January and February 2001

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1. Filth2Go...01/01
Could it be that a certain buff, follicly-impaired actor (but, shh, don't tell anyone) has yet another little secret? Oh, sure, rumors about the action man have circulated for a while - that is, until he married that upwardly mobile bit player. While hubby and wife appear to be happy (although she won't become a mummy anytime soon), friends of the couple tell me that it's more of a threesome with the wife's cute brother as an integral part of the package. Let's just say that this sibling sweetened the pot, thus allowing our hero to project the image of family man, while playing house with his real love interest. Why would the in-laws stand for this? I'm told there are two reasons: the wife likes being married to a highly paid actor, and her entire family is basically trash. Brendan Fraser

2. STAR 01/02..
This cute TV actor almost has it all -- a hit show, budding movie career and a bevy of beautiful Hollywood dates. But his perfect life is marred because he thinks he was short-changed in the sexual equipment department! He's planning to boost his manhood with an operation as soon as he gets a few weeks vacation from the set.  Matthew Perry; Topher Grace and Ashton Kutcher, "That '70s Show"

3. GLOBE 01/02...
This hot female singer/songwriter, who comes across as "straight," is actually into beautiful young women. When she goes on tour or visits clubs, she has her assistant introduce her to sexy fans, then invites them back to her dressing room, where she has a bottle of expensive champagne waiting. After they've shared a few sips of bubbly, she makes her move. She hasn't come out of the closet yet, but her pals are trying to talk her "out" before someone spills the beans. Sheryl Crow; Jewel; Toni Braxton; Shania Twain; Stevie Nicks; Scary Spice

4. NATIONAL ENQUIRER/Online...01/03
This popular vocalist has silver-screen dreams but Tinseltown has only paid them lip service until recently. What's changed? The songster is wooing powerful Hollywood types through the art of flirtation. Word is that the songster's lover is furious with this behavior, but keeps mum because their ambitions are intertwined. Usher; Ricky Martin; Shania Twain

5. NY POST/PAGE SIX...01/08
--WHICH top lingerie model is mulling a sexual harassment suit against the CEO of a major New York photo studio? When she shot some nudes there with a top photogapher last year, the old lech wouldn't leave the room, and stood ogling her naked body despite her repeated protests . . . Heidi Klum; Stephanie Seymour

--WHICH wealthy bachelor entertainer amazes all the doormen and porters in his fancy condo building even more than his audiences? The cheapskate hasn't given them a tip in five years . . . David Copperfield

--WHICH over-the-hill leading man, who paints his toenails, got drunk at a party in L.A., fell asleep, and then proceeded to start caressing himself in front of the half-dozen other horrified guests in the room? Nick Nolte; Mel Gibson

6. Filth2Go...01/08
Could it be that the star of an upcoming blockbuster has a little secret? Make that a BIG secret, and it's spreading like wildfire. During production, wardrobe caught him trying on another cast member's costume. Nothing wrong with that - except that the cast member was female and the costume was lingerie! OK, that's a pretty good secret, but is it a BIG secret? I'm told that it's quite sizeable when you're looking at it through fishnet panties! And, by the way, my sources tell me that this habit is something that the former TV star indulges in both on and off the set, which works out well, since his partners are of both sexes. Tom Hanks; Johnny Depp; Billy Bob Thornton; George Clooney; Chris Noth; Tim Allen; David Duchovny; Leonardo DiCaprio; Tobey Maguire

7. STAR 01/09
She's young, adorable, and a hugh success! This teen is busy making big money and now she has a cute boyfriend to share her life with. But her starry-eyed romance isn't likely to blossom into marriage. Love is blind and her friends say it's obvious to everyone but her that the swishy guy she loves is gay. In fact, he's well known in the gay community because he used to frequent the bars and pickup joints. Nobody wants to break the news to her. Next time he tells her, "You go, girl!" pals hopes she'll listen. Christina Aguilera and backup dancer boyfriend

