NOTE: Guesses in italics are only guesses;
guesses in RED are a link to the solution or substantial clues.

This foreign born A- list model who is also a multiple time professional beard is not bearding at the moment. She should be aware though, the guy she is hooking up with isn't going to pay her as promised. Irina Shayk/Vito Schnabel (Irina Shayk hanging out with Vito Schnabel during corona lockdown)

With this pregnant A/A- list singer/reality star pledging her allegiance to a manger hated by this A+ list singer, the feud is back on. Katy Perry/Scooter Braun/Taylor Swift (Demi Lovato Reveals Scooter Braun Started a FaceTime Group Chat with 30 Celebrities — Including Bill Clinton)

I have already written and reveled how the foreign born former A+ list tweener couldn't sell out stadiums. Before he pulled the plug on his tour, the average capacity he was selling was 23%. No one wants to spend money to see him any longer. Justin Bieber (Justin Bieber Postpones 2020 Tour Dates Due to Coronavirus)

This foreign born A/A- list actor thought he had COVID-19 so he told the world he did. Several times. It turns out he had the flu, but didn't bother to correct the record. In fact, he didn't even get tested until after he told everyone he tested positive. Idris Elba (Idris Elba shares coronavirus health update, says he's 'stuck in limbo' after quarantine period)

This former network reality star thinks he can make more money staying in the closet. The thing is though, there is a growing network of guys who have hooked up with him. In West Hollywood, everyone knows his story is crap. Colton Underwood/"The Bachelor" (Colton Underwood says 'The Bachelor' helped him figure out his sexuality)

You would think after the crap the reality family has endured over the past couple weeks, they would be offering their newest safety product for free. Nope. In fact, they are charging a rate which will give them about a 400% profit. Kylie Jenner/hand sanitizer (Kylie Jenner to Start Making Hand Sanitizer) (Kourtney Kardashian Talks Aftermath of Brawl with Kim: 'I'm Stuck in This F--king Trap')

Because she doesn't have the money to actually donate, this former tweener turned A-/B+ list adult singer is only donating money if you also buy something from her product line. Even then, I wouldn't hold your breath. Demi Lovato/Fabletics collection (Demi Lovato to donate $125K from Fabletics collection toward coronavirus fight)

This back in the day A- list singer/international box office champion wants to start a new career as a televangelist. Yeah, I know. Jessica Simpson/"Blonde Ambition"/Ukraine (Jessica Simpson is leaning on faith amid coronavirus pandemic) (Jessica Simpson is a movie star — in Ukraine)

This permanent A+ list mostly movie actor who has two massive franchises to his name has been going to his assistant's house every day. The assistant then leaves and the actor and his lover have sex. Meanwhile, the actor's wife, who used to be an actress has no clue. Harrison Ford/"Star Wars" & "Indiana Jones"/Calista Flockhart

Apparently this barely there celebrity offspring of an A lister has been cut out of his will at the request of his current wife who says the offspring can have the money from her mother who has a tiny fraction of the wealth of the dad. The offspring has no clue that the stepmom stabbed the offspring in the back. Ireland Baldwin/Alec Baldwin/Hilaria/Kim Basinger (Ireland Baldwin shows off her taut tummy in a dainty floral bikini after cutting her own hair on a whim)

The next day this former Teen Mom home schools her kid will be the first day. Also, if she has been doing it like she said, which she hasn't, then she has been breaking California law for the past several years. Farrah Abraham/Sophia (Former 'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Wears Mask, Latex Gloves While out With Daughter Sophia Amid Coronavirus Pandemic) (Farrah Abraham Is Homeschooling Sophia -- Wait Until You Hear Why)

An alliterate actress who was the long time mistress of this married permanent A+ list mostly movie actor/producer prior to her getting married to another actor was set to talk about the A+ lister and what he did to her and several other young actresses. She was told she would no longer work and her husband would no longer work if she spoke out. The actress peaked at about A-/B+ list. Ginnifer Goodwin ("Big Love")/Tom Hanks (Executive Producer "Big Love")/Josh Dallas (Here’s When Josh Dallas Says He Fell in Love With Ginnifer Goodwin) (BLIND ITEM 03/05/13) (BLIND ITEM 11/03/17)

Back In Time - A House On St. Charles Blind: A couple of decades ago there was a power struggle at the top of this banking family (Rothschild). The one who emerged on top would run the empire. The problem for many was the person chosen (Amschel Rothschild). He wasn't playing the "game." He didn't care about running the banking world or grooming people to run countries and companies who were beholden to the family. He wasn't interested in keeping the secrets of the family within the family. There was no question that he could have easily been murdered by direction of the family member who wanted to be in charge. It would bring too many questions and if there was enough press attention, the company could have stayed in the cousin's possession for another decade or longer. It has to be a suicide. They just needed to get him to that point where he would commit suicide. He had always been unstable. They just wanted to push him over the edge. Would blackmail work? Maybe. The people who run the house are great at that, but this needed more. For help, they turned to a man who already was known in Paris for a collection of very young women/teens at his disposal. You know him as the billionaire pedophile (Jeffrey Epstein). The only thing he appears to have done is provide the girl and he was chosen because of his connection to the family through a family member (Lynn Forester de Rothschild). The girl that was chosen was 10. She could easily pass for 16 or 17 with the right makeup. She was the perfect lure and continued to be a lure until the present day. The man they wanted dead had certain habits and he also had numerous affairs. They put the lure in a position where she would be seen by the target and knew he would interact with her. They knew his type. The family knew everything. With the help of the people who ran the house, the target had no chance. Things took their course and the target took the girl to his apartment in the city and had sex with her. Afterwards, with the makeup gone he finally got around to asking how old she was. When she replied 10, and that she really needed to get home to her parents or they would be worried, the expected reaction took place. Later that night, he hung himself.
Amschel Rothschild/Jeffrey Epstein/Lynn Forester de Rothschild Amschel Rothschild (Rothschild took his life after death of mother) (INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS;Rothschild Bank Confirms Death of Heir, 41, as Suicide) (Eight Rothschilds Tied to Epstein’s Child Sex Trafficking) (Amschel Rothschild ("Suspicious Deaths"))

14. POPBITCH 04/02
Which Hollywood beauty has become so addicted to wearing Spanx that even though she's smaller than the smallest size they make she gives them to wardrobe to take them in for her?
Sarah Hyland/"Modern Family" (Sarah Hyland defends wearing two pairs of Spanx to hide bulge from kidney transplant)

Not only did another associate of the billionaire pedophile go missing, but there is a concerted effort to hide any story about his disappearance from the internet. Jean-Luc Brunel or Peter Beard (Ex-model accuses Jeffrey Epstein’s modeling agent pal Jean-Luc Brunel of rape) (Jeffrey Epstein was sent three 12-year-old French girls as ‘birthday gift’) (Jeffrey Epstein distanced from Weinstein after mogul tried to abuse his ‘favorite girl’) (Famed wildlife photographer Peter Beard, 82, who was once married to supermodel Cheryl Tiegs and had affair with Candice Bergen, is missing from his Hamptons home sparking manhunt as police say he's suffering from dementia)

The perv celebrity photographer who is also a serial sexual assaulter is now being called out by several female celebrities for the same kinds of things he did to dozens of other women. Essentially forcing an cornering female celebrities to pose naked. Terry Richardson/Alicia Keys (Alicia Keys: Photographer Terry Richardson manipulated me like a teenager!) (Alicia Keys felt 'manipulated and objectified' by photographer in 2000 shoot when she was 19 ... as Oprah says she has 'deep admiration and love for' songstress)

The former A- list tween singer has been stealing credit card numbers from people who come over to party and sleep with him. Aaron Carter (Aaron Carter looks scratched and bruised as shirtless star takes out the trash after his ex-girlfriend's arrest for domestic violence)

This A+ list mostly movie actor is pulling one of his famous I am going to donate a whole bunch of money but really I'm going to donate squat and all these other companies are going to donate but I'm going to take the credit. It is what he has been doing for decades. He talks a big game, but never comes through. Kind of like when he has sex. Leonardo DiCaprio (Leonardo DiCaprio helps launch $12M fund helping vulnerable populations amid coronavirus)

Yet another excuse from the former network reality star about why he isn't moving in with his "girlfriend." Stop dragging everything out and just come out already. Colton Underwood/"The Bachelor"/Cassie Randolph (Colton Underwood reveals he won't be moving in with Cassie Randolph until they get married: 'We have something to look forward to')

The former A+ list rapper ate some bad edibles where the food itself had done bad and then tried to fix that issue with booze and coke, so of course she was going to get sick. Cardi B (Cardi B reveals she was hospitalised with stomach pains after suffering for four days during coronavirus pandemic)

The higher in line of succession royal straight up threw shade at his younger relative. The higher one said he would love to serve and do more for the country, but can't because of all the extra work he has to do on other things since the younger one is no longer helping out the country. Prince William/Prince Harry (Prince William eager to pilot air ambulances during coronavirus pandemic 'under secrecy,' source says)

This multiple time A list actress all of you know is probably B list right now. Every single one of you know who she is. She was out of town for a couple weeks and came home and found her entire pot crop had been harvested and stolen.

This A list mostly movie actress who is a multiple Oscar winner/nominee and quite the eccentric is splitting with her significant other. Jessica Chastain/Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo (Jessica Chastain and husband step out with baby) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 06/11/12) or Helena Bonham Carter/Rye Dag Holmboe (Helena Bonham Carter and Rye Dag Holmboe attend the Harper's Bazaar Women of the Year Awards 2019)

This foreign born B+ list singer who has a thing for sticks is waiting for the right time, but she is going to trash the hell out of this A/A- list mostly movie actor/fighter/probable racist/woman beater for what he did to the singer. FKA twigs/Shia LaBeouf (Shia LaBeouf and FKA twigs ‘put relationship on hold’ after nine months together) (Shia LaBeouf and Mia Goth Reunite and Spark Romance Rumors)

This former celebrity turned reality star turned porn star turned celebrity all of you know, overdosed last weekend. The only reason she didn't die is because of Naloxone in the house. Courtney Stodden (Courtney Stodden urges fans to 'embrace your healthy self in quarantine' with bikini snap) (From Teenage Bride To Hot Mess: What Happened To Courtney Stodden?)

The probable flash in the pan A list teenage singer isn't making any friends with her label or publicity people. She is in what seems like actual war with the press and a lot of the public and people just tired of her and wanting her to be gone. Billie Eilish (Billie Eilish opens up about surreal stardom at the tender age of 18: 'People put on a green and black wig and pretend to be me') (One Direction fans are furious with Billie Eilish for liking this shady meme) (Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick Will Not Stand For Billie Eilish Slander: "She Is Great") (The Tide Has Rapidly Turned on Billie Eilish)

The Payoff: When I was watching the highlights last night of the battle between Scott Storch (still alive and bloated) and Mannie Fresh, I was reminded that Mannie wrote and produced and did everything for those hits. He was putting the words into the mouths of others to rap. If they didn't want to, he would find someone else who would. Originally, rappers and hip hop artists wrote their own lyrics. That changed though. It changed when the people who felt threatened by words, decided to take over and decide who said what and who heard it. They decided who would be a star and who wouldn't. They also needed some huge names to make sure that happened. So, the mogul (David Geffen) brought in another mogul (Jimmy Iovine/in 2014, Iovine became chairman of Interscope-Geffen-A&M) in the same line of work and got the alliterate king of the west coast scene (Dr. Dre) involved. After decades of playing ball, that west coast king got paid a few years back with that monster payoff (on August 1, 2014, Apple acquired Beats for $3 billion in a cash and stock deal, the largest acquisition in Apple's history). On the east coast, they got the permanent A+ list rapper (Jay-Z). He is also the person in charge of a lot of the laundering which is why he never seems to have as much cash as he probably should and why there are well over 150 companies that have some association with him and his "partners." Through these two rappers, they were able to control levels beneath them like a multi level marketing deal. New people brought in were under the leadership of someone else until the group beneath got too big and then a new leader would be chosen and they would be in charge of others and so on. You kick back up the ladder and the record companies would do even more screwing over leaving artists with not a lot of cash flow, but a lot of cool stuff. In return for the fame and the money and the stuff, you were told what to sing or rap and you just do it. If not, someone else can be brought in and you can go work a real job. Or you could also end up dead. Meanwhile, the two moguls that started this whole thing continue to have money pouring in and the messages they want sent to the listeners are filtered down through all the levels. It is not mind control. It is however messaging and a way to exert control and a way to make a ton of money and deprive artists as much as possible from what they are owed, so they will always have to keep working and obeying. David Geffen/Jimmy Iovine/Dr. Dre/"Beats"/Jay Z
(You Wanna See a Dead Body? Scott Storch Destroys Mannie Fresh in Epic Instagram Live Battle) (How producer Jimmy Iovine went from music hits to billion-dollar businessman) (Dr. Dre's $3 Billion Monster: The Secret History Of Beats) (Cash Kings 2007-2011: Hip-Hop's Top Earners)

Once again, the celebrity CEO showed it is all about the spotlight being on him rather than doing the right thing. Elon Musk (Tesla and SpaceX engineers' ventilator work receives Medtronic CEO's recognition) (Oops: Elon Musk Donated the Wrong Kind of Ventilator)

This closeted long time actor/writer/producer/director who is A list sleeps every night with his boyfriend, but his girlfriend also lives in the house. Tyler Perry/Gelila Bekele (Tyler Perry And Longtime Girlfriend Gelila Bekele Are Still Going Strong And "She’s Getting Her Share" Of His Wealth)

The guest star of the almost network show, should have kept their mouth shut for the sake of their own career. That being said, they were 100% right. The writing of the show is trash and the showrunner is so busy with a million other things that they let it spiral out of control into nothing recognizable from what made it popular in the first place. Sam Witwer/Rupert Chipping on "Riverdale" (Riverdale Writers Respond To Their Insult After A Star Criticise Them)

Yet another person has come forward calling out the A list singer/crap actor. The singer has always said he is the only vocalist on a huge song of his. Nope. There is a female singer that does a lot of the hard parts. Yet another woman the singer has thrown in front of a bus. Justin Timberlake/Marsha Ambrosius/"Cry Me a River" (Marsha Ambrosius Reminded Everyone She Sang the Ad-Libs in 'Cry Me a River,' Not Justin Timberlake)

This married former A+ list rapper/turned lightning rod isn't even living at home with his celebrity wife. They used to be able to get away with once a week photo ops. They really can't stand each other, but have this perverse co-dependence that keeps them together. Kanye West/Kim Kardashian (Kim Kardashian Thinks She's "Annoyed" Husband Kanye West By Doing This at Home)

With the stock of this company cratering down to nearly $3 at its lowest during the sell off, the A- list reality star's side gig is looking a whole lot less lucrative. It isn't as if they gave her all cash. In fact, most of it was stock which has fallen about 70%. So much for being a billionaire. Narrator's voice. She was never a billionaire. Coty ("Kylie Cosmetics" and "Kylie Skin"/Kylie Jenner (Kylie Jenner Accused Of Scamming For Selling Tanking Cosmetics Company) (Coronavirus Impact: Coty Expects 20% Decline in Next Quarter)

The celebrity offspring of a permanent A list model has caught on quickly. Even when apologizing for something that people hate about you, use it as a marketing opportunity. She did just that and tried to sell some of her mom's booze. Sailor Lee Brinkley-Cook/Christie Brinkley/"Bellissima Prosecco" (Sailor Brinkley-Cook Defends Her Decision to Wear an N95 Mask in Public: 'We Are Donating Daily') (Make your happy hour save lives. 30% of ALL APRIL sales through Splash online go to Direct relief.)

The only thing that has ever kept the mogul/wannabe rapper from being a full on drug addict is having to go to work and meetings. With none of that, he is spiraling out control. Sean "P. Diddy" Combs (Diddy Told DJ D-Nice His IG Live Party Had Him Soberly "Drunk Texting")

This A- list mostly movie actor is back under the spell of the Svengali who keeps the actor under his thumb. If that is the case, then the actor is most likely using again. Zac Efron (Mohammed Al Turki) (Zac Efron says he's given up maintaining his 'stupid' ripped Baywatch physique) (A Saudi in Hollywood: Mohammed Al Turki) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 12/11/19)

Speaking of the Svengali in #9, he arranged for this A- list mostly movie actress who prefers women to sleep with a guy about two weeks ago. The man then made an investment in the Svengali's company to the tune of several million dollars. Mohammed Al Turki/Kristen Stewart (Sara, Who?! Kristen Stewart Topless In Steamy Yacht Trip With On-Again Girlfriend Stella Maxwell) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 12/11/19)

Another empty, thirst grabbing announcement from a celebrity. The permanent A++ list singer made it sound as if she is donating millions. Nope. She is just talking about helping, but not actually giving anything out of her own wallet. Madonna (Madonna reveals she has donated $1MILLION to Bill and Melinda Gates' COVID-19 foundation to help create a vaccine for the virus)

It's pretty telling that this studio didn't try to sign the alliterate former actress for any additional projects. Meghan Markle/"Elephant"/Disney (Meghan Markle’s Disney+ Doc Is Out – the Elephants Deserved Better) (Meghan Markle had Prince Harry 'correct' her as Duchess recorded Disney voiceover project)

Complicit: Way back in the day at about the same time there were "baby groupies," this mogul (David Geffen) decided he wanted the same for himself. The thing is though, there were no screaming underage boys who were desperate to sleep with him. So, he got some help. He had asked around to many of the people on his label and most, thankfully said no. He also had to be discreet about it because not that many people knew he was gay. At that time he was still pretending to be straight with several of his clients including an at that time A- list singer (Cher) who this mogul would go to parties with and do more indulging with the drugs than the 14 and 15 year old girls on offer. Instead he got this A list female singer (Laura Nyro) who was probably the lesser known of a group of women who roughly had the same style and seemed to be cut from the same mold. This A list singer attracted a more diverse crowd and she was able to pick through her fans and find a few dozen teen boys who would do anything she asked of them. Considering what was done to them, she probably should have felt horror or shame, but she didn't. David Geffen/Cher/Laura Nyro (Cher tore Geffen’s heart out: dumped bi-guy mogul for Allman)

Last year, I begged the girlfriend of the wannabe Post Malone/half a pill rapper to leave before it was too late. That she didn't need to fake a pregnancy and should just leave. That the loser from the Inland Empire would dump her in a second. Instead, she thought she could keep him with a face tattoo. He dumped her and went back to his celebrity ex who is equally as stupid for taking him back. Lil Nas X/Noah Cyrus/Annie Smith (Noah Cyrus reunites with rapper ex Lil Xan for a car ride... after their tumultuous public breakup in 2018) (Lil Xan Questions if Girlfriend Annie Smith Was Actually Pregnant in Shocking Interview)

With the one disease getting old and not getting much airtime, the former A list tweener turned A- list singer/meh actress gave another reason why she might seem pilled up and wasted all the time. She knew the game was up on the first one because several reporters got in touch this past month to discuss it and the medicine regimen she takes for it. The medicine for the disease has been in the news as of late. She would have failed that exam. Selena Gomez/Lupus treatment Hydroxychloroquine (Drug touted as coronavirus ‘cure’ is causing shortages for lupus and arthritis patients) (Selena Gomez reveals she has bipolar disorder, says learning about it 'took the fear away’)

The foreign born singer who was once a boy bander is in bad shape. His drug dealer died of COVID-19 and he has been unable to find a consistent replacement. Zayn Malik/"One Direction" (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 12/24/18) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 09/19/19) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 01/12/20)

Speaking of famous boy banders. Why focus on this other boy bander rather than what is staring at you right in the face? The reality star is isolating with her significant other. The tabloids just ignore it though because they don't want to lose access. Harry Styles ("One Direction")/Kendall Jenner/Fai Khadra (Kendall Jenner goes on a vintage convertible ride with rumoured boyfriend Fai Khadra, ex beau Harry Styles joins on a motorcycle)

As he got older, he wanted to do the right thing with his thousands of photographs that were essentially celebrities with underage teens in compromising positions. The photos stretched back many decades and involved some of the biggest celebrity and power broker names in each era of the photos partying and naked in bed with the teens. The photos continued up through about ten years ago when he tired of going to parties and just wanted to live. What happens when word gets out about the photos, especially the friends of the billionaire pedophile. The John Does of the current court cases. They have the guy killed. Peter Beard/Jeffrey Epstein (Hamptons police search for Peter Beard tapers off with no luck)

Apparently there is much more to the story the former A list Disney star turned A-/B+ list mostly movie actor shared about the A+ list mostly movie actor. Something that puts a big big twist on it you probably didn't see coming. Zac Efron/"breakfast" with Leonardo DiCaprio (Zac Efron reveals Leonardo DiCaprio cooked him breakfast and gave him life advice)

After nearly a decade of cleaning up the tragic mess than went on inside his house, the A+ list mostly movie actor has decided any further messes will be done outside the house and give him easy deniability that he was even involved, considering the new building will be for "the help." George Clooney (George and Amal Clooney’s $12 million mansion renovation faces a surprise complication) (BLIND ITEM 08/12/16)

It has been awhile since this former rapper turned B+ list actor/showrunner/online feuder showed off just how awful of a parent he is. He changed all that though with the death threat directed toward his kid when the kid called his dad out for being an awful father. Definitely a true statement. 50 Cent/Marquise Jackson (Rapper 50 Cent has left a horrifying comment on a photo of his son on Instagram, saying he wouldn’t care if the boy died)

There is a video that exists or at least was seen by several dozen people at a party that has this alliterate celebrity offspring of people much higher on the list, in blackface and using the N word. Brooklyn Beckham (Victoria and David Beckham) (Brooklyn Beckham sweetly kisses his 'second half' Nicola Peltz before she boogies with giddy mother Victoria as the star shares more snaps from his epic '£100K' 21st birthday party at £6M Cotswolds home) (Brooklyn Beckham is accused of 'RACISM' by furious Chinese people after posting photographs of Asian tourists in Italy)

The superhero who still looks like a little kid had to move on when his high school friend got tired of pretending. The same thing happened back in the day when that movie vampire actor in the same situation brought out the high school "girlfriend" for a year until she got a real boyfriend. Tom Holland/"The Spider-Man: Homecoming"/Olivia Bolton/Taylor Lautner ("Twilight")/Sara Hicks (Spider-Man star Tom Holland 'SPLITS from girlfriend Olivia Bolton' after less than a year... as actor 'just wants to be friends') (You never forget your first love! Twilight hunk Taylor Lautner enjoys romantic date with high school sweetheart)

The rapper with a price on his head who just got out of jail is daring people to come after him and even has let killers know where he is. For some reason he thinks the stay at home order is going to keep them away. Oh, and the idiot has guns in his house to stay alive, but he is also a felon and if the police do make a welfare check on the guy, he is going back to jail. Idiot. Tekashi 6ix9ine (Tekashi 6ix9ine Breaks His Silence On Prison Release -- Makes A Snitching Joke?!)

