January and February 1999

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1. STAR MAGAZINE..... 01/05
This handsome one-time Hollywood legend has fallen out of favor due to his bad behavior and bad attitude. Now he's one of the most unpopular guys in town. Since his willing fans are long gone, he's turned to hookers to give his ego a boost. But even the working girls are repulsed at the thought of being with him. Not only does he want sex but he wants them to act likes fans and dish out the admiration and flattery! He's so desperate for ego inflation that he doesn't realize the call girls charge him three times the normal rate.

2. COSMO...01/03
In the January issue of Cosmo there is an article called The Secret Lives of Hairstylists. Stuart Gavert, owner of Gavert Atelier in L.A., offers up this tidbit:

"This famous TV actress whose hair I styled was engaged to a high-profile executive. The executive was also seeing a 23-year-old client of ours. Not only were the two women often in the salon at the same time, they would also be on the phone with him at the same time! To top it off, the two-timing guy would tell his girlfriend how his fiancee was in bed, then the girlfriend would tell me the details--like what noises my actress client made during sex."

3. Filth2Go......01/04
Could it be that a certain swashbuckler is whispered to have unbuckled and swashed with one of his very out (and very cute) co-stars? I'm not naming names (a phrase which sounds both redundant and familiar), but I will say that the tryst in question was very brief and not wholly satisfying - although he did get the whole kitt and kaboodle. Not surprising, our hero has kept his personal life cloaked in mystery and prefers to remain mum on his own sexuality. That's "mum", as in the Queen Mum!

4. NY POST/PAGE SIX....01/05
WHICH still succulent model - who now runs a health food restaurant - was explaining how to strut on a catwalk one morning at 6 a.m. while she crawled on all fours trying to seduce a Scandinavian rock star?

WHICH Barbara Stanwyck biographer, intent on outing the '40s screen star, almost dropped the book in despair when nearly everyone she interviewed said Stanwyck was a die-hard hetero.

5. NY POST/PAGE SIX.....01/06
WHICH assistant to a seemingly very hetero hip-hop mogul had the bad timing to walk into his boss' office to find the mogul being pleasured by a young man under his desk? ...

WHICH top appointed city official is considered by his East Side neighbors to be "very aloof?" Never exchanges pleasantries while walking his dog - who isn't friendly either. Neighbors are still barking about the time the pooch bit a doorman's pants.

6. STAR MAGAZINE....01/12
In one interview after another this major Hollywood star sings the praises of his current marriage. To hear him tell it, his marriage is peachy keen. So why is he addicted to phone sex? Little does his beautiful-but-not-so-smart wife know he hands out a private cellphone number to starstruck girls. The young lovelies call expecting sweet talk - but all he wants to do is talk dirty! He satisfies himself with phone sex because his last divorce cost millions, so he doesn't want to risk having an affair.

7. GLOBE...01/12
Is the honeymoon over so soon? This wacky sitcom star and his bride of less than a year already felt the need to spice up their marriage with a visit to L.A.'s sex emporium The Pleasure Chest. The newlyweds went on a rampage stocking up on sex toys and kinky leather goods. Could a prescription for Viagra be far behind?

8. NY POST/PAGE SIX....01/13
WHICH still succulent model - who now runs a health food restaurant - was explaining how to strut on a catwalk one morning at 6 a.m. while she crawled on all fours trying to seduce a Scandinavian rock star?

9. STAR MAGAZINE....01/19
Here we go again. This quirty TV star found fame on a hit sitcom but the lure of the Hollywood party scene proved irresistible and he soon found himself addicted to crystal meth, a powerful form of speed. His concerned family forced him into rehab in then nick of time - before he could wreck his career. He beat that addition - only to replace it with another - now he's hooked on Ecstay! there's a reason he appears so happy-go-lucky all the time - he's popping the illegal pills like breath mints. Pals are already contemplating an intervention.

