May and June 2003

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1. NY POST/PAGE SIX...05/04
--WHICH cosmetics exec dumped his publicist girlfriend of three years via phone and ran off on vacation with a blonde the next day? Sniffed one observer: "Such a gross display for a man of that stature to treat women in this fashion. Serial cheater, I suppose" . . .

--WHICH famous voyeuristic photographer is in a nasty battle with a couple she's been photographing for the last few years? They say she's greedy . . .

--WHICH three high-profile directors, two of them married, recently have been seeing their leading men from past or present projects?

2. NY POST/PAGE SIX.....05/05
WHICH descendent of rock royalty is telling pals she broke up with her famous boyfriend because he was woefully under-endowed and was "ultra lame" in bed? The rejected Romeo's shortcomings haven't stopped him from being pursued by a certain scantily clad pop tart . . .
Descendent of rock royalty: Jade Jagger
Famous boyfriend: Pharrell Williams of the Neptunes
Pop Tart: Christina Aguliera

3. Filth2Go 05/05
Could it be that a certain ex-sitcom siren’s ex-spouse is not only an ex-thespian and ex-producer but can now add the title ex-heterosexual? So say my pals in NYC, where it appears our hero has relocated – back to his roots, I suppose (in more ways than one). Using his former stage name (which is really just two first names), he’s trying to get jobs with his experience and talent, and isn’t trading on who he used to sleep with (my hunch is that the only thing going on in that bed was sleeping). What’s far more interesting to me is who he’s sleeping with NOW. And that, dear readers, is another man! Yes, the wife (ex in this case) is always the last to know – and she didn’t know jack. My spies in Gotham tell me that the two make a dashing couple, what with our subject’s blond-enhanced hair and his new dark, swarthy lover. Something else he and his high-school sweetheart have in common – a penchant for Italians. Peter Marc (ex of Fran Drescher)

4.  STAR 05/06
This hormonal Hollywood wife has been hiring call girls to rev up her husband's sex life. Her handsome actor-hubby wants more sex than she does, so she sends a trusted friend out to procure assorted ladies of the night to keep her husband happy. But now hubby has found a girl he likes -- WAY too much for wifey's taste. She never counted on repeats, so she's frantically scheming to nip the relationship in the bud.

5.  GLOBE 05/06
This multimillionaire songstress loves to shop, but she also likes to slip out the door without paying for her pricey purchases. Staffers at a trendy boutique on Melrose Ave in LA have spotted her stealing stuff on THREE seperate occasions, but so far, nobody has had the nerve to confront Ms. Lightfingers.

6. STAR 05/13
When this Hollywood superstar had electronic equipment hooked up at his Hollywood Hills home, he asked the workmen to wait before going into his bedroom. Then he quickly moved things around. In the course of doing their job, the guys found a stash of VERY interesting items under the bed -- a huge stack of pictures of Britney Spears! Some were in frames, others were clipped from magazines. Sounds like an obsession!
Jim Carey

7. GLOBE 05/13
This stunning and skinny sitcom star makes us laugh every week on her TV series, but it's far from funny how she stays so svelte. She has a big appetite, but after bingeing on all her favorite junk food, she runs to the bathroom and throws it up. Here's hoping the bulimic beauty will get the help she needs before it's too late. Debra Messing

8. NY POST/PAGE SIX...05/19
--WHICH actress in a Broadway flop has been carrying on an affair with a married composer? . . .

--WHICH Hollywood hunk ditched his publicist girlfriend the other night after the two snorted cocaine with a female singer? The young stud told his flack to beat it so he and the singer could duet . . .

--WHICH pixie-esque starlet seems to have a booze problem? The cutie was "clearly drunk" at the New Power Hollywood Awards at Ivar Tuesday night, slurring her words and rambling . . . Kirsten Dunst

9. Filth2Go  05/19
Could it be that certain legendary performer is far sicker than we’ve been led to believe? There are some who go so far as to say that he’s already passed away! And, you know, death puts a real damper on a birthday party, to say nothing of the product tie-ins. So, is he or isn’t he? His people are predictably mum. That’s love. But if I didn’t know better, I’d say that if he avoided the grim reaper, he did it by a nose. Bob Hope

10. STAR 05/20
This large and lovable TV and movie star is an all-around good guy, but he has secret demons. Mister likable can't sign any contract that requires a drug test. For years, he's dabbled in cocaine, even though he's husky and has been warned by doctors that his heart can't take it. Recently, he's become addicted to painkillers and his friends are begging him to get help. He won't and he's losing jobs because insuring him is impossible without an exam. John Goodman

11. GLOBE 05/20
It's no wonder this well-known older actress looks years younger. She's had so much plastic surgery that the last time she went to see her doctor for a face-lift, he had to break the news that "there's no skin left to pull." She made the most of her visit, though, and settled on some liposuction. Joan Collins; Morgan Fairchild; Faye Dunaway

