March and April 2003

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1. Cosmopolitan Magazine - March 2003
"Los Angeles is full of demanding divas. But there's one A-list chick whose behavior is so unbelievably evil that she makes all the other actresses look angelic. Read on as stylists, waiters, assistants, and more spill the details of her appalling conduct."

Over the years we've had fun putting together pieces about the wild things celebs do to interviewers, stylists, and even their significant others. And when we've dug around for the dirt and talked to every one from producers to paparazzi for our stories, one name kept coming up again and again. We've heard so many outlandish tales of diva-ish behaviour that we've dubbed her Bitchy Girl (becaue you know, we can't say her name). Read on for the outrageous tales of her beyond-bratty behavior.

PARTY POOPERS - the victim A Hotel Manager
"We were so excited when the actress and her hot boyfriend checked in to a big suite and said they were planning on staying for three months. They were kind of demanding, but we're used to that. We'd have to send up extra sheets at four in the morning, make sure the kitchen only heated (not toasted) their English muffins - you get the idea. The only truly weird thing was that they didn't want their bedroom cleaned, just the bathroom and living room. But when the maid told me that the room reeked, I asked to come in. They put me off for a couple of days, telling me that they were having meetings in there. But I finally made them open the door and sort of forced myself into the bedroom. I was horrified - she'd been training a puppy in there, letting it go to the bathroom on the floor! The actress started screaming her head off, saying that I was harrassing her because she was famous. Before I had a chance to call security, they grabbed their things and left - not even leaving a penny for the maid! We eventually charged her boyfriend's credit card for the damage."

FIT TO BE TIED - the victim Her Personal Assistant
"I had been working for this actress for about a year when she got the best job of her life. Before we left to film in Paris, the producers assured her she'd have a few days off before she had to start shooting. The entire flight, she was crying and asking me if she looked fat (keep in mind, she's a size 0). When we arrived, the movie's costume designer asked if she could come in and do a quick fitting. It would have taken two hours, tops. But because she was supposed to have a few days off, she became hysterical and called her agent and her manager and screamed at them. Without bothering to call the costume designer, she went to bed and wouldn't answer the phone or talk to anyone except for me for a week. They finally replaced her, and I ended up quitting a few months later - she was just to difficult to work for."

RUDE AWAKENING - the victim A Writer
"I interviewed the actress when she was dating a hot star. I had decided not to ask her about him because I knew she wouldn't talk about their relationship. But she was very reticent and would hardly talk about anything. I was tearing my hair out with frustration - and freaking out because my editor was going to ream me if I didn't turn something in. A few days after the interview, she called me at three-thirty in the morning and asked if I wanted to talk to her boyfriend. I jumped at the chance. I was so excited - it was going to make my story. He got on the phone, and it became obvious that they were just trying to taunt me for fun. He was slurring his words, and she kept grabbing the phone away and yelling at him. This went on for a good hour, at which point I hung up and went to bed. They may be huge stars, but I don't appreciate having
my chain yanked like that." HOT STAR: Johnny Depp

BACKSTAGE BULLY - the victim A Young Actress
"When I found out that I would be working with this actress, I was so excited because I loved her work. The first day of rehearsals, I brought everyone one of those eye pillows that you can heat or freeze - they're great after a stressful day, and I had made them myself. Everyone was very sweet about it, except the actress. She threw hers over her shoulder, hitting one of the crew members with it. It was the begnining of  four months of hell. She was mean to me every single day, and she often made me cry. Whenever I cried, she'd punch her arms up in the air as if she had just won a boxing mtch. I have never met anyone as arrogant and awful as she was."

Brittany Murphy "Girl Interrupted"

SWEET CHARITY? - the victim A Stylist
"I was asked to help style a photo shoot to promote a big charity bash. The deal was that all the stars would wear their own clothes, but the organizers wanted me to check out what everyone was wearing so the stars didn't clash with one another. When I arrived at the actress's house, she sent her assistant down to show me some of the things she wanted to wear. Nothing was right. The assistant came back down with this amazing wool coat, which still had the tags on it. Her assistant said that the actress wanted me to buy it for her! I tried to explain that nobody was getting free stuff - after all, this was a charity event. It was summer in Los Angeles, so a wool coat wouldn't work anyway, but she refused to wear anything other than the coat and kept demanding that I pay for it. I left and called the head of the charity, and they disinvited her."

