November and December 2002

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Somebody better finally clue in that hot young movie heartthrob about how it's not healthy to keep souvenirs of old love affairs. When the guy's gorgeous movie star girlfriend let herself into the cutie-pie's rented pad in the Hollywood Hills, she found him in his bedroom hotly...ummm..entertaining himself with some very expensive silk lingerie that belonged to one of his numerous ex-girlfriends. What made the bust even worse was that she found he'd been keeping a huge stash of undergarments from his exes. That wasn't an earthquake that rocked the Hollywood Hills, it was the doll screaming in anger and slamming the door on her way out. We hope the panty-addicted guy will learn his lesson, but, hey, it's not the first time he's been caught.
Heath Ledger & Naomi Watts

That highly attractive charmer and that wildly sexy male movie star may seem like they'd be perfect for each other on screen, but they got along so poorly while making their new high-profile drama - he thought she was a humorless prima donna, and she thought there was nothing about him that a good bath, mouthwash and better manners couldn't cure - that they're far from convincing as mad-for-each-other lover in the movie. The director apparently went beserk trying to come up with all sorts of tricks to spice things up between his warring lovebirds, but nothing worked. Things got so rocky that, by the the end of the shoot, the costars wouldn't speak to or sit next to each other off-camera. We can't wait to see how they're going to attempt to fix this botch-up in post-production.
Thandie Newton & Marky Mark; Leonardo DiCaprio and Cameron Diaz

3. NY POST/PAGE SIX....11/01
--WHICH network boss is causing consternation because he continually finds jobs for his girlfriend, a pretty - but pretty mediocre - broadcaster? The early line is that her latest gig won't last very long, but not to worry. She'll land on her feet, even if her co-hosts don't . . . Les Moonves of CBS and Julie Chen

--WHICH mucho handsome pop star - who refuses to answer when asked about his predilections - has a not-so-new boyfriend in the record business? The gay community in San Juan whispers that it's been going on for a year and a half and some are impatient for the hypocrisy to end. Ricky Martin

4. STAR 11/05
This songbird claims to be clean and sober now that she's found the love of her life. Not true. She's been cleverly indulging behind her honey's back. Last time they dined at her favorite restaurant with friends, she secretly tipped the host $100 to fill her soft drink halfway with hard vodka. Liza Minnelli

5. GLOBE 11/05
This sexy sitcom star had a two-month affair with her male co-star, who is married! To make matters worse, the female celeb allowed him to take Polaroid pictures of her in the nude. Fun then. Trouble now, guys! Because co-star hid the pix so well that he can't find them. He's petrified that his wife will discover them before he remembers where they are. And our star is so mad that she can barely stand to look at him and only acts cordial when the cameras roll. Debra Messing and Eric McCormack; Tisha Campbell-Martin and Damon Wayans; Laura San Giacomo and Enrico Colantoni

6. NY POST/PAGE SIX...11/08
--WHICH flame-haired TV actress, who is married, is having a torrid affair with a hunky new co-star, who is also married? The lucky lovebirds also get to kiss and cuddle in front of the camera . . . Debra Messing and Harry Connick, Jr.

--WHICH gifted British actor - who makes women swoon even as they applaud his devotion to his wife and kids - is the mystery dad of an out-of-wedlock child? He's the one who impregnated an unmarried supermodel.  Jude Law; Ewan McGregor

7. STAR 11/12
This superstar actress has a pretty best friend whose career is starting to take off. The girls have always been competitive, but now the superstar is green with envy -- because her pal also has a gorgeous new boyfriend, and the superstar is in lust with him! The guy has actually complained that the A-list leading lady "stares at me like she's undressing me. It's creepy." He's trying to avoid her, but doesn't want to tell his girlfriend because he's afraid it might ruin their friendship. Nicole Kidman & Naomi Watts/Heath Ledger

8. GLOBE 11/12
This raunchy actress spent years living a wild life filled with sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll. Today she claims she's clean and sober and even had some plastic surgery and teeth work done to look healthy -- mostly to convince studio honchos that she's clean and reliable. But that's a big front. She was discovered by an antique shop owner slumped on the floor of his bathroom, cradling a glass pipe and crusted tin foil. Once awakened, the star stumbled down the street, leaving her potential purchases behind and rambled toward her black Lincoln Town Car, where the driver was waiting to scurry her home. Courtney Love

