July and August 1999

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1.STAR MAGAZINE....07/06
"This handsome European star has been around a long time but his popularity never fades. Nor does his libido. He loves to go on location far from the prying eyes of his longtime wife becasue he can sneak in some hanky-panky. The girls still loves him. Lately his behavior has become more reckless. He's having an affair with the widow of another show-biz legend. They've had rendezvous in L.A., New York, and London, and his wife is sure to catch wind of it soon. Won't she be shocked to find that her new rival is the same age she is!"

"Despite having a drop-dead gorgeous girlfriend, this young East Cast actor takes advantage of his good looks and fame. Not only is he constantly hitting on beautiful women, but this guy's been having an ongoing romance with one of his co-stars for well over a year now. He comes to charity functions and spends all his time flirting with actresses and trying to get their phone numbers. At a recent event, he showed up drunk and used very explicit language to the women he was hitting on. So far, the dude's been able to keep his extra activity private, but he'd better be careful, because one day it's all going to catch up with him."

3. GLOBE .....7/06.... #1
"This young TV heartthrob gives female fans more than just an autograph - he flies them in from all over the U.S. for SEX! He regularly gets nudie pix and sizzling letters from lusty gals and personally phones those he thinks are trystworthy."

4. GLOBE 07/06.....#2
"Which on-again, off-again married couple were spotted prowling an L.A. gay bar looking for a young hunk to join them in a torrid bedroom threesome? Their kinky plans fizzled when all the guys turned them down.

"Psst! Ican't name names right now, but can you guess which grownup child star is dating another grownup child star -- and they're both GUYS?! The clean-cut duo's teen gal fans would be, like, gagging in shock if they knew about the odd coupling. So the boys' horrified handlers are pushing with both hands to keep the closet doors shut!"

6. GLOBE....07/13
"This film superstar is so desparate to have a baby by her new husband that she's secretly resorted to a treatment banned in America. The beautiful actress, in her 40's, has been traveling outside the U.S. for injections of material extracted from aborted fetuses!"

7. STAR MAGAZINE....07/13
"He plays one of the nicest guys on TV, but this young actor's private life is nothing like his character's. When the camera stops rolling, he pulls on his chaps and heads for the seedy side of Hollywood where he parties at hard-core gay leather bars. He uses his fame to entice guys into having anonymous sex. He was temporarily banned from one bar when he was seen fooling around with two guys in a bathroom stall. Friends fear he's risking his career -- and his life -- with his behavior."

"Castmates and viewers alike are in for quite a shock when this daytime diva returns from her summer vacation. She told co-stars she had some family gatherings to attend, but in actuality, she had an appointment with one of the best plastic surgeons around. Even though the lady was looking pretty darn good, she decided to have a complete face lift. During the past year, her show has not only hired several beautiful actresses but also paired her with a younger leading man. She's a smart woman and knows that actors must maintain their looks to keep going in this business."

9. GLOBE....07/20
"This TV funnyman is shattered after learning his former longtime love has fallen so low she's working as a hooker. He fears she'll end up dead and wants to help her -- but his new wife has warned him that if he gets involved with the girl, she'll divorce him."

"PSST! Can you guess which hunky movie actor collasped on a bar stool at Hollywood's Viper Room -- and crashed his head down on the bar so hard he bloodied his nose? The drunk-as-a-skunk star had to be carried upstairs to sleep it off on an office couch until morning."

11. STAR MAGAZINE....07/20
"This popular TV star wants the world to think he's a happily-married family man with a G-rated life. Not true! Actually, he's addicted to hookers and likes to play rough. During one sex session he got so carried away that his paid partner was left covered with bruises! She was angry and he was scared of a lawsuit so he offered her a small part on his show. She turned him down and made it clear she preferred cold hard cash. She had to threaten to take the story public before he finally coughed up $25,000 in hush money."

"This hot young West Coast actor showed up a recent East Coast industry event with a gorgeous woman on his arm. He took her to all the parties and made it known she was his girlfriend. However, what everyone didn't know, including the girlfriend, was that he'd also brought someone else with him. Yes, the actor is a two-timer. He may have spent the days with his beautiful 'girlfriend', but he spent his nights with someone else. He'd better be careful not to get caught because his girlfriend would be very upset to know that her competition is a guy."

