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Are they really pap photos for the reality star with the lucrative side gig, if you paid for the person to be at the beach with you and getting final approval of the shots submitted. So much thirst. Kylie Jenner (EXCLUSIVE: Cooling off in the Caribbean! Kylie Jenner parades her body after baby in skimpy thong bikini - as she enjoys alone time on the beach following Travis Scott split)

I guess when your husband has been charged with killing someone, there is still time to get that latest breast enhancement. Hilaria Baldwin/Alec Baldwin (Hilaria Baldwin talks ‘emotional time’ for family ahead of Alec’s ‘Rust’ charges)

The version seen at a premiere last night of this sports movie is being worked on because the final fifteen minutes is not working for anyone. “80 For Brady” (Tom Brady makes first red carpet appearance since Gisele Bündchen divorce)

This alliterate A- list actor from a very hit network show is telling everyone his dramatic weight loss is from exercise and a change of diet, instead of the shot every celebrity takes. Anthony Anderson/”Black-ish” (Anthony Anderson, 52, shows off trim physique in a hoodie and skinny jeans during LA outing... after completing pal Will Smith's fitness challenge)

This flower themed often naked celebrity was told by potential publishers that she needed to post to social media to see if anyone would be interested in purchasing a tell all book from her. Judging by the number of responses, it looks like we will be seeing one from her. Social media comments are not book purchases though. Amber Rose (Is Amber Rose About To Write A Tell-All Book?)

The permanent A list "singer" didn't write the most recent social media post attacking the actress who was A- list as a tween/teen and adult. Britney Spears/Alyssa Milano (Alyssa Milano apologizes to Britney Spears after questioning her well-being: report)

If you want to be on the board at Disney, one of the best ways to make sure that doesn't happen is to be a billionaire and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on litigation against small wedding planner business which will drive them into bankruptcy. Plus, everyone knows the litigation is likely to last longer than the actual marriage itself. Nelson Peltz/”Plan Design Events”Nicola Peltz & Brooklyn Beckham (Nicola Peltz’s snippy texts blasting wedding planners’ ‘mistakes’ shown in lawsuit)

Considering his issues when it comes to hard core drugs, the one half of a duo, is definitely not the best person for the singer/actress to be dating. Just ask the IG model he previously dated who was pressured on an almost daily basis by the one half to do cocaine and other drugs, which she had long given up. Her refusing him led to his much publicized bathroom breakdown. Drew Taggart/”Chainsmokers”/Selena Gomez (Inside Selena Gomez and Chainsmokers’ Drew Taggart’s ‘Amazing Connection’: They’re ‘So Happy’) (The Chainsmokers’ Andrew ‘Drew’ Taggart’s Dating History: Steve Jobs’ Daughter, Selena Gomez and More) ('It was weird!' The Chainsmokers confess to having THREESOMES with fans while on tour in raunchy chat - in latest salacious revelation from the oversharing pair)

Because of something a Housewife recently pulled, not to mention the now former Housewife headed to jail, there is going to be a new clause in contracts which will further restrict how Housewives can make money outside the franchise. Robyn Dixon/”Real Housewives of Potomac”/Jen Shah/”Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” (‘RHOP’ cast reacts to Robyn Dixon claiming Juan cheated: ‘Well you don’t say’) ('RHOSLC' 's Jen Shah 'Vows to Pay Her Debt' as She's Sentenced to 6.5 Years in Federal Prison for Fraud Scheme)

The one named permanent A list singer is going to first offer a reduce capacity seating map to make sure her tickets will be a sell out and then will open "newly discovered" seats, once she is assured a "sell out." Madonna (Madonna, 64, teases MORE dates on upcoming world tour - despite her last one being plagued with canceled nights due to injury)

This A list comic actor who is an offspring of someone all of you know, had about a dozen relationships before his "rebound relationship," but that doesn't fit into the PR narrative. Ben Stiller/Jerry Stiller & Anne Meara/Christine Taylor (Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor admit they were each other’s ‘rebound’)

This MLM company has increased their speaking fee offer to $15M for an hour to this former A++ lister who is the only former A++ lister to not take their speaking money.

Speaking of former A++ listers, this one from an island foreign country paid $500K to sleep with this foreign born model who is in a very strange relationship with this A+ list mostly movie actor. Tony Blair/Irina Shayk/Bradley Cooper

Strip Club Sex Trafficking: This former A list mostly movie actor (David Arquette)  has always had a love of strippers and owned his own club and definitely took advantage of his owners perks if you will, but he is just a guy who loved strippers and took it to the next level. This blind is about a former A+ list dual threat actor (Chuck Norris) who had at least one movie franchise (“Missing in Action” filmed in Philippines) and also had a long running television show (“Walker, Texas Ranger”) which came after the movie franchise. Our actor became hooked on strip clubs while in Southeast Asia. He has always come across as the straight and narrow type. Nothing could be further from the truth. He was known at strip clubs around Asia as someone who paid a lot of money to do whatever he wanted to women and he was quite destructive to them. Here in the US, he opened some massage places which he used to launder money, but then opened a bunch of strip clubs to make it easier to traffic women from other countries. He even joined up with a traveling entertainment group to get even more women. He would then shuttle the women through various massage places across the country. This actor has been an outspoken critic of sex trafficking, while engaging in it for three decades. Apparently, as he gets older, he has decided he should unload the properties and has been complaining that people are unwilling to give him the price he wants. There are others who just want to kill him, so he takes all the secrets to the grave that could bring them down. David Arquette/Chuck Norris/”Missing in Action”/”Walker, Texas Ranger” (Hot property: David Arquette 'buys iconic Hollywood strip club Crazy Girls with plans to turn it into an upscale burlesque venue') (Exclusive: Chuck Norris shares stories of girls and boys exploited into slavery)

15. JESSICA SIMPSON 'Massive Movie Star' BLIND ITEM 02/02
Jessica Simpson has been linked to a lot of famous men throughout her career -- but she just revealed there's another big name actor who pursued her hard following her divorce from Nick Lachey. In her new Amazon Original Stories short, "Movie Star," the singer reveals she first met this unnamed "massive movie star" at the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards, during a period when she and Nick briefly separated before getting married. She claimed that after being introduced to this man -- who she "grew up thinking was so hot" -- by her bodyguard for the night, the actor "eyeballed me up and down. Like he was undressing me with his eyes." Days later, they crossed paths at the gym and exchanged numbers, but Simpson reunited with Lachey following 9/11, got engaged and then married. She wouldn't run into the mystery man until 2006, after she and Lachey divorced and they were connected by a mutual producer friend. Simpson said she met with the man in his hotel room as he prepared for a big award show, where he kissed her. "I felt this warm rush all the way down my body, to the tips of my toes in my wedges," she wrote, adding that he kept texting her throughout the night -- despite attending the event with his girlfriend. While Simpson said she refused to be the "other woman," the actor told her their relationship was "completely over" and she was moving out. They'd continue to see each other at clubs and at house parties, where they'd sneak off to talk and kiss, but stopped short of having sex. The actor eventually told Simpson he spoke with his spiritual advisor about her, telling him "how much I want to have sex with you" and "how much it makes me want to repent." "He says having sex brings you closer to God," the actor allegedly told her, before inviting her to a film set for a shoot he was doing. While they flew together in a private jet, they were picked up in separate cars and stayed in separate rooms. Making matters worse: his team made her walk up the "fire stairs" to get to her room ... in heels! Though the room was filled with flowers and champagne, the whole experience made her feel "like a call girl." While making out, she claimed he also exclaimed, "Why aren't we having sex?" as she shut him down. It was then it registered to her that he was "[hiding] me from his chick" and she came to the realization "all of this was ending." "I didn't care if he was my teenage fantasy come to life, this was not a choice that same girl, my younger self, would be proud of," she wrote, before adding that she packed up her stuff and left the next day. Looking back, she said the experience "was the start of me learning to love myself fully." Simpson would later be linked to John Mayer and Tony Romo, before she started dating her now-husband Eric Johnson in 2010. The pair married in 2014, after welcoming daughter Maxwell and son Ace. They're also parents to daughter Birdie, born in 2019. "This is a very personal story and I really thought I would never share it!" Simpson told People of her latest tale. "I also learned that there is a wide range of what monogamy means in Hollywood!

Once again, the wealthy farmer tried to downplay his ties to the dead billionaire pedophile. Once again, his ex contradicted him. Bill Gates/Jeffrey Epstein/Melinda Gates (Bill Gates says he shouldn’t have had dinners with Jeffrey Epstein) (Bill Gates Met With Jeffrey Epstein Many Times, Despite His Past)

Before his retirement ceremony at his old place of business, this permanent A list athlete is going to have to work hard to get his most recent ex to show up. His previous ex already said she would. Tom Brady/Gisele Bündchen/Bridget Moynahan (Robert Kraft wants Tom Brady to sign one-day contract to retire with Patriots: 'I'd do it tomorrow') (Gisele Bündchen comments on Tom Brady's retirement announcement: 'Wishing you only wonderful things') (Tom Brady’s ex, Bridget Moynahan, highlighted in retirement announcement)

It is crazy that this actress from north of the border only earns $4K a year from her most famous role, while her actor/boss still earns about $4K a day from the show. Pamela Anderson/David Hasselhoff/”Baywatch” (Revealed: Pamela Anderson gets just $4,000 a year from Baywatch residuals after she made 'bad deal' as naive young actress)

This former A+ list actor said a few public things about wanting his friend to be found not guilty. This is the same actor who always says he is trying to fight against sexual trafficking and for women who have been sexually assaulted. Ashton Kutcher/Danny Masterson (Ashton Kutcher Speaks Out on Danny Masterson’s Rape Trial: ‘Ultimately, I Can’t Know’ If He’s Innocent) (Ashton Kutcher Running NYC Marathon to Help End Child Sexual Abuse Online: 'We've Got to Fix This')

This barely there celebrity offspring of a permanent A lister is about 30 years younger than the woman he has been groomed to be with his whole life.

This EGOT winner doesn't even use his own skin care products, so that should tell you something. John Legend/”LovedO1” (John Legend’s New Skincare Line Is Now Available at CVS: Shop the Collection Online)

This foreign born alliterate actress who has been convicted of racism multiple times in her home country and has not acted in decades, is a name all of you know. She also says there is nothing wrong with the casting couch and she welcomed it instead of having to audition for roles. Brigitte Bardot/France (Brigitte Bardot Is Handed Her Sixth Fine for “Inciting Racial Hatred”)

This permanent A list boxer is yet again, fast running out of money, hence another exhibition which he vows will be the last and that he will save his money this time. Floyd Mayweather (Floyd Mayweather Hits Gym For Training Sesh Weeks Before Return To Ring)

This failed country singer turned A list rapper/singer is out of the country and almost fell off the balcony of the place he is staying because of how wasted he was. Post Malone

Speaking of wasted, this barely there celebrity offspring of a dead permanent A+ lister, had to make herself throw up at a party because of some bad drugs she was given. Paris Jackson/Michael Jackson (Paris Jackson shows off her incredible figure in a satin slip dress as she leads the stars at Pamela: A Love Story premiere)

While out of the country promoting his new movie, this beloved A list mostly movie actor is cheating on his long time wife. Paul Rudd/”Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania”/Australia (From a Who's Who of Hollywood to a 'who's that?' of Australia's D-list: Worlds collide at Sydney premiere of Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania as Paul Rudd rubs shoulders with reality TV has-beens)

As much as they would like having the place, the alliterate one and her husband actually can't afford the house being sold by the A list everything in her mind celebrity. They probably could not have afforded it the price point she bought it for several years ago. Meghan Markle/Prince Harry/Jennifer Lopez (Jennifer Lopez Lists Bel Air Mansion for $42.5 Million After Marriage to Ben Affleck — See Inside!)

This married A- list country singer is sleeping with the married former Mayor of a very very large city.

The Hooker: Way back in the day, this former A/A- list mostly movie actor who was married to someone higher on the list was someone who was willing to play for pay. It is how he supported himself because he didn't want to be a waiter or some other job when he could make easy money and get gifts and work when he wanted and with whom. While being pimped out, he met a hooker who he fell in love with. He stayed with her for years, even through the famous marriage. What finally split them up, is that our actor never paid the hooker. She was just someone who he slept with once or twice a week for nearly a decade, but never got a dime from the actor. So, she was forced to work two jobs while he was living in A+ list luxury. So, she found a NBA player/actor who was married, but willing to pay, and they ended up being together through the player's marriage and several girlfriends. When your actor found out about the NBA player/actor, our actor, who is never known for kindness, told her she was being disloyal and cheating even though he was married and sleeping with other women too. Our hooker actually retired after investing her money really well. Ryan Phillippe/Reese Witherspoon/Karrine Steffans/Shaquille O'Neal

This A- list actress is an offspring of someone who was probably A- list at one point. He was a jerk on sets, and his daughter is not far behind. The aunt is the worst though. Emma Roberts/Eric Roberts/Julia Roberts (Julia Roberts stunned to learn she’s not a ‘Roberts’ after DNA test)

There has definitely been a shift the past few months by the royal media to take shots at the heir's wife. It almost feels like the heir is behind it so he will have the public's support when he dumps her for someone like the Pawn Stars mistress. Mette-Marit, Crown Princess of Norway/Haakon, Crown Prince of Norway/Prince William’s affair Sarah Rose Cholmondeley, Marchioness of Cholmondeley (“Pawn Stars” Chumlee) (Norway's Crown Princess Mette-Marit Confirms — and 'Regrets' — Ties to Jeffrey Epstein) (Norwegian Crown Prince and Princess to visit UK after delaying trip due to Queen's death)

The three named foreign born actress has slept with enough people in town that no one questioned why an actress in a Razzie nominated film is nominated for an Oscar. Ana de Armas/”Blonde” (Lil Rel Howery isn't exactly sold on Ana de Armas' Blonde Oscar nomination) (Razzies 2023: Blonde starring Ana de Armas leads the list with eight nominations as Tom Hanks is singled out for his roles in Elvis and Pinocchio)

This A list mostly movie director who is very controversial, apparently films sexual assault victims recounting their assaults in great detail. He especially loves graphic recounts. He then edits them and gives them as gifts to friends. Harmony Korine (Sui generis cinema: the obscene work of Harmony Korine)

This A+/A list actor thinks real life is just like the movies and owns a company that gives out gambling advice to bettors. It doesn't have a very good record.

Speaking of gambling, this former A list announcer who makes a living discussing gambling now, has been married forever. He also has several strippers he likes to have coffee with every day. Brent Musburger (Where is Brent Musburger now?  He's right here in Vegas at VSiN, The Sports Betting Network)

With more people daily looking at at whatever true crime subjects they can discuss, it was inevitable that the former A+ list actor (Ashton Kutcher) (girlfriend Ashley Ellerin) was looked at again and a discussion whether his lying allowed a serial killer (Michael Gargiulo) to kill again. All because the actor didn't want anyone to know he was sleeping with someone. Ashton Kutcher/girlfriend Ashley Ellerin/Michael Gargiulo (Inside the horrific crimes of the Hollywood Ripper who sliced off breasts and murdered Ashton Kutcher’s girlfriend)

This former superhero (Michael Keaton) who I think is still the best to play this particular superhero (“Batman“), is supposedly what makes a not yet released film (“The Flash”) worthy of watching. It isn't the actor who has the crazy long rap sheet (Ezra Miller)Michael Keaton/“Batman“/“The Flash”/Ezra Miller (Tim Burton’s Batman Gets a Modern Trailer Ahead of Michael Keaton's DCU Debut)

This permanent A+ list living legend singer/songwriter ripped off people for tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars for selling people autographed copies of his books and records which were not really signed by him. Bob Dylan (books) (Bob Dylan Hopes to ‘Rectify’ Book-Signature Controversy ‘Immediately’)

All the long time boy bander has done with his lawsuit, is make himself look like even more of an a-hole than thought possible. How many other accusers are now going to come out of the woodwork? Nick Carter/”Backstreet Boys” (Nick Carter Countersues Women Who Accused Him of Sexual Assault: 'Opportunists')

Speaking of the boy bander in #10, his almost sister-in-law has jumped on to the her baby daddy was murdered thing because the grifting is endless and she didn't want the real family members cashing in on it for their own reality shows. Melanie Martin/Aaron Carter (Aaron Carter's fiancée Melanie Martin steps out with their son Prince for LA shopping trip - after claiming singer's death was due to an overdose and not drowning in a bathtub)

This long time television actor (John Corbett) had a big network hit (“Northern Exposure”) that is not in reruns because the executive producer is an a-hole. He also had a short lived, but very popular movie franchise (“My Big Fat Greek Wedding”). He also stars in one of the more iconic television shows (“Sex and the City”) of all time. His co-star (Sarah Jessica Parker) hates him and always has, which is why she is going to make him look awful in the reboot (“And Just Like That...”) so he never comes back. John Corbett/”Northern Exposure”/”My Big Fat Greek Wedding”/”Sex and the City”/Sarah Jessica Parker/”And Just Like That...”