9. NY POST/PAGE SIX...11/17
--WHICH navel-baring pop tart was less than discreet in a Miami nightclub? She allowed witnesses to see her snorting lines of cocaine . . Britney Spears

--WHICH rich philanthropist who gives megabucks to AIDS charities fired a man who had been working for her for seven years when he told her he was HIV-positive? The gay man, who has no health insurance, won't say a word against her because she has bought his silence. Blaine Trump

10. STAR 11/19
This squeaky-clean actress is TV's current darling, but she's been shocking her friends by showing kinky sex movies at home. She and her husband think nothing of screening videos of their private romantic moments to co-stars and crew members when they invite them over. Guests aren't amused -- they're secretly appalled. And the actress and her exhibitionist hubby seem totally oblivious to the possible danger to her career. Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos

11. GLOBE 11/19
This hunky star looks good on the outside, but inside he's a firestorm of rage, emotion and pent-up anger. Why, just a month ago, on the LA set of his new flick, an extra accidentally bumped into the celeb while cameras rolled on a crowded sidewalk scene. The star didn't hesitate to rear back and cold-cock him! "The fella went down like a sack of potatoes," my eyewitness says. "He never knew what hit him." Filming was halted. Producers rushed Mr Superstar into his trailer. And paramedics took the extra to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center to get his face stitched. Later that day, producers gave the hospitalized guy $10,000 in cash and a no-tell contract. Mark Wahlberg

12. Filth2Go...11/25
Could it be that two oft-whispered-about male heartthrobs had a secret rendezvous right here in Hollywood? So say people who work at mannly cineplex in Tinseltown. When that hot young actor (now he’s buff, now he’s not) showed up to see Bowling for Columbine, he told the theatre staff that he’d be joined by a friend. Oh, what a tangled web we weave, since within moments, the double-trouble actor slipped in the side door and joined his bud in the back row. I hear that they canoodled during the documentary, and, honey, if I got a photo of that, there’d be no question that it was the real deal. Toby Maguire/Leo DiCaprio

13. STAR 11/26
This 70's sex symbol was considered the ultimate beauty of her era. Now she's got her eye on a younger guy. The actor, one of the hottest in movies today, DOES have a weakness for women older than himself and happens to be hooked up with an '80's sex symbol. The '70's gal became obsessed with the dude after seeing his last film, and she won't leave him alone. "It's embarrasing to see her calling him and groveling for his attention," says a pal. "Twenty years ago he would have given his left arm to date her."
70s sex symbol: Farrah Fawcett
Younger guy: John Corbett
80s sex symbol: Bo Derek

14. GLOBE 11/26
This high-profile star is also high-strung. He's been suffering from severe panic attacks, which he thought at first were mini heart attacks! The middle-age sometimes action hero/sometimes leading man even drove himself to the doctor's office, insisting he was dying from heart failure. His physician told him to chill with Mozart cds, meditate and stop cussing. And he warned him to learn to relax or Mr Wired-Up "WILL have a heart attack."

1. A Bloody Mess: Witness: A Costume Designer
"I'd heard that this actress was difficult, but when we met, she acted like a doll. Unfortunatly, the day we started shooting the movie, it was like her evil twin showed up. She started complaining to the director that I was making the clothes too tight, trying to embarrass her. She was impossible. Then she got her period and refused to wear a tampon or sanitary napkin! She claimed it was what Marilyn Monroe would have done. We had her in this tight red beaded gown, and she kept running to the bathroom to mop herself up. At the end of the day, the dress was ruined. When I got a little brusque with her, she threw a bottle at me, hitting me in the eye! Then she jumped me, scratched my face, and punched me in the stomach. They had to pull her off."
Jennifer Lopez

2. Psycho Sexpot: Witness An actor
"I was guess-starring on a television show, and I had been warned that one of the stars was out of control. The first day, she didn't seem that bad and was even flirty. After we wrapped, we went out for a drink, which led to dinner and fooling around at her house. She said she had to read some new script pages, so I went home--reluctantly. The next day, I was standing on the set, smiling at her. She walked toward me, smiled, leaned in, and raked her nails down my face so hard it drew blood. She screamed, "I don't like being made a fool of." Then she kneed me in the groin. When I regained my composure, my agent pulled me aside and said that I was going to be paid but I had to leave the set immediately.
Lara Flynn Boyle

3. Lunchtime Tantrum: Witness: A Production Assistant
"I was working on this movie when a vetern actress stopped by, hoping to surprise her actor husband with lunch. When she went to his trailer, he was having lunch with his blond, younger (and married) co-star. She went nuts and started screaming at the both of them, "what the f--- is SHE doing here!?" When the younger actress tried to leave, the wife said no, then continued to scream at both of them for 10 minutes. Finally, the wife went to the bathroom and came out calmer and obviously a bit medicated. She then forced them to eat lunch all together."
Antonio Bandaras, Melanie Griffin, and Rebecca Romajn Stamos?

