JULY and AUGUST 2011

NOTE: Guesses in italics are only guesses;
guesses in RED are a link to the solution or substantial clues.

King Schlong Is a Texter Molester Behind His Girlfriend's Back: King Schlong is at it again, folks. Same old cheating crap, new gorgeous gal-pal getting duped by his charming ways. See, K.S. swapped one chick for another (as he does so often), but this time he actually seemed to be into his gal of the moment. And stupidly, we thought the King may have turned over a new leaf for a hot second there. But turns out this Hollywood playboy can't change his spots. Like at all... ‘Cause the gal this dude is publicly romancing ain't the only chick he's getting down and dirty with. We hear firsthand that the Schlong is not only wooing the ladies while his sorta-GF is out of town working on some swanky project or another, but he is texting numerous girls even when they're in the same city! At a recent dinner in Los Angeles, a buxom brunette model (totally King's type) couldn't get her plastic-surgery-perfected nose out of her smart phone, where she spent the evening swapping skanky texts with the super schlong and giggling at everything he sent her. Totally déjà vu, huh? Doesn't King know that no one in this town keeps their trap shut? Turns out the two have been sexting since like forevs, but at least this gal knows she ain't the only lady on the side. As the dark-haired beauty bragged to her dinner dates, "We talk all the time and hang out, but it's nothing serious." Um, maybe someone should tell K.S.'s GF to take on a similar ‘tude? AND IT AIN'T: Jason Statham, Kris Humphries, Michael Sheen.
Leo Di Caprio

Bones won’t be the only show doing the time warp this fall. Sources confirm to TVLine exclusively that another hourlong hit with a crazy-rabid, er, passionate fan base will jump forward in time — but there’s a twist. Unlike Bones, which is implementing a six-month bounce between Seasons 6 and 7, the show in question will pick up right where last May’s season-ending cliffhanger left off… and then flash forward at some point during the episode. The insider wouldn’t reveal the exact magnitude of the time jump, except to say that it will be somewhere between three and 18 months. The source adds, somewhat cryptically, that, "Things are very different when the action picks up. A lot happens during that [skipped] time."
"House"; "Castle"

OLD HOLLYWOOD: This actress had one of the longest careers ever. She starred in what is considered by some to be the best movie ever made. She was also an Academy Award winner/nominee. The thing about our actress is she never got married. She also never really had that many relationships. Maybe one or two that might have happened when the whispers got louder. Oh yes there were whispers about something. Why would I write about something if there were no whispers. It seems that our actress did have a lover. A lifetime lover actually. Not so strange or whisper inducing right? Well, it is if your lover is also your sister.
Lillian Gish (sister Dorothy)

This B- list movie actor who is not a bad looking guy at all continued his streak recently. Interesting streak. When he goes to a premiere for a new movie he is in, he always gets orally serviced. I need to clarify that he does not do it at every premiere city, but at one of the premieres he will get it done. He says it guarantees box office success. So far that is kind of hit and miss, but he got it taken care of this week.
Tyrese Gibson

5. BUZZFOTO 07/01
Oops! At a recent trip to Disneyworld, this A List star meant to send a pic on her cell phone of a magical memory in the park to her husband and ended up sending a pic she took of her lover naked, instead. Luckily for her, her husband knows the guy and thinks he’s just an employee so the whole thing was laughed off as a joke. We’ll see how long it takes for him to figure out the truth.
Jennifer Lopez/Marc Anthony

Do you live in Westchester County? Have you ever fantasized about having an affair with a Major League Baseball player while his wife waits in another room? Now all of your dreams can come true! Simply respond to this Craigslist ad. Hurry, Ladies!
pro ball player in town real post
So have a hot fantasy, I’m staying in westchester tonight with wife. Looking for a wild hot woman to meet at my hotel in a different room and ill sneak out. If we click looking for an on going thing. I’m white tall fit blue eyes. Send a pic and this is a real post. I play mlb but please don’t ask what team need discretion , I will tell you once I trust you..
Hurry ladies

1. Which young Hollywood actress has been hooking up with a fellow hot actor? Leaving his apartment one morning, she was horrified to cross paths with another young woman going into his place for a good time. Next!

2. WHICH starlet's team insists that size-6 tags be cut out of her dresses by designers and a size-2 tag sewn in its place to preserve her vanity and prevent a body image-inspired meltdown? Kim Kardashian

3. WHICH heir to a luxury fashion house has been rounding up a bevy of models to fly to St. Tropez aboard his private jet?

What wife of a famous actor checked into a mental ward of an Austin hospital over the weekend because she caught her husband cheating and tried to kill herself???
Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith; Tommy Lee Jones; Dennis Quaid

Scorned Talk-Show Queen Is Downright Furious! Hostess with the mostess Anita Sunshine is known for her strong views and mostly cheery disposition. And while the chatty Kathy has been known to spar with her fellow showmates, nothing has ever been this big of an issue behind the scenes of the chatfest. Well, until now, that is. You see, these très-loyal cohosts used to be practically inseparable, even hanging out when the cameras stopped rolling! But it appears the glory days are over. Turns out Anita's cohost wants to move on to greener pastures—ya know, pastures without Anita. Oh and by greener, you bet your ass we mean money-wise. Anita's friend turned frenemy is looking at cashing in a serious paycheck if the next gig works out right. We're talking big-time Hollywood bucks here, peeps. And Anita ain't happy about it! In fact, she's downright pissed. And so is the rest of the show's team, who feel like Anita's right-hand guy or gal will be deserting everything they have built together. But Anita's partner in crime already has one foot out the door, so it's just a matter of time before we hear what network this personality will be popping up on next! We would watch out tho, Anita may seem all sugar and spice, but we wouldn't put it past this broad to seek some sort of revenge. We're sure we'll be seeing you again real soon, Anita! And It Ain't: Anne Curry, Wendy Williams, Ellen DeGeneres.

Anita Sunshine: Barbara Walters
chatty Kathy: Joy Behar

1. WHAT Oscar-winning actor has a new hobby playing blues guitar on street corners? The good-guy actor – looking grubby and disheveled – picks a random location in the Santa Barbara shopping district and then wails for hours while collecting money from passers-by. At the end of the day, he donates his take to local homeless shelters.
Jeff Bridges

2. WHICH ’70s Emmy winner from a classic TV comedy who is now in her 80s has embraced California’s anti-Prop Eight movement? Turns out the actress jumped on the marriage-equality bandwagon after her adult daughter came out of the closet recently?! Jean Stapleton & Pamela Putch

11. BUZZFOTO 07/05
This Country Singer, known for dating just about everyone in Hollywood has started to develop a bad habit. As in, the white stuff. She picked up the habit when she was dating another musician and is now hooked. If our source is correct, her late night partying is going to catch up to her…. soon.
Country singer: Taylor Swift
Musician: John Mayer

When I tell you later about this couple having sex, your jaw will hit the floor. You just would not expect it in a million years. This happened in the very late 80's and very early 90's. This permanent A list actor who has not really done anything lately to continue to merit that status was dating three actresses at the same time. One actress became his wife. One was someone who would help him with his kinks, and our actor has a lot of them. The other was an actress who was just starting out at the time, but is now pretty close to A list and once actually was. Much like Hugh Hefner, our actor would rotate the three throughout the week, and often throughout the same 24 hours. Apparently he really liked the newcomer, but she thought he was way too old for her. So, she moved on and probably regrets who she moved on to almost everyday.

A list actor: Warren Beatty
wife: Annette Benning
kinks: Madonna
A list actress: Nicole Kidman

1. NAME the major international recording artist who rented a crib in New York City, then skipped out on the $6,000 monthly rent and is now facing a court battle with the furious landlord!
Chaka Khan (details fudged, but close enough)

2. WHAT major TV star tells anyone who will listen how madly in love he is with his wife – but recently made his spouse sign "quit claim" deeds on their TWO mansions over to him so she can’t claim the properties if they split up?

14. BLIND GOSSIP 07/06
Season 5 of Celebrity Rehab has just started airing, but the producers already have their eye on a recruit for Season 6. She is the ex of someone who was previously cast for the same show. The show really seems to be stooping lower and lower for celebs, so this woman would certainly fit in there. Although she comes from an entertaining family, she has always wanted the spotlight to shine on her, so reality television isn’t too big a leap for her. At this point, the only thing that’s holding up negotiations is that the recruit is demanding a bigger paycheck than her ex received. Perhaps being on the show will help her get a clue about her part in creating an unstable family situation.
Dina Lohan

15. BUZZFOTO 07/06
This A list actor (mostly A list in the 90's) loves dressing up in women’s clothing and having one night stands with men he meets at clubs, but he tells everyone he is most definitely not gay. Kelsey Grammer

16. BUZZFOTO 07/07
This new mom is trying to balance her acting career and family life. Right now she is totally enamored with her new baby but her deadbeat baby-daddy is putting incredible pressure on her to go back to work ASAP. He has even set up proxy meetings with her manager and agent to get things in gear. He cares little for her feelings as a mother, but is enjoying the large payouts she gets when she does a project. If she has her way, she’d take several years off and spend time with her new addition, but he worries that will pull her off the radar and she won’t be as famous anymore. He has manipulated her with threats of failure and disappointing fans and she’s been weeping for weeks, torn between her choices. Natalie Portman

17. BOSSIP 07/07
We got a really juicy one guys… so juicy we can’t even name names. Which blonde singing reality star is creeping around with a very married A-list actor? He’s definitely a man-banger though so we almost can’t blame her for letting him chop!

A lot of NBA Players are feeling the heat with this league lockout. Some players may resort to dangerous measures to keep money coming in, and some babymommas will see their money dry up quickly.

Being married to a wealthy actor probably has its benefits, but as this bride is learning, it can also be a pain in the butt. Our actor is a solid B lister, probably forever because of all his television work. Although lately it has been slacking, he had a very, very good run. His forays into movies have always sucked. Our actor requires his wife to ask what she can wear that day. He also requires that she only speaks at parties when she is spoken to, and cannot offer up any tidbits on her own, especially while our actor is speaking. The wife must eat at the same time as our actor. All expenses she incurs must be approved in advance by him. Oh, and she has to ask permission before getting to leave the house alone.
Kelsey Grammer

1. WHAT late Hollywood star’s actress wife is being dragged into a black widow conspiracy theory? Turns out the widow has a sister whose husband ALSO died at an early age – and now the still-grieving widow’s in-laws think there may be a connection.