Confirmation story

8. GLOBE 01/09
This hot, young Hollywood couple isn't as happy as they appear to be in public - at least the guy isn't quite as thrilled as the gal. He's telling pals he's sick of his girlfriend's selfish behavior and divalike ways and hates the fact that she blows off a lot of her fans. While he happily poses for photographs and signs autographs, she usually gives fans the cold shoulder. He knows he may be making a mistake by staying with her, but can't bring himself to break it off. Friends wonder if he'll ever wake up and realize she's not going to change. Only time will tell.
Freddie Prinze Jr./Sarah Michelle Gellar; Julia Roberts/Bejanmin Bratt

Wedding bells are predicted for this actor and his squeeze, but he's long had the hots for a big-screen actress. He recently slipped the actress a "one last fling" invitation in a Christmas card, but she hasn't responded. Perhaps he should have kept in better touch with her before sending the card -- she was off on a honeymoon with her new husband when the card arrived.

Actor: Pierce Brosnan; Matt LeBlanc
Actress: Catherine Zeta Jones; Kate Hudson

10. 'POPSTITCH......01/10
--Which famous female TV presenter took an even more famous Brit-in-Hollywood actor and treated him to a full weekend of vicious dominatrix sex - featuring chains, medical equipment, and even a hospital quality surgical operating table?
Anne Robinson and Jude Law

--Which teen star's Dad deals coke? Ashley Cotton

--Which Ferrari, recently purchased by a celebrity, is having its black leather interior changed for a paler colour - apparently the black showed up embarrassing little bits of white. Billie Piper's car, bought by Chris Evans

--Which teen pop idol is currently being punished by his management/record company by always being stuck at the back in photo shoots and interviews, because he insists on actively exploring his bisexuality. (Although, as he explained to the PR man he was performing oral sex on in the toilet, he "doesn't use those labels himself".)

11. NY POST/PAGE SIX....01/11
--WHICH fashion editor who was gone for the holidays, and then had "the flu," actually was staying away from the office to recover from a facelift? Spies whisper the beauty has a pouffier new hairdo to hide the scars . . . Kate Betts

--WHICH billionaire tycoon who loves beautiful women is no longer allowed to see one of his equally wealthy friends? The friend's wife blames the tycoon for introducing her husband to a sexy supermodel - an introduction which blossomed into an affair . . .
Billionaire tycoon: Bill Gates
Wealthy friend: Paul Allen

--WHICH fiftyish writer recently had her brother's baby - sort of? Since the would-be mom was no longer ovulating, the infant was produced in vitro from a donated egg. But, so that the child would carry her genes, the egg was impregnated with her brother's sperm.  Wendy Wasserstein

12. Filth2Go..01/15
Could it be that one of our very own pop stars has swapped one addiction for another? So say sources close to the indiscreet one, who tell me that while the singer is no longer a sexaholic, he's now hooked on painkillers! It started out as a simple prescription for a back problem, but once the former bad boy saw the excess weight dropping off, he decided to stay on the pills - and now he's hooked! Honey, get help - you've got a monkey on your back! George Michael

13 STAR 01/16...
This award winning actress is eager to break away from her TV roots and become a full fledged movie star, but her hard core drug addiction is getting in her way. She was thrilled when she landed a role in a sure-fire blockbuster movie, but her joy was short lived when the film's producer walked into her trailer unannounced and caught her snorting and smoking cocaine! She was quickly canned from that movie and her pals fear that she'll even be fired from her popular TV show unless she gets clean.
Kristen Johnston

14. GLOBE 01/16
This hot, yung actor loves red nail polish - on HIS toes. He splurges on pedicures several times a month, but the manicurist doesn't do the actual polishing - HE does. Before each appointment he removes the polish, not realizing that red is hard to hide. When asked why his nails are always stained, he first said it was for a movie role, but a year later he finally 'fessed up about his fetish, explaining that it makes him 'feel good.