4. Demented Hoop Dreams: Witness: An Assistant Director
" he star of the movie I was working on was known as a prima donna and a yeller, but he had been ok so far. We were doing an outdoor shot with about 350 extras, and we had to get it done quickly because it was going to snow. Everyone was freezing their butts off, but the star refused to come out of his trailer because his favorite basketball team was in the playoffs. I went to talk to him, but he would not budge. Then the director tried but he was yelled at and pushed out the door. Finally, the producer marched in. We were all hopeful because he's the money guy and there's no screwing around with him...or so we thought. We heard a lot of shouting and then the producer flew backward out the door. The actor barricaded himself in and didn't emerge for another three hours. We had to send everyone home."

5. The Booby Trap: Witness: A Salesclerk
"I was waiting on this actress who was shopping for a dress. We got along great--I must have shown her 30 or 40 dresses. Then I mentioned that I loved her new film, and she got weird. She started rolling her eyes at every dress I showed her. My department head came over and asked if everything was ok. Just when I was about to say it was going well, the actress said, "I would have bought a dress here, but your salesgirl has been staring at my breasts and it's making me uncomfortable." I was floored. I got fired, and she ended up getting the dress wholesale. Bitch."

6. Hissy Fitting: Witness: A Stylist
"I was doing a magazine photo shoot with this actress. I had spoken to her on the phone and she said she was a size 2, but I didn't believe her, so I brought in 2's, 4's, and 6's. When she walked in, I could tell she was closer to an 8. I called my assistant and whispered for her to bring some other dresses, but the actress heard me and went crazy, screaming that the ones I had brought would fit. I tried to calm her down, but she started pulling dresses over her head. She ripped the first dress, and while I mended it, she grabbed another one and threw her coffee on it, and stormed out." Catherine Zeta-Jones

7. Undersize Package: Witness: A costume designer
"I was working on the television show where there were a lot of egomaniacs. The girls were bad enough, but one of the guys was so moody that I couldn't stand to be around him. During one scene, he was supposed to wear sweats, so I showed him a few color choices. This actor wanted to make sure his 'bulge' looked bigger than the other actors. When it didn't--they're only clothes, after all!!--he started screaming at me, calling me an idiot, and refused to come onto the set." One of the "Friends"

8. Ice Princess: Witness: A Producer
"A well-known actress insisted on wearing this tiny costume for a night shoot, even though we could have dressed her in something warmer. Everyone was on set and walked out and said it was too cold and she needed a parka. We brought her one. After shooting for about 5 seconds, she yelled she was freezing. The costume designer offered another outfit. Nope, she wanted the sexy little one. This went on for about 2 hours. Finally, she announced that she couldn't work under these conditions, and we had to do the entire night without her."

9. Girlfriend Gone Wild: Witness: A waitress
"I worked at this celeb haunt in L.A. One night, this young actress came in with her boyfriend, who was a regular. I congratulated him on his new film, and she wouldn't look at me. When I came back with their drinks, she still wouldn't look at me. I asked if I could take their order, and she mumbled something. So I gave them some time. I saw them huddling, and after 10 mins, I went back. I asked if everything was ok, and she screamed, "If you want to f--- him, why don't you just spread your legs now?" I would have laughed if the place hadn't been packed. She pushed past me and left. Her boyfriend threw $200 on the table and left. When I'd heard they split up, I was so happy for him."

