July and August 2002

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1. Filth2Go...07/01
--Last weekend was Gay Pride in NYC. Several people were quite concerned that one of the recipients of the Pride Awards was a decidedly closeted performer. There was a bit of speculation over whether said individual would use this opportunity to open the closet door. Since my column is being written days before that ceremony, I cannot tell you what happened, but my guess is that the door to that hall closet remained firmly shut! In far happier news, Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley were among the honorees, and New York State Senate Democratic Leader Martin Conner declared the week Absolutely Fabulous Week. And all is right with the world.

--Could it be that one of daytime's hunkiest actors is looking for love in all the wrong places? That's the buzz from my sources in the Big Apple who tell me that the married daddy was looking for a boy at a local bath house. People at this den of iniquity whisper that our jack of all trades looks for different boys in that same establishment all the time - usually on his way to work. If he's going to the set in costume, someone could use that old pickup line on him: "Is that a gun in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?" But I doubt he'd walk across the parks dressed like that. Michael Park from As The World Turns who plays cop Jack Snyder

2. NY POST/PAGE SIX...07/01
--WHICH philandering Shakesperean actor had double the fun at a downtown restaurant? He hid out all evening in a cabana with two Asian beauties who entertained him by taking turns giving him pleasure . . .Kenneth Branaugh; Ralph Fiennes

--WHICH bisexual British pop star planted more than just flowers with a male gardener during his recent stay at a fellow star?s East Coast mansion? His host promised not to tell his wife . . . David Bowie

--WHICH visiting British soccer star picked up a curvaceous cocktail slinger at Jean-Georges a couple of weeks ago? He had dinner at the four-star restaurant,then had her for dessert.

3. STAR #1 07/02
This handsome actor's career is sizzling hot right now -- but he risked his success by having a fling with an underage girl. To make matters worse, the teen's developed a fatal attraction to him and has been showing up at his house. The star stud convinced his wife that the girl's a stalker, but the lass has his wristwatch and intends to use it as evidence if necessary.

4. STAR #2 07/02
This diva's new husband figured out recently that unless his wife unloads some of her personal baubles, they'll be bankrupt. Her prized Andy Warhol paintings would have to go, he told her. Our diva disagreed. She had the huge works of art moved to friends' homes in undisclosed locations throughout New York City, so the art would be safe from the money-grubbing hubby, who doesn't have much dough on his own. So far, her ply is working fine.
Liza Minnelli /David Gest

5. GLOBE 07/02
This hot young actress, who's dating a rock star, is having a steamy lesbian affair with a married brunette bombshell. Passing each other off as "my best friend," the two gals sneak off for afternoon sex romps at the Beverly Hills Hotel, where they hole up in the plush $2600-a-night Governor's Suite, feast on $50 finger foods, down bottles of $275 Cristal champagne, snort piles of cocaine and smoke lots of marijuana. The brunette admits it's only a matter of time before her hubby finds out because she's been coming home wasted and her tales of being "out shopping" with her pal have worn dangerously thin!
Carmen Electra/Dave Navarro

6. NY POST 07/05
WHICH model-turned-actress is trying to snort away her troubles? The stunning starlet, still reeling from her role in a tragic accident, plowed through piles of coke while shooting her new movie. Rebecca Gayheart

7. STAR 07/09 #1
This funnyman isn't so lucky in love, but he has a huge sexual appetite, so he took the easy way out. He ordered a "living" doll built to his specifications. These lifelike, life-size battery-operated sex robots cost $10,000, but the buyer can specify measurements, hair color, wardrobe and looks. Our guy sent his gal back for fine tuning until she was EXACTLY what he wanted. Now he doesn't have to buy any jewelry or flowers for his "date" -- but he does have to pay to have the doll freshened up regularly. Drew Carey; Jim Carrey

8. STAR 07/09 #2
This pretty starlet's life of drugs, booze and group sex has caught up with her roommate, of all people. The highbrow East Coast mom of our starlet's female roomie just flew to LA to pull her daughter away from the den of sin that the girls' apartment had become. Her housemate is expected out of rehab at any time and has already secured her own abode miles away.
Tara Reid; Kirsten Dunst

9. GLOBE 07/09
This popular sitcom star's close pals call him "the horse" and it's not because he runs fast -- it's because he's endowed like one! He used to be embarrassed by his um, assets, and would shy away from public rest rooms. But now he's extremely proud of what nature gave him and although he's not the least bit gay, he likes to show off whenever possible to jealous guys who can't help but sneak a peek.
Ray Romano

