NOTE: Guesses in italics are only guesses;
guesses in RED are a link to the solution or substantial clues.

1. WHICH "Bravo Housewife" is known for letting her precious little pooch poop inside swanky Neiman Marcus department stores? The annoyed staff have been given strict orders to bite their tongues because the classy lady drops a pretty penny on designer duds!
Lisa Vanderpump "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

2. WHICH soon-to-be divorced superstar is fond of complaining of the rigors of motherhood, but in fact has recruited full-time baby sitters? The all-around entertainer rarely holds her tots unless a camera is nearby ready to capture the moment! Jennifer Lopez

3. THIS New York-born R&B diva went from dirt poor to living large, but she’s now worried about her dwindling bank account. The Grammy-winner is desperate for another hit album so she can get her life back on track! Who is she?

4. WHAT former ABC prime time star has a kinky side that borders on the disgusting? The brunette beauty’s fondness for her filthy fetish was so well known among her former crew and cast mates that they nicknamed her "Kinky Katie!" Katey Sagal; Evangeline Lilly

5. WHICH womanizing former action star helped pick his current leading lady because of her strong resemblance to a much-younger version of his soon-to-be ex-wife? The over-the-hill actor’s return to the big screen is being watched very carefully by Hollywood insiders who think his film career is over.
Actor: Arnold Schwarzenegger
Leading Lady: Jaimie Alexander
Movie: The Last Stand
Soon-to-be Ex-Wife: Maria Shriver

2. BUZZFOTO 11/01
After losing a lot of weight and working hard to get herself healthy, this star is in a really good place right now. Unfortunately, her partner is not and is becoming clingy and jealous. He told her he liked her a lot better when she was fat and refuses to be supportive of her new lifestyle. Carrie Fisher

This one was a shocker to even my jaded self. Two co-stars. Network show. Both married. Both B+ listers with very long careers. Lots of bad luck with shows in the past although each has struck gold at one point. I cannot even fathom the two of them together, but they are. Like all over each other on a daily basis. When the crew started noticing what was going on, I think they were all just as crushed as I am. Two great families being torn apart by a couple of people who wanted some sex with each other.
HINT: The pair split when the woman decided to stay with her man. The other relationship crashed and burned just like the show. Mid-life crisis time now for our actor is playing the 18-25 market now despite being twice that age. Will Arnett and Christina Applegate "Up All Night"

4. BUZZFOTO 11/01
This A list actor from several cult-favorite movies is dealing with a rare health condition that is affecting his work. He’s terrified for anyone outside of his camp to know that he is sick because it could affect future roles.

#1 - What former A-/B+ list female rocker, recently asked this former A list movie actor and now a solid B if she could borrow $100K from him. The funny thing is even though she asked him for this money she had not said or spoken to the actor in almost five years and only a handful of times since they co-starred in a movie together. They reunite and speak for a little while and in an hour she is asking for $100K. He said he would need to talk to his people. I hope he did not give her his phone number. Courtney Love/Woody Harrelson

#2 - Which Jersey Shore star is fond of saying, "It is not gay if someone else is doing the sucking," whenever he is questioned about some of the people he has gone out with. The Situation

This diva had a little too much to drink at a recent Halloween party. She was fine until someone brought up the name of another female artist. Our diva began mocking her rival. When someone made the mistake of coming to the rival’s defense, our diva went ballistic, and started screaming at them: "That bitch destroyed my career! Don’t you ever, EVER mention her name in front of me again!" The defender backed off, and everyone else gave the diva a wide berth for the rest of the evening.
Christina Aguilera/Lady GaGa

This hunkalicious actor is close to A-list, thanks to his starring role as a popular action hero. Although he plays a clean-cut paragon of virtue on the big screen, in real life he has an out of control coke problem. He’s so far gone that he was recently banned from an exclusive Hollywood club because he pulled out a vial and started snorting coke at his table in the VIP section. Chris Evans

8. BUZZFOTO 11/03
Which B list pop star who won a big award this year, accidentally sent sexts that were meant for her manager to her husband? Oops!

After ruining her TV stint, how will this Comedienne revive her career? Mo'Nique

#1 - This B- list actress from a hit almost network show has been married before. While she was married she had a little fling with a co-star, but has since moved on to another co-star. Well, that is what the public sees. What the public does not see is the cute female production assistant in her teens that our actress spends time with on a regular basis too.
Kelly Rutherford

#2 - This former A list actress and multiple nominee of some of the biggest awards out there is now a C lister on a good day. Well, she still has A list diva attitude though. When she was doing a premiere with some of the cast and was put in a hotel, she found out the director had a bigger room than hers. Our actress was not happy about it and asked him to switch rooms with her. He said no. She replied in a very loud voice in the middle of the lobby, "So help me, you are going to switch rooms with me or I will get on the phone to your wife and tell her all about those extras you fucked." The director replied that he did no such thing, and the actress said, "It doesn't really matter what happened, she will believe it if I say it." Jessica Lange

11. BLIND GOSSIP 11/03
While some celebs are finally acknowledging new additions to their families, others are in denial about their parental status. Well, here’s some info about one in particular that may add some fuel to the parental fire. Is he really the father of this baby? As a matter of fact, he might not be the father. The new mom actually did have sex with another guy the week before she had sex with the celebrity. She is "pretty sure" that the celeb is the father… but there’s a chance that it’s the other guy. Good news, right? Not so fast. Even if the celeb is cleared as the father, he’s still in a world of trouble. Why? Because this was not the first time he’s picked up a fan and had unprotected sex with her. The story that this girl is telling is absolutely true… and there are plenty of other girls who have had a nearly-identical experience with this same celebrity. That means that there are an awful lot of people who are going to need to get paid off so that the celebrity doesn’t come off looking bad. And, while he’s at it, perhaps he should also consider paying for their medical bills. Because while the other girls didn’t wind up pregnant, some did wind up needing prescriptions.
Justin Bieber

Which high-profile — and blond — couple will be the next to announce a split? He’s an older, accomplished actor, while she’s young and less experienced. The pair shocked Tinseltown with their secret marriage just two years ago.

Bi Guy Grabs Slutty Beard to Protect A-List Boyfriend. We knew something didn't make sense! When the deliciously sexy (and untraditional) movie star Nevis Devine started hanging out less with his on/off boyfriend, the almost-as-handsome Barrington Bang-Me, we thought it was just the natural ebb of Nevis' libido. He's more into girls than guys, after all. But then we discovered the downtime between the guys was far more to do with Barrington's master plot! Oh, what a tangled web these bisexual boys can weave! Not that long ago, Barrington hooked up with a pretty visible gal. This was right around the time people were started to wonder what the hell's going on with the two guys, anyway. But, no more! Bare's new babe (who's been around almost as much as Nevis has, hmm...) took care of those rumors. However—surprise, surprise—things are rotten between Barrington and the beard. But, what really is a surprise is the fact that we just discovered: Mr. Bang-Me only took up with said honey because he didn't want to endanger Nevis's career, he didn't give a you-know-what about his own reputation. Oh, my. Is this love? And It Ain't: Jake Gyllenhaal, Hugh Grant, Alexander Skarsgård.

Nevis Devine: Rob Pattinson
Barrington Bang-Me: Tom Sturridge
Barrington's new babe: Sienna Miller

#1 & # 2 & #3 - This chain smoking, thinks way too much of himself, Academy Award winner/nominee still A list actor must have a way with women other than just hookers. I don't know how he does it. The guy has now started hooking up with one of his B+ list female co-stars despite the fact she is in a relationship with a soon to be A list actor. How does this guy do it? Does he have a magic peen?
Sean Penn/Emma Stone/Andrew Garfield

#4 - Speaking of aging Academy Award winner/nominee actors, this actor is going through some rough times and barely leaves his house at this point. The actor is said to have suffered a stroke and has been doing therapy at his home almost everyday. Typical for the actor though is that he is supposed to have suffered the stroke right after having sex with a woman 40 years younger. Jack Nicholson

#5 - This A list R&B/Pop singer is married. She believes in her vows and has been said here several times, her husband who is also a musician does not. She thinks he has finally straightened out. Well, he probably will be after he takes care of paying off his latest fling. Apparently she managed to get photos of the musician in some very compromising positions. Alicia Keys and Swizz Beats

15. BUZZFOTO 11/04
His wife is pregnant and he makes sure to tell everyone on the internet how happy he is about it. Ironically, it’s also on the internet where he met his gay lover that his wife thinks is just a really, really good buddy. James Van Der Beek

16. BLIND GOSSIP 11/04
His girlfriend knows that the accusations are true. So she’s getting out. She has her own reputation to consider. The faster she distances herself from the coming shit storm, the faster she and her career can recover. But how does his girlfriend really know that the accuser is telling the truth and that the storm is coming? Well, it’s not because he will admit to anything. She’s telling friends that she is shocked that the words he used with the accuser are exactly the same words he used with the her when they first started dating. It also means that he lied to his girlfriend about something that was very important to her. That’s enough evidence for her.
Selena Gomez (Justin Bieber)

17. BUZZFOTO 11/04
This B list actor from a hit network series left his family for the weekend on Halloween and said it was for work. Instead of doing business, he and his mistress and their love child went to a popular theme park for the day.

This actor is a solid B list and has been for years. Sometimes he headlines a movie, but for the most part, he is the second lead. Solid actor and everyone knows who he is. He also has a very attractive daughter. Very much so. The daughter has a bit of a drinking problem and when she drinks she shares a story of what happened to her when she was 15 about to turn 16 and how she was hit on and eventually had sex with this A list movie actor who is a nominee/winner of some of the biggest awards in acting. A friend of her father's, they had a brief fling and supposedly this brief fling also broke up the A list actor's long time relationship. His significant other could handle the cheating, just not with a 16 year old.
B list actor:
A list actor:

19. BUZZFOTO 11/07
Which B list actress, who made it big in a film based on a book, is having trouble with her teenaged daughter? She and her daughter have been clashing over the daughter’s messy habits, particularly her messy room. The actress has threatened to throw away all of her daughter’s stuff if she didn’t keep the room clean. As our B-lister was following through with the threat, she found tin foil and straws with white powder in her daughter’s room. She is devastated. Kim Bassinger's daughter Ireland

1. THIS Hollywood royal family is being ripped apart by a bitter feud over a girl. The teenage son of a music legend’s sole heir and the heir’s 20-something half-brother are fighting for the attention of the same young lady, and the heir – aka the "princess of rock ’n’ roll" – is desperately trying to stay out of the fray. Who are they?

music legend's sole heir "princess of rock ’n’ roll": Lisa Marie Presley
teenage son: Benjamin Keough
20-something half brother: Navarone Garibaldi Priscilla Presley's son

2. WHICH mega pop star freaked out when room service delivered two boxes of extra large condoms to her Beverly Hills hotel suite? When the entertainer later walked through the lobby, she jokingly yelled out to the front desk staff: "Who the heck do you think I’m #$%@-ing up in my room?!" Lady Gaga

3. WHAT busty Grammy award winner has reduced her boob size for the second time? The singer/actress, who has long struggled with her weight, embraces her curvy self but was encouraged to downsize by her health-conscious new partner. Queen Latifah and new girlfriend Eboni Nichols

4. WHICH entertainment show personality is in danger of losing her cushy five-day-a-week gig because of her annoying attitude? This would be the SECOND job the thin brunette’s lost. In 2009 she was dumped from a hugely popular ABC prime-time position! Samantha Harris "The Early Show"; dumped from "Dancing With the Stars"

5. WHICH popular, tattooed, gay reality show star insists on staying in the closet and even introduces his partner as his "stylist"? The only problem is that the hunk’s hairdresser boyfriend tells EVERYONE who his famous beaus is! Bob Harper
"The Biggest Loser"

21. BLIND GOSSIP 11/08
There’s no denying that this actor is very talented. However, in this town, talent will only take you so far. There’s a good reason that our actor’s been getting a lot more face time and screen time and attention this season than the rest of his castmates. It’s because our actor hit the old casting couch with the show’s producer. Even though the overt favoritism is causing dissension among the ranks, the producer just can’t stop giving his honey more screen time and parading him around at various industry events like a prized poodle. Most people outside the show haven’t made the personal connection between the actor and the producer yet. Perhaps it’s because there is such a significant age difference between the two. Or, perhaps it’s because the actor has explicitly stated in interviews that he is straight. Or, perhaps it’s because the producer is supposed to be getting married.
Show: "Glee"
Actor: Darren Criss
Producer: Ryan Murphy

Sugar-Rod O'Keefe is nothing new in Hollywood. He's a star who makes a lot of money—and he loves spending it on hookers, both male and female. If you only knew how common this story is Tinseltown! But something even less known than Sugar-Rod's sexual preference is how anti-gay most of O'Keefe's professional colleagues are, something Sugar not only doesn't mind but thrives on: "He thinks it makes him less of a target for people thinking he's gay," said a longtime male hooker who's been paid by O'Keefe for years, "if he hangs out with guys who are telling homophobic jokes." Hmmm. Guess this type of sexuality subterfuge makes guys who simply have beards for girlfriends look like down-right simpletons! "He really does think this helps keeps the heat off him," added the guy prostitute, who added that Sugar-Rod indeed has a major thing for highly orchestrated sex, i.e., lots of "role playing." So, guess it makes sense Mr. O'Keefe (who's been a top box-office draw at various points in his career) also likes to orchestrate his sexual politics in real life! Which makes us wonder if those tacky gay jokes O'Keefe's director has been known to make aren't also to help get the gay-focus of his star? You know, in a totally effed up Hollywood kind of way. And It Ain't: Jake Gyllenhaal, Tom Cruise, Colin Farrell.

