January and February 2003

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1. NY POST/PAGE SIX....01/06
--WHICH married music mogul isn't satisfied with his gorgeous, hip young wife? Every time she's out of town he hops into bed with high-priced hookers . . .
Tommy Mottola; Russell Simmons

--WHICH male host of a recently canceled syndicated talk show is having a wild affair with his male executive producer? The producer, up until now, was thought to be a happily married heterosexual man with a newborn baby. Rob Nelson

2. STAR 01/07
This TV star claims to be on the wagon, but after each taping he likes to celebrate and invites extras and crew people from the show across the street to a little dive for drinks. He astonishes them all with his capactiy for guzzling Jack Daniel's. Besides drinking them all under the table, he miraculously manages to show up for work the next morning ON TIME and even knows his lines. The director doesn't care because he's completely professional at work.
Kiefer Sutherland

3. GLOBE 01/07
This comic movie star is usually known to be quite generous with waiters and hotel staff. But recently, as he dined at Chin Chin in Sunset Plaza, the jokester was so distracted by nonstop cell phone calls from his agents and by customers wanting autographs that, in frustration, he left his meal and walked out without paying the bill. The waitress chased after him, but his response was: "You eat it. I've had enough of humanity and Chinese food for a while!"

4. STAR 01/14
This '60s cocktail-music icon dropped off a large package at a West Hollywood mail center. After he left, the clerks realized he'd used the wrong tape and since he was a good customer, they decided to rewrap the box for him. Imagine their surprise when they opened the carton and found it full of graphic sex toys, XXX gay videos and nude photos of the icon himself. An enclosed note revealed the stuff was intended for his young boyfriend, who lives a few hours outside LA. Nobody ever suspected he was gay. Engelbert Humperdinck; Burt Bacharach

5. GLOBE 01/14
What Golden Globe winning actress, who stars in her own series and has starred in several movies, causes a stink every set she's on? I mean, really a "stink." The girl doesn't bathe much and refuses to wear any type of deodorant. This headstrong babe is so smelly, she's gotten many a wardrobe assistant fired because they bitterly complain about not being able to return costumes or clothes borrowed from various shops because the outfits are ruined by the actress's foul body odor. Even washing or dry cleaning the items doesn't solve the pungent problem. But no matter what assistant directors and cast members say to her, this smelly star won't take the hint. Rachel Griffiths

6.  Michael Musto/Village Voice

a. What obnoxious costar of a hit cable series is so attention-starved he asked publicists to let him walk the red carpet twice at a big media event last year?

b. What TV personality thought she'd get the solo star buildup and became furious when she learned she didn't, a situation that's made her bristle with rage and insecurity? Kathie Lee Griffith; Caroline Rhea

c. What aged diva says of a hit sitcom she once did, "[Co-star #1] was a doll, [co-star #2] was heaven, and [co-star #3] was a cunt"? Betty White

d. What all-around entertainer, once branded homophobic, turns out to have had an affair with a black male antiques dealer? Mark Wahlberg

e. What actor who *still* won't say he's "that way" once, swears a source, played piano for a gay men's chorus?
David Hyde Pierce; Kevin Spacey

f. What Latin singer -- a flaming queen, as it were, lit so many incense candles at the St. Regis recently that he set off the fire alarms? Ricky Martin

g. What eternally boyish TV guy won't talk to gay magazines because he's afraid it'll taint his on-air interaction with celebrities? (Yeah, they might respect him more.) Dick Clark; Carson Daly

h. What other tube staple is Miss Sticky Fingers when it comes to food on the set? (The highly paid wench has been seen literally wheeling turkeys out of the green room.) Katie Couric

i. What long-running R&B diva cuts ahead of check-in lines at airports by shamelessely rolling in aboard a wheelchair? Diana Ross

j. What insufferable reality show personality landed his current business thanks to a sugar daddy (though it's hard to fathom anyone actually paying for his sexual services)? Ryan Seacrest

k. What TV show that favors women was so out of it, they had to be coerced to boook the female film success story of the year? Oprah & "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"; "The View"

l. What female superstar likes to do it with really dirty bad bows, practically of the death row variety?

m. Which acting titan, say the whispers, likes to make a cocky on people, though he does so, sanitarily enough, with a glass table between them? (Though bear in mind this tidbit gets assigned to a different actor about every three years.)

