November and December 2001

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1. MOVIELINE 11/01
Insiders are wondering if this offbeat new actress will survive long enough to live up to her hype. It seems the frisky young party doll is already putting people off by showing up for the job interviews and for work in various states of disorientation that can only be described as fully out of it. In true dysfunctional Hollywood fashion, everyone's keeping things quiet, maybe because the wild filly's parents are such big deals in town. Can that explain why, on a recent shopping binge in SoHo, a boutique owner agreed to hold his tongue when the babe passed out cold while trying on jewlery, nearly smashing her face on a glass-top counter? Kate Hudson

2. MOVIELINE 11/01
Looks like the best-laid plans of that movie queen blew right up in her gorgeous face. In an effort to change her reputation as a witch on movie sets, she did everything buy buy flowers for the entire cast and crew on her new flick. The crew seemed pleased but the superstar's costars still gave her the cold shoulder. Bummed, she came up with an idea she thought would surely win over her most famous costar, and the most popular guy on the set. One night she slipped into the hunk's trailer, stripped down to nothing and got in his bed, waiting for him to return so she could offer herself up like a prize. Imagine the legendary seductress's shock and humiliation when the guy politely but firmly told her thanks, but, unlike many of her former costars, he just wasn't into her.

3. NY POST/PAGE SIX...11/05
--WHICH married star of a Broadway show is said to be having an affair with the beauty he kisses and hugs on stage? We didn't believe it until they were spotted canoodling in the romantic garden at Luxia on West 48th Street . . . Steve Blanchard who plays the Beast in Beauty and the Beast

--WHICH New York politico is better groomed than her supporters ever dreamed. The fearless femme makes regular visits to a downtown spa to get the "Mohawk" style bikini wax.

4. Filth2Go...11/05
Could it be that a certain model/actor has a secret hanging in his closet? Right next to the suits from his sugar daddy at that authoritarian designer. Marriage hasn't kept him from bending over backwards (and forwards) to keep those designer duds coming in, but lately he's been less and less discreet. Although our boy is making a steady living these days as a working actor, he still has an eye for fashion (well, at least one eye). He'd better watch out for his wife - she may be used to intrigue, but if she realizes that he' s just on the edge of innocence, his marriage will be over in a heartbeat. Remember - still waters run deep. James Marsden. Played Cyclops in X-Men ("one eye"), starred in the 1997 TV movie "On the Edge of Innocence," and appeared in the 1996 TV movie "Gone in a Heartbeat." The designer, Hugo Boss

5. STAR 11/06....#1
This successful actor often dines out conspicuously ALONE at a family restaurant on LA's west side. His "girlfriend" is nowhere in sight. Our guy turns on the charm to chat up the young, blonde surfer-type male waiters and busboys and asks them personal questions like: "Are you still in high school?" or "How old are you?" and even "Do you have a girlfriend?" If they give the right answers, they might get an invitation to a special night out. At the very least, they get huge tips. Kevin Spacey

6. STAR 11/06 #2
This young multimillionaire athlete known to the world as a wholesome, girls-will-mess-up-my-game type of dude has some pretty sinful pleasures once he retreats into the privacy of his home. I'm told by a satellite-television business snitch that the young 'un's TV bills are reaching $600 a month.  What's he watching? What else? Pay-per-view porn, and a whole lot of it. That kind of money will buy you nearly two flicks a day! Tiger Woods

7. GLOBE 11/06...
This big-screen star and family man is leading a double life. While his stunning wife is off on location, he dates hunky muscle men -- the bigger, the better! The missus has no idea and brags to pals she has the happiest marriage in showbiz. John Travolta and Kelly Preston

8. NY POST/PAGE SIX...11/12
--WHICH faded teen queen is so cheap she actually charges employees - past and present - for copies of her new CD? Talk about the new austerity . . .Deborah Gibson; Tiffany

--WHICH famous foodie enjoys eating so much, she recently had her pants refitted with elastic waistbands? Martha Stewart

