March 1995 thru February 1998

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#1: Perhaps you've read about this duo's romance in the tabloids, so maybe you know that both dumped their showbiz spouses for a chance at *la grande passion*. We're glad they've got their love to keep them warm, 'cause it's very cold around town for this pair since their co-starring movie bombed. Seems both had desperately needed the flick to hit; he, to erase memories of a recent flop in which he played a similar character; she, because she's never been a box-office success. Indeed, feature offers for him evaporated overnight--- and she--deciding to stay at his side in his time of need--blew a big movie role by failing to report for work on location.

#2: Want to know just how much rage that little kid holds for his famous crackpot actor folks, neither of whom could give a damn about him except when posing for photos? Left alone by his nanny for mere minutes in his mother's trailer on location, the little tyke took it into his little head to yank down his little zipper and leave a big yellow stream that ruined thousands of dollars' worth of wigs and costumes.

#3: That big star's shady boyfriend nearly made headlines when the manager of a ritzy Beverly Hills emporium caught him stealing thousands of dollars in merchandise. As if that weren't enough, it was the second time in the same Rodeo Drive store. The manager was set to call the police when his own celeb-mad wife and daughter strolled into the store, recognizing the thief at once as the sexy, no-account studly companion of the star. So they cut a deal, no police if the thief and his famed girlfriend would show the at the couple's upcoming dinner party, introducing themselves as close pals of the daughter's. Which they *did*. We're wondering what'll happen when the light-fingered one strikes *again*.

#4: The recent behavior of that brawny, not-quite-first-rank, Oscar-nominated star has even his closest pals scratching their heads. He's expressed his admiration in public for a certain older Oscar-nominated brawny star, but who knew how deep that admiration went? When our star heard the older actor had checked himself in for rehab, he did likewise, pronto. Next, our fellow underwent a top plastic surgeon's knife---yes, the same surgeon who'd given a major overhaul to the other star. Friends were astounded when their pal came out from under wraps: sure, he looks younger but he also looks uncannily like his hero! Now, won't someone cast the pair as brothers?

#5: This stud's got ample reason to be proud of his manhood, but his compulsive love of showing it off--at interviews, photo shoots, you name it---has finally landed him in hot water. On his last movie, one female producer was so offended by his exhibitionist pranks that she repeatedly warned him to stop. He *didn't*, and she's now engaged a top lawyer to look into filing a sexual harassment suit. Stay tuned.


Here's another Blind Item from the E-Brake Archives:
This barely-out-of-puberty actor was born with a platinum spoon in his mouth: he was blessed with a hefty trust fund, good looks, and talent to boot. He has it all - a fabulous Hollywood Hills bachelor pad, fast cars, money to burn, and a hard-core heroin habit. He's turned his living room into a shooting gallery and gets so sloppy when he's high that he shares needles with anyone. It's only a matter of time before his careless living catches up with him. Friends fear that if he doesn't die from an overdose, he'll surely catch AIDS from a dirty needle.

STAR MAGAZINE...04/22/97....#2
Which sexy middle-aged leading man was sitting at a corner table of his favorite restaurant, chewing on his latest honey's earlobe and kissing her neck and giggling like a teenager, when suddenly, one of the loyal waiters rushed over to tell him that his wife was about to walk through the door? The quick-thinking superstar (he's been in this situation plenty of times before) grabbed his girlfriend's arm and ran into the kitchen and out the back door before his long-suffering wife could see him. The duo rushed into a waiting car and took their romance elsewhere. But this guy - who never gets the girl on screen, but certainly hasn't met one who didn't like him off camera - shouldn't feel like he's pulling the wool over the eyes of his singer wife. She's on to you buddy, so watch out! The missus is about to hit the hotshot hubby with an ultimatum: "Give up your wild ways or you're out and you'll never see your kids or your money again."

STAR MAGAZINE....04/22/97....#3
This stunning actress got the shock of her life when she stepped into the shower after an afternoon of passion with Mr. Oh-So-Hot leading man. When she walked back into the bedroom, she saw the sexy actor sitting on the bed and her fuming husband standing next to him. Hubby demanded to know what this guy was doing in their bedroom. Now the lovers are terrified they are going to recount details of their romance in front of the whole world when the whole sordid mess ends up in divorce court. But the real puzzle piece is why this world-class beauty would be sleeping with this particular actor. They first dated years ago when they were both Hollywood newcomers, but she dumped him after he beat her up so badly she was covered in bruises from head to toe.