10. NY POST/PAGE SIX...07/09
--WHICH mega-selling rapper groped a young female fan at a wild party hosted by a TV rap show host, and shoved her to the floor when she didn't reciprocate? The roughed-up fan is mulling a lawsuit . . Eminem

--WHICH washed-up actor famous for dating one of Hollywood's hottest actresses was overheard at a party in the Hamptons trying to score some "Russian quaaludes?" . . . Jason Patric

11. VILLAGE VOICE/by Michael Musto....07/09

#1. What famous African American couple is bi? Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown; Will Smith and Jada Pinkett

#2. What old-time actor, when he has to wear a wig in a movie, has them put it on over his wig, rather than take the thing off and let anyone know it's a fake? (As if they'd think it isn't.) Charlton Heston

#3. What married TV mastermind slept with his dysfunctional star? David E Kelley/Calista Flockhart; Aaron Spelling/Shannen Doherty

#4. What talk-show diva demanded Partisi sheets for a hotel segment and gorgeously left them covered in blood from her period? Who knew she was still having her period? Star Jones

#5. What legend neglects to tell people that she was once married to a military man, but broke it off when she found him in bed with another guy? (This casts doubt on her claim to have been a virgin till she was a certain age—or does it?) Shirley Temple

#6. What movie funnyman is such a pampered weirdie that when he was unhappy with the air-conditioning at a photo shoot, he didn't just say something about it—he rang up his agent and had him call in to complain? Jim Carrey

#7. What TV star who's supposed to be straight (in fact, he dated that indie actress) was once spotted drunk at Les Hommes? Jimmy Fallon and Parker Posey; Carson Daly and Tara Reid

#8. What pretty lady came on to her trainer and was rebuffed, so now she's made it clear that heads will roll if he ever uses her name in his bio again? Julia Roberts

#9. What ex-teen movie cutie slept with that surly superstar and says he's got the tiniest known wee-wee in the galaxy (which might explain a lot, actually)? Jennifer Love Hewitt and Alec Baldwin; Jennifer Connelly and Russell Crowe

#10. What model insists he wasn't padded in the crotch for those ads, and he's right—he was computer-enhanced? Mark Wahlberg; Antonio Sabato; Travis Fummel

 #11. What '70s comedy lady had a lesbian fling with that '70s blond bombshell, making for the oddest showbiz pairing since Fric and Frac? Carol Burnett and Loni Anderson

#12. What TV expert lives with her girlfriend, and, by the way, supposedly made her initial nut by ripping off one of her lesbian pals? Suze Orman

#13. What other expert who submitted an outfit to a show's staff for steaming clearly didn't realize the pants were covered with caca? (Staffers quickly dubbed him "Poopypants.") Christopher Lowell

#14. What conflicted '60s starlet won't go to a certain drag club because they practice "sin" there? Donna Douglas

#15. What Oscar-winning actress can be spotted skipping around her bed in a ball gown, also laying out her clothes all around the bed and curling up in the middle for some bizarre, unexplained ritual? Gwyneth Paltrow; Halle Berry

#17. What esteemed actor was gleefully puffing on a joint when he walked up the Golden Globes red carpet (and guess what, he also does blow)?  Kevin Spacey

#18. What legend's lady was later married to a producer, but found out the guy had a chickie on the side, so she wisely gave him the dump and moved on to another musician?

#19. What Brit starlet refused to do a topless scene in her next movie, but not for ethical reasons—she'd just had a boob job and the scars would have shown? Kate Beckinsale

#20. What macho film star who makes kazillions has parents who live more humbly in cheapo, subsidized New York housing? Vin Diesel

#21. What blond comic film actress was so drunk at that downtown hotel that she had to be escorted to her room by an employee? Cameron Diaz; Tara Reid; Goldie Hawn

#22. What enduring star's more-than-manager tried to weasel an extra $5000 out of that recent event for hair and makeup fees, claiming he didn't originally know the event was going to be taped for TV (though he did)? How much did he settle for? (Free answer: $1500.)  Liza and David Guest

#23. What same star got $3200 for hair and makeup for another event, but actually did her own?

#24. What teen group member was spotted at a party, elegantly licking white powder off his finger?