10. GLOBE.....01/19
This Hollywood heartthrob is breaking his girfriends' heart by spending his days in a drugged-out fog. Pals say he starts his morning with marijuana, then switches to harder drugs as the day wears on. His sweetie is begging him to get help, but he won't listen (or is too bombed to comprehend.)

11. MOVIELINE/FEB.....#1
Ever wonder how this modestly talented beauty gets role after role while way more talented girls get stuck on the sidelines? She uses good, old-fashioned back-stabbing to stomp out her competition. On one occasion, she bad-mouthed her opponent to a director just hours before the unsuspecting doll went in for a screen test. She's also known to fill her adversaries' ears with terrible advice that costs them jobs. For laughs, she's urged actresses to offer sexual favors to directors she knows are either strictly gay or strictly family men. And how about the time she stayed up all night to crank call a competitor who the next day had a final meeting for a role both wanted? The evil woman better watch out - those she's set up are comparing notes and plotting against her. Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz, Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock, Penelope Ann Miller

12. MOVIELINE/FEB.....#2
Hollywood cuts a lot of slack to this absurdly overpraised actor/director/producer and he's constantly encouraged to march to the beat of his very own drum. But anyone who's worked with him knows that the quirky, well-meaning guy can barely get from point A to point B without massive doses of antidepressants. He's constantly wriggling out of movies at the last possible moment. When he does work he pulls odd stunts, such as sneaking off to his trailer to curl up in the fetal positon. Call him a wild card, call him an eccentric character, but the guy's an accident just waiting to happen. Woody Allen, Quentin Tarantino, Ben Stiller, Kevin Smith, David Lynch

13. NY POST/PAGE SIX... 01/13
WHICH Hollywood hunk, who had dated one of filmdom's most alluring young actresses, should have closed the shades the other night? The actor didn't realize that some neighbors across the street from his downtown digs caught an eyeful as he put the moves on - yikes - another man ...

WHICH outfielder who recently joined a New York baseball team once held a paycheck worth tens of thousands of dollars for many months? When bookkeepers finally asked him why he hadn't deposited the check, he explained he had been waiting for interest rates to go up .

Hung Jury. When Hollywood's pretty young things grow, inevitably, older and grayer, many disappear from the industry and find gainful employment elsewhere.

So it goes with L.A.'s studly porn stars, too, who have an even briefer shelf life. Even so, Tinseltown insiders were astonished to hear that one retired porn king/hustler has moved over to do that other kind of undercover work.

It's true, Mr. Big is quietly working for one of the top lawyers in showbiz, gathering dirt on celebrities he's known (in the biblical sense) -- in order to give the legal eagle better ballast in winning those many headline-making, entertainment-related lawsuits he handles with such brio.

So certain performers and filmmakers -- they know who they are -- are hereby warned to watch not just where they put their hands, but also be wary of who they're seated next to at tony dinner parties. Mr. Big shows up at the most surprising soirees.

Acclaimed players and big shots who've paid for it once may now have to pay again-- in court! Harry Reams (2), Peter North (1), Paul Beressi (1), Ron Jeremy

15. NY POST/PAGE SIX.....01/15
What A-list B-movie director recently barged into an L.A. ladies' room and invited the shocked occupant (a total stranger) to party with him?

16. STAR MAGAZINE.....01/26
This talented actress has been depressed because her TV show is nothing to brag about, she's never satisfied with her looks, and her love life is lacking. To beat the blues she hosted an exclusive party at her home with a 1980's theme. It was champagne, cocaine and shoulder pads all the way! She transformed one bedroom into an orgy room and kept the coke and champagne flowing. Guests say it was the wildest party Hollywood has seen in years - it cheered her up so much she's planning another one!

17. From Allstarmag ...01/16
What page-turning classic rocker just checked himself into a rehab center? Apparently rock and roll never forgot how to inhale massive quantities of alcohol and cocaine, but concerned friends advised this night mover to seek help -- which he has finally done -- and his fans in Metallica are no doubt breathing a sigh of relief...