It has been awhile since I have seen this former A- list mostly television actress from a long running network dramedy doing anything remotely public. It was kind of a shock she chose this week to do it. The actress, who has been in the closet for decades has several children with her girlfriend while being married to a man. Marcia Cross/"Desperate Housewives" (Actress And Anal Cancer Survivor Marcia Cross Is Helping Feed Nurses On The Front Lines Of Coronavirus) (Reunited ‘Desperate Housewives’ & ‘Jessie’ Casts, ‘Young Sheldon’ & ‘Barry’ Stars Set For Livestreamed ‘Stars In The House’ COVID-19 Fundraisers)

This A- list actor has been sober forever. He has slipped multiple times since being in quarantine and one of the reasons his significant other is ready to leave him. Dax Shepard/Kristen Bell (Kristen Bell Explains Why Quarantining With Dax Shepard Has Been Hard (Exclusive))

This national news anchor makes his hookups travel to him and had special passes made for them so they can hook up with him in the temporary studio where he films. Anderson Cooper/CNN (Anderson Cooper goes maskless on a bike ride through the city as New York's number of coronavirus cases jumps to a whopping 102,863)

Speaking of hookups, this foreign born former A- list mostly television actress was already yachting to make ends meet prior to all of this. Now, it is essentially her full time job and sees a different guy each day. Nina Dobrev (Nina Dobrev drapes fab figure in stylish starry jumpsuit as she steps out for some exercise in LA) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 12/11/19)

The massive recent weight loss from this foreign born former A+ list mostly movie actor who is still A, highlights his underlying health condition which is why this has him really worried. Liam Neeson (Liam Neeson was an absolute hunk when he was younger) (Liam Neeson is seen outside 'Good Morning America' on February 17, 2020 in New York City)

This actor is a superhero. He is set to star in his own full length feature on a hero that has only been seen in movie bit parts. The coke bender and hatred towards fan rant, is probably going to change that. Ezra Miller/"Barry Allen/The Flash" (The Flash star Ezra Miller appears to throttle a fan and asks if she wants to 'fight' while pulling her to the ground in alarming video)

This A- list mostly movie actor has been outspoken in his beliefs about damage done to humans by cell phone towers. Less known is his reward to people who destroy the towers. Woody Harrelson (Woody Harrelson among stars sharing coronavirus conspiracy theories tied to 5G)

This A/A- list mostly movie actress is an Academy Award winner/nominee and the latest member of The Club. Halle Berry (Halle Berry responds to criticism after she posted video of son Maceo wearing her heels: 'Let's have a laugh and some compassion') ("The Club") (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 07/04/2019)
#1: Naomi Watts
#2: Sandra Bullock
#3: Charlize Theron
#4: Angelina Jolie
#5: Scarlett Johoansson
#6: Megan Fox

There is a laundry list of things I don't like about this foreign born A- list host. However, she is telling the 100% truth that this foreign born mogul/host only likes women he is sexually attracted to and thinks all others are a waste of space. Sharon Osbourne/Simon Cowell (Sharon Osbourne swipes at Simon Cowell: 'He doesn’t like people who are overweight')

This foreign born way back in the day boy bander turned solo singer can't handle being isolated with his family because he is using again and needs space. Robbie Williams (Robbie Williams moved into Airbnb away from family as he battled coronavirus symptoms)

The one named foreign born former A list singer who has been MIA for a couple of years is finally back in the studio after agreeing to sleep with the guy who is producing and finding her songs to sing. Duffy (Singer Duffy says she was drugged, taken to another country and raped)

This B list actress with A list name recognition because of who she used to be married to is on a dating app just to find friends because she only has one or two actual friends who want to hang out with her. Katie Holmes (Tom Cruise) (Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise's strange wedding - 'cat and comb' vows and bride's lateness)

I recently wrote a blind about how a publicist was attacking the fans of our favorite closeted pay cable actor. After the blind, he stopped, but got one of his associates to start taking up the cause. Sam Heughan/"Outlander" (BLIND ITEM 03/31/20)

This foreign born permanent A list model (Naomi Campbell) got another chance to be in a reality television show ("Making the Cut"). The last time didn't go so well after she not only was aggressive with the models on the show ("The Face") but almost got killed when one of the models (Luo Zilin) became the girlfriend of her at the time boyfriend (Vladislav Doronin). She got upset and he had her beaten. The new opportunity with another foreign born permanent A list model (Heidi Klum) has not resulted in a broken leg, but no one liked working with her. Naomi Campbell/"Making the Cut"/"The Face"/Luo Zilin/Vladislav Doronin/Heidi Klum ('Making The Cut': Naomi Campbell is exactly how every reality show judge needs to be, say fans) (‘Making the Cut’ Hasn’t Made the Cut — Yet) (The Plot Thickens: Naomi Campbell Hell-Bent On Wrecking Model Luo Zilin’s Career) (Vladislav Doronin Moves On From Naomi Campbell With Fellow Model Luo Zilin Who Was Team Naomi On 'The Face') (Naomi Campbell Brutally Mugged in Paris)

I told you a couple weeks ago about the former A+ list singer (R. Kelly) who has an escape plan locked in if a judge releases him. A much less known rapper who is awaiting trial for murder also has an escape plan if a judge lets him out. He will be on a plane leaving the country within an hour. YNW Melly (YNW Melly begs for release from Florida jail as he says he's dying from COVID-19 after diagnosis... ahead of double murder trial) (R. Kelly BLIND ITEM 03/31/20)

One of the US pro leagues is exploring playing games outside the US because for a certain "fee," paid to the government and the people in charge, they are willing to waive social distancing. "Major League Baseball"/South Korea (As South Korea's top baseball league readies to play, its message may resonate with MLB: 'Put on the mask')

The Russian spy who likes to pretend she isn't so she can get a reality show, is doing as much self promotion aka thirsty social media posts as she can to sell her swimwear line. And to get a reality show. Simona Mangiante (George Papadopoulos) (Thanks for your contributions to help facilities to face coronavirus emergency! Shop your bikini for the summer and help us now donate to Columbus charity foundation through the sale! Check out #aphrodite ("AGAPE by Simona") (Mrs. Papadopoulos Flaunts Skimpy Swimwear At Trump’s Miami Resort) (George Papadopoulos’ wife says she is divorcing him after "months of abuses": "He is a monster") (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 03/10/20)

The Bridge: After two massive bombs ("Like a Boss" and "The Rhythm Section") this past year, this studio (Paramount) is really desperate for a hit. They have a franchise that is solid gold ("Mission: Impossible 7") but has run into big issues while filming in Europe. They got shut down in Rome and had to rebuild part of Rome on a soundstage which was ridiculously expensive. The head of the studio's European division hired two "producers," one of whom is the mistress of the President of a country. Yes, he calls her his stylist, but please. The studio and the producers want to blow up a bridge. These two "producers" with the connection to the President of the country are supposed to help. The bridge is 100 years old. The town where it is located told the studio to go to hell and gave it a higher conservation level just to make sure it couldn't be blown up. So, the studio threw even more money at the federal government and President of the country (Poland). They want to blow up the bridge. The President gave permission to blow up the bridge and work has begun to blow it up. The head prosecutor in the country is investigating the bribes and corruption but will probably be bribed themselves. The studio also paid to make sure no negative stories about the bridge or even stories about the bridge show up in the media. When the A list mostly movie actor (Tom Cruise) makes his rounds of the the talk show circuit to promote it, do you think anyone will ask him about it? Nope. They are all cowards. Paramount/"Mission Impossible"/Poland/Tom Cruise
(Paramount Pictures, Lacking a $100 Mil Movie in 2019, Waits for Another "Mission Impossible" Movie as 1st Two Releases of 2020 Fail)

This A- / B+ list comic busted the celebrity CEO for stealing her joke on social media. Elon Musk/Morgan Murphy (Elon Musk 'Stole' Photo of a Comedian's Dog on Twitter, She Wants a Car as Compensation)

The big shakeup at this trade magazine that was once owned by the mogul and has repeatedly covered up for the disgraced A list director's crimes will hopefully bring a fresh look at things. "The Hollywood Reporter"/David Geffen/Bryan Singer/Editorial Director Matthew Belloni’s exit (Inside Matthew Belloni’s Abrupt Exit as The Hollywood Reporter’s Editorial Director) (Bosses Ordered Hollywood Reporter Chief to Be Nicer to JLo) (Esquire Writers Say That Bryan Singer Exposé Was "Killed by Hearst Executives")

That popular southern Housewife is back on drugs and it is really making things even more difficult than they already were. NeNe Leakes/"Real Housewives of Atlanta" (Wendy Williams Slams NeNe Leakes for 'Ambush' Phone Call: 'I Don't Need that Kind of Attention')

This three named former A+/A list actress might actually be able to save her marriage because the affair she was having and her husband was having both stopped during quarantine. Jennifer Love Hewitt; Sarah Michelle Gellar; Sarah Jessica Parker (Jennifer Love Hewitt Shows Off New Hair Makeover From Quarantine: See Her Wild, Hot Pink Highlighted Hair) (Sarah Michelle Gellar shares latest 'SMG Tip Of The Day' about hilarious drinking game parents can play while quarantined) (Sarah Jessica Parker shares new video inside her Hamptons beach house)

It has nothing to do with Greek history. It is all about her. The name of the kid and the ridiculous unpronounceable charity are essentially anagrams of her own name. It is always about her. Meghan Markle/Archie Harrison/"Archewell" (Royal fans baffled over how to pronounce Meghan and Harry’s ‘Archewell’ organisation)

While everything has been quiet, this alliterate actress has been trying to work out a plea deal in her case. She really doesn't want jail time and is using the threat of COVID-19 to ask for more probation or home confinement rather than jail. It is pretty good timing on the part of her attorney and she might get what she is asking. Lori Loughlin (Lori Loughlin’s trial won’t be delayed over the coronavirus outbreak, report says)

This A list host/mogul has been spending much less time with the "girlfriend" and much more time with a guy he first hooked up with a couple of months ago. Ryan Seacrest/Shayna Taylor (Working remotely? So did Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest!)

This A- list mostly television actor from a long running cable show has always loved his booze. The quarantine has not changed that. It just has kept him from cheating on his girlfriend with fans. Norman Reedus/Diane Kruger (Diane Kruger and Norman Reedus pile on the PDA as they visit Malibu gas station during break from quarantine)

Mr. X: Which comedienne (Kathy Griffin) and cable news host (Anderson Cooper) say they are no longer friends, but the reality is quite the opposite? Ever since that scandal which briefly derailed the funny lady's career they have kept their conversations on the secret side. More recently, which the deaths of loved ones (Kathy Griffin’s mother Maggie and Anderson Cooper’s mother Gloria Vanderbilt) from both parties, they have been talking more. I wouldn't be shocked if he shows up at the funeral of the comic's loved one. The current boss of the news anchor (Jeff Zucker) (who hates the comedienne) found out about this, apparently tipped off by the former boss of the comic (Bravo: "The D List", "Straight to Hell", "She’ll Cut a Bitch", "Tired Hooker") and so called best friend of the anchor (Andy Cohen) acting like a backstabbing high school girl, and yelled at the anchor in front of all of his colleagues at a meeting, which led to the anchor telling his boss to go f**k himself and walk out. I'm surprised this confrontation didn't happen sooner. Kathy Griffin/Anderson Cooper/Jeff Zucker/Andy Cohen (CNN Will Replace Kathy Griffin With Andy Cohen for New Year’s Eve) (Kathy Griffin Claims Jeff Zucker Cut Her Salary For Hosting CNN New Year’s Eve Event) (Kathy Griffin's Mother Maggie Dies at 99 After Battle with Dementia: 'I Am Gutted,' Says Kathy) (Fashion
icon and artist Gloria Vanderbilt dies at 95) (How Andy Cohen and Kathy Griffin's Relationship Went South After Her Show Was Canceled: 'She Felt Tossed Aside')

The latest trend is for celebrities to go on social media and talk about how they are exhausted from home schooling their children. The thing is though, there are many who have hired tutors to come over to teach their kids or to go through the work schools have sent home or doing online. The latest examples are this back in the day A list tweener who is probably a B+ list actress as an adult. Another big offender is this A- list actress who has been A or A- list for a long time despite some fairly poor acting. She is the one who got her big break by sleeping with the permanent A++ list director. Hilary Duff /Megan Fox/Michael Bay (Celebrities homeschooling their children) (Megan Fox/Michael Bay BLIND ITEM REVEALED 10/03/19)

The former late night actor turned A- list actor probably shouldn't stay up drinking all night prior to a morning show interview. Tracy Morgan ("SNL")/The "Today" Show (The "Today" Show Had Tracy Morgan On For A Live Interview. They Might Be Regretting It Now)

"Pink Cocaine": There is a drug dealer in town who has seen his revenue increase 100 times over what it was before the quarantine. It is not because everyone is inside with nothing to do, but because he has something super special. Everyone wants to be able to say they tried pink cocaine, which is not actually cocaine. He is the only dealer in town who currently has it. Because of its cachet, the price is steep and is many times the multiple of cocaine. This former A+ list actor who is a shell of his former self, managed to convince some women to come party with him because he got the pink stuff. This former Twilight actress was gifted some by a "friend," and she lets everyone look at it but has yet to try it for fear she won't be able to find any replacement for it. Charlie Sheen/Kristen Stewart (Charlie Sheen revealed an effective way to fight HIV and dementia) (Kristen Stewart staves off cabin fever blues with a hike and a relaxing afternoon as she adheres to social distancing amid coronavirus)

Resurrected: With all of the controversy about the singing of a certain song by celebrities, I was also shocked by how many people think the person who sang it was some kind of saint. There was a recent movie ("Yesterday") that made it seem as if he were too. The foreign born permanent A list singer (John Lennon) was a serial woman beater and even admitted he had never been in a relationship where he didn't beat the women he was with on a regular basis. He also beat his kids (Julian and Sean Lennon). Not a spanking, but full on hitting them. He was a serial cheater who took advantage of every opportunity that came his way. The first wife (Cynthia Lennon) got cheated on with the woman who became the second wife (Yoko Ono) who watched helplessly as he had a years long affair (May Pang) while also sleeping with other woman. When the wife would say something about it, he would beat her. "Yesterday"/John Lennon/Julian and Sean Lennon/Cynthia Lennon/Yoko Ono/May Pang (Yesterday (2019 film)) (You Don't Have to 'Imagine' John Lennon Beat Women and Children—It's Just a Fact (Lennon revealed that as a teen he bore sexual desires for his mother. He later regretted not having made a move on her, saying, "Presumably, she would have allowed it.")) (Two sides of Lennon reflected in his sons ("Sean was the product of love," John Lennon is reported to have once told a young Julian. "You were the product of a whiskey bottle.")) (John and Cynthia Lennon's Tumultuous Marriage) (John Lennon and Yoko Ono Were a Controversial Couple — Here's Why) (Top 10 Unpleasant Facts About John Lennon)

This infamous former CEO awaiting trial this year is cheating on her husband. Considering he is footing the bill for everything, that is a pretty bold move. Elizabeth Holmes/blood-testing startup "Theranos"/William "Billy" Evans, a 27-year-old heir to the Evans Hotel Group (The rise and fall of Elizabeth Holmes, who started Theranos when she was 19 and is now facing federal charges of 'massive fraud') (Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes has reportedly gotten married in a secret wedding — here's what we know about her hotel-heir husband, William 'Billy' Evans) (Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes to face trial separate from ex-lover) (Judge refuses to push back Elizabeth Holmes’ Theranos trial despite coronavirus concerns)

As has become her habit, this probable pink haired flash in the pan singer got wasted on coke and booze and went full blowtorch mode on social media. Doja Cat (Doja Cat Has Online Meltdown, Says She'll Poop On Her Laptop)

This B-/C+ list celebrity who is married to a permanent A list actor from an acting family was going to keep recent life event news secret. She said she wanted to be respectful. Then, she decided to give an interview to any outlet that would have her because she is super thirsty. Hilaria Baldwin/Alec Baldwin/expecting fifth child after two recent miscarriages (Hilaria and Alec Baldwin expecting fifth child after miscarriages)

This superhero movie was always on the edge of being shelved. Now, with the recent actions of the probable star of the movie, it gives the studio an easy out. Ezra Miller/"Barry Allen/The Flash"/Warner Bros. (The Flash star Ezra Miller appears to throttle a fan and asks if she wants to 'fight' while pulling her to the ground in alarming video) (Warner Bros. Might Cancel The Flash Movie After Ezra Miller Choking Video)

The one named talk show host fired a writer for a joke that landed flat. Of course, the talk show host approved the joke in advance. Ellen DeGeneres (Ellen DeGeneres slammed on Twitter for joking that self-isolating in her mansion 'is like being in jail')

The A list everything in her mind diva is realizing marriage to her significant other is probably not the right move. Considering how many women he was juggling, that is probably best. Jennifer Lopez/Alex "A-Rod" Rodriguez (Jennifer Lopez says coronavirus quarantine has affected her wedding plans: 'We have to wait and see')

A little revisionist history for the permanent A+/A list athlete. He had problems in his marriage because of the nanny situation and other things. When talking about it though, the nanny part always gets omitted. Tom Brady/Gisele Bündchen/Ben Affleck’s nanny Christine Ouzounian (Tom Brady says Gisele 'wasn't satisfied with our marriage' 2 years ago: 'I had to check myself') (It gets worse? Gisele Bundchen 'doesn't know what really happened when Tom Brady let Ben Affleck's nanny Christine Ouzounian ride his jet')

This celebrity doctor has always been awful. He is married but has hit on women on every show he has ever been asked to be on.