10. Bargain-Hunting Bitch: Witness: A store owner who told a friend
"This famous actress apparently always throws tantrums whenever she shops. She went into my friend's family-owned rug store in San Francisco and screamed at the salesclerk, "Don't you know who I am? You should give me a discount because everyone who comes to my house will ask where I bought this rug and I'll send you tons of customers." She wouldn't leave the store, and the poor meek salesclerk was flipped out. He couldn't give her a big discount or the store would have lost a lot of money. She finally stormed out." Sharon Stone

11. Stealworthy Style: Witness: A Salesclerk
"This one major actress once threw a fit while shopping at the trendy store where I worked when we demanded that she give back the clothes we'd seen her sneak in her purse. She cried, screamed, and threatened to sue before finally breaking down and giving all the garments back." Winona Ryder

12. Profile of a Witch: Witness: A Production Assistant
"During a press junket for a new film, I was assigned to babysit the star, who was a veteran actress, while she was doing interviews. She walked into the hotel room where a camera crew was set up, took one look at the lighting and the camera position and freaked out. There were 10 other people there but she screamed directly at me, saying that she could only be shot from a certain angle, "I've been telling people this for 12 years, you should know this!" she screamed, and went on for about 20 mins. She humiliated me in front of everyone because I didn't know which side was her best--and I'd just met her that day."

13. Less than Royal Treatment: Witness: A Bouncer
"During a Yankee's victory celebration, a bunch of celebs were having dinner at a club called Veruka in NYC. They were all at the front table--Sarah Jessica Parker, Kevin Spacey, Micheal J Fox, Derek Jeter, and a few others. Then this popster pulled up in a limo and sent his driver into the club to get him a table. He wanted the table that all the stars were already occupying. When the maitre d' explained that it obviously wasn't available, the driver said, "That's the table my boss wants." The maitre d' refused him, so the driver walked out to the car to tell the star. Everyone could hear tons of yelling and screaming from the limo before they squealed off."
P Diddy

14. Trailer Trash Talking: Witness: A Production assistant
"There were huge problems from the get go on the set of this movie. The lead actress wouldn't come out of her trailer on the first day and nobody knew what the problem was. Finally, the star of the film, who is African-American, walked over to her trailer, opened the door, and said, "The last time I checked, this movie was named after my character, not yours. So, unless it's called 'Homely White Bitch Who Won't Come Out Of Her Trailer,' you had better get to work or you're fired." With that, she came out."
Denzel Washington/Anne Heche on "John Q"

15. Not So Candid Camera: Witness: A Publicist
"During a press junket, Brad Pitt was doing an on camera interview in a hotel room when his female costar walked into the room and interrupted--trying to be cute on camera and surprise Brad. But one of the TV producers cut her off and shooed her out of the room before she got to Brad and the camera. She completely flipped out about the producer's move and started screaming in the hallway, "I can't believe this! Who the hell does he think he is kicking me out? He doesn't know what he just did. I'll never do that show ever again!" Julia Roberts

16. Obnoxious Entrance: Witness: A Publicist
"I was working a celebrity charity fashion show, and there were lots of paparazzi taking pictures of the star arrivals. After an hour, it was time to ask the photographers to leave so we could start the event. As I was leading the paparazzi away, one actress happened to be making her way down the red carpet. She started yelling at me, "what, am I not beautiful? They're taking my f---ing picture! What are you doing, you stupid idiot? They are here to take MY picture." I was mortified.

Judging from his squeaky clean image, sunny good looks and booming TV career, you'd think this once wild guy had tamed his wicked ways. But you'd be think otherwise if you witnessed his behavior at one of L.A. hottest restaurants recents. Little spies say that pretty much from the split-second this happening dude blew into the place until the time the hired help swept him out the door (way past closing time), he hit on dozens of women, soaked up mind-boggling amounts of expensive champagne, and kept hitting the men's room where he snorted enough coke to land anyone back in rehab. Oh yeah, he also bolted on the check.
Keifer Sutherland; Donnie Wahlberg

People all over town are whispering wicked things about that TV and movie doll who suddenly looks all slim and perky after years of boozing and being just plain crazy. She swears the change is all about hitting the gym instead of the bottle and we don't claim to know her secret, but we do know she has a brand-new addiction - enemas. She's been getting the procedures weekly and can't stop talking bout how she's obsessed with them.

18. STAR 12/03
This second generation hottie is the offspring of two Hollywood notables. He inherited his parents' good looks, but not their talent. He's been struggling for a career - and with a substance abuse problem. The wannabe actor went over the edge when his ex-girlfriend landed a great movie role and made it big time. Now he's back on heroin and has disappeared into the sleazy underworld of New York.