What New York billionaire is so worried about someone poisoning him that he had security oversee the preparation of his food at a Palm Beach restaurant?

19. Filth2Go......01/20
From Billy Masters: Could it be that a certain sitcom siren who has her choice of leading men (both on and off screen) prefers the company of women? Although she publicly states that one rather lusty man has claimed her heart, my sources paint a very different scenario – one of multiple same-sex partners for the two of them (and some sharing, but that's a whole other story). The irony is that, although this alliance has helped both of their careers, there is far more gossiping about her mate's predilections. When I tell people that he's gay, I'm often asked, "If he's gay, what about this relationship?". Look at the gal's track record and see if you can spell B-E-A-R-D. I'd even say it to the guy's face, just to see if he could get out of that one!

20. MR. SHOWBIZ......01/20
HANG IN THERE: Things are not going well these days for a certain middle-aged funny guy. I've heard on good authority that he's going through convulsions over his latest film, which is due out in the early summer but hasn't been faring well with research audiences. On top of that, the company releasing the film is going through convulsions of its own, thereby adding to the general torment. But I have faith it'll get fixed. I've taken pleasure from this guy and loved his movies over the last 20 years, and he's just too good to make a bomb. And, no, this isn't a guessing-game item. I don't want to trash the guy, so I won't be revealing his name or the movie.

21. TED CASABLANCA...01/21
How a certain TV star is still living with his boyfriend of many years--despite his recently declared marital intentions that show otherwise. Now, I never would have repeated this tawdriness if it weren't for the fact that the star's (antiquated) actions send a hateful message to those who realize the truth: That he's ashamed of who he really is and who he really loves.

22. GLOBE......01/26
Everybody know this handsome TV leading man is divorced - but he'd probably lose face with his fans if they knew his wife left him for another woman!

23. TED CASABLANCA.......01/23
Does it really bother you that there seem to be a lot of stars who won't admit they're gay? Any coming out soon that you know of?

Ted C: This is a tough question--and it's a good question. It bothers me in one way and not in another. I wish more feature-film males would come out. But believe it's up to each individual person to handle his/her sexuality and come out when they choose think we need to respect those who choose to keep it private. I just don't believe in it. I know of two people who are thinking about it. One in particular, a TV star who has had great succes in the past, has been slowly and gradually living his life more openly and would rather continue doing so. I wouldn't be surprised if he came out soon.

24. NY POST/PAGE SIX......01/24
Which former Giants linebacker grabbed his date and quickly exited the Vault-- the S&M club on West 23rd Street -- when a naked football fan approached himand asked for an autograph?-

Which Hollywood hunk has taken to using the ladies room in his local WestVillage watering hole for quick trysts with random and eager female fans? Staffers at the joint are amused, but his equally famous -- and gorgeous --girlfriend probably wouldn't be?-

Which big record company exec sent an expensive bottle of liquor as a gift toan artist who used to be on his label, unaware that she was off the sauce?

25. Daily Express showbiz column .....01/27
GUESS WHO? which, er, rising young male movie star committed an (admittedly impressive) auto-erotic act on himself in full view of other celebs in the VIP room at a certain London nightclub last Saturday? We'll spare you the details...

26. Hint Magazine.....01/20
Which designer was so desperate to have one of his garish frocks worn by big-name celebrities at the Golden Globe Awards that he resorted to the most hilarious name-dropping since Truman Capote was alive. Memo to designer: when trying to issue ultimatums to already prickly stylists and minders, try some bigger names than Rosie Perez and Margaret Cho...Which male model, inescapable a couple of years ago, has returned after a protracted absence with hair plugs that would put a sportscaster to shame?

