May and June 1999

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The Black Hole. Sure, divadom is tolerated -- often encouraged -- in most showbiz circles, but even seen-everything-twice industry professionals are shaking their heads over the out of control behavior of one Tinseltown nova whose screechy demands for bigger party favors, better freebies and beyond-the-pale perks grow ever larger as her on-screen allure (never exactly incandescent to begin with) continues to dim.

Nicknamed "the bottomless pit," this gal’s demands are only being met because her better half’s career is still on the ascendant. What no one can quite figure out, however, is whether the charmless wonder actually thinks studios kowtow to her because she delusionally believes she’s all that, or perhaps she is in fact keenly aware that her day in the sun will soon be over and is making the most of it while it lasts?

In any event, you’d have to go back to the heyday of Macaulay Culkin to find a screen presence whose inevitable career crash and burn was more eagerly awaited by so many.

What media mogul threatened to call his pal who runs a rival network if its news department reported that the single-again billionaire used Viagra?

What venerable rocker may have another baby on the way? The would-be mother is an Italian heiress whose family thinks the father is her older boyfriend, who left his wife for her

4. STAR MAGAZINE....05/04
This knowing actress keeps her gorgeous husband on a short leash. When he's filming a movie on location, she arranges her schedule to be there to keep an eye on him. Recently she slipped up and allowed hubby to take a seemingly innocent buisness trip to New York with his agent. But his agent turned out to be a pretty young female and they had a raging affair. The actor warned the agent not to let his wife find out. She didn't let on to the wife but couldn't resist bragging to her girlfriends - and the news is spreading like wildfire!

5. GLOBE.....05/04....#1
This TV veteran, who's battled booze and drugs for years, is back on cocaine - and pals are panicked because his aging body makes him a prime target for an overdose. They've tried two interventions but can't get him to Just Say No.

6. GLOBE.... 05/04....#2
Insiders whisper this sitcom star is so skinny because he's sick, sick, sick with the deadly eating disorder bulimia. When he's late for scenes, they check the rest room and usually find him vomiting in the toilet.

7. STAR MAGAZINE....05/11
Lock up your daughters. If we names names, this handsome actor could go to jail for a long time. This guy has a Lolita complex: He can't resist sweet young girls - in other words, jailbait. A certain young actress currently starring on a hit series has bitter memories of him. She played this actor's daughter in a movie when she was 13. He convinced her family he had a fatherly interest in her and sent limos to bring her to visit him at home. She claims she lost her virginity to him. The illicit relationship lasted nearly two years and fizzled out when her friends convinced her to find someone her own age. But guess what - he's already on to the next one.

8. GLOBE.....05/11
This actor definitely isn't a soap fan - he stinks like a pig because he bathes only once a week! The guy won't clean up his act despite pleas from his famous fiancee to hit the showers more often. (She should tell him to hit the road.)

9. Filth2Go...05/03
Could it be that a certain member of one of those boy groups that litter our pop charts is on the verge of being fired? Make that TWO members of two boy groups - and rival groups no less! After these songstresses were caught, how shall we say, in flagrante, damage control made sure that no one outside the groups found out about this tete-a-tete (no one except for me, of course). That may not be enough to avoid an explosion. You see, at the time of the illicit affair, one of the paramours was still hot and heavy with one of his band-mates. They'd better get over it and consider themselves lucky that this story hasn't hit the street..yet.

10. STAR MAGAZINE....05/18......
This heart-throb made a splash in one of the biggest movies in Hollywood history. He celebrated stardom by turning into a party animal with a fondness for strippers. During an orgy at a pals' mansion he overdosed on the illegal party drug GHB. Paramedics hauled him to the hosptial but the incident was covered up since the party host is famous. Out guy didn't learn his lesson. Just weeks later he visited a strip club and became discombobulated from another GHB overdose. Pals fear it's only a matter of time before he's dead from the drug. Leonardo DiCaprio

11. GLOBE......05/18....#1
Hollywood insiders say this major star's "happy" marriage is a sham. This middle-aged actress has the power to pick her leading men - and boasts to pals she chooses hunks she wants to sleep with. What's more, she gets them between the sheets nearly every time!