2. WHICH former "DWTS" finalist has a secret obsession with Walmart? The weight-challenged performer doesn’t want to get caught shopping for clothes at the discount chain, so she drives to the 24-hour stores far away from Hollywood! Kirstie Alley; Niecy Nash

No Taming This Royally Horny Slut! There's something about living a fairy-tale life that just dares you to screw it up—or so one would think watching Lord Tripp Unzipped and all his dalliances. Despite having many high-profile affairs, Tripp has never seemed able to find the right looker to settle down with, that is, until he met the gorgeous Lady Unzipped. And my, how the world ate it up, watching Lord and his pretty partner in marriage settle down—with lots and lots of future poshly positioned heirs to look forward to. Right? No. Quite wrong, in fact. The only thing that's really a stunner here is that Tripp's spouse went along with the matrimonial plan—even though this now incredibly rich partner (like many an Unzipped-friendly source) knows full well that not only does Lord U fool around, he's not exactly picky about who he gets into bed with, male or female. And anybody who's anybody within this royal set is taking bets on (a) how long it'll be before Unzipped eventually chooses a less than discreet conquest romance, (b) when that will get out to the press and (c) just when (not if, but, when) is Lady Unzipped going to run screaming to anybody—and any publisher—who will listen about what a damn cheating, sloppy schmuck this Unzipped dude really is. Impressive title be damned. It Ain't: Elton John, Prince Edward, Sean Connery.
Prince Albert of Monaco

#1 & #2 - Which former almost A list singer threatened to walk off the show for which she was recently hired, unless she got a raise and top billing. She did this because of a new hire to the show she cannot stand.
Jessica Simpson/Nicole Richie "Fashion Star"

#3 & 4 - When this couple started dating she was still A list to much of the world even though her talent has probably dropped. But hey, you don't get to be a one worder unless you are great. Anyway, at dinner she told her boyfriend that she was going to suck him raw and then proceeded to crawl under the table and do just that. I wonder if he imagined it was a guy. Liza Minnelli/David Gest

23. BUZZFOTO 07/09
Her camp claimed she was hospitalized for exhaustion this last time, but it was really for her fourth suicide attempt. The young star is so desperate to escape her life, but instead of taking her out of the limelight, her team keeps pushing her towards fame and exacerbating the problem.
Demi Lovato

24. BOSSIP 07/11
Guess which platinum selling artist has a fetish for butt plugs and strap-ons? This "mega" star has been battling the gay rumors for quite some time, and while "the artist" continues to deny any homosexual proclivities Bossip spies tell us they’re definitely into some freaky activities. If you want to get this producer/rapper "ultra" excited make sure to bring along some toys. The x-rated kind! Kayne West

25. BUZZFOTO 07/11
This on screen couple, both with families, are sleeping together. They’ve tried to keep it under the radar but all their coworkers have been suspicious for a while. And the actor’s wife has a baby on the way.

This studio chief is lucky to even have a wife. The crap she puts up with daily is extraordinary. Even she would draw the line at his cheating on her though with an actress in one of the studio's latest movies.
Harvey Weinstein/Olivia Munn

1. THIS Oscar-winning actor is losing his reputation as a ladies’ man and making waves for his advances toward men! The never-married star – who has a teenage daughter – has been raising eyebrows after hitting on his male buddies in public. Who is he??
Jamie Foxx

2. WHICH recently split actress is dishing about her "horrible" ex-boyfriend with his Oscar-winning ex-wife? The two women recently met at a Hollywood function and bonded over the B-list star’s shortcomings as a lover! Amanda Seyfriend/Reese Witherspoon/Ryan Phillippe

28. BUZZFOTO 07/12
At a movie premiere Red Carpet event, our source claims they saw this B List, married movie actor getting ‘serviced’ by a mystery male in a car right before the event.

29. BUZZFOTO 07/13
This famous celebrity designer was at a dinner party the other night on the East Coast with other rich and powerful and when a hair was found in his food, he threw the plate, dinner and all, at the waiter who ended up not pressing charges, but needing stitches.

If somebody was ever begging to be saved (albeit in a really stupid-ass way), it's gotta be the hard Hollywood-partier, Morgan Mayhem. This fallen, joke of a talent is starting to make Courtney Love look like an A-list star, by feeble comparison. Lame twitter exchanges with fans? Check. Bitter wars with family members over totally bratty things? Check. Hasn't done what got her famous in the first place, for, like, 2 billions years? Check! So, after Morgan's latest P.R. makeover, which was designed solely to make Morgan look like a darling angel, what did the supposedly reformed girl go right out and do? Attempt to get wasted at a very fancy L.A. party, up in the Hollywood Hills. Morgan's hosts are some very happening, quite lovely folks in H-Town, and they were actually excited (and happy) to have Mayhem as a guest—as long as she did just one thing: They did not want M.M. drinking in their luxurious home—at all. Not even a sip. Nada. Even still, when a most indignant Morgan (who's not at all used to being told what she can and cannot do) made a scene by demanding drinks, Mayhem got what was probably the surprise of her life: She was told no, again—and again. "The hosts were really nice about it," says one observer who was also at the exclusive get-together in one of Mayhem's more familiar zip codes. "But they were also insistent that they would not serve [Morgan]." "This isn't good for you," the hosts finally said to the pretty young thing who was sitting slouched while demanding cocktails. "No, we're not serving you." No?! A word Ms. M's not exactly accustomed to hearing, for sure! But, of course, even though Mayhem was publicly denied from getting her booze on at the exclusive party, she nevertheless figured out how to get tanked elsewhere. On the very same night famed celeb-rehab legend Betty Ford passed away. How ironic. Or would foreboding be a better word? AND IT AIN'T: Amy Winehouse, Bai Ling, Jessica Simpson.
Lindsay Lohan

This supposedly happily married pro athlete did not seem to be that way at an event the other night. The athlete, who is currently married to a reality star I wish would go away, was all over another woman at the event. In support of him, I would say the reality star has done a good job of trying to chase him away and seems to only be with him to keep the show alive.
Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett and Hank Baskett

When this couple was married, he was an almost A list television actor who was just ending a really long run on a hit show. She was a B- list actress who was more famous for her face than her acting. Anyway, even though reports have always suggested they had an open marriage, the wife did take exception to her husband having sex in a closet at a MTV party with this then gorgeous C list television and movie actress who has been with the oddest assortment of men ever. Shortly after the incident, the couple filed for divorce.

A list television actor: John Stamos
B-list actress: Rebecca Romijn
C-list actress: Carmen Electra

33. BUZZFOTO 07/14
A big trend in Hollywood right now are celebrity sex toy parties (sort of like tupperware parties) where people gather at someone’s house, have treats and buy the latest sex toys on the market. This B list television actress spent over three grand at a party she attended this week.

This smoky voiced actress who used to be B list when she was on a hit show is now a struggling C with some issues. One of her issues seems to be that even though she went to an event with a date, it did not stop her from hitting on almost every guy she saw or who came up to her. Every five seconds she would excuse herself from her date, go get a number, and then come back and cozy up to the guy like nothing was going on.
Jaime Pressly "My Name is Earl"

1. WHICH TV personality is having HUGE issues with her designer wedding dress because she can barely squeeze into it? The des-perate-to-be-thin bride-to-be has now resorted to crash-dieting for her big day.
Sherri Shepard

2. WHICH newly single actress/pop star’s plans to relocate to NYC to be with her new actor beau have hit a major snag? Her baby-daddy is so furious he’s vowed to fight her tooth and nail to keep their son on the West Coast! Ashlee Simpson/Pete Wentz

He’s the hottest Comedian out right now, but he is blowing his money by gambling it away. Kevin Hart

37. BUZZFOTO 07/15
This scholarly actor who likes to use his education to give him credibility, also loves the adoration from young college coeds. At a recent event, he invited three young freshman back to his hotel room after wowing them with his superior intellect. After an alleged night of hard partying, he sent the girls on their way but made sure they were escorted out of the hotel by security with threats that they were not able to set foot back into the hotel, or to try and contact the star in any way. David Duchovny

TV Actor Gets Hump Happy in Hotel Lobby! Paulie Pecker certainly doesn't get as much attention as the other folks on his funny boob-tube series. Which is a skanky shame, ‘cause while they all land the big-time tabloid covers for their incredibly Vice-lite behavior, Paulie's out there committing some hilariously horny crap. Take, for instance, P.P.'s latest escapade at a swanky Hollywood hotel, where he had taken a broad he was hoping to bed. Paulie wasn't just DTF tho, he was also...Hammered drunk. Which isn't too shocking, actually—we know Paulie and his pals can booze with the best of ‘em—but P2 seemed to be sporting extra-thick beer goggles on this par-tick night. An onlooker described Pecker's cougarific "date" as mucho older and just as plastered as Paulie, with what little clothes she was wearing already coming off when the twosome popped into the lobby. Unfortch, the hotel was all booked up. Paulie pulled the usual "do you know who I am?" B.S. and then tried slipping some cash to the staff, but he and his lady friend were still denied a room. The drunk duo finally gave up, but while they waited for a cab to come collect them, decided they just couldn't control themselves any longer. Yep, they started going at it right there in the lobby. The hotel workers and a few other guests checking in were not so pleasantly surprised to see Paulie's gal straddle him as the two started making out and pulling each other's clothes off. Body parts, lots of ‘em, were exposed. He shoved his face in her boobs for some motorboat action and she shoved her hand down his pants and things were really heating up as the clothes came off. Which is when Paulie's hump buddy decided that they should slip away to the bathroom to finish the deed. Cue the hotel staff, who kindly told Paulie and his pal they needed to hit the road. Which they did. And It Ain't: John Krasinski, Ty Burrell, Rob Lowe.
Jerry Ferrara "Entourage"

#1 - This actress is probably a B-. You would all know her, but whenever she gets a lead in something it always fails. In supporting roles though it seems like she is in every movie and television show. She is everywhere. She is also getting a little bit older. That does not mean she is not still gorgeous, because she is. Apparently though, she loves her teens though because the guy she was spotted making out with and grabbing his ass, just turned 18. Hey, it's legal and it is not like a guy would not do the same thing.
Heather Graham

#2 & #3 - How would you like to be married to someone for a few years and have sex only a handful of times. Well, that is exactly the type of marriage a former A list movie actress and Academy Award winner/nominee has with her celebrity husband. They do always seem a little strained. Maybe a quickie would help. Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban

#4 & #5 & #6- This A list singer recently broke up with her celebrity boyfriend because she was cheating on him and he found out. Hey, it happens and probably not blind item worthy. However, it is who she was cheating on him with that caused all the drama. Lets just say the entire world would freak out if they knew this singer was having sex with this other singer. Oh yeah, this will be revealed. Don't you worry about that.
A list singer: Rihanna
celebrity boyfriend: Matt Kemp
other singer: Chris Brown

40. PAGE SIX/NY POST 07/18
1. Which C-list actress was flying so high while on location at a small-town bar that she wet herself before making it to the bathroom? It was the talk of the sticks when the actress posed for pictures with fans during her shoot the following day.
Tara Reid

2. Which R&B crooner asked a waitress and another blond babe for a threesome during a recent trip to Atlantic City -- an offer they declined? R. Kelly; Usher

3. Which television pundit who jumped to a competing network is only getting a pittance for his appearances? Keith Olbermann

What famous photo agency with their very own gossip website has been giving free coke to Brooke Mueller?