15. NATIONAL ENQUIRER....Online 01/16|
This multi-media star was in the dark after her career tanked and she lost her latest Svengali. She sought salvation through a popular self-improvement guru, dropping a hefty six figures over the next year to chant silly mantras at chic BevHills seminars. Too embarrassed to tell famous friends that she was scammed, she's chirped that she's found new meaning in her life. Some followed her lead and dropped a lot of coin into the program and are wondering what she sees in it, and what they've seen in her. Demi Moore; Alanis Morisette; Kathie Lee Gifford

16. NY POST/PAGE SIX...01/22
WHICH high-ranking record exec is said to have such a severe cocaine problem that he's turning violent? At a recent meeting, he became so enraged at a female staffer who asked him a question that he pulled her ponytail and slammed her head on the desk while, shouting, "You are not to speak when I speak! You are to take notes!" Guy Oseary

17. Filth2Go...01/22
Could it be that one of our favorite sitcom stars is being just a bit indiscreet? Oh, sure, the show's pretty secure, even if his film career isn't. And sure, he's feeling better about his newly buffed body and the attention it's getting him with the ladies. But it's the attention of the men that he's looking for - and I mean LOTS of men. Although he had a female date with him, that didn't stop the foolish boy from some appalling behavior at a recent network function. A hot young male reporter was so disarmed by a blatant pass from the actor that it took him six days to pick up the pieces. Honey, there's a thin line between being friends and being too friendly.
David Schwimmer stars/appears in 'Friends', 'Picking up the Pieces', 'Six Days & Seven Nights', and 'The Thin Pink Line'.

18. STAR 01/23
It's been a very rough year for this aging Hollywood heartthrob, both personally and professionally. His personal life is in tatters and his movie career isn't what it used to be. He's extremely depressed and to get through these tough times is relying on high-priced call girls to cheer him up. He's hiring up to three girls a night and at $500 an hour is spending a fortune in the process. The working girls are thrilled because most of the nights he's way too depressed to perform -- and all he ends up doing is talking to them about his problems. Harrison Ford; Dennis Quaid; Kevin Costner; Sylvester Stallone; Arnold Schwarzenegger; Burt Reynolds; Alec Baldwin; Bruce Willis

19. GLOBE 01/23
This hunky star is gaining a reputation for his special Friday nights with the guys. Every week, he gathers the male co-stars and crew members from the set of his hit TV show and invites them back to his place to watch porno movies -- including one of himself and his ex-wife going at it on their wedding night!
David Boreanaz; Charlie Sheen; Don Johnson

20. Filth2Go..01/29
#1 - Could it be that a certain actor's return to his familiar character was more difficult than anticipated? Oh, he thought that it was a breeze, but then again, he was unconscious most of the time. Talk to the director and make-up person, and it's another story entirely. They tell a tale of a scarily unhealthy-looking lead actor who swears that he has acting in his bones. Intimates tell me it isn't any dreaded physical illness but, rather, the same old culprit - drugs, booze, and plenty of sex (with plenty of pretty boys). As usual when under the influence, he cannot deliver the big one - he can barely deliver a small one! He'd better have an angel on his shoulder, or he'll be history - fast! Keanu Reeves; Michael T. Weiss

#2 - Could it be that a certain actor from a failed series (mark two) has decided to stick around this time? My sources tell me that bilingual actor (who isn't cunilingual) figured that staying in Hollywood during pilot season wasn't such a bad idea - particularly West Hollywood, where so many pilots like to play during layovers. How odd for him, since he usually flees for foreign shores - and the stage (he's such a theatre queen). For new television ideas, he has only one prerequisite - please try to stay away from Peter (the name, not the organ). John Barrowman

21. STAR 01/30 .....
This entertainer can't stop bragging about her heavily publicized battle with substance abuse. Every lurid detail and brush with the law has been examined and discussed in detail. Our gal likes to set herself up as a shining example of self-control and abstinence, and an inspiration to others with abuse problems. But appearances are deceiving. That Evian bottle in her hand is actually filled with vodka. We hear she polishes off at least a bottle a day. Brett Butler; Mackenzie Phillips; Natalie Cole

