May and June 2002

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1. Her Coke Made Him Choke/The Witness: An Actor
My best buddy, who's an actor and director, started dating this actress whose reputation preceded her. Everyone said she was a Mount Everest-sized mountain of trouble because of her drug use, but my friend pooh-poohed her past, saying that she had changed her ways. He took her everywhere, showing her off to everyone. Then, at a party at his agent's house, she came out of the bathroom with cocaine under her nose. I noticed before my friend did, and so did a lot of other guests, who all started whispering about her. I tried to find my pal and warn him, but it was too late. By the time he realized his girlfriend was out of control, the whole room was watching. He went over to her, put his hand on her arm, and literally dragged her out of the party. The next day, their publicists said that they had parted but were still friends. In actuality, they haven't spoken since. Ed Burns and Heather Graham

2. Fighting For Face Time/The Witness: A Stylist
I was styling a shoot with eight models, and two of them were a couple. Whenever the boyfriend even looked at the other women at the shoot, his girlfriend would grab his face and pull it so that he was looking only at her. The other models weren't flirting with him, and they were getting uncomfortable with her aggressiveness, but the model girlfriend kept being bitchy to everyone until one of the other girls burst into tears and another one left. At that point, the girlfriend moved into the front of the photo. She had probably planned the whole thing because after the shoot, the couple were giggling and happy again. I tried to persuade the photographer not to use the shot, but the truth is, it was fantastic. I hate it when evil people win. Esther Canadas and Mark Vanderloo

3. Wet And Whipped Over A Model/The Witness: A Friend
My buddy is this great actor who could have any woman he wants. The one he has is a gorgeous model, but she's a bit of a nutcase. He hates to be late, but she couldn't care less about time. When she came two-and-a-half hours late to my birthday party, he'd had enough. While he was reaming her out in front of everyone, she casually tossed a drink all over the front of his pants and walked out. We consoled him for the rest of the night and really thought their relationship was over for good this time. But just a week later, they were totally back together, screaming and yelling in public. Truth is, I think he likes her wacky behavior. Leonardo DiCaprio and Gisele Bunchen

4. Peeved Over Purchases/The Witness: A Salesgirl At A Hot Hollywood Boutique
I was working at a fancy boutique, and one of our best customers was this young, beautiful actress who's married to a hot actor. Although he rarely came in with her, she talked about him all the time--and she blew so much money on clothing for her husband that I know all of his measurements by heart. One day, they came in together. He made her go up to each of us and say that she couldn't charge anymore. Obviously, he had caught wind of her credit-card bills. We didn't see her for a few weeks, and then one day, she came waltzing in and told us that she got new credit cards and a mail drop for her bills...and her husband had no idea. She left with a new coat, new shoes, and enough underwear to clothe a high school. We love her. Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt; Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe

5. Blood, Screams, And Tears/The Witness: A Roadie Who Lost His Job
I was on the road with a popular band, and the singer had a really cool actress girlfriend. He'd had some drinking problems in the past, so when the girlfriend asked me to keep my eye on him and let her know what he was doing, I agreed. She'd call me mornings, and I think I got seduced into thinking she was my friend. We were all together one night, waiting for the band to go onstage, when the singer and the girl started arguing. He denied something he had done, and she pointed to me and said that I had told her what he had been up to the night before, which I had. He started screaming at her. First she tried to calm him down, but when he realized that their relationship was over, she began slowly running her nails down his face, drawing blood. The guys in the band had to hold him back. Of course, I got fired. I hate her now. Marilyn Manson and Rose McGowan; Charlize Theron and Stephen Jenkins

6. Love, Cherish...And Pay For/Witness: A Wedding Guest
The night before a certain actress's wedding, a small group of us gathered at a house to have drinks with her and her fiance. While we were downstairs, we heard them screaming at each other upstairs. They were fighting about money. She was yelling that because her career was in a little slump, he should be willing to pay for everything for the first year. He did not agree. It went on for so many hours that the rest of us just had dinner and tried to pretend we couldn't hear them. Eventually, we all went to bed dreading the wedding the next day. She walked down the aisle with her eyes red and swollen. Less than a year later, they were divorced. And these two seemed to have it all. Now I'm completely turned off by the idea of marriage.  Lauren Holly and Jim Carrey; Courtney Thorne-Smith and her "less than a year later" ex-hubby