DINNER, WITH A SIDE OF BITCH - the victim An Ex-Waitress at a Hip West Hollywood Eatery
"You call her Bitchy Girl? Believe me, that's tame compared to what we used to call her at the restaraunt. She'd come in with her boyfriend de jour and always cause a huge scene. She thought she was too good to speak to the waitstaff, so she would force her boyfriend to order for her. Then she would lay into her boyfriend about something silly, and he would get embarrassed and start yelling back at her. When she was through with him, she'd start with us. I swear we always treated her like a queen, but I can't tell you how many times she accused one of us of slighting her in some way. She'd go berserk, making a total scene just to make us look bad. We hated her."

FLIRTING WITH DISASTER - the victim A Heartbroken Ex-Friend
"My friend used to be friends with the actress. She had just broken up with a guy she was wild about, and the actress was initially very sympathetic. Then they went to a party together, and the offending guy was there. My friend wanted to leave, but the actress convinced her to stay, at which point she flirted with the guy and kissed him! My friend freaked. The once-sympathetic actress then told my friend to grow up and get over it. They never spoke again."

BREAKFAST FREAKOUT - the victim An Innocent Waitress
"The actress was eating with a bunch of friendss at the restaraunt where I worked. She asked for a loose omelette, and when I brought out all of their food, I told the actress that if it was too dry, I would have the chef make her another one. She took one bite, threw the omelette on the floor, and started screaming at me. Everyone else was so mortified about how she had treated me that they left me a huge tip. On her way out, the bitchy actresss picked up the tip, ripped all the bills in half, and them stormed out."

SNEAKY DRUG RAID - the victim A Former Assistant
"I had been working for the actress for about three months when I broke my leg in a skiing accident. She has been away filming for most of that time, so I didn't really have to deal with her. When I broke my leg though, she called me up and went crazy, screaming about how I had to get crutches right away because she couldn't take care of herself without me. A few minutes after that call, she called me back and was sweet as sugar. She asked if she could come by and see me. Sure, I told her. She came and spent 20 minutes in my apartment. After she left, I noticed that all of my pain medication had mysteriously disappeared from my bathroom! I called and accused her of stealing it, but she denied it. I never went back to work for her."

BREAKING UP IS HARD TO DO - the victim Assistant to the Actress's Former Boyfriend
"The actress dated my boss for about three months. He never thought it was that serious, and eventually he broke up with her. For the next three weeks, she called his house more than 100 times a day. You have no idea how that can drive you crazy. She'd leave these nasty messages, crying or yelling or threatening him. The only thing that finally got her to stop was when he threatened to call the police."

UNJUST ACCUSATION - the victim A Male Costar
"I worked with the actress on one of her first films, when she was very young.  I started in this business when I was young, too, so I felt protective of her.  I made a point to watch out for her on the set, making sure she always knew her lines and that everyone was treating her well. But then one day, whenever I would try to talk to her on the set, she would walk away. A few days later, the producer called me into his office and told me that if I didn't leave the actress alone, they would have to replace me! I was absolutely speechless. I found out that she had told them I was hitting on her and making her uncomfortable. I have hated her since that moment."
Rob Lowe

ONE WAY NOT TO GET A JOB IN HOLLYWOOD - the victim A Casting Director
"I used to think she was a great actress, and I would call her in to read for parts all the time. For one reason or another, I was never able to cast her.  I saw her at a restarant one night and went over to say hello. Usually actors are nice to me because they know that one day I'll get them a good part. But she acted like she didn't even know who I was. Some of her actor friends recognized me though and started talking to me. The actress was so insulted that someone was taking the attention away from her that she threw a drink in my face! I almost died. Now whenever her name comes up during a casting session, I mention how evil she is, and they never bring her up again. I will do anything to make sure she does not get a good part."

NOT-SO-FRIENDLY GESTURE - the victim A Former Pal
"The actress and I were once really close. This was when we were both in our 20s and single, having the time of our lives. I had just done a movie, and for the first time in my life, I had some money. I bought the two of us these matching butter-yellow leather jackets. I used to leave mine in the back of my Jeep, and one day, it disappeared. I was really upset about it, but when I went to her place to whine, she just rolled her eyes. We ended up sort of growing apart, and a few months later, I ran into her while she was out with another friend. When I walked over to say hi, I immediately noticed that her new friend was wearing my jacket! I knew it was mine beause one of the sleeves had a weird rip in it from when I snagged it on something in my garage. I called her the next day and accused her of taking the jacket, and SHE threatened to call the cops on ME. She's so nasty that I kept my mouth closed - I was afraid of what she mght do to me if I pursued it."

