September and October 2002

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1. MOVIELINE 09/2002 #1
This beauty is a critic's darling because she gives sharp, smart performances in box-office giants as well as in smaller, off-center flicks. She's also famous for being one of the odder ducks who has ever hit Hollywood. Which is really saying something. Co-workers who praise her looks and great wit have yet to disclose one of the star's more unsettling habits. It seems that just prior to shooting a scene, she locks herself in the nearest bathroom for long periods of time, where she vomits uncontrollably. No, she's not bulimic, she's just stressed - she gets so flipped out before giving a performance she can't help but lose her lunch, or dinner.
Jennifer Jason Leigh; Jennifer Connelly

2. MOVIELINE 09/2002 #2
We've heard of suspicious characters, but this is ridiculous. Tongues are wagging that a red-hot young actor is so insecure about his new relationship with a red-hot young actress that he took extreme measures to make sure she's being faithful. When the sexy Miss got cast in her latest movie, Mr. Jealousy asked the producers to hire his best friend as one of her co-stars so that he could keep an eye on her. Yeah, but who reporting back to the girlfriend when Mr. Jealousy was going hot and heavy with a female producer on one of his latest flicks?

3. Filth2Go...09/02...
Could it be that a certain female superstar has been less than forthcoming about her surgical experiences? Oh, sure, she's come forward talking about lipo, botox, and God knows what else. But what about that early operation her parents authorized to fix the hole kitt and caboodle? I guess that they 're not lies when you stick to half truths. Still haven't guessed who she is? Let's just say that if she wrote an autobiography, an appropriate title might be Hiding My Halloween Candy. Jamie Lee Curtis

4. STAR 09/03
This female superstar's sexual preference has been in question for years, despite her many marriages and her denial that she's ever had sex with another woman. Now her secret is out. At a dinner party in Hollywood, a well-known actress, who has been married and is currently on a hit TV series, stunned fellow diners by telling them that she had a major lesbian affair with the star. She even gave details about their exploits.

The Superstar: Debbie Reynolds
Actress on hit TV show: Megan Mullally "Will & Grace"
Reynolds has also guest starred on "Will & Grace" a few times

5. GLOBE 09/03
Which handsome comic movie star can't keep a wife or girlfriend because he's too weird in the bedroom? Despite his sensitive image, he's actually into S&M and kink. And, oh yeah, he loves to get spanked. As soon as his women get a whiff of what a weirdo he is, they split. Fast.
Jim Carrey

6. Filth2Go...09/09
Could it be that one of our favorite specimens of beefcake from the 90s was hangin' in SoBe and looking for a little action of the same-sex variety? So say my sources who turned themselves inside out to figure out who the familiar-looking guy was. Was he a model? An actor of some sort? A television personality? All of the above seemed to be the answer, but this fella was trying to go incognito by wearing a bandana to protect the last of his remaining locks. He also never took off his shirt, leading many to believe that his well-known six pack had morphed into a kegger. He did manage to pick up a hard-bodied couple with that classic line - "Don't you know who I am?" Although his grinding on the dance floor led them  to believe that he'd be fun to bring home as an aggressor, the reality was that our submissive dude was more of a dud in the sack. I think the exact review was, "He just kinda laid there." Not a total loss - the couple took turns on him and the nice boy was kept occupied with various letters of the alphabet.
Eric Nies; Ricky Martin; Antonio Sabato, Jr.; Lucky Vanous

7. STAR 09/10
After two failed marriages, this sexy star has switched teams! Now that she's a lesbian, she's never been happier and her career is on the rise. No more men to boss her around and spend her money. She's got a hit show, and her girlfriend is always on the set, where they cuddle together in the dressing room between takes. Our perky gal's life is perfect -- at least it will be as long as no one drags her out of the closet!
Paula Abdul; Lorraine Bracco

8. GLOBE 09/10
This May-September celebrity couple hasn't been seen much in public lately because they're off having matching plastic surgeries. In the last year, the longtime lovers have splurged on facelifts, collagen injections and line-reducing laser procedures around his brown/her blue eyes. The snip-n-tuck work has been so successful, the older star's libido has kicked into high gear and he even opted NOT to refill his Viagra prescription. Ah, reel love in Hollywood!

9. Filth2Go...09/16
Note--this week's column was an "Ask Billy" column, so it didn't have his usual "Could it be..." item, but there was this Q&A that sort of qualifies...