13. TED CASABLANCA....07/08
Let's see, let's see, let's see...There is this movie star couple. One of them has received an Oscar--but I won't say which one--and they have a habit of getting intimate with people they find sexually attractive. Now, they're not overly kinky. If this couple asked me, I'd have a hard time saying no, but I would.

14. HINT MAGAZINE....07/08
Which American model was so caught up with the patriotic spirit on the 4th of July that she had to be admitted to a hospital in Miami for alcohol poisoning? We hear the bilge from the stomach pump was pure red, white and blue.

15. Filth2Go.....07/05
Could it be that a former soap stud (who may be strong enough for a man, but is made for a woman) should have been a bit more careful when he was cheating on his off-screen wife with his on-screen wife? Now it’s common knowledge that this couple hooked up on the set and ran off to the West Coast, leaving their soap and their previous romantic involvements back East. But you may be wondering how the real-life wife found out? Well, they say that the wife is always the last to know, and that was definitely true in this situation. I’m told that while her husband was at work, this faithful wife went to see her doctor for a nasty itch she had "down below". Nothing says "See ya" like a nasty case of crabs!

16. Filth2Go.....07/07
Could it be that a certain deluxe daytime diva is homophobic? So say the wagging tongues backstage who have a bird’s eye view of the portly one in action. At first, they overlooked her little comments about certain gay staff members as a pathetic attempt at humor. These insiders even took her avoidance of gay fans as our starlet simply being uppity (she’s known to be quite full of herself, and that’s pretty damn full). But just witness every time a gay subject is mentioned on the gabfest she co-hosts, and it’s mighty difficult to dismiss our missy miss rolling her eyes, getting that disgusted look on her face, and saying something about how she has only straight male friends. Keep it up, honey, and you won’t have many friends left, to say nothing of your job (she wouldn’t be the first one to be dumped for saying the wrong thing to the wrong person).

This young son of one of the most rapacious forces in the entertaiment world is already earning a rep as an out-of-control monster. It doesn't help that his parents induldge his every demand, including the right to choose his dates from head shots borrowed from one of the town's mightiest theatrical agencies. The kid also drops his father's name at the hottest clubs and restaurants so that doormen and maitre d's will sweep him to the front of the line. Other way-too-rich Hollywood parents won't let their little darlings hang around the brazen brat, but they won't speak up to the punk's papa either. The million dollar question: what's he going to be like when he turns 17?

You've got to feel for the beautiful, aspiring actress daughter of that glamourous showbiz semi-legend and hyphenate. Mom never seems to miss a day of work, even though she spends most of her waking hours in a pot-and-alcohol-fueled stupor. The daughter's got her mom beat: she never seems to miss a night of notorious bed hopping, club crawling and heroin shooting in the diviest of dives in L.A. and New York. Tension between the two screwups reached an all-time high when the daughter paid her mommy an unannounced visit only to find the woman panting through a passionate menage a trois, which included Mummy's live-in stud and the daughter's very own 19-year-old singer boyfriend.

19. STAR MAGAZINE....07/27
"This much-admired, Oscar-winning actor has temporarily relocated from Hollywood to New York to work on his latest project. Staffers at the elegant hotel where he's staying were startled to see that their famous guest took a fancy to the sleazy X-rated gay strip clubs located just down the block. The guy spends night after night ogling the muscular dancers and invites them to his suite for fun and games. Hotel employees pretend to look the other way when he sneaks upstairs with his latest stud -- but they know what he's up to.

"This West Coast actor has let the little fame he's gotten go to his head -- in a big way. Since joining his soap about two years ago, he's been telling his castmates that he's constantly getting offers to do prime time and movies but can't because of his contract with the show. Now, he's even hired a personal publicist who tells soap magazines that the actor is no longer doing interviews for them because he doesn't want to be known as a soap star. Funny, but we've yet to see anything on him in other 'acceptable' publications. Meanwhile, his castmates are all laughing at this nobody who thinks he's a big star. The most interesting part of the story, though, is that he recently re-signed with the show, with no demands for more money or special perks. Unusual for someone who claims to have so many offers coming his way."