The new head (David Zaslav, President and CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery) of the studio thinks the male stripper movie (“Magic Mike's Last Dance”) is disgusting which is why he refuses to promote it. He thinks it undermines the values of the country. Has he seen who he hired to run the comic book universe (James Gunn/"DC Studios")? David Zaslav, President and CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery/”Magic Mike's Last Dance”/James Gunn/"DC Studios"

Four For Friday - Lesbian Casting Couch: All too often most of these types of stories are about men taking advantage of other young men or young women. This time, it is about powerful women taking advantage of younger women who want roles.
#1 - This actress starred in a long long running legal drama. During its run, she was A- list for sure. She used her star power to tell other women she could get them a role on the show if they would sleep with her. She never did, but would get them a free stress test. Camryn Manheim/”The Practice”
#2 - This back in the day A- list actress found God and told the world she was chaste and was going to make herself a virgin again. Apparently, while all of this was going on, she used to tell women she could get them cast in Warren Beatty films if they would sleep with her. One did get cast, but only because she also slept with Warren.
#3 - This foreign born singer was all over your television selling her records through an 800#. Because of that, everyone knew her. She ran through a string of legal and not so legal young women who wanted to be singers. Most of the women were brought into the bed of the singer and her male lover, because the singer did whatever her boyfriend wanted her to do. Nana Mouskouri
#4 - This actress has been A/A- list since she was a tween and she is now almost old enough to be a grandmother, and is old enough if she started with kids at 16. Anyway, her big thing is messing with female crew members trying to break their way into Hollywood. It could be makeup people or costume designers or any below the line position. She knows it is a very very limited field and one bad word and the women would never work again. She likes having that kind of leverage. Our actress is married. Kirsten Dunst/”Fifteen and Pregnant”/Jesse Plemons

If a NBA game is not in doubt as to the result with a minute left. Double digit lead or something like that, how easy is it for an A list player to try when no one else is trying and make sure they give that little bit of extra effort to push a double digit lead a basket higher so it covers the line.

If you have been reading the site for the past nine months, then you should not be surprised that the cleaning product actor has finished his redemption arc. He had a lot of very powerful people in his corner to squash stories and to make sure he was always in the faces of casting people and agents and he will be right back to his mediocre career in a minute. Armie Hammer (Armie Hammer Says He Was Sexually Abused by Youth Pastor at 13, Contemplated Suicide After Rape Allegation)

Color me shocked that the serial rapist/murderer/pedophile husband also beat up a security guard employed by his wife. Employed by his wife to protect the wife (foreign born former A+ list rapper who is an awful human being) from being attacked by the husband. Maybe she is thinking to herself that she should have let him go to jail, instead of spending millions to keep him home all the time. Kenneth Petty/Nicki Minaj (Nicki Minaj and Husband Kenneth Petty Sued for $750,000 After He Allegedly Punched Security Guard in Face – Report)

The former prime time cable news anchor with the two hour show has been demoted to mornings. Now, he is trying to get fired so he can take a prime morning gig at the alphabet network. Don Lemon/”CNN This Morning”/”Good Morning America”/”ABC” (CNN's Don Lemon heads to Los Angeles with his partner for the Grammy's after 56-year-old CNN anchor 'had ANOTHER on-set meltdown at staff' - one month after 'upsetting Kaitlan Collins')

One way to get the alliterate talk show host out of the house is to write something negative about the way she looks or is acting. That happened this week and she emerged looking pretty darn good. Wendy Williams (Wendy Williams covers up in a hooded fur coat as she clutches the arm of a bodyguard in NYC... as she ramps up for her big comeback)

There used to be a photo on his Grindr profile, but then he got married to a female reality star and she made him remove the profile. The profile is back now, just with no photo. Kanye West/Kim Kardashian (Kanye West Gets Permanently Banned From Grindr After Antisemitic Remarks)

Speaking of the reality star in #6, she has desperately been trying to hook back up with a singer she hooked up with so long ago. It would all be about using the singer for more money and fame though. No, real caring at all on the part of the reality star. Kim Kardashian/Drake (Is Kim Kardashian Dating Drake?)

The murderer will do or say anything to help himself and says his fellow co-defendant was abusing drugs on set which is why there was no training. Alec Baldwin/Hannah Gutierrez-Reed (Alec Baldwin Fatal ‘Rust’ Shooting: D.A’s Witness List Full Of Crew Members From Troubled Indie Western As First Court Hearing Looms In Criminal Case)

Even the A list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner, knows a teenager is too young for him. He likes to be the dirty old man type, not a sex predator. Leonardo DiCaprio/Israeli model Eden Polani (Leonardo DiCaprio Sits Next To Israeli Model, 19, On Low-Key Night Out: Photos)

Every celebrity this barely there celebrity/heir has dated has spent time in rehab. It was always after he dated them. This former cable actress was already headed that way, now it is a given. Brandon Davis/Ashley Benson (Dated Who) (Ashley Benson is 'dating' oil heir Brandon Davis after her rumored romance with Sofia Malamute)

I know everyone is jumping on the judge for not allowing another deposition of the father of the singer, but honestly, her lawyer should have stopped the first when it became clear what was going on. The way he handled it just made him look incompetent. Jamie Spears/Britney Spears/Mathew Rosengart (Jamie Spears Discussed Britney Spears’s Conservatorship For The First Time In Over A Decade After Allegedly Paying Himself $6 Million Of Her Money Without Her Consent)

This retired NFL legend almost came out of the closet this past week. He just won't stray from the ridiculous story he has recited forever. He did add more to it though and it sounded like he met come come out, but he didn't. Troy Aikman

There has been no word from this alliterate actress or the A list comic actor about whether their recent on screen kiss was fake/computer generated, as alleged. Lauren London/Jonah Hill (Lauren London Admits She and Jonah Hill May Not Be the Most Believable Couple in 'You People')

This very unique A- list model orally serviced a producer at an annual brunch party yesterday. Winnie Harlow/”Jay-Z Roc Nation Pre-Grammy Brunch” (Roc Nation's Pre-Grammy's Brunch Was a Fashion Event, Featuring Stars Like Beyoncé, Winnie Harlow, Coco Jones, Ella Mai, and More)

Speaking of that brunch, this rapper named after a gun, almost died there and was lucky the event staff had Naloxone. Machine Gun Kelly/”Jay-Z Roc Nation Pre-Grammy Brunch” (Offset and Machine Gun Kelly slip into elegant suits as they lead cavalcade of showbiz guests at Jay-Z's annual Roc Nation pre-Grammy brunch)

The foreign born A- list actress is an Oscar winner/nominee and is married for now. If she keeps sleeping with the abusive A list mostly movie actor who is working on his franchise right now, she won't be married for long. Margot Robbie/Johnny Depp (Fans Fail Johnny Depp: Support For Actor Reaches Unfortunate End)

Although she didn’t come out as gay until later in her career, this entertainer has never hidden her sexuality. But she IS hiding something else – she almost had a sex change! She’s always been a little rough around the edges, but in recent years she seemed to get more cantankerous, and the reason is: testosterone! Our gay gal decided she wanted to become a male and since she already had the haircut and the fashion sense, she secretly started transitioning. She never underwent any surgical procedures, but did take estrogen blockers and testosterone – which made her go from grumpy to REALLY grumpy. She had a change of heart though, and decided to stay female, so she’s calmed down and her softer side is showing. Ellen DeGeneres

GRAMMY AWARDS: "You promised to not get drunk," is what the A list everything in her mind celebrity said to her husband. Jennifer Lopez/Ben Affleck (Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Were Seemingly Caught Fighting During The Grammys And It’s Seriously Awkward)

GRAMMY AWARDS: This foreign born A list singer was a big winner, but he almost called in sick and didn't want to be there and was a last second will he or won't he and will the 14 minute tribute from a different part of the show have to be extended to 23 minutes to make up for it. His performance showed he didn't want to be there too. Harry Styles (Harry Styles’ Grammy acceptance speech sets off a fan-fueled firestorm)

GRAMMY AWARDS: This A+ list singer wasn't going to show up until she was assured she would win a big award. The producers are just rigging it anyway they can at this point to get people to watch. Beyoncé (The Beyoncé Grammys Were Awkward) (Beyoncé gets stuck in traffic, misses award win at Grammys 2023)

GRAMMY AWARDS: This singer/songwriter has been nominated for 50+ Grammy Awards. He also was supposed to debut his new trans girlfriend last night but got scared. There was a LOT of buzz about it leading up to the show. It has been an open secret.

GRAMMY AWARDS: This foreign born alliterate singer did one performance during rehearsal that his label approved with a lot of reservations. They didn't approve what he ended up doing during the show. If he gets dropped by his label, he thinks it will be edgy. He will be broke and owe them a lot of money and should look to Boy George and his struggles to earn money (with a much bigger name and catalog). Sam Smith (What the devil were the Grammys doing letting Sam ‘Satan’ Smith troll most of America?)

GRAMMY AWARDS: No, this is not about the new face of the permanent A list singer. People may have noticed it last night, but she has had that face for a few months. This is more about what people say are rehearsals that are awful for her upcoming show and that she is going to go broke trying to do this tour and thinks she will make a fortune from ticket sales. Not after they see the first show they won't. Madonna (Fans ‘so confused’ by Madonna’s ‘new face’ at Grammys 2023)

GRAMMY AWARDS: This one named DJ/racist went on a N word rant when a woman said she wasn't interested in him. Diplo (Diplo and guest Attend the 65th Grammy Awards in Los Angeles)

GRAMMY AWARDS: This A- list actress didn't want to answer questions about her injuries related to domestic violence, so pretended they didn't exist until after the evening ended. Megan Fox/Machine Gun Kelly (Megan Fox Braves 'Broken Wrist,' Channels Jessica Rabbit with Machine Gun Kelly at Grammy Party)

GRAMMY AWARDS: This former Disney singer/actress was acting hammered when she got to an after party, but she insisted someone slipped something into a sparkling water which made her seem wasted. Olivia Rodrigo (Olivia Rodrigo attends Universal Music Group's 2023 GRAMMYS after party celebration)

GRAMMY AWARDS: The arch enemy of the Disney singer/actress mentioned in an earlier blind, seemed to find it very funny the singer/actress was suffering. Did she play a role in it? Sabrina Carpenter/Olivia Rodrigo (Olivia Rodrigo, Joshua Bassett and Sabrina Carpenter’s Dramatic Love Triangle: Everything We Know)

GRAMMY AWARDS: This alliterate former boy bander wasn't shy about his search for a threesome partner. It was super creepy though after awhile because he used the same line to each woman he approached. Joe Jonas/”Jonas Brothers” (Joe Jonas attends Universal Music Group’s 2023 After Party)

GRAMMY AWARDS: This foreign born alliterate singer has slept with multiple older men in her rise to the top. So, it wasn't a shocker to see her with her tongue in the ear of a music executive well more than twice her age. She needs some hits and he can get them for her. Camila Cabello (Camila Cabello stuns in a pearl-beaded bra and high-waisted skirt at the Grammy Awards after being nominated for Best Pop Duo)

GRAMMY AWARDS: This former "rapper" turned A list actor was supposed to be part of the tribute to a musical genre last night. His partner was. Instead, he bailed, at the last minute, leaving producers scrambling and created more burned bridges. Will Smith/”50th Anniversary of Hip-Hop”/DJ Jazzy (QuestLove reveals shock reason Will Smith was absent from hip-hop 50th anniversary performance at the 2023 Grammys: 'We had to lose him!')

GRAMMY AWARDS: Did the director know what the one named singer was going to say in her thank you speech? No, but the director had a very good idea which was why the director was ready to cut to the shot of the A+ list singer. IYKYK. Lizzo/Beyoncé (Lizzo’s ‘About Damn Time’ Wins Record of the Year at 2023 Grammys)

GRAMMY AWARDS: While her significant other was partying at a Grammy after party, this streaming real estate star was making it very clear she no longer considers them to be a couple. Making it very clear. G Flip/Chrishell Stause/”Selling Sunset” (G Flip attends Universal Music Group's 2023 GRAMMYS after party)

GRAMMY AWARDS: One of my spies said another spy I had at a party was really depressed because no one under the age of 45 knew who the spy was. She would introduce herself to up and coming stars and they had zero idea who she was.

GRAMMY AWARDS: Is this specifically about the Grammy Awards? No, but it is about music and part of the deal that the three named actress signed to return to a movie franchise is that she wants it to have a proper music soundtrack for the next installment and she wants to be in charge of it. I mean, she does have three gold singles to her credit, so she could do it. Jennifer Love Hewitt/”I Know What You Did Last Summer” (Discography) (‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ Sequel In Works At Sony With Jennifer Kaytin Robinson Directing; Jennifer Love Hewitt And Freddie Prinze Jr. In Talks To Return)

Dear Disgraced Producer's Former Wife,
Your actor boyfriend is cheating on you even when you are at the same party together.
Love & Bacon,
Georgina Chapman/Harvey Weinstein/Adrien Brody (Adrien Brody and Georgina Chapman attend Universal Music Group's 2023 GRAMMYS after party)

GRAMMY AWARDS: This B list singer is supposedly just a new teenager now. She performed this weekend as part of the Grammy weekend and if she really is that young, then this is super creepy because she was definitely being passed around like a party favor and guys were taking photos of her and she was taking covered topless photos for other guys. It was just so blatant, that it is hard to believe she is just an early teen, and maybe that is a marketing thing?

GRAMMY AWARDS: In one category where the old foreign born former A+ lister won, there are rarely more than 10% of the eligible voters who vote on that category, which is why the old guys always win and there is never any new talent that wins. There is a country music category that is the same way too which is why you saw an old guy win that award again for the umpteenth time. Ozzy Osbourne/“Best Rock Album” and “Best Metal Performance”/Willie Nelson/”Best Country Album (Ozzy Osbourne Wins Best Rock Album and Best Metal Performance at 2023 Grammys) (Willie Nelson Wins Best Country Album at 2023 Grammys)

GRAMMY AWARDS: As if the thirst outfit wasn't enough for this one named singer, she was also trying to set something up with a female celebrity offspring of a permanent A+ lister where they could hang out or make it look they were flirting. The offspring wanted no part of it. Fletcher/Lourdes Leon/Madonna (Fletcher attends Universal Music Group’s 2023 After Party) (Lourdes Leon channels mom Madonna in cone-bra dress at Grammys 2023)

GRAMMY AWARDS: This B+ list actress/singer was sucking face with this married former A- list rapper turned mostly A- list actor/host. They really needed to get a room.

GRAMMY AWARDS: This B+ list country singer beat up a hooker this weekend and was kicked out of his hotel for doing so, but was not arrested.

GRAMMY AWARDS: Speaking of country singers, this A list singer who was a nominee/winner last night wins the going to the bathroom award the most to do coke. It was every ten minutes at an after party. Miranda Lambert/”Best Country Solo Performance” (Miranda Lambert Has Grammys Date Night with Husband, Jokes She's 'Redneck Enough' to Take Her Shoes Off)

The Thief - Grammy Awards: This blind is not particularly hard, in fact it is super easy. I think that in light of events and records set last night, that perhaps we need to shine a light one more time on to the record holder, who is without a doubt, music's biggest thief in the last fifty years. There is a not a song that this singer has been given credit for, that she actually did any work on. None. Oh, you might have someone say the singer worked on a harmony or a line change or a word change, but that is just to give cover. Our singer's philosophy is that if she agrees to sing your song, then you are going to give her a songwriting credit. Because if she didn't agree to sing your song, then it would be unproduced and still sitting on your hard drive. Her very very biggest songs are songs that are generally written by one person and then our singer came in an added herself and then wanted a 50% credit. If she wants to add herself to a list of songwriters that is 20 names deep, no one really cares. What about the times our singer straight up stole songs from writers and the writers didn't know they had their works stolen until the song showed up on an album or a single. Sometimes the writer gets a credit and sometimes they don't. Our singer is often taken to court when this happens and often wins because she has a massive purse and the broke songwriters suing her, do not. Is our singer alone in doing this? No. Is she the most blatant? Yes. has she admitted to stealing songs? Yes. Does she care? No. You know why? Because people don't care. They hand her out record number of awards. They do get back at her though. Those professional songwriters who stick up for each other. They will never ever vote for her to get one of the big two awards. That is the one thing they can do. Those two awards are the only ones not messed with by the Academy, so they know if they refuse en masse to vote for her, she will be denied the big awards. Beyoncé (Beyonce’s Most Controversial Moments Over the Years: Lyric Changes, the Monica Lewinsky Reference and More)

People are worried that the meme actor is back doing heavy drugs again. He has been acting very off as of late. Timothée Chalamet (Timothée Chalamet Feels His Talent Is Overlooked by Apple TV+ in Latest Ad Spot)

Law enforcement has a person of interest they are going to speak to about the death of an actress who was the real life inspiration for a role in a very famous comedy movie. Anne Heche/”Daisy”/”Bowfinger” (trivia)

One of the largest publishing houses in the US doesn't advertise it, but they have a policy to reject any manuscripts that have a main character with they/them pronouns.

