January and February 2000

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1. GLOBE..... 01/11..#1
Sounds like trouble in paradise for this newlywed couple. He's been going to Vegas strip clubs twice a month and enjoying lap dances from sexy gals while his gorgeous wife stays home and cares for their young baby. Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillipe

2. GLOBE....01/11.... #2
Which hot young actress' musician boyfriend is a secret cross-dresser? He loves to parade around the house in her high heels and short skirts. Plus, he even wears her makeup when she's not around. His sweetie has no idea about his bizarre fetish and would probably freak out if she found out. Claire Danes and Ben Lee, Liv Tyler and the musician from Space Hog

3. Filth2Go.....01/03
Could it be that a certain Broadway baby has let her diva status go to her head? So say organizers of an upcoming AIDS benefit, who are doing anything but crying about this singer’s unavailability. When initially contacted, this gal was quite enthusiastic. The organizers promised to build the show around the belter giving her whatever she wanted – anything goes. She could choose how much she sang, what she sang, with whom she sang, and when she sang. In return for her participation, she would be given first-class air travel and accommodations, and every whim would be catered to. This all sounded good to our working gal, but when she reviewed the details, she realized that there was never any mention of how much she’d get paid. The organizers blushed as they reminded the former first lady that this was to be an AIDS benefit and, as such, none of the participants would be paid. However, all of the expenses would be picked up by donors and the organization themselves. Suddenly, our diva remembered a scheduling conflict and would be unable to participate. Don’t cry for her – life goes on. Patti Lupone

4. GLOBE ....01/18
This sitcom star keeps turning up for tapings drunk. Sadly, insiders confide that he's funnier when he's had a few drinks, but they hate to see him in such a state. Many tapings have been delayed until he sobers up. although pals have been trying to get him into rehab, he refuses to go. Norm McDonald, Drew Carey

5. STAR MAGAZINE...01/18
Now that this TV personality has broken up with his lovely TV star "girlfriend," he's mending his broken heart in surprising ways. Apparently, he kept his real sexual preference well hidden and most people believe he's a macho man. But recently he's become a regular at New York's seedy underground gay sex clubs! Anonymous sex is the cocktail of choice at these hardcore establishments -- and the risks to his health and career are inevitable. Carson Daly and Jennifer Love Hewitt

6. Filth2Go.... 01/10
Could it be that a member of music royalty has a HUGE secret that she’s been carrying for many years? I don’t know how much respect she’d get if the world found out that her first child, which she had when she was 15, was fathered by her own father!! Yes, intimates of this big diva tell me that this old rumor is rearing its ugly head once again, and more and more people are coming out of the woodwork to substantiate it. They swear that although the fashion-impaired diva would sell her soul to the preacher for this story to just be a rumor, it’s true. Think of the scandal this would cause. I pray for her. Aretha Franklin

7. ALLSTAR .....01/07
"OK, honestly, if this little item pans out, well then we're happy you sort of read it here first. But, in case it doesn't, well, let's remind you that Miss Truth is a gossip column, intended for rumors, hearsay, innuendo, and other irresponsible acts of sassiness. That said, here goes: What one-half of a lesbian couple is rumored to be speaking out in the next issue of a major, major rock and roll music magazine (think big!) next week to declare who the actual sperm donor of their children are? Here's a hint: It's NOT Brad Pitt. The real dad is said to be someone who is in a group an acroynym that's sometimes three letters, sometimes four letters. " Melissa Etheridge, Julie Cypher, David Crosby

8. STAR MAGAZINE....01/25
This cute actress doesn't get along with her mom but she'd be shocked to learn what her mother's doing to pay the bills these days. She's a dominatrix! Since her successful daughter cut off financial assistance, her mom tried practically anything to make ends meet. Finally she's found a profitable career. Mom charges upwards of $1,000 an hour to berate and whip businessmen into submission. Like only a Hollywood stage mother knows how to do!!! Drew and Jaid Barrymore

9. GLOBE....01/25
This gorgeous blonde superstar with a clear complexion wasn't born with beautiful skin. She suffered from severe acne as a kid and makes a secret trip to the dermatologist once a year for a prescription of Accutane -- potent pills that help keep her pimple problem under wraps.