2. STAR 03/04
This star of a top series insists he's straight and has no idea that his co-stars believe he's gay and in the closet. Producers were relieved when he got married. But this actor's not happy. He's fighting his latent gay tendencies and takes out his anger on his wife. She puts up with the violence because she loves the lifestyle provides. The actor keeps his little wife tucked away far from Hollywood to maintain privacy, but his co-workers know that he hurts her. And they don't like it!

3. GLOBE 03/04
This actress plays a straitlaced character on prime-time TV and is known for her straitlaced manners in real life as well. But of course, she's got a kinky secret. She adores men half her age, especially those that are "not quite legal." The boys love the attention since she's a glamorous Hollywood actress, but they also couldn't keep their mouths shut and started telling their friends. Word eventually leaked back to our star's executive producer, who is doing everything he can to keep his leading lady's nasty ways under wraps and out of the hands of law enforcement.

4. STAR 03/11
To the world, life looks sweet for this wealthy Hollywood family. But that couldn't be further from the bitter truth. The father is seriously ill and the mother is having an affair with an employee. Sonny boy walked in on mommy during a bedroom romp and was devastated. He told dear old Dad, but he was too sick to do anything. Although mom swears she's stopped seeing her lover, she hasn't, and the family is in turmoil. The Aaron Spelling family

5. GLOBE 03/11
This hunky Oscar-winning movie star can boast a series of gorgeous girlfriends and, though he's settled with one woman now, it hasn't stopped him from getting freaky wild at parties. Recently, the hottie got rowdy after several beers and went into the party hostess's room and dressed in her clothes. He came back out into the living room and shocked everyone. His manager and agent were in attendance and word is they are very worried about their boy's drinking. Russell Crowe

6. Filth2Go...03/03
Could it be that a certain legendary actor has a secret? Actually, he's the only one who thinks it's a secret - everyone else knows that he's bald as a cueball. But this crafty cad thinks that he's outsmarted everyone on his national tour since no one is allowed into the theatre two hours before the official cast call. That gives him plenty of time to fluff and style his "unit" for the evening's show, and for the glue to harden and give his head that natural "road kill" look we all know and love. Criticize him and he'll strangle you, or poof - you'll disappear. This hairy problem aside, he's quite popular in the show. Except, he hasn't quite learned the part. Despite monitors with the words in each wing (turning the show into glorified Karaoke), he's charmed his way through most performances. There was, of course, that fateful night when he was so far downstage that he couldn't see the wings, and he panicked. In the middle of his big number, he started making up words until the song ended. Then he dropped to one knee and loudly sang, "Whatever!" I think Ann-Margret does the same thing at matinees! Tony Curtis

7. Filth2Go #1...03/17
Could it be that a certain SAGing actress got a bit tipsy during the awards? That's the buzz from onlookers, who tell me that the funny gal was positive she didn't have a prayer of winning and insisted on partying hard. Imagine her surprise when her name was called from the dais while she was in mid-buzz. It was hard enough for her to make it to the stage (breezing obliviously past her co-stars), but then she had to maneuver the press room. At that point, not only was she falling down drunk (a role she's used to playing), she was falling out of her dress! One photographer got an impromptu shot of the luscious lush adjusting her ta-tas and was quickly whisked away by a producer. The two gents made a pact in which the shutterbug would make the film disappear in return for some significant compensation. Now you see 'em, now you don't. Megan Mullally

8. Filth2Go #2...03/17
Could it be that a certain small-screen stud was raising the temperature at SoBe's annual Winter Party? So say my spies, who caught up with our gay guy showing off his semi-famous torso. I say "semi-famous" because the truth of the matter is that he's only shown up in primetime a couple of far. But he's certainly worthy of attention - which is exactly what he was looking for as he strutted around the festivities. That is, until he ran into his ex, and things promised to get ugly. The tense meeting between these catty cads was defused when a photographer asked to snap a few shots. The ex disappeared, our poseur posed, and we're gonna run the pics for members to see at because that's what we do. ANSWER

