MARCH and APRIL 2011

NOTE: Guesses in italics are only guesses;
guesses in RED are a link to the solution or substantial clues.

Here comes the custody battle! But before you decide that the kids need to be taken away from him and given to her, there’s something you should know. Selecting which of these two parents is best is like choosing the lesser of two evils. He has told people that he believes he’s managing his sobriety well if he "only binges on crack twice a month." But he’s not the only one with a drug problem. She has one, too. That’s right. His ex is a crack addict, too. The two of them bonded over drugs, and they have spent much of their relationship smoking white rocks together (including during a recent group vacation). She needs rehab, too, but she is is hoping that right now she looks like the responsible parent compared to him. So, who will get the kids? Him? Her? His other ex? A family member? This custody battle is going to be epic. However, nobody will likely come out of this a winner. Least of all the children.
Brooke Mueller

If this former A list female singer goes to rehab, it won't be just for booze. There is a lot more going on than just drinking.
Christina Aguilera

3. BUZZFOTO 03/01
When this A list actress told her B list costar that she wanted to do something special on Christmas for all of the cast and crew of the film they were finishing, the B lister couldn’t be bothered and made excuses so she wouldn’t have to help. The A lister did an individualized Secret Santa for everyone involved in production and tried to personalize the gifts as best as possible. When everyone got the presents and people tried to find out who to thank, the B lister decided to start dropping hints that she was the one that gave out the gifts. It is generally known on set of the film that the B lister has a kind and generous heart, even though it was the A lister who did the giving. Angela Bassett/Paula Patton "Jumping the Broom"; Nicole Kidman/Jennifer Aniston "Just Go With It"; Kate Hudson/Ginnifer Goodwin "Something Borrowed"

4. BOSSIP 03/02
Life as a superstar sans a steady man isn’t all it’s cracked up to be… at least for some people. Insiders say that one sexy starlet is ready to have someone put a ring on — asap. The entertainer is on the prowl for Mr. Right and her ideal candidate is a well-known NBA player. All Star weekend was prime hunting time for the triple threat; who’s been at several major events attempting to put a full court press on the particularly handsome — and wealthy — hoopstar. The bronzed beauty hoped her rumored skills, and we’re not talking about her dancing, crooning or acting, would woo the potential suitor into making a slam dunk, but not so much. She’s hot. She’s paid. She famous. So why can’t she seal the deal. Apparently, the screen gem’s known for going "Waiting to Exhale" when relationships don’t pan out and the baller’s calling a foul. The drama queen better change her M.O. or her next big role with be in "Home Alone".

So, this recovering former A list tweener was out the other night and this is what her boyfriend said to her. "One drink is not going to hurt you baby." Yeah, her celebrity boyfriend has always been a sleaze and always will be.
Demi Lovato/Wilmer Valderrama

6. BUZZFOTO 03/02
This underage B list actress from television and film is currently not speaking to her parents because of some sort of falling out. She ran away several months ago and lived in her car for a few days until friends took her in.
Taylor Momsen

7. BLIND GOSSIP 03/03 **#1**
Andy Dick phoned in to the Howard Stern show today. Before Andy hung up, he told the crew about a drug-fueled tryst he once had with a "very famous" actress–a "very famous" actress he refused to name: "We were both out of it. We were doing anything we could get our hands on. We were alone. I was going down on her." When Andy was finished downtown, he went to kiss her and immediately fell asleep: "I passed out on her, woke up and had wet myself."
Winona Ryder; Drew Barrymore; Pam Anderson; Courtney Love

8. BLIND GOSSIP 03/03 **#2**
This relationship between an actress and athlete is over, but here are a couple of the more interesting details. Their relationship was purely sexual. She would fly anywhere – complete with the child/ren and nanny – just to have sex with him. When he was ready for her, she would announce "It’s naptime!" (the couple’s code word for sex) and then have the nanny watch after the kid/s while the couple went at it very loudly in the next room. She would text her friends about all the intimate details of their encounters (such as "I just love his big cock, it feels so good inside me"). She also had a penchant for texting during sex, saying such things as "We’re in the middle of naptime and here’s what we’re doing.
Kate Hudson/Alex Rodriguez

9. BUZZFOTO 03/03
This celebrity couple is getting a lot of buzz but like so many other couples out there that have folks fooled, this relationship is also a setup. Arranged by publicists and management. Each celebrity in the arrangement gets something out of it. He gets a piece of what he’s wanted for a really long time and she gets to ride on all the extra publicity. We love both of the young stars, but can’t believe anyone is really buying it. No matter how sincere they might seem.
Chord Overstreet/Taylor Swift

It looks like that no matter how much money you make, you can still be cheap, and not a gentleman. When this A list baseball player takes out his A-list actress girlfriend, he has a price limit of how much he will spend. It is embarrassingly low. Like barely more than McDonald's low. So, inevitably, despite him making way more money, our actress picks up the check for almost everything all the time.
Alex Rodriguez and Cameron Diaz

Let’s hope an embattled Singer doesn’t take on too much too soon. El Debarge; Aretha Franklin

2. Which Oscar nominee has been making up for his previous lack of action with the ladies by sleeping his way around the film circuit? Jesse Eisenberg

3. Which high-profile journalist's girlfriend slept with another man in his bed while he was off chasing a story? Let's hope she changed the sheets before his deadline.

Crotch Uh-Lastic Losing Sleep as Well as His Mind? The secret is that Crotch Uh-Lastic is the real badass in the bedroom. Charlie Sheen wishes he had the originality, hotness and stamina this guy has—no three-minute sex for our handsome Crotch! But there remains a problem with Crotchy, and it isn't that he's not getting enough sleep or that he picked up some muscle dude who didn't exactly sign a confidentiality agreement. It's something far more serious: Friends to Crotch really think he might be losing his mind. Sleep deprivation, for instance, can't suddenly lead to screwing women when you've shown no inclination toward doing so in the past. Uh-Lastic's pals were totally going "WTF, dude?" when they found out Crotch had done it with a chick recently. Really, that is so Toothy Tile and completely beneath Crotch's strong convictions to never live his life for the public. (He's insisted this to friends many times.) Maybe he was just curious? Bat-s--t bonkers and totally out of his gourd, is more like it. Crotch's friends are truly worried that their talented bud is less and less himself these days. Angry. Sullen. More tired than ever. Not even fun to be around when he gets high, which is a lot—more so than usual, lately, too. Now he's having sex with a woman, whereas he's only had sex with guys in the past, and chewing out his friends, too. "He's totally lost it," as one of Mr. Uh-Lastic's amigos put it. Or is he just getting worried about that career of his? Hmmm. We'll have to see about this one. AND IT AIN'T: Jake Gyllenhaal, Justin Timberlake, Alexander Skarsgård.
James Franco

14. BUZZFOTO 03/04
This little known star on a childrens network just had a hush-hush moment after getting so drunk this week that she threw up on the floor of a local 7-11. It was all made right when mommy manager swooped in and saved her with a stack of twenties in the cashier’s pocket.

15. PAGE SIX/NY POST 03/04
1. Which A-list actors are members of the new Hollywood gay clique? All have either married or dated high-profile women in Tinseltown.
Bradley Cooper; James Franco; Zac Efron; Jake Gyllenhaal; Zachary Quinto; Chace Crawford; Mathew Morrison; Shia LeBeouf; Alex Pettyfer; Ed Westwick.

2.  Which Oscar nominee has been making up for his previous lack of action with the ladies by sleeping his way around the film circuit?

3. Which high-profile journalist's girlfriend slept with another man in his bed while he was off chasing a story? Let's hope she changed the sheets before his deadline.

16. BUZZFOTO 03/07
This B-ish television/movie star loves to bake and just bought part of an upscale bakery in New York. She keeps it secret that at least once a week when her schedule permits she goes into the bakery in the early morning hours to help bake the goods because she enjoys it so much. Based on her figure she isn’t eating any of her creations, but we hear they’re delicious. Blake Lively

The fans of a certain primetime actor will double their pleasure by season’s end, when their favorite star pops up in a dual role. Is this a case of an "evil twin" (viva Grant Putnam!), an unexplained doppelganger (remember Peter Brady and Arthur Owens?), or the increasingly trendy alt-universe counterpart? I’m not at liberty to say, because the reveal is meant to be quite the finale-time showstopper. (And trust me, it will be.) I can only part with this one hint: The show in question is a drama. Also, I’m personally curious to see the performer in question share his/her take on this "double take."

So, this future Hall Of Famer has a celebrity girlfriend, but he still shows he has heart and compassion. A while back, there was a young boy who had cancer. Prognosis was not hopeless, but not great. Being that he was just shy of being a teenager the Make A Wish Foundation granted him his wish to meet the New York Yankees. He did. It was at Yankee stadium, before a game. The Make A Wish people were amazing. He was brought onto the field while the players were warming up for the game. He was told that the players knew why he was there and they would each come over, one by one, talk for a minute or two and pose for a picture. And they did. Our player though did a lot more then that. He stayed and talked for much more then a few minutes. And it wasn't the obligatory "hang in there kid" talk. It was real talk. Joking around, talking about music, movies, baseball etc.. cheerful things.. very authentic. The boy, who has recovered now still has the picture and nothing but love for our player.
Derek Jeter

19.. BLIND GOSSIP 03/07 **#1**
We really thought that this successful funny man was done with the whole bearding mishegas. After all, he did get a divorce and has been pretty much living as an openly gay man. So why in the world would he get married again? Well, consider this mystery solved. He is still gay, but he believes he was more successful when people perceived him as a heterosexual man. His next live-action film is scheduled for release in 2012, so we’ll see then if the whole married man act pays off at the box office.
Mike Myers

20. BLIND GOSSIP 03/07 **#2**
So, now that the lead has been fired, there’s no more show, right? Wrong! It’s much too valuable a brand to simply abandon. So a decision has already been made that the show will go on. And, yes, they will be recasting the lead (although they may introduce him as a new character)! The showrunners are trying to make this all happen very quickly (within the next week) so that they can capitalize on the publicity, and get people excited about the new actor. They also want to send a very clear message to any other prima donna actors out there: you are all replaceable. In case you’re wondering, the four top candidates for this part are well-known male actors who are all over the age of 30, who are all believable as rogues, and – most importantly – who have a history of being consummate professionals. Walking into the lead role of a top-rated show can be daunting, but, frankly, any of these four guys could easily pull it off.

Fired: Charlie Sheen "Two and a Half Men"
Replacement: Ashton Kutcher

Red Hot Strippa Caged by Angry Douche! Last time we checked in on Strippa Rip-Ya, her sad story was getting worse. That abusive hubby of hers, Caesar Anchovy-Arse, was causing a drunk ruckus by showing up to a photo shoot where he proceeded to take his verbal barrage semi-public by pointing out all her flaws in front of work colleagues. So did Rip-Ya's shocked acquaintances ever say anything to her? Some tried. "She's in more denial than she ever has been," dishes a source close to SRY who is familiar with the sad, sad sitch. Continues the concerned pal: "Her career is red hot right now, so she just won't hear anyone out. She thinks if she ignores the problem long enough it will just go away." But it won't, as long as she's with that dude of hers. Sure, since she's the bigger celeb in the marriage you would think that would make Caesar pipe down and—more importantly—lay off, but it doesn't. We may not be experts at anything but gossip, but if you ask us the higher Strippa's star rises, the worse her situation will be at home. Anchovy-Arse is a twerp and an abuser. He's a total loser, so, the only way he feels he can show he's the man of the household (since he's not the money maker) is to show it physically. It's just horrible—and so Paleozoic Era. Why doesn't he just use his club to express himself, instead of that nasty-ass mouth of his. Not to mention his hands. It's going to take a serious injury before Strippa gets it through her head this guy is bad news for her and her kids. But denial is a dangerous place to be in, and right now SRP has set up shop. And it Ain't: Kendra Wilkinson, Natalie Portman, Christina Aguilera.
Jennifer Lopez

Who's Got a Bun In the Oven? ‘Tis the season when producers begin villainously twirling mustaches as they concoct season-ending cliffhangers that they hope will torture us all summer long. And the execs at one show — an hourlong drama, and a popular one at that! — have come up with a doozie. According to an insider, the series in question will end its season by revealing that one of its major female characters is pregnant! The news will catch everyone by surprise, no one more so than the mommy and daddy-to-be, who weren’t exactly trying to have a child. The baby boom will also come as a shock for another reason, but to give that away would narrow the field of candidates too much. However, I’ll leave you with one clue: Unlike Gossip Girl‘s climactic reveal that Georgina was pregnant in its May 2010 season finale, in this case there will be no mystery about the identity of the father.
Christina and Owen "Grey’s Anatomy"

23. BUZZFOTO 03/08
This aging actress who was B list in television in her time, has been going into a medical clinic to be treated for several STD’s. She tells friends she’s volunteering at a local Women’s shelter but it’s only to explain her weekly appointments.