The coolest women's fashion emporia are accustomed to going into their dressing rooms to find that their well-heeled, rush-rush clientele have accidentally left behind such necessities as cell phones, beepers and sunglases. But even the employees of one of Beverly Hills' most sophisticated boutiques were flummoxed when an A-list beauty airly wafted out after one hell of a shopping spree without her supersized dildo. Black. Ribbed. Ouch!

11. MOVIELINE/FEB.... #2
We can sort of understand why that young rock sensation plays the badass, what with the constant stream of sexy groupies and other temptations put before him. But why did two of the better, fortyish, married-with-kids actors in the business risk so much by acting like a couple of goofy groupies after seeing the kid onstage? And they didn't just fawn over the rocker backstage. The whole town's talking about how they went on to spent a wild night with him sending all sorts of illegal stuff up their famous noses.

PSST! I can't name names now, but can you guess which showbiz pals who present themselves as super-straight arrows had a high old time ringing in the new century -- high as in cocaine and Ecstasy? Their galpals don't approve, but they were partying elsewhere, so the boys took full advantage of their single status and tooted up to their heart's content!

13. From BuzzSaw Magazine....01/16
A very big and gorgeous name in rock is about to get his own one-hour series – if the hunky star can be persuaded to shoot the 22 episodes in Vancouver instead of the more pricey Los Angeles. Or if the tight-fisted network can be persuaded to cough up the bucks for a Left Coast shoot.

This popular East Coast actor has been one of his show's greatest assets since joining the cast several years ago. He's always in a front burner storyline and gets all the paid personal appearances he wants. He's a rising star and knows it. But something's gotten his guard up; another hot young actor's joined the show. This newcomer is already in a front-burner storyline and is being groomed to be the next big thing. He's gotten great press coverage and been offered big bucks to do autograph signings -- which most actors have to wait months for. The veteran actor is watching his back to make sure this newcomer doesn't take over his turf.

15. OCEAN DRIVE ....01/16
What former child actress is not the well-behaved princess her fans believe her to be? It seems this crooner was smoking pot in the stairwell with her hairdresser prior to her performance at a recent charity event, only to appear on stage several minutes later as angelic and innocent as ever…

16. NY POST/PAGE SIX.... 01/17
WHICH unsuspecting top model accepted a free New Year's vacation only to find she'd been "sold" by an unscrupulous party promoter to a much older man? She was told she'd have to share a room with the geezer since he'd paid for her trip, but the catwalker turned around and came home instead ...

WHICH Wall Streeter is being pampered in a federal lock-up while awaiting trial? He pays two other inmates to act as his servants, one as his cook, the other as his valet. The cook, who is Chinese, is said to make a mean lo mein.

17. Filth2Go.... 01/17
Could it be that one of our favorite subjects here has found love behind bars? Not only a single partner, but if my sources are to be believed, it sounds like fellow inmates have turned into both his friends and lovers and are taking turns whacking this bad boy with their penises as if he were a human piñata! Clearly, this is no-one night stand, since junior’s in the pen for a while longer. Does this mean that he’s no longer simply bi but actually gay? Not at all, but to keep up certain habits, one needs to pay with whatever’s available! You know that old prison saying – “show some crack, get some crack.” Robert Downey Jr.

I can't name names now, but can you guess which megarich comic is such a cheapskate that he steals soda and food from his movie sets and cuts deals with producers to keep all his flashy wardrobes? And when Mr. Millionaire flies, he begs the flight attendants for mini-bottles of liquor and stuffs them in his bag. Jim Carrey, Tim Allen, Steve Martin, Billy Crystal

19. STAR MAGAZINE....02/01
This popular actor is head-over-heels in love with his pretty actress girlfriend and in his eyes, she can do no wrong. But she's not as sweet as she looks. This ambitious doll chose not to suffer for her craft -- she slept her way up the Hollywood ladder. She used her considerable charms to latch on to older, very successful men. While filming one movie, she was cuaght in her married co-star's dressing room several times -- they were "rehearsing" with their clothes off. Her starry-eyed new boyfriend has no idea he might be just another stepping stone.