7. She Kissed A Girl And He Kissed Her Goodbye/Witness: A Waitress At An L.A. Hot Spot
Although this actor knew this actress bride was a wild child, he thought his easygoing demeanor could tame her. Whenever they went out, she would get loaded and dance on tables, and he would sip soda and watch from across the room. All the waitresses loved him--he was a great tipper--but we were just waiting for him to explode. Well, one night, she went too far: She started making out with another woman. When he tried to get her to leave, she flung her arm out and accidentally knocked him down. He got up and slugged her in the face, and a major brawl ensued. The whole staff go involved. Needless to say, they're no longer together. Drew Barrymore and Tom Green

8. A Sex Scene Gone Too Far/Witness: A Script Girl
This actor we were working with was so out of control that it was embarrassing. His girlfriend was a naive actress who was so smitten that nobody could convince her that he was playing around and drinking too much. He kept it pretty well hidden when she was on the set, but when she came up to Vancouver to surprise him for his brithday, she got the shock of her life--she found him in his trailer, stoned off his butt, kissing his costar. He almost had the girlfriend convinced that they were just rehearsing for the movie...until she found the other actress's underwear in his drawer. Security had to come and break up the fight that ensued between two women.

Chris Klein/Katie Holmes/Heather Graham ("Say It Isn't So"); Scott Speedman/Keri Russell/Gwyneth Paltrow ("Duets"); Edward Burns/Heather Graham/Angelina Jolie ("Life..Or Something Like It")

9. No Love Lost For His Leading Lady/Witness: A Director
When this young couple got together, his acting career was going through the roof. His girlfriend's was not. But for the next couple of years, they were both getting good roles and doing well. Then his career hit a wall, and he told her he wouldn't allow her to take parts that had sex scenes in them. I offered the actress a role in my film, which had a kissing scene, and she took the part without telling her boyfriend the plot. Well, he showed up on the set the day she was supposed to do a kissing scene with her costar. He waited until the cameras were rolling before he walked over to her and demanded that she leave. When she refused, the jealous boyfriend went to hit her, but her costar took the punch instead. We had to stop shooting for a couple of days while the guy's eye healed. They never got back together, but for the record, she's now living with the costar.

10. Another Babe Bites It/Witness: A Security Guard
One wacky actress has a reputation for causing scenes wherever she goes, but her new musician boyfriend was so naive that he believed her when she told him that people make up nasty stories about her. They dated for a few months without incident. Then, at a party for his new video, she got drunk and accused one of the dancers of flirting with him. He tried to drag her away, but like she had done with other boyfriends in the past, she started screaming and biting him. He got so mad that he threw her out and asked us to keep her out, which we did. But a few days later, they were seen snuggling while having breakfast. Now he's telling friends that she's a new person and it will never happen again. His friends are taking bets on when the next scene will occur. Winona Ryder and Pete Yorn; Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock

11. The Money Pit/Witness: A Waitress At A Ritzy La-La Land Eatery
An actress and her director boyfriend like to take friends out for expensive dinners. They make a big show of telling everyone that they're paying--only every time the bill comes, they get into a big fight over whose credit card they should use. Some of their friends have offered to pay, but they seem to like to have all the control. They swear and say awful things about each other while their friends avert their eyes. All of us at the restaurant just hide in the kitchen and pray that they'll leave a good tip. Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton; Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes; Rebecca Gayheart and Brett Ratner

12. Out Of Control Costar/Witness: An Actress
I took a job because the script was great and I was going to get to work with this hot actor. Everyone told me that his wife was jealous, but she had nothing to worry about because I'm in love with my boyfriend (a director) and I don't sleep with costars. I met my costar's wife before we started shooting, and she made it clear that I should keep my distance. Then she started showing up at the set unannounced and acting like a pain in the ass so nobody would go near him. When she arrived one day and found the two of us in his trailer reading scripts, she went cuckoo and started hitting him. I tried to intervene, but they were oblivious. It turns out that they like to fight in public and do it all the time. They deserve each other. Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas

13. MOVIELINE/MAY 2002 #1
The recent chance encounter between a nastily estranged couple had all the makings of a French farce. When they showed up at the same time at a groovy private Hollywood Hills bash with their new squeezes of the moment, loving friends did everything but handstands to make sure the couples never ran into each other. Some pals steered one twosome toward buffet lines and bars. Others tried to get one couple to leave by insisting there was another, better party up the road. Meanwhile, nastier folk did everything they could to enginner a major scene. But only a tiny handful witnessed the moment when the mismatched lovers actually collided, which happened as Mr. Ex and his date headed upstairs while Ms. Ex and her date headed down. When he tried to speak to her, she raised her hand to crack him one, but the blow was defected when her date grabbed her wrist and kissed it, averting a front-page tabloid bonanza. Benjamin Bratt/Julia Roberts; Pam Anderson/Tommy Lee; Alec Baldwin/Kim Basinger

14. MOVIELINE/MAY 2002 #2
It took massive powers of persuasion (let alone several hours with makeup and hair divas) to coax that legendarily feisty male star out of his wacky stay-at-home lifestyle to grace a recent charity event with his charmless presence. It also took assistance from illegal substances. When several denizens of the exclusive affair just happened to respond to the call of nature, they stepped into a men's room thick with post smoke. Locked in the stall was the surly star in question puffing away as it he were at a Grateful Dead concert. When the dude emerged a good half-hour or so later, he looked positively wrecked. Returning to the hotel ballroom festivities, he embarrased his date by nearly falling on top of her while trying to get back into his seat. Nick Nolte; Harrison Ford

15. NY POST/PAGE SIX...05/02
--WHICH glamorous blond socialite - who has a handsome, successful husband - is having a torrid affair with an older Latino lover who has a wife of his own? At least that's what her catty friends are meowing . . .

--WHICH former MTV ingenue is still the "butt" of jokes at the network? MTV moles are still snickering about the time an intern walked in on the broadcast babe letting a grunge rocker violate her with a pencil. Tabitha Soren and Layne Staley

16. Filth2Go...05/06
Could it be that a much-admired pop wannabe is hiding something behind those soap suds? It's more like what he's not hiding. I was chatting recently with someone who used to be mighty close to the cheeky cherub. Of course, I steered the conversation to the subject of the sensitive singer's sexuality, as well as his endowment (I'm so predictable). "I can't comment on his sex life," said the former mouth-man of the somewhat blonde boytoy, "but let's just say that if he's topping anyone - male or female - they're gonna be mighty disappointed with what he has to offer." Jacob Young

17. STAR 05/07 #1
This pretty actress had a bitter breakup with her last boyfriend and the bad feelings still linger -- for good reason! While they were together she suffered a moment of impaired judgment and playfully posed nude for some Polaroid pictures. Now that she's moved on to a more powerful man, this respectable actress wants those pictures back. The ex-boyfriend SWEARS he can't find them. So every time she runs into her ex, she sees RED. Catherine Zeta Jones and Mick Hucknall of Simply Red

18. STAR 05/07 #2
It's been six years since this heavy-hitting sports star divorced his wife, a then-struggling actress. But now that she's suddenly one of the moment's top big-screen divas, he can't stop bashing her when asked about their relationship. "When she proposed me, she was beautiful, but completely self-obsessed," he says. "She couldn't cook, and our sex life went down the drain the second she had that ring around her finger. I don't know what I was thinking." I'm happy to report he's now happily remarried. Halle Berry and David Justice

19. GLOBE 05/07
This TV sexpot has been publicly stating that she totally trusts her hunky honey -- despite his former wild lifestyle. So why did she go out and hire a private investigator to watch him 24/7? Ms. Mistrustful is telling close pals that she just wants to make sure her guy doesn't slip up before he slips a wedding ring on her finger.

Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen

20. NY POST/PAGE SIX...05/12
--WHICH female pop star with an impressive midriff is "aggressive and flirty" with the female staffers at her management company? Still, she’s managed to keep her weakness for women quiet for years. Janet Jackson

21. Filth2Go...05/13
Could it be that the star of one of those popular reality shows has a secret? If so, it's becoming quite an open secret. He doesn't seem to be all that concerned about his reputation as one of the country's most eligible single men - on or off the market. What he seems to be far more interested in is finding similar single men to play with. And where better to look than in his new city of residence - West Hollywood! The good thing is that he doesn't appear to be even the slightest bit shy about showing a little (or a lot) of skin - so he should fit right in. And, from the sound of it, many many men have been fitting in rather nicely. The Bachelor: Alex Michel

22. STAR 05/14 #1
Yikes! Another celebrity shoplifter! This well-loved actress is married to a very cool and successful actor. But that's not enough. She has a nasty habit of shopping at Melrose and Sunset boutiques -- and for every item she buys, she sticks two in her purse or shopping bag. Our gal steals everything from lingerie to jewelry, but she's so well-liked no one wants to bust her. Shopkeepers just send a bill to her agent, and it gets paid every month. Who's fooling who?
Lisa Rinna

23. STAR 05/14 #2
This male teen-heartthrob pop star was just ditched by his long-time galpal. The girl, who is trying to break into the music business, is telling everybody that she's not playing games, yet claims the split came because he started boozing again after several months in rehab. She claimed he actually celebrated his release from an inpatient clinic with a wicked vodka-and-whiskey binge. Funny thing is that her allegations popped up just weeks before the pretty boy announced he was engaged - to someone else.
A.J. McLean of Backstreet Boys and singer Sarah Martin or Amanda Latona

24. GLOBE 05/14
This sexy TV star decided to test her hunky fiance's faithfulness by asking two girlfriends to try and seduce him. Unfortunately for her, he ended up bedding both of them -- and now they're having threesomes! Ms. Backfire is upset as hell because they refuse to give it up and she realizes she's the one who started it all.

25. NY POST/PAGE SIX...05/17
--WHICH estranged wife of a famous fashion designer makes her ex pay to have pricey make-up artists and hairstylists flown by helicopter from Manhattan to her Connecticut abode? Despite his grumbling, the deep-pocketed designer knows that paying for such posh perks is cheaper than duking it out with her in court. Calvin and Kelly Klein; Tommy Hilfiger

--WHICH famously happily married couple may not be so happy? When on location, the leading man likes to play with the female crew members while his TV star wife back in L.A. is blissfully unaware . . . Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston

--WHICH middle-aged actor/comic refers to his manhood as "The Animal"? The self-confident star was overheard explaining the origin of the macho moniker while in the men's room at a recent movie premiere. Robin Williams

26. Filth2Go...05/20
Could it be that a certain reality television star is about to come out? Well, maybe he is, and maybe he isn't. Although a loose-lipped publicist has been telling the world that this lad is on the road out of the closet, the Biblical boy himself has a very different story to tell - he's made it crystal clear that he prefers Eve, not Steve. Of course, I'm not one to take anything at face value, and this child presented quite a challenge.

Digging a bit further, I discovered that his protestations to the contrary didn't rule out his trying to sample another reality boy's gumbo last year. Guess he likes it hot and spicy - with just enough body to make it interesting. Adam (Biblical boy) from last year's Road Rules and Danny from Real World New Orleans

27. STAR 05/21 #1
Pals are very worried about the health of this former Bond girl. The one-time 007 lovely's weight has dropped in recent months and she now weighs just under 100 pounds. She's literally a bag of bones. The star is denying she has an eating disorder, but friends are trying to get her to seek help because she now says she intends to lose "just another few pounds."Teri Hatcher

28. STAR 05/21 #2
The semi-famous husband of this popular television hostess recently had himself a wild ol' time in Montreal, Canada, with not just one, but two college coeds.  And as if that wasn't tacky enough, the hanky-panky occurred while his usually smiling wife was pregnant with their child. "Even when we kissed and he touched my face, he was very much into himself," one of the coeds said. The naive girls had no idea who he was -- until they saw the photo of him and his wife in an entertainment weekly in the morning. Mark Consuelos, hubby of Kelly Ripa