12. GLOBE....05/18.....#2
This guy, a divorced TV legend, hires male "tricks" - but dresses them up as cheap-looking females before having sex with them. The girlie-men don trashy lingerie and tacky long wigs to turn him on.

13. NY POST/PAGE SIX.....05/06
WHICH soulful one-hit wonder from the late '60s has made his disappearance nearly complete? He's a woman now, living in Europe ...

WHICH top book editor, who runs one of publishing's most respected imprints, is having an extramarital affair with a fetching literary agent who recently sold him a book for $350,000? ...

WHICH Wall Street wizard was in a Staples store the other day trying to get his Penn Dixie copier fixed for free even though the warranty had expired? That kind of stinginess bankrupted his last marriage.

We don't know how everyone involved managed to keep that gorgeous, tempestuous young star's way, way out-of-control bash out on the papers. Everything was fine until three of the wacky gal's male ex-lovers and two of her female ex-lovers - none of whom knew anything about the others - showed up. As the night wore on, all these of flames started getting high together and eventually comparing notes. Soon each figured out how the others were connected to the star and realized that certain relationships over-lapped. Understandably ticked off, they took their revenge on the party girl by spilling the beans to her current lover, who, upon hearing the news, got so enraged he lunged at her with a butcher knife she'd just used to cut her cake. He then chased her madly through the house, onto the grounds and into a neighbor's yard. It ended up taking a half dozen guests to subdue him, at which point the star burst into hysterical laughter. But who's laughing now? The incident lost her not only the new boyfriend, but the plum role in an upcoming major movie - one of the guests was that film's very shocked director.

Not long ago, these two attractive, young movie and TV things were the most disgustingly in-love sweethearts, smooching their way into every nightspot, restaurant and screening in town. Why have things suddenly cooled? He insisted that she get a blood test, and AIDS test and a DNA test for the baby's she's always with, which she claims belongs to her screwed-up sister. The DNA test proved the star was the mommy. Is a breakup far off?

The jilted, boorish lover of that hot young movie star isn't taking the breakup lightly. He's been filling the ears of everyone who'll listen with intimate erotic details of exactly how much physical and verbal abuse his ex-dream girl required to achieve her sexual peak. Nice guy, huh? Well, she chose him, didn't she?

17. NY POST/PAGE SIX... 05/10
WHICH beautiful black female movie star is having a lesbian dalliance with a former covergirl, who is also black? The actress is married ...

WHICH Irish movie star, who is married to a beautiful actress, was all over a young Irish pianist at her album launch party? They left together in her limo looking like they wanted to tickle each other's ivories.  John Lynch, Mary McGuckian, Alison Hood

WHICH edgy leading man who is fathering a baby soon has been experimenting with opium and homosexuality - simultaneously. Johnny Depp

18. Filth2Go.....05/10
Could it be that a certain whispered-about former sitcom star has sired a child? That’s what his people are telling the press. What I find particularly intriguing is that this 17-year-old fey actor reportedly had major troubles when it was suggested that his then-popular sitcom character come out as gay. Those plans were scrapped amidst reports that the proposed story line hit a bit too close to home. Could this new development in his personal life be some much-needed publicity? Let me repeat – Peter Allen married Liza Minnelli. Enough said.

19. NY POST...NEAL TRAVIS...5/10
LET'S go blind, for once. The recent headlined breakup of a certain celebrity marriage didn't at all surprise some of the couple's nearest and dearest. They claim the short-lived union was a sham because he's a closeted gay and she didn't know.

20. STAR MAGZINE....05/25
This over-the-hill boozy actress has a lust for young guys so she ran an ad in the local paper that read, "Known actress just back from film location wants hot young stud for fun and games." It worked. Neighbors in her run-down building are surprised to see handsome young guys - sometimes three a day - knocking on her door. She opens the door clad in leopard-print lingerie, cocktail in hand, with disco music (from her heyday) thumping. She pulls out her memorabilia as a form of foreplay. The guys are thrilled to be with a real movie star, and for a while they're turned on enough to forget about the seedy surroundings. Valerie Perrine, Sally Kirkland.