Sugar-Rod O"Keefe: Eddie Murphy
director: Brett Ratner

23. ASK AUSIELLO 11/08
A character we thought was dead will turn up very much alive on a freshman drama series.
Jemma/"Ringer"; Nick/"Secret Circle"; Daniel "Revenge"; Amanda Clarke’s father/"Revenge"

This B list television and movie actress who is more into television right now with her long running series has some severe cutting issues. She cuts herself so frequently that she has to get to makeup several hours ahead of time and is wearing much more long sleeve outfits on her show. Plus, it also caused her significant other to leave her because he just could not handle coming home and always finding bloody towels everywhere.
Rose Byrne

25. BUZZFOTO 11/08
This celebrity just gave birth not too long ago and is suffering from horrible postpartum depression. Unfortunately for her, the baby’s father is no where to be seen. Luckily for her, she has a good support system but she is upset that the father (a well known player in Hollywood) has cut and run. Kimberly Stewart; January Jones

#1 - Which star from The Bachelor Pad has other contestants worrying who had sex with this person and just told them the star has herpes. Hope protection was used.

#2 - This well known actor from the Twilight franchise is set to come out. He wanted to do it in this round of press tours but is being pressured to wait until the final installment tour.

27. BLIND GOSSIP 11/09
This teen heartthrob recently spent the night hanging out at a club in Los Angeles. Not a big deal, since he broke up with his girlfriend months ago. While everyone wanted to dance with him, he quickly zeroed in on one particular tall willowy blond, and the two spent a good part of the evening dancing and grinding together. He wound up taking the lucky one home, presumably for a romantic night together. Did we mention that this was a gay club, and that the blond was another guy? The heartthrob’s ex-girlfriend would not be surprised at all about this, nor would she care. She’s already moved on to her next beard.
Zac Ephron

28. BUZZFOTO 11/09
This Hollywood power-couple are broken up and sleeping with other people although you’d never know it. They still live together, go out together and even sleep in the same bed. They’re looking to live separately, but since arrangements haven’t been made, they’re amicable enough that they are still living together. Will Smith/Jada Pinkett Smith

29. BUZZFOTO 11/10
This male, C-list actor has been getting a lot of work done, mostly to improve his physique so he can keep getting roles for his body type. Friends are whispering that he’s becoming addicted to the procedures after he recently scheduled a procedure to get his feet worked on. Sad!

30. BLIND GOSSIP 11/10
This newcomer is hunky and talented and has landed at least two very desirable lead roles in the past two years. While they may not have been huge box-office successes, they definitely gave him a higher profile in the industry. His publicists are having a problem with him, though. He started out his career as an openly gay man. And now they are having problems pushing him back into the closet. After all, how can he land the big action leads if people know he’s gay? So, he’s been given a beard, and recent interviews have contained awkward snippets of him talking about his relationships with women, and the kinds of things he does to impress his dates. Um, sure.
Luke Evans "Immortals", "The Three Musketeers"

This one is kind of old Hollywood, because of the actor involved, but it happened not that long ago. This A list actor and winner/nominee of an Academy Award was married to a man. It turns out that our actor fell in love with a transsexual, but did not want anyone to know, so they got married. The transsexual managed to get some fake identification and easily passed for a woman and they were married. After a couple of years, the man, legally became a woman. Funny enough though, after the man became a woman our actor was no longer interested and they got divorced.
Peter O'Toole

32. BUZZFOTO 11/11
This C List actress with an upcoming role in a film that could potentially make her B+, heard about the trouble a crew member on set was experiencing. His wife of only a few months was diagnosed with cancer and has a long list of treatments ahead of her. The actress had never personally spoken with the crew member before, but after finding out about his problems, put money down on a nice apartment (for an entire year!) for the couple, that is very close to the hospital.
Rooney Mara; Emma Stone

Word has it that this "questionable" Actress is trying to get over her divorce by getting close to her Co-star. If fans don’t want her in the movie, they really won’t want her coupled up with this fan favorite. Kim Kardashian/Lance Gross "The Marriage Counselor"

Jackie Bouffant, still young, still beautiful, seems to have already run the Hollywood gamut in his brief career: boys, drugs, not to mention the requisite "beard." As in, a red-carpet girlfriend he loves to trot out for the paparazzi and mainstream press. But that was so yesterday. Today, Jackie's got some totally homo cajones on him! Just like Toothy Tile once sported the young man he adored, it looks like Jackie's showing off his, too! Hot! At a recent very glitzy Hollywood event, Jackie was likewise very obvious. And trust us, Jackie's not a silly, stupid boy like Parrish Maguire, who doesn't always triple-check where he hooks up. So what happened? There Jackie was, A-list everybody all around him, hitting the top of the press line with his new boyfriend in tow. Only, Mr. B. stopped just short of walking the carpet with cutie-pie BF, who has the most adorable curly coif and darling rosy cheeks. Jackie, instead, had his dude walk around the carpet. And then guess what the TV and movie star did, once he finished walking the press line? He picked his boyfriend up at the end! It was totally like they were pulling some kind of playground game, too cute! Only it was hardly grade-school stuff, once the newbie couple rejoined inside the party: with all the giggling and rubbing up against each other they were doing, who needed those outdoor heat lamps? Funny thing, whenever an in-house photog tried to get Jackie and his man, the BF split faster than Brett Ratner chomps shrimp cocktail. Smart man, he'll be by Jackie's side for years (or months) to come, we predict. And It Ain't: Taylor Lautner, Chace Crawford, Robert Pattinson.
Zac Efron (boyfriend: Bubba Lewis)

35. BLIND GOSSIP 11/11
This television show is doing well in the ratings, but one of its stars is doing an awful lot of whining on the set. Why? First of all, they don’t like having to show up for work every single day. Secondly, they don’t think they are getting paid enough. Finally, they just don’t think that there just aren’t enough hot women on the set. Quit complaining and do your job, you ingrate…
Ashton Kutcher

#1 - This up and coming just about A list R&B singer either needs to head for rehab or get clean. She is out of control and spending almost $2500 a day on her drug habit.
Nicki Minaj (and she did get to A list and did start using a whole lot less)

#2 - This Twilight actress is telling friends she is pregnant and desperately trying to hide it for a few more weeks. Nikki Reed

#3 - This former B+ list television actress from a very hit teen drama type show and now pretty much always unemployed but still pap worthy when spotted actress faced a $10,000 cleaning bill when she recently left her apartment in the middle of a lease. She could not afford to pay the lease and owed the cleaning bill because apparently she could not be bothered to ever take her dog outside and was very bad at cleaning the messes up. Mischa Barton

#4 - This former tween television actress on the Mickey Mouse network has been in this space before because she is passed around like candy between hip hop artists. Now though she has been passed to a Saudi prince who had a crush on her during her Mouse days and pays her a fortune to be with him. Adrienne Baillon

37. BUZZFOTO 11/14
This A list singer has decided to cook and host her own Thanksgiving dinner at her home for the first time, this year. Her jealous sister-in-law has a different plan. She told friends that she’s planning to sabotage the meal because it’s not fair that the singer ‘gets to have everything.
Mariah Carey; Alicia Keys; Carrie Underwood

1. WHICH actor on a prime-time medical show is shacking up with his “craft services” girl? The handsome star’s private life – two kids with the ex he divorced last year – was never gossiped about, but that’s all about to change!!
Tim Daly "Private Practice"

2. WHICH “Desperate Housewives” actress and “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” reality star are fighting to get their kids into the same swanky private elementary school in L.A.? The women stuck their noses up and avoided each other as they dragged their privileged kids in for the grueling interview process on the same day!

3. WHICH B-list actress was spotted wearing a surgical mask during her entire flight from France to New York? The star, who has a famous mother and sister, was so paranoid about catching something that she refused to sign autographs! Ashley Judd

4. WHICH of the Bravo “House­wives” just broke up with her lesbian lover? The single mom is always talking about sex, but is very careful never to mention her lover’s gender! WHO is she? Kandi Burruss "Real Housewives of Atlanta"

5. THIS bisexual actress recently went to see the horror flick “Paranormal Activity 3” with her FORMER lesbian lover. The rekindled romance, which some say was a horror show in itself, seems to be heating up under the radar. Who is she? Lindsay Lohan/Samantha Ronson

39. BLIND GOSSIP 11/14
This female reality star was at a party with a number of closeted gay actors recently. What the rest of the guests didn’t know was that four people were going to be staging a little play starring the reality star and three of the actors. The objective was to get the guests to buy into the drama and feed the story to the tabloids. The “story”, approved by their publicists, was that the reality babe was dating a hunky actor, and that the actor’s television costar – along with the costar’s boyfriend – were quite vocal about the relationship. The reality star and the three closeted gay actors all played their roles to the hilt, and the story did wind up in the tabloids. What is still unclear, though, is whether it was a one-time publicity stunt, or if the reality star‘s convincing performance has secured her a longer-term gig as a paid beard.
Reality Star: Lauren Conrad
Actor: Chace Crawford
Actor’s Costar: Penn Badgley
Costar’s Boyfriend: Shawn Pyform

This former B list movie actress with A+ name recognition and now someone who seems to just show up for cameos from time to time has been so out of it since the birth of her recent child that she has only even held him a few times. Apparently our actress has been going through the stress of pretending she even wanted the child for the sake of helping her publicity challenged husband. Our actress has been on a crazy combination of drug cocktails and is so upset with her husband that she only speaks to him every week or so.
Kelly Preston

41. BLIND GOSSIP 11/15
When the principal actors of a film do pre-release interviews, they usually talk about the main themes of the movie. Not in this case. Some of the main players of this upcoming film are completely skirting around one of the film’s main topics. We think it’s because it hits a little too close to home. All of the leads – as well as the director – are gay, lesbian or bisexual. Only one of them is out of the closet. We think it would make for much better interviews and much better box office for the film if they would just suck it up and speak openly about the topic… even if they aren’t willing to come out at this point.