24. BLIND GOSSIP 03/08
Several years ago, Celeb 1 was the star of a TV show. Although she never worked with Celeb 2, Celeb 2 publicly said some nasty things about her (complete with animal sounds). The years passed. The two are now working together on the same TV show. Unfortunately, Celeb 1 never forgot those nasty comments, and is still holding a grudge. It’s creating quite a bit of tension on the set. Celeb 1 avoids talking or interacting with Celeb 2, and refuses to be photographed with her unless it is a cast photo. What is Celeb 2 doing about this? Well, she isn’t quite done talking. Celeb 2 is planning to unload a whole new barrage of mean girl gossip about Celeb 1 in the near future about Celeb 1's questionable business dealings.
Celeb 1: Kirstie Alley
Celeb 2: Wendy Williams
Television Show: "Dancing With the Stars"
Animal sound: pig

25. GOSSIP BOY 03/09
We all love Boney Skintight, trust me. Everyone runs to see his latest flick, or his latest guest spot on an obscure television show. I swear he is the meaning behind the line " I'm a get your heart racing in my skin tight jeans...." And while Boney has worked very hard to become the object of our attention and spend most of his time in the limelight, we all know that it's what happens behind closed doors that gets our attention. Boney isn't your regular in the closest Joe Schmoe. Uh-uh. While Boney does have a significant other that is also in the biz, his heart doesn't always lie with the va jay jay. But Boney's girl does know this fact, and she has no problem with it. She likes to go both ways as well and loves the attention that she gets from dating Boney. Her previous attempt at being part of a power couple failed miserably and left her the odd girl out. Boney loves to have a good time in the bedroom. They actually have a routine that they follow, and it has landed them many a one night stand. Boney's girl will flirt with the guy to see if there is actually a prospect that he likes boys. If he does, or she thinks he can be persuaded, she will accompany the unsuspecting fellow to their VIP room and introduce them to Boney. After a lot of flirting and drunken foreplay, they lead the stranger to their place for some more partying. Boney's girl loves to watch her man get it on with another guy, and vice versa. But one night they may have gone too far. Boney and his girl brought a guy home, but the guy refused to play for the other team. Boney took it personally and went to sulk privately while Boney's girl didn't want to let a hot man slip through her fingers. The next morning, said drunken hot boy wakes up next to a naked Boney and looses his mind. Hotel room was trashed as Boney was called every name in the book. Cost Boney a lot of cash, not only to repair the room, but to keep drunk boy's mouth shut. What Boney doesn't know is that drunk boy and Boney's girl have struck up a friendship. She wants to be the star of her latest flick, and nothing says star like scandal. She has already destroyed previous co-star's reputation, what makes Boney think he will be any different? It's Not: Russell Brand, Nick Jonas. Daniel Craig.
Justin Timberlake/Jessica Biel (Derek Jeter)

26. BUZZFOTO 03/09
This C List television actress supports the Girl Scouts in her area by buying boxes of their delicious cookies every year. This year, after her breakup, she spent the weekend binging and purging on them until she was too tired to do anything else but sleep. Friends found her the next morning surrounded by empty boxes of thin mints and empty vodka bottles.
Jamie Pressley

This B- list actor who deserves to be a D, but for some reason keeps getting roles is married. Good looking guy. Definitely a ladies man and will cheat on his wife in a second. Cheated on her before they got married and has not slowed down. She will not leave him though because she wants fame so bad she will do anything. Wow, this was not actually about his cheating, but about how when he was hitting on guys the other night, he said, he always likes guys when there is not a woman around.
Channing Tatum

28. BLIND GOSSIP 03/09
If you write something about this very famous actress that she thinks makes her look bad, she’ll just skip her publicist and phone you directly. If you don’t pick up the phone, she’ll start drunk-dialing everyone at your company until she finds someone at whom she can yell. Then she’ll tell you exactly what your replacement story should be (e.g., "Instead of ‘Actress and Celebrity Break Up’, you’d better do a story titled ‘Actress and Celebrity…Totally In Love!’ "). If you don’t do what she says, she will scream, cry, and swear until you do. She may be all cute and giggly on screen, but she’s a controlling psycho in real life.
Cameron Diaz; Miley Cyrus

29. POPBITCH 03/10
Which still-famous Olympic star is not quite the beloved figure he is often taken for? He has been steadily gaining a reputation over the years for being a gold-standard sleaze, conducting an impressive number of illicit bisexual affairs.
Sebastian Coe

KINDNESS: This is just a great story. Earlier this week, two women were having lunch at a place in Toronto when they noticed that a man had sat down. This man, who used to be A+ list back in the day and is still loved by enough people that he is a B list singer and reality star saw them looking at him. They waved and he waved back. This is like their biggest star crush. That would usually be it, but our celebrity, got up from his table, walked over to the two women, sits down and starts chatting with them. He stays and talks to them about his career and answers all of their questions. Then, one of the women asks if she can take his photo and a waiter rushes over and says there is a no photo policy, but our celebrity will have none of that and says of course. He then takes a picture, chats some more and even asks to use one of the stories about him that one of the women shared which he is going to use in his shows. After he left, the restaurant manager came by and said that most celebrities are a-holes but this guy was the greatest and the biggest tipper in a place that gets its share of A list movie stars.
Donny Osmond

31. BUZZFOTO 03/10
This famous celebrity mom is a slave to her child. The daughter calls all the shots, makes diva demands, and swears and yells at her mom. At a recent play-date, a source says that as the mom was showed up to pick up her daughter and the little girl threw a fit on the front porch and yelled, "I hate my f***ing mom! I hate my f***ing mom! I don’t want to go home with you! I wanted dad to pick me up." And then the mother said, "I know sweetie, I know. I’m so sorry sweetie! I’ll drive you home and you can see dad." The little girl said she’d go only if her mom bought her ice cream, to which the mom agreed while the other kids looked on. Katie Holmes/Suri; Theresa Guidice/Gia; Leah Remini

32. BLIND GOSSIP 03/10
We know a lot about the phony relationships in Hollywood. But even we are occasionally surprised to discover how far the deception goes. This acting couple broke up a few years ago, but there was something odd about the reports that came out after the couple split. The actress – who had usually been quite reluctant to discuss her private life – told people both that she was surprised by the split, and that she had sadly miscarried before the couple broke up. We knew that the "surprised" part of that was untrue, as they had a contract that was expiring. But we just found out that the miscarriage comment was also untrue. It was part of the legal settlement, and was designed to make the public believe that the actor was both heterosexual and potent, neither of which is true.
Tom Cruise/Nicole Kidman

Don’t believe the hype on this Commercial Star! Is he really dating a female comic? No! He is only using her for publicity……to help further his career….he is not ready to come out of the closet and reveal his secret relationship with a major media star. Isaiah Mustafa, The Old Spice Guy/Kathy Griffin

Who's Paying Cruella to Keep Quiet? In case you're all feeling sorry for poor Marky Sweet-Puss—the talented, put-upon husband to the notoriously demanding and overly controlling Cruella St. Shackles—well, don't stop. He needs all the help (and prayers) he can get. But just wanted to let you all know that Marky's hardly the only man in Cruella's labyrinth-filled past of scheming personal vendettas and bossed-around men. In fact, she's still getting paid off by... Another magnificently rich (and just as ambitious) Blind Vice Superstar! Someone, say, somewhere between the ages of 33 and 49 and a half? Pretty good-looking dude, too. But, they had an awfully rough break-up. So much so, Cruella, who's always looking to get a leg up—just as much as an extra buck or two—signed a deal with this handsome movie star for him to pay her for life. What for, you ask? To not reveal any of this chiseled guy's deep secrets, which friends say, at this point, he's convinced even himself he doesn't have any more! The man is in such colossal denial, Toothy Tile would be impressed, we're certain! And Cruella was counting on this stupid lack of introspection when she made her departure deal, once she and her ex broke up. She knew this would be a good little trust fund, if she just always kept her trap shut, which she always has. Consequently, Cruella, to this day, receives very nice checks with lotso zeroes. Every friggin' month. Jeez. Must be nice. Get all the money you can from the last cuckolded dude while you're still taking it from the current one! Of course, Cruella knows it's a dirty two-way street, and that last lover of hers could also make life very uncomfortable for her. This is actually a stronger possibility than vice versa, but, don't think St. Shackles last man (who's actually damn lucky to be outta her life, and he knows it) has the gumption to pull it off right now, maybe later (let's hope). Still, this woman Cruella should get an Oscar for the private performances she pulls. Or, at least a mention in Forbes richest Hollywood heathens. It Ain't: Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Scarlett Johansson.

Cruella: Nicole Kidman
Marky Sweet-Puss: Keith Urban
Blind Vice Superstar: Tom Cruise
last lover: Ewan McGregor

35. BLIND GOSSIP 03/11
During his radio show yesterday, Howard Stern and Robin Quivers discussed American Idol: During their discussion… Howard told Robin that he knew why Jennifer Lopez took the judging gig — but he didn’t feel comfortable repeating it on the air. Robin demanded to know, so Howard scribbled the reason on a piece of paper and had Gary carry the note over. Robin was shocked: "Get out of here! Wow…that’s amazing." Marc Anthony's tax situation

This former C list actor who had one big part in a movie and has tried to keep his fame going without much success has his head so far up his own butt it is unbelievable. This actor, wears a t-shirt from his movie so people knows who he is. Second, he has an assistant. Why? "I'm famous. I can't go out. People will mob me." Then why do you have to wear the damn t-shirt so people even know who you are.
Efren Ramirez "Napoleon Dynamite"

37. BUZZFOTO 03/11
This fairly new celebrity couple with two C Listers were out to dinner this week when the male ran into an old flame at a restaurant. The old flame is famous too and was there with her husband. The couples ended up sharing a table and enjoying the meal together. All seemed to be going fine until the ladies left to go to the restroom and there was an apparent argument. The ladies got into it in the bathroom and the C Lister shoved the ex against the wall. The ex left the restroom and stormed to the table, grabbed her stuff and her husband and exited the restaurant. She then went to the C Lister’s car and keyed the door.
Brody Jenner/Avril Lavigne/Cora Skinner

Which singing TV starlet is anything but a joy to be around? While at a West Hollywood spa recently, she accused the staff of giving her the ‘wrong’ massage, and ripping her off. According to the insider, she even threatened them with ‘Do you know who I am?’ before walking out the door, screaming ‘f*ck you!’
Naya Rivera; Lea Michelle

She’s long had a reputation for being absolute hell to work with. I mean like straight up crazy. Leaves her shit, sometimes literally, everywhere, specifies exact times when people can or cannot talk to her, is foaming at the mouth insane one minute, calm and collected the next. Lately her opportunities have dried up. And this is a good example of why.
Paula Abdul

40. BLIND GOSSIP 03/14
These two female celebrities are approximately the same age. Both have starred in multiple films, have been married more than once, and have more than one child. They also share the same religion and some significant business contacts. You would think that with so much in common, they must get along, right? The truth is that these two absolutely can’t stand each other. They both have big egos and are desperate for attention. At a big post-Oscar party, they were each very careful to stay on their half of the room, each holding court with their fans and refusing to even look at each other. The tension was so thick you could have cut it with a knife (though hopefully not the same one wielded by their respective plastic surgeons).
Demi Moore/Madonna

41. BUZZFOTO 03/14
This actress who is B/C list (mostly television) wants a role in an upcoming buzz-worthy film so much that she decided to follow in the footsteps of another popular actress. She had heard about an A lister who had iced her nipples before auditions to get the part. Our actress did this before her audition but apparently didn’t think it through and put the ice on the outside of her shirt. When she walked in to say her lines the director asked, "Ummm, are you leaking?"
B/C actress: Anna Lynne McCord; Blake Lively; Leighton Meester
A lister: Jennifer Aniston

42. BUZZFOTO 03/15
This A list celebrity husband is so afraid of losing his wife to a good looking costar that he is really stepping it up in the romance department. Just last month he sent his wife several dozen flowers ‘for no reason’ and took her on a trip. He hired a life coach to give him ideas on how to spice things up and he’s really trying hard. Little does he know that he hasn’t lost his wife to his costar, but to his gardener.

I’ve seen the future, and there are a lot of very unhappy people. Multiple sources are confirming that a wildly popular character on an hour drama that has long been an Aushole staple is about to take his/her last breath. I’m told the producers of this unnamed broadcast series are planning to kill off the fan favorite either in the season finale or soon after the show returns next season. It’s not clear if the decision was made for creative or budgetary reasons — it was likely a combination of both — but it’s my understanding that it was not arrived at lightly. Far from it, in fact. There’s also a chance the execs at the program in question will have a last-minute change of heart, but, according my spies, it’s an extremely slim one. Which show is putting a hit out on one of its MVPs — and whose name is on the toe tag?

44. BLIND GOSSIP 03/15
This actress makes plenty of money and is always well turned out, so you may be surprised to hear that she has sticky fingers. Or, in her case, sticky toes. She has a particular method that she uses to literally walk off with expensive shoes. When she goes shoe shopping, she wears a super long dress or long pants. She has the shoe salesperson bring her multiple boxes of Jimmy Choos, Louboutins, and Blahniks, and makes them run back and forth multiple times during her visit. At some point, the old pair get wrapped up in tissue paper and placed into one of the boxes, and the new pair go on her feet. She makes sure she is standing when the clerk returns, purchases maybe one pair of the dozens she tried on, and walks out of the store with one pair in a bag and one pair on her feet. So it’s always a half-price sale for this sneaky girl and her size 7 1/2 feet.
Sarah Jessica Parker; Mila Kunis

45. PAGE SIX/NY POST 03/16
1. Which former squeaky-clean child actor was recently spotted buying drugs openly on the street in the West Village?
Haley Joel Osment; Macaulay Culkin

2. WHICH lusty director has been ordering hookers to the set of his latest movie? Brett Ratner "Tower Heist"

3. WHICH actor recently linked to a series of starlets has been secretly sleeping with a man? Ryan Phillippe; Justin Timberlake

4. WHICH female publicist ruined a friend's birthday party at a New York club last weekend by urinating in the middle of the dance floor, causing guests to slip and fall in the mess?

46. BLIND GOSSIP 03/16
This very promising young actress is unexpectedly pregnant. The timing isn’t great, as her career is really just starting to take off. She has multiple projects scheduled through the beginning of next year, so it will be interesting to see how she handles this. She will have to make a decision fast, though, as she is already approximately two months along in her pregnancy.
Amanda Seyfreid; Jennifer Lawrence; Anna Kendrick; Emma Stone

47. BUZZFOTO 03/16
This highly recommended NY based therapist to the stars has been selling secrets to fund her drug habit. Her older husband has lost a majority of his fortune in a ponzi scheme and neither are willing to tone down their lifestyle. Celebs on the East Coast might start wondering why their personal stuff gets out into the mags. Don’t be surprised if the gossip this year seems to be a little bit more on target.

