July and August 2003

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1. STAR 07/01 #1
Which deiminutive game-show host bans male contestants if they're more than an inch taller than he is? Pat Sajak

2. STAR 07/01 #2
Which foolish reality-show star has been known to share his prescription drugs
with the camera crew? Stuttering John; Ozzy Osbourne

3. STAR 07/01 #3
Which rehab graduate was seen looking seedy and staggering on Venice Beach, picking up discarded cigarette butts and smoking them?
Corey Haim

4. GLOBE 07/01
This Hollywood couple got into a huge fight in the middle of the parking lot where their kids' student orchestra was performing one recent Sunday afternoon. He was overheard yellling, "I don't care about her! I love you! I'm married to you!" But his tearful wife wasn't buying his lame protests and insisted, "You obviously do care about her!" They kept going back and forth until the exasperated actor finally threw his hands in the air and stormed off. During the recital, he sat up on the top balcony, while she sat alone downstairs.

5. STAR 07/08 #1
This music superstar is well-groomed and a dapper dresser, but he's way too lazy to work out. So every few months, he secretly has liposuction to battle the bulge...P Diddy

6. STAR 07/08 #2
The Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills is abuzz since a maid walked in on a very famous and much admired boxer and found him swishing around in a white satin women's robe...Oscar de la Hoya; Lennox Lewis

7. STAR 07/08 #3
This singer took a few weeks off to detox, but she hasn't given up her vices. Now it simply takes less dope to get her high.
Liza Minnelli; Whitney Houston

8. GLOBE 07/08
While mingling at a premiere party in Hollywood, one of the guests was shocked when he felt a hand lifting his wallet from the back pocket of his pants.Turning around, he grabbed the person's wrist and came face to face with the culprit -- a veteran actress who was literally caught red-handed! The guy was stunned and so was the screen funnylady, who quickly apologized, dropped the money pouch where she'd found it and nonchalantly strolled away.

9. Filth2Go 07/14
#1 Could it be that a certain sizzling singer has a secret? Several secrets, according to people in the know, who tell me that the diminutive dude is into a lot of different things. Such as? He makes sure that a number of very hot guys are invited backstage after each concert. The ones who ping his 'dar get invited to a more private party where their wildest dreams can come true. And they learn another secret - the fella is follicly impaired. Of course, with that body, you might not have noticed that he constantly has on a baseball cap off-stage. One more clue? Backstage, he's known as Proud Mary. Kenny Chesney

#2 "Although I would like to send congratulate [sic?] to yet another family member, it seems more appropriate to say that the guy in question IS "family" and his "marriage" seems more like a business arrangement to me (see: Ashton and Demi). Given the circumstances, I \think I'll save my congratulations for the inevitable annulment." James Van Der Beek, who married Heather McComb

10. STAR 07/15 #1
What TV lawman has to pop a few Vicodin painkillers before shooting scenes because of his aching back? His wife wants him to stop, and he's vowed to gradually give up the pills....

11. STAR 07/15 #2
This leading man is notorious for having pot smoke billowing out of his trailer. No wonder he's so dull and listless on talk shows...Harrison Ford

12. STAR 07/15 #3
Which actress is pregnant by her boyfriend, but has to keep it a secret until her divorce is final or her prenup will be invalid and hubby will collect big time?
Juliette Lewis/husband, professional skateboarder Steve Berra

13. GLOBE 07/15
Which big time TV funnyman and beloved performer is seized by bouts of self-hatred so deep that he often goes off on extended crying jags for days at a time? The guy dislikes himself so much, he often flies to Vegas, holes up in a hotel and pays four strippers at a time to come to his room, strip, drink with him and watch him blubber like a baby. The dancers know he's a soft touch and big tipper, so they flock to him. But no matter how many times they tell him he's loved, he's convinced that he's just dirt and his blue funk seems to be getting worse. Drew Carey

