NOTE: Guesses in italics are only guesses;
guesses in RED are a link to the solution or substantial clues.

3. GOSSIP BOY 05/03 #1**
1- Which actor is closely watching the status if Celebs who are coming out in hopes that he may soon be able to confess the truth. Poor guy wants to come out more than anything, but was told he only could after another big name did. Just his luck, he always has to be second, never gets to be first. Not Jake Gyllenhaal.
Austin Nichols

2- This actress has become addicted to MySpace. She is about 5 years behind the rest of the world, but she realized how much her ego gets boosted from the comments and messages she gets. She has spent hours on the washed up website just trying to get her fill. Not Lauren Graham. Alexis Bledel

3- Which actor is into being blind folded and letting numerous men use him? This past weekend he held a very secretive gathering of 20 men that entered his house to find him face down, tied to a bed and open for business. Before you ask, I was NOT there! Not Robert Pattinson. Alexander Skarsgard

4. GOSSIP BOY 05/03 **#2**
1- What married actor is so whipped by his wife that he has actually fallen into a depression. The once hot stud is now looking rough and rugged. And not rugged in the hot way he used to be. I'm sure his wife keeps him on a short leash because his history isn't so . Guess she should know that he has resorted to hooking up with delivery girls and, well basically any woman that shows up while Mrs. Ice Pick is gone. And trust me, these girls don't put up a chase. Not Michael Vartan. Ben Affleck

2- Two young actresses are on a mission to become the next Paris and Nicole, Which is really quite sad since these two actually have talent. One is even saying that she is "going to be the next Lindsay Lohan. After she croaks of course." Her words, not mine. One is clearly in charge, while the other is soaking up the fame. She was so un-popular in high school. She should have put out then like she does now. Not Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart

5. BUZZFOTO 05/03
These Celebrities play neighbors on film, but in real life they are mortal enemies. Even though the two don’t see each other outside of work, they still manage to make life miserable for the other. The underlying issue is said to be jealousy or some sort of disagreement that happened long ago. Whatever the start of the problems, the two are now actively trying to sabotage the career of the other. One of the celebs complained to a top executive that her rival is stealing stuff from the set. The other shopped out addiction rumors to the magazines to try to show her enemy’s good girl image is anything but. Not Felicty Huffman.
Terri Hatcher & Marcia Cross

This married couple is still married but it is pretty much for show. She is an A list singer who drags her husband out of the house for shopping and things. The only reason she is keeping him around is because she has a new album coming out and doesn't want to talk about marriage. She doesn't wear her wedding ring even when they are out together. She makes him sleep in the guest house or at his friends. Meanwhile she has "friends" who come stay with her.
Christina Aguilera

Which Young Star's X-tra Naughty? You know what a lot of celebs do when they're trapped in the closet? Drugs. And lots of 'em. A young Toothy Tile had to do line after line just to get through sex with a chick (you know, in an attempt to prove to himself he was straight) and now we're hearing another young homolicious babe is going through similar motions. Anyone remember cutie Jackie Bouffant? Jackie, the über-yum young-ish star who has a red-hot career (and bod, just FYI), seems to be dabbling in the hard stuff. But it's not coke. While out on the town recently Jackie the stud was rolling—and we don't mean in some pimped-out caddy. He was superhigh on ecstasy. J.B. was hitting a celeb-infested soiree filled with cameras, paparazzi and reporters, so natch that meant his beard was in tow for the photo ops. And how did Bouffant get through the evening? By popping a few of those teeny colored pills in his mouth so his adorable smile wouldn't fade throughout the event. Totally sad. Or not? Thing is, Jackie really does enjoy his gal-pal (they've known each other for a while), but he hardly wants to rip off her stylish clothes off. And yes, Jackie's PR candy is most certainly aware of both of her man's habits—the drugs and dudes. But Missus Bouffant doesn't mind all that much. Jackie certainly is the bigger name out of the pretty pair, so she won't be letting her golden ticket to the tabloids go anywhere. Ironic, though, how Jack's audience might be more shocked about the whole ecstasy thing than gay thing, which may not stay hidden for too much longer since J.B.'s pals can't stop blabbing about his way fun rolling ways around town. Wonder which secret will come out—pun intended—first? And it ain't: Jensen Ackles, Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake. Zac Efron

Lots of summer movies will be coming out soon. The leading lady choice for one of them was a surprise. She is so miscast that you will likely be puzzled as to how the heck she scored the role. It certainly wasn’t her talent. It was her relation to another actor. Her relative did some scoring of their own back in the day, and the young one is now reaping the benefits. Yes, little girl, there are dozens of people who know that you were not booked because of your talent. Eventually, though, you’re going to have to stand on your own two feet.
Emma Roberts "Twelve"

This movie actor is B list although he definitely has A++ name recognition. Young. Not some faded A lister who is now a B. Our actor has been in some of the biggest hits of all time. Anyway, although our actor considers himself heterosexual and he has had a very famous, very public heterosexual romance, he told someone the other day that "if you get orally serviced by a guy, its doesn't mean you are gay. In fact, I just had a guy I have known for awhile do that to me last week."
Orlando Bloom

10. GOSSIP BOY 05/04
1- Which prim and proper had a little too much alcohol at an event last night and was seen getting a little too friendly with another female? Not at the event of course, it was out front while they were waiting for their limo.
Kate Bosworth; Abbie Cornish

2- This couple was all smiles last night but no one knew about the argument just moments before arriving because the girl thought that she looked to fat. Normal right? Well her boyfriend agreed and told her that if her figure goes, so does her status as his woman. Nick Lachey/Vanessa Manillo

3- Before the end of the evening, this hot couple looked like they were going to do it right in front of everyone. Not only couldn't they keep their hands off each other but he had one hand up her dress making her do the hippie hippie shake. Sienna Miller and Jude Law

11. BUZZFOTO 05/04
This celebrity relationship is nearly at an end, despite desperate attempts to convince the press otherwise. In a recent interview, she blabbed about how good things are and how they keep it fresh. She’s actually just completely in denial that he’s been shacking up with a much younger woman than herself. This one’s not about Brangelina.
Demi Moore/Ashton Kutcher

This one’s guaranteed to be watercooler talk among my Ausholes…once you figure out what show I’m talking about! Yet another series — this one, one of your major, major faves! — is playing the flash-forward card in its season finale. But… Oh, c’mon, you knew there had to be a "but," right? (Have I taught you nothing?) In this instance, the zoom won’t be permanent a la Brothers & Sisters, Desperate Housewives, et al. It’ll just be a glimpse of the future, not a relocation to it. And when I say that what is in store for these characters a few years down the road will blow your minds, we’re talking kaboom! A big-bang kinda mind-blow! So, guesses? What show would you most like a peek at the future of?

13. BUZZFOTO 05/05
This actress with a movie out this month just found out that the man from her second long-term relationship gave her a diamond ring that wasn’t real. She is pissed she wore it for so long. Everyone always wondered how he could afford such a big rock- they just assumed she paid for it. Not Sarah Jessica Parker.
Amanda Seyfried/Dominic Cooper

14. GOSSIP BOY 05/05
1- Which A-List name but B-list actress is now hooking up with a athlete that has been passed around Hollywood like a party favor. He thinks that he is the next best thing but in reality the women only like to bed him because he very sensitive in bed. Translation: it's like making love to another woman. Wonder what his team members would think after hearing that? Not Kate Hudson.
Cameron Diaz and A Rod

2- This actress is trying desperately to sink another role since her last one is about over. She is very talented even though she has been stuck to some stinkers. She is in the running for a role that would boost her to Titanic proportions, but the only way to get it is to sell out her best friend. They are both up for the role and have been friends since before HW came calling. But our star wants this role so bad she is seriously considering leaking some pictures that would cast a bad image over her friend, one that would take her out of the running for just about any role that is coming her way. Not Ashlee Simpson-Wentz. Emmy Rossum/Leighton Meester

3- Which co-stars have began texting and calling each other all times of the night? They used to be enemies, but after a trip to promote their show, the tequila kicked in and the co-stars spent the night taking out their rage on each others private parts. Neither co-stars are single, but what started out as a hot hook-up has began transitioning into a full fledged romance. Not David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel.