Who Whipped Jerry Rock-Butt So Easily? Does Jerry Rock-Butt have monogamy in him, after all? Jerry had a permanent hall pass—you know, cheat whenever he likes but come home to the missus at night and on red carpets—with Chutney Jones. Nice deal, right? But it turns out he's traded it in for a shot at someone he thinks is the real thing. So who is JRB's potential new leading lady? Meet Kiki Doheny, the object of Jerry's desire. Kiki and Rock-Butt have known each other for a while and have kept it friendly until recently. See, Jerry thought he could make Ms. Doheny another notch on his heavy belt just by batting those pretty lashes of his. Not with this broad. She has deftly blue-balled him every step of their friendship, so this, of course, only makes Kiki more desirable. Finally he couldn't take it anymore and asked what he can do to win her affections? K.D. demanded he completely break up with Chutney like stat or else she would never give it up. So what did Jerry Rock-Butt do? Babes, it wasn't even a question. He ditched his long-time love and hasn't looked back. Wonder how long it took until Kiki and Jerry had mattress playtime? Actually, the real question is whether they can sustain a new A-list relationship purely on the fact they are so hot for each other. Or will Chutney Jones get the final laugh? We hear she's been flirting up a storm with Saucy Bossy, remember him? A B.V. star who has an award Jerry Rock-Butt would kill for. Ms. Jones sure does have a thing for the bisexual ones, I swear. And it Ain't: Tom Sturridge, Jay-Z, Mark Ruffalo.

Jerry Rock-Butt: Justin Timberlake
Chuney Jones: Jessical Biel
Kiki Doheny: Mila Kunis
Saucy Bossy: Jamie Foxx

One of the things about winning an Academy Award is that you are never supposed to sell it. Well, this actor who won sometime in the past 20 years hit hard times and sold his Academy Award to a private collector. When someone comes to his house and wants to see the award our actor tells them it is in storage.
Cuba Gooding Jr. "Jerry Maguire"

50. BUZZFOTO 03/17
This B List television actor takes off the entire month of March for March Madness. He won’t work, he hardly interacts with his family and he has all of his food ordered in.

So, if you have been a regular reader of the site, this one will probably be pretty easy because it deals with someone who has a connection to a long blind item. Anyway, back in the 90's this then C list television actress was on a hit television show. She was a bright fresh face who really did her best to portray innocence on the screen and in interviews. Although she was publicly dating a B list celebrity, she told him that she was saving herself. Meanwhile on the set of her show that was a whole different story. Our actress liked a guy who worked on the show in the crew and every day during the lunch break would go back to the trailer of our actress and proceed to have the loudest noisiest sex ever. People would stand around the trailer eating lunch while listening to the show. Then after the sex, our actress would pretend she had been doing nothing and at the end of the day her boyfriend would pick our little chaste angel up from work.
Jennifer Love Hewitt/Joseph Lawrence "Party of Five"

Which funnyman’s recent marriage may be one big joke? An insider says he goes on weekly date nights with his boy toy at a trendy NYC bistro. And his man on the side isn’t even a secret — he’s met the family! Guess the new wifey doesn’t care.
Mike Myers

53. BLIND GOSSIP 03/17
This actor’s words and actions don’t exactly match up. He spent Saturday night partying with friends until the wee hours of the morning. During that time, he managed to consume an alarming amount of toxic substances. More specifically, he did several shots with beer chasers, took a couple of pills, and smoked some Maui Wowie. This despite the fact that he talks about how proud he is of his sobriety. Dude, we’ve got news for you: that isn’t anyone’s definition of sober.
Owen Wilson

The drama surrounding a young Hollywood actress caught on camera snorting cocaine may be moving into the legal arena. broke the news that a mystery star was seen snorting coke in a sensational video that made a brief appearance on YouTube and elsewhere on the Web before being taken down. And while that report sparked a frenzied guessing game about the identity of the actress, it appears that an extortion claim could be made and turn the video into evidence in a potential criminal investigation. Comments under the posting of the video indicated that the person who put the video on the web was in contact with the actresses' inner circle and seeking payment to keep the star's identity secret. And has learned exclusively that when the video was shopped, the person who said they owned the footage also claimed to have contacted the actresses' family and indicated that the tape could be kept off the market for payment. That could certainly spark a law enforcement investigation if the actress and her advisors decided to proceed. saw a small clip of the footage, which was touted by the source as "footage that makes the Miley Cyrus bong video look like a Disney movie" but had all the faces blurred to protect their anonymity. In the clip, a young brunette wearing a pink tank top and a black and white cardigan is seen sitting at a table lined with mounds of cocaine and rolled up $100 bills used for snorting. "There is more than one famous person in the footage," a source told But approaching a celebrity and asking for money to keep potentially damaging video out of the public eye can be construed as extortion. It is not known if the mystery person selling the tape posted the potentially incriminating statement under the now-removed YouTube videos. But it is clear that a person representing to own the footage told a media outlet that he had contacted the actresses' family, indicating he wanted money for the tape.
Chelsea Kane

Sorry, Girls! King Schlong Isn't All Yours. Totally lovable (but totally slutty) King Schlong is a heartbreaker on so many levels, certain Hollywood women are now discovering. Not only has King stepped out on his current super-hot GF (many times), turns out he's also been rather adept at stepping out on the whole female race! Here's what went down just this week: Schlong's never been any good at keeping that extremely popular salami of his zipped up, this is a well-known, barely kept Hollywood secret. No surprise there. But what was a shocker for one of King's avid, young and lusting female fans was the following: Gorgeous Hollywood insider babe was talking to veteran Hollywood producer gal. "I just love King," she breathlessly confessed to the older woman, "and he's all man. That's what I love about him the most. Such a stud." "Uh, honey," replied the more seasoned broad, who has worked with King in the past on one of his many A-list projects, "he's not exactly the man you think he is." "What...what do you mean?" asked the younger T-town gal, who feared the worst (she considered), and pretty much got it. "A few years ago, I walked in on King and [fellow A-list movie heartthrob], and they were just going at it in bed. So, look, he may be all man, but he doesn't mind sharing it with another man, get it?" "No!" screamed the frightened woman, as if a man who sleeps with other men in Tinseltown is some kind of anomaly, far from it! "He's not...not gay, is he?" "No, he's not gay gay," answered the producer-type, who was almost pitifully laughing at her dejected colleague. "But he sleeps with guys when he feels like it. Just don't think he's felt like in a while!" The broken King fan was feeling a little better after hearing this news but, we gotta say we just don't get this hypocritical BS. Why is it when women like Angelina Jolie say they've slept with other women, men think it's hot as hell, but when women hear it about men who have done the same with their own sex, they get all grossed out? Totally sexist. Aren't women supposed to be the more evolved sex, anyway? It Ain't: Chris O'Donnell, Christian Bale, Matthew McConaughey.

King Schlong;
A-list heartthrob:

Which original 90210 star had an abortion after she got pregnant by one of her co-stars?
Shannen Doherty/Luke Perry or Jason Priestley; Tori Spelling/Jamie Walters or Brian Austin Green or Vincent Young

57. BLIND GOSSIP 03/18
Actor A, Actor B, and Actor C worked on a film together. Actor A and Actor B are well-known, and Actor C is gaining popularity. At least one of these actors is married, and at least one has a young child. Over the course of filming, Actor A and Actor B developed a very close, trailer-rocking, stress-relieving kind of relationship. Then Actor A started hanging around with Actor C. Next thing you know, Actor B has been bumped out of the equation, and Actor A and Actor C are bumping uglies together! This doesn’t sit well with Actor B, and doesn’t bode well for the three of them continuing to work together. The weirdest thing is that Actor A has a definite type, and neither Actor B nor Actor C fits that type. Not that a person can’t enjoy a little variety. It’s just odd. Come to think of it, that’s a very good word to describe Actor C.
Actor A: Tom Cruise
Actor B: Jeremy Renner
Actor C: Simon Pegg

58. BUZZFOTO 03/18
There are rumors circulating in Hollywood right now that this aging, beautiful actress is more of a Black Widow than a widow. The rumor is that she had a hand in one of her husbands deaths…. The rumor is filled with sordid tales of money, deception and infidelity, but it has earned her the nickname of "Black Widow" amongst Hollywood elites. It doesn’t stop the men from flocking to her though.
Catherine Bach

Old Hollywood Blind Item: This Golden Globe winning actress was A+++ list. She was primarily known for television and comedy and for a very distinctive voice. Prior to hitting it big though, our actress made ends meet not in the odd jobs she always claimed in her authorized biographies, but turning tricks. Supposedly it is also how she met her future husband.
Lucille Ball

She’s the girl who isn’t friendly with the other girls when they go out with the guys. In a large group, she rarely speaks to females. Instead, she focuses all of her attention on the men – attempts to impress them by spewing out facts she’s read in the newspaper, verbatim, without much analysis, as they try to look at her breasts. During her last relationship, whenever she was in a multi-couple situation, she’d make no attempt to engage the other women. Rather, she’d spend most of her time flirting with the boyfriends and husbands, careful not to cross the line, but not exactly hiding the fact that her preferred company is male. But she’s not only not a girls’ girl, she’s also That Girl. The kind of girl who only knows how to put other girls down. She was in the ladies’ room recently at a private event, a private no-fans non-civilian event, standing next to an industry type at the counter. The other woman complimented her on her appearance, something to effect of: that’s a great dress, it looks amazing on you. And her answer? Hear this with a sneer: "Is this the moment when I’m supposed to tell you that you look good too?" And walked away. Friends? Please. Her "friends" are either relatives or assistants. Because otherwise, really, why would you ever want to be? It’s not Katherine Heigl. It’s not Kate Hudson.
Blake Lively; Scarlett Johansson; January Jones/What it looks like when you're really not a girls' girl. (Crushable)

Who Is Priscilla's Burnt-Up Ex? Priscilla Desert may have dated more gay men than most gay men have, but she has a few semi-straight ones under her belt. Ms. P was in a relationship a few years ago with an equally talented and age-appropriate counterpart, but things didn't exactly end so smoothly. So are the two cool now? Um, hardly. While out at a Hollywood party recently, Desert's ex was hanging with a bevy of beauties. "Isn't my friend cute?" one of the babes hanging with the dude asked him. "She looks just like [Priscilla Desert]. People tell her that all the time." P's ex totally freaked out the moment her name was brought up. "Don't you ever, ever fucking bring that name up around me again," the usually chill dude snapped. "Ever. You hear me?" All the gals were totally shocked at his freakout. Sure, his temper caught them by surprise, but that wasn't the only thing. The chicks are gossip savvy, natch, and when Priscilla and this guy broke up, she had been the one to play the woe is me card in the media. P.D. totally threw her flame under the bus, something he was not expecting her to do quite so publicly (it's kinda why we heart that devil Desert). From what we're gathering now about their breakup, we hear she was hardly an angel during the time the two were together. Somehow her ex managed to take the high road, never commenting on all the negative crap she said about him. Well, until recently. And It Ain't: Lindsay Lohan, Renée Zellweger, Mila Kunis.
Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas

62. BOSSIP 03/21
What R&B Star Is Quite The Divo? Starring in big budget flicks has turned one cocoa-colored star into quite the drama king. According to sources, the well-built crooner arrived to a recent shoot several hours late, apologized for his tardiness — then unleashed his list of wants. "He was kind of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde," says a source. "He was going out of his way to seem polite initially, but then started making a bunch of demands. It was kind of funny and phony." His biggest request? Speakers so he could listen to music while he was prepped for hair and make-up. Guess that wouldn’t have been too bad except he made the entire set listen to his album… on repeat… for the entire shoot. He also sang his songs all afternoon. "That got old quickly," adds the source. "Everyone thought it was hilarious." Hopefully, too much success won’t transform the star much more. Tyrese

Sammy Hagar Reminded Me Of A Blind Item. Back in the 90's this group had a couple of big hits. College radio-ish for the most part but they made some national television appearances. Have not done much lately, but they always remind me of liquor so that is good. Anyway, back when they first started touring they had something in their rider about a massage therapist. It turns out they did not actually want massages, but a good rub and tug. Unfortunately they only could ask for one back then. One of their albums even has a picture of one of their therapists in the liner notes. Later, when they could demand more, they would make sure there was one for every band member each night.
The Gin Blossoms

64. BLIND GOSSIP 03/21
The last one worked out well for him, but he’s ready for a new beard. He’s been meeting with potential candidates for several weeks now. In case you’d like the job, here are his criteria:
* Female, pretty, age 25-40ish
* Actress (No musicians or models)
* Established in your own career (But don’t outshine him)
* Feminine but athletic (He would like to have a workout buddy)
* Primary residence in or around Los Angeles (Bonus points if you also have a New York pad)
* Previous experience as a beard preferred
* Available to start within the next three months

Bradley Cooper

65. BUZZFOTO 03/21
This B/C List actor never goes to a Red Carpet event or a club with a date. He never talks about his love life, is hardly ever seen with a lady on his arm… but he is far from single. He allegedly has three girlfriends in three different states and two of them have children. He tells each of his lady lovers that he protects their relationship by keeping it private but he is really just concerned about one finding out about the other.

