March  and April 2000

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Mutiny-minded cast members of that TV ensemble comedy are about ready to throttle one of their young costars who grabs lots of attention of his scene-stealing bits on the show. It seems that the highly neurotic guy is driving coworkers to distraction by racing to the mirror wondering aloud whether he should have more plastic surgery and hair transplant work done. What's worse is the time he spends cursing and wishing ill toward other young comics he feels have gotten luckier in landing good roles in feature movies. What most of his fellow cast members want to tell him is that he's lucky to be working. David Spade, Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc

It's all very well for tongues to wag about whether Angelina Jolie and Tara Reid are as wild and sexy in their private, off-screen lives as they can be on-screen. If you ask us, those two are positively angelic in comparison to the pretty, feisty young thing with a pristine, totally fabricated image in mainstreem and smaller-scale movies. You'd need a very long scorecard to tally up her conquests of directors, producers, costars, agents, writers, photographers and cameramen - anyone she thought she could use to climb higher on the Hollywood totem pole. Her medical record suggests she has already undergone breast augmentation, lipo, a nose job and that she gobbles more antidepressants than you can imagine. Meanwhile, in interviews she's a crap-sprouting hypocrite who constantly talks of how hard work, faith and a great family have helped her along the road to fame. She may be headed for a fast spinout. Ashley Judd, Winona, Courtney Cox Arquette, Catherine Zeta Jones, Reese Witherspoon

3. GLOBE......03/07
Pals are deeply worried about this beautiful big screen actress because she's become so dependent on sleeping pills. While shooting her latest movie, many of her morning scenes had to be re-shot in the afternoon because she was so out of it from her double and triple doses the night before. Angela Jolie, Jacqueline Bisset, Kate Jackson

4. STAR  MAGAZINE....03/07
He's one of the most powerful men in Hollywood and also one of the most twisted! This dictator spends his days abusing his hardworking staff and his nights getting abused himself. He's addicted to the underground world of S&M sex and the naughty boy loves to be punished. He likes to get down on all fours and pretend to be a dog -- he's forced to eat dog food and drink water from the toilet! This kinky guy wears a collar and leash and his high paid dominatrix even puts newspapers on the dungeon floor so he can relieve himself! Ron Howard, Aaron Spelling, David Geffen

5. NATIONAL EXAMINER.......03/07
I can't name names now, but can you guess which superhot TV actress has such an addiction to pot that during breaks on her smash sitcom, she bolts to her car to take a few hits? She desperately tries to cover up her habit by stocking up on breath mints and spraying herself with perfume. Well, I hate to pop your weed balloon, sweetie, but your co-stars all know! Jenna Elfman, Megan Mullaly, Courtney Cox Arquette, Jennifer Aniston

6. STAR MAGAZINE....03/14
This handsome actor recently filmed a movie on location, where the lovely local girls made themselves very available to their heart-throb. But one day, a grip walked behind the set and was shocked to see the actor passionately making out with a local teenage BOY! The crew guy was terrified that he'd be fired if the star saw him, so he ran away. The grip kept quiet and kept his job, but now he's back home and he's talking. Leonardo DiCaprio, Val Kilmer, George Clooney

7. GLOBE........03/14
This straightlaced Hollywood movie star is hooked on marijuana. He loves to smoke pot when he's filming his movies and makes sure one of his assistants keeps him supplied with a stash. Harrison Ford, Tom Cruise

I can't name names now, but can you guess which top movie actress shocked everyone at a recent Hollywood bash when she let her hair down, got drunk as a skunk and put major moves on a man she shared an elevator with? What made the incident even more mind-boggling was that the star is known to prefer gals over guys. Jodi Foster

9. Cindy Adams/NY DAILY NEWS...03/04
What movie star with a longtime husband she loves and child they adore has a marriage going poop? He discovered (uncovered?) a young twinkie.

What movie star is a major pain in the arse for this year's Oscar-cast producers? Pesters them repeatedly, wants first dibs on what's being offered, wants everything run by her. They're sorry they started with her. She's worth it, but almost not worth it.