STAR MAGAZINE....04/22/97....#4
Guess which network TV reporter nearly cracked up his very, very expensive car? The guy was driving down the road with his wife heading to a dinner with her family. Suddenly, Mr. Reporter gets a call on his cell phone from another famous reporter - who also happens to be his girlfriend. But as soon as she starts whispering sweet nothings in his ear, the wife blows a gasket and begins screaming and punching our fearless reporter. The car starts to swerve and the wife continues to slap him around until they finally arrive at the tension-filled family function. Now the guy is telling pals he's hoping to be assigned to a war zone - it would be safer than living at home.

STAR MAGAZINE...04/29/97
This pretty actress is hopelessly attracted to womanizers. She's always been more successful than her cheating guys and they "punish" her for it. She and her latest guy both had respectable Hollywood careers, but since they teamed up professionally their reputations are in the dumpster. The only thing this Svengali husband contributed to his marriage is a serious case of herpes. And after she caught him red-handed with another woman, she got revenge by sleeping with her ex! Friends fear that if these two stay together, the only thing their future holds is the unemployment line.


When these two macho guys were cast in the same action movie, fireworks were expected, but they discovered they like the same drugs. Many nights were spent combining crack and prescription drugs washed down with liquor.

This sexy star of a hit TV sitcom has been a chronic pot smoker for years. She puffs away on the set and often tapes the show stoned. The cast and crew are afraid if she gets busted, they'll all be collecting unemployment.

This not-yet-legal model/actress has a successful career, famous relatives and exotic looks. Too bad her uncontrollable urges are threatening to destroy her. She smokes like a chimney, drinks like a biker and does enough drugs to deplete a pharmacy. She has a reputation for sleeping around - often with guys old enough to be her father. She's already had two secret abortions to save her modeling career.

A certain Hollywood action hero loves to get high - but the drugs and drinking trigger the release of an alternative personality! He dresses up as a woman in expensive lingerie and high heels, and once dolled up, he must have the company of a transvestite! Often he asks for makeup and hair tips from the hired diva. We can't help but wonder how he gets those bras fastened around that muscular chest.

One of the most famous male stars in the world, with a clean-cut preppie image, recently spent four days in a crack cocaine haze, freebasing in a Beverly Hills floating club for big names to gamble and do drugs. Luxurious homes are rented for the activities.

This megastar has written into his contract that he must have a special assistant whose job is to make this difficult star happy. The catch? The "assistant" is really the star's drug dealer! The star orders a mountain of drugs and bills the studio under the guise of personal care items.

These two lovebirds are America's sweethearts with their clean-cut good looks and acclaimed careers. The real reason they seem happy all the time is because they're serious potheads! They're high nearly every waking moment - even adding it to their food.

This child actor charmed audiences in his first starring role in a blockbuster movie. Eventually he was cast in a film with some fast-track Hollywood kids who introduced him to drugs. One night he got so blitzed and spent so many hours passed out that by the time he was found, he was paralyzed with nerve damage - and may never be the same.

This volatile couple have experienced more than their share of ups and downs in their marriage made in hell. One minute they're happy and the next brawling like prizefighters. Despite frequent rumors of divorce, insiders predict these two will be together forever. They have too much to lose if they split - they have barrels of dirt on each other. Illicit business deals and homemade pornos of each other sleeping with members of the same sex are only the beginning. Most shocking are the videos of them smoking crack and injecting heroin!

This barely legal model and actress is rolling in dough thanks to her lucrative contacts. Her beautiful face is everywhere - on billboards, magazine covers, and ads. Her handlers would like us to believe she's the ideal example of a clean-cut all-American girl. The sad truth is she's a mess. She parties like there's no tomorrow, sleeps around like a hooker, and is a hard-core heroin addict. Her habit has gotten so bad that during her last photo shoot the makeup artist had to apply industrial-strength concealer to her arms to cover up the track marks!

This action hero relies on steroids to retain his legendary physique. His last few movies were box-office disasters and given his limited acting skills, he fears that without his body his career would be completely over. He suffers from one awful little side effect from the illegal bodybuilding drug: His once-prominent sex equipment is shrinking faster than his fan club.