66, BLIND GOSSIP 03/22
Television execs are quietly putting out feelers to replace this talk show host. It’s not just that the ratings aren’t great. It’s that the producers are having trouble booking guests. Turns out that desirable potential guests either don’t like or don’t respect the host. The bigger surprise may be the host’s replacement. Execs are in talks tonight with someone that a network TV show is also looking to replace. And, no, the two won’t be swapping jobs.
Host: Piers Morgan
Replacement: Katie Couric

67. BUZZFOTO 03/22
We have a D List Actor with addiction problems that has a new obsession. He met a beautiful, young C List television actress at a recent Red Carpet event and maybe spoke two words to her. He was somehow able to obtain her personal information from a friend. He’s now showed up at her house several times, sent her email after email, sent naked pics of himself via text and might have even followed her car once or twice. She initially thought she could deal with him herself but now she is considering getting the police involved. Tom Sizemore and Shenae Grimes/Miranda Cosgrove

This B- list movie actress who would probably be A if she had any acting talent at all has started looking for a new boyfriend. The thing is since she prefers women it is a little tougher. But, to make things interesting she has offered to throw in her girlfriend too if the guy is willing to pony up and be our actresses boyfriend.
HINT: She is married now. That didn't take long. The husband is more interested in looking in the mirror anyway so it probably works out well. She has changed girlfriends too. The old girlfriend was replaced with someone younger she found from a dog sitting Craigslist ad. Jessical Biel

69. PAGE SIX/NY POST 03/23
1. Which politician trolls for encounters on Grindr, a social networking site that connects gay men to other gay men? The lawmaker isn't even discreet -- he uses a profile photo of him self at the gym in a tank, showing off his torso.

2. WHICH crooner likes to fly prostitutes over to join him in hotel rooms in romantic places like Paris, then asks them to dance for him while he watches in silence? Michael Buble

70. BLIND GOSSIP 03/23
This celebrity couple will be renewing their vows this year. Awww. Sweet, right? Actually, it’s just a last-ditch attempt to save their floundering marriage. It’s a mess for many reasons, not the least of which is a history of infidelity. This happens more often than you think. Whenever you hear about a couple renewing their vows, it’s often because they’re trying to patch things up or gloss things over. In the case of this couple, we’re betting on a separation within six months of the vows being renewed. Why? Because the leopard is still cheating, and we doubt that they will change their spots.
Demi Moore/Ashton Kutcher; Fergie/Josh Duhamel

Crotch Uh-Lastic's Getting Careless. Crotch Uh-Lastic is continuing his downward, totally bizarre spiral. As if tweaking out in the day and running on zero sleep wasn't damaging enough to that pretty bod of his, now Crotch is tampering with something we never used to worry about: his career. Seems those concerned friend's of his have reason to worry after all. Recently CUL agreed to make a guest appearance on a friend's website. Crotch is really quite funny, especially in skits like this. At least he used to be. A source on the scene dishes that Lastic strolled in, totally unprepared and was completely unprofessional: "He shows up, and he hadn't read the script yet—which he had agreed to already have done. In the show he was supposed to be parodying his own persona. It was nothing too offensive, but he did one take, didn't think it was funny, and walked off set." Apparently on his way out he called everyone on the crew "a bunch of nerds" and left his professional acquaintances high and dry. There was another celebrity involved in the clip, and he had to pick up all of Crotch's slack. This is so disturbing! Crotchy is one freaking talented dude, whether he's making us laugh or cry. And to top it off, he's a totally nice guy. At least he was. We never heard of him being unprofessional in the many years he has been in this business. It's clear that no sleep is affecting this hunk muffin in a major way. Wake up, dude, you've been given a great opportunity. To throw your talent and reputation away like this is a total copout. Just come out already! It's clear your guy on guy dalliances are taking a major toll on you. Plus, it's not that damaging of a secret. Tons of people in H'wood know you're into guys and don't friggin' care! And It Ain't: 50 Cent, Will Smith, Sean Penn.
James Franco and Danny McBride

Here’s a nugget of gossip for all you celeb lovers (and Upper East Siders): After showing up for a photo shoot hungover and stinking like booze, this young actor puked all over the on-set bathroom — and left the mess for the stylists to clean up. XOXO!
Ed Westwick

80's Blind Item: This diminutive actor was on a huge network hit. His favorite game was finding an extra each week that he could spend the entire week with having sex and then leave them at the end. He did not do it really out of malice, he was just a lonely guy. Anyway, one week, his A list at the time co-star, also had his eyes on an extra and they made a deal. The deal was they would get the producers to bring her back for an extra week so they could each have her for a week. Well, it turns out they both liked her so much, this extra managed to stay on the show for an entire season and even ended up getting a speaking role.
Herve Villechaize/Ricardo Montalban "Fantasy Island"

74. BUZZFOTO 03/24
After years of being the face for a hit label, this musician (once A list, now slipping to C list) was given an ultimatum by her label. Either come up with a scandal that will bring her more record sales or they would come up with one for her and release nude pics of her when she was younger.
Christina Aguilera

75. GOSSIP BOY 03/24
We have been gone awhile, but everyone should remember out dear little Hail Mary. If not, catch up with out little undercover vixen here. Mary has gone through a bit of a rough patch lately, which we are all aware of. Things seem to be looking up for the tart, and a lot of that has to do with a friend that has swooped in to help. Dark Knight had been a friend of Mary's for awhile, at least that's what we were fed when they started getting spotted together. DK has this quality to him that makes everyone think he is a sweet, loving friend. A quality that makes all parents love him and causes them to disregard any fear of letting their young daughter go out with the older man. But the only real quality that Dark Knight has is to sell bullshit. He is in an actor after all, but I use that term loosely. Dark used to be pretty popular. A list name but a D list actor. All the girls love him, and he goes back in HW history. And by history, I mean all the way back to when Paris ruled the world. DK knows his time has long been up, so he is now clinging to Mary's drama. He knows that if he helps bring Mary back from the edge, he will gain major brownie points in the eyes of the public. And that will hopefully lead him back into the strobe light spotlight, Mary's panties, and if that fails then a tell all interview. Of course, all the time he has been spending with Mary, trying to get her to heal with him in a vertical position has seemed to pay off. Just not with Mary. Dark Knight still likes to have a good time. And after he gets Mary tucked in, her sister fills the vacancy. Mary's sister and Dark Knight have been seen out all over town, drinking and snorting in any VIP room they can sneak into. Which is how I came upon them one fine night. As Dark bragged to me about bedding the sister until he gets Mary warmed up, I realized that Dark has always befriended the party girls. I ended up leaving as the sister began befriending DK in the most delightful way.
Hail Mary Isn't: Miranda Cosgrove; Kaley Cuoco; Rihanna: Demi Lovato (older sister Dallas)
Dark Knight Isn't: Justin Long; Brody Jenner; Joe Jonas
: Wilmer Valderama

Although this supposedly had nothing to do with their recent breakup, this A list movie actress told many of her friends that when she was dating her A list movie actor boyfriend that he had the smallest peen she had ever seen on a guy. Like so small that when he did not trim that she had trouble seeing the stump in the bushes if you know what I mean.
Renee Zellweger/Bradley Cooper

This reality star’s love of racy outfits — not to mention her potty mouth — have stylists and producers in a tizzy as she gets ready to make her network TV debut.
Katie Price

78. BUZZFOTO 03/24
This famous celebrity baby mama is currently trying to adopt a child from another country. She’s doing it with good intentions mostly, but we hear she will be trying to broker a deal with the mags for the first photos in order to use the money to fund her already existing children’s college funds. Kate Gosselin

1. In the 80’s, this TV Star was considered a heartthrob. But, despite his recent job on a hit TV show, he longs for movie stardom. He feels he never got his due.
Blair Underwood

2. Are secret love children the new "it thing" in the NBA. There are a couple of NBA Wives who are dealing with this issue right now! La La (Carmelo) Anthony; Vanessa (Kobe) Bryant

Cookie Muncher Has a Taste for Lady Parts. Last week when we told you King Schlong had fooled around with another male celeb for a bit when he was younger, many of you were shocked. Our King is gay? Just because he diddled a dude once or twice doesn't mean he's a homo, folks. As if! Sometimes fooling around with the same sex is a way to pass the time. Just ask Cookie Muncher. This superstar has everything: a hunky husband, flawless bod, perfect face...and a taste for women. No, she's not a lesbian. She just doesn't mind doing the girl-on-girl thing to turn her man—or partygoers—on. Babe knows how to a have a fun time, what can I say. While at a raging Hollywood house party a while back, Ms. Muncher was dancing up a storm on the pool table. She always has a way of making sure all eyes are on her (as if being one of the most beautiful women in the world had another affect on people). So, Cookie Muncher decides to strip off all her clothes while dancing, to the giant applause from the crowd. Another gal at the party thought that clearly looked like a fun idea. So she decided to take off her clothes and get up on the table with Cookie. We'll let our stunned party source take it from here: "Before you knew it, Cookie threw the other naked girl on the table and just started going down on her. For a while too! The crowd went crazy." Now you know where "munch" comes from. As for her husband, he looked on lovingly as ever, obviously. If a guy were to give another guy a blowjob in the middle of a similar party, people would freak. Why is it so much more of a big deal for a dude to dabble than a girl? And It Ain't: Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie, Victoria Beckham.
Cindy Crawford (George Clooney's girlfriend for the other girl)

81. BLIND GOSSIP 03/25
When a celebrity is seen as one of the prominent members of their religion, it can be difficult for them to choose a different path for themselves. This is especially true if another member of their family is still actively involved. This celebrity has been trying to distance themselves from the group for a couple of years now. They have also confided to friends that there has been more than one incident in which the celeb has surreptitiously gone online to condemn the practitioners of their religion… including their own family member.
Lisa Marie Presley

82. BUZZFOTO 03/25
Nothing to be ashamed about, just a fun and silly fact about this B/C List television and film actress. If she ever does a nude scene, will the makeup artist cover up her third nipple?

83. BLIND GOSSIP 03/26
What MTV Reality Star is headed to sex rehab? Family members and handlers of the popular hunk are trying to get him to check into a facility after learning he’s practicing unprotected sex, engaging in wild orgies and drugs.
The Situation  or Vinny "Jersey Shore"

84. BUZZFOTO 03/28
It’s a sad world when celebrities start teaching their children to lie about what goes on in the home. This B/C actress sent her confused daughter to school who confessed to friends, "Mommy’s boyfriend is pretend." When the actress found out about it, she was worried the word would spread to her ex. She decided that if her fake relationship couldn’t pass by her daughter, she’d have to step it up, and she’s been working on convincing her daughter over and over that her PR relationship is real, even though it’s not.

This B list television actress on a hit network show has gone from one hit show to another. Both of them are still on the air. She also does movies, but they are not usually box office hits. Anyway, with her very nice weekly paycheck instead of spending it on porn stars and blow, she uses one paycheck each month to rent a furnished apartment for a year for a family that comes to her via a homeless shelter in LA. Her contact person at the shelter finds the family and our actress moves them in so the family has a chance at a better life. She has done this so far for seven families and four of them are now paying their own rent.
Rashida Jones "The Office" and "Parks and Recreation"

86. BLIND GOSSIP 03/28
Which A-list film actress, who recently split from her handsome actor-beau, is rumored to be having a lesbian affair with a much older woman? The kicker is that the alleged woman is the ex’s mother.
Renee Zellweger (Bradley Cooper's mom)

This squeaky clean sensation has an ugly side captured on tape! While recording a new album he broke into an impromptu rap – dropping derogatory terms about African Americans and Jews. SOMEHOW the tape wound up at a popular entertainment news show. They made a quick deal and, lo and behold, the tape was killed in exchange for numerous appearances by our bad boy!
Justin Bieber

It’s not just the super elite actors, the film stars, who need to beard and pretend. Even the lower ranking ones do too. Calling him B List might be a little generous, but he has had his share of magazine covers, is the face of a few shows, and is surprisingly entrepreneurial, with successful projects across several other platforms, all banking on looks and virility. While I can’t personally see it, his appeal is strong enough that it has overcome his reputation as a chronic philanderer whose wife left him because he couldn’t stay faithful. It was always assumed that he was cheating with women. And in a way, given his errrm sex symbol image, that may have worked for him. But what if the cheating was with men? One night in New York, he was on the receiving end of a very enthusiastic blow job from a very enthusiastic young giver who was clearly not his baby mother because his baby mother is, obviously, not a boy. The baby mother very likely knows though. After all, it wouldn’t be an arrangement that she’d be unfamiliar with, given where they met. Still, dude, if you’re keeping that kind of secret, and you hit up a bar to get blown, you may want to tip the staff a little better than you do. Because they are talking. And it’s not like people haven’t been wondering this about you for a long, long time anyway.
Mario Lopez

This host of an A+ network reality show and producer and radio guy was at a club two weeks ago. At the club he started making out with some random woman he had been flirting with. Apparently most people were shocked not that he was cheating on his D list celebrity girlfriend, but that he was actually making out with a woman.
Ryan Seacrest (Julianne Hough)

90. BUZZFOTO 03/29
A year ago after a movie premiere this A List star and B list star had a hookup that resulted in a short lived affair, even though both are married. Now, a year later the actress has a new baby and the actor is wondering if it’s his.

Which young star was spotted picking up a pregnancy test during her next promotional stop? She’s officially single right now, but toying with the idea of new boyfriend though it remains to be seen whether or not he’s just a convenient distraction for publicity or the real deal. Or maybe it’s a leftover from the ex after a farewell hookup? Needless to say, with that kind of purchase, someone’s been in there. And they may have not been careful, although I guess it shouldn’t surprise me anymore that getting knocked up is a career strategy these days. Naïve as it sound however in her case I just can’t see it. Too young, not ready. Which means I hope her test comes back negative. Because otherwise, obviously, it’s a lot of drama to take care of.
Vanessa Hudgens

92. BLIND GOSSIP 03/30
Which D-list star from a famous musical family is trying to convince her parents and siblings to sign off on a reality show? Her biggest obstacle is her A-list sister who has forbidden the rest of the family from appearing in front of the cameras.
La Toya Jackson

93. BUZZFOTO 03/30
Which C list celebrity who just starred in a commercial overseas made so many racial slurs during the taping of the bit that the manager waived their fee out of embarrassment?