10. NY POST/PAGE SIX...03/06
WHICH action star has a hard time not hitting on female crew members? While filming one of his flops, he told a make-up woman part of her "job" was to service him at lunch. She declined ... Jean Claude Van Damme, Stephen Seagal, Arnold S., Sylvester Stallone

11. Filth2Go....03/06
Could it be that one of television’s most-talked-about new stars has a secret that he’s trying to keep hidden? Behind his constant banter about a wife and kiddies lies a sordid party-boy past that my pals across the pond tell me is as loose as this guy’s hips. My sources say that one of his favorite dishes is a nice piece of chicken placed on top of the ham and braised for fifteen minutes (and his fifteen minutes better be over soon). Ainsley Harriot

12 NY POST/LIZ SMITH... 03/07
BLIND AS A BAT: What matinee idol actor was caught in a passionate liplock with another young actor on the rise, in an elevator of the Mondrian Hotel on Grammy night in Los Angeles? Well, of course I'm not telling. And I'm not gonna say, "I wish I could tell you," because I wouldn't -- it's these people's private business. (Young love is a wonderful thing.) That said, let me offer a bit of advice: if you want to keep it private, kids, don't do it in the street -- or in elevators -- and frighten the horses. Those nags talk, obviously.

13. NY POST/PAGE SIX...03/10
WHICH new money computer mogul is annoying fellow members of the Palm Beach Polo & Country Club? He plays loud music late at night at his new house on the club grounds for semi-celebs he imports from New York ...

WHICH network star had a hassle getting upgraded to a platinum AmEx card? Complications arose because he had handed out gold cards to more than one girlfriend.

14. STAR MAGAZINE...03/21
This Hollywood husband recently asked his wife to divorce him and she did. She's the big star and he didn't want to embarrass her because a big scandal is about to erupt. The husband had a long affair with a guy working for him and when they split, the guy blackmailed him. Recently the husband stopped paying and the boyfriend threatened to reveal the whole sordid story. The husband decided that if the guy talks, it will be less humiliating for his famous wife if a nasty story surfaces about her EX-husband (he does care about her).

15. GLOBE..... 03/21
Which middle-aged diva spackles on so much makeup that it takes six hours to apply? Her makeup artist often has to wash everything off and start from scratch because she's so obsessed with her looks and insists she see herself on camera before she approves the final look.

16. NATIONAL EXAMINER... 03/21/00
Can you guess which multiple Oscar-winning actor is the subject of a blockbuster new book that reveals he had a childhood from hell? The tell-all tome says this high-priced star has three different moms by the time he was 10 and so many stepbrothers and sisters that he was known as Number 8. Tom Hanks

17. NY POST/PAGE SIX...03/13
WHICH beautiful blond socialite had a plastic surgeon remove the crosses and other Christian symbols her mercurial young son, who is Jewish, tattooed all over himself? ...

WHICH aging fashion photographer has a bad habit? As soon as his sexual conquests leave the table, the old horndog spares no details about how he had his ways with the models...

WHICH star of a Broadway musical is carrying on valiantly despite the fact that her longtime lesbian lover has left her? She is depressed, but the show must go on ...

WHICH matinee idol had a five-hour tete-a-tete with a hot young stud in his bedroom on New Year's Eve while his wife was upstairs having sex with her trainer? ...

WHICH aging comic likes the young ladies? For several years now he has been inviting them back to his home while his wife is away, ostensibly to talk about their careers.

18. Filth2Go.....03/13
Could it be that a certain crossover pop star (already that’s a harder clue than I wanted to give you) has been frolicking with his same-sex beau on the beaches near his home (again – I would be more specific, but you people say that I make these blind items too easy)? So say onlookers, who tell me that the English singer was mighty chummy with his man, and it looked as though he could have kissed him forever. For the moment, while he’s trying to conquer the pop charts, he’s keeping his proclivities under wraps. Now, if only he’d undergo that cosmetic surgery that his dad’s been recommending.

