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Yesterday afternoon, this CEO announced changes which would result in thousands of workers losing their jobs. At the time, the CEO was not at his company's offices. He was at his mansion a few hundred miles away. He wouldn't even tell the press how many workers were being affected. The guy just doesn't care about people. Elon Musk (Elon Musk thinks layoffs will keep Tesla profitable as $35,000 Model 3 arrives)

This financial backer of the sex cult has no intention to ever come back to the US because she knows she will be arrested. In fact, she is going to move from her current country to one a little less friendly with the US. Sara Bronfman (NXIVM) (Sara Bronfman found in Southern France!) (Switzerland)

Once the season of this network reality mainstay ends, there are at least two men who are going to come forward and share their sexual experiences with the star of the show. Colton Underwood ("The Bachelor") (Colton Underwood Hits the Gym With Cassie Randolph’s Sister’s Boyfriend Gregg Sulkin) (Exclusive: It's Fantasy Suite Time and Colton Is Freaking Out!) (‘Bachelorette’ Alum Robby Hayes Doesn’t Think Colton Underwood Is ‘Really a Virgin’)

An accuser of the disgraced A list dual threat actor wants to drop the charges against the actor but is being pressured by prosecutors to stay the course. Kevin Spacey (Kevin Spacey lawyers seek accuser's cellphone, other records)

This former A- list mostly television actor from back in the day that all of you know, is going to four or five red carpets a night. Not for publicity but to try and find women he hasn't hit on. Wilmer Valderrama

This former tween actress turned oft engaged/married B+ list mostly television actress is sleeping with her much older onscreen relative who is married in real life. Jodie Sweetin ("Full House" and "Fuller House") (John Stamos as Jesse Katsopolis, D.J. and Stephanie's uncle) (married 3 times/engaged 2 times) (Jodie Sweetin Addresses Rumor She’s Slept With John Stamos)

This former A+ list reality star said several racist things directed towards a comic this week at an event. Paris Hilton

This actress is probably A- list. She starred on two long running shows simultaneously at one point last year, but is more well known for the network show she has been on forever. I mean a long time. Anyway, her long time boyfriend has been cheating on her while she has been promoting a few of her projects. Ariel Winter/Levi Meaden ("Modern Family" and "Sofia the First") (Ariel Winter And Levi Meaden Share A Valentine’s Day Kiss On Instagram)

At least the permanent A+ list rapper waited until his permanent A+ list wife left for the evening before he hooked up with a celebrity offspring. Jay Z/Beyoncé (Steve Harvey's Daughter Scores Invitation To Jay-Z's Oscars Party After Caught Flirting)

10. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/01 **#10**
This oft troubled offspring of a permanent A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee is using the name of his dad to try and get loans for a film which will never be made.

11. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/01 **#11**
I don't know if this foreign born A-/B+ list alliterate singer is still dating the A+/A list actor or not but she did hook up with a guy this week who was not the actor. Jessie J/Channing Tatum

12. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/01 **#12**
This B- list mostly television actress has a new show that looks great but most of you (and me) will never watch because you won't be able to find the channel. I believe she just turned 30 or close to it. Anyway, she plays a 15 year old better than a 15 year old and she makes a ton of money from producers who have fetishes about having sex with young teens. Her issue is that several of them have also hired young teens to be on their shows or in their movies and she worries for the safety of those teens. Janel Parrish ("Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists" on Freeform) (The New 'Pretty Little Liars' Spinoff Opens With the Coolest Lady Gaga Cover Ever)

13. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/01 **#13**
The drunken pawing of this foreign born permanent A list model by this follicly challenged permanent A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee while out of the country at an event was embarrassing to watch, and so uncomfortable. Elle MacPherson/Nicolas Cage (Opera Ball Vienna 2019) (Elle Macpherson, 54, takes a tumble as she's announced as the star guest of Austrian billionaire Richard Lugner, 86, at the Vienna Opera Ball) (Nicolas Cage arrives at the Vienna Opera Ball in Vienna, Austria, on Thursday)

14. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/01 **#14**
It would be really awkward if this A- list reality star discovered one of the people her serial cheating rapper boyfriend has hooked up with. Kylie Jenner/Travis Scott/Jordyn Woods (Kylie Jenner Asked Travis Scott If Jordyn Woods Ever Acted Inappropriately With Him Too)

15. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/01 **#15**
The Coverup: Back in the day there was a murder. It involved an actor who was probably B+ list at the time, but everyone knew him. Solid character actor. Everyone knew he did it, but kept giving him work. Not as much, but enough to keep him going. The actor ended up killing himself right before the police were going to arrest him again after new evidence was given to them. What was the new evidence? A witness to the murder. One who had stayed silent for several years about the murder because the person thought they would be charged too. For years after the murder, the witness had huge drinking and drug issues because of it. The stress was killing them so they finally went to the police. How had this person been a witness? She had been there the night of the killing having sex with the actor. Who is the witness? A B+ list actress who was more famous then, but all of you know. All of you.
Robert Pastorelli/Charemon Jonovich/Natasha Lyonne (Actor Robert Pastorelli found dead in home) (Pastorelli suspected of killing live-in) (Robert Pastorelli and Natasha Lyonne co-starred in "Modern Vampires")

She’s Cutting Off Her Nose To Spite Her Face!: Oh, Sweetie… This one was never the smartest grifter in the bunch. But the network has rewarded her handsomely despite her lack of any actual talent. She has a history of being rude and demanding on sets. She has been pretty much blackballed from a very popular morning talk show or two due to rude behavior. On one of shows pulled a previous opportunity to replace one of her friends on a panel show she was fired from because history would simply repeat itself on the show. Her Q rating and her reputation in the industry have been plummeting for years. Yet, her primary job continues to pay her beyond her wildest dreams. But sources tell Tamara Tattles exclusively that gravy train may be coming to an end. There are a lot of factors working against her. She is too old for the target audience. She is no longer the centerpiece of the ensemble show she is best known for. Her contractual salary requirements far exceed her contributions to the show. And now she is publicly throwing shade at people who know where the bodies are buried. She seems to think that someone, or perhaps two someones are warning the producers at a new opportunity of her unprofessional ways. So, she is making videos showing her complimenting and hugging everyone on set as a display of her friendly nature. Yet, she continues to trash some unnamed people she has worked with in the past who she feels are interfering with her employment opportunities. She is the one holding the scissors up to her nose. No one else. Girl, you better change your attitude before the reunion filming next week. You in danger. So you better bring it. Okurrr? NeNe Leakes ("Real Housewives of Atlanta") (VIDEO: NeNe Leakes Attacks Cameraman & Threatens to ‘F*ck Up’ Marlo Hampton!) (Has Rosie O’Donnell banned NeNe Leakes from co-hosting ‘The View’?) (NeNe Leakes’ talk show blocked by Wendy Williams, TV host made production company choose her or RHOA star) (NeNe Leakes Dropped from Xscape Tour Over Rape Comment)

That real estate deal by that A list rapper, which I told you was a sham just before year end, unraveled during a period of time when I am forbidden from discussing such matters. The tabloids are lying when they say the A list rapper lost a big deposit, because he never submitted a bid. He actually made a relatively small amount of money. He was paid by the owner who is trying to sell - the whole thing was a plan to get a lot of press & drum up interest. Kanye West (Kanye Wants to Return His $14 Million Christmas Present for Kim. It Might Not Be That Simple)

This serial woman beating A- list singer all of you know is so drug dependent now that he is doing them openly in front of dozens of people in public places. Chris Brown (Chris Brown Caught On Video Doing COCAINE IN CLUB!!)

This former A/A- list mostly movie actress took a wrong turn in her career and it crashed. She is trying to revive it, but will probably be doing it without her significant other because of the affair she had. Amanda Seyfried/Thomas Sadoski (Seyfried: 'Lovelace could ruin my career') (Amanda Seyfried Admits Her Husband Had 'Issues' Over Her Working with Ex Dominic Cooper Again)

This permanent A++ list celebrity and her best friend are doing the bidding of the A++ list mogul when it comes to all of the recent statements the celebrity and her friend have been releasing. Oprah Winfrey/Gayle King/David Geffen ('It is a scourge on humanity': Oprah Winfrey DENOUNCES Michael Jackson while praising Leaving Neverland and the brave men coming forward to say 'they were raped by King of Pop') ('We had a wedding ceremony in his bedroom': Michael Jackson accuser reveals he 'married the singer when he was ten, and shows diamond and Rolex rings the King of Pop gave him after he raped the boy')

This permanent A list athlete in his corner of the athletic world told his celebrity significant other that she was gaining some weight. He did it in front of a waiter at a restaurant.

To keep him from being accused of sexual harassment by various really young women he is always hitting on, this older A-/B+ list actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee was provided with a barely legal teen by his daughter. The daughter also pays the teen's salary. Jon Voight/Angelina Jolie

I told you last week that this former A list mostly television actor from a now defunct hit cable show was back on the bottle. He was even more messy at an event late this week. Jon Hamm ("Mad Men") (Jon Hamm has mini Mad Men reunion as he grabs dinner with former co-star Anna Osceola in LA)

Every other week or so, this disgraced director has been staying at the home of this closeted A- list former MTV actor.
Bryan Singer/Tyler Posey

This Housewife is always willing to get engaged or married if the money is right. It is what she did last time and the time before and time before. Things get bad though when they want her to sign a prenup or she doesn't get the kind of allowance she wants. Danielle Staub ("Real Housewives of New Jersey") (Danielle Staub postpones wedding to Oliver Maier)

Speaking of money, this reality star/celebrity offspring from the same network as #1, but in a different franchise has been running through sugar daddies because they find out she cheats on them with guys her own age she sees in public. Brielle Biermann ("Don’t Be Tardy") (Brielle Biermann rocks black ensemble and diamond studded belt at 2 Chainz release party in Atlanta)

This permanent A list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee is being targeted in a drug sting. Apparently she is a huge pill supplier.

Probably not the best time for this celebrity offspring/host to fly away from her husband. It seems there were at least two other exes who are going to celebrate his birthday with him. Hailey Baldwin Bieber/Justin Bieber (Hailey Baldwin catches the eye in bright green shirt dress as she changes into her THIRD outfit during a busy day at Paris Fashion Week) (How Justin Bieber Celebrated His 25th Birthday)

A pair of twins is set to come forward and talk about their experiences with the disgraced director. Edmund and Gary Entin ("The Etin Twins")/Bryan Singer (The Sad Truths Behind the L.A. Party Scene That Took Down Bryan Singer) (Bryan Singer, Edmund and Gary Entin) ("The Atlantic" Bryan Singer article)

He was headed to a charity event, but this former A list mostly television actor from that now defunct show you know I hate to A- list actor yelled at his driver because the driver didn't appreciate who he was driving.
Zachary Levi

Don't believe the hype. This foreign born A- list model who really would rather act has never even followed the A list singer/actress she was supposed to have unfollowed. It is the singer/actress trying to drag on the romance publicity with her co-star. She loves the attention. Irina Shayk/Lady Gaga/Bradley Cooper (Bradley Cooper's girlfriend Irina Shayk 'unfollows Lady Gaga on Instagram')

This A list singer/network reality judge has no friends when it comes to crews who support his tours and concerts. He treats all of them like crap and thinks he is better than them. Adam Levine ("Maroon 5") ("The Voice") (The shady side of Adam Levine)

33. BILLY MASTER 03/04
Could if be that a certain reality star is a bit more experienced than he's letting on? So says someone from his past who told me he probably hasn't gone all the way - "with a woman". As to men, all I got was a sly grin. Colton Underwood ("The Bachelor") (Billy Eichner Jokes Colton Underwood Could Be the "First Gay Bachelor")

Something not discussed when talking about this oft arrested former A- list mostly movie actor is how often he has hooked up with women who have tweens and sold them to men for drugs. Tom Sizemore (Tom Sizemore's Alleged Sexual Assault of Minor Detailed in Newly Surfaced Police Report)

I think this bar reality star is using some kind of made up calendar when she is talking about her sobriety. It definitely is not a real one. Lala Kent ("Vanderpump Rules") (Lala Kent Celebrates Four Months Of Sobriety Amid Relapse Fears)

This permanent A+/A list mostly movie actor who has multiple Oscar nominations/wins is cheating on his long term wife with a woman who was once the girlfriend of his son. Denzel Washington (John David 34/Malcolm 27); Tom Hanks (Chet 28/Truman 23)

This former A- list mostly movie actress who had a franchise all of you know is spending 4-5 hours a day exercising and doing coke in an effort to lose weight which she does not need. She is a skeleton at this point. Nikki Reed ("Twilight) (Nikki Reed and Whitney Cummings are pretty in patterns as they lead stars at The Compassion Project Gala in LA)

This past weekend her husband was sleeping with his long time mistress, but today that alliterate talk show host was shouting out her love for him. Wendy Williams (Kevin Hunter) (Wendy Williams Shouts-Out Her Husband During TV Return)

This foreign born B+ list mostly television actress who will soon be looking for steady work again had a falling out with her same on the list co-star. The reason? After a threesome with the same on the list co-star, the same on the list co-star's boyfriend tried to hook up with the B+ lister solo. Maisie Williams/Sophie Turner ("Game of Thrones")/Joe Jonas (GoT's Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams 'Tried to Sneak a Kiss Into Every Scene' Together)

This A list rapper is set to start taking donations from the general public for his church. When I say his church, I mean him. Kanye West (She Needs Yeezus! Khloé Kardashian Turns To The Church Of Kanye West After Her One-Sided Feud With Jordyn Woods)

At her hotel this morning outside the country was this foreign born singer. The singer was the impetus for this A- list and dropping mostly movie actress for coming out. Kristen Stewart/Soko (French singer-songwriter) (Kristen Stewart’s Supposed Girlfriend SoKo Says She Also Dated Robert Pattinson) (Kristen Stewart sports casual double denim as she jets out of LAX and heads to Paris Fashion Week)

This rapper/lover of Z's is married. He is cheating on his wife with his ex who he cheated on with his now wife. Swizz Beatz/Alicia Keys/Mashonda Tifrere (Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz's Love Story Wasn't Always So Sweet)

43. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/04 **#10**
For three days in a row, this A list dual threat actor who has multiple Emmy wins/nominations but surprisingly doesn't have any Oscar nominations was filming in a public place. There were fans watching and every time without fail he would walk back to his trailer, a fan would ask him for his autograph or photo and each time, no matter the age, sex or race he would tell them to "F**k off." Jeff Daniels (Jeff Daniels makes film in Michigan with Melissa Gilbert)

44. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/04 **#11**
I thought she was still dating the foreign born A/A- list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee and was formerly married to an actress in the news a lot today. Apparently though, she may have moved on because was super cozy with the foreign born former superhero on a recent night out together.

45. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/04 **#12**
The former convict turned celebrity might be trying to publicly woo the rich D list lover but he still hooks up with whatever women he comes across. Jeremy "Hot Felon" Meeks/Chloe Green ('NO ONE I’d rather spend my life with': Hot Felon Jeremy Meeks posts adoring birthday message to fiancé Chloe Green on Instagram after downcast heiress was seen for first time since couple's blazing row in Dubai club)

46. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/04 **#13**
This A list mostly television actress from a very hit network show passed out drunk at NOON this weekend at a brunch. Sofia Vergara ("Modern Family") (Sofia Vergara takes son Manolo's dog Baguette out to lunch at swanky restaurant in Beverly Hills)

This back in the day A list actress when she was a teen turned Hallmark staple has a sex tape being shopped around that was taken well over a decade ago. Lacey Chalbert; Alexa Vega; Alicia Witt; Candace Cameron-Bure

The Best Friend: It wasn't even a year ago that I wrote about a woman in a foreign country who was great friends with that foreign born DJ who was killed. The woman was also killed. Apparently there has now been another death. This time it is the best friend of the woman killed. The best friend was a big celebrity in the country. She was a model and television host and had been on reality shows in the country. She was just about A list in her country. Much like her friend who was killed, the celebrity started talking about the videotapes and that many of them featured men with very underage females. Because she had seen the list which police have yet to recover, she started naming names she had seen on the list. Most of the people on the list were high ranking members of society, the government and celebrities. After she named names, she was bombarded with death threats. The person who let her see the names was killed two months after letting our celebrity see the names. The celebrity protected herself for awhile by publicly posting to social media that if she died some strange death with drugs involved that it was not suicide. That protection lasted almost a year. Last week she was found dead. The government says she overdosed on cocaine and LSD. Uh huh.
Ines Cerruti/DJ Avicii/Playboy model Natacha Jaitt
(Queen Maxima of the Netherlands' sister Inés Zorreguieta dies aged 33)

(Avicili Blind Item Revealed #1)
(Avicili Blind Item Revealed #2)
(Avicili Blind Item Revealed #3)
(Playboy model is found dead 'from drugs overdose' after Argentinian house party a year after she tried to expose 'paedophile ring' and warned she could be killed)

This alliterate talk show host makes a mess of trying to claim the child molester somehow didn’t molest any children. Wendy Williams/Michael Jackson (Wendy Williams defends Michael Jackson amid child sex abuse allegations and Twitter has thoughts)

Don't believe her hype. This former celebrity turned reality star turned celebrity turned controversial celebrity doesn't have the #1 thing at any makeup store. She is just trying to salvage what is left of her brand after her comments and decisions over the past year. Kat Von D (Beauty mogul Kat Von D responds to people who say her brand's $20 eyeliner only contains half the amount of product inside) (Kat Von D’s an Anti-Vaxxer — Will It Sink Her Brand?)