He can claim whatever he wants, but this former rapper turned kept husband did get into a fight at the Grammy Awards with his former group member. Offset/Cardi B/Quavo (Quavo and Offset Get into Fight Backstage at Grammys Over Takeoff Tribute)

This one note A list music producer is not going to bite the hands that feed him, especially that big A+ list hand, but what he said about concert pricing is absolute garbage and artists actually can and do set their prices and can and do decide whether or not to use dynamic pricing. Jack Antonoff/Taylor Swift (Jack Antonoff Weighs in On the Problem With Dynamic Concert Ticket Pricing: ‘We Know Who’s Making It Impossible’)

Speaking of concerts, I hope that everyone has had a chance to see the foreign born legendary group because with its two key members fighting, there won't ever be any other concerts from the group. “Pink Floyd” (Polly Samson, the wife of David Gilmour/Roger Waters) (Pink Floyd lyricist calls Roger Waters an antisemite and ‘Putin apologist’)

Just when the public starts to forget how miserable this former A- list singer turned A- list actress can be, she goes after the person who saved her life again. Her handlers go crazy every time she does it. No one will ever be on her side about this. Selena Gomez/Francia Raisa (Selena Gomez's Best Friend Responds to Documentary Criticism)

This A list producer who accepted an award the other night on behalf of a late arriver, basically confirmed what I wrote yesterday about recording members conspiring to make sure the one named permanent A lister doesn't win one of the big awards. Nile Rodgers/Beyoncé (Nile Rodgers steps in to accept Beyoncé's award after the 'Cuff It' diva misses first on-air Grammy category)

No one tries harder than this foreign born A-/B+ list actress to find a famous guy who wants to be her "boyfriend." Gay or straight, she doesn't care. She just wants that attention. It is shocking how hard she tries. Eiza González/Ben Simmons (Eiza González seen on date with Kendall Jenner’s ex Ben Simmons in NYC)

An ex of this alliterate A- list actor is set to out the actor.

I don't know how desperate the ginger haired one is for money, but it must be desperate enough where he won't dump this awful social media app he shills for until his next payment comes due which is sometime in March. The app is going down hard and he should bail now. Prince Harry/”BetterUp” (“BetterUp”) (Tickets for Prince Harry’s first speech since releasing bombshell book ‘Spare’ will cost you nearly $1,000—but you can also watch it for free)

There are people just as, if not more famous than this A+ list NBA legend and they go to Target and Starbucks all the time and don't whine about it. LeBron James (The hard life of an NBA billionaire! LeBron James bemoans his universal fame and says he wishes he 'could walk into Starbucks like regular people', as he opens up on how 'challenging' his lack of normality is)

This A/A- list mostly television actress has been cheating on her long long time girlfriend. Sarah Paulson/Holland Taylor

The Sex: Our actor (John Belushi) was A list. He was a crazy party animal who did a lot of drugs and died because of drugs. Everyone knows about his drug use, but his sexual habits are just now coming to light. He was recently mentioned in a recent scandalous documentary (“Secrets of Playboy“), where a valet (Stefan Tetenbaum/”The Dark Secrets of Playboy”) revealed that he was into his blood being drawn during sex and transgender prostitutes. He was also friends with this A list singer/musician (Warren Zevon) from the same hometown (Chicago, IL) as the actor, and they would regularly have threesomes with prostitutes and/or groupies he would pick up. To make things more strange, every so often, that crazy writer/author/movie subject (Hunter S. Thompson) (“Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”) would join them on their sex journeys. John Belushi/“Secrets of Playboy“/Stefan Tetenbaum/”The Dark Secrets of Playboy”/Warren Zevon/Chicago, IL/Hunter S. Thompson/”Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” (Hugh Hefner's former butler Stefan Tetenbaum writes tell-all 'The Dark Secrets of Playboy') (Fear and Loathing: The Strange and Terrible Saga of Hunter S. Thompson)

This celebrity/reality star is trying to keep that career exam she is taking later this month, very hush hush. Kim Kardashian/bar exam (Did Kim Kardashian pass the bar exam?)

It is pretty interesting that this one named singer with the see thru outfit from Grammy night, left the home of an A+ list singer via a service elevator the morning after. Something we should know? Fletcher/Kelsea Ballerini (Fletcher Talks 'Beautiful' Friendship with Kelsea Ballerini, Harnessing Heartbreak on Debut Album)

At this point, even rehab is probably not going to save this comic/action television/movie celebrity. Bam Margera (Priscilla Presley grabs lunch with troubled star Bam Margera... a month after the tragic death of daughter Lisa Marie at 54)

This religious organization discovered who leaked information to a radio host for his death pool prediction about the actress who subsequently died a short time later. The organization sent some relatives of the leaker off to a base across the country from their home. Scientology/Kirstie Alley/Mike Calta

After sleeping with several boyfriends of her best friends and having her ex sleep with most of her old girlfriends, this barely there celebrity offspring had to rely on her family to invite most of the invitees to a life event.  Sofia Richie/Scott Disick/Wedding Shower (Inside Sofia Richie’s classy bridal shower ahead of Elliot Grainge wedding)

Speaking of the party in #5, a sibling much higher on the list than the honoree, got hammered. I didn't think the sibling did that kind of thing any longer. A friend of the family even higher on the list than the sibling, stayed sober which has been a struggle since the teen years. Sofia Richie/Nicole Richie/Cameron Diaz

This singer/actress who is set to star in a Disney live action movie, cheated on her celebrity boyfriend, which is why they recently split. Halle Bailey/”The Little Mermaid/DDG (Disney's The Little Mermaid Remake Still Not Finished Despite May Release Date) (Halle Bailey's Big Sister Exposes DDG Breakup as a Big Sham)

A top five headliner in the big Spring festival is going to have to pull out because of vocal issues. Frank Ocean/”Coachella” (Coachella 2023: Frank Ocean, Blackpink and Bad Bunny to headline)

This former A- list actress all of you know, lives south of the border now. She also runs a brothel. Rose McGowan (Rose McGowan Vows Not To Live in the U.S. Again, Settles in 'Gentler' Mexico)

109. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/08 **10**
As he continues his transformation from actor to guru, this foreign born former A list actor is selling his home here to buy a retreat outside the country. Jim Carrey (Jim Carrey lists $29M LA mansion while offering a glimpse of his own art)

110. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/08 **11**
Speaking of foreign born, this north of the border former A+ list singer wants one more shot at glory, even if it means reuniting with her star maker ex which is going to happen on her current trip. Shania Twain/Mutt Lange (Shania Twain’s ‘Queen of Me’ Album Has a Twain/Lange Co-Write — But It’s Not What You Think)

111. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/08 **12**
This foreign born A- list mostly movie actor from multiple movie franchises was supposed to be out of state supporting his "girlfriend" while she performed. He was not in attendance though. Robert Pattinson/”Twilight”/Suki Waterhouse (Suki Waterhouse shows off her abs in midriff-baring tank top during concert at Echo Lounge and Music Hall in TX)

112. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/08 **13**
This A+/A list mostly movie actor is filming two movies at once and taking a commensurate amount of stimulants to keep him going for both projects, which require a lot of late night shoots.

113. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/08 **14**
The Experiments: It used to be a place where people were sent to recover from their substance abuse issues. It was a bustling facility that definitely used unconventional techniques, but at least did try and get people sober. There was some nobility in it. It is a sprawling facility cut off from the rest of the Hydra that is this organization. It is on a quiet intersection that is separated from apartments by several blocks. There it stands, all alone, with its impressive gates and hidden security. What used to have dozens of cars in the parking lot 24/7, now sees but a handful there on a daily basis. It almost looks abandoned. This almost new looking facility, wants to give that impression. During the day though, there are a half dozen cars belonging to scientists and doctors they have recruited from within their ranks around the world and shuttled to this facility. In the facility, they are working on new drugs to rid people of their substance abuse issues. The plan is to find a drug that is marketable and can be sold throughout the world. They see billions of dollars in revenue in their future to make up for their revenue shortfalls they now regularly face.  The issue is they have no one from the government looking over their shoulders as they try new drugs on patients also recruited from their ranks. Some show effectiveness while others do nothing and many are often harmful. No one will say anything though. There is no one to say anything to. It is all hush hush and if you do try and say something you will be sent somewhere and never heard from again. There have been several patients who have died or permanently harmed, but they keep trying. They keep experimenting. Scientology/”Narconon” (“Narconon”) (Deaths at Scientology drug treatment program Narconon bring investigation)

114. POPBITCH 02/08
(British blog)
Which kooky popstar has been known to express their displeasure at difficult management by "top-decking*" their toilets?
(* The act of pooing on top of the loo's closed lid)

There are rumors making the rounds that this Grammy record holder and her husband were frequent guests of the billionaire pedophile. That is not true. No island and no flights. Beyoncé/Jay-Z/Jeffrey Epstein

The three named celebrity who is past her peak fame wise and has a unique look, has hired a team of PR people to make her look good over the next few months. She knows she is going to be dragged into all the stories about her alliterate ex and is trying to look like some kind of angel, which she is not. Dita Von Teese/Marilyn Manson

Because the cleaning product actor can't keep his timeline straight, people are going to doubt whether he was molested at a young age. He was, but now people will question it which will lead people to questioning other victims about their stories. Armie Hammer (Armie Hammer Says He Was Sexually Abused by Youth Pastor at 13, Contemplated Suicide After Rape Allegation)

This foreign born A-/B+ list singer with initials in her name was told by her record company to lose weight or they will drop her. Charli XCX (Grimes Calls the Grammys 'So Irrelevant' After Charli XCX Snub)

The celebrity ex of a political pedophile was looking for a threesome partner while out at NYFW. Who was the third? Huma Abedin/Anthony Weiner (Huma Abedin is spotted out and about during NYFW February 2023)

This closeted foreign born former A list singer is probably A- list and dropping because he hasn't made any new music. He also is becoming known around town for spitting on his partners. Harry Styles (Harry Styles jokes on stage about Chris Pine 'spit' story)

I'm not sure whether the alliterate one is trying to sleep with the old rich guy. That being said, she did sleep with the old rich guy's son back in the day before he killed himself. Meghan Markle/Gordon Getty/John Gilbert Getty (EXCLUSIVE: Archewell's mystery angel: Harry and Meghan's non-profit foundation received $10MILLION from an anonymous donor - whose generous tax-deductible contribution nearly funds the entire charity) (Meghan Markle plotting 'something really big' as she and Prince Harry face court questions) (John Gilbert Getty Died from Complications of Accidental Fentanyl Overdose: Medical Examiner)

Speaking of rich, this actress, through her husband might be the richest actress who is A list. She is foreign born and yelled at her bodyguard for not opening a door fast enough. She said that the next time, he would be fired. Salma Hayek/François-Henri Pinault (Salma Hayek is seen out about on February 9, 2023 in London)

This A- list dual threat actress who has starred on a very very hit network comedy and in a movie franchise, has a 24/7 life coach/therapist/sober coach who is never far from her side. Anna Faris/’Mom”/”Scary Movie” (Anna Faris, 46, strips down for Super Bowl ad, calls the experience 'thrilling')

124. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/09 **10**
This could be the death knell of the marriage. The A list everything in her mind celebrity tries to make sure there are "healthier" coffees available for her husband because she doesn't like him making runs to his favorite coffee place. He usually ends up spending that extra dollar if you know what I mean. Jennifer Lopez/Ben Affleck/“Dunkin’” (Ben Affleck looks somber as he steps out for a coffee in Santa Monica - after wife Jennifer Lopez 'snapped' at him at the Grammys during eyebrow-raising outing) (Ben Affleck Stars in Dunkin's Super Bowl Ad (with a Cameo from Jennifer Lopez) — Get the First Look)

125. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/09 **11**
This foreign born former A list boy bander turned stay at home hermit, has been clean and sober for nearly a year now. Good for him. Zayn Malik/”One Direction” (Zayn Malik chops off long pink hair in major hair transformation)

126. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/09 **12**
The part that was missing from the reports on the "singer" were the cameras that were going to be there. Britney Spears (Britney Spears' loved ones staged failed INTERVENTION due to 'concerns she would die' over mental health issues and substance abuse)

127. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/09 **13**
Silenced: I didn't think I would be writing this blind item for another year, but one of the guys who was caught up in the death of the former singing actor, got off probation a year early. It was already crazy that a guy facing a decade in jail for possession of child p**n and also distributing it to various local and statewide elected officials and government employees, got zero jail time, but that he gets off probation early too? He was arrested shortly after the singing actor died. As I have said before, the singing actor had a lot of first time ever seen child p**n and then it showed up on the computer of the guy who just completed his probation. As far as I know, that was the only arrest made that was in any way connected to the singing actor. The guy arrested was using his government computer to send all of this out. None of the people he was sending it to were charged. Zero. Oh, did I mention this guy was in charge of finding good homes for children to be adopted? How many of the children ended up in the homes of celebrities or politicians? Were those same celebrities and politicians on his email distribution list? You know he didn't say anything which is why he had to serve zero jail time. None. The county wanted this closed and people to forget about it and forget about there were people on the other end of those emails and the other end of the server. Mark Saling

This foreign born former A- list actress who walked away from a hit show and has not had a career since, says she passed on the A+ list actor. That isn't true. He passed on her because she was doing too many drugs. Mischa Barton/”The O.C.”/Leonardo DiCaprio (Mischa Barton: I was told to ‘sleep with’ Leonardo DiCaprio at age 19)

The team behind the closeted reality star will do anything to make it seem as if she has a boyfriend. They even send in fake items to tabloids and reporters, hoping someone will bite. Kendall Jenner (Kendall Jenner poses topless in 7-inch platform heels for Marc Jacobs)

The former sitcom star turned game show host is being called out by his former friends/castmates on a show he hosted and produced because he screwed them all out of a lot of money. He made millions and left them with peanuts. Drew Carey/Colin Mochrie (Ryan Stiles and Wayne Brady)/”Whose Line Is It Anyway?” (‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?‘ Star Colin Mochrie Says Cast Never Got ‘Fair Compensation’ or Paid Residuals: We ‘Probably Won’t‘ Return)

A battle is brewing between the three offspring. One of them doesn't want to sell the music catalog and the other two do. None of them can agree on the percentage or how much they should sell it for. Michael Jackson/Paris Jackson/Prince Michael Jackson II/Prince Jackson (Michael Jackson Estate Would Sell 50% of Catalog For Just Under a Billion Dollars)

This A/A- list former Disney singer/actress let the excesses of 2022 get to her. Apparently, there has been talk of rehab.

This foreign born A list mostly movie actor who has been a superhero, recently had lunch and dinner with the disgraced director. I thought  the actor said they were not friends any longer? Hugh Jackman/”Wolverine/X-Men”/Bryan Singer (Hugh Jackman Says Hollywood Sets “Have Changed for the Better” After Working on Bryan Singer’s ‘X-Men’ Franchise)

Sometimes the ambulance chasing lawyer just brings cases or people forward so she can have a press conference and pile on. She knows she has no case when it comes to the relatives of the killed cinematographer. She just wanted some attention. Gloria Allred/Alec Baldwin/Halyna Hutchins (Alec Baldwin facing Gloria Allred lawsuit from Halyna Hutchins family over ‘Rust’ shooting)

Apparently this foreign born three named A/A- list actor is fine working with the director who sexually assaulted his underage relative. Did his actress wife applaud and say it was a great idea too? Also, after the bomb that was his last movie, why are studios giving him more chances? Sacha Baron Cohen/David O. Russell/Isla Fisher (Keke Palmer and Sacha Baron Cohen to Star in David O. Russell’s ‘Super Toys’) (David O. Russell is latest face of Hollywood’s workplace abuse problem)

Apparently this former Disney actress/singer turned host is really hosting a show which will allow married couples to cheat. Adrienne Bailon/”Love For The Ages” (Stream It Or Skip It: ‘Love For The Ages’ On Peacock, Where Three Married Couples Go On “Dates” With Young Singles And Decide Whether To Stay Married)

137. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/10 **10**
This barely there celebrity offspring is in talks to marry a Sheikh. Bella Hadid

138. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/10 **11**
Speaking of barely there celebrities, this offspring of an A+ lister was doing coke like crazy while out of the country this week.

139. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/10 **12**
This actress/director has been hooking up with her trainer. Olivia Wilde (Olivia Wilde flashes her toned abs in a white crop top and looks in great spirits as she leaves the gym in LA)

140. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/10 **13**
This Hollywood trade reporter exchanges sex for good reviews that is paid for by a production company.

141. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/10 **14**
Four For Friday - Strange Hookups:
#1 - This foreign born former A- list tennis player known more for her looks than her tennis, and this foreign born A list mostly movie actor who you are guaranteed to see every Christmas. Anna Kournikova/Hugh Grant (“Love, Actually”)
#2 - This A- list deep and brooding actor who has worked often with an A list director. He once had a drunken hookup with this former A list actresses who was in between marriages. She has been acting since she was a teen. Robert De Niro/Martin Scorsese (“Taxi Driver”)
#3 - This foreign born former boy bander in a group that never hit in the US but was A+ list in many corners of the world and this former A- list actress who was in a teen comedy franchise. Robbie Williams/”Take That”/Tara Reid/”American Pie”
#4 - This now dead A list singer and this A list director of the same sex. David Bowie/John Waters (THE FACE MAGAZINE David Bowie John Waters Tracey Ullman)

That year singer who got into trouble a few months ago, is doing his best to get into trouble again. He is really pushing the edge of fans turning against the group. Wait until fans of the year band realize how much the singer hates the A list foreign born former boy bander. Matthew Healy/”The 1975”/Harry Styles/”One Direction” (The 1975's Matty Healy faces backlash over Harry Styles queerbaiting comments)

The singing actress knows Broadway is one thing, but if she wants to move back up the ladder, she is going to have to get people on her side again. She is trying, but does not seem very genuine, especially when you hear stories about how she is currently acting now and it is all the same as it has ever been. Lea Michele (Chelsea Handler Interviewing Lea Michelle On The Daily Show Is Super Disappointing)

The former wheelchair actor has been trying to make it seem like he had a rapper killed because he thinks it made him look tough. Now, in the ongoing legal proceeding he is going to backpedal from that so fast it will make your head spin. Drake/ XXXTentacion (Drake Ordered to Appear for Deposition in XXXTentacion Murder Trial)

Old Hollywood: The dead sitcom actor who went out in a haze of porn and drugs suddenly has a bunch of his old porn images online. It feels like someone is trying to get some interest from the public in his escapades so they can make a biopic about him. Bob Crane/”Hogan’s Heroes” (Bob Crane: A Closer Look at the Tragic Life and Death of TV's "Hogan's Heroes" Star)

The management of the biggest K-pop boyband and this controversial A-list music manager have acquired yet another US label with the money earned by said boyband but want to keep its members under slave contracts. These two best-selling boy banders have been refusing to agree to unfair contract extension so the management has halted their album recordings and stopped contacting one of them. The guys will be watching their offers be given to other people until they surrender. If that doesn't work expect hate campaigns and more information about the guys and the two-colored K-pop girl band to be leaked to the press. "Hybe"/"Hybe America CEO Scooter Braun"/"Quality Control"/"BTS" V & Jungkook /"Blackpink

How is it that the obituary in one of the main trade magazines and all of the statements from celebrity clients failed to mention, the now dead publicist's long issues with child molesting and child p**n. Are we just going to pretend it didn't happen? I bet the former A+ list actor with the troubled history is probably breathing a sigh of relief that a bunch of their shared secrets are headed to the grave. Jeffrey Ballard/Charlie Sheen (Jeffrey Ballard, Publicist for Charlie Sheen, Paula Abdul and Many Others, Dies at 64)

Whenever this former A- list singer turned mostly actress starts doing problematic things again, one of the first things that happens is she starts getting obsessed with her ex again and comments all over social media about him. It has begun again. Selena Gomez/Justin Bieber (Selena Gomez Responds to Hailey Bieber’s Shady TikTok Rumored to Be About Her)

After this record holding permanent A list singer ran into this initialed singer at the Grammy Awards and told her how much she enjoyed her most recent album, the initialed one is going to work with the record holder and show up at various tour stops to sing with the record holder. Beyoncé/H.E.R. (H.E.R. attends the 65th GRAMMY Awards)

It was nice for the A- list actress to confirm what I have been telling you for awhile that she split with the three named rapper. Megan Fox/Machine Gun Kelly (Megan Fox Deletes Her Instagram Hours After Hinting at Machine Gun Kelly Split)

The pint sized A+ list actor is doing his best to ingratiate himself with the future King so his organization can operate freely in the country. How is that sex trafficking lawsuit going for the org? Tom Cruise/King Charles/Scientology (Tom Cruise set to ‘delay Mission: Impossible filming to attend King Charles’ coronation) (Scientology in the United Kingdom)

The music award organization had no problems giving a woman beater an award last weekend but still didn't want to honor the permanent A list alliterate singer because of something an a-hole A lister did to her almost two decades ago. “Grammy Awards”/Ozzy Osbourne/Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake (Ozzy Osbourne Wins Two Grammys, Including Best Rock Album for ‘Patient Number 9’)

The good news is the permanent A list "singer" now knows booze and her pills don't mix. It just took her a solid year to accept it. Britney Spears (Britney Spears Says She's 'Doing the Best I Can' After Conservatorship as Concern Grows Among Inner Circle)

A certain well known American football coach's (Andy Reid) son (Britt Reid) used to provide for and give advice regarding steroids to some of the biggest players in NFL history at the time. Andy Reid/Britt Reid (Tragedy that put Andy Reid's son in prison can't be ignored at Super Bowl 57 | Opinion)

Based on how much fans and the media have praised this active NBA player, few outsiders would have guessed he had rape allegations and got off scot-free. Guess it's the desire for an emotional "comeback after injury" redemption arc. Derrick Rose

Reader Blind: Don't be fooled by the last piece of information submitted about this former A list actor's plans to go off grid. Guru grandiosity is not in the cards for him. Now more than ever him and his gaggle of yes men are lying. The actor's health is in dire straits, and he plans to live out the rest of his days in a slowly fading, Howard Hughes oblivion. Jim Carrey (Jim Carrey lists $29M LA mansion while offering a glimpse of his own art) (BLIND ITEM 02/08/23)

It isn't a good look when this former A list singer/serial woman beater cancels a concert and goes out and parties on a night he could have performed. Oh, and then going to party with the A list fighter/serial woman beater is kind of the chef's kiss to the night. Chris Brown/Conor McGregor ('It was a proper mad night!': Conor McGregor - fresh from a fight - parties hard with pal Chris Brown in his hometown of Dublin on the latest leg of the singer's European tour)

In the near future this music man is going to introduce a wealthy widow as his new girlfriend and they’ll start attending red carpet events and industry parties, but she’s ANYTHING but new. She was married to a decades-older billionaire businessman and while she loved him, he did everything for her except turn her on. She and the musician met when hubby hired him to perform at a lavish party, and they’ve carried on a torrid affair for years. Now that the old man is dead, they’re waiting a respectable amount of time before going public. They’re going to say they were fixed up through mutual pals and hope no one realizes WHEN their secret affair actually started.

Maybe the celebrity CEO needed a quick bunch of cash and maybe that is why he was so worried about his traffic numbers last week. All so he could do a quick pump and dump scheme during the Super Bowl. Elon Musk/"Tesla"/“Doge Coin”
This anti-Tesla Super Bowl ad features a literally striking visual)

If at first you don't succeed, then try try again. That is what this former Housewife is doing with her new PR campaign to have her barely there celebrity offspring paired with a famous guy. No one ever really bought the A list actor hookup. Gigi Hadid/Yolanda Hadid Foster Hadid/”Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”/Leonardo DiCaprio

I guess the shout out to the remaining boy band members was nice, but, isn't he the one who broke up the group in the first place? Harry Styles/”One Direction”/"BRIT Awards" (Harry Styles Thanks One Direction During BRIT Acceptance Speech: 'Wouldn't Be Here Without You')

The very fast rapper might be expecting another baby, but it didn't stop him from hitting on women this weekend trying to hookup. Hey, at least he wasn't actually hitting women this time. A$AP Rocky/Rihanna (A$AP Rocky honors pregnant Rihanna with custom jacket at Super Bowl 2023)

Also doing some cheating this weekend was this A list celebrity chef who is not foreign born. Bobby Flay/Christina Pérez (Bobby Flay attends The Players Tailgate Hosted By Bobby Flay and presented by Bullseye Event Group for Super Bowl LVII) (Bobby Flay Says Girlfriend Christina Pérez Makes 'Everything Look Amazing' at Their Joint Holidays)

This A- list comic/comic actress thinks she can make all her troubles go away if she starts dating another woman. It feels very Anne Heche of her. Tiffany Haddish (Tiffany Haddish expresses love for the LGBTQ+ community: “In my past life I was a gay man”)

This A/A- list writer/actress/producer/showrunner recently went on vacation with a guy who is not the most likely guessed baby daddy of her children. Mindy Kaling/India/B. J. Novak (Mindy Kaling, 43, shows off VERY slim frame as she models flirty minidress in snaps from her vacation to India)

They are not nude or implied nude, but this foreign born A- list celebrity/reality star in her home country has been selling photos of her very underage daughter in all kinds of attire to make money. Katie Price/United Kingdom ('Crop top and leathers on a child!' Katie Price sparks backlash after posting snap of daughter Bunny, 8, in a full face of make-up and baring her midriff for a photoshoot)

At one of the many Super Bowl parties she was at, this comedienne/actress accidentally let it slip that she’s going to be a guest on the alliterate talk show host’s podcast and that it’s going to premiere in July. Tiffany Haddish/Wendy Williams

168. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/13 **10**
This still very young muse for an A list singer is set to be named the face of a designer and the singer wants a fee for her "managerial" services, which is crazy. Maddie Ziegler/Sia/”Versace by Fendi” (Maddie Ziegler – Versace by Fendi May 2022) (Maddie Ziegler’s bizarre role as Sia’s ‘muse’, Shia LaBeouf controversy)

169. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/13 **11**
This closeted publicist/reality star was complaining about the prices of escorts this weekend in Phoenix. Jonathan Cheban aka "Foodgod" (Jonathan Cheban aka Foodgod attends Michael Rubin's 2023 Fanatics Super Bowl Party)

170. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/13 **12**
This foreign born former A/A- list actress was at a movie premiere tonight in the UK and literally couldn't open her mouth to speak to reporters because of the amount of work she recently had done. Eva Green/”Liaison” (Eva Green looks chic in a purple velvet suit at the premiere of Liaison in Paris - amid her High Court battle over doomed sci-fi film)

171. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/13 **13**
Was it the worst spray tan ever in the history of the world? No. Was it spectacularly awful where everyone could not stop laughing at this B/B- list celebrity who will never eclipse their sibling on the list? Yes. I think the celebrity thought he was a big deal because everyone wanted a picture of him. They just wanted to have a picture with the spray tan. Frankie Grande/Ariana Grande/”10th Annual Make-Up Artists & Hair Stylists Guild Awards” (Frankie Grande attends the 10th Annual Make-Up Artists & Hair Stylists Guild Awards)

172. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/13 **14**
Drinking & Walking: This is not really Old Hollywood. Several of the cast members of this hit show (“Star Trek”) are still alive, although, very old. The show spawned other shows and movies and it all comes from a series of books. One of the more famous cast members (Leonard Nimoy), also hosted a long long running program (“In Search of...”) that made you really think. He is the subject of the blind. Our actor was famous for getting drunk at bars in Hollywood. Staggeringly drunk. He also made it a point to never drive drunk. He would walk drunk though. Many times, our actor would be discovered sleeping a drunk off in an alley or pressed against the wall of a store. What he was known for though was trying to find women to sleep with he had to pay. He found that much more interesting than hitting on whatever groupies/fans he would meet in whatever watering hole he was in each night. The women of the night all knew of his predilections and would often wait for him outside a bar, hoping to be able to have sex with him. He paid well and usually was unable to perform because of the drinking. His favorites were those who didn't speak English because he liked to pretend he could speak all manner of languages but he really couldn't speak any. “Star Trek”/Leonard Nimoy/”In Search of...” (Star Trek's Leonard Nimoy’s secret sex and booze obsessions revealed by William Shatner)

One has to wonder if the foreign born permanent A list singer didn't get herself pregnant, just to stop having to try and make excuses why she has no new music coming out. Considering it took almost a year to create and produce a single, an entire album will take forever. Rihanna (Rihanna's maternity style isn't just fashionable. It's revolutionary, experts say)

I told you two months ago about the A list actor/sometime director who was back drinking and I have written about it a few other times since. Now, the regular media is finally catching on. Ben Affleck

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about this A- list Disney actor/singer and how he sees the Christian market as very lucrative for him going forward. The other day he took the next step in that plan and did so very publicly. Joshua Bassett (Joshua Bassett Says He Does ‘Not Endorse All’ Beliefs of Church He Was Baptized In)

There has been a lot of buzz that this foreign born former superhero gave away a pet to some random stranger and the pet died a few days later when the random stranger just released it.

Speaking of buzz, there is some that this A list comic actor got his house sitter pregnant. Considering that the actor's girlfriend doesn't let him out of her sight for this very reason, it seems like it would be a tough thing to accomplish, but he has done some crazy things in the past. Kevin Hart

The ex of the cleaning product actor is also profiting off what he did to other women. She would never have got her most recent gig if he had not hurt other women. Armie Hammer/Elizabeth Chambers (Armie Hammer's ex-wife Elizabeth Chambers set to host series about toxic relationships - after her own explosive break-up with shamed actor)

There was no way on this Earth that this Oscar nominee (Andrea Riseborough) who was under the microscope was going to show up for lunch yesterday. Not a chance. The red carpet for the show is going to be your only chance. The foreign born actress nominee (Ana de Armas) also was a no show because she is tired of talking about getting naked. Plus, she knows she is not going to win. She is the Kristen Stewart of this year and can get out of her heels after the red carpet and know she won't have need of them the rest of the night. Andrea Riseborough/Ana de Armas (Mystery over Andrea Riseborough’s apparent Oscars luncheon snub following row over her Best Actress nomination as stars Cate Blanchett and Colin Farrell join attendees)

This former superhero (Chris Evans) is following the same PR steps this current superhero did before when it comes to posting content featuring his arrangement (Alba Baptista). The former superhero wisely knows not to have anything posted permanent. The current superhero (Anthony Mackie) didn’t before him and says he regrets it to this day, though can’t get the content taken down. Chris Evans/Alba Baptista/Anthony Mackie  (Chris Evans shares PDA-filled pics with girlfriend Alba Baptista on Valentine’s Day) (Anthony Mackie shares how his Captain America will differ from Chris Evans's)

The pint sized A+/A list actor is using much smaller lifts than he has done in the past. Maybe he is finally comfortable with his height. Tom Cruise (Tom Cruise Has Been Using Height Illusion Tricks for Years to Looker Taller Than Everyone Else)

182. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/14 **10**
Now, the actress/director (Olivia Wilde) is even leaking stories about how she might get back together with her ex (Jason Sudeikis). Not the singing ex (Harry Styles). No, and not the disgraced producer ex (Harvey Weinstein) who she used to find women for. The actor ex. The late night actor ex, not the other actor ex (Bradley Cooper). Olivia Wilde/Jason Sudeikis/Harry Styles/Harvey Weinstein/Bradley Cooper (Jason Sudeikis Reportedly Wants Olivia Wilde Back After Harry Styles Split)

183. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/14 **11**
This foreign born alliterate singer left a date on the side of the highway, 30 miles from home because the guy didn't want to have sex with the singer. Sam Smith

184. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/14 **12**
This foreign born one hit wonder has been showing up to NBA games in NYC to try and land any of the three players she has been sending messages to. Iggy Azalea/”New York Knicks” Jalen Brunson (Shooting her shot? Iggy Azalea, 32, shocks NBA fans as she jumps on the court to congratulate New York Knicks star Jalen Brunson, 26, on beating the Brooklyn Nets)

185. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/14 **13**
This former Southeast Housewife has been questioned about the death of a very minor celebrity. Apparently, the former Housewife had talked about wanting to kill the celebrity and a week later the celebrity was dead. It is probably a coincidence.

186. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/14 **14**
The Proposal: I went back and looked and I can't believe I have never told this story before. And no, it does not have anything to do with the movie of the same name, but it is a movie (“The Proposal”) that is one starring Ryan Reynolds that is actually decent. RIP Betty White. This actress (Julia Roberts) is A list. Honestly, she is probably permanently A list. If she stars in a movie, even well after the peak of her career, she is still the female lead. Always. OK, well not in one of those movies where they throw everyone in a movie, but a regular movie, she is the female lead. She had been dating an actor (Benjamin Bratt) for awhile and he wanted to propose to the actress. He buys her a ring, which she knows nothing about. He didn't have private jet money back then, but he gets first class tickets to Paris and gets a very suite at this very top end hotel. A side note to the story is that the nicest suite at this hotel had been booked by the wife of an actor that our actress later had an affair with. Anyway, back to our story. Everything is going great. They are having a good time. Then, comes the proposal. He gets a reservation at the restaurant at this Michelin starred place. Not just one star, but two or something like that. A very high end, stuffy kind of snobby French place. The kind where there are no scenes allowed or tolerated. They get there and they are having a lovely meal. It is some kind of tasting menu and the waiter comes over with the next course, and presents it to the actress and to the actor. The actor had planned this and the restaurant had been accommodating, but ONLY because they knew who the actor was and liked one of his roles (“Miss Congeniality”). Normally, they wouldn't have done so. So, the waiter does the whole voila thing and lifts the top of the next dish and there is a rose and then the actress looks at it and the actor does the whole get down on one knee thing. Right there in the middle of the place. He then asks her to marry him. Her response went something like this. The actor has told the story several times, and seems to change it slightly each time, but this is the basics. "You are asking me to marry you. Now? Right here? On f**king Valentine's Day? Is this so you never have to give me another Valentine's Day present for the rest of our lives? Because, you might think this is all romantic and nice, but this is not the day you propose to me you f**king a**hole." You pick a day that is already not romantic. Are you f**king drunk or is this something you had planned?" This goes on for a couple of minutes, with her voice getting more angry. People are staring and the actor is sweating. The wait staff and management look pained. Finally, the actress turns around and walks out. The actor has zero cash so there is no throwing money on the table and running after her. He has to wait for them to take his credit card and run it and he finally gets outside and she is gone. He goes back to the hotel and she is not there. He can't reach her by phone. She left all her stuff in the hotel. For two days he can't find her. He has no idea where she is. Then, on the third day, he opens up a tabloid and sees a photo of her in London on the arm of another guy (Daniel Moder). The actor threw away all her stuff and then flew back to the US. She later tried to sue him because he threw away some valuable piece of jewelry, but then he threatened to tell everyone what happened. Julia Roberts/Benjamin Bratt/“Miss Congeniality”/Daniel Moder (The Truth About Benjamin Bratt And Julia Roberts' Relationship) (Julia Roberts Had One Regret About Her Breakup from Benjamin Bratt) (Julia Roberts and Danny Moder's Relationship Timeline)

This foreign born A/A- list actor who has been a lead in a movie, is set to come out and share his decade long boyfriend. Taron Egerton/”Kingsman: The Secret Service” (Taron Egerton splits from girlfriend of six years Emily Thomas after collapsing on stage and pulling out of theatre show)

The NBA is just going to try and get us to forget about the all the statutory rape claims against this NBA legend, just because the all star game is where he played and they want to show him off. Karl Malone (Fans in Disbelief Over NBA Promoting Karl Malone Despite His Dark Past)

This A- list actress who caused so much really good drama this past summer by refusing to do most press for a movie, still refuses to discuss it because that is how much she hates the actress/director. Florence Pugh.”Don’t Worry Darling”/Olivia Wilde (Why Florence Pugh Is So Done Discussing Don't Worry Darling Drama)

This foreign born alliterate singer has not acted like she was dating anyone the entire time she was supposedly dating that app guy. She has been hooking up with a sibling of the high pitched A list singer since at least Thanksgiving. Oh, and the this random snack company executive too. Camila Cabello/Austin Kevitch (Camila Cabello and Dating App CEO Austin Kevitch Break Up Following 8 Months of Dating)

If you read between the lines of the carefully crafted publicist statement from the guitarist who didn't have a publicist a week ago, it basically confirms she hooked up with the three named rapper. She just split with her boyfriend first. Or, at least that is what the release would have you believe.  Sophie Lloyd/Machine Gun Kelly (Machine Gun Kelly's Guitarist Sophie Lloyd Addresses 'Disrespectful' and 'Meritless' Cheating Rumors)

It is so interesting to see the complete 180 from this A- list actor who starred on the show about gossip and his previous open/swinger/orgy relationships into this no more sex scenes kind of guy because it is disrespectful. According to an old partner, this is a guy who used to spank women until they would bark for him. Penn Badgley/”Gossip Girl” (Penn Badgley Goes Deeper on Swearing Off Racy ‘You’ Sex Scenes: ‘That Aspect of Hollywood Has Been Very Disturbing’)

This former A list news anchor used to have a version of his most recent story where he talks about holding a gun to his head. Maybe the thought that wouldn't get as much play, so has toned it down. Chris Cuomo (Chris Cuomo dramatically reveals he was 'going to kill everybody, including myself' after he was fired from CNN: 'Things can consume you')

The alliterate one and her husband have spent multiple nights apart from each other in the past few weeks and it isn't a work related separation. Meghan Markle/Prince Harry (Prince Harry, Meghan Markle likely to announce 3rd pregnancy on Valentine's Day; here's why the day is special)

This barely there celebrity offspring who is married to an A list singer has started watching him when he has sex with other women. She says that at least she knows what he is doing. Hailey Baldwin Bieber/Justin Bieber (Hailey Roasts Justin Bieber with Throwback Photo of Him and Rihanna) (EXCLUSIVE: 'I love Stephen but he wants to keep me secret.' Baldwin's mistress tells DailyMailTV of their two-year affair, the 15 'sexual fantasies' they acted out and how the actor 'disguised himself as a homeless man' to sneak around together)

196. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/15 **10**
I don't understand why this former A+/A list NBA player keeps paying hush money to a porn star to not talk about their child. He should just come clean and save himself $1M a year. Blake Griffin/ and Lana Rhoades (Porn star Lana Rhoades shares rare pic of her son and fans think there’s a clear clue NBA’s Blake Griffin is the father)

197. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/15 **11**
I have never really looked at all his tattoos in the past, but apparently, all he did for his most recent one was nothing. It was one he did for his ex.  Ben Affleck/Jennifer Lopez/Jennifer Garner (A Guide to Ben Affleck's Tattoos and Everything He's Said About Them)

198. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/15 **12**
This billionaire is already terrorizing producers and directors about his actress offspring and what he expects from the producers and directors about her career, when he lands his new gig. Nelson Peltz/Nicola Peltz/"Disney" Board  (The Revengers! How billionaire Disney shareholder Nelson Peltz teamed up with penny-pinching, ousted Marvel exec Ike Perlmutter - who had grudge against Bob Iger - to take on Disney proxy fight and WIN)

199. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/15 **13**
This permanent A list singer paid $2M to stop a sex tape of her daughter from being sold to someone other than the singer. Madonna/Lourdes Leon

200. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/15 **14**
Perfect Storm: Even as recently as two weeks ago, there was an instance of a girlfriend (Rachael Lange) of an actor (Dylan O’Brien) who had to delete 90% of her social media because of the things she had written in the past which would cause the actor to have to answer questions about why he was with the girlfriend and would cause her to have to explain all of her racist and homophobic Tweets. I wrote a blind about the social media posts and within 48 hours, they were gone. I also made it clear that the actor didn't really care if she removed them or not. It was his team that made him tell her. I bet they break up in a few weeks. A celebrity or in some cases like the one above, a significant other will remove horrible posts. That is usually as far as it goes. How many degrees of separation are really necessary? Well, in the case of this A list actor (Chris Evans) who used to be a superhero (“Captain America“), the degrees of separation are numerous. The actor's girlfriend (Alba Baptista) is foreign born. Her team and the actor's team have been going over her social media and removing as many posts as they can. There are so many truly awful posts, that it has taken some time. Her team is doing it to help renew the show she stars on (“Warrior Nun“), even though I think she will bail on it, even if it is renewed. His team is making sure he has deniability and doesn't look like an idiot for dating someone who is clearly awful, at least on social media. The problem his team is facing, and her team doesn't really care about are all of the replies and @a she did to her friends on all their social media posts. One of her best friends has a social media page that is littered with Nazi references and white nationalist imagery and a host of other horrible things. There are other friends who also have posts, just not as numerous. The actor's team is reaching out to all of the people who own those accounts and asking them to delete posts and replies or make their accounts private. There are dozens of accounts and the actor's team is working nonstop so none of it comes back to him. I wonder if the actor knows or cares. Rachael Lange/Dylan O'Brien/Chris Evans/”Captain America”/Alba Baptista/“Warrior Nun“ (which has now been saved) (Rachael Lange has apologised after a series of racist tweets from her account were unearthed) (alba baptista under attack for everything) (BLIND ITEM 01/23/23)

This comic universe is preparing to lose the most money it has ever lost on one of its installments. It is not going to be pretty and will probably involve the end of these two characters on screen. “Marvel”/“Quantumania”/”Ant-Man and the Wasp” (‘Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania’ Review: Splat)

As I told you a few weeks ago, all of the senior executives at this mega bank are worried their interactions with the dead billionaire pedophile will come to light and it starts with the top guy. Did he also want "Disney" services? “Chase”/Jeffrey Epstein/Jamie Dimon

Speaking of I told you so, it was maybe 18 months ago that I told you the daytime host was doing everything in her power to push out her co-host. She hates him because he is a bigger star. Her last host became a bigger star too. She hated that. She wants someone who she can control. Kelly Ripa/Ryan Seacrest/”Live with Kelly and Ryan”/Michael Strahan/Mark Consuelos (Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa Reveal His Exit from 'Live' Has Been in the Works for a 'Long Time')

The A list mostly movie actor is beginning to realize that by him picking women to "date" who are Gen Z, he is making the entire TikTok world take notice of who he is dating and then dig in deep and question why he is dating them and if there is something he is hiding. Of course he is. Leonardo DiCaprio (EXCLUSIVE: 'It really bothers him': Leonardo DiCaprio is desperate to 'ditch' his reputation for only dating women under the age of 25 - and wants a 'real, mature' romance... 'like the one he had with Camila Morrone')

The boyfriend of this female Broadway star that had a recent show close due to poor ticket sales cheated on her when she was on vacation with her best friend. Solea Pfeiffer/”Almost Famous”/Kevin Csolak

You think it was hard to serve the religious leader? It is even going to be harder to get him to sit for a deposition or to get an answer out of him. I know it is a sex trafficking lawsuit, but there is just one question that should be asked until it is answered and that is about his wife. David Miscavige/Scientology/Shelly Miscavige (Scientology leader considered legally served in Australian human trafficking case)

This former superhero has shared very risqué photos of his girlfriend to friends, but she thinks all the photos have stayed private. Henry Cavill/”Superman”/Natalie Viscuso (Henry Cavill playfully holds hands with his girlfriend Natalie Viscuso as they head out for a cosy dinner date at Mr Chow in Beverly Hills)

This A list actor who missed out on an Oscar nomination again this year, is only focused on projects that can get him a nomination/win. That is it. Anything commercial he doesn't want. He is trying way too hard. Bradley Cooper

At an after party last week after the music award show, this alliterate foreign born singer would not stop complaining about having to buy his own drinks and everyone was forced to listen to it for hours and caused people to really dislike him. This actress who used to star in a long running network comedy and has reached epic levels of fame this year with her pay cable show, also would have had to pay, but kept trading selfies for drinks and everyone fell more in love with her because of it.

210. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/16 **10**
This foreign born A- list actress traded in her much older boyfriend who always was yelling at her for a new boyfriend who also always yells at her. Florence Pugh/Zach Braff/Charlie Gooch (Who Is Florence Pugh's Rumored Boyfriend? All About Charlie Gooch)

211. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/16 **11**
Reader Blind: America's anti-trans sweetheart wants stardom! She's swapped her weird sister-wife threads for a more contemporary look on her recent outings and her bot army is lobbying for better coverage. She still refuses to disclose her ethnicity though, because that might hurt her ties with her racist pals and the conservative Christian groups that pay her.

212. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/16 **12**
It has been discussed a lot over the past year, but this former Housewife/yachter said the whole losing the house thing was a misunderstanding and threatened to sue people who said she was going to lose the house. It turns out, she has 19 days to keep it. All because she thought she was too popular to be a Housewife. Oh, and her out of control spending habits. Kim Zolciak-Biermann/”Real Housewives of Atlanta”/”Don’t Be Tardy” (and now a divorce) (RHOA alum Kim Zolciak’s $2.8M mansion ‘put on auction block’ after she fails to pay back $1.6M loan in foreclosure case)

213. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/16 **13**
I think its great that this A list actor/writer/producer/showrunner/mogul is doing some great things for his city. It doesn't change the fact that he has a very sketchy reputation within the community with what happens to low income people who spend time alone with him or are given a "job," and what happens on the job. Tyler Perry (Tyler Perry Donating $750K to Help Low-Income Senior Citizens in Atlanta Avoid Displacement)

214. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/16 **14**
I told you a couple of weeks ago, this former primetime cable anchor wanted to get fired so he could get a network job. Because of what he recently said, he might get fired, but he won't get the network job. The most likely scenario would be he ends up co-hosting a show with his former colleague. The former colleague who wanted to kill everyone at his workplace. This should be interesting. Don Lemon/Chris Cuomo (Chris Cuomo dramatically reveals he was 'going to kill everybody, including myself' after he was fired from CNN: 'Things can consume you') (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 02/04/23)

215. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/16 **15**
Death Wish: This A list mostly movie director, who is an Oscar nominee/winner, once threatened to kill an A list mostly movie actor who is also an Oscar winner/nominee. This was not just some idle threat. Our director actually purchased a gun and stayed outside the actor's home for a couple of days. He really wanted to kill him. Apparently the director had a movie project he loved. Like his project that he had been pushing for a long time and was finally set to do it and our actor killed it. Just made sure it never saw the light of day. The actor did that while at the same time, hooking up with the long time love of the director. They split because of the affair, although she ended up with a different actor from the same country where she was born. Our director went ballistic and he wanted the actor dead. Some friends figured out where he was and what he was doing, but for two days he sat outside that house, waiting for the actor to get home. Darren Aronofsky/Brad Pitt/”The Fountain”/Rachel Weisz/Daniel Craig

216. POPBITCH 02/16
(British blog)
Which global pop icon once had her security goons nick a disgruntled PA's passport – so the PA couldn't quit and fly home?

This celebrity offspring of a permanent A lister is getting some acting work and it is because he is hiding the real relationship of this foreign born actress who is his "girlfriend." Jake Bongiovi/Jon Bon Jovi/Millie Bobby Brown (Millie Bobby Brown's nepo baby boyfriend Jake Bongiovi lands second major acting role in new coming-of-age film Rockbottom)

The makeup artist is full of blind items as of late. The answer to his most recent one isn't that hard. He has mentioned orally servicing the rapper in an interview. Apparently the sex happened 14 or 15 years ago. Jeffree Star (Twitter Reacts To Jeffree Star Exposing The Illuminati)

I would literally be shocked if this former A+ list reality star has had any kind of sex with her husband. Paris Hilton/Carter Reum (Paris Hilton Said She Thought She Was Asexual Before She Met Her Husband Because “Anything Sexual” Used To Make Her “Terrified”)

Speaking of reality stars and not having sex, this current A- lister and the A list rapper are definitely not having sex. This one will quickly crash and burn because he sleeps with far too many people to try and make this look real.
Kendall Jenner/Bad Bunny (Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny Were Reportedly Seen Making Out at a Club)

Since fake relationships appear to be a theme today, it is really interesting that this long time beard of an A lister finally chose to speak out about her "boyfriend." He never lets her give interviews. I guess this is a big week for him to have some distractions from him.