This celebrity restaurant/bar chain is really leveraged in debt from expansion which was fine when they were open. Now they are all closed and the banks are not being cooperative about that debt. Lisa Vanderpump (‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" & "Vanderpump Rules)/"Villa Blanca", "Sur", "PUMP Restaurant Lounge" and "Tom Tom" (Lisa Vanderpump devastated over restaurant closures)

This foreign born former A- list singer/reality star has been hosting sex parties almost every night with four or five different people. Mel B ('Quarantine with the love of my life!' Mel B's ex-husband Stephen Belafonte claims the coronavirus lockdown is 'a blessing' because he can enjoy more time with daughter Madison, 8)

This Housewife is going to need yet another trip to rehab after all of this is over. Luann de Lesseps ("Real Housewives of New York City") (Luann de Lesseps slams ‘disgruntled ex-employee’ for blasting her amid pandemic)

The Battle: Apparently there exists a recording of a couple having sex. Shocker. What if I told you that one of the participants is an A+/A list mostly movie actress (Scarlett Johansson). It would definitely pique your interest. What if I told you the other participant is an A+/A list mostly movie actor (Chris Evans). So, why the battle? It was recorded on the actor's phone. The actress knew about it and had done the same thing with him previously using her phone. This was something they did while dating/hooking up. The issue is that while our actor was dating someone else who is also a celebrity(Jenny Slate), that person went through the actor's phone. The person then forwarded the recording to her own phone. The actor broke up with the celebrity and said not some kind things to her. She then sent him the recording to make sure he knew she had it. They had a truce. About three weeks ago, the actress and the actor were having a conversation and he told her about the celebrity having the recording. Now, attorneys for the actress are putting all kinds of pressure on the celebrity to destroy the recording and threatening all manner of legal action. They have even threatened to call in the FBI because it is cyber theft. Scarlett Johansson/Chris Evans/Jenny Slate (The Definitive Timeline of Jenny Slate and Chris Evans’ Relationship) (Chris Evans confirms split from Jenny Slate) (Scarlett Johansson/Chris Evans BLIND ITEM 12/07/16) (Chris Evans/Jenny Slate BLIND ITEM REVEALED 12/27/17) (Chris Evans/Jenny Slate BLIND ITEM 09/10/19)

The Lies: At the time it occurred, it was a huge deal. An actor (Todd Bridges) being charged with attempted murder. An actor who had long been in the public eye ("Diff’rent Strokes"). He had a lawyer (Johnnie Cochran) who was well known, but not as well known as he would be a few years later (O. J. Simpson murder trial). During the first trial, the actor said he couldn't remember anything from the night. It was not a great acting performance and a couple of the jurors were enticed to make sure things went the right way for the actor. It worked. Not to be deterred, prosecutors tried a different tack. This time the actor was told in no uncertain terms he wouldn't be testifying. Despite the prosecution once again having multiple people testify that the actor was the shooter, many witnesses for the defense were brought in who said they had a party and saw the actor leave long before any shooting. They were all paid. It worked though and the actor walked away a free man. Todd Bridges (shot Kenneth "Tex" Clay)/Johnnie Cochran (Actor Todd Bridges Acquitted of Assault in Shooting of Drug Dealer) (Johnnie Cochram quote if it doesn’t fit, you must acquit O. J.) (Todd Bridges Legal Issues)

96. POPBITCH 04/09
Which posh Brit actor has made quite a name for himself doing period stuff? Not just on screen. In the bedroom too. He's what's known in the trade as a "bloodhound" – and an enthusiastic one to boot.
Hugh Bonneville (Beloved British Family Man Burned by Escort’s Breach of Contract)

While it is improbable that the A- list mostly movie actress will go to jail for her actions because of the time passed and the nature of the crime, and whether the elements can be proved, it doesn't keep people from speculating. It also is clear that if she does go down, that the disgraced A- list actor was a co-conspirator to her actions and would go down with her. Amber Heard/on March 15, 2015 Heard caused injury to Johnny Depp by hurling a vodka bottle which smashed into shards and guillotined his finger against a marble bartop/James Franco (EXCLUSIVE: 'I can't find the finger!' Listen as Johnny Depp's doctor shouts as he combs through trash and blood-spattered debris while Amber Heard sobs violently after 'hurling vodka bottle at actor', as medic races to find severed digit in explosive audio) (James Franco's Testimony Could Send Amber Heard to Jail)

The former A list mostly movie actress who will always be remembered for stealing a script and how she got her Oscar is back working with fellow snake oil salesperson/gym owner. This will not turn out well. Gwyneth Paltrow/Tracy Anderson (Gwyneth Paltrow stole "Shakespeare in Love" script from Winona Ryder, produced by Harvey Weinstein) (Tracy Anderson Launches Namesake Wellness Magazine) (BIND ITEM REVEALED 10/06/17) (AGC has had her number since 1998)

Apparently this B list actress offspring of a permanent A lister discovered the other woman and how that was not going to work in a marriage. Her husband thought he would be able to go back and forth. He thought wrong. Grace Gummer/Meryl Streep/Tay Strathairn (Meryl Streep's Daughter Grace Gummer Files for Divorce from Musician Tay Strathairn)

The couple with the made up reason for their new brand forgot lesson one. Get domain names before announcing the name. Meghan Markle/Prince Harry/"Archewell" (Archewell website goes to ‘Gold Digger’ — not Meghan and Harry’s charity) (Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Post-Royal Plan Is Starting to Emerge)

The foreign born A-/B+ list actress with an odd name has been not practicing good social distancing while having an affair with a married man. This is the same thing that caused her own marriage to crash and burn so quickly.

Once again the alliterate reality star is not being fully truthful. She might not be "dating," but she still hooks up with guys. What she says though makes it seem as if she has given up on men forever. That is not the case. Khloé Kardashian (Khloe Kardashian Decides to Freeze Her Eggs Despite Not Wanting to Date on KUWTK)

This A list mostly movie actor who also directs has been hosting people at his home to hang out and play cards. It is a rotating group of five to ten people. Ben Affleck (Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Tom Brady, Adam Sandler Throw Poker Hands To Raise Funds For Feeding America)

Most of the other conversations online these two former co-stars have, features more R rated language and less clothing. I'm waiting for someone to dig through and find their Zoom files online. Kerry Washington/Goldwyn/"Scandal" (Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn reunite amid coronavirus to talk about their favorite couple moment on Scandal: 'It still makes me cry')

This long long long time network reality host is cheating on his wife with one of his assistants and the assistant is pregnant.

106. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/09 **10**
All the while this former Housewife is bashing the show, she is angling to return. Bethenny Frankel/"Real Housewives of New York City" (Bethenny Frankel blasts ‘RHONY,’ says it’s ‘not inspiring people’)

107. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/09 **11**
There is a lot of "outrage" going on right now, but it probably won't be six months before everyone will have a QR code on their phone they need to use to enter a business or an office building or a factory. If they don't, they won't be allowed to gain entrance. It is "Minority Report" coming to life. It is already being done in multiple countries.

108. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/09 **12**
This former A+ list mostly movie actress has continued the trend of hooking up with each of her daughter's boyfriends. This has been going on for years. It is not an ongoing thing, but much more of a sporadic thing. It is still super creepy. Demi Moore (I Mean, It's a Little Weird that Bruce Willis is Quarantining with His Ex-Wife, Demi Moore, Right?)

109. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/09 **13**
The Bargain - Old Hollywood: I have written about this actress (Hedy Lamarr) before and her accomplishments (Inventions) (US Patent 2,292,387). It is a very impressive list. One thing that is less known about her is something that happened prior to many of her non acting accomplishments. I often wonder if she wasn't even more motivated after what she was forced to do by her husband. Her husband (Friedrich Mandl) was a wealthy businessman (chairman of Hirtenberger Patronen-Fabrik) and prior to emigrating to the United States, our actress lived with him in Europe. They were known for having fabulous parties where they would entertain the rich and powerful and the people that could make sure there was no red tape for his very red tape heavy business (a leading Austrian armaments firm). It was at one of these parties that our actress was introduced to one of the most evil people that has ever walked this planet. Our actress was then told by her husband to sleep with the evil man (Hitler) or he would lose his business. Our actress did it and even was presented with a special souvenir (syphilis) he gave out only to those women he slept with. Hedy Lamarr/Friedrich Mandl/Hitler (syphilis) (It all started with a skin flick, and here's the rest of the story) (Friedrich Mandl: Austrian businessman, arms dealer)

I have already told you how this A list singer/bad actor and his significant other are treating their assistants during this quarantine. As it turns out though, even though with a team in place, it was still too much for them to not fly another nanny up to their location to help out even more. Justin Timberlake/Jessica Biel (Justin Timberlake: 24-hour parenting is ‘just not human’) (BLIND ITEM 03/26/20)

It is not as if this foreign born former boy bander has in person contact with his child(ren) even when not locked down. He just likes to talk a good game. Liam Payne ("One Direction") ('It's been difficult': Liam Payne admits he has not seen his son Bear because he is in lockdown with ex Cheryl and was recently forced to miss his third birthday)

Maybe this B+ list mostly television actress should take those feelings she has right now and do something about the hundreds, if not thousands of forced terminations of pregnancy she supports through her donations and advocacy of her "church," which requires certain members to get abortions. Laura Prepon/Scientology (Laura Prepon Opened Up About How She Had To Terminate A Pregnancy While Filming "Orange Is The New Black")

The celebrity CEO (Elon Musk) is on the latest membership list of that shady group ("The Bohemian Club") of people that meet once a year in Northern California. I wonder which ritual is his favorite. Also on the list for the first time I can remember is the very very wealthy, recently retired tech king (Bill Gates) who has a lot of can't remembers about his times with the billionaire pedophile. Elon Musk/"The Bohemian Club"/Bill Gates/Jeffrey Epstein (The Bohemian Club The Most Secretive Club in America) (Inside the Bohemian Club: summer camp or secret society?) (Bill Gates Met With Jeffrey Epstein Many Times, Despite His Past) (A new MIT report on Jeffrey Epstein raises questions about how much to blame billionaires like Bill Gates) (2018 Bohemian Grove Membership List)
BOHEMIAN CLUB BLIND ITEMS: (04/21/15) (11/13/17) (11/14/17) (06/04/18) (08/16/19)

The alliterate former actress turned escort who is crashing and burning with her latest entertainment endeavor continues acting thirsty. When big names are doing IG live events, the escort crashes the event with hopes of a shout out and attention. Lindsay Lohan (Lindsay Lohan announces comeback with eerie video)

It turns out the the beard of our favorite closeted pay cable actor hooks up from time to time with this foreign born permanent A+ list mostly movie actor who once had a very interesting side job. Sam Heughan/Gia Marie (Sam and Gia are staying on the Northwest coast of Oahu) (missgiamarie)

She Brings Death: One of the foreign born escorts who uses a Miami Beach condo as her home address was spotted in the last week in February attending a private event of the mogul. Also attending was this A- list mostly movie actress all of you know. This was not a big event. There were maybe 40-50 people there. The next week, a former lover of the mogul who was given his big break by the mogul over a decade ago after sleeping with mogul for a year, ended up dead in a car crash. I am sure it was no coincidence that he was due to speak to the private investigator who has been following every lead he can in the death of the alliterate singer. Kristen Stewart/Danny Tidwell/Chris Cornell (Danny Tidwell, ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Finalist, Dies at 35)

This pseudo celebrity who is kind of famous on social media, but is more known for hooking up with a foreign born former boy bander really needs rehab. The former boy bander is too caught up in his own world to notice and that thing they share in common is going to maybe suffer as a result. Briana Jungwirth/Louis Tomlinson ("One Directon") (Louis Tomlinson's ex Briana Jungwirth accidentally sets her jumper on FIRE after playing with a candle during lockdown livestream)

Mr. X: What FaceTime spat between the alliterate talk show host and her pal the southern Housewife was, surprise surprise, planned by the two of them as part of the latter’s storyline for next season of the reality warhorse? They will both deny it of course. Look for the two ladies to take a "pause" in their friendship in the weeks ahead. Wendy Williams/NeNe Leakes/"Real Housewives of Atlanta" (Wendy Williams slams NeNe Leakes, says filming ‘RHOA’ is ‘slumming’ it)

119. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/10 **10**
Another reality star with some legal issues was faking a positive for the publicity and a story line just in case his show ever comes back. It is still in wait and see mode. Todd Chrisley/"Chrisley Knows Best" (Todd Chrisley 'doing well' after coronavirus hospitalization, daughter says)

120. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/10 **11**
This showrunner/movie producer/Oscar winner/nominee is being exposed for offering work to this former A list singer/serial child porn producer/pedophile even after the second wave of trouble. Lee Daniels/R. Kelly (Lee Daniels & Juicy Smolliét aka Jussie Smollett Allegedly Stopped Speaking Because Of R. Kelly)

121. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/10 **12**
Because of a recent project, this closeted A- list almost network actor is being called out right now for being a hypocrite. KJ Apa ("Riverdale")/faith-based movie "I Still Believe" (KJ Apa Never Wanted to Do a Faith-Based Movie, Then 'I Still Believe' Came Along)

122. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/10 **13**
The Side Job - Old Hollywood - Back In The Day Hollywood: Except for some light editing and adding the blind clues, I kept it the way the tipster wrote it. While living in Los Angeles back in the day, one of my co-workers asked me one day if I would be willing to work a side job with him over the weekend. Of course I would love the cash! Turns out the side job he did for private security (which was compromised of all off duty LAPD) was for the funeral of this former A list mostly movie actor. (#1). I was floored! Here I am in my mid twenties, newish to LA and a lover of old Hollywood. So the day comes and we have to get to Westwood two hours early to ensure all logistics are ready. Since I have tons of experience with big (and small) events with celebrities I know the drill. This lovely gentleman who works at the cemetery offered to give me a private tour since they were closed to the public for the actor's funeral. We had plenty of time so I took him up on the offer. It was super interesting since it was my first visit there. *As a sidenote, he told me a horrific story. As you probably know, this former A list mostly movie actress (#2) who was murdered by her still living former A list actor husband (#3) is buried there. This tiny cemetery is surrounded by tall office buildings. Lots of people come to visit the famous graves. One day this man came to visit #2's
grave and pulled out a gun and shot himself in the middle of the day right at her grave. Tons of witnesses from the office buildings. Pretty shocking and horrible. I can’t imagine. I digress... So we wrap up the tour just in time for #1’s publicist to arrive. I met with her and she gave me the guest list. It had about 25 people. #1's family, the family of his most famous co-star (#4), and the family of a former A list actor (#5) who recently died and once raped #2. She gives me her cell number (back in the good old days of Razors and Blackberries) and told me that she will communicate any changes to the list directly to me. She told me that if anyone shows up who is not on the list I must call her directly since she will be inside with the family and she will let me know the status. She was clear it was a VERY strict list and might or might not have an update. A little while later a limo driver arrives. He’s way early so I asked him what he needed. He said he was just scoping out the area to figure out where to park because he would be coming back later with this former A list mostly television actor (#6) who was also a big co-star of #1. I showed him the parking area and then he pulled around and left. Of course I assumed #6 would probably be one of the additions to the list that #1’s publicist had mentioned. Well you know what they say about assuming. Guests start to arrive and the publicist confirmed that the list I had was the final list. Meaning no one else would be permitted in. I thought to myself that #6 might have been an oversight and I would deal with it when he arrived (it was getting busy). I’m checking people in and everything is running very smoothly. Then the limo driver comes back. Rolls down the window and I can see #6 sitting in the backseat. I’m completely uncomfortable because he’s not on the list so I step away for a moment to call the publicist. I tell her who’s waiting and she informs me that he is not allowed in under any circumstances. Shit! Now I have to tell him. Cringe. I grab a security guy and fill him in real quick. (Mind you we are all dressed in our funeral best to be respectful, so it’s not like some intimidating security dude.) We approach the limo and I ever so gently inform him that "I’m sorry #6 isn’t on the list and they have informed me that I must stick to the list". The driver was about to say something when #6 cut him off and said fine let’s leave now! I kinda got the impression he wasn’t that surprised. Anyway, they left and it was so awkward because by this time the narrow driveway had filled up with cars and the limo driver had to make about a 1000 point turn to get out of there. It was at that moment that I really wished I had a flask of tequila with me. I’m dying to know the backstory on this. Perhaps a question for Mr X if you don’t know? Ok back to the guests:
-The son (#7) of #5 drove his dad and #7's wife (#8). #5 looked almost dead even then. #7 was extremely nice and when he pulled up said "Hello, I’m #7 my wife and father". No assumptions made at all. Very nice!

-This Old Hollywood A list director (#9) came with a driver and looked so freaking sad. Like he was about to lose it at any second.
-#1's son was so gracious and nice. Came and thanked each of us one by one for making such an awful day run smoothly. Lovely man.
-#4's family was equally as nice.
But my FAVORITE of all...
-This permanent A list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee from an acting family where she is arguably lesser on the list pulled up in a filthy 90’s Ford Taurus with tissue boxes and beanie babies inside the windshield. It was amazing to witness. She was super cool too and I was wishing I could do that tequila shot with her. We all laughed about that for weeks. Love her.

#1 - Jack Lemmon
#2 - Natalie Wood
#3 - Robert Wagner
#4 - Walter Matthau
#5 - Kirk Douglas
#6 - James Garner
#7 - Michael Douglas
#8 - Catherine Zeta Jones
#9 - Billy Wilder
#10 - Shirley MacLaine

The A- list disgraced actor from an acting family tried to get some positive publicity by getting a pap to take his photo with his girlfriend. He must have kissed her butt to keep her from leaving him. James Franco (Isabel Pakzad) (James Franco stays in shape with a run through Los Angeles with his girlfriend Isabel Pakzad)

Mr. X: Which former A-list mostly TV actress who is hardly working nowadays might be filing for bankruptcy soon? She's funneled money into that celebrity cult for decades, and now the IRS is on her trail. Yet she's still a member of that cult which baffles me. I wouldn't be shocked if she starts auctioning off her personal memorabilia in the coming months to pay off her debts. Kirstie Alley/Scientology (The untold truth of Kirstie Alley)

This back in the day A list actress who got naked for a living doesn't do that as much now. Her husband wants to leave her, but has no place to go to because of self isolation. Their views on life have torn them apart.

She Should Have Been A Star - Old Hollywood - Mr. X: She (Diana Barrymore) should've been a star, not just because she was a member of THE preeminent acting family of the last century, and spawn of the greatest actor (John Barrymore) of his generation who had one of the saddest personal and professional declines ever. She's also a relative of the most recent successful member (Drew Barrymore) of that acting family. She had a similar but much more tragic fate, which she had a ghostwriter make into a book and eventual film. Our spawn appeared in only a handful of movies and Broadway plays but critics said she had potential before she threw it all away. Like her famous father, she loved to drink which cost her a major Hollywood contract. They were estranged up until the last years of his life, mainly because her mother (Blanche Oelrichs aka Michael Strange) who had several aliases and occupations made it impossible for her to see him. His death was probably considered the tipping point which caused her downward spiral. Her stepbrother (Robin May Thomas), whom she was really close to, was openly gay and was subjected when young to a precursor of conversion therapy which sent him off the deep end. Interesting because their mother was bisexual. The brother soon turned to escorting and heavy drug use and died very young of an overdose. His sister felt the burden of guilt for not helping him. Later on, after she could only get work in summer stock and regional theater if she remained sober enough, she turned to speed and became a full blown addict. Several suicide attempts and psych ward stays followed The spawn was married a few times, but one husband (John Howard) she was glad to get rid of. He was a professional tennis player but he had a side gig. He pimped out his wife and several other girls to wealthy men. Eventually he was arrested for running this prostitution ring long after the actress spawn divorced him. Eventually, her downward spiral continued and she never really got sober and killed herself with a drug overdose before the age of 40. Diana Barrymore/parents: John Barrymore and Blanche Oelrichs aka Michael Strange/relative: Drew Barrymore/brother: Robin Thomas/pimp husband: John Howard (Interview with Diana Barrymore) (John Barrymore: Hollywood’s Tragic Hero) (Blanche Oelrichs, "Michael Strange" 1923)

The wife of this foreign born former A- list mostly movie actor who all of you know for a role whether or not you know his name, posted a photo to social media which she is implying is her husband. It isn't. Very odd. Amelia Warner/Jamie Dornan (Jamie Dornan blames Kristen Wiig for roping him into Gal Gadot’s "Imagine" singalong)

It Was Quick: For years, this massive building in Los Angeles lay abandoned. It was a building filled with a long history if secret rituals. Just because it closed didn't mean the rituals ended. While the building was technically for sale, this was the location that true believers came. They were tired of the homogenized, watered down version of what their society used to be. They wanted to return to what it was in the Middle Ages. So, it was rented by the head of a studio. A big studio. A studio that seemingly has tentacles in every part of entertainment and media. It was ostensibly rented to be an overflow warehouse of props and costumes because it was near an area used for a lot of filming. It was never going to be that though because the building could be sold at any time. Instead, it was used for the rituals that stopped being performed two hundred years ago except for one other location in Virginia, and even they only perform the rituals once every few years. Los Angeles was different. Every star loves a show. They especially love a dark show where they are the only ones invited. The head of the studio rented it an paid the initial bills, but the person who called themselves Tubal Cain is an A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and is not someone you would think of to be leading a group like this. In today's society, the vows you take don't carry any weight. The rituals are just words. This group of about 75 people took them seriously. They acted them out. No secret handshakes for this group. They have four dots tattooed to them perfectly aligned to a compass. One tattoo artist does it for everyone. I say does. A few months ago, it would have been did. One day the realtor told the studio head that the property had been sold and they would have to vacate. The place had always been for sale, but who would buy it? It was massive. Someone did. That person was approached and the space was allowed to be used for six months and after that, no more. After the six months, they really had no place to go. This was not something you could do at a home. They needed space to be able to watch a virgin have sex on an altar. In another part, I will tell you how they found the virgins. Anyway, they had to leave. For the next few years, every single member used their power to make the lives of the new owner miserable until finally they gave in. It was quick. It was when they threatened to release a secret that would devastate the owner. Overnight, it was theirs again and has been for the past several months. Self isolation doesn't apply to them. Drive by at night and see the glow of the lights.