9. Filth2Go...11/12
Could it be that a certain Broadway leading man brought his boyfriend to the Emmys? While he misses his roots (and it looks as if his date hasn't seen his roots in years), the talented thesp was basking in the glory of his Emmy nomination, all the while promoting his new television venture. And how convenient that his co-star and he have hit it off so famously! Must have been during the summer, when things get so wet and hot. We must confess that the boy toy certainly looks as if he has the torso (to say nothing of the dick) to keep daddy happy. Victor Garber (Supporting Actor, Miniseries or Movie, Nominee for "Life with Judy Garland"); currently "Alias" which also features Bradley Cooper, who according to is in the 2001 film "Wet Hot American Summer"; also starred in "Annie" as Daddy Warbucks, as well as in "Torso: The Evelyn Dick Story" (2001)

10. STAR 11/13...#1
Despite government warnings not to take antibiotics unnecessarily, this pop diva is insisting that everyone associated with her start on Cipro immediately. She's very nervous because she receives tons of fan mail and packages from unknown fans and fears there may have been some exposure. She really flipped when a packet of white powder was found in the mail, but it turned out to be a sample of a bath product from a reputable cosmetic company. Even though she and her staff are in no danger, she's convinced they were all somehow infected. Mariah Carey

11. STAR 11/13 #2
This soap opera star has been angering his colleagues on the set of his long running show with his views on terrorism. Seems that the daytime television stalwart tells everyone who'll listen that the United States caused the 9-11 catastrophe by siding with Israel. His statements might be better received if the guy wasn't German! Eric Braeden of Y&R, born Hans Gudegast in Kiel, Germany

12. GLOBE 11/13
This celebrity couple is having major marital problems. Mr TV star has been spending long hours away from home and his gorgeous wife suspects he has a mistress. She'd be shocked to know that he's cruising the seedy side of LA and picking up transvestites in his spare time. She recently hired a private detective to follow him. Now his friends are worried his career will be over if his "secret" is leaked out.
 John Stamos/Rebecca Romijn-Stamos

13. Filth2Go....11/19
#1. Could it be that one of our very own has sired a child? So say reports that place him at the scene of impregnation of that oft-sudsy actress. The news of him becoming an unwed father hasn't stopped the lanky one from reverting to his bag of tricks in the gay sex department. He may be a nice guy, but he rarely sleeps alone, if you catch my drift. In fact, I hear that you can still catch him hiring the occasional hooker/porn star. I guess that it's not such a leap of faith to consider him bisexual, since we hear that he still likes the beaver. For the record, I think that his former costar was better off with her last boyfriend - the one who likes to show off.

Brian Austin Green and Vanessa Marcil (last boyfriend: Tyler Christopher)

#2. Could it be that an oh-so-popular father-son team hasn't let a little thing like death stop their relationship? That's the word from my pals on location, who find it odd that the recently deceased actor has hung around (quite well hung, thank you very much). Producers had hoped that a professional setback would send this personal assignation to the waste bin. No such luck. It just means that Dad has all the more time to devote to his boy - roles they have costumes for, if anyone's interested. James Van der Beek and John Wesley Shipp of "Dawson's Creek"

14. STAR 11/20 #1
When this Hollywood heavyweight bought the house next door, he said it was to enlarge his property, but it was really to keep a certain rapper who was interested in the property from moving in next to him. The star was afraid that late-night parties and loud rap music would keep him awake. Now the house is on the market again and this fussy celeb is personally looking for someone he'd like to have as a neighbor. He's calling up pals and asking: "Would you like to live next door to me?" Arnold Schwarzenegger; Sylvester Stallone

15. STAR 11/20 #2
This Oscar winning tough guy isn't as good in bed as everyone thinks, considering the number of starlets he has bedded. One of these ex-galpals, also a well-known actress, says he was so consumed with himself in the sack that he made for a terrible sex partner. Just how enthralled with his own beefy self was he? Enough to shout his own name, over and over again, while in the throes of passion. Russell Crowe

16. GLOBE 11/20
This big screen funnyman has a habit of visiting a chic BevHills jewelry store and borrowing expensive watches and cuff links for movie premieres, then "forgetting" to return them. His agent has ponied up the cash a couple of times and smoothed things over for the star, but he still owes the shop more than $70,000. Don't be surprised if a lawsuit is filed if he doesn't pay up soon.

