NOTE: Guesses in italics are only guesses;
guesses in RED are a link to the solution or substantial clues.

This so called pious reality star must have found somewhere in the Bible that allows coke use because she was going at it this weekend like she was competing against Charlie Sheen for who can use the most in one night.
Heidi Montag

This actress loved Halloween as a kid and complained to friends that she really missed the ritual of Trick or Treating. So she did something about it. She bought a regular Halloween costume and went door-to-door in her neighborhood pretending to be a kid. Since she is quite tiny in person, it wasn’t that difficult for her to pass. As long as it was dark and she kept her costume on. She was totally into it, and even consulted with other kids on the street to find out which houses were giving out the "good candy". Oh, and true to form, if she felt the person doing the Treating was being stingy with the candy, she would ask for more. So if anyone in one of the ritzier neighborhoods in LA remembers a rather pushy older kid negotiating for a second Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, it just may have been our actress.
Amanda Seyfried; Kristen Chenowith; Rachel Bilson; Kristen Bell; Nicole Richie

3. BUZZFOTO 11/01
This trio of costars in a popular fantasy flick once got so high together in between takes on the set of their movie that they engaged in a threes*me. We’re not quite sure of the details since the three initially swore one another to secrecy after the event took place, but one of the braggy stars blabbed about the magical experience to a good friend which is how the info got out.
"Lord of the Rings" Elijah Wood, Dominic Monaghan. Orlando Bloom; "Twilight" Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson; Nikki Reed

Star A of a popular ensemble television series was tired of living a double life, and was all set to come out of the closet in a very public way. When they heard about this, Network A saw red, convinced that the disclosure would negatively impact both the cast dynamic and the ratings. They used a research team to analyze the impact the announcement might have on both the star and the show. The results were not good. They pleaded with Star A to stay quiet. Star A refused. They threatened to have Star A’s character written off on the show. Although that threat hit close to home – as the producers had no problem doing the same to a former star of the show – Star still refused. Desperate to prevent the announcement, Network A reached out to Network B, a competitor. Why? because Star A’s Significant Other was the lead character on a show on Network B. The outing of Star A would logically result in the outing of Star B. Networks A and B were in complete agreement with each other. They went to work on their respective stars, each telling their Star that both jobs and both shows would be in jeopardy if they proceeded. That threat worked. Not wanting to lose the best gigs each had ever had, Star A and Star B reluctantly retreated back into the closet. Not only that, the constant fighting over the situation caused the two to break up. Star B is now starring on another series. Star A has added a real-life husband and kid(s) to complete her heterosexual image. Sigh. It takes a lot of work to keep up the veneer of the perfect wife and mother.

Star A: Marica Cross
Star B: Lauren Graham

The only thing that makes us the slightest bit reluctant to write this Bonus Blind is the fact that She-Devil Dees (whom this Vice is about) will have an orgasm over it. That's what sex truly means to this arguably pretty honey: Nothing gets her off better than an article with her name in it. Which is precisely why She-Devil saw to it that someone tipped off the media when... She dated Hornius Thighs, one of Hollywood's hottest stud-muffins. Hornious never quite understood why the press was always waiting for them whenever he and She-D went on a date—no matter where they went. But Hornious finally got the clue and ditched the finagling double-dee broad. So, Ms. Dees was then forced to move on to Jerry Rock-Butt. You remember: He's a multitalented somewhat good-looking boy and he succumbed to She-Devil's man machinations, as his girlfriend is about as boring as Justin Timberlake's love life these days. (Men are so weak.) Again, She-Devil arranged—in really not that clandestine a fashion—for details of her assignation with Jerry to get leaked to the media. But this time she did something different: She wouldn't comment about the affair when asked. She-Devil, who wants to be as famous as they come, noticed this mouth-shut approach was the fancy way big stars acted when the media asked them about their personal affairs. So, that's what She-Devil decided to do. She caught on that the "no comment" thing actually looked like a huge comment, as far as the appearance of the hookup goes. At least to the press. And that's all that matters to She-Devil. It Ain't: Natalie Portman, Tila Tequila, Chelsea Handler.

She-Devil Dees: Olivia Munn
Hornius Thighs: Chris Pine
Jerry Rock-Butt: Justin Timberlake

He gave it to a more experienced older woman, if you can call her that, also living the public life and with it all its attendant miseries. Which could explain why she chose to, um, initiate him the way she did. Because his first time was certainly not conventional, at least not when I was growing up, but then again, maybe that’s what they do at summer camp now: losing your virginity through the backdoor...? Like he doesn’t have enough to swagger about these days, he also gets to boast about the fact that he’s already tried what so many boys to men and grown men want to try so badly. Now that’s a story that he can tell forever, and probably will, in a few years, when everyone stops caring.
 Nick Jonas/Courteny Galiano; Justin Bieber/Demi Lovato

Which Tea Party favorite is hiding a secret from his family? He has a mistress on the side. His wife recently found out about her and is set to destroy the mistress’ reputation before she spills the beans on her husband’s extra-curricular activities.
Bill Brady

8. BUZZFOTO 11/02
We’ve been saving this one for US Election day. This group of Reality celebrities performers have a democracy all on their own. Before they compete, five of them meet and take a little vote who will be in charge of buying the booze and the illegal drugs. Why the vote? Each of them is responsible for bringing a different drug to the table, so depending on their preferences for that day, depends on who they vote for.
"Jackass" guys

This former A list co-star of a long-running NBC drama from the 90s was always known for being sexy and classy. Recently she was at a trendy L.A. eatery shoveling down not one, not two, but three huge cheese and fixing-laden salads as though she were eating for two. She isn't. For her eating frenzy that day she wore baggy gray sweats and yellow sneakers. After eating and paying, the tired-looking actress got up unsteadily from her table and let out two huge burps. She then staggered to her Volvo station wagon before driving off, leaving witnesses stunned.

This is a little different than what I normally do, but it is still good. So, yesterday many of you were speculating about the Lainey blind regarding a guy who lost his virginity through the back door of a an older woman. Last night I got an e-mail from my most reliable source. The way this person heard the story is as follows: It was not the back door, but was oral sex. Also, the person many of you speculating as the woman is not the correct woman. The person who gave the oral sex has been in the news a lot in the past few days and is much more age appropriate, although it would still be illegal in some states which is why the tabloids have been hesitant to publish. The person everyone is guessing for the recipient is correct.
Justin Bieber/Demi Lovato

11. BLIND GOSSIP 11/03
This female talk show host clearly has issues with weight. Her own weight has varied over the years, and she regularly admires and comments on the bodies of thin guests when she greets them ("Look how tiny your waist is!"). She doesn’t say anything about the appearance of regular-sized or plus-sized guests. Well, not to their face, anyway. A recent show was supposed to feature a cooking segment with a celebrity chef. Before the show started, the host cattily commented to a few staffers that the chef looked a lot heavier than last time, and puffed out her cheeks to illustrate the point. She then said how glad she was that the chef had packed on the pounds, and gleefully exclaimed how tiny she would look by comparison. The chef somehow heard about this, and balked at doing the segment with the host. To avert disaster, the producers tried to equalize the situation by dressing the host in bigger, baggier clothing and the chef in slimmer, more form-fitting clothing, but the chef was still unhappy. After much negotiation, the producers subbed in another host for that particular segment. The first host refused to apologize, saying it wasn’t her fault that the chef had gotten fat. She then tried to justify her remarks by stating that the only reason she had mentioned the chef’s weight in the first place because she was "genuinely concerned about the chef’s health". Sure.
Kelly Ripa/Nigella Lawson

12. BUZZFOTO 11/04
The B/A list star who started in television and now is a big film actor is a gigantic fan of anime and loves cosplay. (Kind of appropriate since he was in a super hero movie.) He is terribly embarrassed by it and doesn’t want anyone to know, but goes to one or two conventions every year and poses with fans wearing a mask. James Franco

It is like visiting old friends with this couple. I don't recall off hand if it was in the most recent reveals or in the January reveals, but I revealed that John Mayer was having a fling with a married woman. I don't recall how I described her in the past, so if you can find the old blind perhaps this description combined with the other will help put it all together. She is a celebrity. You could almost call her a reality star except for the fact that what she does is real television. In her insulated world she would be considered A list and is certainly very popular and this would be a huge shock to most people. Now, you might be wondering why I am dredging this up again. Well, what was once just a one time thing now seems to be happening with more regularity. Last month, the couple was spotted trying to be discreet. Here it is in the words of somewhere who was there. Last month I was at a party. I was w/ my boyfriend and another friend and we were on the roof top and we noticed John Mayer hanging w/ a couple of guys towards the back - very incognito. His pal said something to John and then nodded in the direction of ________ who was about 6 ft. away from us. I'm looking @ her when she checked her blackberry and started looking around. I looked back over @ John and he was texting. _________ whispered something to her friend and walked away. Her friend went up to John and said something and then she walked away. John looked like he made a joke because his friends started to giggle. He checked his phone and then walked inside. About 2 minutes later _________ walked out the same door. We didn't think that much about it. I had to use the bathroom but I the line was long so I went to use the bathroom @ the other bar. I walked inside and @ the end of the hallway there was John and ________. They didn't see me @ all. They were in deep conversation and standing right up against each other while John was rubbing her tummy w/ his index finger while she was holding his other hand. I had to pee bad so I left. I came back and saw them w/ their backs to me. It looked like they were kissing but kinda hard to tell. I went back to the party and told my bf. _________ came back in a few minutes later and grabbed her friend and they left.
Giada Laurentiis

This Oscar Winner is feeling out of the loop with her other peers. Her hawty attitude has turned a lot of people off, and they have no desire to work with her. Mo'Nique

It's a good thing Super-Duper Cooper, whose bedroom habits stink to high heaven, is pretty hot. Otherwise, what you're about to read would be virtually impossible to fathom. I mean, kinky sex is one thing, but totally debauched, gross-out nooky with an ever grosser-looking partner would be just beyond hideous, right? Still, babes, hold off on eating your lunch ‘cause what you're fixing to read, about what Super's been up to, will probably make you want toss your cookies: Coop, who still manages to bed all the good-looking gals he can find (despite claiming the opposite), recently stayed at his fave deluxe Vegas hotel. The place was used to catering to Cooper's starry ways: Women constantly in and out of his room, the suite always left a mess, etc. Nobody ever said anything, discretion is this celeb hang's policy! But that was before. After Super-Duper's most recent stay, he left behind a gift. It was a bag, actually. The housekeeper found it. She opened it up, thinking she'd get a delightful, vicarious big-celebrity thrill, getting a look at the fancy stuff before, of course, returning it to management so Super could retrieve his forgotten goodies. Well, guess what she found? A bunch of s--t. Literally. Now, technically, they were crap-covered bed linens (which, clearly, Coop was planning on throwing out, but forgot). But listen up, the predominant ingredient in that damn bag was overwhelmingly made of human feces. With a nice chaser of dried seminal fluid, just to top things off nicely. Now, Super, you bizarro perv, we already knew you were into sex-with-poop, but the thing we don't get—like at all—is where the hell do you find these chicks who participate in the stinky stuff, too? Are they really into it, or do they just play along (and hold their noses)? Or are we just boring old vanilla-sex types, and is fornication with turds the new black? Are we that behind with the latest trends? Do tell, Super! Tweet us an answer, pronto, por favor! At any rate, the Vegas joint's concierges are at a loss as to what they're going to say to Super next time he books a room. May we suggest: "So very sorry we can't accommodate you, Mr. Cooper, but unfortunately, we're as full as your bowels." And It Ain't: Justin Timberlake, Kanye West, Colin Farrell.
John Mayer

16. BUZZFOTO 11/05
A/B list actress, dating a C list star. The two were recently photographed together. One has a movie coming out soon. She just slept with his best friend. He forgives her because she was drunk and he sleeps around all the time with his costar.