27. Hint Magazine.....01/13
***Note..."Chic Happens" is the columnists pseudonym***
Which designer and some time muse caused such a blow-induced riot in Aspen over the holiday break that they had more than one hotel guest convinced that it was snowing more inside than out....On a more innocent note, which model party of three was way out of control the other night at new NYC hotspot Sway? When Chic Happens last saw them the pretty pranksters were playing a frat-house variation of Russian Roulette in which players have to open cans of beer near their face, hoping not to get the shaken one. Oh to have had a camera.

28. Filth2Go.......01/27
Could it be that a certain country heartthrob is spending much of his precious "studio time" throbbing with his "business partner"? Never you mind those rumors of him and that little ole heifer being involved. And forget that interminable engagement to a fiancee who lives clear across the country and whom he's virtually never seen with. Nah,his heart belongs to the man who hurriedly moved out of the house they share. But that didn't last long – you see, this balladeer's built a recording studio right off the garage, and who do you think is his chief engineer and collaborator? BYNGO.

29. STAR MAGAZINE.....02/02
This Grammy nominee has all the girls' hearts aflutter, but little do they know - they don't stand a chance. He's gorgeous but he's deep in the closet. He's careful to surround himself with hulking bodyguards for protection. But it turns out the guards need protection - from their boss. This singer loves pumped-up musclemen - the rougher the better. The macho guards he hires soon learn that the job description includes plenty of hot sex with the boss. Those bodyguards who cooperate are handsomely paid for keeping those pesky girls away from the singer, but they end up "working" around the clock.

30. GLOBE.....02/02 #1
This Oscar-winning older actress has quit relying on exercise to keep slim. Staffers at a posh L.A. hotel watched in shock as she made repeated trips to the ladies' room - to throw up every course of her meal! Can you spell B-U-L-I-M-I-A?

31. GLOBE......02/02 #2
This movie and music superstar is a bit sheepish after a recent trip to Europe - where the aging legend was injected with live sheep cells! Can ewe say YOUTH SERUM?

32.. TED CASABLANCA..... 01/27...#1
Dear Ted:

It drives me up a wall when you dish really good stuff but decline to name names. I understand you don't wanna get sued, but isn't that a big tease? For example, ages ago you mentioned a lesbian TV star who would come out and never did. I am still dying to know, being a diesel dyke myself. Or the "certain TV star still living with his boyfriend..."? Why not have the noggins to mention those names or decline to comment?
Berkeley, California

Dear Jean:

First off, Berk-babe, let me tell you I don't publish anything of the blind chitter-chatter I could. But every once in a while, along comes a heap o' juice I just can't resist loading onto your big ol' 18-wheeler. You do have one, don't you?

Oh, by the by, Jean, did I tell you the one about the big successful hubby of the big successful movie star who's spending more time at the bar than in bed with his wife?

Didn't think so.

33. TED CASABLANCA.... 01/27....#2
So, one of Hollywood's most venerable (and durable) couples is chowing down at some trendy eatery. Cutie-pie waitpeople, that sorta thang--you know the drill.

Gorgeous aproned one goes over to the famous twosome, who have been quietly quarreling--the heat at that table was most decidedly not coming from their entrées.

"Would you like anything else," inquired the attractive server.

"Not for me," the dowager replied, "but my husband would like that waiter over there."

And who said the rich and famous don't have their travails?

(Not moi.)

34. MOVIELINE....01/27
Those Lips, Those Eyes. Trust us, you won’t be seeing this looker on-screen for quite awhile. Strange as it may seem, though she has yet to turn 40, this woman is completely addicted to cosmetic surgery -- the latest bout of which went very, very badly.

Once the black and blues vanished and the swelling stopped, she and her friends were horrified to notice her eyes and mouth looked so badly askew that, when she reported to a top director for a meeting on a new movie, he barely recognized her.

