May and June 2000

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She's young, beautiful and talented, but isn't this actress also gaining a rep for being a big heap of trouble? That's the rumor going around on the set of her new movie. The doll has raised so many ridiculous demands (like asking that her friends, who stop by several times a day, be given their own trailers) and is causing such turmoil with costars (by, for instance, never running through lines with them and showing up hours late) that they tried to get her fired from the film. They couldn't, but the director and producers so disliked the star that a lot of her role may end up on teh cutting-room floor.

We swear we're going to scream bloody murder if we hear one more time what a dog that sexy movie hunk is for constantly two-timing his adoring, beautiful movie-star wife. The stone-cold fact is that she may have a carefully calculated gracious image, but in reality she's notorious for bedding any number of her leading men and directors, not to mention an amazing assortment of cameramen, grips and other macho crew types. Is the horny husband wise to what she's up to? Sure. Is the sexy wife wise to his ways? No doubt.In fact, those who know them both say there's no way they'd still be together if they hadn't come to an understanding long ago.And no, it's not that superstar couple that lives in Aspen.

3. STAR MAGAZINE....05/09
This closeted gay actor has had a fake girlfriend for years. He pretends to be devoted to her, but in reality, they're only buddies. At first she enjoyed the flashbulbs, parties and fancy award shows. But the actor's romantic declarations have started to embarrass her. People she works with are teasing her and her real-life fiance is complaining. She wants to end her double life, but the actor is VERY possessive. Keving Spacey

4. GLOBE.....05/09
This supermodel and her hunky Hollywood hubby are all lovey-dovey in public, but behind closed doors they fight like cats and dogs. They've even been known to throw things at each other and have huge screamfests at home. They haven't been married that long and pals are wondering if they'll try to keep up appearances and stay together...or throw in the towel. John Stamos and Rebecca Romjin, Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber

5. Filth2Go.....05/01
Could it be that a gal took the phrase "I laughed so hard, I peed" literally? Well, I don't know if she was laughing, but she was certainly glaad at a private party. So much so that rather than wait in line at the ladies' room, she went directly to the men's room. Seeing no free stalls, the princess of plastic surgery relieved herself at a urinal! Thank God the host of this celebratory party didn't see her - she'd be up a creek without a paddle! Once your show's been cancelled, why bother with appearances?

6. MOVIELINE/JUNE...... #1
Groovy talent has been flocking to one of the town's hotter projects, so it seemed like a cinch that one of the hottest roles in it would be snagged by that major star, even if his last few films had been duds. All systems looked go for the notoriously self-conscious, difficult actor to join the production, but then he learned that the director was planning to shoot the movie in a hard-edged, no-frills style. It was bad enough that the spoiled star wouldn't be granted his usual perks, but when he learned that his fans would see him for the first time shot without filters, sympathetic lighting, tons of makeup and strategically placed hair additons, he bailed. Wonder how he'll feel if his replacement lands an Oscars nomination for his work, which is entirely possible.

This sweet young thing has driven many a lovestruck boyfriend to frustration because it was impossible to please her in the sack. So imagine how cathartic it was for several of her baffled and broken-hearted exes to swap sad tales about the woman over drinks at a West Hollywood hot spot. What they discovered was that the doll is so helplessly addicted to pleasuring herself, the lads had no chance of making her happy in bed, anyhow.

8. MICHAEL MUSTO...... 05/09
1. What Oscar winner is a compulsive transsexual chaser, just like one of his mook-turned-actor best friends?

2. What teen idol's wife should probably be told he's that way, and was openly running after other boys as recently as '97?

3. What enduring female comic is dating an eightysomething guy with an artificial leg?

4. What actor with an artificial dick—well, you know, it's enhanced by an implanted penile pump—is also sexually abetted by the frequent placing of hands and dildos up his rear?

5. What Oscar-winning superstar wears turtlenecks because her neck is all grizzled and she's terrified to get that risky surgery done, even though she's had similar work performed just about everywhere else?