A/B list actress:
C list star:
best friend:

#1 - This former almost A list female television actress and now a struggling C+ movie actress has been trying to get some good roles again. Her plan? She has been sleeping with different agents, producers and directors on an almost nightly basis.
Debra Messing

#2 & 3- This B+ television actor from a hit cable show almost got fired despite the fact he is the biggest star on the show. The reason? He grabbed the breast of the wife of the creator of the show. Twice. He claimed both times he was drunk and slipped. Actor: Thomas Jane
Show: "Hung"

#4 - This breakout star of the hottest reality show on right now, refuses to talk to castmates unless he is getting paid or filming. He has also hired a staff and has started doing blow more frequently. The Situation "Jersey Shores"

17. BLIND GOSSIP 11/05
This rumored couple-of-the-moment isn’t really a couple. They’re actually just spending time together and rehearsing for an upcoming film in which they’re going to be playing a couple. But they are both popular celebrities – and they do make a good-looking pair – so their time together will make for some really great photo ops. And while there is nothing romantic going on, don’t expect them to let up on the photo ops. They both have projects coming out, she enjoys the publicity, and he won’t say no to anything that diverts from rumors about him being gay (even though he is looking for a new boyfriend right now).
Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively; Taylor Lautner and Lily Collins; Paul Walker and Jordana Brewster

18. BUZZFOTO 11/08
This seemingly sweet and fresh-faced young actress who can also sing is heading the way other troubled stars. After allegedly getting pregnant by a much older man and having a hush-hush abortion, the poor starlet can’t get over the whole affair and has turned to hard partying and drugs to forget.
Miranda Cosgrove

He likes his sex unconventional. Some would call it experimental, certainly vigorous, and definitely physical. Maybe too physical. Mixing pain into his pleasure, and cutting very, very close to a dangerous line is taking its toll on his body. He shows up with strange bruises, the next week it’s a minor fracture, his neck has been strained, sometimes there’s a knee brace, the shoulder’s been fucked up for a while, and his back is a chronic issue too. The excuse of course is that he’s active, that he exercises, he’s sporty, and that’s true, yes, but the injuries are not sustained while playing pickup, no, not at all. The injuries happen when he’s doing his business with his steady girl, a willing and capable participant. His doctor is aware of what’s been ailing him, and WHY it’s ailing him. Helps when he can. But he’s been urged to take it easy because lately it’s been getting too rough. Especially with insurance and medicals and all that kind of paperwork, it’s hard to explain away the cuts and sprains, the little accidents that seem to be occurring with increasing frequency. He’s so into it, and he gets so off on it, it’s hard from him to curtail his fun. But they all agree, at least it’s been the case in the past, that when it’s time to get to work, he manages to keep his freak under control.
George Clooney

I don't know if you will ever get the first person in this blind, but he is a celebrity. He is a gay actor/singer and bff of one of the biggest A list female singers in the world right now. Anyway, a few years ago our celebrity was involved in a relationship with this A list movie actor. Not just a fling, but a real relationship. Not living together, but it was still a relationship. Anyway, it ended a few years ago after our A list actor went from mainly (with one exception) obscure small roles to international stardom. Our celebrity says there was so much pressure on the relationship from so many different people and agents and managers it just could not survive.
HINT: The A list actor is foreign born and is probably down to A- now. He also has a tenuous connection to Josh Lucas
Gay actor/singer: Markus Molinari
A list female singer: Katy Perry

A list movie actor: Robert Pattinson
Connection to Josh Lucas

21. BLIND GOSSIP 11/08
This strait-laced former sitcom actor was at a restaurant/bar with his wife. A fan walked up to him and asked for his autograph. He held up his hand to shush the fan and said, "Shh, we’re listening to this song." The actor and his wife then held hands and swayed back and forth with their eyes half-closed and sang along with tears spilling down his cheeks. The fan had to awkwardly stand there and wait until the end of the song. The whole situation was so bizarre that it was all the fan and the onlookers could do to keep from laughing during the emotionally cloying performance. The song they were singing was "The Rose" by Bette Midler. The actor in question has started focusing his life in another way away from acting. And no, he won’t be singing for a living. Especially songs by a gay icon like Bette Midler. Because, to him, being gay is a sin, and as long as he keeps denying his own sexuality, he is being righteous.
Kirk Cameron

Men are dawgs, period, plain and simple. It's a familiar refrain heard ‘round the Awful Truth, so get used to it. Take Altar-Ego Salami, for example. He's an arguably handsome man of some fame (and talent) who fairly recently got married—or engaged, we're not saying, sorry! But let's put it this way: The announcement of said fact was splashed heartily across many a celeb site. You know how we goss types are, right? We just get wet in the keyboard whenever something like that goes down. Only thing that gets us more excited is when all that domestic lovey stuff goes wrong, right? Oh, yeah! And Altar-Ego is already cheating right and friggin' left on his unsuspecting honey, which is just colossally unbelievable, if you ask us, because Salami is being pretty sloppy about his horning around. He's doing it in very visible, highly desirable hotels. You know, places where lotsa celebs go. And who else goes to places like that? People who love to talk about people who go to places like that! In other words, it's hardly been a secret that AES has been going in and out of his suites more than his lady companions. He's not being discreet about it. Or quiet. And the stupid girl who's marrying (or just married) Mr. S thinks she's met the lover of her life. Well, maybe she has, but she's also met the lover of many other babes' lives. Good thing the arrogant (stupid) prick didn't plan for a prenup—this way, his put-upon woman can sue the tight pants off him later on! It Ain't: Nick Lachey, David Annable, Nick Cannon.

23. BLIND GOSSIP 11/09
Everyone is an actor in this one (although some have multiple talents). Boy A and Girl A have been a fake couple for more than a year. Boy B and Girl B have been a real couple for many years. Boy A and Girl B recently worked on a project together in which they were pretending to be a couple. Except that after a while they were not longer pretending. Boy A now regularly spends overnight sexy time at Girl B’s house. Girl A is annoyed, because – while her breakup with Boy A is inevitable – she has no control over him when they aren’t scheduled for a photo op. Boy B, on the other hand, is back home on the opposite coast and has no idea what’s going on.

Boy A: Justin Timberlake
Girl A: Jessica Biel
Boy B: Macauley Culkin
Girl B: Mila Kunis

24. BUZZFOTO 11/09
Recently ‘let go’ from this television show, this star is now desperate to make money and is complaining to anyone who will listen about being out of a job. Aside from all of his other behavior that led to his firing, maybe he shouldn’t have emailed pictures of his genitals to producers of the show under the caption, "Wants an audition with your asshole." Classy. David Hasselhoff

25. BLIND GOSSIP 11/10
This woman thinks she will soon be toplining a television show. However, she is being a pain in the ass, and early-stage discussions with the production team are not going well. She is getting so tied up in the silly, fussy details that she is annoying everyone. For example, she spent one full hour of a meeting arguing about how she would or wouldn’t style her hair for the show (Blonde, brunette or redhead? Short, medium or long? Curly, wavy or straight?). What about wardrobe? Accessories? Girl can talk a blue streak. She already has more than one person in the cast/crew rolling their eyes at her micro-management of the details.
Jennifer Lopez "American Idol"

26. BUZZFOTO 11/10
This person isn’t really a "Hollywood Celebrity" but we heard the gossip and thought we’d pass it along anyway. This man is a religious leader from a prominent family. He has a gigantic following of people who listen to his fiery sermons and pay him lots of money. What his congregation would be surprised to know is that he has more than one mistress, and he treats them each terribly. The rumor is one woman was pregnant with his child and he made her terminate the pregnancy at home, so no one would know.
 Richard Roberts; Benny Hinn; Will Graham; Robert Schuller, Jr.; T.D. Jakes

I have to say when I heard this I felt really bad for the husband because you know his friends always have said he is not good looking enough to marry this woman. Anyway, this former A list television actress who has been in a couple of big shows but since then, not a whole lot of anything still has almost A list name recognition even if the acting list is down to B-. Anyway, she is married and has been having an affair with a guy who uses the actress to get people to commit to his projects which inevitably lose all their money. In total contrast to the image she portrays to the world, our actress has been happy to be by this guy's side despite his nefariousness, because he has been loading her up with gifts and jewelry.
Alyssa Milano

Which red-hot female star of an ensemble comedy has turned into quite the diva? An on-set source tells Star the actress believes she is the real draw of the show, and has been demanding more screen time and a better wardrobe — thus disrupting the cast’s family dynamic.
Sofia Vergara "Modern Family"

29. POPBITCH 11/11
Girls' Gone Wild sleazeball, Joe Francis, got hitched at his house in Mexico this weekend, with a celebrity-filled party. One of the guests told us that there wasn't any shortage of top quality cocaine around as another guest, who only travels by private jet, brought a huge bag full. The private jet lover is a top Hollywood agent whose client list includes two A-list actresses known for their extreme thinness and controversial love-lives. Wonder if this is why he's so popular.
Kevin Huvane/Sarah Jessica Parker; Nicole Kidman; Renee Zellweger; Kate Hudson

30. BUZZFOTO 11/11
On Halloween, this C list actress/singer was so drunk at a club, she mistakenly took a group of men dressed as sailors for the real thing. She followed the four men back to their hotel room, because they joked they were servicemen on leave with a weekend pass, and she slept with all four (several times). She’s been bragging for a few weeks now that she’s slept with "some cute Navy guys" but really they were just four college kids in costume. We’d like to point out that our source says one of the guys was even dressed as "Popeye" but that didn’t seem to matter to the actress, she’s quite proud of herself for serving her country. Adrienne Ballion; Leighton Meester; Ashanti

This sexy Actor with the British accent is going to have to be more careful with his public image. He recently had a baby with a young woman and promptly dumped her.
Idris Elba and Desiree

Just goes to show you that a-holes hang around other a-holes. This former A list female reality star was out with her celebrity sister who is not really a reality star. Anyway, the pair ran up a $2000 bar tab and did not even bother leaving a tip. That is not the truly awful part though. The awful part was that their greasy companion was with them. He was abusive to the staff, asked one waitress if her pussy was wet at the sight of his greasiness and grabbed her and several other waitresses on to his lap. The reality star and her sister did nothing to stop him. The manager of the place was told about it and he did nothing either. Disgusting.
Paris, Niki and Brandon ‘Greasy Bear’ Davis

It's really gotten to be one of the most vicious, Catch-22 romantic situations in Hollywood: poor Toothy Tile's love life. Last we heard, Tinseltown's most notoriously closeted actor last gave his fake-beard ways another whirl—and not in the classiest of ways, either. Hmmm. Wonder if that chick-patrolling Toothy was up to could be a habit he picked up... While cruising for guys in West Hollywood? In dark, public places? We think this just might be an affirmative assumption on our part! Only because not only do old habits die hard (Toothy loves doing it anyplace except a bed, remember?), but it's clear Tooth's recently amped-up, PR chick-dating has made him hungrier than usual for his natural inclination: dudes. Near the Sunset Strip, Tooth was recently standing not that far from a popular gay club. He was by himself, in the alley in between two darkly lit buildings. A super-cute guy a little younger than Mr. Tile walked by. The young brown-haired guy knew the drill: If he was interested, turn back around. Which he did. Very nervously, he went up to Toothy, knowing exactly who he was. Toothy replied, "Hey." "Hey," responded cute boy, barely audible. The wholesome-looking dude added, "How' going?" "Great," said Toothy, who moved further back into the blackness of the alley, somewhere near the—gasp!—trash bins. He placed one hand on his growing crotch, which was not insignificant at this point. Toothy's man-choice for the night reluctantly took one step toward Toothy, and then he stepped back. It wasn't so much that he had a boyfriend at home he was thinking about, but it was more so the faint smell of eau de refuse that was making him hesitate. He just couldn't go through with it. He bolted, practically hitting himself the whole way home. And yes, this really did happen. All 18 tales of our Toothy archives have indeed gone down. As it were. And It Ain't: Matt Lanter, Ralph Fiennes, Joseph Fiennes.
Archive: Toothy Tile

