March and April 1999

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1. STAR MAGAZINE... 03/09
This funny fellow's penchant for strippers is common knowledge but his dependence on hookers is a well-kept secret. Although Mr. Nice Guy earns millions making people laugh, he's terribly insecure over his ordinary looks. When he's not partying in strip clubs, he's having liaisons with some of Hollywood's most expensive call girls. The amount of money he spends for six is no laughing matter. During one binge he ordered up a harem of babes and paid them each $10,000 to spend the weekend with him. Robin Williams, Drew Carey, Jerry Seinfeld, Pauly Shore, Jim Carrey, Kelsey Grammer, Jackie Chan

2. GLOBE.... 03/09
This Oscar-nominated actress was so desperate for dough a few years ago that she rented her home as a porn movie set! What's more, the middle-aged star was so XXX-cited by the live sex shows that she eagerly watched the filming of every scene!

This L.A. actor, always in search of a storyline, has been asking producers for more to do. Frankly, the prospect horrifies many of his co-stars. They think he should spend more of his creative energy in acting class. Although it's damning him with faint praise, they do admit he's gotten much better lately. He'd almost have to! Drake Hogestyn, Ron Moss, Austin Peck, Eddie Cibrian

Which movie star's lavish wedding was almost scrapped at the last minute when she got a call from a gal claiming to be her fiancee's mistress--the night before the nuptials? The woman screamed: "I've just had sex with your man and don't think because he's getting hitched that we're going to stop seeing each other!" The screen siren confronted her celeb hubby-to-be, but after his earnest denial, the wedding went on as planned.

Which he-man superstar better watch his back because his longtime love is away shooting a movie--and is cheating on him left and right? She's had several flings, including one with the much-younger doorman of the building she's staying in.

Which supposedly happily married star of one of TV's top drama series was booted out of a pro-celeb golf tourney after he repeatedly hit on the teenage daughter of the event's organizer? He was told to take his foreplay somewhere else or legal action would be taken against him.

Which two TV gals started sparring while they were in college together, and they're back at it full force? Seems one of the ladies is very married, but she's keeping cozy with her ex-fiance who's now an oh-so-hot Hollywood director. And when her college rival found out, she was quick to give that juicy 411 to her enemy's he-man hubby--who HIT THE ROOF! (Hey, with friends like that, who needs enemies?)

5. Filth2Go...03/01
David in New York says: Here in New York, everyone is talking about a famous comedian who was caught with another guy doin' the nasty in Central Park. You must know who it was – 'fess up

David, honey, if the New York papers won't reveal this guy's name, what makes you think that I would? Probably the fact that I've named names before! Well, let's put it this way – I wouldn't be surprised if the guy caught with the comic in question was a black man. Why? It seems to me that the funny guy has a track record for liking a bit of mocha chocolate, if you catch my drift. Check out whom he used to tour with in his early days. Better yet, see who's staying in his West Hollywood apartment while he's happily ensconced in New York City.

6. DRUDGE REPORT.....02/28
**World Exclusive**
The DRUDGE REPORT has learned that a campaign 2000 star recently hired one of the nation's top private investigators to search the underground, the overground and even the playground to determine what is out there that could be used against the candidate during the upcoming presidential race!

In recent days, advisers close to the campaign 2000 star have grown very concerned that there may be one visual ticking timebomb that could explode all over the mediascape if the candidate makes a run for the White House: A picture of the hotshot without any clothes on, dancing on top of a bar!

"Not that it matters after what we've been through with Bill Clinton," one well-placed campaign source explains, "but we do need to know what could be used against us. We do not even know if there is a picture out there... we're getting to the bottom of it."

Just when Hollywood was about to embrace this looker as its potential superstar of the month, she messed it all up by revealing her ferocious superbitch side. She's already refusing to read and audition for directors, handing her agents lists of people with whom she will and will not work, firing longtime associates and blowing off appointments with colleagues and writers alike. Meanwhile, her private life is a lonely mess because, after all, what mate could possibly deal with such a demanding moody brat? Imagine the hell she'll put everyone through if she actually ever appears in a box-office hit. Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron, Sarah Michelle Gelller ,Jennifer Lopez, Gretchen Moll

This hit romantic flick demands a sequel, doesn't it? Don't dare tell that to the costars who, despite their chemistry onscreen, got into an ego war during the beginning of the shoot, which only worsened as the filming dragged on. Things got so bad that they ended up communicating only through the director and their own personal assistants.