20. GLOBE....02/01
This star's estranged wife wrecked her relationship with a hunky new lover when she told him that she wanted to put his child in boarding school. Seems the tawny temptress was tired of the tyke interrupting their bedroom scenes. The guy took himself, took his kid -- and took a hike!

21. DATALOUNGE ......02/01/2000
This appeared on the Gossip portion of the Data Lounge web site (www.datalounge.com/templates/gossip/index.html).

"There are times when a light-hearted mention of say, a celebrity's fondness for certain inanimate objects and their peculiar placement on or in his or her person, enters the realm of urban myth.

"And I'm talking about gerbils of course and my cousin the nurse/ doctor/ orderly/ radiologist.

"The circulation of such rumors just got a huge boost. GLAAD, in case you haven't heard the latest, has contacted Steven Bochco and network honchos to note its concern over a new 'City of Angels' episode that features a make-believe celebrity wheeled into emergency with a movie award stuck in his ass.

"Just don't say Oscar -- they get very upset.

"GLAAD noted it doesn't take much to reinforce negative perceptions of gay people as perverts -- which is valid, because I know plenty of them and they don't even to open their mouths.

"GLAAD might have also made mention of the fact that plenty of straight people enjoy putting things in their nether curly regions too -- and why didn't they cover that?

"What GLAAD didn't know (or maybe they did and just ain't sayin') is that the idea for the segment came from real-life rumors swirling around a star strongly associated with another big hit showand that this was their way of saying hi.

"And you can bet I do and just ain't sayin'.

"For those of you at home bored and itching for something to do, stay out of the kitchen and tool shed. I don't want to be blamed for putting foolish notions where they don't belong.

"EDITOR'S NOTE: Thank you all for correcting that rather horrific flub which ended up showing my hand instead of broadly hinting around it."

22. Filth2Go....01/24
Could it be that a certain soap star (an incredibly gorgeous, rippling, humpy male star who has been mentioned in this very column many, many times) is worried that some explicit nude photos of him will surface? I heard this rumor and did some investigating – if these pics existed, I wanted to see them for myself. Well, I tracked down the source and was thrilled to hear that the photos do indeed exist. It seems that they were taken before his big break (perhaps days before that break). In the photos, the actor in question is – how shall we say – aroused to encyclopedic proportions. Wait till I tell Sharon Lawrence about this!

23. Filth2Go....01/31
Could it be that a certain brooding Golden Globe nominee got a bit sloshed when he didn’t win? Let’s just say that you can take the boy off of the streets, but you can’t take the streets out of the boy. This god didn’t take home the award, but he did take home the next best thing – another boy! I noticed at the awards that one of our own was drinking heavily, flirting with the waiters, and basically making a monkey of himself. Once he hit the studio after-party, all discretion was tossed to the wind as he made out with a string of cuties. He did end up going home with one of them, and – well – I guess he depended on the comfort of strangers. Rupert Everett

24. GLOBE......02/08
This married TV personality and a movie director buddy recently took a sleazy limo ride on the wild side. They stopped at a couple of LA strip clubs, enjoyed lapdances and finally left the last stop with a take-out order of gorgeous gals to go! Don't worry, Mr. Married Man, I'm not gonna squeal--so here's your chance to make it up to your darlin wife.

Open letter to a certain hard-drinking TV funnyman: Friend, save the money on cabs and limos to keep from getting a DUI. Spend the money on some old-fashioned treatment. Or get one of your Hollywood pals to take you to an AA meeting. Do it quick before you drown a very good thing.