14. POPSTITCH 07/17
"Which popular blonde actress is hiding crack and bulimia habits? An exec on a studio lot says the skinny actress would come into their shared bathroom every lunchtime and throw up, while a gofer on a recent press junket to Australia tells us he was regularly dispatched to buy rocks for the star. Funny, we always thought she was a smackhead." Brittany Murphy

15. NY POST/PAGE SIX 07/18
WHICH heartthrob rock singer has a tiny secret? His "package" is so small, he spends a good deal of the "seduction" time apologizing for his underwhelming equipment. Mark McGrath, from Sugar Ray

16. Filth2Go 07/21
Could it be that a dashing-yet-diminutive daytime dandy is a devotee of delicious dudes (try saying that three times fast)? So say my sources in the City of Brotherly Love, who tell me that the song-and-dance man was spotted at Giovanni's Room browsing through several coffee table books of male nude erotica. Nothing revolutionary about that. Sounds like he was just window shopping, which is probably for the best. I doubt that he'd be able to display any purchases on his coffee table at home, or his wifey would probably turn his world upside down. And, she wouldn't have to be a detective to figure out where he got 'em.
Michael Park (Jack ATWT); Scott Holmes of As the World Turns

17. STAR 07/22 #1
This silky smooth R&B singer is no longer an idol to the New York manicurist he exposed himself in front of....

"American Idol" Ruben

18. STAR 07/22 #2
Intense negotiation is going on between this big star's reps and the owner of photos of their client at a gay party doing drugs....Leonardo DiCaprio; Tobey Maguire

19. STAR 07/22 #3
This rock star's bad habits almost killed him once. Even though he's been through rehab, he's indulging again and his remaining friends fear he has a death wish. Eddie Van Halen; Scott Weiland

20. GLOBE 07/22
This former sitcom queen has jumped on the plastic surgery bandwagon in a big way with collagen injections in the lips. She's so fixated with getting them puffed that after her regular doc refused to add more, saying her smoochers would look unnatural, she drove hours from her LA home to see if another plastic surgeon would add more of the stuff. She was sadly disappointed when the new guy agreed with the first diagnosis - and refused. Fran Drescher

21. Popstitch 07/23
Which young hollywood couple have secretly separated? Despite two children and equally successful acting careers (both now filming in different parts of Canada) the husband is having an affair with a 22 year old, and spends his down-time at strip clubs, where he likes to fuck the strippers after the show. Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke

22. Popstitch 07/24
Which famous rumour linking a married Irish superstar with a beautiful Irish singer is back? The star's wife was overheard talking about the affair into her mobile phone by shop assistants in a Dublin furniture store. Bono and Andrea Corr

23. NY POST 07/25
--WHICH Hollywood leading man who has just signed a big shampoo advertising contract is going to shock the cosmetic giant's executives when they discover he secretly wears a toupee? . . . Ben Affleck

--WHICH movie star was sucking face with a French Canadian chick at a nightclub in Montreal, where he's filming? Maybe his beautiful, talented wife should finally pay him a conjugal visit. Ethan Hawke

This stylish, certifiably wacky TV and movie queen shocked the staff of a famous, private clothing boutique in Paris lately, something, which definitely takes some doing. First, she demanded in advance, of course, that the place be closed to mere mortals for three solid hours. Check. Then, she demanded only young male salesclerks and secuirty staff be on hand to attend her. Check. Then, she required that no one in the shop look her in the eye or address her directly. Check. But the coup de grace came when she finished shopping (extracting a mammoth discount, although she's richer than God) and, while slipping her wallet from her bag, spilled onto the countertop several handguns, which she casually shoved back into her bag as though they were breath mints. Jennifer Aniston; Lisa Kudrow

It's not like these two youngish stars weren't paid big money to grace the screen in that surprise so-so box-office success, was it? Murg hears that, once cameras stopped turning, these mercenary little darlings outdid each other in behaving like victims of a highway robbery. Little missy swiped every item that wasn't nailed down and mister man proved as big a boot by helping himself to the most expensive items from his wardrobe. Then, both refused to promote the movie, which is why producers are vowing not to work with them again.