Now she’s got to undergo a whole new round of surgery to correct the corrections -- but what’s the point? She so loathes her naturally spectacular looks that she’ll never be satisfied. And you know what? Her boozing doesn’t help one bit. Though, we’ll concede, if we had that hubby or those kids, we’d drink, too. Demi Moore, Melanie Griffith, Pamela Lee, Michelle Pfeiffer

35. Hint Magazine: Fashion Blind Item.....01/27
The devotees of glamour guru Swami Chidvilasananda, a.k.a Gurumayi, include Sting, Meg Ryan, Phylicia Rashad, hairstylist John Frieda, socialite Mica Ertegun and style editor Ann Jones. But which mega-famous designer was recently refused entry into Gurumayi’s upstate Fallsburg, N.Y. retreat for being “spiritually bereft”?

36. STAR MAGAZINE...02/09
She's one of Hollywood's biggest stars and in her prime she was the ultimate man-eater, but after a string of bad relationships, she's all but given up on men. She's well into her golden years, but still has a raging sexual appetite. Since men can be such a nuisance, she quenches her desires with elaborate sex toys. Her closet is stocked with an arsenal of gadgets that would make a porn star blush. Her interest in sex toys increased after her last romance ended and now the mailman is kept busy delivering odd-size boxes in plain brown wrappers.

37. GLOBE...02/09
This TV star's galpals have been trying to convince her to come out of the closet, but she fears she'd lose her show, like Ellen DeGeneres did.

38. NY POST/PAGE SIX...01/29
WHICH gorgeous, divorced singer-actress is living a lie? She is seen a lot in public on the arm of a handsome NBA bachelor, but he's just "a beard." The man she's really having a torrid affair with is a different hoops star who happens to be married. Her dream lover sneaks around in wigs and glasses to their rendezvous. They are said to be crazy for each other ...

WHICH gay movie actor (male) is having a heated fling with a drug dealer (also male) on West 16th Street? ...

WHICH journalist who defends President Clinton's infidelities is said to have an infidelity problem of his own? Broadway tongues are wagging he's become thisclose to a younger stage director.

39. NY POST/PAGE SIX....02/01
WHICH promising Republican, sometimes mentioned as a presidential hopeful, had better think twice about making a White House run? Party old-timers have not forgotten how he was quietly booted out of a top GOP campaign office in the go-go '80s for dealing coke from headquarters ...

40. MOVIELINE....03/99....#1
Give this minimally talented movie star five more minutes of unearned fame and fortune and, trust us, he's going to blow higher than Vesuvius. One telltale danger sign is that he's spending more than he's earning. His credit cards are practically maxed out from charging toys and expensive call girls. What's worse, though, is that when he adds drugs to the equation, those hookers usually end up beaten to a pulp because he gets frustrated when he can't get it up. How long will it be before one or more of those working girls blabs to the press and blasts his nice-guy facade to smithereens?!? Chris Tucker 2, Adam Sandler

41. MOVIELINE....03/99.....#2
Management at Tinseltown's trés trendy hotel have had it with that reckless party animal. It wasn't the loud noise, frequent visits from call girls or overall bratty behavior that made higher-ups ban him from their hip hideaway. It was the way he flirted with death nightly by indulging in heavy drugs. The last thing the hotel wants is endless tabloid coverage about how this was the last place Mr. Hottie slept!!!

42. Filth2Go...01/11
Could it be that a certain athlete's marriage is a sham? It depends on whose story you listen to. Some say that he and his so-called actress wife are as happy as can be. Others swear that he's still involved with the son of a megastar. I found this rumor hard to swallow - after all, I never even heard that he was dating the son. Suddenly, I remembered that this devoted husband had previously been romantically linked with his alleged boyfriend's mom. Could it be that mom was a beard for her son's boyfriend? Color me shocked!

43. NATIONAL EXAMINER.....12/29...
Which heartbroken movie hunk, who had a well-publicized bust-up with his gorgeous galpal, desperately wants her back--but has a funny way of showing it? While staying in separate rooms at a Miami hotel, he bedded a sexy model-type, then didn't even shower before he went knocking on his ex's door, begging her to reconsider!