17. NY POST 11/22
#1 - WHICH prominent socialite, who should be polishing her image by volunteering in hospitals or soup kitchens, was at a party last Saturday on East 65th Street in a tank top, miniskirt and boots, in a state of high spirits? Witnesses say there was plenty of booze and cocaine on the premises . . .Lizzie Grubman

#2 - WHICH just-married actress is already making fun of her famous husband's family? We hear the belittling bride has dubbed her tubby sister-in-law "Gilbert Grape" after the fat lady in the 1993 Johnny Depp/Leonardo DiCaprio flick . Alexandra Wentworth/George Stephanopoulos

#3 - WHICH hell-on-wheels actress just bowed out of a $12 million role? The lovely leading lady told producers she couldn't take the time off because her new marriage is in trouble. Halle Berry

18. NY POST 11/24
#1 - WHICH British actress is getting a horrible reputation with directors and co-stars? If her penchant for setside squabbling doesn't doom her career, her hot-headed husband's antics just might . Kate Beckinsale

#2 - WHICH low-ranked tennis player was forced to choose between his live-in girlfriend and his career? His rich father said he'd stop underwriting the ace's sporting life unless he kicked her out, so he did. Jan Michael Gambil

#3 - WHICH real estate mogul recently decreed that tenants in his building can't join him in the elevator if they have their dogs with them? Donald Trump

#4 - WHICH TV anchor likes to be snug in his pants? The newsman is said to wear tiny red briefs.

19. WILD CARD BLIND ITEM by Podkayne Fries
Which TV action hero is chauffered to his highly rated syndicated show on the little bus? He's charming, he's handsome, but he's not the brightest star in the sky. Now that his name appear twice in his show's credits, he's helped to get the showrunner fired in the middle of the season. The reason why the showrunner was fired? Our Hero didn't understand the plot arcs and thought they were too cerebral and complex. He's of the opinion that people prefer stand-alone episodes that don't require any real thought, and the studio agreed. Kevin Sorbo's 'Andromeda'

20. STAR 11/27 #1
This respected actor isn't so respectable in his private life. He pretends to be heterosexual, but recently the guy was banned from a posh Hollywood day spa because he was caught misbehaving too many times. When he made passes at the good-looking MEN he paid to give him rubdowns, his antics started rubbing the other customers the wrong way. Kevin Spacey; John Travolta

21. STAR 11/27 #2
This big-deal hip-hopper whose marriage and career have taken a nose-dive with each one of his drug and alcohol-related scandals had a chance to hook his professional life on CPR lately -- and miserably failed. Our guy was offered a big role in an upcoming movie, which should air on Fox network early next year. But when he showed up for the audition, he was so bombed he could barely stand up. Bobby Brown

22. GLOBE 11/27
This celebrity couple just can't seem to keep hired help. They've been through nearly a dozen maids and several nannies in the past few years. The problem? Mr. Movie Star likes to walk around the house naked and shocked one of their newest employees by asking her to join him and his gorgeous wife in a menage a trois. The gal immediately quit, but their sexy habits are the talk of the town. Warren Beatty/Annette Benning

I can't name names now, but which blond country music cutie is secretly taking male hormones to prepare herself for a sex-change operation? Shelby Lynne; Mindy McCready

24. NY POST/PAGE SIX...11/30
--WHICH Hollywood studio honcho is about to be outed? The buttoned-down fortysomething exec - who has a wife and child and was thought to be straight - is now seeing a young Cuban lawyer. The two double-dinner-dated with another gay couple, and there were whispers the exec was coming out of the proverbial closet. But it's not so. He's being "outed" against his will . . . John Goldwyn

--WHICH two American authors - one a National Book Award winner from New York, the other a terrorism expert from the Midwest - have independently developed increasingly thick Brit accents?


