaking to his hot blond wife because she's skating on thin ice with a professional golfer? The wife spends too much time watching golf and traveling to tournaments . . . Wayne Gretsky and Janet Jones

--WHICH night-life columnist has earned the ill will of a hipper-than-thou downtown set? One rocker in the crowd says he'd like to "throw her out a window."

15. GLOBE 09/30
This quirky actor, who's happily married to a top sitcom star, gets his kicks by wearing her clothing. She thought it was cute in the beginning and went along with it because she knew it was such a huge turn on for him, but his little habit is getting old fast. She laughs about it with her family and friends, but can't seem to convince her hubby to give up his cross dressing ways. David Arquette

That youngish, preening macho movie hunk certainly digs showing off his hypermanly stuff both on-screen and on the scene, especially at West Hollywood's poseur paradise Crunch gym. Well, in the bedroom with the lights way down low, it's the same ballgame, but ramped way up. Seems the rough and ready dude likes his lady loves (most of whom are of the rent-a-Chick persuasion) to go even rougher and readier on him. And, yeah, we're talking about in the very bright black-and-blue sort of way. Recently, he's also acquired such an astounding assortment of strap-on pleasure devices in all sorts of shapes and sizes that his penetratingly powerful penchant has earned him the nickname Rear Admiral. Nobody means if affectionately, either. Sean William Scott

Everybody knows (but nobody tells) how this very famous and powerful TV and film producer loves to greet guests invited to his superspecial and private Manhattan, Beverly Hills, and Malibu parties. He may scream, shout and wield fierce power in the boardroom, but to his intimates, he's just a sassy, saucy little miss who loves to don stylish wigs, sexy belly tops, tight minis and stiletto heels. Don't worry about his wife finding out and blowing the whistle, though. So long as she's up to her neck in gems and gin, she'll be quiet as a mouse. Jerry Bruckheimer

Which handsome leading man recently warmed up on a chilly location set with a woman not his wife? Unfortunately, his lewd paws led to more and left his lover with child. We hear a studio exec took the lady to a clinic that handles such situations, and put the procedure on his credit card. That must have made for an interesting expense report.
Ethan Hawke

19. STAR 10/07
A high class London based escort agency catering to VIPs is offering dates with a "mystery supermodel" for $50,000 a day. Boutique Escorts, "the first choice of the rich, famous, powerful and discerning," is offering a "successful print and runway model," age 28, who has "graced the covers of countless fashion magazines" for a very short time. Who can this cash-strapped strumpet be?

20. GLOBE 10/07
He plays a married man and dad on a sitcom, but this guy's headed for some real trouble, drinking a gallon a day of champagne followed by unprotected sex - with younger guys! He loves to "take in" a new male assistant or driver and eventually lead them to his bedroom.. Fellow cast members are horrified because he later tells all in tearful confessions, including admitting the "unprotected" romps. He swears it will never happen again, but a week later, he shows up with a new "friend" in tow. Anthony Clark of "Yes, Dear"

21. By Roger Friedman/FOX NEWS 10/07
I don't do many "blind" items, but this seemed particularly acute. A famous actress is in trouble. No matter what you've heard, she's partying too hard and making poor decisions. Popular, maybe to a fault, she's feeling a little lost due to circumstances that may have once been in her control. Her rapidly changing public persona is a wrong move, but she may be too clouded to know this. She's only human, after all. But this is one time to choose style over substances. Hopefully the people who really are close to her can pull in the reins before things get worse. Mama, you see, told her there'd be days like this, and she was right. Liza Minnelli

22. POPSTICH 10/09
--Which odd-looking Oscar-nominated actress's career may be about to nosedive - because studios are finding it mpossible to insure her, thanks to her gigantic gak habit?
Chloë Sevigny

-- Which married-with-children superstar is getting less and less discreet with his gay liasons? The smooth-dancing star has been telling his wife that he needs to get up at 3am to "exercise" because his schedule is just too busy during the day, and loads of pretty young men are gossiping about their short-lived nocturnal affairs. John Travolta