With all of the coming out stories lately, I guess it isn't any wonder that this B list television actress who has been on two huge network hits has been feeling more bold with her girlfriend lately. They have even started holding hands and sometimes kissing at events. Oh, and our actress is married.

16. BLIND GOSSIP 05/05
This hard-partying actress might want to lay low this Cinco de Mayo. While it’s pretty easy to find photos of her looking less than sober a certain party is now setting a trap for her. They are paying for videos of her drinking and engaged in other less legal activities. They are trying to bolster their case that she isn’t capable of managing her own life and needs someone to step in and take over before it’s el Dia de Los Muertos.
Lindsay Lohan

Meet Chet Chick-Muncher. You'd think this star would have been a Vicer already since his ridiculous antics have been going on for decades, but his dirty laundry is usually so publicly aired there's never been a need before. Until now, thanks to a certain electronic misstep... Chet has definitely had his share of substance-abuse problems, and it seems one of his effed-up escapades is coming back to haunt him—big-time. Obviously, we mean a sex tape. Who the hell doesn't have one lying around these days? Only problem is, not only is Chick-Muncher attached and most definitely straight-ish, this tape isn't with his honey—or a girl. Seems CC-M, who enjoys his female skank-up a lot, has been caught on-camera, not with a hooker, but totally blowing some random dude. Yes, that's how obscenely obliterated the Munch was when this went down—pun intended. And one of the parties from this par-tick sexfest is shopping this bad-boy tape around, and Chet is convinced it's about to come out. Hence, Chick-Muncher's attempt to fade back into the background. He's actually trying to become less of a public figure these days, professionally speaking, even though it may not look that way at all. That way, if the footage does come out in the near future, it won't sell for as much or have as much of an impact on his reputation (which is not exactly great right now). And yes, Chet's lady is aware of what's going on. Wonder if she'll be the one to let the haunting tape spill to the press? It certainly would give her ammo for what's sure to be a massively uncomfortable split. And it ain't… Tiger Woods, John Edwards, Jesse James
. Charlie Sheen

18. BUZZFOTO 05/06
Which famous singer is in the process of penning a children’s book? Although she’s made her money, her secret dream from childhood was to become an author. No word if it’s any good. Not Celine Dion.
Gloria Estefan

#1 - This former long time A list singer is so whacked out on crack that except for when she is performing she sits around in a bathrobe or naked all day without her wig just smoking away. At this point she doesn't care who sees her or hears her. There have been complaints of screaming and things breaking at every hotel she has stayed in on this tour.
Whitney Houston

#2 - This former A list hip hop singer and rapper who had hit after hit five or six years ago has this gorgeous female Asian assistant. At least everyone thinks she is female. She is on top but not on the bottom and that is just the way our singer likes it. Kanye West

Which LA-based actor drives 120 miles to San Diego for secret lipo several times a year? He’s got to keep his beach body looking good, but maybe he should just lay off the burgers.
Mario Lopez; David Hasselhoff

21. BLIND GOSSIP 05/07
This well-known young actress went shopping at a drug store in the middle of the night, her friend or assistant by her side. The celeb was a little paranoid about their purchases, so she would point out something on the shelf and the assistant would put it in the basket she was carrying. As the clerk rang up the items, she casually said "You two girls look too young to be out this late" To which the actress replied, "My parents know that I’m out. This stuff is for them." The clerk just smiled and kept checking them out. We’re sure lots of parents send their child out in the middle of the night to buy cold medicine and condoms and Mountain Dew.
Dakota Fanning; Demi Lovato

She is a Female Superstar - an amazing talent - and a top selling recording artist - but her marriage is in serious trouble - she can’t trust her husband.
Mary J .Blige

1. Which A-list actress is so concerned about wrinkles, she stores bottles of Botox in her freezer? She never has to worry about getting a last-minute treatment - whenever she needs an injection, she has a plastic surgeon come right to her home! Nicole Kidman

2. Which ex reality star's eating disorder is so bad, she now has peach fuzz all over body? She's desperate to get rid of it - and her cleaning crew complains about having to continuously clean up the gooey mess all the hair removers leave behind. Tori Spelling; Rachel Zoe; Paris Hilton

24. GOSSIP BOY 05/09
Reformed Rita has come a long way in her Hollywood career. She came from a well known family and appeared to be friends with all the right people. Rita was the kind of girl that all party girls looked up to and everyone wanted to be seen with. Not only did she last until the bar closed, Rita was connected to just about everybody in HW. And when I say everybody, I mean the suppliers. After some hard partying years, Rita realized she was knock, knock, knocking on Heaven's door and found a man that would help her stay sober. Girl actually enjoyed her new life and became someone with class and morals. She left her past life behind and didn't look back. She even ditched a long-time druggie boyfriend that seemed to have a soft spot in her heart. But years of being straight laced have seemed to get on Rita's last nerve and she has recently been sneaking away to her old haunts. Just when it seemed that Rita was on the right track and America had finally accepted her new image, she is dangerously close to falling right back into the pile of snow that is waiting for her. Only this time the stakes are higher and if Rita doesn't watch out, she will lose a hell of a lot more than her reputation. After losing so many friends to drugs, you would think this woman might be able to enjoy the simple things in life instead of trying to avoid reality all together. She has already began cracking around the edges and having temper tantrums that are just embarrassing. It won't be long before Rita self-destructs completely. And when she does, boy what a show it will be. It's Not: Paris Hilton; Katherine Heigl; Julia Roberts.
Nicole Richie; Drew Barrymore

25. NY POST/PAGE SIX 05/10
Which leading man has a thing for his co-stars? And not just the current one he was caught kissing. A few years ago, this handsome actor arrived quite drunk in the wee hours at the Mercer Hotel -- where his lovely co-star was staying -- demanding to be allowed up to her room. "She said she could hear his shouts all the way upstairs," said one friend. "He was tossed out."
Josh Brolin

26. BUZZFOTO 05/10
This celebrity has a significant other that has been in the press every once in a while for the recent projects he’s been working on. The man seems by all accounts a decent guy, but has an unusual habit. He engages in "wind bathing." He stands on a balcony, completely nude and let’s his body be bathed in wind. He believes it has certain benefits. When the celebrity discovered this, she was amused and thought it would be fun to combine wind bathing into their steamy love life. In the course of trying to do this, a small tragedy occurred. It was extremely windy and stormy and a large pot blew off the balcony, injuring the boyfriend. He’s publicly blamed the injury on something else, but it happened this way and put a damper on his current projects. Not Eva Longoria or Tony Parker.
Jordan (Katie Price) and Alex Reid

27. GOSSIP BOY 05/11
We all know Sunshine as the poor woman who had fallen in love with the gay, two-timing Rainbow Dark and blackmailed him into an engagement. They have yet to walk down the aisle, but Sunshine had been keeping a close watch on RD. Sunshine has been with R.D for a good bit and doesn't seem like the kind of girl that would ever cheat, but we all have our weaknesses. And for Sunshine, that weakness comes in a hot body with a foreign accent. While she was off filming, Sunshine became rather cozy with a certain actor who has a reputation for making women's clothes slide right off. And little miss Sunshine was no different. I hear that Sunshine and her new friend, Bang Bang Thunder, spent a lot of time together off the set. Since RD was busy trying to find ways around her watchful eye, he was none the wiser. Sources say that Sunshine and BBT rocked their trailer any chance they got. They were pretty good at avoiding the paps, however the longer their affair went on the sloppier they got at hiding it. BBT also has a reputation for being a little adventurous in the bedroom, something that RD never introduced Sunshine to. Sunny girl took a liking to the fun and their sex got wilder and more risky. And when it came time to film their hot sex scene on the closed set, I hear that it was a lot more than just acting. If only people knew that when they watch this film, that girl was actually having the big O right in front of their eyes. Of course after the movie wrapped, both stars went back to their lives. BBT to the land from which he came and Sunshine was back to sitting at home alone. I hear that's when BBT made a sudden trip to L.A and hasn't left since. With the hush-hush wedding very close, one has to wonder what Sunshine intends to do. BBT seems to have fallen hard for her, but she has secured her spot in RD's world and she is not sure she wants out. Poor Sunshine, what will you choose? Fame and fortune, or hot sex and a sore vadge? And someone should probably mention to Sunshine that not only does BBT have a woman back home waiting for him, she has a bun in the oven that no one knows about yet.
Sunshine Is Not: Anne Hathaway; Amy Adams; Zooey Deschanel
Bang Bang Thunder Is Not: Marc Blucas; Gerard Butler; Liam Hemsworth