12. NY DAILY NEWS 05/25
What larger-than-life movie mogul was nuzzling a beauty not his wife in the pool of the Hotel du Cap at the Cannes film fest?
Bob or Harvey Weinstein

13. Filth2Go 05/26
Could it be that the fur is already flying on that new television series? Well, “new” isn’t really the correct term, since this is yet another rehash of something that has already been hashed several times. My spies say that the former famous face thinks that she’s still a celebrity and has been acting like a drill sergeant on camera and off. This didn’t sit well with the big fat star of the show, who made it clear that the diva better put her nails away or else. After all, charity begins at home – and might end up back there if she doesn’t watch her step.


14. STAR 05/27
This famous beauty and her best friend are no longer welcome at one of the top jewelry stores on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. These big spenders have had their credit cut off because they don't pay their bills. Both deadbeats have debts six months overdue, and the store simply won't tolerate it any longer -- no matter who they are!

15. GLOBE 05/27
This TV crime fighter has kept in close contact with his favorite hometown hooker. Over the years, he's flown her from location to location and shelled out cash for lavish gifts. When the old gal recently needed one of her hips replaced and no insurance to cover the operation, he generously footed the bill.
Jerry Orbach

16. NY POST/PAGE SIX...05/27
--WHICH baseball legend has a drug-abusing son who is hauling his hard-working ex-wife into court for child support? . . .

--WHICH hip-hop diva/actress is lying about her age? She claims she's 22. But a TV crew filming a special on the singer discovered she's actually 25. They kept it to themselves, as the network is loath to anger pop royalty . . .ASHANTI

17. MOVIELINE/JUNE 2003 #1
That ultra-hip Manhattan hotel's cool staff has pretty much seen it all when it comes to wacky star behavior. But when a hard-living Hollywood hooligan shacked up at their posh hostelry for months, his shenanigans made even the blaše blush. For starters, he bellowed at the desk clerks when they didn't bring him adult videos fast enough. Then he dragged back to his suite a motley crew of trust-fund brats and rent girls. The thing that got him banned from the hotel for life, though, was what he left behind - lice.
Colin Farrel; Leonardo DiCaprio

18. MOVIELINE/JUNE 2003 #2
When celeb shopping sprees turn bad, they can turn really bad, which is what happened when this great-looking movie duo celebrated their love at a closed-door buying binge at a boutique on Melrose Avenue. She (a pouty, sexy looker) squealed delightedly as he (a pouty, sexy looker) tried on cool threads. When the selection process was done, he whipped out his titanium credit card, but his girlfriend proved faster on the draw with her titanium credit card, insisting on paying the $7,500 bill. Problem, was the credit card she produced wasn't hers, but that of a well-known ex she supposedly ditched, but obviously hasn't. She tried desperately to come up with some lame excuse, but angry words erupted before the couple stormed from the shop, leaving stacks of clothing unpaid for on the counter.
Ashton Kutcher and Brittany Murphy, Eminem the Ex

19. STAR 06/03
You probably thought this smolderng leading man was happily married all these years, but that's not quite true. He's had the same mistress for five years, and his wife tolerates her. Our Romeo vacations first with the wife, and then with the lover, and he alternates taking them out at night. The women were bitter enemies at first, but they gradually learned to get along and now they stay out of each other's way. Andy Garcia

20. GLOBE 06/03
This big screen superstar seems to have it all....worldwide fame, more $$$ than he can spend in a lifetime, a beautiful spouse and a loving family. But sadly, his famous wife doesn't only have eyes for him -- she's in love with another woman! Mr Movie Star used to get off on the idea that the Mrs had girlfriends, but now he's sick and tired of her lurid life. He's told her to quit her latest lesbian relationship, but so far, she's refusing to listen. Pals predict it's just a matter of time before this "happy Hollywood marriage" goes kaput. Tom Hanks/Rita Wilson

21. STAR 06/10
Which hunky leading man likes to put his dates' feet in his mouth? An ex-girlfriend says the stud has a kinky foot fetish and enjoyed sucking on her tootsies for hours. She claims he demanded that she maintain a perfect pedicure with vampy red toenail polish. Could his "sole" searching be the real reason his wife dumped him?

22. GLOBE 06/10
This big-screen beauty, who's hot 'n' heavy with a hunky actor, is notorious for buying hundreds of dollars worth of flowers, fruits and veggies from an upscale specialty market in LA, then returning the wilted buds and stale produce days (and sometimes weeks) later. The complaint is always the same -- the stuff wasn't fresh -- and ends with her demanding her money back. Because she's a star, store managers always give her a full refund. But behind her back, they're calling her a cheapskate and wish she'd do her shopping elsewhere.

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