21. GLOBE...05/25
What world-famous name associated with clothes is dying of AIDS? Word is he gets blood transfusions before public appearances so he won't look so deteriorated. But incredibly, despite his deadly disease, he continues to party with toy-boys behind closed doors. Calvin Klein

22. STAR MAGZINE....06/01
This Hollywood funny guy plays up his bad luck with women in his comedy act - but his private fetish is even funnier. During a stint in Chicago he stayed at a deluxe hotel and was nice to the staff, he even posed for photos that hang in the lobby. But it's the photos he mistakenly left in his suite that started employees talking. Hidden in the closet were a magazine for cross dressers and Polaroids of him taken in women's panties and high heels! The manager destroyed the evidence but not before the staff had a good laugh. Drew Carey, Richard Lewis, Garry Shandling, Tim Allen

23. NY POST/PAGE SIX...05/21
WHICH closeted hunky pop star, who regularly makes the rounds with boyfriends in South Beach, sparked a fiery internal debate at the magazine which recently featured him on its cover? Editors couldn't decide whether or not to out the heartthrob, even though they had the backup to do so. In the end, they didn't, because "it wasn't really relevant to the story." Ricky Martin

24. NY POST/PAGE SIX.....05/23
WHICH married cosmetics mogul recently handed over a check to cover the cost of the Wainscott summer house rented by a very attractive single woman? ...

WHICH well-traveled journalist is helping CIA agents try to capture terrorists in Beirut who have supposedly built a nuclear suitcase bomb that will be smuggled into New York?

WHICH balding musician/movie star had a radical new operation where a hairy flap of skin from the back of the head is moved to the front to make a new hairline? Only trouble was, a seam split while he was in New York and he needed stitching. Bruce Willis, Sting, Harry Connick, Jr.

25. Filth2Go....05/24....#1
Could it be that a certain NFL player was arrested when he was found scoring a touchdown in the back of his RV with a member of the same sex? Not only is it true (it’s taken me a couple months to confirm this), but it seems that the boy in question was a steel – only a few quarters changed hands. I can’t imagine what the cops thought when they found this famous face and rent boy in the buff. I mean, how many exciting things happen in Pittsburgh. Kordell Stewart

26. Filth2Go....05/24.....#2
Could it be that a certain sitcom star of yesteryear is not only gay, but is also becoming more and more open about his preferences? I don’t know who could possibly be surprised – I was never convinced he was into beaver. Jerry Mathers

27. Hint Magazine.... 5/20/99
Which well-connected, Euro celebutante-cum-model endeared herself at press parties for Australian Fashion Week with her comments that her "pussy was so wet from fucking all day backstage"? Liz Hurley, Stella Tennant, Carla Bruni, Fergi

28. GLOBE...06/08
The elevator at New York's Pierre Hotel was rockin' and rollin' when this lecherous lead singer and an alluring actress - who just happens to be very attracted to a famous actor - took a steamy elevator ride to the rocker's suite at the posh hotel one night. And our spy says the sexy starlet didn't leave his room again until 6 a.m. the next morning. Now that's room service! Mick Jagger & Liz Hurley

29. STAR MAGAZINE....06/08
He's the popular TV host who tells it like it is - except when it comes to his personal life. When he's not solving the world's problems, he's getting high on drugs and soliciting streetwalkers. He likes to charter a limo to cruise Hollywood's seediest hooker hangouts and pick up girls. They do drugs in the back seat before having quick, meaningless sex. When he's especially frisky he'll stay out all night bingeing - employing up to five working gals in the course of the evening! Bill Maher, John Walsh, Geraldo Rivera, Montel Williams

Cruising for a Bruising. Everyone is talking about that showbizzy twosome who don’t work much but look so good together at photo ops, parties and premieres. Their home life is another story, alas.

Makeup people all over town give sordid details of the bruises, welts and cuts they have to expertly cover before the female of this devoted pair can appear before the cameras.

What’s wrong with her studly boyfriend? His career is going nowhere, of course -- because, well, he can’t act -- but we suspect the problem of battering babes is genetically inherited. Years ago, his father used to beat his mother -- and when she wisely left him, he took up with another gal who liked his raging ways.