94. GOSSIP BOY 03/31
1- What new couple reportedly got carried away in a NYC restaurant yesterday? As other patrons watched, they groped and pawed at each other like teenagers. Which they are the total opposite of!! As he went to the bathroom, witnesses were shocked to see her follow seconds later. They both returned moments later flushed and she clearly had "sex hair." I'm all for love, but after a certain age take it back to the home!
Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp

2-This A list actor ran to his favorite diner, but got there after they closed. The staff recognized him and opened the doors and fed him until his 6 pack turned into a keg. Our older actor was so happy he tipped each employee with a hundred dollar bill for their troubles. Bruce Willis

3-One of the most famous names right now is tearing up NYC with his late night parties and his visit's to a certain cruising spot. The actor dines at ABC Kitchen and then walks through Union Square where he either picks up a bag of weed or an admiring fan who is willing to go down on him. You may wonder how such a big name can do this, but with a hoodie and shades he is pretty unrecognizable. And gays seem to have a fetish for anonymity.

95. BUZZFOTO 03/31
This D List bleach blond celebrity recently visited a spiritualist that told her that she is the spirit of Marilyn Monroe reincarnated. She was also promised that her career would blossom into something bigger than Ms. Monroe’s if the D Lister would visit the Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery where Marilyn is interned at least once a month for a year. The D Lister has already visited twice.
Heidi Montag; Holly Madison

96. PAGE SIX/NY POST 04/01
1. Which former music mogul tried to put the moves on his friend's model girlfriend while on a business trip to Europe? He invited the stunner to his hotel room and claimed the two had "connected souls," but the woman didn't give in to his advances.
Russell Simmons

2. Which gal about town's lacy knickers were left in the luggage of her investment banker boyfriend, only to be found by the banker's wife? Madonna

97. BLIND GOSSIP 03/31
Which drug-addled son (of a late TV star mother and a former hunk father) is about to become a daddy? He isn’t married and definitely wasn’t planning on getting his gal pregnant. He is running through his inheritance so fast that his family fears he won’t have anything left for the baby.
Ryan O’Neal and Farah Fawcett’s son, Redmond

98. BOSSIP 04/01
We all know that marriage isn’t always happily ever after — especially when one person is in the industry. Dating a baller seems all good…until you have to handle the consequences. Apparently, Cookie Johnson isn’t the only woman who has had to deal with the very real repercussions of a cheating spouse. According to a well-placed source a popular entertainer’s significant other recently paid a visit to doctor’s office to get some things checked out. Rumor has it that this actor scored a seven-figure deal that had him losing his head — in other women, literally. With only brains on his mind the beefcake forgot to strap up, and brought a little present home to his main squeeze. Sources say she was well compensated for her compromised health, but is bling or a new whip really worth the heartache? Now wifey has to decide whether to go or stay, especially since her mate’s star power is likely to shine a bit brighter over the next few months… which means fidelity is about as likely as winning the Powerball.
Terry and RebeccaCrews

This Superstar is quickly earning a reputation for creating trouble on the set. The only thing is it’s not his projects he’s causing trouble for…’s his family’s. Will these diva-like demands and attitude cost his family members success?
"Hawthorne" and the new "Annie" movie starring his daughter Willow.

Gorgeous star Sally Pearlsmyth and her equally stunning celeb partner, Percy DuBois, had a nasty breakup not long ago. That was enough to shed a tear over in itself, as they really did seem like the perfect, hot Hollywood couple. You know, when two lookers like Ryan Reynolds and Scarlet Johansson can't make it work, it puts more of an onus on folks like Sally and Percy to bring the sexy back to yummy couples. And oh, how they tried. In fact, they tried so hard. Sally ended up getting pregnant, even though neither star was trying to start a family just yet. Both parents were shocked, to say the least. However, one of the parents was more pleased by the news than the other: Percy. He was thrilled and delighted and didn't take crap from anybody who thought otherwise (like certain friends who questioned if this was a good time in his career to play pops). Sally, on the other (less) domesticated hand, relied on countless people to help make up her mind about what to do. She asked all her representatives about it, and each one told the looker with the flowing mane the same thing: end the pregnancy. Not good timing, and all that job-oriented stuff. No one really seemed to care about Sally, the woman. Like, maybe the answer should have been: "This is your business, not ours. It's your decision to make." But when has anybody in Hollywood ever not taken advantage of a chance to force their way and opinion on somebody? Never! So, over the great objections of Percy, Sally ended her pregnancy. And soon after, Percy and Sally ended their relationship, many blaming Percy for being, well, not exactly the ideal mate. Yeah, as always, there's two sides to every story. AND IT AIN'T: Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal, Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron, Eva Longoria and Tony Parker.
Dianna Agron and Alex Pettyfer

101. BUZZFOTO 04/01
This once popular boy-bander was so drunk at a club last weekend that his pals had to escort him out of the club and one drove him home. He woke up the next morning in bed naked with one of his buddies. Both are not sure if anything happened or if their friends placed them there as a joke.
Nick Carter; AJ McLean; Joey Fatone; JC Chasez

#1 - This C+/B- movie actress is starting to make it big. She has a movie opening which should be big for her career. So, it was surprising that she was so whacked out on meth that her hands were shaking and her breath reeked at the premiere of the new movie.
Vanessa Hudgens; Jena Malone "Sucker Punch"

#2 & 3 - This B list television actress on a hit network show has entered the movie world. She was also recently entered by this A list movie star. The two had a quick fling while filming their movie, but he dumped her. She has not lost feelings for him though and had sex with him when they saw each other earlier this week. When she asked when they would see each other again, he replied, "the next press event. If you are lucky we can hook up again then." Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds "Green Lantern"

#4 - The Kindness I posted about an actress sponsoring families from a homeless shelter got back to the cast. Yay! I am glad they read the site. Now at least two other cast members on her current show are also doing the same thing. Rashida Jones/Amy Poehler/Aziz Ansari; Sela Ward/Gary Sinise/Hill Harper

103. BLIND GOSSIP 04/04
This slim and very beautiful actress starred in a television series and a dozen films in the 1990's. Although she still works, she has definitely retreated from the limelight. Tongues will be wagging, though, once the public soon gets a look at her again (which will happen very soon because she needs to promote a new project). She’s gained a few pounds, but that’s not the big deal. The big deal is that she just had a full face lift. She’s only 40ish, people! Everything is pulled so tight that it gives her a vaguely alien look. She now looks more like her mother than herself. Then again, her mother – who is a star in her own right – has had so much cosmetic work done that even she doesn’t look like herself.
Ashley Judd

104. GOSSIP BOY 04/04
It's been many years since Hollywood has encountered a woman so deceitful, so vengeful that she is willing to walk over anyone to get what she wants. Meet the Ice Queen. She's been in town for a number of years, but has just recently seen her hard work pay off. The stunning woman cannot help be be linked up to any guys she shares a hello with, yet plays it coy and innocent. Don't they all? You see, the Ice Queen and I go back a bit. She and McHottie are old friends, and may have actually be linked together in the past, for bearding purposes only. But even though McHottie and I went our separate ways, Ice Queen and I stayed close. That is until she discovered that her new found single status could work in her favor. She tagged along with me to a party one night and left with a huge movie role. As I marveled at how she scored such a gig in one evening, she mentioned that the married man who gave her the role liked it that she took it in the ass in the bathroom for him. The night of her mother's birthday, Ice Queen was coked up in a hotel room with another A-List name. He was her co-star, so maybe it was research. But to top it all off, Ice Queen ended up with a bun in her oven. Who's it was was anyone's guess. Well except Scruffy St.Duck, the married man. Ice quickly took care of the problem, there was no way she was throwing it all away now. Ice has turned on all of her former friends and co-stars. She has talked all over town at how her ex-boyfriend had an eye for the guys and liked to cuddle more than have sex. She even dissed a family member who might have got a bit part in her film because she didn't want to share the spotlight. Ice Queen is working hard to stay in her throne before she is ousted. She knows that her window is very small, and she is determined to become the next Julia Roberts. Someone should tell her that Pretty Woman was a movie and that's not how Julia really got started.
Ice Queen Isn't: Taylor Momsen; Emma Stone; Emma Roberts - Blake Lively (ex-boyfriend: Penn Badgley)
McHottie Isn't: Ed Westwick; Kellan Lutz; Mark Salling - Chace Crawford
Scruffy St.Duck Isn't: Judd Apatow; Robert DeNiro; Kevin Smith
- Ben Affleck

105. BOSSIP 04/04
This New York rapper "Gets Money" and has been reportedly linked to several other celebrity women , a black cougar, a white cougar, and the two-steppin’ Atlanta "singer" that he allegedly has a sex tape with. He’s been known to stir up trouble with other MCs from time to time, but is also known to be as charming as he is callous. With his interest now in movies, he hasn’t released an album since 2009, however he’s released a string of songs online that have people talking about his renewed passion for the mic. According to sources this sex tape is pretty steamy stuff. The southern pop star is said to have a mouthful of man-parts then she takes a "Ride" while unprotected. At this point maybe getting pregnant would actually be good for her career, since no one seems to care about her music anymore.
New York rapper: 50 Cent
southern pop star: Ciara

So, it appears there is big trouble on the homefront. Not surprising that a Hollywood couple would be breaking up, but they have tried really hard to make it seem like they are a loving couple. The wife, a B list actress who can be difficult and has graduated from television to movies but with not much success. The husband, a celebrity in his own right but gets way overshadowed by his more famous wife. She is not seeing anyone, but he is sleeping with a female singer. She has started smoking again too. Tsk tsk.
Katherine Heigl/Josh Kelley

What's a party girl to do when she returns to the scene but isn't allowed to play like she used to? Hmmm. Poor over-indulged (and over-exposed) Morgan Mayhem is suffering such a dilemma. But the good news is, she's back! On the club circuit! Where she belongs! Problem is, Morgan just can't lay off the booze—hard as she's tried. But our girl is making progress, promise. See, to help sorta try and clean up her incredibly filthy act, M.M. has completely and totally sworn off. Cocaine! But how long can this last? Morgan is putting herself in the exact same situations that led her down the path to rehab. And by surrounding herself with party friends from the past, Morgan barely has a shot at staying off the sauce. Or the powder. Picture it: a dark Hollywood nightclub with music pumping through the speakers as heavily as air conditioning cools off the spoiled club rats who inhabit it. The party is already in full force as Morgan breezes past the paparazzi's flashbulbs on her way inside and tucks into a black leather booth in the back corner of the room. Where there are...two bottles of Grey Goose, a pitcher of cranberry juice, one of tonic water and a bowl of limes. All chilled. All gratis. So, Morgan's friends immediately pop open the vodka and start pouring themselves doubles. Morgan's tall blonde girlfriend pours two drinks, one for her and one for Morgan, who obviously cannot be seen anywhere near the vodka bottles. "It's water!" Morgan hisses at a college-age girl in a Bebe minidress ready to take a pic with her cell phone and send to the rest of her sorority. But Morgan needs the extra liquid tonight, as she's got an ex in the room and everyone is feeling très awkward about it. So tonight, Morgan just pours herself some extra "clear liquid" and stays away from the powder that is being offered to her discreetly in friend's purses and during frequent trips to the bathroom. Because Morgan's told her friends: It is her mission to keep those poor, damaged nostrils of hers blow-free. Uh, then why hang in clubs where nose candy flows like Russell Brand's seminal fluid? Unfortunately, it's only a matter of time before M is back to her old, jaded tricks. I mean, really, it's the equivalent of an Overeaters Anonymous member taking a cruise with 24/7 buffets on every level. Why torture yourself like this, Morgan? Because you don't really want to clean up your act? Yeah, we already knew that. AND IT AIN'T: Cristina Aguilera, Paris Hilton, Mischa Barton.
Lindsay Lohan

108. PAGE SIX/NY POST 04/04
1. Which actor in a seemingly settled and long-term relationship with a beautiful woman is having a secret affair with a married millionaire?