Sunshine: Rachel Bilson
Bang Bang Thunder: Tom Sturridge

28. BLIND GOSSIP 05/11
This actress was delighted to finally land a lead on a television series. However, it may be over before it begins. Although she tested well, one of the show’s key execs just doesn’t like her. Scratch that. He can’t stand her. Turns out that a few years back she rejected him in a way that infuriated him. They had gone out on a couple of dates, but she soon discovered that his talk was bigger than his anatomy. Seems she told a couple of friends about his shortcomings and that information eventually got back to him. Since then, he has been waiting for payback. He thinks it would be the ultimate humiliation if they announced that she was being replaced on the show by someone younger or prettier or thinner or more talented. Since the actress thinks she’s got the role on lock, it should come as a pretty big shock to her if her role is recast.
 Kristin Kreuk; Gail O’Grady and Mark Gordon

29. BUZZFOTO 05/11
Just a warning that this blind is so bizarre, it stems on the ridiculous. Our source claims to be the one night stand of this male MTV reality star. She hooked up with him at a popular nightclub and the two went back to her place and he spent the night. He was really drunk, but claimed to have names for the most delicate parts of his body. Some are too obscene to share, but he does call his ‘goods’ the U.N. (no, not for United Nations). It stands for Uno Nut, which she claims is an accurate description. At first our source thought it was a joke or drunk talk, but the celebutard was completely serious and asked that she referred to his anatomy as such. Oh yeah, this guy is in a relationship with someone else. He has names for her parts as well but they’re much too nasty to post here. But here’s one: She always brags about her Double D’s but he calls them Droopy Dog behind her back. Not Brandon Davis.
The Jersey Shore’s “Situation” and “Snooki”

This still young, married with child/ren former A list television actress is now a struggling C list actress who is lucky to find work. Lucky for her though she knows how to find a bar. When she does it is watch out time. Whether she decides to flash a group of guys or just grab their crotch and invite them to find a corner, she will do it all. When asked about her husband or her child/ren our actress says she wants me time. Since me time usually involves getting naked with strangers and having sex, I am guessing me time could turn into divorce time before long.
Melissa Joan Hart

31. BLIND GOSSIP 05/12
This amusing actor – who stars in at least one big movie coming out this year – is becoming more and more open about his gender preference. He’s not one of those guys who interviewers ask about his sexuality. Maybe it’s because he behaved himself during the time he was married (yes, to a woman). Maybe it’s because many of his characters are larger than life. In any case, he’s recently been hitting on a male pop star with whom he has a prior work connection. It will be interesting to see who he brings to his movie premiere(s). It certainly won’t be the pop star, who plans on staying in the closet for at least a few more years.
Mike Myers and Justin Timberlake

32. GOSSIP BOY 05/12
1- What A-List actress arrived at Cannes and began drinking before she even checked into her room? She was so wasted by the end of the night that a C-Lister managed to get her to go back to his room with him? For him, it's an accomplishment. For her, it's just another notch in her downward spiral.

2- Which celebrity couple has decided that the only way they can make their marriage last is by letting the husbands girlfriend move into the guesthouse? Too bad the husband doesn't realize while he is off saving the world, the wife is spending all of her time in the guesthouse. Sting and Trudie Styler; Will and Jada Smith

33. BUZZFOTO 05/12
These two movie costars are cheating with each other. One is an A List male with a wife and the other B List maybe. They fell in love on the set of the movie and although filming is wrapped and the movie will be out soon, the two are coming up with a million ways to meet up. They are going in on some charity work together so they can be closer. The sad thing is, the A-lister’s poor wife has no clue and brags to all her friends about her husband’s fidelity. She is completely devoted to him, but he is telling his new actress girlfriend he’ll be leaving his wife very soon. Not Liev Schreiber.
Emily Blunt/Matt Damon "The Adjustment Bureau"; Evan Rachel Wood/James McAvoy "The Conspirator"; Emily Blunt/Jack Black "Gulliver’s Travels"

There are all kinds of ways to get a job in Hollywood, but this one is particularly juicy. This married writer/producer/director wanted to direct this much anticipated movie. A movie for which there was a lot of competition. Well, one day the producer of the movie came over to the director's house to interview him for the job. While he was there the director's B- list movie and television actress wife showed up. She sat in on the interview and made it perfectly clear to the producer that she was perfectly willing to f**k him right there if it got her husband the job. The next day the producer came over and our actress and he had sex. The director got the job. What he might not have expected though is that his wife who has done this kind of thing before has continued to sleep with the producer.
Tod Williams/Gretchen Mol/Jason Blum "Paranormal Activity 2"
ADDENDUM 05/13/10: Yesterday I introduced you to the married actress who was willing to do anything to help her husband. Well her affections are not just reserved to help her husband. She also looks out for herself. One of her regulars is an A list writer and show creator who wrote for one of the greatest television shows of all time and has a new one on the same network. Anyway, to make sure she stays in this writer's good graces, our actress indulges his fantasies and anytime you see her with bruises on her wrists you know she was hanging out with him. One time, our actress was orally servicing this writer and someone walked in. The writer expected our actress to stop but even when she saw the person who walked in she just kept going until the act was completed. Terence Winter (wrote for "The Sopranos") "Broadwalk Empire"
ADDENDUM 05/19/10: This one actually happened prior to our actress getting married, but for the sake of convenience we will still call her the director's wife. Anyway, not too long before she met her husband, she was the rebound for this A list a-hole music producer and sometime singer. He told her that he was going to make his very first movie and wanted her to star in it. So, he used her for awhile and then when he suggested she would have a much better chance for the role if she slept with a few of his friends, she did just that. Many, many of his friends. Of course, the movie never came to fruition, and he dumped her when he got bored. Gretchen Mol

Which fading starlet is trying to force her younger sister into plastic surgery? She told the young wanna-be model that she’ll never make it in the biz unless she goes under the knife, so the little sib is set to get a nose job and breast implants, ASAP.
Lindsay and Ali Lohan

36. POPBITCH 05/13
Which A-list Hollywood couple's home life is not nearly as picture perfect as they'd like you to believe. The wife hides an ice-cold ambition under an American Sweetheart veneer, but her leading lady work has really dried-up. Her once high-profile and engaging husband is resorting to "my wife doesn't understand me" hook-ups to keep himself occupied as he's told friends he doesn't want to divorce.
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

37. BLIND GOSSIP 05/13
Our actor is married to a woman who seems like an odd choice for him. Our actress is engaged to a man who seems like an odd choice for her. However, since they’ve been working together, something has sparked between the two and they have taken to wearing each other out in private. The girl doesn’t want this fling to spill over into real life when the gig is over. But she is open to the idea of the two of them working together on a future project.
Matt Damon and Emily Blunt "The Adjustment Bureau"; James McAvoy and Evan Rachel Wood "The Conspirator"; Jack Black and Emily Blunt "Gulliver's Travels"