#25. What navel-baring actress-turned-singer won't do interviews unless you agree to not bring up her breasts and her ex-boyfriends? Who gives a shit about either? Jennifer Love Hewitt

#26. What TV-stage-movie starlet's people wouldn't let me interview her for a gay mag, but pushed me to sit her down for the Voice, then promptly killed that option too, just because they could?

#27. What rising actress blatantly appears drunk and/or strung out at high-profile events (though she misses some completely, notably skipping a big photo shoot promo-ing her next movie because she was "sick")? Tara Reid

#28. What scrumptious young actor—a supporting player in one of last year's minor dramas—is terrified people might think he's gay (he's not), though he brazenly showed up at a Britney Spears concert? Ryan Gosling

#29. What reality-TV star took a test drive into gay sex territory, but freaked out and denied it when a queer magazine approached him for an interview? Joe Rogan

#30. What female reality-TV star has been a little cooler about her same sex-ing, though she hasn't exactly come out as a muffdiver in print?

12. NY POST/PAGE SIX....07/11
--WHICH Hollywood A-lister should be more careful around journalists? The editors of a glossy whose cover he recently graced have been spreading rumors that the celeb - who is constantly dogged by gay rumors - is HIV-positive . . . Tom Cruise

--WHICH old-school musician is on the verge of coming out of the closet? It's well known in the industry that he prefers boys, but many of his blue-haired fans - who still swear Liberace "just loved his mother" - will be shocked . . .Barry Manilow

--WHICH big-name designer's partner/hubby is carrying on an affair with a woman who works in his wife's office? He's been telling everyone how happy he is that his wife's finally getting her driver's license because "now I won't have to sit with her in the car on the way to the Hamptons." Kate and Andy Spade; Vera Wang

13. STAR 07/15 #1
Hollywood has been wondering how this screen beauty has managed to lose so much weight and stay stick-thin. The answer is she's suffering from bulimia. She was recently spotted wolfing down a major meal in a trendy L.A. eatery and then heard throwing it all up in the restroom. When leaving the ladies' room, she saw a woman right outside the door, who had obviously heard her. The star turned bright red and quickly left the place.
Tara Reid; Jennifer Connelly; Christina Ricci; Renee Zellweger

14. STAR 07/15 #2
This daytime television hostess, who recently battled a weight problem, isn't as heterosexual as she'd like her numerous fans to believe. In reality, the famous gal is gay and has been involved in a sizzling five-year relationship with her publicist. Her society friends have long suspected something's up, since the publicist rarely leave her side. But no one has dared to bring it up to her. You see, she's just as well-known for her bad temper as she is for her slew of lavish homes.
Martha Stewart; Oprah

15. NY POST/PAGE SIX....07/15
--WHICH supposedly sober supermodel fell off the wagon during the Paris shows? The fragile filly went on a two-day coke binge, prompting fears she’d disappeared for good . . .

--WHICH married TV actor cheated on his wife with a leggy Latina at a New York club the other night while the Mrs. and his kids waited at home? . . .

--WHICH Hollywood hottie recently had no trouble remembering her lines at the nightspot Suede? The bombed blondeshell was heading to the bathroom every 10 minutes.

16. NY POST/PAGE SIX....07/21
--WHICH fashion hack was recently attacked by the boyfriend of a drag queen he’d been heckling at a gay bar? Andre Leon Talley (from American Vogue); Michael Musto (from The Village Voice)

--WHICH bad-boy indie director dropped his crack pipe on the floor as he got up from his table at a London restaurant? . Quentin Tarantino; Vincent Gallo; Harmony Korine; Paul Thomas Anderson

--WHICH notorious mafioso has lost his mind? The goodfella, who was under the protection of the Federal Witness Protection Program, is spending his days bouncing off the walls at Bellevue after a mental breakdown.
Henry Hill, on whom Goodfellas was based; Salvatore "Sammy the Bull" Gravano

17. STAR 07/23 #1
This beefy action hero is starting to show his age. He once paraded his young, flawless body on the screen naked, but the funny-accented star is now calling on body doubles for similar scenes. He's tryng to hide love handles and unsightly wrinkles. On the job, he carried a tote bag stuffed with colored hair spray to hide his bald spots. And he is absolutely paranoid that the public will hear about this.
Arnold Schwarzenegger; Jean Claude Van Damme; Mel Gibson