Going back to the 90's for this one and one of my favorite movies. Anyway, back when this movie was shot, this current A+ list female always movies actress still had to audition. So, she did for this comedy but did not get the role. Why? In a very, very brief audition our actress broke down three times crying and screaming. The producers called her "bat shit crazy." So, instead the role went to an unknown who was deemed by the producers as "dumber than a box of rocks," but has worked her way up to a B+ lister who has always been in movies. Oh, and some videos.
#1 - Movie: Empire Records
#2 - A+ lister: Angelina Jolie
#3 - B+ lister: Liv Tyler

35. BLIND GOSSIP 11/12
Many people celebrate a birthday with a big party, and this young actress is no exception. It started out with dinner with family and friends. Then dancing and drinking. Everyone was having a good time, and all the fun was legal. The evening wore on and the grown ups went home. Our young star starting inhaling lots of white powder. She then went back to the hotel for a private after-party party. For just her and two guests. At the same time. One female and one male. Yes, our girl is bisexual and she wanted a special gift for her birthday. The female was an underage actress she has worked and played with in the past, and the male was just a random cute guy at the party. Our girl is shockingly hardcore for someone so young. She loves threesomes, girl-on-girl, and the back door… and she is aware that all of this is on film. Her bosses have recently become aware that this film exists, and if it goes public, she is so totally getting fired from her current gig. Shenae Grimes

36. BUZZFOTO 11/13
This pretty, 30-something actress may profess to be proud of her heritage in the press but we know this: several years ago she had extensive skin bleaching done in Europe. We don’t know why she did this, she wasn’t a dog to begin with. Eva Longoria Parker

37. BUZZFOTO 11/15
Two costars, from a hit new show that debuted this year, come from similar backgrounds. They are finding they actually have a lot in common both intellectually and historically. The common ground is turning their off-screen (romantic) relationship into a dangerous one as the male is secretly very violent. He has a gigantic temper and the female has been victim of abuse more than once.

This B- list television actor from a very hit network crime show recently had a birthday. He took advantage of the whole having a party in a Las Vegas club and getting paid. Well, part of the deal was that our actor wanted some strippers for some private lap dances. The club set it up but did not tell the women who they would be dancing for. They probably should have so that way our actor would not have had to see his sister coming in to give him a lap dance.

39. BLIND GOSSIP 11/15
Everybody loves this actress with the famous name. That’s why we’re sorry to report that she has a really big problem. Although she has been through rehab, she thinks she is mature enough now to drink in moderation. Wrong. According to some folks on the set of her new film, she has been getting falling-down drunk every night for the past few weeks. One especially bizarre episode last week started out with her drinking and begging the bartender repeatedly for a tuna sandwich to share with her "baby". Every few minutes, she would lean over the bar, slurring her words. "Do you know my baby, baby, baby? Do you have some tuna fish for my baby, baby?" Turns out that her "baby" is her dog. She got so drunk that she wound up on the floor of the hotel bar, a bucket between her knees as she vomited. Gross.
Drew Barrymore

This new romance is based less on love then good old financial convenience. Our athlete was tired of paying by the hour or day so decided to pay this celebrity by the month. Both are very happy.
Michael Phelps and Brittny Gastineau

41. BUZZFOTO 11/16
This B List singer who has been in the press lately, had her cat declawed recently and refused to pay the extra money for the pain medication. Her friends were mortified when she told them, to which she replied, "It’s just a cat." Avril Lavigne

42. BLIND GOSSIP 11/16 **#1**
There is a performer whose shows are consistently sold out even in this economy. Although he does not perform completely solo, he is certainly the person that fans come to see. While he seems like he would be a pretty cool and tolerant guy, he is actually very short-tempered. He has a foul mouth on him, and doesn’t think twice about completely reaming someone out in front of others if they disappoint him. When a new member of the road crew recently mixed up some cables, he loudly directed one of the staff people to "go over there and ride that stupid n*’s ass until he gets it right." Then he stormed off the stage and holed himself up in his trailer for more than hour. And, no, he wasn’t thought to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol when he said that.
Jon Bon Jovi

43. BLIND GOSSIP 11/16 **#2**
Don’t believe the publicist’s denials and the retractions. Even though Shorty and Stretch always look so happy together, the marriage is totally over. Shorty is making noise about filing, but it’s a little late, if you ask us. Stretch has already exited the relationship. This is going to be a very public, very noisy, and very expensive divorce. Because while he’s not quite Tiger Woods, Stretch was unfaithful with several partners during the marriage, and made them a lot of promises he didn’t keep. One of these desperate lovers is already talking to an attorney about speaking out about their affair. We’ll start preparing the new matrix.
Eva Longoria and Tony Parker

44. THE GLOSS 11/16
What blonde actress spent all of the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part One premiere last night trying unsuccessfully to hit on Rupert Grint? Our behind the scenes gossip wonders if perhaps the actress was trying to make herself feel better after recently losing out on a coveted movie role.
Blake Lively "The Great Gatsby"

Turns out Blind Vice vixen Priscilla Desert isn't as trampy as some of you think. Sure, she hasn't exactly kept the best male company (much to the dismay and spin control of her team) but don't you dare label her slutty by association! You wanna know why? Yes, Priscilla Desert is... Still a virgin! (Pals close to Priscilla let this slip after a few too many cocktails, so the apple doesn't fall far from her friends!). Now, to those of you who don't live in Hollywood where practically everyone keeps a legs wide open policy, this may not seem shocking for a girl of her age. But it is. It really is. Especially because other chicks who grew up in the spotlight like Me-Me Dallas or Darla Jones certainly cannot say the same. Humping in trailers is so not P.D.'s thang. Now Pris's bearding to Parrish Maguire makes a little more sense. Fauxmance's always serve a purpose, but since she isn't getting it anywhere else of course she doesn't mind the PR sham. Being attached to hotties in this business benefits her too, ya know. Guess that also tells us that despite the fact Miss P throws 'em back, she never gets too out of control to lose track of her clothes. We find this very respectable! And way cute. Guess her good girl image isn't totally a sham. Now ditch the losers honey and find real love that you say you desperately want! Here's hoping that once you get a taste of something good (we mean true love people, duh), you never go back to bearding. And It Ain't: Blake Lively, Nikki Reed, Emily Osment.
Priscilla Desert: Taylor Swift
Parrish Maguire: Taylor Lautner

46. BUZZFOTO 11/17
Today’s Blind is brought to you by the letters T & A and a rising star who represents both quite well. The only sad thing is, she’s being cheated on by her supposed loyal lover. At least one time that we know about, although there could be more. Stay tuned for press to follow when he slips up again.

More familial sex fun today. Despite his B- list pop singer son being a minor, there is nothing this dad likes more to do than pay for his son to have escorts each night they are on the road together. He thinks it will make the son a real man. The dad is very worried about that and wonders why his son has yet to have sex with any of the escorts. The dad does though. Yes, the same ones who just spent an hour with the son.
David Archuleta

48. BUZZFOTO 11/18
This D List TV actor (not from MTV) claims to be a supporter of gay rights but allegedly goes on gay dating sites and bullies everyone on there. He leaves hateful posts, slurs, and threats and has been banned from at least two very well known sites. We don’t understand why he takes it upon himself to sign up an account to not just two sites, but over 35 site where he can bully people for being gay. Not right!

This TV Personality is tired of being nice. In an effort to revamp her career, she tried the nice card, but no one was interested. Now in her latest TV gig, she is back to being mean and nasty. She wants the headlines, and we will see it all unfold in January.
Star Jones; Omarosa "Celebrity Apprentice"

50. POPBITCH 11/18
We've mentioned seeing this Hollywood blonde hoovering up a huge line of gak at a fashion week party before. New York party hosts say they don't see that so much these days. She's moved on to heroin.
Kristen Dunst

I don't know if this was a pickup line or if it is actually true, but this almost A list movie star in a huge franchise confessed to two women at a recent party that he was a virgin. Hmmm. He said he was looking for the right woman. This guy could have just about anyone he wants so I don't know. It might explain a certain break up not too long ago.
Taylor Lautner (Taylor Swift)

52. BLIND GOSSIP 11/18
Backup dancers on a concert tour usually get to know the main performer/s very well. However, it wasn’t until the end of the tour that some backup dancers discovered a secret about this A-List pop star. She wears rather large chicken cutlets all day, every day. They found out when she nonchalantly pulled them out of her trademark revealing stage outfit in front of a group of dancers and stagehands. Just casually pulled them out in full view of everyone, and then stood there talking to people with her breasts in her hands.
Lady GaGa

This couple has provided us with a few of our favorite Blind Vice's. Who doesn't love some kinky fun? As their relationship is quite unconventional, Secretia Ohio and Chester Shorts-Off are dangerously close to figuring out the perfect sinful Hollywood partnership. Everyone in this skanky town cheats, so why not do it together? But open relationships only work for so long…
The Perps: Secretia Ohio and Chester Shorts-Off:
Primary Vice: Swingers:
Blind Bio: This couple has been known to hit up certain swinger parties in the Hollywood Hills together. Sex on the side for both Secretia and Ohio is totally okay since they're apart a lot, but emotional cheating is never allowed. And, sure enough, trouble started brewing when Ms. Ohio started fooling around more than Chester preferred…so he emotionally checked out.
Starred In:
Blind Vice: Celeb Swingers Get It On!
Blind Vice: Are Secretia and Chester Getting Sloppy?
And Secretia Ain't: Angelina Jolie, Brooke Mueller, Elin Woods, Kelly Preston, Vanessa Bryant, Vanessa Paradis.
And Chester Ain't: Brad Pitt, Charlie Sheen, John Travolta, Johnny Depp, Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods.

54. BLIND GOSSIP 11/18 **#2**
This professional athlete, who is based on the coast, is having an affair. What makes this interesting is that the athlete is supposedly very happy in his marriage. And he is cheating on his wife with someone they both know. His teammate. Yes, a man. We actually didn’t know that the athlete had any interest in batting for the other team, so this is totally coming out of left field.

55. BUZZFOTO 11/19
This very classy A-lister who is older is estranged with her sister. It’s because she, the A-lister has slept with her sister’s first and second husbands!

Swinging Sex Play Gets Super-Sticky for Celeb Couple: As we told you a while ago, Secretia Ohio and Chester Shorts-Off were developing a couple of cracks in their very liberal (and licentious) love agreement. And we're not just talking random butt crack, babes. Nope, Secretia was becoming a bit careless in her private hookups, even though the two had agreed to have an open relationship—which often included swinging orgy sex. How psychedelic '60s, love it! However, Chester was not at all pleased with his gal's borderline-public liaisons with other men, so he decided to... Start being indiscrete himself! And handsome Chester (who, if you ask us, isn't quite the hunk-muffin so many folks say he is, but whatever) did his sex-hungry honey one better: He started getting emotionally attached to his sex partners. Going out, having lunch and dinner, you know, hanging. OMG, the nerve Chester had to not just have sex with these women! And anything that went beyond the bedroom, Secretia had warned, would always be considered the ultimate no-no numero uno. People are such idiots, really. Do they think multiple orgasms with multiple partners isn't going to eventually lead to some kind of psychological—if not affectionate—connection between the players? Dumb, dumb, dumb. But Chester was pretty dumb himself when he thought Secretia would just lie back and take his one-upmanship. Hardly this bitch's style. So Ms. Ohio is currently deciding her options. Does she dump Chester and demand a bigass piece of his financial pie in the process—and risk exposing her own sexual goings-on in the process? Or does she stay with Chester and make the best of it? But plan C, which involves only Chester being hung out to dry—for an agreed-upon monetary arrangement between the two cheaters, of course—would probably be far more likely. It Ain't: Kevin and Christine Costner, Nicole Richie and Joel Madden, Michelle and Barack Obama.
Chester and Secretia's Blind Vice Archive!