The alliterate former actress has the best, if not the best team you could hire in town. Apparently though she has sent word out through her media mouthpiece to the north that she isn't happy with them. Why? No one wants to hire her at the rate she thinks she deserves. No one wants to hire her for the projects she thinks she deserves. Her demands are much higher than reality. Oh, and as a side note. Since she can't use the title any longer, the movie studio asked if she wanted to change the name under which she is credited. She said of course not and that is who she is even if she "can't use" it any longer. Meghan Markle/Disney (Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Fractured Fairy Tale) (Prince Harry drops his royal surname in documents registering new eco-friendly tourism firm Travalyst after leaving Britain for California with Meghan Markle)

The celebrity who was everywhere on television a couple years ago, recently got out of jail. He will make a run for it for sure. Michael Avenatti (Coronavirus crisis gives lawyer Michael Avenatti, awaiting sentence in $25M Nike extortion case, temporary taste of freedom)

This late night talk show host might appreciate this fast rising female comic for her work, but he invited her to his annual vacation/show so he could try and sleep with her. He does the same thing every year. Bill Maher/Nikki Glaser ("Flu Up" with Nikki Glaser | Real Time with Bill Maher)

This permanent A+ list rapper has been spending his time in isolation finding a new woman to sleep with and for his wife to hare. This time it is the pink haired probable one hit wonder. Jay Z/Doja Cat

With the isolation stifling her yachting business, this former stripper turned celebrity turned reality star turned celebrity with a porn thrown in the mix has taken to finding new ways to make money. One of those is screwing over fans and one of those is selling secrets to the tabloids. Blac Chyna (Blac Chyna criticized for $950 FaceTime calls, $250 Instagram follows)

Up until his first arrest, this Housewife not named Carole Radziwill, was a big recruiter for the billionaire pedophile. The peak of her fame occurred about the same time he went to jail. She would often join in threesomes with the pedophile and whatever teen she hired as an intern that month. Right when the lawsuits started flowing in, she made it much more difficult to find her. Tinsley Mortimer/"Real Housewives of New York City"/Jeffrey Epstein (The Secret Plan to Rehabilitate Jeffrey Epstein's Image)

They Don't Want It: One of the founding members of The Club is so intent on going forward with her goal that she doesn't care that her offspring don't want to do it. She has the offspring in gender transition therapy multiple times a week. The offspring hates going and has expressed their displeasure to certain members of the public they come into regular weekly contact with. Oh, and get this. As a backup plan just in case the first one doesn't want to go through it, there is a second child also forced into therapy. A child who also wants no part of it and has expressed such at the same weekly place the other offspring has mentioned it. The founding member just brushes it off, smiles and says it is just tough for them to accept who they are. Charlize Theron (Charlize Theron says she doesn't have the energy to commit to method acting with two children and 'dog s*** to pick up in the backyard') (The truth about Charlize Theron's kids) ("THE CLUB")

The foreign born former A+ list rapper found out the threesome partner with her husband was hooking up with him outside of it and that was all it took for the marriage to come crashing down.
Nicki Minaj/Kenneth Petty (the raping of an underage girl didn't stop her from marrying him, but the cheating ended it) (Nicki Minaj And Husband Kenneth Petty Have Split)

The former reality star all of you know forgot to mention the drugs he was doing, only those of the other party he is in a fight with. Rob Kardashian/Blac Chyna (Rob Kardashian alleges ex Blac Chyna ‘pointed gun’ at him during argument)

The permanent A list diva has gained all the weight she lost from that surgical procedure. She just can't lay off the wine and bread. Mariah Carey (Mariah Carey fans plead for more warning after whistle notes leave them 'deaf')

Don't believe the hype. The next time this reality star/momager has sex with her boyfriend will be the first time it has happened. Kris Jenner/Corey Gamble (Khloe Kardashian suspects Corey Gamble is cheating on mom Kris Jenner with a mystery woman: 'We're going to bust his a**')

This daytime talk show host is just faking her relationship with the guy she is supposed to marry. Plus, she is sexting a real estate agent almost every day. Jeannie Mai/"The Real"/Rapper Jeezy, real name Jay Wayne Jenkins (Jeannie Mai Bursts Into Tears Over New Engagement and Moving On from 'Traumatic' Divorce)

This acting couple hosting an event on social media is odd. Them hosting a swingers key party in their house is not.

Reader Blind: This former A list actress who started at a young age has had several successful TV shows, been in movies, done some music, and has been in a lot of advertisements both print and TV. A few years back she gave out a lot of dating advice. She has had a lot of public relationships, some with other famous people, but is now happily married with kids. She has been approached by a publisher about another book. This one would be a full memoir. She is agreeable to it but the question is how much to tell? Her husband is okay with her past but the truth is when she says she has had a lot of relationships, she counts any sex partner as a relationship. She has a voracious sexual appetite but likes to think of a partner as a "boyfriend." She has for many years kept what she calls a "penis diary" which keeps track of how many men she has slept with and their performance. The number is in the triple digits. Not sure if that counts several producers she slept with when underage to further her career. Jennifer Love Hewitt (Filmography) (Discography) (Dated: Alec Baldwin, Fred Savage, Joey Lawrence, Will Friedle, Carson Daly, Jason Aaron Baca, Andrew Keegan, Diego Serrano, Wilmer Valderrama, Rich Cronin, Enrique Iglesias, Patrick Wilson, John Mayer, John Cusack, Kip Pardue, Antonio Sabato Jr., Christian XXX, Scott Austin, Ross McCall, Jamie Kennedy, Alex Beh, Jarod Einsohn, Colin Egglesfield, Brian Hallisay (married))

Reader Blind Item - Old Hollywood: Many years ago in this biggest of all conflicts (World War II), the USA allied itself with this other nation (Russia) out of necessity. The leader (Joseph Stalin) of that nation was revealed after his death to be a mass murderer on the level of what they were fighting against. But even worse than him was one of his deputies (Lavrentiy Beria) who was in charge of internal security. He was a rapist who forced women to sleep with him to save the lives of their relatives whom he had arrested. He also would kidnap women off the street and keep them in a secret room in his house until they agreed to have sex with him. He had no compunction about age and often forced himself on underage girls. Other members of the government were very careful to keep their daughters away from him. Even worse was the fact that girls who said no often ended up being strangled to death and buried in his garden. Skeletons were found buried under the villa he lived in. In the years of that conflict and for a short time afterwards until the two nations were at odds with one another, Hollywood made a few films that were very pro this nation ("The Battle of Russia"). The leader of the nation tasked the deputy to work with Hollywood directly. In doing so, the deputy became good friends with two people 1.) This Oscar winning/Oscar nominated A++ director (Frank Capra) (Filmography) whose films are considered quintessentially American especially the one that takes place during a specific holiday ("It’s A Wonderful Life"). 2.) This actor (Dana Andrews) (Filmography) who starred in a film set in the country and one of whose most famous roles involved veterans from the big conflict ("The Best Years of Our Lives"). He was also in several films by this foreign director (Otto Preminger) who acted as a villain on a TV show ("Stalag 17") based on another medium (Broadway play). During visits to the country, both the director and the actor took advantage of the young girls offered to them by the deputy. The actor even took part in the strangulation deaths of two of them. World War II/Russia/Joseph Stalin/Lavrentiy Beria/Frank Capra/Dana Andrews/Otto Preminger (Otto Preminger, Batman)

After almost dying, you would think this former late night actor would be more careful when it comes to his health. He isn't. Pills and booze are how he gets through every day. Pete Davidson (How Pete Davidson’s basement apartment compares to Drake’s mansion)

This former tweener turned A- list singer/meh actress has completely given up talking about her "disease." She doesn't even allow reporters to bring it up any longer because it is in the news and she doesn't have the right answers. Selena Gomez/lupus (Selena Gomez says 'tabloid' scrutiny of her personal life 'got out of control')

The celebrity CEO spent part of Easter letting a group who follow a letter know that he is with them. Elon Musk/"Qanon" (Elon Musk twitter) (QAnon’s conspiracy theories have seeped into U.S. politics, but most don’t know what it is)

This barely legal B-/C+ list celebrity offspring of a permanent A lister does not have the best taste in men. She went from one drug addict to a guy who makes his living selling drugs. Kaia Gerber (Cindy Crawford/Rande Gerber)/Pete Davidson/Tommy Dorfman (Kaia Gerber breaks from friend-filled quarantine for outing with celeb pals Tommy Dorfman and Cole Sprouse)

148. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **10**
This three named B+ list mostly television actress that all of you know is cheating on her spouse with a guy she met while doing some charity work.

149. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **11**
Field Trips: One thing that was never mentioned in the series and barely mentioned in the after show is the lust this current A list celebrity had for young teens. He would beg middle schools and high schools to have field trips and would even offer free admission to get them to come. It was all so he could find those very early teen boys. He would pick out three or four prospects from each trip and within a couple of days, one of them would be visiting the park again and end up being molested by the A lister. "Tiger King"/Joseph Maldonado-Passage (a.k.a Joe Exotic) (Netflix’s Tiger King Wasn’t ‘Even Close to What We Saw,’ Says Juror in Joe Exotic Case)

150. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **12**
The guy could be lying, but I do find it interesting that this foreign born A list singer who recently dropped another record is paying all the bills for her boyfriend. The father of the boyfriend apparently is going through some big financial difficulties. We shall see if the more famous siblings are also affected because they have a very expensive lifestyle he pays for. Dua Lipa/Anwar Hadid/Mohamed Hadid/Bella and Gigi Hadid (Dua Lipa rocks a quirky look as she steps out in London with boyfriend Anwar Hadid amid lockdown... after scoring first UK Number One album) (Court tosses Mohamed Hadid’s demolition appeal) (Bella Hadid climbs tree and frolics across flower-strewn grass as she celebrates Easter Sunday)

151. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/13 **13**
Closeted Even After Death: This alliterate actress (Claudette Colbert) was foreign born (Saint-Mandé, France). She was A list at her peak and was a multiple Oscar winner/nominee. She was amazing at fake relationships and often was willing to be known as a woman who slept around with lots of actors at a time where it was best to be known as monogamous. She supposedly had an ongoing thing with this A list actor (Clark Gable) who starred in that war time period piece ("It Happened One Night") that is still beloved by so many. Our actress was married a couple of times (Norman Foster, Dr. Joel Pressman) and even let the gossip columnists think she had an abortion to keep her story going. After she passed away, any writer that came snooping around was introduced to the woman (Helen O’Hagan) who was her companion the final two decades of life. This female companion has made it her mission to make sure that authors never refer to the actress as gay. She will say things like the actress never slept with a female in her life which is total crap. The problem is there is no one left alive to dispute the fact. Claudette Colbert/Clark Gable/Helen O' Hagan (who passed away about three weeks ago)
(A Perfect Star)

Our favorite alliterate talk show host, was indeed drunk on her show yesterday. Wendy Williams

It would not be the first time that this north of the border A- list crooner would be accused of abuse. Usually it is accompanied by cheating, but he has been accused of beating other women too. Michael Bublé

In order to keep bringing in fresh money, the people of this A list "singer" use her name for all kinds of projects she has no idea even exist. It also shows they do control her social media accounts and not her. Britney Spears

This permanent A+ list director who has an insane budget for his last movie is even more crazy this time around. He has a new film in pre-production. The film is already running way over budget, and will cost a gargantuan sum to finish. So much, that it will be nearly impossible to turn a profit. The original studio is a shell of its former self, and doesn’t have that kind of cash around. He has cast an A+ list mostly movie actor who is many decades younger than his usual go to guys. If a film has almost no chance of breaking even, the only people who finance the project tend to be interested in certain other benefits they get promised in return. Who are they targeting for funding, then? Big money in Silicon Valley and the Middle East. Martin Scorsese/"The Irishman"/"Killers of the Flower Moon"/Leonardo DiCaprio

This B+/B list alliterate actress has never been a blind item before. She had refused to self isolate for the longest time. Her half million followers on social media were calling her out on it. She then decided to pretend she had been inside the whole time and made a video on how to take a bandanna and turn it into a mask, all the while still not isolating.
Adria Arjona

The Imposter Scam: It would be easy to spin this as a cautionary tale: some celebrity slides into someone’s dms on Twitter and starts scamming her. We hear of predators and their confederates targeting their next mark, harassing critics, intimidating victims, but there is a new twist: real time deep fake videos. Let’s start from the beginning: a woman finds that a famous name with a blue checked account has slid into her dms. Seems innocent enough but as the friendship progresses, there are requests starting with iTunes cards and working up to bigger things. Then there is a calamity, planted drugs, police trouble, frozen bank accounts, and the request for a large amount of money, ostensibly for a lawyer. Of course, if this was Neve on Catfish, the big question is did you talk to him? Video chat? The assurance is yes, many times. It looks and sounds just like the famous actor. A bit of googling and you would find that there are a number of impostors out there trying to scam the gullible. It’s an old con, predating celebrity culture and the internet (even the 16th century had Martin Guerre.) But with the internet age comes advances in technology and those that will take advantage of it. One way to get a blue check is to meet certain requirements, the other is to steal it. An abandoned account with a weak password is a takeover target, and next thing you know, it looks legit enough. Then the scammers start looking for victims to send them bitcoin. So if the blue ticked big name is a scam, how can the face in video chat look legit? The technology for real time deep fakes is so advanced that all you need is a few photos of the celebrity and it becomes hard to tell it’s a fake. Of course if the scammer has mixed up the image files, then sudden changes in facial hair could become amusing. I wish this was a one-of case, but if google pulls up results on scams, it means that there are more out there. If others speak up, we can take these scammers down.

The A list singer who shortens those two best days of the week has hired, along with his label a crisis management company because of some women who are about to come forward with disturbing tales. The Weeknd

Reader Blind: It is part of Hollywood legend how success went to the head of this Oscar winning Oscar nominated, Emmy nominated actor. From ridiculous diva behavior to impossible demands, he damaged his career for awhile. It is interesting to note he has not had another lead role in a major movie since his big win although he has been part of a popular TV series in recent years. One of the things he started asking for at the peak of his success was connected to a particular fetish he has. He likes tall strong women and he likes it when they lift him and carry him around. This gives him a sexual thrill. Back in the day, he made an entrance at a few public events being carried in by giant amazon women which did not help his reputation at the time. F. Murray Abraham

There is a reason this flashy former A-/B+ list basketball player went back to his first love. She keeps his secrets. No matter how big. Nick Young (Is Nick Young Gay? The Photo That Sparked Rumors The NBA Superstar Was Coming Out)

161. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/14 **10**
The former tweener turned A- list adult singer was in the lobby of her building yelling into her phone at her drug dealer to hurry because she didn't have all day to wait for him. Actually, you kind of did because of stay at home. Demi Lovato

162. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/14 **11**
This foreign born actress is considered to be the first actress who crossed over from Spanish speaking films to Hollywood. She also ended up divorced from her first husband because of her affair with this foreign born female painter. Dolores del Rio/Frida Kahlo

163. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/14 **12**
They Tried: This massive corporation that all of you know and the entire world knows was trying to promote its new mixed reality device. How they chose to do this was to hook up with the "most legendary performance artist working now." In reality, she makes her money putting herself into as many Satanic images as she can and even had 666 in her social media profile for a long time. The ad that emerged was people wearing the device to witness a ghostly version of the artist appearing out of nowhere while walking around while wearing a symbolic red dress. This was released on Good Friday, which was certainly unusual. The video was not well received at all. After a flood of negative comments and about 90% thumbs down, the company set the video to private and also removed all traces of the campaign from its official website – although it still appears in Google search results. Microsoft/Marina Abramovic (Microsoft’s decadent VR ad featuring SATANIC artist famed for ‘spirit-cooking’ & pseudo-cannibalism fuels burgeoning class war)

164. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/14 **13**
Out Of Control: During the height of news coverage on the opiate crisis, the Vancouver Island production set of a streaming service show was rife with hard drug use. The project attracted a large pool of Vancouver local crew with promise of huge budgets, expectations of being the next TV event (i.e. "the next Game of Thrones"), and opportunity for individual and departmental technical/artistic recognition (huge budgets for sets, costumes, makeup, etc). The remote location also facilitated rampant (untested) hard drug use. At least two department heads were supplying cocaine to the set. Three separate crew members asked about recourse when they were fired for NOT partaking with their department head. Crew members were advised still on the show to acquire naloxone kits, and it's a good thing those kits were present. Early during what was to be a long shooting day the director who has been in this space before pertaining his sexual assaults went MIA. The director was gone for hours and the first assistant director took over before the director was found in the bathroom unconscious from an overdose. No news regarding this has been published, and conversations with local union reps made it clear no action would be taken. Apple TV/"See"/Campbell River and Strathcona Provincial Park areas of Vancouver Island, British Columbia/Francis Lawrence ("See" (TV series))

One thing this isolation has proved is that the singer/actress is abusing the hell out of her kindey with all the drinking she is doing. Selena Gomez

This three named actress who is going to get a sequel to a surprise hit from this past year is not only getting seriously thirsty with her daily pap photos of either herself or with her horribly tattooed boyfriend. She also has decided no one can say anything negative about her or her thirst or they get blocked. Fame has gone to her head super fast. Ana De Armas/"Knives Out"/Ben Affleck (Ana De Armas And Ben Affleck Went Out Matching Their Dogs) (‘Knives Out’ Carves Out No. 18 On Deadline’s 2019 Most Valuable Blockbuster Tournament) (Ben Affleck’s 5 Tattoos & Their Meanings)

Many of the people fired from these two trade publications were those who wanted more aggressive coverage of the disgraced director and the mogul. Hollywood Reporter/Bryan Singer/David Geffen (Workers at Hollywood Reporter and Billboard Vandalize Website After Getting Laid Off) ("The Atlantic" Bryan Singer article)

The Curse - Old Hollywood: I have written and spoken about this actress and her death and being curse by the founder of a church. The thing is, her boyfriend at the time had also been cursed because in a drunken rage had destroyed figurines and other items belonging to the founder. One actress who avoided the curse by offering up animals for sacrifice was this former A list actress who has two generations on the list who are more famous than she. She has lived a long and healthy life. Jayne Mansfield/Anton LeVay founder of Church of Satan/Sam Brody/Tippi Hedren/daughter Melanie Griffith/granddaughter Dakota Johnson (The secret history of Jayne Mansfield’s bizarre connection to the Church of Satan) (Anton LaVey) (Church of Satan) (Now that was a wild childhood: Amazing photos from 1971 show actress Melanie Griffith lounging by the pool and playfighting with huge African LION her family adopted from founder of the Church of Satan)

This foreign born former A+ list rapper has told a few people close to her that she was sexually assaulted by someone close to her. Nicki Minaj/brother Jelani Maraj

I always write about the singer who is a really bad actor and not a nice person. Let us not forget though how badly his significant other screwed up an operation where she was essentially just the face of an organization but managed to lose the investors millions of dollars. Justin Timberlake/Jessica Biel/"Au Fudge" (Jessica Biel's cute kid-friendly restaurant shutters)

Reader Blind: This "sport" which has always been the subject of debate as to whether it is real or not attracts female groupies just like any other celebrity activity. Many years ago, this star in this "sport" who was a giant of a man with a movie related moniker who passed away not that long ago was spending the night with one of these groupies. During the night while asleep, he rolled over on her. In the morning he found she was dead. She had literally been squashed. Luckily, the head of this "sport" was wealthy and extremely well connected and was able to hush this up and attribute the groupie’s death to natural causes. "World Wrestling Federation"/King Kong Bundy/Vince McMahon (King Kong Bundy, Gargantuan Professional Wrestler, Dies at 63)

Our favorite foreign born closeted pay cable actor is trying to do damage control with a big appearance on a show. It still won't change how his fans hate the beard, but are targeted online by a PR team when they express the hate. Sam Heughan/Lady Gaga’s ‘One World: Together At Home’/Gia Marie (Lady Gaga’s ‘One World: Together At Home’: Full list of performers at the virtual COVID-19 benefit concert) (Sam and Gia are staying on the Northwest coast of Oahu) (missgiamarie)

This A+ list author is going to be holding a series of online classes. Will the classes include how to pay someone to ghostwrite every book but the first? Dan Brown (You can learn how to write a thriller novel with 'The Da Vinci Code' author Dan Brown's free masterclass)

174. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/15 **10**
The online star that sounds more like a New York bank cheated on his online star girlfriend which is why the split. She is crushed, but if she says what she is really feeling is afraid she will lose fans and his fans will come after her. Chase Hudson/Charli D’Amellio (TikTok star Charli D'Amelio, 15, splits from boyfriend Chase Hudson, 17: This is what's best for the both of us')

175. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/15 **11**
The celebrity offspring of this permanent A++ lister was clean and sober until the isolation. Now, she is using all day long. Paris Jackson/Michael Jackson (Paris Jackson is playing Jesus Christ in bizarre new thriller)

176. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/15 **12**
Last week I wrote about this lesser known rapper trying to get out of jail because of COVID-19 and his escape plans. The judge cited those plans when not allowing the rapper to go free. YNW Melly (YNW Melly remains in jail after judge denies request to be released due to coronavirus infection)

177. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/15 **13**
Boom: I recently wrote about a film production crew that is trying to bribe its way through Europe in hopes of blowing up a bridge. The bribes and payouts have been numerous, but the results have been lacking. Returning to the country where they originally wanted to do it, they found a willing partner. They found someone who thought they could get the permits, but they needed to show that it would be the right thing to do to blow it up. Make it something that seemed like a benefit to the town. Enter the demolitions expert who collapsed a section of the bridge. Now, the production team is trying to convince those in charge that blowing it up is the right thing to do and they will give the town money to do it and then the town can build a brand new bridge. More sturdy. Uh huh. Paramount/"Mission Impossible 7"/Italy ("The Bridge" BLIND ITEM 04/06/20)

178. POPBITCH 04/16
(British blog)
Which former children's TV host may have knocked a good seven years off his age on his Bumble profile – but will make it up to any ladies who match with him with "OK" sex and "a huge dick"?