You've Got Mail-Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan; Pretty Woman-Julia Roberts & Richard Gere; As Good As It Gets-Helen Hunt & Jack Nicholson; Out Of Sight-Jennifer Lopez & George Clooney; Tin Cup-Kevin Costner & Renee Russo

9. STAR MAGAZINE....03/16
This sexy TV actor's been a playboy since his show hit it big and he's the fantasy of women everywhere. Recently he found a special girl and decided to settle down. Their relationship is picture perfect except for just one thing - his lovemaking is lacking. She's secretly nicknamed him the minuteman because he's usually finished before she's begun. He'd be mortified to know that behind his back she's turned to his Hollywood pals for advice on how to handle this delicate problem!

10. GLOBE.....03/16
This beautiful actress had to drop out of filming her new movie for a week because her bully actor husband blackened her eye. Pals are worried for her safety, but she insists she's in no danger.

This well-known leading man has made it very obvious to anyone who will listen to him that he doesn't like any of the leading ladies he's recently been cast with, saying there's not one among the bunch with whom he has had sexual chemistry.

And since it's clear that he has a lot of pull with the show's brass, setsiders are saying he's gotten some of those castmates fired - with more to come.

12. MICHAEL MUSTO...03/09....#1
Which ambiguous matinee idol developed an obsession with that politico's son, a situation sonny became so nervous about that he promptly planted a gossip item in one of the dailies stating that he has a girlfriend?

13. MICHAEL MUSTO...03/09... #2
What rapidly aging screen ingenue's dad might as well have phoned the columns when he was seen holding hands in broad daylight with a broad who in any light is not his wife?

14. MICHAEL MUSTO...03/09...#3
What equally indiscreet famous relation accidentally kept a body mike on after she left a benefit, inadvertently allowing everyone inside the fundraiser to hear her mutterings— no doubt drug-related— for an uncomfortably long amount of time?

15. MICHAEL MUSTO ..03/09...#4
What family magazine that did a cover story on that much more guarded showbiz personality was terrified said star would come out in their interview? (Imagine a publication praying they won't get a hot scoop— now that's a twist.) She didn't.

16. MICHAEL MUSTO..03/09...#5
What former talk-show host hires prosties to sit on his knee, act girlish, and call him "Daddy"— though they probably would anyway?

17. MICHAEL MUSTO..03/09...#6
And speaking of girlish, which prepubescent nymphs in that arty theater project became so close— in showers and beyond— that they had to be broken up by disapproving spoilsports?

18. MICHAEL MUSTO..03/09...#7
What auteur nutjob bad-mouthed his older costar, clearly irked that she dared to spurn his clumsy pass on the set?

19. MICHAEL MUSTO..03/09...#8
What titled person earned another title— slut— when he gainfully employed oodles of male hustlers while cavorting on the West Coast?

20. MICHAEL MUSTO..03/09...#9
What porn star is a part-time rent boy who's been hired by that movie mogul and that faded sitcom actor, just to name two illustrious checkbook carriers?

21. MICHAEL MUSTO..03/09...#10
What diva developed a black eye when the doctor administering her Botox shot accidentally hit an artery? (And we thought she only had nerves.)

22. MICHAEL MUSTO..03/09...#11
What comic-film director used to get off on watching his famous wife do it with that female comedy legend, according to that still-living 1930s movie star? Why don't I believe that 1930s movie star? (Free answer: Because, while I'm sure the two women got it on, I sincerely doubt that the director got off on it.)

23. MICHAEL MUSTO..03/09...#12
What wildly successful daughter/actress is a devilish deadbeat who has to be coerced to pay her rent?

24. MICHAEL MUSTO..03/09...#13
What Christian recording artist/prick had a boyfriend he used to beat up in a distinctly non-Christian fashion before he magically acquired a beard-slash-wifeypoo?

25. MICHAEL MUSTO..03/09...#14
What actor was boyfriends until recently with that hotshot director who helped guide him to Oscar?

26. MICHAEL MUSTO..03/09..#15
What internationally known designer is gay, and his wife apparently knows it; she recently told a handsome young 'un, "I'd better not leave you alone with my husband. He likes cute boys like you"?

27. MICHAEL MUSTO..03/09...#16
What tough-guy movie star started that ridiculous gerbil rumor all those years ago because he fancied himself a competitor with Richard Gere and figured it would be easier to spread the gossip than simply learn how to act?