Luis in Philadelphia tells me: I've heard lots of rumors about (a recent Real World star) having a past as a hooker. Any truth to the gossip?

I've withheld this boy's name because - well, because I want to. I'm not one to gossip, but it would appear that the rumors are somewhat true. I did some digging and it seems that, prior to his Real World stint, this lanky lad worked in a popular dance club where the buzz is that he sold more than just drinks. "Substances" and "sex" were two things that you could get from him - for a price. Rumor has it that he was also the plaything of several well-connected men in that city by the sea, but those connections don't seem to have amounted to more than a hill of beans. His porn connection, however, continues to thrive, thank you very much.
Chris from the Chicago season is also from Boston

10. STAR 09/17
These two leading men had hot careers in the 90's, but they've both suffered setbacks -- partly due to substance abuse. Lately, they've been hanging out together in the Big Apple, and they're bad for each other. At 6 a.m. one recent Saturday, they ordered call girls to their hotel, specifically asking for "perfect 19 year old model types." When the gals arrived, their clients were loaded and barely able to function. The fading stars begged them to procure them drugs, but the girls walked out -- angry and untipped.

11. GLOBE 09/17
This mega-movie comic seems to have the perfect life. But the boy's got some serious issues. He runs up $1500 monthly phone bills. And they're not for business calls. He's addicted to 900 sex lines. His cover was blown recently when one lovely lady (probably a mother of three in Iowa) was giving him some yummy sweet phone love and recognized his voice. The superstar freaked out and is now in therapy twice a week to break his nasty secret habit. Mike Myers

12. Filth2Go....09/23
Could it be that one of our favorite television pitchmen is a catcher in real life? Sure looked that way at that popular West Hollywood watering hole this past weekend, where the son of a preacher man was trying to get in after hours. Although the dude did weave his way past security (which was difficult, given that he looks young for his age), he was disappointed when he found out that the shirtless bartenders were no longer serving. Not that he left empty handed. Both hands looked quite full, and I hear that quite a bit of ramming went on that night, if you catch my drift. Need one more clue? His famous moniker is in this very column. The Dell Guy

13. STAR 09/24
This actor's been battling substance-abuse demons for years, and his pals are very supportive. Maybe too supportive. Despite a long period of success, he's fallen off the wagon in a big way. He and his entourage have been frequenting a well-known West Hollywood gay bar -- the Abbey. Whenever this guy starts partying, he becomes loud, flamboyant and hot to trot. He's been hitting up people he barely knows -- including strangers at the bar -- for cocaine. Robert Downey Jr.; Andy Dick

14. GLOBE 09/24
This TV personality has a secret life that does not mirror her squeaky-clean on-camera appearance. When the cameras stop rolling and the kids are in bed, she is busy having clandestine trysts with "female escorts." And when she's out of town, the star has her male personal assistant call escort services in whatever city she's in at the time and up they come to her hotel room for lesbian romps. She's so generous in her tipping that the secret has never been leaked. But her handlers are concerned about her spending habits, and sleeping habits, for that matter, and worry that her image may be tarnished if her hidden life is revealed. Rosie; Vanna White

15. NY POST/PAGE SIX...09/26
--WHICH titan of industry who left his wife is said to be a total perv? On a limo ride with two attractive women, he exposed himself, causing one woman to get out immediately and the other to exit with the words, "Don't hurt yourself" . . . Donald Trump; Jack Welch

--WHICH squeaky-clean heartthrob spent a recent night in his suite at the Chateau Marmont snorting piles of cocaine off a glass table with about a dozen hard-partying pals? . . . Justin Timberlake; Nick Carter

--WHICH A-list actress was caught performing oral sex on a drunken hunk in a darkened corner of a Hollywood hotel? . . .

--WHICH sexy young British starlet has fallen in love with her much older female co-star? The coltish cutie has supposedly moved in with her lesbian love, but last time we checked she was overseas filming a movie.