The disgraced politician who came out after leaving office is living up to his only cares about himself image as he isolates with a dozen guys out of the country, where they hit up bars and restaurants every night and do everything you are not supposed to be doing now. Aaron Schock (Aaron Schock slammed for Instagram photo among shirtless group ‘quarantining’ in sunny Mexico resort)

More and more of the story is coming out about how this former A list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee/snake oil salesperson destroyed a great Broadway production by inserting herself into stuff she didn't know. Gwyneth Paltow/"Head over Heels" ("Avenue Q" Creator Jeff Whitty Writes Scathing Screed About Gwyneth Paltrow and Other Collaborators of Flop Musical "Head over Heels")

The only question is whether this former tweener actor turned drug addict will be sued while he is in rehab or if the A+/A list mostly movie actor make the former tweener recant. Orlando Brown/Will Smith (‘That’s So Raven’ Actor Orlando Brown Claims Will Smith & Michael Jackson Raped Him In Bizarre Video Rant)

Reader Blind: This deceased follicle challenged Emmy winning Emmy nominated actor was in both film and TV in a long career. He was a lifelong pothead but preferred edibles. Three stories about that…. Peter Boyle
1.) When the actor got married, his best man was this deceased foreign born permanent A++ musician. Prior to the ceremony he and the actor consumed several baggies worth and were very giggly. At one point, they passed some to the Justice of the Peace and he also became a bit silly. John Lennon (John Lennon was best man at Peter Boyle’s wedding — who knew?)
2.) During this iconic comedy film directed by this A+ director known for comedies, the actor who wore a lot of make-up for the role became good friends with this deceased foreign born comedic actor with a noticeable physical condition. The two bonded over their love of edibles and the director had to ban the consumption of them from the set in order to get any work done. "Young Frankenstein"/Mel Brooks/Marty Feldman
3.) While taking part in a dress rehearsal for an episode of the long running TV series he was on, the actor accidentally gave a brownie to the actress who played his wife. When the cast saw her open up during her performance in the rehearsal, they all asked for the edibles. During several of the middle season episodes of this show, most if not all the regular cast members were high. "Everybody Loves Raymond"/Doris Roberts

Peter Boyle (John Lennon, Young Frankenstein, Mel Brooks, Marty Feldman, Everybody Loves Raymond, Doris Roberts)

A rarest of the rare event the other day when this A+/A list comic actor who thought he was going to get an Oscar nomination this past year doing an event with this pair of comic actresses who are also A list. The actresses and the actor have been in a forever long feud, but managed to set it aside for a one off event. Adam Sandler/Tina Fey/Amy Poehler ("At Home" edition of "Saturday Night Live") (Tina Fey, Adam Sandler & ‘SNL’ Cast Pay Tribute To Show’s Longtime Music Supervisor Hal Willner, Dead At 64)

This sexually fluid/kind of in the closet former A- list athlete is married, but has been indulging in hookups with various men he meets on Grindr. He usually hooks up with them in his garage. Brooks Laich/Julianne Hough (Julianne Hough and Brooks Laich Social-Distance Apart: They 'Do Their Own Thing,' Source Says)

As I have been telling you for quite some time, this back in the day A list teen actor is all about taking as much money from your pocket as possible. Yesterday was a particularly bad day for him as he was exposed for who he really is. Corey Feldman

Reader Blind: This Emmy Winning Emmy nominated Oscar nominated actor, who is not the first member of his family to go into acting, has made films but will always be more famous for the successful TV series he was on. This series lasted longer than the historic event which was the series setting. This actor has always had a reputation as a very nice guy. An extreme example of that was several decades ago his wife decided to have an extramarital relationship. The actor helped her find a lover and drove her to and from liaisons. He also brought the wife and her lover food after they had sex. Alan Alda/"M*A*S*H"/Arlene (Arlene Alda: Life as a feminist’s wife)

Reader Blind - Kindness: A number of decades ago, ("Minutemen") was on the verge of success. They had recorded up until then on independent labels(s) and were a favorite of the college student indy crowd as well as rock critics. A record ("Double Nickels on the Dime") ("Corona" ended up being them for "Jackass") they made that was more than one still shows up on best of lists from that decade. They were an unlikely bunch - One member was obese (D. Boon), his childhood friend, another member, looked like Jerry Lewis and Adam Sandler combined (Mike Watt), another like a surfer that had wandered off the beach (George Hurley) but they could really play. They counted a lot of famous musicians as fans. One was this one named musician (Flea) who later was in an A+ band ("Red Hot Chili Peppers"). He was a huge fan of the musician in this group that played the same instrument. The group had just finished an opening slot on a tour with band ("R.E.M.") that was on its way to A+ status and had several offers from major record companies when tragedy struck. One of the main members died unexpectedly. The remaining members formed another band a few years later that was also an indy favorite before splitting up and doing their own things. Over the years, the family of the dead musician has had financial problems. They were poor to begin with and the mother of the late musician had a lot of health problems. The childhood friend and bandmate (Mike Watt), despite the band’s anti-commercial ethos, allowed licensing of some of their music for both a commercial and the theme song of a popular show that was also made into several movies. Besides the dead members share, he gave almost all of his money earned from this to the family of his late bandmate. What was left over he used to help fund a soup kitchen for the homeless in the town they all grew up in where he still lives. "Minutemen"/"Double Nickels on the Dime"/D. Boon, Mike Watt, George Hurley/Flea/"Red Hot Chili Peppers"/"R.E.M." (Lost & Found: Minutemen 1985) (Dec 22, 1985: Minutemen’s D. Boon Dies in Accident) (How Minutemen accidentally wrote the Jackass theme tune) (From Minutemen to Missingmen: Mike Watt and friends carry on)

188. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/16 **10**
Thirst In The Time Of Quarantine: This foreign born A- list actor with the well-known last name (possibly too well known?) has been sheltering in place at home like the rest of us. He's been busy though, recording videos for fans, charity, and publicity for his latest project. His "partner" has been busy too, filling her Instagram with scenes of domesticity. Recently though, there's been a change. Eagle eyed fans noticed a particular photo of the couple appearing in the background of the actor's most recent video. Not too strange, you say, couples have pictures of themselves displayed all the time. But this one is different- a professional photo of them at an event, showcasing her brightly colored dress. Obvious even from across a room, and especially over video. What used to be a space filled with cookbooks is now filled with proof that she's been a busy baker and don't you forget about it. Looks like PR firms are busy too.

189. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/16 **11**
The three named A- list mostly movie actress who had the good 2019 likes people to think she is living with the A list alcoholic. But, she has her own place and makes him come over for the pap shots. Ana De Armas/Ben Affleck (Ana De Armas And Ben Affleck Went Out Matching Their Dogs)

190. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/16 **12**
This foreign born A/A- list mostly television actress from a very very long running network show had a party at her house for almost two dozen friends. Apparently she got angry that no caterers were available, so she brought in two chefs without telling them just exactly how many people were coming. Sofía Vergara/"Modern Family" (Sofia Vergara’s Quarantine Instagram Posts Will Melt Your Heart)

191. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/16 **13**
The Scientist: Yes, this scientist was known to be friendly with the billionaire pedophile, but that is not what this is about. It is much more than that. It is about this scientist contributing to the worldwide pandemic we have now. A scientist who was arrested by the FBI, but not for his role, but rather for lying. He is one of the most prestigious scientists in the world. The university that employed him had no idea he was also a "strategic scientist" at Wuhan University Of Technology and had been doing so for nearly a decade. These talent programs seek to lure Chinese overseas talent and foreign experts to bring their knowledge and experience to China and reward individuals for stealing proprietary information. The scientist did top secret work for the NIH and the DOD. He didn't tell them about his side gig either. So, what is all the fuss about? One of the people arrested in December of last year who worked with our scientist was a Chinese national charged with attempting to smuggle 21 vials of biological research to China. They didn't charge him with the ones he smuggled out the previous month. The ones that were compromised. Dr. Charles Lieber/Jeffrey Epstein/Harvard University (Harvard University Professor and Two Chinese Nationals Charged in Three Separate China Related Cases)

For weeks he has said he didn't want to do the Disney thing being planned. For weeks he was being heavy handed into doing it. Everyone else in the world has internet issues, so he just had them at the exact right time to not do what he didn't want to do in the first place. Zac Efron/singing with the "High School Musical" cast in the "Disney Family Singalong" (Why Zac Efron Isn't Singing With The High School Musical Cast In The Disney Family Singalong)

After bailing him out of what should have been a firing offense five years ago, this university said enough is enough and said they would fire this celebrity doctor. If that happened, whatever credibility he had, would be gone. So, he tried to walk back his statements from earlier, while doing a poor job if it. As for the other doctor, he is going to need to have his A+ list boss intervene, to get him to stop. Dr. Oz/Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons/Dr. Phil/Oprah Winfrey (Columbia and the Problem of Dr. Oz) (Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz aren’t coronavirus experts. So why are they talking about it on TV news?)

Remember when the Russian spy turned talk show wannabe called out her husband for his porn and abuse and being a horrible person? Yeah, well she found out if she wants a reality show, he needs to be involved, so now he is her loving husband all over again. Simona Mangiante/George Papadopoulos (George Papadopoulos’ wife says she is divorcing him after "months of abuses": "He is a monster") (Simona Mangiante Now Says She and George Papadopoulos Will ‘Enter into Counseling’) (BLIND ITEM REVEAL 03/10/20) (BLIND ITEM REVEAL 04/15/20)

This A+ list dual threat actress had a hand in the disappearance of this actress from the second season of a hit streaming show. Still getting her revenge, every chance she can. Reese Witherspoon/Abbie Cornish/"Jack Ryan" (Reese and Ryan: Was there another woman?)

Our favorite foreign born closeted pay cable actor is once again lashing out at fans for the things he has done and for the people he has hired. He should be blaming himself and apologizing to his fans. Sam Heughan/"Outlander" (After Six Years Of "Constant" Bullying, "Outlander" Star Sam Heughan Is Speaking Out)

The thirsty ex of a male and female celebrity seemed shocked paps would still want to follow her after her breakups. They followed her because she was paying them because she loved being in the headlines. Kaitlynn Carter/Brody Jenner/Miley Cyrus (Kaitlynn Carter sheds light on life after whirlwind romance with Miley Cyrus: 'My mind is just swirling')

One of the biggest pimps in the Med during Cannes and the summer that follows has chartered two yachts. He has slowly brought in women from around the world and plans to offer cruises for the wealthy in lieu of his famous yacht parties which are usually one night things. This foreign born A- list mostly movie actress all of you know, but who can't get work will be a "host" for some of the cruises. Mohammed Al Turki/Sienna Miller or Emma Watson

Speaking of yachting, this A+ list mostly movie actor and his wife have been helping out the yachting industry by hiring different escorts on at least two occasions over the past week.

He has been a boy bander for his entire career. He also got kicked out of a grocery store because he wouldn't wear a mask.
AJ McLean ("Backstreet Boys")

201. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **10**
The foreign born A- list model/former professional beard has been flying all over the world the past month making a living doing that yachting thing. Irina Shayk (Irina Shayk nails off-duty model chic in a camouflage Moschino jumpsuit in NYC... after sparking dating rumors with art dealer Vito Schnabel)

202. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **11**
In a memoir that is to be published within weeks of the death of this permanent A+ list mostly movie actor, there is a blurb about how the actor had forced himself on this famous rape survivor several times in his own right, but it was only the foreign born director who got into trouble for it. Jack Nicholson/Samantha Jane Gailey/Roman Polanski

203. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **12**
This long time cable reality star who is unknown to anyone who doesn't watch the long running show on a channel that started off classy and is now trashy, loves finding men from his home country who are new to or visiting this country and then molests them knowing they won't do anything about it. He is an evil guy. Reza Farahan/"Shahs of Sunset"/Iran

204. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/17 **13**
The Producer & The Arms Dealer: This legendary producer (Robert Evans) did a couple of things in his life well. He made hit movies (filmography) and snorted a lot of cocaine (cocaine trafficking). So much so that he was always coming up short on the financing of his projects. So, he got into drug dealing. A lot of it. When he was busted for dealing, he lost his house. It didn't stop him from dealing or using or needing money. Enter our arms dealer (Adnan Khashoggi) who always seems to show up in the most shady of shady times in Hollywood. If there is some type of scandal or underage sex parties from back in the day, he was involved. He would circulate girls and women to the west and people like our producer would send women his way by the dozens, usually under the guise of some type of overseas film production. This was the times of the coke wars and when they would get tired of one, if she knew too much, they would fly her to Miami and kill her to make it look drug related. It was easy. Was our producer ever involved in any of these murders? Hard to prove, except for one, but that wasn't a transient, it was one of his drug dealers.
Robert Evans/Adnan Khashoggi (Robert Evans' extraordinary life of scandal and mob allegations as he dies aged 89) (Adnan Khashoggi: the 'whoremonger' whose arms deals funded a playboy life of decadence and 'pleasure wives') ("Cotton Club")

They had to maintain distance because of security, but the paps were told exactly what time to come by and take photos of the alliterate former actress and her foreign born celebrity husband. Meghan Markle/Prince Harry/delivering food to the needy (Meghan Markle and Prince Harry hit the streets of LA for a second time wearing masks to deliver packages to the needy after volunteering for charity (but downgrade from a Porsche to a Cadillac))

The crazy thing, is not that the former tweener turned A-/B+ list singer with the recurring drug and alcohol problem got caught trashing her former friend in the most embarrassing way possible, but that her boyfriend used to stalk the tweener's enemy so much that restraining orders were threatened against him. This seems as if it won't end well. Demi Lovato/Selena Gomez (Max Ehrich) (Demi Lovato's shady Selena Gomez slurs leaked as 'private Instagram discovered') (Max Ehrich Wants Selena Gomez As His Love Interest)

Reader Blind: Among the effects of this recently deceased actor is correspondence between him and a real life figure he played. He had always sworn that he not had any contact with this figure other than one letter he received. The tone of the letters is chatty and amicable. Even more shocking, hanging on a wall in the actor’s house in a spare bedroom is a gift from the figure - one of his paintings. Brian Dennehy/John Wayne Gacy/"To Catch a Killer" (To Catch a Killer: When Brian Dennehy became John Wayne Gacy)

The widow fired back at the allegations made by this band in their litigation, and subtly indicated that if they persist in trashing her, she will start discussing drug use and infidelities of the deceased singer. Vicky Karayiannis/"Soundgarden"/Chris Cornell (Soundgarden respond to lawsuit from Chris Cornell’s widow, Vicky)

Homicide In The Time Of Corona: Why was the FBI dragged into a murder of a couple that would normally be handled by the local police who are very very very very used to murders almost every day. Apparently one of the couple, who were both attorneys had discovered that two of the policemen he had previously investigated were running a trafficking operation. At this point it is unclear if it is people or drugs. The lean is towards people because one of the policemen only spends time with escorts brought in from other countries. Thomas Johnson and Leslie Jones/Chicago (Prominent attorney couple are found stabbed to death inside their home in Chicago suburb - as it's revealed the husband presided over disciplinary hearings of cops accused of misconduct)

This A- list mostly television actor who has gone from iconic hit pay cable show to multiple other hit pay cable shows is calling out the celebrity CEO over his constant lying and exaggeration.
Evan Handler/Elon Musk (Evan Handler on Twitter)

The fact that the permanent A++ lister has not said anything about her two celebrity employees and their comments is essentially a show of support for what they said. Dr. Oz/Dr. Phil/Oprah Winfrey (It’s Time for Oprah to Renounce Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz Over Their Dangerous Coronavirus Propaganda)

Apparently this actress all of you know overheard (because her husband never put anything in writing) her husband discussing the removal of the couple's child while the actress would be out of town shooting on a job that had been arranged by the husband. That gave her two weeks to plan her escape, and she did, with their child. Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise/Suri (Katie Holmes' secret escape plan: Actress rented her own New York City apartment before ditching Tom)

This, now former reality star who all of you know even if you didn't watch the show is full on with stripper and coke parties again. There is buzz he already married his girlfriend too. Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman/Francie Fran (Dog the Bounty Hunter’s new girlfriend Francie tells star ‘God whispered your name’ in sweet tribute post)

This three named actress who has been acting since she was a tween has hit A/A list a couple of times in television over the years. She is A+ list in thirst and can't seem to get anyone interested in a reality show about herself. She can't even get a magazine cover no matter how much money she offers. Paps say it isn't worth it to come to her house to take sidewalk photos either. Sarah Jessica Parker (Sarah Jessica Parker Haunts Terrified Owners of Carrie's Brownstone); Melissa Joan Hart

When she couldn't get the $1M she wanted, she at least hoped a news organization would be willing to "buy photos" which is a way for a news organization to say it didn't pay for an interview, it just paid for use of photos. They wouldn't go along with that either. So, she ends up doing a plug on a company for the product of the parent company. Meghan Markle/"Good Morning America"/"Smart Works"/"Misha Nonoo" (Meghan Markle’s ‘GMA’ style sends a message) (Misha Nonoo shirt from her clothing line for Smart Works) (Meghan Markle’s clothing line for Smart Works has arrived) (Meghan Markle Is No Princess Diana – She Should Skip the "Tell-All" Interview)

The Greatest Closet Job: People ask me all of the time who is the best at hiding their sexuality from the world. By far, and it isn't even close is this permanent A+ list mostly movie actor who has a wife and IVF child/ren. He is still young and every single person you know, knows him too. His only slips were when he was first starting out, he wasn't as careful.