28. MICHAEL MUSTO..03/09...#17
What hypnotist-magician is a sham who makes his TV subjects sign releases saying they won't reveal all the pre-scripting?

29. MICHAEL MUSTO..03/09..#18
What glammy new star has a not very glamorous little weenie?

30. MICHAEL MUSTO..03/09...#19
What blond actress has a prosthetic finger— not as a result of fighting with that famed scion—that she lost on a recent TV movie set, causing much hilarious havoc?

31. MICHAEL MUSTO..03/09...#20
What awards show scene-stealer is a flamingly gay trophy boy?

32. MICHAEL MUSTO..03/09...#21
What much acclaimed glossy style-mag editor is a fabulous lesbian with a baby?

33. MICHAEL MUSTO..03/09..#22
What thirtyish heartthrob, a worldwide masturbatory fantasy, is a walking testament to hair plugs?

34. MICHAEL MUSTO..03/09...#22
What lithe crossover diva/cunt would stare straight ahead, reach out her hand, and demand "Water!" during a recent video shoot, and, on a separate occasion, alienated a major designer by ripping a hole in the dress he'd made for her, because she thought it looked better that way?

35. MICHAEL MUSTO..03/09...#23
What gimmicky '98 movie originally had characters sporting Nazi armbands, which had to be digitally altered at great expense when test audiences found it unsettling?

36. MICHAEL MUSTO..03/09...#24
What unkempt, druggy indie director made a play for a drag queen friend of mine?

37. MICHAEL MUSTO..03/09...#25
What superstar— her again— was dining with one of her good-for-nothing but gorgeous ex-boyfriends when he murmured,"Can I have $10,000"? How smart was she that she said no?

38. MICHAEL MUSTO..03/09...#26
Could that teenie group seem any gayer?

Thug. This fast-rising, young TV and movie funny boy boasts such a reputation for being a nasty, out of control rotter, his pals predict he’s headed for mandatory anger management therapy, while his enemies predict he’s heading for hard time and lock-down. Those unpredictable outbursts have already caused mayhem on sets, so why did everyone hush up his recent antics in one of Hollywood’s hottest nightspots?

Witnesses swear the guy reacted to a minor scuffle by whipping out a knife and stabbing a man right on the spot. The wounds turned out to be minor, but what’s it going to take for somebody to blow the whistle on this guy? He gives a whole new meaning to the term "cutting edge"!

40. TED CASABLANCA.....03/11
Okay, one of those tacky blind items.

Red-hot blonde actress fast on the rise right now. Has herself one extremely good-lookin' buff-friend. Said b-friend likes to play. Likes to play with toys. Particularly in bed. Particularly in back--his back, my dears.

41. STAR MAGAZINE...03/23
This sweet young thing has a hit series and a squeaky-clean image. But in real life she's a teenage homewrecker. A handsome young actor just joined the cast of her show and had to transplant his wife and kids from another city. Miss Goody-Two-Shoes flipped for the hunk as soon as she saw him and didn't let his ring stop her. Their torrid affair was the talk of the set. The actor started spending less and less time at home and his wife got wise. She kicked him out and now he's with his teenage sweetheart full time. If they went public her image would be tarnished, so when she goes out, she drags along a gay male pal and pretends he's her boyfriend.

This West Coast actor is known as a control freak - especially when it comes to his very beautiful girlfriend. The duo have been seen battling it out in public - and he is often yelling at her in front of everyone. He's even been know to strike her in full view of others. Pals are speculating that it will only be a matter of time before he's hit with an abuse charge.

PSST! I can't name names now, but can you guess which A Star Is Born couple is having some $erious financial woe$? Seems they've blown most of her fortune on drugs and now can't even afford to pay members of their staff, who are quitting in disgust! And they may be forced to move out of their palatial mansion because the mortgage is said to be near foreclosure!

44. Filth2Go.....03/15
Could it be that a current Broadway hunk likes to go "commando?" This ladies man feels that undies would block his creativity (among other things) and, as a result, never wears undergarments, even while on stage. This hasn't been a problem for the audience, although the costuming is more suitable for a leather bar than the legit stage, but he has scared more than one dresser and costumer. The poor girls get a bit light headed at the sight of his large appendage, which would have certainly hung out of the shorts worn by the female lead of one of his past TV shows.