Last we heard from Me-Me Dallas, she was makin' that set trailer rock all over the place, thanks to the fun mattress action she had going on inside with her good dude friend, Tobey Yum-Yum. Mind you, this was all went down while outside the fancy dressing room; Me-Me kept telling everybody she was staying faithful to her boyfriend—and that they weren't all that serious, anyway. Girl knows how to spin a lie better than Lindsay Lohan. Meanwhile, there's something else Ms. Dallas is being quite upfront about: Kissing girls! Yes, everybody and their mama frets about how many boys, and which boys, Me-Me is—or is not—getting trailer trashy with. But they're missing the real story: that she's hopelessly devoted to finding out what it's like to French kiss a lady. Ugh, this is so Crescent Kumquat territory! First, it starts with the lip-lock curiosity, next comes playing around with each other, then, it's the whole damn morning after! But for now: On two separate occasions, shocked, elite Hollywood revelers have witnessed Me-Me announce, as we're told, that she wants "to kiss a girl." It's happened in a private club, as well as at another less public venue. Both times Dallas was loaded to the gills, by the by. To get her courage up, ya think? "She made her grand entrance," said a fellow guest at Me-Me's last fancy do, "and she said she wanted to kiss with a girl. "So this lesbian goes up to her," the Sapphic witness tells us, "and starts really making out. [Me-Me] was really into it, at first, but then I think she saw that people were looking and she pulled away." Not so at the big Hollywood club where Dallas was a short time earlier. Onlookers couldn't believe their eyeballs when Me-Me "really went to town," making out with another good-looking chick. Ugh, has anybody told Me-Me's current boyfriend just how his GF likes to get her hot on? Doubtful, as he's so busy trying to be so good right now. Jeez, dude, why bother, if this is what your honey's up to? And it Ain't: Anna Paquin, Rumer Willis, Emma Watson.
Miley Cyrus

39. BUZZFOTO 05/13
This not so bright starlet recently found the cell phone of the director of her television show. She cruised through the numbers in his contact list and when she discovered her name was listed third behind other actresses on the show, she threw a huge tantrum. She confronted the director and accused him of picking favorites, the proof being in his cell phone contact list. He calmly explained that the names were put in alphabetical order, not order of importance. Instead of apologizing for her behavior, she instead went back to her trailer and tried to clean up her wardrobe she had earlier ripped to shreds out of anger. Not Courteney Cox.
Blake Lively/Leighton Meester/Taylor Momsen

40. HOLY MOLY 05/13
1. "DELETED went on a drug fuelled road trip around the US where he consumed the cocaine, the ecstasy and the LSD with his mate. They drifted apart but on the day he DELETED DELETED, he rang said friend just to check he wasn't about to sell the story about him juggling disco balls in the middle of the desert whilst tripping on hillbilly acid."
Nick Clegg/Louis Theroux

2. Which American based British TV presenter may not be quite as loved up with her musician boyfriend as everyone thinks? Whilst they seem fine now, things can't have been too rosy when she screwed Josh Hartnett a few years ago. Alexa Chung

1. This veteran R&B Singer may have to retire. He cannot perform the way he used to.
Ron Isley

2. Despite appearances and a hit reality show, this woman needs a husband…...make that a husband with money if she wants to continue her high profile life. Lisa Raye

3. This Oscar winner looks amazing with her recent weight loss. To her surprise she is envied by one of the most powerful women in the media business. Jennifer Hudson admired by Oprah

42. BLIND GOSSIP 05/14
She once had money coming at her from all directions: TV, films, club appearances, product endorsements. That well is quickly running dry. She has slashed her rates in half, but there are still few takers. One simple solution for shaking things up: plastic surgery. She has been quietly meeting with plastic surgeons for both face and body work. If she does decide to have plastic surgery – about which she is surprisingly squeamish – we hear that her nose will be the first body part to go. Then again, if she doesn’t lay off the white powder, it may fall off on its own.
Paris Hilton

#1 & #2 - This B list cable talk show host of a very highly rated cable show has the coke addiction of all coke addictions. Not only does our host snort coke all day and night, our host also does coke before, during, and after the show. Chelsea Handler (the good news is she managed to quit and only drinks now)

#3 & #4 - This Academy Award winner/nominee actress has always worried about her husband cheating. Her husband, a former A list movie actor though should worry about his wife. For all the worries about the husband cheating it is actually the wife who is sleeping with a current co-star and an assistant director from her last movie.
#3 - Actress: Annette Bening
#4 - Actor: Warren Beatty
co-star: Andy Garcia

Oh, Crescent Kumquat, what a tangled romantic life you lead: First you start kissing boys, then you graduate to secretly hooking up with them online, and now you've decided you gotta sleep with a big-mouthed (female) publicist, just to make sure word gets around that you're into girls. Hmm. What a sneaky boy you are. Yeah, but that craftiness between the sheets sure does come with a big ol' problem, doesn't? Yeah, like a nasty STD you picked up from the blabbering PR rep! Yes, yes, yes, of course, the chick you boned talked about the fact that you slept with her, just like you wanted. But, she also gave you another little bonus present: herpes. And guess how the babe you scored with found out she got the unfortunate disease in the first place? Another bisexual star (who's famous for hanging with a gay-loving chick, just for the publicity, as well) also slept with this same rep—and she bitched him out when she found out. And now Crescent's super peeved she passed it onto him without so much as a, "you might want to throw a rubber on that not exactly long but nicely wide equipment of yours." Jeez, what a friggin' six-degrees of penicillin this baby is. Pretty high price to pay just to get talked about in the rags as a red-blooded, honey-bedding stud, huh? I'll say. Oh, and for the record, Crescent, since I hear you're back online hunting for boys again, tell me something: do you also advertise that you're one-night encounters come fully equipped with the gift that keeps on giving? Just curious. Aint it Ain't: Ryan Kwanten, Kiefer Sutherland, John Mayer.
Chase Crawford

45. GOSSIP BOY 05/17
Big Mouth Billy has been around for a long time, making a name for himself in a world that he longs to be in. Billy capitalizes on celebrities with secrets to hide and has no problem stirring up rumors to make his name more relevant. People look up to Billy and love him through and through. But what would people do if they found out he was conning everyone? Turns out that someone caught onto Billy and decided to set up a trap for him. They say it started out as a joke just for fun, but the joke turned serious. My source says that they planted a story and a couple of emails to see if Billy took the bait. Billy took it alright and boy did he run with it. Now I have the emails in my possession and wondering if I should publish them and finally knock Billy down off of his pedestal or if I should sit on them until the timing is right. Either way, Billy should be warned that people have set him up and his name is going to be dragged through the mud sooner rather than later. Not only will this lie of his be exposed, but his past will be put under a microscope and I can promise that by the time it is all said and done, a replacement will be in order. Ted Casablanca; Perez

46. BLIND GOSSIP 05/17
Theatergoers are still wondering if this actor-cum-producer was high when he was casting an award-winning Broadway musical. It’s not that his choice wasn’t qualified. She does have plenty of musical experience. She also has a reputation as a party girl and managed to uphold that reputation by arriving to rehearsals both late and drunk. A little bribing by her publicist and several threats by her agent convinced the producer not to replace her.

This former B list movie actress who is now a C, although I can't even think of a movie she has been in lately. Anyway, she was in a very recent breakup and even though it was because she couldn't get her act together, she is getting paid. It wasn't a marriage, but she is getting paid $20,000 a week to keep the secret that her ex also loved guys. If his business partners found out then he would stand to lose millions. What he didn't count on was the fact that our actress tells everyone all the time when she has been drinking or doing drugs which is frequently.
Tara Reid (Apparently the guy died in a yachting "accident" in the summer of 2010.)

48. BUZZFOTO 05/17
This very wealthy diva has let her music career go to her head and her behind! One of her staff member claims that our star has two types of luxury toilet paper put into her bathroom each day. The paper is not on rolls and is not to be touched by human hands. The staff must first wear gloves when handling it. The diva then has each kind broken into squares and stacked into two separate containers. That way, depending on the day and the situation, the diva can chose which types fits her needs. Both brands are imported and very expensive. Not Rihanna.
Mariah Carey; Barbra Streisand

49. BLIND GOSSIP 05/18
She isn’t wearing bulky or flowing tops or adopting atypical poses because that’s what is in fashion this year. This woman is definitely pregnant. Not by the old-fashioned way, but science is her friend at this point. Since there has been false alarms in the past, she will keep the news quiet until she passes the three-month point. That will happen soon.
John Travolta/Kelly Preston

50. BUZZFOTO 05/18
These two costars from a big movie coming out have been hooking up in between takes of the film. They are both married and they are both loving husbands to their naïve wives out there. Not Robert Downey Jr.