This foreign born A- list mostly television actor who is seeing his pay cable hit end soon has really ramped up the coke use to levels I have never seen him with before. Kit Harington (Jon Snow "Game of Thrones") (Kit Harington appears extremely worse-for-wear as he stumbles in front of oncoming traffic on rainy Paris streets)

This one named singer is probably A/A- list. Things must be getting serious with the new boyfriend because she is trying to get pregnant. She does know he cheats right? Halsey/ Yungblud (Halsey & boyfriend Yungblud run errands in LA after she denies pregnancy rumors)

With no one buying her concert tickets and the whole Groupon thing not working out either, this foreign born A list rapper is cutting the price of her tickets by 50%. Nicki Minaj (and when that doesn't work, she just cancels the show)
(Nicki Says She’s Dropping Out of BET Concert After Being Shaded in Cardi Grammys Tweet)

Talk about a blast from the past. This foreign born A+ list mostly movie actor recently hooked up with this foreign born A- list mostly movie actress ex who the entire world wanted to see together permanently back in the day. Ryan Gosling/Rachel McAdams ("The Notebook") (Ryan Gosling Said He'd Never Met Anyone Who Could Top Rachel McAdams)

This alliterate B-/C+ list actress model who spends six figures annually on trying to be famous, paid to walk in a Paris fashion week show. Blanca Blanco ("Christophe Guillarme" show) (Blanca Blanco goes from actress to runway model as she lights up the Christophe Guillarme show during Paris Fashion Week)

The rudest talk show host by a mile and it isn't even close is this foreign born late night host who has a bunch of spin off shows. James Corden (How James Corden Went From Everyone's Favourite Funnyman To One Of The World's Most Hated)

Mr. X: Which alliterate talk show host and her husband haven’t split up (yet) but they are living separately? She knows she can’t do anything about the mistress and the possible baby, but she’s making her husband’s life a living hell by just staying with him. Remember, their marriage is a business arrangement like the Carters. Since he’s no longer in charge of their marriage and she’s got the upper hand now after she leaked stories about him being abusive to her in the past, he’s kissing her ass 24/7 because she is over his escapades. Basically, he’s been pussy whipped. Based on her actions recently, it may seem like they’re a happy couple and he’s sticking by her side no matter what. Underneath the surface, it’s all a facade. I’m surprised she didn’t mention the other reasons she was away from her show for so long... she relapsed on benzos and booze and was detoxing. Wendy Williams/Kevin Hunter (Headed For Divorce? Wendy Williams Drops Married Name Amid Cheating Scandal) (Wendy Williams Body Language Said A Lot Today And What’s Going On With Her Legs?)

58. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/05 **#10**
Mr. X: Which B-list singer and celeb spawn of an A+++ lister is livid that a person accusing her most famous ex of faking their marriage in that documentary that’s been in the news quite a bit as of late. She’s seen the movie and knows these accusations about their marriage aren’t true, so she’s planning the make the rounds of the morning shows to disown the documentary, but also to discredit the people funding the documentary: the talk show host, (whom she once considered a friend), the talk show host’s friend, that evil mogul, the disgraced producer, and that online tabloid founder. As for those other accusations, well they allegedly happened before she came into the picture but I’m sure she’ll find people to discredit the accusers and bring the evidence. She’s out for blood!
B- list singer: Lisa Marie Presley (Elvis Presley)
Marriage: Michael Jackson
Documentary: "Leaving Neverland"
Person saying marriage was fake: James Safechuck (Michael Jackson 'told his rape accuser James Safechuck that his marriage to Lisa Marie Presley was just for show)
Talk show host: Oprah Winfrey (Oprah Winfrey Presents: After Neverland)
Talk show host’s friend: Gayle King
Evil Mogul: David Geffen
Disgraced producer: Harvey Weinstein
Online tabloid founder: Harvey Levin (TMZ)

59. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/05 **#11**
Mr. X: What closeted real estate show star used a surrogate from the same company that provided a baby to his boss? He’s doing everything he can to make him look straight. Ryan Serhant ("Million Dollar Listing New York") (‘Million Dollar Listing New York’ Agent Ryan Serhant Welcomes Baby Girl!) (Andy Cohen welcomes baby boy via surrogate)

60. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/05 **#12**
Mr. X: Which foreign born female rapper is in talks to be the headliner at the Dubai World Cup concert this year? And that’s not the only thing she’s going to be doing in Dubai, if you know what I mean.

61. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/05 **#13**
This former A list child/teen actor turned A- list adult actor who has beaten women in the past apparently threatened to kill a costume designer on his most recent project. He said that it was the costume designer's fault that the actor didn't look quite right on film. He needs some help. Shia LaBeouf ("The Peanut Butter Falcon") (What You Need To Know About The Peanut Butter Falcon)

Don't Drink Near Him: Over the past few years, there have always been whispers of what this A+ list mostly movie actor was like back in high school. They were believable because he had exhibited those same behaviors for several of the years when he first started acting. He would be drinking with a woman and be charming and when she would get drunk he would take her home or to his car and he would rape her. It happened often enough here in town that he wasn't allowed in some bars. None of the women ever pressed charges, but word quickly spread. Several of his celebrity relationships ended abruptly because of how he treated them. A few weeks ago, I ran into someone who went to high school with the actor and asked about the whispers I had always heard. She said every female in school was warned to never drink alone with him or even near him. She knew multiple friends in school who had not listened to that advice and ended up unable to fight him off because they were too drunk or passed out. Two of those teens became pregnant and one carried the baby to term. The actor knows about the baby but has never recognized it as his own except when he gleefully signed away his parental rights when a man she married chose to adopt the child as his own. The actor bragged that he never had to pay a dime of child support.
George Clooney

Two sisters: She was at the peak of her fame a B+/A- star. Mostly film. She's notorious for appearing in a few classics and for being the first actress to break a particular boundary. Her little sister had some of her looks and charms, but wasn't as successful, getting bit parts, mostly TV, here and there. Yet, they had one thing in common. They were both sexually abused by their father in their youth. That's why they went as far away from him as they could. Big Sister disappeared at times during years, as she had to be institutionalized after a psychotic episode or because she was trying to address her sister's condition, which was much worse. Little Sister, indeed, started to behave erratically, shoplifting and having glimpses of violence. One day, it was too much for her, and she confronted her elderly father with a gun. She was put into jail, and drifted into insanity, trying to order hit jobs on the male members of her family. She actually died in jail, almost entirely forgotten, a few years ago. Big Sister, however, could rely on her husband, to whom she has been married for a VERY long time. He has always taken care of her, which allowed her to make several acclaimed comebacks after each period of absence, the latest one being for an almost television service. Nobody had a glimpse of what she had gone through.

Father: Thomas J. Ragusa, a Social Sciences professor at San Antonio's University of the Incarnate Word, who was of Sicilian descent
Big Sister: Paula Prentiss (While shooting What's New Pussycat? in Paris Prentiss had a nervous breakdown and took time out from acting)
Big Sister’s husband: Richard Benjamin
Little Sister: Ann Prentiss (Old, Old Hollywood Gossip Part II: Paula and Ann Prentiss: They were born a year apart in 1937 and 1938. Paula and her sister Ann were both molested by their father. He would take them into the bathroom for a bare bottomed spanking and would then, well..) (Ann Prentiss - Weirdness Unravelling All Over Itself As We Speak)

This alliterate former online celebrity turned reality star turned person you would not want to be alone with that all of you know bit a man at a grocery store the other day for absolutely no reason. He was pushing a cart and she walked up and bit him. Tila Tequila

This married permanent A list singer all of you know is closeted and recently split with his lover of the past decade. He has always been considered a ladies man and his wife is super popular too. John Legend/Chrissy Teigen (Chrissy Teigen says Miles and Luna were created in the same petri dish — and she's planning on more children)

Apparently this not too far in the past newlywed who is an A- list musician from a permanent A list band forgot about a woman in his past he used to abuse daily when he gave interviews for a new project. Totally forgot to mention that part and how he messed up her life. Nikki Sixx (Mötley Crüe) (Nikki Sixx on Rape Story in Motley Crue Memoir: ‘I Have No Clue Why It’s In There’)

This former A list child actor is scrambling to quell the backlash, after he defended the child molester on social media. Corey Feldman/Michael Jackson (Then he did a 180 probably because he thinks he can get new donations) (Leaving Neverland: Corey Feldman can 'no longer' defend Michael Jackson) (Corey Feldman defends Michael Jackson, slams documentary)

This former A+ list mostly movie actor who recently lost a huge franchise has hired a PR firm who specializes in bot armies. Anyone who mentions his lawsuit triggers the bots and an avalanche of negative comments about the person he is suing. Johnny Depp ("Pirates of the Caribbean")/Amber Heard (Johnny Depp sues ex-wife Amber Heard for $50 million for allegedly defaming him)

This alliterate reality star is probably going to end up paying her now ex child support which she is going to hate. Khloé Kardashian (Tristan Thompson) (Khloe Kardashian And Tristan Thompson Could Face ‘Messy Custody Case,’ Lawyer Says, Per ‘HL’)

This tea company wanted this former A+ list teen actress turned A-/B+ list adult actress to show some cleavage for their product shoot. She refused. Vanessa Hudgens (Pure Leaf Iced Tea) (Vanessa Hudgens Enjoys a Relaxing Sunday with Her Iced Tea)

This A- list singer is on a PR blitz after being in rehab which she will probably not tell anyone about, because she doesn't want people to know she slipped up. Demi Lovato ("Demi Lovato Recently Checked into a Treatment Facility but Not Because She Relapsed: Source") (Demi Lovato and Henry Levy Break Up) (Newly sober Demi Lovato tours $2.5M Manhattan apartment) (Demi Lovato Knocked NFL Insider Jay Glazer’s Tooth Out During An MMA Training Session)

(REDDIT) I am a Hollywood actor whose looking to come out to the public after being raped by a beloved producer AMA. Before it was deleted: So, I posted in the casual ama subreddit yesterday because I tried to post in the verified AMA subreddit but was directed there due to my inability to give out proof. I’m still trying to figure out how to do that. My rapist helped me build my career. The abuse happened on a film set over the course of 8 months. He started with getting me drunk and touching my private’s to asking me if I wanted to know how it felt to have something inserted into me. He did this again and again, and when it hurt I felt uncomfortable telling him because I felt like he just wanted to make me feel good. Once the filming was over I was told by him that if I ever talked about what happened between us he would take my credits off of the film. He eventually started contacting me due to the success of the film and my ability to keep his secret. I think he wanted to help me to keep me quiet to be honest. He helped me build a really successful career. I spent years ignoring what happened to me, only for it to destroy my mental health. I was diagnosed with BPD in the summer of 2013 after a suicide attempt. During which time I was finally able to remember details of what happened to me. I watched Leaving Neverland this past weekend, and it tore me apart. I relate to both of the survivors, primarily Safechuck in how he dealt with the abuse, internalizing it, and Robson in how he developed a need to please MJ and continued to support him publicly. I felt that both of those men are telling the truth because of how much their stories mirrored mine. I am currently in the process of building a case to come out publicly, but I need time and courage to do so. My reason for posting on reddit is I am a ghost user normally, I am on here all of the time casually, and I know the community is one that is on the more intelligent side and could help me move on to the next step of coming out. Also, I fucking feel like it. A few things: Please don’t play the guessing game, I’m not going to respond to it. Yes, I have a team of lawyers, and psychiatrists and psychologists that are bound to secrecy by the laws within HIPPA. My family is not capable of comprehending the situation. So don’t even ask. I will not contact Ronan Farrow, I’ve debated this approach, but I want this to be different and I feel a lot of people in Hollywood find him to be an inauthentic source. Woody Allen is someone I fear in Hollywood. He is also a good example of why I’m so terrified of talking about this publicly. He can make or break a career, easily. I do want to get hired again. Especially for more serious roles. In the comments, he said he's Jewish and that he worked with Brad Pitt. He also said that the public thinks he's mentally unstable. That, combined with the mention of working on a kid's TV show, indicates that it's probably Shia LaBeouf. It could also be Logan Lerman, who worked on Fury, but I find that rather unlikely. Random reddit poster: Nobody cares that you're gay. like fucking nobody outside of some gossip magazine: is the first thing to consider. You got raped, go to the police... it's not hard. You are part of the problem for not reporting it immediately and leaving it until it became some kind of publicity stunt. Are you aware that you are just attention seeking here and there is nothing the general public can do to help you? The "actor": First of all asshat, I am attention seeking, because I live in a fucking world of torment thanks to this piece of shit. YOU HAVE NO IDEA what my life is like, so step the fuck back and look at yourself. Why do you have such a need to knock someone down who is reporting this shit? I am not gay, and even if I was, I wouldn't give a fuck. Going to the police with this sort of thing is extremely complicated, and if you weren't a fucking idiot, you would know that. They can't prove shit without a rape kit that cannot even be used this long after an event. Plenty of people come forward, but the police can't prove dick. Especially since what happened to me happened when I was a fucking kid and was confused as all hell. It was also long before smart phones.

73. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/06 **#10**
This foreign born A-/B+ list mostly television actress who had a long running hit almost network show said this A-/B+ list writer/actor who all of you know because of his former significant other was really aggressive with his hitting on her and she said it was like he expected every woman to just say yes to wanting to sleep with him. Nina Dobrev ("Vampire Diaries")/Justin Theroux (Jennifer Aniston former significant other) (Paris Fashion Week Wraps With a Star-Laden '80s-Centric Louis Vuitton Show)

74. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/06 **#11**
There was a big fight this weekend and there should have been a dirty test based on the amount of drugs he has been using as of late. Apparently there was some creative urine gathering going on. Jon Jones ("The MMA Hour") (Coach says Jon Jones’s illegal knee was a case of bad timing)

75. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/06 **#12**
This former A+ list Disney star turned A-/B+ list adult actor is using again and was visited by the man who always seems to take him down a deep dark hole. Zac Efron/Gianluca Vacchi (Zac Efron Bi Rumors: ‘Neighbors’ Actor Says He Loves A Guy Pal; Is He Dating Businessman - Friend Gianluca Vacchi?)

76. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/06 **#13**
This want to be leader of that movement made some comments about the permanent A++ lister but when she was asked about her friend the pedophile director she says nothing or claims it doesn't matter. Rose McGowan/Michael Jackson/Victor Salva
(Rose McGowan believes Michael Jackson "was a bad man") (Rose McGowan Defended Child Molester Victor Salva)

Marrying the best friend of the daughter of your molester is twisted, but that is what this singer/actor is doing. Marques Houston/Miyana/Chris Stokes (Marques Houston Is Engaged To His Girlfriend Miya Who Calls Chris Stokes 'Dad') (Chris Stokes Denies Sexual Child Abuse Allegations In Wake Of B2K Reunion) (Molestation Allegations Against Marques Houston)

Humiliation: There are now three reports over the past six months or so which pretty much coincides with a life event that three male escorts have shared which are eerily similar. They were paid varying sums of money, but the minimum was $1500 and one was paid $5000 to dance and strip for this male former A+ list tweener. While they were dancing and stripping he would yell at them and call them names and get in their face and point his finger at them. It was the essentially the same in all three of these encounters. The three escorts all know each other and wonder if there are more out there who also have the same story. They were never physically touched by the former tweener, but he was noticeably erect, at least according to two of the three. The third said he didn't notice. None of these happened in LA. They all happened in NYC. That is not to say there might have been some here, but the three who know each other all live and work in NYC. Justin Bieber (Whirlwind Wedding! Justin Bieber Secretly Marries Hailey Baldwin Two Months After Proposal in NYC)

This foreign-born director was definitely A+ in his country at the peak of his career. He never got higher than B in the US because he was too stubborn to get along with the studio system. But in his home country, he was for a while the golden boy of a major studio, with some huge productions that are still famous and influential today. He was also married to one of his collaborators. Before that, they were both married to different people. They were working together and started an affair. Her first husband took it rather well. After their divorce, he actually worked with them. It wasn’t that easy for the director’s first wife. She caught her husband and the mistress at their home and made accusations at the both of them. She claimed that she would never divorce. At this moment, he shot her in the chest with his gun and killed her. Then, he didn’t call the police to confess the murder. He called the studio boss, who handled the whole thing to protect his best moneymaker. The head honcho bribed a few cops and he made sure that the press wouldn’t even mention the incident, which was classified as an accident in the police report despite a ton of evidence. He made such a good job that years later people were surprised to discover that the director had been previously married. No trace of the dead wife, but her name, actually survived the cleanup job. But the truth always comes out. In the director’s films, there are a lot of suicides, murders, and murders disguised to look like suicides, but the killer always leaves a trace, a mark. He was obsessed with guilt. He may have never left a written confession and he even had all his personal documents destroyed after his death, but the message still made its way on screen.
Fritz Lang/Lisa Rosenthal (The Mysterious Death of Lisa Rosenthal) (Germany is at last acknowledging Fritz Lang as one of its great movie makers. But, says Kate Connolly, dark questions have been raised about his role in his wife's death)

This highly suspicious death of a porn star in a foreign country was not an accident. Falling off a 4th floor staircase but people saw him? Yeah right. Bill Bailey (Porn legend Bill Bailey dead at 38 after mystery drunken fall from hotel balcony)

Stalkers are common, but death threats are not. This A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee has received dozens of death threats prior to the launch of her new movie and she has a huge security team paid for by the movie studio. Brie Larson ("Captain Marvel") (How Brie Larson’s ‘Captain Marvel’ Made Angry White Men Lose Their Damn Minds) (‘Captain Marvel’ Star Brie Larson Wants A WWE Match With Nia Jax)

The director of this recent widely talked about documentary got into a screaming match with someone who opposed the director's thesis. Oh, and apparently if you are an actor or musician who will have any future working relationship with the A++ list mogul, you are supposed to go on the record supporting the documentary or else. Dan Reed ("Leaving Neverland")/David Geffen (‘Leaving Neverland’ director Dan Reed wants to make a sequel featuring more victims)

It doesn't fit into the spin this reality family is filming right now so they are the ones who are telling their in the pocket media tabloid that the athlete has not moved on which he already has. Khloé Kardashian ("Keeping Up With the Kardashians")/Tristan Thompson (TMZ: Tristan Thompson Isn't 'Dating' Mystery Girl, Met Her Through Teammate)

The reunion of one of the franchises of a reality show told you what I have been writing and revealing her for years. This long time member of the franchise earns money by sleeping with men. Danielle Staub ("Real Housewives of New Jersey") (Prostitution Accusations Creep Back Up on Danielle Staub During Explosive 'RHONJ' Reunion Conclusion)

This former MTV star just puts her name on articles written by others and then gets paid for it. Farrah Abraham ("Teen Mom") (Farrah Abraham scores new gig reviewing feminism-geared books for Penthouse... and she's starting with Joan Didion)

Considering a lot of his flings live in LA, I'm not sure moving there, will make much difference for this A/A- list mostly television actor. Stephen Amell ("Arrow") (Stephen Amell fights back tears as he reveals he chose to leave Arrow after season eight to be closer to his wife and five-year-old daughter in LA)

This A+/A list mostly movie director ditched the studio companion assigned to him and got hammered while out of the country this week.

We somehow let slide and believe the story of this former A list girlfriend and how he was just friends with her when she was in high school and he is looking at an AARP card in the not so distant future. What no one talks about is how many high schoolers he had to talk to before he found one who had a grandfather fetish. R. Kelly (R. Kelly's Girlfriend Claims Her Parents Encouraged Her to 'Take Sexual Videos' with the Singer)

89. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/07 **#10**
This A- list alliterate mostly television actress is using her new opportunity to stalk females online again. She is so strange. Pauley Perrette ("Broke") ('NCIS' Star Pauley Perrette Was Just Cast in Her First Major Role Since Leaving the Show)

90. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/07 **#11**
Just like all of the other women he called his girlfriends, the latest for this celebrity offspring who will probably never get higher than his parents is more of someone to use drugs with than anything else.

91. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/07 **#12**
They are good at keeping it out of the press, but this permanent A list mostly movie actor and his B+ list mostly movie actress ex can't even stand to be in the same room together and use their children as go betweens rather than talking directly to each other. Ben Stiller/Christine Taylor (Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor Remain the Friendliest Exes, Attend Gala With Their Kids)

92. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/07 **#13**
They made very sure that infamous house burned to the ground. St. Charles House Of Horrors Blind Item (Massive mansion fire tears through historic home on St. Charles Ave. in New Orleans)

The Story Behind The Story: Everyone knows the story of why this permanent A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee wouldn't sign on for a sequel to a huge franchise from about a decade ago. He and one of the female co-leads hated each other. But why did they hate each other? Legend has it that he criticized her acting and she hated him after that. The real story is though he is a drunk and a mean drunk at that and a "get what I want" when I am drunk kind of guy and he would not stop hitting on her and making advances on her and trying to touch her and she wasn't having any of it and hated him for that. Because she said no to him so many times, he made it out to be the reason he couldn't stand her was because of her acting. That ticked off our actress who then beat the hell out of the actor. Bill Murray/Lucy Liu ("Charlie’s Angels") (Did Bill Murray Hate The Sh*t Out Of Lucy Liu On The Set Of "Charlie’s Angels"?)

As I told you last month, this foreign born A/A- list model who would rather be acting is spending some time away from the A+ lister to do some yachting. Their contract is up and he wanted to extend. She might, but she had this gig planned because originally he said there was not going to be a renewal. Irina Shayk/Bradley Cooper (Irina Shayk doesn’t look bothered by Bradley Cooper/Lady Gaga rumours as she soaks up the sun)

She might not be drinking any longer, but this multiple reality star/celebrity who has A list name recognition celebrity spawn has moved on to lots and lots of pills. Wow she was wasted during a recent interview. Dina Lohan (Lindsay Lohan) (Dina Lohan's bizarre 'Wendy Williams Show' appearance has fans thinking she's drunk)

It might have been a script, but everyone knows the husband of this alliterate athlete turned athlete/entertainer is awful and a wife abuser, so that part is true. Ronda Rousey (Travis Browne) (Miesha Tate Says Becky Lynch’s Insult About Travis Browne Definitely Angered Ronda Rousey)

That A- list reality star with the lucrative side gig still helps out her ex with money almost every month. Kylie Jenner/Tyga

Considering the name of the event, it was pretty ironic this A list mostly television actor from an acting family showed up wasted. Colin Hanks (Tom Hanks) (Good For A Laugh Comedy Fundraiser To Support Children Affected By War)

It is pretty confusing how this foreign born network reality star can be getting married and also be on a dating app at the same time. His soon to be wife is pressing on with the wedding though. Valentin Chmerkovskiy (Jenna Johnson) ("Dancing With the Stars") (Engaged Val Chmerkovskiy Caught On Dating App!)

100. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/08 **#7**
Daggers from this A- list mostly television actress from a hit almost network show towards the co-star of her actor boyfriend. Our television actress knows the pair hooked up while filming a movie and seethes about it daily. Lili Reinhart/Cole Sprouse ("Riverdale")/Haley Lu Richardson ("Five Feet Apart") (Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse Were Very Affectionate During a Rare Red Carpet Event Together) (Cole Sprouse Says He and ‘Five Feet Apart’ Love Interest Haley Lu Richardson Had ‘Chemistry Immediately’)

101. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/08 **#8**
This foreign born former A+ list tweener has opened up his social media accounts to his wife and someone who works for her which is why there has been an influx of loving posts and tons of pictures of the the wife. Justin Bieber/Hailey Baldwin Bieber (stylist Maeve Reilly) (Hailey Bieber Wraps Up First Day at Paris Fashion Week)

102. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/08 **#9**
This A list mostly comic movie actor is cheating on his long time wife. Will Ferrell/Viveca Paulin (wed in 2000) (Will Ferrell Marriage On The Rocks After Box Office Bust)

103. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/08 **#10**
Apparently this former A list mostly movie actress turned host was close to death at one point about three weeks ago. She is slowly getting better. Whoopi Goldberg (Whoopi Goldberg said she almost died after developing pneumonia in both lungs)

104. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/08 **#11**
This foreign born A-/B+ list mostly movie actress ALL of you know hit the casting couch for the first time in her life to try and land a huge role. It will probably be her last chance at a comeback. Naomi Watts ("Game of Thrones" Prequel Casts Naomi Watts in Lead Role)

105. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/08 **#12**
This former reality star sold some information to a tabloid about his former co-stars which is how he managed to find some much needed cash to settle a sticky legal issue. Peter Thomas, Cynthia Bailey’s ex-husband ("Real Housewives of Atlanta") (Real Housewives of Atlanta's Peter Thomas set to be released from jail after paying $4K debt in bad check case)

106. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/08 **#13**
New fillers and lots of coke for this foreign born A list singer at an after party last night. Dua Lipa (Dua Lipa turns heads in a striking neon green and black ensemble as she takes home TWO gongs at the Global Awards)

107. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/08**#14**
The Journals: Long thought to be lost in the "never going to give them back" bureaucracy that is the federal government, they have emerged. They have not emerged with their rightful owner, but with someone who is using them to blackmail various people mentioned. The owner is an A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee. The journals were written over a period time when the actress was just beginning her career. It names names of those she had to sleep with to land parts. It names names of those who harassed her or she saw harass others. It lists a lot of encounters with men who were married at the time. It is a who's who of names and dates and acts. It is so detailed that anyone who is contacted by the blackmailer realizes they have no chance of waffling out of it. One permanent A list director who is beloved by Hollywood and the public and his wife is the latest to be targeted and is considering paying the 7 figure sum. The problem won't go away though. Anne Hathaway (FBI grabs Anne Hathaway's diaries) (Peter Segal/Linda Segal ("Get Smart")/IMDB) (Ang Lee/Jane Lin ("Brokeback Mountain")/IMDB)

108. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/09 **#1**
For a healthy fee, this former back in the day A+ list reality star is acting as a matchmaker for wealthy men who would like to date D listers. Paris Hilton (Paris Hilton slips into a semi-sheer LBD and nude fishnets for dinner with Kim Kardashian's best friend Larsa Pippen)

109. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/09 **#2**
She can say what she wants publicly, but this former reality star turned television host knows exactly how she landed her current gig, and it wasn't because she was the best host. Julianne Hough ("America’s Got Talent") (America's Got Talent: New Judges Julianne Hough and Gabrielle Union Make Debut in First Season 14 Photos)

110. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/09 **#3**
This alliterate convicted pedophile/former network reality judge raped a girl who was way underage for years. She wasn’t even a teen. He barely did any jail time. Not only is he back working on Hollywood productions, but also running smaller gigs, in a neighboring state. He has even been posting pictures to social media of the underage teen girls who work for him. Nobody seems to care, or do anything about it. Shane Sparks
(So You Think You Can Dance Man Shane Sparks Gets Jail Time in Underage Sex Case) (Art Direction ("False Affairs") ("Move" (Documentary) (filming) ("Twerk INC"(Documentary) Hip-Hop choreographer) ("Stars Strike 4 Funds" (2018)

111. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/09 **#4**
Funny that this long time permanent A+ list producer/showrunner took the recent actions he did but had no problems running with his buddy Harvey and following in his footsteps. Showtime CEO David Nevins (‘SMILF’ Canceled By Showtime After Two Seasons) ('SMILF' Creator Frankie Shaw Says She 'Loved Making' Now Canceled Series) (Showtime CEO David Nevins weighed in on the controversy)

112. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/09 **#5**
This former almost A- list mostly movie actress turned escort/multiple reality show star had a dress she was wearing the other night and had to keep pulling up. The tops of her breasts were covered in bruises. Lindsay Lohan

113. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/09 **#6**
This former A- list singer who really has given that up for reality show judging got new breast implants for her wealthy businessman benefactor. Nicole Scherzinger (Nicole Scherzinger opts for casual chic look upon arrival at LAX after release of intimate video)

114. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/09 **#7**
It is legal, but it is still odd that this still not old enough to drink actress who is A- list and in an acting family, is hooking up with a guy who will turn 60 in the next couple of years. Elle Fanning (20 years old) (Elle Fanning dresses down in sweater and sweatpants on outing with her mom in Beverly Hills)

115. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/09 **#8**
This A- list Ryan Seacrest wannabe is always cheating on his wife. Nothing new about that. Apparently though, he found someone who is a regular rather than one offs and his wife is concerned he might leave. Mario Lopez (Courtney Laine Mazza) (Inside Orpheuscapade party with ‘Saved By the Bell’ star Mario Lopez)

116. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/10 **#1**
This manager/former reality star somehow convinced a sugarbaby to take a check. It bounced. Vince Herbert (Tamar Braxton) (Tamar Braxton’s Ex Vince Herbert Facing Eviction & Bad Check Lawsuits)

117. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/10 **#2**
This foreign born former A+ list tweener tried to kill himself last week, but a bodyguard assigned to watch just for that, caught it in time. Justin Bieber (Justin Bieber asks for fans' prayers after revealing he's been 'struggling a lot')

118. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/10 **#3**
I guess this foreign born A list rapper is going to keep using the same excuse for her half empty shows. Nicki Minaj (Nicki Minaj Addresses Second Concert Cancellation as Fans Chant 'Cardi B')

119. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/10 **#4**
Kindness: This A- list mostly television actress from two hit shows (one network, one cable) volunteers her time for a dog charity and when she works there, she works. Hands and knees scrubbing the kennels. Ariel Winter ("Modern Family" and "Sofia the First") (Ariel Winter Makes Friends at the Animal Shelter)

120. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/10 **#5**
Usually this foreign born permanent A list celebrity keeps his affairs secret. Thing is though, he recently got a waitress he met in Miami pregnant. David Beckham

This alliterate A- list singer has gone from joy to work with and fan friendly to someone who is letting fame go to her head and surrounding herself with people who kiss her butt and our singer is so far removed from fan friendly now.

I'm not sure how much footage from a commercial this celebrity offspring/model shot is going to be usable. She was coming off a three day bender and acted like it. Gigi Hadid (Gigi Hadid keeps it cozy in long puffer jacket and Ugg slippers in between takes of Maybelline shoot in New York)

He is married, but it is really up in the air if this A- list dual threat actor who stars in a huge movie franchise is still married. His current co-star is definitely still with someone. So, the hooking up is probably not a good idea. Adam Driver/Keri Russell (Every Photo of Keri Russell and Adam Driver Is Hornier Than the Last) (Adam Driver and Keri Russell Share a Stage and Then, Maybe, Lightsabers)

124. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/11 **#1**
This A- list mostly movie actress only gets this high because of her movie franchise which is seemingly never ending. She married a co-star she cheated on a significant other with and now that marriage is on the rocks. Anna Camp ("Pitch Perfect") (Anna Camp and Michael Mosley Are Getting Divorced) (Pitch Perfect's Anna Camp and Skylar Astin Are Married!)

125. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/11 **#2**
This politician had to cancel an evening appearance, after she got carried away with some day drinking & passed out in her hotel room. We have all been there. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez cancelled her final South by Southwest appearance on Sunday as she is 'under the weather')

126. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/11 **#3**
I have been telling you for forever that this former A+ list athlete has been cheating on his A list everything in her mind significant other with a variety of people. Last night, one of those many people was brought into the light. Probably not good timing with that life event announcement. Alex Rodriguez/Jennifer Lopez/Jose Canseco’s ex-wife Jessica (Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are engaged) (Jose Canseco accuses engaged A-Rod of cheating on J.Lo) (Jennifer Lopez Reportedly Doesn't Care About Those Alex Rodriguez Cheating Rumors)

127. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/11 **#4**
This former B+ list reality star/escort turned escort runs a fashion line. It doesn't make any profit, but it does allow her customers to pretend like they are paying a business rather than her for her time. Draya Michele ("Basketball Wives L.A.) (Draya Michele of Basketball Wives fame sizzles in a bikini from her Mint Swim line as she enjoys a beach vacation in Mexico) (Draya Discusses Her 'Fine Ass Girls' Clothing Line) (Draya Michele Launches New Clothing Line Beige And Coco)

128. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/11 **#5**
This foreign born A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee is pretty sure she has this huge new role because she hit the casting couch hard. She hasn't done that in two decades but did for this role. Naomi Watts (‘Game of Thrones’ Prequel Casts Naomi Watts in Lead Role)

129. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/11 **#6**
This A- list mostly television actress from a hit pay cable show quit because she thinks she is a huge movie star in the making. Crickets since she left. Never leave a hit show. Emmy Rossum ("Shameless") (Emmy Rossum leaving 'Shameless') (IMDB)

130. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/11 **#7**
This A- list actress/writer/producer who has had several hit television shows recently went to the same doctor who performed Mariah Carey's weight loss surgery and had the same procedure. Mindy Kaling (2019 Vanity Fair Oscar Party); Amy Poehler (2019 Vanity Fair Oscar Party)

131. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/11 **#8**
This married foreign born A- list mostly movie actress has been hooking up with one of her long time flings while in her home country. Priyanka Chopra (India) (Priyanka Chopra with Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna at bash by Huma Qureshi) (Akshay opens up on his fallout with Priyanka: What went wrong between the rumoured ex-couple)

132. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/11 **#9**
The one named foreign born A+ lister should be asking himself if people will stop playing his music too because of all the underage females he has groomed. Drake (Drake Appears to Drop Michael Jackson Song From U.K. Concert Set List) (Drake Kisses And Fondles Underage Girl In Disgusting Resurfaced Video)

133. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/11 **#10**
This A- list mostly movie actor was out with his girlfriend just long enough to let the paps get their shots, and then he packed it up. The whole thing is just about rehabilitating his image. James Franco/Isabel Pakzad (James Franco's girlfriend Isabel Pakzad, 25, shows off her figure in multicoloured bikini as she cuddles up to actor, 40, in Miami Beach)

134. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/11 **#11**
This went to dust under a cloud of bad loans/debts/embezzling fashion house is apparently now coming back. I guess this former celebrity turned reality star found some new suckers to fund it. Kimora Lee Simmons ("Baby Phat") (Kimora Lee Simmons Is Relaunching Baby Phat This Summer: 'It's the Rebirth of My Baby')

135. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/11 **#12**
I told you that this former A+ list reality star who everyone used to hate was back on drugs and that no good would come out of the relationship with the guy known to have the best drugs. I don't think she ever would allow herself to go to rehab voluntarily, but it would be a good idea. Paris Hilton/Machine Gun Kelly (Are Machine Gun Kelly And Paris Hilton Dating?) (Paris Hilton sparks concern after her father Rick begs heiress to contact him with Instagram post)

136. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/11 **#13**
This A/A- list mostly television actress with back to back hit shows all of you know is closeted. This weekend though, her girlfriend was everywhere with the actress. Elisabeth Moss ("Mad Men" and "The Handmaid's Tale") (Elisabeth Moss & Brandi Carlile Reunite for SXSW Festival Session!)

137. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/11**#14**
Mr. X: Which relative of that deceased iconic performer who has been in the news quite a bit lately, has been pretty much ignored by the mainstream media because the powers that be funding that documentary want their narrative to be the only narrative? Her timeline of events concerning someone featured in that documentary throw serious doubts on his story and make him look like a liar and throws the films accuracy into question. She was booked on several morning chat shows to present her side of the story but they were canceled at the last minute. Now that she has told her side, several shows are reconsidering their options and are willing to book her. Michael Jackson's niece Brandi Jackson/Wade Robson ('What he's saying is ridiculous': Michael Jackson's niece Brandi says Leaving Neverland star Wade Robson 'is lying and wants money' - as she reveals she dated her uncle's accuser for years)

138. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/11**#15**
Confession: While making a documentary about famous musicians of the 20th century, producers interviewed a man who was very close to this permanent A+ list musician. They just wanted background on the life of the musician, but ended up getting told that the A+ list musician was murdered and he knew who did it. The musician's death has always been considered accidental, but apparently this man has some evidence to suggest otherwise and now the producers have switched to an entirely different documentary. Brian Jones (best known as the founder and the original leader of the Rolling Stones) (British investigators say Rolling Stone Brian Jones was murdered)

139. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/12 **#1**
More of a business decision for the foreign born serial cheating A list athlete than anything else. Paying off the guy who took the photo is way less than a divorce if the photo hit the tabloids. Wayne Rooney (Wayne Rooney fears marriage is over after disastrous DUI exposed his trip home with club-goer Laura Simpson); David Beckham (Victoria and David Beckham are now worth $1 billion)

140. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/12 **#2**
The celebrity CEO is not even trying any longer to keep his addictions hidden. He is too far gone to not be on something all the time which makes conferences lasting longer than an hour for the world to see all his issues. Elon Musk ("Tesla") (Elon Musk's Pentagon review exposes marijuana's gray area) (Did Elon Musk break SEC fraud agreement with a recent tweet? His lawyers say he didn't)

141. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/12 **#3**
Probably the first time in a long time that the A+ list singer discussed in an interview the tall alliterate model. She did so in a way worthy of a blind item, but at least we see what she thought of their time together. Taylor Swift/Karlie Kloss (Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss are twinning in yellow dresses) (Taylor Swift Says She’s Officially ‘Outgrown’ Her Squad)

142. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/12 **#4**
He didn't come out all the way and say it, but this foreign born former A_ list boy bander implied pretty heavily he doesn't get along with his former boy bander group member because of the latter's substance abuse issues. Louis Tomlinson/Zayn Malik (kind of ironic considering what happened shortly after this was written) ("One Direction") (Louis Tomlinson Just Shaded Zayn Malik and Said They’re Definitely Not Friends Anymore)

143. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/12 **#5**
This celebrity offspring who is essentially a stolen one hit wonder has moved on to other ways to make money. He cheated on his long time significant other over the weekend. Robin Thicke (Robin Thicke blurs lines with new 'Masked Singer' gig) (April Love Geary shows off stunning post-baby curves as she celebrates Robin Thicke's birthday... two weeks after welcoming their second child)

144. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/12 **#6**
The alliterate talk show host now has somewhere to call when she has her own issues to deal with. Wendy Williams (Wendy Williams Launches Substance Abuse Hotline a Week After Returning to Show)

145. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/12 **#7**
This former back in the day A- list mostly movie actress who doesn't really have anything going for her any longer decided to hold off on doing battle with the only mouth feeding her at this point. Charlotte Kirk (Who Is Charlotte Kirk? Actress Concerned In Warner Bros./RatPac Scandal) ('Can't wait tough girl': James Packer's texts to actress Charlotte Kirk exposed) (Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara Allegedly Traded Sex for Movie Roles With Actress Charlotte Kirk) (British actress at centre of Hollywood sex scandal has Asperger's reveals her mother as she claims star has NEVER slept with a movie boss just to get a role)

146. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/12 **#8**
This teen, who is not even old enough to drive left a premiere after party last night with a producer who is in his 30's. He had been hitting on her all night. Sky Katz (born December 12, 2004/14 years old) (Sky Katz – "Dumbo" World Premiere in Hollywood)

147. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/12 **#9**
That one named former A list singer in a group and solo now has more lows than highs. She acted back in the day too. Anyway, she never gets called out for being in a relationship with a guy (A list singer/actor) not quite able to drive while she was in her early 20's. Fergie ("The Black Eyed Peas") (born 1975/23 years old)/Justin Timberlake (born 1981/16 years old) (Fergie Downplays Justin Timberlake Romance: "It Wasn't All That Serious")

148. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/12 **#10**
Don't think to yourself that there couldn't possibly be any US celebrities in that foreign celebrity illegal sex tape viewing forum. I can think of two A list action directors who have spent some time on there. Michael Bay; Robert Rodriguez; Brett Ratner (Korea's K-Pop scene is being rocked by a sex, drugs, and pornography scandal that keeps getting worse) (Multiple celebrities revealed to be part of the "KakaoTalk" room with Seungri's alleged texts, will be part of investigations)

149. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/12 **#11**
The ex and the offspring want nothing to do with participating in this permanent A list mostly movie actor's legal action. Johnny Depp (Vanessa Paradis and Lily-Rose Depp) (Johnny Depp Is Now Reportedly Suing Amber Heard for Defamation)

150. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/12 **#12**
This long time member of a cult like religion was using a premiere last night to soft sell this permanent A list mostly movie actress. Elisabeth Moss (Scientologist)/Jodie Foster (Jodie Foster and Elisabeth Moss pose together between their Featured Sessions at the SXSW Film Festival)

151. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/12 **#13**
Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler (*): Have you done a little digging into the rabbit hole that is the owner of the house that burned down south? Did you use something that has special meaning on this 30th anniversary. I encourage you to do that. Everything looks normal when you look at it from the outside. Just that superficial glance on that first page. Just as you would expect a person with that status in town to have. Look more closely though. Look more closely at the object that appears to just be an alma mater and simple biography, but is so much more. It is not the alma mater, but a warehouse of ideas and collections of which he is a leading member. Much like the house itself, I encourage you to click on home and scroll. Keep scrolling. All the way to the bottom. Click on that and let yourself be terrified. (30th Anniversary of the World Wide Web) William F. Grace, Jr. (After devastating fire at historic New Orleans home, a look at mansion's place in Mardi Gras lore) (2011: Montgomery-Grace home, with rich Rex tradition, ‘was built for entertaining’) (Rex parade) (A Study of Tulane University of Louisiana: How a powerful university promotes judicial and political corruption and prevails in the Courts of Law) (U.S. Government-Sponsored Mind Control and Tulane (GRAPHIC)) (Receptions, Retreats, and Exclusive Meetings Provide Opportunities for Privileged Attorneys to Discuss the Business of Litigation with Judges)
(*Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler: "Bon ton roula" (pronounced "bahn tahn roolay") is a phonetical approximation of "bons temps rouler", Louisiana Creole French for "good times roll" as in "Laissez les bons temps rouler" or "Let the good times roll", a regional invitation to join in a festive celebration)

BLIND ITEM: Which top presidential advisor could be in hot water over his father buying his Harvard admission SOONER than he'll be indicted by Mueller? Jared Kusher (senior advisor to his father-in-law, Donald Trump, the President of the United States) (Reminder: Jared Kushner Also Scammed His Way Into Harvard)

153. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/13 **#1**
This former A/A- list dual threat actress is reaching out to people she thinks can help her because she says she doesn't belong in a mental health facility. Amanda Bynes (Friends Fear Amanda Bynes Will DIE In Rehab: ‘Everyone Is Terrified!)

154. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/13 **#2**
As he gets older, this closeted foreign born A+/A list mostly movie actor is spending more time with his boyfriend and less with his wife. Hugh Jackman (Hugh Jackman, 50 reveals his wife Deborra-Lee Furness, 63, and their children are 'sick' of The Greatest Showman soundtrack... as he responds to 'sniffy' critics of the film)

155. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/13 **#3**
Apparently one of the offspring is not even bothered about being expelled and wants to do what she wants to do. Lori Loughlin’s daughter Olivia Jade (Olivia Jade, Lori Loughlin’s Daughter, Stands to Lose Brand Deals Over College-Admissions Scandal)

156. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/13 **#4**
Of course the A- list rapper/producer/reality star who got an underage girl pregnant and lives for that 14-16 year old crowd is going to support the permanent A++ lister. The Game/Michael Jackson (The Game Voices Support for Michael Jackson: 'Let the King Rest')

157. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/13 **#5**
This one named former A/A- list singer is back on tour with her former duet/hit partner and part of the deal is she has to sleep with him every night or get kicked off the tour. Ashanti/Ja Rule (Ashanti and Ja Rule Spring a Surprise With a Joint Tour Starting Immediately)

158. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/13 **#6**
He doesn't like going to London to meet his reality star girlfriend because that is too obvious, but he will go to Europe and have them meet him there. The thing is though, this A+ list mostly movie actor calls several of the reality stars his girlfriend so you kind of have to wait to see which one turns up in town to see who he is sleeping with that week. Brad Pitt

159. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/13 **#7**
It is hard to believe they are discussing it, but they are. This tiger blooded actor is in talks to rejoin the former brat packer turned A list adult actor on a reboot of their defunct hit. Jon Cryer/Charlie Sheen ("Two and a Half Men") (Jon Cryer Says Working with Charlie Sheen Was 'Way More Craziness Than I Was Hoping for')

160. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/13 **#8**
The trades are saying one thing, but no decision has been made about the arrested actor or the network show where he stars and probably won't be made until May. Jussie Smollet (FOX "Empire") (Jussie Smollett case clouds 'Empire' future)

161. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/13 **#9**
The local law enforcement is looking the other way when the celebrity CEO does something naughty. Those weekly payoffs are too nice to cause any trouble. It will definitely be up to a higher authority to do anything. Elon Musk ("Tesla"); Jeff Bezos ("Amazon")

162. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/13 **#10**
Apparently there is a clause in the contract of this wanting to depart southeast Housewife that allows her to go to any other network if her contract is not renewed. She is praying they don't renew it. NeNe Leakes ("Real Housewives of Atlanta") (NeNe Leakes Unfollows Real Housewives of Atlanta Cast — and Andy Cohen — After 'Intense' Reunion)

163. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/13 **#11**
So, let me get this straight. This celebrity offspring was dating a guy for awhile and then started hooking up with a permanent A list rapper until the rapper's wife put her foot down. So, now the offspring is hooking up with that first guy's dad who is an A list mogul/wannabe rapper. Lori Harvey (Steve Harvey’s step-daughter) (Lori Harvey Rumored To Have Dumped Trey Songz For Diddy's Son Justin) (Beyoncé Fans Drag Lori Harvey After "Flirty" Jay Z Footage Emerges) (Diddy & Lori Harvey Spotted Together At A Reggae Show In Miami)

164. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/13 **#12**
This permanent A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee is a dirty old man who insisted on bringing an escort to set with him while filming something for a streaming service. Al Pacino (Amazon Confirms Cast For Drama Series ‘The Hunt’ Led By Al Pacino)

165. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/13 **#13**
This former A- list singer in a group and solo has not done much the past four or five years. I'm not sure people even remember she was in the group that made her famous. As of late she has been openly trolling for men and women at red carpet events. She likes to charge by the night. Fergie (Music stars nobody cares about anymore); Aubrey O'Day (Red Carpet appearances)

166. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/13**#14**
He's Doing It: This former A+ list child actor has decided once and for all to go public with his story of being molested by the A++ lister. He was convinced of it when his pseudo relative told him the whole family always knew what was going on and would cover for him and that the pseudo relative should never say anything to anyone. The thing is though, the pseudo relative was molested and raped by one of the relatives who told her to keep quiet. Since that happened, she has been in and out of rehab and attempted suicide multiple times. She wants not only the A++ lister exposed but also all of the other family members who covered it up and did their own molesting.
Former A+ list child actor: Macaulay Culkin (Paris Jackson Wishes Her Godfather Macaulay Culkin a Happy Birthday)
A++ lister: Michael Jackson (Everything Macaulay Culkin Has Said About the Allegations About Michael Jackson)
Pseudo relative: Paris Jackson (Paris Jackson reveals multiple suicide attempts)
Rapist: (BLIND ITEM "The Uncle")

167. POPBITCH 03/14
According to one former conquest, which male member of the Sex And The City cast is packing a pair of nuts "the size of lemons"? (Apparently they're nowhere near as juicy though. Their output was next to nothing...)
Chris Noth ("Mr. Big")

Olivia Newton-John has opened up about suffering several miscarriages, her various love affairs and her continuing fight against breast cancer, admitting the disease would reemerge after periods of stress. The 70-year-old, who shot to stardom with her role of Sandy in Grease in 1978, detailed her heartbreaking losses and struggles in her new memoir, Don't Stop Believin', released Tuesday. The actress details her many love affairs throughout her life, including a mystery Hollywood legend. While she refuses to name the man, she does give some clues. Olivia writes that she had once been involved with a 'Hollywood bad-boy legend with a long list of girlfriends'. She met him in a coffee shop and when he asked her out, she refused, saying he was dating her friend, Susan George. And she lied that she had a boyfriend. Olivia was staying with Susan and her sister, Rona at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel when this bad boy called up to speak with Susan who was out. Susan had her share of celebrity boyfriends including Andy Gibb, Rod Stewart and Peter Sellers. When he asked Olivia out again, she acquiesced this time. 'He was my first major movie star encounter! His name? I'll never tell'.

169. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/14 **#1**
The alliterate talk show host is correct with what she said about the permanent A+ list talk show host who works primarily in a different medium. He loves being best friends with Hollywood celebrities. Wendy Williams/Howard Stern (Howard Stern slams Wendy Williams, her ‘mystery illness’ and husband)

170. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/14 **#2**
It looks as if this celebrity offspring has enough friends in high places where she won't be expelled. They will keep pretending she is a victim in all of this. Lori Loughlin’s daughter Olivia Jade/Rick Caruso Chairman of USC Board of Trustees (Lori Loughlin's Daughter Olivia Leaves Yacht of USC's Board of Trustees Chairman) (What You Need To Know About Rick Caruso, Billionaire Chair Of USC’s Board Of Trustees) (Lori Loughlin’s daughters drop out of USC after admissions scandal)

171. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/14 **#3**
The cable channel that used to play music videos and now airs reality 24/7 should be ashamed for making one of the stars of a show be forced to confront the man who was 28 when she was 14 and raped by him. They thought it would be good for ratings. Sky (VH1 "Black Ink Crew") (Sky Runs Away Terrified When Her Ex Comes Out of Nowhere To Confront Her At Black Ink)

172. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/14 **#4**
I’ve been telling you for awhile about how a certain publication is a totally corrupt mouthpiece for the Mogul. They’ve been running puff pieces about the Mogul’s protege, the disgraced director. Guess what, the disgraced director finally get fired from that fake project, and they bury the news in the middle of a story about something else. David Geffen/Bryan Singer (The Hollywood Reporter) (The Hollywood Reporter: Brigitte Nielsen on 'Red Sonja' and Hopes for a Female-Directed Remake) (Axed man: Bryan Singer is fired from Red Sonja reboot after studio fails to find a distributor willing to take on the film if the accused child rapist directs) ("The Atlantic" Bryan Singer article)

173. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/14 **#5**
This huge conglomerate which makes a kazillion products has a new bug spray product that sounds a lot like the Stevia based soda which tastes disgusting and is usually sold at Whole Foods. Anyway, the company, as part of its ad campaign wants to kill lots of different bugs live right on camera including useful kinds of spiders and other helpful bugs. They are doing it non union and want to kill the bugs separately from the rest of the commercial so the Humane society doesn't hear about it. They are throwing huge amounts of money to insect and animal handlers and all but one said no. So, when you see the finished commercial, make sure you spread the word far and wide what they did. Proctor and Gamble "Zevo" (Zevo kills insects and is safe for use around people & pets)
(Zevia - Zero Calorie Drinks)

174. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/14 **#6**
That recent gift the former A+ list tweener gave his wife? Her idea, she never even drives anywhere and it is leased. It will probably be gone in a month, never again to see the light of day. Nick Jonas/Priyanka Chopra ('Best Husband Ever!' Nick Jonas Surprises 'Wifey' Priyanka Chopra with Nearly $200,000 Car)

175. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/14 **#7**
This bar reality star should think twice about walking away from a hit show and the money she makes. She thinks she can get her own reality show based around a life event, but that won't happen except maybe as a one off. Her life, minus the yachting and drinking, is just not that interesting. Lala Kent ("Vanderpump Rules"/wedding to Randall Emmett) (Lala Kent Ready To Quit ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Amid Sobriety & Engagement)

176. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/14 **#8**
This former A+ list singer hasn't had a hit in awhile. She is set to write a book and part of the deal is that she will come out in the book.

177. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/14 **#9**
This closeted reality star who loves to talk about how manly he is, made a woman he formerly called his girlfriend to shut down her social media presence when she started talking about the alleged virility of the reality star. Jonathan Cheban (Jonathan Cheban is seen with a mystery woman in Beverly Hills... after wrapping season 16 of Keeping Up With The Kardashians)

178. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/14 **#10**
This studio decided to put this actress on the one sheet, but excluded her name from the extensive top billing in favor of a voiced over raccoon. Danai Gurira (MARVEL/"Avengers: Endgame") and then they fixed it (Marvel changes Avengers: Endgame poster after fan outcry over Danai Gurira’s credit omission) (voiced over raccoon: Bradley Cooper)

179. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/14 **#11**
This permanent A- list singer in a group and solo is being cheated on by her celebrity boyfriend every time she goes out of town. Gwen Stefani/Blake Shelton (Gwen Stefani tour dates)

180. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/14 **#12**
This A- list Disney actress is still very much underage, but was used sexually as payment for a shipment of drugs bought by her boyfriend.

181. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/14 **#13**
That was one hell of a booze and coke bender from this married long long long time reality star who documents his profession in his show.
Duane Chapman ("Dog the Bounty Hunter")

182. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/14**#14**
There is a SMU student who says she has been hooking up with the husband of this reality star from a popular franchise.

183. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/14**#15**
They Don't Talk: They used to be a super close father/offspring duo. Not any longer. The actor, who is permanently A-/B+ list is someone all of you know. He has been in hit movies and hit television shows. He is an Emmy nominee/winner. His list of credits might be longer than just about anyone. Several years ago he cheated on his long time wife with someone much younger. That someone much younger got pregnant. The wife found out and filed for divorce. It crushed her. She died soon after and the sole offspring of the pair blames the actor/dad for the death.Gary Cole (Gary Cole's Wife Teddi Siddall Files for Divorce After 25 Years of Marriage and Relationship 2017) (Gary Cole On The Truth About Raising A Daughter With Autism: "It's Kind Of All About Really Seeing Through Her Eyes") (Teddi Siddall death 2018/nothing on her cause of death)

184. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15 **#1**
Apparently this A- list mostly movie actress has decided to fully jump on the beard wagon for this politician. This could really come to backfire on her. Rosario Dawson/Cory Booker (Rosario Dawson confirms she is dating 'kind and loving' presidential hopeful Cory Booker as she arrives in Washington DC)

185. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15 **#2**
As I told you last week, this former reality star turned celebrity with the controversial opinions and significant other is hurting in sales. Badly. She is trying to right the ship, and released a statement towards that, but no one believes it or her. The sales continue to tank. Kat Von D (Rafael Reyes) (Kat Von D Addresses ''Awful'' Rumors That She Is an Anti-Vaxxer and Nazi)

186. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15 **#3**
This A list singer sells merchandise. It is low quality and takes forever to ship. When it does arrive, it is often the wrong thing and looks nothing like the website. There have been literally thousands of complaints, but she doesn't care because she doesn't care about the fans. She does like donuts though. Ariana Grande (Ariana Grande Has Apologised For Her "Trash" Merch After Fans Call Her Out On Twitter)

187. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15 **#4**
This real life Empire lover was about to be interviewed to defend this permanent A++ lister. He was offered mid six figures to not do so. When he refused, he ended up dead. Ron Newt/Michael Jackson (Ron Newt Has Passed Away at the Age of 69) (Ron Newt on Getting Offered $200K To Say Michael Jackson Touched His Kids) (‘Empire’ & Fox Beat $10M Copyright Suit From Ron Newt’s "Gangsta Pimp" Memoir & Script)

188. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15 **#5**
All it takes is a willingness to sleep with celebrities whether they be male (former A+ list tweener) or female (former A+ list tweener), the COO of a company and fake your way through a relationship with an actor who thinks it is real and then you too can be the new face of a brand. Zendaya/Trevor Jackson/Tom Holland/Tommy Hilfiger (Is Trevor Jackson Dating Zendaya Coleman? Girlfriend Or Just Besty?) (Zendaya & Tom Holland 'Confirmed' To Be Dating After Accidentally Being Outed On Instagram) (Zendaya's Stylist Reveals Secrets Behind '70s-Inspired Tommy Hilfiger Collaboration)

189. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15 **#6**
This A+ list singer only showed up to this award show because they told her in advance she was getting a big award. Taylor Swift (iHeartRadio Music Awards) (Taylor Swift debuts pink hair at iHeartRadio Music Awards)

190. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15 **#7**
He gets photos with a Crown Prince so she gets an interview talking about some theatrical company which she is supposedly in charge of. There must be some rule within the household that if the foreign born dual threat A list mostly movie actor gets any kind of publicity, his wife gets something immediately after. Benedict Cumberbatch (Prince Charles)/Sophie Hunter (Benedict Cumberbatch speaks with Prince Charles, Prince of Wales during a dinner to celebrate 'The Princes Trust' at Buckingham Palace) (Sophie Hunter Central/your ultimate guide to Sophie Hunter Director of Theatre and Opera)

191. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15 **#8**
This former A list syndicated actor who walked away from a hit television show back in the day because he thought he could be a huge star must be really desperate & broke. He’s got some shady middleman sending out cold call emails to the financial industry like a Nigerian Prince, using his name, begging for "funding his indie projects."
Kevin Sorbo

192. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15 **#9**
Another way to steal money from people is that "deposit." The car company compares it to a personal seat license. The money you pay gives you the right to purchase a car. Sounds like another class action is coming. "Tesla" ("Tesla" Model Y orders are now open)

193. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15 **#10**
Old Hollywood: It was just around the start of WWII. New York. He was young, just out of his teens -- tall, Scandinavian, striking. He met a slightly older man. VERY sophisticated, very witty, very romantic. Rather movie star handsome because, well, he actually was a movie star. A few years into his film career, he was typically the second romantic lead or the first villain. A versatile and pretty good actor. Distinctive. Artistic. Stylish. Despite the times, the star was very comfortable with his sexuality -- he preferred men but really liked women, too, and was married a number of times. Had several children. But, always loved men. Loved this young man. They ended up having a steamy fling which turned into a friendly on again/off again affair, lasting about six years. Whenever this older man was in town, or they could meet somewhere in the middle, they would dine, and walk, and talk. They had fun. The younger man learned a lot about the world, being in love, gaining confidence, manners, and a lot of good tips on simply getting through life in that era as a gay man, while still being authentic. He never lost his deep affection for this man, considering him a mentor. This younger man is now in his 90s. He clearly remembers this time in his life, and the gentleman as exactly that: a gentle man. A kind man. A sharply funny man. Of course, our actor is long gone but fondly remembered by his many fans as a true sophisticate, a man of good taste with a dash of campy good fun, who gave us some great movie moments. Perhaps it was sleight of hand, but he remains one person out of so many in Hollywood who managed to make it all work for him all those years, living his life on his terms, and to the end, having a whale of a good time. Gregory Peck (wife Finnish-born Greta Kukkonen) (wife Paris new reporter Veronique Passani) (brief affair with Spellbound co-star Ingrid Bergman) (movie "Moby Dick")

194. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15 **#11**
Prior to his arrival to an award show last night, this former A list tween actor from a hit tween show turned B list adult actor got orally serviced in the back of the car in which he was riding. The driver said that the woman got out of the SUV, but it didn't appear she joined the actor on the red carpet. Drake Bell (Drake Bell attends the 2019 iHeartRadio Music Awards)

195. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15 **#12**
After this very recent court ruling, there will be a settlement long before that ruling can take effect. There is no way on this earth that this A list talk show host/producer/mogul is going to allow himself to be deposed and have to answer personal questions. Ryan Seacrest (Ryan Seacrest Should Be Deposed In Kardashian & Blac Chyna Legal Battle, Judge Says)

196. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15 **#13**
This foreign born reality star turned singer who is probably A+ list in her own country and A list in Europe is B+ here. Last night, she was the cocaine champion. Zara Larsson (Zara Larsson attends the 2019 iHeartRadio Music Awards)

197. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15**#14**
The new boyfriend treats this one named A list singer great. The problem she is having is his always wanting to include other men when they have sex. Halsey/Yungblud (Halsey and Yungblud Have Off-the-Charts Chemistry During 2019 iHeartRadio Music Awards Performance)

198. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/15**#15**
Possession - A Birdie Blind Item: I guess it isn't surprising that this cinematographer became a director of the same genre as his mentor and collaborator, the convicted child molester. After all, both of them like to film boys and young men in compromising positions. Where as one prefers them in various states of undress, the other ones likes them bound, and preferably undergoing some kind of ritual. That's just what happened during the shoot of one of his movies a couple years back. But while the official story is the young man collapsed repeatedly during these scenes from exhaustion, it was really the flashback to what happened during the audition. You see: a real practitioner was brought in, and the boy was forced to undergo the actual rite. Afterward, he was required to provide thanks to both directors, and the practitioner. You can imagine what that involved. Who is he, this actor? The better question is where did they find him. I'd always found the site a little sketchy, but naively figured that the only people who visited were aspiring actors there to post photos and profiles of themselves. And it isn't just adult actors but parents wanting their children to be discovered. I could say it's the newest of its kind, but it actually bills itself as the oldest (although the word "new" is a clue). You'll find the young man there, just as they did. (Now we know what segment of the business prowls these places.)

Cinematographer: Don FauntLeRoy (married to Lesley-Anne Down)
Convicted child molester: Victor Salva (The Convicted Hollywood Pedophile Who Won't Go Away)
Genre: Horror
Movie: "Gates of Darkness" (Exorcism Horror Film Gates of Darkness Gets Three Posters)
Young man: Randy Shelly (Received medical attention twice on set for exhaustion during his performance while filming "In Extremis")
Website: New faces talent (Randy Shelly)

199. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/16 **#1**
This A+ list rapper might want to stop with the illegal butt injections or she will continue ending up in the hospital. Cardi B (Cardi In Hospital Over Complications w/ Butt Implants!!)

200. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/16 **#2**
The police might want to ask this busted multiple reality star about the teen girls she and her significant other have been trying to have sexual trysts with. Not sure why she only finds guys who like underage girls. Mama June Shannon (Geno Doak) (Mama June Shannon was in possession of crack cocaine, needles and a pipe when she was arrested... as audio of manic conversation emerges)

201. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/16 **#3**
FYI, I AM NOT in a lockdown rehab facility, I repeat I AM NOT in a lockdown rehab facility! This is all apart of my mother’s elaborate plan to have me committed against my will (AGAIN) and to strategically railroad my amazing progress and have my conservatorship extended ANOTHER 3 years! My mother is spending large amounts of MY money and I was officially financially cut off at the beginning of this year. My mother forced my previous sobriety coach to quit and that’s what started ALL of this. My mother stopped paying my sobriety coach, my mother stopped providing me with my biweekly payments to survive, my mother stopped paying my rent and my mother also stopped paying for my medications, and at the end of January my mother lied to my doctors and they forced me into multiple facilities. But one thing is for certain, I did not "relapse" on drugs because I do not use drugs and I am definitely not crazy. My mother is the crazy one and I have proof that she has plans to purchase another house in Leander TX with MY money. Amanda Bynes who adds "I am not broke I just do not legally have access to my own money. I have a new coach and things are absolutely amazing. Things couldn’t be better for me. I am fine, thanks!" (Lynn Organ) (Amanda Bynes Checked Back Into Rehab Facility After 'Relapse' Following Return to Public Eye)

202. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/16 **#4**
This A+ list mostly movie actor has been spending time apart from his beard and more time with his long time boyfriend. Bradley Cooper (Irina Shayk) (Bradley Cooper zooms away on his motorcycle after casual lunch with a friend in Brentwood)

203. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/16 **#5**
This A+ list daytime talk show host is cheating on their significant other with someone who works with horses. Ellen DeGeneres/Portia De Rossi (Ellen DeGeneres, Portia De Rossi’s Crumbling Marriage: ‘They’re Leading Separate Lives’)

204. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/16 **#6**
They can play round with words however they want, but the rift between the two foreign born A+ list celebrities is because of the alliterate former actress. Prince William/Prince Harry/Meghan Markle (Prince William and Prince Harry Were Reportedly at Center of 'Rift,' Not Duchesses Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle)

205. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/16 **#7**
Apparently the word is out that if you pretend to do an investigation, and then don't say anything publicly about what the investigation found, then you too can get your multiple television jobs back. It also works for movies when corporations are more scared of losing money than doing the right thing. Neil deGrasse Tyson (Neil deGrasse Tyson Will Return to National Geographic After Assault Investigation); James Gunn (Disney) (Disney Reinstates Director James Gunn For ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy 3’)

206. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/16 **#8**
This alliterate disgraced actress won't cut a deal because she thinks she did nothing wrong. Will be hilarious if her significant other cuts a deal and turns on her. Lori Loughlin (Mossimo Giannulli) (Lori Loughlin appeared ‘arrogant’ in court while Felicity Huffman looked ‘more genuine,’ says sketch artist) (College cheating scandal dad Mossimo Giannulli heard blasting ‘entitled people’) (Who Is Mossimo Giannulli, Olivia Jade Giannulli's Father?)

207. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/17 **#1**
That foreign born model that was killed last month also knew exactly what happened at the foreign house of this A+ list mostly movie actor. Imane Fadil/George Clooney ('Bunga bunga' model Imane Fadil's death investigated) (At last - an explanation for 'bunga bunga') (George Clooney: meeting Silvio Berlusconi 'one of the most astonishing evenings of my life')

208. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/17 **#2**
I guess the celebrity offspring/host found out about her A/A- list husband's plan to be featured on his ex's new music project. Hailey Baldwin Bieber/Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez (Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin Photographed Having 'Tense Showdown' Amid Marriage Problem Rumors)

209. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/17 **#3**
I have written in the past how this foreign born former A list boy bander introduced a family member to drugs and shared the same drug dealer and paid the bills. Louis Tomlinson/Félicité Tomlinson (Félicité Tomlinson, Sister of One Direction's Louis Tomlinson, Died Of A Heart Attack At 18) ('It should have been me': Male friend of Louis Tomlinson's sister, 18, pays tribute to his 'pain twin' after she dies from 'heart attack' as police prepare to carry out toxicology tests on her body)

210. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/17 **#4**
This former celebrity turned reality star turned porn star turned wannabe singer has A- list name recognition. She is losing weight by using coke and selling herself as a sex slave. Courtney Stodden (Are her 15 minutes up? Where has Courtney Stodden been hiding?)

211. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/17 **#5**
The paranoia was crazy for this foreign born one named singer after a night of hard partying with the CEO. Grimes (birthday March 17)/Elon Musk (Grimes shares demo for new song "Pretty Dark": Stream)

This would be shocking, but must see television. This permanent A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee is seriously considering doing a reality show with her family. I didn't even know she owned televisions. Angelina Jolie (Angelina Jolie Heads to a Meeting in Beverly Hills)

This foreign born alliterate A- mostly movie actress is cheating on her husband. Gal Gadot (Yaron Varsano); Keira Knightley (James Righton)

This celebrity offspring of a permanent A list celebrity is hooking up with her father's best friend.

215. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/18 **#1**
This infamous A list celebrity is still out there trying to find guys who want to sleep with danger for money. Casey Anthony (Casey Anthony Photographed Pounding Drinks, Chatting Up Several Men At Bar For St. Patrick’s Day Weekend)

216. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/18 **#2**
The suicide attempt certainly didn't cut down on the drugs. The drug dealer of this celebrity offspring of an A++ lister says she is still spending almost $1K a day. Paris Jackson (Paris Jackson Smiles on Date with Boyfriend in L.A. After Hospitalization)

217. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/18 **#3**
Kind of hypocritical of this older foreign born A list royal to make a decision on the music of this A++ list celebrity when he himself was best buddies with a notorious child molester and his brother is still best friends with the billionaire molester. Prince Charles (who is also in the "black book"/Michael Jackson/Jeffrey Epstein/Prince Andrew (Future of Michael Jackson West End musical Thriller Live is thrown into doubt after Prince’s Trust cuts ties with show following allegations of child abuse in Leaving Neverland documentary) (Teen ‘who had sex with Prince Andrew’ was snared by perv Jeffrey Epstein at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort where she worked) (Here Is Pedophile Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein's Little Black Book/page 45 Prince Charles) (Massive Fire Spotted On Private Island Owned By Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein)

218. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/18 **#4**
This A- list singer is having a hard time dealing with all the weight she gained in her most recent rehab stint and knows she could lose it quickly by using it again. Demi Lovato (Demi Lovato Reflects on 'Mistakes' and Recovery on Would-Be 7-Year Sobriety Anniversary)

219. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/18 **#5**
At a huge event last night, this A- list model showed a bunch of texts, sexts and pics that this A- list mostly movie actress had sent her just in the past couple of days. Apparently the new girlfriend is not doing it for the actress and wants the model back. Stella Maxwell/Kristen Stewart (Sara Dinkin) (Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell SPLIT! They broke up 'one month ago'... as the actress is seen holding hands with stylist Sara Dinkin) (Blonde bombshells Kate Hudson, Candice Swanepoel, and Stella Maxwell dazzle Daily Front Row Awards in LA) (Kristen Stewart Steps Out with Sara Dinkin for Grocery Run)

220. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/18 **#6**
Those pills were really making this former A- list singer/murder suspect grind her teeth nonstop at an event. It was unpleasant to watch. Courtney Love (Courtney Love is a standout in red dress with mandarin collar at The Daily Front Row Fashion Awards in LA)

221. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/18 **#7**
This former A- list mostly movie actress turned television jinx/author had some really bad botox and it made her face and expressions really messed up. Alicia Silverstone (Alicia Silverstone sizzles in a strapless red dress with black trim for the 5th annual Daily Front Row Awards in LA)

222. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/18 **#8**
This foreign born A- list supermodel is also a mom, but it didn't stop her from making the most of the never ending supply of coke at an after party to this big event last night. Her partner has taken their kid in the past because of the drug use.

223. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/18 **#9**
This YouTube star has been in this space before for some racist remarks, and for a series of sexual assaults. Now, it turns out, he has multiple not legal teens he hooks up with regularly and makes them all take naked videos of themselves as an audition process to be able to be with him.

224. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/18 **#10**
Much like when she was across the country performing, things are no different now that she is halfway around the world. This former reality star turned actress is being cheated on by her permanent A list significant other. Katharine McPhee/David Foster (Teen pals Katharine McPhee, Meghan Markle reunite in London) (Shawn Mendes wins big, David Foster honoured at Junos Gala)

225. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/18 **#11**
One half of this closeted A list reality duo was making out with a guy at a club over the weekend. Yes, it was in a VIP section, but there were still a lot of people watching. Jonathan Scott ("Property Brothers")

226. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/18 **#12**
This foreign born permanent A list singer who hasn't had a hit in forever is trying to sexy up her image by going yet another size larger to her breasts. This is the second or third in the past five years. Shania Twain (Shania Twain teases her return to Vegas)

227. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/18 **#13**
This hard to spell A list model's husband is running a Ponzi scheme. It remains to be seen if the wife knows, but she sure does spend a lot of the money. Emily Ratajkowski/Sebastian Bear-McClard (Emily Ratajkowski and millionaire hubby live rent free thanks to city’s loft law, Noho landlord says)

228. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/18**#14**
Don't Give Him Your Number: I always tell people not to give your email or phone number to anyone on the street offering a free stress test. I promise you they will use that unpaid workforce and call, text and email you every single day. Another person I would suggest not giving your phone number to is this A-/B+ list actor who has had more misses than hits, but all of you know who he is. For the past several years, every woman who has gone out with him has said that he is abusive. It can be verbal or physical or both. The thing is though, he can be that way even if you haven't gone out. There are several women who have had to change their phone numbers because of how abusive and demanding he can be just over text. If they don't do what he says he will call them all kinds of names and then gets angry when after all of that, they still don't want to go out with him. Michael Pitt (More Evidence That ‘Boardwalk Empire’s’ Michael Pitt May Be The Biggest Jackass In Hollywood) (dated Alexis Dziena, Eva Green, Asia Argento and Jamie Bochert)

229. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/19 **#1**
This disgraced friend of the reality star with the lucrative side gig is going to the land of yachting to create her own lucrative side gig so to speak. Jordyn Woods (Kylie Jenner) (Jordyn Woods 'Has Been Flooded' With Lucrative Business Deals After the Kardashian Cheating Drama) (Kylie Jenner Is 'Trying to Find a Bigger Circle of Friends' After Jordyn Woods' Betrayal: Source)

230. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/19 **#2**
The agent of this former A list cable actor turned movie lead flop turned B+ list mostly movie actor hoping for a big streaming hit wants to drop the actor which would be a stunner. Apparently, the actor espoused some political views that the agent doesn't agree with at all. Charlie Hunnam ("Sons of Anarchy")/Jordan Peterson (Pacific Rim and Triple Frontier Star Charlie Hunnam Blasted For Being a "Big Fan" of Jordan Peterson) (Why does Jordan Peterson resonate with white supremacists?)

231. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/19 **#3**
Last time an offspring of this foreign born permanent A list couple dated someone, it was all for show to hide her sexual preference and to get publicity. The new one is no different as far as publicity goes. David and Victoria Beckham (Brooklyn Beckham/Chloë Grace Moretz) (Romeo Beckham/Millie Bobby Brown) (Chloë Grace Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham's Relationship Timeline) (Romeo Beckham, 16, 'dating' Millie Bobby Brown, 15... 'as his mum Victoria gives the relationship her seal of approval') (Chloë Grace Moretz Blind Item Reveal)

232. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/19 **#4**
This former west coast Housewife, who had a turbulent time on the show and probably wishes every single day she was still on it is cheating on her husband with a producer who she hopes can make her reality dreams come true. Taylor Armstrong ("Real Housewives of Beverly Hills") (John H Bluher) (Taylor Armstrong Says Daughter Kennedy Doesn’t Miss Her Late Dad Russell)

233. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/19 **#5**
Adding more pressure to the A- list celebrity offspring of the permanent A++ lister is that the person responsible for the current dragging of the A++ lister is following her on social media to see if she slips up. Paris Jackson/Michael Jackson/David Geffen (Michael Jackson and David Geffen, THE OPERATOR)

234. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/19 **#6**
This former A- list mostly television actress turned sex trafficker/cult leader is hooking up with at least two people to pay for her legal defense. One is a shocker. Allison Mack (NXIVM) (Sex slave cult recruiter Allison Mack is negotiating a plea deal as leader Keith Raniere pleads not guilty to additional charges of child pornography)

235. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/19 **#7**
Speaking of creative ways to pay your legal fees and CEO's, this A/A- list mostly movie actress split with her most recent girlfriend so she could give the attention needed to the celebrity CEO. I wonder if his girlfriend knows. Amber Heard/Elon Musk (Amber Heard Details Coming Out To Her Religious Family And It Sounds Super Emotional)

236. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/19 **#8**
This three named celebrity offspring is an actress who I will argue has been as high as A+ list for a brief time. Probably a permanent A- lister. She recently deleted a Tweet which supported the accusers in a recent documentary. Then, someone pointed out she had been on the yacht of the man behind a lot of statements about the documentary. Poof, the Tweet goes away.

237. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/19 **#9**
This alliterate permanent A- list musician from a permanent A list group has seen better days. People who saw him this week at an event give him just a few months to live. Mick Mars (Mötley Crüe) (Motley Crue rocks the red carpet at Netflix's 'The Dirt' premiere)

238. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/19 **#10**
This can't go any lower than B+ list mostly movie actor finally found someone who will put up with his drug and alcohol and hitting on women all the time issues. Cuba Gooding Jr. (Claudine De Niro) (Cuba Gooding Jr cosies up to bikini-clad Claudine De Niro in Miami amid claims they are 'hooking up' (and she's got VERY A-list links!) (EXCLUSIVE: 'I wouldn't have hired you if I had known you were black.' Robert De Niro's daughter-in-law is accused by nanny of 'racial discrimination' although the mother-of-three's children are part African-American)

239. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/19 **#11**
When your husband gets yet another porn star pregnant, it is probably best for this alliterate A-/B+ list singer to finally call it quits. Teyana Taylor/Iman Shumpert (Teyana Taylor on Iman Shumpert Getting Porn Star Pregnant Rumor: 'He Know I'd Kill Him') (Teyana Taylor & Iman Shumpert Reportedly SPLIT!!)

240. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/19 **#12**
This former Disney actress turned A-/B+ list adult actress is spending upwards of $5K a week to support her boyfriend's spending habits. He spends zero of his own money even though he has quite a bit. Bella Thorne (Mod Sun) (Bella Thorne flaunts cleavage in black dress at The Dirt premiere with boyfriend Mod Sun) (MOD SUN, an acronym standing for "Movement on Dreams, Stand under None", is an American rapper, author, rock musician and poet)

241. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/19 **#13**
The husband of this foreign born permanent A list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee was spotted without her at a club doing lines of coke and surrounded by women. Cate Blanchett/Andrew Upton; Kate Winslet/Ned Rocknroll

242. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/19**#14**
The Sisters: Last year, this A list band who has a member that does more than just play in a band, performed in a European country. This year, the band is not going anywhere near that country. Apparently last year, two sisters who are the legal age of consent in that country, but not anywhere close to legal here in the US, got backstage and met the band. The lead singer of the band and a family member took the sisters to a hotel where the band was staying for the night. There was some partying and when the girls decided they wanted to leave, the two men wouldn't let them go. They then took turns raping each of the sisters for most of the night. Only when the band was ready to head to the airport, did they turn the sisters loose. The two men are wanted for questioning about the attacks, but there are no warrants out for their arrest. Jared and Shannon Leto ("Thirty Seconds to Mars") (Czech Republic - age of consent is 15) ("Monolith Tour")

243. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/20 **#1**
Management of this streaming service is telling investors they will pay anything for a reboot not just for Friends, but they’re trying The Office, Frasier, Parks and Rec, and others. They know that if they don't do something in the next year or two, their viewership will be cut in half and the subscribers too when all those listed shows will be gone. Netflix (Friends Reboot Is A Bad Idea, Creator Says)

244. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/20 **#2**
This A list YouTube celebrity recently announced his engagement. He did so to cover for the awful story he recently shared about what he did to an animal years ago. Shane Dawson (YouTube star Shane Dawson proposed to his boyfriend days after apologizing for joking about sexually assaulting his pet cat)

245. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/20 **#3**
This really rich MLB type guy might have got off the hook in a recent criminal case, but he is still cheating on his wife. Larry Baer Chief Executive Officer of the San Francisco Giants (Video shows San Francisco Giants CEO Larry Baer involved in physical altercation with wife)

246. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/20 **#4**
The demands at each stop were ignored, but no one at any of the networks could believe the rider length sent along by the people of this foreign born A-/B+ list actress. It compared to what an entire A list band would want for an entire day and night rather than a five minute television appearance. Priyanka Chopra (Manager Reveals The RUDE & UGLY Side Of Priyanka Chopra; PRAISES Shahrukh Khan For Being Genuine!)

247. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/20 **#5**
This A list rapper with A++ list name recognition is in talks to bring his Sunday gatherings to cable television and wants a way for people to donate online and via toll free number. Kanye West (Kanye West’s Sunday Church Service: Where Spirituality and Exclusivity Meet)

248. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/20 **#6**
Apparently behind closed doors, this married foreign born A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee is living as a woman. Eddie Redmayne

249. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/20 **#7**
A few weeks ago I wrote about a married network reality star who was making a first time appearance in the blinds because he was cheating on his wife. Now, I can add another person to that list from the same show. (previous blind item)

250. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/20 **#8**
This one named singer who was A list in a group and solo got wasted on booze and pills on a flight last night. Fergie (Fergie sports Fendi poncho and black heel boots from own line of footwear while catching LAX flight)

251. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/20 **#9**
This closeted A list politician would be much better off not discussing his beard quite so much, because one of them will get their stories wrong. Cory Booker/Rosario Dawson (Cory Booker calls girlfriend Rosario Dawson a 'wonderful,' 'incredible human being')

252. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/20 **#10**
I don't know how your husband can have yet another baby with a woman and you still have not divorced him. Is this why the alliterate talk show host had a relapse? She needs to leave the husband and frame the story her way. Wendy Williams/Kevin Hunter (EXCLUSIVE: Brazen photos show Wendy Williams' husband is STILL with his mistress and won't leave struggling star because she bankrolls his lifestyle including a NYC pad for his lover, who he treated to a Florida vacation when he visited Wendy in rehab)

253. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/20 **#11**
The one named north of the border singer needs rehab in the worst possible way. She is spiraling out of control. Also, that new idea she has is awful. Grimes (Somehow, Grimes and Elon Musk are still an item)

254. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/20 **#12**
This married Los Angeles NBA player puts his celebrity (that you probably have never heard of and could never afford to sit there or have all the stuff she has that he bought her) mistress front row nearly every home game.

255. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/20 **#13**
This southern reality star keeps getting different prescriptions from doctors to the point where she can take just about anything and still be in compliance with court orders about staying clean even if she is wasted almost every day. Kathryn Dennis ("Southern Charm") (Thomas Ravenel fighting with Kathryn Dennis over text messages in custody battle) (Judge Rules In Favor of Southern Charm’s Kathryn Dennis Amid Ongoing Custody Battle Against Thomas Ravenel, Exes Appeared In Court on Thursday)

256. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/20**#14**
That Other Fire: That southern street recently had a fire, but that was not the first one to cover up secrets. There was one back in the day that still reverberates today. The thing is though, that fire was intentionally set to cover up for a murder that happened offsite before bringing the dead body back to the street where more wounds were inflicted to make it look like a crazed killer before setting the body and bed on fire. What did this victim do for a living? She was one of the top doctors in the world working on viruses and how to use them as a weapon. An accident at work occurred. It would have shed unnecessary light on the work being done in a top secret facility, so she was killed. Mary Stults Sherman (Dr. Mary's Monkey)
(Dr. Mary's Monkey) ("Hottest Cold Case in America" rekindled after 50 years)

257. POPBITCH 03/21
(British blog)
Which former teen popstar needs to tidy up his act a bit? One recent hook-up describes him as being a "sloppybottomus".
Harry Styles (Harry Styles ‘Stinks’ Is Not His First Hygiene Diss: One Direction Odor History) (Kendall Jenner And Taylor Swift Have Both Had A Dig At Harry Styles’ Hygiene)

258. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/21 **#1**
This television conglomerate made a huge donation to this LGBTQ organization and wouldn't you know it, they decided to give an award to a very undeserving talk show host. Andy Cohen (Andy Cohen to Receive Vito Russo Award at the 2019 GLAAD Media Awards)

259. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/21 **#2**
This back in the day A- list child/tween actress who starred on one of the most popular back in the day shows of all time has a special needs child. When the special needs child would act out, our former actress would spray water or any other product, safe or not into their eyes. Horrible mother.

260. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/21 **#3**
Considering he cheats every chance he gets, it is pretty funny that this Los Angeles NBA player who has been hurt most of the season and comes from a family people have strong opinions of, made his baby mother take a DNA test. Lonzo Ball (Denise Garcia) (Lonzo Ball confronted Denise Garcia over 'deadbeat dad' video) (Report: Lakers Shut Down Lonzo Ball for the Season With Ankle Injury)

261. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/21 **#4**
This probable former Russian spy who gets more irrelevant by the day is being publicly accused of cheating on her more well known, but also becoming irrelevant husband by his family members. They also admit the husband cheated too. Crazy. George Papadopoulos/Simona Mangiante (George Papadopoulos’s Own Family Reported His Accused-Kremlin Agent Wife to ICE)

262. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/21 **#5**
Don't believe the hype. The dead guy did not suggest any type of life event offer to this east coast Housewife. She was hooking up with someone else at the time of a tragic event. Bethenny Frankel ("Real Housewives of New York City")/Dennis Shields (Bethenny Frankel kept engagement to late fiance Dennis Shields secret because things were 'complicated')

263. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/21 **#6**
The one named foreign born A+ list rapper still is pursuing the way underage foreign born actress and is just so public about it and no one really calls him out on it at all. Drake/Millie Bobby Brown (Stranger Things Star Millie Bobby Brown Gets The Unpopular Opinion Treatment On Twitter)

264. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/21 **#7**
Somehow the actress who makes shows get murdered in the ratings because no one likes her landed another show. The actress, who could be making $1M an episode by this point if she didn't have an ego bigger than California, will get this show canceled after a couple episodes and everyone in the cast and crew will be grateful to not have to see her every day. Katherine Heigl (Katherine Heigl Cast as Lead in CBS Comedy Pilot) (Katherine Heigl Opens Up About ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ Emmys Withdrawal Drama: ‘I Was Really Embarrassed’)

265. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/21 **#8**
The ex of this convict who happens to be dating a foreign born A list rapper is always going to have her life put in danger if the convict keeps funneling her tens of thousands of dollars he is getting from the rapper. Noelle/Kenneth Petty/Nicki Minaj (Nicki Minaj's Boyfriend Kenneth Petty's Ex-Girlfriend Shot At & Beaten In Shock Home Invasion) (Nicki Minaj ISN'T married to jailbird beau Kenneth Petty despite calling him her 'husband' during radio show)

266. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/21 **#9**
Looks like the child molesting singer found a way to fulfill his sick fetishes and get paid for it too. Hopefully the judge sees through it and denies him the opportunity. R. Kelly (R. Kelly asks judge for permission to play Dubai concerts)

267. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/21 **#10**
This foreign born B+ list celebrity offspring all of you know has done multiple reality shows and is picking up women with the line that he would love to do one with them. They sleep together a few times and then he dumps them. Jack Osbourne

268. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/21 **#11**
This former network reality star with a lot of vowels in her name has not had a hit in forever. She makes her living by sleeping with her foreign born old boss so to speak. Sinitta/Simon Cowell (Sinitta reveals she was assaulted by SIX men music industy - including one of her childhood heroes)

269. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/21 **#12**
This former Nick star who got pushed aside is supposed to be engaged, but she sure wasn't acting like it last night. Victoria Justice (Reeve Carney) (Victoria Justice & Reeve Carney Couple Up at Lollapalooza!) (Just 15 minutes after former co-star Ariana Grande, Victoria Justice announced her own engagement!) (Victoria Justice flaunts taut stomach in black leather pants and sports bra at Rachel Zoe dinner)

270. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/21 **#13**
This actor is mostly television, but definitely done some big movies too. He has been A-/B+ list for close to four decades and is on a very hit cable show right now. He was falling down drunk at a party last week and had to crawl to get to his Uber. Danny DeVito ("It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia") (Ouch! Danny DeVito, 74, falls hard at a 'Dumbo' press conference)

271. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/21**#14**
Jealousy: This isn't Old Hollywood, but it did happen back in the day. This actress was probably A- list when she was killed. She was headed to A list. She was the co-lead on a brand new show that was set to be a massive hit. Her husband, a celebrity offspring was jealous of her success and jealous of the time she was spending with another man. Even though the couple had separated, he wanted the actress all to himself and killed her. He did so at the perfect time. There had been a crime spree the days leading up to her death which saw random killings of couples and women and several armed robberies. It took so long for the police to realize those suspects were not the suspects in the death of the actress, they had no clues or witnesses and our killer was never brought to justice.

Actress: Barbara Colby (The Unsolved Murder of Barbara Colby)
Show: "Phyllis"
Husband: Bob Levitt, son of Ethel Merman
Other Man: James Kiernan

272. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/22 **#1**
We always talk about the scam/shouldn't be used products that this permanent A- list mostly movie actress sells, but never talk about the equally bad or worse products this naked celebrity turned reality star turned host endorses or allows her partners to sell through a website she controls. Gwyneth Paltrow/Jenny McCarthy (Jenny McCarthy Makes Goop Look like Goddamn Mother Teresa)

273. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/22 **#2**
The PR team of this A/A- list singer/actress has concocted a fanciful tale of how she is seeing this A- list mostly movie actor who is a failed lead and has a long time boyfriend and is barely closeted. Do they not know that we all know? Lady Gaga/Jeremy Renner (Lady Gaga Has Been ‘Spending Time With’ Jeremy Renner, Whatever "That" Means) (Kristoffer Winters/The shady side of Jeremy Renner) (Ted Casablanca probably fired by Eonline: possibly for mistakenly outing a celebrity) (Entertainment Lawyer’s post about Ted Casablanca)

274. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/22 **#3**
I told you many months ago that the sex tape existed that has the alliterate former actress turned married celebrity. That has now been confirmed by an A list celebrity sex tape broker who has seen the video and is publicly speaking about it. Meghan Markle (Meghan Markle's sex tape is being shopped around) (We Met Hollywood's Most Controversial Celebrity Sex Tape Broker, Kevin Blatt)

275. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/22 **#4**
Numbers - A Birdie Blind Item: This retired band has been in the news lately. It isn't just that they deny the incident basically took place after previously volunteering that it had, it's that it wasn't the only time. In the early days, they kept a running tally. That all came to an end a few months later because none of them could count above a hundred. Mötley Crüe/Sexual Assaults (What Netflix’s ‘The Dirt’ Leaves Out: Mötley Crüe’s Assaults on Women and an Alleged Rape)

276. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/22 **#5**
The husband of the alliterate talk show host is still pulling the strings and tilting the conversation in his favor while he keeps cheating. Kevin Hunter/Wendy Williams (Wendy Williams' husband talks sober-house revelation: Recovery 'is a family process') (Controlling hubby may be behind Wendy Williams’ sober home stay) (Wendy Williams’ friend says she needs to dump Kevin Hunter)

277. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/22 **#6**
This former college superstar turned NFL burnout told the world he would never sign with a certain league. He also said he would never cheat on his wife. He did both. Johnny Manziel (Johnny Manziel signs player agreement with Alliance of American Football, will go to Memphis) (Bre Tiesi speaks out on Johnny Manziel: ‘Vows were broken’)

278. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/22 **#7**
The next time this foreign born A- list mostly movie actress sexts with her celebrity husband will be the first. If you are in LA and see him today, ask him to show you one. He won't be able to. Priyanka Chopra/Nick Jonas (Priyanka Chopra Reveals If She's Sexted or Helped Husband Nick Jonas Manscape)

279. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/22 **#8**
This A- list mostly movie actress all of you know is not just hooking up with the celebrity CEO but also another wealthy man who likes to be dominated by the actress. Amber Heard/Elon Musk/Vito Schnabel (Amber Heard embraces a laid back look with braided updo as she enjoys lunch date with boyfriend Vito Schnabel) (Amber Heard is dating 'It' director Andy Muschietti after her split with Vito Schnabel)

280. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/22 **#9**
This former A- list rapper hasn't had a hit in awhile. He is on the sidelines because his record label is not going to go the payola route with something they think is bad. The label has tons of artists on the top 100 right now and the reason is they will record a song that a money hungry program director is willing to play.

281. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/22 **#10**
One of the biggest gay porn stars on the planet who says he is straight but likes doing gay porn says he slept with this closeted foreign born A+/A list mostly movie actor and isn't being shy about telling the world.

282. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/22 **#11**
This A+ list mostly movie actor is blaming the foreign born model/wannabe actress he calls a significant other for him not winning more big awards this past award season. He says she should have been more supportive of his massive over inflated ego. Bradley Cooper/Irina Shayk (Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk Make a Rare Appearance in NYC)

283. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/22 **#12**
There is a buzz that this disgraced former A list dual threat actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee is going to make an appearance at the Tony Awards. I hope it is a trial balloon and that it gets popped. Kevin Spacey

284. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/22 **#13**
This permanent A+ list singer who is also an Academy Award winner/nominee doesn't see anything wrong with her recent statements in an interview. I have never quite seen a statement like that. She will probably end up apologizing or saying it was taken out of context. Barbra Streisand (and she took the apology route, although that statement is going to haunt her for awhile)(Barbra Streisand says Michael Jackson’s accusers were ‘thrilled to be there’ and his ‘sexual needs were his sexual needs’) (Barbra Streisand FINALLY issues a full apology for defending friend Michael Jackson after claiming his two accusers 'wanted to be there' and then blaming the boys' parents)

285. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/22**#14**
The studio heads, managers, agents and celebrities are running a little bit scared this morning because there is a guy who is on a mission of revenge and today marks his first chance in years. I'm wondering if it is one of the reasons the Warner Brothers guy rushed off into the sunset. Anthony Pellicano (Anthony Pellicano, Notorious Detective to the Stars, Walks Free From Prison)

286. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/22**#15**
Four For Friday - Take Her: Several times I have written about the childhood of this B+ list mostly movie actress all of you know. I always knew things were bad, but they were much worse than even I knew about. I have written how her mother passed her around to men when the actress was in her early teens, but now there is more information. The mother's career was going really poorly and she was trying anything to jump start it. She managed to find a job that would last almost a year and paid really well. It was out of the country. There was just one condition, she had to offer up her then tween daughter whenever requested over the course of the year. Her reply? "Take her as much as you like." I'm actually surprised the actress turned out relatively normal after the horror that was her childhood. Of course, she thought it was all normal. Melanie Griffith (born in 1957)/Tippi Hedren ("Docteur Caraïbes"/ "Doctor Caribbean is a French TV soap opera/1969)

287. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/23 **#1**
This A+ list reality star had a one on one dinner with this technology CEO all of you know. Why? To make sure all of the fake millions of views on their Instagram from bots stays in the algorithm. Kim Kardashian/Mark Zuckerberg (Bitter Party Of 1! Kim Kardashian ‘Furious’ After Kylie Jenner Hits $1 Billion Mark) (Instagram Founders Depart Facebook After Clashes With Zuckerberg)

288. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/23 **#2**
This foreign born former A list boy bander has no interest in seeing his offspring. He just writes checks. Liam Payne’s son Bear ("One Direction") (Liam Payne reveals he and Cheryl are planning 'a big party' for Bear as he says he celebrated son's second birthday with family BEFORE jetting to Dubai for work) (no photos other than newborn??????)

289. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/23 **#3**
This former A+ list solo singer is probably down to A- list and even performs with a group now and then. He is out of the country and had a specific request he gave to a bellman at his hotel. He wanted someone who was transgender but preop. John Mayer ("Grateful Dead"/"Dead & Company") (John Mayer Opens Tour In New Zealand With Special Tribute To Christchurch) (John Mayer Calls Dead & Company the "Honor of a Lifetime" in Pre-Tour Post)

290. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/23 **#4**
This former naked celebrity turned reality star in a strange place to see reality has a job, but makes most of her money on one year contracts with international business men who want to see her a couple of times a week. She lives overseas to make that happen.

291. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/23 **#5**
This streaming service is paying cash strapped journalists to pitch stories about content on the streaming service and masquerade it as an article or best of list.

292. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/23 **#6**
This former MTV star is fast running out of money. She wants to go back on the network but they won't let her. She is having trouble landing any other reality shows and has taken to stealing from clients while they are sleeping. Farrah Abraham ("Teen Mom") (Farrah Abraham Makes Dramatic Return to 'Ex on the Beach' After Elimination)

293. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/23 **#7**
Apparently the celebrity husband is throwing the celebrity wife under the criminal bus in this highly publicized case. At least that is what the wife has been telling people. William H. Macy/Felicity Huffman (Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy's Marriage Under Strain Amid College Cheating Scandal, Source Says)

294. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/23 **#8**
This clothing retailer sounding singer was hitting the coke hard last night at a party. Bebe Rexha (Bebe Rexha is electrifying in neon yellow coat as she mingles with stars at Kids' Choice Awards)

LAST CALL: This reality show darling has been doing group public appearances lately. It’s not clear if she is actually getting an appearance fee or is just tagging along with the group. The problem is she has missed the actual event on more than one occasion recently. This is appears to be due to strict dieting and heavy drinking. Her stomach lining simply isn’t having it. As if her betrothed wasn’t enough to give her an ulcer. Brittany Cartwright ("Vanderpump Rules")/Jax Taylor

296. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/24 **#1**
As part of the money he was being paid to be there, this married permanent A list mostly movie actor also insisted on his hosts outside the country providing him multiple men to choose from each night. They complied. John Travolta (John Travolta discussed America’s ‘Russophobic hysteria’ during paid Russia trip: Putin’s press secretary); Hugh Jackman (This is what Hugh Jackman was up to during his visit to the UAE)

297. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/24 **#2**
Pretty sure the massive multi-million dollar donation to the school is what probably helped ensure the offspring of this permanent A list writer/producer/rapper got admitted to the school. Dr. Dre (Dr. Dre Praises Daughter for Getting 'Into USC All on Her Own' 6 Years After Making $70M Donation)

298. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/24 **#3**
I suppose that permanent A- list singer solo and in a group is going to have to expose the sexuality of her ex if the rumors of annulment are true. It would be the only way it could be accomplished. Gwen Stefani/Gavin Rossdale (Gwen Stefani in ‘Process’ of Annulling Marriage to Gavin Rossdale, So She Can Marry Blake Shelton)

299. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/24 **#4**
This still a teen A- female mostly television actress was given second life and has another hit show. Yes, that was her doing some coke last night after the Kids' Choice Awards. Kiernan Shipka ("Mad Men" and "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina") (Kiernan Shipka Wore A Dress That's Way Too Beautiful To Slime To The Kids' Choice Awards)

300. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/24 **#5**
That foreign born model who knew all the secrets and was killed shares something in common with the A- list mostly movie actress who was also poisoned to death. All of those heavy metals in their system. Imane Fadil/Brittany Murphy (Model in Silvio Berlusconi ‘bunga bunga’ trial had high levels of heavy metals in body when she died, prosecutors say) (Metals found in Brittany Murphy's hair indicate possible poisoning)

A group of actors were sitting around last night discussing how many times this A- list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and not above doing commercials has tried to hit on/steal their girlfriends. Anna Kendrick (Commercials) (Nickelodeon's 2019 Kids' Choice Awards - Red Carpet)

The same group of actors and friends as in #6 were also discussing the eating disorder of this former A list Disney actress who is really starting to gain some traction as an adult actress and really hit her stride with that streaming movie. Vanessa Hudgens ("Polar") (Nickelodeon's 2019 Kids' Choice Awards - Red Carpet)

At first I thought they were the same person, but then I realized the one the A- list dual threat actor who has a movie franchise and an on again/off again hit television show to his credit was making out with was not his girlfriend, but was about a decade younger. Will Arnett (Will Arnett shares passionate kiss with longtime interior designer girlfriend Elizabeth Law out in LA)

304. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/25 **#1**
This celebrity filled church must be feeling the heat because they are trying to get the rapper's service shut down by making a complaint with the police that the rapper's service doesn't have the proper permits. Kanye West (Kanye West's Sunday Church Service Is Too Loud for the LAPD)

305. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/25 **#2**
This A list rapper is going after some tabloids which is all well and good, but videos of her admitting to using sex to then drug men and rob them is probably not going to help her case about the things that were alleged. Cardi B (Cardi B Confessed That She Used To Drug Men And Rob Them, And The People Are Having Mixed Reactions) (Cardi B Files Defamation Lawsuit Against Vloggers Claiming She Used Drugs While Pregnant)

306. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/25 **#3**
There are no work commitments that would have kept the thirsty foreign born A- list actress away from the celebration of a life event for the former alliterate actress. Not a chance. She wasn't invited. Priyanka Chopra/Meghan Markle (Did Priyanka Chopra Jonas Skip Meghan Markle’s Baby Shower Because She Didn’t Attend Her Wedding?)

307. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/25 **#4**
This foreign born A- list mostly television actor has been on some hit cable shows for the same premium network. He is closeted and met up with this former singer turned reality star who did a long term bearding thing in the past. Alexander Skarsgård ("True Blood" and "Big Little Lies") /Nicole Scherzinger (Lewis Hamilton) (amfAR Gala Hong Kong 2019) (amfAR Gala Hong Kong: Heidi Klum, Nicole Scherzinger and Pharrell turn out in style)

308. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/25 **#5**
This former A+ list mostly movie actor turned B+ lister who is an Academy Award winner/nominee got beat up recently after trying to hit on a guy.

309. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/25 **#6**
There was a product launch this weekend but it was more of a meat market for the agents and managers and producers that were invited. Other than them, the only invitees were a bunch of tweens/teens and barely legal actors/actresses on the fringe of making it. They were given the opportunity of one on ones with the industry types and everyone involved said it was super creepy. BOLDFACE Gear Launch Party By ConnectHER Media

310. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/25 **#7**
Things are on the rocks between this A- list mostly television actress from two hit shows and her long time boyfriend. Apparently he has been seeing someone else. Ariel Winter ("Modern Family" and Sofia the Princess")/Levi Meaden (Ariel Winter models off-the-shoulder top while hanging out with her friend Joe Kaprielian in LA)

311. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/25 **#8**
Interesting that this permanent A- list mostly movie actor debuts a beard at the same time he has found a new male lover who also happens to be an actor. He has stayed away from actors since the early days when he was almost outed a dozen times. Jake Gyllenhaal/Tom Sturridge (Jake Gyllenhaal looks happy as he shops in NYC with his longtime friend Tom Sturridge who he is starring in an off-Broadway play with)

312. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/25 **#9**
Things will probably go back to rocky/horrible once this cable reality star turned rebooted cable reality star finds out his on again/off again girlfriend has been hooking up with a guy fairly regularly. Ronnie Ortiz-Magro ("Jersey Shore") (Jen Harley) (Ronnie Ortiz-Magro reunites with ex Jen Harley after domestic dispute)

313. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/25 **#10**
I'm not sure why this southeast Housewife is the only one who is called out on her lying of how much money she has. There are at least two west coast ones in the same franchise who have even bigger issues and one might even go to jail for it. For some reason though, the producers have decided to not let any of that air though. Eva Marcille ("The Real Housewives of Atlanta")/Dorit Kemsley and Erika Jayne ("The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills") (The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Is Eva Marcille Broke?)(Judge Makes Order In Lawsuit Against RHOBH’s Dorit Kemsley by Business Partner, Plus Erika Jayne’s Husband Denies Using $15 Mil Unpaid Loan to Fund Lavish Lifestyle)

314. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/25 **#11**
This foreign born A- list mostly television actor once played an iconic television role. At a convention this weekend he was trying to pick up women saying they would be very lucky to have sex with him. David Tennant ("Doctor Who") (David Tennant Talks Doctor Who, Kilgrave, and Podcasts at C2E2)

315. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/25 **#12**
Another day, another horrible fan encounter for this foreign born A list talk show host who told a fan to get a life when he asked for an autograph. James Corden (Actually, James Corden has always been a dickhead)

316. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/25 **#13**
This former one year wonder in her own country moved to LA to do the same type work. What happened though, is she found a clever way to recruit women to be yachters.

317. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/25**#14**
This permanent A list comedian who is also an A- list actor made his date pretend not to know him when the pap cameras started flashing. They went their separate ways. She was not pleased about it either. Chris Rock (Chris Rock Has Blond Ambition at Dinner Date with Daughter) (Outside Craig’s Restaurant)

318. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/25**#15**
The Set Up: I always thought Blame It On Rio was the movie which really took the whole get them out of the country so we can have sex with the underage stars to a next level. The thing is though, a producer told me of one that happened several years prior to that which was just as bad, if not worse. There was a movie which just had a one word title and there were plenty of roles for underage females. The more, the merrier as far as the director was concerned. The producer told me it was one big underage orgy with teens flown from the US halfway around the world with no supervision and a bunch of guys who just did everything they could to sleep with the actresses. One of the actresses was off limits to everyone but the director. That actress was also way underage and couldn't even drive yet. The married director was well over 30 years her senior, but it is what he wanted from the time he first conceived the idea in his head. The movie would have no chance of getting made today. Anyway, he was so enamored with this underage actress that he fled the US and lived overseas with her to avoid going to jail. They only returned when she became legal.

Movie: "Fantasies" (filmed in Greece in 1973, released in 1981)
Underage actress: Bo Derek (born 1956)
Married director: John Derek (Linda Evans)

(In 1973, left third wife Linda Evans for seventeen-year-old Bo Derek (then Cathy Collins) during the shooting of Fantasies (1981) in Greece. The film's backers were from a church organization and there was concern they would have John arrested for statutory rape. To escape charges the couple moved to Germany, then Mexico until Bo's eighteenth birthday.)

319. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/26 **#1**
She will call it PTSD, but this A list singer self medicates when she goes on tour and is an emotional mess. I will be shocked if she makes it through the whole tour without cancellations. Ariana Grande (Ariana Grande press sours on Sweetener Tour’s photo policy)

320. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/26 **#2**
This A list everything in her mind is finally starting to question whether being publicly embarrassed down the road by her significant other is what she really wants. This engagement is looking less likely to make it to the wedding. Jennifer Lopez/Alex Rodriguez (Trouble in paradise for ex-Yankee Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez? That didn’t take long)

321. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/26 **#3**
This A- list model and her husband are embroiled in a legal controversy right now. The thing is though, apparently neither are very good about reporting their income to the IRS and are afraid this will bring it to the light. Emily Ratajkowski/Sebastian Bear-McClard (Emily Ratajkowski Says Her Husband Is Too Poor to Pay Rent on His Bleeker Street Loft)

322. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/26 **#4**
This Teen Mom is being cheated on and again and I think she has finally come to the conclusion that is probably not going to change and should just move on. If he lets her. Jenelle Evans/David Eason (‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Shares Suspicious Posts Amid David Eason Divorce Rumors)

323. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/26 **#5**
Considering it started off as a monetary relationship, I guess marrying her will be cheaper?? Only this A list mostly movie actor would know for sure. Nicolas Cage (Is Nicolas Cage Getting Married Again? Actor Applies for a Marriage License with Girlfriend)

324. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/26 **#6**
This foreign born permanent A- list celebrity made several solo sex tapes for an on again/off again foreign born infamous celebrity. Apparently a couple of those have leaked beyond his control. Pamela Anderson/Julian Assange ('I feel very close to him and he trusts me': Pamela Anderson opens up about her relationship with Julian Assange after calling it a 'romantic struggle')

325. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/26 **#7**
This one of many offspring who happens to be a reality star is hoping a move will allow her the chance for her own show. Jinger Duggar Vuolo (Jinger Duggar and husband Jeremy Vuolo reveal they are moving to LA so he can attend a seminary school, which is on probation for having a 'climate of intimidation, and bullying')

326. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/26 **#8**
This permanent A list singer is already ruining the surgery she had because she can't cut back on her wine intake. Mariah Carey (Inside Mariah Carey’s Ridiculous Diva Demands!) (Mariah Carey Tried To ‘Jump Out Of A Moving Car’ During Emotional Breakdown)

327. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/26 **#9**
As I shared with you a couple of months ago, the reboot of this classic MTV reality show was a snoozefest. Editing was not going to make it better. There is a slight chance that the show might not air unless some serious changes are made to it because of just how boring it is. "The Hills" (‘The Hills’ is reshooting)

328. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/26 **#10**
Judging by his most recent actions, it looks like the A list talk show host is trying to make up for his cheating ways. Jimmy Fallon (Jimmy Fallon Shares Adorable Family Photo With Wife and Daughters in the Bahamas)

329. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/26 **#11**
That A- list closeted reality star with the sometime side gig that seems to be fading a bit wasn't really setting those rumors to rest with a recent post to social media. Kendall Jenner (Kendall Jenner shows off her backside in leopard-print bikini as she pals around with Kourtney Kardashian while saying 'Sunday's for the girls') (Kendall Jenner brushes up on some 'research' as she shares photo of herself reading a book called The Game of Breasts)

330. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/26 **#12**
This A- list actor/singer was spotted with a teen who couldn't have been more than 16. They ducked into a private club before anyone could snap a photo. Jared Leto (Jared Leto wears fluffy black slippers as he hits the Chiltern Firehouse as production of Spider-Man spin-off Morbius begins)

331. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/26 **#13**
The daughter of a permanent A++ list celebrity that you don't want to be friends with had a threesome back in the day with two rappers, one of whom is permanently A+ list. She got pregnant, but didn't know which rapper got her pregnant, so terminated the pregnancy. Kidada Jones /LL Cool J/Tupac Shakur (In Conversation: Quincy Jones)

332. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/26**#14**
This former almost A- list mostly movie actress turned escort is hiding out over here for a much longer time than normal. She must have really ticked someone off or is worried about being busted if she goes back to a certain country. Lindsay Lohan (Where Does Lindsay Lohan Live?/Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

333. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/26**#15**
A+ List Stalker: At the time she was stalking, she wasn't A+ list, but she has been since and each and everyone of you know who she is. There was a time when she met this former A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and is now settling for one off roles on television. Anyway, our actress was in love with the actor. The actor thought she was interesting and slept with the actress one night. One night. The morning after, our actress went and got his initial tattooed on her wrist. She then showed it to him and he decided she was a bit too intense for his liking. She then started following him everywhere and showing up at events where she knew he would be. It got boiling bunny bad. The actor threatened to get a restraining order, so she backed off. Within a week, she was wanting to hook up with this alliterate at the time A- list mostly movie actor. So, our actress went and got his initials tattooed on her vajajay so he would see them there when they did hook up. He did find them there. I wonder when they split if she got it removed. The tattoo artist said later that she made it as faded as she could because she thought it was a dumb idea and wanted it to be able to be removed more easily than others. Angelina Jolie/Timothy Hutton/Billy Bob Thornton (Angelina Jolie had her heart broken by Timothy Hutton) ("H" tattoo)

334. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/27 **#1**
The good news is the alliterate talk show host did have a divorce attorney come to her location. Wendy Williams (Wendy Williams is pulled over by cops one day after she was hospitalized following booze relapse triggered by her husband's mistress giving birth to his love child)

335. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/27 **#2**
The alliterate former actress turned royal is isolating her husband from anyone who who would possibly counsel him to separate from the former actress. She wants to be his only friend. To rely on her. It kind of feels like something an abusive man would do. Meghan Markle/Prince Harry ('Hen-pecked' Harry was forced to 'banish' childhood best friend and wingman Tom Inskip because he advised him NOT to marry Meghan, Tatler claims)

336. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/27 **#3**
This A- list mostly movie actress who is an Academy Award winner/nominee had her living situation revealed because of some recent court filings unrelated to her marriage. Now, anyone who bothers to look up the paperwork can see she is living alone. Natalie Portman (Armed intruder arrested at Natalie Portman’s home: cops)

337. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/27 **#4**
It kind of blows the whole there was no cheating thing, when the mistress outs herself. I'm not sure why the mistress wants to be friends with the A list reality star with the lucrative side gig. Is she trying to intentionally cause pain? Trying to get famous? Probably the latter. Kylie Jenner/Travis Scott (Khloé Kardashian Sobs Over Tristan Thompson in KUWTK Trailer: 'He Has No Respect for Me') (Kylie Jenner Stopped Filming ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ After Jordyn Woods Scandal: ‘It’s Been a Struggle’)

338. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/27 **#5**
It's always interesting when the celebrity offspring takes over the social media accounts of the former A+ list tweener turned A- list adult. You get a trashing of the ex and lots of love for the offspring. Hailey Baldwin Bieber/Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez (Why Hailey Baldwin Is the 'Best Wife' for Justin Bieber — He Is a 'Better Person' with Her: Source) (Selena Gomez: Can Justin Bieber STOP Talking About Me Already?!?)

339. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/27 **#6**
It was not that long ago that everyone wished for these two male network reality stars turned singers to end up together. It hasn't happened yet, but the closeted one has had several hookups with men over the past year, so maybe down the road it could happen. Adam Lambert/Kris Allen ("American Idol") (Adam Lambert talks about his crush on Kris Allen)

340. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/27 **#7**
I wonder if this southeast Housewife will find out that it is a castmate who did the same thing in the past who made sure the world knew what the Housewife did for money. Eva Marcille/Marlo Hampton ("Real Housewives of Atlanta") (Marlo Hampton Doesn't Think She Was Wrong To Spill Eva Marcille's Rumors On 'RHOA': 'This Tea Came With Receipts') (CNN Founder Ted Turner, Allegedly Marlo Hampton’s Of "RHOA" Sugar Daddy!)

341. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/27 **#8**
Apparently some of the victims of this A list rapper from her drugging and robbing days are set to sue her. That would wipe out her fortune pretty quickly. Cardi B (Cardi B fans debate whether the rapper should be charged after she admits she drugged and robbed men during her stripper days)

342. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/27 **#9**
This recently fired again former A- list mostly television actress was telling friends the other day that she still sometimes hooks up with her ex who is supposedly married. Nicollette Sheridan/Aaron Phypers/Denise Richards (Dynasty Shocker: Nicollette Sheridan Out as Alexis — Find Out Why) (Aaron Phypers’ Divorce from Nicolette Sheridan) ('RHOBH' Showcases Denise Richards' Nontraditional Wedding to Aaron Phypers)

343. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/27 **#10**
The government of this Middle Eastern country is apparently behind a foundation to honor this foreign born celebrity. They gave a really large check to the family because they know he was murdered. The check for the foundation makes it easier to accept the official story. Oman/Avicii (Family of Avicii launch suicide prevention foundation in memory of the superstar DJ who took his own life in Oman)

344. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/27 **#11**
She doesn't get called out for it like a lot of other celebrities would, but this A- list mostly movie actress who has a hard to spell significant other just barely higher on the list photoshops nearly every photo she posts to social media to make herself look better. They look nothing like pap photos you see of her. She must spend a lot of time each day doing it.
Oliva Wilde

345. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/27 **#12**
While staying at the foreign home of this A+/A list mostly movie actor, these two sometime co-stars who are both A listers (permanent A list actress/A list comic actor) hooked up. It is a head scratcher.

346. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/27 **#13**
This permanent A++/+ list mostly movie director who comes from a family of people in the business spent tens of thousands of dollars to try and scrub the internet of his connection to the convicted pedophile director. Francis Ford Coppola/Victor Salva (Francis Ford Coppola supports pedophile director Victor Salva (Jeepers Creepers))

347. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/27**#14**
This closeted former A list boy bander got secretly married to a man. The former boy bander does his best to stay out of the spotlight. JC Chasez ("NSYNC")

348. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/27**#15**
Stranger: It was about three years ago when this took place. This B+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee and all around jerk had just finished having sex with a woman while being photographed by an award winning photographer. The actor said he was tired of familiarity and wanted a groupie. The photographer suggested they go to a nearby club and see what they could find for the actor. They were at the club for about twenty minutes before the actor found someone and convinced her to go back to the photographer's place. There, he pressured her to have sex which she finally agreed to but didn't consent to the photographer taking pictures during sex. She also didn't consent to the photographer making it a threesome. The actor kept telling her everything was fine with it. When they finished with her, the woman was forced to sign a paper provided by the photographer. It was a release. A year later she saw cropped photos of the rape used in an ad and was horrified. She talked to a lawyer but that paper she had signed was a consent and release form. Jared Leto/Terry Richardson (Jared Leto by Terry Richardson) (Jared Leto. NAKED. You’re very welcome…)

349. POPBITCH 03/28
What on earth could have happened to beleaguered blackmailer and National Enquirer editor Dildo "Dylan" Howard that he's had to take an unexpected leave of absence from work this last month? (If he's trying to escape the heat, there are cooler places to go than Arizona, Dyl...) (National Enquirer Paid $200,000 for Jeff Bezos Texts, Nude Selfies) (Powerful Gossip Editor Dylan Howard Was Also Investigated At Celebuzz)

350. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/28 **#1**
Every time they are together, this permanent A list singer takes a very wide angle away from any member of this reality family. Such was the case this week when they were at an event together. Beyoncé/The Kardashians (Diana Ross rings in 75th birthday with Beyonce, the Kardashians)

351. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/28 **#2**
This A- list rapper paid a mistress six figures to get an abortion just so he wouldn't have to deal with the wrath of his girlfriend. Travis Scott/Kylie Jenner (Travis Scott ‘Is Really Making an Effort’ to Put Kylie Jenner and Stormi First)

352. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/28 **#3**
Arguably the biggest agent in town is doing his best to make sure this A- list mostly television actor never works again. Family bonds and all that. Ari Emanuel Co-CEO of William Morris Endeavor (character Ari Gold on "Entourage") (brother Rahm Emanuel Mayor of Chicago/Jussie Smollett (Entourage: The real-life inspiration for Ari Gold and the rest of the crew) (Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Says City Will Bill Jussie Smollett for Cost of Investigation)

353. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/28 **#4**
This former celebrity turned reality star turned talk show host got dumped by her boyfriend when she started asking for more money per month.

354. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/28 **#5**
This A-/B+ list mostly movie actress was supposed to not film anything for the next year or so to focus on being the "girlfriend" of this politician. I guess that is not working out because she has signed on to do back to back films. Rosario Dawson/Cory Booker (Jay and Silent Bob Reboot Brings Rosario Dawson Back) (Senator Cory Booker says 'incredible' girlfriend Rosario Dawson 'didn't give him the time of day' when they first met - as he admits he was 'nervous' to ask for the actress's phone number)

355. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/28 **#6**
This foreign born A- list mostly movie actress thinks her actor significant other is sober. He isn't. That would be a deal breaker.

356. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/28 **#7**
This A list mostly television actor from a very very hit network show could be fired because of the way he has sexually harassed a co-star. Jason Beghe ("Chicago P.D.") (‘Chicago P.D.’s Jason Beghe Investigated By NBC For "Inappropriate Behavior" Amid Sexual Harassment Claims)

357. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/28 **#8**
This A list everything in her mind took a good solid 5 minutes to roll a joint because she was trembling so much after hearing about her significant other's latest side piece. Jennifer Lopez/Alex Rodriguez (Is Alex Rodriguez Fooling Everyone, Including Jennifer Lopez?)

358. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/28 **#9**
This former B+ list actor who is in an acting family and probably the lowest on the list but maybe the biggest name recognition was doing lines with naked strippers. He promised his significant other he would stop doing both. David Arquette (David Arquette puts on an animated display at Lakers game wearing white suit and space themed T-shirt) ('Is he high or just freaking weird?' Fans express concerns for David Arquette after he slurs his words and appears 'awkward' on The Ellen DeGeneres Show)

359. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/28 **#10**
This foreign born permanent A list model/host says she has been experimenting with LSD which is totally not her kind of thing. Heidi Klum (Heidi Klum puts on a WILD display as she parades her legs from behind a wall during raucous departure from Diana Ross' 75th birthday bash)

360. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/28 **#11**
I don't know who she made angry, but this A- list mostly movie actress had a premiere last night and no big names bothered to show up to support her. Olivia Wilde ("A Vigilante") (Olivia Wilde dazzles in sparkling green gown as she leads the stars at A Vigilante world premiere) (Premiere Of Saban Films And DirecTV's "A Vigilante")

361. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/28 **#12**
This foreign born still very young A- list mostly television actress won't be that high for long. Her hit show is ending. She is having trouble booking anything because she won't do the casting couch thing. Maisie Williams ("Game of Thrones") (Maisie Williams taking a break from work)

362. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/28 **#13**
This former tweener actress/singer turned adult A-/B+ list mostly television actress is on a fairly hit show for that particular cable channel. There is a growing contingent on the show that wishes she wasn't on it any longer. Hilary Duff ("Younger") (Sutton Foster Will Return to Broadway As Marian in Hugh Jackman’s The Music Man)

363. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/28**#14**
This foreign born A+ list mostly movie actress in her own country is probably unknown to people in North America. Apparently she is even more rude to crew members and those she considers beneath her than even Priyanka.

364. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/28**#15**
The Second Man: Those close to this disgraced former A- list mostly television actress from a long running hit show know the identity of the person footing the bill for legal services in exchange for sex. He has got some very big pockets and is close to some other people who also are in need of legal services for the same issue. What people didn't know is who is the second person she has been hooking up with. The guy she says she wants to be with forever. No one has seen him. It is a jaw dropper. Apparently it is one of the people that was investigating her. Not sure if the person is local or federal. It seems like a huge conflict of interest regardless of their jurisdiction. Allison Mack ("Smallville") (Allison Mack is begging for a separate Nxivm trial) (Girlfriend beating Atty Gen. Schneiderman resigns; now we know why he wouldn’t prosecute Raniere!)

365. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/29 **#1**
The one year wonder didn't get her reality show picked up so she is doing what she does best - yachting. Olivia Culpo (Miss Universe 2012) ("Model Squad") (Olivia Culpo soaks up the sun in bikini made entirely of string)

366. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/29 **#2**
I have been telling you for awhile that the always rude A- list mostly movie actor who would have received an Oscar nomination if not so rude is closeted. Apparently now that closet door is about to bust wide open. Timothée Chalamet (Kid Cudy) (Timothée Chalamet and Ansel Elgort: High school rivals turn BFFs after taking Hollywood by storm) (Pete Davidson says he was left to foot the bill for Kanye West and Timothee Chalamet to eat 'a bunch of rich guy stuff' at extravagant Nobu guy's night)

367. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/29 **#3**
This A list soap star is about to get fired from his long long long long time role on a show because of some racist remarks he made. Steve Burton (Jason Morgan "General Hospital") (Steve Burton Makes Racist Joke About Black People)

368. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/29 **#4**
The celebrity offspring of the permanent A++ lister can try and spin it however she wants, but it was a suicide attempt and not the first or the second or the third. Paris Jackson (Paris Jackson accidentally cut her arm with kitchen scissors during 'out of control' night of partying - but she did NOT attempt suicide, close friends insist)

369. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/29 **#5**
An ex of this A- list mostly movie actor who is kind of a mini me of an A+ lister from the same background says they rarely had actual intercourse because the steroids he took gave him some impotence issues. John Cena (Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson) (John Cena linked to recent steroids accusations?) (John Cena Reveals The Best Advice He Got From The Rock)

370. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/29 **#6**
This network gave a huge "donation" to this organization to try and fix the outcome of an award show. I'm not sure the award show though is prepared to give the actor in the news the most over the past few days, an award. FOX/NAACP/Jussie Smollett (Jussie Smollett is nominated for an NAACP Award, and host Anthony Anderson hopes he wins)

371. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/29 **#7**
Knowing he won't say anything, this A list singer/sometime actress will say whatever it takes to make the public sympathize with her on her recent split with a boyfriend. Lady Gaga (Christian Carino) (Lady Gaga Reportedly Broke Up With Christian Carino Because He Was Incredibly Jealous and Texted Her Too Much)

372. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/29 **#8**
This former A list child actress turned nobody turned A list adult mostly movie actress is now an A- list mostly television actress who pays a 20 something year old to come over once or twice a week and have sex with her. Drew Barrymore (First Job at 1 and First Drink at 9: 20 Secrets About Drew Barrymore, Hollywood's Ultimate Survivor)

373. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/29 **#9**
Kind of like throwing rocks at glass houses when this former Housewife talks about being drunk and messy. Brandi Glanville ("Real Housewives of Beverly Hills") (Brandi Glanville ‘knew’ Wendy Williams had problems: She was ‘sloppy’)

374. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/29 **#10**
The former Disney A+ lister turned A- list adult actor who does mostly movies was a walking illicit pharmacy last night after a premiere. Zac Efron (Zac Efron continues to show off his peroxide blonde locks at his latest movie premiere The Beach Bum in LA)

375. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/29 **#11**
With that big name bailing on the series, don't be surprised if the porn star/escort/monetarily challenged reality star comes back to MTV. Bristol Palin/Farrah Abraham ("Teen Mom") (Bristol Palin Appears to Confirm 'Teen Mom' Exit, Spills on Stalkers and Botox)

376. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/29 **#12**
This married A- list mostly movie director was not acting like it last night after a premiere. There were two women he took turns fondling and groping. I haven't seen his wife out with him in a long time and that might be the reason why. Harmony Korine/Rachel Korine ('The Beach Bum' Director Harmony Korine Always Knew Matthew McConaughey Would Be Moondog) (Harmony Korine Blind Item Reveal)

377. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/29 **#13**
This foreign born permanent A list celebrity was hitting on men again yesterday. Not for sex, but for them to "invest" in her money pit of a fashion empire. Victoria Beckham (Naomi Campbell & Victoria Beckham Shine A Spotlight On Fashion Trust Arabia)

378. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/29**#14**
Apparently last night at an award show, this B+ list celebrity/host/sometime reality star was being his usual jerk self to anyone not higher than him on the list. Ross Mathews (The Human Rights Campaign 2019 Los Angeles Dinner)

379. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/29**#15**
On A Break: With all apologies to Ross and Rachel, this also happened while a couple was "on a break." I'm sure it is all coincidence and strange timing, but there is a lot of coincidence and strange timing to not at least bring it up. There is a B- list celebrity who got his fame in one of the most unusual ways I can think of in the past decade. He has never been exactly what one could call faithful and his serial cheating sent him on this little break until his foreign born celebrity girlfriend forgave him and got him away from what would probably be at least a few questions. See, while he was on this break, our celebrity hooked up with a woman or two, but one in particular stands out. She has a history with our celebrity dating back at least six or seven years. They have hooked up numerous times and have not always played fairly with others. Anyway, they recently hooked up multiple times over the course of several weeks. Then, abruptly our celebrity went back to his girlfriend and the woman he hooked up with is now in jail. For murder. Jeremy "Hot Felon" Meeks/Chloe Green/KelseyTurner (Chloe Green PICTURE EXCLUSIVE: Heiress is spotted with fiancé Jeremy Meeks for FIRST TIME since split claims as they 'show no sign of strain' during cosy canoe trip in Thailand/March 18, 2019) (Playboy Model Kelsey Turner Arrested In Stockton In Connection To Doctor’s Murder) (Police investigate bodies found on Nevada road; friends remember victims) (Kelsey Turner: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know)

380. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/30 **#1**
This closeted foreign born former A+ list boy bander has a female stage name he uses when he goes out to gay clubs.

381. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/30 **#2**
An abused ex has a bunch of photos and videos of the abuse she suffered at the hands of this former A+ list rapper. Apparently she is trying to give it to this alliterate talk show host so she can use it. 50 Cent/Wendy Williams (Shaniqua Tompkins or Daphne Joy) (Shaniqua Tompkins accuses Fif of abuse, speaks on rapper missing son's graduation) (50 Cent charged with domestic violence for allegedly kicking his child's mother) (50 Cent Slams Wendy Williams & Calls Her A ‘Crack Head’ After She Admits To Relapse)

382. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/30 **#3**
This reality family is going to shoot another pickup scene to show how the athlete will even pick up underage teens. "Keeping Up With the Kardashians"/Tristan Thompson (Khloé Kardashian Gets Emotional About Her and Tristan Thompson's Relationship in KUWTK's Dramatic New Trailer) (Tristan Thompson Caught Sliding Into Underage Star's DM After Khloe Kardashian Split)

383. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/30 **#4**
This foreign born former A+/A list mostly movie actor had no intention of apologizing for remarks he made or he would have done it months ago. He finally realized he had to if he ever wanted to work again. Liam Neeson (Liam Neeson 'profoundly apologises' for his 'black b*****d' rape revenge comments as actor claims the event 'ignited irrational thoughts' and doesn't 'represent' who he is)

384. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/30 **#5**
It came really close to being a national public outing of this closeted politician last night on television. One of these days it won't be as close. Cory Booker (Don Lemon tells Cory Booker 'nice job' in 'hot mic' moment during CNN town hall)

385. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/30 **#6**
This married talk show host keeps selling off properties bought during the marriage because the talk show host is getting divorced. No one seems to want to discuss it. Does the host have that much power? Ellen DeGeneres/Portia De Rossi
(Ellen DeGeneres, Portia De Rossi Divorce Rumors: Couple Reportedly Lives Separate Lives While Facing Marital Issues)

386. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/30 **#7**
This A list autotuner says one thing publicly about his marriage, but privately when he is talking to other women, he says something completely different. T-Pain (Amber Najm) (T-Pain, the Masked Singer, and AutoTune — what a wild ride) (T-Pain Clarifies That He and His Wife of 16 Years Aren't in an Open Relationship)

387. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/30 **#8**
This foreign born A- list mostly movie actor who has been in a movie franchise is out promoting his brand new movie. He is doing it with someone he says is from his team, but apparently this team member sleeps in the same hotel bed. He does have a significant other. This is not her. Colin Farrell (sister Claudine Farrell/personal assistant (aka his professional support system) (significant other Kelly McNamara) (Colin Farrell Reveals His Close Kinship to ‘Dumbo’) (Who is Claudine Farrell?) (Hollywood star Colin Farrell reveals the first thing he eats when he arrives home in Dublin is a kebab, chips and a Coca-Cola from Abrakebabra)

388. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/31 **#1**
Interesting that this permanent A++ list celebrity deleted from her social media all videos and clips pertaining to a recent documentary about an A++ lister. Oprah Winfrey/Michael Jackson ("Leaving Neverland") (Oprah Apologizes For Michael Jackson Slander & Deletes Neverland Tweets)

389. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/31 **#2**
This disgraced director was being his usual misogynistic self this past week when he said he would only let women he thought were attractive enough inside his party. Brett Ratner (Brett Ratner, unfazed by controversy, parties in Paris for 50th birthday)

390. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/31 **#3**
So, what does the Palace do to the newspapers and tabloids in the countries they can't threaten when those tabloids talk about the royal affair? They did manage to shut down the naked photos years ago, but that was a little easier because it involved nudity. It will also be interesting to see if anyone says anything about her ex that she has seen multiple times over the past two years. The ex never lost his hair. Prince William/Kate Middleton (Prince William: Having an Affair With Kate Middleton's Rival?! Rose Hanbury) (Royal Family Exes – Where Are They Now?) (Fergie's Scandals)

391. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/31 **#4**
The A+/A list mostly movie actor is already getting bored with the barely there celebrity with whom he recently reunited. He got the phone number of a very young barely legal porn star this past week. Ben Affleck (Lindsay Shookus) (Lindsay Shookus to Ben Affleck: If You Relapse, We're Through!)

392. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/31 **#5**
This former B+ list actor from an acting family is living off the largess of his son-in-law. Stephen Baldwin (Hailey Baldwin Bieber) Justin Bieber (Hailey Baldwin's parents Stephen and Kennya pay her a visit after she moves into new Beverly Hills mansion with husband Justin Bieber)

The still one hit wonder who comes from a celebrity family had a handful of strippers up to his suite after a show this weekend. Not sure his significant other would approve. Robin Thicke (April Love Geary) (Robin Thicke looks like a charmer ahead of performance at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas) (April Love Geary shows off her amazing post-baby body with Robin Thicke for their baby Lola's first outing in Malibu) (Robin's post-baby gut)

Speaking of just about one hit wonders, this foreign one who barely squeaks above the one hit wonder line had a bloody nose that wouldn't stop this past week. Time to lay off the coke. Iggy Azalea (The future looks bright! Iggy Azalea strips down to a skimpy bikini for a sunbathing session - as her comeback single Sally Walker rises up the charts)

395. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/31 **#8**
Speaking of drug use, this A/A- list mostly movie actress not named Angelina Jolie is sporting a fresh set of track marks in the crook of her elbow and in her underarm.

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