19. NY POST/PAGE SIX...03/14
WHICH conservative editorialist is fighting for his professional life now that Democratic hit-man James Carville is investigating his personal life? The unmarried opinion-maker made the mistake of having an affair with a woman in her 20s who never mastered reproductive biology. First, she had an abortion. Then, she had a miscarriage. Finally, her mother, who also had an affair with our right-wing philosopher ages ago, tried to e-mail him with a complaint about his caddish behavior. When mom couldn't get through, she faxed her protest to his office, where an underling found it and distributed it. Now the pregnable young thing is getting calls from Carville and a Vanity Fair reporter, and she and her mom -- and the man who shared bodily fluids with them both -- just want the whole thing to go away. John Fund

20. Original Blind Item,,By Jamie ....03/14..#1
This is from a friend of mine who got it from an exec in the Disney business. I made the clues more obscure that originally, however, as this is my first BI and I want you all to work for it :

Guess who blew into town yesterday morning? If you guess a falling star singer-actress and her no longer king of the stage husband, you've got it. They were supposed to have gone to the Grand Floridian Hotel at WDW Saturday night to prepare for their cruise, but nooooo. They missed the plane from LA (there's a shock), so they figured they could just skip the details.

See, the thing about cruises is that they leave US territorial waters, so you have to have documents like passports and similar things. But these two thought they were above it. So Disney did them a favor, called them in LA to do the paperwork over the phone. Anyway, in they blew at 12:30 yesterday afternoon for a 1 p.m. sailing -- people usually get there in the early AM -- complete with au pair, two kids (one of whom was dressed like a mini-gangsta) and a full contingent of you guessed it, bodyguards.

"Um, sorry," said the Disnoids. "We can't allow guns on the ship (the guns belonging to said bodyguard posse)." "Too effin' bad," replied Mr. Former Star. "Tough," said Disney, so after much discussion, the guns didn't go.

But The Stars did; under false names, complete with false documents. So now the US Customs Service is furious. That's against the law, and the Disney people were called on the carpet bigtime for allowing it. Other celebrities take cruises all the time, they get no favors; why these two notorious trouble magnets? Because Mr. Star acted like a gangster jackass in his brief time at the terminal and terrified the harried staff.

Hmm. Customs made Disney put in a shore-to-ship call today, telling our stars that they won't let them use the kids (only one of whom is theirs) as a shield. Get the paperwork straight or face charges.

Otherwise, the Disney and Port Canaveral folks could be looking at a major storm, not on Sunday afternoon, but on Thursday when the ship returns, because guess who'll be at the dock to welcome the Star Couple? If you guessed ALL of the US Customs folks in this area, you guessed right.

21. Original Blind Item By Jamie ....03/14..#2
Okay, you guys are so good, try this one on for size. And this happened a couple of years ago, so it's not current:

One summer day the circus came to town and brought two stars of the freak show to Disney-MGM Studios. The Disnoids were elated to have such stellar company and said they'd do anything at all for them just to bask in the glow of their presence.

"Good," replied Tom Thumb, as the Bearded Lady nodded snottily. "We'll go to your theme park, Just make sure nobody looks at us or speaks to us." "Why certainly, Mister Thumb," replied the Disney man, and so the freaks went to the theme park, though not happily. After all, it is a little difficult to get 100,000 people not to look at you when you''re as famous as the Thumbs.

As it happened, the Thumbs were standing on the sidewalk, about to participate in a parade, when a young man on a Disney college work program came by, head bowed, to sweep the curb.

"Excuse me, excuse me," he said as he went along, in best, polite Disney fashion. But after brushing Thumb's shoe ever so lightly, he was much abashed. "Oh, I'm sorry, sir," he apologized, as if Tom Thumb were some sort of commander.

But Tom Thumb had a snit and went off to find Mr. Disney Exec. "I thought we had an agreement. He LOOKED at me! He SPOKE to me!" he thundered.

"Oh, yes, Mr. Thumb. We are so sorry. We will take care of the situation in a nick of time."