51. GOSSIP BOY 05/18
1- This couple was once just your normal couple, but as of late it seems that the actress is changing with her popularity. Her older man is a little more serious and hasn't taken a liking to her flighty ways. Even more, he doesn't like her recent fondness of sharing personal things with the public. The poor guy feels stuck with her now, before her he was a nobody. Not Alexander Skarsgard and Kate Bosworth.
Anna Paquin/Stephen Moyer

2- This A-List name, but B-List actor , spent a whole evening trying to persuade a fellow actor that getting oral sex from a guy doesn't make you gay. His buddy told him that he would not blow the star, but he had it wrong. The star was trying to blow his buddy, who ended up going along with it. Now the friend of the star is very confused and has been seen visiting the gay-borhood while his girlfriend is at work. Not Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick.

3- Which television personality has finally persuaded someone to be a beard for them? Not Whoopi Goldberg or Simon Cowell. Ryan Seacrest/Julianne Hough

This married A list television star on a very hit network show always has portrayed himself as the ideal family man. He always mentions his wife in interviews, and when they make one of their infrequent appearances together he always appears to be the loving husband. The reality is that he has slept with about 10 people from his show ranging from crew to extras to cast. Considering the other guys on this network you wouldn't think he would be king of the cheats, but he is.
Patrick Dempsey

53. BLIND GOSSIP 05/19
She’s a good actress but she really wants more publicity. Since actors in relationships with other stars tend to be higher profile, she and her public relations flack are looking to hook her up with a new man. Since it’s not a real love connection, it doesn’t matter if he’s gay or straight. It does matter, however, that he’s single and willing to act the part of a straight, loving, faithful, supportive boyfriend. Candidates should be 25-45 years old, attractive, non-smokers, excel at their own profession, comfortable with paparazzi, and be willing to contractually commit for one year.

54. BUZZFOTO 05/19
There are rumors swirling within the inner circle of this celebrity about her secret past. We all know about her rags to riches story, but what we don’t know is that she lived the life of prostitution for two years to get by. Not Oprah Winfrey.
Jewel; Mariah Carey; Demi Moore; Mo’Nique; Madonna

Which actress shocked guests at a recent charity bash by getting so wasted she could hardly stand? She’s never been much of a party girl, and considering how she holds her alcohol, that’s a good thing.
Uma Thurman

56. BLIND GOSSIP 05/20
This celebrity is moving to a place thousands of miles away from where she lives now. Her motives are rather suspicious. Is the new location closer to her workplace? No. Closer to her family? No. Better weather? No. She claims it is just because she found a locale that she and her husband like. The real reason, though, is to get herself and her child/ren as far away from her Mother as possible. The celeb finally has enough presence of mind – and more than enough money – to lead a life different from the one that was set up for her. She won’t be hounded or controlled anymore by her Mother, her Mother’s attorneys, etc. Mom will act like she is heartbroken that her daughter and grandchild/ren are moving, but she is actually panicking. She found out that her little girl is writing her autobiography… a book that will make "Mommie Dearest" look like a day at the beach.
Lisa Marie and Priscilla Presley

57. BUZZFOTO 05/20
This C-Lister used to date a celebrity who is now on the A-List. He was drunk at the Chateau Marmont this weekend and was heard to describe her body as a "Raisin on Toothpicks." We think he just has sour grapes over loosing her. Not Jonny Lee Miller.
Billy Bob Thornton/Angelina Jolie

Awkward for most people, but not for this actress. Do you remember last year in Cannes when this B list television and sometime movie actress was doing coke and playing sex games with several people? Well, our actress has moved on, even if her career has progressed straight down. She and her new celebrity boyfriend, who is very familiar with our actresses' kinky sexual proclivities which involve lots and lots of S&M are in Cannes together this year. Anyway, the couple ran into one of the guys our actress shared drugs and sex with last year. Instead of the situation being awkward, the new celebrity boyfriend invited the guy to come along back to their hotel where they all took turns, well, with umm, each other.
Hayden Panettiere/Wladimir Klitschko (I almost didn’t reveal this because someone could read it as if the two guys enjoyed each other and that was not the case)

She’s a well known Singer, and he’s a famous Basketball Player. You know what they have in common? Moms who embarrass the hell out of them!!! They have crazy moms! Both have younger mothers who are constantly making headlines. Is this the reason this Ballplayer has never won a championship? Is he too distracted by his mom’s antics? Meanwhile, the Singer just had a baby, and won’t let her mom come near the kid.
Keisha Cole abd LeBron James

1. Amanda Lepore ( is a famous transgendered woman. One of her transgendered (blonde) friends allegedly worked on a hip hop video and hooked up with the star of the video. This famous rapper undressed her, realizing she was a pre-op transgender but this didn't stop him from smashing her all night. The rapper comes across as extremely macho with street swagger but in reality-he's still turned out! Hint: East Coast rapper.

2. This actor appeared on "Girlfriends." Currently, he's allegedly getting his salad tossed, coast to coast. He's made quite a name for himself on the gay/bisexual circuit.

3. An actor who appeared on the series "Martin," is allegedly committing bigamy by being married to two women. One of the women is African-American, the other is Asian.

Keep Your Friends Close, Druggies Closer! We know we promised we wouldn't talk about Morgan Mayhem anymore—until she cleans up her act, that is, which she so totally is not doing—so we apologize for bringing the dreaded M2 back into the mix. Had to. The good news? This Blind Vice isn't entirely about nasty old Morgs, it's more about the young Hollywood bestie that's getting the Mayhem 101 in "How to Be Bad." Meet Strawberry Snort'Em, a rising diva known for her mildly wild ways, who's picked up one of M.M.'s nastier habits… Coke, a Mayhem fave (tho she'd tell you otherwise, obviously). You wouldn't know it, but S.S. and M2 are quite close—as in share-a-gay-BFF close, the ultimate bond in H'wood. Thing is, Strawberry knows Morgan's rep and wouldn't be caught anywhere near her. Even on Twitter, where Morgs desperately tries to chat our newest B.V. vixen up but never gets as much as a pity @reply. But when Strawberry doesn't think she'll be caught, she's got absolutely no problem getting Morgan-level wild! And for a chick who's so friggin' concerned about what people think of her, S.S. isn't so discreet about her bathroom behaviors. Maybe she figured it was an unspoken code of T-town? "What goes on in the bathroom, stays in the bathroom…" Well, a few someones are blabbing. Fellow clubbers on this specific night were too pleased to spot S.S. and M2 snorting away in the trendy L.A. hot spot's posh bathrooms. And while Morgan went on to much more tabloid-talked-about antics that night (as she always does), Strawberry avoided the press and instead pissed off the other partyers with her coked-up craziness. Strawberry was completely out of control, dish our club sources, telling us S2 was even climbing on statues within the club. S2's got a name that carries clout in Hollyweird, so security obviously didn't step in to stop her, even though the other club-hoppers were complaining. Hey, this is Hollywood, people, if you don't like the way the starlets play, get out of the damn clubs, right? With Morgan as a role model, we're terrified of what may become of sweet Strawberry Snort'Em. Cross your fingers, folks, because we'd hate to see S2's career—and personal life (what would her dude think?)—go down the drain like Morgan's. It Ain't: Hayden Panettiere, Miley Cyrus, Ashley Greene.