29. GLOBE 05/21
This macho big-screen star and devoted family man shocked a stranger at a Los Angeles YMCA by following him into the steam room and propositioning him. The guy sat there dumbfounded as the superstar opened his towel and began pleasuring himself while trying to pick him up. When the fella rebuffed him, Mr. Movie Hunk stormed off to the locker room and took refuge with his bodyguards. John Travolta

30. NY POST/PAGE SIX...05/21
--WHICH jaunty cleric, who's been all over TV lately criticizing the Catholic bishops, should know his enemies are aware of the convenient living arrangement he has with his woman friend? Since they aren't bound to silence by the seal of the confessional, they might start talking . . . Andrew Greeley

--WHICH acting icon has been bedding his female co-stars for decades? The lusty legend doesn't have a lothario reputation, but his closest confidants are aware of his conquests, though his live-in girlfriend is in the dark. Al Pacino

31. Filth2Go...05/27
Could it be that a former TV personality (well, he was famous for about an hour) has a drinking problem? Not so much a problem with the bottle as a problem at home. You didn't need to have a sixth sense to see this one coming. When he was recently stopped for drunk driving, the chatty chap was quick to place the blame elsewhere when he said, "Officer, look who I'm married to." We hear that he's spending more and more time away from the marital bed - or was that a hospital bed? Gary Collins

32. STAR 05/28 #1
This wannabe became famous when he married a Hollywood legend -- but he's got a big secret. He's gay! For the last two months, he's been dating a buff young stud he met at the gym. The toyboy happens to work at the deli where our hero takes his wife shopping. Hot stuff has been warned not to spill the beans in front of wifey, and he hasn't -- but he sure blabs to everyone else. The whole store is abuzz about the affair. Liza Minelli and David Guest

33. STAR 05/28 #2
This legendary silver-haired crooner must have some kind of stamina at his age, just shy of eight decades. Not only does he have a longtime live-in girlfriend who is half his age, but the New York singer is now sneaking around with another gal behind his main squeeze's back. Ever the quintessential gentleman, he keeps his horizontal activities with the unofficial girl away from his Central Park home, confining his activities mostly to Vegas and Miami hotels. Tony Bennett

34. GLOBE 05/28
This TV star is driving everyone around her nuts. She's been through 11 personal assistants in the past seven years -- five this year alone! She recently got hooked on cocaine, which has turned her from Ms Moody to Ms Monster. Friends and family fear that if she doesn't stop her nasty little habit and get help soon, she's going to ruin her career -- and her life. Lara Flynn Boyle

Long location movies shots can sure be hell on relationships. That hunky-big screen dude found that out the hard way when he returned from months and months of shoots and reshoots on an epic only to find his at-home honey a changed woman. It seems that in his absence, the already pretty young thing had taken way to many trips to her cosmetic surgeon, spending thousands on having her eyes perked up, her creases smoothed out, her lips blown up and just the for the hell of it, her bust upped a size. Problem is, Mr. Movie Star liked her better the old way (so does Murg), so he broke up with the poor lass.

This actor likes to play himself off as a spiritually centered nice guy, but he certainly took things into his own hands when one of his Hollywood Hills neighbors blew off his repeated rquests that they dial-down the volume on their music after midnight. It seems the actor took a perfectly-shaped rock from his Zen garden and hurled it square through the window of his neighbor's music room. Don't mess with the sleep-deprived. Steven Seagal

37. Filth2Go...06/03
Could it be that one of our favorite queers has found love off-screen, as well as on? So say my sources, who claim that the pumpkin eater (that's not all he'll eat, according to my sources) has found bright skies with a local television personality from his hometown. This is a match made in heaven, and unlike his character's love life, it has been as easy as ABC.

38. NY POST/PAGE SIX...06/03
--WHICH "Saturday Night Live" star’s voracious appetite for cocaine is reminding some worried staffers of tragic clowns Chris Farley and John Belushi?
Darrell Hammond

--WHICH sexy socialite used to impress her prep school classmates at parties by crushing empty carbon dioxide cannisters ("whip-its") between her lovely thighs?