16. Filth2Go...09/30
Could it be that an Emmy nominee (that means loser) sought solace in the lavatory? While this person's partner (yes, people, I'm being purposely vague here) was sitting in the Shrine, aforesaid loser snuck off to the facilities - twice. Both visits had less to do with relieving oneself and more to do with looking for some relief of the nasal persuasion. After each visit, our rusty rebel emerged decidedly chipper. Nothing indecent about that, until the moment of truth. I didn't think that any amount of candy could have put a smile on that face. Either this person's a better performer than I thought, or the smile was sincere. When pigs fly! James Franco; Victor Garber

17. MOVIELINE OCT/2002 #1
On big and small screens, this hunky, funny actor is one straight-up heartbreaker. Offscreen, he may be an even bigger heartbreaker, or so say some women who've shared his life - or at least his bed. Whether he's carousing and charming his way through swanky or lowdown bars in Manhattan, Vegas or Paris, he is famed for buying rounds for everyone in the house, but maybe he'd be better off spending his bucks to buy off some of his ex-playmates, who go around blabbing that, when it comes to the horizontal tango, the guy (how do we put this delicately?) explodes way too fast to actually get the job done to everyone's satisfaction.
George Clooney; Bruce Willis

18. MOVIELINE 0CT/2002 #2
Everyone in Hollywood knows it happens, but no one every really talks about it. That sexy, very powerful female star is extremely careful when it comes to approving her leading men. In fact, she likes to take several "private" meetings with them. Sometimes in her jacuzzi. The casting rigmarole isn't about finding out whether they'll have chemistry, but always has to do with one requirement - it seems this lady, who is married, makes no bones about her penchant for actors who are not only gifted thespians, but also gifted below the beltline. Why should it matter? Because is he doesn't please her in bed, he gets the heave-ho and she sees to it that he never works on any of her films again.
Julia Roberts; Jennifer Lopez

19. STAR 10/01
This sexy actress on a top-rated show is considered by co-stars to be a MAN-EATER! Almost all the reasonably attractive guys on the show (onscreen and behind the scenes) have had at least one fling with her, and she doesn't like to be turned down. The lone fellow who resisted her charms lived to regret it. His part's a lot smaller and insiders speculate that our vindictive sex kitten has friends in high places. Alyssa Milano "Charmed"; Lara Flynn Boyle "The Practice"

20. GLOBE 10/01
This famous ex-husband/celeb has a nasty habit of picking up things that don't belong to him in some top LA stores, such as Barneys, Fred Segal and Saks Fifth Avenue. In the past, the stores would simply send the bills to his actress wife's production company. But now that they're spliltsville, ex-wifey's no longer amused, kids! She refuses to pay her loser hubby's tab and two of the stores are waiting for his return appearance so they can videotape him shoplifting. Word has it he makes WINONA RYDER look like a saint! Tom Green

21. Filth2Go...10/07
Could it be that a certain porn pup has a little something going on with his own pup? So say witnesses at that local foreign eatery who swear that the diminutive devil is inseparable from his four-legged friend (I believe that the dog is bigger than the boy - eh, that could be a chihuahua). It was bad enough when he started fondling his dog's testicles at the table, stating, "They're just like beautiful plums." Then it got downright creepy when he added, "I've had him since he was a baby, so I can do whatever I want to him." Talk about a wee-ho! Only in Hollywood, kids - or San Diego, I suppose.

22. STAR 10/08
This clever actor made a name for himself by playing obnoxious characters on TV and in films. He's the guy you love to hate. He seemed to be a sophisticated, mature man, but what a surprise last Saturday night! Patrons at the Mousetrap after-hours club in Hollywood were surprised to find themselves smoking pot and boozing it up at 4 a.m. with the guy they grew up watching on TV. He bounced from table to table, but it wasn't young girls he was after -- he kept asking: "Where can I score some blow?"
Jeffery Tambor; Dabney Coleman; John Larroquette

23. GLOBE 10/08
This Hollywood power couple looks great at Tinseltown events and always appear to be the model pair in public. But hubby can't seem to curb his craving for the ladies. To make matters worse, he's given his long-suffering wife a venereal disease not once, but twice! She finally said that if it happens again, it's 3 Strikes and You're Out! But I happen to know wifey's demands aren't being met.. He's cheating on her as we speak. Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson

24. Filth2Go...10/14
Could it be that one of the newest queers on television has a little secret? I'm not supposed to report this, but he was married - to a woman! Correction - they are STILL married! Of course, it's nothing sexual - trust me on that one. This was a "green card" situation, with the gal pal needing to stay in this country and the boy stepping up to the plate (I believe that a check was involved). That's why he's kept mum on his sexuality - I think that Immigration might have trouble believing that this is a real love match if this news came out. See? Sometimes there are good reasons for staying in the closet.