"J Edgar Hoover" Lance Black the screenwriter (out). Leonardo DiCaprio and Ed Westwick
"Margin Call" Zachery Quinto (out). Kevin Spacey and Penn Badgley
"Breaking Dawn: Bill Condon (out). Kristen Stewart; Robert Pattinson; Taylor Lautner

"Magic Mike" Matt Bomer (out). Alex Pettyfer; Joe Manganiello

42. BUZZFOTO 11/15
This foreign-born actress has a husband that has been cheating on her for years. He thinks she doesn’t know. She does. She’s known since the beginning but looks the other way because she claims in her culture, ‘it’s just what men do.’ She has accepted his infidelity quietly and claims that as long as he doesn’t bring it home, she’s okay with the lies. So sad. Salma Hayek

This up and coming B list actress really needs to go to rehab or lay off the booze and whatever else she is taking. Not even out of her teens, the actress is out of control. So out of control that a recent event she was overheard more than once calling this current (so not Heidi Klum) Victoria's Secret model a n***er lover. Yep, she said it. Several people heard her say it and eventually the model found out and confronted our young actress at the event in front of about ten people and the actress denied saying any such thing. After the model told the actress to grow up, and walked away, the actress then made another snide comment about a/the child of the model and left the event.

actress: Chloe Moretz
model: Doutzen Kroes
event: "CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund | Council of Fashion Designers of America"

44. BLIND GOSSIP 11/16
This sexy movie actress and this intense actor have been friends since they were kids. She definitely has a higher profile than he does, but lately he has been landing some big roles as well. When reports about them playing kissy face started to appear recently, it was puzzling because they make for a rather odd match. Well, we have a scoop for you. It’s not a real relationship. Just a temporary bearding gig. However, since they do genuinely enjoy hanging out together, don’t be surprised if they rebound back to each other again in the future.
Scarlett Johansson and Kieran Culkin

This actor is probably a C list. He has definitely had times where he has been a B or B+, but that was when times were good and he was getting some good roles in some very popular movies. Now, he basically is a fringe guy. Movies, television, whatever it takes to earn a buck. If you saw him you would know exactly who he is, but would probably not remember his name. Anyway, going from making a million bucks a year to significantly less than that has transformed him from more of a happy kind of guy to one who goes on some seriously violent rampages. His wife has left him several times, generally to protect their child/ren. Our actor has punched walls, torn down chandeliers, and even took a baseball bat to his refrigerator. His wife considers herself lucky to have only suffered a few bruises here and there, mainly while trying to calm her husband down during one of his rages. His most recent one was on Halloween when he tore down all of the decorations in and outside of the house and even yelled at kids walking down the street that there would be no fucking Halloween at his house this year.
Christian Slater

46. NEW YORK PRESS 11/16
1. Which sister of pop royalty, an aspiring DJ herself, had to remove her auntie Janelle from the premises at a store opening where she was spinning? The DJ sis, soon to be an aunt to the world’s biggest celeb baby since Suri, noticed her aunt wobbling around after 2 martinis, causing small scenes and crying out, “I WANT OLIVES!”
Solange Knowles

2. What TV actor is said to get rather gleeful about his dates with another “straight” actor?... Which budding impresario gave a twentysomething girl his business card and told her via email that he’d buy her and all her friends drinks all night at his new hipster strip joint. Matthew Morrison and Chace Crawford

I really wish I could have witnessed this first hand. I heard it was hysterical. So, this recent network reality star who is more famous for something other than being on a reality show for a bit was walking down the street yesterday in West Hollywood when she was confronted by a very angry man. The reality star has supposedly been dating this B-/C+ primarily television actor and the man on the street was not happy. The gist of the conversation was that the reality star had stolen her man. The reality star thought the person meant like he was a fan of the actor and was just joking about the theft of "his man." Turns out that is not the case at all as he loudly proclaimed right there on the street that until our reality star came along, the man on the street and the actor had been "fucking and sucking" every night but because he could not make him famous he went out and found a "slut like you."
Elisabetta Canalis/Mehcad Brooks

48. BUZZFOTO 11/17
After years of homophobia, this NFL athlete is deciding to change his ways. He has been inviting gay rights activists to his home for dinner so that he can educate himself on the issues. He is considering ‘coming out’ as a public supporter, but first wants to know how and where to direct his energy. Desean Jackson; Michael Irvin; Terrell Owens; Troy Aikman; Cedric Benson

Quite some time ago, I had a little tiny blind item about these two and how they are basically hookers. Later I had another little item about one of the two. Well, today, I thought I would write a little more about their escapades. Oh, I like that word. I bet some teen mom has named their kid Escapade and meant Escalade. Anyway, these two started out hooking about ten years ago. I can't believe it has been that long. At that time they started out at the same level fame wise. Hooker #1 had some early fame and got her own reality show and then that came and went and she had to go back to hooking. Now we are not talking about standing on street corners or being an escort somewhere. They basically just let it be known they were available for a price. Hooker #2 was jealous of Hooker #1's early fame but Hooker #2 has skyrocketed past Hooker #1 in the fame department and now the two people who used to have the $10,000 a night combo special together do not even talk. If you ever saw Hooker #1 on a talk show or a guest spot on a television show, you can put it in the bank it is because she slept with someone. Usually they would be customers who would trade her a spot for free sex for a month. Hooker #1 used to command $5000 a night and at one point had slept with just about the entire NY Yankees roster. Now though, time has worn her down some and she gets about $1500 a night and has been forced to have sex with executives rather than celebrities or stars. The good news for her is that she has started to get some job offers from her new customers. Hooker #1 also introduced Hooker #2 to one of her most famous boyfriends. After paying for Hooker #1, he found out that Hooker #2 was available and it was the last time the duo ever did one of their combos.

Who is the mystery Woman who demanded to be treated like family at a boxing Legend’s funeral? Hmmmmmm!
Joe Fraizer’s ‘baby mama’

Gay Star's Clueless Beard Walks In On a Shocker! People have a right to live their lives, let's be clear about that. And that's why we do not out gay stars at AT, never have, never will. But when matinee idols like Toothy Tile and Fey Oil-Tush choose to involve other, non-gay folks in their clandestine lives, it changes the rules. For instance, Crescent Kumquat's latest beard was beginning to wonder why the heck the handsome star never laid a finger on her in private. Well, she just found out the reason the hard way: When the gorgeous, tall stunner Crescent had been parading around to parties just happened to hop over to her man's place to surprise him (and she found that he was not only home, but, the place was pretty open). Only it was she who got the shock when she walked in on Crescent having sex with a dude! And not just a little petting or oral action, either, babes, Crescent was right in the middle of getting done to him what the gorgeous, real-blonde chica had wished he would do to her! Now, we gotta say we're starting to wonder just how much dope Crescent's doing these days, because not even outlandish sex Vice Super-stars like Toothy and Crotch Uh-Lastic take this many chances—you know, like leaving the house wide open while getting it on with a guy inside. But then who'd have thunk the gf would come over for a surprise? Well, all the more reason to actually give these beards a little lovin' once in awhile, boys. Ya know, so they're not so damn horny! But the discarded chica does get the last laugh, we must note. Won't be getting that nasty social disease Mr. Kumquat's known to have, whew! Wonder if that latest blondie CC's been out with will be as lucky? AND IT AIN'T: Tom Sturridge, Charlie Sheen, Robert Pattinson.
Chace Crawford

52. BUZZFOTO 11/19
This D List actress has a stage name that we know her by, but under her real name, she is managing to collect government benefits by fudging the numbers on her income.

53. BLIND GOSSIP 11/18
While at a party a few weeks ago, TV Actor 1 set up his new lover, TV Actor 2, with a "date" for the night. Actor 1 thought that Actor 2 would enjoy the experience of hooking up with someone different. The media got hold of the story from other party guests, and reported that the hunk was on the prowl and had a one night stand with this very beautiful woman. Well, almost. The mainstream media got it wrong. The "date" was actually a pretty pre-op transsexual! The Actors are both happy about the media report, though, as it allows them to both remain in the closet for another season.

TV Actor 1: Shawn Pyfrom
TV Actor 2: Chace Crawford
"Glee" party

1. What former Hollywood action star has turned into a life coach – for his ex-wife’s new hubby!? The former A-lister has been counseling the much younger actor about his rocky marriage and recent over-the-top public blunders! Bruce Willis/Ashton Kutcher

2. Which former Disney teen heartthrob still makes all the little girls go gaga, but he’s secretly into boys? The singer/actor was spotted at Hollywood’s Bar Marmont carrying on – hugging and kissing on his gay posse! Zac Efron

3. Which A-list actress was bombarded with angry calls and hate mail by her sick mother’s elderly girlfriends? The "Golden Girls" mob learned that the filthy rich star wasn’t paying for any of her mom’s medical care, so they shamed her into shelling out some cash! Jennifer Aniston

4. What former C-list actress-turned-reality star has rekindled a past romance with a famous rock star and is now asking him to adopt her youngest child? The blonde beauty, who receives a hefty child support check for her other kids, is trying to secure a little financial security for her latest tot! Denise Richards and Ritchie Sambora

5. This Bravo "Housewife’s" husband thinks that his spouse is having an affair with his filthy rich best friend! The untrusting hubby is so suspicious that he’s had secret surveillance monitors installed in and around their huge home! Who is he? Ken and Lisa Vanderplump/Mohamed Hadid

This foreign born B list actress recently said she had never been pregnant with her current A list move actor husband. While this may be true, she is not 100% sure of that considering she was pregnant when she got married. She just does not know if the father was her husband or the significant other she left to be with her husband. The pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage. Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig

56. BLIND GOSSIP 11/21
There’s a reason this reality star doesn’t want information about her past coming to light. It’s not just because she is embarrassed about her past profession. It’s because her manager from that past profession has a big mouth. He will tell anyone who will listen about the very special gift he purchased for her that she still displays very proudly – her breast implants. He is also likely to spill all the juicy details about her hot affair with the super-wealthy man for whom she was ready to ditch her husband. Yes, despite her protestations, the girl is definitely a gold-digger. BTW, the rich guy wouldn’t marry her, so she had to settle for her husband. Melissa Gorga "The Real Housewives of New Jersey"

57. BUZZFOTO 11/21
This starlet has hooked a lot of buzz and if her new movie is as big as we think it will be, she’ll soon be on the A list. She has been hero-worshiping the director of the film (big name/lots of good movies) for years, but now they’ve taken it to the next level. Lots of dirty texts and a strangely close relationship that is creeping out cast and crew. Not sure if they’ve bumped the uglies, but it seems inevitable at this point.
Rooney Mara and David Fincher "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo"

58. BLIND GOSSIP 11/22
Well, it should be an interesting Thanksgiving at this family’s house. Everybody is mad at everybody else! Parent is unhappy with Child for continuing in a relationship that is sure to end in heartbreak. Child is annoyed that Sibling is scoring more work than Child and not including Child in the most lucrative projects. And Sibling is unhappy with Parent’s management of their career. Perhaps Child can lighten the mood by spilling the news that Sibling’s SO is consulting with a divorce attorney. Let’s all give thanks for family! Will someone please pass the sweet potatoes?

Parent – Kris Jenner
Child – Kourtney Kardashian/Scott Disick
Sibling – Khloé Kardashian
Siblings SO – Lamar Odom

A hit drama series will whack a major character in shocking fashion in a few weeks. I just watched the ep and I'm inconsolable.
Angela "Boardwalk Empire"

This A+ list movie actress has not really filmed much in the past year or two. The reason? Turns out that when she was younger she did a lot of drugs and there were a lot of needles and she has hepatitis. Her doctors told her she needed to slow down and take care of herself so she has been. There have been whispers it might even be something worse then hepatitis.
Meg Ryan

61. BUZZFOTO 11/22
This C list singer (who has done a little acting) is known all around Hollywood for being the go-to man if you want an STD. Our source said a B list actress on a hit TV show, claimed that every STD in Hollywood can be traced back to this guy.
Chris Brown/Taraji P. Henson

This actor is still A-list but for name recognition only. Lately his career is more of a solid C-. He’s been happily married to his trophy wife for years, but behind her back he’s been having a sexual affair which is caught on videotape. The shocking part is that his sex partner is his own half sister! The tape has been circulating in the legal community and COULD end up in the wrong hands!
Sylvester Stallone

This director doesn’t have a reputation for engaging in tomfoolery on his sets, and this starlet has no reputation at all, yet they’ve been raising eyebrows with their vaguely off-putting relationship, which is inching into "professionally inappropriate" territory. Their weird fascination with one another is making some folks wonder if they could become a liability while promoting their film. She’s infatuated but he’s playing Pygmalion, a scenario that always ends messily. Someone should warn her, bless her little heart. Rooney Mara and David Fincher "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo"

How’s your vision today? Good? Good, ’cause you’re gonna wanna be 20/20 or better for today’s Blind Item. It concerns one of the stars of AMC’s The Walking Dead and their desire to… well, walk. The backstage drama all started when series creator Frank Darabont was ousted. A whole lotta people were upset, you’ll recall, and this one person, so much so that he/she asked to be released from his/her contract. But, according to my moles, a funny thing happened between the time the request was made and when it was potentially granted. A change of heart. Now this member of the ensemble wants to stay. But it may be too late. (Even my sources don’t know for sure at this point whether the character is going to be written off, although one insider insists he/she ultimately got their wish.) So, your guesses? Who’s the Darabont loyalist who wanted his/her Walking papers, then decided they wanted them torn up? Dale (Jeffery DeMunn)

This actress is B list for now. When her crap show goes off the air on that almost network, then I fully expect to see her at a comfortable D. She is the star of the show. Well, at least has the most name recognition. Reason? Shrewd. So shrewd. Dated a B list gay movie actor when he was scorching hot and in a huge couple of movies so got in a lot of pap photos. Although they tried to have sex once or twice, it never really worked out, but what she did learn was how to tie him to the bed and beat him with a paddle. He loved it. Turns out, she loved doing it. Her new boyfriend? A C list actor, maybe B- if you are a fan. They had nothing in common and she was tired of him hitting on her. Then one day he started talking about what he liked in bed. Same thing as the other actor, but this time she does not have to beard.
actress: Annalynn McCord
B list gay movie actor: Kellan Lutz
C list actor: Dominic Purcell