12. NY POST..PAGE SIX....12/29/97
WHAT wealthy birthday boy-vocabulary freak recently embarrassed his dinner guests by correcting his wife's English in front of them? She was toasting his health, no less. This word fanatic reprimands everybody. But this time he only made himself look bad.

13. GLOBE.....12/30/97
Hollywood's unwritten rule on this fun-loving star is simple. If he agrees to star in your movie, you supply the cocaine - and plenty of it. And if you get a chance to party with him, he'll gladly hang out and let you bask in his royal glow - until all the coke is gone.

14. STAR MAGAZINE....12/30/97
This TV gal is one of America's sweethearts and it looks like she has the ideal home life. Her family couldn't be cuter and her career is going great guns. But the husband she loves so dearly hasn't turned out to be the man she hoped he'd be. He claims to have a career, but it's nonexistent. While she's off working he has way too much time on his hands and he's started to dabble in drugs. His recreational drugs are getting out of hand and her old eating disorder is resurfacing. Her problems at home are reflected weekly by her obvious weight change.


15. STAR MAGAZINE..01/06/98
On the outside this may look like a Hollywood dream marriage between a rugged, movie star hunk and his picture-perfect wife, but they're hardly living a life of wedded bliss. She's a calculating closet lesbian who only exchanged vows for his cash and can't bear to have sex with him.

16. STAR MAGAZINE..01/13/98
Before hitting the big time, this actress didn't punch a clock....she punched men! She worked as a dominatrix in a high-class S&M dungeon serving up discipline to a wealthy clientele. The dungeon mistress who ran the joint kept her mouth shut - in exchange for a hefty payout - when the gal became a TV star. Everything was fine until the actress cut off the payments. Now the mistress is threatening to take her tale, complete with pictures, public unless the Hollywood beauty pays up.

17. TED CASABLANCA.. 01/15/98
There's a famous movie star, okay? One who's got himself an Oscar or two. One who likes being famous and likes being treated that way. (Not that he treats his lady friends with equal consideration.) So, he's got a hit movie out. Turns out he had a few hits messengered to the set--along with his script changes, no doubt--just to make sure his performance would be a hit.

18. STAR MAGAZINE...01/20/98
Image is everything to this award-winning actor. He wants us to believe he's a true family man, but behind that megawatt smile lies a lousy husband. His long-suffering wife has been crushed by years of verbal abuse, but she dares not complain about "Mr. Nice Guy." Despite proclaiming his devotion to her, the louse can't stay faithful. She's caught him cheating too many times and now she's so fed up, she's threatening to divorce him. If she does, this could turn out to be one of Hollywood's nastiest - and most revealing - splits!

19. GLOBE...01/20/98
This Hollywood couple's open marriage is what keeps them together. She lets her movie star hubby sleep with men - yep, MEN! In turn, he lets her sleep with boys...and we do mean BOYS. She likes them barely legal!

20. STAR MAGAZINE..01/27/98
This major star is currently enjoying the fruits of his latest film - he's getting rave notices and award nominations. Last year when they were filming, no one on the set could have predicted things would turn out so will. This guy made everyone fearful and miserable on the set. Our leading man's drinking was so out of control that they had to ice down his red and swollen face most mornings. He worked when he felt like it and arrogantly declared that his leading lady wasn't in his league and he treated her badly on the set. Hookers frequently visited him on the set and once there was a nasty scene when his girls failed to show up in the outfits he'd requested! The cast and crew couldn't wait to finish the shoot. As usual, all was forgotten when the movie became a hit."

21. GLOBE..01/27/98.. #1
This wealthy celeb - who made HUGE headlines in '97 - had all the blood drained out of his body during a two-month stay in a Swiss clinic. No, he wasn't under the care of Dr. Dracula - he was kicking cocaine addiction by having his blood filtered to completely rid his body of the drug!

22. GLOBE..01/27/98.. #2
This Hollywood star couple's secret for keeping their sex life hot-hot-hot is making love in public places. Nearly getting caught really turns them on. (Talk about See me, Feel me, Touch me!)

