January and February 2002

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1. GLOBE 01/01
This fading movie hunk has been making regular visits to a trendy LA bookstore, but not to buy reading material. Seems he has a nasty habit of hanging out in the men's rest room and exposing himself to other customers. The store has received numerous complaints and has now barred the actor from ever coming back. Jean Claude Van Damme

2. NY POST/PAGE SIX....01/06
--WHICH perky TV hostess cooperated with a downmarket tabloid? She agreed to pose for exclusive photos with her new baby if the tab agreed not to publish a different set of photos of her at a wild party performing a sex act on her hunky hubby..Kelly Ripa

--.WHICH pop queen has had not one, but two breast-implant surgeries? The pretty pop star had the first one when she was a mere 15, and the second when she became "legal" at age 18. Britney Spears

3. Filth2Go 01/07
#1. "Could it be that a certain former politico (once described by his ex-boss’ wife as that little queen) has already strayed from his warm marital bed? Intriguingly enough, he seems to be dallying with his unshaven wife’s blessing. She’s content with the “prestige” (and we use that term loosely) that comes with being the wife of this diminutive television personality (another loose term) and encourages his “sessions” with that very out, very gay personal trainer who has taken more than a bite out of his big apple. Sounds like more than his grape leaf is getting stuffed!" George Stephonopolous

#2. "Could it be that a certain Oscar-winning actor is doing a bit of research for his next film role? That’s the story he told people on a recent trip to New Orleans’ “Corner Pocket” bar (bear in mind that Winona told the people at Saks that she was doing research, too). We hear that the hairy actor zipped into the club, picked up two male prostitutes, and left to “interview” them in his hotel room for a film he’s doing about male gigolos. The more chatty “working boy” later told me that the interview was pretty much one sided, since the familial actor was having more of a face-off with the pillow he was chewing. I guess that high profile royal consort is just a façade, since this follicly-impaired fella seems to remain wild at heart." Nicholas Cage (Face/Off, WIld at Heart, Coppolla family, hairy chest, balding top)

4. STAR 01/08 #1
This rock star led a highly publicized life of drugs and legal problems. He claims to be clean and sober now, but he's far from it. He carries around a MAC makeup case bulging with drugs and paraphernalia. At a recent low-life party, he was guzzling rum and cokes and smoking crack in the middle of an orgy. He finally retired to the bathroom because the naked people were getting in the way of his consumption. Oddly enough, he's bragging that publishers are begging him to write a book about how he turned his life around. Billy Idol; Elton John

5. STAR 01/08 #2
This raven-haired movie leading man is spreading himself thin. He's known to bring not only his longtime wife and children with him on location, but also takes along his long-time mistress. This guy spends so much time and energy running from one hotel room to the other, and then back, that it's a miracle he can give his all for the cameras.
Andy Garcia

6. GLOBE 01/08
This Hollywood couple claim they're one of the happiest teams in showbiz, but things aren't quite so "happy" in the bedroom. Both are having extramarital affairs behind each other's back. While Mr. Movie Star is playing around with his sexy leading ladies, his wife is having a fling with their studly pool guy. Tom Hanks/Rita Wilson; Arnold Schwarzenegger/Maria Shriver; Sylvester Stallone/Jennifer Flavin

7. Filth2Go 01/14
#1. Could it be that a certain designer is dallying with some dudes - and drugs? That's the story coming out of Gotham, where I hear that the usually demure dressmaker is playing with fire. At a recent performance of Noises Off (December 11th, in case anyone is interested), he was flying solo - and flying high from what several of my sources say. Allegedly, he snuck into his Lincoln Town Car during intermission to partake of a bit of snuff. Only days later, he embarked on a whirlwind party tour with a delightful boytoy. I'd normally be more discreet about this stuff, but if he wasn't, why should I? How indiscreet was he? Let's just say that I'm not convinced that having sex on your host's bed is correct etiquette for a cocktail party - let alone for three such parties! Tom Ford

#2. Could it be that a recent musical honoree shares a vice with our designer friend? With his grown-out hair, I'd say that he's certainly not a candidate for any fashion awards, although he appears to be quite a catch. But being out of touch, I thought when I heard his name announced that perhaps he had something to do with Inside Edition (this has to be the most obscure clue I've ever given). Imagine my surprise when I bumped into him in the lavatory and saw him share a stall with a "friend". What were they doing? Pick a vice, any vice.