6. What pop diva runs offstage between numbers at arena gigs to take a deep breath—of crack?

7. What older, tantrum-throwing musical icon was told by one of her hairdressers, "Do not give me your shit, because you need me and I don't need you"? (She actually behaved after that—so that's what it takes to calm this creature down.) What same fabulous witch slashed the per diem of her touring band from 25 whole dollars down to 20 as a cost-cutting gesture, while racking up astronomical expenses in her presidential suite?

8. What country star seems to have forgotten about his fake wife and is now just living the normal life with the boyfriend?

9. What heartthrob was itching to come out when he played that gay character, but was talked out of it by business demons and has vehemently stayed in ever since?

10. What starlet said of her group cover shoot for a major magazine, "The photographer liked us in our underwear—that got her hot"?

11. What British lady from an extremely famous family is supposedly a lesbian with a 20-year-old American girlfriend? What DJ is on so many Prozacs, Zolofts, ups, downs, and in-betweens that people around him are starting to wonder if he'll remain standing? (Maybe they should take some Prozacs, Zolofts, etc.)

12.What singer was so anxious to play the Brooklyn waitress in the upcoming Shaft movie that, after having done a poor audition, she made a home video of her performance and sent it to the director via one of her goons? (Alas, she got the shaft because the envelope with the video had no information written on it and just lay there languishing, though the powers-that-be finally did take notice when she called them, screaming, "Why the fuck haven't you called about my tape?" She still didn't get the part.)

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Lake Tahoe is so thrilling. So naturally beautiful. So peaceful and reparative to the swanky skiers who frequent the resort.

But there's one celebrity couple (mentioned often in these mischievous missives of mine) who are going to have more than their share of bones to repair if they keep hitting the slopes with those stashes of high-quality Mary Jane.

"Please don't tell anybody," begged the pretty female half of this twosome, when a ski instructor saw her loopy loot.

Guess what? He did. What a naughty boy!

(Of course, he's not the only one.)

10. STAR MAGAZINE....05/23
When this cute actress split with her equally famous but womanizing husband, he spread rumors that she was a lesbian. He cleaimed that she had a fling with another woman while they were married and that's what drove him to two-time her. She denied it and, because of his history of cheating, nobody believed the husband. Now that she's collected a settlement, the actress is living it up with girlfriends. She tried to re-ignite the lesbian romance that destroyed her marriage, but the other woman won't return unless the actress comes out of the closet!

11. GLOBE.....05/23
This wholesome Hollywood beauty with a girl-next-door image is so obsessed with full lips that she's constantly getting collagen injections. And while she tells everyone within earshot that she'd never have cosmetic surgery, the Tinseltown phony's had a nose job and cheek implants!

12. NY POST/PAGE SIX...05/15
WHICH bride was introduced to her new husband by a fitness instructor who first bragged to the future groom that he was giving the young woman much-needed instruction in oral pleasuring ...

WHICH newly promoted fashion exec got her job the old-fashioned way? She was seen smooching with her boss at the Milan shows - a mere month before she skyrocketed out of obscurity to head a department.

13. Filth2Go....05/15
Could it be that a former nighttime soap stud has hit bad times? After his show went off the air, the dark-haired, soft-spoken actor got some daytime work, a couple of made-for-TV movies, and some foreign gigs. Then, the unexpected happened - a reunion of his nighttime drama with someone else playing his part. Quelle horreur! Word has it that the actor is in some dire financial straights and on the brink of losing his house. One friend suggested that he might want to finally come out of the closet (isn't he married to some old woman?) to possibly generate some attention to his, career. So far, he hasn't taken the bait.

14. STAR MAGAZINE....05/30
She's been a superstar for decades, but this timeless beauty has always had a reputation for odd behavior. She feels she deserves to be treated like a princess and heaven help the person who doesn't cooperate. She's earned a lot of money, but doesn't part with it easily.

Lately her increasingly eccentric actions -- and bloated appearance -- have everyone wondering what's up. Maybe this explains the mystery: Last time she appeared at a big event, this lady polished off an entire bottle of tequila before walking onstage.

15. GLOBE..... 05/30
This lovable TV funnyman is returning to the tube in a new series but insists he won't take a physical, even though the tv bosses are insisting he have one. He told them, "Hey man, I drink a lot and I still do a little cocaine, but that's my business. So if you want me, you gotta take me -- warts and all!" The execs finally caved.