Secret Stoner Star Turns to Blow! Uh-oh! Could we have another Morgan Mayhem in the mix? Trust, Debbie Doobie isn't hitting the party circuit quite like Ms. Mayhem, but she's taking a few notes on her party-girl ways. Let's back up a sec: You might know Deb from a slew of movies and TV shows that she's appeared in. Totally gorgeous gal with great hair and that whole good-girl vibe to boot! But like any wannabe A-lister working her way up the H'wood ladder, D2 knows how to party. And her poison of choice? Weed, for the most part. Which isn't so bad and will probably be legalized in good ol' Cali before they let two loving dudes tie the knot, but I'm getting off track here. Debbie is a ganja goddess, tho she's good at hiding her stoner ways for the omnipresent paparazzi. However, it wasn't her puffing that had peeps chatting at a swanky pool party the babe recently attended. It was M2's fave little white powder. Coke, duh. Seems Debbie has developed a new habit to accompany her coast-hopping wild ways, and her closest pals are worried that once she boards the blow train, her next stop will be rehab. "She's totally becoming unhinged," one Debbie confidant was overhead whispering about her friend's kooky behavior that left many of the other guests wondering what the hell Deb was smoking...Or snorting, in this case. Hey, Debbie, you may want to cool your partying ways and actually listen to your pals—ya know, the ones who aren't slipping you drugs. Just look at how Morgan turned out: Rehab and, worse, straight to the Z-list. And It Ain't: Selena Gomez, Nina Dobrev, Blake Lively.

43. BUZZFOTO 07/18
We have a new source and they’re claiming they are thick as thieves with this certain wild, young group of new Hollywood. This barely-legal actress that parties with this crowd, has just started to break out into the movie business but her name is pretty well known, especially in the Indy crowd. She apparently claims she was impregnated by her B+/B List costar when the two worked together on a film and was heavily persuaded by both the costar and members of his camp to abort the pregnancy immediately, to which she did. She is apparently quite bitter but using the story as leverage to get more parts with which this actor has some sway.

1. WHAT Latino comic’s kinky "sexcapades" were caught on video and are now making the rounds in Hollywood AND on the Internet? It seems a disgruntled ex downloaded the dirty clips that show the funnyman in some very compromising positions! George Lopez

2. THIS cooking show superstar is squabbling with her relatives over the future direction of her food empire – and the TV star’s family feud has the popular chef so steamed that she’s even amended her will! Who is she? Paula Deen

3. WHICH brunette starlet is launching a fashion line because she’s fearful that her promising film career has stalled? And she’s recently been rubbing shoulders with actresses-turned-fashionistas Nicole Richie and Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen for some inspiration!

This aging Academy Award winning actor is having trouble getting parts for the first time in his life. Not because there are no offers, there are lots, but our actor cannot remember his lines and is showing first stage signs of Alzheimer's.
Jon Voight

46. BUZZFOTO 07/19
These sibling stars that started out as child actors are so jealous to compete with one another for roles that their relationship is completely ruined. One is getting more parts than the other and that has been the cause of the rift. The one that isn’t as successful is developing a drug problem. Very sad.

This up and coming singer is probably B list right now with a string of hits under her belt and a high profile opening slot for someone else. Anyway, I hate to see what she will be like when she is A list if this quote is any indication. Someone asked her whether she thought she could be the next Mary J Blige and our singer said, "Mary J Blige? More like Mary J Goodbye. There is a new queen now."
Nicki Minaj

48. BUZZFOTO 07/20
This group of actors from a hit HBO show were out at a party at a hotel when a girl at the party got so wasted she passed out in the swimming pool. She was allegedly one of the better looking girls at the party and the moment she was out, she was surrounded by a load of men that tried to take her up to their room to ‘recuperate.’ This lead character from the group of actors saw what was happening, grabbed the girl from the man who was carrying her up to his hotel room even though it created a stir, took her to the front desk, bought a room for her, and with the help of his costars, put her in the room and quietly left so she could sleep it off. Adrian Grenier "Entourage"

This top 3 finisher on American Idol thought she had it all figured out. Go public with the failed marriage thing and show off the new guy she met on location who said he was in love with her. One tiny problem. The new guy dumped her, but she already told her significant other. Now she does not know what to do, except show off what looks like some really bad looking plastic surgery.
Katharine McPhee

1. WHICH chatty TV personality’s boyfriend was so broke that he sold fried turkeys out of his home for Thanksgiving and Christmas in order to pay for an engagement ring? It worked – she said yes!
Sherri Shepard

2. WHICH legendary athlete and his D-list actress wife are worried sick about their daughter’s risky behavior as she navigates the Hollywood party scene? The gorgeous 20-something, who’s also a budding actress, is boozing and sleeping her way around town. Wayne Gretzky, Janet Jones & their daughter Paulina

This Reality Star is leaving a hit franchise, but will the right price and publicity tempt this Star to reveal behind the scenes secrets that could hurt the show or its other Stars? Dwight Eubanks "Real Housewives of Atlanta"

52. BUZZFOTO 07/21
After two failed stints in rehab, this B list singer has decided to try converting to a religion with strict substance abuse rules. She is currently investigating the religion and while she doesn’t necessarily care about the "god stuff" she’s hoping the guidelines will keep her sober.

She Did Him Wrong and Then Blamed Him in the Divorce! And people say Possum Santana can't act! Poor, poor Possum. She never really does very well in the movies, as the flicks she stars in rarely do huge box-office numbers, and they almost always get lethal reviews. But Possum is an awfully pretty girl, sure as hell (despite what seem like a million nervous personal twitches). Not to mention she's got a man who's done his best to stick by her sometimes loca side. Too bad, then, that Possum decided to... Cheat on her loyal husband with some pretty-boy type! So fun, but so stupid in the long run. Because you know why? Pretty boy's already done with Possum, who didn't think this whole thing through—at least, not financially speaking. And she didn't think through how it'd play out in the court of public opinion either! Let's be honest: Possum's hubby was a total loser and a bore despite the fact that he was loyal. But she should have been much smarter about it, because now it looks like she's the one who's more in the wrong because, well, she is. Tsk, tsk, tsk, it's really a shame Possum doesn't know how to be more discreet. Because, you know that wave of sympathy Possum's enjoyed so far, regarding the "sad" break-up of her marriage. Going to change. And It Ain't: Brooke Mueller, Halle Berry, Scarlett Johansson.
Emmy Rossum

#1 & #2 - What celebrity father who had a reality show is not talking to his celebrity daughter. The reason? Apparently despite the fact he is married, he was jealous when he found out his daughter was sleeping with her boyfriend.
Hulk Hogan and Brooke Hogan

#3 - Which B list actor from a hit cable show who has a bigger ego than brain was telling someone he thought was an actress how he had seen her work and thought she was great and they should go to his hotel room and he could give her some help and advice on her acting career. Turns out it was one of the women from the US Soccer team. Instead of giving up, our actor started saying how she could be an actress and they should go to his hotel room and he could give her some advice. Jeremy Piven (Hope Solo or Alex Morgan)

#4 & #5 - It is one thing to be stepping out with someone other than your girlfriend of many years, but when you do so with her assistant, that is another thing entirely. Oh, I guess I should identify the participants. Well, for one they were both way bigger a few years ago. The guy used to be an A list singer and rapper. Now? B- on a good day. His significant other? She used to be B back in the day, but now is probably just remembered because her name is easy to remember. Oh, and this will be revealed. Ashanti & Nelly

#6 - Which Teen Mom has been pregnant and had at least one abortion, and possibly two since she became a mom? This is a Teen Mom and not just one of the 16 & Pregnant moms. Amber Portwood

55. BUZZFOTO 07/22
We normally don’t get gossip from the sports world, but our source claims this A List West Coaster Basketball player was at a club with a group of women that were not his wife. This is not all that shocking to us, considering his history but what is shocking is that he went home with a young, gay promoter.
Lamar Odom

56. PAGE SIX/NY POST 07/25
Which hip-hop artist drove up to his agent's office in a $200,000 car, wearing a $50,000 wristwatch, to beg for money because he's "dead broke" and needed $5,000 for child support?

This recently divorced A list movie actor who has not done that well with his movies lately, despite the big publicity pushes that have gone with them has been doing press overseas for his latest movie. While in one country he ran into a woman who he was instantly attracted to, but did not speak English. Despite not speaking a word of her language or her speaking a word of English he had her in bed within 1 hour of meeting her all using simple sign language.
Ryan Reynolds

This former A list singer has been singing in groups since he was a teen, but achieved his greatest fame as a solo artist. He used to be one of the biggest acts in the world and his trying to claw his way back to the top. One way he will not be doing that is with his former tour director. Everyone in the industry recently thanked this tour director for all the work he has done for them. Everyone that is except for our singer who chose not to publicly thank the tour director because he is jealous of his fame and I also think perhaps a personal relationship gone very bad.
Ricky Martin/Jamie King

59. BUZZFOTO 07/25
When this D List actor dad from a popular, mostly 90's show couldn’t cut the line on the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland, he shoved the kid attendant and told him to "Fuck off!" He then yelled at the crowd, "What are you looking at? Don’t act like you people are anything like me. I’ve done things. Don’t fucking look at me!" He stormed out of the ride even though the staff did their best to console him and were polite. Most people stood in shock, but the crowd actually applauded as he left.

60. BLIND GOSSIP 07/25
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are not the only celebrity couple who have been able to keep their breakup on the DL. This other dual-celebrity couple has also called it quits after several years of marriage. The husband and wife are each very successful in their chosen professions, though she tends to sample other creative outlets. Both are award nominees/winners, but she is the much more high-profile of the two. The breakup happened several months ago, but they are stalling the public announcement until later this year while the finances and custody arrangements are being worked out. We expect that it will be a very intelligent and civilized divorce.
Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin (Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin just announced their separation (or "Concious uncoupling"). However, did you know that there was an unannounced separation during the summer of 2011? Let’s talk about it! They had already decided to separate early that summer. They had their attorneys quietly working through the details. They were living separately and were rarely photographed together. However, there was a leak. Fearful that the story was going to break, the couple did an odd public outing in London, walking in and out of shops with Martin lugging an oversized tote with Goopy’s married initials prominently displayed on it. (See? We’re still married! The embroidered initials on my giant LL Bean tote prove it!). For two people who are never photographed together, that was just weird. Gwyneth then went off on vacation with her godfather, Stephen Spielberg and the kids… but without Chris Martin. Yes, Stephen Spielberg is Goopy’s godfather. But, we want to make it clear that, other than having the most famous director in Hollywood as her godfather and a famous actress as a mother and a famous producer as a father, she totally made it on her own. Do you hear that? On her own! Anyway… Paltrow and Martin did separate that summer and were planning on divorcing, but they wound up getting back together (we don’t know why) and sticking it out for a couple of more years. They are officially separated now. Given that they already worked out the money, property and child custody issues two years ago, we believe that this will, indeed, be a very quiet divorce. By the way, the phrase "intelligent and civilized" was a significant clue in our original blind item. In an interview after she moved to London, Gwyneth dissed American capitalism and then said "I like living here because I don’t fit into the bad side of American psychology. The British are much more intelligent and civilized than the Americans." Yes, she really said that. Now, we don’t even know what "the bad side of American psychology" means. It probably has a meaning that only people as intelligent and civilized as Gwyneth Paltrow understand. And as far as that capitalism thing is concerned… well, Goopy, you are welcome to distribute your overpaid earnings, inherited wealth, married wealth, and half-dozen luxury properties to the great unwashed masses any time.)