Morgan Mayhem: Lindsay Lohan
Strawberry Snort'Em: Katy Perry
gay BFF: Marcus Molinari

62. BLIND GOSSIP 05/21
This famous actor has been through multiple films… and multiple wives. Underneath his quirky charm, however, lurks a really evil twin. One who likes to take everything to extreme. While he’s not known for any actual violence toward his loved ones, he does like to talk about some very disturbing acts, including rape, kidnapping, torture, S and M, dismemberment, etc. In fact, he wants to produce a real snuff film in which people are actually injured and killed during the making of the film. He’ll have to face reality, though. His out-of-control spending prohibits his financing anything, and he’s going to have to keep working for a long time simply to pay the bills.
Nicolas Cage

#1 & #2 - I'm guessing this couple is more than just friends. Lets call them reality stars. Well, one is for sure a female reality star on an A list network reality show. The other, a male celebrity who has been on a reality show. Anyway, our male celebrity took our female to a party recently and was throwing $100's at her like they were nothing. He kept throwing until she agreed to umm, how shall I put this, get serviced orally right there at the party by another woman who didn't take nearly as much money for persuasion.
#1 - female: Cheryl Burke
#2 - male: Chad Ochocinco

#3 & 4 & 5 - This C list actress daughter of a former male A list celebrity (now B) and a former B list actress (now a D) was found in a bathroom the other night passed out after trying heroin for the first time.
#3 - daughter: Zoe Kravitz
#4 - father: Lenny Kravitz
#5 - mother: Lisa Bonet

64. SOAP SUDS 05/21
1. Which Emmy pre-nom is seriously devastated she didn’t make the final ballot?

2. Which west coast actress is irritating her castmates with her Emmy nomination? "It’s all she talks about," says a disgruntled cast member. "Especially around a certain diva who failed to be [recognized]."

3. Which Emmy pre-nominated actor is blaming the writers not his performance for not making the final cut?

65. GOSSIP BOY 05/23
Sunday is such a fitting day to introduce you to Hail Mary, a young star who is not as she seems. Is anyone really who they seem to be in HW anymore? Hail Mary has long since been thought of as the sweet angelic girl. She has built her entire fan base on the fact and is constantly coming up with new ways to seem like a holy rolling girl. And in the daytime, she is. But when the sun goes down, Hail Mary lets her inner bad girl out. Hail Mary is not one for clubs and A-List bashes, she chooses to stay under the radar. This little wild child is best known for renting out residences and penthouse suites under her managers name for her no holds barred parties. Same guests at every bash. Some celebs, some wannabes, but definitely people that wouldn't rat out the sweetheart that throws the best parties, or "Snow Balls" as they call them. It's all been fun and games for Mary, until a couple weekends ago when she traded in the snow for some E. And I don't mean E exclamation point. One night her boyfriend was not attached to her hip, and she got a little randy with a her ex-boyfriend. And she wasn't very private about it, it was in the middle of one of her parties. At least she had the decency to take him into the bathroom, but she should have been quieter. Everyone heard Hail Mary praying to God and when she emerged with the sex hair, Mary didn't even attempt to fix it. Instead she walked over and did some bumps. Hail Mary has her current dish chasing her every move and her ex, who she is secretly stalking. No matter which guy really loves the snow job, they should realize she is after one thing. A-List baybe. Just a tip for Hail Mary's boyfriend: she has been known to meet her ex when you think she is at church. It's Sunday, do you know where your Hail Mary is? It's Not: Reese Witherspoon; Britney Spears; Beyonce.
Demi Lovato

66. BUZZFOTO 05/24
This celebrity sister duo share more than just the limelight. They seem to share everything. Including men. As of this weekend the sisters can now boast that they’ve slept with at least one of the same men. One of the sisters made her rounds with an old flame of the other sister this weekend at a club. Not the Hilton sisters.
AnnaLynne and Angel McCord; Haylie and Hillary Duff

67. NY POST/PAGE SIX 05/24
1. Which producer for a dorky cable anchor has been complaining to colleagues that she's tired of his notoriously nasty behavior?
Keith Olberman

2. WHICH late-night TV host is having Tiger Woods-like problems? One woman has already come forward, but at least one more is looking to sell her sordid story. George Lopez

It's rare that I ever hear something that will make me fall out of my chair. First of all, I generally am jammed into chairs and my body can't break free even if it wanted to. Second of all, I have heard everything so nothing really surprises me. Friday night that changed. I was having a pleasant dinner when the person next to me said, guess who is gay. Well, it would be easier to guess who isn't gay, but I said I didn't know. They then said the name of this married, foreign born, former A list female singer and sometime actress who will always have A list name recognition. I had never even heard a peep she was. A gay right supporter for sure, but gay? Absolutely 100%.
Olivia Newton John

69. BLIND GOSSIP 05/24
Prior to the airing of the Lost series finale, there was a two hour-special on the making of Lost. It featured a plot summary, show clips, show runners patting themselves on the back, and lots of glowing accolades from the cast about how amazing and ground-breaking the series was. Well, that’s how they described it for the cameras, anyhow. One cast member had less glowing things to say when the camera wasn’t rolling. Specifically, that even the cast members didn’t understand the convoluted plot. This particular actor never had any idea whether s/he was "filming a scene of a flash back, a flash forward, a flash sideways." This same actor did not like the ending at all. S/he said that it "f*ing sucked. What a joke." S/he also joked that s/he might avoid public appearances for a while in case some fan who felt robbed at the ending wanted to throw a punch their way.
Evangeline Lily

70. GOSSIP BOY 05/25
Christian Darko is a hot young guy who is very well known in town. Not only do the ladies love him, but the guys drool over him as well. Maybe not as much as other guys like him, but he has his gay following. CD loves his gay fans, a lot actually. He hangs out with them whenever he gets a chance and often gives them access to meet him. He has been tempted many a time, but has always had a girlfriend. Christian is a not the cheating kind, but he is not really a catch either. Christian was raised with religious morals and standards, one that probably have messed his pretty little head up. But he was given an assistant, one who was gay and proud about it. Funny thing is, the star's mother loves the guy and was the one to hire him. Christian spent a lot of time with Handy Helper and they bonded, too much. Christian and Handy Helper not only began fooling around, they fell for each other. They kept their relationship a secret and Christian told Handy that he would not be able to come out for quite awhile. Christian has let Handy bring him out and they turn him into a kinky little boy. Christian is constantly making Handy perform certain pleasures in public places. Most recently, a popular hangout in L.A. Tucked away in a dark corner with his hat pulled down, Christian sat back while Handy got a little mouthy. Word got back to Christian's woman and she split pretty quickly. Thankfully for Christian, his people gave her something green to keep her mouth shut. Better watch out, Christian. If you were caught in the corner this time, what will you be caught doing next time? It's Not: Zac Efron; Nick Jonas; Jake Gyllenhaal.

71. BLIND GOSSIP 05/25
It’s hard to believe that these two girls were ever friends. They started out with the same dreams and ambitions. However, one has continued down the path of single party girl, while the other is raising kids and starting businesses. Both have been making snippy comments behind the other one’s back. Party girl says she feels sorry for the Mommy spending her day up to her elbows in shit. She swears that her friend’s upcoming marriage will never happen. Mommy says that Party is no longer a star and has no real friends and is heading for destruction with her continued association with the druggie crowd.
Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie

72. BUZZFOTO 05/25
This C List actress from television is married to a man that has his hands full. He is head over heels for the C lister but his marriage has been threatened. The hubby to this star has been presented with a challenge: The C Lister has been cheating with a no-name model and she has told her husband that if he can’t make as much money as her lover by the end of the year, she’s going to leave and marry the model instead of staying in the marriage. The poor man is scrambling to come up with ways to bring in some extra dough. Funny thing is, she doesn’t need the cash, unless the white powder rumors are true. Not Mariska Hargitay.
Angie Harmon/Jason Sehorn

Could it be this person is just ticked they didn't win? Could be, but let us judge for ourselves. This ex contestant (you will never get it) of a top ranked non cable reality show spilled that one of the show's judges hates white people. The judge makes no effort to talk to anyone who is white and will go out of their way to not talk to white people. During the taping of the show, the cameras would have to roll for a very, very long time to ever hear anything positive about a white contestant from this judge. Most of the time it would take a prompt from a producer to get the judge to say anything remotely positive about the white contestants.
Andre Leon Talley "America's Next Top Model"

74. BLIND GOSSIP 05/25 **#2**
Ben Kingsley told a story on The View this morning about an unpleasant dinner he had at the home of a Hollywood actor: "There are times when I wish I could have said or done something differently. [For example] The last time I was here, there was an old Hollywood actor who invited me back to his home. He was with his aging German girlfriend. I was instantly nervous around her. During the meal, she said ‘Are you Jewish?’. And I said ‘No as a matter of fact, I’m half Indian and half English.’ And she said ‘Oh my god, that’s even worse.’ [audience gasps] So, I did not drop my knife and fork and say ‘F* you’. I stayed in a state of rage throughout the dinner. Why? Because everything happens for a reason. And now here I am with you and [pointing at the camera] if you’re still around, you racist old witch…[gesturing to The View panel] these girls have now heard it, and you know who you are! You know who you are!"