"Can you stand it? Another diva pulling serious 'tude? I mean, really, you'd think that ta-ta trend would be passé by now, right? Wrong. Not with all the butt smooching that goes on in this enclave. Pretty soon, stars like Ms. Ice Is Nice will start believing their hype and think they can walk on water (that they themselves froze, natch). And darn it, they shouldn't have to get their feet even the slightest bit damp while they're doing it, right? But let's back up. Ms. Ice recently found herself in a small burg up north, much to her disliking. She was in town for her b-f's gig when the weather turned sullen. Rained for soggy days. Oh no! What's an icicle princess to do? Get her perfectly pedicured feet wrinkled and wet? Mais non! Silly, she simply requests that all the staffers run around throwing down carpets wherever she wants to walk. Yep, with snooty insistence on her side, Ice kept the locals scurrying about to keep her precious peds dry. And let's not even talk about the gonzo gal's thoughts on the resort where she was graciously accommodated, okay? 'Cause we all know it wasn't up to award-wining standards. Which is why Ms. I. preferred to sleep in...the B.F.'s wheels. Vroom, vroom. Brrr, brrr. It must be a fast 'n' frosty life with that man of hers." Gwyneth Paltrow with Chris Martin of Coldplay

24. Filth2Go 10/13
Could it be that a certain diva of daytime is being awfully demure about her diminishing derriere? So say my pals who tell me that the celestial body is shrinking due to some alleged staples that were installed during hiatus. But rather than shout it from the rooftops, the large lady is opting to wait until a significant amount of weight comes off. For that to happen, of course, she’s gotta keep those staples in place – and we hear she’s already on her second set. I say just go to Home Depot and get the industrial-strength staple gun! Star Jones

25. GLOBE 10/14
This Oscar winning Hollywood heavyweight makes women swoon, but his years younger wife claims he's a dud in bed. She's been emailing all her friends, complaining about her hubby's lack of sexual prowess between the sheets. Seems he's had this problem for a long time due to his heavy drinking and she's been resorting to young polo players to fulfill her needs.
Sylvester Stallone

26. NY POST/PAGE SIX....10/17
WHICH Oscar-winning actress makes her personal assistant go to stores with all the free clothes she is given by designers and return the stuff for cash? "She has grand delusions of entitlement everywhere she goes," says our source. If one store refuses, she makes the assistant take the swag to another, and another. Gwyneth Paltrow

1. A major tv news anchor and a major "movie star" who often engaged in rugged outdoor sports and horseplay together may engage in more intimate horseplay when the tent flaps are snapped.
Tom Brokaw/James Brolin

2. African-American actor known for trying to out other black actors has a secret. Despite his criticism of black actors who get involved outside "the race" our hero has a secret yen for hot and spicy house special, with fried wonton, of course. Eriq La Salle

3. What up to now secretly surgically altered Hollywood starlet recently underwent a "tightening" procedure because even the most well equipped of her dates complained that she was too loose to enjoy.

4. What celebrated rock couple stays together not because "he'd rather have steak then hamburger" but because she knows too much, like where the bodies are buried and what he did with certain of those bodies. Sting and Trudie Styler

5. What supposedly happy quasi-"out" star is so depressed at what "said star" feels happened career-wise after the public pronouncement, that "said star's" friends and family are desperate with worry, and "said star's" relatives have secretly hired a detective, to make sure "said star" doesn't do anything self-distructive. Quasi-out meaning that "said star's" river runs both ways, or did at least once. Also, "said star" is rumored to blame their dilemma on the "coming out" which basically happened because "said star" wasn't aware that one of the side effects of the medication "said star" was taking for pain as a result of an on the set injury should not be mixed with alcohol, even a little Moet sipped during an interview with a notably seductive "ambisexual" scribe. Or should that be scribette? By the way, the answer is not Robert Downey Jr. Anne Heche

6. Which most lovely of starlet's darkest secret is that she is so repelled by the even the thought of sex that her closest intimacies occur while she is legs up to receive one of the frequent waxings which her penchant for super sexy mini's requires. If only the fellows knew they might no pursue her so.

7. This leading man, famous for oddball indie parts has a new addiction. To Viagra. It's not that he doesn't want sex but without Viagra he is unable to perform because of the damage done him by his last addiciton, cocaine, and if he doesn't have a reputation as a ladies man for people to talk about they might start talking about how he gives the same performance over and over, not because the audience likes it, but because he no longer has the talent or the motivation to do anything else. And to think, this former rebellious teen heartthrob once had and could still have his pick of the hottest young ladies around.