21. GLOBE....07/27
"This married movie star had a gay old time with SIX guys while on a visit to a Pacific island. The group started the night partying at a bar where they got drunk, then stripped and started hugging, etc. (and we DO mean etc.!) right in the bar before disappearing together. What would wifey have said if she'd seen the boys trickling out of her man's hotel suite early the next a.m.?"

"PSST! Eye can't name names now, but can you guess which two red-hot movie sexpots can't STAND each other? The blonde and brunette are all kissyface while the cameras are rolling, but in real life they don't even want to be in the same room. When the blonde found out she was booked on a cross-country flight with the brunette, she canceled her reservation and took a later flight!"

23. Filth2Go...07/12...#1
Could it be that a famous funny gal has her goons patrolling AOL chats for any mention of their boss’ sexuality? One lady found out the hard way when she mentioned in passing that her girlfriend was an ex of the Nice One. The next day, she got three anonymous phone calls asking if she was the owner of the AOL screen name which had been discussing this sensitive issue. When she confirmed, the person hung up. This snappy cowgirl *69ed the calls and found out that they originated from the comic’s production office. Then she got a call from an attorney who warned her that she had best refrain from discussing other people’s sex lives on line unless she wanted to get sued. Seems "someone" pulled some strings at AOL to find out this user’s private information and, honey, that ain’t rosie. Rosie O'Donnell

24. Filth2Go....07/12....#2
Could it be that when you buy certain bits of celebrity memorabilia online, you could be buying from the celebrities themselves? Witness the plethora of items on eBay from a certain ultra-diva that have suddenly popped up. I’d be convinced that these items were simply owned by a big fan, but how many fans own this chanteuse’s personal books, clothes, and furnishings? What I love is that she’s selling her record collection, because some of those records have the music that makes me dance. Talk about getting stuff second-hand.

The Split. The bust-up of that longtime, high-profile, big bucks relationship could get lots uglier than you’d ever dream.

The couple with a mania for privacy will no doubt be horrified if their high-living friends spill the beans on his constant playing-around with other women on every continent, his violent and unprovoked outbursts during which he has smashed luxury cars, precious antiques and threatened their kids.

Then, there’s his longtime obsession with hiring private eyes and handsome young trainers and masseurs to either catch his mate in or entice her into flings that never seem to happen.

Friends wondering why she put up with all the crap over the years keep saying it’s all about the money -- but it’s more about the abusive relationship she put up with from her father and recreated with her life partner.

26. NY POST/PAGE SIX....07/15
WHICH network news star, who appears to be in love with his wife, makes regular visits to the Upper West Side apartment of a tall, blonde dominatrix? She has another prince of a client with royal blood ...

WHICH record mogul who campaigns against harsh drug laws was a drug dealer himself - as a teenager at a private school, he stashed "nickel bags" of marijuana in his guitar case ...

WHICH insurance company is buzzing about the CEO's in-office affair? Married and a mom, she rocketed up the corporate ladder and reports to him directly.

This was sent to me from a very reliable source...thought you might enjoy it...

**I just heard thru the grapevine that the TV star of a other wordly type show who has a thing about his *autograph* just had a production person fired for selling said signature on EBAY. The producer of the show was so mad and even worse, paranoid wondering what else is out there. He is super secretive in his personal and work life and wants to keep it that way. The production person made big bucks on the sale of this pilfered stuff and is scared of legal action and more...afraid he will never work in this town again. He could be right, he messed with the wrong producer.

PSST! Can you guess which Oscar-winning action star is fast getting a reputation as a cradle robber? "He's literally got a different cutie -- always very young -- up to his home every night of the week, " says a Hollywood insider. The aging actor should have a bumper stiker that reads: So many girls, so little time!