22. GLOBE 01/30 ...
This gay guy comes from Hollywood royalty -- both parents are famous and talented. His family has learned to accept his sexuality, but they'd never approve of his foolish and risky behavior. He visits a West Hollywood supermarket popular with gays several times a week and cruises the aisles looking for quickies. He scores almost every time, using the store's rest room for his sexual adventures. Jason Gould (son of Barbra Streisand and Elliot Gould)

Folks around town can't stop talking about this sexy actor's hot new bod. The star's been telling friends he's been pumping up and dieting for months in preparation for his new big movie, which he hopes will put him back on Hollywood's A-list. When he's not telling everyone, including his ex-girlfriend, with whom he's chummy, or his current girlfriend, who he's never without at premieres, or parties, is that he's been motivated by his hunky personal trainer, who, one hears, does a lot more than spot the actor. In fact, they've been going at it so often one wonders how much longer they can keep their love affair a secret. Cool things down, dudes,and we don't mean by hitting the showers. Mickey Rourke; Matthew McConaughey; Ben Affleck

Some say it's only a matter of time before an actress blows the whistle on this middle-aged moviemaker. When casting his last project, the silver-tongued, not unattractive manipulator went so fast from flirtation to outrageous passes to outright lewd behavior it left a couple of performers' heads spinning. The guy's tendency to unzip and demand all sorts of hanky-panky has become so talked about around town that many hot young performers are refusing to work on his movies because they're afraid they'll be branded as desperate and easy. Oliver Stone

A strapping young stud was ambling down Sunset near Tower Records one recent Saturday when he noticed a car creeping along next to him. The guy turned to look and noticed that a disheveled dude was staring and smiling out at him.

The walkin' man suddenly recognized the auto's owner as a gifted celeb who recently got some primo media attention. The driver, whose look can be anywhere from sleek to scruffy, was grubby on this day. It appeared he hadn't shaved in days, and his jeans and tee were dirty and grimy.

The pedestrian approached the car for a chat, and the famous fella asked him to hop in. You all know where this is going, doncha? For the clueless, think hanky-spanky.

Alas, the two couldn't come up with a locale for the liaison. The celeb proposed the car, but the wanderer said he preferred more solitude, less public peeping. Unable to come to a resolution, the traveler hopped out of the car and sent the star speeding on his way.

Quickie nixie, as it were. And don't burn too much rubber tryin' to figure this one out--happens all the time with this celeb (i.e., you'll get another chance, I promise). Keanu Reeves †see below

CLUE #1...02/08
From steph: Regarding your latest blind item, is the "devilishly delish" dude in question a recent Lifetime Achievement Award winner?

--Why don't I just tell you his name already? That's getting a little too specific, honey. But I'd say you're as cold as my heart is soon to be.

CLUE #2...02/22
Remember the dynamic driving dude who, just a couple of weeks ago, graced this column with his pickup practices? Well, he has done it again. (Told ya he would.)

On a very recent Saturday morn, a tall, hump-worthy hottie was departing a store in Hollywood that has a primarily gay clientele. Suddenly, the looker noticed a black sports car slowing down and the sleek vehicle's slick navigator staring him up and down in an oh-so-slinky way.

The perambulator, who happens to be straight, shooed the driver to motor on. Then, as the auto crept by, not only did the fellow notice how attractive his suitor was, but he recognized that famously fab face.

See? When I tell you things, listen to me. I know stuff. (Raunch repeats itself.)

26. NY POST/PAGE SIX...02/05
--WHICH studly boy-band member hooked up with a hunky publicist at the party William Morris threw at the Synergy Spa at Sundance? After several drinks, the pop star and his pal went into one of the rooms and had a quickie while his bodyguard watched the door - denying entry to the person staying there. Since then, the singer has been calling the guy trying to arrange other trysts, to no avail . . . Justin Timberlake

--WHICH "Saturday Night Live" star got so tipsy with a TV chef at the 2A bar that they crossed Avenue A and urinated on a car while other patrons watched them through the window? . . .