18. STAR 07/23 #2
This rocker, who was once married to a TV beauty, had an extremely wild sex party in his New York hotel room recently. When he checked out, the maid service came in to clean the place. But they were so horrified at what they saw, they refused to do the job. Candle wax and blood stains were all over the floor, and the bed sheets looked like they'd been ripped to shreds. Once thing's for sure - Mr. Kinky rock star will never be allowed to stay there again.
Tommy Lee; Lenny Kravitz

19. GLOBE 07/23
This sexy 40-something actress is so afraid of looking her age that she frequently splurges on chemical peels. But the TV star's handlers are begging her to stop because the treatments are actually doing more harm than good. Her makeup artist has to spend more than two hours prepping her lobster-red face before she can even start with the TV cosmetics.
Kim Cattrall

20. Filth2Go....07/23
Could it be that a war is brewing between a couple of restless soap hunks? It all started when that charming young actor joined the cast of the high-rated sudser, causing one resident stud to sing the blues. The married man unearthed a racy photo from the freshman's modeling days and anonymously circulated it around the set (this from a guy who can't even think straight). Far from embarrassing the nude newbie (who had the photo on his own website), it made him even more popular with guys and gals alike, and I hear that he's spending more time signing copies of the pic than he is acting. I'll publish the photo in question, and you can see what all the fuss was about. Greg Vaughan and Joshua Morrow of Young and the Restless

21. NY POST/PAGE SIX....07/26
--WHICH jet-set party girl is terrifying her friends with plans to pen a tell-all book? The tome would cover the sexual shenanigans of the rich and famous, including several high-powered married CEOs.

--WHICH boy-band beefcake who's wooing a heartbroken pop tart has a predeliction for pubescent pretties? The singer has bedded a bunch of underage girls, and gave one unlucky lass an uncomfortable sexually transmitted disease. Nick Carter & Britney Spears

--WHICH ageless bombshell just inherited a bundle from a long-forgotten husband, went straight to Rio, and now looks younger than springtime - again?

22. Filth2Go...07/29
Could it be that a certain engaging fella has been ever so slightly indiscreet when exploring his homosexual tendencies? Oh, sure, his betrothed is an old hand at being with gay men, but she was certain that this guy was straight, if not narrow. She'd noticed his wandering eye, but he'd dismiss her suspicions with that old acting excuse - research! Well, if she catches him during his regular session of "hide the pepperoni", she might realize that this ain't no movie of the week but, rather, a summer rerun. Rebecca DeMornay and Patrick O'Neal

23. STAR 07/30 **#1**
This rich young star just bought a house in a ritzy L.A. neighborhood, and he loves to walk his dog on the tree-shaded streets. But during his evening strolls, he can't resist peeking in his neighbor's windows! He's been caught three times craning his neck to get a better view. When confronted, he uses the lame excuse: "My dog slipped away." We wonder if he's looking at women, or just getting decorating ideas.
David Schwimmer

24. STAR 07/30 **#2**
Hooking up with the right guy gave this previously unknown foreign actress benefits just as juicy as a new, hot career. Word in Tinseltown is that our brown-haired beauty obtained her authorization to work in this country - otherwise known as a 'green card' - in less than a month. I'm told her case was speeded up when her lawyer made it crystal clear to immigration officials that her file was "special" because of whom she was dating. It may take the run-of-the-mill immigrant more than a year to obtain the same document.
Penelope Cruz

25. GLOBE 07/30
This "squeaky-clean" veteran actor has been having affairs with not one, but two assistants on his highly rated show. When both gals demanded he leave his wife, network honchos stepped in and quietly gave them different jobs....on the opposite coast! But the problem isn't quite over because our boy has been sending other young lovelies to appy for jobs with the show's production company.
Martin Sheen

That pop music diva loves to shop at every hip sinfully expensive boutique on the map, and she usually has great taste when picking out her items. But when it comes to manners, well, she just doesn't have any. One afternoon last spring she swooped into New York's edgiest, most exclusive shop with her entourage and demanded the owners shut down for two hours so she could make her selections without prying eyes on her, The sales people complied and she proceeded to rack up a bill well over $15,000. When the manager asked for the doll's credit card, the star sniffed and said she thought all the goods were free. "Why shouldn't they be? she said, "I give your store publicity." When the shop owner politely and firmed refused, she threw a hissy fit and was asked, just as politely and firmly, to leave sans the goods - and to never return. JLo; Beyonce; Gwen Stefani; Whitney Houston; Madonna; Diana Ross