29. GLOBE.....08/03
"Was this young hunk axed from his series because he was too openly gay? The handsome guy was hot, hot, hot on TV until he started cruising Hollywood gay bars hand in hand with another actor. Word apparently got back to his show's execs and they said, Seeya! (Now he's got plenty of free time to cruise.)"

30. Filth2Go....07/26
Could it be that a certain long-whispered-about former soap actor is inching closer and closer to his closet door? Make that two closet doors and two actors. There’s the scruffy one who’s ready for prime time and is trying to kick that nasty addiction. Sources tell me that once his show goes south, he’ll give up the pretense and be himself 24/7. Then there’s the other one who is as busy as a beaver, but has never been near one. Although you have to pay to see him play gay for pay, he’s pretty open about really being gay for free. Witness his making the rounds of both the gay and indie film festival circuits to help promote the features he’s involved with. Ironically, he keeps getting cast as a gay man. I guess coming out may be unnecessary.

31. Filth2Go....07/26
Could it be that a certain entertainment reporter was axed because his sexual proclivities became known? That’s the buzz on the Internet. The claim is that this big blond hunk of a guy decided to drop his straight charade and was dropped by his show. However, if you look at the facts, you’ll see that two other reporters were also dumped, and neither of them is gay. I’ve made some phone calls and found out that the blond one (who’s really not a blond…don’t ask me how I know) isn’t any more discreet now than he was when he publicly linked himself to that Playboy Playmate. You just can’t trust idle tongues when they start to wag (or is that wagge).

32. GLOBE....08/10
"You'll be shocked to learn this popular young actress, who's got a likeable image, had a teenage cashier fired -- just for asking for her autograph! Ms. Big Star kicked up a fuss and demanded to speak to the store manager. She hissed: 'How dare an EMPLOYEE waste my time.' Now the poor cashier, who needed the job, is out of work."

33. STAR MAGAZINE....08/10
"When his marriage got shaky, this popular actor started running with a hard-core Hollywood crowd of rich, middle-aged sex addicts with one thing on their minds -- large quantities of young women. An Arab billionaire was a fan of the actor and invited him and half-a-dozen friends to his palace for a week of fun and games. Mountains of Viagra were consumed and each guy had his own "harem" of beauties imported from around the world. After that week of total debauchery, it's no wonder the marriage collapsed."

"PSST! I can't name names, but can you guess which older blond TV personality is secretly seeing a top rap star? But we've got some news for her -- the rap man is bouncing from bed to bed, and has gotten at least eight gals pregnant at the same time! This guy is so busy, the stork's gonna get carpal tunnel syndrome in his wings delivering babies!"

35. STAR MAGAZINE....08/10
"This East Coast actor has always wanted to try his hand at directing. When he re-signed with his show last year, it was agreed that he could just watch and learn how at one of the network's other soaps. But this actor has a big ego and can't help himself. He might not say anything on the soundstage, but between scenes he rushes down to the actor's dressing rooms to give them tips. Most of the actors are polite and listen to what he has to say. But this guy made a big mistake when he told the show's top star that everything she was doing was wrong. The usually polite actress told him exactly what he could do with his advice. Now he keeps his mouth shut. Smart fellow."

An actress who is notorious for bedding her movie co-stars told Cosmo: "I always get to the set and start checking out my co-star to see if he'll be a good fit. I mean, am I going to have to kiss this guy--and more. So you have a drink and tell each other a little about yourselves, and you start to loosen up. I never think it'll lead to sex, but then, when you kiss him the next time for a scene and he puts his tongue in your mouth, you start to let down even more of your guard. Eventually, you're rolling around in bed in front of the crew, and while you are not aroused then, you can imagine how good it might feel if you were alone."

Another actress: "Every single time I start a film, I swear to myself that I'm not going to sleep with any of the actors. I've done it enough times to know it never works out. But I recently did a film in Prague. I felt very isolated and lonely, and before I knew it, my costar and I started sleeping together. The film was really intense, and I began believing that I was madly in love with him. I started telling all my friends back home how great he was, and they were warning me that I was making a big mistake, because he had a history of dating then dumping his costars. I didn't know how right they were until we returned to the States, and when I called his number, he had changed it! I was so humiliated--and then, when we the movie came out, I had to do a month of press with him. By then he was sleeping with his new costar, and I had slept with another of mine."