n. What star who's flaunted that weird hubby is supposedly trying to find a way out of the unholy alliance? Courtney Cox; Kim Cattrell

o. What married actor, whom everyone thinks is gay, had a torrid affair years ago with that foreign screen hunk? John Travolta

p. What omnipresent shots of that leading man courting that superstar were so staged they even asked around for seven outfits the actor could wear in different setups? Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

q. What youngish actor, when he was at the frenzied peak of popularity, would tell available girls that they first had to screw his male friend -- a very generous act toward the friend, if not the girls? Leonardo DiCaprio

r. What lesbian funny lady once dated that omnisexual singer? Sandra Bernhardt and Madonna; Ellen DeGeneres and Sophie B. Hawkins

s. Who plays a gay, but says he isn't so in real life (and no, it isn't the "Will & Grace" guy), though he went out with that male indie star for about six months, which would make him, duh, *gay*? Kerr Smith

t. Which model turned all-around personality is rumored to be a sapphic sister, but in reality she likes black men? Molly Sims

u. Who, when asked by a newspaper to submit a photo of himself at age five, specified that they must lighten his skin and taper his nose and lips in the photo? Michael Jackson

v. Whose relative called that drug rehab place to book her for an appointment, but the scheduled meeting was promptly canceled by the unluckly lady? Liza

w. What magazine editor is talked about by underlings as "an evil genius"?

x. Is it true about the weatherman and that baseball player? Sam Champion and Mike Piazza

7. Filth2Go 01/14
Could it be that a certain film star was none too happy with his level of bounce? So say my pals at the studio who tell me that the hairless hunk was dismayed when he saw the dailies of himself in swimwear and proclaimed, “Where’s the bulge? I look like a goddamn eunuch.” The offending footage was sent back to the lab, came back suitably “enhanced”, and got the greenlight. There goes the special effects budget! Ben Affleck

8. STAR 01/21
This high voltage couple seemed a perfect match. He's controversial and a huge success, and she's the new "it" girl in Hollywood. They'd been dating a month or so when he took her to a big party. Girls swarmed all over the hot guy, and his date was NOT happy. Suddenly, she had an epileptic seizure and had to be rushed to the hospital. The boyfriend never left her side, and she reveled in his devotion. Later he found out she FAKED the seizure because she was jealous of the party girls. He decided, "She's crazy -- I'm done with her" and meant it. Eminem & Brittany Murphy

9. GLOBE 01/21
This Golden Globe nominated actress is apparently pulling a "Winona Ryder" these days. She's picking up pricey items and walking out of chic Beverly Hills stores without paying -- a bad habit that's been identified among many at a Wilshire Blvd boutique for some time now. One fancy department store, however, has adopted a zero-tolerance policy and is inches away from busting her. Luckily, the bills are being sent to the star's manager each month and he's not only paying them, he's tacking on a "service fee," to keep our celeb from getting into trouble...and handcuffs.

10. Filth2Go 01/21
Could it be that a certain lady in this very column has a secret? Not much of a secret since everyone pretty much knows that beneath her man-killing exterior lies a heart that belongs exclusively to the ladies. But this gal is so paranoid about her true proclivities that she’s gone to elaborate lengths to promote a lifestyle that is straight if not quite narrow. Some of her colleagues have told me that no one even hints that they know the truth – she’d kill ‘em with one look. Deidre Hall

11. STAR 01/28
This glamorous Hollywood couple has some real problems with trust. The husband regularly has his sexy wife followed and spied on to make sure she doesn't stray when they're not together. She's flattered by the attention from her obsessive hubby, but the funny thing is that SHE's the faithful one. It's the oversexed husband who's doing the real cheating. He has affairs going on now with three other actresses, and his wife is oblivious. Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas; Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillipe

12. GLOBE 01/28
This intense actor can't resist escaping to Vancouver, Canada, to party it up with call girls, personally delivered to his hotel rooms whenever he's in town. The good news is that he's not quite cheating on his lady because she's "into it," too! She loves it when her beau hires a girl to come on over and join the fun. In fact, she's so brazen that she even dictates the action, if you get my drift.
James Woods

I got this one from a friend a former actress who now does voice over work who worked with said star. What sultry but slightly aging, A list female star, tries to have an affair with nearly all her co-stars, the female ones that is, and she has had a success rate of about 75%. My friend was approached but didn't succumb. I will confirm this when I get another source, but until then I will offer these clues. Our brainy starina isn't just beautiful, she is also one steely lady, if she doesn't seduce you she just might kick your ass, a golden shiksa in the real sense, not just the virtual, that is, if she's not hiding a scary surprise. But of course as we all know, she's not.
Sharon Stone; Jamie Lee Curtis

13. MOVIELINE 02/03 by Murgatroyd **BLIND ITEM #1**
Tongues are wagging about a shapely, modestly talented beauty who's letting good reviews and excessive press attention go to her head, big time. All it took was some critical attention from a movie that maybe 15 people saw to turn this "star" into a major handful. Not only did she totally refuse to promote her upcoming movie (that special-effects thriller), but she's also become a moody, demanding tyrant who bosses people around, blows off faithful old firends and actually refers to herself in the third person. What she's yet to figure out is that people will stop tolerating such nonsense the instant her movies begin to bomb. Take it from Murg, this one's got a long, fast fall waiting for her.
Halle Berry