25. MOVIELINE/DECEMBER 2001 **#1**
This fortyish, scowly, married actor perplexed the hell out of the high-end crew that designed and installed his fab new swimming pool. Even the expensive team members, accustomed to having to cater to the peculiarities of the rich and famous, were baffled as to why the Oscar fave obsessively insisted on forming an identation of a specific shape and size at the deep end of the pool. He'll never tell why he was willing to spend thousands of dollars extra to get the pool exactly to his finicky specification, but Murg will. You see, he wanted to immortialize his festish; a dimple on the buttock of his 19-year-old lover. Ain't love grand? Sean Penn

26. MOVIELINE/DECEMBER 2001 **#2**
Tongues are wagging around town about this delightfully off-beat darling who starred in some of the most famous movies of the '60s and '70s. As fabulous-looking as she is talented, the lady was also always known for her, um, erratic behavior. Though she hasn't made a movie in eons, she wants to write a tell-all. She was dumbfounded, however, when book publishers didn't leap at the chance of snapping up the rights to her autobiography, a sample of which already runs way over 400 pages, yet only covers a handful of her most famous films. Carrie Fisher

27. Filth2Go 12/03
Could it be that one of the men mentioned in this very column (just a thought--when he says this, does he actually mean *this week's* column? This is what we assume but perhaps this is a trick? Anyway, back to the blind item...) has been a bit less than discreet when it comes to satiating his sexual appetite? So say our sources, who tell us that when our cover boy needs to let off some steam, he heads to one of Hollywood's more popular steam rooms - the one at the Hollywood Spa. The Spa is better known for its private dressing rooms, where people tend to undress very quickly. I'm told that our boy has a penchant for keeping his room open - and he's disappointed if there are fewer than three others involved.
Tom Cruise produced "The Others" and on the cover of the new issue of Vanity Fair.

28. STAR 12/04 #1
This actor gained considerable fame playing nice, dependable, family orientated guys. That's why cops were so surprised when they answered a domestic disturbance call at his house. They found that the "kindhearted" actor had beaten up his wife, and she was spitting mad. The police hauled him off to the station to cool off, where he turned on the charm and swayed the law enforcers into hushing up the whole incident and letting him go. Tim Allen

29. STAR 12/04 #2
This pop-music queen may not be as innocent as she claims. There's a NYC nightclub deejay who's telling his friends he showed the young lady some of the ways of the world that are usually not discussed in public -- when he worked her 16th birthday party not too long ago. And he swears he wasn't her first! Mandy Moore

30. GLOBE 12/04/
This heartthrob actor, who's in his 30s, has confessed to pals that he hasn't been able to get sexually aroused for a couple of years -- and it's driving him crazy. He's even tried Viagra, but it didn't help. Docs have told him his steady drug habit is the reason and, sadly, there's nothing they can do for him.  Matthew Perry; Robert Downey Jr.

I can't name names, but which matronly soap star who dotes on her TV daughter while on the cameras are rolling is a Mommie Dearest witch to her real-life son?

32. NY POST/PAGE SIX 12/07
WHICH billionaire has cut off his flighty daughter without a cent? When the mogul learned her eccentric behavior was brought on by a year-long ecstasy binge, he was determined not to finance any more hijinks. Friends say he's so incensed he's even changed his will. Donald Trump/Ivanka; John Kluge/Samantha

33. NY POST/PAGE SIX...12/09
WHICH actor-turned-director is having an affair with a tempting brunette actress? Both are said to be happily married, but friends know otherwise. Sean Penn/Courteney Cox

34. Filth2Go...12/10
Could it be that a certain porn pup has been leaving his lovers with a little something extra to remember him by? Yeah - parasites (also a gift that keeps on giving)! Not long after the seasonal boy toy left our fair city, these critters made their hardcore presence known in no fewer than three notable local lovelies. When these guys started talking, they realized that the only thing they had in common was a wild ride with this insatiable bottom. Well, that and a prescription for a potent antibiotic. As I've learned recently, when you play with fire, you've gotta be prepared to get burned (and, in this case, the burning is in some most uncomfortable places).