8. STAR 01/15
This attractive actress grew up in a small town and vowed never to forget where she came from. When she got engaged, she made a big deal out of getting married back home. All her showbiz pals had to fly in from New York and LA for the wedding. Locals hoped their small-town sweetheart hadn't become jaded, but they were in for a rude shock. During the reception, the bride and groom took several breaks in the corner of the room where they proceeded to snort massive amounts of cocaine. The town is still talking! Andie MacDowell; Angie Harmon

9. STAR 01/15
This blonde beauty bought very expensive silk hydrangea flowers for her wedding from a very exclusive shop in New York. But after the honeymoon, she had the nerve to walk in with the fake flowers and try to return them. The owner couldn't refuse her, so he took them back. Luckily, the merchant was able to sell them to another couple by telling them they were used at the famous newlyweds' nuptials. Alexandra Wentworth-Stephanopolis

10. NY POST/PAGE SIX...01/18
WHICH leading man was upset on a visit to the White House when the Secret Service insisted on questioning his new wife? Seems the background check had discovered the gorgeous actress was lying about her age. Having been branded a cradle-robber, he learned his bride was actually 10 years older. Michael Douglas/Catherine Zeta-Jones

11. NY POST/PAGE SIX...01/19--WHICH Casanova crooner - known for bedding the boldfaced beauties who appear in his videos - has been bragging to his entourage about bagging an athletic sexpot who will be featured in an upcoming production . . . Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova

--WHICH hunky young actor has a cringe-inducing way of getting in the mood before climbing into bed with his dates? An informed source tells us he puts on a "love mix" tape that begins with the AM radio chestnut "Love Caravan."

12. GLOBE 01/22
This all-American sitcom star and her hunky hubby love are engaging in kinky sex. The passionate pair is constantly taking nude photos of one another and recently made a sizzling home video that makes Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee look like a Disney flick. "If it ever got out, either my career would be ruined," Mrs. Star told a pal, "or I'd be the most famous porn star in the world." Jennifer Aniston/Brad Pitt

13. NY POST/PAGE SIX...01/28
--WHICH box-office Boy Wonder and his luscious girlfriend booked a suite together in a swank European hotel, but maybe he didn't sleep there? An unidentified fellow in the entourage was booked - supposedly solo - in the honeymoon suite .. . Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst; Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz

--WHICH hot, young Hollywood producer is infecting a surprising number of aspiring actresses on both coasts with a sexually transmitted disease?

Which veteran actress who's had repeated plastic surgery uses oxygen on her face to achieve that dewy look? Makeup artists have trouble getting cosmetics to stick…Melanie Griffith; Cher
; Mary Tyler Moore; Kirstie Alley

15. STAR 01/29 #1
This MAJOR TV personality would faint if he knew what an assistant found in his desk. The helper opened the wrong drawer and out popped an adult catalog featuring lingerie in men's sizes! She was speechless over the kinky photos of men dressed in lace panties, thongs, stockings and garter belts. But she REALLY lost it when she saw that her boss had filled out an order form for some of the frilly undies for himself! She hasn't been able to look her boss in the eye since. Gerald (Major Dad) McRaney; Damon (Major Payne) Wayans; Montel Williams

16. STAR 01/29 #2
This oft-rehabbed actor is being called a deadbeat by a dozen of his closest friends these days because he hasn't reimbursed $200,000 that they lent him. He needed the dough to pay for lawyers who desperately tried to keep him out of jail. This was more than a year ago, however, and none of the high-powered pals have seen a penny from the dude just yet. Come on, now! You know who you are! Pay up!!!! Robert Downey Jr.; Gary Busey