We hope the still-beautiful lass half of this couple gets out before it’s too late.

31. Hint Magazine...05/28
a. Which high-profile fashion executive is locked in a bitter legal wrangle with her employer who refuses to accept her resignation? Expect this one to get nasty…

b. Which fallen fashion angel was lucky to escape serious injury after a booze-and-drug-induced tumble? Amber Valetta, Shalom Harlow, Kate Moss, Helena Christenson

32. NY POST/PAGE SIX....05/30
W2HICH young primetime actress is crazy about one of her hunky co-stars? But this choice slab of beef refuses to make love to the spoiled princess. The only thing he'll do is let her sit on the other side of the room and watch as he pleasures himself. And the lovesick actress can't report him to her powerful daddy, because she's afraid papa would have the adonis axed. Tori Spelling and ????

33. Filth2Go....05/31...#1
Could it be that a certain funny gal is so worried that she’ll be outed that she’s distancing herself from any gay connection? While I am completely shocked that everyone doesn’t realize that she’s gay (children or no children – anyone can buy a kid these days), she seems to think that she’s fooling people. In what I consider a desperate move, she pulled out of an appearance at a gay pride benefit because she was afraid that she’d be found out. The only thing anyone found out from her eleventh-hour cancellation is that she was willing to jeopardize the entire fundraiser because of her own fears. And, honey, that ain’t funny. Rosie O'Donnell

34. Filth2Go....05/31....#2
Could it be that a certain "actor" (and I’m using that term loosely) is suing his producer over a broken verbal contract? That in itself may not be news, but let me fill in a few details. Said actor was appearing in the Los Angeles production of Naked Boys Singing, which, incidentally, is just that – naked boys standing around singing (oh, they dance occasionally too). When it was announced that the show would be opening off-Broadway, many of the LA cast members tried to secure parts in the new production. This one nubile (and, so I’m told, talented) boy was promised that he’d get the opportunity to recreate his part. That is, until the producer realized that there are many more talented (and hunkier) boys in New York City and never came through with the contract. The naked boy in question, not one to take this lying down (which was a first), decided to sue the producer. But being ingenious and an opportunist, he didn’t just take the producer to court – he took him to Judge Judy’s court! Look for the episode to air sometime in June (and, just for the fun of it, I’m not gonna tell you the outcome). No guesses made

35. NY POST/PAGE SIX..06/01
WHICH former soap stud has been able to keep his homosexual history a secret from his beautiful young bride of one year - until now? She found out and is trying to overturn their pre-nup by saying his gay ways put her health in jeopardy and breached their agreement. The young hunk has vowed to mend his restless ways. Michael Damien

36. NY POST/PAGE SIX....06/02
WHICH highly successful financial guru was advised by a former boss to lose the girlfriend - because the gal was heavily into bondage and couldn't keep it a secret? The financial whiz kid ditched the dominatrix ...

WHICH young Romeo and Juliet are finding that playing house isn't as much fun as they thought it would be? The realities of marriage have sent the couple into counseling.

37. STAR MAGAZINE....06/22
This multitalented performer is risking her career with her dangerous addiction. Not only has she become moody and unreliable but her health is suffering. She denies using drugs but recently got careless on a long-distance flight. After one of her many visits to the first-class restroom, a flight attendant was shocked to discover a souvenir left on the floor - a big vial of cocaine! He kept it to show the other crew members and the star spent the rest of the five-hour flight searching for her stash.

38. GLOBE....06/22...#1
This hunky actor went berserk on booze and cocaine on the set of his latest movie - and beat up the director. Cops were called and the star spent the week in a straitjacket at an institution. No he's in rehab.

39. GLOBE..... 06/22....#2
This major TV star has his small son seeing a shrink - because he's terrified the kid is gay. The boy only wants to play with dolls and dress in girls' clothes. Panicked Dad hopes he caught the 'problem' early enough.

40. GLOBE....06/15
This wrinkled rocker swears to the world he's off cocaine but that's a lie. The guy's car stereo system has a secret compartment where he keeps his stash -- and when he drives around town, he's flying.