66. POPBITCH 11/24
Which troubled young Brit actor met the friendly introductions of the Upper Class Virgin Atlantic flight attendant, offering to help with whatever he wanted during the journey, with the simple riposte, "Why don't you just fuck right off?"
Alex Pettyfer

#1 - While his B list television actress wife on a long running hit network medical drama was at home with their child, her husband was at the Roxy this week hitting on women and getting as many phone numbers as he could. Chris Ivery and Ellen Pompeo

#2 - What Twilight actor had a bunch of the movie posters cut up so they only have his picture remaining. He then uses them as the base for when people snort coke at his house. He says that he loves people snorting coke off his body. Kellan Lutz

#3 - This A+ list R&B singer helped with a food drive for the homeless this week and then afterwards spent several hours smoking crack with them. Hey, at least he paid for all of it. Big Boi

#4 - This comic actor who has been a supporting actor in hit television shows and movies is becoming a bigger and bigger star is about to have a serious breakthrough as a lead actor and move from the C list to B+ or even higher. I wonder what will happen when people take a close look at his collection of Japanese porn. He says it is all anime, which is true, but the subjects are all girls who look 12. Jason Segel

Did threesome’s do these two in? A Superstar Couple have recently announced their split, but does it have to do with having one too many people in their marriage? Demi Moore/Ashton Kutcher

Starlet Prefers Locking Lips With Ladies Over A-List Dudes: Charlotte "Chuck" Finger-Dingle is young, über-gorge and has H'wood by the family jewels (metaphorically speakin', at least). See, Chuck is still relatively fresh to the scene but she's managed to nab some of the splashiest flicks served up by the biggest studios and has certainly caught the eye of Tinseltown—and all the eligible bachelors in it too. But all that steamy hetero chemistry Chuck has onscreen stays strictly in celluloid, ‘cause Chuck has a taste for...The ladies, of course. Chuck has sparked her fair share of rumored romances with T-town's hottest fellas (more than a fair share of which are also members of the Blind Vice Hall of Fame), but when it comes down to whose bed she's hopping in and out of, Charlotte prefers her lovers strictly chick. Which isn't to say Chuck gets lonely during those long months on location. Oh no, Chuck—with her fashionista figure and cheekbones to kill for—has plenty of ladies lustin' after her as well and makes sure to pluck only the hottest babe from the crowd to keep her, well, "entertained." So while the tabloids plaster their covers with snapshots of Chuck and her ab-tastic male costars, the real juicy scandal is going on behind the scene where CF-D is getting hot and heavy with one lucky gal or another. And her usual same-sex selection? Women with power—ya know, like directors or producers or any broad who's calling the shots. How friggin' hot is that? Keep it up, Chuck, ‘cause even if you don't win an Oscar, you're certainly one of our new fave Vicers. AND IT AIN'T: Ashley Greene, Lily Collins, Lea Michele.
Olivia Wilde

70. BUZZFOTO 11/25/11
Our source emailed us this morning to tell us that this C list actress from a network television show, sent her assistant to hire some non-English speaking women to go and do her Black Friday shopping and to pick up clothing at Black Friday for her at several lower end department stores. She wanted ‘cheap shoppers’ to go and get their hands dirty and get her the things she wanted, but didn’t want to be seen shopping at lower end stores.

71. NY POST/PAGE SIX 11/28
1. Which supposedly sober rock star was spotted at a high-end gala schmoozing the tables and surreptitiously swilling all the other guests’ wine?
Nikki Sixx; Steven Tyler; Richie Sambora

2. Which mogul was shaking with rage at his assistant when the peon took too long to run into Shake Shack to get him a burger while the boss man waited in his Town Car? P. Diddy

3. Which younger brother of an infamous socialite appears in a hardcore gay sex tape that’s making the rounds in the male modeling world? Barron Hilton

1. THIS Oscar winner was having a good laugh over the bustup of Kim Kardashian’s marriage to Kris Humphries until she accidentally bumped into Kim at an event. The nonconfrontational blonde high-tailed it away from Kim in order to avoid a showdown!
Charlize Theron; Gwyneth Paltrow; Reese Witherspoon; Renee Zellweger

2. WHICH popular TV chef has been labeled by the cliquish Beverly Hills plastic surgery community as the "cheap filler-queen?" The star’s addiction to Botox and other face fillers isn’t the problem – it’s her pushy demands to get her plastic surgery procedures for free! Giada De Laurentiis

3. WHICH celebrity friendship – she’s an A-list film star and her BFF is a TV personality – is being severely tested? The small-screen pal seems to have crossed the line of alliance by hiring her crony’s personal hairstylist and yoga instructor, but the last straw was when she reached out to her friend’s famous ex to appear on her show! Jennifer Aniston/Chelsea Handler

4. WHICH gorgeous film starlet is calling her Oscar-winning relative a real-life "Mrs. Robinson"? The 20-year-old actress is furious that her famous family member constantly flirts with her hunky TV actor boyfriend! Emma Roberts/Julia Roberts/Chord Overstreet

5. WHAT sexy reality star’s athletic ex-boyfriend has a penchant for transsexuals? The single and never married footballer’s dirty little secret was the main reason she left him! Kim Kardashian/Reggie Bush

What started out as misguided fun has turned into a really precarious situation for this one celebrity couple. She is a sometime model and sometime reality star. He is pretty much an A list movie actor. They have been together for awhile. When they first got together the woman was recovering from a long time coke habit which she used to stay thin while modeling. She also used heroin but never told our actor. He has always been open to pot and mushrooms but shied away from harder drugs because he relied on his body to get him roles other actors could not get. Body first, acting talent second. Although he has done drama and comedy and action, he is pretty much a one note actor. After a momentous occasion in their life, the couple took some time off to vacation together. They ran into an old friend of the woman and one thing led to another and all three did some coke together. Since that point about six months ago, our actor and his significant other have been doing coke everyday. He has stopped working out and is focused more on coke everyday than any other part of his life. The couple have passed off their child/ren to nannies which they never did before and party every night, all night. Supposedly the woman has also even got back into heroin. Still has not told our actor though.
Matthew McConaughey and Camilla Alves

74. BUZZFOTO 11/28
During a family shopping trip this last weekend, this D list actor from a famous family took his young child shopping with him. While the rest of the family went shopping for Christmas presents, he stopped by his dealer, with the child in the backseat.

75. BOSSIP 11/28
Long before Karrine Steffans took on her "Superhead" moniker this male R&B singer earned a reputation in Hollyweird for wetting more than just whistles. Said singer’s career was pretty hot in the’90's but not nearly as blazing as his jaw work… Insiders say ol’ boy made the knees of many a baller shake, including an NBA star who suited up for the Lakers and at least one A-list Hollyweird actor. Can you guess the O.G. "male Superhead"?

Superhead: Johnny Gill
NBA star: Magic Johnson
A-list actor: Eddie Murphy

#1 - This foreign born pop sensation is making his way through the teens of Hollywood. His goal is to have sex with as many as possible. So far he has had sex with the following teen actresses. B list movie actress who is going to be in one of the big hits of the holiday season. B list movie actress who has been nominated for one of the big awards. This was just in ten days.
foreign born pop sensation: Cody Simpson
B list movie actress #1: Chloe Moretz
B list movie actress #2: Hailee Steinfeld

#2 - This A list television actor who does movies but would be a B in movies is not seen as much with his new girlfriend. Reason? He yelled at her at a dinner party in front of people and called her an idiot for her views and for not being informed. Alec Baldwin

77. BUZZFOTO 11/29
Which award-winning, aging actor/director has been donating his sperm to his lesbian friends for years so that they could have their dreams of motherhood fulfilled?

#1 - This former A list movie actor who now is lucky to find work was a big sex symbol back in the 80's and 90's. At a recent event he ditched his date to have sex in the bathroom with an old flame who has risen to C list status as the host of a reality show. Val Kilmer & China Chow

#2 - Speaking of former sex symbols. This former A list tween star and now actress who has to rely on her old role for any kind of fame, is known in Hollywood as the freakiest freak in bed. You would never know it by looking at her, but guys line up to try and date her. Ashley Tisdale

79. BUZZFOTO 11/30
This C list film actor from a trilogy has had long-standing problems with his mother. The two have been feuding for years, but have still managed to stay in contact. This last Thanksgiving was the last straw when the family got together and the mother brought home her new boyfriend- the C lister’s best childhood friend. Shia LaBeouf

#1 - This barely B list actress who has had some great roles in popcorn movies that bombed is pregnant. She has not announced it yet, not because she is not happy, but because she is still trying to figure out who the father is. Rumor has it that it might be this married B list co-star of one of her bigger bombs.
B list actress: Olivia Wilde
B list co-star: Jason Bateman
Big bomb: "The Change-Up"

#2 - This newly married male A list pop singer really needs to remember he is married. Of course he has had problems with cheating in the past. Famously so. Anyway he was spotted getting really flirty and touchy feely with this reality show singer/actress who continues to hang on to fame by a thread. Michael Buble and Katherine McFee

81. BUZZFOTO 12/01
She might be incredibly beautiful, but this C/D list reality TV star is very insecure about her body. Her publicist only allows photos of her to run that have photoshopped her into a nearly perfect Barbie doll.

82. BLIND GOSSIP 12/01
When a star is in trouble, it would be nice to think that their celebrity friends would rush in to help them in their time of need. Perhaps they would provide a shoulder to cry on, or a box of Kleenex to dry their dear friend’s tears, or some sage advice based on their own public stumbles or heartbreaks. Nah. Sometimes they are just there to take advantage of a photo op set up by the guys or gals who handle them. In this case, it’s one publicist who happens to handle both of these celebrities and thought that this was a good opportunity to make both of them look better. The truth is that neither of these celebs has many friends outside of their family. And they really can’t stand each other! So the thought of either one of these people taking more than half a second out of their life to genuinely comfort or help the other is actually quite funny. Madonna and Demi Moore

83. POPBITCH 12/02
Which aging rocker-turned-crooner has been getting hotel concierges to arrange 'private' pilates lessons for him in his room, specifically requesting that his instructor be female? Rod Stewart

84. BLIND GOSSIP 12/02
This reality star smiles and acts all sincere and caring for the cameras, but behind the scenes, she is nasty and conniving. First of all, she is trying to force out the other members of the cast so that she can replace them with her own friends and family. She is delusional enough to think that she is the star of the show, and she will hurt anyone who gets in her way. Secondly, when a blogger disclosed something unfavorable (but very true) about her past on a popular website, the reality star went ballistic! She and her thuggish family and friends launched a coordinated online campaign to discredit the blogger. Even worse, they started posting threats and select personal details about the blogger (e.g. where she lived) all over the internet, thinking that it would scare her enough to retract the story. Finally, she had her attorney contact the blogger and threaten her with legal action if she didn’t issue a retraction. The blogger wouldn’t budge, so the lawyer resorted to calling her a "skank" on a popular social network. How professional! (And rather ironic considering the reality star’s own past.) The blogger has refused to retract the story and the reality star is still angry about being unable to control the media. Just wait until she finds out that here are even more salacious details to come… Melissa Gorga from Real Housewives of New Jersey

This female Rapper wants to be a big crossover success, but her Boyfriend/Manager is going to be her downfall. He recently encouraged her to go after a major Icon, and it didn’t turn out well. The female Rapper came across looking like a fool. Nicki Minaj/Safaree and Cher

Poor, poor Smokey Shooter. First, he and his gal couldn't really work out the domestic thing, then he and his honey called it quits, oh, no! They were such a cute couple. But you'll either be really sad or really happy to hear Smokey's wasted no time in moving on from his ex lady-love. Only problem being his new love interests all seem to have the same two complaints about the good-lookin' actor with a fair amount of movie cred: Actually, make that one and a half complaints, because some gals aren't so bothered by one of this dude's, uh, problems, as it were. Namely, that he's just too big. And we're not talkin' just the guy's ego, honeys. Add to that sometime painful attribute the fact that Smokey has a fondness for solving his flatulence issues while in bed with his various women. Result? Some gals pretend not to notice. Others scold Smokey with mock disbelief. Few are so upset they don't give Smokey another go. In fact, make that all. Which is probably why Smokey's never seemed to really care about giving his women warning, once he finds himself on the verge of breaking wind. OK, I understand why a lotta gals put up with crap like not lifting the toilet seat, but, why more babes don't give this babe grief for acting like he's in a Jim Carrey movie is beyond me. Does size really matter that much? And It Ain't: Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Hefner, Leonardo DiCaprio.
Ashton Kutcher

This B- list television actress has been in this space before for some not so model behavior. She is on a hit show for this almost network and wants everyone in the world to think she is the perfect mom and girlfriend to her B list actor boyfriend who is also on a hit television show. Our actress has gone through a series of relationships with men and at the end she always makes it seem like the boyfriends were the awful ones and she was perfect. The realities? She sets aside time for sex with her boyfriends. They get three times a week but she only schedules it for 30 minutes. If you are late then that is your fault. When 30 minutes is up, she is up too. She considers it a necessity rather than fun. Oh, and don't forget that pre and post sex shower. Food? She only eats four things. Seriously. Just four. Chicken, rice, Total and apples. Nothing else. No seasonings or spices. If you are with her when you eat, then she insists you eat the same thing too. One of the actresses on her show who is getting to be almost A list said that if given the opportunity she would slip a chocolate bar or pot into the homemaker's food just so she could actually live a life for two minutes. Red carpet events? She tells her dates what to wear. Why do guys put up with it? Because she latches on to them and does not let go. They don't have a choice. If you ask her out and she says yes, she will be texting and calling and doing drop ins before you can say boo. She does not let go and it is very tough to get her out of your life.
#1 - Actress - Kelly Rutherford
#2 - Her boyfriend - Matthew Settle
#3 - Co-star who talks smack - Blake Lively
#4 - Television show - "Gossip Girl"

88. BUZZFOTO 12/02
This once A list, award-winning actor has dropped off the radar in the last few years. A source tells us he obsessively watches right-wing news and radio broadcasts like Glenn Beck, while stocking up on gold and weapons, preparing for ‘the end.’ His friends have tried to offer help, but he complains to our source that they are ‘nothing but Hollywood liberal socialists’ who have an agenda. His family and friends are worried as he’s becoming more extreme, and the source also claims he’s shelled out big bucks to install a bunker on his property.