44. NATIONAL EXAMINER...1/5/99...
Which bisexual male heartthrob goes to cosmetics counters in exclusive women's boutiques and buys tons of makeup claiming it's for his galpal--but it's really for him? The troubled Hollywood hunk applies the stuff at home and parades around in women's clothes, sometimes giving his gay pals a show. Meanwhile, movie execs have begged him to tone down his gender-bending ways, but the defiant star still sports mascara and lipstick in public.

Pssst! I can't name names now, but can you guess which TV cutie's abusive marriage to an infamous he-man turned her off men completely and put sparks in her eyes just for women? One of her ex's rages was said to have been triggered when he caught her in bed with a female celeb. Now the luscious lovely is practically married to another famous gal as they share an LA mansion.

46. Filth2Go....02/19
Could it be that a certain subject from Billy's Blind Item Hall of Fame is back to his old tricks. More like back to his old haunts looking for some new tricks! Seems that this guy was in NYC and couldn't resist dropping into his old gym, American Fitness. Then he dropped his trademark briefs, dropped into the steam room, and promptly dropped his towel in front of the object of his affection. Although he didn't get into as much kissing as usual, it seems that he's added a thing or two to his repertoire--he still enjoys the pleasure of a man's tongue, but according to my source, this time he liked it on the flip side. He also seemed to enjoy an audience – all that work on the runway must have paid off. Then again, it's kinda damp in the sauna – maybe it felt as if he was back on the set."

47. TED CASABLANCA...02/05
Sarah Michelle Gellar has a coworker who's into three-ways. I know who it is, too, and I'm not gonna tell you. Not even if you pay me one red cent.

48. STAR MAGAZINE....02/16
This comic actor is hilarious onscreen but his wife wouldn't find his off-camera high jinks funny. While filming recently in Nevada he sent production assistants scurrying around town to find lap dancers and hookers to visit him on the set. He hates wasting time between shots so he entertains one gal after another in his trailer. He exits looking so thrashed, makeup and hair people have to redo him for each scene. But the guys on the crew love him - he gives the girls lots of money and passes them on to the crew so they can share in the fun!

What funnyman (and supposed ladies' man) was told by police to move along when he was caught in a compromising position with another man in the Central Park Ramble? Despite the warning, the cop couldn't resist asking for an autograph from the comic superstar, who said, "Under the circumstances, I don't think that would be such a good idea."

50. NY POST/PAGE SIX....02/08
WHICH leading man is furious at his beautiful actress wife because she had an affair making her last movie? Seems she fell for the pitch of her love interest, who hit the proverbial home run. Now the cuckold's spiritual advisors are working overtime ...

WHICH businessman who raises money for Democrats has a little problem? He's married, but he had a young Russian girlfriend on the side, who had a baby three months ago. She says it's his and has gone to court.

What supposedly rehabbed star pulled out a bag of coke at a downtown club and asked the bartender, "Would you cook this up for me?" . . .

52. GLOBE......02/16
This ex-teen heartthrob still hasn't given up his wild ways - even though he's a married dad in his 30s. Our spies say that as soon as wifey leaves the set of his latest movie, his dressing trailer starts rockin' and he...err, entertains up to three girls at a time!

53. NY POST/PAGE SIX...02/10
WHICH voluptuous fashion designer couldn't wait for her boyfriend to arrive on St. Bart's? The night before he landed, she went all the way with a young magazine publisher

WHICH resident of the ritzy Trump International Building is drawing criticism from neighbors for her hands-off approach to raising her months-old infant? The tyke screams bloody murder through much of the night, but mom doesn't hear because she's wearing earplugs ...

WHICH cosmetic surgeon - known for one of the most successful rhinoplasties in history - is negotiating now with a former patient he had sex with? She's claiming harassment. He's afraid of losing his license.

Fat Chance. We can already see for ourselves that this gent’s not handling getting older -- and less successful at the box office -- with anything like good grace. Just how hard is it to go from pin-up hunk to middle-aged has-been? In this case, it’s clearly driven one star round the bend.