--WHICH billionaire is hotly denying he was so upset over a crack about his height in a magazine, he asked a private detective to find some dirt on the writer of the piece? Ron Perelman

27. Filth2Go...02/05
#1 - Could it be that one of our Super Bowl singers was jeered for his weight gain? The plump one took it in stride, saying, "Who cares? I'm gonna get even fatter. I'm a millionaire and a teen heart throb." Atta girl! Nick Carter

#2 - Could it be that a member of a rival boy band has declared the Backstreet Boys "finished"? Yes, he's been telling anyone who will listen that the boys are no longer the new flavor and that their disappointing record sales only prove that they're on the way out. Honey, watch your back - an even newer flavor is right around the corner! Lance Bass; Chris Kirkpatrick

28. STAR 02/06.....
This award-winning actor's best performances may not be onscreen. They might be in the bedroom in the company of hookers! He's very much a man, but our guy likes to pretend he's a little boy playing with toy trucks and wearing underwear decorated with cartoon characters. He hires working girls to be his "nanny" and pays them well to be part of his fantasy. He's not interested in actual sex - he only wants to be punished and spanked for being such a "naughty boy." Maybe that's why his pretty wife recently walked out on him. Nicolas Cage; Charles Shaughnessy; Alec Baldwin; Harrison Ford

29. GLOBE 02/06.....
This happily married actress has struck up a "friendship" with a very pretty young lady. She recently took her pal to an exclusive BevHills shop after hours and splurged on some beautiful - and expensive - new clothes, lingerie and jewelry for her. She even escorted the gal into the fitting room for her own private fashion show and spent almost an hour with her, giggling and laughing behind closed doors. Afterward, the star paid for the merchandise - several thousand dollars worth - with the credit card she shares with her unsuspecting hubby!
Rita Wilson; Kate Capshaw

30. NY POST/PAGE SIX...02/06
--WHICH leading man was stoned when he embarrassed himself recently on a talk show? The handsome actor smoked pot in the green room before he went out and told a disgusting story involving farm animals . . . Matthew McConaughey on The Daily Show telling goat story

--WHICH politically connected lawyer was a long way from his home near D.C. when he tried to hail a taxi outside an apartment house near the George Washington Bridge? The married man might have been visiting a girlfriend . . .

--WHICH staffer on a conservative newspaper's editorial page - who regularly attacked Bill Clinton's immorality - has an enemy? Anonymous letters are being sent alleging the editor, married with children, has been trysting with a divorcee.

31. NY POST/LIZ SMITH....02/09
"The Talented Mr. Ripley" is how the aggrieved and abandoned partner of a recent celeb breakup ruefully - but with some humor - describes the one who did the abandoning. Just as this person utterly discarded a past life at the beginning of the relationship, that person is now completely immersed in another existence, a new lover and a new set of pals. Well, for some people it's all or nothing, black and white. No grays at all. Anne Heche

32. Filth2Go...02/12
#1 - Could it be that a certain gay media mogul has found love again? He sure has, but this time, it's not some young trophy boy but, rather, a porn star with more miles on him than a set of exploding Firestones! The moneyman (with several BILLION to his name) became enamored with the hunk after seeing him on his hog (a motorcycle - not an actual hog). He then found that documentary profiling the slick stud and engineered a liaison - his personal best to date. Thus far, they have been together for six months. Of course, when they learn about the mutual cheating, it could be curtains. You see, they both have other boys on the side. Share and share alike.
David Geffen

#2 - Could it be that one of the people mentioned in this very column lost a partner to a porn star? Not just any star - a MEGA star. And not just any mega star, an exclusive mega star. I'm told that after the couple met this beautiful yet quiet man (we Boston boys are all alike), the mate dumped his older love, and a chase ensued. The new duo is now happily involved - that is, if you don't count the times they find extracurricular lovers on the web. (go to the website and read the column for the list of who is mentioned in the column) www.filth2go.com