1. WHAT closeted former "SNL" star is getting a bad reputation at spas and gyms around Hollywood for his illegal sexual activities? The once-married actor has been caught pleasuring himself in front of other male patrons, and it’s just a matter of time before he’s publicly exposed!
Chris Kattan

2. WHICH famous political heir dumped one actress mistress for another while still living with his soon-to-be ex-wife? The serial cheater may have finally found true love, because he’s already talking marriage and his kids adore her!
political heir: Robert Kennedy Jr.
dumped actress mistress: Daphne Zuniga
new actress mistress: Cheryl Hines

This D list actress has not been in anything in forever. Oh, she still has close to A list recognition which is remarkable considering how little she has done in years. It is that child star thing. It sticks with you. Anyway, her boyfriend was overheard commenting the other night that he only stays with her because she is rich, gives great head and has the best supply of coke anywhere in North America.

Apparently Coke Mom is back at it again. It also must be in a big way because when she was doing press last week, producers would only let her talk for fifteen minutes before giving her a break. If she went longer than 15 minutes or tried to do back to back interviews, her leg would start twitching, and she would start bouncing around that it was obvious to everyone she needed a fix.

64. BUZZFOTO 07/26
This B list singer who has done some film work keeps several rabbits in her backyard. She loves raising rabbits and takes great care of them. Her next door neighbor, this C list child star owns a dog that came and killed three of the rabbits. This has caused really bad feelings between the neighbors, especially since the C lister refuses to take responsibility.

65. BLIND GOSSIP 07/26
This celebrity couple is pregnant, but both parties aren’t happy about it. She is all about the family. She loves children and would happily have whole gaggle of kids. But he is just not that into being a husband and father, and was looking for a way out of the marriage. In fact, he already had one foot out the door. Why? Because an ex of his is going to be back on the market soon, and he was excited about giving that relationship another shot. But with another bun now in the oven, he knows he would look like a total jerk if he left his wife within the next year. Expect the baby announcement to be made within the next three weeks. And expect him to pretend he’s happy about it. After all, his many talents do include acting.
Husband: Ben Affleck
Wife: Jennifer Garner

Husband’s Ex: Gwyneth Paltrow or Jennifer Lopez

66. LAINEY‘S GOSSIP 07/27 **#1**
It was instant attraction when they started rehearsals, despite the fact that he’s supposed to be happily married. On set flirtation, some touching in the trailer, soon became after work "prep time", and heavy petting in the car, and before long it was a full blown affair. May have been a method situation for him, which would surprise no one, but for her, even though she told herself this was a big girl, mature woman thing to do – take a co-star lover – of course she fell in love, although she obediently went back to her boyfriend and tried to shake it off he cut it off after three weeks as soon as his wife came over to stay. He seems to be able to pretend like it never happened. Which, naturally, is confusing her because she thought it was so real. Of course she did. As it happened, there was a break in the schedule and they haven’t had to work together for a while, much to the studio’s relief. These are big names on a big film with big expectation and there was already enough drama last time around. But shooting with everyone resumes again in a few days, and they’ll be sending an executive to stay around through the stretch to keep a close eye. Babysitting is exactly what it is.
Christian Bale/Anne Hathaway "The Dark Knight Rises"

67. LAINEY‘S GOSSIP 07/27 **#2**
Here’s a story her side has been working hard to put out there: that one night he hurt so badly she had to leave and because she’s so famous, and was so distraught, a hotel wasn’t an option. So she drove herself – a crazy notion in and of itself – to a friend’s, and actually slept on the couch, also hard to believe. But home was supposedly not a safe place for her that night. This is why they’re helping her make a new one.
Jennifer Lopez

What married Hunger Games actor is having an affair with his much younger female co-star? She is in love. To him it is just a hookup and he already has told others he has his eye on another female actress in the movie. Umm, what about your wife?

actor: Woody Harrelson
femal co-star: Latarsha Rose (Peeta's stylist)

69. BUZZFOTO 07/27
After three years of dating, this celebrity couple is calling it quits. One is a musician, one does a lot of things in the industry, including sleeping with married costars, which might help explain the split.

70. BOSSIP 07/27
As happy as we all may be that the NFL lockout is over, this particular football player may have actually cried tears of joy for the return of his paycheck. According to BOSSIP’s sources, as of last week, this offensive lineman with Hip-Hop aspirations was down to less than $10,000 in his bank account. He probably wouldn’t have been able to last thirty days on that. He has spent the entire off-season/lockout period pretending to be a rap mogul. That includes taking care of a ragtag group of would be rap stars, including Hip-Hop’s most notorious theft victim. His rap dreams have also left him with a $15,000 debt to Miami’s most popular "gentlemen’s club." His wallet isn’t the only victim of this football player’s posing. Over the last couple of months, he has exploited his friendship with a female athlete for some media attention. Sources tell BOSSIP that behind the scenes, he is also bragging about a sexual relationship with the athlete that doesn’t exist, telling people he’s only sleeping with her as a business arrangement.

1. WHICH A-list actress banned the director’s bisexual wife from the set of their last film because the woman wouldn’t stop hitting on her? Even though the star’s also an admitted bisexual, she was creeped out by the woman’s unwanted attention!
Angelina Jolie/Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck (wife: Christiane Asschenfeldt) "The Tourist"

2. THIS wacky TV personality moved into a swank million dollar penthouse with super-tight security because she felt like a sitting duck in her Los Angeles home. The performer couldn’t shake a tragic fan encounter a few years back, so she packed her designer suitcases and never looked back! Paula Abdul

If you think your relationship lacks affection or intimacy and think you are the only one in the world, then this will make you feel so much better. This married couple consists of two solid B- movie stars. Never above the line stars, but generally the second lead for him, while the actress has been a female lead, but only in indies is it ever more than just fluff. The couple is so sterile that when they see each other even after several weeks apart, all that ever happens is an awkward hug hello. No kissing or touching, and definitely no sex, which when you consider one of her roles is rather surprising. Staying together for the child/ren?
Maggie Gyllenhaal & Peter Saarsgard - (I like to think they read this blind, realized they needed to get hot and Maggie ended up pregnant.)

73. BUZZFOTO 07/28
This is the third time we’ve heard bad things about this West Coast Celebrity’s restaurant. This time, a source tells us that they a found cigarette butt in their food. After complaining about it, the management tried to claim the butt belonged to our source (who has never smoked a day in their life) and then after an argument ensued, escorted our source out of the restaurant.
Eva Longoria’s "Beso"

Sorry to be such a downer these days with bad Hollywood relationships galore, not to mention ones that are permanently over. Definitely something in the air—much more so than usual lately. And, now you can add Lucinda Jones-Smythe and Cubby Asparagus to the endangered couples list. Make that very endangered list. "He just can't take it, anymore," complained a close friend of Cubby's recently, regarding his pal's dissatisfaction with his marriage. "He's thisclose to ending it—he just feels like he's drowning in her shadow." Hmmm. Wonder who that could be? Woulda said Marc Anthony, but we sure as hell know what happened there, don't we?! Cubby's probs, apparently, aren't just emotional, but financial, too: We're told when compared to wife Lucy's far more swimming professional situation, Cubby, just feels like his lack of earning power lately is magnified every time he goes home. "He's just lost, really," says our mutual friend. "He wants his old life back when they were both really successful, and he just doesn't think it's going to happen while they're together." Don't give up hope, Cubby, you're such a cute couple! And remember, this is Hollywood. Lucy's movies will be in the toilet in no time and you'll be right back to being top dog! It Ain't: Jessica Alba & Cash Warren, Kelly Ripa & Mark Consuelos, Julia Roberts & Danny Moder.

Playing to a lot of people's fantasies, "Wild Things" star Denise Richards dishes on her lesbian experience on an appearance on Howard Stern Tuesday night. The ex-wife of Charlie Sheen goes into details about the affair in her tell-all book, "The Real Girl Next Door." While an obviously piqued Stern attempts to dig out the identity details -- "I'm going to name everyone in Hollywood!" -- Richards remains coy, saying only that "You would know who she is." "I just met her through friends and work and stuff... I was just curious. We were curious," she tells Stern. "She was a girly-girl. She's beautiful."
Cindy Crawford; Carmen Electra; Heather Locklear

76. BUZZFOTO 07/29
This A List actress is tired of the pressure put on her from the public, as well as friends and family to have children. She’s actually been trying to conceive for years, dabbled with expensive fertility treatments and even considered adoption. She’s wanted to be a mother for a long time but resents the discourse among the press about the status of her womb, who are unaware of her secret struggle. Jennifer Aniston

The wedding is weeks away, and this TV Personality is realizing she should have started her weight loss regime a year ago. Sherri Shepard

1. THIS girl-next-door actress better hold on tight to her rosary beads because her new beau’s buddies are into sex rituals, witchcraft and devil worship! The star has been trying to kick her goody-two-shoes image for years, but she has no idea about this guy’s dark side! Who is she?
Jennifer Aniston and Justin Thereoux

2. WHICH big star is ready to put her red-hot career on the back burner so she can concentrate on motherhood? The new mom is using her Hollywood clout in the hopes that her not-so-busy fiance lands some lucrative movie deals. Natalie Portman/ Benjamin Millepied

An easy one to start. This television tattoo artist who seems to be more famous for who she dates rather than her tattoos does not have much respect from many of her fellow artists. They think she gives the industry a bad name because she has posted photos of herself doing tattoos without gloves or other safety precautions which is pretty scary when you are talking about blood and needles.
Kat Von D

80. BUZZFOTO 08/01
This Foreign-born Pop star recently met a woman at a promotion event and became fast friends. Even though the star is married she is spending a lot of time with this woman and a source is claiming the two women are in love.
Natasha Bedingfield

This married nightly talk show host is perceived to be a goody goody. Truth is that within the past few weeks he had a female guest on his show simply because he was trying to have sex with her. It worked.

82. BUZZFOTO 08/02
After a night of drunken partying, this A/B list actor really got hurt by getting an injury from an antique collectors sword that someone had hanging in their home. He might have sported around a bandage and said he was hurt a more honorable way, but no. He was drunk, completely naked, and playing ‘ninja’ with another sauced up buddy.