An actor who has been married for 7 yrs to an actress he met on a film: "If you're looking for a fling, then you're in an ideal job as an actor, because their is always someone available. So I never, ever take it past flirting with my costars. I bring my wife along if she's not working, but even if she is, I make it clear that I am not available. My wife does the same thing, and the funny thing is that we've made some really great friends in this business since we've been married because the connections aren't all about lust."

An actress: "I did a movie a few years ago with an actor I was not enamored with. But there was another actress on the film and I realized that if she slept with him, their scenes would be better than mine. God help me, I slept with him first so our chemistry would be great! Did I feel good about it? No. Were out scenes hot? You bet. I couldn't wait for the movie to be over so I didn't have to see him again, but I was hired for a new film because I was so hot in that one!"

37. NY POST/PAGE SIX.....08/02
WHICH sultry MTV news sweetie was spotted engaging in a passionate game of tonsil-hockey with an equally fabulous member of the same sex recently on a West Village street? ...

WHICH editor of a magazine -who may lose his job soon as those in the know continue to predict the publication's demise - is doubly troubled because his longtime girlfriend just told him to beat it?

38. Filth2Go.....08/02
Could it be that a certain blond stud of yesteryear was a better actor than any of us thought? Oh, sure, we always figured that he had to be gay, or at the very least bi. I mean, how many straight men perm and bleach their hair? And yet, he got married and to this day seems relatively happy with his wife, kids, and churning out the occasional direct-to-video potboilers. And that couldn’t be an act – after all, we’ve seen him act, and he’s painfully bad. But now comes the revelation from one of my close porn buddies that he was regularly hired by this "actor" for "male companionship". From what I hear, if the actor in question had his druthers and could take one person with him to a deserted island, it would be another man. Well, who could blame him? His last island mate wasn’t all that foxy.

39. STAR MAGAZINE.... 08/10
This actor can't sem to do anything right. when he burst onto the HOllywood scene in his first starring role, he became an instant antihero. His secy offbeat looks made him a worldwide star. After a few great films, he got very involved in the Hollywood drug scene and his career declined. He was forced to do B movies to pay the bills. After years of downsliding, he declared himself clean and fit to act again. He was given a fabulous comeback role in a new movie with major co-stars. But he showed up for work "in a drug stupor" and was fired for doing heroin. End of comeback.

This popular leading actor may play a tough character on daytime TV, but in real life, he has a bad case of "stage fright." He refuses to go to fan events unless a co-star comes along. One event started a half hour late because the actor was backstage -- terrified of meeting the public. When he finally makes it out to the crowd, he sits there like a zombie. His co-star friend takes over and tells him what to do. When fans ask him questions he turns to his co-star for guidnce on how he should answer. This fearful fellow even refuses to sign autographs because his hands hsake so badly from fright. Instead he opts to take photos with his adoring fans.

41. GLOBE .....08/10
Stardom has turned this laidback TV newcomer into a Frankenstein monster. Set sourcese say he screams at the crew, demands more on-camera time than his co-stars, and sulks in his dressing trailer when he doesn't like his lines . The guy also constantly whines his show is "stupid". . even though he'd be a dead broke nobody without it.

Twinkle, Twinkle, Big-Ass Star. Tongues are wagging about that striking beauty's strange behavior.

Sure, she seems to have movie offers pouring in and, sure, she's always out on the town looking provocative. But the glamorous pepper pot shocked Hollywood premiere types by pulling a Norma Desmond the other night.

After preening and posing for the paparazzi on the red carpet, she wandered dazed and moony into the women's bathroom where she stared at herself in the mirror for so long, it attracted the attention of all the other Tinseltown ladies.

Others whisper that during the screening of the film, she muttered continuously to herself, not to her handsome, sexy date.

Drugs? Booze? No, just a very public outbreak of the schizy behavior that only gets worse the more famous she gets. Next stop: the bughouse.