45. NY POST/PAGE SIX....03/17
WHICH closeted Hollywood star went backstage in Los Angeles after a performance by the Baker's Dozen, a choral group comprised of 13 Yale men, and started hitting on the strapping performers? ...

WHICH 1940s screen siren insists on collecting cash for each and every autograph she signs? She says the money is for UNICEF, but skeptics think she's pocketing the dough .

WHICH Latin singing sensation has women swooning with his passionate love songs, but is actually involved with another man and has no interest in the ladies?

This East Coast actor may be a big favorite among fans, but he's not a favorite among his fellow castmates. This actor is always late and he's the first to book out for lunch. He's never prepared when taping begins and he no longer works with a certain actress because she's refused to work with him, which is a shame because the fans really liked them together. How does he get away with it? He's oh-so-very friendly with one of the bigwigs at the show.

47. STAR MAGAZINE....03/30
This aging rock star led one of the biggest heavy metal groups of the '70s. Macho guys everywhere worshiped the band and envied the lead singer's fabulous life of groupies and drugs. Little did those fans know that behind his hard-core image, he was as gay as a torch song! He keeps his secret hidden because he's hoping to revive his music career. To satisfy his urges he rents out his sprawling home for gay prono shoots. He watches the X-rated action from the sidelines and when filming is completed, he propositions the pretty-boy actors with offers of money for sex.

48. GLOBE....03/30......#1
This beautiful big-screen actress is so panicked that her younger, hunky lover is cheating on her - she's hired a private eye to spy on him.

49. GLOBE....03/30.....#2
Nobody was laughing when a certain sitcom star got loaded to the gills at a posh BevHills eater, then tried to get women to go to the men's room with him for sex. Finally, the manager had the drunken lout escorted out.

LOTS OF YUCK. My friend's friend was employed as a housekeeper to a (now-divorced) major male star and his wife. While it's often speculated that the reason for the divorce was his continual randiness, it seems that the oh-so-seemingly classy wife wasn't exactly so in private. The housekeepers were faced with picking up, from the bathroom floor, her used "feminine hygiene products including the K-word."

51. NY POST/PAGE SIX.... 03/23
WHICH princely young groom refused to marry his beautiful, and equally well-connected bride, until she sought professional help for her kleptomania? The sticky-fingered socialite wasn't interested in small-time drug store heists - she'd steal from the homes of her well-heeled pals.

52. Filth2Go....03/22
1) Could it be that a musically gifted gentleman has been a bit too indiscreet with his oral talents? Depends what you consider indiscreet. Say, for example, he had a concert in the Atlanta area, went to a known gay cruising spot, and was observed by one of my spies disappearing behind some bushes with another cruiser. Let's continue this hypothesis and say that my informant followed them (as all true fans of mine would) and observed the pianist (or perhaps "penist") orally "service" this new acquaintance. Although my spy swears that this prodigy stopped just short of a crescendo, I'd say this latter-day John Tesh could be on the brink of quite a scandal (ironic since it is the dawn of the Millenium and a new age)!

2) Could it be that one politician's wife knows how to call a spade a spade? Oh, this is a gal after my own heart. She may be somewhat estranged from her philandering husband, but they continue their ritual of breakfast and reviewing the morning papers. One particular day, the newspaper got to our lady first, and she noted a review on a book by one of her hubby's former intimates. In front of the staff, she fixed a steely gaze on her judgement-impaired spousal equivalent and stated, "I told you years ago you never should have trusted that little queen!". So there!

53. HINT MAGAZINE....03/24
Which infamous grunge kitten band-wife turned mother-model-actress is pregnant again? Courtney Love

54. Comedy Blind Item, 03/29
Which quickly aging stand-up comedian shocked audiences in Chicago with a performance that was seemingly anything but sober? A stunned audience was mesmerized as the self-proclaimed 'recovering addict' rambled on unintelligibly, forgot his lines, and read straight from his notes. His gaunt, disheveled appearance is sparking rumors of a drug problem that is positively wrecking his career!

What married African-American movie star's fling with his mistress ended up getting the doorman at a swanky East Side hotel suspended for five days? (The staffer called out the star's name in public.) . . .

56. STAR MAGAZINE....04/06
This Hollywood funny guy plays one of TV's most lovable husbands on a hit sitcom, but his real-life wife would faint if she found out about his twisted trysts with high-priced call girls. Mr. Nice Guy is insecure about his goofy looks and relies on working girls to make him feel macho. He likes to dress up as Tarazan, pretend he's a muscleman and 'rescue' the gals from distress. The hired playmates say the only thing funnier than his outfits is his performance between the sheets - he's a real dud.