Sloppy Sluts Unite! I guess Slurpa Pop-Off and Morgan Mayhem didn't get the memo. Tooling around Hollywood in outrageously expensive wheels while enjoying low-rent screws and buckets of cocaine is just so, well, 2006. Girls, can't you hip it up better than that? Guess not. And it's getting worse: Morgan and Slurpa, who both used to be two of the most successful young businesswomen in Hollywood (no joke) have seen their earnings reports...well, they aren't exactly sky-rocketing lately. Which is a shame, because both these gals were the original crafty chick—in every way. Now, they can't even get invited to a decent Hollywood party. So, what are two former It girls supposed to do? Band together, that's what! Slurpa and Morgs—totally high—are now crashing A-list parties together, tripping, falling, purses opening and spilling everywhere. It's pretty sad. "They think they're so funny," lamented one horrified guest at a Hollywood Hills bash the two girls invited themselves to recently. "But it's just pathetic. People didn't even recognize them at first. And then, it's like, once you realize who they are, please." As one of the shocked onlookers said, "Even Nicole Richie cleaned up her act, come on!" But reform has always been a dirty word to Morgs and Slurp. Which, actually, is part of their charm. The problem being, however, is that the naughty chemicals are starting to run the show for Pop-Off and Mayhem—like they did with Charlie Sheen. And it's boring as crap. Not to mention as dangerous as Amy Winehouse's situation. And It Ain't: Mary-Kate Olsen and Kate Hudson, Olivia Munn and Tila Tequila, Kathy Griffin and Joan Rivers.
Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan

This is an interesting one. This actress is C list. Yes, she stars in her own television show which should make her at least a B lister, but she just does not get the publicity or really have that special name recognition. Her name is easy to remember though. Anyway, our actress has never really been in the public eye which has allowed her to date who she wants. Her preference? She-Males. Yep. The actress from a conservative town has the craziest fetish I have heard in a long time.
Dana Delany; Piper Perabo

85. POPBITCH 08/04
Which celebrity was discovered getting up to no good with someone else's lady in the toilets at Kate Moss' wedding?
Jude Law; Rhys Ifans

86. BUZZFOTO 08/04
We have heard that this B list television actor has gotten very deep into the New Age community. He is sleeping with several of the women that practice it with him and has them convinced that he’s some sort of spiritual leader. They are all into it. You know who is not into it? His wife and kids who have no idea.
Rob Lowe; Tim Daly

Today, I wanted to call this something like, "If she only knew." Within the past five days this B+ movie actress who started on television and has hit the cusp of A list a few different times was on the red carpet with her nemesis. The thing is our B+ actress ("No Clue") has no clue about her nemesis. The nemesis ("Nemesis") is a C lister who has aspirations of higher lists but no one can stand her once they spend more than five minutes with her so that is probably not going to happen. Anyway, in the past the nemesis hit on No Clue's ex boyfriend who is also a B list movie actor who was in one of my favorite movies of all time. Hit on him hard. Hit on him so hard that they ended up fucking for three days straight at a hotel. No Clue knew about the cheating because he is a serial cheater but had no idea about Nemesis. Fast forward a few years and Nemesis has tried on two different occasions to hit on No Clue's husband who is also an actor. Nemesis has hit on him hard. Done everything possible, but so far he has resisted. The thing is, this is not a coincidence. Nemesis is bitter about a role that she thinks No Clue stole from her which made No Clue a star and Nemesis still clawing her way up the ladder. No Clue thinks Nemesis is her friend. Nemesis wants it that way so she can stay close and keep trying to screw over No Clue anyway she can.

No Clue:
No Clue's ex boyfriend:
No Clue's husband:

HINTS: No Clue is a serial cheater in her own right. Has child(ren). Doing very well for herself right now. Nemesis has a fairly brief tenuous connection to Jennifer Aniston and not the way that tenuous is normally used in these hints. The two currently share something, but not usually at the same time except in On Demand.

88. BLIND GOSSIP 08/04
You know Guy 1 very well. He’s primarily known as a small screen guy. He’s done very well professionally, and has made a ton of money. He is good-looking. He’s currently dating a woman who is less famous. You also know Guy 2 very well. He’s primarily known as a small screen guy. He’s done very well professionally, and has made good money. He is very good-looking. He was married to a woman who is less famous and is currently dating a woman who is less famous. They sound very similar, right? Then why were we so surprised to find out that the two men are actually a couple? Don’t know. We just never put the two men together. But they are together. Guy 1 was visiting Guy 2 at work. An employee walked in on the two men engaged in a hot and heavy make out session. The two men were embarrassed, but said to the shocked employee, "You’re not going to tell anyone, are you?" The flustered employee simply muttered "Excuse me", and backed out of the room. On the way out, the employee bumped into Beard 2, who clearly knew what was going on in the other room. She noticed the expression on the employee’s face and snapped, "Oh, don’t act so surprised! You work in Hollywood."
An extra clue: Guy 2 was on the same television show as Beard 1.
An extra extra clue: Although Guy 1 isn’t out, he’s frequently out. That statement would make perfect sense if it the punctuation was different.
Guy 1: Ryan Seacrest
Beard 1: Julianne Hough
Guy 2: Mario Lopez (Ali Landry)
Beard 2: Courtney Mazza

89. BUZZFOTO 08/05
This conservative and religious actor from a 90's family sitcom is gay. He’s not out, but there have been rumors and he has dated several high profile women. He tried recently (like in the last 5 years) to enter a conversion program that would make him ‘not gay.’ He dropped thousands of dollars on the program and believed it was successful for a year or two. However, our source said that the actor now realizes the program didn’t work and is now seeing a therapist that is helping him to accept and embrace his homosexuality. Good for him!

1. WHICH famous game-show host’s wife believes he’s cheating because he takes Viagra religiously, but is rarely intimate with her? He denies that he strays and says he pops the pills to curb his mood swings.
Pat Sajak; Alex Trebek

2. WHICH C-list actor – who insists he’s sober – was recently tossed out of a Hollywood sex shop for throwing latex sex toys at customers and harassing female employees? The boutique booted the once-promising star, but that didn’t faze him. He was furious because he left the story empty handed. Andy Dick

Will this female Superstar realize that her weed smoking is getting in the way of her career?
Queen Latifah

#1 - This B- list television actress has traveled between scripted and reality television. She actually has both on the air right now. Anyway, she has been seeing this singer who is way younger than her. Not a problem because age is not the thing. The thing is he is Asian and her people want her to hide it because they feel her main African American fan base will not like it.
Lisa Raye

#2 - Which "Glee" actress who does not think she has a coke problem is out of control with her coke problem. It will be interesting to see if she can make it through the season without rehab. Naya Rivera

#3, #4, and #5 - This Academy Award winning actor. See, I actually said they won. No guessing if they won. Anyway, this Academy award winning actor who is not exactly a big pile of fun got punched in the face recently. Yep. See, it turns out that this actor made a movie with this foreign born B list actress and because our Academy actor is an a-hole, he hit on her even though she is in a serious relationship. Well, she never told her B+/A- list actor significant other about the incident until recently. What used to be a friendship between the two actors is no more, and our Academy Award actor took a beating. Glad someone did. Sean Penn, Naomi Watts, & Liev Schreiber

Poor Marky Sweet-Puss. He's sweet no more. But anybody who knows anything about Cruella St. Shackles, Marky's super-evil missus, knew that it was probably only a matter of time before Marky's aw-shucks demeanor bit the dust. I mean, how can you possibly stay genuine and good-hearted with a woman who...Is so anal she has her dietician/cook/slave place Post-Its on Tupperware containers of precooked meals in the fridge, each yellow note with the precise number of calories in each dish. And if a meal goes even one calorie over Cruella's trainer/workout partner/slave's suggested limit, then that kitchen is not a pretty place to be...for a long time. So, imagine what it's like for Marky, who really was just a TV-dinner kinda guy before he hooked up with Cruella, in the bedroom with this exacting broad! Suffice it to say, it hasn't been easy. Nor in any other room of the house, for that matter. As Marky's friend's put it: "He is so controlled by [Cruella], it's a wonder she lets him take a shit." And the sad result of all this totally brain-screwing domestic hovering is that Marky has begun losing his temper, both in front of Cruella, and not. Some folks are wrongly wondering if Sweet-Puss (who used to have a problem with drugs) isn't using again? Seems to always be on edge, ya know? Hardly. It's all about being treated like a little husband/servant/roach at home. Fetching this, doing that, minding whatever—all for the insatiable, power-crazy St. Shackles. "The temper thing's getting out of control," said one Sweet-Puss confidant. "I can only imagine what he's having to put up with." Let's just hope Marky doesn't start using again and instead decides to ditch the doomed marriage first! It Ain't: Nicole Richie, Vanessa Minnillo, Michelle Pfeiffer.
Nicole Kidman/Keith Urban

94. PAGE SIX/NY POST 08/08
1. Which tech billionaire who rolls up to parties with a slew of leggy models always turns down their advances because he only has eyes for Asian women?
Larry Ellison

2. Which hip-hop star's gold teeth are emitting a foul stench? Music industry noses are turning away in disgust because of his vile breath -- but it doesn't seem to put off the ladies. Lil Wayne

3. Which A-list actress can't nail down a man because she's too stiff in the bedroom? Renee Zellweger

95. BUZZFOTO 08/08
This D list "actress" that was really made famous for her work on a drama/sitcom in the late 90's is finding it hard to pay for her pill habit. To fund her dangerous and dark habit, she has been meeting people on Craig’s list for money. Camen Electra

Proving that no marriage vows are sacred in Hollywood, this B- actress who will drop to a C- after a certain franchise is over apparently is ready to be the next Mrs when the marriage of this A- actor is finally announced to be ending. The couple has had a few moments here and there over the past few months and the other night, our actor was overheard telling his assistant that the actress cornered him, dragged him into a bathroom and orally serviced him. He also said the following. "You know who would never do that."
Ashley Greene/Peter Facinelli/Jennie Garth

97. BLIND GOSSIP 08/09
This future bride is now in full panic mode about her wedding day. Her dress doesn’t fit. Rather than spend the next few weeks exercising and dieting, she has decided on more drastic measures, and has a three-point plan at the ready: She has ordered up a liquid diet for the week before the event; she has scheduled a colon cleanse during the final hours leading up to the big day; and, if she’s feeling particularly desperate, she has some little white pills at the ready.
Sherry Shepard

This A list always movie actress says that she is crazy about her boyfriend. Loves him thinks he is the greatest. Her accolades are endless. Too bad they are not true. I think he might be surprised to know who she has been seeing other than him. More than one person. So, read all those articles and interviews with a wary eye.
Anne Hathaway (the great news for him is they ended up together and I’m sure she has been a model of fidelity since)

So, this reality star from one of my favorite reality shows. Not hard to guess which one if you read the site regularly. Anyway, she was at the airport the other day and checking in for her flight. Apparently there was an error so they had her in economy rather than first class. She did a don't you know who I am thing and the person said no, they didn't. "But, I am on a reality show." Still didn't work. Then she dropped the I used to be married to so and so. The clerk said, oh I loved him. Whatever happened to him. Still did not get our reality star in first class. They offered her business class, but she waited at the airport two hours for the next flight because she could not be seen in business class. Camille Grammer

100. BUZZFOTO 08/09
This young, hot celebrity couple who met on the set of their film have been dating since their film came out, but a source tells us that they finally slept together for the first time, only last month. Their relationship started out as a genuine friendship and they decided to take things slow in part, because they thought it would help their onscreen chemistry.