Bo Summers; Brett Winters

35. STAR 12/11 #1
This host of a popular TV show seems to be all man, but he does have his quirks. He scans the internet for transsexual sex partners! The guy is fascinated by she-men and when he comes across a potential partner, he foolishly e-mails x-rated photos of his own delectable self. He's rearely turned down. He has two requests: No kissing and partners must wear sexy open-toed high-heel sandals on their ample feet! Too bad one of his "gal" pals e-mailed his nude photos to a friend, who recognized the guy. Now his pix are spreading like wildfire on the internet!
Jeff Probst; Joe Rogan; Carson Daly; Danny Bonnaducci; Maury Povich

36. STAR 12/11 #2
Give this boy a hand....He's the leading member of a prominent family of movie actors, and was once married to a sultry film noir dame. Now that he's unhitched, however, this hothead is a weekly visitor of a members-only massage parlor located smack in the core of the Big Apple. The relaxing stuff includes back rubdowns, and some frontal action as well. And since he's such a generous guy, he'll bring some of his friends, too. His treat!
Alec Baldwin

37. GLOBE 12/11
This heartthrob recently instructed his limo driver to take him and a bunch of his buddies to a strip club where Mr. TV star obviously forgot he's married to a stunning beauty. He not only treated himself to two steamy lap dances, but disappeared into a back room with one of the lovelies. His pals finally had to drag him out of the place before he made his way home.
John Stamos

38. NY POST/PAGE SIX...12/11
--WHICH top actress seduced her co-star in Las Vegas by slipping him her room key while he was gambling in the casino? "Come up in a half hour," she purred. "Make that 15 minutes," he grinned . . .
Julia Roberts/George Clooney

--WHICH hot-blooded heiress was curious to find out what "making out with a woman felt like," so she and a lesbian locked themselves in a bathroom at Ago in L.A. for an hour? The heiress later said the experience was "fun," but decided to stick with her bohunk boyfriend. Samantha Kluge

39. Filth2Go....12/18
#1 - Could it be that a certain soap stud has stopped shaving and is sporting a beard? Much to the network's relief, our bleached-blond boy has announced his engagement to his co-star. How convenient! Sources tell me that the limber linebacker panicked when he heard that his contract on the daily sudser could be jeopardized without some high-profile female companionship to combat the increasing rumors regarding his true preference. Enter that sexy and sporty gal, who certainly can can-can. She's happy to do anything to further her own career - although no one thinks that a ceremony will actually happen. Nicole (Arianne Zuker) and Brady (Kyle Lowder) are engaged as of Nov 20th.

#2 - Could it be that the small screen set was a wee bit too small for mother and son? So say our sources close to the diva in training, who apparently thinks that he is mighty hot stuff. During shooting of the pilot of this much-talked-about show, he repeatedly clashed with his onscreen mom and issued an ultimatum - either she went, or she'd (er.he'd) quit. The brass acquiesced (something tells me that the boy toy may have had his shirt off at the time - leverage, you know). The show was retooled with an actress who has sentimental ties to the material. She's also had plenty of experience dealing with hotties who are up-and-coming (to say nothing of those on their way down)! Tom Welling of 'Smallville'

40. STAR 12/18 #1
This good-looking actor moved out of his condo in a hurry and left behind some fascinating souvenirs for the new tenants. While remodeling and painting, the new occupants found bottles of illegal steroids taped high in the back of cabinets. Another day they discovered a crack pipe and prescription painkillers hidden behind the refrigerator and foil packets of crack under the carpet! And this actor has the nerve to brag that he's still on the wagon!