16. Filth2Go....05/22/
Could it be that a certain pop star of the 80's is looking for some renewed attention in a new way? Rather than rely on her marginal vocal abilities (a stalled domestic solo career has sent her back to her old group more than Liz Taylor to Betty Ford), the heavenly singer plans to reveal her 40-something-year-old body in all its breast-lifted glory. She's telling her pals (including members of her reunited band) that the spread - so to speak - will appear in Playboy sometime in the fall or winter. Although I'm mad about her, I'm also a little afraid. Belinda Carlisle

17. STAR MAGAZINE....... 06/06
This actor's career is blossoming and he recently co-starred with an extremely well-known actress who just adores him. The gal pal is worried sick because the clever and charming actor is so addicted to cocaine that he's starting to look thin and drawn. She's begging him to go into rehab before his life and career are destroyed. The actress even offered to pay for it. But the guy doesn't believe he has a problem, and friends predict he'll have to hit bottom before he realizes she was right.

18. GLOBE ......06/06
This hot to trot movie bigshot was so smitten with a flight attendant he met on a recent chartered trip that he put the moves on her right then and there -- and they had sex in the plane's tiny lavatory! This would come as shocking news to his steady galpal since he's telling everybody within earshot he's anxious to marry her.

19. Filth2Go....05/29
For this week's blind item, I turn the column over to Ronaldo, a faithful fan of this column who wrote the following:

Could it be that a certain star of a touring musical is dabbling outside of her marriage - and that said dabbling is happening with a chorister of the same sex? It isn't so shocking - after all, she worked with a lesbian for years on TV. And, according to whispers, this isn't her first dalliance of the Sapphic kind. Some people say that her friendship with a film superstar is more than just a friendship. Oh, if those walls could talk. Joley Fisher, Lea Thompson, Marilu Henner

20. NY POST/PAGE SIX...06/02
WHICH Oscar-nominated actress has been thrown out of Spa twice in one week? The first time she couldn't wait on the line to the toilets, and slunk under the table to micturate on the floor. A few nights later, she was very indiscreetly smoking pot. Friends are concerned ...

21. Filth2Go.....06/05
Could it be that a certain closeted comedian with not one but two failed sitcoms to his credit is hoping that three is his lucky number? The brass at a certain network that put him on the fall schedule sure hope so, but eye say that they shouldn't expect much. I can't imagine anyone will be stupid enough to think he's straight. Then again, with his track record (and soft-spoken arrogance), maybe he's convinced himself. You see, the goober actually believes he's a success. When seen recently at a Los Angeles comedy club, he had returned to his habit of sitting in the back of the room and taking notes while other comics performed. When asked why he wasn't on stage, the gentility left his demeanor and he snarled, "I don't need to 'cause I'm already a millionaire!" How common (and I'm from Boston).

22. From Anita Talbert's gossip column at
YOU WILL BE HEARING ABOUT A HUGE LAW SUIT very soon involving a major sports figure's wife and an attempted rape of her at a Los Angeles Hotel. Seems she was in the room and a masseur thought she was a hooker and attacked and attempted to rape her. This sports figure is so big that there is going to be fireworks if this case goes public. According to inside sources everyone in their camp is very bent-out-of-shape over this thing.

23. NY POST/PAGE SIX...06/09
WHICH married NBA coach is having his fill with the daughter of his team's owner? ...

WHICH bar owner got wild with a young blond starlet and a top leading man one night afterhours, forgetting that his security cameras were still on? This video footage is worth major bucks ...

WHICH sexy television actress is having an affair with her co-star? The married woman's husband either doesn't mind or doesn't know ...

WHICH obese producer has chronic halitosis and a reputation for abusing assistants? He chewed out one young man so badly on the way home from a 28-hour shift, the assistant moved to England.

24. Filth2Go....06/12
Could it be that one of TV's hottest stars has a secret? That's the buzz from insiders on the set of his powerful one-hour drama who have seen the heartthrob show up for work on more than one occasion looking like he had partied a bit too hearty the night before. Each time, he's eschewed the studio limo and been driven in by the guy who, my sources say, was riding him the night before. Although the relative newcomer (to television, anyway) is a real operator, you might know enough about his private life to say, "But, Billy - he's married." So?