The young man in the college program was fired from his job and sent home immediately for having broken Disney procedure. Another kill for Tom Thumb. Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman

22. STAR MAGAZINE.... 03/28
This Hollywood legend is known for many things, but her cooking skill definitely isn't one of them. She's no domestic goddess, but her pals are always thrilled when she gets busy in the kitchen because she cooks with drugs! Cocaine, marijuana and hash are a few of the illegal ingredients in her cupboard. She spices up traditional recipes with hardcore drugs and her dinner guests get higher with each course. Among her favorites: cocaine cupcakes and her own version of hash brown potatoes.

23. NY POST/PAGE SIX...03/18
WHICH spicy songtress who's a new mom hung out for hours at a club downtown with a vertically-challenged man, and then spent the night with him at his suite in the Royalton? Her husband and new baby were nowhere around.

I can't name names now, but can you guess which '80s movie heartthrob has lost so much weight that his friends are fearing the worst? He never eats and spends most of his time drinking and drugging. He can't get cast as a leading man anymore because his dreamy looks are gone, so he settles for bit roles. And he's squandering the fortune he made when he was hot, hot, hot.

25. Filth2Go...03/20
(Note: most of the column is about his appearance at a gay pornography awards show in LA the same night as the Soap Opera Awards, and a number of the soap opera attendees were staying at the same hotel where the gay porn awards were held...)

Could it be that a certain soap star was spending just a bit too much time at the Gay VN Awards? So say onlookers who spied the multi-soap jumper peeking in during the rehearsals, cozying up to some of the models, and enjoying the attentions of a certain Best Actor nominee. When I saw him in the parking lot, he asked me if I was at the Gay VNs or the “boring soap ones”. Although the rooms in the Hilton are equipped with Bibles, I’m sure that he didn’t spend much time reading. When I leave you with a mighty puzzling blind item (and it’s not who you might immediately guess), it’s certainly time to end another column.

26. NY POST/PAGE SIX...03/21
WHICH teenage pop star isn't as gorgeous as she comes off? Spies say the sultry songbird needs over three hours for hair and make-up to look as hot as she does in photos ...

WHICH top model didn't get where she is on looks alone? The increasingly demanding mannequin launched herself by servicing the rakish head of her old agency ...

WHICH attractive MTV exec is sweating bullets because her bosses are about to grill her about the not-so-small fortune she spent on research? The money went to corporate entities which, it turns out, were all subsidiaries of the production company owned by her husband ...

27. NY POST/PAGE SIX..03/24
WHICH pair of sexy female rap stars have more in common than just music? Though they've fooled around together casually, what they really like to do is go out on the town prowling for willing same-sex partners...

WHICH rap mogul indulged himself with two of the hottest models in the business at the same time? Their steamy menage-a-trois is the talk of fashion industry insiders ...

WHICH two Brazilian models are said to be more than just good friends? They're not giving up on men, just enjoying some quality Sapphic moments together in their down time ...

WHICH louche female designer is in love with a supermodel? The bisexual mannequin, who's a former druggie, might acquiesce to the fashionista's desires if it weren't for the fact that she's now clean and her besotted pal isn't.

28. STAR MAGAZINE...04/04
This famous Hollywood mom came home from the set earlier than expected one day and got the shock of her life. Her young teen son was hosting a sex party! Two guys and a girl were stark naked, entwined and watching porn movies that had been smuggled out of his dad's house. The horrified mom called her ex and told him about the porn and the behavior, and the Hollywood dad shrugged it off. "He's young," he told her, "and his hormones are raging -- it's no big deal!"

29. Filth2Go.....03/27
SAYZ JOE - The reason I put the Supremes info in here first is so you know which ones AREN'T the answer to the blind item....

Could it be that one of the former Supremes has a secret? Not that I want to out anyone, but when this gal sings My World Is Empty Without You – her female partner likes to imagine that she’s singing it to her! This curvaceous singer didn’t even get a chance to answer for herself if she wanted to be part of the proposed tour. One of her close friends tells me, “Her bitch of a dyke partner told the producers she wasn’t interested.” Seems that the girlfriend was afraid that a return to the Supremes fold would hurt their long-standing relationship. So, the question remains – are these two gals lovebirds or is our supreme songbird oblivious to her partner’s crush? My sources say that they wouldn’t be surprised by either answer.