This female television talk show host spends so much time on the phone yelling at her husband to do a million things a day that you would think she would catch on to the fact he is cheating on her with her assistant.
Nancy Grace; Elizabeth Hasselbeck

76. BUZZFOTO 05/26
This celebrity who has stated publicly that she’d like to be in a Twilight film has a hidden obsession with vampires. Although she is a gigantic fan of the series, it is not her first time. She started reading other books in the vampire genre as a girl. She boasts to have read every book written on the subject. She’s part of an online vampire community where the members send each other letters written in their own blood. She’s done midnight séances with her online friends and has allegedly even tasted the blood of someone from her ‘den.’ Not Paris Hilton.
Jennifer Love Hewitt; AnnaLynne Mccord; Lindsay Lohan; Kim Kardashian

This goody two-shoes Oscar winner has a naughty secret — a stash of sex tapes she made with her last lover that she watches now and then. And her current bf isn’t invited to her very private screenings.
Reese Witherspoon/Jake Gyllenhaal

78. BLIND GOSSIP 05/27
Memorial Day Weekend: For some, it’s the start of the summer season; for others, it’s the start of the lying season. Take our hot movie actor. He told his Significant Other that he’s going to be very busy filming this weekend. Well, unless he’s talking about his private video camera, that’s just not true. He’s booked a romantic weekend with his girlfriend at a private getaway in North America.
Johnny Depp; Cam Gigandet

I know I have not written about Coke Mom in awhile, but I may have found someone better. Well, not a better mom, but this person is a much bigger star. Much. Like A list movie actress big or very, very close to it. Anyway, our actress has always come across as the victim or the martyr in her personal life. However, if you dig a little deeper under the surface you will see that she has issues. Now that she is alone again she has big issues. While you may see her with her child/ren out on the streets or something, that is the only time she spends with her child/ren. The rest of the time she sits in her bedroom, watching movies and television and shooting up. She has the most ridiculous heroin habit and the only time she sees sunlight is when she takes her child/ren somewhere to keep up appearances.
Halle Berry

I’ll Bust The Windows Out Your Car is not only a song……it happened for real. It happened to a Couple who won’t go public with their relationship but share a home together. The famous half of the Couple is not ready to come out of the closet. She refuses to talk about her love life.
Queen Latifah and Jeanette Jenkins

81. BLIND GOSSIP 05/27 **#2**
This couple is expecting. No secret there. What is a secret, however, is what was happening behind closed doors before the baby was announced. Things had been rocky in this couple’s marriage for the past few years. The more she pushed her agenda on him, the more unhappy he became. After a particularly rough patch, Husband decided that he was going to do three things: get out of the marriage; tell the truth about what had been going on for the past few years; and come out of the closet. Wife was desperate to keep any of those three things from happening. She decided to do something quite devious and drastic. The couple had stored up some fertilized eggs earlier in their marriage. (You didn’t think they conceived naturally, did you?) So she went behind his back and had some of the remaining fertilized eggs implanted, hoping that one would take. It did. To say that the husband was shocked and absolutely furious with her for doing this behind his back would be an understatement. He does not want this baby. His plan right now is that, if she loses the baby, he will wait a couple of months and then bolt so he doesn’t look like the bad guy. However, if the baby is born, he knows that his primary role will be that of playing the proud and happy father. After all, he is an actor. So until the baby issue is resolved… back in the closet he goes.
John Travolta and Kelly Preston

82. BUZZFOTO 05/27
These costars from a popular network show are planning a side project together. In the course of their experience, the two have secretly fallen for each other. They don’t want the network to know their secret because of the dynamic of the show, but it can only be a matter of time before the cat’s out of the bag. Not Cory Monteith.
Lea Michelle and Matthew Morrison "Glee"

83. POPBITCH 05/28
This r&b legend had a Russian nanny to look after his small children. When he toured eastern Europe, the nanny's own son, who had been left at home while she tried to make the family money in the US, travelled over to Poland to see her again. The r&b ended up telling her no. The nine year old boy arrived at the concert but was told that his mother couldn't take time off to meet him.

Lesbian Star Gets Dumped! Cannes has been such trouble for stars this year: Naomi Campbell had younger, more attractive models thrown out of her fancy B-day bash. An errant dog ate Lindsay Lohan's passport. And poor Venetia Vag-0-Matic got dumped by her stunning girlfriend! Only thing is, Venetia didn't even know about this sad news until she got back stateside. How awful! How could the GF, who blew off her more famous partner as soon as she returned to L.A., have been so cold? Well, turns out the gorgeous girlfriend saw a picture of Venetia in Cannes doing something she probably shouldn't have been doing... Like sucking face with a dude! This really is so very Lindsay Lohan of Venetia, who's never actually come out as a lesbian, but who lives to get her flirt on with any sex she chooses—even though she's got a damn beautiful and loyal partner waiting in Hollywood for her. Really does read Samantha Ronson and Lindsay L. all over again. Samantha actually tried to get Lindsay to live a more substantial, esteemed life, while Lohan, remember, would live to get her boy-flirt on in clubs and at parties, all the while playing supposedly out-and-proud lesbian housewife. And just how did Venetia take it, once the girlfriend delivered the news? "She was pissed," said an eye and ear witness to the Vag-O-Matic meltdown. "She was telling everybody, like it was her girlfriend's problem, not hers." I dare say that hit movie Venetia's got has gone not to just the director's head, but hers, too. And It Ain't: Zoe Saldana, Carey Mulligan, Nikki Reed.
Michelle Rodriguez

#1 - This very popular female tweener who tries to portray herself as wholesome spent last night in a hotel room having sex with two of her bodyguards.
Demi Lovato

#2 - What celebutante and former reality star tried to get attention for herself yesterday by purposely pulling a Basic Instinct move on national television. Thankfully no one noticed. Paris Hilton "The View"

#3 - This B list television actress who is without a show at the moment threw a huge hissy fit when she entered a store yesterday. She brought coffee in and they told her no drinks allowed. She pulled the don't you know who I am routine and a manger was brought over. The manager let her keep the drink. The actress then told the guard that this is the way things work in Hollywood. Jennifer Love Hewitt

#4 - This female C list singer/reality star had a promotional appearance the other day for which she had been paid in advance. Everything was set up and ready to go. When she arrived she demanded an extra $5000 for herself or she would leave. Because they were in a bind the very large company paid her, but after the event told her they would not be using her again. Julianne Hough

86. BUZZFOTO 05/31
We’ve officially decided that celebrities should not set up play-dates between their children, no matter how old the kids are. Why? Maybe this blind will illustrate our point. The children from these two celebrity families seem to have egos that mirror their famous parents. The two families got together over the last week, two of the oldest decided it would be a good idea to steal a car behind their parent’s back. They took off in the car, spent the day shopping and eating and while they were driving home, noticed a homeless man walking down the street. One of the children (from the more famous couple) took her Coffee Bean beverage that had sat in the car all day and threw it at the man on the street. The two then laughed at the humiliated and confused man and drove home. Not any of the Schwarzenegger children.