The subject of this blind has been to the High Court this week and secured himself an injunction that prevents his extra marital activities being made public. That’s the second time in a week he’s been reported as saying,"Go fuck yourself" and there’s a hint right there. By now you’ve probably worked out that this newly married male singer was spotted getting touchy feely with a singer/actress in NYC last night. Yes, this fella having ‘illegal’ fucky times behind his wife’s back is something a High Court judge believes is his business and not yours.
Michael Bublé/Katherine McFee

1. What handsome, 40-some­thing A-lister was so afraid of being upstaged by a "Twilight" star’s teeny-bopper appeal and good looks that he made sure the actor didn’t land a co-starring role in his upcoming film? Moviegoers still consider the elder star sexy, but he’s so insecure that he didn’t want to take any chances – and the role went to an unknown!

2. Which Bravo "Housewife" has everyone thinking she’s super rich, but her recent financial failings have forced her to put her daughter to work at the family business? This reality star’s offspring is so embarrassed that she uses a fake accent and dresses (sorry, they didn’t post the end of this sentence). Lisa Vanderpump

3. Which wacky "Real Housewife" has Bravo executives furious because she refuses to do any promotion for the popular franchise? But the blonde reality star has nothing to worry about – fans love her crazy ways. Ramona Singer; Kim Richards

4. Which C-list actor – best-known for co-starring in a popular blockbuster comedy franchise and who now does mainly voice-over work – doesn’t accept his cross-dressing brother-in-law? The tiny funnyman wasn’t amused when his bride’s sibling showed up in a dress and heels to their wedding so they made him change into a suit and tie!
C-list actor: Seth Green
blockbuster comedy franchise: Austin Powers
voice-over work: "Family Guy" and "Robot Chicken"

5. What famous family is being torn apart by their differing views on homosexuality? The religious clan claims to be inclusive, but an openly gay member of the brood is feeling the heat from one particular relative who thinks she should go back into the closet! Who are they?
Family: Osmond’s
Gay family member: Marie Osmond’s daughter
Opposing family member: Donnie

#1 - What former A list tween actress was heard at a party saying, "If my next movie does not have the word fuck in at least 20 times I'm not doing it." Ashley Tisdale

2 - What B list UK television actress from an all acting family said, "I came to this party for one reason only. To fuck Bradley Cooper." Jaime Winstone

#3 & #4 - This A list movie actress married to a B list movie actor was overheard saying, "I have not slept in the same bedroom as my husband for years." The foreign born B list movie actress married to a B+ television actor on a hit network show replied, "I wish for that everyday, but he keeps figuring out how to unlock my bedroom door."
A list movie actress: Sarah Jessica Parker
B list husband: Matthew Broderick
Foreign born B list movie actress: Emily Blunt
B+ television actor: John Krasinski "The Office"

92. BLIND GOSSIP 12/05
This star of an NFL team was dining out with a male friend at a steakhouse the other night. After dinner, they were sitting there texting and talking on their cell phones when a young fan came over. He explained that he didn’t want an autograph or a photo, but that his 85-year-old grandmother was a lifelong fan of the team, and it would mean the world to her if the athlete would simply say hello to her as he was leaving the restaurant. The athlete looked up from his cell phone, glared at the fan for five or six seconds, looked over at the grandmother, and said "No! Now get the fuck away from my table!" The stunned fan retreated back to his table. A few minutes later, the athlete did manage to acknowledge the fan and his grandmother… by giving them the finger on his way out of the restaurant.
Jay Cutler, quarterback of the Chicago Bears

93. BUZZFOTO 12/05
This award-winning director from an action genre recently held a contest among several groups of interns. The contest involved the interns writing a screenplay which would be submitted to a group of Hollywood insiders. The best script would be turned into a film that he, himself would direct. After getting an overwhelming response from the interns, the director decided he had ‘no interest in reading that many scripts’ and scrapped the whole project, leaving the interns disappointed and scratching their heads why they never got a response. Michael Bay

94. BOSSIP 12/06
Basketball Wives may have a reputation for drama, but this NFL wife puts them ALL to shame. She’s been known to pitch a hissy fit after finding out her baller hubby has to do business with any attractive woman so publicists and assistants beware… Cuz heads have and will roll! Her husband doesn’t have the cleanest of slates off the field, but his skills on the field have made him much coveted anyway. Too bad his wife’s watch on him is worse than any prison warden. We wonder why she’s so insecure, considering she’s the one who stepped out on him — more than once at that!
Pilar Sanders

This could be very awkward. This pair of celebrity couples are best friends. They hang out all the time. Each member of the celebrity couple is actually a celebrity. One married couple features an A list comedian and the other celebrity couple features an A list television host. So, what happens when the husband of the television host is sleeping with the wife of the A list comedian? Can they still hang out? What about the new project the comedian and the host are working on together? Will that still happen? Do they know? Apparently not yet.
A list comedian: Jerry Seinfeld (wife - Jessica)
A list television host: Kelly Ripa (husband - Mark Consuelos)
Jerry possibly replacing Regis

96. BLIND GOSSIP 12/06 **#1**
While the members of this famous family certainly resemble each other, there is one family member with a unique physical characteristic that differentiates them from their more famous sibling/s. There have been rumblings about this for a long time, but it has finally been confirmed by parent to child: that the child is, in fact, the product of an affair one of their parents had long ago. The child did not take the news well, and really resents having been lied to all these years. Given that certain members of the family tend to selectively overshare, it will be interesting to see if this information is ever publicly revealed, and – if it is – how it will be spun.
Parent: Kris Jenner
Child: Khloe Kardashian Odom
Child’s More Famous Sibling: Kim Kardashian

97. BLIND GOSSIP 12/06 **#2**
People break up and get back together all the time. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t. Then there’s the case of these two good-looking people. They have both been on TV regularly, but in two very different roles. They were together. Then then broke up. Now they’re together again. Did they work things out? Is it true love after all? Nope. She’s pregnant. And, with all his other troubles, the thought of being a husband and a father is more than he can bear right now. But he’ll play along until he figures a way out of this. No wonder he’s been such a jerk lately. Then again, scratch that "lately" part. He’s just a jerk. In fact, she has a reputation for being a bitch, and he has a reputation for being an asshole. So maybe they are perfect for each other. Kristin Vavallair and Jay Cutler

98. BUZZFOTO 12/06
This ensemble cast from a popular television show have been getting along great with one another until the last few weeks. Right now, hardly anyone is speaking to one another unless absolutely required. The contention started when one of the stars accidentally read the email of one of his costars. The email contained notes sent in to an editor regarding a "Tell All" of the antics between the cast members. Once word got around that someone was sharing secrets, lines were drawn and people started choosing sides. Right now, directors and producers are scrambling for ways to get everyone to be civil enough to get through the season.

How about a nice easy one? This reality show couple have always been unique. They have stayed together when countless others have tired and failed at the same game. Why did this one couple have so much luck and success when others have failed? They made millions in the process and to date no one else has been able to match their luck. The reason? Prior to their "meeting," they had already been dating for over a year.
Trista and Ryan "The Bachelorette"

100. BUZZFOTO 12/07
This once B list (now on her way to D list) star is currently meeting men online for random hookups. She doesn’t ask for payment, but is usually rewarded in drugs at the end of the evening.
Tara Reid

101. POPBITCH 12/08
Which actress - known for her wild, untamed hair - has cuffs which match the collar? A West End dresser claims hers is the hairiest minge she's ever seen, describing it as looking like "a bear pelt".
Helena Bohnam Carter

This Singer is keeping a joyous event shrouded in secrecy. She and her Hubby want as little press as possible when the joyous moment arrives. Alicia Keys and Swiss Beat; Beyonce and Jay-Z

103. BLIND GOSSIP 12/08
Thanks to a major improvement, this award-winning actress is looking better and younger than she has in years. However, that still does not mean that celebrity men twenty years her junior are interested in dating her. The last couple of men she targeted – including a sexy Hollywood actor – passed on the opportunity. It’s not so much her age that concerns them. It’s that there’s a twist to this story. She wants them to beard for her while she pursues her relationship with the wife of a Hollywood icon.
Actress: Kirstie Alley
Sexy Hollywood Actor She Targeted: Bradley Cooper
Wife: Kelly Preston
Hollywood Icon: John Travolta

So, this former B list movie actor from a family of actors has not been getting much work lately at all. Part of the problem? Well he is a raging drunk who has spent a great deal of time getting thrown out of hotels. This one though tops it all. Our actor was in a country made famous by another movie for a film festival. While there he negotiated a deal to be in a movie. Obviously these producers do not read tabloids. He told the producers he needed $30,000 in cash to make the movie. Once he got the money from them he went on a drinking and partying binge. He came back to the hotel where he was staying and in the middle of the lobby got naked and started fighting with the producers. He then told them he was not making their movie, but he kept the money anyway.
Michael Madsen

105. BUZZFOTO 12/08
This is a creepy number and we’ve saved up a spooky blind for it: Last year this on-her-way-to-A List actress was sleeping with two different actors. One was a married costar and the other was an actor. For whatever reason (we can’t verify if it was just for fun or something she does often), this actress went to a fortune teller. The fortune teller told her that she had to find a way to break up with both of the men at the exact same time on a certain date. If she didn’t do this exactly the way it was explained to her, she was told she would be barren the rest of her life. If she did and did it successfully, within a year she’d be in a happy and stable relationship. She went home and broke up with both the men, causing a lot of drama but it’s a year later and she’s now in a relationship.

Brucey Huskers is a gorgeous star. Brucey's hot. Brucey has a super-bitchin', manly body. Brucey hangs with other equally luscious-lookin' Tinseltown (and Blind Vice star) celebrities, who he's gotten mucho intimate with. So, why is Brucey having trouble getting some lovin' lately? Oh, wait. That rumor that he's not getting any since his big Hollywood split turns out to be... Just that, a rumor! "Don't you realize that this explains everything a little bit more clearly?" said one of the dudes who hangs thisclose alongside the humpy celebrity, who's gone back to getting it on with guys (something he did before his latest sexy starlet romance), since his latest publicized romance went sour. "Ever stop to think why these 'relationships' of his don't last," asked Brucey's equally handsome bud, rhetorically. "Only a guy who's into guys would go out with the women this guy's gone out with," bitched the Huskers hanger-on. Now, if you're able to follow the logic here, it pretty much makes sense: Brucey hooks up with Hollywood gals who are gorgeous but who he knows he has zilcho in common with. Everyone's shocked when it doesn't work out, as both parties are almost always super hot! Leaving the public breathless and waiting for the next hetero hook-up. So, what gives? Just that Brucey wants to keep getting in on with the guys even though he tells even himself it's the chickers he's really wanting. Uh, so not the case. But, Brucey will be the last to know this. AND IT AIN'T: Ashton Kutcher, Sean Penn, Charlie Sheen.