Perhaps the most notable beard of our time is on the arm of one of the Industry's biggest names, an actor worth millions. He and his bombshell once exemplified the art of the perfect beard, but as the public grows smarter, their act is becoming desperately obvious to insiders. Call it "extreme bearding." What was once a classy act of carefully placed public sightings has evolved into unending sucking of face, a much overpublicized domestic life and too-frequent appearances together on television. If there's a camera, they're kissing. If there's a reporter, they're star-crossed young lovers (even though they've known each other for years). They've even spoken about their allegedly great sex life in detail, something not even the straightest and most attention-starved famous couples do.

The side of this actor's life that's less well-known, however, was seen firsthand by eyewitnesses who had the opportunity to spend several months on the set of one of his movies, and they saw why such hard work goes into proper beard grooming. The hunky movie star was especially fond of hanging out with several follow costars of the young-and-studly variety. He often wandered the set in his diplomatic way and affectionately gave many a friendly massage. (Since he's such a big star, the actors didn't dare tell him to keep his hands to himself.) When the whispers and funny looks behind his back grew more and ore obvious, his lovely missus suddenly slinked her way onto the set in very provocative outfits, wildly flinging her arms and lips around him in a hyperactive display of lusty, savage hetero-affection. The crew (all rolling their eyes) would then be forced to repeatedly delay filming while the tongue waggling continued. But--wouldn't you know it--as early as the next day, a toned, tanned male friend would visit and our hunky movie star would spend all his off-camera time in his trailer,  temporarily losing all interest in his strapping costars. The hunky actor even went on many weekend trips with his friend while his wife stayed home and took care of their offspring, who, it should be noted, bear no resemblance to papa movie star. John Travolta/Kelly Preston

27. Filth2Go 07/28
Could it be that a certain up-and-coming actor is worried that some up-and-cumming photos will find their way into the wrong hands? No need to worry - I've got 'em. Some people swear that the photos are of an evil twin (yeah, like that cliché hasn't been used before), while others say that they are personal shots from when the hunky lad was young and restless. But people closer to the source say that the pics are the remnants of an experimental time when our soul sister preyed on other brothers on the 'net. You want moore? I'll post the photos in question on www.filth2go.com, and you can decide for yourself. Whether it's him or not, I must say that his appendage is quite impressive - to put it mildly. Shemar Moore

28. STAR 07/29 #1
This Oscar nominated actor knows his wife is sleeping with her masseur, and it doesn't bother him at all...

29. STAR 07/29 #2
This tattooed rocker had a monster hit a few summers ago, but he got dropped by his label and is now back to his old profession - drug dealing....
Crazytown's Shifty (lead singer)

30. STAR 07/29 #3
Guess which Hollywood mom is so obsessed with her beautiful daughter that she doesn't realize her son has turned into a full-blown drug addict. Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson and Oliver

31. GLOBE 07/29
This roly poly actor has turned down one role after another because he can't pass a drug test. He regularly indulges in weekend binges filled with cocaine and booze, even though he knows point blank that he's putting his life on the line each time. His wife and friends are worried sick about his health and have begged him to stop, but he refuses to listen. He loves to party and won't stop til he drops. Dan Aykroyd; John Goodman

32. Filth2Go 08/04
Could it be that a former princess of pop is selling her wares on eBay? So say my sources who tell me that the recently clean and sober singer is virtually destitute and on the brink of slipping back to her addictive ways. She may be everyone's baby sister, but her own family has turned her out, she's lost contact with her fans, and has no income. Despite numerous attempts at a reconciliation (including pound, pound, pounding on many doors), she's been met with nothing but silence. The sad thing is that a reunion of the group could be a goldmine, but only the sisters can do that. Want me to name names? Dare me. Should I do it? Or will I try to take the Fifth?
June of the Pointer Sisters

33. STAR 08/05 #1
This grown up teen pop star showed up for an interview at the E! News Live show blitzed to the gills. No amount of coffee could sober her up as she staggered around the green room, so she was told that the show had "technical problems" and was sent home....