14. MOVIELINE 02/03 by Murgatroyd **BLIND ITEM #2**
This hot young hunk is cutting quite a swath through Hollywood's pack of available, gullible women. Showering them with phone calls, flowers and expensive gifts. But how long will his winning streak last? After all, it's only a matter of time before these women find out that the great romancer also comes loaded with a couple of pesky sexually transmitted diseases he always fails to warn them about.
Colin Farrell

15. STAR 02/04
This singer is married and has grown children, but he's led a gay double life for years. It's OK with his wife -- as long as she doesn't have to sleep with him. When he slips away with gay friends he drops his macho demeanor and goes into his "gay mode." He becomes as flamboyant as Liberace, gesturing like a drag queen. He has a blond Adonis boyfriend from Norway, whom he has supported for years. Ironically, when the singer socializes on "straight nights," he gives the cold shoulder to gays. Engelbert Humperdink

16. GLOBE 02/04
This movie actress appears to be in love with her celebrity man, but what you don't know is that it's an "arranged" relationship. Sources in the know tell me that the starlet was asked to sign contracts drawn up by his lawyers that state she is to appear to be his woman in public and at functions. In exchange, she receives a monthly sum of money to fake it. This love union turns out to be nothing more than a sneaky PR stunt.
Tom Cruise/Penelope Cruz

17. Filth2Go  02/04
Could it be that one of our favorite (and most attractive) couples has broken up? That’s the buzz from my pals who were with that dark beach boy over the holidays. Of course, his world was significantly smaller because he was happily vacationing spouse-free. He swore friends to secrecy, saying, “So far, we’ve kept it out of the tabloids.” He added that the biggest problem in the marriage has been one of geography – he wants to permanently relocate to NYC to focus on theatre and is in the midst of lining up work with his pals. His mate, meanwhile, got cold feet (wooden shoes will do that to ya) and has no interest in aborting her “thriving film career” (her words, not mine). I guess that she’ll have to go back to introducing herself by saying, “You know – like the lettuce.” Rebecca Romijn Stamos and John Stamos

18. Filth2Go  02/11
Could it be that a certain gal on the comeback trail has been busy both in front of and behind the camera? And on the bed, under the bed, next to the bed, hanging above the bed, etc. Seems that this buxom brunette’s sexual appetite has increased exponentially with her renewed professional activity. Of course, the big winners are those hot young studs who are enjoying an X-rated game of Twister every now and then – sometimes one on one, but quite often teaming up (we know how they like playing together). I wouldn’t be surprised if professionally shot footage of her playing doctor eventually surfaces. After all, if you’re gonna watch the climax, you might as well catch the first reel. One more clue? If this gal’s career hits the skids again, she’s just a hop, skip and a jump away from American Idol.
Demi Moore

19. STAR 02/11
This beloved and very famous TV star has been with the same woman for many years, but she's not easy to live with. The kinky gal is an exhibitionist. She's been known to answer the door in a wet t-shirt and nothing else! People who work at the couple's home started comparing notes and realized they've ALL seen her naked! And it's quite deliberate. Sometimes she'll call an employee into her room to show them something and she'll be standing there totally nude. Even more shocking: This woman isn't young or pretty -- she's in her 60s and weighs over 200 pounds!

20. GLOBE 02/11
This sitcom star, who plays a happily married man on TV, has a gay lover who has just been deployed to the Middle East. The star met his mate when the sailor came to watch a taping of the show. As soon as the celeb learned his new love was being shipped out from San Diego, he made the two-hour drive from LA to say goodbye. Now, the actor's so obsessed with every bit of news about a possible war with Iraq that he's losing focus at work.
Anthony Clark

"You might want to invest in some earplugs before reading this diva ditty. Seems a certain self-indulgent singer just can't get enough of her own voice. In fact, this lush 'n' lovely lady lives for turning up her tunes loud enough for everyone on the block to hear. And she sings along--at the top of her high-priced larynx. Certainly, this narcissistic behavior is fine in one's own bedroom, shower and maybe even the Benz, but this booty-shakin' babe recently cranked up her latest album while staying at a supposedly exclusive hotel. Day and night, the spicy songstress belted her catchy riffs over and over. Needless to say, the semi-famous guest staying in the neighboring suite finally had enough. He rang up the front desk and insisted someone tell Ms. Me to cease and desist. As if. No can do, he was told. Like we're gonna tell Ms. M. to take it down a notch, Yeah, right, guffawed the clerks to one another. Leave that to the music critics." Jennifer Lopez