This awards season is shaping up to be very interesting. One of my favorite closeted A list movie actresses, only seems to go for women when her relationships with men go sour. Well, after a recent breakup she found herself at an event and met this foreign born B list actress who you would recognize but would be hard pressed to put a name with the face. The foreign born actress has always said she has boyfriends but I don't think anyone has actually ever seen one. Anyway, despite being slightly older than our A list actress, the two hit it off and have been spending a great deal of time with each other and try to spend three or four nights together a month. The interesting thing is that both have a good chance of being nominated for Academy Awards this year in the same category. I wonder how that will work out if one wins.
#1 & #3 - A list actress: Sandra Bullock (Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close)
#2 & #4 - B list actress: Janet McTeer (Albert Nobbs)

108. LAINEY’S BLOG 12/09
Would you still love him if you knew that he stomps around the set, holding up production, when his tea is brought to him at not the right temperature? Would you still love him if you found out he delayed filming, and an entire crew, for several hours, because he HAD TO HAVE HIS LUNCH from a place that was off site so they had to drive there to get it and come back, only it was missing an ingredient and he sent it back? Would you still love him if he refused to report to set after visiting wardrobe and found out someone else had been joking around with his hat and he insisted it wasn't sitting right on his head anymore? Jude Law

1. WHAT late ’70s, early ’80s sitcom star went to his grave with a huge secret surrounding the mystery of Natalie Wood’s death? The legendary character actor didn’t want to get involved in the case, but he wasn’t shy about sharing what he knew about that fateful night Natalie drowned off the coast of Catalina Island!

2. WHICH Oscar-winning actress caught her then-husband in the middle of a steamy gay encounter with his film’s young American co-star? The British couple separated soon after filming ended and divorced two years later. The couple has since remarried, but the young stud has never wed. Who are they? Emma Thompson/Kenneth Branagh/Keanu Reeves "Much Ado About Nothing"

3. WHICH pop star/actress has been feuding with her musician hubby about where to spend the Christmas holidays? The blonde songstress almost choked on her sugar cone at a Beverly Hills ice cream shop as she ranted and raved to her mom about being "sick and tired" of her husband’s whining ways!

4. THIS female star of a new hit sitcom cut off her long blonde locks after another huge fight with her husband. And she’s been crying the blues to her fellow co-stars that her once-happy marriage is totally on the rocks! Eliza Coupe "Happy Endings"

5. WHAT former Hollywood couple’s kids have rallied their famous dad to intervene in their mother’s no-so-subtle deterioration? The children are worried sick that their celeb mom’s personal problems have taken a bigger health toll than she’s ready to admit – and they believe dad is the only one who can save her! Bruce Willis/Demi Moore

As any TV expert will tell you, the success or failure of any series comes down to the three L’s: Location, location, location! OK, that mantra actually applies more to real estate than reel estate, but one should never underestimate the importance of choosing the right setting for a TV show. Which brings us to our latest blind item… Rumor has it that a hit freshman drama series is packing its bags and heading to a new hood in Season 2. And not just any hood — the biggest hood in the world: New York City! The move would herald a dramatic (and spoilery) storytelling shift for the show in question, which is why we’re withholding the title… for now. Which show do you think will be mailing out a change of address card ahead of Season 2?

You all remember Carol Anne Sausage-Snatcher (, right? She was the chick who couldn't quite keep her hands to herself despite the fact that she has an oh-so-loving (and pretty damn hunky) guy at home. Well, Car has had a change of heart. And it all has to do with her best gal-pal, Carmelita Salami-Climber ( Let's back up a bit: Remember how Carm's close friends were worried that her dude wasn't up to snuff? Well they were right and he hit the road, leaving Carmelita to nurse her broken heart (trust us, that split is so not worth a Vice in itself). Here's the thing: While Carol Anne lets her bestie cry on her shoulder, she's secretly scheming how to keep her own relationship together...ya know, so she doesn't end up like her forever alone amigo. That's right: Carol Anne is getting her s--t together! And the first plan of action? Get herself knocked up pronto. Carol Anne has convinced herself that if she can get her man to get her preggo, everything will shape up in their sometimes rocky relaysh. As in, she'll stop parting and then they'll stop fighting. How terribly old fashioned of her, no?! And It Ain't: Naya Rivera, Jennifer Aniston, Blake Lively.
Carol Anne Sausage-Snatcher:
Carmelita Salami-Climber:

This foreign born A list movie actor who has not done much with his A list status so is probably slipping to B has run through many women during his time in Hollywood. The problem is they all know of his umm shortcomings in the bedroom. Not only his tiny endowment, but also the fact that he has some premature problems if you know what I mean. He tried dating women from other countries, but they also caught on so now our actor has dated two people in the past two months. Both of them are high school seniors. Legal, but are so excited about dating him they don't care that he is awful in bed and his ego has never been bigger.
Gerard Butler

113. BLIND GOSSIP 12/12
One member of this entertaining family is dropping babies like pebbles, but another is having trouble getting their family started. So the former has offered to help the latter. If the latter couple is still not pregnant by 2013, they can depend on their sibling to carry their baby for them. It’s such an unselfish act, that, although we’re sure they would much rather keep it private, we are hoping that they will consider letting others share in their joy. Perhaps a reality show that focuses on the relationship between the two couples and how the event impacts the whole family? The world really needs to see more of them!
Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian

114. BUZZFOTO 12/12
This star was reported to be carrying a lot of cash lately in public. We know where she got it - lots and lots of staged paparazzi setups. She’s getting paid to get her picture taken wherever she goes.
Lindsay Lohan

This one kind of blew me away because I did not know this actress was into charity. She is all movie all the time. B list, but I think it is more for her looks than any real acting talent. She stays extremely popular despite the fact she really does not make that many movies and seems to just stay in our eye by pap photos. Anyway, she read an article about homeless people and was fully prepared to go spend her Thanksgiving with her husband feeding homeless at the Los Angeles Mission. When she started exploring it more though she decided she wanted to give people more of a home feel for the holiday. So, she arranged to have 50 homeless families come to her place where she had set up a big tent and fed them all there and during the meal had televisions playing holiday movies and even made sure that each parent was given a gift they could give to their child on Christmas. Not too shabby. Jessica Alba

116. BUZZFOTO 12/13
Now that it’s getting colder on the East Coast, this C list television actor from a comedy is trying to figure out how he’s going to pay his power bill. He’s spent too much money on the illusion of being wealthy, that he’s skimped on the necessities.

117. BLIND GOSSIP 12/13
Well, this certainly has been the most incredible pregnancy ever! Bellies growing and shrinking! Breasts swelling and flattening! Prosthetics flopping and popping! Frankly, all this trickery is exhausting, and hasn’t been nearly as convincing as she hoped it would be. Therefore, Floppy will be keeping a low profile for the next month. So, she’s not really pregnant, but there will be a baby soon. And Floppy has been very busy behind the scenes shaking that baby money tree! Some money is going out (payments to medical professionals who will swear that they were there for the birth), but much, much more money will be coming in. She will be making money off of the fake story of the baby’s birth (which will be a C-section for Real Mommy but a "vaginal" delivery for Floppy). And more money off of the baby photos. And the story of how important it is to her that she "breast-feeds" her baby. And the story of how she lost the "baby weight". And the photos of her "new" body (with no stretch marks!) achieved with grueling workouts and healthy eating. And more stories about how amazingly fast she got back into shape and got back to work. What an incredible woman! Hey, there’s serious money to be made off of this baby, and you can be sure that Floppy will "milk" it for all it’s worth.

It is a barely kept secret that these two A list movie actors swing both ways when it comes to women and men. Although their public relationships have all been women the two continue to see men when the chance presents itself. Well, considering the two have been co-stars in the past, it is not surprising at all that they have taken the opportunity to avail themselves of each other. Until recently, the female significant other of one of the actors would also join them on occasion. It was actually her suggestion that the two guys hook up because they would keep it private and her suggestion that she join them.
Robert Downey Jr. (wife Susan)/Jude Law.

119. BLIND GOSSIP 12/14
She was brought in from outside the United States. She only speaks Spanish (or Portuguese?), and has a child who is approximately Kindergarten age. She is fairly attractive, looks like she is in her late twenties, and has thick, dark brown hair and medium-colored skin. You probably wouldn’t notice her if she was walking down the street. However, it doesn’t really matter what she looks like, as she is simply the Surrogate for a baby that is a genetic combination of the soon-to-be Mom and Dad. The Surrogate is currently living on the Lower West Side of Manhattan with her first child in a very nice apartment. She is not married, and does not really know anyone in New York, but she does want to stay here once the birth is over. The apartment is being paid for by the Couple. The Surrogate is well-cared for by a full-time staff person and there is always a doctor or nurse on call. She looks like she is approximately eight months pregnant, and is clearly much bigger than the Mom, who is simply playing pregnant. By the way, the Mom was physically capable of bearing her own child, but she didn’t want to "ruin" her body.

120. LAINEY‘S GOSSIP 12/14
Who was paid $15,000 in cash this week in exchange for frolicking around in her bikini on the beach? That’s a lot of cash money for you and me, true. But for them? It’s change. It’s really, really not much. In that world, it’s almost nothing. Consider that Tori Spelling supposedly charges at least 4 times that for a photo op with her kids and you get a sense of how low this piece of shit is scraping these days. She used to be able to throw that much away on a night out. Oh and by the way, it had to be cash. She was super hard up for the cash. What are some of the things one might pay for in cash only? Lindsay Lohan

121. BUZZFOTO 12/14
Once a year, every year since her first spouse died, this actress remembers the day of his death by donating her entire wardrobe to charity (because he was dedicated to many good causes). After that, she spends the following few weeks buying herself new clothing. It helps give her something to do and to think about new beginnings.

This now B list television actress on a very hit network comedy is accusing one of her co-stars of sexual assault. She says that he is constantly taking advantage of their closeness in scenes to constantly grope her breasts and other parts of her body. She has complained to the producers and threatened to walk off the show if the guy is not fired. Look for his replacement soon. I wonder how they will get rid of his character since he is prominently featured.

Actress: Kat Dennings
Actor: Nick Zano
TV Show: Two Broke Girls

123. BUZZFOTO 12/15
Which Latin star with a great intellect, an amazing body and lots of talents is being cheated on by her partner for a very old, unattractive waitress? The star has no idea the extent of the affair but has been suspicious ever since he came home with a new STD.

A May-December romance has come to an end for this TV Personality. She great at giving advice, but it doesn’t seem to work for her. Can she handle yet another failed romance? Tyra Banks

125. BLIND GOSSIP 12/15
This television girl has never been known for being very religious. In fact, many of the activities in which she has engaged might be considered the exact opposite of godly. However, look for her to start sprinkling her language with religious references in the near future. It’s a calculated move to both differentiate her from her colleagues as well as to help her fit in with new people who don’t look kindly on those who sin and blaspheme.
Khloe Kardashian

Some dudes like Crotch Uh-Lastic and Toothy Tile, we really feel for. These are movie stars who truly do only like other guys, even though they also (just as much) want to be renowned film actors. So they play the game (well, Toothy does). But then there's mischievous bisexual King Schlong, who can take boys—or go without them. So, what's King's current sexual bent? And could the dog-eat-dog awards season have something to do with King's choice? Girls, girls, girls and yes, yes, yes. You see, truth be known, King's always fooled around with both sexes (as recently as this year, too!). But it's really not what drives King ultimately romantically—and certainly not come the career-defining months from Emmys to Oscars. "That boy will no sooner go around boys when these awards are still out than Alec Baldwin will apologize to American Airlines," said one of King's myriad Biz colleagues, who knows full well that Schlong has long been a free spirit and doesn't want to be tied down to either sex, in any capacity. But this maverick sensibility, we're told, is wholly heterosexually infused, at this time of the year because what King wants more than domestic happiness is...big ol' trophy-time recognition. "Like, bad," is how it was put to us. Jeez. Kinda sounds like that old stereotype people are always applying to women only in this town, like, she slept her way to the top. Apparently, King's desperately trying it out, too. But will it work? And It Ain't: Alex Pettyfer, Kellan Lutz, Alec Baldwin.
Leonardo DiCaprio

127. BLIND GOSSIP 12/16
This music guy is in big trouble. Although he has had an impressive number of hits over the past 10+ years, he never got the hang of managing his money. He is now so broke that he is turning to his famous ex for a handout. Unfortunately, she’s not exactly jumping up to help him. She’s been down this road with him before, she knows that they don’t belong together, and she’s not going to spend another penny of her own millions to bail him out of trouble again.
Jermaine Dupri and Janet Jackson

A few years ago, this married couple went through a very rough patch in their marriage. At the time she was just about an A list movie actress who would never touch television. Coming off a huge franchise, she thought she was better than she actually was and started having fun on the side. Her husband was doing the same though. The two decided to invite over their respective other favorites for a couples weekend. The first celebrity couple to join in also consisted of an A list movie actress who has sniffed television but nothing more than that. Her relationship actually crumbled because her significant other started hanging out with one of the women he had swapped with. Another celebrity couple that joined in consisted of a married couple that had a former A list television actress who has never really done any movies and her wacky husband who has done a little of both. That celebrity couple broke off at one point to do their own thing with a celebrity couple who is married but let on to the world they are just engaged. She is A very strong B list movie actress from some very popular movies and her husband who just does television. The only rules are no phones or cameras and be willing to getting watched by everyone else. The wacky husband loved to be watched.

first couple:
second celebrity couple:
third couple:
fourth couple:

129. BUZZFOTO 12/16
This young star just got a place of his own and is super excited to host his first Christmas party. He invited a long list of guests, and his ex-girlfriend is on the list. She’s still bitter about the breakup and has decided to bring her new boyfriend to the party, even though he wasn’t invited. The holiday drama should be interesting….