34. STAR 08/05 #2
This independent film star married well and her career is on the rise, but she's always short of money because she still supports her former coke dealing boyfriend who helped her when SHE was starting out...
Catherine Keener

35. STAR 08/05 #3
This sneaky actor SEEMS so nice -- he solicits scripts from young writers. Then he makes changes and copyrights them himself! Kevin Spacey

36. GLOBE 08/05
This TV funnylady had her heart broken when she came home early from a trip, only to discover her live in boyfriend in bed with another guy! The tearful woman ordered them both out, but now she wants him back. She's been crying on her friend's shoulders that she thought she'd finally found her Mr. Right and she's ready to forgive him. But they're trying to convince her that he's not going to change and she should let him go for good.

Caroline Rhea

37. NY POST/PAGE SIX...08/11
--WHICH scruffy actor/director has a penchant for cheating on his sexy actress wife, by making out with strippers at New York flesh palaces? . . . Ethan Hawke

--WHICH well-preserved sex siren - who now prefers younger men - started out as a teenager double-dating with her mom? Dinner and an "hour of her time" would cost $2,000 . . . Demi Moore

--WHICH aging French actress is willing to try anything to save her looks? The former beauty just had the new "Parisian Process" done which involves putting a gold mesh behind the facial skin and hooking up the muscles to the mesh so they'll never sag . . . Catherine Deneuve

--WHICH pair of celebrity sexpots are said to have had their beautiful bosoms uplifted by a Paris plastic surgeon best known for his small, natural-looking implants? Hilton sisters

38. Filth2Go 08/11
Could it be that a certain celebrated couple isn't quite as happily married as they attest? Oh, sure, they get along fine, but I wouldn't put too much stock into their claims about an active daily sex life. You see, part of it 's true - they are having sex daily. But not with each other. She's got a guy on the side, and so does he. If you don't believe me, you don't know Jack. But they both still show up places together, with the dapper diminutive dude putting on the dog now that he's back in town. Appearances, you know, are everything. Ali Wentworth and George Stephanopoulos

39. GLOBE 08/12
Doctors have repeatedly warned this legendary TV star never to touch booze again because it could kill him due to his fragile medical condition. But he's obviously not listening to their advice. He's been spotted in various California bars lately knocking back drinks. His panicked pals believe he's headed toward death's door, but they're not able to convince him to stop. LarryHagman/ Dick Van Dyke

40. POPBITCH 08/13
Which hard-drinking young actor owes his meteroric rise to fame to a stint as the love-bitch of a closet gay Oscar-winning star? The now-womanising actor was "discovered" while being squired around Hollywood a few years ago by Mr. Secret-Gay. Colin Farrell/Kevin Spacey

"Uh-oh. Looks like a certain sex-ay 'n' sassy spitfire has been rubbing some of the more giving people the wrong way.You see, Ms. Sass but No Class loves to get her luscious curves exfoliated, massaged and moistened at a pricey Hell-Ay day spa. You know the routine: facials, waxes, mud wraps, salt baths, all the necessary pampering to keep her A-list assets primed to perfection. It's quite the treat for us normal folk but merely routine for the likes of S.B.N.C. What a pain, huh? Well, I'll tell ya, it certainly is, especially for peeps whose job it is to pluck and plump her sorry (but simply sublime) puss. While most spa-goers relax and enjoy the treatment, Sassy is all spit 'n' spat. In fact, she's downright mean. A masseuse, an esthetician, no matter--she has berated them all to tears. No one can do it good enough for this demanding diva. "She's made all the girls cry," revealed one rub-dub type. "No one likes her around here." Snippy evil bitch? Who knew? Such the surprise, considering Sassy's sweeter-than-sugar act. Guess she deserves an Oscar after all." Salma Hayek