The wife of this foreign born A list singer is saying one thing publicly about him, but she has said the exact opposite to her friends over the past year. Luisana Lopilato/Michael Bublé (Michael Buble's wife Luisana Lopilato defends their marriage and assures fans she is 'not suffering'... after gruff video of the singer 'elbowing' the actress sparks concern)

This permanent A list actress who had a role on an iconic television show before switching to mediocre movies is also a celebrity who has hair and makeup parties. She even had masseuses there for everyone too and a bartender making drinks. Jennifer Aniston (Jennifer Aniston’s hair colorist Justin Anderson on products to keep your hair salon-fresh during quarantine)

According to a victim of the billionaire pedophile, a reporter got the word out to the foreign born madam/procurer/sexual assaulter that the FBI was investigating the madam. It allowed the madam a very big head start. Maria Farmer/Jeffrey Epstein/Vicky Ward/Ghislaine Maxwell (Why 'Vanity Fair' Story Left Out Abuse Allegations Against Epstein) (Jeffrey Epstein accuser Maria Farmer says Ghislaine Maxwell threatened her life, FBI "failed" her)

A star of this reality show I have always contended is the most exploitative of any reality show is making a ton of porn with her current boyfriend to start an OnlyFans page. She reached out to a different reality star doing the same thing, for some advice. Larissa dos Santos Lima ("90 Day Fiancé’s") (90 Day Fiancé’s Larissa dos Santos Lima Launching OnlyFans Account in March)

People are finally catching on to the scam of this former A list female fighter. The fact people were paid to take a dive so she could rise up because she was so popular Now, she isn't so popular and has squandered what was given to her. Ronda Rousey (Ronda Rousey: Anyone upset with my comments about ‘fake fights’ has never been in a ‘real fight’)

This A/A- list celebrity who is really only that high because of who she is married to, has always had an Adderall addiction. Being in isolation though has cranked that up and she is up 20-22 hours a day every single day. Chrissy Teigen/John Legend (twitter)

This former back in the day NBA player who was probably A- list just on name recognition is Mormon and has four sister wives and a "bunch" of children. The tipster didn't quite know the number, but it is more than a dozen. Shawn Bradley (Mormons in the NBA – Losers or Latter-day Legends?) (Would You Pay $10,000 Not To Go To A Strip Club? Shawn Bradley Did) (Shawn Bradley's current life is a tall order)

The big money behind the child porn that this former network actor was heavily into went quiet after his death. Not out of business, but quiet. Now, with the lock down there has been a massive spike in not just people watching it, but people also making it. At this point it is out of control and you are going to see a whole lot of other celebrities go down because of it. I am talking about you too Mr. permanent A+ list book author. Mark Salling ("Glee")/John Grisham (Who was Mark Salling and what was his cause of death? Glee actor dead aged 35 after pleading guilty to child porn charges) (John Grisham says sentencing for child porn offenders is too harsh. They aren’t ‘real pedophiles’)

Where Was He Before?: I wrote about him several weeks ago and what he was about to do. This A lister in his profession was going to turn over tens of thousands of inappropriate photos that he took over the year that involves hundreds, if not thousands of power brokers and celebrities, both dead and alive. I told you weeks ago he had been killed. Now, all of a sudden his body shows up in a place where authorities had already searched a dozen times. Peter Beard (Photographer Peter Beard confirmed dead at 82 after going missing for nearly three weeks) (Peter Beard: reckless playboy photographer whose life was as wild as his work) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 04/04/20)

Once again, this A list rapper got humiliated by her serial cheating husband. Usually, it is confined to her own personal knowledge. Usually. A couple years ago, the world found out about one and now, it has happened again. The whole world knows she is just a doormat. He spends so much time looking for sex from everyone else, I'm not sure when he finds the time to work on music or spend time with his wife. It is also because of his cheating, that the rapper is involved in a series of legal messes. Cardi B/Offset (Cardi B's husband Offset 'begs' ex Shya L'amour for sex in leaked messages)

This former A- list actress is isolating with the guy who is supposed to not go near her. This should work out just fine. Hayden Panettiere/Brian Hickerson (Hayden Panettiere’s Boyfriend Brian Hickerson Enters Not Guilty Plea After Being Accused of Domestic Battery)

Many weeks ago now I wrote about the mogul and his ability to test people right away prior to them joining him on board for sex. Now, the national press is finally catching up to the fact there is special testing for billionaires and their yacht guests. David Geffen (David Geffen sparks backlash for flaunting his self-quarantine from a $590M superyacht) (Billionaires' compound with its own coronavirus testing center stokes anger on the French Riviera) (Are billionaires really self-isolating on superyachts?) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 03/28/20)

So, essentially that new limited series from the showrunner who does a lot of horror is explaining his experience in Hollywood and how he wants it to continue. "Hollywood"/Ryan Murphy (‘Hollywood’ First Trailer: Ryan Murphy and Netflix Tell an Alternate History of Tinseltown)

230. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **10**
The former jailed rapper who has a price on his head had a party for 30-40 people the other night. I hope he has security frisking everyone. None of that really seems like self distancing. Tekashi 6ix9ine (Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine 'splashes cash on cars and bling' in post-prison shopping spree)

231. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **11**
Apparently in the garage of this A- list mostly movie actress all of you know is a gun safe. There are no guns in it, but there are hard drives and USB sticks and other items which she uses to blackmail people that have come into contact with her and can do her a favor. Amber Heard (Amber Heard Sleeps With Her Firearms, While Brags Being A PRO-Member Of Gun Club)

232. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **12**
This foreign born A- list mostly movie actor/serial cheater who I don't think is even divorced from his wife even though he is living with the woman he cheated on his wife with, has also managed to get a different woman pregnant. Taika Waititi/Chelsea Winstanley/assistant Polly Stoker (Oscar winner Taika Waititi has separated from wife Chelsea Winstanley)

233. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/20 **13**
Pinball: Not too long ago, this B+ list actress (Halston Sage) starred on a streaming show ("The Orville") that is still airing. Did she get the job before she started sleeping with the A list boss (Seth MacFarlane) or after she got the job? In any event, they started hooking up and she got pregnant. No problem said the boss. We will write it into the show. Not so fast. Our actress decided she didn't want the baby which the boss was upset about it and boom, she is gone. So, then our actress starts dating a celebrity. She gets pregnant again. The A- list celebrity (Charlie Puth) says lets get married. This time there was a "miscarriage." The celebrity then dumped her because he was only marrying her because she was pregnant. She started hooking up with her old boss (Seth MacFarlane) again but he was also seeing someone else, so that became awkward and now she is hooking up with this former tween actor turned B+ list adult actor (Zac Efron). Halston Sage/"The Orville"/Seth MacFarlane/Charlie Puth/Zac Efron (Here’s the Scoop on Halston Sage’s Past Boyfriends)

After years of becoming known as an acting jinx, if not the top acting jinx for television shows, this former A/A- list mostly movie actress admits as such and says she will only do indie movie and theatre going forward. Alicia Silverstone (Alicia Silverstone 'stopped loving acting' after filming 'Batman & Robin')

The fallout between the alliterate former actress and the permanent A++ list athlete is complete. The next level of shade thrown by the athlete this week towards the former actress was impressive. Serena Williams/Meghan Markle (Serena Williams jokes she's never heard of Meghan Markle as she refuses to comment on her BFF's move to LA in video chat with Naomi Capmbell)

Back in the day, this former model turned celebrity turned sometime naked celebrity turned reality star signed a NDA with this former A+ list rapper. She knows ALL the secrets about him and his fashion design buddy plus a whole lot more. Now, with isolation, she has no cash flow and wants to amend that deal with the rapper. Amber Rose/Kanye West

Apparently it is baby making time again for this former reality couple who get together, despite one of them being in a relationship. It used to be a come over to the house thing and has now evolved into staying for several days thing. At that point, it just feels like they should get back together and stop messing with the mind of the third wheel waiting patiently at home. Kourtney Kardshian/Scott Disick/Sofia Richie (Kourtney Kardashian and ex Scott Disick emerge from the same house during quarantine... after she celebrated her 41st with a car parade)

This foreign born one named A+ lister now has a Finsta (a shortened term for Fake Instagram) to troll for the underage teens he then invites to his house for some quarantine time. Drake (18 Celebrity Finstas We Never Knew Existed)

Yeah, I'm sure that newly adopted pet will be perfectly safe in the home known more for its meth use/bare mattress on the floor/random strangers hooking up for money and drugs. I'm not sure what the former A- list tween singer was thinking. Oh, wait, he probably wasn't. Meanwhile, I guess the drugs were so good that his girlfriend decided the violence was worth the tradeoff. Aaron Carter/Melanie Martin ('I have a baby on the way!' Aaron Carter reveals girlfriend Melanie Martin is pregnant... weeks after she was arrested for domestic abuse)

The Money: This big four network did an interview with a victim of the billionaire pedophile. During that interview, the name of the CEO was brought up multiple times for his actions and his orders which led to the imprisonment of the victim. When the segment aired there was not a peep about the CEO. After much digging, apparently it is because the network didn't want to damage the financial relationship it has with the company and their advertising dollars.
ABC/Jeffrey Epstein/Les Wexner

It is interesting that this A/A- list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee is hiding out at her place with the secret girlfriend rather than the fake boyfriend hoisted upon us before all of this started. Saoirse Ronan/Jack Lowden (Coronavirus Ireland: Saoirse Ronan issues heartfelt plea to support staff at Irish hospital) (Irish star Saoirse Ronan looks smitten as she is spotted hand-in-hand with actor Jack Lowden); Brie Larson/Elijah Allan-Blitz (Brie Larson dons a pretty pink face mask as she picks up flowers at the farmers market) (Date Night! Brie Larson Walks Hand in Hand with Elijah Allan-Blitz on the Oscars Red Carpet)

This A- list mostly movie actress used to try and get her dates to pass out from drink and drug. If they wouldn't do it on their own, she would help them and then rob them. Amber Heard (The double life of Amber Heard)

243. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **10**
Apparently while this A+ list mostly movie actor was still living with his equally high on the list significant other, he went to a bar one night and ended up seated at a table with two female siblings who are the offspring of a former A+ list mostly television actor all of you know. Our movie actor ended up going to their place and sleeping with them. It is unknown to me at this point, whether the sisters engaged with each other. Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie/David Hasselhoff/Taylor Ann and Hailey Hasselhoff

244. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **11**
This daytime talk show host loves to talk about how much sex she has with her husband. They haven't had sex in nearly a year. Kelly Ripa/Mark Consuelos (Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos Say 'Comfort' and 'Experimentation' Keep Their Sex Life Healthy)

245. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **12**
The relationship that never was between the actress and the wannabe A++ lister is definitely no more. She is with someone else. Rosario Dawson/Cory Booker (Rosario Dawson is taking care of her parents in LA rather than quarantining with 'love' Cory Booker in New Jersey)

246. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/21 **13**
Not A Good List: The legal definition of sex trafficking is illegally transporting someone from one area to another for the purpose of sexual exploitation. In Hollywood, if a director has been drugging and having sex with someone for a week and then goes to a party and passes them off to someone else to use for a week, that doesn't necessarily meet the technical definition, but I still think these two A+ list mostly movie directors should be called out for it. They run in entirely different social circles, but they both do the same thing. Is it sex trafficking if you are the owner of dozens and dozens of massage parlors in Los Angeles that bring in women from Asian countries and then rotate them through those massage parlors for two years in 12 hour shifts and then force a dozen of them to live in apartments watched over by a house mother? The A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee (Nicolas Cage) doesn't actually handle any of the trafficking or the rotation of the employees or their eventual return (mostly) to their home country, but he must have an idea. This other A+ list director, separate and apart from the first two in the blind, spent a good decade importing "assistants" from Asia and no identification was ever checked. No one is sure what happened to the hundred or so assistants he went through over the time period. He would get bored after a week or they didn't do things exactly the way he wanted and he would discard them. Now, suddenly he has religion and likes to pretend none of that happened. I am not even including all the producers and directors who are making thousands of hours a year of child porn by filming it in countries where the age of consent is ridiculously low and doing so with the full consent of the film commission in the government. The only concession other than the bribes and the minimum spend by the cast and crew, is there must be an actual commercially made film in that country that is released. This country (Serbia) is one of the favorite hangouts of the disgraced A list actor/serial sexual predator (Kevin Spacey) and one of the directors in the first paragraph. (Kevin Spacey is seen at Novak Djokovic's Belgrade restaurant... three months after groping case against scandal-hit actor was thrown out in court)

As I told you long before the series was abruptly canceled, two of the stars of the hit network show that was later rebooted and also a hit, hated each other. When the cast did an interview this week, one of those two co-stars refused to participate because the hate is so strong for the other co-star. "Will & Grace"/Debra Messing/Megan Mullally (Will and Grace’s Megan Mullally ditches cast interview with Debra Messing after rumors of nasty feud)

I'm assuming at this point, this former A+ list rapper and her rapper husband are just together for the kid. After getting caught cheating just two weeks ago in a very public way, he got caught cheating again this week in a very public way. She used to beat people up because of it and now, she seems resigned. Cardi B/Offset/Kulture Kiari Cephus (Cardi B's husband Offset 'begs' ex Shya L'amour for sex in leaked messages)

Should we be disturbed that the nude photo of this A- list mostly movie actor being used for charity was taken by his father? Ansel Elgort (Ansel Elgort Shared a Fully Nude Photo of Himself (Taken by His Father))

This married A list actor/sometime director has been beefing with his best friend again over that foreign born former boy bander. Apparently they have each been spending time with him separately. George Clooney/Rande Gerber/Harry Styles ("One Direction")

Speaking of A list actors, this A+/A list mosly movie actor who enjoys very young blondes tipped his pot delivery person $1000 this week. Brad Pitt (EXCLUSIVE: Brangie Bunch in lockdown! How Angie and Brad are shuttling their brood back and forth as they home school, practice boxing, make jewelry and play with menagerie of dogs, birds, gerbils and goldfish) (Brad Pitt Does the Weather in Cameo Appearance for John Krasinski's Some Good News Show)

Apparently it was deliberately planned to upstage the family member celebrating a birthday and a very very long life. I think we could expect no less from the former alliterate actress who had all the air sucked dry from her thirsty throat when the virus hit and she couldn't implement her plans as she hoped. All that sitting inside and not being able to be seen, must be hard. Queen Elizabeth’s 94th birthday/Meghan Markle (Meghan Markle and Prince Harry ‘tell favoured media about personal birthday call with Queen’ despite demands for privacy)

Kindness: Without any publicity or fanfare or look-what-I-did-it-ness, this A list donut licker kicked in $15K to help out the employees of this very famous Hollywood diner. That was more than 25% of all the donations received total. Ariana Grande (Ariana Grande apologizes and explains doughnut licking)

Studio Predator - Old Hollywood: This two time Oscar winning producer (Arthur Freed) of Best Picture (Oscar Winner Best Picture "An American in Paris" (1951) and Oscar Winner Best Picture "Gigi" (1958)) also had a hand in one of the most famous songs (co-lyricist for film "Singin' in the Rain") from the golden age of movies that is still considered a classic song because of the scene in which it is sung. He was married for decades and even has offspring. What he was also known for was only hiring child and tween stars who would allow him to sexually assault them (Child sexual abuse, including Shirley Temple). If they didn't, then no matter how big they were, he wouldn't hire them. Arthur Freed/Oscar Winner Best Picture "An American in Paris" (1951) and Oscar Winner Best Picture "Gigi" (1958)/co-lyricist for film "Singin' in the Rain"

With his normal cheating ways curtailed by isolation, this Ryan Seacrest wannabe suddenly has a doctor's visit at least three times a week. His wife must know. Right? Mario Lopez/Courtney Laine Mazza (Mario Lopez gears up for Jiu Jitsu training... weeks after criticism for defying social-distancing to workout with Mark Wahlberg)

256. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/22 **10**
They haven't had to face it yet, but this network show which lost one star last year after sexual harrassment claims is about to lose another because of the same thing. Different person though. Higher on the list.

257. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/22 **11**
This former A- list mostly movie actress is generally considered a comic actress. No big awards or nominations for her. She was indie back in the day. All of you know her. In any event, she ended up paying her pscyhic quadruple rates to come to the home of the actress just because she didn't want a reading over the phone. She has done it three times in the past month.

258. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/22 **12**
Times Don't Change: Back in the early days of the site a talent manager who is A+ list and many of you know, approached me about one of his clients, who was a couple of years under age. He was concerned because of what he was seeing. Even though everyone knew how old his client was, whenever he would send her out for an audition or modeling gig, she would come back with horror stories of bad behavior from those who were in a position of power or other celebrities who were often two, three, or even four times her age. He was used to handling teen pop singers. That was his niche back then, and he knew what to look for in music. This was a new niche though and he was really troubled and wanted me to shine a light on it. I did, and started with those who had interactions with his client. Back in 2008 when his client wrote this piece for me, no one knew who she was. When I said I would give her initials to use like MV or JL or ZX, she said it didn't matter because "no one knows who I am." I'm not going to out her today, except to say, she is not a nobody any longer. She always loved a good blind and even wrote some herself on her own space, until she became too well known. When I see the landscape today, it doesn't feel like a whole lot has changed from 2008. Here is what she wrote a dozen years ago. In my industry, the biggest thing to remember is that you're nothing but a product. You're disposable until you make a name/brand for yourself. I think with that knowledge, I'm able to better work the opportunities and the people in front of me. The problem is, no one tells you that. They want you to be a mindless walking clothes hanger and focused on nothing else. Your career depends on the last thing you did and who liked it. Whether it's an editor of a magazine who can put you on a cover or an important photographer who wants to claim you as his "muse". Both bring work and stability in an industry that, by it's very design, is not stable or constant. It's always evolving and there's always a thousand hungry girls waiting for you to become obsolete. As a little background, I'm still in my teens and I'm a junior in high school. Because of the success and opportunities I've had early on, my agency has urged me to move to Manhattan. My parents are very education oriented and the modeling world is extremely foreign to them, but my agency assured them I would have roommates my own age and constant adult supervision within the apartment and on the shoots, as well as tutors that would supply placement tests approved by my high school. So, reluctantly, they agreed to let me go. Needless to say, I was thrilled with the whole proposition. I had never lived without my family or in a large city for that matter, and the idea of freedom (even if supervised) was exciting. Well, things have not been quite as advertised, but I'll get into specifics at a later date. But I figured a good introduction into the world that I live in would be this past Paris Fashion Week. It was my first real fashion week and to my surprise, I had booked every day solid without ever having stepped foot in Europe before. The agency was thrilled and I was quite pleased with myself. I had only been in Manhattan for a little over a week and I was flying off to Europe to model for the best designers in the game and to walk alongside the girls who owned the scene at the moment. I thought I had made it without even trying! Right. I arrived in Paris and was told there was absolutely no time to go to the hotel, that I was needed at the first designers location for a fitting. I had one of the agency handlers with me (someone who is provided to underaged girls overseas who are familiar with the area and people), and he quickly ushered me into the backstage fitting area. I met the head designer for the fashion house (a name you all know), and was quickly given the once over by him. He seemed indifferent. That was quite the blow to the ego! My handler then took me to one corner of the fitting area and proceeded to hand me a glass of champagne, a pack of cigarettes and placed a small bag of cocaine in my hand. He asked me if I knew what it was. I said yes. He asked me if I had ever tried it. I said no. He proceeded to tell me that the cocaine and cigarettes would help me keep my hunger and weight in check and that the champagne will help keep me full. He then turned around and walked away. I didn't see him again until the next fitting a day later. The moment he walked away, I became instantly paranoid and started watching the other girls intensely. Almost every single one of them kept going over to a table that was situated near one of the corners of the room and had some security detail around it. Each one of them came back out of the corner playing with the noses or immediately looking into a mirror to make sure their nose was clean. I've always been too stubborn to really give into peer pressure, and although the other girls were barely acknowledging my presence, I was starting to feel extremely uncomfortable. At that point, I started to notice a girl was shaking a bit while they were fitting her. She then started to shake uncontrollably and her nose was bleeding and she had weird foamy saliva coming out of her mouth. One of the security detail came over to her, but he was brushed aside while they quickly, but carefully, took off the pieces they were fitting on her. When it was finally off, the security took her and put her in a back room. He was getting instructions from one of the designers assistants in French, which I didn't understand. But I was so scared I asked a French girl next to me who I had heard speak English earlier what was going on and being said. She glanced at me and said, "he was told to call the doctors once all the fittings were over". Three hours later, all I could do was look at the door to the little room. Not a single person went in to check on her the entire time. When my fitting was done, I ran out of the area and jumped into the taxis that were waiting for us. I went straight to my hotel room and cried. It was at that moment, I realized that every single model is nothing until you MAKE people remember your name and face. Until you can DEMAND to be treated as something more than "just another girl". I flushed the cocaine and cigarettes down the toilet and went to sleep. The next day the show started, and that girl was nowhere to be seen.
Kate Upton, Emily Ratajkowski, Karlie Kloss

Pretty rich coming from this A list mostly television actress from a long long running network hit considering the things her significant other has made women do over the years. Ellen Pompeo/"Grey’s Anatomy"/husband Chris Ivery (Ellen Pompeo blasted over resurfaced clip saying it took 'two to tango' in regards to Harvey Weinstein and the dozens of women who accused him of sexual misconduct)

She wanted to sell it when he was alive so she could get the money, but the permanent A list athlete wouldn't let her. It didn't take the parental unit long after the athlete died to push it all out the door though and get some cash. Seems overly tacky. Kobe Bryant’s mother Pam Bryant (Kobe Bryant memorabilia offered for auction includes game-worn sneakers, title ring)

It turns out that one of the celebrity corona positives everyone thought was for real or probably for real was this foreign born A list dual threat actor. Turns out, not so much. I guess he is as thirsty as every other actor. Idris Elba (Idris Elba 'humbled to be alive' after coronavirus)

The celebrity offspring of a permanent A list actor tried to kill herself this past week.

This multiple time reality star has a real job that pays way more than either of his reality gigs, one of which he is the star. He also has a significant other he cheats on with at least two of the employees in his office. Plastic surgeons Terry Dubrow (Heather Dubrow) or Paul Nassif (Brittany Nassif)/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" and "Botched"

Jerks: This former A list director has been teaming up with this A+ list director to support sex workers who can't see clients right now. At last they call it supporting them. They basically invite a handful over to one of their homes each day and humiliate them all day in some kind of competition and at the end of the day only one gets any money. Robert Rodriguez/Quentin Tarantino; Brett Ratner/Todd Phillips

Of course the new biopic movie being made about the life of the permanent A list singer/drug user/horrible taste in a husband is being made with the permission of the estate. That means there will be no mention of the long term relationship the singer had with another woman. That whole thing will be glossed over just like what the writer did with Freddie Mercury. Whitney Houston/Robyn Crawford/Anthony McCarten ("Bohemian Rhapsody") (Whitney Houston biopic moves forward as Bohemian Rhapsody screenwriter signs up) ('Our friendship was intimate on all levels': Robyn Crawford on her love for Whitney Houston)

The Keypad: When this needs help former A- list tweener turned case story for former tween actors was busted this past week, he was trying to let everyone know where the secret entrance was to this compound. There are lots of ways to get inside the compound. In fact, there are probably at least a dozen. All of those entrances have fixed cameras. The secret entrance also has a camera, but it can be turned off inside the monitoring station or by a code you press into a keypad about 20 feet before the camera would pick you up. I'm shocked he knew where to look. I'm not even sure where it is and I have looked for years on and off. The celebrity siblings know where it is, but the one offspring I have spoken to about it doesn't know where it is. Orlando Brown/"Neverland"/Michael Jackson’s son Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr. aka Prince (Orlando Brown Says Will Smith Raped Him As A Kid & Micheal Jackson Set It Up [VIDEO]) (Did Orlando Brown try to break into Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch?)

This former A- list mostly movie actress who had a franchise from back in the day that is getting a reboot and had a television movie franchise too, generates most of her income from yachting. She hasn't let isolation stop her at all and generally hosts or goes elsewhere almost every day. Tara Reid/"American Pie"/"Sharknado"

268. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/23 **10**
This back in the day B+ list actress who got lucky with a reboot after her career had died, is dealing drugs to make ends meet. No one wants to hire her and she blew threw all her reboot money. Mischa Barton/"The Hills: New Beginnings"

269. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/23 **11**
Did you know there are cam models to the stars so to speak? Apparently there are a group of 10-20 both male and female that are trusted and their names are passed around as people you can trust. I think as a rule, that is accurate. I used to get stories fairly frequently about celebrities and their webcam addictions. I don't get very many any longer and think it is because this group, do keep things quiet. However, when one actor spends $100K in one month on one cam person, then it starts to leak out, especially because she was not the only one he spent money on. He is probably A-/B+ list and I would go with the higher probably even though his network show just ended. He is an offspring and the parental unit is still arguably higher on the list. Scott Caan/"Hawaii Five-O"/James Caan; Oliver Hudson/"Splitting Up Together"/Goldie Hawn; Colin Hanks/"Life in Pieces"/Tom Hanks

270. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/23 **12**
The very rich network reality star undercut his own argument with his response to an accusation of price gouging. Now, he is going to have to even more explaining and just looks worse for him moving forward. Daymond John, CEO of the Shark Group and one of the stars of the popular TV show "Shark Tank" (Shark Tank investor among those who tried to sell N95 masks at a high price to state)

271. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/23 **13**
Cult Competition: Come on down, because the cults are having a competition for recruits. I have already told you that the mainstay cult (Scientology) is having trouble finding lots of younger members to replace the ones who have already donated hundreds of millions of dollars. I have told you about the group (Hillsong) that has done the best job replacing them by finding young people with huge social media followings and then giving them perks and percentages of offerings and VIP status. That has been working really well for that group. Let us move beyond that. Let us look at the smaller more sex driven based cults where it is all about loyalty and finding the people who are willing to give up their lives to become a sex slave who is also willing to make you money. In both of the cults I am going to write about, the money thing has been removed. Neither of these cult leaders need money. They only want sex slaves. Loyal sex slaves to worship their egos and other parts of their anatomy. One of the leaders who I have recently mentioned really has a leg up on recruiting. He is an actor/singer (Jared Leto) and convenient absentee from a recent reunion ("My So-Called Life"). Because of his following and what he does, he has people loyal to him, BUT doesn't know for quite some time after they join him whether they will be a sex slave. So, how did he get a few? He landed a few when his competition decided to quit for a bit. This former A+ list (Mel Gibson) mostly movie actor had a "religion."(Church of the Holy Family). I wrote about it many years ago. He had a small group of followers. There were maybe a half dozen that lived with him and took care of him and gave up everything to be with him. When he ended up gettng a girlfriend several years back, he reluctantly let them go. They drifted around together as a group for awhile. A couple left, but there were three that stuck together until about 18 months ago when they were discovered by the actor/singer (Jared Leto). They became his base and he could have them help his recruiting. Interestingly enough, he doesn't have sex with those three because they are way over 20-21 which is kind of his cutoff, but they are good at finding the ages he does like. When our former A+ (Jim Carrey) list actor decided to get back in the game, he needed someone he could help find him young devoted female fans who would come flocking. Enter the A list singer (Ariana Grande) who has been extremely valuable with getting the former A+ lister (Jim Carrey) in front of an entirely new group of people. He has used those new fans to find two women to be his "starter" and help him recruit several more. Scientology/Hillsong/Jared Leto/"My So Called Life"/Jim Carrey/Ariana Grande
(My So-Called Life Cast Reunites — But Who Is Missing? See New Photo) (The Guardian profile: Mel Gibson)

272. POPBITCH 04/23
(British blog)
Friends of which popstar-turned-reality TV judge refer to her vagina as the "Little Shop Of Horrors"? Not because it has teeth and a taste for blood. More that anyone who passes close by is likely to get devoured... Nicole Scherzinger, Mel B, Rita Ora

Once again, this A list singer/reality star confirmed what I previously told you and that things are not getting any better between the singer and her actor boyfriend. The only reason they are even hanging on by a thread is because of the baby. Otherwise, he and his many hookups would be out the door. Katy Perry/Orlando Bloom (Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are 'having some ups and downs' as relationship 'has changed since she got pregnant')

This permanent A list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee says that when he was with this actress all of you know, that she used to peg him on an almost daily basis and would discuss it everywhere they went whether it be the grocery store or in front of other actors/actresses. Billy Bob Thornton/Angelina Jolie

Speaking of that actress all of you know, one of her family members who is also in the acting profession somehow also got a Paycheck Protection Loan, despite having no employees to protect. brother James Haven

So, if we read between the lines, are we supposed to think this A- list comic movie actress thinks her one named Oscar winning boyfriend is not very well endowed. She did say, she likes small better than large when it comes to that. Tiffany Haddish/Common (Tiffany Haddish likes her men on the ‘smaller’ side) (Tiffany Haddish Reveals She's Dating Common After Months Of Relationship Rumors)

Don't believe the hype. This A list superhero is going nowhere just because of money. It is just all a big game of chicken between the actor and the studio. Chadwick Bozeman/"Black Panther" (Chadwick Boseman Could Be Replaced As Black Panther Due To Pay Dispute)

This A- list mostly movie actress who comes from an acting family has been spending as little time as possible with her A list actor boyfriend in quarantine. The relationship was already strained, but he is at a whole other level of dysfunction right now. Emma Roberts/Garrett Hedlund (Emma Roberts makes face mask stylish on grocery run in white sweater, blue jeans and snakeskin slingbacks); Rooney Mara/Joaquin Phoenix (Rooney Mara blocks out the sun with a black fedora as she breaks quarantine for a walk)

Nursed Her To Health: This married permanent A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee got an offspring out of some trouble when the offspring administered a drug to a woman who overdosed. The actor gave her a large sum of money to stay quiet about it and put her through rehab. He also ended up having a baby with her. He is about three times her age. For the longest time, the offspring thought he was the father and had no idea his father was involved with the woman.

This former A- list mostly television actress who hasn't done much acting since her role on an iconic television show, finally landed another gig. Meanwhile, she has abandoned her children to their nannies and is holed up at her second home far away from them. Kristin Davis/"Sex and the City"; Zooey Deschanel/"New Girl"

This closeted former A- list mostly movie actor who got his own shot at headlining a movie has been isolating with his boyfriend and is leaning towards finally coming out when this is all over and he can get some type of tabloid cover. Taylor Lautner/"Tracers" (Tracers (film))

282. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **10**
This A- list mostly television actor stars on a long running huge network television hit. It is a comedy. You probably have zero idea who he is if you have not seen the show. The stripper he hired last week had no idea who he was when he kept saying how lucky she was that he called her. He then tried to make it seem because he was so famous that they have sex and it should be free. She said to him she had no idea who he was and she didn't even give sex free to her husband. Apparently that killed the mood and he gave her some money and she left. Hank Azaria/"The Simpsons"

283. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **11**
Was this a two fer deal or did the former actress turned escort have to do a little extra to get some recording time for her sibling? Lindsay Lohan/Ali Lohan (Aliana Lohan Dishes On New Single 'Long Way Down' & 'Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club')

284. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **12**
Initially I was under the impression that the producers of the reality show I hate most were not going to show what this participant does or has done for a living in her home country. Even for this particular show where they race to humiliate the women as much as possible and exploit them even more, I really thought they wouldn't cross that line. Apparently though, that line has not been determined and there are two different versions that have been edited. That would just be extra slimy if they did. "90 Day Fiancé"

285. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/24 **13**
Four For Friday - The Script: This foreign born A- list dual threat actor has been reflective while hanging out in isolation. Contrary to what he should be doing, he has had several friends over at a time to hang out and do some drinking. Apparently two weekends ago, while in the middle of sharing stories and drinks, our actor pulled out a folder of scripts. These were not movie scripts or a script for a television show. Nope. It was a collection of two and three page scripts from a previous relationship he had and what he was supposed to say and when. It was written by someone with screenwriting experience and had stage cues and everything. Also, with the scripts were schedules for the days they were together, including locations and places they would visit. It was all scripted to where they would sit in restaurants so they could be seen from the outside. It listed the photographers that would be used. There were about ten of these schedules and then just some other miscellaneous documents suggesting what the actor should wear that day and what his partner would be wearing. Yet another set of pages told him what he was allowed to say about the relationship and what he couldn't say. It offered suggested alternatives if he couldn't answer that question or a pivot he could take instead. He was also not supposed to print any thing, which of course he did, and if he did print something, to destroy all copes afterwards, which he did not. Tom Hiddleston/Taylor Swift (Tom Hiddleston Reads So Much There’s Even A Tumblr Page About It) (Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston: a timeline of their very short relationship)

The girlfriend of this A-/B+ list legally troubled actor that everyone seems to love bailed before all the stories about the actor and his treatment towards others went public. Alexis Ren/Noah Centineo (Noah Centineo and Alexis Ren end their relationship of one year... after fans noticed they unfollowed each other on Instagram) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 09/27/19)

This back in the day teen singer not named Meth Head Carter also tried his hand at acting and once tried to date Paris Hilton before she scared him away. Everyone loved him. The work he has done to his face to stay young is pretty bad. He made some bad doctor choices. Jesse McCartney (Paris Hilton and actor-singer Jesse McCartney arrive to the 51st Annual GRAMMY Awards) (In 2004, we all had a massive crush on Jesse McCartney. This is what his life is like now)

The former Disney actress turned A-/B+ list adult actress sometime porn director is advertising for porn but not calling it such. Considering the age of her audience, she should probably let them know. Bella Thorne (Bella Thorne teams up with ImLive and asks fans to try out the adult webcam 'experience' instead of going on dates)

A member of this K-pop group that can't decide what color it is stole a huge dance routine from a choreographer, but refuses to give that choreographer credit, or pay them. Blackpink

Doesn't it seem anyone else as odd that from the start, the public face of this disease was this permanent A+ list mostly movie actor. That he made it real and what was coming, palatable to the masses. Then, almost immediately thereafter you had this foreign born A list dual threat actor to reinforce that behavior. Now, the A+ list actor is back to help us get through the next phase and to get everyone on board again. Will that be reinforced again by the A lister or will someone else new be brought in? Tom Hanks/Idris Elba (Tom Hanks’ Blood Is Being Used to Develop Coronavirus Vaccine) (Recovering From Coronavirus, Idris Elba and Wife Launch $40M Fund to Help Others)

This foreign born A-/B+ list actress is losing her mind in isolation. She can't get enough attention just by posting to Instagram. It wouldn't shock me if she somehow tests "positive" for COVID just to get some attention. Her in-laws keep grabbing tiny headlines from her. Priyanka Chopra/brother-in-law Joe Jonas and sister-in-law Sophie Turner (Priyanka Chopra glows in sunlit selfies for Earth Day as she hunkers down with hubby Nick Jonas) (Joe Jonas Sees Wife Sophie Turner Walking Down the Aisle Every Time He Sings This Song) (Joe Jonas Kisses Sophie Turner Passionately In Trailer For Surprise Jonas Brothers Concert Film) (Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner donate 100 meals to frontline hospital health workers)

Why yes, it was a member of a different Housewives franchise who did hand over receipts to be used by a different Housewife at her reunion special. Gizelle Bryant & Robyn Dixon/"The Real Housewives of Potomac"/Kenya Moore towards NeNe Leakes (Gizelle Bryant & Robyn Dixon Weigh In On RHOA Drama Between Kenya Moore And NeNe Leakes!) (RHOA Reunion Spoilers: Kenya Moore Brings ‘Receipts’ Exposing Nene Leakes’ Alleged Affair)

This documentary producer all of you know is trying to keep some last minute changes about inaccurate statements made in his latest project from being made public. Michael Moore/"Planet of the Humans" (Michael Moore climate film snubs solar and urges population control, ruffling mainstream movement)

The A list donut licker makes her talk show and late night living doing impressions of other singers, but when it comes to her, apparently she thinks it is degrading and humiliating. So, put her in the Demi side of the equation when it comes to relations with fans. Ariana Grande (Ariana Grande Called Out Doppelgängers for "Degrading" Her Art's Value)

You know what you don't see in this behind the scenes music documentary from a decade ago? The foreign born at the time tween actress who the director was casting in a movie he was about to do. You don't see how she was everywhere and getting shoulder massages and hugs from the director. She was, I believe 14 at the time. Oh, she got the role in the movie and then essentially left acting after that experience. Michael Jackson's "This Is It"/Jemima McKenzie-Brown/Kenny Ortega/"High School Musical 3: Senior Year"

Speaking of music, apparently there is a recording of a call which everyone knew was being recorded. It was not Zoom, but similar to it. In that call, the foreign born A-/B+ list actress had some not nice things to say about her significant other and the family of the significant other. Priyanka Chopra/Nick Jonas (Priyanka Chopra admits she 'misses everyone' as she dresses up in a saree for night in with husband Nick Jonas)

I bet the former NFL player will say he thought he had an open relationship which is why he could have sex with the reality star's best friend. Kristin Cavallari/Jay Cutler (Kristin Cavallari Accuses Jay Cutler of 'Marital Misconduct' in Divorce) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 07/08/18)

This former A list singer in a similarly situated group is probably B list right now. He would love to bring back his old reality show, but told producers he doesn't want to see any women over the age of 25. Bret Michaels/"Poison"/"Rock of Love with Bret Michaels" (Bret Michaels Reveals He Wants to Reboot 'Rock of Love' With a Twist!)

Now that the bearding relationship fell apart under the weight of isolation, perhaps now this not very nice A- list actor will decide to come out. Timothée Chalamet/Lily-Rose Depp (Lily-Rose Depp and Timothee Chalamet call it quits after one year of dating)

Yesterday, I wrote about the A+ list actor and what he is doing so the general public will get on board when the time comes. Apparently this pro sports organization is not even being shy about why they are going to put four players, front and center. They flat out said it was to get acceptance from the general public when the time comes. They are only identifying one player publicly. The other three will be revealed later by the organization one by one as they keep boosting awareness. (Tom Hanks hopes the 'Hank-ccine' will help those fighting COVID-19) (NBA players who've beaten COVID-19 to donate blood for new treatment) (Bill Gates: Life won’t go back to ‘normal’ until population ‘widely vaccinated’)

This married permanent A list mostly movie actor has more than two Oscar wins/nominations. He also is the landlord of an apartment on which he collects no rent. It is the home of a mistress he has supported for over a decade. She gave birth to their first child a few weeks ago. The actor didn't even send flowers or a note or anything. He has made no effort to reach out since she gave birth. Denzel Washington; Dustin Hoffman; Robert De Niro; Michael Douglas; Kevin Costner

This A-list TV news personality you all know has been using a secret twitter account lately to rage at other journalists who have been covering him negatively. Chris Cuomo (CNN's Chris Cuomo was 'like a boiling pot' in Easter clash over breaking quarantine, cyclist says)

One of the few movies to be filming during COVID was marred by delays each morning because the lead actor, who all of you know was reluctant to say goodbye to whatever escort he had picked up the previous night. Mickey Rourke/"Warhunt" (Mickey Rourke Fantasy Horror Movie ‘Warhunt’ Wraps After Shooting During Covid-19 Crisis)

One of these days, the mogul/wannabe rapper is going to forget a certain part of the story and it will be common knowledge that he is the reason that his former best friend was killed. Sean "P. Diddy" Combs/The Notorious B.I.G. (Diddy reveals he was hidden upstate amid Biggie’s death)

It is pretty crazy that this permanent A+ list rapper is still getting away with going against everything he raps for just to become an owner of a pro franchise. Jay-Z (LaMelo, Lonzo And LiAngelo Ball to Sign With Jay-Z's Roc Nation Sports)

The lawyer for this A list mostly movie actor purposely made it look like the A list actress beat up the actor in front of the actor's children. The children didn't see it, but another really bad news cycle for the actress and her career. Johnny Depp/Amber Heard (Did Johnny Depp’s Children Witness Amber’s Violence?)

Speaking of permanent A+ list rappers, don't believe the hype about releasing audio to go with that infamous video that shocked the world a few years back. There is no audio. Solange beating up Jay-Z in elevator (We finally understand Solange and Jay-Z's elevator fight)

This A-/B+ list model has her people talking about true love and marriage for her relationship with the alliterate A-/B+ list NBA star. He is in it just for the sex during isolation. Winnie Harlow/Kyle Kuzman (He was caught: Kyle Kuzma returned to the hunt of another super model in full quarantine)

Don't Forget: People seem to have totally forgotten that this A+ list mostly movie actor who had a turn through television this past weekend dated a 16 year old when he was nearly 30. Oh, and there was the 15 year old who he was hooking up with as part of an acting role, but also kept up off screen even though he was a decade older. Brad Pitt ("SNL")/Juliette Lewis/Shalane McCall ("Dallas") (Brad Pitt plays Dr. Anthony Fauci as ‘Saturday Night Live at Home’ returns) (Juliette Lewis Recalls Her Very ‘90s Relationship With Brad Pitt) (Before he was famous! Brad Pitt shows off his all-American good looks in Eighties photoshoot with 'girlfriend' and Dallas co-star Shalane McCall)

Much like the foreign born actress who blocks even fan accounts if they utter one thing negative, this foreign born actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee and has a Hollywood family name (Martin and Charlie Sheen) blocked multiple people attending his online "con" when they dared to ask him about his personal life. Ana de Armas/Michael Sheen (Ana de Armas Blocked a Fan Account on Twitter & Now The Account Owner Is Speaking Out) ('The least you can do is get my name right!' Michael Sheen outraged as ITV voiceover confuses him for MARTIN Sheen in awkward blunder)

311. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/27 **10**
This foreign born A- list mostly movie actress is that high because of the massive franchise in which she starred the past several years. In a movie she recently finished filming, the acting of her co-star was sub-par and she is afraid it will crush her post franchise career. Daisy Ridley ("Star Wars")/"Chaos Walking"/Tom Holland (Chaos Walking: The Chaotic Events Of Tom Holland And Daisey Ridley's 'Unreleasable' Movie)

312. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/27 **11**
The Tapes: If you are an A list actor (Ryan O’Neal) of a certain age and live on the west coast, you have seen it. If you were an A list actor and are of a certain age you have probably seen it. I have previously written about the mother who sold the virginity of her actress daughter. No, there is no recording of that as far as I know, however, there are recordings of this actress at a much younger age shown in multiple staged sexual scenarios with a former A list director (Peter Bogdanovich). He was big on sexualizing young girls so they would be better women when they got older. Considering the views of his wife (Cybill Shepherd), I'm not sure how they got along. Considering the issues, the actress faced in her life because of what happened, is not something he even thought was related to his actions. He used to show these scenes at parties with other directors and actors and producers. Although, the actress (Tatum O'Neal) was arguably the most famous, he destroyed the lives of multiple actresses you know who now suffer from PTSD and have attempted suicide multiple times and battled addiction trying to cope with their past. Meanwhile, all of those actors of a certain age, always invited the director back excited to see what he brought next. Ryan O’Neal/Peter Bogdanovich/Cybill Shepherd/Tatum O'Neal (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 01/23/14) (BLIND ITEM 02/26/19)

313. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/27 **12**
The team or people associated with the alliterate former actress are trying to smooth ruffled feathers with a family member which would then allow them a chance at winning an ongoing battle. Meghan Markle/Thomas Markle

314. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/27 **13**
The Dead Director: Most of you won't know this recently deceased director (Joel M. Reed/complications from COVID-19) He's known only by a certain audience, and by a certain audience (horror) within that certain audience (torture) to boot. His biggest days were decades ago during a different time of filmmaking that is idolized by certain A list directors. He's also a rapist. A multiple time rapist. He got caught once a few years ago, but it was pushed to the side because he was forgotten at that point. Now that he's dead, wait for the tributes from the audience of his films to come in. But it wasn't the only case. I wonder if that A+ athlete/entertainer (Chris Jericho) in his corner of the athletic world (WWE) knew the director was a multiple rapist when he declared the director's best known film ("Bloodsucking Freaks") his favorite film recently? Wonder if the streaming service he did it on knew it? Wonder if the A/A- list host (Joe Bob Briggs) with a gimmick (Drive-In) going back decades knew? Wonder if the A list director (Eli Roth) in the same genre as our deceased director knows each time he praises the director. Watching the film, you can tell. The director may not be known, but now that he's dead, maybe the audience for his films should be told. Joel M. Reed/Chris Jericho/Joe Bob Briggs/Eli Roth (Controversial Horror Director Joel M. Reed Passes Away) (The Last Drive-In With Joe Bob Briggs: Wrestler Chris Jericho to Co-Host The Season Premiere)

couple of weeks ago, I told you about this back in the day naked celebrity who was having marital issues because many of her public comments were the antithesis of her husband's beliefs. Since that blind item, she has not been on social media once. Was it because of the blind item or counseling or to save her marriage.

This former A list politician knows a lot more about a very recent major conspiracy that was foisted upon the public this week. He would know, considering the area he represented and his position in the government. Harry Reid, former Senate Majority Leader, from Nevada/UFO tapes/"Area 51" a highly classified United States Air Force facility located at Groom Lake in southern Nevada (This former senator isn't surprised by the new UFO tapes)

This A list mostly movie actress is on a dating app, but is interested in couples only for threesomes.

This foreign born A+ list female singer passed out drunk in her backyard and had to be physically carried into her house last week. Twice. Adele (Adele 'sells her eight-bedroom Sussex home she shared with ex Simon Konecki at a loss of £1million')

This former pro athlete turned host (Michael Strahan) is taking advantage of the opportunity of separation from his girlfriend (Marianna Hewitt) during isolation and is cheating on her with a woman, almost every single day. Apparently his ex (Nicole Murphy) caught her with the woman but has not spilled the beans to the girlfriend yet. Whoops. Michael Strahan/Marianna Hewitt/Nicole Murphy (Michael Strahan Is Living a Luxe Life At Home) (Michael Strahan -- Back on the Dating Scene ... with a Hottie)

This former tweener turned B+ list adult singer/substance abuser repeatedly keeps trying the same tactic to get attention and also change a round of bad publicity. If this new gambit doesn't work, she is going to say she was molested on set as a youngster, but never told anyone until now. Demi Lovato/not friends with Selena Gomez/"Barney & Friends" (Demi Lovato Opens Up About Struggling with an Eating Disorder During Disney Channel Days) (Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez Don’t Have ‘Beef’ With Each Other — ‘They’re Just Not Friends’) (Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato Became Fast Friends While on "Barney & Friends")

Apparently when the former pro athlete decided to lob some cheating allegations of his own, then it became all nicey nicey for now between this celebrity couple. As this progresses, I think the other court filings will be a joy to read. Jay Cutler/Kristin Cavallari (Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler’s divorce is reportedly not about cheating rumors)

Cursory: With all that is going on, CPS just blew off doing any real digging or investigating of this former A- list tweener actress turned B+ list adult actress and what she had done to her son. They spent twenty minutes talking to her with a lawyer present and just decided it would be easier to pursue less confrontational cases. This was even though at least a dozen people reported the actress. Hilary Duff (Hilary Duff’s going to dye her son’s hair blue because his teachers can’t tell him no) (Hilary Duff's daughter Banks, one, gets locked in a dog crate by her older brother Luca as the kids find new ways to have fun during self-isolation)

Much like her husband spending years conning the city government so he didn't have to pay tens of thousands of dollars in rent, the hard to pronounce A- list model thinks it is perfectly fine for a certain comic known for stealing jokes, to not only steal them but to make money from them. Thankfully she is getting the internet trolling she deserves. Sebastian Bear-McClard/Emily Ratajkowski/"The Fat Jewish" (Emily Ratajkowski Explains Why Her Husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, Allegedly Won’t Pay Rent) (Emily Ratajkowski's home: A tour of her mindblowing LA mansion) (The Fat Jewish Reveals What Makes BFF Emily Ratajkowski’s Marriage to Sebastian So Strong) (The Fat Jew’s Instagram plagiarism scandal, explained)

324. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **10**
In these difficult times this permanent A- list actress wanted to sell some more overpriced fakery and corner the market in Kneepads. She has made a deal where they get a big chunk of change through a partnership with her and some of her items and they get to write really nice stuff about her and ignore the quack items. Oh, and it also means the former alliterate actress is going to be squeezed out if she tries to sell any similar products. Gwyneth Paltrow/"Goop"/PEOPLE magazine/Meghan Markle (PEOPLE EXCLUSIVE: Gwyneth Paltrow Feels Most Herself Without Makeup: 'I Was Always a Little Bit of a Tomboy')

325. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **11**
Breaking Free: This back in the day one shot actress (Lauryn Hill) who made her fame off that role as a singer ("Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit", playing Rita Louise Watson, an inner-city Catholic school teenager with a surly, rebellious attitude), skyrocketed to fame. She enjoyed that for about a year or two and then was told the things she would need to do to stay at the top. She decided she wanted no part of it and walked away from it to do her own thing. Since then, the government (tax evasion) has been constantly on her and they have done so because the people that wanted to control her career keep requesting investigations in hopes she will come back to the fold. She doesn't. Now, do I wish she would show up on time and not cancel shows? Yes. But, more power to her for not being a sheep. Lauryn Hill/("Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit" (tax evasion) (How did ‘Sister Act 2’ become a classic musical?) (Lauryn Hill's most controversial moments) (Lauryn Hill jailed for tax evasion)

326. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **12**
I'm sure it is a coincidence this long long time employee of the billionaire pedophile who was about to be served by a victim's attorney suddenly died. The employee known as the "Holy Grail." Alfredo Rodriguez/Jeffrey Epstein (Houseman who cleaned pedophile Jeffrey Epstein's sex toys and feared he would make him 'disappear' takes billionaire's secrets to the grave after he died just last week)

327. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/28 **13**
The Real Story: Considering what was involved, it was one of the most hushed up things in recent memory. Essentially you had one story in the news when it happened and then another at the conclusion. There was no middle and definitely no follow-up to what happened at the end. A live in employee (nanny) of a permanent A lister (Cindy Crawford) was supposed to be off work that day. She came back early though because she hadn't been feeling well. What she walked in to scared her to her core. Somehow, despite being scared at what she saw before her, and the offspring (Cindy Crawford’s 7 year old daughter Kaia Gerber) that was obviously being offered up, she managed to get a couple pictures to turn into authorities. She never got that chance. She was told by her employers the new story she would be telling if she ever had to talk to police. She never did. The employers didn't want her breaking under pressure. The employee confided in a couple of people. One of those (Edis Kayalar) wanted to go to the police but was talked out of it. He then arranged a meeting with the employer to tell them he was going to go the police. Instead, because he was a foreign national, he was deported (deportation from the U.S. to Germany for a visa offence) in under 24 hours because the employer had that kind of pull. Some other calls were made and everything was swept under the rug from 7,000 miles away. The whole thing just went poof. The frightening speed this all went away was crazy. Cindy Crawford/7 year old daughter Kaia (Cindy Crawford sent picture of her bound and gagged daughter in £60,000 blackmail bid by male model)

Because she takes no responsibility for anything and thinks she is above it all, this former minor reality star (think our former alliterate actress) turned A list celebrity based solely on who she is married to has no intentions of ever apologizing for bullying a 12 year old or calling another minor a s**t and a wh**e. Of course, if anyone dared call this celebrity any of the names she used on the minors, she would take to her social media and millions of followers and cry out for justice and this is why she is a horrible human being. Chrissy Teigen (John Legend)/Courtney Stodden (when Courtney was 16 she was called a s**t and a wh**e by Chrissy. The 12 year old bullied was a different victim)
(Courtney Stodden blasts Chrissy Teigen for 'harassing' and 'slut shaming' her as a minor with dug-up tweets)

Even the tabloid on the payroll of this family softened the words they used, probably much to the chagrin of their matriarch. They knew that with the A- list reality star was her significant other who was not the person in the headline. TMZ/Kris Jenner/Kendall Jenner/Devin Booker (Kendall Jenner Implies She's Banging NBA's Devin Booker) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 12/18/19)

Convenient: He has a long history of sexual assault and rape. It turns out that the former A+ list mogul/producer/designer ended up having a protector in the A++ list after all. It gives him cover for his liquidation of assets and move to a non extradition treaty country with the U. S. who just happens to have one of the biggest child prostitution problems in the world. Russell Simmons/Oprah Winfrey/Bali, Indonesia (Russell Simmons On HBO Sexual Assault Doc: 'A Lie Can Get So Big That The Truth Is Forced Out') (Russell Simmons Launching New Podcast "Lifestyles Of Hip Hop Yogi") (Countries Without Extradition 2020) (Oprah A++ BLIND ITEM REVALED 01/30/20)

Despite the mountain of documentary evidence including photos and letters and contemporaneous accounts, somehow the public is still gaga for the celebrity CEO. They forget all the late nights with the billionaire pedophile and his Eastern European collection. They forget the money paid to the billionaire pedophile under the guise of "consulting." They forget all that happened AFTER he was known to rape young teens. They also forget all the the parties he attended on the arm of the procurer/serial sexual assaulter AFTER it became known who she was and what she had done to so many teens. Elon Musk/Jeffrey Epstein/Ghislaine Maxwell (Elon Musk’s Shutdown Rant Mocked by Mark Cuban, Embraced by Conservatives) (Elon Musk was photographed next to Jeffrey Epstein's alleged madam Ghislaine Maxwell at an Oscars after-party in 2014) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 08/13/19)

This former A- list actor from back in the day on a hit television show that saw another person shoot to permanent A list from that same show is in a world of hurt. The former A- list actor was doing drugs with a woman he was sleeping with who was not his wife but was the wife of a friend. That woman ended up overdosing and dying in the actor's home. She died naked. In his bed. That is how her husband was informed of his wife's affair and death. Richard Grieco/Johnny Depp/"21 Jump Street" (21 Jump Street actor Richard Grieco taken into custody for public intoxication after 'yelling at airline employees and slurring speech')

With all of the newfound spotlights of the world focused on this politician, a lot of questions are being asked about his ex. Not his relationship with the ex, but how, with not a lot of talent, she somehow became a star. Let us not forget who her "mentor" was. Yes, the disgraced rapist producer. He wasn't just interested in actresses. Andrew Cuomo/Sandra Lee/Harvey Weinstein ("I’m a Chief Executive Who Has to Get Stuff Done": How Andrew Cuomo Became the Coronavirus Trump Antidote) (The Ravenous and Resourceful Sandra Lee) (Sandra Lee opens up about relationship with ex Andrew Cuomo: 'He's still my guy') (Harvey Weinstein and Sandra Lee at amfAR to Honor Harvey Weinstein at Annual New York Gala)

The idea was for this former A list mostly television actress from a long running, now defunct network comedy to take a break from acting and have kids with her husband. Well, first came a new show and now a new movie which she specifically signed on for to get her away from her husband for many months. This marriage is now my odds on favorite for corona divorce. Kaley Cuoco/"The Big Bang Theory"/Karl Cook/"The Flight Attendant"/"Man From Toronto" (Kaley Cuoco Dishes About Her New Show ‘The Flight Attendant’ and How She Copes with Watching Her Own Performance) (Kaley Cuoco set to star alongside Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson in action-comedy Man From Toronto) (Kaley Cuoco Jokes Husband Karl Is Living with Her 'Just for the Quarantine')

Apparently this former reality star was the source of the tip for a life event being talked about in gossip this week. The former reality star is always about the money, even if it is a relative. Yolanda Hadid/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"/daughter Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik expecting a child (Gigi Hadid's mother Yolanda Foster confirms daughter's pregnancy news with Zayn Malik: 'I can't wait to become a grandmother')

Pretty sure that once again we will see the former tweener star turned B+ list adult singer Bogart the latest story of the couple hit wonder from back in the day. It has been her go to thing the past couple of months. Demi Lovato/JoJo Levesque (JoJo reveals she was diagnosed with clinical depression a decade ago: 'I didn't feel any shame') (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 03/06/20)

337. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/29 **10**
The parental unit of this A list celebrity went online and checked his bank account last week to see if an online payment had processed. What he found was a mysterious $100,000 deposit from some corporation that only exists on paper. Someone planted it there for a reason. Meghan Markle’s father Thomas Markle (Meghan Markle: ‘I’m ready to take the stand’. Duchess’s lawyer says she is prepared for high-stakes courtroom showdown with Thomas)

338. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/29 **11**
This social media star got what he intended when he pulled off a "stunt." Several dozen of his underage fans returned the favor so to speak and sent him nudes of themselves. Supreme Patty (IG Star Supreme Patty Arrested, Allegedly Resisted & Had Guns on Him)

339. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/29 **12**
Don't believe the hype. Well, all of you probably wouldn't because you know this daytime talk show host is the worst. She did convince her viewers that it as her who was sending them money. Nope It was the company who sponsored it all who paid the money and bought the ad. Ellen/Venmo
(Ellen DeGeneres Surprises Fans With $250 In ‘Pay It Forward’ Campaign) (Ellen will be more phony and feature kids on show to win back fans after allegations of rude behaviour: Expert)

340. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/29 **13**
Common Bond: Meth is what brought them together. I mean here was this really rich guy who always had great meth and gave it away. Usually to get it, you had to sleep with him, but he made an exception for the former tween singer turned adult meth head. The singer had other uses. The singer could bring in a better quality of guy that the rich man could have sex with. The singer could make sure to keep offering drugs to the party goers until they would pass out. That is when the rich man liked to do his dirty work. He only truly loved having sex with someone when they were passed out. He certainly didn't mind if the singer dangle some money and drugs to get someone to his liking too. It was worth it to have him be the middleman, especially when word started getting around that partying with the rich man didn't always turn out so well. Ed Buck/Aaron Carter (Who is Ed Buck? The erratic life of the Democratic donor in whose home two dead men have been found) (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 09/25/19)

341. POPBITCH 04/30
(British blog) Which comedian has a curious lucky charm he brings with him to panel shows? A wardrobe technician took his shirt to be ironed ahead of one such recording and found a used tampon in the breast pocket.

Will someone please explain to me these "humanitarian" missions that this former teen sex slave turned slave procurer is flying and why all of them tend to be a half dozen teens from Syria and a guy. Oh, and the guy is the same person who comes back with different teens every two or three weeks. Nadia Marcinko (BLIND ITEM REVEALED 01/01/20)

This late night talk show host is isolating in his guest house. He insists on keeping his wife in the main house with no interaction at all with him. You know, just in case one of them gets the virus. Or, so he can keep video calling that college student that he was hooking up with pre virus. James Corden (‘The Late Late Show With James Corden’ Returns To CBS Next Week With New Episodes Filmed In Host’s Garage)

This A list acting couple has discovered their previous habit of not being together during their marriage so they were free to explore the crazy stuff they like to explore was the right route to go. Being at home together exposes the fact they really don't like each other all that much and also they were pretty crap parents. Will and Jada Pinkett Smith (Jada Pinkett Smith Says the Pandemic Made Her Realize She 'Does Not Know Will at All')

An offspring of this permanent A+ lister says one of the reasons he was desperate to move out was her insistence every day about asking him if he had masturbated the day before and what he had thought about it and then discussing his sexual thoughts. It creeped him the hell out. Rocco Ritchie/Madonna (Not Mommy's Boy: How Madonna And Guy Ritchie's Teen Son Went From His Mom's Side To Living With His Father In London)

You can always tell when this former reality star is a little short on rent at the end of the month. Almost all of his digs at his still reality star ex occur towards the end of the month so he can get a little cash to pay his bills. All of you know who they are even if you wish you didn't. Jon Gosselin/Kate Gosselin/"Jon & Kate Plus 8" (Jon Gosselin slams ex-wife Kate Gosselin for not working as a nurse amid coronavirus pandemic despite having license)

In their effort to sell magazines and to get a new generation interested, they have totally separated their process from any normality. They will do anything to suck up to the family who they think can influence others to buy their magazine or readers for their site. The problem is, they no longer have integrity and their rankings are so far removed from others who rightfully earned the headline or spot on their list. The former A+ list rapper is a shining example of how the forced results are an agenda rather than facts. "Forbes"/Kylie Jenner/Kanye West (Kylie Jenner Is Still The Youngest Self-Made Billionaire In The World) (Kanye West Is Now Officially A Billionaire—And He Really Wants the World to Know)

The official outlet for royal leaks who prints only what they are told to by the monarchy says that the expatriate wants to come home and get back to work for the people of his country. Is it homesickness or a major crack in the foundation? Daily Mail/Prince Harry (Prince Harry 'tells friends he misses the army' and 'cannot believe how his life has been turned upside down' after Megxit move to Los Angeles)

Reader Blind - Kindness: It would be an understatement to say that this singer/songwriter (Neil Sedaka) is one of the most successful of the last century. He is in the Guinness Book Of World Records ("The Best Selling Single of the 21st Century in the UK" for "(Is This the Way to) Amarillo"). He has also had success with other performers covering his songs (usually written with a collaborator). A well-known example of this is this married couple (Captain & Tennille) whose signature tune ("Love Will Keep Us Together") was by the singer/songwriter. The city (New York City) where this singer/songwriter is from and still lives has been hard hit by the Coronavirus. The singer/songwriter, who is elderly but still active, is a very kind and generous man and has always been very into giving to charity and started a foundation long before it became fashionable. In addition to appearing frequently to do medleys of his tunes on youtube, he has been funding the purchasing of medical supplies for hospitals in low income neighborhoods in his city. Neil Sedaka/New York City/Captain & Tennille/"Love Will Keep Us Together) (Singer Neil Sedaka, featuring his green parrot Basel in the background, performs a medley of his popular hits daily from his home in New York) (Songs written by Neil Sedaka) (Love Will Keep Us Together by Captain & Tennille) (Neil Sedaka Foundation Inc.)

The Cult: There is a cult (Church of Wells) located in a capital city in the US. It is their only location, or if it is not, it is by far their biggest location. The leader of the cult actually talked about applying for a small business loan because their business has been down. Their whole method of operation involves going to bars on a very famous street and snatching drunk college students and taking them back to the cult's "campus." Their method works surprisingly well. The name of the group sounds a lot like the source of drinking water. Anyway, with an annual festival (WellsFest) canceled and the university closed, they have not been able to get "recruits." This has cost them a lot of revenue because the new recruits bring in the most money. It is a remarkable operation and finally the federal government is investigating them, but, hey try and grab some of that free money while they can. Church of Wells (Dr. Phil Exposes 'Cult' That Some Say Is Masking Itself as Christian Church in Wells, Texas) (Exposing the Church of Wells) (WellsFest: Day of fun, food and fundraising)

351. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **10**
This permanent A++ list singer is being cheated on by her husband. I'm not sure the singer would care, so then is it cheating? Barbra Streisand/James Brolin

352. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **11**
There is now a buzz that perhaps the incident described by the permanent A list "singer" was not accidental. That it might have been done out of anger. Britney Spears/burned down her gym with candles (Britney Spears says she accidentally burnt down her gym with candles)

353. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **12**
It might sound jokey right now, but at least one of the two vaccines being worked on in the US, will have a version of this actor's name in the name of the vaccine. The company thinks it will make it standout from their competition her and abroad. It will make the public clamor for it. Tom Hanks/"Hank-ccine" (Tom Hanks jokes about the name he would give coronavirus vaccine)

354. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 04/30 **13**
Cancer Shmancer, Just Give Me The Money: Have you noticed how this cable network (Bravo) has just gone radio silent about a certain individual (Kathryn Wright). She used to be one of the people they would talk about on an almost daily basis. Each member of the network galaxy had something to say to her and led to a whole bunch of money pouring into this person. Then it stopped on a dime. Leading the charge was this former Housewife (Bethenny Frankel/"Real Housewives of New York City") who will back faster than you can say charity doesn't quench my thirst. Because she was going along with it, her sycophant (Andy Cohen) who also hosts a talk show ("Watch What Happens Live") was right there too. They led the charge for people to donate money to this woman. They also realized at some point, they had some liability when the truth was discovered so tried to walk away as quickly as possible. I mean you had the multiple reality star (Lisa Vanderpump/"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills") who also stars in the bar show ("Vanderpump Rules") vouching for her and everyone else on that cast. The cast flew the person out and made sure to plug her fund too. Helping her with this scheme is a small town radio host who never misses a chance to talk about the fund and how anyone can donate. If the network wanted, they could probably get it shut down by calling her out, but they won't because of what they did in the beginning and their potential liability for their actions. Bravo/Kathryn Wright (Andy Cohen, Bethany Frankel and Other ‘Bravolebrities’ Send Their Love to a ‘Bravo Junkie’ with Cancer) (Bravo Creates Superstar Video Montage for Bravo Junkie Fan) (The Morally Corrupt Kathryn Wright) (I'm Dying. - Death Row Delight) (Death Row Delight)

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