2. Which actress was left fuming after an on-screen lover repeatedly spurned her aggressive advances when the cameras were turned off? Blake Lively/Ryan Reynolds; Jessica Biel/Gerard Butler

109. BLIND GOSSIP 04/04
Which A list action star had a chin implant when he was a struggling nobody? At the time, he was married to a movie actress who is now on a TV series. He would cry on his wife’s shoulder that he would never be a leading man because of his weak jawline.
Bradley Cooper /Jennifer Esposito "Blue Bloods"

110. BUZZFOTO 04/04
Which A List Female Celebrity who makes the big bucks is known in the industry as being one of the smelliest actresses around? Apparently she has ‘gas’ that could clear a set faster than any director. Julia Roberts

111. PAGE SIX/NY POST 04/05
1. Which Hollywood power duo should keep iPhones out of the bedroom when they're swinging? The fit couple, who already have a reputation for inviting others into their sex life, were recently the subject of a camera-phone photo shoot that's being passed around at swanky New York dinner parties. Hopefully for them their compromising pictures aren't coming soon to a computer near you.
Will and Jada Smith; Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher

2. WHICH singer's team is desperately trying to cover up the fact that a recent nose job has totally altered the voice? Beyonce

112. BUZZFOTO 04/05
This "Vegetarian" Television actress constantly criticizes her cast mates and lectures them on eating meat. She then goes back to her home and spends thousands on ‘rodent control.’
Emily Deschanel

This model and C-list female celebrity is telling all her friends that despite appearances to the contrary, her ex boyfriend and current A list singer has no interest in women at all. She also says that he was always suggesting threesomes with other guys.
Selita Ebanks or Amber Rose/Kanye West

114. BLIND GOSSIP 04/05
It must be really difficult to come out of rehab and resist the temptations that are all around you in Young Hollywood. It must be even more difficult to come out of rehab expecting the support of your family, and instead have them enable you. Her first week out of rehab, this young actress spent some time with one of her parents. How did the parent celebrate their child’s recovery? By doing shots with them. No, we’re not kidding.
Lindsay Lohan

115. BUZZFOTO 04/06
This very handsome British actor with a reputation with the ladies has a little problem with his equipment. One thing’s for sure, he can’t be accused of not using it often, just not in the way you’d think. He has prostatitis which among other things has him running to the bathroom so much his former costars thought he had a drug problem.
Jude Law; Colin Farrell; Gerard Butler; Hugh Grant

The Celebrity Chef Returns: Honestly, this is getting as god as the Director's wife. This female celebrity chef who has been in this space multiple times and has been revealed has had some very interesting other encounters in her past. Apparently she kissed and told all to that singer she was with previously and he has been telling all to anyone who will listen. Recently he told some people that when Star Magazine called his publicist to tell him the story was going to break, our singer told our chef that it would do no good to deny anything happened because there was apparently some security video showing the two of them together. Our singer said he had not spoken to the chef in a few months which was too bad because she gave the best oral sex he had ever had. The person to whom our singer was relating this story said he had heard the same thing from another singer (former A list leader of a group who also had quite some success with female cast members of a former #1 show). He also added that this very much A list singer of a hit group which is beloved for spending 20 minutes singing one song also enjoyed the favors of our celebrity chef.

Chef: Giada de Laurentiis
Singer 1: John Mayer
Singer 2: Adam Duritz "Counting Crows"

Singer 3: Dave Mathews

117. BLIND GOSSIP 04/06
This petite and perky television chef is getting passed around like yesterday’s leftovers. She not only serviced Singer 1, a famous male singer who is quite the lady-killer. She has also been on her knees for Singer 2 and Singer 3. Whew! She is supposedly quite the music groupie and quite talented in giving that particular act. Oh, and all three of the Singers know each other and have shared stories about their time with her. Chefy and her publicist have called Singer 1, threatening legal action if he doesn’t deny everything. Frankly, it’s a hollow threat. Singer 2 (who sings the song that Chefy likes) and Singer 3 (yes, there are a lot of singers to count here!) have already told lots of people about her skills. Also, Singer 1's manager has a video of Chefy and Singer 1 engaging in some intimate moments at a hotel in New York. Yes, kids, there’s video! Chefy can kiss her marriage goodbye.
Chefy: Giada de Laurentiis
Singer 1: John Mayer
Singer 2: Adam Duritz of the Counting Crows

Singer 3: Caleb Followill of King Leons

Which Kinky Celeb Duo's About to Get Caught Swinging? This is fun. Remember when we tried to guess the New York Post's "Just Asking" item about which married actor was waiting to ditch his wife until after the Oscars? ‘Course, that never turned out to be true, but maybe this one will? Page Six is now reporting that a certain athletically inclined, high-profile Hollywood couple have been spicing up their sex life by inviting others along for the ride. And an iPhone camera apparently recorded all the hot action! The pictures, it turns out, are now making their way from famous cell phones to cell phones and are the talk of many a New York dinner party. Gosh, who could it be? Let's narrow this scandalous situation down together, kids. Surely, its not. Fergie and Josh Duhamel, who although they fit the bill for "athletically inclined," have fought back against trouble-in-paradise rumors to recently appear stronger than ever. I mean, we've seen how Fergie shakes it onstage, and we know Joshy has a penchant for um, fun, girls, but these two seem totally into each other right now. Right? And certainly it couldn't be. David and Victoria Beckham, who are currently expecting their fourth child, so we don't think the pics are quite that kinky. We know Big D has an eye for the gals, but we don't think he's stupid enough to have some kind electronic swingers party like this—and even if he were, the dude would have his security team sweep the room for all gadgets, first, right? And please, it mustn't be. Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore. Remember how famous-man magnet Brittney Jones claimed to have had sex with Ashton on Demi's couch and then tried to sell a sex tape of herself using Ashton's name? And then she sold his alleged sweater on Ebay? Yeah, whether he is guilty or not, we think Brittney scared Ashton into never permitting any kind of documenting of his sexcapades. Like the boy above, pretty sure he'd take great measures to avert something were he to decide to swing with Demi (or not). So, it's somebody else, then? Hmmm. Now that we think about it, pretty sure we know who this famous, frisky couple is! One of our Blind Vice superstars or at least one of the occasional starring members? Yep. The latter.
Cameron Diaz/A-Rod

119. BUZZFOTO 04/06
This is an quirky sort of blind that we’ve been sitting on for a while, but why not? An A List actor in the 90's was once told by a specialist hired as a joke by his friends that if he mixed crushed-up Butterfinger candy bars with buttermilk and made it into a paste it would take away acne scars and blemishes. He put it on his face every day for a year until his friends finally confessed the joke. Christian Slater; Ray Liotta

We're gonna do something completely different today. We've got a whole group of naughties we're gonna blab about, instead of our usual one or two scandalous contenders. Besides, last week's Vice was so depressing, I think we all need something a little sillier to gasp about. Like this extremely popular TV show's bitchy little cast, not to mention the dumbest season finale we've ever heard: Mulholland Estates is wildly popular, we really don't see why. Granted, the highly rated oddball series has a couple of super-talented celebs, but every time we tune in to watch them, we're usually so horrified by the plotlines they're forced to play out, it's impossible to make it through a full episode. Could this be why several big names on the show are beyond bitchy over the upcoming shooting schedule for the show's finale, which is being filmed later this month? "Everyone wants a different day off," says a reliable source on the show, "and they're all being told no, and they're very unhappy about it." Apparently, this finale is such a grand denouement and so intricately planned, all hands on deck are required during the whole operation—with none of the cushy wrap-around shooting windows that have been permitted for the cast's varying outside projects in the past. "They're raising hell about it," snapped the Mulholland vet. Jeez, all we have to say is that the spoiled cast's bitching about totally the wrong thing. You see, the grand final show that's being planned will be...are you ready? A floating dinner party. Whereas each cast member hosts a course for said dinner in his or her home. This is what's supposed to leave Mullholland Estates' massive audience in cliff-hanger type suspense until the show comes back next season? Well, maybe if one of the hosts had an orgy to go with her lemon meringue pie, then, maybe, we'd watch. But trust, that ain't happenin', and, for that, we say this bland drivel is what the performers should be in a near-riot about, not some silly day off here and there. And It Ain't: Modern Family, The Real Housewives of Orange County, Parks and Recreation.
Desperate Housewives

121. BLIND GOSSIP 04/08
Which married-with-kids Oscar winner turned heads when he popped into a spa in Hawaii known for its "happy endings?" The actress-wife of this tall actor/writer/director/producer knows all about her hubby’s "special massages". She turns a blind eye to keep their marriage together.
Ben Affleck

A certain Reality Show Star must really need the money. Family secrets are being exposed left and right on the show. This would otherwise be a big no-no, but those reality checks are much needed.
Toya Carter

123. BUZZFOTO 04/08
A daughter of a famous B list television actress is claiming to her friends that her mother, a sex symbol of her time, has had an open relationship and has been sleeping with her female caterer as long as she can remember.
Cybil Shepherd; Goldie Hawn

#1 & #2 - This A list married couple with A+ name recognition is going through big problems right now. The reason? The husband has started drinking again (which his wife knows about), doing drugs (his wife does not know), and sleeping with random women (his wife knows about one).
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner (POSSIBLY: Blake Lively/Jennifer may have leaked naked photos of Blake that she found on Ben’s phone)

#3 & #4 - Speaking of A list celebrity couples. Well, not really, because only the woman is. The guy is a hanger on. Anyway, earlier this week they visited her lawyer to talk about a pre-nup. Apparently the yelling got so loud, there was a crowd around the conference room where the meeting was being held. This went on for an hour. Now I wonder whether the wedding will even take place. Jessica Simpson/Eric Johnson

125. PAGE SIX/NY POST/ 04/11
1. Which female rapper, who was paid big bucks to play a sweet 16 party, blew a gasket when the sound system wasn't up to snuff? The diva stomped off-stage, ending the show and breaking the hearts of her teen fans.
Nicki Minaj

2. Which heavy-hitting Hollywood producer locked his assistant in the bathroom for two hours on a recent business trip?

3. Which now-married Hollywood he-man's favorite pastime in his single days was receiving oral favors in hot tubs after a long day's work -- and didn't care whether the favor came from a woman or a man?

126. GOSSIP BOY 04/11
Black Sheep Steps Up Her Game: Remember the story of Rock Jock and Black Sheep? Well, Black Sheep finally gave up on RJ and they decided to call it quits. It was very low key, the media barely even picked up on it. Well Blackie stayed out of the media for a little while after the break-up. She had some minor parts, but nothing to note worthy. As she promoted her roles, she ended up in other countries with some unruly co-stars. Trust me, her nickname isn't Black Sheep for nothing. She can throw down with the best of them. Well, she used to. Rock Jock had straightened her up a bit. Suddenly she had realized that people weren't really paying attention to her now that she wasn't part of an "it" couple. That's the only thing i can think of to explain what happened next. One of her "BFF" co-stars on the flick told me that one night out of nowhere, Blackie showed up at the hotel bar where there were having drinks wearing a hot little black dress and heels that could poke your eye out the back of your head. Blackie had never joined them after filming apparently, and had actually become the black sheep of that cast as well. Poor thing. But Blackie showed everyone her true colors that night. My little birdie says that she doesn't even remember how many bars they hit that night, just that she woke up the next morning stupefied. "One minute I was drinking and dancing, and then I blinked and I was waking up in my bed the next morning." Blackie believes that to get the press that she needs to feel better, she needs to make headlines. But of course there's the one she does not need to get out. Like, the fact that she was spotted buying a little stick to pee on. Thank the Lord, she wasn't pregnant again. At least not the way she drank the night after. Then again, this is Black Sheep we are talking about. Black Sheep Is Not....Winona Ryder; Jessica Biel; Kate Hudson.

Rock Jock: Zac Efron
Black Sheep: Vanessa Hudgens

127. BLIND GOSSIP 04/11
Which highly paid actress/athlete couple plans to make even more money by opening a gym together? The fit duo is in discussions about developing a beachside fitness center. However, pals of the leggy star are warning her to "treadmill" carefully because of her hunk’s notorious wandering eye.
Cameron Diaz and A-Rod

This one is bizarre. It isn't that breakups among celebrity couples is not common. This one though is just weird when you consider the participants. This foreign born B- list actor who has an impressive body of work has been married for a very long time to someone who has an impressive body and people have thought so for years. Anyway, she used to be an actress but gave it up when she got married. Well, it seems there was a recent reunion of the cast of one of her old very hit movies and she got together with a guy who wanted her in that movie. He is an actor too and was almost A list back in the day, but is a solid B- kind of guy with very high name recognition. The husband is not all that chafed because now he figures he does not have to hide his affairs from his wife.

129. BOSSIP 04/11
The NFL Lockout is in full effect and it has made an impression on the players and their lifestyles. Unfortunately for one NFL baller and Super Bowl champion, the lockout, along with a lingering injury and sub-par performance last season has turned him into a "party guy." According to sources, this particular player has numbed his frustration with techno music and ecstasy. He’s been seen partying to the wee hours of the morning sucking on pacifiers (a common action of someone "rolling" on ecstasy) and his friends and family are concerned. Hopefully this guy can get it together before it is too late.
Jeremy Shockey

130. BUZZFOTO 04/11
While taking a helicopter ride on a recent vacation to get an aerial tour of the area, this B List actress allegedly gave the pilot a little ride of his own, if you catch our drift.

This male Academy Award winner was known for his singing voice. What is not known to many is that to keep his career going and his voice, he had himself castrated. There are rumors that the castration was actually his way of preventing sexual urges he had for men which he thought was morally wrong.
Bing Crosby

132. BUZZFOTO 04/12
This non-famous husband of a famous pregnant star has been receiving sex toys and pornography at least once a day. His famous knocked-up wife has sworn off sex until she has the baby and has been compensating by sending him naughty little gifts each day. Trouble is, he’s actually starting to enjoy the gifts more than his wife.
Alyssa Milano

133. BLIND GOSSIP 04/13
A showrunner is the person who is ultimately responsible for a television series. It may be the creator of the series, a producer, or the head writer. Emmy-winning comedy writer (and Major League Baseball announcer) Ken Levine shares this story about a showrunner with whom he once worked: **The showrunner on one particular series I worked on had maybe the filthiest mouth in Hollywood. Sailors and bikers would blush. But he was screamingly funny. For late night rewrites we would have a writers assistant in the room taking down what was pitched. One night our normal assistant was sick so they got a temp to replace her. This new assistant (we’ll call her Prudy) didn’t know what hit her. After about an hour she finally spoke up. She said to the showrunner in a stern tone, "Can we just confine our comments to the script?" There was a hush in the room. No one talks back to a showrunner like that. We braced ourselves for the explosion. But it never came. The showrunner took it in stride and good spirit. He said, "Alright, fine. Take this down", and he began dictating. "Fade in. Interior apartment – day. Fred enters. Fred says…" At which point he let fly the raunchiest, filthiest, c-bomb laden, XXX, perverse stream-of-conscious monologue ever uttered. Needless to say, we were all dying. When he was finished, careful not to leave out any depraved act or euphemism for sexual organ (he must’ve gone on for five minutes), he leaned back in his chair, clasped his hands behind his neck, took a beat, and said to the temp: "Okay, now read that back to me."**
John Swartwelder "The Simpsons"

This NBA star is cheating on his reality star wife with another reality star who used to be on Real World way way back in the day.