42. Australian weekly magazine called "New Weekly" 18th August edition
On a recent trip to Australia, one gorgeous actress shocked publicity staff when she regularly sent them to score crack for her. But it's no only a nasty drug habit she's keeping quiet - an executive at one Hollywood studio had to put up with her daily visits to their share bathroom where she threw up her lunch. Brittany Murphy

This leading man has an amazing skeleton in his closet. As a struggling young actor, he agreed to be the live-in lover of a top - and older - Hollywood screenwriter in exchange for the usual sexual favours. The powerful screenwriter got the young man his first acting job, and soon after the work offers started pouring in. Once his star was on the rise, the young actor walked out on his older lover, which crushed him. Months later, the older man committed suicide, while the actor went on to have an illustrious career.
Richard Gere

Her fans wouldn't believe it, but this Hollywood beauty - with the help of her outlandish boyfriend - used to tie off her pretty ankles and shoot up heron and speedballs - mixtures of cocaine and heroin - between her toes. During her first parties with other stars at Hollywood get-togethers, she started out drinking beer and wine, before moving on to hard liquor. Then, when she met her boyfriend, she graduated to marijuana, cocaine and finally heroin. Her life was saved only through a handful of girlfriends who did an intervention and got her into rehab. Her career is now on the up and up, while his is in the gutter. Cameron Diaz and Jared Leto; Rose McGowan and Marilyn Manson

This aging action hero used to get his jollies by beating his purebred guard dogs with long, thick pieces of wood. His house staff were horrified but unable to say anything in case they lost their jobs. As the dogs yelped and cowered under his punishing blows, Mr Action Hero would tell onlookers "It's good for them. Helps keep them strong and alert". Thankfully, he only had the dogs for a few months before he grew tired of them and gave the traumatised pets to an animal shelter, where they subsequently found good homes.

A young male jogger was running along an empty, secluded stretch of beach early one morning in San Jose, California, when he happened upon another jogger. The second jogger turned out to be a very famous, powerful Hollywood star, who seduced the young jogger with his smile and manner. The star motioned for the young runner to follow him behind a nearby sand dune and the two engaged in rather brief sex, right out in the open. After they had finished, they parted ways and continued running in opposite directions down the beach. Kevin Spacey

This famous model, who's married with children, has been suffering for several months, mainly because of girlfriends' reports that her roving-eyed hubby is repeatedly cheating on her. She has finally laid down the law, telling him, "Stop cheating on me or our marriage is over". So far they're still hanging in there, but hubby's having a difficult time keeping it in his pants. Some say it's only a matter of time before she files for divorce. Cindy Crawford

This up-and-coming superstar looks pretty and sweet on the outside, but inside she has a horrible secret - hostility. She has so much trouble with anger, she once punched out her manager in the middle of a meeting and sent him to hospital. Some say her aggro derives from the fact she's a lesbian and needs to keep a lid on it for her career's sake. Industry folks are beginning to learn of her anger and sexual preference and are scared of working too closely with her. They fear it's only a matter of time before she gets mad at them over something and decks someone else.

This movie funnyman is really into kinky sex. A typical Saturday night for him is to invite his closest longtime actor pal over, then phone in callgirls and engage in wild, kinky sex. The funnyman dedicates a large bedroom in his California home strictly for him and the pal to enjoy their sexual escapades. The room has two huge beds, plus loads of sex toys, and mirrors on the ceiling and walls. When the funnyman's taking a break, he watches his actor buddy with one of the girls, and vice versa. You would never think this pair were into these kinds of going-on because they're older and just don't seem the type. Steve Martin and Dan Aykroyd

This superstar and his famous former girlfriend are still in "lust" and meet on occasion in New York. They're both involved with other people at the moment, but they're not letting that get in the way of some good old-fashioned love-making. They never meet at hotels or any other public place, opting instead for a private gated mansion that the superstar's handlers find for him. They meet there, do their thing, then part company. Russell Crowe and Meg Ryan