17. GLOBE 01/29
This big-screen hunk has been using hard drugs for years, but he's never tried to stop or check into rehab. Now he's freaking out because he's discovered his MOTHER is a junkie, too! She takes almost anything she can get her hands on and is stoned most of the time. Mr. Movie Star is planning to do an intervention. Better hurry! Sylvester Stallone


She has more money than God, yet this diva is notorious for being a miserly, miserable, cheapskate. Just exactly how tight with a buck is she? Put it this way, kiddies: Every week, truckloads of cool freebies arrive at her offices - flat-screen HDTVs, CD players and burners, couture clothes, makeup, bikes, jet skis, the works. She doesn't need any of it, but does she dontate to charities or distribute the stuff to her underpaid, overworked and abused employees? Nope. She sells it to the people who work for her, and not at great prices, either. No wonder she can't keep good help or stop people from saying nasty things about her. Barbra Streisand; Madonna; Martha Stewart; Rosie O'Donnell

It was a smart move for that older megastar to agree to share the screen with that much younger and hotter actor in that big action flick. What wasn't smart, though, is that the old coot was too lazy to meet face-to-face with the whippersnapper before he signed on the dotted line. When the two finally made contact, in rehearsals, the vet was blown away by the young hunk's height - he was a foot taller than he had expected. That's why there are no full-body shots of the two stars in the whole film-- the vintage sex symbol wore super-high platforms whenever he had a scene with his costar.
Mel Gibson/Heath Ledger in 'The Patriot'
Sylvester Stallone/Kip Pardue in 'Driven'
Mel Gibon/Marc Blucas in "We Were Soldiers"
Al Pacino/Ben Affleck (6'3) in "Gigli"

Bruce Willis/Colin Farrell in "Hart's War"

20. NY POST/PAGE SIX....02/03
--WHICH high-profile magazine editor was well provided for during a recent visit to Hollywood? His host, a bigtime producer, stocked the house with two Playboy Playmates . . .

--WHICH cast member of a popular weekly comedy show should be more careful in men's rooms? The funny man indiscreetly went into a stall with another man during a big party recently, leading at least one witness to speculate they were powdering their noses.

What cruel actress agreed to present an award at an untelevised morning AIDS benefit, only to send a $950 bill for hair and makeup to the charity at week's end? ...Sarah Michelle Gellar; Sharon Stone; Glenn Close

22. Filth2Go...02/04
"Could it be that a certain sitcom siren has a health secret that is threatening to see the light of day? So say my sources on the set, who tell me that the witchy woman may have more in common with Sandy Duncan than a box of Wheat Thins. But truth is stranger than fiction, and I'm told that things are not as bad as they may appear. The malady in question is more cosmetic than medical, and it's something that she's had since childhood. Lately, the actress has looked into corrective surgery. She's explained it all to close friends, and I hear that she can't hardly wait to go under the knife." Melissa Joan Hart

23. STAR 02/05
This gorgeous married TV star decided she and a young hunk she met on a girls' night out could get away with a little hanky-panky. She spent a few weeks having illicit passionate romps with the guy and started felling guilty. When she told the cutie it was over, he said: "Not so fast!" He had videotapes of their private moments and threatened to make them public. Now she's worried sick, can barely do her work and is terrified of what her loving hubby will do if he finds out. Kim Cattrall; Debra Messig

24. GLOBE 02/05
This Oscar-winning actress insists on carrying thousands of dollars in an old suitcase wherever she travels. No matter how many times her advisers have tried to talk her out of it, she insists on bringing a ton of cash along. But with all that moola, she rarely tips and, when she does, it's in silver, not paper. Julie Roberts; Liz Taylor