Psst! I can't name names right now, but can you guess which girl-next-door star of a TV drama series is having kinky sexcapades with a snarling gangsta rapper? Seems Miss Goody Two-Shoes is into leather, odd sex toys and bedroom behavior too gross to describe in a family newspaper!

43. Filth2Go
Could it be that the son of a late legendary performer was arrested in LA trying to buy drugs from an undercover cop? Not only that, but he couldn’t make bail. The suspect, who is reportedly not playing with a full deck as it is, tried to call one of his two sisters, but she didn’t have the money (funny, you’d think that her book would have brought in a few bucks). He then begged the cops for a chance to call his other sister, but as luck would have it, she was in rehab at the time. At the last minute, a family friend came through with the bail money, and all’s well. And how’s the sister in rehab? Once again, she claims that she’s fine, but let’s just say that she and her brother both inherited something from Mama.

--Could it be that a certain daytime television talk show hostess has had her popular commercials pulled from the air? Kinda. They are indeed off the air, but she had nothing to do with their disappearance – the network did. Seems that the brass didn’t like seeing their resident funnygal hawking goods. She, of course, didn’t mind the extra exposure because a nationwide commercial is worth big bucks. The network coughed up some “incentive” for her and the advertiser, even offering to pay for a new commercial as long as it didn’t feature one of its stars. Perhaps the network could see if a certain blonde (who’s probably suffering from heartburn herself) is available!

44. STAR MAGAZINE....08/24
This award-winning actress has a sweet face and a naughty secret. She's kinky in the bedroom and her recurring fantasy is to have a man wear women's panties she orders from raunchy lingerie stores in Hollywood. When she's feeling adventurous, seh'll buy identical pairs -- one for her and one for her bed partner. Not surprisingly, she's unlucky in love. Most of her dates find the panty experience a blow to their masculinity and don't call back.

45. GLOBE....08/24
This superstar singer is so paranoid that someone's out to murder him, he gets an aide to wipe all his plates with lime juice - to test them for arsenic! If the poison is present, the juice will turn black. Ah, but can he really trust the plate wiper?

46. GLOBE....08/24
I can't name names right now, but can you guess which aging beauty was seen battling a BevHills jewelry store clerk over the weekend? The clerk asked the exTV superstar to please stop banging a very co$tly necklace against the counter -- and the grand dame screamed bloody murder, then THREW the bauble at her. As the actress stormed out, she snapped at a gaping customer: "What the hell are you looking at?" The snide response: "Not much, lady."

47. NY POST/PAGE SIX...08/13
WHICH Oscar-winning New York-based actor threatened violence on an elderly actress if she ever revealed they were once lovers many, many years ago while they were in acting school together? Having seen his movies, she believed him

WHICH legendary playwright is trying to keep the lid on the story that his prized Modigliani is a fake? It's embarrassing for a supposedly savvy New Yorker to admit he'd been fooled for so many years ...

WHICH set designer has been milking the system getting subsidized rent, food stamps and Medicaid while he makes beaucoup bucks off the books? And this cheat's about to gain his American citizenship.

48. Filth2Go.....08/16
Could it be that a certain “actress” mentioned in this column is a bit perturbed by her co-star’s resemblance to “her”? More to the point, audiences seem to respond more effusively to the facsimile of the actress than to the actress herself. This thrilled our good girl even less than when she saw the finished print of the film and felt that she was being mocked – right down to her lip-liner! She refused to pose with the co-star and agreed to do promotional interviews only if the other actor was far away – like in Peru!

--Could it be that Carnie Wilson ain’t the only has-been rocker going under the knife? This record-breaking woman of rock feels that age has crept up on her – and landed on her face. Since her reunited band just got word that one of their semi-new songs will be used in an upcoming feature, the band’s management quickly scheduled a video shoot, news that left our gal panicky. She made an emergency call to an LA plastic surgeon and got a quickie Botox treatment to erase the ravages the crows left with their feet. Now she definitely looks like she’s still got the beat.