#1 - This A list television comedic actor who has done lots of movies sweats so much while having sex that he has multiple layers of towels on his bed.
Alec Baldwin

#2 - This Twilight actor gets lots of sex. The thing is, he is a big germophobe so he insists on the women he sleeps with do not kiss him and wear surgical gloves. Yeah, sounds fun. Kellan Lutz

#3 - This C+ list actor who made his fame on a hit cable show turned movie franchise has a penis so small that he only hires people to have sex with him and they have to say how large he is. Jason Lewis "Sex and the City"

#4 - This B+ list actress from a hit network medical drama had a boyfriend. They went out. It came time to have sex, and she made her boyfriend dress up like one of the male characters on her show. Sandra Oh "Grey's Anatomy"

58. BLIND GOSSIP 11/19
There’s some controversy on a popular reality show right now about whether or not politics may be influencing the results. Now there is a very, very famous political figure who wants to be on a popular reality show so badly that they are in discussion with producers and network executives about the possibility of doing so. While the politico’s participation would absolutely send ratings through the roof, the execs are debating whether or not the show would then become more about politics than entertainment. As incentive for the execs to swing their way, the politico has offered to pay them a cool million to participate.
Show: Dancing with the Stars
Network: ABC
Politico: Bill Clinton; Sarah Palin

59. BUZZFOTO 11/22
These two television stars recently announced their split. What they didn’t say was why they ended their off-screen romance. It is because the male actor continues to go around the set groping the other female actresses in the cast. He’s done that since the beginning of their relationship, but after a while, she was fed up, asked him to stop and when he wouldn’t, she ended it.
Penn Badgley/Blake Lively

Last night, these two male, British celebrities hooked up at an AMA after party. No big deal really except for the fact that bother are married to women.

Which blonde reality star is taking LibiGel, the female equivalent of Viagra, to stimulate her libido? After two kids and tons of work projects, she has little sex drive. Now she’s found a solution to keep herself and her husband happy, even though he doesn’t know.
Tori Spelling

Rich Celeb Likes to Watch Boys Man Their Rockets: Never really understood the more voyeuristic side of Hollywood, like Petered Metered, the Hollywood star who lives to watch porn or gay boys doing it in front of him in his big lux Los Angeles mansion. Operative words being in front of him. Not with him. Excuse me? Maybe this is something the equally rich—and equally seasoned—Prince Horebart Hairplug can understand? I dare say he can, as Horey lives to... Corral all the good-looking young men he can find, just so they can strip down and screw right in front of him! And keep in mind, we're talkin' young (though not underage), sweethearts. A little baby-fat never hurt Hairplug's libido. In fact, just the opposite. And before you ask what does Prince—whose multi-talented reputation reaches many entertainment venues—hear from his partner while he's off watching all this rosy-cheeked fornication, just know it's most likely, "Enjoy!" I swear, what is it with these celebrity couples who allow each other to cheat and then naively expect everything to just keep on keepin' on after the fact. Stupid! Or not. Prince and his much younger other half have been together for some time, so maybe this open-relationship stuff does work for a select few? Perhaps. Still, what's far more perplexing to us is what's the point of all this vicarious sex stuff? Why the hell not actually partake in all the supple fun? Oh, I get it—by not touching, do these horny idiots actually think they're not cheating? That would just be classic. It Ain't: Matthew McConaughey, Patrick Wilson, Prince.
Elton John

63. BUZZFOTO 11/23
These celebrity BFF’s have a problem but only one of them knows it. Only one thinks they’re good friends, but the other is trying to extricate herself from the relationship but is really too nice to do it to her face. It’s bound to get out soon because we’re hearing about it. Katy Perry and Rihanna

These two married, but not to each other, national cable news anchors, not only share a network, they also share a bed as often as possible.
Joe Scarborough/Mika Brzezinski (I forgot I had this blind until I saw it today. it just goes to show how long their relationship has been going on. Years sooner than anyone ever reported it)

65. BLIND GOSSIP 11/23
Some actors just push it and push it with their off-screen antics. If you are Charlie Sheen – who is the lead on a successful sitcom that makes a lot of money – you can get away with it. But if you are an unpopular character on a television show that is past its prime, you are replaceable. This young actress has pushed her luck one too many times, and if she has a hard time landing new roles (which she might), she may wind up just having been a flash in the pan. Her character isn’t being killed off, or fired, or even written off. She’s just going to fade away via fewer lines and fewer episodes. The actress is upset about it, but we don’t even know who she can turn to, as she hasn’t made many friends in the industry.
Taylor Momsen

66. BLIND GOSSIP 11/23
Oh baby, baby, baby! Well, to be more precise, no baby and two baby boys. This multi-hyphenate is not pregnant, which isn’t surprising given that she hasn’t had sex with a man in months (including her husband). This reality star isn’t wigging out over her first boy. She is actually thrilled. She’ll never have to worry about money again! And finally, it’s a healthy baby boy who will magically be birthed within the next 48 hours, just in time for the gullible to marvel at the poetic irony of a Thanksgiving arrival.
Christina Aguilera/Kim Zolciak "Real Housewives of Atlanta"/Kelly Preston Travolta

67. BUZZFOTO 11/24
Someday this elderly A-list-in-his-day Actor is going to make some treasure hunters very happy. It is said that he is very paranoid about bankers and accountants and goes two or three times a year to the Las Vegas desert to bury his fortune in a secret spot in the ground. A source reports the man has been doing this for years and the man still gets syndication checks, plus a little new work here and there.
Andy Griffith

This squeaky clean, late night talk show host is cheating on his wife. If you thought the Letterman thing was explosive, you have not seen anything yet.
Jimmy Fallon

Bloated Babe Turns To Booze, Not Babies! We toss around the word celebrity here at Awful Truth, about as loosely as Toothy Tile guards his homosexuality. That said, there's a celeb in town by the name of Lucretia Johnson, whose talent is, uh, questionable, at best. And the poor gal's also currently getting raked over the rumor coals for possibly being preggers. And, trust, in a town that wants to skewer folks (mainly women) for being a half-ounce over weight, that's pretty scandalous stuff. Shouldn't be, but it is. And guess what? Chances are slim to none Lucretia's with child because... Her friends tell us the wayward babe's been "getting sloppy drunk for months." Poor Lucretia has had a bad run of luck with men not exactly being loyal to her, hell, even nice to her. Johnson also has a bad habit of letting these jokers do whatever they want in bed—to sometimes yucky results! Even though L.'s currently found a man who seems to be able to stick around and be decent to her, Lucretia just doesn't believe—deep down inside—it's going to last. So the stacked sweetie drinks and drinks and drinks. No wonder she's lookin' thicker than Levi Johnston's head these days! Lucretia is also—according to her friends who have known her since she was a cheerleader at Happiest Place on Earth High—increasingly concerned that her most unimpressive career is fast approaching the point of becoming a permanent zero. Despite having had a fair amount of on-camera success in the past. Ms. J., who really can sometimes do the cutest little flips with her big mane o' luscious hair, is also totally depressed that her more famous friends are quickly abandoning her, as she's just not the same hot celeb she used to be. Hell, who needs friends like that? Good riddance, we say! Get yourself to an AA meeting, Lucretia. Then you might realize this man you're with now isn't exactly looking out for your best interests, and neither are your avaricious relatives. Sober up and smell the Starbucks, honey. And It Ain't: Bristol Palin, Mo'Nique, Brittny Gastineau.
Jessica Simpson

70. BLIND GOSSIP 11/26
1.) What sexy, dark-haired leading man has been sweating bullets since learning about Charlie Sheen’s embarrassing hotel room drama with porn star Capri Anderson? Turns out this A-list star, currently in a serious relationship, partied with the X-rated actress just a few weeks before Charlie.

2.) What "real Housewife" has an uncontrollable flatulence problem? The stinking rich wife, who has to sneak off camera away from the other wives a few times a day, has been nicknamed "poopy pants" by the crew! Camille Grammar

3.) Which macho major star is paying a heavy price for doing most of his own stunts in his newest action-filled drama? The Oscar winner is having so much back pain, he’s now spending more time with this chiropractor than his wife and kids. Russell Crowe

4.) Which two supermodels-turned-TV-personalities are engaged in a brutal catfight? the older cover girl has been viciously slamming the much-younger pinup to anyone within earshot. Iman and Heidi Klum; Janice Dicksinson and Tyra Banks

5.) What former TV reality show mom is so desperate to hold onto her much younger lover that she’s showering him with gifts and cash? The cougar’s grown children are alarmed about the Casanova boy toy draining the family finances. Linda Hogan

1. This Top Male Model recently ended a long time romance with his baby momma. The Woman was beautiful, but she had man issues. He decided it was best if they parted. He recently befriended a sexy Reality Star. They look good together, but she may be only using him for publicity. She prefers African American men.
Gabriel Aubrey (Halle Berry)/Kim Kardashian

2. This female Singer is the hottest entertainer on the planet, but that still has not stopped her from obsessing about her weight. Now she has lost some weight. She sees her Oscar winning counterpart, who has lost a ton of weight, as a major threat. Beyonce/Jennifer Hudson

Which Hollywood movie star funnyman is hooked on colonics? He’s such a freak about health and hygiene that he has a specialist come to his LA home two to three times a month to perform the body-cleansing procedure.
Ben Stiller

73. BUZZFOTO 11/29
This actress who can sing, with a sister in the business, just got out of a really intense emotional relationship with another female costar from a movie. She’s technically not bisexual, but she could have been, for her actress costar that broke her heart by putting the breaks on their affair.

Veronica's Surgical Secret Revealed! We were expecting to induct Veronica Bee-Stings into our exclusive Blind Vice club when one of her flirt fests with a certain married costar went too far. See, V. is a knockout, that's for sure, and she loves that men want her—especially hunky ones who are already spoken for. And they do, surely. But we're not here to discuss her femme fatal ways. Rather, today's secretive lesson is about all the money that's gone into making Veronica look so very alluring: In other words, are they or aren't they real? We're talking 'bout her knockers, jugs, high-beams, babaloos, whatever you want to call her precious set o' twins. Bee-Stings treasure chest has been a hot topic amongst gossip bloggers ever since her gorgeous tress made her way into Hollywood years ago—and we just happened to stumble upon a stylish colleague of V.'s who knows for sure. Ready for the almighty answer? They're fake, of course! Says Bee-Sting's bestie: "Her weight used to fluctuate before she stopped eating and her boobs always stayed the same exact, perky size." Keep in mind, this pal of Veronica's knew the popular star before her augmentation (among other little tweaks 'n' things). Don't you love how bitchy this town is? Now, we don't find boob jobs particularly that interesting (hello, L.A. is full of them!), but it's just a tad gratifying to know for certain that V. has paid for some of her amazing looks—even though she's famous for protesting otherwise. 'Nic is always blabbing to the press how her body is totally natural and how she can, like, eat whatever she wants and not go to the gym because she's just blessed that way! Well, as natural as you get with a little ta-ta enhancement and, oh ya, fixing that "deviated septum" of hers. But we're not here to judge. Not at all. Veronica certainly can take credit for the fact she has legs for days and hair for weeks. It's just time to translate some of those hard earned looks into, I dunno, real acting parts, maybe? Because the clock is ticking on your 15 minutes of augmented splendor, hon, and we secretly want you to stay around a bit longer. And It Ain't: Emma Stone, Emma Watson, Amanda Bynes.
Blake Lively; Megan Fox

I have written about this couple before, but apparently it is getting to the point where some kind of public announcement is coming. I don't remember how I described them in the past, but one is an openly gay male singer and the other is also male and a singer and is in a heterosexual marriage. Apparently, now that our married singer has ended his most recent tour, he is going to file divorce proceedings soon. He and the other singer are tired of living in the shadows and want to bring their relationship out in the open.