19. GLOBE 12/03
This divorced mother and movie superstar is fed up with men. So she's checking out what's available on the other side of the tracks...women! The celeb is having her personal assistant arrange rendezvous with ladies found in sex ads in cities on both coasts. She wears a wig and lots of makeup to keep from being recognized during these trysts. No sex yet. The actress really just likes the company and intrigue that something "might" happen.

20. Filth2go...12/03
Could it be that a certain gay athlete was at the Gay Games but not officially appearing at the Gay Games? So say my Aussie sources, who tell me that a certain hometown boy showed up at the venue in his Speedo. Onlookers were delighted that their limber limpet was coming out, but as it happens, he was there to give children swimming lessons and cheer on some close friends who were competing. When asked if he would be willing to pose for some pictures, he broke another record – fastest sprint back to a closet! Maybe that old chlorine allergy was acting up.
Ian Thorpe

21. STAR 12/10
This TV star is playing a lovable fatherly character on his new series, but that's a far cry from his real-life personality. Ever since he began making steady money, the guy has been again calling male-escort services in Hollywood. He orders up big, studly muscular types and specifies they MUST wear leather. The actor answers the door in the personal of a docile choolgirl expecting a spanking.

22. Filth2go...12/10
Could it be that a certain sudsy star hasn’t quite curbed his appetite for other boys? So say my sources on the set, who tell me that not a day goes by that his “best friend” doesn’t drop in for an extended private visit. Of course, this could cause a problem due to the proximity of the actor’s old lady, but I hear that she’s used to this kind of situation. She knew exactly what she was getting into, but felt that this union would be good publicity. Personally, I think she’s about six eggs short of a dozen, but what do I know? Maybe he’s bi. After all, word has it that our limber lad bends over backwards to keep wifey happy – and bends over forwards for everyone else. Kyle Lowder (Brady) & Arianne Zuker (Nicole) from Days of Our Lives

SO WHAT well-publicized groom-to-be was spotted less than two weeks ago with a hot number from his past just as the media raved about his coming sizzling wedlock to an even hotter number? He was caught in a Manhattan apartment bathroom downtown with the famous former lover, found in what is quaintly known as a "compromising position."

I think these two figured nobody would actually believe their eyes to see such prominent folks carrying on. They seemed to feel that their very well-publicized selves were invisible.

Maybe it was all just for old times sake, one last ride at the rodeo. Or maybe it was just that Old Devil Hormones. Ben Affleck/Sandra Bullock/Jennifer Lopez

24. STAR 12/17
This eccentric young filmmaker/actor had a successful indy movie a few years back and recently finished another equally promising film. He chose one of the more outrageous but respected young actresses in Hollywood as his costar. The modern twosome filmed some shockingly realistic sex scenes, and we hear the hot sex was VERY real indeed. Oddly enough, they didn't even date after the movie wrapped.

25. GLOBE 12/17
This longtime TV personality and family man still finds time to break away with old pals and have a wild weekend, complete with booze, call girls and cocaine. This guy is Mister Bland on his show and no one would believe the hell he raises with a couple of best buddies when they sneak off to a friend's house for a long weekend. The hookers carry trays of coke while parading around in nothing but high heels. The fun goes on as everyone watches porn movies and then disappears into bedrooms! It gets so raunchy the guys only can pull it off once in a blue moon because they have gotten so old.
Bob Newhart; Pat Sajak

26. STAR 12/24
This well-respected married TV cop is addicted to hard-core porn. He even has a special computer locked up in his den just for his secret hobby. His stash is strictly XXX-rated and involves women in revolting situations. Sometimes he brings his pals into his viewing room to show off the lewd stuff he's downloaded. Dennis Franz; Jerry Orbach; Michael Chiklis; Christopher Meloni

27. GLOBE 12/24
This young leading man has sworn off booze to support his superstar friend, who has also given up the drink. But the actor's pledge not to drink has been a bit of a lie. The handsome hunk has been hitting the hooch so hard that he scares his friends with his bizarre, out-of-control behavior. The actor - who came from nowhere to make a name for himself - is now getting a bigger name for getting into brawls and for habitually showing up late on the set. He's even taken to having a pal live with him to baby-sit him full time, for those nights he needs to be poured into bed after coming home soused.
Russell Crowe and Paul Bettany