41. NY POST/PAGE SIX...06/06
WHICH opinioniated TV hostess who has been losing her temper lately tells friends she is taking Prozac to alleviate her stress and she might quit the show if she doesn't calm down? ...

WHICH one of the city's wealthiest and most eligible bachelors has been trying to avoid messy emotional entanglements and relying on the services of professional call girls? The mogul prefers getting exactly what he wants.

All the wigs, fake glasses and disguises in the world haven't helped keep this very, very strange movie doll's naughty little fetish a secret. When she's not working, she lvoes nothing better than to don another identity and go to an adult movie house outside the immediate environs of L.A. There she cozies up to a theatergoer, usually a blue-collar dude or a trucker, and pleasures him. She seems to assume these guys would never have seen her mainstream movies, but she's wrong -- they're just too busy enjoying themselves to ask for an autograph.

The cast and crew of that big, expensive event flick recently tripped out when a very friendly but strange looking guy walked onto the set, parked himself in a chair and seemed to wait for instruction. When the director got word of the weirdo, he sent headset-wearing lackeys to alert security and have the benevolent psycho escorted off the premises. Potential embarrassment was averted when the film's cool leading lady deliberately engaged the guy in up-close-and-personal conversation and quickly discovered he was actually her leading man in the movie. Turns out he had undergone so much plastic surgery in Europe to make himself camera-ready he was unrecognizable as the clean-cut hunk he was once. That's what the director gets for hiring an actor without having actually seen him in at least five years.

44. STAR MAGAZINE...06/22.....
This popular West Coast actress has her hands full dealing with a jealous husband. When photographers at a recent soap event wanted to shoot just the actress, her former soap star husband wouldn't move. When she finally posed by herself, he stormed away, but returned moments later. He did the same thing with TV crews. Finally, one interviewer asked if they could have a moment alone, but hubby refused to budge -- he even stuck in his two cents when she was asked a question. Seems he still has a big ego from his acting days.

45. Filth2Go...06/07....#1
Could it be that a certain former Emmy winner is dissing his former soap? He’s been telling anyone who will listen (and you know that I did – at Home Depot, no less) that the powers that be fired him because he’s too open about his gay lifestyle. "Funny," he told me, "no one seems to be bothered by that bull dyke they had my character romantically involved with." Does that ring a bell?

46. Filth2Go....06/07....#2
Could it be that a youngster on the same soap is growing up almost as fast as his character? That’s the word on the streets of West Hollywood where none other than Chad Allen is credited with deflowering the young beauty. I asked Chad, and he laughed – "I was the first? Honey, he taught ME a thing or two!" Talk about bold.

47. Filth2Go....06/07.... #3
The terms bell and bold suggest the Bold and the Beautiful (or, maybe, the Young and the Restless)...both of which are LA-based soaps produced by the Bell family. but I haven't watched either show in 10 years. Does anyone have any ideas on an Emmy winner who was fired from either one...or a kid who's aging quickly. (Well, OK, on soaps all the kids age quickly. but it's on the same show so...that should help.) If you're very familiar with these soaps, it should be a snap. BTW, did the guy who played Sally Spectra's husband Clarke (as well as playing Rock Hudson in a TV movie) ever win an Emmy? I always thought she was so butch and he was so queeny...but the whole show is idiotic, anyway. The sexual adventures of male hetersexual fashion designers...!?

This former East Coast hunk was enormously popular with fans from the instant he hit the daytime screen. But as soon as his contract was up, he left the soap that made him famous. He did several interviews stating that daytime was beneath him and that he was going to Hollywood to become a big star. Well, more than two years have passed and he hasn't done a single thing. Now he wants back on his show, real bad. He's living in New York once again and visits his former studio at least twice a week. He spends most of his time trying to chat with the producer. Little does Mr. Smart Guy realize that the show has no plans to bring him back -- and all the actors are laughing behind his back.

49. NY POST/PAGE SIX...06/14
What network exec has been having some one-on-one programming meetings with the married producer of one of her sitcoms? Only trouble is, she doesn't approve of his bedsheets, so she brings her own.