openly gay male singer: Adam Lambert
married singer: Gavin Rossdale

76. BLIND GOSSIP 11/29 **#1**
When Boy and Girl 1 were together, Girl 1 had lots and lots of nasty things to say privately about Girl 2, another celebrity. Since Girl 1 and Girl 2 have never run in the same circles (one is known for film, and the other for television), it was unlikely to ever become more than a running joke between our couple that Girl 2 was a "no-talent" "slut". Well, that is, until they split up. His first public hookup after the split? With Girl 2. To say Girl 1 is furious would be an understatement. The tide has turned, and what started out as an amicable break up has now become an all-out private war that includes lots of screaming matches on the phone about how Girl 1 doesn’t want that "plastic whore" anywhere near their child/ren. For the record, the new relationship is a PR setup. Boy couldn’t care less about Girl 2. He just loves the attention that another relationship brings. And he really, really loves that there is nothing on earth that irritates Girl 1 more.
Boy: Gabriel Autrey
Girl 1: Halle Berry
Girl 2: Kim Kardashian

77. BLIND GOSSIP 11/29 **#2**
The cast of this successful ensemble television show is totally falling apart! Star 1 and Star 2 mistakenly thought that they were the biggest and most irreplaceable stars of the show, and demanded pay raises disproportionate to the rest of the cast. Not only did the producers call their bluff, they threatened to write out their characters if they didn’t back down immediately. As of today, Star 1 and Star 2 aren’t backing down, so the producers have ordered rewritten scripts – including one in which one of their characters is killed off and the other disappears. Star 1 is already in negotiations for a new job with a rival network (which has infuriated the producers even more), and Star 2 is panicking because they don’t have anything else lined up. To make matters worse, if those two go, Star 3 (who didn’t demand a raise) will likely be leaving because they are sure the show will now flop. At least Star 3 has multiple projects already lined up to distract from some relationship issues. Star 4 has nowhere else to go and has been walking around with eyes red from crying for a week. Star 5 is smart enough to keep their mouth shut because this shake out will likely result in them taking over as the main character… which is something the producers planned all along.
"Desperate Housewives"
Star 1: Teri Hatcher
Star 2: Felicity Huffman or Marcia Cross
Star 3: Eva Longoria
Star 4: Felicity Huffman or Marcia Cross
Star 5: Vanessa Williams

78. GOSSIP QUEEN 11/29
1. This rising Oscar nominated actor is quite offbeat. His reps are scared that if his relationships with men get out it will be explosive. Jeremy Renner

2. What currently bankable A/B+ actor has a serious body odor issue? When he's not on set or red carpet he's turning people blue with disgust.

3. What retired athlete who is married to a retired athlete with A-list name recognition is currently cheating? I've seen video. Kristi Yamaguchi and Bret Hedican

4. Expect this babydaddy to continue going on very public 'dates' with younger exotic women. He's lining them up to annoy his A list ex. Gabriel Aubry

5. A-List couple. Both Oscar nominees and/or winners. She ignores his indiscretions. Even public ones. He's HER beard. She's into the fillies. Josh Brolin/Diane Lane

6. This popstar is seeing red. A scorned ex has graphic emails confirming her Craigslist liaisons. Many of them. A disguise only gets u so far. Christina Aguilera

7. Things are about to get real for this D list reality star. Her bf loves shemales. And anal toys. Bigger the better. He has no tight end. There's video of him pleasuring himself as well. Although without his toys. Kim Zolciak/Kroy Biermann

Many, but not enough celebrities help out on Thanksgiving by feeding the homeless or doing some other kind of good deed. This C+ list actress, who has made her first television show a hit network show decided to take her good deed a step further. Not only did she deliver meals to people's homes all day Wednesday and Thursday, but she did so without drawing any attention to herself at all. It was only after people kept recognizing her when she was making deliveries that anyone had any idea she was on a show. The higher-ups in the organization told her she could do something more glamorous or photo op worthy but she refused and just kept delivering meals. She ended up delivering meals to over 100 homes during the two days and also dropped off Christmas presents to the homes she visited who had children.
Monica Raymund

80. BUZZFOTO 11/30
There have been some rumors of this B List-in-his-day, aging actor and an ongoing cocaine problem. We know the source of the rumors started with his frequent trips to the bathroom during events and parties. Those are silly explanations for what is really a bladder problem due to some blood pressure medications. The man just has to go!

81. BLIND GOSSIP 11/30
We’ve talked about the strategy of casting reality shows before, and we’ve got another story for you. A certain Star’s Parent 1 wanted to do a reality show. Frankly, the only reason any producer would be remotely interested in Parent 1 is because they share the last name of the Star. Well, Star’s Parent 2 found out about this, and quickly convinced the Star that Parent 1 is being incredibly selfish, and that it would be much smarter for the Star themselves to do a reality show – without Parent 1- to bolster their own popularity (which has admittedly waned over the years). Parent 2's argument is that if a big audience really gets to know the Star as intelligent, likable, dedicated and serious about their career, it will be much easier for Star to get back on track toward being famous for their talent, rather than their off-screen antics. Although the Star initially didn’t like the idea at all, they are now warming up to it. Without telling Parent 1, Star and Parent 2 started negotiating on behalf of the Star. The producers of the show are thrilled, but Parent 1 is absolutely furious, and has engaged in more than one screaming match with Parent 2 over it. Parent 1 can’t believe that their authority and influence is being usurped, and that they have been completely undermined by Parent 2. Meanwhile, Parent 2 is telling friends that they are now in control of the Star, and that they will make a decision about the reality show by next Friday. By the way, the Star is an adult, not a child.
Star: Lindsay Lohan
Parent 1: Dina Lohan
Parent 2: Michael Lohan

This A+ list director with A list name recognition has always been a little out there. It seems that he goes through women very quickly. The reason? He has a foot fetish that is way over the top and most women run fast fast away as soon as he tells them what he wants to do.
Quentin Tarantino

83. BUZZFOTO 12/01
This now very successful actress who can sing grew up as a child star. She told our source about a time when she was a young girl and was so tired she wanted to take a break from acting and take a nap. Her parents refused and worked her until she was cranky and crying. The parents were so upset by her refusal to work, they took her in the car, drove her to the nearest mall and left her there in the parking lot. Because it was cold where they were filming, she sat inside a department store dressing room and cried until a woman finally found her, contacted security, who contacted her parents. The parents showed up two hours after security called, grabbed their daughter, and took her back to the set. In spite of being so tired, she was so terrified of being abandoned again, she went back to work and didn’t complain.

Which musically-inclined actor secretly enjoys watching gay porn? He’s straight — and has dated some of Hollywood’s biggest starlets — but there’s something about watching two guys together that turns him on. As for his long-term girlfriend, she knows about his impressive gay porn collection, and she doesn’t mind.
Justin Timberlake

85. BLIND GOSSIP 12/02
This multi-hyphenate endured some very dark years of emotional and physical abuse (including beatings) from her cheating spouse. Stressed and lonely, for a time she even turned to drugs. Although she usually speaks positively of him in public, she has shared the real story with a few people recently. Her career flourished after she divorced him, and she’s been a successful working girl ever since.
Robin Wright Penn

This Football Star had the perfect payback for his Reality Star ex….she recently clowned him on her family reality show. Now he plans on marrying a woman who looks a lot like her. The reality star is going to be pissed. She was hoping he would marry her.
Reggie Bush/Kim Kardashian

87. BUZZFOTO 12/02
This British actor known for his diverse range of theater, film and television productions made a cult favorite movie in the 80's that didn’t do so well in the box office. He revealed recently he once had a sordid, "experimental" affair with a straight actor he worked with on that film. It was a short-lived romantic relationship, but the two remain good friends to this day. Tim Curry "Clue"

What do you do when your network reality star fiancee lets it be known to a very very wealthy businessman that she could be persuaded to dump her current fiancee if the businessman was to make her an offer. Oh, and she did it while her fiancee was 15 feet away.
Karina Smirnoff

89. THE GLOSS 12/02
What actor from an award-winning ensemble TV show might need some help in the hygiene department? When a reporter showed up at his LA home to interview him, she wasn’t sure if the stench was from the actor’s lack of bathing or copious weed smoking.
Jason Segel; Vincent Kartheiser

90. BUZZFOTO 12/03
This actress who is out of town promoting a film about to be released that she has a small part in, has already battled substance abuse and now is about to tackle a new challenge: motherhood. The troubled star hooked up with a random guy at a bar before leaving to promote the film and is now pregnant. She will probably say when the news comes out that the baby belongs to her boyfriend. It doesn’t and couldn’t since the two haven’t slept together in six months. Winona Ryder; Eva Mendes

#1 & #2 - This idiot star of this almost networks few hit shows decided that he wanted to liven up a recent cast party. He spiked the punch they were using in a beer bong with roofies. Yeah. Fortunately he told everyone after only one person had done a bong and that person was fine. Nothing happened to our actor because he is the lead male on the show.
#1 - actor:
#2 - show:

#3 - This B+ male actor on a CSI show has a loaded gun he keeps in plain view in his trailer. He loves showing it off. The problem is he drinks so much he shakes when he shows it off and scares the hell out of everyone. Laurence Fishburne

#4 - On that same almost network from #1, there is an even more popular show. They had a female in a recurring role who is a B- list actress known for movies and television. She tried to have a production assistant fired because he came in her trailer without removing his shoes. Michelle Trachtenberg "Gossip Girl"

92. BLIND GOSSIP 12/03
An American actor – who has been through multiple TV series and multiple marriages – booked a massage at an upscale hotel at a sunny resort location. When the licensed massage therapist arrived at his room, the actor drew the curtains, asked the masseuse to start on his feet, and phoned his movie actress wife. After a few minutes of telling his wife how much he loved and missed her, he opened his robe, and motioned for the masseuse to look at his very erect penis. He put his hand over the mouthpiece and asked for a blowjob. When the horrified worker said "No", the annoyed actor replied, "I’ve never had anyone refuse me before!" The worker said "Well, now you have" and fled the room. The actor and his wife were divorced soon after, and they have both since remarried.

TV Series Actor: Don Johnson
Movie Actress Wife: Melanie Griffith

Gay Jackie Sluts It Up With Lady Strippers! It really is the new gay to go to sleazy strip clubs, didn't you know? First, Toothy Tile got into it pretty brazenly. Now Jackie Bouffant—the younger, fresher perkier version of closeted matinee idol Toothy—is pulling that greasy stuff! And how. Jackie, who's so pretty he might be mistaken for one of the gorgeous-eyed babes in these joints, is becoming quite the fan of the pole-dancing set. But...he's taking it one heterosexual step further by... Sleeping with women he meets there (as well as other places) on the side. On the side of his beard, that is! WTF? Well, on the one hand, we totally get it. We wouldn't want to sleep with Jackie's prissy beard, either. But, Jackie's obviously hip to the fact that he's got to get some chicks talking about how well he gets his sex on—and what better way to do it than to put his little Jackie-tool to work! For the record, just got to say something here. Think we have a little Nevis Devine action goin' on, sweethearts. Now that Jackie—who still lives to get his boy-action on—has finally tasted the female side of (fabulous) sex, he's decided he may not be so averse to it, after all. Interesting move, my man. Hey, get the best of both worlds, right? I mean, sounds like you enjoy it enough. Totally unlike Toothy, trust. And It Ain't: Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson, Matthew Morrison.
Zac Efron

Could it be that those oh-so-close reality stars have had a falling out? So say people on the sidelines who whisper that the up-and-comer has had enough of the golden's boy's ego and cut off all ties. While everyone knows their professional collaboartion ended earlier this year, it was kept kinda quiet that the reason was their personal break-up. Kinda tricky working together, but both boys are fast on their feet.