49. NATIONAL EXAMINER .....08/31
People swoon when this hundy adventure film star comes close - not because he's so hadnsome, but because they're overcome by his horrible body odor. At a recent movie premiere the blond actor's stench was so bad that two other stars sitting behind him got up and moved! Brad Pitt, Val Kilmer

50. STAR MAGAZINE....08/31
This young movie actress has it all - model looks, a cute boyfriend, a red-hot career and a major drinking problem! She's fairly new in Hollywood but has already developed a reputation as a box-office draw and as a drunk. The make0up man on her last movie had to work overtime to conceal the ravages of her late-night drinking binges. Even her party pals are worried and urged her to think about rehab before her career evaporates. Cameron Diaz

51. GLOBE.....08/31
This movie heartthrob is trying to buy off a woman who claims she's expecting his child. Sources say he's offered her a car, a house and $4,000 a month just to leave him alone. The actor really resents the gal's claim that she was his girlfriend. In fact, says a pal, she was just a one night stand.

52. Filth2Go...06/23
Could it be that one of today’s most popular (and rumored-about) pop stars has a secret? He’s got several, but this one hasn’t made its way into the tabloids – yet! It’s about his hair. Oh, sure, we’ve discussed his chest hair and his beard, but what about the hair on his head? I was chatting with someone in the know who tells me that he has performed top-secret coloring on this swivel-hipped fool – so good, in fact, that you’d never know. I’m gonna have to look up how you say Grecian Formula in Spanish! Ricky Martin

--Could it be that two of Hollywood’s most-talked-about gay men will be coming to the small screen together? Yes, and they’ll be playing love interests – just not each other’s (yes, there’s a clue in this sentence)! One of these actors is out and proud. The other vacillates between growing and shaving a beard, but keeps one handy for public appearances. Now, hush your mouth – no telling who this looker is.

53. STAR MAGAZINE....09/07
This aging actor is the less successful half of a Hollywod power couple. When he married his actress wife, he was the bigger star but now she's on the A list and he's lucky to get an occasional role. When his wife is away on a movie location, he hires a bevy of hookers to make him feel like the star he once was. As a prelude to sex, he happily acts out scenes from his more memorable movies. The gals are thrilled -- they charge by the hour and his theatrical productions have been known to last half the night. Dennis Quaid & Meg Ryan, Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, Warren Beatty and Annette Benning

I can't name names now, bu can you guess which two married megastars got into a titanic tiff in a Bev Hills store's parking lot -- over a TOY! Their son wanted the plaything, but Pop screamed at Mom: "I"m not buying that kid everything he wants!" She screamed back: "Getting stuff is what being a kid is all about!" Meanwhile, the kid stood patiently waiting for them to open the door of their own toy: a spiffy Mercedes! Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, John Travolta and Kelly Preston, Jim Cameron and Linda Hamilton

55. GLOBE.....09/07
This once flabby funnyguy is boasting how great he looks after peeling off pounds. But pals are whispering that the former druggie didn't do it the old fashioned way through diet and exercise - he's back on cocaine. Drew Carey, Tom Arnold, Bobcat Goldthwaite

56. Filth2Go.....08/30
Could it be that Billy has seen a certain “out” hunk twice in the Big Apple? Not only has he been out and about, but so have his clothes! Yes, this lad about town hit the club scene two different nights but had on the exact same ensemble both times (trust me, I was close enough to check)! Clearly, it’s one of the favorite outfits he’s bought in the past year, because I doubt that this boy would rent. Personally, I liked the ensemble he wore in his last film this summer – virtually nothing. Rupert Everett

--Could it be that a certain child star of yesteryear has been making clandestine rounds of New York bathhouses? Although I’ve personally seen him only once, rumor has it that this sissy boy makes a habit of looking for love in all the wrong places. If you see him out, don’t let on you know who he is. I’m told that he denies it anyway and starts speaking with an accent (perhaps French). Oh, that’s enough clues. One more? OK – if you do happen to hook up with him, I’m told that he’s insatiable. It takes quite a bit to make him say “Uncle”. Johnny Whittaker