---Here's the info from earlier in the column:

Look for Diane Ross to be the center of attention at this year’s VH-1 Divas concert, which will be taped on April 8th at Madison Square Garden. At this concert, Diana may unveil her latest group – Diana Ross with The Supremes, as opposed to Diana Ross AND The Supremes, which is how the group has been listed for their gig at New York’s Apollo Theatre in June. It appears that the line-up of Diana, Scherrie Payne, and Lynda Lawrence is official – Bob Mackie has designed the dresses (the same dress in different colors - Diana in pink, Scherrie in blue, Lynda in green), publicity photos have been taken, rehearsals began this past week in Hollywood (Kenny Ortega choreographs), and the ladies are scheduled to tape an appearance on Oprah April 20th for airing during the May sweeps. As you all undoubtedly know, Diana was given $15 to $20 million dollars to split amongst the “talent” any way she saw fit. The final offer made to Ross’ former partners was $3 million for Mary Wilson and $1 million for Cindy Birdsong. The rest would go to Ross. With Wilson and Birdsong out of the picture, look for Payne and Lawrence to split the $4 million Wilson/Birdsong share the irony is that Payne and Lawrence wouldn’t be Supremes if Wilson hadn’t hired them in the 70s).

Does this mean that Wilson and Birdsong are completely out of the picture? Not quite. Truthfully, Birdsong was never really IN the picture. My sources tell me that Mary was negotiating on behalf of herself and Cindy. While Cindy was drinking Slim Fast by the gallon, Mary turned down the offer and went off to the UK for a concert series. Ross told insiders that there is still a place for Cindy if she wants it. Problem is that nobody’s told Cindy! And even if Wilson and Birdsong joined Ross, Scherrie would have still been part of the group. Payne was first contacted about helping with the vocal arrangements and singing backup for the group to help fill in the sound. By the way, ALL former Supremes had to submit an audition videotape to Miss Ross before they were even considered.

What’s the bottom line? Mary has considered reteaming with Birdsong and Ross replacement Jean Terrell and touring her own group of Supremes at the same time as the Ross tour. Ross has been thinking of not even calling this a Supremes tour but, rather, A Tribute to My Years with The Supremes. Lynda and Scherrie have contracts that not only allow each of them to have two solos, but also to get paid in full even if the tour is cancelled. Cindy’s still waiting by the phone. And the public is saying, “Who cares?”

---So this eliminates Ross, Wilson, Birdsong, Scherrie Payne and Lynda Lawrence. The only ones who recorded for Motown as Supremes and were *not* mentioned as being considered for the tour are Jean Terrell and Susaye Green. And since God only knows who Susaye Green is, my vote's with Terrell.

Hollywood's given us decades of entertaining May-December movie pairings - from James Stewart and Grace Kelly to Michael Douglas and Gwyneth Paltrow. What's even more entertaining though, are the off-screen hookups few people hear of. One recent pairing became too delicious to keep quiet, however, and now the whole town is talking about the attractive older male star and his supersexy female costar of that big-budget action flick. It seems that those long, secluded script meetings and discussions between the stars featured a lot more than talk about the project. To hear some tell it, the main attraction of each of those private sessions was the young lady's talent for giving her costar the world-class oral pleasure that he so enjoys. Now the doll is going crazy trying to keep the rumor from getting to the ears of her new, very serious lover, who would certainly not approve.

Eyebrows shot up when this handsome move star trotted his kids onto the set of that drama he shot last year. No sooner were the kids palmed off on assistants than their daddy was up to his old tricks in his smoky trailer packed with strippers hauled in to entertain him and select male members of the crew. That explains why he appeared so exhausted in the teaser to that film which looks like another bomb for the superstar.

32. GLOBE.....04/04
This American singing legend has been married many times, but we know he also likes dating young men. When he was on concert tours, his former manager would book him male "dates" in whatever city he was in, to come to his hotel suite after the show.