95. BLIND GOSSIP 12/06
This actress has a big ego to go along with her big career. She’s upgraded from TV star to movie star, and is enjoying the extra attention she’s been receiving as a result. She recently attended the concert of an award-winning country star, and was given a spot near the stage. When fans recognized her, they went wild, and some actually surged toward the stage to get closer to the actress. Fortunately, no one was injured, but the actress refused to move, insisting that these were her fans, too, and that she should receive her share of the attention. The country singer was not amused, and has asked their security team to block any future attempts by the actress to pull a similar stunt.
Actress: Blake Lively
Country Star: Carrie Underwood

96. BUZZFOTO 12/06
This C List actress leaves LA for Thanksgiving to be with family in the Midwest. This year she did a little Black Friday scamming shopping with family. She went to Target and got gift cards for spending a certain amount and then took all the stuff she bought back to Walmart. She ended up with large amounts of gift cards to both stores and no one batted an eye because she’s famous. She was just in a movie so we don’t see the need for her to abuse the system…

Hollywood Hunk Wants to Go Gay! Newbie Vice dude, Brock Rock-Buns, is somewhat of an Awful Truth fixture. His perfectly chiseled bod, impressive hair, and swoon-worthy smile make many of us lust after him, that's for sure. Brock hit the big time, thanks to his part in a mega successful franchise, and while he has a little Nevis Devine in him (you know, has dabbled with men before but prefers gals), he's approached those working on his current film to...make his character a little gayer! A source on said project dishes to us that Brock wants "more homoerotic scenes" with his character in the upcoming flick. And we are assured this was not said in a joking matter. Rock-Buns is aware that he's got a gay and straight fan club, and just wants to give the people equally what they want! Too funny. BRB has definitely teased many of us all sweaty and shirtless before (on and off screen), but is ready to take it to the next mano-a-mano level. Now, we don't think that means we will be seeing Brock's character get it on with a guy onscreen (that makes zero sense with his storyline), but Buns has pull, so something naughty is bound to happen. Wonder how Brock's No. 1 gal pal feels about it all? Hell, she gets to sleep with him on the regular, we really doubt she cares that much. And It Ain't: Ian Somerhalder, Zach Galifianakis, Tom Hardy.
Kellan Lutz

98. BLIND GOSSIP 12/06
This actor is in more than a bit of trouble. There’s a reason for his cheating and other bad behavior. It’s the bottle. He’s always had a problem, but now it’s out of control. His wife (who is also a big celebrity) will stand by him as long as he agrees to go to rehab, which we hear will happen soon. The plan is to have him disappear over the holidays when everyone will simply be too busy to notice that he’s gone. Personally, we hope the wife will go with him. Rehab can be so romantic.
David Arquette/Courtney Cox

99. BUZZFOTO 12/07
Which A list star in the eyes of children everywhere just finished wrapping up a sex tape that will be ‘accidentally released’ in the future? Miley Cyrus

100. BLIND GOSSIP 12/07
This very famous couple has been together more than ten years. Unfortunately, their relationship has gotten so rocky over the past couple of years that they should be divorced by now. However, the wife is very intent on holding the relationship together for at least another year. It’s not because she’s concerned about the money or keeping the family intact. It’s because she thinks that her latest project was a great showcase for her talent, and she believes that a divorce would adversely affect her chances of finally winning an Oscar.
Annette Benning/Warren Beatty "Hemingway & Fuentes"

101. BUZZFOTO 12/08
This B list star from TV and film is said to be giving her famous hubby a surprise Christmas gift this year. This is a gift that will benefit him and her. Can you guess what it is? Something he’s been begging her to do since they got together…. Yep, a breast enhancement because he says he his girlfriend prior to her had ‘amazing tits.’ Nice.

This A list singer who, is older than many retired people used to also really want to be an actor. In fact, when he first started taking it seriously, he managed to land a role that was supposed to go to Marlon Brando. Of course Marlon was not willing to sleep with the director like our singer did.
Mick Jagger

103. BLIND GOSSIP 12/08
She was disappointed that her husband lusted after another woman. Disappointed that none of her relationships since have worked out. So this actress organized a cheerful holiday party for the crew of her recent film. But after a horrible phone conversation with her ex, she was so depressed that she disappointed everyone by not showing up at her own party.
Jennifer Aniston

If anyone's been wondering why the very funny Coco Crack-Head, who used to have a most natural figure, has recently become bone-thin, we have a pretty good clue as to why: The bitch is doing blow in public and not even being cool about it! Like, at all. Coco, who genuinely does have a kind of goofy talent on her popular prime-time show, was recently out to dinner with her sister and friends. Over at Oak Fire Pizza in West Hollywood. Everybody was having pizza and beer, but, not our Coco—she was guzzling a martini and generally making a fool of herself while gushing nonsense about her "beautiful" sister. Fellow diners thought the poor babe was just drunk until one of them followed Coco to the restroom. The nosy pizza-eater waited her turn for Coco to come out of the stall, then went into the one Ms. Crack-Head had just exited. Guess what Coco had left all over the toilet-paper dispenser? And, no, it wasn't remains of her dinner, which she'd just brought back up (though that's not a bad guess). Coco had actually left behind the remnants of all the coke she'd just chopped up and snorted! For any one to see! Jeez, is it so much trouble to take a little toilet paper and wipe it up, babe? Or were you just too high to notice? We suspect Ms. Crack-Head wants people to know what a druggie she really is, because—much to her sister's dismay—Coco was showing her table mates (and those nearby) pictures of lines of coke on her I-phone, daring folks to guess what it was. Hmm...drug addicts amuse themselves so well, huh? Jeez, how long is before Coco realizes she just becoming another Lindsay Lohan, already? Or is that what she wants, just for the notoriety? And, for the record, Coco, nobody believes that accident you had awhile back was for the reason you stated. Guess we know now what caused it! And It Ain't: Selena Gomez, Chelsea Handler, Yvonne Strahovski.
Kaley Cuoco

105. BUZZFOTO 12/09
This singer started on a children’s television show that is no longer on TV. He found fame and has straightened his life out, but claims he used to do cocaine on the set of the show with the cast, crew and producers.

106. STAR MAGAZINE 12/09
Which plastic surgery-loving actress stays thin by purging after every meal? During a recent dinner party in the Hollywood Hills, she kept excusing herself to go to the powder room. Everyone at the party knew.
Tori Spelling

I don't know if this overrated B list actress is this former A list singer and now B list actor's girlfriend or friend or beard or just a fuck buddy. I do know though that she bought him a $25,000 cock ring for Christmas. It has diamonds. Those might leave a mark. Just sayin'.
Jessica Biel/Justin Timberlake

1. This female Singer used to sing in a girl group. Her solo career never took off, and now she has taken to dating rich men to survive.
Kelly Rowlands

2. Did this R&B Darling get snubbed by the Grammys because of her affair with a married man? They did eventually get married, but did the affair cost her recognition on music’s biggest night.  Alicia Keys

109. BLIND GOSSIP 12/09
This celebrity couple presents a unified front to the public, but there’s trouble behind the scenes. Mom wants the kid/s to carry on the family tradition of high-profile careers in show business. Dad wants the kid/s to have a school and sports-filled childhood with absolutely no television or film roles. Not even as extras. Guess he won’t be happy when he learns that Mom has taken the kid/s to professional photographer for head shots and has been lining up auditions behind his back.
Nicole Richie/Joel Madden; Gwyneth Paltrow/Chris Martin; Jennifer Lopez/Marc Anthony

Before you start feeling too sorry for poor, mixed-up, closeted celeb Butter Pussy and how the babe's scared coming out will affect her and her loved ones' incomes, listen up. Butter's hardly a saint. Far from it. Sometime ago, Ms. Pussy, who's really fabulous at her very celebrated career, came home from a hard day's work and her man happened to be home. But he wasn't alone: Butter found the partner she genuinely cared for—but whom she also conveniently used (a lot) to help sell her fake heterosexuality to the gullible public—in bed. With company. And it wasn't another chick, either! Butter's man was in bed of Ms. Pussy's employee's. How awful! How humiliating! How déclassé! So, Butter-babe did what any megastar worth her very butch reputation would do: She got a knife and threatened to "cut" the philandering partner. And guess what? She did! Badly. So much so, the sliced-up dude had to be taken to the hospital—and his recovery took some time. Now, to make up for things, the cheating dude who got knifed by the always well-coiffed and formidable Butter Pussy gets regular paychecks, per their postknifing financial arrangement. And some folks think the guy's sticking around (and getting to enjoy the fancy life), just to help Butter parlay that straight-chick image. Well, maybe a little—and maybe a little because both players here do still care for each other. But trust, those aren't the emotional ties than bind them. It's blood. Literally. AND IT AIN'T: Jada Pinkett-Smith, Dolly Parton, Diane Lane.

111. BUZZFOTO 12/10
These two singers are always compared to one another in the press. They look like each other, sort of sound the same, and are going for the same target audience. You’d be surprised to know however, that both are perpetuating this public ‘competition’ because it boosts the sales of both.
Lil Kim and  Nicki Minaj

112. BUZZFOTO 12/13
Several years ago at Sundance, we told you about a Reality Star that gave a local the gift that keeps on giving for Christmas… an STD. The two had a hookup and he was left with a little surprise. He gave us a call yesterday and told us that she sent him a text wanting to know if there was room in his bed this year for her during Sundance. She also boasted about a secret new piercing she couldn’t wait to show off. Doesn’t she have a boyfriend? Paris Hilton

113. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **#1**
This one goes out to that group of people that uses a blind item revealed post as their personal message board. Over the weekend, this married B list movie actress was out everywhere and drinking and drinking and flirting with every guy she saw. I think she is looking for a replacement for that B list actor from a hit network comedy who dabbles in really bad movies. She definitely was not shy about looking and hinting.
Emily Blunt /John Krasinski

114. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **#2**
This thought provoking A list television talk show host and stand up comedian recently broke off a relationship he was having with a model barely out of her teens. About 30 minutes after they broke up, he arranged for a towing company to find the Bentley he had leased her and have it towed to his place. His words to his assistant were, "If she ain't fuckin' me, than she isn't driving the Bentley. When it comes back, get it washed, because I will have a new driver for it by the end of tonight."
Bill Maher

115. BLIND GOSSIP 12/13 **#1**
This actor is scheduled to appear on the cover of a major magazine soon. The photo was planned well in advance, and the magazine shelled out a lot of benjamins for the privilege. But now there’s a big old hairy problem. The accompanying article was supposed to be a complete puff piece. However, due to some recent events that our actor couldn’t control, the editors have a dilemma. If they don’t mention the controversy, they’ll appease the actor, and he will continue to favor them when he plugs a project. If they do use the new information (complete with some racy photos), they’ll alienate the actor. They’ll also face certain legal action by the actor and his singer. But the magazine would definitely sell more copies.
John Travolta

116. BLIND GOSSIP 12/13 **#2**
This TV Host has tried a couple of different strategies for attracting audiences. She was known for being rather mean and snarky in her last job, but when she got her own show, she decided to tone it down in order to successfully book guests. The ratings dipped and the show got shuffled around, so a new strategy is being put into place. Next year, she will be very lean and very mean. Girl is totally sharpening her claws, so January guests better beware.
Wendy Williams

This reality star, well not really anymore thank goodness. Anyway, she recently got a $2,000 hair cut and did not tip anyone. She also said thank you to just one person and that was her bodyguard when he opened the door for her. Classless.
Kate Gosselin

118. BUZZFOTO 12/14
There have been several celebrity couple breakups lately and we just got word about the reason for one of them. This recent breakup allegedly happened because the male partner in the relationship visited one too many strip clubs in the past few months and ended up having a brief affair with one of the dancers. Zac Efton/Vanessa Hudgens