While a prominent producer was out of town recently, his wife was home in their L.A. casa. Late one night, she heard the unmistakable sounds of a prowler outside her bedroom window -- feet crunching on pebbles, the swoosh of a tree branch being bent -- and quickly double-checked that the security system was on. In any event, nothing more happened -- there was no attempt at a break-in. When she told her husband the story, he thought it was probably just a dog wandering the neighborhood.

No sooner had the producer returned home, however, than the exact same thing happened again. Crunch, crunch, whoosh, whoosh. Grabbing his loaded gun, the producer bounded outside to confront the creep. Yes, hiding in the bushes was our fading star. When the producer demanded, at gun point, to know why this fellow was peering in their windows, the nova made up a story about the previous tenant of the house, one of his same-sex boytoys, who he’d heard was in trouble and on drugs. When the producer asked, "If that’s true, why didn’t you just knock on the front door?" our actor didn’t have a reply.

Taking the performer for exactly what he is -- a garden variety Peeping Tom -- the producer said if the actor was ever caught there again, the homeowner would shoot to kill.

We’re left wondering where the celebrity’s wife and family think he goes when he goes when he’s out all evening. Tom Berenger 4, John Travolta, Warren Beatty, Val Kilmer, Patrick Swayze

55. TED CASABLANCA...02/10
Next week, when I pour Tea at 6 ET--you will be attending, won't you?--I will reveal the answer to the following quasi-quiz (quasi-queer that I am):

Which heavily made-up type of gal did one Sarah Michelle Gellar inspire to start carving away at herself, metaphorically speaking, of course?

But, then again, I often mask the blade of my items with metaphors, don't I?


Isn't that moviemaker and family man practically begging to get caught red-handed in his extramarital affair? He's certainly pushing his luck - the dalliance is a virtual replay of last year's adventure, which could have toppled his marriage and dirtied up his carefully maintained public image. Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford, Mel Gibson, Denzel Washington

57. NY POST/PAGE SIX....02/11...
WHICH top boss at a magazine empire has tongues wagging over his frequent trips to California? This exec always takes an attractive female subordinate along on the corporate jet. Whisperers at the water cooler suspect the trips are just an excuse to enjoy deliciously dirty weekends in top hotels.

WHICH business-magazine editor, who keeps a jar of blue jellybeans on his desk labeled Viagra, was called on the carpet for feeling up an underling's wife? The co-workers and their spouses were in a taxi heading to Brooklyn after an office party. The underling later went to the groper's home to get an apology. The groper's boss told him that if it ever happened again, he'd be fired.

58. STAR MAGAZINE....02/23
People assume this big-time athlete has more women than he knows what to do with, but he's awkard about romance. The guy employs a specific woman in major cities like Atlanta, Chicago and L.A. just to set him up with what he romanticizes as 'blind dates." (We call them "sure things.") He calls when he's coming to town and his calendar is filled with rendezvous. The dates are told to expect lots of expensive gifts so they're quite cooperative. Everyone's happy - especially the ballplayer. He's shy because he's embarrassed about not being endowed the way a man his size is expected to be.

59. Filth2go.....02/15
Could it be that one of the small (and big) screen's funniest ladies has a penchant for gay men? Well, for heaven's sake, she married one! Although I believe that they are still legally married, that hasn't stopped her; she is constantly in the company of gay men (then again, so is he!). Lately, she's been telling everyone that she's in love. Hollywood was very happy for her until they realized who her high-powered beau is. Poor thing – she's always the last to know (that's how she became this blind item!).

60. Hint Magazine: 02/17
Which leading male model, who has made a fortune for his agency in the last two years, is shopping around for new representation? The hunk is furious at his booker for telling everyone in ear-shot that he’s ill-educated and that his parents forced him to drop out of school when they were hard up. He may be no Einstein but this cutie has his physics in all the right places, and is smart enough when he’s been disrespected.