NBA star: Lamar Odom
reality star wife: Khloe Kardashian
Real World reality star: Tami Roman former wife of Kenny Anderso

135. BUZZFOTO 04/13
This D List actress, only known for one movie, bragged to friends that she supplied her drug habit last year and lavish lifestyle by skimming people’s credit card numbers in a card scam. The ring was broken up, but it was never linked to her.

136. GOSSIP BOY 04/14
1- This C-List female with an A-list name has always had a hard time controlling her ego. This back stabbing star seemed to have a pleasant home life, but unfortunately her diva-ness has seemed to sour that as well. Her career is on a slippery slope and her overbearing ways are about to split up her happy little home. Guess her man is finally fed up with her wearing the pants. Not Nicole Kidman.
Katherine Heigl

2-Is it possible that this actor may finally be coming out of the closet? He has been wanting to for years. He wants to come out because of all the gay hate around the word affecting the children. I'm told that a gay teenage boy wrote to him about how he got picked on and that he looked up to said celeb because he called gays called gay too. Our stud was so touched that he flew the boy and his family out to HW for the weekend and treated them to an amusement park. He's ready to come out and support but his handlers are desperately against it for obvious reasons. Probably because he plans to come all out, history and all and his beards may have some 'splainin to do. Not Matthew McConaughey. Jake Gyllenhaal

3-This stone cold fox has every man looking her way. She is a fresh face, innocent still. She is actually a HW virgin, never been with a man. EVER. No one would ever guess it from the way she sells her sex. But while she may be a virgin with men, she sure isn't with women. And her latest hook up was the assistant of a co-star. And when that co-star found them practicing cuntalinguis, poor little assistant was out on her ass. But only for a moment because Foxy snapped her right up. Now the tension is building on the set and the crew take every measure to make sure they never come face to face unless there is a camera on. And the assistant is walking around like her poo don't smell. Should we tell her that she is Foxy's third assistant. On this project alone. Once your well runs stale, Foxy replaces. Lick 'em and leave 'em should be tattooed on her. Not Emma Roberts. Emma Stone "The Amazing Spider-Man"

137. STAR MAGAZINE 04/14
Which movie actor, who has previously dated tons of pretty actresses and singers, is not really into women? As whispers that he’s gay grow louder, he’s recently cooked up a plan to have a fake marriage within the next few years.
Bradley Cooper was on series "Kitchen Confidential"

138. BLIND GOSSIP 04/14
Well, we finally have an explanation as to why she keeps popping up with seemingly random celebrities. She doesn’t just want to be a famous actress. She wants to be taken seriously as an actress. Yes, folks, she’s aiming for Oscar gold! To that end, she thinks that the more Academy Award winners she kisses (at least four), sleeps with, attends parties for/with, etc., the more seriously people will take her. Girl, Oscars aren’t won by osmosis. if you want to be taken more seriously, dye your hair brown, put the twins away, and try doing more than one film a year. Oh, and try to avoid getting knocked up by men to whom you’re not married.
Scarlett Johansson

In honor of All My Children and One Life To Live that got canceled today, I thought I would do a blind from each.

#1 - All My Children - This actor from the show who seems like he has been on there forever, annoys every teenager hired by the show by daily reminding them how many days left they have until they turn 18 and then can date him. He also loves to get handsy. David Canary

#2 - One Life To Live - This actress, who has been on the show for a long, long time has always slept with every actor in real life who she was sleeping with on the show. She called it method. I wonder what her husband would call it. Robin Strasser

140. BLIND GOSSIP 04/14 **#2**
Don’t start shedding any tears for this female actress from an established TV series! She may have lost her old job, but she has already been offered a new job on a prime-time show on the same network. Her role in the new show is not clear, as producers are still debating as to whether she should come in as the ex-wife of an existing character, or as a brand new character with no prior relationship to the rest of the cast. It is certain, though, that the producers of the show see her addition to the show as a real ratings booster (which, frankly, the show could use). And, yes, all the other cast members have already gotten word of this latest addition. They’re not exactly bubbling over with excitement to have yet another principal added to the cast, but ratings are ratings, and they will do what they have to in order to stay on the air for at least one more season.
Susan Lucci "Desperate Housewives"

141. BUZZFOTO 04/14
This actress has a little sister who is mousy and shy and is her assistant. The actress (foreign born) can’t figure out why all her good secrets keep spilling over the web. It might be because her little sister is sleeping with a well known (foreign) gossip reporter.

This Singer is ready to tie the knot again, but can he end his cheating ways? His former wife was a real Winner, but cheating ruined that marriage. Is history repeating itself? Eric Benet (Halle Berry)

We're on a lesbian roll, love it! We've always thought girls know better how to have a really sexy time (guys are just too damn bam-bam-oriented, right?), and Butter Pussy and Cookie Muncher are proving us right. Take Sheila Horn E., for instance. Now, they just don't come any more gorgeous than the luscious, exotically beautiful Sheila. Ms. Horn E.'s also pretty gifted in her chosen profession. But what Sheila's fans may not know (in fact, we're sure they don't), is that Sheila also has a knack for making other chicks quiver and quake: But not always for the right reasons! Just like Butter is wont to do, Sheila lives for taking a chance on gals who may—or may not—be interested in having a good time with her. For the record, most babes say yes to Sheila's advances. Not only is the multi-talent strikingly beautiful, but usually the women are so overwhelmed by Sheila's charm and fame, they pretty much just do whatever the Industry-respected honey asks them to. Such was not the case in the Hollywood Hills at a recent A-list party, where Sheila—she ironically is in yet another happy "straight" relationship—put the moves on a striking, slender brunette with vibrant green eyes. Those eyes darted, dug and may well have blurted, I don't care who you are, get the ef off me, bitch, which is precisely what a very shocked Sheila then did. It was a major set-back for Ms. Horn E., who's always gotten what she wanted in the past—at least, as far as her lesbian love-life goes. Sheila's heterosexual romance history, on the other hand, is an entirely different subject, and one that's been covered to great extremes in the media, which is always so busy singing some poor-me song for the beautiful broad. Well, if all these ass-kissing reporters knew Sheila loves to get it on with girls (maybe more so than she does with guys?), then maybe they'd a have a different approach next time they file one of their inevitable break-up stories on the star? Oh, yeah. AND IT AIN'T: Reese Witherspoon, Blake Lively, Taylor Swift.

Shelia: Amanda Seyfried

144. PAGE SIX/NY POST 04/17
1. Which talk-show host kicked off her career as a stripper? She was often entwined with another dancer on and off the pole, and the two remain very close friends.
Chelsea Handler

2. Which host of a political show has one apartment he keeps with his wife, and another in the same building for "special guests?" Joe Scarborough

3. Which publicist sent us a batch of cupcakes after he demanded "a [bleeping] item!"? The note said, "Sorry I'm an ass." We're not sorry we didn't accept them and messengered them back immediately.

4. Which royal has a reputation for calling in dresses from fashion houses and not bothering to return them? Sarah Ferguson Dutchess of York or her daughters

145. BILLY MASTERS 04/18
Could it be that a very familiar face and body will be turning up on "The Voice?" As a contestant? So say people close to the production who tell me that the dynamic diva was allowed to compete, despite her notoriety and well-publicized association with that other show. After all, she didn't exactly get to strut her stuff - at least not during the competition. C'est magnifique!
Frenchie Davis

146. BLIND GOSSIP 04/18
This reality television show’s season premiere is coming up soon. While there will be plenty of drama on the show, there are a whole lot of lies hiding behind the scenes:
* Cast member A has lost a few pounds. She will claim on camera that it is from healthier living. The truth is that she had lap-band surgery a few months ago.
* Although A claimed last season that cast member B was "just like family", the two now have absolutely no contact with each other when the cameras aren’t rolling. Once B lost her money, A wanted nothing to do with her.
* B absolutely hates cast member C for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that she believes that C had an affair with B’s husband.
* Cast member C’s family pretends that they are the wealthiest of all. However, their house is under water and they have a huge balloon payment ($1 million) due in the next year that they will not be able to pay off.
* Cast member D used to work as a call girl in a major US city.
* Cast member E and her husband are going broke trying to portray themselves as wealthy people for the show. In real life, she is a hairdresser and he pumps gas.
Reality Show: "Real Housewives of New Jersey"
A: Caroline Manzo
B: Teresa Giudice
C: Melissa Gorga
D: Jacqueline Laurita
E: Kathy Wakile

147. BUZZFOTO 04/18
This best friend of a famous Pop star told our source that when she and the star were at a Film Festival together overseas, the BFF dressed in the singer’s clothing and a wig, not once, but twice and got her picture taken as the star. Lady Gaga; Madonna; Katy Perry

#1 # 2 & #3 - This mostly movie B- list actress has had something strange happen to her. Most of the time when someone cheats on someone with another actor in this town, nothing really happens. Apparently though, the scorned C+ television actress has made it her own personal crusade to tell everyone who will listen about how badly she was hurt by the cheating actress because of what she had done for her ex. She of course also blames her ex, the A- list television actor from a hit show. The crusade has made the two cheaters kind of pariahs among their peers.
#1 - B- movie list actress: Julia Stiles
#2 - C+ television actress: Jennifer Carpenter
#3 - A- list television actor: Michael C. Hall

#4 - What was once thought to be an urban legend or a very bad joke is starting to get some legs to it. This almost A list actor (although he sucks as an actor) really did have sex with someone in the family he really should not have had sex with. It is not illegal, just really disturbing.

149. BLIND GOSSIP 04/19
Although nothing has been announced yet, this celebrity couple is almost certainly heading for divorce. They haven’t lived together for several months, lawyers are being hired, and each spouse already has a new paramour. Hers is a work colleague. His is a former (?) escort.
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

150. BUZZFOTO 04/19
This 40-ish star known for her television work, but not much else lately has been out of the media for a while because she was secretly pregnant with a married and powerful producer’s baby. He was trying to pay her off to get an abortion and she kept saying no, knowing that she’d get him for child support for 18 years. Finally his offer was high enough that she only qualified for a late-term abortion and she flew out of state to get one.

I am going to make this a blind item, but it is also a What Do You Think, because I really am curious. This A list movie actor who probably should not be A based on his most recent track record at the box office, was at dinner two nights ago. A waitress came to his table which he was sharing with two women and another guy. After taking the drink order, the waitress said someone else would deliver it because she was going on break. Now, the person who told me this, was there, and did not see any eye contact or anything between the actor and the waitress that was out of the ordinary. However, as soon as the waitress walked away, our actor got up and followed. He came back 20 minutes later. His companions asked where he had been and he said that he took a break with the waitress and later expanded by saying the waitress serviced him orally in her car. Now, as this waitress, you must know nothing is going to come of this, so why would you do this? Would you do it with any random customer? Is it because you want to say a celebrity used you?
Gerard Butler

152. PAGE SIX/NY POST 04/20
1. Which Hollywood actress went on a recent Ralph Lauren shopping spree in New York and flipped out when the store didn't give her the discount she wanted? She even demanded the staff get Lauren himself on the phone, but ended up storming out in a huff without her dress.
Hillary Duff; Lindsay Lohan

2. WHICH high-profile New York restaurant has an underground lair where owners tell special guests that "anything goes" -- and they do really mean anything. Four Seasons

3.. WHICH New York book agent screamed at a literary lioness he loathes to leave a private party in front of a gob-smacked crowd? He then upped the ante and told her to leave New York City.

153. BUZZFOTO 04/20
This A/B list celebrity couple with kid/s is currently in couples counseling to address some issues of marital infidelity. Both cheat on a regular basis and it was quietly accepted between the two. Until they each started cheating with the same nanny. Both became extremely jealous and were forced to confront the cheating. Now the nanny is gone and therapy is the newest thing they share. Will Smith/Jada Pinkett; Nicole Kidman/Keith Urban; Sarah Jessica Parker/Matthew Broderick; Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt

So, this is not really celebrity gossip per se, but it is tabloid fodder, so I think it works. There is a Republican out there who is in the top 3 or 4 potential candidates for President. He wants to desperately run, but is trying to come up with a payoff for his mistress. Cheating is not unusual for him considering he even married a mistress in the past.
Newt Gingrich

155. BLIND GOSSIP 04/20
Kara DioGuardi, the talented singer/songwriter/record producer who was a judge on American Idol, has hit some tremendous peaks in her celebrated career in the music industry. But as her new memoir A Helluva High Note reveals, she’s endured more than her fair share of low notes, as well.
From People Magazine: The former American Idol judge’s book, to be published April 26, bravely sheds light on the multiple instances of sexual harassment and assault that have blighted her past. The painful experiences, says the songwriter and producer, started when she was only 11, when a family friend’s son took advantage of her. Years later in 2000, just as her career was starting to boom, she was date-raped by a "fairly known producer" after what she assumed was a friendly dinner. "Within a few hours, he was on top of me, pumping, sweating and speaking to me in Spanish, not a word of which I could understand," she writes. DioGuardi goes on to say that while she repeatedly told the producer to stop, she couldn’t fight him out of fear of his hurting her. Later in her life, DioGuardi experienced other trauma, this time in the workplace. Shipped off on a three-day "songwriting trip" with a "hugely successful artist," DioGuardi recalls, "the trip’s activities consisted of watching Russian porn, scavenging around the kitchen for food [and] leering at two strippers … as they performed sex acts in the living room." She says she stuck it out due to her steadfast professionalism. I wasn’t gonna let this bastard deter me from doing the job," she writes. Eventually, after the artist pursued her in his basement home and forced her hand to his crotch, she walked out.
Producer: Emilio Estefan

156. BUZZFOTO 04/21
We just got word that this C List comedian, actor, and writer goes online and trolls religious websites, political websites and gossip websites and purposely provokes people. He then watches for the best and funniest responses, writes them down, and they become one-liners in the hit show he works for.
Daniel Tosh; Seth McFarlane

157. GOSSIP BOY 04/21
1- What award winning diva threw such a fit on the set of her latest movie last month that they actually had to call a doctor. What was the big problem? Too much dust on the set and the actress took up residence in her trailer. She claims the dust made her eyes swell, but her assistant says that the star has OCD and the dust was driving her insane. Not Mary Louise Parker.