That rap and hip-hop sensation is young, hot, street, built for sin and sells faster than sliced pizza. But, yo, yo, yo, Movieline wonders whether the urban dude's swaggering braggart image will take a hit once his dissatisfied conquests start going public about his major...ummmm...shortcomings south of the belt line. What's much more damning, thought, is the unflattering nickname women have given him - "The Six Second Man." Ludacris

He has a squeaky clean image as an athletic and energetic hunk. His concerts are vibrant and he always seems alive and alert. But when then international singing sex god meets the press, he's far more amped up. Whenever he shows up for interviews he's worn out, boring and, worst of all, so stoned out of his head he can barely answer even the simplest of questions. Word is that he's always dazed and confused because his best friend is a drug dealer and there's always plenty of green stuff in the green room. Enrique Iglesias

29. Filth2Go...08/05
Could it be that a certain up-and-coming action hero is both the hunter and the hunted? My sources tell me that our young hunk has been leaving his mark all over Hollywood - particularly at the homes of decidedly "fey" young men. Although he could claim that the guy in question is actually his evil twin, it's in the stars that his wicked ways will soon catch up with him. You see, one of his giddy paramours claims to have a graphic incriminating video. I guess that both Greeks and Romans enjoy doing it doggie style. And, let me just add that this is perhaps my favorite blind item in a dog's age! Vin Diesel

30. STAR 08/06 #1
This exquisite young actress is as gorgeous as they come, but she's just a bit lazy. She hates to exercise and would much rather have brunch in a fine restaurant. Since her equally famous husband can afford to indulge her, she opts for the easy way out. She's already had some minor plastic surgery, but now she wants to slim her flabby arms and thighs with liposuction. She's having it done in a few weeks so she can recover before taking a trip to Europe with her husband. Catherine Zeta-Jone/Michael Douglas; Uma Thurman/Ethan Hawke

31. STAR 08/06 #2
It's not even on the air yet, but this new television talk show is already in trouble -- and it's host is to blame. He comes across as a know-it-all control freak who fired three staffers who questioned his TV smarts. He is ignoring the advice of his mentor, a highly successful television mogul. And he is adding incompetent family members to the payroll. With chaos setting in, he is busy picking wood colors for his set. Dr. Phil McGraw

32. GLOBE 08/06
This buxom blond actress broke up the marriage of her best friend, who's also her sexy TV co-star. The gal's jealous hubby felt she was spending too much time with Ms. Leading Lady and gave his bride an ultimatum -- "It's either me or her." She chose HER and now the pair are inseparable.

33. NY POST/PAGE SIX....08/11
--WHICH money-managing tycoon - whose wife left him when she discovered he was giving his secretary more than dictation - is planning to marry the girl in London? His libertine pals hope this doesn't put too much of a damper on weekend festivities at his country estate . . .

--WHICH Broadway actress is cheating between her AA meetings? She plays hide-and-seek from her verbally abusive husband while quenching her thirst in bars. Kathleen Turner

34. Filth2Go....08/12
MANY stories about that little imp who seems to be landing on lap after lap in LaLa Land. I hear that the bloom is off his last romance and now he's hooked up with one of his merry men. As for deciphering the blind items, just look for odd words and phrases as potential clues. Oh, and you can check out the Filth Fan Forum on www.filth2go.com. The forum is free, and the fans there usually guess the blind items correctly within a matter of hours. Elijah Wood

35. STAR 08/13
This once very beautiful TV superstar is now drugged out, sad and tired-looking. She's well into her 50's and regularly drives from her LA home to various truck stops while she's high on cocaine. While there, she "services" the truckers one after another. Her life has turned into a total mess, but she's refused help from friends who fear for her life.

36. GLOBE 08/13
Which handsome screen hunk, who dated a movie star and almost tied the knot with her, may be jeopardizing his current marriage to his pregnant wife? My spies tell me that this studly hubby has a longtime boyfriend he dates on the sly. To make matters worse, the boyfriend is demanding that the heartthrob actor spend as much time with him as he does with his bride.
Benjamin Bratt

37. NY POST/PAGE SIX....08/13
WHICH half of a Hollywood power couple used to shave her hairline to give herself a higher forehead? Once she married into real money, she had it permanently lasered.