1. WHICH A-list actor smoked heroin with his then-actress/girlfriend in the early ’90s before he became super famous? Now he’s tied down with a brood of kids and doesn’t touch the hard stuff. But the handsome hunk still likes to relax with his much-loved marijuana!
Brad Pitt/Juliette Lewis

2. WHICH Oscar winner keeps a stash of porn flicks in his trailer when he’s filming and invites his co-stars to watch them with him during shooting breaks? The legendary tough guy is almost 70 and married – but that hasn’t slowed this fella’s libido one bit! Robert De Niro

3. HIS long-running, critically acclaimed series has ended, but this Emmy winner is still whining to anyone who will listen about it being over. The smarmy star feels it was his best role ever, and he’s a nervous wreck, fearing his career is all downhill from here! Who is he? Jeremy Piven "Entourage"

4. THIS 40-something actress is half of one of Hollywood’s longest-married and well-liked couples, but she’s been seen out and about with her male pals – and without her wedding ring. Like her better half, the talented Emmy winner got her start on a daytime soap. Can you name her? Kyra Sedgwick/Kevin Bacon

5. WHICH Hollywood leading man pays a personal shopper $1,500 a day to buy his holiday gifts while he stays home watch­ing reality TV and smoking weed? The in-demand funnyman – whose public battle with depression once made headlines – avoids the TinselTown glitter while he makes one hit film after another. Owen Wilson

#1 - This recently married male singer says all the right things about his wife and marriage but I wonder if he told her about the sex he had with that red haired woman two nights before he got married.
Michael Buble

#2 - What do you do if you are the daughter of a billionaire and have a thing for a jackass of a reality star who is not married but close enough? You offer him $50K to spend the night and the only thing he says is that it needs to be cash so the family does not find out. Ekaterina Rybolovleva/Scott Disick

132. PAGE SIX/NY POST 12/19
1. Which too-cool-for-school magazine editor got into a drunken scuffle while playing the harmonica onstage at Art Basel and was embarrassingly bounced by security in front of gobsmacked guests?
Olivier Zahm

2. Which performer announced to his record label that he’s been diagnosed with bipolar disorder after going on a tear of unpredictable, smashing-up-equipment backstage rampages?

3. Which music honcho had to sleep with his male boss back in the day to get his start in the business and get a record deal? Diddy/Andre Harrell

133. BLIND GOSSIP 12/19
A while back, this comedic television actor said some very offensive things during a performance. One of his television costars – who took the insult very personally – came down hard on him, and demanded that he refrain from ever repeating the offending material again. The actor refused, claiming that he had to be true to himself as a performer, and that controversial material was part of his persona. The costar, who wields more power on the show, told the actor that he would be fired if he didn’t make amends for his transgressions. So he relented and finally did apologize… very reluctantly. He told friends that he would never forgive the co-star for making him do the walk of shame. Although they are still on the same show, their relationship is very rocky, and the two do not speak at all unless they are in a scene together.
Actor: Tracy Morgan
Costar: Tina Fey
TV Show: "30 Rock"

134. BUZZFOTO 12/19
This celebrity family is feuding for the holidays. They are arguing over who is getting an heirloom gift from their parents and it’s caused such a rift that two of the famous brothers aren’t speaking. The gift that they’re fighting over? A pair of porcelain cats…

The Wilson or Baldwin Brothers

#1 - This female two time former reality star who was married to another reality star/actor recently offered her services to Doug Hutchison and Courtney Stodden saying that she would make a great third to their "relationship." They turned her down. Adrienne Curry

#2 - This former Real Housewives star has turned to escorting to pay her bills and her burgeoning drug habit. Danielle Staub "Real Housewives of New Jersey"

#3 - This a-hole R&B singer is stepping out on his current girlfriend. Hopefully she does not confront him about it. Chris Brown

136. BUZZFOTO 12/20
This A list actor is married to a woman (not famous) that he has children with. This year, he found out she once had a child that she gave up for adoption before they had met. It was a secret that was eating at her for years. The actor privately researched the child’s whereabouts and donated an anonymous sum of money to the agency that dealt with the adoption, and set up a trust in the child’s name for college. Matt Damon

137. BLIND GOSSIP 12/20
He’s a young actor whose biggest role didn’t propel him into stardom, despite his talent. She is an actress who gets more attention than she should, despite her lack of talent. Neither of them thinks they are getting enough attention, so what better way to grab some headlines than a fake controversy? Let’s pretend that she is hooking up with one of his costars behind his back! Normally, a love triangle among three attractive up-and-comers would create lots of drama. This one should produce a lot of eye-rolling. Next time they should select a third who isn’t quite so gay. And if the girl is so desperate for attention, she should consider taking lessons from one of her relatives who rose to the top by sleeping her way through Hollywood.
Actor: Chord Overstreet
Actress: Emma Roberts
Actor’s Costar: Darren Criss
Actress’ Relative: Julia Roberts

This couple is an A list couple. It is tough to describe them without giving them away, but they are A list and they have kid(s). I will say that the female in the couple is an A list movie actress who would not touch television. She might not even watch television. Probably too good for it. The couple, with our actress being the main instigator in this has decided that they do not want to show off their child to the public. I am not saying they only have one child, but I am not saying they have more. I will say though this becomes very obvious when you know the answer. The couple chooses to not show off this child because it is a special needs child and the couple have chosen to let the child spend the majority of time with nannies and other people and is generally ignored by the parents. As I said, it is primarily because of the mother, although the father is complicit. He does not want the relationship to end so goes along with whatever his wife says. Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas

138. BUZZFOTO 12/21
These two costars from a network television show are getting a little hot and heavy behind the scenes. She’s old enough to be his mother, but we’re expecting a May-December romance to be in the press sometime next year…

139. POPBITCH 12/22
(British blog) Which TV natural world presenter called an Indonesian national park to arrange a visit, but surprised staff there as his main question was what wildlife would be be able to eat?

1. Which foreign-born designer waves and keeps running whenever she sees her plastic surgeon in public? (She doesn't want anyone to figure out that she knows the woman—as if this way, people will never guess that she has regular work done!) Diane Von Furstenburg; Stella McCartney

2. Which TV star used to regularly service the composer of the project that launched her? (Relax, it was just for fun. She'd already nabbed the part.) Lea Michele and Duncan Sheik "Spring Awakening"

3. Which sheik went for medical help when his testicles were impacted, only to learn that he has a uterus? (Or he would have learned it had the doctor gotten up the balls to tell him. He only told friends, who obviously told everyone else.)

4. Which thirtysomething blonde socialite is using her diet pills at such an alarming rate that her doctor won't renew the prescription unless she comes in for a visit every time? (And even then, he's not thrilled. So many celeb casualties linger in the memory.) Paris Hilton

5. Which legend's son has lived for decades in that addiction-treatment facility, unable to face the world at very large? Judy Garland's son, Joey

6. Which male designer bizarrely motioned for his London fashion-show audience to stand after the presentation, only to find them resolutely sitting there, blank-faced? Karl Lagerfeld

7. Which designer who married really well brings her dog to work—as do some of her staffers—even though some of the other workers are allergic, and the dogs are horribly behaved, constantly fighting with one another and peeing on the clothes? (As a concession, a dog therapist now swings by every week to have a session with each creature. Meaning the dogs.) Vera Wang

8. Which former sitcom star barreled with four guests to the front of the line for a screening of the new Meryl Streep flick, barking "I'm an Academy member"? (And she got in! She really has some uterus!)

9. Which Oscar winner was spotted at a boîte a few months ago, loudly dissing the acting chops of a perfectly talented male theater co-star? Halle Berry dissing Samuel L. Jackson "The Mountaintop"

10. Which queen on the scene was fired from Barney's for having sticky fingers (which were beautifully manicured, by the way)?

11. Which oldies-but-goodies legend drove everyone crazy with his prestige effort, sitting all over the theater from every imaginable angle at rehearsals and complaining that the sound wasn't good enough? (Hmm, maybe it wasn't just the acoustics.) Tony Bennett; Neil Diamond

12. Which actress in a musical made people loony behind the scenes with her costume demands, and the result is a way worse-looking ensemble than the one you see in photos outside the theater? Dolly Parton; Sutton Foster

13. Which star on Broadway doesn't get entrance applause because no one recognizes her altered face from the old days (though at least she doesn't wave and run when she sees her surgeon)? Marlo Thomas; Kim Cattrall

14. Which director endearingly hired his new boyfriend as an understudy in his old boyfriend's play?
Director : Joe Mantello
Understudy/boyfriend: Matthew Risch
Play: "Other Desert Cities"

15. Which cable anchor craftily ships all her designer duds to New Jersey to avoid paying sales tax?

16. Which glass-closet personage was in the audience for Standing on Ceremony: The Gay Marriage Plays when a character made a comic reference to his gayness? (Awkward!) Anderson Cooper

17. Which new real Housewife was wrongly assumed to be a transsexual by at least two people I know who met her? (High praise, by the way.) Brandi Glanville "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"; Marlo Hampton "Real Housewives of Atlanta"

18. Which GLAAD award-winner is an old-school hypocrite who casually tosses the F-word around with loved ones? Wanda Sykes

19. Which famed cougar actually swings both ways and once stripped in front of a female journalist as an obvious come-on? Demi Moore

20. Which ethnic actress must be getting a career boost out of publicly dating that sizzling actor? (She's a lesbian!) Zoe Saldana/Bradley Cooper; Eva Mendes/Ryan Gosling

21. Which mouthy funny lady loves sex so ferociously that when she used to fuck a fellow comic, the windows had to be shut because her squeals shook the whole neighborhood? (Yep, she's a scream.) Kathy Griffin; Jenny McCarthy

22. What designer's young boyfriend is still so relatively unsophisticated that he has four crumbled chocolate-chip cookies covered in milk for breakfast—plus he spells zucchini "zookini"? Nick Gruber (Calvin Klein's boyfriend)

23. Which supposedly reformed star ran out of a screening four times (to powder her nose, perhaps), unfortunately coming back to ask a not-terribly-bright question during the Q&A?

24. Which avant-garde disco singer still hasn't returned that Marlene Dietrich movie?

25. Which old broad messed up so many songs during a big concert engagement that some people were buzzing that it was "a career killer" (though she got the obligatory standing ovation)? Liza Minnelli

26. Which rising starlet shuns red carpets these days because she doesn't want to be asked about her relationship with that TV star? (And that's too bad since I have some definite questions about it.) Emma Roberts/Chord Overstreet

And now for some vintage gossip, the kind that ages like fine whine:

27. Which movie 'throb indelicately tells people that the gal he lived with two relationships ago has bad personal hygiene and needs to hose out her private region?

28. Which Oscar nominee seriously claims that a legendary director raped her to get a better performance out of her?

29. And which award-winning theater producer was way more likely to give a guy a job if the guy and a male friend had sex in the producer's bedroom while the producer watched from behind a one-way mirror?

This actor is probably A list. He has been top billed in lots of movies, but the thing is, unlike other members of his family he seems to always share that top billing with someone. It seems that our actor has a fondness for strip clubs. Nothing wrong with that. He especially likes some in his hometown. His one quirk is that he only likes African-American women to dance for him. No other races seem to do the trick for him. He likes one dancer so much that instead of just giving her dollar bills, he bought her a car. Maybe this is why we never see him with a girlfriend. Too busy in strip clubs.
Luke Wilson

142. BLIND GOSSIP 12/22
It’s coming down to the wire, folks! Just a few weeks to go. There’s one problem, though. She was looking too thin to be convincing. Thankfully, she found a solution that doesn’t include eating a single bowl of ice cream. It’s called Prednisone. Taking excessive amounts of corticosteroids over time can result in some serious effects, including hypertension and cataracts. Another side effect is gaining weight, especially in the face and neck and abdomen. She knew this because it happened to her before. Last time it was accidental and was upsetting for her. Now, though, it’s purposeful, and is a solution to her problem. She started taking Prednisone a couple of months ago, so she should be plumping up pretty soon. Fat face and neck coming right up! She not worried, though, because she’s been told that the weight will drop quickly once she tapers down below 10 mg a day. Followed, of course, by claims of how hard she worked to take off the weight.