Which singer has a bit of psychic ability? We hear she's having so much trouble selling tickets to her shows, friends say she already knows she'll develop a serious case of bronchitis to get out of performing on nights when the theater is only half-filled. Liza

40. STAR 06/04 #1
This wholesome actor has been living it up since he got divorced, and he's acting like it's the late 70's and he's 21 again. He's on a big cocaine binge and likes to party all night. When the Hollywood clubs close at 2 a.m., he invites everyone to his pad for parties after hours. He brings out massive amounts of coke and wants everyone to do the drugs with him. Some of the young girls get a kick out of it, but guys closer to his age -- especially the successful ones -- gave up those activities years ago and think he's nuts. Dennis Quaid

41. STAR 06/04 #2
This young diva has picked up some very bad habits over the last year. She's been boozing it up again, began smoking and now she's moving on to more expensive -- and dangerous -- goodies. While at a Miami nightclub recently, a patron walked into an employees-only bathroom to avoid the big line downstairs. When she pushed the door open, two very large bodyguards tried to block her view. Too late! She saw the diva and a friend doing some illegal drugs of the white powdery kind. Britney Spears

42. GLOBE 06/04
This former famous twosome are still friendly, but Mr. Movie Star, who's a keen photographer, refuses to give his ex the verrry kinky porno pix he snapped of her while they were dating. What's even worse is that most of his friends have seen them. I'm not talking Playboy-type photos -- that's tame compared to what this hot actress posed for. Insiders say she's still being nice to him because she desperately wants all the negatives and prints back, but so far, he refuses to fork 'em over. Jack Nicholson/Lara Flynn Boyle; Ben Affleck/Gwyneth Paltrow

Which debonair network anchor was so annoyed by the soapy cup of coffee he received in a talk-show greenroom that he practically devoured the intern who served it? She's said to have come away trembling.

Peter Jennings; Brian Williams

44. NY POST/PAGE SIX....06/07
--WHICH media-hungry chef has jeopardized his fledgling TV career with an out-of-wedlock child? His producers don't know it yet, and he denies it, but the mom swears her 6-week-old child is his. DNA tests are being taken. Bobby Flay; Emeril

--WHICH TV comic with a wife, kids and family-man reputation is having an affair with a female stand-up comic? Divorce could be coming. Jimmy Kimmel/Sarah Silverman

45. Filth2Go....06/10
Could it be that a certain television personality got quite a surprise at her Hamptons home? That's the skinny from my source (and that's the only thing skinny about this story). Allegedly, this chubby cherub invited her ex-boyfriend to come for a visit last weekend. She knew that he'd switched teams (probably while she was checking out the view from the dugout), but she certainly didn't expect her former live-in paramour to show up with his new same-sex lover! The petulant plus-sized personality was none too pleased - until she found out that the new boyfriend was a gourmet chef. That changed everything. Bon appétit! Star Jones

46. STAR 06/11
This movie mogul is as rich and famous as they come. He's a business genius and a babe magnet, but he has his weak points like the rest of us. Recently he left his locked briefcase in a public place, and it was discovered by a security guard who found it hard to pry open. When he finally did, guess what he found inside? No contracts or scripts. Just a Wall Street Journal and FOURTEEN bottles of prescription drugs. Everything from Valium to pain pills. Is he turning into Elvis? Jon Peters

47. GLOBE 06/11
This aging rocker stunned onlookers while rehearsing for a TV special in Nashville. Every time they took a break, he'd dump huge piles of cocaine on a table in full view of everyone and snort major lines. Insiders aren't giving him too long to live because there's no way a guy his age can continue his nasty habit and survive. Keith Richards at the all-star Willie Nelson tribute concert

48. Filth2Go...06/17
#1. Could it be that a certain film fella is trying to straighten up his image? That’s the buzz on the set of his latest flick, where crew members openly laugh about the publicity linking the little monkey with two of his female costars. I hear that both ladies have compared notes and realize that the diminutive dude’s attentions are visible only when the press is around. When the cameras aren’t rolling and the lights are turned down low, our adventurous little imp is off jonesing with any male he can get his hands on. And I’m told that hands are his least popular receptacle. The buzz is that his thumb isn’t the only thing he’s good at sucking. I hear that he can’t live his life without dick…and that’s one too many clues, if you ask me.
Elijah Wood