26. STAR MAGAZINE....02/08
This guy has made a good living playing a mild-mannered dad on tv. But his private life is hardly mild. Come the weekend, all hell breaks loose. He calls an escort service and orders up a selection of cute young guys. Besides entertainment, they supply plenty of drugs. Round-the-clock booze, drugs and sex wear this middle-aged guy out. On Monday, he takes a blast of crystal meth to get himself going. How long can he keep up this pace?

27. STAR MAGAZINE....02/15
Recently internet gossip Matt Drudge revealed that three people had been caught having sex in a White House bathroom during the millennium festivities on New Year's Eve. The two men and one woman in the threesome were not named but we hear that a famous H'wood couple was involved. This highly-charged sexy pair wanted to celebrate the new century with some risky, dangerous and thrilling sex. Maybe it wasn't as gratifying as they'd hoped. We hear that their romance has cooled, and things just aren't the same between them since that fateful night."

Open letter to a certain hard-drinking TV funnyman: Friend, save the money on cabs and limos to keep from getting a DUI. Spend the money on some old-fashioned treatment. Or get one of your Hollywood pals to take you to an AA meeting. Do it quick before you drown a very good thing.

29. NY POST/PAGE SIX.... 02/07
WHICH durable movie star is denying reports he hogged the first-class section on a flight from New York to the Sundance Film Fest? Word is there were empty seats all around him. But coach passengers who asked the flight crew if they could be upgraded were told he had bought them all

WHICH billionaire who threw a breathtakingly expensive party over the holidays stiffed the $80-an-hour waiters who served his 250 guests? They got no tip at all ...

WHICH Motown pop legend has been testing the limits of lesbian love with her back-up dancer?

WHICH handsome actor, a movie star since he was young, has a thing for pre-op transsexuals? Not that he doesn't like real girls, too. He recently hooked up with one of Hollywood's hottest blondes.

30. Filth2Go.....02/07
Could it be that one of Broadway’s most recent leading men is having a gay old time with some of his male cast members? Well, he’s certainly trying! All he needs is just a little more time. Not only has the formerly squeaky-clean actor (and I use that term loosely) dusted off his vocal chords, but he’s looking to use his mouth off-stage as well. Several people connected to the show tell me that the good doctor is mighty good at switching his tune – almost as easily as he switches hairstyles. When the wife and kiddies are around, he’s the dutiful family man. But when the cat’s away, the mouse will play – with other male mice! Careful – you play with fire, and you might get burned! Jack Wagner, Jekell and Hyde

31. GLOBE.....02/22
Which hot, hot, hot Hollywood hunk, known for his devotion to his wife, isn't that devoted at all -- and, in fact, is downright unfaithful? Mr. Movie Star keeps several mistresses on the side and manages to take time out of his busy schedule to see each of his galpals a few times a week.

32. STAR MAGAZINE.... 02/22
It's amazing, but years of hard partying in Hollywood didn't spoil this talented actress' looks. Everyone was relieved when she cleaned up her act and kicked her addictions to booze and drugs. She claims to be keeping her sobriety but that wasn't the case at a recent party held at a fance Beverly Hills store. Our girl took advantage of the open bar by downing glass after glass of champagne. The chic crowd was horrified when she got so bombed that her friends had to carry her out to the car.

Which sexy superstar was in an L.A. eatery and got a waitress fired? Seems the egomaniacal beauty gave the waitress such a hard time that the server finally broke down and told her she was doing her best, but had many tables to wait on. While the star's family watched in horror, she jumped to her feet and marched up to the manager, complaining that the waitress had insulted her. The final tally? Not only did the server get no tip, she was sacked! Christie Brinkley, an AGC regular posted a story about this right before the blind item came out.