22. STAR 02/18
This much-admired longtime director is committed to his wife and family, but he's got a secret. He's particularly fond of one woman whom he takes credit for making a star. They're more than just friends, but nobody knows it. Once a year, they leave their families and get together for a private rendezvous. It's been going on for decades. Like the movie Same Time Next Year, they're growing old together. Francis Ford Coppola/Diane Lane; Ridley Scott/Sigouney Weaver; Woody Allen/Diane Keaton

23. GLOBE 02/18
This legendary actor doesn't seem satisfied with his multimillion-dollar salary. Not only does he insist he get two large, fully accessorized trailers to lounge in during shoots, when the film wraps, he and his assistants strip the rooms bare."They take everything that's not nailed down - pillows, curtains, curtain ties, towels, soap, plastic trash bags - the works," my eyewitness says. "They make several trips back and forth from his Hollywood Hills home, each time carting away more and more crap. It's really worthless, to tell you the truth. Anyone can buy this same stuff at their nearby warehouse store." Jack Nicholson

24. Filth2Go...02/18
Could it be that a certain supporting player on that action-packed television series has a little secret? So say sources on the show who tell me that it’s certainly not much of a secret and that he’s not so little – just ask anyone, from his formerly chummy co-star (who actually got him the job) to the crew (the actor learned the hard way that you never dabble with the help). On the series, our adventurous boy often gets his ass kicked, and when the cameras aren’t rolling, his ass still gets plenty of play. Lately, the scruffy stud has gotten in touch with his inner child and returned to his first love – nope, not that fictitious college sweetheart. We’re talking about his love of travel. But he has an ulterior motive for sneaking out of town every weekend – after all, he’s not a monk. Smart move – keep your boyfriends out of town. And off the set! Bradley Cooper on "Alias"

25. Ted Casablanca 02/20
Yep. A certain Tinseltown semi-tart has been caught with her nose to the mirror. Friggin' news flash, ya know? And trust me, she wasn't checking for jolly green boogers or plucking unsightly hairs. Because at a recent outing at one of Hell-Ay's hippest hot spots, Ms. Perky Puss was busy blowing something other than her trademark coif. Tucked two to a stall, P2 and her equally bubbly gal-friend were busy powdering their upturned noses (in more ways than one). And while the high-energy hotties may have thought they were inconspicuous, they forgot one particularly telling accoutrement above. A reflective ceiling that showcased their schnoz-schnockered ways to all the other peeing patrons. Oh my. Only hot sex between the two babes would have caused more tacky talk. Wait. Who am I kidding? This honey has been screwing half the West Coast already, and folks are starting to yawn. Hmmm. Not after a night with Ms. Perk, they wouldn't." Pink

26. STAR 02/25
This divorced megastar must be trying to buy his teen daughter's love. She just enrolled in a new, not-so-exclusive school, and she shows up most days with a big wad of hundred dollar bills. She's so desperate for friends, she hands out cash to the kids in the popular crowd. Now she's got herself a posse. Studying is no fun, so she passes out cash to her teachers, too. Some of them must be taking it -- now she's getting A's.
Jim Carrey's daughter

27. GLOBE 02/25
This young, rich actor likes to present an image of being a big spender, throwing his money around and picking up tabs wherever he goes. But while he was shooting a film in North Hollywood recently, his true cheap colors emerged. The night shoot was running late and the crew was hungry, so the star ordered assistants to go buy a dozen gourmet pizzas at a nearby restaurant and bring them to the set. But when our boy got wind of the bill, $270, he actually had the pizzas returned, opting to have pies delivered from Domino's Pizza -- the bill was considerably less.

28. Filth2Go...02/25
Could it be that two popular reality show hosts are hitting the sheets? That’s the buzz from insiders who tell me that the pair are virtually inseparable when in the same city/state/country. Dubious talent aside, they have little in common. After all, the older gent is extremely successful but in need of some R&R. The youngster may still have a bit of peach fuzz, but he’s weathered the ultimate storm to get where he is today, and he shows no signs of stopping. Sadly, each fella has had his share of trials and triviations, and now their relationship seems to be in jeopardy of self-destructing. Boo hoo. Jeff Probst/Ryan Seacrest

29. Professor Wagstaff Blind Item...02/28
The son of a once blonde rock legend lives alone in a large house in LA bought for him by that once sexy father. The son, now 21, with no true professional prospects of his own, other than living the fast life while growing up among the Malibu beach crowd, finally has stumbled into a career of successful salesmanship. By becoming the Kid Charlemagne to the stars, he keeps himself and his many many "friends" around town constantly high and happy. The Kid hopes his new found career may someday ultimately embarrass his father with the aging face, whom he remembers as being the standard absentee parent. Rod Stewart and Alana's son Sean


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