50. Filth2Go...06/14
1) Could it be that a popular sitcom star (who is also a Friend of Dorothy, among other people) hasn’t lost quite as much weight as he’d like? That’s the buzz from insiders at that chic shop where the sitcom star has been once again hired as a catalogue model. Although he promised that he’d be in shape this time around, there are some things that even airbrushing can’t help. From the front, he was fine (clothed, of course). But from the rear, he was still a bit "wide". Not to worry – the shop hired a "butt double", and all was well. Ironically, when he was slimmer, this actor/model/whatever often did "butt double" work. Or was that his character? "I’m not a butt double, but I play one on TV."

*NOTE FROM JOE: We had posts about this--it's obviously Matt LeBlanc.

2) Could it be that a certain former television star has found his occupation as a rent boy liberating? So it seems, since he and a former costar (from stage, not screen) have been going hot and heavy since their Los Angeles stint. Quick, call a doctor, this might very well be love (although he’s kinda young for it to be that serious).

51. NY POST/PAGE SIX....06/15
WHICH Oscar-winning director flirted with an exotic beauty at a bar one night by sharing his cigar with her? Now she's got a blister on her lip and she blames the filmmaker for infecting her with herpes ...

WHICH fun-loving Hamptonite was banned from Sapore di Mare after he discreetly urinated in a glass under the large table and then complained to a waiter that his beer was "hot?"

52. GLOBE.....06/29
This hot-at-the-moment movie star is in his late 40s with a beautiful wife and kids, but that didn't stop him from picking up a pretty chick in her 20s at a Hollywood hotel bar. An eyewitness says the actor "wasn't being at all cautious" as he put his arm around the flavor of the day and steered her to the elevator leading to his upstairs suite.

There's a rivalry between two popular soap stars who are on the same network, but different coasts. They run into each other at various functions throughout the year, and always treat each other as though they are the best of friends. But it seems one of them is two-faced. The West Coast actor teaches an acting class, but his way of teaching is quite unusual. During class he plays a tape of the East Coast actor's work and points out everything that he is doing wrong, insulting the actor's style and technique. Some students get a kick out of the whole thing, but the serious ones are finding a new class to take. They don't want to spend their money listening to him use the class for a personal vendetta.

53. STAR MAGAZINE.....06/29
Two of the biggest male stars in Hollywood are hiding a shocking secret. Before they became household names they had a torrid love affair! Things didn't work out and they went their separate ways. One is more comfortable with his sexuality and that's the problem. He can't resist bragging he dated the younger star years ago and their fling is the talk of the gay crowd. Now the younger guy is petrified that his career will be ruined if his sexual preference becomes known, but how can he shut up the ex-boyfriend?

54. Babydol is the Hollywood hooker who was recently arrested, and plans on writing a tell-all are a few hints about her clients:

a. BABYDOL hooker....GLOBE 06/29...#1
A basketball player known for getting into trouble with women. His party-animal lifestyle is famous in the NBA. He has hired girls by the dozen and given them as 'gifts' to pals at his booze and drug-soaked parties.

b. BABYDOL hooker....GLOBE 06/29...#2
A movie star from a prominent Malibu family who liked three-way drug and sex binges lasting for days and costing up to $40,000 a pop. His sexual addiction cost more than $500,000 over three years.

c. BABYDOL hooker....GLOBE 06/29...#3
A top L.A. producer who became so kinky and violent it was difficult getting girls to go to his Hollywood Hills mansion. They complained that one day someone was going to be seriously injured or even killed.

d. BABYDOL hooker....GLOBE 06/29...#4
A British rock star whose marriages have repeatedly gone sour because of his cheating. He had a taste for exotic women, particularly Japanese, Filipino and black beauties who were flown to him in major U.S. and European cities as he toured. When his wife caught him in an Atlanta hotel with an Asian beauty, he attacked the girl and wrecked an expensive hotel suite. It cost thousands to hush up the scandal.

e. BABYDOL hooker....GLOBE 06/29...#5
A football star who had an insatiable taste for buxom blondes and ordered them up in pairs when his wife was away. But they became fearful of going to his home because of temper tantrums and the possibility of being caught by his wife. On two later occasions, he kept call girls locked in the house and refused to pay for their services. He was finally banned.