41. STAR 12/18 #2
This hugely popular rock star was just released from the ultra-posh, ultra-efficient Passages rehab center in Malibu, CA, after successfully completing a 6 day detox program. I'm told he was addicted to the powerful painkillers Vicodin and Percocet -- to the tune of 25 tablets a day. The $3.8 million Passages is fast becoming a favorite dry-out place for celebs, some of whom now say that the average $37,500 a month fee is well worth it!

42. GLOBE 12/18
You'd never know by looking at him, but this big-screen hunk, who's in his early 20's, is a real druggie. When he shot a recent movie, he had to do take after take because his words weren't coming out properly. Turns out he was on Ecstasy almost every other day. Pals are worried that if he doesn't get help soon, he'll ruin his career. But he just won't listen.
Heath Ledger

43. NY POST/PAGE SIX....12/19
--WHICH top stars are missing presents from under their trees this year, without their knowledge? One junior flack at a top p.r. firm was bragging how unsolicted big-ticket gifts from companies like Sony have a habit of not making it to their intended recipients . . .

--WHICH famous Major League pitcher didn't give his wife a very nice Christmas present? He left her to live with a stripper.

--WHICH legendary hunk left the V.I.P. topless club with a beautiful dark-haired creature - not a dancer - who took him home to Sutton Place, where the surprised doorman recognized the stud? He'd have been surprised himself if he'd see the "lady" before her sexual surgery. Marcus Schenkenberg

44. Filth2Go...12/24
Could it be that one of our favorite television and film stars has got his fluctuating weight problem under control? It doesn’t hurt when you travel with a hunky “personal trainer”, if you catch my drift. This, of course, isn’t the first time that he’s dropped the pounds. One prolific porn personality has first-hand knowledge of his avoirdupois. Or maybe he doesn’t – the story has changed so many times over the years. Then there was that infamous steam-room incident only months ago. Perhaps the formerly perfect stud was looking for a fitness expert and, in a twist of fate, had a face-off with someone who tattled to the tabloids. However, his current “companion” is a real, certified trainer. My sources tell me that production costs for all of the star’s projects include the salary for the “personal trainer” along with travel expenses. Funny, no one mentioned putting him up as an expense. I’m guessing that if the trainer puts out, he’s put up. John Travolta

45. STAR 12/25 #1
This beautiful flame haired TV actress was caught backstage at a charity event in Hollywood giving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to another woman -- only problem is both gals were breathing rather heavily at the time! Wow, that was one passionate kiss the supposedly straight star delivered. The ladies thought they were hidden from view by a door -- but it had swung open, exposing them. When the star saw she'd been spotted, she bolted from the place red-faced. Gillian Anderson

46. STAR 12/25 #2
This comic, who plays a straight-as-an-arrow dad on a popular sitcom, is wracked with the constant fear that his fans will find out he's gay. "I have no interest in flinging the closet door wide-open," the funnyman tells one of Confidential's LA spies. "I play a family man with a baby on TV, so why would I burst the audience's bubble? I'm not interested in being like Ellen DeGeneres!" Anthony Clark

47. GLOBE 12/25
This popular screen star looks healthy and works out regularly, but the truth is, he's a closet bulimic. After any big meal, he runs to the bathroom and vomits. Few of his freinds know about his weighty problem, but those who do are urging him to get help.

48. NY POST/PAGE SIX....12/31
--WHICH popular Broadway-bound actress-comic is rubbing fellow sobriety-seekers at her East Side AA meetings the wrong way? She brings her breakfast and paperwork along with her so as not to waste time . . .

--WHICH A-list young actress has a penchant for hard-core pornography? A porn industry-connected friend of her famous ex-boyfriend used to send her X-rated videos at her request . . .

--WHICH celebrity couples no longer hang out together? The wife of a famous film director is a "borrower" who stole dresses, causing a rift between the once-tight friends.


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