119. LAINEY‘S GOSSIP 12/15
I mentioned yesterday that there are a few more details about one of the recent splits announced in Hollywood this week. Turns out there was someone else: his love interest this season on his tv show. Their chemistry was so crazy and so evident to everyone that writer and producers, seeing it play out on set, actually cranked up their sex scenes to capture it for show. Her career has seen a resurgence since. Eventually the two fell in love. They were together, very close, at a Halloween party in New York this fall hosted by a famously controversial writer (this isn’t a super important detail) and those who observed them that night are not surprised now that he’s ended it with his wife.
Michael C Hall and Julia Stiles

120. BLIND GOSSIP 12/15 **#1**
This girl is already in trouble, so we’ll try to take it easy on her. On her recent tour, she frequently kicked everyone else off the tour bus so that she could bring random guys aboard. They would spend hours doing what hormonally-charged kids do while her band had to wait outside. One of the people who waited outside was her chaperone, a relative who knew exactly what was happening and did nothing. By the way, our girl loves to film everything. Everything. Yes, there is more than a chance that it will be made public soon.
Demi Lovato

121. BLIND GOSSIP 12/15 **#2**
This actress’ boyfriend has been hinting to her that he got her a very special Christmas gift… and that it’s even better than the one she wanted. She has been excitedly telling friends that she is sure it’s an engagement ring with an even bigger diamond than she requested. Who wants to be the one to break the news to her that her not-ready-for-marriage boyfriend actually bought her a Nook instead of a Kindle? Hope it’s aerodynamic, because she is totally going to throw that thing at him.
Minka Kelly/Derek Jeter; Gabrielle Union/Dwayne Wade

122. GOSSIP BOY 12/15
We all know about Rainbow Dark and how he crushed Justin Case. And we all know how Justin moved on to Rock Jock and tried to make him leave Black Sheep. If you have all of that straight or need a cheat sheet, just catch up and read some past blinds. In the time that I have been gone, Justin and Rock's little fling stopped and Rock attempted to salvage his relationship with Black Sheep. However, Rock was at an event one night and met Rainbow Dark. The two hit it off, and not in the hot sex kinda way. More in the love at first sight way. RD's other half, Sunshine, and Black Sheep were both finally fed up with their cheating men and let them both loose. Sunshine is still longing for the days of Bang Bang Thunder while Black Sheep is steps away from Playboy. Now RD and RJ are hot and heavy and trying to keep it out of the public eye, while poor Justin is once again left alone. Wonder what everyone would say to see RD with a much younger RJ?
Rock Jock Is Not: Usher; Mark Saling; Taylor Lautner
Rainbow Dark Is Not: Alec Baldwin; Bradley Cooper; Ryan Gosling

Justin Case: Hunter Parrish
Rock Jock/Black Sheep: Zac Efron/Vanessa Hudgens
Rainbow Dark/Sunshine: Hayden Christensen/Rachel Bilson

123. BUZZFOTO 12/15
This B/C television/film actress in the tabloids frequently, is in trouble with an online retailer and doesn’t know it. It seems her ex opened up an account on her card to purchase a subscription of naughty videos for couples. She hasn’t paid her bill and instead of legal action, the company is considering selling the info first because it’s so salacious.

Another classless no tipper today. This formerly B list television actor is known more now for trying to break Scott Baio's record of most people to have sex with in Hollywood without actually doing anything anymore. Sure, our actor was once on a hit show but that was ages ago. Apparently he is still enough of a draw that a club in LA recently comped our actor 15 bottles of booze. At the prices they charge for bottle service that is like the national debt of some countries. Anyway, our actor occupied the services of two waitresses and other staff for several hours while he and his party partied. At the end of the night, our actor just walked out into the night. No tip, no thanks and has not been back.
Wilmer Valderrama

125. STAR MAGAZINE 12/15
Which prettyboy TV actor got everyone at NYC club SL gossiping when he was spotted in a dark corner locking lips with a young blonde… guy?! “They were openly kissing and cuddling up together for some time,” an eyewitness tells Star.Chace Crawford

This, I guess B list television actor on a hit show for an almost network has been kind of quiet as of late. Still good looking, but staying out of the news as much as possible. He has also been quietly going to out patient rehab and going there most nights after he finishes shooting. The trigger that sent him there was when he attended a dinner for a UN Ambassador and got so hammered that he took a knife and carved his initials into a priceless sculpture.

127. BLIND GOSSIP 12/16
Just in time for Christmas, we proudly introduce the next generation version of Pillow. Wrecker is an actress, and she is only interested in men who are good-looking, famous… and who are already in relationships with other women. While she is working with your man, she goes to work on him. She’s clever about it too. She will pal around with him rather innocently at first, then gradually seduce him with home-baked goods, sweet smiles, pouting, hair-tossing, and compliments. She always waits for him to make the first physical move. Once that happens, she will have his pants off so fast it would make your head spin. She is directly – yes, directly – responsible for wreaking havoc on three celebrity couples in the past three years. Blake Lively: Ben Affleck/Jennifer Garner; Ryan Reynolds/Scarlett Johansson

This Male Model has a baby by an Oscar Winner. This woman is very powerful. She recently made him break up with a Reality Star. He was so afraid that he dumped the reality star.
 Gabriel Aubry/Halle Berry/Kim Kardashian

127. BUZZFOTO 12/16
According to a source, this aging male singer who was on the television circuit for a while was cruising for male prostitutes on a daily basis until he contracted a very serious STD. He now is so terrified of this happening again, he allegedly only goes online for steamy chat sessions.

Be Careful Whose Husband You Sleep With! Welcome back, Veronica Bee-Stings! As we told you a few weeks ago when we introduced you to the surgically blessed Hollywood star, we assumed you all would be meeting Veronica under different circumstances. See, her sweet and sexy exterior makes A-list actresses hold on tight to their men when in the presence of Ms. B-S, and for good reason! And V finally got caught putting her stinger where it didn't belong... See, we've heard naughty rumblings from several of VBS' past sets. You know, whispers of some lingering touches with this lead actor, or a lot of private time running lines with that lead actor. Usually, it's no biggie because everyone sleeps with everyone in this town. Especially costars. But there is one teeny, tiny problemo with one of Veronica's past conquests. You know, the fact that said stud is hitched. The affair isn't going on as we type, but the two were certainly getting hot and heavy back during filming (we had our suspicions and only recently were they confirmed). The poor sucker's wife found out about it and threw a s--t fit, not only on the home and work fronts (she showed up on the set), but more importantly on the Hollywood front. That's right, the wife is telling people who are telling people about what a "slut" Veronica is, in hopes of damaging the star's shiny reputation, and ultimately, Veronica's hugely promising career. But don't count V out yet. We call her Bee-Stings for a reason, ya know? This is one very crafty broad. So while she may be cozying up to hot costars in real life, she knows how to work the behind-the-scenes folks, too. Let's just say, we don't think the term "casting couch" is something Veronica is opposed to. Oh, and FYI, we read the comments and know how this sounds, so let us say this right up front: We are not talking about Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. And it Ain't: Kristen Stewart, Rooney Mara, Sofia Vergara.
Blake Lively/Ben Affleck

129. BUZZFOTO 12/17
This star who was dumped by her BF is planning on having a major PR comeback with her current costar. Even though the relationship is said to be 100% fake, look for it to really help her career in 2011.

#1 - This former A list singer is providing her boyfriend with $10,000 a month living expenses. You know, in addition to everything else she pays for.
Jessica Simpson

#2 - Speaking of money, this actor from a hit cable show is getting a divorce and one of the reasons is that his soon to be ex-wife pocketed about $200K of his money and won't tell him if she still has it or spent it. Michael C. Hall

#3 - This A+ list movie actor gets charged by his wife each time they have sex. If he wants it, then he needs to give her the cash upfront. Well, if I had to have sex with him, I would probably want to get paid to. I wonder how much she charged him for the kid. Nic Cage

#4 -Money is obviously not a problem for this B list movie and television actor who has serious hair issues to go along with his bad attitude. He had so many parking tickets for one of his cars that he just walked away from the car rather than pay the accumulated $10,000 in fines on the car. Jeremy Piven

131. BILLY MASTERS 12/20
Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson - done. Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens - split. Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter - kaput. Anna Friel and David Thewlis - over. Dylan Walsh and Joanna Going - going, gone. Let's recap. One of the guys is dating an ex. Two of them are clearly gay,. Another is a little indiscriminate with his seed. And the other - eh, who cares.
Ryan Reynolds: Indiscriminate
Zac Efron: gay
Michael C. Hall: dating an ex
David Thewlis: who cares
Dylan Wash: gay

Me-Me Holds Huge Celeb Captive (In Bed): Praise the lord for Me-Me Dallas!!! She is hands-down one of our favorite Vicers in history. Just because Tobey Yum-Yum isn't frequenting Ms. Dallas' trailer too much anymore does not mean she's passing time on sets solo. Oh hell no. We just got word that Me-Me was caught (or rather, overheard) sexing up a major superstar recently. Let's call him Wilby Whiskers. Me-Me and Wil are acquaintances. They aren't super tight, but have tons of mutual friends and cross paths professionally. Now, we had no idea just how close these two were until recently. Yep, you guessed it! You can add "hump-buddies" to each star's versatile resume. We all know Me-Me gives special private tours (for two) of her trailer on set, and it seems that Wilby Whiskers extends the same courtesy! While working together a little while back, people heard very loud, moaning rumblings coming from W.W.'s trailer. Everyone knew Ms. Dallas was in there with him so the following scenario managed to still shock a few people: "He came out, all disheveled, fixing his pants and shirt," an eyewitness tells us. "Everyone knew what had just happened, but we were all stunned." "He actually came out of his bedroom compartment and deposited his used condom in a trash can—in front of folks." Me-Me made her not-so-stealth exit moments later. Damn dude, nervy, not to mention tacky as hell! This is so wrong, yet so right. Me-Me, you should really thank us. Not because we're hiding your sexcapades (don't think you shock too many people anymore) but because we won't reveal that you bedded W.W. Seriously, his worshipers would murder you. And it Ain't: Nikki Reed & Robert Pattinson, Julia Stiles & Michael C. Hall, Selena Gomez & Cory Monteith.

Me-Me Dallas: Miley Cyrus
Tobey Yum-Yum: Nick Jonas
Wilby Whiskers: Justin Bieber

133. BLIND GOSSIP 12/20
Sometimes selecting between the truth and a lie is like selecting between the lesser of two evils. This movie actor is in a bad position no matter which story he tells. He screwed up big time, but if he tells the truth, he will likely lose both his SO and a good bit of his career. If he lies, he’s just delaying the inevitable, and could eventually wind up in prison.