1. THERE's something about this top Hollywood star who secretly split from his D-list actress wife – and she’s about to file for divorce! They still pretend to be a happy couple and even appear in public with their children, but the truth is he has a weak spot for prostitutes!
Ben Stiller (“There’s something about Mary”) and Christine Taylor

2. THE celebrity feud between this Grammy-winning singer and a former reality show darling, who’s now a TV personality, is getting so ugly that their handlers have told them both to give it a rest! The name calling – usually about each other’s weight – has gotten so vicious that it’s driven one of the ladies to a booze relapse! Kelly Osbourne and Christina Aguilera

102. LAINEY’S GOSSIP 08/10
So much speculation and it’s been going on for years that she will finally leave him because he simply won’t, ever, change. But do you know the lengths she went through to get him, and keep him? Did you know she enrolled in classes at university, not because she was interested for herself, but because she wanted to be able to talk to him about...things? She wanted to be able to keep up. She wanted HIM to know/believe/think she could keep up. She worships his brain. She wanted to make sure that he was finding her brain adequately stimulating. They say that he’s been trying to get out of there. He hasn’t tried. There has been no attempt. It’s kinda futile. First because, even if he were to want to bail, everyone in his life would be against it, and has warned him of the consequences, but also because she has told him straight up, on several occasions, "I will never leave you". This one doesn’t get enough credit for her tenacity.
Ben Affleck/Jennifer Gardner

Gay Star Gets Closeted Man's Attention! We love Hildago Van Buren, the out star of many different talents. Not only can he hold his own, singing, dancing and acting, he can also hold his latest costar's penis—and does he! Oh my, what the hell happened? Put the kiddie fans to bed and find out: Recently Hildago signed up for a big production. You know, one of those shows with row upon row of deluxe dressing rooms. And it was inside one of these private star residences that Hildago got propositioned. In itself, it's not so shocking. Van Buren's a super charming, über-talented guy. No, the shocker here is who made the approach—somebody with hundreds of thousands of teeny-bopper fans, somebody who would probably not work again (at the same level to which he's become accustomed), if word got out he was rubbing his privates up against Van Buren behind closed doors! Did Hildago bite? No, surprisingly. But he's also no fool: Before Hildy decided to let his surprise suitor down, telling him he wasn't interested in a quickie, he did take the time to feel up the guy's goods. How the hell often do you have the chance to check out the family jewels of one of the world's biggest stars? Like, never! (Van Buren remains impressed.) And It Ain't: Ricky Martin, Elton John, Adam Lambert.

Hildago Van Buren: Neil Patrick Harris

104. BUZZFOTO 08/10
After walking her dog last week, this C list, (on her way to B list) actress (film and television) stopped by a park and let her dog run free. When her dog bit a young kid at the park, this actress allegedly gave the parents of the child a nice lecture on how they should control their child. She wouldn’t let them speak about their child’s injuries and threatened to sue the family because their kid harassed her dog. The parents stood bewildered as they held their crying child while the actress grabbed her dog and left.

105. BLIND GOSSIP 08/10
These two young gay actors have been boyfriend and boyfriend for a several years now. One is on a young adult drama, the other on an older housewifey series. For now, the two just pretend to be best friends, with no public PDA. While Drama Guy is still closeted, Housewifey Guy is all but out. Ever since Drama Guy and his blonde beard “broke up”, Housewifey Guy has been putting the pressure on to come out publicly. He doesn’t even bother with beards, and wants Drama Guy to quit pretending he’s straight, too. Drama Guy is toying with the idea and has been polling his friends and a few select colleagues to see if they think that now is a good time to come out. His biggest opponent so far? His blonde ex, who worries that her popularity may suffer if she is exposed as a beard.
Drama Guy: Penn Badgley
Housewifey Guy: Shawn Pyfrom
Blonde Beard: Blake Lively

This movie actress used to be on the cusp of A list. Now, she is still a B, but, will probably stay there for the rest of her career. Always attracted to and dating musicians, she recently decided to give one newly married rocker a special wedding present. Herself. He didn't seem to mind at all. Hey, it beats another set of china. Plus, it is not like they have not hooked up in the past even when he was dating his now wife.

107. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/11 **#2**
One of my favorite American Idol castoffs was at it again the other night. Running from red carpet to red carpet to earn a few bucks and stay in the spotlight, she did spend some time hitting on this becoming very popular very quickly B list movie actor who is definitely not a bad looking guy. When he told her he was gay and not interested, she told him it did not matter to her. She thought they could help each other out. Well, he did help out someone else a few years ago.

American Idol castoff: Katharine McPhee
B list movie actor:

This A list movie actor. Wait, let me stop right there. I think I should make it cusp of A list. He has been the lead in lots of movies but they don't always do well and he is sometimes overshadowed by another. That sounds mysterious huh? Anyway, after this Real Housewife got drunk and started hitting on our actor, he took her home with him for the night. What he does not know though is this was like guy number three in a three night spree for the Real Housewife.

A list movie actor:  Gerard Butler
Real Housewife: Brandi Glanville "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

After 12 years and two kids, when is this basketball Superstar going to marry his babymomma? LeBron James

110. BUZZFOTO 08/12
This married C List actor with kids from a hit network show is so addicted to pain meds that he took his young child on a drug run with him. His guilt got the best of him because as he approached the dealer, he told him he couldn’t go through with the transaction. The dealer then revealed himself as an undercover agent and would have arrested the star if he had made a purchase.

Carmelita's Real Friends Say Dump the Dude! Gorgeous, charming, curvy Carmelita Salami-Climber isn't a chick you'd normally feel sorry for. Jealousy is usually what one feels when watching Carmelita on the boob tube and reading about her in one of those endless fashion articles that are churned out about the babe. But lately, Carm's very few close pals (she has thousands of acquaintances) are telling her to run from her man before...They end up marrying! See, Ms. Salami-Climber's buds are dead certain they've got this latest BF of Carm's pegged: That he's (a) more interested in the fame that comes from dating Carmelita than actually dating Carmelita, (b) definitely interested in the money that will be generated by continuing to be glued to Carmelita's side and (c) suspicious, sexually. Uh, that last category is more of a hunch than anything specifically observed—but Carm's close GFs are a bit shocked at how anxious her guy is to join their regular gossip sessions. I know straight men gossip and all, but, man, usually with each other, right, not other gals? Regardless, the point is Salami-Climber's tight bunch is doing its damndest to talk Carm out of spending the rest of her life with her man—which is what she's telling them all she wants to do. And trust, Carmelita's well-meaning amigas are not holding back. They really don't think the dude's the one for her, and they're blasting this message to her as fiercely as they can. But so far, Carmelita isn't having it. He is her prince, as far as she's concerned. (Regardless if the prince might want another prince.) And It Ain't: Selena Gomez, Mila Kunis, Cameron Diaz.

#1 - What former Jersey Shore star offers private one on one parties for $5000 a night?
The Situation

#2 - This foreign born multi-platinum selling R&B singer who is barely out of his teens was getting mobbed the other night by adoring female fans. What they did not realize is that he has been having an affair with a much older man for the past three years. Sean Kingston

#3 - This A list movie actor who has always been close to his mother snapped on her last week. They were at a restaurant and started arguing over his latest romance and he got up and said, "What? Are you jealous? I'm not supporting you anymore and that starts with you finding your own way home. Bitch." Shia LaBeouf

#4 & # 5- Which A list celebrity couple are having a "trial separation" while he is on tour? Gwyneth Paltrow/Chris Martin

113. BUZZFOTO 08/12
This celebrity couple who have sort of slid off the radar, although they were both pretty big in the late 90's, have recently decided to have an open marriage. Well, at least one of them has. She had to convince him to allow others into their marriage. He was reluctant and didn’t like the idea, but since she was already cheating with this B list actor from a hit film series he decided he would give open marriage a try if it means salvaging their relationship.
Celebrity couple: Sarah Michelle Gellar/Freddie Prinze Jr.
B list actor: Ioan Gruffudd

This former Tweener has been talking the talk about being rehabbed, but is nowhere close to walking the walk. Either that or coke is part of the plan. When someone asked the Tweener about it, the reply was that its just when they are out. It is not like they are sitting in their room doing it all day. That is not what the Tweener's friends say.
Demi Lovato

115. BUZZFOTO 08/15
This underage male actor from network television is currently partying with his adult male costar. The two pick up women together and bring them back to a random hotel room where they allegedly engage in drug-filled orgies.

116. BLIND GOSSIP 08/15
With so many mixed marriages in Hollywood, you might think that people of different religions marrying would not be such a big deal. Well, it is to this future bride. Her faith is so important to her that her fiancé is secretly converting to her religion. The demands of the conversion are quite rigorous. In addition to disciplined studies and participation in various ceremonies, he has also scheduled a very specific physical transformation to comply with the traditions of his new religion. While his training has certainly conditioned his body to handle any physical challenge, this is one procedure for which he can’t train. The two will be married after his conversion is complete, which should be before the end of the year.
Natalie Portman/Benjamin Millepied

1. WHICH Grammy-winning singer is battling a serious MRSA infection due to his numerous plastic surgery procedures? The entertainer’s botched face has been the talk of Hollywood and Las Vegas for years, but now his thin frame and freaky features have people whispering louder than ever!
Barry Manilow; Kenny Rogers; Wayne Newton

2. WHICH former TV actor-turned C-list film star is worried that his mother’s severe hoarding problem – she’s still living with items from the ’70s – will become public? Every month he travels back home and hires a professional cleaning service, but a few weeks later, mom’s junkyard is back in business!

3. WHAT famous director is fed up with his current film project because the highly anticipated vampire flick already looks like a bomb? The director, who’s producing the stinker, won’t even visit the dysfunctional set!

118. BUZZFOTO 08/16
After being separated from her lover for over a year now, and in a new relationship, this MTV reality star is contemplating winning him back. He wanted to have a baby but she didn’t want to gain weight and want to party. She’s been shopping surrogates and plans on presenting the idea to him when he comes to LA for an upcoming event. If he says ‘yes,’ she’ll dump her current boyfriend and work on starting a family. If he denies her, she plans on getting pregnant herself with her current boyfriend just to make him jealous. Farrah Abraham "Teen Mom"

119. BLIND GOSSIP 08/16
While we were hoping that tattoo craze was waning, this young performer didn’t get the memo. She just got matching tattoos with her coke dealer. Yikes! Does this mean that the whole rehab thing didn’t take? Exactly. In fact, she’s doing more drugs than ever. It’s so bad that producers are passing on giving her any more long-term work. Why isn’t her management team doing more? Perhaps it is because there’s a conflict of interest there. We’re waiting for word from her agent about the chances of her going back into rehab.
Demi Lovato

120. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/16 **#1**
This married, network reality host is sleeping with one of the contestants on the show. Oh, not the first time.

121. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 08/16 **#2**
Making a tough situation even worse, this already estranged B+ list couple now have an extra thing splitting them apart. That woman he met in rehab thinks they are a couple. The problem is his wife found out. Things are not looking good on this homefront at all. Probably the most tense relationship in Hollywood right now.
Eric Dane/Rebecca Gayheart

This still barely hanging on to A list comic actor who is supposedly a devoted family man has been accused several times recently on his movies for acting inappropriately with female co-stars. They say that in the guise of being funny he will often rub his peen against women and does this with or without pants and the whole time does it in public and while laughing. He says he is just joking around but it seems to only be done when there are attractive women around and he never does it to a name actress only to those with lesser parts.
Adam Sandler; Will Ferrell

123. BUZZFOTO 08/17
This elderly actor who was once A list in his day in film, allegedly loves animals so much he keeps a whole variety of different species in his home. His home is said to smell awful and have evidence of animals everywhere. He even loves his pets so much, it’s said he allows his pet ferret, several dogs, and sometimes even rodents to sleep in his bed at night.
Mickey Rooney

1. WHICH Oscar-winning star is secretly footing the medical bills for her seriously sick ex-husband? Rumors are swirling that the multitalented entertainer may still have feelings for her ailing ex!
Cher/Gregg Allman

2. WHAT reality star vixen – currently flirting her way to a possible win on her show – is hiding a marriage secret? The former Hooters waitress is pretending to be single for a competitive edge so she’s not telling ANYONE that she tied the knot in a hush-hush ceremony right before cameras started rolling!

This B- list comedy actress got her fame from late night television but prefers movies. She also prefers to make everyone around her miserable. Right now she is shooting a movie and makes one demand after another to the point where the crew just wants the movie to be over so they never have to see her again. She is the epitome of someone who thinks way more of herself than anyone does of her.
Olivia Munn

126. BUZZFOTO 08/18
This A list actor who has been A list since being a teen heartthrob two decades ago, is rumored to own a special property offshore specifically designed to grow weed. Leonardo Di Caprio; Johnny Depp

Lovey-Dovey Couple About to Call It Quits! Carol Anne Sausage-Snatcher is having some trouble in paradise. But at least she'll have someone to commiserate about her romance troubles with ‘cause, in case you didn't know, she's practically besties with Carmelita Salami-Climber. And rightfully so, they're cut from the same juicy pig, if you catch my drift. Well, while Carm thinks she's in BF heaven, Carol is in relationship hell... ‘Cause her man is fed up with her BS. See, Carol's guy actually really loves her. Like, over the moon love. Adorable, right? We don't see much true love in the Vice vault. And while Carol says she totally hearts her dude right back, she can't seem to stop her very flirtatious ways. Ya know, like when she brings her guy to swanky T-town shindigs and spends the whole night letting strangers paw at her very enviable assets. All while her poor schmuck of a partner watches on. Well enough is enough, and Carol Anne's man pulled her aside at a recent party for what he thought was a private conversation. Unfortch, Carol got all dramatic (per usual) and made a scene. Now everyone's watching to see if the formerly so-happy couple busts up. And we wouldn't be surprised if they split, like, tomorrow. It's getting that bad. And It Ain't: Jessica Alba, Lindsay Lohan, Jennifer Aniston

Carol Anne Sausage-Snatcher: LaLa Anthony
Carmelita Salami-Climber: Kim Kardashian

Is the ship sailing away from this Daytime Personality? A few of her co-stars were noticeably absent from her recent nuptials. Is this a sign of a parting of the ways? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm! Sherri Shepherd

#1 - What A list movie director who directs everything from child fare to the extreme keeps a checklist of the number of marriages including his own that he has busted by sleeping with women.
Robert Rodriguez

#2 - This reality star turned celebrity turned lead actor in really bad movies should really stop juicing up. Apparently when he made the moves on his much younger co-star (who is an incredible foreign born actress you have never heard of but has terrible taste in guys) he was unable to go from six to midnight. He blamed being tired, but it is because of the roids. They tried again the next day but still nothing. Johnny Knoxville/Juno Temple "Small Apartments"

#3 - This Twilight actress has not been getting the kind of dollar offers for roles she likes but has found a new way to make money. It seems that wealthy guys are very interested in spending time with her as her vampire character. She is happy to do so and will hang out with you for an entire night for $50K. Seems steep. Rachelle Lafevre

#4 - What Academy Award winner/nominee actor was asked the other night about a co-star in one of his movies. "I acted with him but I cant stand being around (the n word)" Al Pacino/50 Cent "Righteous Kill"

130. PAGE SIX/NY POST 08/22
1. Which hunky A-list superstar is emitting a foul body odor on the set of his latest film? The crew tears up when he walks on set because he showers so infrequently.
Leonardo DiCaprio

2. Which soap opera star is using growth hormones and other supplements that are turning him a weird shade of yellow?

3. Which crooner is such a sap that he begs people to spend time with him? He’s often at the gym working out alone or at home writing even more mawkish lyrics. John Mayer

4. Which hip-hop star is spending his time sitting at a corner table at nightclubs to see how the youth are responding to his music because he’s scared he is getting old and out of touch? Snoop Dogg

131. BUZZFOTO 08/22
This D List star, who was once B list on his TV show was asked to attend an event and give to a local charity that helps impoverished kids. He committed some money just so he wouldn’t look bad, but at the last minute took the money and bought a big screen. He claimed he was sick and bowed out.

This former B list movie actress who is now beyond lucky to have a television show spent much of a recent party hitting on this very good looking B- television actor on a fading network show. Despite the fact he kept telling her he was married, she kept on flirting and hitting on him. She told him it did not bother her that he was married and was how she had landed her most recent television show.
B list movie actress:
B- television actor:

133. GOSSIP BOY 08/22
1. Which Broadway actress is struggling too hard to stay thin enough to headline that she hasn't eaten in the last 3 days? Bet her boyfriend wishes he was gay again.

2. Which new Mama is now re-thinking her new family ways. Turns out having the hot man and adoring baby isn't enough for this girl. She is trying to land a role that will take her to the other side of the world for a good chunk of time.

3. This big name music star has long had a hidden obsession with young men. Legal men, but still young. But now he has turned his attention to older men. Why you might ask? His ship is sinking fast and he needs the cash.

It wasn't Hildago Van Buren who had most people intrigued a couple of weeks ago, but instead, the guy with all the young fans who kept rubbing himself up Hildago's backside! Who could it have been? Well, I think it's time for everybody to meet Carson Ampi-Dickorous, one of Hollywood's most charming sex addicts... Who not only uses his skills for personal enjoyment, but for work duties, as well! Now, the last time we heard from (and saw) Carson, he was mime breeding HIildago's behind, and it wasn't that big of a deal. After all, more than a few people in town know what an aspiring slut Carson is and how he'll at least make out—if not go all the way—with practically anybody for a good time. But what is on some Hollywood folks' minds now is just how far will Carson go for a job? In other words, would Carson actually sell his soul (and his services) out just to land a primo part? Perhaps. Because one of the hottest guys in TV (who's largely responsible for Carson's recent re-entry into the fame game) is working on some new projects. And Mr. Ampi-Dickorous has made it very plain to his employer just how far he'd be willing to go for a chance at that new gig. Will it work? Honestly? Probably. You think only straight casting couches are alive and well in this town? And It Ain't: Robert Downey Jr., Alec Baldwin, Jamie Foxx.

Hildago Van Buren: Neil Patrick Harris
Carson Ampi-Dickorous:

1. These two female stars got into a bloody brawl on the set of their cable TV drama after one of the ladies held up production too many times! The smaller of the two actresses not only suffered the brunt of the beat-down, but she also got fired from the series and has now hired an attorney!
Lisa Raye and Stacey Dash "Single Ladies"

2. Which high-profile Hollywood couple’s marriage is hanging by a thread? The B-list stars are desperate to reignite their old passion, so they’ve initiated "date night" three times a week and leave the kiddies at home with the nannies.

136. BLIND GOSSIP 08/23
This very talented, multi-award-winning performer has long been the subject of comments about her unconventional looks. And it’s more than a coincidence that, in most of her films, her leading man must proclaim their admiration of her beauty. She insists on it. And this is a girl who always gets her way. As the years have passed, it’s been harder to compel people to provide her with constant reassurance of her physical beauty. So she recently went in for a full facelift. You’ll see it soon enough as she has a new project coming out, and will likely be making the usual rounds of talk shows. Try not to let your jaw (or your nose, or your cheeks, or your "A") drop when you see her face. It’s so smooth that it’s not even funny.
Barbra Streisand

This aging, but still good looking permanent B lister who has been nominated or won for almost everything has a real crisis management problem at this point. Shows the world he has a happy marriage. Been married for a very long time, but, despite all his affairs has never thought about leaving his wife. Until now. What makes this all the more bizarre is that the woman he is hot and heavy with is a daughter (not his) of a former co-star he had a fling with back when the daughter was just a few years old.

B lister:
former co-star:

138. BUZZFOTO 08/23
This blind isn’t so scandalous, as it’s sweet but a little secretive enough we have to keep it blind and respect the actress and her future decisions. This B List actress and new mommy is enjoying her life so much, she’s heavily considering leaving fame behind permanently, moving out of LA and raising her family out of the limelight.
Kate Hudston

139. GOSSIP BOY 08/24
Donny DivaSmith is a well known actor who has spread his wings throughout Hollywood for years. He started out as a charmer to work with. Very polite and respectful, just like his mama raised him to be. And that is what got him the attention of the ladies on the sets. Donny loved the ladies, but he had no idea how to work them. Talk about embarrassing, this poor guy once turned to ice when a stunning A list woman introduced herself. After that failure, a co-star of his took DDS under his playboy wing and schooled the actor on how to date in HW. The plan backfired in my eyes because soon DDS became our generations Casanova, putting guys like Colin Farrell to shame. DDS then realized he could have everything he wanted, exactly how he wanted it. His OCD seems to have kicked in because his friends say that he began demanding things on set be a certain way or else he walked off. One day he proved his point, holding up filming because his water was kept in a cooler directly with the ice instead of being stored in an air tight sealed bag to keep the "ice germs" from contaminating the bottle of water. He has begun to demand that his conquests shower completely before they have sex and allow him to manicure their lawn. He feels that the germs could possibly hurt his award winning member. He recently tried that with a female co-star,who laughed her ass of while she got dressed and left. His current co-stars have had it with his ridiculous requests and time consuming rants that they have begun to tamper with his trailer. Hope he gets a new toothbrush soon. Then again, he is so clean, how dirty could his toilet have really been? It's Not: Alexander Skarsgard; Ryan Gosling; Ryan Reynolds. Chris Evans

140. BLIND GOSSIP 08/24
We’re sure that these five women will each offer up a creative excuse for not returning to their respective shows next season. "I’ve decided to devote more time to my family/ my charity work/ my other professional projects/my navel lint collection/ whatever." But the truth is that they are all getting fired

Woman 1 is a reality show cast member. She’s getting fired because she’s brunette and nasty and nobody likes her anymore. At least she has her husband’s money to fall back on. Jill Zarin "Real Housewives of New York City"

Woman 2 is another reality show cast member. She’s getting fired because she’s brunette and boring and nobody has ever liked her. She’ll be fine, though, because she actually has a job to which she can return. Cindy Barshop "Real Housewives of New York City"

Woman 3 is a TV personality. She shouldn’t be too shocked, given the demonstrable lack of given to her by her cast mates during a recent life event. She’ll be OK, though, because she has always worked and already has a ton of other projects lined up.