f. BABYDOL hooker .....NATIONAL ENQUIRER 06/29...#6
Two of Hollywood's most highly paid young actors regularly held cocaine and sex shindigs with as many as 10 girls at a time. They booked a suite at a swank West Hollywood hotel and partied for three days at a clip, jokingly referring to the sorid sinfests as "The Cocaine Casting Couch."

g. BABYDOL hooker .....NATIONAL ENQUIRER 06/29...#7
An aging star regularly indulged a Monday Night Football fantasy by ordering up three girls in cheerleader outfits - complete with pom-poms. After getting the girls juiced on coke, he had them stand beside his big-screen TV and perform X-rated cheers while he watched the game. Then at halftime, the young lovelies gang-tackled him in the bedroom.

h. BABYDOL hooker .....NATIONAL ENQUIRER 06/29...#8
Another Hollywood bigwig, a producer worth millions, also liked his call girls to dress up in cheerleader outfits - preferring baby-faced blondes barely out of their teens....

i. BABYDOL hooker .....NATIONAL ENQUIRER 06/29...#9
A comic actor/musician and his much younger wife ordered up a hooker to share their bed a couple of times a month. Sometimes they role-played, with the wife pretending she was irate after finding her husband in bed with another woman, before turning the party into a threesome.

j. BABYDOL hooker .....NATIONAL ENQUIRER 06/29...#10
A superstar action hero had a penchant for Catholic school girls and insisted his hooker dress in a classic parochial school uniform - white knee socks, pleated chered skirt, white pressed shirt and school tie. He took the girl into his bedroom closet and had sex with her on the floor as though it were a school cloak room

k. BABYDOL hooker .....NATIONAL ENQUIRER 06/29...#11
A prominent film producer ordered up hookers only when he had a new film out in theaters. Every day for the first month of general release, he had a girl service him while he read the movie's daily grosses at his office desk.

l. BABYDOL hooker .....NATIONAL ENQUIRER 06/29...#12
A well-known sitcom star from the late 80s and early 90s dressed in full drag for his twice-weekly sex romps. He wore a wig, full makeup, garter belt, stockings, high heels and a dress. Once the mild-mannered comic actor went so far as to dress up in a ballerina's tutu and dance slippers!

m. BABYDOL hooker .....NATIONAL ENQUIRER 06/29...#13
A mega star actor/comedian ordered take-out trollops only when his wife was away - and his weekend-long blasts were more of a bark than a hoot. The call girl stripped naked the minute she arrived at his palatial L.A. home and stayed that way until she left. While there, she pretended to be an upper-class poodle while he assumed the role of a back-alley mongrel. She ate and drank out of a doggie bowl and communicated only with barks and whimpers!

n. BABYDOL hooker .....NATIONAL ENQUIRER 06/29...#14
A famous athlete noted for his prowess with women ordered a different pay-for-play babe for each meal: a blonde at breakfast, a brunette at lunch and a redhead at dinner - for a solid month.

o. BABYDOL hooker .....NATIONAL ENQUIRER 06/29...#15
One actor liked to beat up his call girls - then paid for their hospital bills and plastic surgery. Miz Edwina wins this one by correctly guessing Jack Nicholson!

p. BABYDOL hooker .....NATIONAL ENQUIRER 06/29...#16
Two sports stars - a football player and a baseball player - liked to get high snorting cocaine off hooker's naked bodies.

q. BABYDOL hooker .....NATIONAL ENQUIRER 06/29...#17
The story of a happily married NBA superstor who hired a harem of hookers. "He'd fly them to Las Vegas and put them up in a specially equipped sex suite," says the source. "He loves to gamble and after a night at the casino, he'd retire to the room for an orgy. During one marathon session he had five girls in his bed!"

r. BABYDOL hooker .....NATIONAL ENQUIRER 06/29...#18
An internation action star who favored threesomes with his best guy buddy and one of Babydol's flock. The source says that the and the buddy would get so high on cocaine, that they would often forget about the girl and completely focus on each other.