Is this the biggest kindness in the history of the world? Nope. Not by a long shot, but it is pretty big to show you what happens when people take time to do the little things. This initialed A++ list producer/writer/director and creator was filming in a local Los Angeles neighborhood recently. It is not a street that usually sees a lot of filming and took place on a quiet street. It was just some pick up shots for a movie, but our producer/director was there to supervise. When the residents discovered who was shooting and for what movie, they of course came out to gawk. Not a problem for our producer who took pictures, signed autographs and even let all the kids come out and listen on headsets and explained each shot in advance. Many of the residents baked cookies or brought out food for the crew and the producer got all their names and addresses and sent a personalized, signed note mentioning each item of food to each person. Definitely a nice touch and left everyone with some great holiday spirit and lots of love for our producer.
J.J. Abrams

135. BLIND GOSSIP 12/21
Lots of celebrity break up announcements this holiday season, but one more is supposed to be coming in the next few weeks. This couple has actually been split up for months now, but you may not have even noticed since – like Scarlett and Ryan – they are usually photographed separately from each other. They were going to announce a couple of weeks ago, but got cold feet once they saw the flurry of attention that other celebrities were getting for the same action. The more famous of the two wants the publicists to release the announcement between Christmas and New Year’s in the hopes that the public will be too busy celebrating the holidays to notice. Before you start feeling sorry for either of them, though, you should probably know that both have already moved on to new relationships.
Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz

This B- list actor is on a hit network television show right now. He used to be on another hit show back in the day, but was not the star like he is right now. Anyway, he recently got a very large raise and decided to spend a portion of it doing good. He went to the largest homeless shelter in downtown Los Angeles and handed out $20,000 in $100 gift cards to Wal-Mart to every person with a child and then arranged three buses to transport all the people to the closest Wal-Mart.
Johnny Galecki

Poor Sheila Yabos, she has such a talent, yet she just can't seem to find happiness in bed! How very distraught we are to hear this. Because if a girl can't use a good ménage à trois (or 12) to help keep her love life together, what can she do? Maybe try that multiple-partner thing with a guy instead of with another girl? Nope. Didn't work, either. Which is weird, because Sheila loves girls—in every way! See, the real problemo here is that both Sheila (whose knockers are as fierce as her professional reputation) and her man ultimately both prefer same-sex lovin' when it comes to getting down. It's just that neither partner has really faced up to this fact—and with each other—until recently. And while every rag in town is hell-bent on trying to find out who, exactly, was the other person who busted up her Hollywood domestic life, it really wasn't one person at all. This is simply a very beautiful couple who tried to make it work, but, ultimately, discovered they were just wired differently—particularly in bed. Shame, too. Because Sheila has no intention of disclosing to the public the fact that she sometimes prefers girls. So, get ready for a whole host of new man-beards to be trotted out. In fact, it's already beginning. Sheesh, doesn't Hollywood know bearding is so not worth the pain it ends up causing? No. This town never learns. And It Ain't: Blake Lively, Jennifer Carpenter, Sandra Bullock.
Halle Berry/Gabriel Aubry; Scarlett Johansson/Ryan Reynolds; Charlize Theron/Stuart Townsend

138. BLIND GOSSIP 12/21 **#2**
So this thoughtful actor has purchased lovely Christmas presents for both of the women in his life. They are similar – but not identical - gifts from a famous jeweler, and each has an engraved message with his initials. Not surprisingly, the message on the piece for his wife is sweet, and the one for his mistress is racy. Since he is spending Christmas with his wife, he gave his mistress her gift last week. When she opened it, he was horrified to discover that she got the one intended for his wife. By the way, the other one is already in the wife’s possession, but is still wrapped and presumably unopened. Not wanting to confess to his mistress that he screwed up, he had to call the jeweler to rush order another one for the wife with the correct engraving. Now he just needs to get home and swap it out with the racy one without his wife noticing. Anyone want to buy a very nice piece of jewelry with a very personal engraved message?
Matthew Broderick; Ben Affleck

139. BUZZFOTO 12/22
C List in film, B in Television actress got pregnant just recently from a one night stand. She is thrilled but also very concerned because her current romantic partner is a woman, not a man.

This comedienne and author is sweating the fact that she may have got herpes. Her new boyfriend swore to her he did not have it, but it turns out he does. All she would have to do is check his sex history with just the people known, and she would have seen he is in the herpes chain. Oh, or have protected sex. Not too hard.
Jenny McCarthy

141. BLIND GOSSIP 12/22
Fame can be a burden as well as a blessing. This is the case with Blue Boy, a multi-hyphenate who is definitely feeling the pressure of leading a double life. His actress girlfriend is a public relations setup and is purely for show. The two of them don’t even like each other. He smiles for the camera, but he is actually so distressed with the direction his career and his life are taking that he is now drinking heavily every day. Blue Boy’s friends and family are very, very worried about him, but having so many people depend on his wholesome image makes it difficult for him to take a step back and ask for help. It’s about time he did, though. If he doesn’t, he’ll wind up in the same place as someone who was once linked to him.
Justin Timberlake (Britney Spears)

This Reality Star will do anything to stay in the spotlight and the news. Now she is faking a pregnancy. Kim Zolciak

Another small, but nice kindness. As I said in the photos, it has been raining for what seems like forever in Los Angeles, but has only been this week. Yesterday was probably the worst it has been. Anyway, this C- list actress who is on one of the biggest network television shows of all time (although she was a latecomer to the series) was driving home yesterday in this monsoon when she saw a car that was on the side of the road. A woman was standing outside looking under her hood in the rain and our actress decided to stop and see if she could help. Well, it turns out the woman was standing there and had three of her kids in the car, including one in a car seat. The woman did not have a cell phone. Our actress called a tow truck driver for the car, and then gave the entire family a ride home all the way on the other side of LA. In the rain. Our actress even gave the obviously struggling woman a few hundred dollars to help pay for the tow and the repairs.
Ellie Kemper

144. BUZZFOTO 12/23
While having dinner with friends this C list actress that started out as a singer, got very drunk and tried to drive home. Her friends wouldn’t let her and ended up dropping her off at a buddy’s house to spend the night until she sobered up. The ‘buddy’ decided it would be a good idea to add drugs into the nightly fun and the actress ended up trying to walk back to her house with only a shirt on chanting "The black dog runs at night" over and over. A neighbor saw the half naked woman roaming the streets and called authorities. Once they realized who she was, she wasn’t arrested but taken to her manager’s house with a promise never to do it again.

145. BLIND GOSSIP 12/24
This very famous film star looks happy lately. Well, we know what’s putting that grin on his face. He’s really enjoying his newest project. What he is enjoying most about it is the outstanding chemistry he has with his younger co-star. It’s the kind of special relationship that makes them want to spend lots of quality time alone together in trailers and hotel rooms. His wife knows about it, but they have been living separate lives for months now, so she really doesn’t care. Any bad behavior on his part simply provides her with another chip in her pocket in case anything goes awry with their impending divorce.
Tom Cruise/Jeremy Renner/Katie Holmes

146. BUZZFOTO 12/27
This actor just barely out of his teens, recently confessed to a friend that he did something he regrets terribly when he was younger. Several years ago he claims he was allegedly part of hazing a group of younger guys, and the hazing went too far. He didn’t say exactly what they did, only that the boys were naked and humiliated. The boys who were the victims never pressed charges, but to this day the young actor feels guilty about it. It might not seem that salacious, but in the show this star acted in, he played a child getting bullied. Cody Linely

This married celebrity female chef who has been in this spot before, also spent some one on one time with this football player who was Nick Lachey's man crush and may have slept with Paris Hilton too. I think he did, but I am too lazy to look it up.
Giada DeLaurentis and Matt Leinart

148. BLIND GOSSIP 12/27
This film actress has a Public Boyfriend and a Private Boyfriend. Public Boyfriend was set up by their publicists. The two are obligated to participate in multiple photo ops together every month. Even though Public Boyfriend is more famous than our actress, she’s talking smack behind his back about how boring and pathetic she finds his work, how much she’s helping his career and reputation, and how she can’t wait for their contract to end. Whenever she’s not with Public Boyfriend, she flies straight into the arms of Private Boyfriend. She’s not very subtle about it either. She is regularly seen out drinking and partying and playing beer pong with Private Boyfriend until the wee hours of the morning. She claims they are just working buddies, but we don’t think working buddies regularly spend the night together in the same hotel room.

Actress: Ashley Greene
Public Boyfriend: Joe Jonas
Private Boyfriend: Kellan Lutz

This A list designer who really should be considered F list for his contributions to the horrible fashion he has produced in the past few years is not a very friendly customer. Recently while shopping at an Abercrombie & Fitch, our designer decided to shop in his own way. What that means is that he would take pile after pile of clothing from the places where they were neatly placed and dump them at the checkout stand and demanding that the worker find the size zeroes. Yes, instead of going through the neatly organized stacks and finding the right size himself, he destroyed every stack of clothing he touched which were numerous. Our designer basically trashed the entire women's section of clothes. Now someone needs to go to his stores and do the same thing.
Christian Audigier "Ed Hardy"

150. BUZZFOTO 12/28
This religious star might be a tad bit of a hypocrite…. he donates heavily to his church but cheats on his taxes………
 Mel Gibson

151. BLIND GOSSIP 12/28
This multi-hyphenate and her actor boyfriend have been in a steady relationship for several years. They live together. They’ve had a child/ren together. So why aren’t they married? Well, it’s because it’s not his style to play the third wheel. She is continuing to see her ex-girlfriend, a major force in the demise of her last famous marriage. That’s right. She’s bisexual. And she used to be bicoastal. Oh, and there’s one more, but that would make it too easy.
Kimora Lee Simmons

152. STAR MAGAZINE 12/29
Which twentysomething daughter of a divorced Hollywood Couple ( both are now remarried) is experimenting with drugs? At a recent House party, we hear she ate quite a few hallucinogenic mushrooms- something she has been doing a lot lately!
Rumer Willis

Last year this music oriented couple ended their engagement after YEARS together. "WHY?" everyone wanted to know. They blamed it on stress in the female’s personal life. It was stress, all right. She learned her fiance had been fooling around with a twentysomething young GUY for two years! How did she find out? She confirmed her suspicions by investigating his purchases at his favorite exclusive store. He bought two sets of every new outfit – one for himself in HIS size and one for the boyfriend in HIS size!
Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupree

Usually with my Old Hollywood items the subjects are all dead. In this case, the star of the blind is very much alive. Our star is a former A++++ list actor. Never really any awards that counted but huge. Think something like Adam Sandler back in the day. And like Adam, our actor and funnyman was married and refused to cheat, but he loved to play. His favorite game was to find a willing woman and then he would have her come backstage and he would roll out a little shag rug and out in on the floor in front of him. Then the willing woman would be told to do a little dance, remove her clothes and stare longingly at the very tiny peen of our funnyman while he pleasured himself. He would finish on the carpet and tell the woman it was now blessed because of his sperm and her. He would then roll it up and use it again the next time.
Jerry Lewis

155. BUZZFOTO 12/29
Pulling a Britney. That’s what her camp is calling it. To rocket this young singer to fame, they plan to replicate the highs and low of Britney Spears’ career, eventually leading to a public meltdown in a few years. They are convinced they can handle a comeback better than Britney did and hope to land their sassy client in the pages of music history as one of the greatest singers ever. Demi Lovato; Taylor Momsen

156. BLIND GOSSIP 12/29
Which hugely popular reality star is desperately trying to get onto the pages of Playboy? The barely legal gal - who’s had a very rough and tumble year – is so desperate to get naked for the cameras that she is trying to recruit her younger co-stars to join her in posing in the buff.
Amber/Farrah/Catelynn /Maci "Teen Moms"

157. BLIND GOSSIP 12/30
Which host of a TV Weight loss show is struggling behind the scenes with her own food addiction issues? This woman is sneaking food on set and secretly munching away on high calorie treats while contestants battle the bulge.
Alison Sweeney "Biggest Loser"

158. BUZZFOTO 12/30
This D list star from a cable competition show was recently asked to leave a grocery store after she was seen donating to the poor, er, sort of. The store had a bin where you deposit toys for underprivileged kids and the star decided to drop a few toys into the bin. However, she must have misunderstood because she purchased a few cheap items and then thought it was okay to rifle through the bin and trade up on the toys she wanted to keep. She was caught depositing a pair of plastic handcuffs and trading it out for a really nice Barbie doll. Tila Tequila; Tiffany from “I Love New York”; Daisy de la Hoya, Rock of Love and Daisy of Love

159. STAR MAGAZINE 12/30
It is not a crime but this TV heartthrob – who was caught cheating on his spouse in 2009 – has a serious foot fetish! He makes no bones about surfing the internet for websites where he can get his fill of clean, pedicured, polished tootsies. Wifey knows and is ok with it.
David Boreanaz

160. BLIND GOSSIP 12/31
Which A-list actor gets his kicks driving his eco-friendly car through the gay mecca of West Hollywood, stopping to chat and flirt with star-struck male fans? Even though he is straight – and dates supermodels – he says he loves to keep his gay admirers guessing.
Leonardo DiCaprio


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