7. STAR 03/18
These ultraglam sisters are photogenic, but notorious for not paying their bills. It's always: "Ooops, I left my money at home," so they have to ask for credit or borrow -- and then they stiff the saps who trust them. Hairdressers and beauticians are frequent victims because the girls think they're so famous, they're above having to pay. But their deadbeat reputation is spreading fast, and soon they'll have to leave Beverly HIlls to get those roots touched up. The Barbie Twins; Paris and Nicky Hilton

8. GLOBE 03/18
This hot movie actress has been secretly dating a man 11 years her junior. I hear she's really fallen hard for the hunk. What she doesn't know, and what he's scared to death she'll learn, is that he's having an affair on the side with an actress 15 years younger than her! Ms. Superstar and her fella just took a romantic vacation in Hawaii, but the day they arrived back in Hollywood, the guy hopped into bed with his other lover.
Meg Ryan/William Keane

9. STAR 03/24
A few years ago, this pretty boy was on top of the world with a recurring role on a hit TV series and a big TV star girlfriend. But time marches on. The show got canceled, and the galpal dumped him. Now he's desperate for cash and has become "gay for pay" -- he's a gigolo for homosexual men. He's still good-looking and well-known enough to pull in $5,000 for a gay encounter.
James Wilder

10. GLOBE 03/24
This talk show host comes off as a good guy and all, but behind the scenes he's known to ask his ladies to play "dress up." His favorites, I'm told, are the French maids and Catholic schoolgirl outfits. On occasion, when he's feeling extra randy, he suggests they wear the leather 'n' whips numbers. This guy's rich fantasy life has been the topic of a recent conversation, as two ex-galpals have become friends and are swapping notes with each other (and me, of course).
Carson Daly; Montel Williams

11. Filth2Go #1 - 03/24
#1 - Could it be that a certain television personality is in frail health? Although she's always projected a more youthful image than her actual age, people behind the scenes tell me that the once-indomitable spirit of our dowager diva has been diminished. People whisper that there are some private health issues, and if you've got a good view, it's clear that she can maneuver stairs only with assistance. The latest blow is certainly not the last – first her high-profile show been postponed, then her request to report from where the action is was nixed by the network. That icy blond rival for her nighttime gig is waiting in the wings, and you know that hindsight is twenty-twenty.

Televison personality: Barbara Walters
Icy blond: Diane Sawyer

12. Filth2Go #2 - 03/24
Could it be that a pair of sudsy brothers are getting closer off screen? So say my spies in that fictitious Midwestern town who tell me that these hot hunks have seen the light and are enjoying their off time by taking turns getting each other off. Not that this was anything new for the formerly long-haired soap vet, but the sexuality of his sizzling sibling was an unsolved mystery. No need to fear – turns out that the most wanted hunky co-star made overtures. But there could be troubles ahead – I'm told that a new castmate from out West has his eyes on one of the brothers. The elder hunk had better keep his eyes open or he could be making beautiful music alone. As the World Turns

13. NY POST/PAGE SIX...03/29
--WHICH Oscar presenter got carried away backstage at the awards show? Onlookers watched open-mouthed as the star hit on a younger Hollywood hunk who has been (falsely) rumored to be gay. The hunk tried to let the star down easily- telling him he was waiting for his girlfriend - and looked "very uncomfortable" with the advances . . .

Oscar Presenter: John Travolta
Hollywood Hunk: Keanu Reeves

--WHICH Hollywood hunk is being cuckolded by his fiancee? The leading man is madly in love with his gorgeous mate, but she recently went on a two-day "vacation" with another man . . .

--WHICH famous daughter of a late famous singer tried to purchase a piece of art in a Beverly Hills gallery but her credit card was declined? Nancy Sinatra; Natalie Cole

14. Filth2Go 03/31
Could it be that a certain dirty girl is gearing up for a hush-hush performance at Jeffrey Sanker’s White Party in Palm Springs? This week, I got the official word but was sworn to secrecy. As with last year’s special guest (J-Ho), this performer will only do the gig if it’s not publicized – and what this girl wants, she gets. She’ll be singing her song (three songs, actually) in a highly emotional live set – no obvious lip synching for this underappreciated belter. As for Sanker and company, they have planned quite an extravaganza, destined to leave revelers wanting more as they walk away. Impossible? Just you wait. Christina Aguilera