33. GLOBE..... 04/11
This macho action star with a million-dollar smile would die if his fans learned his megawatt grin isn't his own. He wears false teeth that he takes out every night to soak in Efferdent! Our hero visits his dentist several times a month for checkups on his pearly whites -- and that's the tooth!

34. STAR MAGAZINE...04/11
Recently, this huge male star started making a movie and as is his habit, he picked out the best looking crew member and started flirting with him. It wasn't long before he and the grip were having a raging affair. One day, the crew guy's wife marched on the set with her three kids in tow and loudly warned the actor to "stay away from my husband." She threatened to sue the star and a hefty settlement quickly changed hands. John Travolta, Kevin Spacey

35. NY POST/PAGE SIX.... 04/03
WHICH precocious singer/actress/Playboy pinup gave fits to her handlers on a recent publicity tour? "She is out of control -- a beast. She chews with her mouth open and has no manners," said one victim ...

WHICH R&B heartthrob is about to become a father for the third time? Mother No. 3 is described as an overweight neighbor he'd occasionally visit on a booty call.

36. Filth2Go.....04/03
Could it be that a certain Oscar nominee spent the night before his big win at a party thrown for him by the openly gay brother of Madonna, Christopher Ciccone? Not exactly. You see, the honoree got to the party after the fire marshall had closed it down! What to do? I’m told that Chris showed our winner a good time elsewhere (I can’t wait to see the video of that night!) One thing the man of the hour knew was that Chris would take care of him (now, get your minds out of the gutter). Just don’t tell his mother (or his date/beard/whatever). Kevin Spacey

37. NY POST/LIZ SMITH...04/05
'HE IS a bad, bad boy!" So says one of the music industry's top moguls about the husband of one of the industry's top stars. The mogul, who cares deeply for the troubled star, won't go on the record. But then again, nobody around this star goes on the record. I'd say it is an "A Star Is Born" scenario, except that both husband and wife are sinking. Everybody needs to get into rehab. Somebody speak up soon. Eulogies don't mean a damn thing. Whitney & Bobby

38. TED CASABLANCA...04/06
Sham marriages. Well, you can't say Hollywood invented them, right? Doesn't England have the record there? Or perhaps Rome?

After you finish pondering that matrimonial puzzle, flash back to this century, folks, because the latest naughty gossip I've heard on that front doesn't involve the usual suspects who make more than $20 mil a pic. But it does involve an actor who's in the same price range (paycheck-wise).

I'm told the boy's fan base simply wouldn't understand what he prefers to do outside his quite visible union.

You don't say? Why doesn't he show some of the balls he makes a living off of and try to find out if they would.

And just when the hell will everybody like me just shut up and let people screw whomever they please?

39. STAR MAGAZINE....04/18
A group of gay Hollywood bigshots set up an entertainment business together that provides lots of jobs for actors. They throw lavish pool and cocktail parites featuring plenty of food, liquor, drugs and CANDY, because most of the guests are underage! The dozen or so middle-aged businessmen entertain 20 or 30 teenage boys at each soiree. The boys are cute wannabe actors and you've seen some of them as kids on sitcoms. Sex is exchanged for career advancement. Cops busted the last party and now lurid details are leaking out.

40. GLOBE.....04/18
This sexy sitcom star got the shock of her life when she walked in on her live-in actor beau and caught him drooling over all the hunky men in her Playgirl magazine! Her friends tried to be supportive when she cried on their shoulders and asked: Does this mean he's gay? They told her it's normal for men to look at other guys' bods -- but now they're secretly taking bets on when he'll move out.

41. NY POST/PAGE SIX...04/11
WHICH movie star hubby of one of America's most beloved blonde actresses can barely read? When the script for a cable special he hosted was changed at the last minute, he couldn't read his new lines. Shocked producers ended up feeding him the words through an earpiece ...

WHICH model-of-the-moment's very rich ex-boyfriend used to secretly videotape their steamy sex sessions with a hidden boudoir camera? Now that she's gone Hollywood, he has something to remember her by.