57. GLOBE.....04/06
This actress is in her 70s but she's still hot to trot - and likes muscular hunks young enough to be her great-grandsons. Insiders say she hires them from escort services and they come to her apartment three times a week.

58. STAR MAGAZINE....04/13
There's a certain sexy Hollywood actress with a secret past as a Heidi Fleiss girl. She loved having flings with celebrities - and they were always free. She's been seeing one top (married) actor once a month for 10 years and claims she introduced Hollywood's biggest young star to sex when he was 16. She's not afraid to use her 'contacts' to boost her acting career. (You've seen her photographed in this magazine with several celebs.) Now she's zooming up the ladder of success because most of her sex partners are terrified of her big mouth so they try to keep her happy.

59. GLOBE.....04/13
This big screen beauty says she's relieved she broke up with her heartthrob beau because he was the 'worse influence' she's ever had on her life. "We smoked pot everyday and did Ecstacy (a sex-enhancing drug) every weekend," she confessed to close pals. "If we were still together, I'm sure I'd be addicted."

PSST! I can't name names now, but can you guess which Hollywood lesbian is known for her humor, but finds nothing funny about snoopy workmen in the home she shares with her lover? Absolutely no men are allowed in the house - only female repair crews. And no one is ever allowed in her bedroom. One worker who got a glimpse of her inner sanctum found out why - the chamber is filled with kinky sex toys!

61. FilthToGo......04/05....#1
Could it be that a popular sitcom star was seen once again at a popular West Hollywood gay bar? When I reported on this boy's appearance at such a venue last year, he was clearly underage, although the people present didn't seem to mind a blond cutie in their midst. In the ensuing year, he's been showing up at more and more WeHo establishments – probably testing the waters. But last weekend, he decided to jump right into the thick of it and hit one of the most popular dance clubs on a Saturday night. Since he will soon be of age, he must have been taking a test drive (so to speak). God only knows what will happen after April 28th! (Nate Richert of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, 4-28-78)

62. FilthToGo.....04/05.....#2
Could it be that one of those actors who recently got "married" has not changed his gay ways? No one has seen him with that bride of his, but he was recently seen in the company of Melissa Etheridge, Sarah McLaughlin, and those Judd girls at an LA eatery. If it walks like a duck…..(Rush and Molloy...03/31/99 -Jason Priestly was the lone dude who tagged along with Melissa Etheridge, Sarah McLaughlin and Naomi, Winona and Ashley Judd to L.A.'s Asia de Cuba restaurant long after the kitchen closed on Monday night.)

63. MOVIELINE/MAY.....#1
That actor, the married-with-kids, mysteriously bloated-looking one, is deluding his sorry self if he things for a second his costars and crew members aren't hip to the real reason behind his constant and weirdly out-of-nowhere homophobic jokes. He'd better face the truth that his bisexual desires are transparent before the whistle gets blown on him by an army of club owners, hotel clerks, ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends, not to mention those highly paid young male escorts he jets in from Europe because, he thinks, they're less likely to recognize him.

64. MOVIELINE/MAY.....#2
Some million-dollar screenwriters certainly earn every red cent they make. This one, responsible for some of Hollywood's highest-profile movies, introduced that gorgeous, very naive new girl in town to a relentless player of a male star for whom he's writing a potential blockbuster. The scummy movie star, who wooed the rising actress with dates, gifts and promises of love, finally maneuvered her into an epic romp in the hay. But then the gorgeous newcomer's heart broke when she learned that the horndog had met one of her neighbors, a TV and movie actress, and bedded her within the hour. The actor demanded his high-priced screenwriter blow off the script deadline so the writer could instead help the dumped womanizer write love letters to regain the devotion of his miffed lover. This worked for the time being, but expect all hell to break loose when the loverly girl sees that one of her forgiven boyfriend's costars in that big movie is none other than her very own neighbor, whom he's still shagging on the side.

PK ADDS to keep this straight:
Male star:

65. NY POST/PAGE SIX...04/11
WHICH titled British lady - recently tossed from a fancy wedding she'd tried to crash - is so broke that every time she flew to America, she'd make an insurance claim for stolen property? Scam worked fine until authorities in England started to investigate ...