25. STAR 10/15
A certain aging action hero, who's married with kids, has been cruising the wrong end of Santa Monica Blvd. It's a well-known transsexual hooker area. The macho guy drives around in sunglasses and propositions the drag queens. The trannies are all aflutter when they see a celeb, because they know it's a bust waiting to happen.
Jean Claude Van Damme

26. GLOBE 10/15
This mega movie actor is notorious for slipping behind actresses and slipping his hands down their backsides. Mr Hands, as he's nicknamed on various sets, comes off as a very serious method actor, but behind the scenes, he enjoys seducing young starlets with his knowledge of the "acting craft." Once they're captivated by his thespian wisdom, he stops the talking and lets his fingers do the walking! What's wild is that he's so famous, no one dares to tell on him. Anthony Hopkins

27. Filth2Go...10/21
Could it be that a certain designer is getting messy in his old age? That's the buzz from NYC, where the former playboy appeared more lethargic than lothario. While no stranger to paying for the occasional call boy, this daddy had no fewer than four in attendance for his latest night on the town. But these boys weren't there to get him up - they were there to hold him up! He was lucid enough to insist that the boys wear his clothes from head to toe and everywhere in between (if they were wearing anything in between, that is). They also had to immediately doff their tops in the privacy of the limo and play with each other. The things we do for personal gaines. Calvin Klein

28. NY POST/PAGE SIX...10/22
WHICH Latino billionaire who reconciled with his wife after a summer fling with a well-born blond girlfriend has now reconciled with the girlfriend? He has his own jet, but it isn’t supersonic, so the lovebirds flew off the other day on the Concorde to Paris where, of course, they were recognized. We’d tell you the names, but his wife - though she looked "despondent" Saturday on Madison Avenue - supposedly doesn’t know, and his friends are begging us to cut him some slack until he resolves this sticky situation. Sugar magnate Pepe Fanjul and Nina Griscom

29 STAR 10/22
Nothing was going to stop this pretty young thing from making it in Hollywood. Her model looks landed her a tv gig and a leading role in an upcoming movie. But she burned a few bridges along the way and now it's payback time. She sponged off a friend for almost a year rent-free and now that she's hot, she won't return his calls. While they were roomies, her pal snapped naughty photos of her in various stages of undress, and he's planning to sell them to a nudie mag. And that's not all. He just MIGHT spill the beans about this gal's fling with an Oscar-nominated actress. Jessica Biels; Katie Holmes

30. GLOBE 10/22
This big star is getting bigger and bigger, but not in the right way. His Beverly Hills doctor has told him: "You're too heavy. Your cholesterol is sky-high. You don't exercise. You're a heart attack waiting to happen." The good doctor added, "If you want to keep being a big star, if you want to stay on top, you're going to have to lose the weight, eat much healthier and start exercising." The star has heeded his doctor's advice and is starting a weight-loss program now. James Gandolfini; John Travolta

31. Filth2Go...10/28
Could it be that a former big man on campus has the hots for one of the most delicious boys on the circuit? So say my pals who tell me that the tousle-haired blond (who still looks mighty good in his late 30s) saw this youthful beauty with that killer smile dancing at an event and became obsessed with him. As luck would have it, the older model/actor/valet made some subtle inquiries, cozied up to a friend of the dancer, and found out that the boy's birthday was just around the corner. The two devised a plot, and the actor showed up at the home of the boy (who wouldn't know him from Adam) wearing nothing but a ribbon around his impressive appendage. Although our young stud wasn't shocked (he does have some very personal ties to the porn world), he likes his playmates young and stupid, so our senior stud was stuck out on the stoop. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.
Steve Lyon

32. STAR 10/29
This entertainer made some big money and married well, but good times and too many drugs have made his personal life a shambles. He's lost his cute looks and now suffers from "crack mouth" -- his smile is crooked due to missing teeth. Recently, he was wandering the halls of the Standard Hotel in LA, clad in raggedy clothes, and security was called to evict the homeless man." He was aggressive and talking to himself. "All I want is a drink and some bacon!" he mumbled before being escorted to the door. Bobby Brown

33. GLOBE 10/29
This powerful TV actress comes off as being loyal to her longtime boyfriend but really she's slept with nearly every male star and guest star on her hit show. Now, word is that she's suggesting trysts with her female co-stars. Some of the women are actually avoiding her when she comes near because they are afraid to turn her down. Melissa Joan Hart

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