143. BUZZFOTO 12/22
Not much to say here except that this B list actor from a popular franchise apparently has a fascination with Tijuana Donkey shows. He’s obsessed….

This Actress is being linked to another married Man. Though he’ll be free soon, she says don’t pin anything on her. She says she’s not the right shade.
Sanaa Lathan/Kobe Bryant

You'd think that buckets of moolah, tons of adoring fans and a hot chick at your side would be enough. Not so for Lesley Grotto, one of those swoon-worthy rock star types with the slick moves and killer abs. See, Les has all of that (including a knockout gal most dudes would kill to canoodle with) but—surprise! surprise!—he wants more, more, more. Especially when it comes to chicks. ‘Cause let's be honest... Lesley is a straight up dawg! You wouldn't know it though because when he's around his "special" lady (especially when there are cameras around) Lesley is the image of a doting boyfriend—ya know, lovey dovey kisses and all the "awwww"-inducing crapola. But when she's out of sight, she's definitely out of mind too. Which leaves Lesley to do what he does best: sweet talking the panties off of any (and every) chick in sight. "He's a total d-bag," one of the pretty party gals who attended one of the many booze-soaked event that Grotto frequents bitched to us. "He's all over chicks at these parties and flirts with everyone." Continues our blabbermouth babe: "But as soon as he's with his woman he's a whole different man, all committed and monogamous." Sounds smarmy. Well, actually, that totally sounds like half the other dudes in Tinseltown. Here's the real Q though: If his lady found out would be really even care? We kinda think not. AND IT AIN'T: Jason Mraz, Kanye West, Bruno Mars.
Adam Levine

This seemingly perfect celebrity couple has just a few flaws. The husband is a very good looking B+ singer with a dad who used to be famous back in the day. The wife is a B- list actress who seems to be everywhere these days. They always seem so happy with each other but that does not mean the husband is not tempted to stray. At a recent party, the singer got really drunk and started hitting on a beauty pageant winner. I mean really hitting on her and even invited her to go back to his hotel room where he would have probably passed out drunk, but he did invite her. One of the singer's crew found out about it and dragged the singer away from his conquest and got him as far as the foyer of the singer's hotel room where the singer fell down and passed out and could not be moved. I guess the apple does not fall far from the tree.
Robin Thicke (father Alan)/Paula Patton

147. BUZZFOTO 12/23
While at a charity event in the last two weeks, this C list celebrity from a celebrity food network was eating dinner with a table of other celebrities. They thought it would be an appropriate time to criticize the food and called over the waiter and demanded he bring out the head cook. When he did, the C lister berated him in front of the whole table for fifteen minutes about what he did wrong with the meal. When the chef pointed out the food was for charity, the C lister said he didn’t care and it was no excuse for serving ‘garbage.’ The entire table spent the time laughing at the poor chef who left the event in tears. Our source claims that after the chef left the table, the C list celebrity said, "Ah, I was just kidding, but thought I’d give him a hard time. It seems the guy can’t take a joke."

This former almost A list female singer who does not do too badly for herself in her other endeavors now, gave her boyfriend a certain amount of money she wanted him to spend on her for Christmas. She even told him what she wanted and when she was planning on displaying it on public. Not only did the boyfriend not get what she wanted him to get, he apparently pocketed about 85% of the funds she gave him for the present and says he should get it as a bonus for his efforts this year.
Jessica Simpson

Among the surprises Santa Claus left under my tree Sunday morning: The spoiler equivalent of a big ol’ lump of coal. In a move that is sure to stoke shock and awe among fans, a major (and incredibly popular) character on a hit drama series will take his/her last breath during 2012. And I’m not happy about it. What’s more, per the Grinch St. Nick the actor/actress in question in not going quietly into the night. "There has been a lot of tension on the set," whispers the spy, "because [spoiler] isn’t happy with how [pronoun redacted] is being killed off." And while there’s a part of me that admires this program’s willingness to laugh in the face of conventional wisdom by whacking such a pivotal character, it’s tough to imagine the show without him/her. To put things into perspective, the departure of [spoiler] is as bold and audacious as this recent primetime loss.
Shane (Jon Bernthal)

150. BUZZFOTO 12/26
This C List actor from a cable thriller recently got a tattoo in a very private area of his body. What did he get? A Lady Gaga tattoo.

1. What British actress is so desperate to stay skinny that her pals AND her personal trainer are concerned? The already rail-thin single mom, who’s been working out like a maniac at her West Hollywood gym, says she’ll do anything to revive her film career!
Minnie Driver

2. Which former teen-star-turned-hunk had to do some quick thinking when his mom called to say she was driving over to tidy up his Hollywood home? The mama’s boy, who was head­ing out of town when he received the last-minute call, quickly dialed his manager to go wake up and get rid of two naked girls who were fast asleep in his bed! Taylor Lautner

3. What famous daughter’s boozing is getting so out of control that her actress mother is threatening to stage an intervention? The wannabe singer and mother of four has been so stressed over her kids and music career that she’s hitting the bottle. Lisa Marie Presley

4. This singer/actress’ marriage crashed and burned after she cheated – and so did her lover’s marriage. But things aren’t exactly how they seemed. It turns out SHE had an open marriage – and everything was fine until she fell for one of her lovers! Who is she? LeAnn Rimes

5. Which soon-to-be-divorced actress can’t get over the fact that her own children are blaming her for her failed marriage? The star’s kids are divided, but the more vocal offspring has sided with their stepdad and confessed that their mom was no angel, either! Demi Moore

152. BUZZFOTO 12/27
A "manly-man" actor who comes off as very macho both on film and off went on a hike with some friends last week in the LA mountains. Although he bragged to friends about his expertise in the wilderness, he had to be guided out by his wife as she gave him GPS instructions via cell phone. He was only a half-mile from his car.
Channing Tatum/Jenna Dewan

This former A list female singer who has had a very crazy year has checked into rehab on three separate occasions this month. She has also checked herself out the very next day each time because she is afraid she will lose her current job if her current bosses find out.
Christina Aguilera

154. BLIND GOSSIP 12/28
This actress claims to be a natural girl. She eats a clean, mostly organic diet, cares about animals, and dabbles in homeopathic remedies to treat most ailments. She claims that her enviable figure and flawless complexion are the natural results of healthy living and lots of exercise. The truth is that her body has been stuffed with more implants and fillers than a Christmas goose. And, away from the cameras, her diet consists mainly of cheeseburgers and ExLax.
Gwyneth Paltrow; Jessica Biel

So, this actor is A list. Barely. He had a franchise but really nothing else. A couple of times he has headlined a movie since the franchise, but the results have not been good so I think he lost his tentative hold on A list and is back at B where he belongs. The franchise was a fluke anyway. It made some other people stars who have no business being in movies. I am reserving judgment on this guy. Anyway, he has a celebrity girlfriend which is kept super quiet. Not that it is private, just they go to great lengths for two not very huge stars to keep things private. More on his part, I think then hers. She could use some publicity. The thing is, our actor seems kind of shy about the whole relationship because there have been rumors, especially now, that he has quite the thing for the mother of the celebrity girlfriend. The mother happens to have had her own tentative A/B list hold on her movie career throughout the years.
Zac Efron/Rumer Willis/Demi Moore

156. BLIND GOSSIP 12/28 **#2**
You already know that the New Year will bring the arrival of a little Princess for this floppy and humpy celebrity couple who are both in the same business. But there are big announcements coming up for some other celebrities as well. This mixed marriage – where the husband and wife are in different fields – will announce that they are pregnant. They will hold off on the announcement until they are at the end of their first trimester (February). This good-looking young couple will announce their engagement. Their relationship was conceived in the office of their publicist/s, so don’t hold your breath for a wedding. They are already scheduled to break up before the end of next year. While they are both attractive people, one of them is considerably more talented than the other. This long-time couple, both actors, will announce their separation/impending divorce. They have actually been separated for months already, but want to sell off and split up their considerable assets before the formal announcement is made.
New baby: Jay-Z and Beyonce
Pregnancy announcement: Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari
Fake engagement: Justin Timberlake/Jessica Biel
Separation/ Divorce announcement: Will Smith/Jada Pinkett Smith

Old Hollywood Blind Item: This is kind of a mix of old and new Hollywood. New in the sense that not everyone is dead. In fact, one is very much alive and kicking and working and is known by people of all ages. She is a performer. She is also a B list actress both in movies and in television, but has had her most recent fame come because of television acting. Our actress has had a number of marriages. One of them was extremely interesting. Her husband had an affair. I know, I know. Shocking that someone would cheat. It is with whom he cheated that is so so interesting. He cheated on our actress with her mother's husband. The mother was quite famous in her own right. Maybe even more so than the daughter.
Liza Minelli/Peter Allen with Judy Garland's 4th husband Mark Herron

158. BLIND GOSSIP 12/29
This celebrity has been doing the usual rounds of talk shows to discuss the upcoming awards season and to promote a new project. Because she is married to another celebrity, talk show interviews usually include a couple of standard questions about how her husband is doing. Not any more. They are separated, and talk show producers and hosts are under strict orders not to mention his name or their marriage. Easy enough, right? Well, during a pre-interview, a pushy producer pressed their luck with the star and her publicist by saying that it would actually draw more attention to the split if the talk show host didn’t mention the spouse, and suggested a few innocuous name drops to avoid this. The furious star stood up, told her publicist "YOU deal with this shit!", and stormed out of the room. The publicist dissuaded the producer, smoothed the star’s ruffled feathers, and the interview occurred without a single mention of the spouse’s name. If the celebrity couple stays separated over the next couple of months, you may notice the conspicuous absence of her husband’s name – as well as the words "marriage", "husband", "children", "separation", and "divorce" – in her interviews. Her PR people certainly don’t want rumors about her marriage to overshadow her projects or interfere with potential awards. The biggest test will come if she actually wins an award. She won’t be able to hide the separation any longer if her husband doesn’t escort her to the awards show and/or if she doesn’t thank him during her speech.
Katy Perry

159. BUZZFOTO 12/29
This up and coming British star is in the news for his on-again/off-again relationships with women. What they aren’t reporting about is his steady relationship with an online man whom he has been seeing for at least the last five years.
Alex Pettyfer

#1 - Which of the Two Broke Girls has the habit of calling every guy she dates babe even if it is date #1. She started this a few years ago when she was dating a few guys at once and was afraid she would call the person by the wrong name. Beth Behrs

#2 - This "ashamed parent" has been looking really good lately. Wonder if they are hooking up with their trainer again. Alec Baldwin

#3 - This Big Bang Theory actor was in a relationship with someone and got the phone number of a woman who was not who he was dating. The woman wrote the phone number on the actor's hand in an ink that did not wash off for four days. He covered the number in a bandage the entire time. Said he got cut. Johnny Galeki

#4 - Which big celebrity couple of 2011 broke up because the guy could not stop hooking up with their threesome partner? Cameron Diaz/A-Rod

#5 - Speaking of threesomes, this celebrity couple consisting of a former Disney star and her very good looking actor boyfriend have talked about a threesome but cannot decide on someone. Miley Cyrus/Liam Hemsworth

#6 - Oh, one more threesome story. JFK and Frank Sinatra had a threesome with which actress. No, not Marilyn Monroe. Ava Gardner

#7 - Which NCIS actor got tricked into calling the Dept of Public Health because they had supposedly called to tell him news of a recent partner who had an STD. It was set up by another cast member and our actor spent 20 minutes trying to find out who called him from there and progressively freaking out about what he might have caught. It was not until he saw everyone laughing that he caught on. Brian Dietzen "Jimmy Palmer"

#8 - Just because your wife is "due" does not mean you can't spend some quality time in a strip club with your friends. Jay-Z

#9 - Which hard working A list rapper dumped a woman because she would not get off birth control while dating him. Lil' Wayne

161. BUZZFOTO 12/30
This B list hip-hop artist, who won an award this last year, is planning a big surprise bash for his girlfriend soon. He’s enlisted his best friend to help him with the festivities, but doesn’t realize his best friend is having an affair with his girlfriend.
Wiz Khalifa/Amber Rose

162. GAWKER 12/31
"Which famous fitness buff has been engaging in some serious locker room talk about one of his recent celebrity conquests? He's been confirming for pals that she's as delicious in the sack (especially in a certain area of expertise) as the rumors say."



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