33. STAR 02/13....
This young Hollywood heartthrob is the evny of guys everywhere. He's successful, handsome, and dates the most gorgeous girls in the universe. Women fall all over him, but none of the relationships seem to last. It's not because he's fickle. Actually, the girls are disappointed in his lovemaking skills. Their romps are over within minutes and they're left unsatisfied.  Patient girls hang in there hoping he'll improve with guidance, but nothing seems to help. Ben Affleck

34. GLOBE 02/13..
This sexy blonde superstar got turned on watching her ex-boyfriend and another female star getting it on at a party. She joined in the action and found she really likes ladies. Pals say her new beau would be devastated if he knew about her little 'secret.'

Superstar: Charlize Theron
Ex-boyfriend: Stephen Jenkins Third Eye Blind

35. NY POST/PAGE SIX...02/13
--WHICH aging movie queen lost her personal assistant after blowing her last dollars trying to make a movie version of the stage play in which she starred? She calls up fashion designers these days and asks to "borrow" dresses for events and says the courier - if she's not at home - can simply toss the frock over her fence. When one designer balked at leaving a $20,000 gown on her lawn, she said, "Don't be silly. They're all doing it." . . . Faye Dunaway and the play was Master Class

--WHICH funnyman - who co-writes hysterical TV shows and movies - threw a party at his Left Coast home that won't soon be forgotten? He greeted guests in a kimono proferring a dish full of Ecstasy tablets . . .

--WHICH luscious model is denying the rumor that she recently learned the man she thought was her father - isn't? Her actual dad is said to be a prominent '70s-era rocker. Elizabeth Jagger/real father Bryan Ferry

There's this charming gal who has never been one to suck up to Hollywood, even though this town's been more than good to her. Definitely had her party-gal moments. Certainly her share of male counterparts. Could probably stand to appear in a hit, but who couldn't?

On a recent night, the doll swung into a rollicking concert, having a blasting good time.

Only instead of a dude attached to her arm, there was a raucous young lady in a cowboy hat attached to her tonsils.

(A cowboy hat? So Madonna's Music video. I'm a little surprised the famous femme was enticed, as she's usually much more fashion savvy than to be attracted to lame trends like that.)

As I often say, nothing shocks me, but I'd be almost surprised if this became a permanent switch for the petite sweetie. Then again, as I also frequently ask, what do I know? Sandra Bullock; Shannen Doherty; Winona Ryder; Alyssa Milano

Clue #2 02/24:
From newt78: The cowboy-hat-wearing actress who's switching teams...is it Winona Ryder? Shannen Doherty?
--Darling, you know that's against the rules. It goes like this: I hint, you guess--either well or badly. But lately I must say that people have been astute. Hint 2008: Take off your makeup, and guess again.

37. Filth2Go...02/19
Could it be that a certain humpy, somewhat follicly-impaired sitcom star has a teensy-weensy substance abuse problem? If nothing else, he certainly has a record on American Airlines due to his latest bad behavior. On February 13th, the floundering actor collapsed at a gate in Los Angeles Airport (a cancelled series or two will do that to ya). After being revived (he claimed that he was just a bit dizzy), the single guy was brought onto the flight leaving for Nashville. After locating the ticket, a member of the crew directed him to his seat in the first row of first class. Then the actor sat on the floor and explained that he would be fine, although clearly that was not the case. Seeing that this would only get worse, the captain held the flight and tried to coax him off of the plane, to no avail. However, once he was informed that a police escort was en route, he cooperated and left, weaving all the way. Nothing like the word "cops" to sober you up - fast!