34. STAR MAGAZINE.... 02/22...**Soap Blind Item**
This actress on a West Coast soap went to producers demanding the younger stars on the show not be in her scenes -- she thinks they make her look heavier and older. Amazingly, the producers obliged -- seems the show is desperate to keep their ratings up, so they've been giving her what she wants. She also refuses to wear what the wardrobe department buys for her and brings in her own clothes instead. Meanwhile, some of the male stars, who are aware of all the perks she's getting, are starting to make their own requests.

35. NY POST/PAGE SIX....02/20
WHICH omnipresent celeb photographer asks for receipts from taxi drivers even when he doesn't pay the fare? ...

WHICH sexy young actress starring in a major new movie isn't interested in men? Her male fans would be disappointed to learn that she's strictly into Sapphic sex.

WHICH headed-over-the-hill actor is cheating on his beautiful, dutiful wife? He's been seeing a porn star on the side.

36. NY POST/PAGE SIX...02/21
WHICH all-American top model is worried she might have gotten pregnant courtesy of her new boyfriend? A baby on the way would put a crimp in her career and make her agents frantic...

WHICH afterhours downtown drug den frequented by fashion and media types just lost its renowned dealer? Seems there are some new boys on the block and the old guy is MIA, presumed to be sleeping with the fishes ...

WHICH hot young actress' erratic behavior is due to a drug problem? The self-professed bad girl is hooked on heroin.

37. Filth2Go.... 02/21
Could it be that a costar of one of my subjects this week has been dipping his oh-so-delectable wick in other members of the same sex? The rumor mill has been abuzz about this hottie’s sexual preferences ever since word got out that he enjoys hanging out in gay clubs as much as he enjoys changing his hair color (for certain roles, I’m sure – but the eyebrows too?). Now this so-called star’s dalliances with men have been documented in black and white by first-hand accountings of his prodigious talent. Run all you want, honey, but remember - there’s a thin line between gay and gay friendly, ya know!

When I make you really work for a blind item, then we’ve definitely come to the end of yet another column. You know, people have been saying that I’ve made the recent blind items too easy and the clues too obvious. Hopefully, this one is just hard enough. Jared Leto

38. TED CASABLANCA...02/22
This is as tasty as it gets.

A celebrated female TV star ran into a notorious TV reporter, also female, at a big Hollywood bash. The reporter wanted to know why the star had said such mean things about her in a newspaper interview, completely overlooking the fact that the star was merely responding to unkind things the reporter had said about her.

"I would think," snapped the star, "considering you've had so much plastic surgery, you know what it's like to have poor self-esteem. And, then, to turn around and make fun of how somebody else looks is contemptible."

The reporter managed somehow to stand her ground and muttered something about the star needing "a thicker skin."

Boy, does that reporter owe me one for not revealing who she is. Maybe I should get her to pay for that chin tuck I've always wanted.

39. Filth2Go....02/28
Could it be that a certain young buck likes to play with boys and girls? So says a crew member from one of his recent films who’s head over heels in love with the cutie. I did a bit of checking and found that while this boy is identifiably straight, he’s been known to say yes to the occasional dalliance with men. One more clue? Like last week’s blind item, this boy also co-starred with someone else mentioned in this column. Point me in the direction of Albuquerque.

** Other performers listed in the column (no matter how well-known or not):
Ofra Haza
Diahann Carroll
J.P. Pitoc
Erin Hamilton
Christian Campbell
Erin Matthews
Tori Spelling
Miss Coco Peru
Paul Lekakis
Carnie Wilson
Betty Buckley
the Partridge Family
Jennifer Lopez
Freddie Prinz was also guessed.

40. NY POST/PAGE SIX...02/29
WHICH beautiful blonde socialite is said to be stepping out on her billionaire septuagenarian husband? Word is she is fixated on a European in his early 60s, with almost as much money and a very bankable surname ...

WHICH former model had four ex-boyfriends chip in to throw her current lover a birthday party in a downtown loft? The generous exes even gathered round to sing "Happy Birthday" to their replacement ...

WHICH hot young artist has a hygiene problem? He doesn't like to bathe. If you get too close, you'll want to hold your nose ...