The business manager who was the one pushing for the "singer" to be controlled, also was consulted and was pushing for this barely there celebrity offspring of a permanent A+ list singer to be legally controlled so they could get their hands on the offspring's money she received after the death of the A+ list singer. Lou Taylor/Britney Spears/Paris Jackson/Michael Jackson

This long long long time boy band member who will still be doing the boy band thing while getting social security checks is apparently aware of another accuser who is alleging he engaged he acted inappropriately with her. Nick Carter/”Backstreet Boys” (Nick Carter countersues rape accusers for defamation, extortion)

This A- list actress wants to sign on to a very very big project that would be huge for her. It shoots overseas for three months though, so her A list husband doesn't want her to do it and is definitely playing the spoiler role. Kristen Stewart

This permanent A list legend is back at it this week after a long absence. He is also still misogynistic and was bragging about it this week. Literally bragging about it. Tiger Woods (Tiger Woods apologizes after handing Justin Thomas a tampon at the Genesis Invitational)

226. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/17 **10**
This B/B- list celebrity who has multiple celebrity offspring and has no chance to ever be the highest one in the family on the list, thinks everything is perfect right now, but, things have a way of going very south, very quickly with her current boyfriend. A long list of women will attest to that. Tish Cyrus/Dominic Purcell (No more Achy Breaky Heart? Tish Cyrus 'truly feels like she found her soulmate' with boyfriend Dominic Purcell... after split with husband Billy Ray Cyrus)

227. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/17 **11**
This A- list actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee is overseas and has been partying as much as possible while getting to spend time away from her significant other. Not Anne Hathaway. Kristen Stewart/Dylan Meyer (Berlin Jury President Kristen Stewart Declares Movies Will ‘Never Go Away,’ but Jokes About Being a ‘Loser’ on Naming Great Filmmakers)

228. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/17 **12**
The alliterate one had lunch with the person who decides the replacement for certain very very high profile positions. Coming so close on the heels of an announcement seems more than a coincidence. Meghan Markle/Gavin Newsom/Dianne Feinstein’s California Senate Seat (“It Will Be Bruising”: Jockeying For Dianne Feinstein’s California Senate Seat Has Already Begun) (Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had meeting with CA Gov. Gavin Newsom: report)

229. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/17 **13**
This A- list actress who used to be an A- list singer talked some good talk in a recent social media post, but she shames people all the time. She did it this week in front of several people and they all laughed about it. Selena Gomez (Selena Gomez Opened Up About The Pressures Of Maintaining A Clean Public Image As A Disney Child Star A Decade On From All The “Spring Breakers” Controversy)

230. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/17 **14**
Four For Friday - Arrests You Don't Remember: There will be no Hugh Grant or Eddie Murphy (technically he was only stopped by police and the prostitute in the car was the one arrested) ones in this list.
#1 - This A list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee has been hiding behind all his friends this year and succeeding. Maybe, things would be different if people started discussing his arrest for exposing himself to others without their consent. Brad Pitt (Brad's 'Flasher' Past Exposed As Angie Drags Indecent Exposure Claim Into Custody War)
#2 - This foreign born alliterate good guy actor everyone loves because of that television role, once got arrested for beating up a security guard while our actor was drunk. Joshua Jackson/”Pacey”/”Dawson’s Creek” (See which ''Dawson's Creek'''s star was arrested)
#3 - This permanent A list athlete legend had a huge, high profile arrest that everyone remembers. What most people don't remember is that police questioned him about his relationship with his girlfriend/future wife because her parents wanted him arrested for statutory rape. Kobe Bryant/Vanessa Marie Bryant previously Laine; born Vanessa Urbieta Cornejo (Kobe Bryant sexual assault case)
#4 - This actress was A- list. She has been nominated/won Emmy Awards for daytime and nighttime. She was arrested many years ago for DUI. People, may or may not remember that. What people don't know about is that she avoided arrest for drug smuggling by sleeping with the guy who was set to arrest her. Anne Heche (Exclusive: Anne Heche Interview)

"We need to change her color for the reshoot. It is going to mess up the continuity."
"No one will notice anyway, just shoot it."
An actual conversation between a comic book universe executive and a producer of a very very very recent superhero release. ”‘Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania?’ (An ‘Ant-Man 3’ bad hair day is already overshadowing the game-changing multiversal chaos)

A recent death occurred because the person involved was going to be exposed for something for which there is no coming back from. Kellie Pickler’s husband Kyle Jacobs (Kellie Pickler’s Husband Kyle Jacobs Dead by Suicide at Nashville Home)

This Disney actor/singer is basically handing out every dollar he earns to a pastor/life coach. Joshua Bassett (Joshua Bassett Says He Does ‘Not Endorse All’ Beliefs of Church He Was Baptized In)

It has been nearly two decades and the one named A list singer who will not sell out her stadium tour is still upset she didn't  get the most attention from a group song she performed. Pink/”Lady Marmalade” (Pink Says ‘Lady Marmalade’ Music Video Wasn’t ‘Fun to Make’ Amid Christina Aguilera Feud: ‘A Lot of Fuss’)

Apparently the comic/actor wanted sex as part of the deal, which the hard to spell model said crossed a line. Eric André/Emily Ratajkowski (Emily Ratajkowski hints relationship with Eric André over, days after naked Valentine's Day post with comedian)

This actor/producer/showrunner uses his position at the church he attends to find young (but legal) men to have sex with. He plies them with alcohol and money and tells them they will face shame if they report it to anyone. Tyler Perry (Tyler Perry Shares Faith In Jesus With Steve Harvey)

This A- list actress told her friends Tuesday night that her celebrity boyfriend slightly higher on the list, suggested the actress get a $10M life insurance policy with him named as the beneficiary. Megan Fox/Machine Gun Kelly

This former teen actor from back in the day, went too far with a woman he picked up and even his very very rich friend might not be able to bail him out of this one. Lukas Haas/Leonardo DiCaprio

This foreign born singer (Shawn Mendes) is test-driving a new beard (Sabrina Carpenter). The older woman (Jocelyne Miranda) with cult connections just wasn’t it. This young pop songstress (Olivia Rodrigo) with a Disney background might fit and has quietly bearded before (Joshua Bassett), which a female more famous Disney actress-turned-singer wrote a song (“Driver’s License”) about. The foreign born singer’s star is slipping and he needs to choose.  Shawn Mendes/Sabrina Carpenter/Jocelyne Miranda/Olivia Rodrigo/Joshua Bassett/”Driver’s License” (Shawn Mendes, Sabrina Carpenter Dating? Inside The Rumored Couple's Special Night) (Who Is Shawn Mendes’ Rumored New Girlfriend, Dr. Jocelyne Miranda?) (See, Olivia Rodrigo and Joshua Bassett Can Be Near Each Other) (Sabrina Carpenter Addresses Olivia Rodrigo Drama on New Song 'Skin': 'Don't Drive Yourself Insane') (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 07/28/22) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 01/29/23)

This long time LA celeb restaurant which always has paps out front, has really gone downhill in the food department. Celebrities are abandoning the place. Tourists make up the majority of the customers now. “Craig's"

This B+ list celebrity has been on so many different shows hosting and recently suffered a loss. Apparently, she and her celebrity significant other were headed to divorce, but now the world doesn't need to know that. Kellie Pickler/Kyle Jacobs (Kellie Pickler's Husband Kyle Jacobs Dead After Apparent Suicide at Age 49)

This former Teen Mom makes it a point when she is having sex for money that she gives a huge discount to the CPS (Child Protective Services) manager she befriended. Doing that has saved the former Teen Mom a lot of headaches over the past couple years. Farrah Abraham (Teen Mom Farrah Abraham admits CPS once ‘threatened to take daughter Sophia’ away from her over ‘unsafe actions’)

This B list mostly television actor was in a three named show that 95% of the time is referred to by fans with its initials. We knew his new girlfriend was nearly two decades younger than the actor. It turns out it is even a bigger age gap and that she is still a teen and not in her early 20's. She is legal, but it is super creepy. Keenan Thompson (45)/”SNL”/Aria Lisslo (19) (Kenan Thompson Allegedly Dating 19-Year-Old Musician He Reportedly Mentored)

If this former A- list actor/reality star dies, which looks possible right now, there is going to be the biggest scramble you have ever seen to find all his notes and files and computers. He knows everything about everyone. When I mean everything, he knows their sex and drug habits and he wrote it all down. It is how he has not gone completely busted after all these years of substance abuse.  Tom Sizemore (Tom Sizemore, ‘Saving Private Ryan’ actor, in critical condition after brain aneurysm, rep says) (Heidi Fleiss on ex-Tom Sizemore: ‘I knew he had disgusting issues, but this is shocking’)

This beloved network actress, who has been everyone's favorite for decades, drinks herself to sleep every night, and it has become much worse over the past few years.

This eastern Housewife likes people to think she can afford all the luxury vacations she takes. She can't. Between her husband's failed businesses and her own, they live on credit cards and packaged noodles. Literally, everything they do, is given to them by companies who want them to visit or come eat at restaurant. It is a house of cards that threatens to topple all of the time. Melissa & Joe Gorga/”Real Housewives of New Jersey” (‘RHONJ’ star Melissa Gorga flaunts her fit body in a bikini)

This one named permanent A list legend who had a primetime return after a several year absence was coked out of her mind. It has been a long time since I have seen that level of coke use evident on national television. Roseanne (Roseanne Barr, host of FOX Nation’s "Cancel This!," Visits FOX News Channel’s "Gutfeld!" on February 14, 2023 in New York City)

This A- list actor is an Oscar winner/nominee and has been a superhero. He has also started reciting Nazi catchphrases.

The significant other of a former Teen Mom, dresses as a woman for his secret boyfriend. Catelynn Baltierra/Tyler Balltierra

This musician/singer has been in multiple hit groups. She got a lot of work done to her face six years ago right before the release of an album, but for whatever reason, the internet is just noticing it now. Joan Jett (TED NUGENT Blasts 'Stupid' JOAN JETT: 'Maybe The Plastic Has Gone To Her Brain')

There were talks between this alliterate A list rapper's team and a production company about payments and percentages of sales and things like that. The team said no to everything, but he still is going to end up on the family reality show. They really want him to be the story line to replace the other A list rapper who left, albeit this would be with a different member of the family. “Bad Bunny”/”Keeping Up With the Kardashians”/Kanye West/Kendall Jenner (Kendall Jenner, Bad Bunny spotted at same restaurant amid dating rumors)

I assumed with his constant foibles and fails, the morning cable anchor had blown his shot at the network morning job, but they still are interested. At this point, the cable channel will only be too happy to watch him go. That was a very fast fall. Don Lemon/”Good Morning America”/”CNN” (Embattled Don Lemon absent Monday from ‘CNN This Morning’)

Speaking of NBA players, it was nice for a new generation to learn this weekend about the former A+/A list NBA player and his rape of a 13 year old which resulted in a pregnancy. You think, now that he is retired, living in the middle of nowhere, that he suddenly stopped doing that kind of thing? Karl Malone (The NBA Shouldn’t Have Creepy Karl Malone at All-Star Weekend) (Karl Malone Is Sick Of Being Asked About Impregnating A Child)

This former A+ list singer says she gets late night calls from an unknown number. The calls always occur between 12:45-12:50am and the caller is probably the A list "singer" wanting to talk, but the former A+ lister can't be sure, even though they have known each other almost their whole lives. Christina Aguilera/Britney Spears

Do you remember when the foreign born actress who quit the hit network show because she thought was above it all, got her younger sibling hooked on drugs and how it was way worse for the younger sibling. Yeah, at least it isn't as bad as this former A- list mostly television actress who did the same thing to her sibling, but now he is dead. Mischa Barton/”The O.C.”/Hania Barton/Hayden Panettiere/Jansen Panettiere (There Ain't No Party Like A Mischa Barton Party) (Hania Barton? Zoe Barton? One Of Mischa Barton's Sisters Is Messed Up) (Hayden Panettiere's Brother Jansen Panettiere Dead At 28) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 06/26/21)

256. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/20 **10**
Apparently the A- list actress with the troubled love life would like to go away for a month. She insists it is not rehab, but it sounds a lot like it. Megan Fox (Megan Fox found suspicious texts and DMs on Machine Gun Kelly’s phone: sources)

257. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/20 **11**
The 30+ year difference in ages is one thing, but don't forget that this former A+/A list mostly movie actor who is the star of one of the biggest urban legends of all time, has known his current wife since she was a tween. Grooming. Richard Gere/Alejandra Silva/”Gerbil”/"Felching" (Richard Gere's Wife Says He's 'Recovering' from Pneumonia on Family Vacation in Mexico) (Who Is Richard Gere's Wife? All About Alejandra Silva) (Richard Gere and the Gerbil)

258. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/20 **12**
It wasn't a breakup for the A- list singer/host/celebrity, it was a negotiation of the contract renewal with the "boyfriend." Nicole Scherzinger

259. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/20 **13**
Apparently there is at least one recording of this A- list national celebrity/politician of her orally servicing a guy back when she was 18 or 19. It was at a house party. It is not a person on either side of the aisle who goes by initials much of the time. It is someone else.

260. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/20 **14**
The Secret: This actor has been in plenty of blinds, but he has never made the big blind. Even though, he is still young, all of you know him. He is foreign born and is someone that Gen Z loves and adores. They follow his every move. Apparently, he and a sibling started taking advantage of that. This would be the youngest sibling. Through the youngest sibling's social media, the pair reached out to females they were interested in. It didn't matter if they were 18 or not, they would just scroll and DM. Although, the younger sibling did the trolling, the famous sibling would be ready and willing to take a selfie with the younger sibling to show they were related. No videos though, just selfies. Between the two of them, they have compiled about 1000 photos and nearly as many videos of teens/women of all ages, completely naked and also pleasuring themselves and others to prove they should be with the actor or the sibling.

They say misery loves company and that CERTAINLY applies here. This Hollywood stud was devastated when one of his closest celebrity pals died suddenly. While grieving their mutual loss, he developed a kinship with his pal’s spouse. It started off innocently enough, but one thing led to another, and they’ve hooked up a few times since the funeral. They aren’t dating and have no plans to, but both seem to be enjoying sharing their grief in the bedroom…

This prolific baby maker/host would really like to do a project with his big pocketed ex so he could get some cash flow going. He didn't quite realize how much cash he was going to need every month, and more announcements are pending. Nick Cannon/Mariah Carey (‘Must Be Nick On the Phone’: Mariah Carey and Son Moroccan’s Comical Video Shows Him Hanging Up On Someone, Fans Bring Up His Father Nick Cannon)

A few years ago, this A-list, foreign-born teen actress got a major supporting role in this installment of a multi-billion dollar film franchise. Then, a pedophile artist with hundreds of thousands of social media followers drew highly explicit cartoons of the actress, who was barely a teen, which meet the definition of child porn in the United States, depicting her as the character she played in the film. Despite this, the pedophile artist was never prosecuted, and a simple Google search for the name of the actress and artist reveals the images. Someone you all know is working to get something done about this horrible mess. Dafne Keen/"X-Men"/”Logan”/Shadman (Shadman: Vulgar drawings of 12-yr-old Dafne Keen's 'Logan' character X-23 got website pulled)

It is pretty interesting that after all these years, this is the first time the A- list actress has mentioned her medication giving her a puffy face. Maybe it is the booze instead. Selena Gomez (Selena Gomez’s lupus meds make her gain water weight – and she’s OK with that)

I love how this A- list reality star with the lucrative side gig had articles about how she moved out of the house shared with her baby daddy. They never shared a house. When he was in town and they hooked up, he would sometimes stay over. That is not sharing a house. Kylie Jenner/Travis Scott (Kylie Jenner ditching mansion with Travis Scott for home near mom Kris Jenner)

It looks like the always broke and having things repossessed rapper found a new “girlfriend” sucker. The north of the border former A lister is going to find herself always being asked for loans that are never repaid. Tyga/Avril Lavigne (Avril Lavigne and Tyga Seen Hugging After Dinner at NOBU)

This massive tech company knows because of AI, one part of its core business won't survive the next year or two and is trying to sell it to a company that is owned by a government through a bunch of shell companies. So, the government of that country will know everything you search. That is more important to the government than making money. “Google”/"Search"/China (Highlights from Supreme Court arguments in Google case that could change internet)

This very rich former A- list singer who doesn't sing any longer, has a coffee table book out at her home, which contains topless photos and half naked photos of our former singer. She updates the book several times a year and it is mixed in with family trip albums and other innocuous books. Jessica Simpson

This permanent A list country singer is cheating on his long time wife who is also a celebrity.

It was only after the third photo taken that everyone realized that perhaps it would not be a great idea for the birthday photos of a Disney actress/singer not old enough to drink, to have glasses of wine surrounding her. Yes, she had been drinking them at a restaurant, but why have the world judge. Well, the world judged all the wine stains on the tablecloth around her and got the message loud and clear. Olivia Rodrigo (Fil-Am pop star Olivia Rodrigo celebrates 20th birthday)

271. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/21 **10**
This former A+ list mostly movie actor who starred in one of the bigger franchises of all time, is hooking up with his daughter's best friend.

272. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/21 **11**
This former A/A- list rapper doesn't make much money any longer and buys art instead. Well, he buys fake art, but tells his much higher on the list wife it is real and keeps the difference. He makes millions a year he hides away. Swizz Beatz/Alicia Keys (How Swizz Beatz Bridged the Worlds of Hip-Hop and Contemporary Art)

273. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/21 **12**
This former A-/B+ list actress all of you know from one specific movie, got wasted on a flight to London. Crazy wasted and wanted people to sing karaoke with her on the plane. Jennifer Grey/”Dirty Dancing” (Jennifer Grey Spotted Someone Watching 'Dirty Dancing' on a Plane on Valentine's Day)

274. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/21 **13**
The arrangement between this A- list oscar nominee/winner and foreign born B List actress works since they’re real life friends. Actress has promo ahead, so actor appears again. The problem? The actress is nearing 30 and has found real love with a celeb offspring but wants to keep the attention with the higher on the list ‘boyfriend’. Rami Malek/Lucy Boynton/”Chevalier” (Lucy Boynton stuns in a chic black mini-dress as she and boyfriend Rami Malek attend Netflix's star-studded BAFTA afterparty) (Chevalier: A Look at the Rescheduled Release of the Historical Drama Film)

275. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/21 **14**
The Character: This singer is permanently A+/A list. One of the true legends of our time and she is still very much alive. Although she is beloved, she is beloved only when we look the other way at one of her most important characters she liked to play. Yes, she is a singer, but yes, she had characters. She doesn't do that any longer, but for many years, she had a variety of characters she would portray. She would dress like them and act like them and live like she imagined they would live. She then, would use that version of her life to create music. The issue that everyone likes to ignore and the one that was probably the most problematic was when she decided to live on and off for many years as a black man. She would never be able to do that now and even then, everyone around her found it strange that she wanted to inhabit this character all the time. This character took over her life. He went to parties and weddings and concerts and the singer almost ceased to exist. This character even is on the cover of one of her albums and I guarantee if you look at the album, you would never know it is the singer. She did this for years, until one by one, her friends finally told her enough and a boyfriend she loved broke up with her because she chose the character over him. Joni Mitchell/”Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter”/Don Alias (Joni Mitchell's problematic history of wearing blackface) (Tragic Tale: Inside Joni Mitchell's Secret Life Of Torment & Abuse)

This A- list country singer says there was physical and emotional abuse in her most recent relationship. Kelsia Ballerini/Morgan Evans (Kelsea Ballerini allegedly cheated on Morgan Evans with Drew Taggart)

It is reported to the court that an A listers “girlfriend” had a process server tossed from a poorly attended art museum event - setting up the museum for obstruction of justice. Is it a case of legal theatrics for her to play victim or is it part of her recent restraining order? Keanu Reeves/Alexandra Grant (2-11-2023 Case Management For Judge) (Keanu Reeves Granted Temporary Restraining Order Against Alleged Stalker Who Brought DNA Testing Kit To Prove They Are Related)

Did the actor/killer say he was sober? He definitely isn't now and looks awful. Maybe his wife is draining his life from him. Alec Baldwin/Hilaria Baldwin (‘Rust’ prosecutor admits gun enhancement was wrong, Alec Baldwin’s attorneys say)

Yes, if you were wondering, that is the exact same accent the permanent A list "singer" was using right before her big break down over 15 years ago. Australian/Britney Spears (Britney Spears sparks concern by posting bizarre clip using an Australian accent and tells fans 'DO NOT call the cops' if she deletes her Instagram page - after slamming claims her loved ones staged a failed intervention)

This foreign born A- list mostly movie actor who has a long running franchise, but was never offered the long running spy franchise, despite what he likes to say. Liam Neeson/”Taken”/”James Bond” (Liam Neeson Says His Late Wife Natasha Richardson Wouldn't Marry Him If He Played James Bond)

This A-/B+ list actor was given a career on a silver platter. The pay cable show should have been his key to big time success. The world, for whatever reason gave him a break on the whole rape charge, just because they liked his character and the show. Now, he is in more trouble with the police and another woman is about to step forward with other accusations. Angus Cloud/”Euphoria” (Euphoria star Angus Cloud faces being questioned by cops after he was in was involved in LA hit-and-run where woman suffered injuries to her legs and arms) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 01/29/22)

In the world of government and the coverups of deaths, there have been some really strange calls of suicide when something obviously isn't. However, the recent cause of death ruling of the intermediary between a former A++ lister and the billionaire pedophile is the most egregious example of calling a murder a suicide I have ever seen. Mark Middleton/Bill Clinton/Jeffrey Epstein (Death of shot Clinton aide with Epstein ties found tied to tree ruled suicide — despite no gun at scene)

This former late night actor from the lesser known late night show is once again reminding the world that he cannot be canceled. He thinks that because he wasn't canceled the first time he mentioned he raped a little girl in Mexico that nothing will happen to him now if he mentions it again. I wonder what the cast of the rebooted iconic HBO show think about him being on the show almost every episode. Do they have a comment? Bobby Lee/”MADtv”/”And Just Like That...” (Comedian Bobby Lee admits to raping child prostitute on podcast, other comedians laugh)

Just as I told you would happen, this award record holding permanent A list singer is having to discount tickets from the face value in order to be able to sell out her upcoming tour. Even with that, there are going to be thousands of empty seats. Beyoncé (‘Renaissance’ 2023 World Tour: Here’s Where to Get Beyoncé Tickets Online)

285. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/22 **10**
This pay cable hit returns next month and it will be the last season for at least one of the leads even though the show will return for one more season. “Succession”/Brian Cox or Jeremy Strong (Brian Cox calls Succession son Jeremy Strong's Method acting 'f---ing annoying')

286. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/22 **11**
The "wife" of this former A list rapper has been hooking up with a guy fairly regularly. He was the boyfriend before she got "married." Bianca Censori/Kanye “Ye” West/Nick (Kanye West's new wife Bianca Censori, 27, looks tense while stopping by gas station with rapper, 45, in LA... a month after shock wedding)

287. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/22 **12**
This A+ list dual threat actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee and her husband live in separate homes and he has someone who stays with him most nights.

288. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/22 **13**
Apparently, the former Mayor was given a heads up there is a 50/50 chance that he will be able to run for that A++ list job next year and to get everything in place, just in case. He is the only one who has been given a heads up. Pete Buttigieg

289. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/22 **14**
The Movie: Fans have been waiting for this movie (“Wicked”) for well over a decade. There have been promises made and then promises broken. The movie took so long to make that the original casting decisions (Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel) were just not possible any longer because the story would not be as believable. I think it would have been fine, but whatever. It has been done. They have cast two new leads (Ariana Grande and Cynthia Erivo) and have been shooting for a long time now. This beloved project is being ruined. It is being turned into an abomination of the original. The studio (“Universal Pictures”) decided in advance that since people have been waiting so long to see the movie, then why not make two of them at once. Split into a two parter (
”Wicked: Part One” before you even know if they like the first. I'm not sure the built in audience is big enough for that kind of move, but again, but whatever. So, now we have two big mistakes that are going to turn off a lot of fans. What if the studio had to call in extra directorial help, because the director (Jon M. Chu) wasn't exactly sure to do about shooting this kind of project. Yes, he has experience directing musicals, but, not this whole doing two movies at once thing and where to end the first part and not make it a cliffhanger, and how to add another 45-60 minutes of run time to a project that was already perfect. Plus, to make matters even worse, there is the whole shooting a bunch of film and then looking at it and then realizing most of the costumes look like crap and having to go back and redo the entirety of the costumes and then having to go back and reshoot what they had already done, sometimes with different actors because the others had already wrapped and moved on to other things. “Wicked”/Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel/Ariana Grande and Cynthia Erivo/”Universal Pictures”/Jon M. Chu/”Wicked: Part One”

290. POPBITCH 02/22
(British blog)
Which superstar footballer is getting a bad rep for partying rather than playing – but that rep would be even worse if photos of a party the night before a match, replete with escorts, hadn't been quietly bought up by his team before they hit social media?

This A- list singer who gets cheated on a lot by the her singer boyfriend, is selling a new healing product which costs about $2 to make. She is selling them for nearly $1000 each and they sell out quickly. Jhené Aiko/Big Sean/"Soundbowl" (With singing bowls for your chakras and slinky R&B, Jhené Aiko wants to heal you) (Jhene Aiko launches Soundbowl/Healing Business: Bowls ranging from $750-$1900)

In that "suicide" I wrote about yesterday, everyone questioned how you could have a suicide by gun, but not have a gun next to the body. Miracles miracles, the police now say they did find one that was 30 feet from the body. Mark Middleton (EXCLUSIVE: Shotgun WAS found near the body of Clinton aide linked to Jeffrey Epstein: He texted wife 'found a perfect place for a nap' before blasting his chest and falling from bench with electrical cord tied around his neck)

A lot of noise is buzzing that the foreign born former A list rapper finally dumped her murdering serial rapist husband because he didn't travel with her overseas. He isn't allowed to travel with her. There have been a series of strippers headed to his house while she has been gone though. Nicki Minaj/Kenneth Petty (Nicki Minaj Is a Vision in Violet at Trinidad Carnival 2023)

Speaking of cheating, this foreign born A- list actor is cheating on his higher on the list singer wife. Orlando Bloom/Katy Perry (Orlando Bloom says his relationship with Katy Perry can be 'really, really, really challenging' because they run in different circles)

The fund that was busted for helping to hide the money of the Utah church from the government, is also the same fund that dishes out money to The Church that has been written about here multiple times. “Ensign Peak Advisers”/“Mormon Church”/”The Trinity Church” (Mormon church fined $5 million for obscuring size of investment portfolio) (The return of Mark Driscoll: A new church in Arizona and gigs on the road) (BLIND ITEM 12/12/17) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 04/02/19)

This one half of a singing duo is trying to beat back all those gay rumors even if it means making himself look bad or being a homewrecker. He really hates when people think he is in the closet, so he is always leaking stories of women he is dating or hooking up with so people will stop thinking he is gay. He has a lot of insecurities. Drew Taggart/”The Chainsmokers” (Kelsea Ballerini accused of cheating on ex-husband Morgan Evans with The Chainsmokers' Drew Taggart ... playing part in divorce after five-year marriage) (Selena Gomez & Chainsmokers' Drew Taggart Hold Hands on Date Night)

This former late night actor was back using coke with his celebrity best friend. It has been awhile since anyone spotted the actor using. Pete Davidson/Machine Gun Kelly

This foreign born A- list actor who has a problem waiting until his dates turn 18, hired someone to follow an actress who is barely over the age of 18. Apparently our actor is super possessive and wants to know what she is doing all the time. Henry Cavill/Millie Bobby Brown ("We're like brothers and sisters." How Henry Cavill and Millie Bobby Brown showed That a Man and a Woman Can be friends)

Apparently the A- list singer/Disney actor was tripping on psychedelics when he had the vision that led him to God. Joshua Bassett (Disney TV Star Joshua Bassett Preaches Salvation on Twitter, Tells of 'First Hand' Encounters with Jesus)

300. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/23 **10**
This A list comedy director hosted an event and joked about the permanent A lister’s stunts like ads for the controversial organization. He’s right. The permanent A lister thinks he has immortality and can avoid injury and death because of his ‘level’ . One day though things can go horribly wrong and painkillers are not an option. Judd Apatow/Tom Cruise/Scientology (Judd Apatow mocks Tom Cruise over height, co-parenting and Scientology beliefs: 'Tom is not fine')

301. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/23 **11**
I bet this former accuser of the alliterate singer/musician won't say the same things she said in a recent statement, under oath at trial. It is all about muddying the waters. Ashley Morgan Smithline/Marilyn Manson (Marilyn Manson Sex Abuse Accuser Recants Allegation, Claims Evan Rachel Wood ‘Manipulated’ Her)

302. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/23 **12**
This former A- list actor who starred in a very popular franchise is married to a woman. His best friend is a celebrity who is also married to a woman. Both women accept that the actor and celebrity sleep together and each have a bedroom the other's house where they spend the night together. George Clooney and Amal Clooney/Rande Gerber and Cindy Crawford

303. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/23 **13**
This celebrity fugitive/awful person has locals ready to kill him. Wait until they find out what he has been doing to their daughters and the photos and videos he sells of them to child p**n lovers around the world. Joe Francis

304. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/23 **14**
Golf: I will leave this as is from the tipster, and only changing it enough to make it a blind.
My aunt and her husband have a security company. A few years ago, they were contracted to cover the "2014 AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am", securing the VIP areas. She and her husband were even in a meeting with this permanent A list actor/director and his business partner along with other contracted security companies going over the rules people needed to follow. They were all specifically told that anyone who wanted to enter the VIP area needed to have a specific badge to enter. They emphasized that even if the actor/director and his business partner didn't wear the badge, they could not enter the VIP area. At one point during the event, my aunt even turned away the actor/director's then-wife, because she didn't have a badge to get into VIP. The actor/director laughed when my aunt told him she turned her away. During one of the days of the event, this A- list comic/comic actor who had a long running television show walks up to my aunt with a very busty woman who was not his wife. He already had an air of arrogance when he walked up. His attitude and his not-wife ticked her off a bit, but it got worse. He nor his companion had those VIP badges. She politely told him that she could not let him nor the woman in. He got huffy and irritated, shoving his fat finger in her face. He repeatedly asked, "Do you know who I am?", to which she replied, "Yes, Mr. Eastwood, I know who you are, but you do not have a badge. So, I can't let you in". He stomped off with his busty companion. They came back later and he was even more aggravating toward my aunt. He finally had his badge, but being a terrible, entitled celebrity, shoved it into her face. He annoyingly kept saying, "See, I have my badge, see???" She has never wanted to punch someone in the face so badly. Luckily, she was professional and composed. More than he could ever be. ”2014 AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am”/Clint Eastwood/Dina/George Lopez (Old favorites left off Pebble Beach guest list)

Contrary to Internet rumors, there is no chance of a new deal between the rapper and the shoe company. Kanye “Ye” West/”Adidas” (Kanye West Rumored To Be Back With Adidas)

The A- list actress who used to sing says she is taking a break from social media. She had to say that because her team is tired of it. Our actress has at least a dozen fake social media accounts, which will be active. Selena Gomez (Selena Gomez is taking a break from social media: 'I'm 30 and am too old for this')

The newly dead billionaire has very tenuous ties to the dead billionaire pedophile, but they do have one thing in common and that was a love of underage people to have sex with. The newly dead billionaire was going to be exposed for it. The family will say he had a terminal illness. Thomas H. Lee/Jeffrey Epstein (Billionaire financier Thomas H. Lee found dead of self-inflicted gunshot wound in NYC office: sources)

This one named flash in the pan A/A- list singer is not playing ball like the label and her people are wanting. I think she thinks that she is big enough now to not need them. That is not the way the industry plant thing works. You do as you are told, or your career goes away very very quickly. She was thrust upon the world right before COVID for one reason and she served her purpose. Lizzo

They have only been dating for a minute but this long time actor who has been acting since he was young and is slightly less famous than a sibling, is already cheating on his new celebrity girlfriend who has also been around forever. Matthew Lawrence/Joey Lawrence/Chilli (Joey Lawrence approves of brother Matthew’s relationship with TLC singer Chilli)

Speaking of new couples, I wonder if this foreign born A- list actress who some have called the most beautiful actress ever knows that her boyfriend sends the naked photos he takes of her to his friends. Monica Bellucci/Tim Burton (PICTURE EXCLUSIVE: Monica Bellucci, 58, and Tim Burton, 64, share a passionate kiss as they are seen for the first time since it emerged they have been secretly dating for four months)
The first thing the wealthy farmer is going to make the beer company do is to buy from his farms and at a much higher markup than he currently gets. Bill Gates/”Heineken” (Bill Gates buys nearly $1B Heineken stake — despite not being a ‘big beer drinker’)

This network reality star turned streaming reality star was cheating on his network reality star turned streaming reality star wife, which is why the divorce. Sasha Farber/Emma Slater/”Dancing With the Stars” ('DWTS' Pro Sasha Farber Is Feeling 'Grateful and Thankful for Every Day' amid Emma Slater Divorce)

This former NY Housewife was the driver in a hit and run car accident but thinks she got away with leaving the scene. She didn't.

314. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/24 **10**
This alliterate former television talk show host is returning to her roots and headed back to radio. Wendy Williams (Wendy Williams sparks concern as she asks passersby to help her step up onto the curb - amid ongoing fears for her health)

315. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/24 **11**
This NFL QB has been avoiding the drug testers. He is going to get suspended. Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers emerges from ‘darkness retreat’ as Packers decision looms)

316. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/24 **12**
Things are going to get really awkward when this permanent A list singer sees that her ex is dating the singer's daughter. Madonna/Andrew Darnell/Lourdes Leon (Madonna Splits From 23-Year-Old Boyfriend Andrew Darnell, Singer Experiencing ‘Crisis Of Confidence’)

317. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/24 **13**
Speaking of the permanent A list singer, she has been angry for six months since she learned an ex husband was going to direct a commercial for a French fashion house. The singer called the ex, with whom she shares a child and asked to be cast. He said the singer was too old for the role. He then cast an actress two decades older than the singer and looks two decades younger than the singer. Madonna/Guy Ritchie/Rocco Ritchie/Catherine Deneuve/”Cartier” (Guy Ritchie Directs Catherine Deneuve and Rami Malek in New Film for Cartier)

318. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/24 **14**
Four For Friday - Real Or Scripted: Three of these are real, and one is scripted. They are all Oscar winners/nominees
#1 - This former A/A- list actress who is an offspring of an actress was forced to have sex with friends of her mom when her mom was too tired to have sex with the men. Our actress was barely a teen when this happened. Melanie Griffith/Tippi Hedren; Liza Minnelli/Judy Garland
#2 - This former A- list actress who is an offspring of an actress was forced to have sex with friends of her father when her father owed them money or really wanted a part. Our actress did this for several years from her tween to middle teen years. Tatum O'Neal/Joanna Moore/Ryan O’Neal (Tragic Details About Tatum O'Neal)
#3 - This former A- list actress who is an offspring of an actress was forced to pose naked for her father for photos he took of her and then turned into paintings. When he died there were thousands of naked photos of our actress found in his possessions, but no paintings of her. Charlotte Gainsbourg/Jane Birkin/Serge Gainsbourg (ARTNET: Serge Gainsbourg)
#4 - This former A- list actress who is an offspring of an actress was forced to sleep with her father whenever he would come home drunk. (SCRIPTED)

This long long time Disney actress is being cheated on by her musician husband. Hilary Duff/Matthew Koma; Mandy Moore/Taylor Goldsmith

This foreign born alliterate superhero’s team pays for bots to post how he should be cast as a younger version of an iconic franchise character. Sebastian Stan, Luke Skywalker/”Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier”/”Luke Skywalker/Star Wars” (See Sebastian Stan As Luke Skywalker In The Mandalorian)