25. Filth2Go....02/11
#1 - Could it be that one of our favorite stars of stage, screen, and the occasional brewery has crawled back into her bottle? That's word from some of her friends (and with friends like that.), who tell me that the hard-boiled broad can't handle her liquor any more than she can handle growing old "gracefully". Rumor has it that she's jealous of that much younger co-star, who's always had as highly scrutinized a weight problem as our once curvaceous bunny. But these days, the scrutiny is back on the touring mom, who will be showing a hell of a lot more than her now-svelte daughter. Need one more clue? I don't know many people who have been directed by both father and daughter.
Kathleen Turner and Alicia Silverstone

#2. - Could it be that a shy member of a certain boyband is opening up about his sexuality? Well, he's sure as hell opening up - and to Billy Masters, no less! At a recent soirée, the sensitive TV-friendly popstar was chatting with a pal about the boyfriend he just broke up with when he said (and I can quote 'cause I was eavesdropping), "We weren't compatible, since we were both power bottoms." I have to admit that even I was a little shocked and somewhat confused - where do you plug in a power bottom? Probably wherever you want! He told me that before they said goodbye, he and his ex shared a top who was an awesome lover - and he didn't have to paint a picture for me to figure that one out. Who says romance is dead?

26. STAR 02/12
This super-successful celebrity suffered through some lean years when she was young and struggling in New York, and had to take some odd jobs. She was thrilled when a very popular restaurant hired her to work in the coat check. But the plum position didn't last long. Our girl couldn't resist rifling through the coat pockets and helping herself to whatever she found -- until she got caught and was fired. Now that she's a star, she hasn't been back to the scene of the crime. But the new owner is a big fan and wants her to know that all is forgiven! Madonna

27. GLOBE 02/12
This TV hunk has a squeaky-clean image and is always preaching to his co-workers about how immoral our nation is. But it's all an act. Several times a week, this "happily married" star drives to the seedy side of Hollywood to pick up prostitutes and engage in kinky sex. Right now he has most of his castmates snowed, but time will tell if his dirty little secret gets out.
Stephen Collins; Austin Peck from "Days of Our Lives"

28. NY POST/PAGE SIX...02/12
WHICH pop diva tried to weasel out of paying the rent on a mansion in Lyford Cay in Nassau? The low-born bombshell complained that with no heater for the swimming pool her dog couldn't take a dip. Mariah Carey

1. What quirky soul singer can't get through a single day without a hit of Ecstasy?
Macy Gray

2. What star insists he and wifey are clean, though he recently bought a kilo of coke off a dealer in the Bronx?

3. What performer publicly gushes about how perfect his girlfriend is, but he actually thinks she's a user-slash-migraine? Howard Stern; Tom Cruise

4. What former sitcom star is a sapphist who dates a member of a lesbian punk band? Sara Gilbert

5. What out lesbian star is still closerthanthis with that closeted lesbian star? (And by the way, that flopped director is the closeted star's latest beard.)

6. What entrepreneur's daughter aborted a baby because the child's father remains the world's biggest druggie?

7. Who else had an abortion and not the non-hypocritical procedure they said it was? Prince Edward's wife, Sophie; Nicole Kidman

 8. What multimedia personality is convinced his wife didn't have breast implants (but she most certainly did, honey)? Larry King

9. What quirky author's son is supposedly prone to sleepwalking, during which somnambulation he might just nibble on his father's esteemed wee-wee? Anne Rice's son Christopher

10. What performer's daughter was brought into a hospital with a burn mark, while mama seemed so wasted that the medical staff started wondering just what hideousness had transpired?  Whitney Houston

11. What once-cool movie lead was spotted stumbling down Sunset Boulevard, squatting on a fire hydrant and acting so far gone he didn't even notice the passing tourists taking pictures? Mickey Rourke; Nick Nolte

12. What New York ballplayer never strikes out while donning drag and (separately) having Latin boys service his trouser bat? Mike Piazza

13. What former club owner who was living in Grand Central now has a home and has made some amends with at least one relation? (Yes, I throw in heartwarming items now and then for good measure.)