#2. Could it be that one of our favorite former New Yorkers (well, that was his address on that short-lived series) is playing a bit more openly with members of the same sex? Putting this item together should be a piece of cake, particularly once I tell you that he's been frequenting the Crew Club in the oh-so-lovely District of Columbia (which makes sense, given his current job). This hunky lad had no trouble letting his hair down and showing passersby that he was alive and kicking. How? Let's just say that he was looking for some company in his room and knew that it pays to advertise (and, for a change, he wasn't the one paying). He left his door ajar, lay face down, and exposed his delectable buns for all to see. My eyewitnesses tell me that our boy was banged like a human piñata for several hours, although many of the more attractive gents took a rain check. Seems that sloppy seconds were one thing, but once the queue hit double digits, it made sense to wait for the next performance. John Barrowman

49. STAR 06/18 #1
This movie legend is the busiest guy in town. While most stars of his age and stature would kick back and work only occasionally, he continues to do film after film. And it's not just because he's talented. Truth is, he's such a gambling addict, he spends his paychecks almost as fast as he gets them to pay off his massive debts.
Gene Hackman

50. STAR 06/18 #2
This big-screen actress was recently spotted at a big-city airport lip-locking an unidentified female. A snitch says that while the married star waited for a flight, she struck up a conversation with a spike-haired fellow passenger. Before departure, our source reports, the two ended up locking themselves in a small office. Fifteen minutes later, they came out -- giggling like schoolgirls.

51. GLOBE 06/18
Fans of this hunky TV star would be shocked to know that he swings both ways. Although he recently proposed to his pretty live-in actress galpal in California, he forgot to mention that he's also in love with a wealthy older man on the East Coast. And bi the way -- all those trips he's been making to New York aren't for business -- they're for monkey business! That's where the two guys meet for their romantic rendezvous.
James Van Der Beek and John Wesley Shipp

52. NY POST/PAGE SIX...06/23
--WHICH pierced-a-plenty pop tart had her hair extensions yanked out during a wild sex session with a hunky MTV personality? . . . Christina Aguilera/Carson Daly

--WHICH hedge-fund manager was forced to fire the female manager of his sister fund due to his wife’s jealous rage? Before the hapless woman was canned with a big payout to keep her mouth shut, his wife told her: "Get your breasts out of my husband’s face" . . .

--WHICH designer was fired from a clothing line because he stopped sleeping with the head of the company’s Rasputin-like counsel? . . .

--WHICH domestic diva steals her clients’ silverware? After a recent wedding,the caterer tripped on the way to her car and several pieces of the wedding’ssilverware flew out of her purse.

Which fashion designer-cum-author-cum-homemaking maven isn't paying her bills? A staffer from a fashion PR firm tried to collect more than $5,000 in outstanding fees dating back 18 months, but was ousted from the designer's office by beefy security guards.
 Carolyn Roehm

54. Filth2Go...06/24
Could it be that one of our favorite queers has been inching out of his closet? That depends – would a personal appearance at a gay event count? And not just any gay event – an event during Orlando’s celebration of Gay Days. He may have found himself all wet, but this hunk looked as if he was having a ball. It’s not like this was an isolated incident. The popular actor has ben making the rounds of pride festivals around the country – with the same strapping stud by his side. My sources tell me that these public appearances are just the beginning – look for a very public disclosure to come from the actor himself any day now.
Robert Gant (Ben on 'Queer as Folk')

55. STAR 06/25
Friends of this pretty big-screen star are worried about her pot smoking. She was caught red-handed at a recent award show smoking a joint in the bathroom and didn't think anything of it. One source says the young actress is in total denial that she has a problem and her budding need for weed is spiraling out of control. Alicia Silverstone; Kirsten Dunst

56. GLOBE 06/25
This legendary model-turned actress, who's in her 60's, has a secret sex life that most women her age can only dream abut. She keeps a string of buff, bronzed gigolos, all of whom are at least 35 years her junior, on call to fulfill her every fantasy. She was a hottie in her heyday, and once left a hubby for a leading sex symbol. She hasn't slowed down yet. Ali McGraw


Last updated: February 4, 2008