Neighbors are getting a lot more than they bargained for since that famous and handsome star couple moved into that tony and expensive Hollywood "hood." Unlike many movie star couples, these two aren't polluting the exclusive neighborhood with displays of tacky taste and they're not noisy and disruptive like many Hollywood stypes are - in fact, they're as quiet as little mice, but on a breezy day, the smell of pot that comes constantly wafting through their open windows is enough to give anyone a contact high. No wonder the high school kids drive slowly and take deep, long breaths when ever they pass the stars' home. Brad Pitt/Jennifer Aniston

15. COSMOGirl   APRIL/2003
--Last fall, this up and coming movie star had all the girls swooning over his sexy drawl and sweet southern charm. But while many in Hollywood refer to him as "that babe", they may actually be referring to the famous PIG. He looks like the kind of guy who just oozes an outdoorsy fresh scent, but apparently, his B.O. makes him just smell more like the farm. Mathhew McConaughey; Josh Lucas from Sweet Home Alabama

--The foundation of one of Hollywood's most beautiful power couples is said to be showing a few cracks. Word on the street is that the wife has become so insecure about their relationship that it's affecting her work. It supposedly takes her up to four hours to try on outfits for each episode of her hit TV show, whcih causes the cast and crew to miss out on plans with their friends and family. Brad Pitt/Jennifer Aniston

--A rumor was floating around town that a certain belly baring pop diva was having an affair with a very engaged A-list actor. And the story got some new steam when several Hollywood insiders recently caught the daring duo sneaking out of a bathroom together after one of their trysts. Ben Affleck/Britney Spears

--A doll faced, showstopping star has a beauty secret she doesn't want to share. The buzz is that she has so much hair growing on her face that it needs to be shaved off with a razor so her makeup goes on smoothly. Even then, her photos need MUCHO retouching before the they can grace the covers of beauty and fashion magazines. Salma Hayek; Renee Zellweger; Catherine Zeta Jones

--Although this rap superstar has been more than happy to give one hip hop princess her first big break, lately he's feeling that like her star is rising past his - and he's not thrilled. Sure, the duo act cozy when they perform together, but backstage, he makes sure no one forgets he's the headliner. The rule is, his name must be said first on everything, from the ads promoting the event to the crew chatting about the pair backstage. Ja Rule and Ashanti

16. STAR 04/01
This supermodel claims to be drug-free, but she's a tall, skinny liar! She recently threw a party at a famed LA hotel and the only refreshments served were champagne and cocaine. The gal and her guests got so high that the evening evolved into a wild bisexual orgy. And our little hostess was canoodling with members of BOTH sexes!
Naomi Campbell

17. GLOBE 04/01
This hot movie mama comes off as a slice of American pie, but I've just learned she has a sassy, dare I say nasty, secret. She and her new beau are into inviting another woman into their bed for hot three-way sex. Yes! Can you believe it? She's risking getting discovered, since the help often answers the door and ushers the third party into their boudoir.

18. Filth2Go 04/07
Could it be that a certain Southern singer is more into the sisters than the brothers? That’s the buzz from my boiz on the comeback trail with this sexy siren, who are more than willing to dish the dirt about the dizzy doll. I’m told that the songbird has herself a new female “assistant” and that the two of them are thisclose at all times – including in shared hotel rooms on the road. What about that high-profile heterosexual relationship that’s been photographed at every possible angle? Some things are just for show, folks. Whitney Houston/Bobby Brown

19. STAR 04/08
This haughty leading man just LOVES the press when he's promotiong a new movie, but he can't bear it when they're the least bit critical. A writer for a major West Coast paper had the nerve to pen a bad review of this egotistical actor's latest dud of a film, and our guy just HAD to get even. So he found out where the critic lives and egged his house. Kevin Spacey; George Clooney; Mike Myers

20. GLOBE 04/08
This twice-divorced, macho action star has been secretly seeing a female shrink for years and is terrified someone is going to find out. The guy is worshipped by millions, but his love life is a huge mess and he feels his only meaningful, long-term relationship is with his therapist. Once a week, he parks his big Harley Davidson motorcycle in the back and slinks up the stairs for a crying session with the doc. He spends the entire hour blubbering like a baby and pouring his heart out. But as painful as it is, he keeps coming back for more.