Las Vegas is such a sweet, innocent town. Remind me to take my nephews (who still think Jim Carrey is the best actor in Hollywood) for a weekend there real soon.

After all, a famous action star recently had the most wholesome time at a Vegas strip club sans the missus (which must be why he went to a private room for one of those spectacularly gracious dance performances by a buxom, thong-clad beauty).

Well, that lady gyrated for four hours, and the movie star, she reports, was up the whole time, if you catch my penile-implant drift.

Her reward? An $1,800 tip and a kiss.

How darling of him, don't you think? Didn't even try to make a move on the gal with the moves. (That gorgeous young wife of his must be all he needs.)

26. STAR MAGAZINE...06/27
She's made a fortune as a member of one of the hottest pop groups in the music biz, but her perfect marriage fizzled. She doesn't want to part with her millions, so she's hired a detective to dig up dirt on her hubby. She was flabbergasted when the private eye found evidence that before she met her cute husband, he was involved in a gay romance with a drag queen! If her hubby decides NOT to go after her fortune, she won't yank him out of the closet.

Which West Coast soap stud squared off against his East Coast counterpart in a battle over who's got more fans? The actors, who had never met before, blew up at a recent event where things got so heated the arrogant he-men had to be pulled apart!

28. STAR MAGAZINE...06/20
He's starring on TV as a lovable bad guy, but in real life, he's not as lovable as he used to be. The reason: Cocaine abuse. Now that he's making money, he's worked his way up to a $300-a-day habit, and his TV bosses aren't happy. They've urged him to get help before his drug habit gets any worse, but he insists he doesn't have a problem. Producers are threatening to fire him unless he gets off the powder.

Which veteran East Coast leading man is driving his co-workers to distraction with his arrogant whining? The oldster's constantly complaining that he doesn't get as much screen time as the younger actors--then he expects those same co-stars to be upset when he hints he might quit! Instead, they're doing all they can to encourage him to go.

30. Filth2Go...06/19
Could it be that the danger of being outed has, again, reared its head in the life of a certain singer? You may recall that last year, I reported that one of the crossover artist's exes was peddling some damaging photos (many of which I've seen) and other materials linking the two. At the time of my report, I stated that none of the tabloids would pay the price the spurned lover demanded. Now comes word that New York nightclub promoter Robert Shalom has some materials documenting his yearlong affair with a pop star and is trying to sell them to the tabloids (and he's reportedly looking for something in the six-figure range). He states that the affair was five years ago and that at the time of the breakup, the balladeer asked that Shalom wait for five years before going public. "He wanted to wait to come out until he was as big as Elton John." Five years ago? Hmm - who's a major pop star, was perhaps living in New York City five years ago, and perhaps starring on Broadway? Ricky Martin

31. TED CASABLANCA......06/22
All right, so there's this married movie star in town making a flick at one of the big studios. Drives an English car that's as flashy as his figure--and I don't mean his hefty paycheck.

Said celeb is cruising (this being the operative word, my little operators) around the lot in these wheels of excess, when he catches a hot male number with whom he imagines having some success. Only the rich matinee idol imagines wrong. The parambulating dude turns down the more famous dude faster than you can say, 'Pass the lube, please.'

(He's had many other salacious successes, my darlings, so don't even think about having an ounce of pity for him--not one, mind you, not one.)

32. Filth2Go....06/26
Could it be that a certain soap actor is gay? Or maybe he's just pretending to be gay. That's the question that fans were left with after the heartthrob's recent personal appearance at the Andover Grill just north of Boston (Billy's hometown). According to my sources, the very "fey" surfer was engaging and telling some amusing anecdotes about living in Hollywood. The soapster alluded to his sexuality when he told the crowd that he and a couple of friends from his West Coast-based soap hang out in West Hollywood and pretend to be gay. And now that he's told the story, if you ever see him in a gay bar, you won't know if he's gay or just acting. Let me give you a tip - he ain't that good an actor! General Hospital star Ingo Rademacher