14. What mouthy macho actor had sex with that troubled ex-starlet and elegantly remembers, "Her vagina is looser than the Grand Canyon"?

15. What same ex-starlet once said to another guy she'd brought home, "Did we have sex last night?" and got the reply, "No, I didn't fuck you because you wouldn't have known what was going on"?

16. What superstar can be such a prick that everyone on one of his movie sets wore T-shirts for the director's other movie, in order to show solidarity with him? Tom Cruise, director John Woo

17. What TV-turned-theater performer is a big old princess tiny meat? Steven Weber is replacing Matthew Broderick in "The Producers" and prior to this career move, he was best known for playing Brian Hackett in the NBC sitcom "Wings"; Jack Nagle in the NBC series "Cursed"; Jack Torrance in the made-for-TV remake of "The Shining" on ABC.

18. What popular r&b singer says she's 24, but she's really—horrors—29? Jill Scott

19. What famous girlfriend is disliked by her doctors, whom she rudely keeps waiting while she chats on her cell?

20. Who got off the hook on drug charges partly because someone backed him up on the stand, but the guy now privately says he lied?

21. Which notables have come up in two items each?

30. NY POST/PAGE SIX...02/17
--WHICH wealthy, well-connected Latin American family is raising eyebrows with the arrangements for a daughter's upcoming wedding? Guests are being asked to pay $650 for the round-trip charter flight, plus $400 a night for a room at the resort the family owns . . . The Fanjul's (daughter's name is Emilia)...they own Casa de Campo in Dominican Republic

--WHICH hunky actor, who hasn't worked much since getting injured in an accident, is having a serious affair with his massage therapist in L.A.? The actor claims to be "miserable" in his marriage but sticks it out for the kids. Liam Neeson

31. filth2go....02/19
Could it be that a certain sister of Sappho is coming out of her closet? Not to rush her or anything, but people have been talking about this for eons. And now that she's adopted more kids (perhaps she found them in the want ads), she's showing up more and more places with her latest lady love and talking about their blissful domesticity. While they take turns staying up all night with the kids, the couple also share some quiet moments in the darkness. I don't think that our belter has to worry about this disclosure doing anything to hurt her career - we like our thespians to be lesbians. Taylor Dayne

32. STAR 02/19 #1
This Hollywood heavyweight is prepping another edition of his successful film franchise and wants his young former co-star to return for the sequel. But the younger star's been battling horrific drug-abuse problems and few producers want to take a chance on him, so he's broke and desperate. Our hero has personally taken the kid under his wing and wants to give him a new start.  He's hired the best drug counseling and treatment for the guy and he insists on daily AA meetings. The kid is having drug tests several times a week, but he's so thrilled by his $5 million salary and grateful for his pal's help that friends feel he might get his life together this time. Arnold Schwarzenegger/Edward Furlong/'Terminator 3'

33. STAR 02/19 #2
These two high-profile Hollywood actors, whose trophy cases contains an Oscar and two Emmys, have been spicing up their marital sex in ways that doesn't really match their straight-as-arrows public image. The two have been bragging they recently got on a hotel elevator one night and deliberately stalled it so they could have sex. Another time, the wife dressed in a raincoat with nothing underneath and met the husband in an alley behind their favorite Santa Monica bar. Ted Danson/Mary Steenburgen

34. GLOBE 02/19
This married Hollywood heartthrob and doting dad was back to his old bachelor tricks -- fawning all over a beautiful blonde at a recent Tinseltown bash. With his stunning wife nowhere in sight, guests watched in disbelief as Mr. Lothario whispered sweet nothings in the gal's ear for an hour. Now bets are being taken on how long his "happy" marriage will last. Warren Beatty

35. NY POST/PAGE SIX 02/19
--WHICH married actor is ready to call out a hit on the young blonde who's been blabbing about their fling? After he heard his pretty plaything violated his code of silence about their adulterous affair, he told her through an intermediary that they shouldn't see each other anymore . . James Gandolfini; Chuck Norris

--WHICH red-blooded men's-magazine editor personally "road-tested" a female writer he hired to pen a column about sex tips?

