July and August 1998

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This young and lusty couple has been the town's envy for years. They both have steady successful careers - he's a director's favorite, she's a scene stealer's scene stealer - and their relationship has always been scandal free and squeaky clean. What keeps the twosome mooning for each other? It is a mutual drug addition, S&M marathons, a totally fake relationship or any of the other things that keep Hollywood couples out of divorce court? None of the above, it turns out. The real reason was revealed at a recent Manhattan fashion bash. Seems the hunky guy has a huge hidden talent, which was on display that evening, thanks to a ridiculously tight pair of pants. The usually modest star looked pleased as punch that all eyes were riveted to his lower region, which clearly was not held back by an undergarment. His wife, meanwhile, was in attendance and looked just as pleased.

It's hard to imagine why this super-hetero actor hasn't landed on the front of tabloids when he's so public about his secret pleasures. Plenty of salespeople from Melrose Avenue boutiques will tell you that guy has come by their shop to pick up pricey, naughty negligees and explain he needs them for a pal's bachelor party in which he's the guy to pop out of the cake. We'll buy that story once, maybe twice, but not the zillions of times he's used it around town. Anyhow, hasn't the guy ever heard of mail-order catalogs?

Miss wacky older actress has been showing a new wild side - when she recently pulled her sleek, sports car up to an ultra-in restaurant, the valet was nearly asphyxiated by the clouds of pot smoke that came billowing out.

Mr. young heartthrob has been making the rounds in West Hollywood flirting with the same sex. Everyone thought he wasn't serious - that perhaps he just had one margarita too many - until he asked a waiter for his home phone number.

5. STAR MAGAZINE...07/07
This actress has one of the most gorgeous faces in the business but she's cursed with one tiny imperfection. She has a shockingly evident mustache! It would be easy to remove but she's made a huge issue of it. Perhaps she's afraid it will grow back thicker if she waxes or else she's in total denial, but she won't allow experts to touch her upper lip. In fact makeup artists are warned not to even bring up the subject or she'll flip and they might get fired. It's impossible to cover entirely on a 40-foot screen. When she appears in beauty ads retouching is essential. She might be surprised to learn that people in movie theaters are giggling and guys who work on the set with her consider her "flaw" a huge turnoff.

6. NY POST/PAGE SIX..07/01.... #1
WHICH young billionheiress - whose short marriage imploded when she caught her new hubby boffing her best friend - is now night-clubbing with unnatural energy and romancing a rock star? ...

7. NY POST/PAGE SIX..07/01....#2
WHICH recently separated screen siren recently hit on Ben ("Good Will Hunting") Affleck and was flatly rebuffed? ...

8. NY POST/PAGE SIX..07/01....#3
WHICH muscular gym owner is denying rumors he's leaving his adorable wife and child because he's fallen in love with a man?

9. STAR MAGAZINE... 07/14
This cool young actor (and former soap star) has a juicy actress girlfriend but still manages to flirt outrageously with his pretty co-stars. He's getting a rep as a young Hollywood Casanova, but his reputation took a turn for the worse when he agreed to introduce a punk band at a hardcore, mixed gay and straight rock club in Hollywood. After downing numerous cocktails, the heart-throb took to the stage and found himself being ravaged by a 6-foot 8-inch transvestite. He performed a sex act with the drag queen onstage! When this leaks out, his female admirers might run for cover.

10. GLOBE... 07/14...#1
Friends are worried big-time about this major sports hunk because he's developed a secret gambling addiction that's cost him an estimated $5 million in just the past year! The hard-swinging hero plays in private high-roller rooms in Las Vegas. Despite his immense wealth, panicked pals say the odds are 10 to 1 he'll soon go through all his money!

11. GLOBE 07/14... #2
This sitcom beauty needs a sign that says" "If this trailer's rockin', don't bother knocking!" She always has sex with her hunky beau right before tayping her show - insisting it brings her luck, relaxes her and makes her funnier. Tapings are held up for as long as 30 minutes and the crew gets as steamed as her dressing trailer windows!

New Line production hotshot and resident wild boy Michael DeLuca surely made himself the talk of the town for reportedly having oral sex performed on him in full view of other super A-list guests at William Morris honcho Arnold Rifkin's Oscar party. If DeLuca's barnyard antics drew such widespread media jeers, why did no such publicity attend similar hijinks by the absurdly overhyped Eurotrash actor who, roughly the same night, emerged very coked up from the men's room during a private party at an exotic Beverly Hills restaurant, whipped out his willy and played with it till the cows came home? Murg hears the actor left with his pockets bulging with phone numbers.

It's a mad, mad, mad, mad girl. Tongues are wagging about the lighting-fast, unexpected departure by that gifted youngish, long missing-in-action scene stealer from the cast of that high-profile movie. What gives? Some say the writer/director, who needs a hit badly, got the jitters about her during rehearsals when he judged her too flippy and wigged-out to withstand the heat of filmaking. Others say that her multiple face-lifts have left her so limited in expression (not to mention virtually unrecognizable) that the costume and makeup tests freaked out everyone involved. Don't confuse her with that other girl who got replaced on that other movie, though, because that doll's so spaced out on drugs she can't manage to get from here to there without hurting herself or someone else.