2- What actor is considering walking away from everything. He is bisexual, but not so secretly. No one really cares. He is a popular television actor, with some movie credits and a ex who won't go away. But, after getting his heart broken numerous times, he recently developed a thing for a new cast member who is also gay and very flirty. But the co-star has a strict no dating co-worker rule and it was just enough of a disappointment to make out guy wonder about leaving the business all together. Not Ian Somerhalder. Austin Nichols

3-What popular singer tried to have her way with a fellow touring star? She sent him raunchy letters and some dirty texts. He has a girlfriend, a vocal woman who told little Miss singer that she would backhand her if she kept it up. The next day he was kicked off of the tour. Not Rihanna. Britney Spears/Enrique Iglesias/Anna Kournikova

Especially observant TVLine readers may have noticed that I quietly updated our May Sweeps Scorecard on Wednesday to expand the list of "Couples having sex for the first time" from two to three. But what those same readers may not have noticed was the loud gasp I let out just moments before I updated the chart. Because unlike the other two entries, the two characters at the center of this top-secret, season-ending, cliffhangery hook-up have never shared a longing glance or a romantic moment. In fact, if you were to ask me who the last two people I’d ever expect to have sex on TV were, I probably would’ve named these two. It’s that shocking. Coupla hints: First off, we’re talking about a very popular series that has already been renewed. Second, the duo in question may or may not be be in a compromised mental state when said shenanigans transpire. Finally, setting up a doozy of a storyline for next season, the walk of shame that follows the one-night stand is witnessed by someone — in this duo’s eyes, the worst possible someone! So which show is ending its season with an outta-nowhere sexscapade?

159. BLIND GOSSIP 04/21
She may be an aging diva, but this Grammy winner is still out there performing on a regular basis. During a recent concert, her boyfriend was right there in the third row, supposedly supporting her. Not. While she was belting her heart out on stage, he was offering his heart (and other parts of his anatomy) to a married woman in the audience.
Kylie Minogue; Sheryl Crow; Sade

Is this Neo Soul Singer pregnant again….this will be baby number six….she often jokes she is extremely fertile. Lauren Hill

Poor Pokie McPillster. The cute celeb has fought addictions for years (and not everybody knows how many), but while the girl's busy telling everybody she's a clean-living machine, trust us, she's not. Pokie's pals were already increasingly worried about their famous friend's increased boozing and drugging, but then Pokie hit Coachella, and it got worse: "We already knew she was using," says one of Pokie's confidantes, "but then at Coachella, it was really obvious." Wandering around aimless, bumping into everything and everybody, slurring her every word, Pokie was a damn mess! Pokie's various jobs could be jeopardized, fear these amigas. Plus, what concerns Ms. McPillster's friends even moreso, is how Pokie's family will take it once they learn the sad news (if they don't already know). You see, others in McPillster's immediate family are desperately fighting to stay sober, and so Pokie's posse is not only worried as crap about their girl, but they also think those who love Pokie the most will now go out and start getting high again, as well. Oh, come on, people. Nobody gets high unless they want to get high. Of course, it doesn't help if your wife or brother or whomever is getting plastered while you're trying to clean up your act, but it still ultimately shouldn't matter. We're all responsible for ourselves. Too bad Poke's not that interested in such a sentiment—as she's currently blaming all her troubles on that damn man who did her wrong. And It Ain't: Ashley Greene, Nicky Hilton, Paris Hilton.
Kelly Osbourne; Kirsten Dunst; Peaches Geldof; Vanessa Hudgens

162. BLIND GOSSIP 04/22
Mom was worried about something much more important than her daughter’s increasingly wild and erratic behavior. She was worried about how public perception of that behavior would affect Girl’s career. So, after a particularly shocking incident, Mom decided to get Girl out of the public eye for a while by taking her away to another city. Girl quickly got bored hiding out in the hotel, so Mom flew in one of Girl’s friends, and the two of them spent a couple of weeks shopping and getting spa treatments… while Mom came up the concept of "rehab". It was a calculated way for Girl to continue to stay out of the public eye for an extended period of time. More importantly, as long as Mom and Girl never admitted that she was going there for drug- or alcohol-related problems, it would be difficult for people to criticize Girl when she got out. So, Girl was sent off to "rehab" for unspecified problems. Now you know that it was all a public relations move and that Girl was in treatment for a much shorter amount of time she and Mom claim. And while we’re glad that Girl actually did wind up getting help with some of her very real issues, her best chance at true recovery will happen when she starts being honest. That’s going to be difficult with such a scheming mother.
Demi Lovato

#1 & #2 - This one is kind of complicated. Two male movie actors in the same family. One is A list, the other B- list. The B- list actor is married. The A list actor is married. The A list actor has been having sex with the wife of his brother the B lister forever. No one knew until the other night. Apparently the wife of the B lister got hammered the other night and started arguing with her husband and let that little gem of knowledge out. At a party.
#1 - A lister: Ben Affleck
#2 - B- lister: Casey Affleck/Summer Phoenix
Jennifer Garner's birthday party

#3 - What former A+ lister and now still a B list movie actor made his children sign confidentiality agreements so they would not reveal anything about his life, their life, or anything they know. That is a very trusting father. Mel Gibson

#4 - What High School Musical star slept with five different people from the show? Tie/Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens

So, when this then A list movie star married this then A list television actress it was a big deal. Heck, even though they have been divorced for years it is still a big deal. Apparently the reason they rushed the wedding is that our A list television actress refused to have sex with the A list actor until they got married. Bet he did not have that issue with his current partner.
 Jennifer Aniston/Brad Pitt

165. BLIND GOSSIP 04/25
When this famous director dropped out of a high-profile project, there was some speculation that it was due to personal rather than professional reasons. He had broken up with an actress last year, and it was believed that each was taking time off from work to battle over the custody of their child/ren. What isn’t public knowledge is that their breakup was due in large part to his affair with another actress… who became pregnant with his baby. The jury is still out on whether or not any of the three will ever acknowledge the affair and/or the baby’s paternity.
Director: Darren Aronofsky (dropped out of "Wolverine")
Actress1: Rachel Weisz
Actress2: Natalie Portman

166. BUZZFOTO 04/25
This B List actress is silently battling a serious illness that affects her work. She doesn’t want producers of her film to know that she might not be able to do her job so she’s had her publicist fake a family scandal so that she has a reason to have some time off.

167. BLIND GOSSIP 04/26
This edgy US-born film actress is full of contradictions. She was upset when her man cheated on her… but later had an affair with a married man herself. Then there’s this story about her behavior at a fashion showroom: The actress showed up for the fitting of a custom garment she was having made by a designer in New York. The designer was having a tough day, as their child had just been shipped off to rehab to combat a serious drug problem. The designer and actress chatted about it, and the actress expressed her sympathy for what the designer must be going through. When the designer excused themselves from the room, the actress decided that she needed a little picker-upper… and started doing lines right there on a table in the showroom.
Sienna Miller

168. BUZZFOTO 04/26
A star threw a big anniversary surprise party for his wife to celebrate their 5th year anniversary. He invited huge list of guests, an expensive caterer and even more expensive celebrity entertainment. He got a surprise of his own when his wife got home and told him, in front of all of their guests that although it was indeed their anniversary, it was their 4 year, not 5. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

169. BLIND GOSSIP 04/27
This funny actor isn’t that old, but he has been complaining to his friends about how self-conscious he is about seeing his face age on screen. So, he recently had a mid-face lift, blepharoplasty on his lower eyes, as well as some botox and collagen. He is still able to make decent facial expressions, but the middle of his face is a bit frozen and overly smooth. While he might not be able to play a college student, it’s definitely a step in the right direction. He looks pretty good… as long as he’s not naked.
Will Ferrell; Jim Carrey

170. BUZZFOTO 04/27
This C list celebrity has been getting a lot of attention for weight loss lately. While he’s claiming it’s the result of healthy living, it’s really because he picked up a new drug addiction after his recent breakup. "My Name Is Earl" star Ethan Suplee

171. BUZZFOTO 04/28
This B/C list actress and singer wanted so badly to be invited to the Royal wedding she tried to pull strings anywhere she could. She first offered to perform at one of the celebrations free of charge. When those pleas were ignored, she offered to pay for an invitation to attend. That didn’t work so she propositioned a family insider and that seemed to pay off, because we hear she’ll be in London that week!
Liza Minnelli

172. POPBITCH 04/28
Could it be true that the "world famous actor" with an injunction isn't quite as famous as all that and actually had to explain to the hooker who he was, as he was annoyed she didn't recognise him. A fact he probably rather regrets now.
Charlie Sheen

173. GOSSIP BOY 04/28
Which actress was recently out to dinner with the wife of another A list star when the dinner was constantly interrupted by fans of the actress? As they tried to get through one conversation after another, fans continued to tell the A lister how much they loved her. Everyone thinks of this actress as being a complete bitch, but she was never rude to anyone. It was actually the actress's friend who got a little heated. She wanted to know why no one ever gushed about her. Hellooooo Honey, you wrote a book. Get over yourself.
Gwyneth Paltrow/Jessica Seinfeld

174. BLIND GOSSIP 04/28
This closeted Hollywood actor – who starred in a huge 2009 Sci Fi Film – is arguing with his handlers about coming out. The handsome hunk is ready to let the world know he is gay. However, his people want him to keep quiet until after the sequel comes out.
Zachary Quinto

175. BLIND GOSSIP 04/29
People were surprised when this over-40 award-winning actress was spotted with a younger man recently. But there’s more to the story. She began feeling the age difference so acutely that she then went and got a basic face lift. If you glimpse a recent photo of her, you will see that the scars from her latest trip to the plastic surgeon’s office are still clearly visible.
Sandra Bullock

As fabulous as our Royal Name Generator may be, let's face it: We debauched Americans at the Awful Truth were dressing up salacious celebs with our Blind Vice Superstars (and lesser Vice mortals) ages ago. And not to rain on William and Kate's happy day, but we simply cannot leave out the Vice-lovin' Brits! The very shady HRH the Duke of Schlongsbury is like millionth in line to the British throne, but, babes, the law-breaking stud is legally entitled to rule the country, should it come to that. Which is why members of Parliament are super nervous. Hmmm. What's the handsome duke's crime? You know how often Queen Elizabeth II purses her lips or changes hats? Triple that figure and you've got the number of times Duke Schlongsbury beds underage girls. And the very good-looking heir pays these women, on top of it—adding even more law-breaking badassness to his royal résumé! Queen Liz knows all about it. So, too, do most of the country's elite, who are positively dead-set on gossiping about these things, but rarely doing anything about it. Only this time, certain members of Parliament feel they're legally bound to try and stop the throne-line naughtiness. And the duke, who's quite used to getting whatever his horny heart desires, is royally pissed. Hey, not nearly as peeved as Schlongbury's line-up of lovelies! Not only does he pay them extravagantly, he's got the biggest set of family jewels in all of England! And we're not talking diamonds. AND IT AIN'T: Viscount Linley (Princess Margaret's son), Peter Phillips (Princess Anne's son) or Prince Michael (Princess Michael of Kent's husband).
Prince Andrew, Duke of York

177. BOSSIP 04/29
Some female entertainers sing about riding it, but others enjoy the glide. According to sources, one of our favorite stars isn’t just playing the field; she’s working for both teams. The famous face, who’s been linked in the past to several super hot male stars, has been traveling to promote a major project and like most entertainers has a pretty big entourage. Apparently, one specific employee has special benefits, namely dipping in the cookie jar — and it’s a woman. "There’s a reason why a sexy super star hasn’t tied the knot," an insider reveals. "It’s not because guys aren’t interested." The starlet isn’t confused about her sexuality; she likes both, but prefers women. Sadly, coming out of the closet may mean no more Jimmy Choos and she’s not having a lick of that.

Looks like football is a safe haven for more than one reason: There’s more to these recent stabbings than meets the eye. Brandon Marshall of the "Miami Dolphins"; Jason Hunter of the "Denver Broncos"

179. PAGE SIX/NY POST 04/30
1. Which famous royal wedding guest told pals he would use the occasion to "hit on as many girls as possible?"
Prince Harry

2. Which British royal expert caused a tug of war when he was booked by one US network for an exclusive interview, then started offering himself to rival nets once they escorted him inside the media compound outside Buckingham Palace? Paul Burrell; Andrew Morton

3. Which Yank visitors, 24 hours before William and Kate's Westminster Abbey wedding, rolled out their sleeping bags on the pavement at St. Paul's Cathedral (where Prince Charles married Diana in 1981), clearly pleased with themselves to be the first there -- only to be told after a few hours they were at the wrong church?

180. BUZZFOTO 04/30
This drama queen/actress hates to make mistakes, especially if she’s not getting paid to do so. Normally, she’ll give us a good scandal if it gives her career a boost, but the scandal she’s now involved in is beyond her control. Watch for her to soon claim drug addiction/mental illness to put the ball back in her court and to get the sympathy of the public again.
Lindsay Lohan


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