61. MOVIELINE..02/20
Yes, another bit o’ hot gossip for you, involving that stage and screen hot momma who’s even madder than the characters she portrays...

Stark, Raving Diva . Just how wacky can it get working with that hugely gifted diva of stage, screen and TV? Ask any of the shaken, jittery survivors of her most recent noisemaker who sing out long and loud about her supreme, one-of-a-kind nuttiness.

When her highness missed a performance and then learned her understudy had gone onstage in the leading lady’s own costume, La Divina bellowed to the rafters that she’d be forced to import her spiritual shaman to exorcise the dress from impure energy and bad vibes. Everyone thought she was kidding, but no: the healing psychic was flown in, and the starry one billed the production for first class, round-trip air fare.

It gets crazier: this ever-on-the-brink nutcase went bonkers one night when she saw a stagehand idly watching her performance from the wings. Unprofessionally, she suddenly raced offstage mid-scene and screamed at the man -- yes, loud enough for orchestra patrons to overhear -- "I can read your thoughts! You are disrupting my performance! No one backstage is ever, ever allowed to look at me!"

Finally, famously, when anyone dared cross her, she would snarl loudly, "Do you know who I am? I’m a fuckin’ star!" Scary? You bet. Worth it? You bet. Betty Buckley, Glenn Close, Bernadette Peters, Stockard Channing, Faye Dunaway

62. STAR MAGAZINE.....03/02
She's one of the richest women in Hollywood so she can afford her weakness for cute younger guys. Her current lover moved right into her mansion and immediately readjusted his spending habits. He doesn't have a job so he uses her name to charge at fancy restaurants and Rodeo Drive shops while she's busy working. He's developed a beer-drinking problem and packed on about 60 pounds. His manners aren't great - sometimes he throws a beer can out the window to get her attention at their pool. But she's addicted to him and pals fear she'll go through with a wedding. Kirstie Alley & James Wilder, Cher and the Bagel Boy, Roseanne and the former bodyguard

63. GLOBE.....03/02
This young TV hunk is a young TV drunk - and his boozing has put his career in jeopardy. He keeps showing up on the set smashed or hungover, and now his furious bosses have given him an ultimatum: Give up the tequila - PRONTO, amigo - or else you're off the show!

64. NY POST/PAGE SIX.....02/21
WHICH fashion oracle - who appears to have an ideal home with a loving husband and kids - has been having a year-long affair with a telecommunications titan who also appears to have a wonderful marriage? This dynamite could really explode ...

WHICH big-mouthed media tycoon, married to a well-preserved West Coast beauty, has been keeping a gorgeous French mistress in a lovenest on East 65th Street?

65. Filth2go....02/22.... #1
Could it be that a certain film hunk who has been making pulses race in boys and girls alike has a secret? Not any more, apparently. This secret doesn't conern his long-speculated-about sexuality (for the time being, those rumors are in abeyance due to his rather hasty nuptials). Instead, it seems that his resurgence can be credited not only to his acting talent and ripped body, but also to his surgically enhanced locks. Yup, without help, this swinger is follicly-challenged. Isn't that typical of me? I compliment his body, his talent, and his looks, and then I rip his hair apart. This guy can't do right by me.

66. Filth2go....02/22..... #2
Could it be that yet another skeleton is coming out of the closet of a former MTV personality? I never know where to begin with this guy (but if he were here, I'd definitely find a place to start). He likes to tell people that he's worked hard to get where he is (wherever that is). But I hear that before he got his first job in the real world, his employment experience was a real grind – as in bump and grind (and I don't mean that he was in the touring company of Fosse). You might think that this means stripping in gay bars. Nothing quite so classy, darlings. Nope, our nice boy was allegedly grinding in private for older men who had plenty of cash to spare – as long as they could decide where to put it (I bet those rolls of quarters were a bitch).