WHICH hot young Broadway actress, imported from Britain, is having an affair with a compatriot supermodel? This is not the first same-sex encounter for either of them, but there doesn't look to be much future in the sapphic union.

WHICH clinging-to-the-closet actor is trying to combat rumors he's gay by divulging to reporters - off-the-record - the steamy details of his trysts with a teenaged Amsterdam hooker? ...

66. NY POST/PAGE SIX.. 04/16
WHICH sexy songstress could barely contain her shock when a fellow female singer put the moves on her at a recent industry shindig? The aggressor boldly stroked the exposed leg of her prey, who was dressed in a slit-to-there gown.

67. NY POST/PAGE SIX.. 04/18
WHICH designer has been sending two of his gofers to the Port Authority Bus Terminal to proposition young call-boys, after dating services around town, alarmed by his growing substance abuse, cut him off? "The situation had just become repulsive," says a source

WHICH British actor declined a role in a big Broadway drama because he was so sick of being hit on by the play's predatory star during the show's run in London?

68. STAR  MAGAZINE....04/21
This Hollywood star has it all - a hit show, a dreamboat for a boyfriend and a big bank account - she's addicted to marijuana. Her new hunky man not only turned this sweet girl on to the finer things in life, but also to the joys of getting stoned. Recently she reported to the set so wasted that she smashed her $75,000 car into the studio gates. It was covered up, but worried pals are urging her to get help.

69. GLOBE.....04/21
This handsome young movie stud could have any girl he wants. But during a recent stay at a BevHills hotel he entertained a stream of hookers in his suite all night long....while his mom was snoozing right next door!

Is all that head-turning just a screen queen's way of diverting the camera's attention from the recent botched job done on her famous face? Or does she just realize that, after her most recent bomb, a moving target is harder to hit?

What actress prides herself on having carnal knowledge of every good-looking actor on her movie sets? Wedding bands and children do not deter this vixen, who is gaining quite the bad rep in Hollywood --and, now, Miami.

72. AGC BLIND ITEM, 04/19
What consenting actor (while filming in Ireland) and well known Irish dramatist (a very out and proud gay), along with two gay friends, negotiated their way out of trouble when they were were cautioned by the Irish Police during a visit to a park late at night which is a notorious homosexual haunt. They had not had time to succeed in their mission before the police cautioned them and escorted them from the park.

And confidentially this star is sleeping with his assistant - a guy, not a girl! Apparently they embarrassed one well known actress when they slept together at her house after a dinner party one night. The star made a big deal at the end of his London stage run in thanking his assistant - he repeated the same sentiments when he won a recent award - a bit over the top to thank your secretary unless they are someone special in your life, don't you think?!

73. Filth2Go.....04/01
Could it be that a certain friendly hunk has a closet filled with skeletons? Well, one particularly talkative skeleton who is still living in NYC. This chatty male is reminding everyone in the Big Apple that he and his pock-marked paramour were lovers for several years - just before our meandering stud became a hot property (after deciding to use his middle name professionally, rather than what friends still call him - Billy). Are they still in contact? The former partner grinned devilishly when I asked this question and said, "Well, everyone lays over in New York". Even me.

74. NY POST/PAGE SIX... 04/27
WHICH exiled Euro prince is making ends meet by pimping for an Italian-born real estate mogul? The royal, who lives in one of the tycoon's co-ops, finds pretty young things who are willing to put out in exchange for a free pad. What they don't know is that he expects them to perform girl-on-girl shows. He likes to watch ...

WHICH New York baseball player wrecked his marriage at the end of last season when he went off on a trip with an old sweetheart?

75. Filth2Go......04/26....#1
Could it be that a certain actor who plays gay professionally as well as personally sometimes plays it straight publicly? I don’t wanna name names, but seems that every time this guy shows up at a function, he’s either "stag" (which, I hear, is how he’s hung) or clutching the hand of his female date for dear life – he was even seen making out on stage with his female co-star. Regardless of these straight pretenses, I still got that little extra squeeze when we were introduced – and we all know what that means.

76. Filth2Go..... 04/26....#2
Could it be that a certain sitcom star from yesteryear enjoys playing with other boys? If not, he certainly enjoys watching them, since he has racked up quite an account in the gay porn section of his local video store. At least he doesn’t share the notoriety (and rap sheet) of his younger TV sibling or the receding hairline of the older one. This seems to be a case of the apple not falling far from the sitcom family tree.