s. BABYDOL hooker...... STAR 06/29 ...#19
The famous director who paid over $25,000 to deflower an 18-year-old virgin.

t. BABYDOL hooker...... STAR 06/29 ...#20
An Academy Award nominated actress who prefers the company of women over her husband. But the hubby is always there on the sidelines to watch whenever one of Babydol's girls were hired.

u. BABYDOL hooker...... STAR 06/29 ...#21
An aging and married sex symbol who has been living off his romeo ruputation was nicknamed 'the minute man' by Babydol's hookers. Sources close to the alleged madam say he would hire a hooker and then try to haggle down the price.

v. BABYDOL hooker...... STAR 06/29 ...#22
A popular sitcom star with a fondness for fetishes. His insecurities over his average looks are apparently what sent him into the arms of hookers. To feel like a stud, he'd sometimes spend $30,000 on a weekend bash to fill his bachelor pad with hookers.

w. BABYDOL hooker...... STAR 06/29 ...#23
A has-been, but recognizable actress who was on one of the biggest TV shows of the '80s, has turned tricks for the madam to make ends meet. She commanded rates of up to $10,000 a night and now since her series has gone into syndication overseas, many Europeans have been willing to shell out the small fortune to sleep with an American TV star.

55. NY POST/PAGE SIX..06/25
WHICH hemp-loving leading man with criminality in his family tree was smoking a funny-smelling cigarette at the Bob Dylan/Paul Simon opening concert at the Hollywood Bowl? ...

WHICH pop music diva, trying to keep her New Millennium Eve plans secret, has her people denying she booked half the Hotel Nacional in Havana?

Scent of Mystery. Curious why that international beauty didn¹t stick longer with that international movie star, looker and wild guy?

Well, kiddies, there are some sexual kinks even sophisticates won¹t tolerate and you¹d best believe this guy¹s got a closet full. And now that the classy-looking doll has dumped him, she¹s confessing to friends her ex¹s particular obsession not only with possessing her but by "marking" her with his own bodily functions and scents ­ a passion that became so intense, he insisted on her wearing shirts, scarves and, especially, undergarments drenched with his manly essence.

She balked at first and, finally, freaked, which he couldn¹t understand because, after all, his last girlfriend thought it was perfectly fine.

Not His Town. This rocker would seem to have it all in the way of fans, success, awards, plenty of dough-re-mi.

Apparently, all that's not enough, though, because he¹s been embarrassing himself and appalling directors on both coasts by horning his way into movie casting sessions for roles he¹s only about 20 years too old (and even, sometimes, too white!) to play.

Guess all that money, fame, privilege have kept him from realizing time catches up with even a rowdy, hip-shaking ladies' man. Maybe he shouldn¹t have flipped off all the movie offers he got from big directors and up-and-comers when he was young and at the top of his game.

58. Filth2Go....06/28....#1
Could it be that a certain former soap stud is pondering coming out? That’s what people close to the actor tell me. Although his latest series is tucked away on a pay channel (you know what they say – beggars can’t be choosers), he was still out and proud at LA Gay Pride, shirtless, and in the midst of a group of equally humpy men. Here’s what I don’t understand – what is he waiting for? I find it hard to believe that anyone will be all that surprised by his coming out (or even care), because the parts that he’s played since leaving the soaps have primarily been gay! (Incidentally, I’m told that The Advocate, that paragon of gay journalism, just inadvertently "outed" this actor, thinking that he is openly gay. Of course, I don’t have such a magazine in my presence, but if this is indeed the case, it’s what I’d call a big "whoops".)

59. Filth2Go...06/28...#2
Could it be that a certain former nighttime bad girl isn’t completely rehabilitated? Although official word from her latest series is that the former "rhymes with witch" is as docile as a kitten, my sources say that she can still show her claws when she wants. Note that her character’s on-again/off-again love interest was conveniently written off in the season finale – and who do you think was responsible for his demise? Let’s just say that his death scene gave our heroine the opportunity for some real acting – she had to control her squeals of glee, which were saved for the wrap party. I don’t think that this departing cast member realized that our little vixen is still queen of the castle.


Last updated: February 26, 2008