1. Groupie Gone Wild
While a certain actor was dating a beautiful actress, he received a provocative fan letter that included a saucy picture. He agreed to meet the letter's author at a popular Los Angeles hotel, and the gorgeous groupie proceeded to get drunk and jump in bed with the actor. While they were getting busy, she started screaming about how excited she was to be sleeping with the star, and security came up to see what the ruckus was all about. It didn't take long for the news to leak out around the hotel....and the info quickly made it back to his girlfriend.
Julia Roberts and Ben Bratt; Mark Wahlberg and Jordana Brewster

2. Naughty Name Dropper
A sexy celeb began to bed his actress girlfriend's best friend -- and even told her the pet name his girlfriend had given his penis. That pillow talk got him in trouble. The other woman supposedly "slipped up" and mentioned the nickname of the star's member to his girlfriend, who figured out what was going on and dumped him.

3. Double Trouble
While a hottie actor was shacking up with his model girlfriend, he started having an affair with his then costar. He told the actress that he couldn't break things off with his girlfriend because she was suicidal (which wasn't true). In the meantime, he was lying to his runway babe by saying that his costar was a drug addict and he was only hanging out with her to help her stay sober long enough to finish the movie.
Leonardo Di Caprio, Cameron Diaz and Giselle

4. Two-Timing, Tinseltown Style
A leading man was reportedly sleeping with his much younger costar while he was seriously involved with another actress. He told his playmate that things were over with him and his girlfriend -- and he made no attempt to hide on-set canoodling from the cast. So imagine everyone's suprise -- especially the younger costar's -- when the actor brought his long-time love to the set and introduced her as his girlfriend.

Richard Gere and Winona Ryder/girlfriend Carey Lowell

37. Filth2Go...02/25
Could it be that there's a little trouble deep in the heart of a certain sitcom? There have been sparks flying between that young married couple - but not the good kinda sparks. She's sick of being sick and of the attention that he's been attracting (he is the pretty one, after all). He's about as dim as his character and doesn't realize that his big cheerleader has been telling anyone who'll listen that her onscreen hubby is a bit light in the loafers (which would make him about seven feet tall - but I like 'em big and stupid). This would explain the other stories that I've been getting about our young lothario - let's just say that I think he'd enjoy the area behind my Palm Springs hotel room!
Sitcom: "Reba"
Female part of young married couple: Joanna Garcia
Male part of young married couple: Steve Howey

38. STAR 02/26 #1
This award-winning actor is a regular at one of the hippest restaurants in Hollywood. It's not the food he's crazy about -- it's one of the male waiters. The first time he laid eyes on the hottie he left a $400 tip, along with his phone number. No response. Now the famous actor is there several nights a week fortifying himself with saki to get up the nerve to flirt with the serving stud. Recently he laid it on the line -- he offered the guy thousands of dollars for a rendezvous. The waiter STILL won't give our movie star the time of day.
Kevin Spacey

39. STAR 02/26 #2
The grand poobah of one of the moment's most successful sitcoms is known to stack his shows with extras who happen to be LA strippers. It's not that the usual extras are unwilling or unable, or no good. It's just that the dude gets some extra-special service from the exotic dancers that he wouldn't otherwise get from the regular actors!
Kelsey Grammer; Drew Carey; Bernie Mac; Steven Bochco

40. GLOBE 02/26
You'd never guess by looking at him, but this "happily married" macho, big-screen star is a private cross-dresser. He recently paid an exotic dancer $3000 to come to his hotel room, strip and watch while HE slipped on her skimpy outfit and paraded in front of her! The kinky fella wasn't finished, though.  He also wanted sex with her...but not until she put on HIS clothes!
Jean-Claude Van Damme; Sylvester Stallone


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