8. Which talented, free-spirit distaff half of one of Hollywood's power couples has become more free spirited as she moves into middle age? Her past ocassional whimsical forays into the boudoirs of other famous lovely ladies once charmed her super talented, super rich husband, but now have him worried as they share children and a position in a community which is on the surface tolerant and liberal, but when those liberal doors are closed, can become as jugdemental and angry as an old-fashioned Jewish mother towards a loud drunk shiksa daughter-in law. Our free spirited girl has another secret. She likes being dominated, i.e read: spank-spank. To the degree that when her daughter accidentally saw mommy emerging from one of those huge, huge hollywood multi-directional showers, that daughter dear asked free-spirit mommy why her famously shapely bottom was all red and splotchy. Quick witted free spirit mommy, told daughter dear that mommy fell down and went boom while taking her tennis lessons. Word to mommy, "Hello," which in a language with which you are familiar sounds like squid on a plate, preferably with a little balsamic on the side. Rita Wilson; Kate Capshaw

8. If your wondering why this stunning gal so famous for impetous public love affairs has seemingly become a serious adult, three words, seretonin uptake inhibitor. And she used to be such a fun gal. Angelina Jolie

9. This fellow'd legendary member was enhanced just before the famous appearance of Mr. Happy. Well, not just before, but before the receipent "lady" of his mighty boy and he got together. Indeed, when they met he was in the process of showing his enhanced endowment to any and all ladies who cared to see. Maybe that's where he got that "cold sore" or whatever he passed on. Funny thing is, Mr. Celebrity was already comfortably sized, this according to the ladies who knew him before he got surgically fluffed. Wonder why these other ladies haven't commented on his change? Maybe their low self-esteem makes them believe that it must have been their fault that he wasn't up to his full state, and that when he got with his "real" lovette that he came to his full dimemsions. You know what they say about Hollywood, that inside every beautiful girl, there is a homely girl with bad hair, bad skin and heavy thighs who appears in her mirror ever morning. Robin Williams

10. What wildly popular leading man has a habit of deliberately farting during love scenes. He loves to crack up the crew and to make his leading ladies uncomfortable. He's been known to waste loads of film playing this joke but because he has girl appeal, and though not Mr. Blockbuster he regularly brings in his target audience, so the directors and studio bosses tolerate his loutish behavior. However, there are numerous leading ladies who loathe the idea of working with him again, but because of his image playing opposite him is so beneficial to their careers that nary a one would refuse, given a second choice. Leonard DiCaprio

28. Filth2Go 10/20
Could it be that people behind the scenes at that new sitcom are a bit concerned about their leading man? So say my amphibian friends, who were hoping that ninth time would be a charm for the hunky hubby. They’re not nearly as concerned about the quality of his performance as they are about his looks. You see, when they landed him, they were sure they’d won the lottery. All was well when the pilot was shot, but after that, the former pitchman (who’s more of a catcher, by the way) started bulking up just a tad too fast, his face began to morph, and his skin took on an unnatural hue – to say nothing of his hair. Rumor has it that the insurance company has requested that some random “testing” be implemented, but the show may be demolished long before it gets to that point. Dan Cortese "Rock Me Baby"

29. GLOBE 10/21
This divorced movie hero went beserk when he discovered a director was putting the moves on his years-younger, sexy, new girlfriend. Seems the gal - an actress - was getting fed up with the guy placing his hands all over her hot body and rubbing up against her while they were shooting a movie together in Central America and made a late-night phone call to her honey letting him know. Mr. Macho immediately flew to the set of her flick, cornered the director, then put his hands on his throat and set him straight. "If you ever touch her again, I'll be back down here and kick your ass. And you don't want to see that happen."

movie hero: Bruce Willis (48)
girlfriend: Brooke Burns (25)
director: Joel Silverman
movie: Death to the Supermodels (due out in 2004)
country: Costa Rica

30. Filth2Go 10/27
Could it be that the end of a romance also means the end of a job for that hunky heartthrob? So say my undercover spies at the soupy network, who tell me that the affair between the scruffy scamp and the song-and-dance man came to an abrupt end when the smooth operator’s spousal-equivalent found evidence of this illicit match. Since someone had to go, the bedazzled boy was out the door before he could say “Au revoir.” But that door is not quite locked – we’re told that the older gent holds the key. Look for the tyke to make the occasional return in a reduced capacity – both professionally and personally. Sometimes you gotta stop fiddling around. Victor Garber/Bradley Cooper on "Alias"

31. GLOBE 10/28
This TV star, who's rumored to be gay, was spotted at The Pleasure Chest in LA, stocking up on a wide assortment of kinky costumes and sex toys in all shapes and sizes. My spy says he spent a long time chatting with the clerk about different products and piled several boxes of extra large condoms on the counter, noting, "He's obviously planning to have a lot of fun, but at least he's playing it safe."

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