1. I heared that a number of the movies most serious closet men belong to a secret sex club which books sex junkets to New Orleans which has apparently become the meat market de jour for young stuff. Several aging, in their late thirties leading men. . The only hints I was given were that one of them, a notorious smoldering ladies man, frequently flies over from his European lair, and that another fairer one, has taken to sneaking away from wifey during the night and skying by lear to the Big Easy only to return the next day before the little Mrs. arises from her beauty slumber, which she needs to keep up appearances with her more beautiful other half.  John Travolta; Nicolas Cage; Billy Baldwin; Patrick Swayze

2. A very beautiful actress with a troubled personal life, who has been nominated and even received awards for her work, might have a tragic explaination for her neurotic, fumbling appearances on television talk shows. Her medical people believe that she is showing signs of rare early onset Alzheimers. Farrah Fawcett

3. What once promising leading man who is now struggling to make it in a Lou Grant TV role, really believes that he is concealing the drug and alcohol ravagement to his face with his new addiciton to tanning? His friends are afraid to tell the volitile has-been that it doesn't work, and that he really looks weird. And no it's not George Hamilton. Eric Roberts

4. Ok this seems redundant since the Lusman de-licencing yesterday. And for years the stories have been circulating among music people. What a supposedly clean and sober r&r front woman is a walking prescrtion drug dispenser. Her publicity machine has been selling the story that she has been in recovery for years but in fact she has never been truly clean, unless you don't count Methadone. But the most recent publicist story is that the rock queen had some oral surgery which accounted for her having some pain medication, though ten different pain medications seems a bit much even for Sigfreid and Roy type dental work. Courtney Love

5. Unfortunately for a certain beautiful showbiz daughter she got her beautiful mother's genes instead of those of her talented part American Indian father. Like her mother she is strikingly beautiful, but unlike her sparsely body haired father, she got her mothers part Swedish tendency towards body hair. Anyone who has seen her in a bikini might have detected a shadow of a treasure trail. Compounding our lovely blonde's hair concerns, she is married to a darkly handsome, but noticably furry man, thus we are given to wonder what their offspring look like, and if they are able to peal bananas with their feet. Kate Hudson/Chris Robinson; Chynna Phillips/Billy Baldwin

6. A certain flaxen haired beautiful model/?actress that is regularly heavily made up to cover for her penchant for wild nights was shopping at a very well known NYC store where the prices for everyday items would take a weeks pay from a minimum wage worker. This winsome (miss) was engaged in the perrenial actress/model task of losing weight with the assistance of a well known fat blocking prescriptive medication topped off with some Moet and a little sinus stimulation. One of the side effects of the afore-mentioned medication is occassional urgent bowel movements, and possible anal leakage. Our lovely miss was already rather thin and considered herself an expert on bowel movement weight loss techniques because she was a past member of the Correctol weight management program. Our trippy lovely was deeply involved in trying on clothes and perhaps wasn't paying the kind of attention as she needed to when trying on a particularly exquisite number, she began to feel a little strange. Oh dear, thought our (limber) gal pal, but she assumed it was just a little gas. Well before our angelic heroine (wink wink) knew what was happening, as a powerful desire swept over her, like dangerous wind, so quickly it came, that she, in desparation, had too run for the nearest facility. Only she didn't know which way to go, and then, in a moment that she will not soon forget, she exploded, with such startling force, and watery soiling that in that store she will always been known as the "(angel) of stinky." Cameron Diaz

29. STAR 12/31
This beautiful actress recently went to court with a bizarre accusation that a sexy female personal trainer has been harassing her on the phone. The trainer admitted she'd had an affair with the actress' director husband. But she claimed she only called the wife to warn her that her husband was a cheater. And then the wife started crank calling her. Phone records showed the trainer had simply returned calls to the actress' home by pressing *69. The prosecutor advised the embarrassed actress to take her case to divorce court.

Actress: Lela Rochon
Personal Trainer: Tanya Evans
Husband: Antoine Fuqua

30. GLOBE 12/31
This Oscar winning movie star was stopped by store security at a Santa Monica book and music store for pulling a "Winona!" He'd pocketed not one, not two, but three CDs and attempted to walk out the front door without paying. When he was stopped, he acted completely surprised, saying that he just assumed, since he knew the manager AND was a big star, that the items were free...a gift! Security took back the CDs and let the actor go. Wow, guys, if it were you or me, they would've locked us up and thrown away the key!

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