Nicholas Cage

21. Filth2Go 04/14
Could it be that a certain actress is now on the fast track to success? No surprise, given her dangerous liaison with that high-profile paramour. After all, it’s an arrangement that worked wonders for her predecessor. But people close to her say that she’s just walking around with her head in the clouds. She’s so enchanted with the idea of becoming the first lady of film that she even signed a document agreeing to stick around for at least ten years or until she is dismissed (whichever comes first). Of course, rumor has it that she’s the third lady to make this deal with the devil. Trickle down theories aside, we hope that she won’t one day be waking up to a bad dream. Penelope Cruz/Tom Cruise

22. STAR 04/15
This acclaimed actor wants us to think he's straight. He knows gay people resent him for being closeted, but he won't come out. Recently, his limo was caught in New York traffic. A man ran up to the car's lightly tinted window and, calling the actor by NAME, yelled: "Come out of the closet! Be a man!" People stopped to watch his tirade. Finally, someone got out of the passenger seat and scared the pest away. But everyone in earshot knew who the victim cowering in the back seat was. Kevin Spacey

23. GLOBE 04/15
This big-screen idol and former hell-raiser-turned-devoted-family man is back to his old tricks. Although his next film is supposed to be G-rated, his behavior on the set was anything but. With his longtime lover and kiddies nowhere in sight, Mr. Irresponsibility enjoyed night after night of drinking, pot smoking and carousing with countless beauties. Johnny Depp

24. NY POST/PAGE SIX....04/20
--WHICH bride might need an intervention by her friends - if she has any left? Her husband doses her with drugs and alcohol to keep her under control, but when she's lucid, she wonders where all the money she has earned in the past year has gone . . . Liza Minnelli

--WHICH married hunk is the luckiest man on earth? His supermodel/actress wife brings home fellow mannequins for steamy threesomes . . . John Stamos/Rebecca Romijn-Stamos

--WHICH men's underwear maker uses slices of Wonder Bread as padding in male models' briefs? The bread hides "bumps and other things," as our source put it. Calvin Klein

25. Filth2Go 04/21
Could it be that a certain newscaster is looking to spice things up in her own boudoir? So say my sources at that oh-so-seedy sex shop in SoHo (actually it’s in the Village, but I needed another “S” word). The clerk who waited on the time traveling lady told me that she had the blues over her inability to satisfy her mate’s carnal cravings. He suggested a bottle of gin and spending an hour on foreplay. Knowing her partner, I also recommend a strap-on!

26. STAR 04/22
This guy is starring on a top show and life is good -- except something's changed. He's usually well-mannered and easy going, but lately he's cranky and difficult. Setsiders are wondering: "What's the deal? Is it marital problems, or substance abuse?" As it turns out, the jittery actor is popping diet pills. Someone told him he was looking pudgy onscreen, and he was devasted. Instead of hitting the gym, he devised a cocktail of diet pills that erased his likable personality overnight. Ray Romano; John Ritter

27. GLOBE 04/22
This big-screen action hero, who earns millions of dollars per flick, shortchanged the cast and crew on his latest film. After a long day of working, Mr Big Shot ordered a bunch of gourmet pizzas to be delivered to the set, then refused to pick up the measly $300 tab, insisting everyone pitch in. Behind his back, the others are snickering what a cheapskate he is. Val Kilmer on the set of the John Holmes movie

28. Filth2Go 04/28
Could it be that a fairly big star firmly in the closet is thinking about coming out? Despite numerous denials, he may soon be singing like a canary with that sudden change in his home life. That means no more impersonating a heterosexual male (except on the big screen, of course). The beauty of this situation is that there’s nothing to negotiate. It’s just the same old story of good and evil.
 Kevin Spacey

29. STAR 04/29
This ultra-famous actress landed a role on a hit series recently, but she only made a few appearances before she was fired. Excuses were made, and her lack of acting skills was cited as the reason. But that was just the tip of the iceberg. Set siders suspected she was abusing drugs, because she couldn't stop sniffing and rubbing her red nose. To top it off, she blatantly stole wardrobe and makeup. They couldn't think of one reason to keep her. Farrah Fawcett/THE GUARDIAN

30. GLOBE 04/29
This "happily married" news correspondent, who's a huge supporter of gay rights, is hiding a shocking secret from her fans -- and her hubby. Buzz at the network is that her close "friendship" with a well-known female author has developed into something more, and the two gals are now involved in a full-fledged lesbian affair. Bigwigs are worried that her show's ratings could drop if word of her hidden life is leaked. Diane Sawyer/Pat Cornwell

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