Mr. Used To Be Hot is on a downward spiral after enjoying years of jet setting. Seems he's near rock bottom sans employment and is secluding himself in a small apartment where he does crystal meth all day. He should be calling SOS instead of SAG.

Missy Young, Beautiful Actress better watch out. We hear her ex-hubby has been trying to sell a nasty tell-all involving her many sexcapades, which include some very bizarre rituals. Hope it's ready for Christmas.

16. NY POST/PAGE SIX ..07/08...#1
WHICH hunky young tennis champion has become a loser from staying up all night partying, going to rock concerts, and chasing skirts? The quest for fun got so out of hand in London the week before Wimbledon started, his coach called his parents in Australia and summoned them to intervene. No surprise he got knocked out in the fourth round ...

17. NY POST/PAGE SIX ...07/08...#2
WHICH network TV exec just got a big promotion because he idolizes his boss? He even got his wife pregnant at the same time his boss' wife conceived so they'd have something to talk about ...

18. NY POST/PAGE SIX ....07/08...#3
WHICH much-married singing star, who just wed again, really hit the jackpot? His new bride is said to be worth $500 million ...

19. NY POST /PAGE SIX.....07/08...#4
WHICH married rock legend shagged which famous - and attached - actress just after a recent wedding they both attended in their native England?

20. STAR MAGAZINE..07/21
This multi-talented Hollywood star got her start in a classic '70s TV sitcom that made her famous around the world. Eventually her knack for comedy and showbiz experience brought her extraordinary financial success. Beneath her cleancut image lies a deep dark secret - she's a cocaine addict. After a long battle with her weight, she turned to the drug in a last-ditch effort to slim down. Now she's hooked. Her closest pals are begging her to check into rehab but now that she's slim, she has no intention of giving up her cocaine diet.

21. STAR MAGAZINE....07/28
This big-time star of stage, screen and TV is gay as a parade but won't come out in the open. His homosexuality isn't as shocking as his insatiable appetite for muscular call boys and kinky action. He likes his guys young and well-developed and he pays to have his fantasies fulfilled. He gladly shells out $500 for nude wrestling sessions like he dreamed about in high school. After he and his paid date get naked, they slather each other in baby oil and wrestle around on his kitchen floor!

22. STAR MAGAZINE....08/04
This goofy but lovable comic actor has an unexpectedly kinky fetish. He's taken up the hobby of photography but he's only interested in one particular aspect of the male anatomy. He calls ads in sex papers in which well-endowed guys offer their "services" for hire. When they arrange to meet, the guys are surprised because our funnyman wants them to disrobe so he can get close-up pictures of their sex equpment. He doesn't care what they look like and has no interest in touching or any kind of sex. The "models" are well paid for doing nothing.

23. GLOBE.....08/04
This hard-partying movie superstar turned his visit to sunny Spain into a snap, crackle and pop event. The paunchy pervert had studio bigwigs supply him with three tough S&M hookers for a night so they could whip him into shape. OUCH!

24. STAR MAGAZINE....08/11
This actress shot to stardom with an award-winning role in a cutting-edge movie. She paid the price for the instant fame when her marriage nearly collapsed - until, that is, she spiced up her love life with three in a bed! She keeps her husband happy and satisfies her own bisexual urges by inviting gals - sometimes strippers - to join them in their bedroom romps. She's careful to keep her sexual high jinks a secret but she's getting sloppy. One very well known Hollywood lesbian is blabbing all over town.

THE NEXT PAM ANDERSON? Someone from the outside looking in would think that modestly gifted, young TV beauty is having the time of her life. After all, she's the toast of every fete she goes to because her TV series is a critical and ratings wonder. But isn't it a major pain to have to spend long hours before all those soirees getting heavily made up to hide the bruises and bumps she's gotten from her nasty, too-popular-for-his-own-good semifamous boyfriend? Catch a clue, doll. It's time to toss out the trash.

SIZE DOES MATTER: Even a sexy, great-looking rising movie and TV wild boy has his little quirks. One of the guy's foibles became pretty evident when he hurriedly checked out of a world-class European hotel (which he left looking like a college dorm pigsty) and later had a meltdown at the airport when he realized he had left a Prada bag back at the hotel. Whey the fuss over one little tote? Because the bag contained a state-of-the-art custom electric pump to further enlarge his member and a half dozeen large silver hoops to lengthen his scrotum.

27. MOVIELINE/SEPT......#3
When Mr. Famous Movie Producer visited his dentist recently, it wasn't for a routine checkup. Instead, he had all his teeth pulled because they were rotting away from too much cocaine use.

28. MOVIELINE/SEPT..... #4
Mr. TV Pretty Boy hasn't been able to keep his cocaine and booze binges a secret as of late. Why? His young male lover dumped his for a bigger star and his broken heart is driving him to indulge and slip up.

29. NY POST/PAGE SIX.....08/02
WHICH top model who recently had a major comeback after a drug-related absence has fallen off the wagon? Police had to be called after she indulged in one too many speedballs and was forcibly removed to a rehab facility ...

WHICH top model's smile looks a little brighter these days? The covergirl recently shelled out $8,000 for a new set of porcelain caps ...

WHICH supermodel was not booked for a top Parisian couture show because the designer felt she was "too bloated and too old?" The aging beauty was so put off, she decided to walk on only one runway ...

WHICH supermodel's allegedly altruistic efforts in another country have more to do with tax breaks than philanthropy? She's buying a house and establishing residency to take advantage of the lack of income tax there.

30. NY POST/PAGE SIX .....08/03
WHICH newly minted music multimillionaire with no manners picked up a girl at a party and brought her back to his house in the Hamptons, and then was completely rude to her the next day? This cad wouldn't give her a ride to town and wouldn't even call a cab. She had to call her family in Iowa and have them wire her some money so she could leave ...

WHICH perverse and greedy mother is pushing her pretty, dark-haired 16-year- old daughter on Tom Jones? She dolls up the girl, drags her to Jones' concerts in Atlantic City, and has her throw a white towel up on the stage to the sweaty crooner.

31. STAR MAGAZINE......08/06
This Hollywood hearthrob shot to stardom as a cool character in a trendsetting '80s series, but the success just accelerated his substance abuse and womanizing. It's a new decade and he claims to have cleaned up his act, but old habits die hard. He's hooked on cocaine and still a Lothario. Pals are worried his middle-aged body can't take the beating it used to, and they're begging him to go into rebah but he refuses to listen. Now his mistresses are jumping ship - he's so coked up he can't perform between the sheets.

32. NY POST/PAGE SIX...08/10... #1
WHICH entertainment mogul is busy denying rumors he's having an extramarital affair with an attractive blonde business associate he made the mistake of taking to lunch at a fancy L.A. restaurant? Since he just signed a deal which keeps her employed for another few years, people are jumping to conclusions

33. NY POST/PAGE SIX...08/10.... #2
WHICH downtown artist goes from door to door at Webster Hall because he loves being patted down for weapons? "You guys should be careful," he says excitedly. "You better search me again"

34. NY POST/PAGE SIX...08/10.... #3
WHICH hunky star of a hit network TV show is worried about being "outed" as a man who just pretends he loves women? ...

35. NY POST/PAGE SIX...08/10.... #4
WHICH male modeling agency is being shamed into making good on bounced checks by a digital graphics firm which has blown up the rubber checks on T-shirts being distributed on Seventh Avenue?

So, there's this actor who's been mentioned in this column. He's into a lot of, well, sizzle-sizzle type whoopie lately--really. And there he is, burnin' it away with one of those gals you pay to burn it away with. And he asks her to handcuff him to the bed.

Oh, how two decades ago.

Trouble is, the hooker loses the key.

(Talk about runnin' out of gas.)

The fire department was called in to save the day. But not his em-bare-ass-ment.

37. GLOBE....08/25... #1
Hollywood insiders are wondering how long this big-time movie actor - who's starring in a hit thriller right now - will be around. The reason is his potentially deadly addiction to male prostittues. He's boasting in gay circles that he sometimes sleeps with THREE boys a night!

38. GLOBE ...8/25... #2
This Hollywood couple has definitely gone to pot! Insiders confide the young pair are so mad about marijuana that they start smoking when they wake up and puff away most of the day - leaving them as lazy as sloths!

39. STAR MAGAZINE....08/25
This he-man was one of Hollywood's most bankable stars and poised to be the king of action movies. His expanding ego made him one of the least liked actors in the biz. After a string of flops his career fizzled and his weight soared. He no longer has that hard body and girls don't throw themselves at him - so now he pays hookers to do it. The call girls get $500 an hour to act like groupies and fawn all over him, begging for sex. Their adorming compliments and attention make him happy, but they have a hard time keeping a straight face since he's such a slob now.

SAVING HIS PRIVATE. Nudie pix that send into a tizzy Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Pamela Anderson? Stars who, with the collusion of their flacks, convince John Q. Public they're 100 percent hetero even after they're caught with transvestite hookers, even after being publicly outed by ex-wives and former lovers of the same sex? What's next? Well, the Euro and Hollywood underground is a-buzzing about what damage control specialists will try and do if those red-hot, raunchy photos actually surface of that sizzling young actor.

It seems that the dude--whose sexual motto appears to be, "If it's breathing, hump it!"--got totally wasted at a Eurotrash bash, then got caught on camera performing (along with gorgeous, very willing partners of both sexes) some of the extraordinary sexual feats that had already made him a legend among discerning, wealthy men and women.

With his Leonardo-size career aspirations, a box-office smash to his credit and several more potential hits to come, our star-to-be is right to be worried that the photos are being held until the instant he becomes a mega household name. Ryan Phillipe (5), Matt Damon (3), Ed Burns (2), Matthew McConnaughey, Mark Wahlberg

41. WOMENS DAY - 08/22 -- Australia
Guess which ageing, divorced actor must be gulping buckets of Viagra. The roving romeo has no fewer than nine beautiful mistresses holed up in various parts of Los Angeles. And he's such a smooth operator that we hear he's convinced each and every one of the ladies that she'll be his next wife. Any day now his life won't be worth living.