This one named A/A- list singer cannot stop talking about her past. She now says that the one named permanent A list singer hates the A/A- list singer because the A/A- list singer rebuffed the sexual advances of the permanent A lister. Pink/Madonna (Pink Claims Madonna ‘Doesn’t Like’ Her After Awkward 1st Meeting: She ‘Tried to Play Me’)

This former A+/A list NFL QB can use whatever words he wants, but he did want the A list coach fired. Russell Wilson/Pete Carroll/"Seahawks" (Russell Wilson refutes report he asked Seahawks to fire coach Pete Carroll, GM John Schneider)

Apparently the A- list reality star (Kylie Jenner) with the side gig wants the spotlight turned away from her and her awful relationship (Travis Scott) where she was constantly cheated on, to the former A- list singer turned A- list actress (Selena Gomez). How much do you want people to not talk about your relationship that you admit that you broke one couple (Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber) up to make another couple (Hailey Baldwin Bieber & Justin Bieber), all  (Kendall Jenner & Gigi Hadid) of whom thought you were their friend. Kylie Jenner/Travis Scott/Selena Gomez/Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber/Hailey Baldwin Bieber/Justin Bieber (Kylie Jenner Allegedly Favourites TikTok Video Claiming Hailey Bieber & Friends Helped Keep Selena Gomez Away From Justin Bieber Over NYE 2015)

This A+ list mostly movie actor is doing his best to get a knighthood from the head of this religion. Mark Wahlberg/"The Pope"

The drug addict/muse loves attention and money. She doesn't care where any of it comes from which is why she had no problem walking in a fashion show. Julia Fox/”Milan Fashion Week” (She-wolf takes Milan! Julia Fox dons skimpy leather lingerie with a fur coat and CLAW hand accessories in yet another eye-popping outfit)

I'm surprised this celebrity/reality star was able to maintain a relationship for as long as she did with her celebrity mentor/groomer always wanting to get together. Maddie Ziegler/Eddie Benjamin/SIA (Calling it quits! Dance Moms' Maddie Ziegler and Eddie Benjamin have split after nearly three years of dating)

This B+ list former Disney actress/singer who was part of a fake love triangle is trying to get into the professional beard game. She is considering the famous youtuber but prefers someone more famous, like the north of the border singer. Sabrina Carpenter/Olivia Rodrigo & Joshua Bassett/David Dobrik/Shawn Mendes (Shawn Mendes and Sabrina Carpenter step out together amid dating rumors)

The washed up three name actor who used to be A- list and has always been an a-hole, is going to try and get full custody of some children he has, because he needs the child support money. Brian Austin Green/Megan Fox (Brian Austin Green Blasts Ex Vanessa Marcil's 'Lies' About Co-Parenting Son Kassius: 'Talk Is Cheap')

It is always fun to discover that the closeted actor who is best known for the big family on television, once hit on this former A+ list actor, when the two made a movie together and the A+ lister was still unknown. The big family actor then made the life of the A+ lister miserable because of the rebuffing of advances. Robert Reed/”The Brady Bunch”/John Travolta/”The Boy in the Plastic Bubble”

If you don't believe that the alliterate one doesn't have multiple social media accounts, then I just don't know what to say to you. She for sure has an IG account because her north of the border former friend even once let the handle's name out. There used to be a Twitter account under that handle too, but since you can read Twitter without signing up, she may have abandoned that one. Meghan Markle/Jessica Mulroney

This alliterate reality star who bailed on an exam she was supposed to take last week, made an empty threat to a designer that she would boycott them because the designer sat a model/singer next to the reality star who got all of the attention the reality star is used to having. Kim Kardashian/”bar exam”/”Dolce & Gabbana”/Tyla Seethal (Did model Tyla upstage Kim Kardashian at a recent Dolce & Gabbana show? A new TikTok reportedly reveals all!)

This former A+ list tweener turned A/A- list adult singer with a massive recent hit, is cheating on her significant other. Miley Cyrus/”Flowers”/Maxx Morando (Miley Cyrus’ ‘Flowers’ Tops Billboard Global Charts for Sixth Week)

his national law enforcement agency has always said they believe the virus came from a lab. "Moderately sure," was their answer. They are not allowed to say high confidence even though they arrested two people here in the US, who admitted it. They were charged with minor crimes like wire fraud because no one wanted the attention at the time diverted from vaccine development. “Energy Department” (Energy Department finds COVID-19 most likely emerged from lab leak, reports say: What we know)

This foreign born actor is a superhero. He doesn't really seem the superhero type. I wonder if his "girlfriend" knows about the threesome from Friday night. Robert Pattinson/”The Batman”/Suki Waterhouse (Suki Waterhouse Says She’s ‘So Happy’ With Robert Pattinson In Rare Interview About Romance)

SAG AWARDS: This celebrity chef got really angry at the venue because he said they were ruining the meal he developed. Curtis Stone (Curtis Stone attends the 29th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards)

SAG AWARDS: This former A+ list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee showed off some horrible plastic surgery that has aged her a solid decade from her true age. Not the way to make a comeback. Emily Blunt/"SAG Awards 2023"

SAG AWARDS: This actress has been A- list and has been famous for awhile, but obviously the pay cable show has shot her into a different orbit. The drug use is out of control though and she is my pick this year to get arrested and have some time in rehab. Last night was crazy and I really thought all of that might have happened last night. Jennifer Coolidge/”The White Lotus” (Jennifer Coolidge Wins SAG Award for Outstanding Actress and Gives Tearful Speech)

PRODUCERS GUILD AWARDS: This writer/actress/producer/weekly shot taker just does nothing when her actor "date" gets women's phone numbers right in front of her. You feel very embarrassed for the actress. Mindy Kaling/B.J. Novak (B.J. Novak and Mindy Kaling Reminisce on ‘The Office’ Days at PGA Awards: “She Cared So Much About Everything”)

SAG AWARDS: There was nothing he could have done in advance other than not want to present, but the A+/A list mostly movie actor knew what the headlines were going to be after he presented an award. If any other movie had won, he would have been OK. He was not happy backstage afterwards. Mark Wahlbert/“Everything Everywhere All at Once” (Mark Wahlberg slammed for presenting SAG to Asian cast as hate crime resurfaces)

SAG AWARDS: After last night's win, this always plotting actress is lining up a trip to Broadway because she thinks she will win an Emmy next year and wants a Tony to go with it. That would just leave a Grammy. Her plan for that is to just find an author and offer to read their book for them. Jessica Chastain (Jessica Chastain Trips at the SAG Awards, Shouts out Philip Seymour Hoffman)

SAG AWARDS: The fake accent actor and the one named A- list actress rarely left each other's side the entire night. The actress might be getting online compliments from her "boyfriend," but she acts like he is a distant memory. Austin Butler/Zendaya/Tom Holland (A little more conversation: Animated Austin Butler brushes off Best Actor loss as he larks around with Orlando Bloom and Zendaya at the SAGs)

SAG AWARDS: This A-/B+ list actress lived up to her reputation last night. Everyone seems to love her, but honestly, if you are a service worker at any of these events, you are getting treated like crap. You are getting treated worse than any Karen could do to you. So, when they see the love she gets from the people she considers her equals, they just hate her that much more. Last night was no exception. She belittled and complained and treated the service staff horribly. Jamie Lee Curtis

SAG AWARDS: This Love Island loving actress who was a winner/nominee last night got the hard hard hard hitting on from the foreign born model/actress/coke addict. Our Love Island loving actress was having none of it though. Haley Lu Richardson/”The White Lotus”/Cara Delevingne (Haley Lu Richardson's wild night! The White Lotus actress smooches co-star Meghann Fahy and grinds on Francesco Zecca as she celebrates the show's win with a raucous boozy night) (SAG Awards 2023: Cara Delevingne makes a glamorous appearance in an elegant black trouser suit and sweeping cape as model's red carpet renaissance continues)

344. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **10**
A certain female actress who recently “Jazzed” her way into a few people’s hearts, really needs to be made aware of her cheating boyfriend. He cheats on her constantly and it’s almost sad to see because after all she is way more popular than him especially in the Broadway world with the shows she’s done. Kristin Chenoweth/Josh Bryant

345. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **11**
The former NBA player turned coach who often shows up on reality television seemed unconcerned to be loving on a woman in public who is not his wife. Makes me think the getting married again thing was a story line and might not even have any paperwork to back it up. Juan Dixon/head coach for “Coppin State University” in Baltimore/Robyn Dixon/“Real Housewives of Potomac” (Karen Huger Slams Robyn Dixon for Defaming Her and Deflecting From Juan Drama, Says She Has “Questions” to “Answer” on RHOP Season 8, Plus Live Viewing Thread)

346. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **12**
SAG AWARDS: This actor was a winner/nominee last night but his biggest contribution to the parties last night for his pay cable companions was the amount of cocaine he supplied. It was like he was dealing he had so much. He is probably the least known member of the cast who was in attendance. Leo Woodall/”The White Lotus” (The White Lotus' Leo Woodall kisses Theo James while posing with his rumoured girlfriend Meghann Fahy as they lead the wild celebrations after scooping Best Ensemble at the SAGs)

347. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **13**
Maybe the acting sister would like to speculate on how the cause of death manifested itself in her sibling. She certainly raced to get ahead of whatever story is coming out next week. Hayden Panettiere/brother Jansen (Hayden Panettiere's brother Jansen died of 'enlarged heart,' family reveals)

348. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/27 **14**
Fashion Week: Back in the day, this winner/nominee from last night was a fashion week terror. Models would see him coming and scatter like roaches when the bathroom light is turned on. When our actor was at the peak of his fame, he would attend any fashion week shows he could. He had already gone through most of the models and actresses that were his type in LA. I mean he was A list at one point and everyone knew who he was. He made a lot of movies that were much bigger overseas than here in the US. So, he would hit up fashion week and the models that came from outside the country. He was only interested in the Eastern European women. I say women, but lets face it, he went legal, but barely legal. He went for the most anorexic looking of the bunch and would give them the full court press of attention. 95% of the time it would work and he would hook up with them. He would take them wherever he was staying and have his way with them. He would try and get them drinking because he knew from experience they wouldn't scream as much. Our actor only liked having anal sex with the women. Rough anal sex. Most of these teens had little to no experience at sex, let alone at anal sex and he would be brutal with them. Older models knew to stay away from him and would try and warn the younger models, but there was too much turnover and too many shows for him to be completely stopped. I thought about this when someone said they saw him talking to a very young actress at a party. He was with his significant other, but I wonder if he was thinking of old times. Colin Farrell/Kelly McNamara (Colin Farrell's wild life - sex tape, 'unable to swim' confession and drugs battle) (Colin Farrell & America Ferrera Support Bono & Ali Hewson at Edun Fashion Show!)

What news outlets failed to mention about the award this foreign born A++ lister gave to the alliterate former A list action star, is the women that are assigned to him as essentially sex slaves. Vladimir Putin/Steven Seagal (Vladimir Putin signs a decree honoring US actor – and Russian citizen – Steven Seagal) (A Mafia Case, And a Scene Straight Out Of Hollywood)

The actor who is the most obvious choice for baby daddy of the children of the writer/actress/producer has been really screwing with the media as of late, by implying that he has something important to announce and then dancing around the whole thing. Articles can turn really negative really quickly and reporters teased and taunted can write things that may do the actor harm in the future. B. J. Novak/Mindy Kaling/”Chain” restaurant  (B.J. Novak says he and Mindy Kaling were 'in love' during 'The Office' and that their 'tumultuous' and 'toxic' relationship inspired their on-screen romance) (Drive Back to the '90s with a Scream-Themed Happy Meal at This Collab Dinner)

It looks as if the closeted north of the border singer was once again convinced by his team to sign a bearding contract. They need him back to work and earning money. Having a "girlfriend" gets people drawn into him and his story and he can claim new music was inspired by her, rather than the team of writers who actually wrote it all. Shawn Mendes/Sabrina Carpenter (Shawn Mendes and Sabrina Carpenter step out together amid dating rumors)

This A- list actor is someone all of you know, but other than that very hit cable show, really has not done a lot. He did try to DIY a reboot of a franchise from back in the day, but no one watched it. Anyway, he vowed to never get married, but that was before he found someone who does things to him in bed that his decades long girlfriend thought were perverted. Jon Hamm/”Mad Men”/”Confess Fletch”/”Fletch”/Anna Osceola/Jennifer Westfeldt (Jon Hamm, 51, and new fiancée Anna Osceola, 34, look smitten as they step out for dinner ahead of engagement reveal)

The late night actor is not dating or hooking up with the rebooted name of a manufactured UK group. It sure did give a big boost of publicity to both of them, but especially her. Pete Davidson/Ice Spice/”Spice Girls” (Pete Davidson, Ice Spice Fake Dating Rumor Sets Internet Off)

The husband of this northeast Housewife always has been controlling over her. He is an extremely jealous guy, but lately he has her wearing things that let men be able to see all of her breasts, he then yells at her in front of the men and then yells at the men for looking. It is a strange game. Joe Gorga/Melissa Gorga/”Real Housewives of New Jersey” (Melissa Gorga images)

This closeted former nighttime soap actor is hooking up with the closeted male director of programming at a large media company.

There must be another big story or book being released because the wife of this A list actor is once again trying to pretend she and her family had nothing to do with the cult they are accused of having worked for and been a part of and really, still are to this day. The mother-in-law of the actor still manages the money of the cult through that temp job agency. Adam Driver/Joanne Tucker/”Odyssey Study Group”/Cynthia May (Adam Driver’s mother-in-law alleged to have taught for NYC cult that abused members)

The alliterate singer/musician is getting funding for his legal efforts from the same place the A list mostly movie actor got his. Marilyn Manson/Johnny Depp/Russian Oligarch  (Esmé Bianco and Marilyn Manson Agree to Settle 2021 Sexual Assault Lawsuit) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 09/22/22)

358. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/28 **10**
Yes, her A list aunt (in her corner of the entertainment world) is a world renowned huge donor to this celebrity cult, but there is no proof the singer/actress niece is a part of it. Yes, her parents are, but the singer/actress seems to have distanced herself as much as possible from the religion. Nancy Cartwright/Scientology/Sabrina Carpenter/David & Elizabeth Carpenter (Wait, Sabrina Carpenter’s aunt is the voice of Bart Simpson)

359. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/28 **11**
This north of the border former A- list actress the world knows was forced to leave out a story in her book about a very very very divisive figure with whom she once hooked up. It would have alienated half the book buying customers. Pamela Anderson/”Love, Pamela”/Vladimir Putin (Vladimir Putin's surprising Pamela Anderson romance rumours and her defence of Russia)

360. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/28 **12**
This A list comic/sometime actor paid for IVF for his mistress and when she got pregnant, he left his wife. Yes, he is still married to his wife and they will still be married when the IVF babies are delivered. Gary Owen

361. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/28 **13**
The madam/procurer will be shipped off to her home country before the end of the summer. Ghislaine Maxwell/France (Ghislaine Maxwell to say she was held ‘under inhumane conditions’ in appeal)

362. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/28 **14**
The Magazine:  If you thought payola in the streaming services and radio was bad, let me tell you about another form of payola, only this one could get you killed. Research scientists and doctors are always looking for grants. Not only so they have a job for themselves, but often can get funding for a place to live and transportation and if you string enough of them together from some very high end donors, you can live really well. The thing is those big donors all have pet causes, so you have to be able to match yourself with one of their causes and then make sure the big donor sees it. The donor wants to see that you have done the work. You also need to make sure your research fits what the donor wants to see to write the big check. Many times, the donor can be a big business who would like another business to be put out of business. If it can be done with some splashy research, that is scientifically backed and looks plausible, all the better. Then, the one big business can send out press releases talking about why some product is awful and then come in a week later with another press release about where consumers should go to spend their money. The scientists and doctors need a publication that is willing to publish some really shaky science so the doctors can go to the donors and say look at this. We are published in this magazine (“Popular Science”) that even you know. So, give us a bunch of money. The magazine has been around forever. It started as a magazine that just talked about general easy to digest science stuff for the general public and was sold on newsstands. Over the years, it has become more tailored to the scientific crowd. Most of you know the name of the magazine, especially if you were around when it came out and was sold everywhere. Now, it just takes huge amounts of money from businesses and scientists to publish poorly done research papers that most of the time are inherently flawed, but they make ten times what they ever did when it was just for sale as a regular magazine. I was reminded of it this week when it published a story that made a lot of news and was going to benefit a huge conglomerate of businesses while hurting another. The study makes no sense and would not be accepted anywhere but this magazine. The study got the press though and the payola is going to be worth it. “Popular Science” (“Popular Science” Homepage) (Popular Science Magazine Decides to Ban All User Comments) (The summer issue of PopSci is extremely metal) (In its visit to Psyche, NASA hopes to glimpse the center of the Earth)

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