23. STAR MAGAZINE...02/03/98
This guy is way up there on Hollywood's A-list. He's the clean-cut type who tries to do the right thing - most of the time. His sweet, model-slim girlfriend enhances his wholesome image. But this gorgeous actor has a secret double life. He likes to read sex newspapers and call up the ads for private entertainment. He was captivated by an ad for a massage parlor featuring a photo of a gigantically endowed triple-D sexy masseuse. He visited the seedy Hollywood massage parlor and insisted on a session with a voluptuous gal. Wouldn't his weight conscious girlfriend be surprised to learn that now her guy sneaks away to visit this well-upholstered masseuse whenever he can!

24. STAR MAGAZINE...02/10/98
This he-man actor went to a swinging Beverly Hills party with a male friend and they encountered two playful strippers. Fueled by liquor and drugs, the leading man and strippers ended up in the host's bedroom putting on an explicit show. The guy got so carried away he pulled five or six onlookers to join the orgy. And guess what - the sexmad stud turned his attention to his male companion and forgot all about the girls! He lived to regret the exhibitionist bisexual fling because Hollywood loves to gossip and that moment of madness caused everyone to re-evaluate his machismo!

25. STAR MAGAZINE...02/17/98
Although he's a major Hollywood star, this actor can't keep a personal assistant. The reason? He's constantly cheating on his wife and his assistants are in charge of covering up his tracks! He not only courts bimbos but patronizes prostitutes, and orders his underlings to make sure the missus never finds out. The assistants start out thrilled to work for a superstar, but usually wind up befriending his sweet wife and hate lying to her about her husband's affairs. Those that don't mind lying to his wife quit for another reason, he's a cheapskate.

26. GLOBE...02/17/98
This sitcom beauty is confiding to pals that the real reason she called it quits with her movie-star boyfriend is because he was too kinky! He had an S&M dungeon in his home stocked with torture devices - but she's never go near it!

27. STAR MAGAZINE...02/24/98
This he-man actor loves to get long massages at the fanciest his and hers spa in L.A., but he acts like he's visiting a seedy massage parlor on Hollywood Blvd. Massage workers dread his visits. He makes a big deal of strutting around the locker room nude to show off his macho body. He claims to be straight, but requests only the cutest, youngest masseurs. On the table, he can be heard moaning and groaning through the thin walls, embarrassing everyone in earshot. Straight masseurs are offended by his overt seduction attempts. All the staffers dread his visits but are too intimidated to squeal on him!

28. MOVIELINE/FEB. 1998 #1:
What's worse than an unstable, oh-so-serious actor whose runaway ego's about to explode from awards, hype and overpayment? Not much, if you ask his costars and crew on that big-budget action thriller he's chosen as his newest thespian offering to the unwashed masses. For one thing, he'll deign to speak to virtually no one else on the set but his director, though one of his fellow actors happens to be no slouch as an awards winner, either. For another, he's demanding 20 takes or more on the tiniest bits of business. And on top of that he's running roughshod over the director by taking it upon himself to yell "Cut!" when he's displeased. Rumor has it he actually bows deeply after takes, anticipating applause from crew members who are actually too busy rolling their disbelieving eyes at the pomposity of this self-inflated ham.

29. MOVIELINE/FEB. 1998 #2:
What happened to that bubbly, unpretentious, sassy charmer who stole hearts not too long ago? She's had a hit or two, sure, but not big enough to justify her escalating demands for veto power over her directors, scripts and co stars, let alone her grabby salary requests. Armchair diagnosis? She's still a bubbly, unpretentious, sassy, heart-stealing charmer, but, after being unhappily single for awhile, she's secretly hooked herself up with an ultra- user Romeo who views her as his ticket to great clubs, restaurants, cars, gyms, parties and an acting career. Get a grip, guy - even in this town a big part ain't going to guarantee you big parts.

30. MOVIELINE/FEB. 1998 #3
What grudge does that critics' fave actor and all-around nasty guy have with his directors, anyway? It was bad enough that he had sex with the boyfriend of the young helmer who made him part of what turned out to be a cult favorite. Word is he did the exact same thing to the veteran director of a big-star box-office hit, in which the indiscreet actor is, as a consequence, seen on-screen less than he otherwise would have been.

31. MOVIELINE/FEB. 1998 #4
There have always been rumors about Mr Handsome & Hunky's crooked weenie, but we hear the, uh, situation has straightened out recently, thanks to a little surgery.

32. MOVIELINE/FEB. 1998 #5
What keeps that young, hot, blond, supersexy supersuccessful couple together? Junk, and lots of it.