38. Filth2Go...08/19
Could it be that one of Hollywood's most intriguing paternity puzzles has been solved? Like a story out of Unsolved Mysteries, people have been wondering who sired the child of that multi-award-winning actress. Although she's never been known as a foxy mama, her Sapphic ways didn't stop her from becoming a biological mama. Freaky as it sounds, she only had to open up her old address book to find a suitable donor. While we all know that she rekindled her friendship with that former boytoy to the rich and famous, I've now learned that the reunion was at full tilt BEFORE her conception (well, this guy ain't known for saying no). Intimates with poisoned pens tell me that it's mighty fortunate that our fraternal fellow made those deposits oh so long ago. They came in handy when he was asked to make two hasty withdrawals - one for our sunburned sweetie and the other for that bicoastal bitch. I'm told that he's a presence in both children's lives. Now if only these gals could come up with a maternal figure!
Multi-winning actress: Jodie Foster
Bicoastal bitch: Sandra Bernhard
Former boytoy: Steve Antin

39. STAR 08/20
This big time star is having major problems with his new girlfriend because it recently dawned on her that he spends most of his spare time smoking pot. The new sweetheart is a star herself, and she's nudging the old hipster to straighten up and fly right. She thinks the drug makes him lazy, but he doesn't want to give up the weed. He says he needs it to "chill out." Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart

40. GLOBE 08/20
This raven haired TV beauty and her actor hubby publicly brag about their solid marriage. But what they don't spill to their fans is that this power couple "key swap" - the "in" term for swinging! The Hollywood pair often attend elite private parties and stake out the guest list to approach other couples about "swapping car keys." The team's handlers are worried because the sexy secret is leaking out and could kill their careers. Courtney Cox & David Arquette; Delta Burke and Gerald McRaney

41. NY POST/PAGE SIX....08/25
--WHICH network morning-show correspondent has been trying to woo the actress/model girlfriend of a rock drummer while the musician is on tour? . . .

--WHICH action star went on a cocaine and call-girl binge while in town to promote his new movie? The muscle-bound mook has also taken to surrounding himself with guntoting bodyguards. Vin Diesel; Wesley Snipes; Matthew McConaughey

42. NY POST/PAGE SIX....08/26
--WHICH promiscuous former supermodel has been to the abortionist at least five times since she got divorced? . . .Linda Evangelista; Rachel Hunter

-- WHICH chart-topping diva not only had a secret marriage - she also had an 18-year-old child she’s kept hidden from her fans? Her latest boy toy found out and freaked . . . Janet Jackson

--WHICH real-estate tycoon and his stunning blond wife have been less than discreet? Word is getting out about their threesomes with "a teenage plaything."

43. Filth2Go....08/26
Could it be that a former Playgirl centerfold is back on the market? That's the word from several sources who bumped into the adventurous auteur while he was seeking sex. Where? A place where "Last Call" ceases to exist - AOL! Yup, two faithful fans had the dubious distinction of hooking up with the aging circuit boy following some blazing-hot cyber chat. One of the prospective paramours swapped pics with him and immediately recognized the still-stunning centerfold (I'll post the photo in question at www.filth2go.com). Both boys jumped at the chance to top the tempter (separately - sorry to say). One even said that the diminutive diddler was a little "piggy". OINK!

44. STAR 08/27
This handsome actor recently got a new girlfriend, and he's become super self-conscious about his body hair. She likes her men smooth! The guy has most of his growth under control, but he's got an especially fuzzy bottom. He's too embarrassed to visit a waxing salon, so he pays his trusted hairdresser big bucks to give him regular butt-waxings at home. He grins and bears it to keep his precious diva happy. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

45. GLOBE 08/27
What lovable talk-show host who pretends to be a feminish actually has one of the biggest private porno film collections in Hollywood? In fact, he spends so much time screening porn, it's a wonder he has time to do his show. Jay Leno

46. UK DAILY MAIL....08/28
Which high profile Hollywood couple are not as down to earth as they would like people to think? The couple, who were due to go by train to the Edinburgh festival, hit the roof when they were whisked off to the waiting room at King's Cross. Unimpressed, the baby faced actor and his flame haired partner demanded to be taken back to their plush hotel to arrange an alternative way to travel to Scotland. Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins