NOTE: Guesses in italics are only guesses;
guesses in RED are a link to the solution or substantial clues.

Apparently Bel Air was not considered "young enough" for the alliterate former actress turned A list celebrity which is why she has focused her search on Malibu. Meghan Markle (Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Might Be Moving to Malibu)

At least when Coke Mom was actually being Coke Mom, she was fun to work with and her ego was not as out of control as it is now. Her soon to be former co-star says he only spends time with when they are actually filming. Debra Messing/Sean Hayes ("Will & Grace") (Does this pic prove that Debra Messing & Megan Mullally are feuding?)

This A list singer/sometime reality star was going to delay her wedding, but with all the bad press coming her way, she is prepared to do a quickie wedding to flood the press with positive news. Katy Perry (Orlando Bloom) (Orlando Bloom Isn’t Wedding Planning With Katy Perry For An Interesting Reason) (Katy Perry Faces a Third Sexual Assault Accusation)

This married B+ list actor has been hitting on every woman he can during his brief time on a network reality show. Anthony Anderson ("To Tell the Truth") (Coming Up on the Season Finale of TO TELL THE TRUTH on ABC - Sunday, September 22, 2019)

This Southern reality star needs rehab again but is afraid it will be used against her. Kathryn Dennis ("Southern Charm") (she still needs it)
(Hell on Wheels! Cops slap "Southern Charm" star Kathryn Dennis with a ticket after 4-car crash) (‘Southern Charm’ star Kathryn Dennis and boyfriend Hunter Price reportedly split) (Southern Charm: Kathryn Dennis Fears Ex Thomas Ravenel Will Use Show Drama Against Her in Court)

This HGTV star is facing some heat because investors in one of his projects feel like they are getting scammed. Tarek El Moussa ("Flip or Flop") (Tarek and Christina's Latest Flip Is Missing Something 'Huge': Can You Guess?)

Kudos to this permanent A list mostly movie actor for taking a movie that had to delay its premiere because it needed so much work and doing some reshoots he could have blown off per his contract. He made it happen and now the movie is decent. It feels the same as countless other movies which feature the same type premise, but at least it doesn't suck any longer. Brad Pitt ("Ad Astra") (Ad Astra: New sci-fi film starring Brad Pitt is dividing critics in a big way) (Brad Pitt says Ad Astra is "the most challenging film" he’s done, amid delays and tweaked ending)

With all the time and energy this A/A- list singer has been devoting to her new completely different type project, her serial cheating husband is doing so again. Kelly Clarkson/Brandon Blackstock ("The Kelly Clarkson Show") (and a few months later, the divorce announcement)(Kelly Clarkson Opens Up About Her New Talk Show: 'I Feel Like I Can Handle Anything')

The former husband of this suicided designer is worried because he knows an upcoming book is going to make him look like an a-hole who has a story that makes no sense. Andy Spade/Kate Spade (Upcoming Kate Spade biography sets nerves on edge) (Kate Spade’s husband emerges in bizarre mouse mask)

This former tweener turned A- list adult singer ticked off the fan base of the A+ list singer, so is trying to walk that back, but is now upsetting her manager. You have to pick a side. Her attempts at appeasement are very Ed Sheeran like. Demi Lovato/Taylor Swift/Scooter Braun (Demi Lovato Praises Taylor Swift's Music: 'Life's Too Short for Women to Not Support Other Women') (Demi Lovato Defends Scooter Braun Against Taylor Swift: 'I'm Always Gonna Stay Loyal to My Team') (Ed Sheeran speaks out about Taylor Swift, Scooter Braun feud after receiving backlash online)

This permanent A list mostly movie actor is taking a break from blonde UK reality stars to hook up with this alliterate A- list reality star here in the US. Brad Pitt/Kourtney Kardashian (Brad Pitt Joins Kanye West for Sunday Service Held in Watts with Kim, Khloé, Kourtney and Kendall)

It is looking more and more like there were some extracurricular activities going on between the married A list comic actor and an employee. Kevin Hart (Kevin Hart suffers 'major injuries' in car crash)

All that money and hype and another planned launch day comes and goes with nary a word from the former MTV star. Think she is realizing no one wants to buy anything from her? I think she seriously believed she would be a Kylie. Instead, she is a Rob. Jenelle Evans ("Teen Mom 2") (makeup line) (Jenelle Evans: Makeup Launch Cancelled! Justice for Nugget Prevails!)

When this foreign born A-/B+ list actor from a hit streaming show and similarly ranked girlfriend end up from a drug overdose is apparently the time someone will say they should have done something sooner to help. Charlie Heaton/Natalia Dyer ("Stranger Things") (‘Stranger Things’ Stars Natalia Dyer & Charlie Heaton Look So In Love As They Goof Off On Shopping Trip)

There are literally thousands of pictures and dozens of hours of naked photos and video of this B+ list celebrity offspring of a permanent A+ list singer. Sofia Richie (Lionel Richie) (Sofia Richie Celebrates Labor Day Weekend In Leopard Bikini From Pal Emily Ratajkowski’s Swimwear Line)

This really rich guy who seemingly controls the world through his various companies is cheating on his girlfriend with an actress who stars in a show from one of his ventures.
Jeff Bezos (and the show gets crap ratings, but he keeps making sure it is renewed)

The two main accusers in a recent documentary are trying to get a bill passed in CA which would allow them to sue for treble damages against the accused, who is a permanent A++ lister. Wade Robson and James Safechuck/Michael Jackson (Michael Jackson Accusers Clap Back At Dave Chappelle Over Netflix Special)

This sugarbaby/reality star from Utah got a recycled gift for a recent life event. Not the first time! Lala Kent ("Vanderpump Rules")/Randall Emmett ('Vanderpump Rules' Star Lala Kent Just Posed Completely Naked For Her 29th Birthday) ('Vanderpump Rules': Did Randall Emmett Really Get Lala Kent That Range Rover?)

One thing that this foreign born former A+ list tweener turned A- list adult singer has not told anyone is that he owns a gun and has threatened to take his own life with it on multiple occasions. Justin Bieber (Justin Bieber opens up about fame and drug use on Instagram)

One of the main financial backers for a recent tribute concert for the foreign born DJ was the government who had a part in the cover up of his death. Avicii/Oman (Avicii Tribute Concert, Featuring David Guetta, Adam Lambert, Kygo, Set for Dec. 5) (04/03/19 REVEAL)

This A list singer was looking for an excuse to not do meet and greets and found it. I suppose she will immediately reduce the cost of those VIP tickets down to the normal cost of tickets. Oh, wait, she isn't. You get to pay quadruple, but don't get anything in return. Nice. Ariana Grande (Ariana Grande Cancels Future Meet-And-Greets On Sweetener European Tour)

The foreign born former A- list actress really should get the backstory straight and get the age down of the person in which she is involved in a fake relationship. Priyanka Chopra/Nick Jonas (Priyanka Chopra Got Nick Jonas's Age Wrong On Instagram And It Caused Some Drama)

This foreign born former A+ list boy bander takes medication to prevent him from becoming HIV+. Harry Styles ("One Direction") (Harry Styles Got a Haircut and No One Is Okay)

It isn't a rumor. This male K-pop singer was doing lines of coke and did have a threesome while out of the country. "BTS" Jimin (BTS Jimin in Paris)

This royal offspring of the pedophile was at a Labor Day party yesterday of a sports team owner. No one dared ask about her dad though. Princess Beatrice (Prince Andrew) /James Dolan(Princess Eugenie to delay sex trafficking podcast amid Prince Andrew accusations)

26. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/03 **#10**
The money grab is complete for the former B list celebrity/wannabe rapper. He better save that extra money though because there is a firm deadline for when the income expires. Kevin Federline (Britney Spears) (Britney Spears’s ex Kevin Federline gets increased custody of sons, files restraining order against Jamie Spears)

27. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/03 **#11**
The alliterate former actress turned A list celebrity hired a company that specializes in going after people on social media who criticize their clients using bot farms. This should be fun. Meghan Markle (Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Have Hired a 26-year-old Social Media Guru to Help Them 'Target Millennials')

28. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/03 **#12**
It looks like this Oscar winner finally offered up a big enough check to make those charges go away. Cuba Gooding Jr. (Video appears to show alleged Cuba Gooding Jr. groping incident)

29. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/03 **#13**
The Actor: There is an A list mostly television actor who has his own network show. During his time on set when he is not actually shooting, he goes on social media and randomly messages his fans. He then shoots short videos of himself on set to prove who he is and tells the fans he wants to fly them out to see them on set because he is lonely. Our married actor then convinces them to send nude videos multiple times each day. At least once, he flew a fan out and had sex with her on set, threw some money at her and told her she was not worth the airplane ticket. Michael Weatherly ("Bull")

Almost 3 years ago, many reports surfaced about this A-list YouTuber getting pictures from underage fans. Somehow he was able to continue his career and avoid being charged for child porn. Very recently, a victim has come forward alleging child sex abuse by this YouTuber, starting in her early teens. Onision (People Are Concerned That Onision Is Asking For Photos Of Underage Fans)

This foreign born permanent A list celebrity who is known in every corner of the world because he is a former athlete recently had fillers done. Looks not so great too. He should have gone to his wife's filler/botox person.
David Beckham

Even if I don't agree with a word she says and her PR people are cringing and I'm guessing she wouldn't leave her children in the hands of this disgraced director for babysitting duties, at least she didn't give some mealy answer. She decided she thinks the victim is lying and has chosen the side of the disgraced director. People should call out the A list mostly movie actress who has a franchise as often as they can. Scarlett Johansson ("Black Widow")/Woody Allen (Scarlett Johansson’s Woody Allen Defense Ignites Backlash Amid Oscar Buzz)

Her team doesn't think she needs to keep doing this decade's version of payola and she is reluctant to do much press. Plus, the team of one of her former band mates has made it their mission to say this one named A- list singer is "difficult," which leads press to go in a different direction. The result is one of the biggest drops in a week for a song that should be headed in the opposite direction.
Normani/Camila Cabello

This former MTV star knows she is sexualizing her offspring but doesn't care because she is making money off it through sponsored posts on social media. Farrah Abraham ("Teen Mom")/Sophia (Farrah Abraham SLAMMED By Fans: Stop Dragging Your Daughter to Adult Parties!) (Farrah Abraham Wears Nothing But A Tiny Bikini In Front Of Eiffel Tower With Daughter Sophia, 10)

As I told you would happen, the A+ list mostly movie actress ex of this abusing former A- list actor has been subpoenaed in a trial to talk about the overall a-holiness of the former A- lister. Reese Witherspoon/Ryan Phillippe (Elsie Hewitt )(Reese Witherspoon Listed As Witness In Ex-Husband Ryan Phillippe's Abuse Trial)

This A list celebrity has been lashing out because she is seen as the reason this new network performance show has not reached its potential. Even if the show makes it, she probably won't which would be a big blow. Chrissy Teigen/"Bring the Funny" (Execs Having 'Regrets' Over Hiring Chrissy Teigen To Host 'Bring The Funny')

The vacation of this A list everything in her mind diva was financed or at least subsidized by this mafia controlling oligarch who is a big fan. Jennifer Lopez/Mikhail Gutseriev (Jennifer Lopez reminds fans she's 'forever young' while in St. Tropez with A-Rod) (Sting and Jennifer Lopez star at lavish Moscow wedding of oligarch's son)

Apparently "listener," is now an occupation, at least if you are the foreign born self-identified producer/writer/director/actress/philanthropist/author
spouse of the foreign born A list dual threat actor who has a franchise. Sophie Hunter/Benedict Cumberbatch ("Doctor Strange") ("The Flourishing Diversity" listening session regarding indigenous land rights) (Who Is Sophie Hunter? Everything You Need To Know About Benedict Cumberbatch's Wife)

39. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/04 **#10**
The one thing this former A+ list hated reality star does not do is beard. Not a chance. She wants no part of anything like that. So, whatever dreams some PR team or tabloid writers have of her hooking up with the A-/B+ list mostly television actor from an almost network show is going to stay a dream. Paris Hilton/KJ Apa ("Riverdale") (Paris Hilton Got ‘Super Flirty’ With Riverdale’s KJ Apa at Star-Packed House Party)

40. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/04 **#11**
An in-law of the permanent A list "singer" has been in contact with the Svengali within the past 24 hours. It was the in-law who was the conduit the last time. Britney Spears/Sam Lutfi (Jamie Lynn Spears husband Jamie Watson, a businessman who owns communications service Advanced Media Partners) (Britney Spears, family granted 5-year restraining order against former manager "Lutfi admitted that he had contacted Britney Spears' mother, Lynne Spears, and the singer's brother-in-law James Watson via texts and phone calls, and sent Lynne Spears money that was subsequently returned") (Jamie Lynn Spears’ Husband Jamie Watson: Five Things to Know) (A Complete Timeline of the Ongoing Drama Surrounding Britney Spears’ Well-Being and Conservatorship)

41. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/04 **#12**
I'm not sure this is exactly how it is supposed to work. This permanent A++ list athlete pays someone to "witness" on her behalf. Apparently everyone in the family does the same thing. Serena Williams ("Jehovah's Witness") (Serena Williams Opens Up About Motherhood, Says It's 'Painful' To Be Apart From Her Daughter)

42. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/04 **#13**
The Whistleblower: Was he a whistleblower? I titled the blind that, but the thing is though, the person he was planning on meeting has been making a living selling secrets to various tech companies and governments. Maybe our victim thought he was doing good, but it was going to end up bad. Our victim's employers are very good at tracking every movement of their employees. Once you start your first day, they have you fill out what looks to be a normal direct deposit form. It isn't. It gives the computers at this tech giant a look at your bank account every month. It spots trends and also notices huge deposits that might be there from selling trade secrets. They also spy via the free devices they pass out like candy to their thousands of employees. They also listen in on everything. It is not just for keeping tabs on their employees, but also as a testing tool for their marketing. Yes, when you talk or type, it is no coincidence you see an ad for that product, sometimes within minutes. All of it is tested via employees. The company learned that some of this technology was going to be leaked/sold to an outsider. It was technology the company had previously denied using and would probably generate an uprising. So, the security people at the company needed a solution. A permanent one. They found out the employee had a thing for drugs and had dozens of nights booked in hotels each month, despite living not far from work with his wife and family. They started "actively" listening and tracking and discovered he was frequently cheating on his wife with other women. They found his type and planted a woman everywhere he went in hopes they would run into each other. They did. He was smitten. He chased her. The company watched. After two meetings, the executive was killed and the team from the company swept in and wiped everything clean before anyone could arrive. An accident. Unfortunate. Really though, a murder to protect their company and their profits.

It has been nearly two decades since this A- list singer died. Sure, there were drugs in his system, but to protect the family, the police made no mention of that fact it was an auto erotic situation gone bad. Michael Hutchence ("INXS") (Michael Hutchence death explained: the Coroner's account in his own words)

This alliterate permanent A list singer who is not even the biggest in her family has always said she hated this permanent A++ list celebrity, so I'm not sure why she would agree to work with her. That seems really odd. Janet Jackson/Oprah Winfrey
(Why Janet Jackson Hate Oprah Winfrey’s Guts!)

She doesn't have a ton of money. She has some after being on a now defunct long running cable show and she has a gig now, but, she isn't rich. She sure does take a lot of crap from her out of work boyfriend who has a lot of opinions but never seems to get off the couch. Not sure what our A-/B+ list pregnant actress sees in him. Shay Mitchell ("Pretty Little Liars")/Matte Babel (Pregnant Shay Mitchell's Boyfriend Argues That She Doesn't Need an Epidural) (All About Shay Mitchell's Boyfriend Matte Babel, Her Baby's Father and Low-Key Partner of 2+ Years)

The maybe secret husband of this foreign born former A+ list rapper is an awful human being. Now, he is openly breaking the law and daring anyone to do anything. People have called police, but he doesn't care. Watch and see if he doesn't try and kill the rapper at some point. Nicki Minaji (Kenneth Petty) (Nicki Minaj Says She Was ‘So Afraid’ in Past Abusive Relationship Ahead of Marriage to Kenneth Petty) (What to Know About Nicki Minaj's Controversial New Man, Kenneth 'Zoo' Petty)

Our favorite foreign born B+ list singer/wannabe actress has said what several have said before her. You don't want to cross the permanent A+ list rapper because you fear you will be killed. It isn't like it hasn't happened before. Rita Ora/Jay Z (Rita Ora ‘feared she would lose everything’ in legal battle with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation: ‘I was definitely scared’)

This former A+/A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee doing some press for a movie confirmed what I have been telling you for nearly a year that she got rid of that leech of a boyfriend and without actually coming out and saying it, confirmed a long held rumor about another one of her exes.
Renée Zellweger/Jim Carrey

Apparently the north of the border A list singer caught wind the fake girlfriend wanted out so had a word or two with her and told her team to get busy. The result? The most kneepaddy thing that Kneepads could come out with. I can't believe the foreign born alliterate singer agreed to what was said on her behalf. No one even talks like that. It just gets more ridiculous. Shawn Mendes/Camila Cabello ("People" magazine) (Camila Cabello Talks Shawn Mendes Relationship: We 'Fall for Each Other Like Nobody Is Watching')

This former A list mostly television actress who starred in an iconic role still watched constantly on streaming is a movie star. The thing is, she is probably only A- list in movies. Back in the day she had a topless scene cut from a movie and then sent cease and desist letters to websites who got stills of the deleted scene and posted them. Now though, she is set to do a topless scene to prove a point. Lets see if it stays in this time or if it is just part of her publicity onslaught at the moment. Jennifer Aniston (Jennifer Aniston on Posing Topless: "I'm Not Ashamed of That")

Just as I predicted would happen, this former A- list teen singer was a no show in court because he doesn't want all his dirty laundry aired in public. Aaron Carter (Lina Valentina) (Aaron Carter's Ex Slams Restraining Order After It's Dismissed)
(Cops Can't Take Aaron Carter's Guns Unless He's Declared Mentally Unfit)

52. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/05 **#10**
At a recent concert, everyone had quite the laugh watching the foreign born A- list actress try to pretend she knew any words to any of the songs by her husband. Priyanka Chopra/Nick Jonas (Danielle Jonas and Priyanka Chopra Jonas Support the Jonas Brothers at Sold-Out N.Y.C. Show)

53. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/05 **#11**
This sometime actress/sometime reality star who makes most of her income from a reality show will have to file bankruptcy if she doesn't win an ongoing court case against her ex. She has taken out lots of loans she won't be able to repay unless she wins. Even if she does win, all it will do is make her even. Denise Richards ("Real Housewives of Beverly Hills")/Charlie Sheen ('RHOBH' Star Denise Richards Accuses Charlie Sheen Of Owing & Hiding $450,000 in Child Support) (Denise Richares settles massive debt with American Express)

54. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/05 **#12**
This reality star couple who are having huge financial problems right now thought they were going to be big time real estate flippers with that partner who is on a different reality show on the same channel. They bought their current place and tried to sell it for double, 10 months after they bought it. People have been laughing at them as every three months like clockwork they lower the price. This has been going on for over two years. Now, they are desperate for the cash and will finally lower it to a price where someone will buy it at just about the original price paid. The thing is though, their percentage of ownership is now reduced to practically nothing.
Dorit and Paul Kemsley ("Real Housewives of Beverly Hills")

55. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/05 **#13**
The Boyfriends: If you have been a long time reader of the site, then you have seen me write about my history with this A list mostly movie actress. Even though she doesn't act as much any longer, I think it is fair to still call her A list. We have always had an odd relationship from that first time we met which was documented in this space. I don't remember if I assigned her initials. No matter. Over the years, she would go through long long stretches where, in order to protect her career, she would distance herself. Totally understandable. As the years have gone on though, she doesn't seem to care any longer and the stretches are pretty much non-existent. Not that long ago we had a chance to talk about some of her exes. One in particular makes me laugh thinking about it. She says that when she would have sex with this at the time A+ lister, he would talk to himself the entire time and it almost was as if he was acting as a broadcaster. Things like, "That has to feel good for her." "He looks to be enjoying it too." "This is a position I haven't seen in a long time." There were dozens just like this. Sometimes he would be in character, especially when they first started dating and she thought that would fade once the movie wrapped, but it would come out from time to time. She said each day was more bizarre than the previous and wondered if he would have kept things like that or worse, the longer they went out. Renee Zellweger/Jim Carrey ("Me, Myself & Irene") (Jim Carrey Said Then-Girlfriend Renée Zellweger's Idea of a Good Time Was Renting a U-Haul)

Graham Norton reveals extreme request one celebrity guest made for his show. Graham Norton must be used to diva requests from celebrities after hosting his chat show, The Graham Norton Show, for the last 11 years. But the Irish TV host admitted that there was one guest who shocked him with their list of requests. Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, he revealed: "We had someone once who required nine dressing rooms. But we managed it, and then in the afternoon someone from their team came running into the production office saying, 'It's a 911 situation. We need another dressing room.' "We managed it but said, 'Just out of interest, what's it for?' Completely straight-faced, 'They want to charge their phone.' "That took our breath away. How somebody's life gets to that point, where they cannot be in the same room as their phone, is beyond me. We live like animals, sharing rooms with charging phones." Thankfully for the guest in question, Graham stayed tight-lipped about who the person in question was. (hint: it’s a "she")

The odds just went up that a certain A-list YouTuber (#1) will be getting a visit from the police, due to new child sex abuse allegations. Another A-list YouTuber (#2) went after him hard, and interviewed the victim. Still another A-list YouTuber (#3) piled on - he was the one responsible for finally getting the police to arrest another A-list YouTuber (#4) first discussed on this site, for sexual abuse of an underage actress.
YouTuber #1: Onision
YouTuber #2: Blaire White

YouTuber #3: Logan or Jake Paul (Logan Paul explains why he wasn’t surprised by Ray Diaz sexual assault charges)
YouTuber #4: Ray Diaz (Actor, YouTuber Ray Diaz arrested in sexual assault of teenager, police say) (Police Are Investigating After Disturbing Videos Showed A 33-Year-Old Influencer Abusing A 16-Year-Old Girl)

As I told you would happen, this former A+ list mostly movie actor who also was a former A+ list comic has a team of people pitching him jokes each day. Back in the day, the jokes were all his. Eddie Murphy (Eddie Murphy says he's going on a stand-up tour in 2020)

There wasn't a week this rebooted reality star didn't cheat on his girlfriend. She just finally had enough of the cheating and beating and walked away. The thing is though, she will probably be back because she loves the lifestyle. Ronnie Ortiz-Magro/Jen Harley ("Jersey Shore") (Jersey Shore's Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley Have 'Broken Up' Again, Says Source)

The had a chance to be an A+ list mostly movie actor is stuck at A- list and now is branching out in all kinds of ways. He thinks he is a huge singing star, but isn't. He thinks he is a huge influencer so opened an online store. He is just hiding from who he is. It would be nice if he just came out. Jeremy Renner (Jeremy Renner Is A Singer Now) (The Rise and Fall of the Jeremy Renner App, Which Was a Real Thing)

Of course he is using the permanent A list "singer." I mean, he is getting paid to be with her, so he is going to use her to advance his own career too. One of the ones she married did the same thing too. Britney Spears/Sam Asghari/Kevin Federline (Britney Spears' Fans Slam Boyfriend Over First TV Interview, Claim He's 'Using' Her) (Kevin Federline Early life and career beginnings)

This A list singer is hooking up with a couple of guys so didn't want them to think she was only interested in one guy. Her brother didn't know that though. Ariana Grande (Frankie Grande) (Ariana Grande Is Still 'Very Much Single' Says Brother Frankie, Despite Their Double Date)

This closeted A- list mostly movie actor that no one likes once they actually meet him in person, does have at least one fan. He is six months in to a relationship with this closeted rapper who once dated an A- list actress ALL of you know. Timothée Chalamet/Kid Cudi/Amanda Bynes (Venice Film Festival: Timothee Chalamet, Lily Rose-Depp, Kid Cudi and more attend The King premiere) (Timothee Chalamet Freaks Out Over Kid Cudi Calling Him His Favorite Artist: 'Strike Me the F--- Down') (Amanda Bynes Tweets About Rumored BF,Kid Cudi: 'Turns Out I Prefer ChocolateOver Vanilla')

This A- list reality star with a lucrative side gig is bragging again about her wealth, but there is not one shred of evidence to support what a magazine labeled her. They did it to sell magazines. Kylie Jenner (Kylie Jenner Says Her Millionaire Sisters Tease Her for Having More Money Than Them)

There is a celebrity drug dealer in NYC who caters only to the elite. He has also killed off a few over the years. Apparently he was told to be prepared to bring his best coke tonight for a very VIP guest. She has a lot of partying to make up on. Meghan Markle (Meghan Markle Makes Surprise Solo Trip to N.Y.C. to Watch Pal Serena Williams in US Open Final)

66. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/06 **#10**
This momager knows the tabloids are getting tired of the fake relationship game she thrusts on them in regards to one of her offspring. Only one outlet printed the latest attempt at her fakery. Kris Jenner/Kendall Jenner/Brad Pitt (Kendall Jenner says she avoided Brad Pitt at Kanye West’s Sunday Service for this reason)

67. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/06 **#11**
Burning Man has turned into a straight up yachting thing. One party, attended by a billionaire and thrown by his friend had nothing but wealthy men and a host of professional and Instagram models who made deals for that night and for the weeks and months to come. Ray Dalio (Jeff Taylor/founded (Billionaire Ray Dalio showed up at Burning Man in a tie-dye fur coat and said it was like Woodstock but with 'less good music')

68. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/06 **#12**
The permanent A list "singer" has no idea how things are going to go from bad to worse if this latest move is approved. Britney Spears (Jamie Spears Asking to Temporarily Step Down as Britney's Conservator - to Jodi Montgomery, whom he describes as Britney's care manager over the last year)

69. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/06 **#13**
Four For Friday - "The Compound" - an Intercerebellar blind item: If you peruse the rooms-for-rent listings for the San Fernando Valley area on Craigslist, you might come across one of three properties. In each case they will promise a unique lifestyle in an environment filled with young artists, writers, musicians, and the like. The prices seem rather steep for what you get - even by California standards. If you apply, and your application is accepted, you will be interviewed by the mother of a B+ list actress with a recognizable last name, one who gained fame over a decade ago for portraying a famous historical figure and has been typecast in similar roles ever since. This actress has largely distanced herself from her mother, for reasons that will become immediately clear. To say that the mother’s elevator doesn’t go to the top floor would be an understatement. She is as crazy as she is cunning. Just for starters, she is a self-proclaimed anarchist who believes in reptilians, the flat earth, and denies the Holocaust. She has a long arrest record for disorderly conduct that includes disrupting meetings between world leaders. Of course, most of her tenants don’t know about any of this. They are generally too busy getting high and/or drunk. Not that I blame them given the living conditions. The main property, which serves as the center of operations, is a ramshackle compound off a major intersection in the San Fernando Valley surrounded by shacks and portable buildings. The place is infested with fleas, ticks, bed bugs, and roaches. Mentioning these infestations aloud will get you evicted. This property is host to a workaway program which houses its transients, many of whom are under 21, in unsafe and unhealthy conditions. Neighbors have long complained about the underage drinking and pot smoking that takes place. All these matters are a surface distraction, however, from the more serious crime that’s gone on here. You see, the mother, being the anarchist she is, for years played host to the digital equivalent of the Manson Family. This inner circle engaged in vigilantism and hacking crimes against those they disliked, many of them successful people in the film and music industries, ruining lives and personal fortunes in the process. Our anarchist has also threatened to kill a successful film producer/entrepreneur after her daughter’s relationship with him ended. Oh, and the money our anarchist is amassing from her overcharged tenants? They are at work building a semi-secret compound in a remote part of Mexico.
Saskia Kilcher/Q’orianka Kilcher/"Pocahontas" in the Academy Award-nominated motion picture "The New World" (Actress Q'orianka Kilcher Arrested At The White House)

This A+ list comedy showrunner claims to be a champion of diversity, but has "let go" of all three diversity hire writers who have walked through the door on his show. For the upcoming final season, his room is mostly white and male.
Michael Schur ("The Good Place")

The used to be wants to be gain actress sibling of the permanent A list "singer," sees an opening and started following the singer on social media again. Opportunistic much? Jamie Lynn Spears/Britney Spears (Jamie Lynn Spears SWEARS She Didn’t Unfollow Britney! But Does Her Story Make Sense??)

Another purchase of yet another place he can't afford. The former A+ list rapper loves making real estate announcements. Kanye West (Kanye West, Kim Kardashian Reportedly Buy Enormous Wyoming Ranch)

I'm not sure the former A+ list mostly movie actor should have objected to what his ex did in court. It is a big trap where the ex is going to drop a whole bunch of stuff to make the actor even less likely to get jobs. Johnny Depp/Amber Heard (Johnny Depp’s "Bullying" $50M Defamation Suit Against Amber Heard, Adds Time’s Up Attorney For New Dismissal Effort) (Amber Heard's Ex-Girlfriend Speaks Out on Domestic Violence Arrest in 2009: She Was 'Wrongfully)

His lavish lifestyle and constant requests for money from an organization have taken their toll on the bank balance of this former A+ list dual threat actor, who is now probably B+ in the work he gets, but is a permanent A lister. His projects keep getting worse in quality as he chases paychecks to get through the later years in life. John Travolta (Scientology) (John Travolta's latest movie, 'The Fanatic,' makes a mere $3,153) (What the Hell Happened to John Travolta’s Career?)

This barely there celebrity offspring of barely there celebrities took a baggie of coke from a guy she had been flirting with and when he asked for it back, she had security kick him out of a NYFW party and kept it herself.
Delilah Belle Hamlin/Harry Hamlin/Lisa Rinna ("Real Housewives of Beverly Hills") (Lisa Rinna & Look-Alike Daughters Stun At ‘Harper’s Bazaar’ Icons Party)

This life event was made public because this former A- list actress from an acting family is going to debut a new boyfriend. Zooey Deschanel (divorce from Jacob Pechenik) (and then two days later, she did just that)
(Zooey Deschanel and Jacob Pechenik Split After 4 Years of Marriage: We're 'Better Off as Friends') (Zooey Deschanel Dating 'Property Brothers' Star Jonathan Scott Week After Split From Husband)

While out of the country working, this actress offspring of an actress offspring is being cheated on by the guy she thinks is finally being faithful. Dakota Johnson (Melanie Griffith/Tippi Hedren) (Chris Martin) (Dakota Johnson Slays In Sexy Sheer BlackCorset Dress At Premiere Of ‘The Friend’) (Chris Martin cuts a casual figure as he takes some downtime out of his busy schedule and goes on golf cart ride around Malibu)

This closeted foreign born A- list mostly movie actor who does have a superhero franchise in his resume, has long dated his publicist. It is the publicist who then makes up the stories of our actor dating various women as he is doing now. Tom Hiddleston/Luke Windsor (Tom Hiddleston has been ‘dating co-star Zawe Ashton for over SIX months but is determined to keep their relationship low-key following high-profile romance with Taylor Swift') (Tom Hiddleston is thankful for Luke Windsor, his "friend, publicist and nanny")

This permanent A list mostly movie actor who finally snagged that elusive actor not all that long ago attended a party for a life event. I was reminded of a story the hostess of that party used to relay many years ago. She went out with the actor and his history was that he needed a lot of manual stimulation to be able to do anything for even a short time. Our hostess had ample experience in this type situation through her dealings with one of her ex-husbands.
Leonardo DiCaprio/Cindy Crawford/Richard Gere

This disgraced former A-/B+ list actor/singer would have more luck pitching something called If I Did It, than as it stands in its current form. No one is going to buy what he is selling. Jussie Smollett (Jussie & Jurnee Smolett Reportedly Shopping A Movie About A "Brother & Sister" Falsely Accused)

This former A- list mostly television actress is trying to blame others for what she did. That will not set well with the judge although, there is no chance she will get more than the recommended sentence. Felicity Huffman (Felicity Huffman Blames Inner Circle For Compromising 'Moral Compass' in College Admissions Scandal)

The A list everything in her mind gave "zero f**ks" about the fur protesters she recently encountered. Jennifer Lopez ('Hustlers' star Jennifer Lopez heckled for wearing fur at Toronto Film Festival premiere)

This former A list mostly television actor from a now defunct network show took a quick flight north of the border to meet up with his former co-star after an event she attended in the same city. Tony Goldwyn/Kerry Washington/("Scandal") ("Toronto International Film Festival") (Kerry Washington & Cynthia Erivo Look Chic at TIFF Party!)

Judging by how they interacted with each other when they crossed paths, which is to say they pretended to not know each other, it looks like things are back to their version of normal between the actress offspring of an actress offspring and this foreign born former co-star. Dakota Johnson/Jamie Dornan (Jamie Dornan runs into Dakota Johnson at TIFF!! What happened between them?)

Everyone else might be buying the timeline with the A-/B+ list actress who is an offspring of someone higher on the list and her boyfriend. The one person not buying it is this foreign born former A- list mostly television actress from a now defunct pay cable show who says she was cheated on. Lily Collins (Phil Collins)/Charlie McDowell (parents Mary Steenburgen, Malcolm McDowell)/Emilia Clarke ("Game of Thrones") (It Looks Like Lily Collins Is Dating Emilia Clarke's Ex)

First it was coming out of the bathroom with what looked like coke all over his pants, and now he was asked to stop talking and yelling during a movie. It has been a busy week for the A- list actor who went from hit cable show to Oscar winner. Rami Malek ("Mr. Robot"/"Bohemian Rhapsody") (Lucy Boynton and Remi Malek attend the MiuMiu photocall during the 76th Venice Film Festival)

Drugs and guys willing to pay for her sexual services is why this former celebrity turned very brief reality star feels obligated to her actor ex unlike some of his other exes. Brooke Mueller/Charlie Sheen (Brooke Mueller has voluntarily entered a treatment facility once again to seek help for substance abuse)

I'm pretty sure the whole world would like to hear the alliterate national sports announcer talking about how he liked high school girls and how he prefers women who aren't too bright so you can trick them a little bit. Cris Collinsworth ("Sunday Night Football’’) (Cris Collinsworth Likes His Ladies Very Young and Extremely Stupid)

Apparently if you run into this disgraced Oscar winning actor in the wild of the streets of Europe, then you are supposed to forget everything he has done and clamor to get your photo taken with him or throw money at him and the street band he is playing with. Kevin Spacey (Kevin Spacey Resurfaces in Seville, Sings 'La Bamba,' 'Twist and Shout' with Street Band)

This entertainment athlete turned reality star is running out of money due to excessive spending which is why she is thinking about coming back to the sport. Nikki Bella (WWE Star Nikki Bella Teases Coming Out of Retirement, Fans Send Support)

I wrote a few weeks ago about what happens when this singer goes brunette and it is happening in front of our eyes. Britney Spears (Britney Spears debuts new brunette hair)

This celebrity offspring of a permanent A++ lister doesn't want everyone to know the source of her income for the past decade because it would get people's jaws to drop. So, she is doing everything she can in court to fight it. Lisa Marie Presley (song ghostwriter for Beyoncé Knowles; Taylor Swift; Mariah Carey; Justin Timberlake; Lady Gaga) (Blind Item 08/05/18 PART 1) (Blind Item 08/06/18 PART 2)(Michael Jackson’s death in 2009 legacy will) (Lisa Marie Presley Blocks Subpoenas Over Elvis Presley Money in Heated $100M Battle With Former Manager)

It will be interesting to see what this A-/B+ list actress received from the A list national celebrity she calls her boyfriend to just go all in in support of the fake relationship. Rosario Dawson/Cory Booker (Rosario Dawson sets the record straight: She’s backing Booker for president) (Rosario Dawson Talks Dating Cory Booker: 'I Feel Like I’m Dating Captain America')

Today's news has shown is that this mother/daughter team is willing to sell out what they publicly preach, if the price is right. Gloria Allred/Lisa Bloom (Lisa Bloom offered to plant stories about Rose McGowan for Harvey Weinstein: book)

95. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/09 **#10**
I wonder how the closeted rapper feels about his closeted actor boyfriend ditching the rapper for an actress beard with a name. The actor doesn't care, because he doesn't care about anyone other than himself anyway, which is why no one likes working with him. Kid Cudi/Timothée Chalamet/Lily-Rose Depp (Johnny Depp) (Timothee Chalamet Freaks Out Over Kid Cudi Calling Him His Favorite Artist: 'Strike Me the F--- Down') (Timothée Chalamet and Lily-Rose Depp Share Steamy Kiss During Boat Ride in Italy)

96. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/09 **#11**
A string of sexually assaulted nannies began complaining about this very wealthy man who used to be married to a B+ list actress all of you know. So, the wealthy man started hiring his maids from really poor countries and threatens to send them back home if they complain about his assaults. He does not live in the US.

97. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/09 **#12**
This north of the border tennis player who once was the shiny new model everyone talked about, is now talking about retiring because the focus is no longer on her. Eugenie Bouchard (Genie Bouchard gets cozy with Hannah Jeter’s brother Connor)

98. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/09 **#13**
Royal Family Bonanza: Much of the vitriol and leaks about A (alliterate one) are coming from B's (pedophile and lover of them) camp. C (on again/off again ex of B and apparently at least once orally serviced the dead pedophile) is still livid about various grudges relating to A's pregnancy announcement and D's (offspring of B&C who spent time with the pedophile, but not as much as D's sibling) wedding. C has been slowly edging her way back into the family with the hope of remarriage once E (racist old guy who, much like Larry King will seemingly live forever) kicks the bucket. All this scandal isn't helping that cause. Keeping the focus on A's antics also keeps it off B. C contributed anon tips for the foreign television show that trashed A. The state of F's (sibling of B who never makes the news) marriage is in the trash. Apparently she's gone full cougar and is having a dalliance with a younger man. Like father like daughter. G (A's husband/frequent excuse maker for flying in private jets/privates holding after a wild party/secret parent to a child who was born in Vegas, but now apparently lives in North Carolina) and H (Bald guy who sure does look like a dear friend of his mother. I'm pretty sure everyone in the family looks like each other though after all these generations of reproducing with your second cousin) are barely speaking H's wife wants another baby just to take her mind off her cheating husband, but hasn't wanted to have sex with her husband to conceive. The boss is aware of all of the above and is happy to let A (aka Wallis A's last name is what she is being called) The boss also believes that C is responsible for B being hooked up with the pedophile in the first place, since there has been a constant and decades long scrounge for money to pay C's bills. I would blame it on the madam for the introduction who B wanted to have sex with everyday or threesomes anyway.

A: Meghan Markle
B: Prince Andrew
C: Sarah, Duchess of York (Outrage Over ’60 Minutes’ Australia Special For ‘Racist’ Meghan Markle Story)
D: Princess Eugenie (Did Meghan Markle's Pregnancy Announcement Steal Princess Eugenie's Thunder?)
E: Prince Philip
F: Anne, Princess Royal
G: Prince Harry (Prince Harry’s Rumored ‘Love Child’ Didn’t Affect Meghan Markle One Year Later)
H: Prince William (King Juan Carlos of Spain) (Kate Middleton) (Did Spain's King Don Juan Carlos have an affair with Diana? The exposure claim made in a new book) (Kate Middleton reportedly wants to have a fourth child with Prince William)
BOSS: Queen Elizabeth (Critics Say Meghan Markle's Latest Move Was So Insulting to Queen Elizabeth)
MADAM: Ghislaine Maxwell (Jeffry Epstein’s ‘madam’ Ghislaine Maxwell made ‘visits to Prince Andrew at Buckingham Palace’)

Post Production Re-Edit: It seems that this franchise is having a change of heart. Production seems to have taken the wrong side in a feud between castmates. After some recent news stories regarding a conflict that occurred during filming, production seems to have realized that their editing backed the wrong horse. They overestimated the popularity of one of the people on the show. After observing that the viewers are totally on the other side of the conflict, they are going back to try to be less biased in their editing. That said, they are still on the wrong side of the feud. They are merely trying to tone it down a bit since fans seem to be leaning heavily in the other direction. So, They are trying to "be less biased." That is a direct quote from my source. I can’t for the life of me figure out why they would be biased on the side they were in the first place. Their chosen one was a nightmare to film with all season.

100. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/10 **#1**
And there it is. No one could figure out the fake relationship between the former NBA star turned drug/hooker addict and the woman he calls his girlfriend. It was for a reality show and somehow they managed to land one which will be awful. Lamar Odom/Sabrina Parr ("Sabrina & Lamar") (Lights, Camera, Action! Lamar Odom Is Filming a Reality Show With New Girlfriend Sabrina Parr)

101. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/10 **#2**
If this barely there celebrity offspring of an A/A- lister really is pregnant, will a DNA test be able to discern between whether it is the father or son who got her pregnant. Lori Harvey (Steve Harvey’s stepdaughter)/Sean "P. Diddy" Combs (Are Diddy, 49 & Steve Harvey’s Stepdaughter, 22, Expecting a Child? New Clues)

102. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/10 **#3**
This former A- list singer/possible murder suspect says she is sober, but it sure didn't look that way the other day. Maybe prescription pills? That way she can say they are required? Courtney Love (Courtney Love, Infamous Former Addict, Will Not Sell Out to the Sackler Family, Manufacturers of the Opioid Crisis) (Courtney Love Makes Disturbing Kurt Cobain Murder Claim)

103. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/10 **#4**
A lot of revisionist history with this former A+ list mostly movie actress with an Oscar win/nomination and her dealings with the disgraced producer. Everyone in the industry knows how she got a certain role and how she got that nomination. Gwyneth Paltrow/Harvey Weinstein ("Shakespeare in Love") (Winona Ryder) (She was living in Winona's apartment after the Brad breakup, and while Winona was away filming, a script came for Winona to read (we now know that is the Oscar winning "Shakespeare in Love")....Gwynie read it, liked it, auditioned, and got the role.) (New Book Reveals How a 'Nervous' Gwyneth Paltrow Decided to Speak Out Against Harvey Weinstein)

104. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/10 **#5**
Much like a decade ago when this divorce should have happened between this former A list celebrity turned celebrity with a celebrity offspring and her husband, there was cheating on both sides. Sarah and Todd Palin (former Governor of Alaska and Republican Party nominee for Vice President of the United States in the 2008 election) (Laura Wasser Breaks Down Sarah and Todd Palin's Divorce)

105. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/10 **#6**
The first person this B+ list comic actress told about her engagement was that A list actor ex with whom she keeps in constant communication. Jenny Slate/Chris Evans (Jenny Slate Is Engaged, But Not to Captain America)

106. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/10 **#7**
This former A/A- list actor who also does voice overs for a national chain was confronted by a blogger while north of the border last night. The blogger asked about the madam/procurer/pedophile and the actor's relationship to her. The actor refused to answer and then had security keep the blogger from pursuing. Josh Lucas/Ghislaine Maxwell (Jeffrey Epstein) (2019 Toronto International Film Festival - "Ford v Ferrari" Press Conference) (Ghislaine Maxwell and Josh Lucas attend Hamish Bowles, Ghislaine Maxwell and Lillian von Stauffenberg dinner for ALLEGRA HICKS at Home of Ghislaine Maxwell)

107. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/10 **#8**
One of my favorite blind items is when someone is doing coke at a fashion show. To me, that is classic Hollywood even if it happens to be in NY. That squeaky clean lead singer of special kind of group was doing lines like a pro in a side area before taking their seat in the front row of a show. Scott Hoying ("Pentatonix") (The Blonds x Moulin Rouge! The Musical - Front Row)

108. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/10 **#9**
When all is said and done, it could be both members of this couple who are former MTV stars who go to jail. Police have opened an investigation in regards to lying to police officers and the previous charges that were being investigated. Jenelle Evans/David Eason ("Teen Mom 2") (Cops Looking Into David Eason's Dog Killing Confession, Case Could Reopen)

109. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/10 **#10**
I hope the part-time reality star doesn't think her relationship with the former A+ list tweener turned A- list adult singer is monogamous because the singer was hitting on models nonstop at a NYFW party yesterday. Kaitlynn Carter/Miley Cyrus (I guess she thought it was monogamous because when she found out about the cheating after reading this, they split) (Miley Cyrus and Kaitlynn Carter 'Broke Up,' Says Source: 'They're Still Friends')
(Miley Cyrus Takes Wet Hair to the Tom Ford Front Row)

110. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/10 **#11**
The Instagram feed for the permanent A list "singer" is just being used for distraction now to always get people talking about something else other than what is really going on behind the scenes. Britney Spears (Untangling the Latest Britney Spears Drama: Dad, Kids, Kevin Federline and the Legal Decision That Keeps on Giving) (Britney Spears shares a post about being crazy on Instagram; Fans have different views on that.)

111. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/10 **#12**
The A list everything in her mind celebrity/actress/singer is making another push at trying to force the hand of this massive organization to make her the centerpiece of their biggest event. A few months ago, she tried and didn't get the response she wanted, so is trying again. Considering the location of the event, she should offer up a partnership with her ex and the other offspring singer who had his biggest hit about the same time as the ex had his biggest hit. That is the only way it is going to happen. You need hits people know and our A lister hasn't had any in two decades. Jennifer Lopez/Marc Anthony/Enrique Iglesias (Jennifer Lopez in talks for Super Bowl Halftime Show)

112. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/10 **#13**
It's Coming: Several years ago, right here in this same space, I shared a story about this permanent A list mostly movie actor who from time to time directs. Our actor was involved in the death and the cover up of said death of a minor who had been sexually assaulted. This happened outside the country and whatever investigations there have been have been half-hearted because law enforcement doesn't want to anger their high profile neighbor. Well, times have changed since I wrote that original blind and the friends in high places the actor enjoyed nationally and locally, have fallen from power. There is also the matter of a little revenge. You see, the woman he called his girlfriend at the time is fully aware of what happened. The former girlfriend has run into some trouble with tax authorities and is doing a little trading. Information about the death has been traded. This all happened a couple of months ago which led to the police investigating a little more thoroughly. It could also explain why the actor's current significant other and the actor himself, seem to have fallen off the face of the earth the past couple of months. George Clooney/Elisabetta Canalis/Amal Alamuddin (Is Amal Clooney Expecting A Baby? George Clooney, Wife Allegedly Going Through Counseling To Save Marriage) (George Clooney’s sister-in-law faces new drink-driving charge in Singapore) (BLIND ITEM 08/12/2016) (BLIND ITEM 10/29/2018) (BLIND ITEM 11/15/2018)

113. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/11 **#1**
This tech giant just went all-in with their new streaming product. Their pricing signals that they are willing to lose billions, in order to bury the competition. The streaming giant will burn through about $3 billion of cash this year alone, and still needs big price hikes and subscriber increases, just to break even. Apple streaming service/Netflix (Apple takes on Netflix with a $5-a-month streaming service)

114. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/11 **#2**
The former A+ list rapper turned television producer is hoping to keep his name out of federal charging documents. His former protege could name drop the former rapper, which would be really bad. 50 Cent/Tekashi69 (50 Cent Slams Prodigy Tekashi69 As HeFaces Life In Prison: ‘Don’t Call Me’) (Ja Rule Unloads On 50 Cent With Snitch Disses For Disowning Tekashi 6ix9ine)

115. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/11 **#3**
Other than carefully formulated answers that sound like they came from a customer service call center, this foreign born actor had nothing to say about his A+ list singer girlfriend. Literally no original thought whatsoever as the actor hit a red carpet. Joe Alwyn/Taylor Swift (Cynthia Erivo Wows at 'Harriet' TIFF Premiere with Joe Alwyn, Leslie Odom Jr., & More!)

116. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/11 **#4**
The lead singer of this former A+ list band which is permanently A list has had some issues with substance abuse. For his latest tour, he has someone with him 24/7 to keep him from using. Robert Smith ("The Cure"); Steven Tyler ("Aerosmith")

117. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/11 **#5**
It got really ugly backstage at this NYFW event last night as the one named A list singer got into a scuffle with her cocaine loving serial cheating rapping ex. Halsey/G-Eazy (Halsey Has Run-In With Ex G-Eazy & His New Girlfriend At Savage X FentyAfter-Party)

118. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/11 **#6**
At a NYFW show this Olympic figure skater got ticked off because they were not originally scheduled to sit in the front row. Talk about a case of, don't you know who I am. Entitled much? Adam Rippon (Priyanka Chopra, Paris Hilton and Adam Rippon Belong at Oscar de la Renta)

119. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/11 **#7**
The foreign born alliterate A- list actor continues to cheat on that very serious girlfriend/possible wife. Joshua Jackson/Jodie Turner-Smith (Joshua Jackson packs on the PDA with stunning girlfriend Jodie Turner-Smith in Hollywood... after smitten couple 'obtain marriage license') (Joshua Jackson’s Girlfriend Jodie Turner-Smith Posts Intimate Video of Them in Bed Together)

120. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/11 **#8**
Two of the stars of this east coast version of the multiple city franchise won't be fired for their most recent remarks. There is no such thing as being fired for awful behavior in the show. At best, there might be a throwaway reunion question buried in part four where they can apologize. Awful behavior is encouraged and if it is too awful, it is just removed through editing. Sonja Morgan/Dorinda Medley ("Real Housewives of New York City") (Sonja Morgan and Dorinda Medley make offensive comments about trans model)

121. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/11 **#9**
This closeted sometime reality star who made his fame by leeching on to this A list reality family is going to have a tough time staying in the closet if he keeps hiring male strippers by the dozen to whatever hotel he is staying at the time. Jonathan Cheban (Kardashians) (‘Foodgod’ Influencer Jonathan Cheban Showed Off His Eccentric Style at This Season’s NYFW) (Jonathan Cheban steps out in a funky This Is Not Police shirt... after feeding Kim Kardashian onion rings on Keeping Up With The Kardashians)

122. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/11 **#10**
One of the members of that A- list family band is cheating on his significant other. Not the first time.

123. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/11 **#11**
Apparently several news outlets were promised interviews with the permanent A list "singer" in exchange for positive coverage of a family member and reprinting their reasons for leaving a situation without speculating about any other reasons. They were also supposed to ignore the part where the family member still controls the money. Britney Spears/Jamie Spears (Britney Spears' Father Jamie Steps Down as Her Conservator After Alleged Altercation with Her Son)

124. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/11 **#12**
Our favorite foreign born B+ list singer/actress wants you to believe she is footing the bill for a wildly expensive vacation, but it is a guy and his brother who are paying for all of it. Rita Ora (Rita Ora showcases her incredibly toned figure in a quirky strapless bikini during her luxury stay at €14,000 per night villa in Turkey)

125. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/11 **#13**
The Family: At this point, I think every male in this family has had sex with this former A/A- list mostly television actress all of you know. She is trapped with this family and there is no escape. They have videos of her having sex with multiple members of the family at once. They have videos of her using drugs and doing lines. Apparently she has been pregnant more than once because they don't want her on birth control, but refuse to use condoms. The actress has been passed around to at least two "clients" of a business run by a family member so they would invest more money. I really thought things were bad in the life of this actress a decade ago. They are so much worse now. Unless she is rescued, this can only end very badly. The thing is, if she is rescued, they will leak everything to the world and things would end badly then too. Hayden Panettiere/Brian Hickerson (Hayden Panettiere Spotted Holding Hands With Her Ex-Boyfriend Brian Hickerson's Brother) (Brian Hickerson: 5 Things To Know AboutHayden Panettiere’s Boyfriend)

126. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/12 **#1**
Her words were more careful than a lawyer. This A list alliterate reality star is not leaving her home state. There is not a chance. Kim Kardashian (Wyoming) (Kim Kardashian Confirms Her Family Is Considering a Move to Wyoming After Kanye West Bought a Ranch)

127. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/12 **#2**
This showrunner of a now defunct network dramedy obviously hates a certain cast member from that long running show. Hey, it happens when you get sued. Apparently the showrunner has forgotten about the cast member who nearly brought the show to an early halt because of her feud with an A-/B+ list actress all of you know. Marc Cherry/"Desperate Housewives"/Nicollette Sheridan/Teri Hatcher bullied Eva Longoria ('Desperate Housewives' trial: Nicollette Sheridan fired for 'unprofessional behavior') (Who Was the 'Desperate Housewives' Bully? Eva Longoria Reveals She Was Targeted By Co-Worker)

128. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/12 **#3**
They really want to get this right and are willing to go to extremes to show people the relationship is real. It isn't, but I look forward to the time when the north of the border singer tries to show everyone how much he is into the foreign born A- list singer and they try to have sex on Facebook Live. Shawn Mendes/Camila Cabello (Here's How 17 Celebs Reacted To The Shawn Mendes And Camila Cabello Kissing Video)

129. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/12 **#4**
It can't be a regular charity gig to get the alliterate celebrity out of the house. She likes it when only people who are upper crust like herself will be there. Plus, she managed to grab something she has always wanted and won't give that up in the divorce. Meghan Markle (Princess Diana’s butterfly-shaped earrings and gold bracelet) (fashion line was created to benefit Smart Works) (Meghan Markle Wears Princess Diana's Jewelry to the Launch of Her Fashion Line)

130. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/12 **#5**
Every chance she gets, the widow just takes the opportunity to have the worst public image possible. How easy would it be to write a check every month instead of coming across as vengeful and spiteful. I think she is ticked off about the fact the ex makes ten times more from the estate than the widow. Vicky Cornell, the Personal Representative of the Christopher Cornell Estate/Susan Silver (Chris Cornell's Ex-Wife Sues His Widow Over Child Support)

131. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/12 **#6**
This southern reality star has some information about his ex that he turned over to the district attorney. He wants her to go to jail. Thomas Ravenel/Kathryn Dennis ("Southern Charm") (Why Did Thomas Ravenel Get Zero Jail Time After Pleading Guilty to Assault? An Expert Weighs in) ('Southern Charm' Thomas Plans To Use Kathryn's Car Crash To Get Custody)
(new dirt on Thomas Ravenl "Southern Charm's Thomas Ravenel Appears to Take 'Hallucinogenic Drugs' in New Video Filed in Court")

132. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/12 **#7**
The only time this east coast Housewife cares for her husband is when there is a camera on her. The rest of the time she wants him to go away so she can spend time with her boy toy. Teresa Giudice ("Real Housewives of New Jersey") (Joe Giudice could finally be coming home)

133. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/12 **#8**
This aging A list comic/A- list actor/A- list host has two more children coming. He managed to get two barely legal teens pregnant within two weeks of each other.

134. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/12 **#9**
This foreign born A- list actress is an Oscar winner/nominee with a last name that can be tough. Anyway, not that long ago she wrote a book and name dropped some brand and keeps name dropping them about something that doesn't exist and is defamatory. So, now the actress is about to get sued for a whole lot of money.

135. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/12 **#10**
This former A- list mostly movie actress who is the offspring of someone higher on the list has not really acted much in the past several years. The reason is her significant other cheated on her whenever she was gone, so it is kind of shocking she is willing to film something now and a long way from home too. Liv Tyler (Steven Tyler)/Dave Gardner (lives in NYC) ("9-1-1: Lone Star" filmed in L.A.) (Who is Dave Gardner? Liv Tyler partner, David Beckham’s best pal and football agent) (Inside Liv Tyler's Gut-Renovated NYC Brownstone) (Liv Tyler Set As the Female Lead Of Fox’s ‘9-1-1: Lone Star’ Spinoff Series) (L.A. Stands in for the ATX in 9-1-1: Lone Star)

136. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/12 **#11**
This A- list mostly television actor from a soon to be ending hit network show has been in this space a lot over the years. If things don't break his way soon, he will end up going to jail. Terrence Howard ("Empire") (Terrence Howard says he's 'done' with acting, wants to bring 'truth to the world')

137. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/12 **#12**
This back in the day A list bubblegum pop singer turned sometime actress turned got really lucky actress in a great role is making her co-stars dislike her more than they already do. The actress has a new project coming out next week and is just really kicking that ego into a higher gear and thinking she might be too good for the show. I think she needs to remember where she was a few years ago and how no one wanted to hire her. Mandy Moore ("This Is Us") (Mandy Moore and Nick Jonas's 'Midway' Movie Just Got a Trailer...and You Have to See the 'Stache) (New Mandy Moore music is officially on the way!)

138. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/12 **#13**
He's Back: An actor friend of mine had an audition earlier this week for a role in a movie. Not a big role. Maybe twenty lines total, but it would be a big break for them because it is in what will be a huge box office smash. While he is auditioning, he noticed a guy in the back of the room who was very obviously on some type of dating app because of the way he was swiping. My actor friend didn't recognize him at first, but had noticed him simply because of the aggressive swiping. It was only as he was leaving the building that someone came to him and said that __________ had loved him. The person only used the first name. Still not knowing exactly who the person was talking about, my friend asked, "Oh, is ______________ making the decisions?" The person replied, "Yes, but no one is supposed to know. You know, because of what happened." My friend, again, not putting first name together with person he saw said something along the lines of I'm glad he liked me. The person actually replied back, "I 'm glad he liked you too. I was expecting to have to cast a dozen teenagers for him to lust after every day." My friend still didn't get it and continued to not get who it was until he got home and started Googling the first name of the disgraced director and found him only with the first name and the line about lusting after teenagers and it came up with exactly who it is. Bryan Singer ("The Atlantic" Bryan Singer article)

Desperation: She’s going on Marriage Boot Camp? Desperate for money. Flitting from one man to another. Barely seeing her children that her mother is raising. This is sadder than Sheree Whitfield. This may be public knowledge. If not it will be soon but someone just sent it to me and I am LMAO. She’s known the guy for ten minutes. All staged. Phaedra Parks ("Real Housewives of Atlanta")/Medina Islam (Phaedra Parks Returns to Reality TV, Joins "Marriage Boot Camp" With Actor Boyfriend Medina Islam)

Looks like Brad Pitt and Ellen DeGeneres have an ex in common — but they’re keeping their lips sealed on who it is. The actor, 55, made a surprise appearance on Friday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, jokingly trying to blend in as an audience member and Ellen superfan before being brought onstage for an interview. As the two started talking, DeGeneres, 61, asked if Pitt remembered where they met. "I remember a Melissa Etheridge pool party, where I think you were hitting on my girlfriend," Pitt recalled, adding that it was in the "late ’80s, early ’90s." "Was I hitting on your girlfriend, really?" DeGeneres responded, laughing. "I think so. I was flattered," Pitt replied. "I actually sense that I have dated another one of your girlfriends," DeGeneres revealed, though she didn’t disclose the identity of the special someone onstage. "We’ll talk about that later." "After the show," Pitt agreed. (Ellen Reveals She Dated Brad Pitt’s Ex-Girlfriend) (Jezebel Investigates: Which One of Brad Pitt's Exes Did Ellen DeGeneres Date?)

141. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/13 **#1**
Don't believe the hype. This actress who had an iconic role on television was not running around naked in her garage with a knife. It was another woman who was hooking up with the now ex of the actress. Lots of cheating went on in that relationship. Jennifer Aniston/Justin Theroux (Jennifer Aniston’s Knife Horror! 911 Calls Suggest Disturbing Events At Star’s LA Home)

142. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/13 **#2**
Speaking o f cheating, this foreign born one named A list singer was told by her ex that he was working on not cheating on the singer any longer and wanted to save their relationship. Not so much. I mean, the guy picks up women saying he is the significant other of the singer. Adele/Simon Konecki (Adele Files for Divorce from Estranged Husband Simon Konecki 5 Months After Announcing Split)

143. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/13 **#3**
It is not only the pedophile that this royal has to worry about. He also has that very long history which will soon be revealed with the convicted child porn king/pedophile who comes from a country where the royal always has his hand out. Prince Andrew (Jeffrey Epstein)/George Nader (aide to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed (MBZ) of Abu Dhabi) (George Nader, key MBZ aide, faces new child sex transportation charges) (A royal relationship: Prince Andrew honours Sheikh Zayed at centenary event) (UK royal opens HQ of new UAE digital trade bank)

144. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/13 **#4**
This infamous former A- list celebrity has been in this space before for her sleeping with fans for money. She has a half dozen bookings at $5K a pop for a special event. Amanda Knox ("The Truth About True Crime") (Amanda Knox & Lorena Bobbitt Team Up For True Crime Festival, Fans React)

145. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/13 **#5**
This former almost A- list mostly movie actress turned escort recently increased her rate thanks to an appearance on a television program. The thing is, no one was paying her lower rates. There just is no one left in her circle who hasn't had the opportunity to spend some time with her. Lindsay Lohan ("Masked Singer: Australia") (Lindsay Lohan Is Confused By Local Celebrities in Bonkers The Masked Singer Australia Trailer) (Lindsay Lohan Flirting With Liam Hemsworth Sends Fans Into Tailspin) (What’s going on between Lindsay Lohan and the crown prince of Saudi Arabia?)

146. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/13 **#6**
This foreign born B+ list actress who had a huge franchise and apparently has another with an upcoming movie, will make that upcoming movie her last appearance in film.

147. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/13 **#7**
This former A-/B+ list NBA player who was a pretty big name off the court with his relationships and his work in front of the camera blew through his entire NBA fortune and is now being sued by investors who say he ripped them off and kept their money to try and restore his fortune. Rick Fox (dated Tyra Banks, Sharon Stone, Kristin Davis, Eliza Dushku, AnnaLynne McCord, Khloé Kardashian and was married to Vanessa Williams) (Filmography) (Rick Fox Sued by Echo Fox Partners)

148. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/13 **#8**
This former MTV star will return any second they actually give her an offer. She is desperate to return. Now it is a decision by the producers whether the guaranteed aggravation/headache/people will quit is worth a bump in the ratings. Farrah Abraham ("Teen Mom") ('Teen Mom' Star Farrah Abraham Gets Blasted By Co-Star Catelynn Lowell, We Don't Want You Back!)

149. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/13 **#9**
Two actresses have now reported this A list mostly movie director to producers for comments he made about them and telling them he wanted to have sex with them and filming has barely started. They did nothing. I guess if you are looking for one good thing, at least they are legal. This guy shouldn't even be working anyway.

150. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/13 **#10**
I'm not sure this A- list actor who had a chance at A list and blew it turned thirsty egomaniac really wants to battle against the ex. There is a lot going on in the actor's life that he wouldn't want to become public knowledge and that book length NDA his ex had to sign wouldn't apply during a legal proceeding. Jeremy Renner (Sonni Pacheco) (Jeremy Renner Files for Sole Custody of Daughter Ava After Ex-Wife Sonni Pacheco’s Request)

151. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/13 **#11**
I always get a kick out of fans who say they are fans, but obviously aren't. The former tween singer turned adult A- list singer in a fake relationship has been spotted smoking for a decade and it is generally cigars. People act like they have never seen it before. He never hides it. In a recent documentary he is smoking them. It is why I don't believe a word from his foreign born actress wife who says she is asthmatic but marries a guy who chain smokes cigars while she chain smokes cigarettes. Please. Nick Jonas/Priyanka Chopra (Nick Jonas Criticized For Cigar Cover Story) (Nick Jonas smokes cigar in latest pic, fans remind him of Priyanka Chopra's asthma) ('Asthmatic' Priyanka Chopra enjoys a smoke on yacht)

152. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/13 **#12**
The husband of the A/A- list country singer better really think about that life event decision. Maybe he thinks he can make a bunch of money really quickly from his wife, but she will be reluctant to pay him more than what she pays everyone else. Then, when she inevitably cheats on him and starts hooking up with a new guy she met in a drunken haze, he will be out of work and not able to return to that steady government job. I bet he also thinks if he does go back to the job now, it will only accelerate him getting cheated on and dumped. Miranda Lambert/Brendan McLoughlin (Miranda Lambert’s Husband Brendan McLoughlin May Not Return To NYPD & Become Her Security)

153. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/13 **#13**
The Mystery: The other day, someone reached out and asked me about the death of an author. I hadn't thought about the author in several years. The author died under very strange circumstances. The thing is though, the cause of death was never disclosed. People were waiting for it because there were some questions about how she died and if this A list mogul/wannabe rapper was behind it. He wasn't. One of the reasons he had nothing to do with it was the author had characterized him in the book as, umm manly, which he really liked because the truth is far from that. Stories flooded the media that the author was unstable and a drug addict and had mental issues. This version of events became golden and people just moved on. They stopped asking the tough questions because they had been given the answers they thought they needed. No one was ever given any answers. One of the reasons for that was the person she was sleeping with was a married man who had a ton of money and connections everywhere and with everyone. Our author was talking about confronting the wife of her lover because the author thought that the wealthy man was treating the author poorly, which he was. Apparently this wealthy man decided to kill her. From the beginning, the police knew who did it, but were stalling until they got orders from someone higher up the food chain. This was a very powerful person. Then, the wealthy man died. When he died, everyone just decided that keeping things quiet was the way to go and so they have stayed quiet about it ever since.
Erica Kennedy/"Bling"/Sean Combs Erica Kennedy/"Bling"/Sean "P. Diddy" Combs (Erica Kennedy, a Music Writer Who Satirized the Hip-Hop World, Dies at 42)

154. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/14 **#1**
When people call this former reality star turned band member formed from the reality show turned reality star a living blowup sex toy, she finds it to be a compliment because that is the look she is going for. Aubrey O'Day ("Danity Kane") (Aubrey O’Day Is Unrecognizable With PlumpLips & Heavy Makeup In Shocking New Pic)

155. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/14 **#2**
The A+ list singer crossed paths with her arch nemesis at a life event. They did not speak. I'm not sure if the singer was told by the A list foreign singer that the nemesis would be there. Taylor Swift/Scooter Braun/Ed Sheeran (Were Taylor Swift and Scooter Braun at Ed Sheeran’s wedding?)

156. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/14 **#3**
Because of the whole timeline and the delay on announcing everything, it sure does look like this A- list actress from an acting family was cheating on her husband with the reality star. Zooey Deschanel/Jacob Pechenik/Jonathan Scott ("Property Brothers") (Zooey Deschanel Dating 'Property Brothers' Star Jonathan Scott Week After Split From Husband)

157. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/14 **#4**
Apparently there have been a couple of big fights between the foreign born permanent A list model and her permanent A list athlete husband about the athlete's house guest to the point where the model is staying somewhere else. Gisele Bündchen/Tom Brady/Antonio Brown  (and now they are doing it again this year!)
(Tom Brady Reportedly Told Antonio Brown That He Could Stay with Him Ahead of Rape Accusation)

158. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/14 **#5**
Apparently they kissed and made up because the last benefactor stopped paying for the legal fees of the A- list actress and now the celebrity CEO is footing the bill again. Amber Heard/Elon Musk (Amber Heard claims Johnny Depp is refusing to 'provide evidence of his abuse of drugs and alcohol' as she fights his $50 million defamation lawsuit against her)

159. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/14 **#6**
Can't object if they shuttle you off 2,000 miles away from where everything is happening. Out of sight out of mind for the permanent A list "singer." Britney Spears (in Hawaii) (Britney Spears Enjoys Bikini Beach Day in Hawaii Amid Family Crisis: 'It's Been Difficult for Her')

160. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/14 **#7**
This A list former tweener actress turned non actress from an acting family who is still richer than all of us is being cheated on by her boyfriend. Ashley Olsen/Louis Eisner (All About Ashley Olsen's Boyfriend Louis Eisner, the Artist She's Been Low-Key Dating for Years) (DISCOVERY: LOUIS EISNER)

161. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/14 **#8**
The alliterate celebrity offspring of permanent A listers really needs to learn how to treat women better. I haven't heard any of his exes have anything positive to say about him. Brooklyn Beckham (Victoria and David Beckham) DATED: Emma Montagu (British Actress), Tallia Storm (British Singer), Chloë Grace Moretz (American Actress), Sonia Ben Ammar (french model), Sofia Richie (American Model), Afton McKeith-Magaziner (American Actress), Madison Beer (American Singer), Rita Ora (Kosovar Singer), Lexi Wood (Canadian Model), Lexy Panterra (American Dancer), Hana Cross (British Model)

162. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/15 **#1**
Usually the sugarbaby reality star from Utah is so quick to fire back with some type of comment but the cocaine thing has her quiet as a mouse. Are we really surprised she loves her coke? Lala Kent ("Vanderpump Rules")/Randall Emmett (50 Cent) (50 Cent Accuses 'Vanderpump Rules' Star Lala Kent of Drug Use)

163. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/15 **#2**
All of these rumors that this former tweener turned multiple rehab going A- list adult singer is dating a reality star are really causing some issues with the woman who has been sleeping with our singer for about a year. She wants to be recognized and not hidden away. Demi Lovato/Mike Johnson ("The Bachelorette")/Kehlani (New Boy Toy! Demi Lovato 'Couldn't Stop Laughing' During Date With 'Bachelorette' Star Mike Johnson) (Demi Lovato says her lesbian kiss with Kehlani was ‘perfect’)

164. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/15 **#3**
Speaking of little secrets, do you think the A- list actress from an acting family knows that the guy she hooked up with while married prefers men to women? It is why his last significant other finally bailed on him. Zooey Deschanel/Jonathan Scott ("Property Brothers")/Jacinta Kuznetsov (Zooey Deschanel Dating 'Property Brothers' Star Jonathan Scott Week After Split From Husband) ('Property Brothers' Star Jonathan Scott Gets Candid About Painful Breakup From Ex Jacinta Kuznetsov)

165. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/15 **#4**
It is about time that someone finally is speaking out about this permanent A list model/wannabe actress and her horrible excuse for a television show and the torture she puts everyone through who comes on the show. I'm sure she will plead ignorance but she knows and doesn't care. Tyra Banks ("America's Next Top Model") (The Girl Who Pushed Tyra Banks (And The Internet) Over The Edge); Chrissy Teigen ("Lip Sync Battle") (Tomi Lahren slams Chrissy Teigen over Trump feud: 'She's always been filthy-mouthed')

166. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/15 **#5**
It was supposed to be nearly impossible to fix an award with this organization, but there was a lot of buzz last night that the main sponsor of the show spread around a lot of money to make sure a documentary won. "Leaving Neverland" (‘Leaving Neverland,’ ‘Springsteen on Broadway’ Win Creative Arts Emmys) (Who is behind the "Leaving Neverland: Michael Jackson and Me" movie? Why did they choose this time to show it? MJ is dead and he is totally innocent. Do you think there are mysterious goals behind spreading this video and at this time?)

167. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/15 **#6**
It looks like this Oscar winning actor is getting closer to confirming what I have been saying for a decade. He still hooks up with that permanent A list mostly movie actress ex of his and has done so despite who they might have been involved with over the years. Isn't that right sport? Billy Bob Thornton (Connie Angland)/Angelina Jolie (Brad Pitt) (Billy Bob Thornton Says He and Angelina Jolie Still ‘Keep Up With Each Other’ Nearly 20 Years After Split: ‘We’re Good Friends’)

168. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/15 **#7**
The A list mogul/wannabe rapper isn't comfortable exposing his fetishes to the offspring girlfriend so saves those for his long time side piece who knows how to fulfill them all. Sean "P. Diddy" Combs/Lori Harvey (Steve Harvey’s step-daughter) (Sean "Diddy" Combs and Lori Harvey Take Their PDA-Filled Romance to Mexico)

169. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/15 **#8**
That A list NFL wide receiver is still trying to convince people he is straight. Odell Beckham Jr. (Odell Beckham Jr. Still Reportedly Dating GF Lauren Wood)

170. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/16 **#1**
Being threatened through swattings or is this chef scared because of what he knows and what he saw all of those years working for the pedophile and is bringing them on himself. Why is the network late night host so chummy with him? Adam Perry Lang/Jeffrey Epstein/Jimmy Kimmel (Chef Adam Perry Lang, Epstein’s private chef, claims he didn’t know of ‘depraved behavior’)

171. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/16 **#2**
It is not just lean use now with the prolific A- list rapper/baby maker. The drugs are getting worse and it wouldn't shock me if he is dead by the end of the year. Lil Wayne (Lil Wayne Bails on Blink-182 Show Over Alleged Weed Incident at Hotel)

172. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/16 **#3**
This A- list actress who is the offspring of people similarly placed on the list is mostly television now and seemingly does a lot for this pay cable channel. Anyway, she came as close as anyone to outing this A+ list actor. Laura Dern (Bruce Dern, Diane Ladd)/Bradley Cooper (Er, Laura Dern Just Shut Down Those Super-Awkward Bradley Cooper Dating Rumors)

173. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/16 **#4**
It was the intention from the outset for the permanent A+ list model to make way for her offspring to give her a whole new level of publicity. Christie Brinkley/daughter Sailor/"Dancing with the Stars" (Christie Brinkley’s daughter Sailor was ‘terrified’ of joining ‘Dancing with the Stars’)

174. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/16 **#5**
The former A list rapper turned actor/producer/social media troublemaker/truth teller has told friends he has pics to back up his most recent claims which may be why the subjects are staying quiet at this point about the revelations. Lala Kent ("Vanderpump Rules")/Randall Emmett/50 Cent (50 Cent Accuses 'Vanderpump Rules' Star Lala Kent of Drug Use)

175. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/16 **#6**
This alliterate actress from a very hit network television show was supposed to help represent the show at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards but bailed because she only wants to be associated with the main night next week. Mandy Moore ("This is Us") (Emmy episode analysis: Mandy Moore (‘This is Us’) is still heartbroken over her husband’s death in ‘The Graduates’)

176. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/16 **#7**
This foreign born A- list mostly movie actor who came out early in his career and then tried to pretend he never said those things before finally coming out permanently a couple of years ago was hooking up with a guy at a charity bash this past weekend. I really thought he had a significant other, so this could be interesting. Luke Evans ("Fashion for Relief") (Victor Turpin) (Naomi Campbell Corrals Skepta, Luke Evans and Eve for Fashion for Relief) (Luke Evans dating: The ADORABLE Instagram post that confirms SECRET relationship)

177. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/16 **#8**
About That Near TV Show - A Dancing Boy Blind: Not from me, but... We've known what the hit show's creators like to film young teens doing for two years now, not least because the one cast member expressed her discomfort with it. They weren't bold enough to include it in the script back then. Not so much today. You've seen the one episode, just like many of us. What you may not know is that it was going to go on all season long, but the one adult actor, much like his character, let his objections be known. Most of it was written out. While we're on the subject, guess which cast member refuses to spend down time with her fellow young actors? It seems she's a very important actress, and the rest are just "kids." (Think: Netflix.)

Show: "Stranger Things"
Creators: The Duffer Brothers (Ross and Matt)
Cast member: Sadie Sink ("Max Mayfield) ('The whole day I was stressed out': Stranger Things creators come under fire by fans for 'forcing' Sadie Sink, 15, into an unscripted kiss)
Adult actor: David Harbour ("Jim Hopper")
Young actress: Millie Bobby Brown ("Eleven")

178. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/16 **#9**
This back in the day supposed next big star had a peak of about A- and that was a pretty brief peak. Had a role in a franchise. Had a nice run on a television show. Cheated on his actress wife so dumped her for a younger version who dumped him when she realized anyone was better. Apparently our actor decided to go all method for his latest role and convinced some actress extras they should have sex to really feel their roles. Peter Facinelli ("Twilight" series) ("Nurse Jackie")/Jaimie Alexander/"The NXIVM Cult: A Mother's Nightmare" (Jennie Garth Describes the Day Peter Facinelli Ended Their Marriage) (The Twilight of their romance! Jaimie Alexander splits from fiance Peter Facinelli due to 'conflicting commitments') (Lifetime's NXIVM Sex Cult Movie Casts Roles of Keith Raniere and Allison Mack)

179. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/16 **#10**
This former A-/B+ list actress from a now defunct long running network dramedy has had some volatile relationships and feuds. Last night she was doing lines which is just going to ruin the effects of the botox. Nicollette Sheridan ("Desperate Housewives") (Is Nicollette Sheridan engaged? Desperate Housewives star flashes ring on wedding finger with beau Jake Marcus... day after former co-star Felicity Huffman is sentenced)

180. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/16 **#11**
This back in the day A- list actress who had a movie franchise is probably B- list now. For over a year she has been trying to tell her story of being assaulted and harassed by an actor and director, but apparently they have video of her in some very compromising situations which would probably destroy her career so she stays quiet.

181. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/16 **#12**
What do you do when the relationship with the A+ list actor/recovering alcoholic/serial cheater doesn't work out? Well, if you are this writer, you find an A/A- list actor/recovering alcoholic/cheater to be your new boyfriend. I'm sure it will work out just fine. Ben Affeck/Lindsay Shookus/Jon Hamm (Sorry, Ben! Ex Lindsay Shookus Spotted On Theater Date With Actor Jon Hamm)

182. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/16 **#13**
Project Hedonia - A House On St. Charles Blind Item: It all makes sense if you think about it. What was the House On St. Charles known for? As I have recounted here several times, it was designed as the ultimate honey trap house of all time. Maybe Epstein and Maxwell would say otherwise, but St. Charles has always got the mos return for its buck. If you will also recall, the owners of the house specifically targeted big name celebrities as part of their push. They wanted control over actors and producers and directors. Why though? They can pay of course and are worried about being caught as much as anyone else, but why them? Why the focus. Remember this is the city where the university covered up their experiments more so than anywhere else. They had the doctor everyone feared the most. They had the doctor who knew more about altering brains, than any other doctor in time. While his experiments and work is now being praised for bringing scientific breakthroughs in cures for certain diseases, one part of his research has not been discussed. It was his research, the hidden research that has caused the government to get into bed so deeply with Hollywood. It is not just about propaganda. It is what he hypothesized during his experiments. What would happen, if you didn't need the actual electrodes hooked to the brain. What if you could do it via some other method. What visual effect closest resembles/mimics what he was doing with electrodes. Was there something? Yes, there was. The thing of it is, everyone who submits to it, does so voluntarily. Back in the very early 80's when things were tough, they had to keep a low profile because of all the hearings and aftermath of the Congressional investigations. It was disguised as a grant paid to the university and it involved using 3-D in movies. This was crude. They were guessing and was not sure what was going to work. They needed a huge 3-D movie they knew would get tens of thousands of people into theatres to see what would work and what wouldn't. It also had to be a film that got people to react several different times during the movie and cause some stress. So many things to test. The government gave a whole bunch of money to get a movie made that really had no reason to be made and then, made it in 3-D. It was exactly what researchers needed, and they set up five theatres in different parts of the country with cameras and measuring devices to see the results of their tests. They also wanted to test it with a completely different kind of film. One which made zero sense to put in 3-D. It was ridiculous and also a really bad movie. To make things interesting, they picked a movie about spies and Russians. They wanted to test reactions in a completely different way. Those were the first two. Since then, they have refined and refined and found which actors work best delivering messages or lines. Funny thing how the actors that perform the best are the ones who were blackmailed. Two A+ list mostly movie actors are at the top of the list. Think the long long long awaited sequels in two separate franchises starring the same A+ list actor and in two very differing formats was a coincidence? It is the same type setup they used over three decades ago. Two total opposites.

Hunting for Hedonia | New Orleans Film Society (Hunting For Hedonia)
Univerity: Tulane (Tulane Medical School’s controversial history of gay conversion therapy) (U.S. Government-Sponsored Mind Control and Tulane)
Doctor: Robert Galbraith Heath (The man who fried gay people’s brains)
Huge 3-D movie: "Jaws 3-D" (Is 'Jaws 3-D' Really One of the Worst Movies Ever Made?)
Ridiculous and also a really bad movie: "The Man Who Wasn't There" (1983 film)
A+ list actor: Keanu Reeves  ("The Matrix"/"Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure") (‘Matrix 4’ Officially a Go With Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss and Lana Wachowski) (Everything We Know About 'Bill And Ted 3' So Far)

183. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/17 **#1**
I have been telling you for months about the coke and stripper parties and how this A- list reality star with a job that is followed needed to cut back. Apparently it caught up to him. Duane `Dog the Bounty Hunter' Chapman (Duane ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ Chapman Is ‘Back at Home’ After Hospitalization, Rep Says)

184. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/17 **#2**
The sugarbaby/bar reality star has decided to call the bluff of the former A list rapper turned actor/producer. The thing is though, she already lost because she won't sue. She is hoping a statement is enough. Lala Kent ("Vanderpump Rules")/50 Cent (Vanderpump Rules Star Lala Kent Claps Back After 50 Cent Accuses Her of Using Cocaine) (50 Cent Accuses Vanderpump Rules’ Lala Kent and Randall Emmett of Threatening to Sue Him, Shares Details of Their Settlement and Continues Instagram Posts)

185. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/17 **#3**
With drugs hard to come by in new cities and no one really buying tickets to see his shows, it isn't all that surprising that the former A- list tweener singer from a singing family is pulling the plug on his tour. Aaron Carter (Aaron Carter Appears Thin & Sickly After Cancelling Tour Dates)

186. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/17 **#4**
This former daytime staple all of you know is going to be rebooted with most of the original cast. Not being asked is the alliterate actor/porn star who screwed them all over in print.
Reboot: "Saved by the Bell" (NBC’s Peacock is reviving ‘Saved by the Bell,’ and we have questions)
Returning cast: Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Zack Morris)/Mario Lopez (A.C. Slater)/Elizabeth Berkley (Jessie Spano)
Alliterate actor/porn star: Dustin Diamond (Dustin Diamond Apologizes to His 'Saved By the Bell' Co-Stars for Tell-All Book)

187. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/17 **#5**
Don't believe the hype. This permanent A list "singer" is not using coke or other hard drugs. After the last rehab stay, they have no chance of getting near her. Britney Spears (Britney ‘furious’ and ‘barely speaking to dad’ amid rehab stint, abuse allegations and custody battle) (Britney Spears Shares Cryptic Instagram Post About Breaking A Chocolate Bar) (Britney Spears' New Conservator Asks The Court To Pay Her ASAP)

188. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/17 **#6**
This A list dual threat actress who has a sequel coming to that monster box office hit is taking a break from her actor husband. Kristen Bell ("Frozen II")/Dax Shepard (Kristen Bell Reveals Her Kids Already ''Know Everything'' About Frozen 2)

189. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/17 **#7**
This former A+/A list singer turned reality star turned B+ list singer is cheating on her long time significant other. Christina Aguilera ("The Voice")/Matthew Rutler (Christina Aguilera's children weren't 'planned')

190. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/17 **#8**
Not only is the late night network host supporting the former chef to the pedophile, but also is a big investor in the chef's restaurant. Another partner is this former show host of a long running show who also acts. Jimmy Kimmel/Adam Perry Lang/Joel McHale (Chef Adam Perry Lang, Epstein’s private chef, claims he didn’t know of ‘depraved behavior’)

191. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/17 **#9**
The CAA-banned Hollywood outcast who recently had a joke stolen by a permanent A list comedian on Netflix sold out his entire fall comedy tour. Owen Benjamin/Dave Chappelle (Who Told it Better? Owen Benjamin or Dave Chappelle) (Owen Benjamin Falsehoods and controversial opinions/Antisemitism)

192. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/17 **#10**
It was a lot of spinning, but for being a former reality star/shamed "singer," in a family of reality stars and singers, she did a good job. It was good enough where the weekly tabloids had no problems parroting it right out to readers. The thing is though, she would have kept right on filming if it wasn't canceled. She would have kept right on putting the kids on television. She is desperate to recapture that fame that was at its peak well over a decade ago. I'm pretty sure the husband said some things behind the scenes to try and get the series pulled. It was interfering with his alone time away from the wife. Ashlee Simpson/Evan Ross ("Ashlee + Evan") (Ashlee Simpson's Show Canceled Amid Evan Ross Marriage Troubles)

193. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/17 **#11**
Speaking of spin. Never forget that the foreign born A- list triple threat with a franchise who is currently doing that triple part of the repertoire is closeted and his boyfriend is a publicist. So, when you hear crazy stories, just have that thought in the back of your head. Not Benedict Cumberbatch. Tom Hiddleston/Luke Windsor (Film/Television/Theatre) (Tom Hiddleston is thankful for Luke Windsor, his "friend, publicist and nanny) (Did a woman orgasm during Tom Hiddleston’s Broadway show?)

194. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/17 **#12**
I can't believe this former A+ list mostly movie actor who is not above making ridiculous cologne ads for huge check, has not settled the lawsuit filed against him. Maybe he was waiting on these motions, but if it goes to trial, everything he says in that trial will be used in the bigger trial down the road. Do you really want to talk under oath about violence you committed when that other trial is looming? Johnny Depp (Watch: Johnny Depp’s Native American Dior ‘Sauvage’ Ad Sparks Outrage) (Amber Heard Seeks Info on Johnny Depp’s Arrests and Substance Abuse) (Murder Mystery: Was Johnny Depp Involved In Disappearance Of His Business Partner?)

195. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/17 **#13**
Good Gone Bad: I have always had a favorite in this family of reality stars. I guess I will need to find a new one now. Well, honestly, probably not. Not really a family you want to get too involved with. Over the years I have highlighted some of their more memorable scams and sins, but they are taking it to a new level in their latest scam. Of course nothing I mention here will ever outweigh the covering up of all the horrible things done to some of the kids, but this is just about the scams, and my favorite is involved. Somehow the favorite managed to include the person who was supposedly exiled/banned/shunned moving away but never really did and is with the favorite 24/7 as if they were together or something. Anyway, although they are involved and complicit and helping in the scam by soliciting money. Oh yes, money. They don't want anything useful or any supplies, they only want cash or cards they can convert to
cash. If you do give them supplies or anything useful, they sell it on the black market rather than distributing it. The ringleader is one of the members of the reality family, but he brought along members from a similar family. They are all pretending to be law enforcement and carrying badges in a country that has been devastated. They are commandeering relief packages from overseas saying they had been given contracts to control every bit of cargo. (Narrators's voice) They haven't. They are stealing fuel and then billing NGO's for the fuel. It is a scam on a massive level and pales in comparison to the one two other members of the family pulled while out of the country.
Family: The Duggars (Duggars Behaving Badly in the Bahamas)
Event: Hurricane Dorian (The Duggars: Done With Hurricane Relief Efforts ALREADY?!)
Organization: Medical Evacuation Disaster Intervention Corp, or "Medic Corps" (It looks like they're down there with an organization called Medic Corps, and it might be a charity the family started themselves.)
Favorite: Jana Duggar (Blind Item Reveal) (Others were upset Jana wasn't getting the recognition she deserved)
Exiled/banned/shunned member: Josh Duggar (Josh Duggar Chilling Molestation Confession In New Police Report)
Ringleader: John David Duggar (The Duggars relief efforts)

Similar family: Nathan and Lawson Bates ("Bringing Up Bates")
Family scandal: Jill Duggar Dillard and Derick Dillard (Jill and Derick's missionary organization and death of fellow missionary) (Duggar Murder Scandal! Jill & Derick’s friend kidnapped & killed in El Savador) (Jill Duggar's 'Dillard Family Ministries' Accused of Being a Fake Charity) (Jill Duggar Accused of Faking Grief Over Friend's Murder)

PRETTY DICK: I was going to do a blind item reveal today. I rarely do blind item reveals. I can’t find the blind I wanted to reveal. Maybe I didn’t post it? Maybe I already told you? I don’t know. I’m barely treading water over here. So here it goes. This real househusband is going to get a really bad edit on the next season’s filming. Production sources have told Tamara Tattles exclusively that he is real dick. It’s not that he is getting a bad edit, Tamara Tattles sources disclosed that there was no way to make him seem like a decent person. He’s pretty on the outside but…. you know the rest. He’s difficult to work with. He not very kind to his wife. Production did not care for him. They don’t really care for the wife either and even they felt sorry for her. Marc Daly/Kenya Moore ("Real Housewives of Atlanta") (‘RHOA’ Diss! Kenya Moore’s hubby brings baby daughter on Tamron Hall Show without Bravo camera rolling)

197. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/18 **#1**
Another one gone. Each person who has accused the disgraced actor or provided information, seemingly finds themselves dead. Kevin Spacey (Massage therapist who accused Kevin Spacey of sexual assault dies) (Kevin Spacey Accuser Linda Culkin Dead After Being Struck By Car)

198. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/18 **#2**
The same person he got a TRO against is the same person the former tweener singer called last night threatening to kill himself. Nick Carter/Aaron Carter (Backstreet Boy Nick Carter says he filed restraining order against brother Aaron Carter) (Nick Carter Says Aaron Told Sister He Thinks of 'Killing Babies')

199. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/18 **#3**
The best friend of the permanent A++ list celebrity was of course on board to be the conduit for the disgraced producer's story to get out. I mean, the A++ lister and the producer go way back. Gayle King/Oprah Winfrey/Harvey Weinstein (interview with Harvey Weinstein's attorney, Donna Rotunno) (Harvey Weinstein's lawyer on what bothers her about #MeToo and the "difference between sins and crimes") (Did Oprah pal around with Harvey Weinstein? 5 potential problematic issues)

200. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/18 **#4**
The multiple Oscar winner turned Emmy winner/nominee threw some shade at the showrunner for the show which got her win/nomination. She knows he is screwing over the cast he used for years to line his own wallet.
Jessica Lange/Ryan Murphy ("American Horror Story") (Jessica Lange Says She Doesn't Plan on Returning to American Horror Story: 'I Got the Best of It')

201. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/18 **#5**
Because of events yesterday, the check which will need to be written will be much smaller, but there will still need to be one issued so a legal document can be dropped and the cash flow running without any chance of it stopping. It is all up to the C+ list celebrity all of you know. Kevin Federline (allegations of child abuse against Britney Spears’ father and a three year restraining order was issued against Jamie Spears regarding Britney’s sons Sean Preston and Jayden James) (Britney Spears' father won't face child abuse charges over alleged incident with grandson) (Court Showdown! Britney’s Parents Jamie & Lynne Face Off In Conservatorship Hearing)

202. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/18 **#6**
As soon as the A- list actress from the acting family discovers her latest celebrity boyfriend prefers men to women, she won't stick around like his ex did for years on end. Zooey Deschanel/Jonathan Scott ("Property Brothers")/Jacinta Kuznetsov (Jonathan Scott Thinks Zooey Deschanel is a 'Great Human,' Will Probably 'Keep' Her) (Property Brothers' Jonathan Scott Splits from Longtime Girlfriend Jacinta Kuznetsov) (Who Is Jonathan Scott’s Ex-Wife? New Details About Kelsy Ully And His First Marriage)

203. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/18 **#7**
This A list dual threat actress with a huge sequel coming to a movie and stars on a hit television show was ticked off that producers of a third threat production would even think they could land her for what is essentially this decade's version of a role for a celebrity like there was one for Grease two decades ago or Chicago last decade. It is a stunt casting role. Then, they used her rejection for more publicity. Kristen Bell ("Frozen II") ("The Good Place")/Broadway play "Waitress" (Kristen Bell Turned Down the Lead Role in Broadway's 'Waitress')

204. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/18 **#8**
Don't believe the hype. This East Coast Housewife drinks booze all of the time. Luann de Lesseps ("Real Housewives of New York City") (Luann De Lesseps Says She’s Still Sober After Probation, But Reveals: ‘I Might Change My Mind')

205. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/18 **#9**
Apparently the A- list reality star with the lucrative side gig found out her significant other cheated again. Kylie Jenner/Travis Scott (Kylie Jenner Sparks Split Rumors After Travis Scott Pic Goes Missing & Fans Are‘Shook’)

206. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/18 **#10**
I'm not sure how this back in the day entertainment host could be shocked at her husband filing for divorce considering the cheating that went on. Shawn Southwick/Larry King (Larry King's estranged wife, Shawn, says she was 'blindsided' by divorce) (Everything to Know About Larry King's Estranged Wife Shawn Southwick King)

207. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/18 **#11**
The foreign born permanent A list singer is not ready to date because she already is. She just doesn't want it public. Celine Dion (Celine Dion ‘not ready to date’ again more than three years after husband’s death)

208.  ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/18 **#12**
Given their pretty open dialogue about their sex life, I'm not sure why people were all that surprised to see this A- list mostly movie actor and his wife at a swingers club here in LA. Armie Hammer & Elizabeth Chambers

209. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/18 **#13**
The Payoff: Several years ago, the billionaire pedophile was in trouble. Lawsuits were being filed and there was a chance that another arrest would arise from the lawsuits. There was a person out there who was going to be a big witness for the victims. He had been having second thoughts about the things he had done with the pedophile and was willing to talk. He had been introduced to the pedophile through the connection with the royal. While not exactly a royal himself he was very tight with the brother of the royal - a brother who also spent time with the pedophile but has so far managed to keep all that fairly quiet. The brother is married to someone who is related to our witness. Everyone knew the witness liked women much younger than himself, but a decade prior had liked them to the point of being underage. So, how do you solve that problem? Well, two days before he was scheduled to give a deposition in the matter, the witness was killed and the culprit got a huge payoff and was never even considered a suspect because they were so good at acting. Jeffrey Epstein/Mark Shand (sister is Camilla)/Prince Charles
Billionaire pedophile: Jeffrey Epstein
Witness: Mark Shand (Remembering the Bright, Wild, All-Too-Brief Life of British Aristocrat Mark Shand) (The Duchess of Cornwall's brother Mark Shand died 'because of an unusually thin skull')
Connection: Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall’s brother
Brother of the royal: Charles, Prince of Wales

210. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/19 **#1**
Is it kind of awkward to be hooking up with the former A- list mostly movie actor that got his award because of all the times he went out sleeping with women with the disgraced director who is the not really ex of the woman you are sleeping with now. It seems like it might. Adrien Brody/Harvey Weinstein/Georgina Chapman (Romance After Scandal: Harvey Weinstein's Ex Georgina Dates Adrien Brody)

211. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/19 **#2**
Producers of one of those reality shows with a bunch of D listers and certain former actors trying to make a buck off fans are trying to get one of the stars mental help. They are fearful he will kill himself and they will have to pull the plug on the show. So yes, they are doing it for selfish reasons rather than the right reasons. Rapper Karupt ("Marriage Boot Camp") (Rapper Kurupt on Latest Season of 'Marriage Boot Camp' But Was Hospitalized After Alcohol Relapse)

212. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/19 **#3**
This foreign born still close to being a one hit wonder is trying to find guys to pay for some more recordings. She has had no luck. They say they will and she sleeps with them and then they never follow through. Iggy Azalea (Iggy Azalea Claps Back At Wendy Williams After She Calls Her ‘The Australian Girl With The Fake Body’)

213. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/19 **#4**
This A- list foreign born former reality star turned celebrity turned host showed off her racist side this week. Sharon Osbourne ("The Talk") (Sharon Osbourne slams Wendy Williams as being ‘so dark inside’)

214. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/19 **#5**
This foreign born former reality star on the show I hate is trying to sleep with guys for money using the show as a tease. The thing is, most guys haven't watched the show and don't want to pay her outrageous rates. They all want 15 minute specials at $50. Larissa Dos Santos Lima ("90 Day Fiancé") (90 Day Fiance’s Larissa Dos Santos Lima Is ‘Done With Men’ After Eric Nichols Split)

215. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/19 **#6**
This foreign born former A list boy bander/wannabe actor who also does a solo thing wants nothing to do with any kind of reunion of the band. Harry Styles ("One Direction") (Liam Payne Teases One Direction Reunion — But Says He Hasn't Spoken to Harry Styles 'in a While')

216. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/19 **#7**
The show is popular with or without the actress, so of course the company producing it dismissed the claims of the actress. They also signaled to all actresses that complaining will get you nowhere and that if you do speak up, you won't work like you did before the complaint. Nothing has changed. It is all talk. Afton Williamson ("The Rookie") (Afton Williamson’s Sexual Misconduct & Racism Allegations Rejected By ‘Rookie’ Producer eOne; No "Inappropriate" Behavior Occurred, Probe Says)

217. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/19 **#8**
Apparently even today and even if your sibling is a foreign born former A lister there are things like arranged marriages. The parents let the now husband to their daughter have sex with her when she was still underage, but had to wait until she was legal to marry her off. Zayn Malik’s sister Saffa (Zayn Malik's Sister Safaa Gets Married Days After Her 17th Birthday)

218. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/19 **#9**
The north of the border singer in the fake relationship with another foreign born singer has got that Kneepaddy online tabloid to run a whole bunch of the relationship is real stories. Not going to convince anyone. Shawn Mendes/Camila Cabello/"Just Jared" ("Just Jared")

219. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/19 **#10**
This foreign born former A+ list boy bander suffered an overdose in the past month. Zayn Malik ("One Direction") (Zayn Malik skips sister Safaa’s nikkah ceremony while ex Gigi Hadid shows support)

220. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/19 **#11**
The advance demand/buzz on social media has not been great for this new line from a B list celebrity offspring of a permanent A lister. Sofia Richie (Lionel Richie) (Sofia Richie's Affordable Collection Includes a Chic $76 Snakeskin Print Blazer)

221. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/19 **#12**
According to Bani, this foreign born model who used to beard for an A+ lister recently got the highest amount ever for one night of yachting. Irina Shayk/Bradley Cooper (Irina Shayk makes a sexy statement in a tiny skirt and leopard print knee-high boots as she attends Vogue Japan bash in Milan)

222. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/19 **#13**
A New Cult: Taken from the ashes of the one they came from, several of the members of this former sex cult, including at least two actresses, have brought several members back into the fold. They have also recruited this B+ list mostly television actor from a hit almost network show which was on purpose. They wanted that same type connection they had the last time around. Because of his star power, he has recruited a half dozen women over the past three months who are also now members. Apparently the leader is the wife of the actress all of you know.
Cult: "NXIVM"
Leader: Nicki Clyne (Cally Henderson Tyrol on "Battlestar Galactica") and Kristin Kreuk (Sex Cult Still Going? Allison Mack’s Wife & Other Members Spotted Near NXIVM Base)

Wife: Allison Mack ("Smallville")
B+ actor: Tom Welling ("Smallville") (Tom Welling To Reprise ‘Smallville’ Clark Kent Role In Arrowverse Crossover On the CW)

223. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **#1**
Big payoffs are happening. It's supposed to look like they "accidentally" made these mistakes, which will ultimately help out the accused big time. What other explanation is even plausible for this seemingly deliberate ineptitude. Naason Joaquin Garcia, leader of La Luz del Mundo (Prosecution fines rescinded in La Luz del Mundo church leader case)

224. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **#2**
I have written a few times about this prolific showrunner who wanted to save money for himself and said goodbye to regular cast members who had been with him for many years. Well, now, in order to make even more money for himself he is shooting 12 hour days with little or no breaks and doesn't care if gets fined because the fines would be so little. Plus, the unions won't complain against someone of his stature. He also is trying to jam in as much as possible this week because he wants several days off to party for the Emmy Awards. I wonder if that disgraced director will be partying with him. One day this week, his heavy schedule forced several people to leave the set and see the medic. Ryan Murphy ("American Horror Story") (Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters) ("The Boys in the Band", "The Prom", "The Politician", "9-1-1: Lone Star", "Ratched", "Hollywood", "Consent", "Untitled Halston Mini-Series" or "One Hit Wonders")Bryan Singer (FX Boss Explains Why Ryan Murphy Had to ‘Clean the Slate’ for ‘American Horror Story: 1984’ Cast) (Darren Criss To Star In & Executive Produce Ryan Murphy’s ‘Hollywood’ Series For Netflix) (Could 'Pose' Give Ryan Murphy His First Emmy Award For Outstanding Drama Series?) (Emmy spotlight: 5 reasons why ‘Pose’ is positioned to be the belle of the ball) (X-men director pool party tea, zac effron,Taylor lautner)

225. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **#3**
Even though she doesn't have that award you are supposed to have for entry, I told you they were considering her and she has finally been admitted. I mean, she is an A/A- list mostly movie actress that everyone knows, and The Club decided that was more important than whether she had been nominated or won an Oscar. Megan Fox ("THE CLUB") (Megan Fox Defended Her Son Wearing Dresses For The First Time After Being Mom-Shamed On Instagram)

226. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **#4**
The permanent A list mostly movie actor is just trying to give reasons now to justify him being some place every week or close to it other than the fact he is hooking up with the alliterate A- list reality star. Brad Pitt/Kourtney Kardashian (Brad Pitt Says Friend Kanye West's Sunday Service Is 'Really Special')

227. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **#5**
Another night another stop at the swingers/sex club for the A- list mostly movie actor and his wife. Twice in a week must mean they found something they really like. Armie Hammer & Elizabeth Chambers (Armie Hammer & Elizabeth Chambers Hold Hands on Date Night in WeHo)

228. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **#6**
Fofty is right. The girlfriend of this incarcerated rapper has cheated on him. Tekashi 6ix9ine (6ix9ine’s Baby Mama Responds to 50 Cent: 'You Agree With the Clown Sh*t Because You Partake In All of It')

229. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **#7**
This foreign born former A+ list tweener turned A- list adult singer is in really bad shape. He seemingly gets this way each time prior to what is supposed to be a party that has been postponed multiple times because of his using progressively more as the date approaches. Justin Bieber (wedding party) (Justin Bieber spotted with IV in arm, raises concerns about his health) (Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin 'Very Excited' for September Wedding Party: 'They're Very Happy')

230. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **#8**
That makes three straight red carpet appearances where this celebrity offspring of two permanent A listers had sex during or after the premiere. Rumer Willis (Demi Moore/Bruce Willis) (Rumer Willis is seen as Audi celebrates the 71st Emmys) (Rumer Willis arrives at the premiere of Sony Pictures' "One Upon A Time...In Hollywood") (Rumer Willis attends the premiere of Netflix's "Stranger Things" Season 3)

231. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **#9**
That A+ list NFL QB keeps cheating on his girlfriend, but she isn't going anywhere. She knows, but wants to get married, so lets him do what he wants. Patrick Mahomes (quarterback "Kansas City Chiefs") (Brittany Matthews) (Who is Patrick Mahomes’ Girlfriend, Brittany Matthews?)

232. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **#10**
Did the rest of the cast really think the A list reality star from multiple network and cable shows was their friend? It isn't as if they hung out when they were not filming when she was on the show, so I'm not sure what they are complaining about now. Bethenny Frankel ("Real Housewives of New York City") ("The Apprentice: Martha Stewart"; "Skating with the Stars"; "Untitled Bethenny Frankel Talk Show"; "Bethenny Ever After"; "Bethenny"; "Bethenny & Fredrik"; "Shark Tank") (Luann Claims Bethenny Ditched Her & ‘RHONY’ Co-Stars After Quitting Show)

233. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **#11**
Apparently blind items do travel because a guest at a life event asked this royal offspring if she ever had anything done to her by the billionaire pedophile. Princess Beatrice/Jeffrey Epstein (Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice Got All Dressed Up for Misha Nonoo's Wedding) (Blind Item Reveal 05/31/17)

234. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **#12**
An interesting note about a case involving employees of the permanent A list "singer," is that the employee involved in the litigation has made certain claims crucial to their chance of winning. The only person who can substantiate the claims is the singer. No one else can do it. That is the first person the defendant should try and depose. Once they do, the suit will go away.
Lou Taylor is suing the #FreeBritney blogger who has a website with the headline, "Britney Spears' Alleged Leaked Emails Attack Father, Call Business Manager a 'Stalker.'" Lou says that is false and the emails were not sent by Britney, but by Sam Lutfi who says nope. So, if you are the blogger, you are going to have Britney give a deposition. A wide wide ranging deposition about all things related to her father and business manager. That is not going to happen, so the case will go buh bye.

235. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/20 **#13**
Four For Friday - The Compound Part II: She Was Nearly a Household Name - An Intercerebellar Blind Item: A couple weeks ago, I wrote about this B+ list actress and her mentally unsound anarchist mother. Here is perhaps the defining chapter in the whole saga. Our actress, who gained fame at a young age for playing a famous historical figure, was being courted by this A++ list director for the lead role in his latest "game changing" mega-blockbuster. It was because of her star-making role as the historical figure that our director wanted her to play this character, which for all intents and purposes was the same historical figure. Had she landed this role, she would certainly be a household name. However, the big-four agency representing the actress who ultimately did get the part had other ideas. They convinced the director and his team that she was away making another movie. A framed conceptual drawing of herself as the lead character, with a handwritten note from the director, hangs on a wall inside The Compound. Shortly after this took place, our actress and her mother were partners in crime, and they made headlines when they found a way of interrupting a meeting between two world leaders. One of these world leaders was and still is a political darling of the Hollywood establishment. This and other activities led to her being shut out of almost all major projects for many years, until just a few years ago, when she landed a role on this major network period-drama series. While she was filming the series, the director came knocking again. He wanted our actress to play a different role in the sequels he was planning to his mega-blockbuster. So our actress desperately scrambled to have herself written off the show, but this time her mother got involved, sending the agents and producers in circles until nobody knew what was happening. By the time her role on the show ended, the sequels were cast.
Saskia Kilcher-Oulicky/Q’Orianka Kilcher/Alan Pao/James Cameron/Avatar/Zoe Saldana/Barack Obama/Alan Garcia/The Alienist
("The Compound" Part I)

Actress: Q'orianka Kilcher
Historical figure: "Pocahontas" in the Academy Award-nominated motion picture "The New World"
Director: James Cameron
"game changing" mega-blockbuster: "Avatar" (Is Avatar Really Just Pocahontas Colored Blue?)
Actress who got the part: Zoe Saldana
Interrupted a meeting between two world leaders: President Barack Obama and Peruvian President Alan Garcia (accusing the latter of selling land in the Amazon rainforest to corporations while suppressing indigenous protests) (Actress Q'orianka Kilcher Arrested At The White House)

236. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/21 **#1**
Nobody correctly guessed yesterday’s blind item concerning the legal troubles of a very powerful religious leader. Naason Joaquin Garcia, leader of La Luz del Mundo (Prosecution fines rescinded in La Luz del Mundo church leader case) (Blind Item 09/20/19)

237. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/21 **#2**
At this point, the feud between the singers is probably back on considering what was said between the A list singer and the alliterate model about the A+ list singer. Katy Perry/Karlie Kloss/Taylor Swift (From Harry and Meghan to Katy Perry and Karlie Kloss, here’s Misha Nonoo’s Rome wedding guest list)

238. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/21 **#3**
This Bravo star is buying escorts every night for sex. Jeff Lewis ("Flipping Out") (Jeff Lewis Admits 'I Regret How I Handled' Split from Gage Edward: 'I Said Very Hurtful Things')

239. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/21 **#4**
The permanent A list "singer" said no to an unusual sexual request from her boyfriend because she correctly guessed there was going to be someone recording the act where they were located. Britney Spears
Britney Spears/Sam Asghari/"Daytime Beauty Awards" (It was in the car before they got there. She then bailed on him and left him at the show alone.) ('I JUST WANT TO GO': Britney Spears ditches beau at awards show)

240. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/21 **#5**
The alliterate foreign born singer sans her "boyfriend" sure was chummy with another guy and some coke last night. Camila Cabello (Shawn Mendes) (Camila Cabello Sings ‘Señorita’ Without Shawn Mendes At IHeartRadio Festival)

241. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/21 **#6**
This A-/B+ list actress from an acting family made out with this A- list actress yesterday after the pair had several drinks. Shailene Woodley/Elizabeth Olsen (Shailene Woodley & Elizabeth Olsen Attend the Ferragamo Show in Milan!)

242. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/21 **#7**
The formerly incarcerated celebrity paid for dinner with a credit card given to him by his now ex. That is bold. Jeremy "Hot Felon" Meeks/Chloe Green (Jeremy Meeks is seen out with a mystery woman... days after insisting he is still with heiress Chloe Green)

243. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/21 **#8**
This former singer/reality star all of you know is having trouble finding ways to make money so she has a porn shoot scheduled for next week that is going to be a parody and feature an actor playing a political offspring. Aubrey O'Day/Donald Trump Jr. (Aubrey O’Day unrecognizable in new Instagram photos)

SUSPENDED: Some of you may not be familiar with a site called Cameo. It’s a place that markets personalized videos from your favorite Bravolebs and other Z-list entertainment hopefuls. The TV personality, athlete, actor, podcaster, or whoever they are, set their own fee for this service. The site handles the transactions for a fee. The site takes just about anyone. And to be honest, people I know who have purchased a video as a gift for someone have been very pleased. A person they like speaks to them on a video, says their name and some identifying details provided by the buyer. It’s usually a hit. But about a month ago, a source tells me that someone we all loathe, Like ALL OF US, was suspended from the site for violating TOS. Specifically, "using the platform to make false accusations, molest, hate, or bully others." Not surprising at all. Also, their feedback section, which was all glowing reviews had a lot of very similar phases and many used the same words to describe their cameo. Currently, it is not clear if the suspension is permanent. Ashley Jacobs ("Southern Charm") (Ashley Jacobs Makes Shocking Claims About 'Southern Charm' Boss Whitney Sudler-Smith's Secret Life)

245. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/22 **#1**
It didn't take the alliterate former actress turned escort to find a new "boyfriend." As I have told you for the past year, the men have been much older than herself because the men her age are going way younger. Lindsay Lohan (Lindsay Lohan reveals she’s single)

246. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/22 **#2**
The permanent A list "singer" thought it was nothing but a date night, but her significant other used the night as a boost to his publicity and had a camera crew there to make a video for him. Britney Spears/Sam Asghari (Daytime Beauty Awards) ('I JUST WANT TO GO': Britney Spears ditches beau at awards show)

247. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/22 **#3**
As I said first and the alliterate talk show host said a few hours later, and we both stand by it, the plan all along was to have the younger daughter get a turn in the national spotlight by being on the network reality show. The parental unit never reached out to the talk show host as the unit said she would do. Oh, and the older daughter is a little ticked off she wasn't even asked whether she would be interested in a chance. Wendy Williams/Christie Brinkley ("Dancing With the Stars")/Sailor Brinkley Cook/Alexa Ray Joel (The DWTS Drama Between Christie Brinkley, Wendy Williams & Sailor Brinkley-Cook, Explained)

248. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/22 **#4**
It used to be just below the surface, but now more and more people are speaking out about the racism of this foreign born alliterate singer and their experiences with her and how she treated them. Camila Cabello (Camila Cabello’s Grammy Performance Renews Concerns About Past N-Word Use)

249. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/22 **#5**
Out of all the lawsuits in play right now against this celebrity filled organization not named Hillsong, the one they are most worried about is the one which involves child sex trafficking because they know something like that will make members flee and make it tough to sign up new members. It could bring them down. Scientology (Lawsuits against the Church of Scientology are piling up, alleging a vast network of human trafficking, child abuse, and forced labor)

250. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/22 **#6**
This dual threat A list actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee and an Emmy winner/nominee left out the part where she took a whole lot of money to not fight with her ex about anything and to just walk away. She makes it seem as if it were something other than that. Nicole Kidman/Tom Cruise (Nicole Kidman opens up about her children with Tom Cruise: 'They have made choices to be Scientologists')

251. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/22 **#7**
A very rare photo was taken this weekend of this closeted foreign born A list action actor out with his long time boyfriend. Jason Statham (Jason Statham is spotted drinking a cold one with friends at Rock & Reilly's Irish Pub on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood)

252. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/22 **#8**
Of course this A/A- list mostly movie actress was a mess after filming an installment of this long running franchise which she does not do anymore. She was in a relationship, but was having to hook up with the director whenever he wasn't hooking up with strippers and escorts and other actresses who owed their job to the fact they would sleep with him. Megan Fox ("Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen")/Michael Bay (Megan Fox Opened Up About Having a "Psychological Breakdown" from Being Hypersexualized)

253. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#1**
EMMY AWARDS: It sure did look like to everyone last night at an after party that this former Disney actress had a very unique/under the table relationship with this A list comic actor who spends most of his time making streaming things now.

254. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#2**
EMMY AWARDS: The walking blind item didn't even try and hide the fact she was wasted and looking for coke and someone to go home with for the night. Taryn Manning ("Orange Is the New Black") (Taryn Manning attends the 2019 Netflix Primetime Emmy Awards After Party at Milk Studios) (Walking Blind Item 07/28/19 REVEAL) (Walking Blind Item 08/07/19 REVEAL)

255. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#3**
EMMY AWARDS: This spy caught this married former A/A- list mostly television actress from a now defunct long running network show FaceTiming her former co-star twice during the night. It makes you wonder how many more times they did without the spy noticing. Kerry Washington/Tony Goldwyn ("Scandal") (Kerry Washington Rocks Sequined Pants and Flirty Ponytail at 2019 Emmys)

256. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#4**
EMMY AWARDS: This foreign born A- list mostly television actress who starred on a big winner from last night which recently ended was in the corner of a pay cable party making out with a married producer. Emilia Clarke ("Game of Thrones) (Emilia Clarke Stepped Out in a Daring Plunge Dress at the 2019 Emmys)

257. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#5**
EMMY AWARDS: This actress offspring of an A lister who doesn't seem to act as much as her sibling did have way more face and lip fillers though. At such a young age, it just looked so wrong.
Sarah Levy (daughter of Eugene Levy/brother Dan Levy) (Sarah Levy attends the Showtime Emmy eve nominees celebrations)

258. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#6**
EMMY AWARDS: This B+ list actress who made her fame in a movie franchise back in the day and a drunken famous quote was talking smack about her A- list boyfriend who spends his time on a lot of different shows. Apparently she found out about a relationship he had with a co-star that lasted for two years. It is unclear if this caused our actress to split from him or she was just giving a run down on his cheating escapades. Natasha Lyonne ("American Pie")/Fred Armisen (Natasha Lyonne and Fred Armisen Remind Everyone of Their Longtime Love at the Emmys) (Natasha Lyonne Quotes)

259. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#7**
EMMY AWARDS: This foreign born "entrepreneur" was all over this CEO of a company last night which produces a nominated show from last night which lost last week. She was raving about how much she was crazy about him. The thing is though, she said the same thing about a CEO from her home country that left his wife to be with her but who she dumped for the new guy who is more wealthy. 71st Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards

260. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#8**
EMMY AWARDS: Not on the press line, but inside an after party, this foreign born A- list actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and got some attention for a new look was asked by a spy about The Club. Our actress told the spy to f**k off and then five minutes later left the party. Naomi Watts (Naomi Watts's Asymmetrical Bob Haircut at the Emmys Deserves Its Own Award) ("THE CLUB")
#1: Naomi Watts (Liev Schreiber) ("What a Pretty Girl". Naomi Watts' Son Is More And More Often Spotted Wearing Dresses)
#2: Sandra Bullock
#3: Charlize Theron (Charlize Theron says 7 year old son is now a girl)
#4: Angelina Jolie (Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s Daughter Shiloh is Changing Gender)
#5: Scarlett Johoansson

261. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#9**
EMMY AWARDS: It looks like this B list actress offspring who works a ton and way more than the parental unit has caught some of the drug bug from her boyfriend. Margaret Qualley (Andie MacDowell)/Pete Davidson (Awww, Pete Davidson and Margaret Qualley Didn't Walk the Emmys Red Carpet Together)

262. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#10**
EMMY AWARDS: At a pre Emmy Awards party, this foreign born A- list nominated/winning actor made it plain for the world to see that he wished his actress wife had stayed home so he could bask in the spotlight and hit on women. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau ("Game of Thrones")/Nukâka Coster-Waldau (Nukaaka Coster-Waldau and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau attend HBO's Post Emmy Awards Reception)

263. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#11**
EMMY AWARDS: Apparently this married Bravo star from a show not named Housewives is cheating on his significant other again. The guy just throws money at people he thinks he can sleep with. It is pretty disgusting. Plus, he gives them crap if they refuse. Tan France/Rob France, Karamo Brown/Ian Jordan or Bobby Berk/Dewey Do ("Queer Eye") (‘Queer Eye’ stars bring designer looks and arresting style to the Emmys)

264. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#12**
EMMY AWARDS: With all of the old kids shows being rebooted, this back in the day A list tween/teen actress turned A- list adult actress who still complains about getting bumped off a tabloid cover because of a celebrity death, was pushing hard that her old show be rebooted and also star her with kids being secondary. Melissa Joan Hart ("Clarissa Explains It All")/Farrah Fawcett (Melissa Joan Hart Prays For Farrah Fawcett, People Cover) (Melissa Joan Hart Wanted Farrah Fawcett To Live For All The Wrong Reasons)

265. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#13**
EMMY AWARDS: I know this previously split acting couple showed up together last night, but the night before, the A- list actor part of that couple was definitely sucking face with someone other than his ex. Ben Stiller/Christine Taylor (Exes Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor attend Emmys together)

266. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#14**
EMMY AWARDS: This foreign born B+ list mostly television actor from a hit streaming show was a nominee/winner this year. He was also being a tool to multiple actresses last night. He will blame it on being drunk, but he was being an a-hole.

267. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#15**
EMMY AWARDS: This aging B list mostly television actress who stars on a show right now that you have probably never seen had a recent big run on that pay cable comedy. Anyway, our actress was going all out last night with the coke.

268. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#16**
EMMY AWARDS: Speaking of coke, this aforementioned foreign born A- list actress from an earlier blind, abstained from coke last night because of the actor she frequently hooks up with who was hanging around. She did manage to drink a half dozen shots throughout the night though. Emilia Clarke ("Game of Thrones") (Kit Harington’s recent rehab) (Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke Hug It Out at the Emmys After-Party) (Kit Harington Makes First Appearance Since Rehab & He’s All Smiles)

269. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#17**
EMMY AWARDS: There is an actress who is probably B list. Maybe B+ list. Hit network show, but she is a supporting character on the show. On Thursday she received an invitation to a party that was held last night. She asked her publicist about it and the publicist had never heard of it, but would check into it. Turns out our actress was not supposed to get the invitation. It was supposed to go to someone who had a one off appearance on the show. The party, which was held in two connected suites at the Intercontinental downtown last night was for studio and network executives and young desperate actresses. From what the publicist could gather, the ratio is about 10 women for every guy.

270. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#18**
EMMY AWARDS: This A- list mostly television actor who says he is going to retire was ridiculously wasted last night on a combo of pills and booze. Terrence Howard ('Empire' Star Terrence Howard Says He's 'Running Away From Acting' After Final Season)

271. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#19**
EMMY AWARDS: This foreign born B+ list actress who stars on a hit streaming show has also done a lot of writing and directing. She told a great story last night about catching her celebrity offspring partner cheating on her a few years ago and wouldn't let him in the house for a month to get his stuff. He never said anything or went to the police because he didn't want people to know he had been cheating.
Phoebe Waller-Bridge ("Fleabag") (How Phoebe Waller-Bridge and ‘Fleabag’ Owned the Emmys)

272. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#20**
EMMY AWARDS: I only am writing this one because I think you can guess one of the participants. So, you have this Instagram model with close to 500K followers who was at a party negotiating with a guy for a price for the rest of the night when this innocent looking member of a trio who makes her living making videos, walked up and said, "I like your music, so will f**k you for free." She then grabbed his hand and walked off.

273. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#21**
EMMY AWARDS: This actress is probably B+ although she deserves to be higher for being on multiple hit shows simultaneously while also making a big budget movie. Someone asked her about one of her projects from when she was a tween and she says the showrunners had to leave the show because some other young performers on the show (not our actress) complained about being sexually abused. The show had no chance after that happened. Zendaya ("Shake It Up") ("The O.A."/"Euphoria") ("Spider-Man: Far from Home") ("Dune") (Zendaya stuns in custom Vera Wang dress at Emmy Awards) (Inside Zendaya's Euphoric Year) (‘Shake It Up’ Canceled: Disney Channel Will End Zendaya And Bella Thorne’s Show After Season 3)

274. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#22**
EMMY AWARDS: This B/B- list actress who stars on a streaming show with the guy who calls everyone, "Sport," gave a security guard a tough time at the entrance to a party put on by her streaming channel. He was just checking i.d's and the occasional bag looking for weapons and when he asked to see her bag she told him to get a real job. It was so ugly.

275. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#23**
EMMY AWARDS: At the opposite end of the spectrum was an actual Emmy winner who is not even best known for that role. She stars in two shows right now, one of which is streaming and the other on network television. She has a ton of fans and before she went into an after party, she posed for nearly 100 selfies with fans. Alex Borstein ("Family Guy"/2018 winner for Outstanding Character Voice-Over Performance "Family Guy") ("The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel") (In Emmy speech Alex Borstein tells story of how grandmother survived Holocaust)

276. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#24**
This foreign born permanent A list model wore the dress to make a point to others who are thinking of crossing her or ratting her out. It is for reasons like that she has made it a habit to sleep with many of those arms dealers/thugs that she was introduced to by the billionaire pedophile. Naomi Campbell/("bullet hole" dress)/Jeffery Epstein (Designer Mowalola Ogunlesi Explained Her Intentions with Naomi Campbell’s Bullet Hole Dress)

277. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#25**
EMMY AWARDS: This B- list actress/singer works a lot with her husband. While our actress/singer was at a pre Emmy party, her husband was cheating on her with a student he has been giving lessons to. Katharine McPhee/David Foster (Katharine McPhee Foster Honors Kate Somerville at Daytime Beauty Awards) (Katharine McPhee touring with husband David Foster)

278. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#26**
EMMY AWARDS: Just in case you didn't know, this former MTV reality star turned porn star turned celebrity has tickets bought for her by her, umm suitors. Farrah Abraham ("Teen Mom") (Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham Makes Surprise Appearance at Emmy Awards — Seated Next to Hugh Grant)

279. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#27**
EMMY AWARDS: The momager thought it would be great exposure. The momager was wrong. There was no need for extra security because no one really wanted to meet the two reality stars who definitely won't be back. Kris Jenner/Kim Kardashian/Kendall Jenner (Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner Were 100 Percent "Not Briefed" About Being Laughed at During Emmys)

280. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#28**
EMMY AWARDS: Even though she has been invited the past few years because of a show she is involved with, this former tweener turned A- list singer/bad actress skips the awards because of what happened to her the last time she attended. A brutal fight and a near overdose. Selena Gomez (Producer "13 Reasons Why") (Miley Cyrus)(Selena Gomez - Creative Arts Emmys 2009)
(Selena Gomez: Miley Cyrus Publicly RejectsPlea To End Feud)

281. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#29**
EMMY AWARDS: This closeted one named former Disney actress could have gone the beard route last night, but chose to not disrespect her new girlfriend. We shall see how long that lasts. Zendaya/Halsey (Zendaya stuns in custom Vera Wang dress at Emmy Awards) (See Halsey Perform ‘Time After Time’ for In Memoriam Tribute at 2019 Emmys)

282. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#30**
EMMY AWARDS: The alliterate actress only wanted to discuss her side project rather than the reason she was at the show. Mandy Moore ("This Is Us") (release of her new single, "When I Wasn’t Watching") (Mandy Moore Says She's 'Overwhelmed' by Reaction to Her Music Comeback: 'I Made It, Selfishly, For Me')

283. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#31**
The permanent A list "singer" was not just talking about the people in charge of her life, but also the significant other who has been putting more demands on her to promote his businesses and products. Britney Spears/father Jamie Spears/boyfriend Sam Asghari (Britney Spears Conservatorship Remains with Jamie) (Britney Spears: 'I Love Freedom, I Love Independence, I Don't Want To Be Tied Down') ('I JUST WANT TO GO': Britney Spears ditches beau at awards show)

284. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#32**
EMMY AWARDS: The one named singer had a cute little clutch with two vials of coke in it. Both were gone long before the show ended. Halsey (Halsey attends the 71st Emmy Awards)

285. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#33**
EMMY AWARDS: I can't keep track of the former one year wonder turned professional beard's love life. I thought she was dating a NFL guy who had a pretty good game yesterday, but she was really snuggling close to a showrunner of a streaming show. Olivia Culpo ("Miss Universe in 2012")/Christian McCaffrey "Carolina Panthers" (Olivia Culpo Goes for an Angelic Look in Shimmery Heels at the Emmy Awards) (Christian McCaffrey and Olivia Culpo Holding Hands In Mexico)

286. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#34**
EMMY AWARDS: The alliterate Susan Lucci of Oscar nominations not named Glenn Close really was convinced by her people she was going to win last night and after the show, she broke down. Amy Adams ("Junebug" (2005); "Doubt" (2008); "The Fighter" (2010); "The Master" (2012); "American Hustle" (2013); "Vice" (2018)) ("Sharp Objects") (Emmys 2019: Why Amy Adams fans are upset after "Sharp Objects" Award snut)

287. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#35**
EMMY AWARDS: This A list actress has nearly used all ten fingers to count her Oscar and Emmy nominations without a win. All those new fillers are not exactly a win either. Yikes.
Amy Adams (Amy Adams Made Her Emmys Debut in a Sheer Dress)

288. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#36**
EMMY AWARDS: The former A list mostly movie actress made it clear through her actions and words that she wanted nothing to do with anyone there at the award show last night. She was there to do a job and leave. She is so full of herself. Gwyneth Paltrow (Gwyneth Paltrow's Slow Walk onto the Emmys Stage Has the Internet Buzzing)

289. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#37**
EMMY AWARDS: Whenever I see this three or four time A list mostly television actress who is an Emmy winner/nominee, I am reminded of the story of when her husband got a foreign born singer pregnant and everyone has kept it hush hush over the years even though it destroyed the singer's marriage.
Robin Wright/Sean Penn (Robin Wright Stuns on the Red Carpet at Emmy Awards 2019)

290. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#38**
EMMY AWARDS: With such dismal ratings, there has been talk this morning to making a certain award show no one watched last night have a permanent fixed date every year. The one that the few people in the room responded positively to was having it the day after Halloween (Rather than saying November 1st - they kept referring to it as the day after Halloween) every single year regardless of what day of the week it falls on. Also, to have a talk show host be the host of the show and then use the stage as the set of the talk show for that night. Thirty minutes during local news to prepare. Emmy Viewership Falls Under 7 Million For First Time To All-Time Low – Update

291. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#39**
EMMY AWARDS: One of the stars of this show that won multiple awards last night is married. It didn't stop the oft cheating actor all of you know by name at least, to hit on as many women as possible during a 30 minute stop at a D lister party where people go to pretend they went to an A list Emmy party and where tools like the actor go and troll for women. He took one he found from the party, but no one knows where they went.

292. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/23 **#40**
Another Link: This past week, I had a chance to talk to this trying to get back to A- list actress who early railroaded her career not that long ago. It was the most basic conversation. Coffee line stuff. Then, she mentioned a show she had been on that I had totally forgotten about because it was so long ago and she was not really in it that much. I did know where it had been filmed though. I asked her if she had ever seen the billionaire pedophile. The question was a total long shot. She said no. She then went on to say though that someone in the cast on a later season had a connection to him which she only found out about when he had been arrested again when one of her friends from the show who was on every season brought it up. Apparently there was an actress on the show for a few episodes and she got the part because of her connection to the pedophile. She was a procurer. She still is. The reason it sticks out is because it was about the time he was going to jail and there were a lot of whispers about the actress and what she might have done. She is still an actress, but she doesn't work enough at that to pay the bills. It is the other stuff and she is not shy about advertising for it on sets or online.
Amanda Seyfried/"Lovelace"/"Wildfire"/Jeffrey Epstein
Actress: Amanda Seyfried
Movie: "Lovelace" (Amanda Seyfried On Playing Linda Lovelace In ‘Lovelace’: ‘It Could Ruin My Career’)
TV show: "Wildfire" (filmed in New Mexico)
Billionaire pedophile: Jeffrey Epstein (Jeffrey Epstein Chose New Mexico for a Reason) (What's next for Epstein's Zorro Ranch, where accusers say they were raped and trafficked)
Actress: Alicia Ziegler (5 episodes/season 4) (career)

293. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/24 **#1**
I've been telling you about this CEO's regular money laundering for almost 2 years. Another layer of the onion has just been peeled back, for everyone to see. "WeWork" CEO Adam Neumann (WeWork C.E.O. Adam Neumann Steps Down Under Pressure)

294. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/24 **#2**
That grifter/former MTV star is doing his best to reclaim his old position as the significant other of a current MTV reality star. Justin Bobby/Audrina Patridge ("The Hills") (What’s Going On with Audrina Patridge & Justin Bobby on ‘The Hills’ Reboot?)

295. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/24 **#3**
At his old place of worship, this foreign born former A+ list tweener was upset because one of the leaders hooked up with the former tweener's now ex. Considering how long his current significant other has attended the current place of worship, maybe the former tweener is convinced she hooked up with a leader of that place of worship. Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez (Carl Lentz/"Hillsong") (Pop Star Selena Gomez Takes New Steps Toward God, Sings with Hillsong) (Is Justin Bieber Breaking Up With Hillsong?)

296. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/24 **#4**
The amount of money being spent on publicity/PR for this celebrity offspring and her network reality show debut is staggering. The goal is to have three to four stories placed about her each day in tabloids. Sailor Lee Brinkley-Cook/Christie Brinkley/"Dancing With the Stars" (Sailor Brinkley-Cook Shows What a Full Week of Rehearsal Can Do in Sexy 'DWTS' Performance) (Christie Brinkley Gets Cast Removed Less Than 2 Weeks After 'DWTS' Injury)

297. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/24 **#5**
Apparently the fake couple have to get another story straight. The foreign born actress has a tale of her husband visiting a set and being so moved with the performance of the actress that he cried. The thing is though, the singing husband said it didn't happen. Maybe by now, they have coordinated their stories, but, just another example of over the top manipulation. Priyanka Chopra/Nick Jonas ("The Sky Is Pink") (Priyanka Chopra Reveals If Nick Jonas Cried While Visiting Her On The Set Of ‘The Sky Is Pink’)

298. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/24 **#6**
This married closeted former Glee actress spent most of the last movie she filmed spending time with her girlfriend. Dianna Agron (Dianna Agron is the epitome of fall chic in yellow polka dot dress while out and about in New York)

299. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/24 **#7**
I wrote in this space last year about the former Housewife star and how his new business at the time was going to be him stealing from investors and him making money and them losing out. It is exactly what happened. The thing is though, one of the investors is mobbed up, so our former Housewife star may turn up dead. Peter Thomas (Cynthia Bailey’s husband) ("Real Housewives of Atlanta") (‘RHOA’ star Peter Thomas’ sports bar shutters over $237K in unpaid taxes)

300. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/24 **#8**
Even though this money laundering streaming service is hard up for programming, they have asked for a ton of changes to this series that wrapped a year ago. It stars the former A- list almost network actor and even a year of reshoots and editing have not made it much better. Netflix/"V-Wars"/Ian Somerhalder ("Vampire Diaries") (Ian Somerhalder Says V-Wars Is Way Less Supernatural Than The Vampire Diaries)

301. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/24 **#9**
At this point, the story line for this east coast Housewife is the polar opposite of how she is really living her life. There are so many people who know the truth including her family, that this just seems like a cruel trick to play on all of them. Teresa Giudice (deportation of husband Joe "Juicy Joe") ("Real Housewives of New Jersey") (Joe Giudice’s possible deportation is ‘a sad time’ for Teresa Giudice) (Joe Giudice asks to be sent back to Italy as he awaits deportation decision) (Joe Giudice's Family: It's Teresa's Fault He's Being Deported!)

302. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/24 **#10**
This reality star turned one off movie actress turned reality star turned celebrity turned reality star coming full circle hooked up with a guy in a private room in a club last week. Audrina Patridge ("The Hills") (Audrina Patridge attends the 2019 iHeartRadio Music Festival)

303. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/24 **#11**
This A-/B+ list actress from an acting family where she might never surpass the fame of at least two members of her family, had some work done to her face which gives her a completely different look to the point where there are a lot of double takes and not really in a good way. Kate Hudson (Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell) (Kate Hudson gets a foot rub from pal Liv Tyler on Emmy night)

304. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/24 **#12**
This former A+ list mostly movie actress turned A/A- when she wasn't working as much and will win an Oscar this movie season says an ex is stalking her and trying to get a big payoff from her. Apparently, "he knows things," but I don't think she particularly cares if people here about those things. Renée Zellweger (Doyle Bramhall II)/that Bradley Cooper and Kenny Chesney are gay) (J.Lo, Joker And Judy: The Early Oscars Frontrunners List)

305. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/24 **#13**
The End Run:
#1 - Although this family has tried to hide things for a little over a decade, this not quite all the way back in to the family has been trying to convince an offspring to come forward with her story about being molested by the billionaire pedophile. Apparently she didn't find out it happened until five or six years after the occurrences. She wants to discuss it or have her offspring discuss it, but at the same time it would bring more pressure to bear on the family because there was one family member who knew it had happened, but kept on keeping on. Sarah Ferguson/Princess Beatrice/Jeffrey Epstein/Prince Andrew (Blind Item 11/22/17) (Blind Item Reveal 10/14/18) (Blind Item Reveal 08/01/19)

#2 - The lawyer wants to bring in the rich guy, not to back up stories, but to get him to write a check to the person suing to get them to go away. The rich guy wants no part of anything to do with it, so is being cornered. If he pays, then the lawyer can keep saying what he has always said or even better sign a mutual NDA and say his hands are tied when it comes to discussing things. Alan Dershowitz/Leslie Wexner/Jeffrey Epstein victim Virginia Giuffre (Jeffrey Epstein victim’s defamation lawsuit against Alan Dershowitz will require testimony of Victoria’s Secret CEO Les Wexner)

306. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/25 **#1**
I'm sure that this former A list mostly television actor who mostly bombed at movies told his ex wife that an alliterate actress cheated on him. What he probably didn't mention is that he cheated on the actress on an almost daily basis. Ashton Kutcher/Demi Moore/January Jones (cheated with Bruce Willis) (Ashton Kutcher accused ex January Jones of having affair with Bruce Willis)

307. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/25 **#2**
Having multiple seizures a day but not doing anything about it is going to be the end for this prolific A/A- list rapper who also enjoys making a baby or seven. Lil Wayne (Lil Wayne fans sound off after rapper misses another scheduled performance)

308. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/25 **#3**
This B- list celebrity/reality star who is only famous because of who she was married to is spinning some kind of story about how she didn't know a guy was married. She knew. She just didn't think anyone would recognize her and bust her. Nicole Murphy (Eddie Murphy)/Antoine Fuqua (Nicole Murphy Says Kissing Married Antoine Fuqua Was a 'Mistake': 'I Wish It Didn't Happen')

309. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/25 **#4**
This hard to spell model who loves getting half naked online, wants to be an actress and is married has no idea her husband has been cheating on her. Emily Ratajkowski/Sebastian Bear-McClard (Emily Ratajkowski rocks plunging black top and polka dot skirt during Saturday coffee run with husband Sebastian and their beloved pup)

310. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/25 **#5**
This alliterate actress who is finally beginning to realize how deeply in trouble she is, met with a lawyer in the past week who would only be for her. Lori Loughlin (husband Mossimo Giannulli) (2nd parent in college scandal gets prison time — what this means for Lori Loughlin)

311. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/25 **#6**
This diminutive A list comic actor's people are spinning some kind of nonsense about he earned a huge victory in a lawsuit. It just has to be refiled in a different venue. They should probably be worried about how they are going to spin what was really going on in a recent event and how it is going to make him look. Kevin Hart (Kevin’s Victory: Sex Tape Partner’s Lawsuit Dismissed In Extortion Scandal) (Driver Who Crashed Kevin Hart's Car Now Suing Kevin Hart)

312. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/25 **#7**
This former tween/teen A- list singer turned a mess of an adult singer has been hooking up with an older man who is paying his bills. Oh, and get this. Apparently our singer was in contact with that politically connected arrested killer in the week leading up to the killer's arrest. Aaron Carter/Ed Buck (Aaron Carter says he’s getting treatment, sold his firearms) (Ed Buck, Democrat donor, arrested, charged with running drug den after latest guest overdose)

313. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/25 **#8**
Publicly, the one season wonder doesn't want people to think his relationship with the model offspring of barley there celebrities is serious because it makes it harder to sleep with other women. Tyler Cameron ("The Bachlorette")/Gigi Hadid (which is why they split the next week)
(Tyler Cameron claims he and Gigi Hadid are ‘just friends’)

314. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/25 **#9**
To this point, this A+ list dual threat actress has been unwilling to write a check to help her legally troubled ex. This could change within the next week. He has been playing the do it for the children card. Reese Witherspoon/Ryan Phillippe (Ryan Phillippe Claims Self-Defense in Ex-Girlfriend's Assault Case)

315. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/25 **#10**
It is when people see court filings like the one from this permanent A list singer/sometime actress they see the entitlement oozing everywhere. When it reads like, "I'm a star so therefore my children deserve to be treated like stars. All you do is have a few offices and create jobs for some people, but it doesn't matter because you aren't famous and I am, so you lose. My children are already more famous than you and always will be." I really can't believe they though this made them look good. That is what makes it all the worse. Beyoncé (Beyoncé Says Blue Ivy Is a 'Cultural Icon' in Dispute Over Trademarking Daughter's Name)

316. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/25 **#11**
There has been such backlash to this hologram tour of a permanent A lister, that the idea will hopefully be scrapped. It is such a tacky way to make money. Whitney Houston ('Her music will live with us forever': Whitney Houston hologram tour kicking off in 2020)

317. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/25 **#12**
I had to translate this, so hopefully it makes sense.
A+ list Kpop group member ____________ has a groupie that found a way to get close to one of his B- list friends from another group _______________ to get closer to the A+ lister. During his vacations she organized everything to follow him to the city where he was with his family to create a fake dating scandal manipulating CCTV content with the help of her friends from a shop and one of her friends that impersonates him (they look alike). Thanks to this fake scandal her business has won 500% more clients and she is about to buy an apartment in Seoul, while the entire country is hating on him. His company is now more worried about covering certain scandal of another member in Paris so they just denied it and are trying to bury it. The woman is now on her IG, deleting comments and leaving the ones that imply they are actually a couple and fans support them. I know she's not going to let this scandal die. She loves the attention and wants to become famous no matter what. Also his fake friend also knows she's a groupie and didn't tell him anything even after she usually has sex with that B- lister at private parties. Jungkook ("BTS")/Tattoo artist Rennis/Lee Mijoo ("Lovelyz") (Tattoo artist denies she's dating BTS's Jungkook) (10 Photos of Rennis, Tattoo Artist Expected to Become Jungkook Boyfriend) (Lee Mijoo, Who Is Believed To Be Caught On Camera Having Drinks With The 'Euphoria' Singer, Says That She's 'Absolutely Not In A Relat)ionship With Jungkook' And That They 'Are Simply Close Friends.')

318. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/25 **#13**
The Divorce: You don't see the tabloids discussing this because they don't want to make members of the celebrity cult angry who are stars in shows and movies. However, there has been a bit if a rift. Apparently this long time A- list married couple have called it quits. Oh, there won't be any divorce filings or anything like that, but they are leading separate lives in completely different places. It has been slowly brewing for the past couple of years and the final straw was when the husband in this relationship discovered his wife knew the answer to one of the most talked about secrets and had known for sometime, but never passed it along to her husband. He probably doesn't also know about the affairs she has had over the years which have kept her in front of the camera. Will Smith/Jada Pinkett Smith (Scientology) (what happened to David Miscavige’s wife Shelly) (Where Is Scientology Leader’s Wife?- She Seems to Have Disappeared) (Are Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith Scientologists?)

319. POPBITCH 09/27
Which Brit actor will be feeling a little nervous that all this high-profile talk of blackface is happening while his latest series airs? During his third year at uni, he sang a very touching rendition of Bill Withers' Lovely Day at a student "Stars In Their Eyes" night – a performance somewhat overshadowed by his rather heavy-handed make-up and ill-advised afro wig.

320. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/26 **#1**
So far this A list rapper is staying quiet about who sexually assaulted her but that may change once the buzz begins to build against this serial assaulter/photographer who is A list. Cardi B/Marcus Hyde or Terry Richardson (Cardi B Walked Off A Photoshoot After Being Sexually Assaulted) (Photographer Marcus Hyde: A Breakdown of the Accusations Against Him) or (New Allegation: Photographer Terry Richardson Sexually Assaulted Designer In His Studio Doorway)

321. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/26 **#2**
Don't believe the hype. This permanent A list mostly movie actor who likes stealing his son's girlfriends and watching bizarre home movies is not getting back together with the offspring of a permanent A++ lister. Nicolas Cage/Lisa Marie Presley (Repeat Romance? Exes Nicolas Cage & Lisa Marie Presley Rekindle ‘Intense Connection’)

322. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/26 **#3**
I wonder if this newly engaged foreign born celebrity told her betrothed about being molested by the billionaire pedophile. Princess Beatrice of York/Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi/Jeffrey Epstein (Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi: Who is Princess Beatrice's fiance?)

323. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/26 **#4**
This A/A- list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee was all smiles at a premiere this week, but can't stand her handsy A- list co-star. Natalie Portman/Jon Hamm ("Lucy In The Sky") (Natalie Portman Joins Jon Hamm at 'Lucy in the Sky' Premiere)

324. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/26 **#5**
Apparently the girlfriend of the rapper who might get out of jail next year and live a few days before he is gunned down is pregnant. I wonder if that will make her an ex-girlfriend. Tekashi69/Jade (What!!! Tekeshi69 Caught KISSING inside prison with his Girlfriend Jade, through his instagram story) (6ix9ine’s Ex-Manager Kifano 'Shotti' Jordan Responds to Rumor He Slept With Rapper's Baby Mama) (Tekashi 6ix9ine Not Planning to Go into Witness Protection After Prison! 24/7 Security's Fine By Me!!!)

325. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/26 **#6**
This former A list tweener turned A- list adult singer has been skipping meals and abusing Adderall which has left her dangerously underweight. Miley Cyrus (Fans fear for Miley Cyrus over 'painfully thin' new photo)

326. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/26 **#7**
This B+ list actress/sometime reality host has been spreading some shade at her A list ex and his parenting. Jenna Dewan/Channing Tatum (Jenna Dewan shows off baby bump, calls dad-to-be Steve Kazee a 'gift from above') (Is Jenna Dewan the Reason Channing Tatum Left Instagram?)

327. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/26 **#8**
The alliterate foreign born A- list singer is supposedly in that very real relationship right? So, the guy sneaking out of her hotel suite with an overnight bag and wearing different clothes than those he was wearing a few hours earlier, is a friend?? Camila Cabello/Shawn Mendes (Shawn Mendes Admits He’s Serious With Camila Cabello — I’ve Met The Parents)

328. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/26 **#9**
Usually this permanent A list mostly movie actor who had a big box office summer and has an installment of a long dormant franchise returning, does a lot of promo for his movies. A movie he is about to do press for though, is so bad that he is trying to limit his appearances and wants the other cast to make up the difference. Our actor thinks it will tarnish that franchise installment. Sylvester Stallone ("Rambo: Last Blood") (How 'Last Blood' Destroys Rambo's American Myth)

329. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/26 **#10**
Jessie Smooyay Blind item
Who Is The Rapper? Above is the link to the thread...And a summary;
This woman talks to a rapper on Instagram. He buys her a one way ticket and promised her to buy her ticket back whenever she felt like going home. The rapper promised to treat her to fancy dinners and take her to parties. He wasn't at the airport and told her to take an Uber to his studio. Security wouldn't let her in, so she decided to call him, but he didn't answer. He finally showed up and they went to his place and had sex before he left her for the next couple of days because something came up. The rapper told her to contact him if she needed anything, but he never answered when she called or texted. She tried to order food, but they couldn't get through the front gate because security called his phone and he wouldn't answer. The next night some people come over to have a party, but she was so afraid because the rapper wasn't with the group. The rapper finally answered her calls three days after she arrived, telling her that his house was being renovated and ordered her some food. The food never arrived, though. Fast forward to the next day, she left the house to catch her flight, but security stopped her and made her miss the flight. This prompted the girl to cry at the airport as she tried to rebook the flight. At the airport she saw the rapper walking through the terminal from his gate. But when she called him, the rapper only looked at her and kept walking.

330. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/26 **#11**
The former A+ list singer turned reality star turned B+ list singer continues to cheat on her significant other and is paying for their rent. Christina Aguilera/Matthew Rutler

331. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/26 **#12**
A married member of a second tier former boy band which is currently on tour, has a woman who travels to each city and meets him to hookup.

332. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/26 **#13**
Not Another Chance: Over the years, I have written about this actor/director and the things he did to this A- list mostly television actress all of you know. She has been acting since she was very young and he molested her. She was not the only victim, but she is one of the few who has spoken out. And by speaking up, I mean to some of her friends and family. I also wrote how this same actor/director did nothing to stop others molesting children in front of him while on a set when he was directing a popular television show. Now, it appears he is going to get a chance at network television with a show which will have numerous child actors and actresses on set on a daily basis. I hope the producers think this through carefully and realize they don't need him in front or behind the camera.

Actor/director: Timothy Busfield (Timothy Busfield and Melissa Gilbert Talk About New Company)
Actress: Jennifer Love Hewitt (The Byrds of Paradise")
Television show: "The Fosters"
New show: "‘Almost Family" ('Almost Family’ an unconventional group of siblings)

333. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/27 **#1**
This A-/B+ list mostly movie actor who has been in this space before for being a serial cheating/not very nice actor that every actress is learning about is actually a defendant in a lawsuit where people were swindled out of $100M.
Noah Centineo ("Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return") (Yellow Brick Mess: How a Failed ‘Wizard of Oz’ Movie Became a $100 Million Investor Nightmare)

334. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/27 **#2**
This alliterate former actress earned herself $250K by having a 30 minute lunch with a group of people who each paid 5 figures to attend. Meghan Markle ("Women in Public Service" breakfast at the High Commission or Woodstock Exchange to meet women entrepreneurs and technology investors)

335. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/27 **#3**
It is becoming more evident that the foreign born former A+ list tweener is suffering from some serious medical issues and the drug use is not making things any better. Justin Bieber (Justin Bieber Spotted Out With IV In HisArm & Fans Fear For His Health)

336. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/27 **#4**
I'm sure the two women who are currently hooking up with the foreign born B+ list NBA player and don't know about each other are thrilled he is also trying to hook up with his alliterate ex. Oh, and has recently hooked up with the ex before the ex. Tristan Thompson/Khloé Kardashian (dating history) (Stay Thirsty: Tragic Tristan Thompson Keeps The Kompliments Koming In Khloé’s Komments)

337. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/27 **#5**
This former Housewife is trying to set up any new premise for a show she can and will 100% be willing to fake an engagement if it gets her a series order. Bethenny Frankel ("Real Housewives of New York City") (Is Bethenny Frankel Engaged to Boyfriend Paul Bernon? Her Followers Think So After This Ring Photo)

338. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/27 **#6**
The beard for this A lister was telling friends last night after an event with the A lister that she should never have agreed to renew things because it has been awful. Shayna Taylor/Ryan Seacrest ("New York City Ballet Fall Gala") (Ryan Seacrest and girlfriend Shayna Taylor step out together)

339. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/27 **#7**
This murderer turned escort is now charging almost triple what she used to charge because people have read these blinds and the demand for her services has sky rocketed. Casey Anthony (Casey Anthony thinking about having more children, source says)

340. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/27 **#8**
Looks like the A+ list mostly movie actor and his business partner kissed and made up about money and the A+ lister even brought out the wife for the first time in nearly a year. He didn't seem that interested in the wife while filming out of the country this week. George Clooney/Rande Gerber/Amal Clooney/"Good Morning, Midnight" (George and Amal Clooney Celebrate 5th Anniversary with Friends Rande Gerber and Cindy Crawford) (George Clooney brings central Madrid to a standstill)

341. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/27 **#9**
MR. X: Which recently deceased country music legend's widow refused to let the king of documentary filmmakers use clips of her late husband for his latest docu-series unless she got paid for it. The filmmaker didn't cede to her demands and instead just used a stock clip of the singer and simply glossed over his accomplishments probably as a dig to the widow. Glen Campbell (Kimberly Woolen)/Ken Burns ("Country Music" a film by Ken Burns) (At 16 Hours, Ken Burns’ Country Music Ain’t Nearly Long Enough)

342. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/27 **#10**
This one season wonder plays her role to perfection. The one season wonder who is supposed to be her boyfriend keeps seeing other guys. Cassie Randolph/Colton Underwood ("The Bachelor") (Cassie Randolph denies Colton Underwood breakup rumors but reiterates still doesn't want to get engaged to 'The Bachelor' star)

343. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/27 **#11**
This foreign born A- list mostly movie actor who is a Tony winner/nominee and an Emmy winner/nominee is cheating on his significant other with someone who is friends with his daughter. Gabriel Byrne/Hannah Beth King/Romy Marion Byrne (26) (Nomination 2000 Tony Award for Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Play "A Moon for the Misbegotten"/Nomination 2008 and 2009 Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series "In Treatment"/Nomination 2016 Tony Award for Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Play "Long Day's Journey into Night") (Gabriel Byrne, 67, sweetly coos over his newborn baby daughter as he and younger wife Hannah Beth King take their tot for a stroll in NYC) (Introducing Romy Byrne, That Next Level Chick)

344. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/27 **#12**
At a party last night, this former network reality star from a very long running show told a completely different story about how her time ended on the show than she was allowed to say publicly.

345. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/27 **#13**
Old Hollywood - Mr. X: When this permanent A-list actress/comedienne/sex symbol said she would take a few secrets to the grave, she was not kidding around. No it's not the rumor you think (yes she was born a woman), the big secret was that she was illiterate. She never got past her freshman year of high school, so she said, but her educational career was spotty at best probably because she was dyslexic and ashamed of it. Yes, she even had people write letters and sign autographs for her. An actual autograph from her is extremely rare, because she also used auto-pen. Even though she took credit for all of the play and movie scripts she wrote, she had other people write them for her. One of the people who helped her create her works and develop her persona was the man who was briefly married to her at the beginning of her career. She kept him on her payroll for decades. Even though she had the marriage annulled, the husband didn't contest the divorce and technically remained married to her until this secret marriage was exposed during the height of her popularity in the mid 1930s and the marriage was dissolved not too long after. Between then, he helped write her scripts and develop some of her classic one liners. When he died in the mid 1960s, she paid all of his funeral bills as a kind of thank you. Mae West/Frank Szatkus (aka Frank Wallace) (The bizarre Milwaukee connection behind Mae West’s biggest secret) (Mae West: Mamie Szatkus) (Mae West Quotes)

346. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/28 **#1**
This A- list dual threat actor who saw his latest television project crash and burn confused a whole lot of people when he married a woman. The alliterate actor did the same thing. It doesn't mean they still aren't hanging out at the disgraced director's parties and leaving the wives home. Seann William Scott/Matthew Morrison/Bryan Singer (Seann William Scott of American Pie was married in a secret ceremony to an unknown woman) (Matthew Morrison Marries Renee Puente) (Hollywood Sex Ring House Revealed: Inside the M&C Estate) (Matthew Morrison and Bryan Singer) ("The Atlantic" Bryan Singer article)

347. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/28 **#2**
This A+ list rapper who could end up being a one hit wonder is HIV+.

348. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/28 **#3**
This some time reality star/celebrity who got her fame from being married to a permanent A lister is trying to convince first dates they should get married that night or an upcoming weekend. I didn't realize she was that desperate for money. I thought her kids were funneling money from their dad to her. Nicole Murphy/Eddie Murphy (Nicole Murphy Allegedly 'Broke' And 'Desperate' For Man w/ Money!!)

349. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/28 **#4**
Apparently the fix is in and this celebrity offspring will make it to at least the semi-finals of this reality show. Sailor Lee Brinkley-Cook ("Dancing With the Stars") (Dancing with the Stars’ Sailor Brinkley-Cook on Stepping into Mom Christie’s Shoes, Body Image Issues and Learning to Face Her Fears)

350. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/28 **#5**
This alliterate foreign born A list model with a couple million followers on social media is hooking up with a married Russian oligarch this week while out of the country. Shanina Shaik (Enjoying the single life! Model Shanina Shaik poses in outdoor bathtub completely nude as she continues to holiday in Italy)

351. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/28 **#6**
One of these days, the married foreign born A- list actress is going to get busted on one of her late night visits to the foreign born billionaire's house. I'm waiting for his daughter to find out. The same one who thinks she is best friends with the actress. Priyanka Chopra/Mukesh Ambani/Isha Ambani (How does Mukesh Ambani – India’s richest man – and his family spend their US$50 billion) (Priyanka Chopra joins BFF Isha Ambani and Radhika Merchant on girls' ice cream night at Piramal home)

352. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/28 **#7**
How do you change the subject when the A-/B+ list actor is getting sued for his part in a $100M scam? Make a big splash with a new girlfriend the day after. Noah Centineo/Alexis Ren ("Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return") (Yellow Brick Mess: How a Failed ‘Wizard of Oz’ Movie Became a $100 Million Investor Nightmare) (Noah Centineo & Alexis Ren Are Reportedly Dating After Months of Speculation)

353. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/28 **#8**
This foreign born B+ list singer who has relatives higher on the list has said she is clean and sober. It didn't look like it this week. In fact, it looked pretty rough. Lily Allen (parents - Keith Allen, a Welsh-born comedian, and film producer Alison Owen/brother - Alfie Allen (Theon Greyjoy on "Game of Thrones") (Lily Allen’s Instagram Live Stream from September 25th 2019)

WHOSE YOUR DADDY? This blind item is out there if you know where to look. But this college freshman has left a fantastic college to move to the west coast. That’s where here daddy lives. She wants to be an actress or a model or something in the public eye. But she didn’t move in with her daddy. She moved in with her mother’s boyfriend. But her mama does not live there. She wants an acting career and threw away her education. WHY? Is this a sign that the mother is leaving her reality show to get married? That is what Mama Joyce’s streets are saying… Noelle Robinson (Howard University)/Cynthia Bailey ("Real Housewives of Atlanta")/Mike Hill (Cynthia Bailey's Daughter Noelle Robinson Addresses If She'd Ever Be a Real Housewife of Atlanta) (She Said Yes! Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Cynthia Bailey Engaged to Sportscaster Mike Hill)

355. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/29 **#1**
The four named actress who has tried to lead the charge against the disgraced producer continues to go down a dangerous spiral and needs a lot of professional help. The disgraced producer knows this and has people out there trying to make her even more paranoid in hopes she won't be able to testify against him. Paz de la Huerta/Harvey Weinstein (Paz de la Huerta hospitalized after associate says she’s ‘possibly suicidal’)

356. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/29 **#2**
The east coast reality star from a franchise that is not about Housewives, but from the same channel, continues to try to convince the world he is straight. Luis Ortiz ("Million Dollar Listing New York") (Million Dollar Listing New York's Luis D. Ortiz Shares First Photo of 6-Month-Old Daughter)

357. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/29 **#3**
As I have been telling you for about a year, this federal agency has tried to multiple ways to talk to this royal and was being blocked by law enforcement and the government of that country. The cracks began to break when the law enforcement agency in that country spoke to the disgraced actor about some events he witnessed when he was with the royal and the pedophile. One of the offspring primarily lives in the US and she is also wanted for an interview. All of this has spurred movement in the form of talk talk talk by the law enforcement agency overseas, but will it do anything. It might not have, but a third country has officially notified the royal's government that their investigation into the model agency owner/serial sexual assaulter shows he often recruited models for the royal. The question is whether they were underage. All of them appeared to be. Prince Andrew/Kevin Spacey/Jeffrey Epstein/France/Jean-Luc Brunel (Developments In The Cases Of Jeffrey Epstein And Kevin Spacey) (Jeffrey Epstein investigation: Sex offender's Paris home and Jean-Luc Brunel's Karin Models agency searched)

358. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/29 **#4**
This permanent A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee is off the wagon and on as many young wannabe actresses as possible.

359. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/29 **#5**
It always concerns me when someone who is supposed to be watching out for the best interests of the permanent A list "singer" starts talking about how they need to be paid more and need to be paid right away. It also appears their plan is to try to use several people in order to get higher fees. Britney Spears/current conservator Jodi Montgomery (Britney Spears' New Conservator Asks The Court To Pay Her ASAP) (Britney Spears' New Conservator Dealing With Personal Drama After Filing For Divorce)

360. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/29 **#6**
This actress/model/former beating victim of the A list singer apparently caught her current boyfriend/former athlete doing what he does best, which is cheating, and he is out the door. She doesn't want to make that official quite yet. Why not? It will happen again. Karrueche Tran (Chris Brown)/Victor Cruz (How Karrueche Tran Moved On From Relationship With Chris Brown) (Victor Cruz celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with Paterson kids)

361. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/29 **#7**
This foreign born model/actress/writer who looks a lot like a permanent A list model from her home country was at a party last night and said she has been having a long time affair with this long time married permanent A list actor who is on his third or fourth hit television show.

362. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/29 **#8**
Is it a rite of passage that if you are a female celebrity/actress who wants a same sex fling while in Paris that you hook up with this singer? The list is a really long one and the three named actress hooked up with her this weekend. Chloë Grace Moretz/Soko (Chloe Grace Moretz shows off her natural beauty as she goes makeup-free and dons comfy knitwear in Paris) (Who French Singer Soko has dated)

363. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/30 **#1**
This actress has made an return to her old show. She had been wearing jewelry given to her by a co-star. She apparently used the press appearances to taunt ex co-star by showing off jewelry given to her by a new boyfriend, who strangely enough is a doppelganger for the co star. She is seriously pissed at co star. Some think she is only appearing on the show to get back at him. Cote de Pablo/"NCIS"/Michael Weatherly (NCIS: Cote de Pablo on tonight's big return and how long she'll stick around)

364. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/30 **#2**
This B+ list mostly television actress who has been on multiple middling shows is dating a horrible one season wonder and knows he is horrible which is why she won't make it public. Rachel Bilson/Nick Viall ("The Bachelor") (Rachel Bilson Was Asked Point-Blank If She's Dating Nick Viall and She Gave the Most Cryptic Answer)

365. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/30 **#3**
The one named north of the border singer is having all kinds of damaging things leaked to the media by the A- list mostly movie actress who wants the celebrity CEO focused on our actress. Grimes/Amber Heard/Elon Musk

366. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/30 **#4**
In addition to all of her other substance abuse issues, this foreign born alliterate A- list mostly television actress is also now addicted to pain killers and opiates her doctor prescribed to deal with pain. Ruby Rose (Ruby Rose Opened Up About Her "Terrifying" Neck Surgery For An Injury That Almost Paralyzed Her)

367. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/30 **#5**
This alliterate A list reality star is ticked off because she thinks she is being used and also hates that she was given wrong information. It just shows you she is not as close to the person who is supposed to be her significant other as she leads people to believe. Kim Kardashian/Kanye West/"Jesus Is King" album release (Kim Kardashian Updates Kanye West's "Jesus Is King" Album Release Date) (Report: Kanye West's Jesus Is King Album No Longer Has a Release Date)

368. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/30 **#6**
This foreign born permanent A list model is on a recording of law enforcement sexually assaulting multiple underage girls while with the billionaire pedophile. Naomi Campbell/Jeffrey Epstein (More Jeffrey Epstein-related documents could be unsealed)

369. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/30 **#7**
This A- list reality star who has his career as the focal point of the show is not going to give up coke no matter what it does to his body. Duane `Dog the Bounty Hunter' Chapman (Dog the Bounty Hunter's health is 'a ticking time bomb,' says Dr. Oz)

370. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/30 **#8**
This foreign born A-/B+ list mostly television actress recently on a hit pay cable show which is now defunct has been sharing with everyone who asks, naked pictures of his girlfriend.

371. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/30 **#9**
So, maybe another month or two before the A- list mostly movie actor with a probable long term movie franchise comes out? I mean, he pretty much opened the door with his latest remarks. Ansel Elgort (Ansel Elgort Is Looking For Open Relationship—But "Without the Sex")

372. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/30 **#10**
This one named A+ list foreign born singer/rapper had to write two separate checks this past month to keep two women from talking about what he did to them last year when they were 16 & 17 respectively. Drake (Drake's $350k Settlement to Alleged Sexual Assault Victim Subject of Complaint Filed by Woman Against Attorney)

373. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/30 **#11**
Why yes, that was a man who sneaked into the backseat of a waiting SUV which soon had this closeted permanent A list comic actor jump inside. I think the actor over compensates by having a lot of children. Eddie Murphy (Eddie Murphy Still Cringes at His Old Stand-Up Material) (Eddie Murphy's 10th child is adorable in family Christmas photo with all of his kids)

374. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/30 **#12**
There is a buzz that if this late night show doesn't get their ratings up, that this season could be its last. After so many years, I thought it would be ratings proof, but apparently not. Last season hit some all time series lows and the unthinkable is starting to become thinkable. "Saturday Night Live" ('Saturday Night Live' Premiere Ratings Fall From 2018)

375. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 09/30 **#13**
The Producer: Except for the names and identifying information and the initials and blanks added, because of its length and breadth, I left the tip pretty much verbatim from the tipster. I work in the industry and a few months ago I received an audio facetime call from a British phone number. the person identified themselves as _____________ (AB). He said that a colleague of his recommended me for my services. The caller went on to say that the purpose of his phone call was to connect me with _________________ (A list female producer AC). He asked if I knew who that was. I said of course, pass my info along and she can call me anytime. An hour later I got a call from the same number. AB said he was with AC and asked if I could talk. I said sure let’s do it. AC went on to tell me that she had some big news coming out soon and was feeling unsafe in the world and wanted to work with somebody with my set of skills. She offered me an insane rate of 1500 a day. She said she’d talk to her lawyers and they’d do a background check on me and we’d get an NDA signed before flying me out to Los Angeles. She was out of the country at the time working on _______________ (Will be monster hit). We agreed to talk again the next day. She said she’s give me some hypothetical situations and ask me for my input. Pretty standard job interview from my past experience. We said goodbye and that was it. The next morning at 4am my phone rings and it’s AC. My roommate was in the other room and heard it all. AC started off asking me about myself and how I got into the business. She asked me my age and weight and height. She seemed pleased with the answers I gave her. She asked me what goals I have outside of work and I told her that I have made a handful of short films and love attending Cannes and Sundance. She was impressed. AC went on to say that she is going to be on the cover of ___________ (World famous magazine) in the coming months and that ___________ (the movie studio releasing the box office hit) is going to announce a joint contract with her new company. AC said she wants to have somebody by her side during that time and said that she likes me and our conversations and that she feels like I’m the guy for her. I was pleased. She asked me about Cannes again and said that she has a beautiful home there and asked if I would like to see it. I said of course, I’d move there tomorrow if I could. She laughed and said, oh you would? Do you like to be spoiled? I was taken aback by the comment. I said I don’t know I’ve never really been spoiled. She laughed and said oh I can’t wait to spoil you. She then said give me a kiss and made a kissing noise over the phone. She kept doing it until I did the same thing. She asked me if I’ve been with an older woman and I said I recently broke up with my gf who was older and had kids. She seemed thrilled to know that. She started moaning and making kissing noises. It was quite embarrassing and I didn’t know how to react so I laughed. She got mad at me and said oh I’m so sorry I’m so embarrassed you’ve embarrassed me let’s forget the whole thing don’t tell anybody blah blah blah I’ll write you a check if you just forget the whole thing ever happened. I came back and calmed her down assuring her I was okay with the situation. She said okay we’ll talk again soon and her lawyers will send me paperwork the next day. She hung up and I got a text message from the same number asking for my email. The next day I received no email. I was very nervous about the whole thing. I told my parents and my roommate. A week passes and nothing happened. I texted the number again and she called me back immediately. She excused herself from whatever meeting she was attending and went into AB’s office or so she said. She immediately started to get aggressively sexual again and asked me if I liked to be demanding. I said sure I guess. She said okay demand something from me. What do you want, cars? money? I said I demand you write me a check for 10,000 and she started moaning heavily. I had my phone on speaker this time and my roommate heard it all. I honestly believe she was masturbating to our call. She said give mommy a kiss and I made the kissing peck noise for about a minute straight while she moaned and begged me for more. It was so embarrassing. I laughed again and she said oh i’ve done it again haven’t I and I assured her I was laughing at my dog. She said I need to know if you’re going to be able to handle an older woman like me. I said I'll do whatever you need me to. At the time I felt like I had no option but to go through with it. 1500 a day would change my life forever. I have many debts from school and life and she could get rid of all of that within a months time. Now here’s the most alarming part. She said "I’m like this with all my actors and all my..." then she cut herself off and said you know what never mind. She said I’ll be in LA tomorrow. my lawyers will email you today and we’ll have you on a plane for next week. thanks see you soon and she hung up. I never got an email. a few days pass and she calls me again but this time at 1am my time. She said that her schedule changed and she needed me to find her somebody that could take care of her children. She asked me to find a security person in LA that could meet with her people tomorrow. I forget what day this was. I made phone calls and found somebody I thought would be a good match. I texted AB their number and they had a phone interview. My friend, the security guy, said it went extremely well until he mentioned that he was an actor and that he heard me say there were the big box office film reshoots. AC freaked out and hung up with him and called me immediately to say it was very unprofessional and that she didn’t trust my friend and that she just wanted to deal with me. I was getting so tired of these erratic phone calls at all hours of the day but she promised me I’d be going to LA the next few days and be moving into what she called "the _____ compound". After that last phone call I never heard from them again. I reached out to AB via text but no return message was sent. The only reason I’m telling anybody this is because she was very aggressively sexual to a complete stranger over the phone. AB knows of her behavior because he had to of been around while she did it a few times. she claims to do this with everybody. she also said that her relationship with her husband is all for show and that they live in separate wings of their home. I don’t know what else to say but i thought the world should know. I wish I had recorded those conversations. I don’t think I could have sued her for something so minimal and non-evasive but it’s genuinely broken my brain a bit to be nervous any time my phone rings with an LA number. if she called again and genuinely offered me the position and sent paperwork I’d do it. for the money. it’d change my life. but at what cost? Being raped by a woman twice my age?

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