Woman 4 is a television actress. While she is not the lead on a TV series, she does play a major character. Producers plan to replace her with a younger and prettier actress to attract a younger demographic. She will almost certainly be offered another show.

Woman 5 is yet another reality show cast member. The most compelling part of her life is off-limits to cameras. Without that storyline, she just doesn’t have anything to offer reality TV. She also doesn’t have a job to which she can return, she hasn’t made money marketing herself, and she is too broke to do anything or go anywhere. Taylor Armstrong "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"; Royce Reed "Basketball Wives"

141. BUZZFOTO 08/24
This private person and award-winning, A-list actress is hooking up with her ex who is a musician. The two have been on and off secretly since they broke up several years ago. He is in a relationship but can’t stay away from his former flame. Charlize Theron/Stephan Jenkins; Renee Zellweger/Jack White

142. POPBITCH 08/25
(British blog)
Which celeb break-up seems to have been more to do with failed IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) than the the wife's supposed affair? The man had his heart set on a son and heir while the wife was quite relieved it didn't work so a break-up was probably the best thing all round.
Elizabeth Hurley and Arun Nayar

How many career chances does he have left? This talented Legend is attempting another comeback. The first comeback got off to a good start, but he ran into his old habits and had to take time off. He’s back on the scene trying to tour, but the dates he makes aren’t good performances and for some dates he’s a no-show. El Debarge

Kind of obscure, but shocking. Really shocking. I actually thought about making this not a blind item, but then decided the woman is entitled to her privacy. The story should come out in the next few days and there will be enough detail for everyone to know I was first, but I just can't be the first to give the woman's name. Anyway, this D lister who has been in one documentary in which he starred and has had several appearances on television as his character is getting divorced. So, where is the shock? Well, the shock is that his soon to be ex says that he raped her and also fears for her life and the life of their cat when he is around.

145. BLIND GOSSIP 08/25
We know you’re hearing conflicting reports about a certain celebrity couple. So, you want to know what’s really going on? Of course you do! Here you go:
1. Saying that their marriage is "intact" is simply a fresh way of saying that they are not yet divorced. Therefore, it is a true statement.

2. Celebrities want to be in control of the timing of announcements about their personal lives. They get really irritated when information leaks out prematurely. This couple is no exception. The info was leaked and they are furious. Expect them and their publicist/s to continue to deny any rumors to maintain a modicum of control until all the pieces are in place for the divorce.

3. Whenever a couple insists on excessive PDA and statements about how manly/womanly/sexually active they are, you should immediately suspect that at least one of them is bearding for the other. In this case, it’s a double bearding.

4. There are two publicists involved, not just one, and they are not playing well together. One contributing factor is a recent agent/agency shuffle.

5. Although the couple hasn’t really spent any time together in the past month or so, the one thing on which all publicists can agree is… photo ops! So you should expect several staged photo ops in the near future of the "intact" family. There will be lots of big, fake smiles and boisterous, fake laughter and playful, fake cuddling. They’re actors, people. All of them. Actors know how to fake happyness.

5. Leaking information that a woman is having a secret affair with her costar is a very creative way of trying to convince people that your client is heterosexual. She is not.

7. Don’t expect anyone to come out of the closet on this one as a result of the divorce. Their livelihoods depend on them being perceived as stereotypes of an A-list masculine action hero and a sexy and devoted mom.

8. Threats of lawsuits are mere blustering and are meant to discourage the media from printing additional stories. The truth is that this couple would never actually expose themselves to discovery (e.g. interrogatories, depositions, requests to produce documents).

9. They’re done.

10. Yes, we’re sure. We have only one degree of separation from this couple.
Will and Jada Smith

146. BUZZFOTO 08/25
Today we’re talking about a comedian on an East Coast cable show. He makes a lot of good money and a lot of good jokes but what he hasn’t been making lately, is a lot of good decisions. Apparently he recently trashed the set of his show after going on a three-day drug binge. The network is now considering getting rid of him. Charlie Day

Everybody's Whispering About Nick! The sexy-ass life (and wife) Hard-Nipple Nick set up for himself years ago is getting so complicated lately. As if agreeing that your wife could have her lovers while you have yours could ever be an easy arrangement for very long! Hot, yeah, but, easy? Not anymore. Here's what's unraveling: The trust. And we don't mean between Hard-Nipple and his missus. More like the help. You know, all those peeps rich folks like Mr. Nick always have around? Sure, they've all signed confidentiality agreements, but, you think they all pay attention to those legal handcuffs? Actually, yes, most within the Nick household do. Just not all. Two employees very close to Hard-Nipple are opening their traps about their employer's imaginative marital arrangement, and word's starting to get out lately—much more than it has in the past. Regarding what an active, lively and rather democratic love-life (with more attention to the boys than to the girls we must add) Hard enjoys! So, perhaps Nick's legal eagles might want to look in the direction of those sleeping near Hard-Nipple, as opposed to those right next to (which is where they're currently focused). AND IT AIN'T: Jensen Ackles, Matthew McConaughey, Ben Affleck.
Will Smith

#1 & #2 & #3- This actress is on television and movies and has an easy name, but you would be hard pressed to place her or to come up with the names of any of her projects. She is in plenty of projects which include many kinds of media. Anyway, she was recently given a party in her honor. I know, like a real one, not some guys in a frat house saying, whoo hoo, lets watch videos of so and so and put her posters up on the wall while we sacrifice beer bottles in her honor. Anyway, when the organizers tried to get people to attend, for the most part everyone said no. Lots of creative excuses, but lots of no's. Organizers were completely baffled. This is an actress who has worked with a lot of people, how come no one says yes? Well, when they dug a little deeper, they discovered that this A- list movie actress spread the word that no one was to have anything to do with the other actress who we can call No Friends. The reason? No Friends has been a regular long-time (going back a couple of years) sex buddy of the A- list actress' significant other who is a pains me to say A- list movie and television actor. In fact, No Friends might be the cause of the recent rift between the couple.

No Friends: Diora Baird
A-list actress: Demi Moore
A - list movie and television actor: Ashton Kutcher

#4 - This B list comedienne who has been in television and movies recently went off on a rant about Scientology in front of a group of people, not realizing that two belonged to the organization. When they started to challenge her on something, the comedienne had a light go off and asked if they were involved with it. They said yes and she told them to run for their lives and then walked away. Sarah Silverman

1. WHAT blockbuster director is getting hate mail left on the front gate of his California mansion because of his proposed compound expansion? Neighbors are at war and forcing the sci-fi movie mogul to scratch his plans for a mini-film studio!

Steven Spielberg

2. WHICH iconic Oscar-winning actor/director may be suffering from the early stages of Alzheimer’s? The star recently had a meltdown at a Hollywood restaurant when he couldn’t find his cell phone to call his wife. Turns out he had accidentally tossed the cell into the men’s room toilet! Warren Beatty

150. BUZZFOTO 08/26
This B/C list film actress from a series spent a summer as a young girl in Europe and allegedly had a baby from a fling there. She gave the baby to the father’s family. Ever since making her money in Hollywood, she has sent financial assistance to the family, under the strict instruction that child not know who the money was from.

151. GOSSIP BOY 08/29
1- This female singer was seen making eyes at the ex of a good friend of hers. When the guy finally noticed he mentioned that he always wanted to bang Sugar and now that his ex is starting trouble he was probably going to do so. The duo left the after party together to go home and I'm sure of what was going down, down.
Demi Lovato/Pete Wentz

2- Which male star was very upset that he didn't get more attention, like he is used to. He was supposed to appear on screen longer but was cut short due to time. Rumor is he was backstage throwing such a fit, that they promised to show him from the audience multiple times. Justin Bieber

3- Which hot couple was found at an after party in a bathroom with the woman on her knees and the man watching themselves in the mirror. When caught, the guy looked at the shocked person and asked if they wanted a taste.

This B- list model is not used to actually having to do anything for the money she is paid. Oh, not for modeling, but for being a girlfriend. See, our model previously was the girlfriend for an A list rapper and he only wanted her by his side to look pretty so people would think he liked women. She loved the role. He finally got tired of paying though so she moved on to another rapper who did not have as much money or fame, but it beat trying to audition for modeling jobs. The thing is though her latest guy is straight and expects way more from the model other than to look pretty. At this point she cannot stand the guy but has no other options. Plus, she thinks she can get a reality show out of this.

B- list model: Amber Rose
A list raper: Kayne West
another rapper: Drake
staright guy: Wiz Khalifa

153. BUZZFOTO 08/29
This emerging actor who was recently in a summer blockbuster is caught up in his ride to fame. He told friends at a party this weekend that he’ll know he has really ‘made it’ when he sleeps with an A list actress. He named a few women who he thinks he has a chance with and told his friends he plans to meet this goal by the end of the year. Chris Evans "Captain America"; Michael Fassbender "X-Men: First Class"

#1 - What former Housewife crashed a premiere party for another show and begged producers to put her on their show.
Danielle Straub

#2 - What top LPGA player went after her girlfriend with a knife last night after a party because the girlfriend was spotted talking to another woman. Yep, just talking. Michelle Wie

#3 - What former just about A list tweener singer who now makes her living being a party girl wants new breasts. She already has fake ones but wants to go bigger, because as she said it, "Lets face it. My breasts are the only reason I get hired for anything and I need to find a guy before the rest of me goes." Adrienne Baillon

#4 - This long time, but not old permanent B- list television actor is married. I have never heard of him even trying to cheat until now. He has always been very discreet if he has cheated. Anyway, the other night he had a few too many and made many many moves on this C+ list television actress who has been in this spot before in a good way. Our actress turned him down and told him to go back home to his wife.

155. BUZZFOTO 08/31
During a recent read-through of a script for a movie based on a book, this A list actress was upset she was called to read for the part of the mother not the daughter. She threw a fit to her agent afterwards and cursed at the receptionist in the hallway. The part is for a teenage daughter, and our actress is in her 40's. Jennifer Aniston

What celebrity who lost a bunch of weight supposedly off her diet program and never stops talking about it actually had surgery to achieve her amazing results.
Jennifer Hudson; Kirstie Alley

157. BLIND GOSSIP 08/31
Which very famous actress and music icon had a secret love child together in the late 1990s? Both of these parents are extremely well-known in their fields. At the time, Beauty and The Beast were each married to other celebrities, but had an affair while working on a project together. Beauty was just becoming well-known at the time, and having a baby with a famous and married music icon while each was married to someone else would have hurt everyone’s careers. So, when they discovered she was pregnant, both couples agreed that Beauty would take a little time away from the spotlight, and Beast and his wife would publicly pretend to be pregnant. Beauty and her husband separated because of the affair, but Beast’s wife stood by him and raised the child as her own… even though Beauty and The Beast have hooked up several times since then.
Angelina Jolie/Mick Jagger



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