These two famous stars have been together for a couple of decades and have a "traditional" Hollywood relationship - meaning it's wide open. He hits on anything that moves, and she has sex with whoever she wants to. He even hires prostitutes for sex, though he goes to them and never brings them home. At the end of the day, they return home and spend quality family time together, just like anyone else. They seem happy with the arrangement and don't appear to want to change it. Kurt  Russell and Goldie Hawn

Fans would be shocked to learn what this pretty young action heroine does on her days off. When she's not on the set, filming a movie, she hangs out with druggies and losers at the North Hollywood home of a notorious drug dealer. More than that, she buys a specific quantity of cocaine - called an eight ball, which is about three grams - and snorts it all herself in a four to six hour sitting! She pays $450 cash for the drug - pocket change to her - then plops down on a couch, sips a cold drink, and parties with the gang till her coke's all gone. Michelle Rodriguez

Whenever his gorgeous wife and children are going to be away for the day or weekend, this action hero arranges for one of a dozen female friends to come over and play. The bolt upstairs for some fun in the sack and once they're done he phones housekeepers to come over and check for evidence with a fine-tooth comb. Once his wife and the kids return home, Mr. action Hubby is "happy" to see them back. Sylvester Stallone

43. NY POST/PAGE SIX 08/15
--WHICH two celebutante hipster chicks are living la vida lesbo? Both are involved with music. LMFP and Avril Lavigne

--WHICH superstar athlete is in hot water for forcing a certain sex act on a reluctant fan? Apparently his wife is too much of a lady to indulge in the dirty deed. Kobe Bryant

--WHICH leading man hasn't really kicked his controlled-substance habit? His drug problem explains some rather unfortunate recent events. Ben Affleck

44. Filth2Go 08/18
Could it be that a certain self-proclaimed straight reality show castoff is anything but? Let's just say that the frosted flake has been enjoying his fifteen minutes in the spotlight to the fullest (even if he is on minute fourteen and a half). He's been showing up at gay bars to watch the show with his former room "mates", and (just like he did on the show) definitely relishes the attention he gets from the patrons. Nothing scandalous about that, except he surreptitiously returns to the same gay bars after the fact - solo. Does he leave alone? Ah, there's the rub. Dan from "Boy Meets Boy"

45. GLOBE 08/19
This comic loves to get away from his beautiful wife and party all night whenever he's on the road. But he's playing with fire, using a dangerous mix of amphetamines, Ecstasy, Ketamine (Special K), and the so called "date rape" drug GHB. His friends are worried because he's burning the candle at both ends, but he couldn't care less because right now he's on top and wants to enjoy himself. Denis Leary

46. NY POST 08/20
--WHICH hunky actor needs an intervention by the ASPCA? When his girlfriend dumped him, he phoned and left a message, "If you don't call me back, Snuggles is dead." Snuggles is the name of her cat ...

--WHICH mega-wealthy movie producer is a devotee of "erotic massage?" The former wunderkind never goes to massage parlors, but has one of several regular masseuses meet him in a hotel room where he gets a treatment ...

--WHICH model is beloved by the fashion world despite some nasty habits not usually associated with motherhood? Though she has a baby at home, this skinny icon smokes and drinks and snorts coke like a rock star. Kate Moss

47. Filth2Go 08/26
Could it be that a certain provocative provocateur is back to his unseemly behavior? So say my pals at that tepid new telly show, who tell me that our clean and sober seamstress was salivating on the set of the sudser. Although the show also stars guys who have friends in high places (and are well past their 37th birthdays), our aging party boy had his eye on more youthful specimens. Why was he there? Product placement is everything. And what better excuse to see every inch of his prey than under the guise of a personal "fitting".
Peter Gallagher

48. GLOBE 08/26
This major movie hunk, who comes from a famous acting family and recently split with his longtime famous galpal, has a sleazy secret he's hiding. Not only does he like to swing both ways, but he's also a member of an underground orgy organization. The shoddy star turns up at the wild events on a regular basis and strips butt naked as soon as he walks in the door. Then he really gets down and dirty -- with both men and women!
Nicolas Cage

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