When I give you that kind of an exclusive scoop with so many details (it was American flight #1974, by the way), then we've definitely come to the end of yet another column. Jeremy Piven

38.  STAR...02/20
This fairly new Hollywood couple has been making a public spectacle of smooching all over town. Their outrageous behavior makes one wonder if there are illicit substances involved. Recently, they got really raunchy at a party and she thrust her hands down his pants while engaged in a sizzling public makeout session. Eyes really popped when the blonde female star of a hot TV series couldn't resist joining in, giving BOTH male and female deep lingering kisses. Not long after, the lusty threesome left the bash together.
Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton; Anne Heche and her boyfriend/Portia DeRossi

39. GLOBE ....2/20
This hot-to-trot actress, who's married to another famous star, was at an LA religious ceremony when she met a handsome, well-known and talented musician. She cooed softly in his ear: "Let's go back to my hotel room, get high and follow our animal instincts." When the guitarist turned her down flat, she stood up, feigned anger and shouted: "I'm a married woman and you know who my husband is. I would NEVER sleep with you." Miss Understood then stormed out of the building and raced off in her Mercedes.
Actress: Nicole Kidman

40. NY POST/LIZ SMITH...02/20
Speaking of famous couples, one of showbiz's most flamboyant is heading for, well, God knows what. The pair's heroin habit is now so extreme that they are shooting up in newly acquired -- and hidden from the public -- tattoos to disguise the track marks. Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie

41. TED CASABLANCA...02/22
Which celebrity diva is determined to combat the aging process in order to bridle her younger stallion? Insiders from the wrinkled-rider's camp tell quite a cross-country tale:

According to chatty chaps, the age-defying diva recently flew in a special doc for a complete treatment, with all the medical man's expenses paid by the dame. The skin specialist even brought along his prized pulsator, a laser that costs more per hour than a full day at the posh and pricey Burke Williams spa.

After working on this celeb's saddlebags, the devoted doc retired to his (paid-for) upscale suite at a nearby hotel. Why the stellar treatment for the prodder? So he keeps his yap shut and his saddle straight, of course.

The laser-lovin' lady planned the treatment wisely, for when her man was on a weekend excursion. No need for the rising stud to know what happens when he strays from the stable. But know this: The wrangler plans to look good at all costs.  Madonna/Guy Ritchie †see below

42. NY POST/PAGE SIX...02/26
--WHICH sultry country songbird secretly has sapphic sensibilities? The hard-drinking hayseed isn't "out" yet, but pals know that she vastly prefers the company of women to men . . . Shelby Lynne

--WHICH drug-addled diva has checked herself into rehab - again? Her reps insist she's traveling abroad . . . Whitney Houston

--WHICH pious conservative politico had a long-standing fling with one of his female staffers? Gary Bauer

43. Filth2Go...02/26
Could it be that a certain legal eagle and a former talk show host have been seen swing dancing? Not only have they tripped the light fantastic once, but I hear that this has turned into a weekly event. Nothing terribly scandalous about that - except for both the flat foot and the person who got the boot are wearing high heels. Yes, these two ladies have been spending quite a bit of time together, causing all sorts of whispers here on the West Coast. Of course, neither gal is a stranger to lesbian rumors, and both love to have the last word. But they have something else in common - one has been called a media whore. The other - simply a whore.
Legal eagle: Gloria Allred
Former talk show host: Cybill Shepard

44. STAR ....02/27  
This very heterosexual macho leading man slept his way to the top in Hollywood -- with BOTH sexes! The womanizer is deep in the closet, but every once in a while he runs into one of his influential ex-boyfriends. That's what happened at the Sundance Film Festival recently. Our hero felt two eyes staring at him at a party and turned around to find one of his also-closeted leading male lovers who felt he was being snubbed. Patrick Swayze

45. GLOBE ....02/27
Fans of this TV dad and real-life family man would be shocked by his dirty little secret. He loves a certain stripper who works at a Las Vegas club so much that he pays her to send him her used undies and unmentionables in a shoe box every week.
Ray Romano

From jzwright: Blind Vices: Keanu Reeves (Sunset Strip prowler), Madonna (cosmetic surgery), Shania (looking for her ex) and Janet (eating disorder).Close? Warm? Cold?

--My faucet is mum.