42. Filth2Go......04/11
Could it be that someone who previously played gay on the big screen is playing the same role in real life with an old boyfriend? So say pals of the initial guy, who swear that when he's off-again with his singing girlfriend, he's on-again with his humpy ex. The question remains - are they rekindling or just tricking? Neighbors say that from the sound of things, the sex is good, and the boyfriend gets to use one of the actor's cars. No surprise there, since I'm told that our hero is more of a "passenger" than a "driver". Wake me up before you go-go.

43. NY POST/PAGE SIX...04/12
WHICH well-born young father still thinks it's screamingly funny that he named his first-born child after a hedge fund that's made excellent returns? ...

WHICH handsome young married actor is cheating on his wife with a Hollywood vixen? The Oscar-nominated star needed a new babe to go with his heightened profile ...

WHICH Oscar-winning actress uses cocaine to overcome her urges to actually eat? Waitresses at her favorite restaurant were curious the way she picked at her food and ran to the bathroom constantly. One followed her in and caught her snorting.

44. TED CASABLANCA...04/13
Sweethearts, there's a male costar of a very popular movie in America right now. Said costar did a television show recently to plug his new movie. Fine, happens all the time.

But what generally does not happen too often is the star coming back from an extended bathroom break and asking the interviewer where he could score some "crystal meth" for his girlfriend.

"Not something you really want to ask a reporter," replied the shocked journalist.

"I can always deny it," responded the idiot actor.

Get thee to rehab, Mister Actor Man.

By the way, I hear singing--at which the actor is more than competent--is primo therapy in joints like that.

45. STAR MAGAZINE....04/25
A New York limo driver picked up a very famous couple for the first time and he was shocked when he heard scuffling noises in the back of the car. The husband was brutally beating his wife! The driver thought he'd seen it all, but this was a first! He slammed on the brakes and ordered the man to stop what he was doing. The wife interrupted, saying: "It's all right -- just keep driving!" The driver declared: "This is too sick! I'm not driving you. I'm calling another car for you!" and he refused to ever chauffeur them again!

46. GLOBE......04/25
This sizzling young TV star had way too much to drink on a recent flight from LA to DC and pitched a fit when the rental car agency refused to let him drive one of their vehicles until he sobered up. He stubbornly staggered into an airline VIP lounge but instead of ordering coffee, he guzzled more booze. He finally was forced to take a cab to his destination.

47. Filth2Go.....04/17
Could it be that a certain major fan of Miss Ross was banned from appearing at her tribute because he looked too thin? After a frightening appearance at another recent award show with Diane, the once-portly soulful singer was discreetly asked about his health. It's not that his weight hasn't been known to fluctuate - but he's just NEVER been so sickly thin! The rumor is that he loses the weight when he's stopped to love, but this time, I swear that he's gotta stop to eat - and he has no intention of doing that. Scarily enough, my sources say the balladeer has fallen head over heels for a buffed, chiseled male supermodel model with cheekbones to die for. Since the model ain't returning the singer's phone calls, the crooner has jumped to the conclusion that it's 'cause he's not thin enough. He's begun a hunger strike and refuses to eat until he achieves his goal weight. Until the model comes back to him, that's what he's gonna do. Honey, if you want that heroin chic look, call Whitney!

--Could it be that a certain blond-enhanced performer has had some work done below his roots? While his hair color has always been dictated by his whim, it seems that he's now turned his attention to what the hair rests on. What am I trying to say? Honey, his face is pulled tighter than a snare drum. I swear that he's looking like Mandy Moore and more each day! Could it be magic? Hardly. It's plastic surgery, you naïve little fans out there. With his face so taut, it looks as if he can't smile without some considerable effort.

48. NY POST/PAGE SIX...04/17
WHICH well-born young father still thinks it's screamingly funny that he named his first-born child after a hedge fund that's made excellent returns? ...

WHICH handsome young married actor is cheating on his wife with a Hollywood vixen? The Oscar-nominated star needed a new babe to go with his heightened profile ...

WHICH Oscar-winning actress uses cocaine to overcome her urges to actually eat? Waitresses at her favorite restaurant were curious the way she picked at her food and ran to the bathroom constantly. One followed her in and caught her snorting.