It's absolutely no secret Dougy Dry-Hump loves the ladies. Although just how much of a womanizer he is may come as a his wife. See, Doug is no stranger to scandal, per se, but he has a way of making it disappear. A few photo shockers here and there, cheating allegations, the usual messes straight celebs find themselves in. But thanks to Doug's red-hot career, few outlets choose to run with the dirty info, 'cause in the end, an interview with Dry-Hump is a bigger get than a "supposed" story with a five-minute skanklet. Everything's a tradeoff in this town, right? Sure, if Doug had a wife the star caliber of Sandra Bullock, all of his indiscretions would totally be out by now. But fortunately for Dougy's wife-unit, she isn't famous, so the story doesn't have as much oomph to it. Which is why DD-H, who's classically handsome and pretty nicely built, doesn't give an ef anymore when he steps out on his significant other. Sure, strip clubs are his first stop on a night when he's in the mood to get it on. Doug's been known to frequent the nakey joints all across the country, stuffing babes with more than just dollar bills, if you catch our drift. Totally into the "weird," dirty stuff. Which is why we were surprised to hear of his presence at a Hollywood afterparty in the Hills very recently. There Doug was, pouring booze for the barely legal girls at the mansion, chatting up any babe who would give his ego a good stroke. The kicker to the story is the host of the party is a huge H'wood sleaze bag, who actually has been a Blind Vice himself. The thought of these two crossing paths, or girls, shows just how small this evil enclave really is. Anyways, Dry-Hump didn't partake in the drug stuff going on around him—no, he was much more into the bevy of babes and stiff drinks. So clearly the party didn't stop there...He took some girls back to his hotel room in wee hours of the morning (we're talking when the sun was rising) where we can only assume Dougy and little Dougy did what they do best. And it Ain't: Robert Downey Jr., Charlie Sheen, Jon Hamm.
Matthew Fox; Patrick Dempsey

88. BLIND GOSSIP 06/01
Despite the rumors, she isn’t pregnant. But she really, really likes all the attention it brings. We wonder what kind of attention will she receive when she has to announce that she isn’t carrying a baby.
Mariah Carey

89. RADAR ONLINE 06/01
The Jersey Shore has been rocked by a cocaine scandal. has learned exclusively that one of the cast members of the hit show was indulging in cocaine during filming in Miami. And the cast member’s drug use was known to others. "Miami is obviously a big drug city," one source told, "and when this cast member want to score, it wasn’t hard." In fact, the hardest thing was avoiding the cameras that constantly follow around the stars. "But the cast members are veterans by now and they know how to get rid of the cameras when they want to," the source said. knows the identity of the star, but has chosen not to name the cast member. MTV is apparently unaware of what was going on, the source said. "Finding someone to buy drugs from in South Beach is as easy as asking for it," the source said. "It’s not hard and everyone is discreet." The cast members do get some time to go off by themselves and when the cameras weren’t rolling that’s when the extracurricular activity began. "A connection was made and that’s all it took," the source told "A lot of things were done in code. Other people knew about it but no one ratted out this person." Drugs were not done in the house where everyone lived and the individual who scored coke was very careful to keep it away from the spotlight. "But they all know each other so well. They will never admit it, never admit it happened," the source added. "But it was an open secret among some. "What do you expect from kids this age who suddenly have money? It was recreational. That’s no excuse for sure. That’s just the way it was."

This doesn't really surprise me considering how long it took for this B+/A- film actor to finally get married. Still though, to openly flirt with women at a party and then ask one out on a date and then go on a date while your wife is back home with your child/ren does not really seem like a good way to make that marriage survive. I wonder if he went with the whole open marriage line or the we have an understanding excuse.
Mark Wahlberg

91. BUZZFOTO 06/01
This B list actor who is going to star in a movie that already has Oscar buzz is terrified that his brother’s penchant for underage play is going to come to light and ruin his own chances at success. He has sent his brother on a year-long "Eco" vacation to Central America in the hopes of keeping his bad behavior out of the way. Not Clive Owen.
Colin Farrell; Colin Firth

92. THE GLOSS 06/02
Which sexy CW star was fired from his previous high-profile gig following an ill-fated liaison with a network honcho’s daughter?
Ian Somerhalder "The Vampire Diaries"/"Lost"

93. BLIND GOSSIP 06/02
Which tabloid favorites have broken up over a discovery that will shock the ever-faithful gossip hounds across the pond? While the tabloids will report that their was no third party involved, there was. A guy. Not for her. For him. The real reason they split is because she discovered him in bed with another man. It wasn’t the first time. Oh, and in case you are wondering about their child/ren, it might be helpful to know that their conception took place in a lab, not the bedroom.
Charlotte Church/Gavin Henson

94. BUZZFOTO 06/02
This former Disney Tweener is at again. A source placed in her camp is worried about the recent amount of drugs this young lady is consuming in one sitting. It started off merely recreational, but now the star is using drugs as a coping mechanism for challenges she faces, whether big or small. The other day, she was so high security found her walking on her roof. Not Lindsay Lohan.
Lalaine "Lizzie McGuire"; Cheetah Girl Kiely Williams

KINDNESS: A few weeks ago this C list movie and television actress who used to be B and has a very distinctive voice was in the airport when she met a woman and her wheelchair bound daughter. The mom and daughter were going back to their home after being in Los Angeles for what they thought was going to be a Make A Wish type event. NOT Make A Wish but some other organization. Anyway, it turned out that the event the daughter was supposed to go to to meet one of her favorite musicians was canceled. Literally all the daughter got was a t-shirt. No Disneyland, no nothing. Well, our actress called her manager, canceled her own ticket on the flight and took both the mom and the daughter to a hotel, called all of her friends and anyone else she could think of and threw the girl a party at her house with about 20 A and B list actors and also the girl's favorite musician. She then arranged for a limo to take the two to the airport the next day.
Joey Lauren Adams

Which hot Hollywood couple’s L.A. mansion has a secret sex room? The walls are lined in leather, the ceiling is mirrored, and there’s a trunk of toys that are definitely not for their brood of kids. Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt

I don't know how one would define models on a list, but this model has been in all the big magazines and is well known in the modeling world. Anyway, last night at a party she told everyone that she had been out to a party with this B list actor from a hit television show that is on an almost network. She says that he drugged her drink and the next thing she knew she was at his apartment. Nothing happened to her sexually and she was too scared to report it but definitely spent lots of time last night telling anyone who would listen to stay away from the guy.

98. BUZZFOTO 06/03
It was ages ago when this actor was considered a heart throb, and now the actor is struggling to cling to a career that’s just as doomed as his thinning hair line. The actor not only has terrible plugs (we suspect, this is unconfirmed) but is hoping to get implants in his derriere in order to do a nude scene that he’s hoping will put him back in sex symbol status. We don’t mind his acting, but we think he should keep the clothes on and face facts. Not Nicolas Cage.
John Travolta; Jude Law

99. BLIND GOSSIP 06/03
This young and pretty Hollywood celeb lives in a nice home, drives a nice car, and takes nice vacations. However, they are not so nice when it comes to their clothing. Since their wardrobe on their show generally does not consist of the designer fashions they crave, they spend a lot of time shopping at the nicer stores in LA. This past spring, they purchased some really gorgeous high-end clothes, wore them to events, posed for photos, and then returned them a few days later. Before you decide this is no big deal, the retail stores are not happy that our star returns clothes that have clearly been worn. More specifically, based on the clothing’s appearance and smell, our celeb doesn’t always wear underarm deodorant or underwear, has had sex while wearing the clothes, and wears the clothing around people who smoke funny-looking cigarettes.

100. POPBITCH 06/03
Which singer has no regrets about having had leopardskin carpet fitted in his private lift. He was probably just doing it for the kids.
Robbie Williams

101. HOLY MOLY 06/03
1. An esteemed movie director who shall remain nameless was talking about all the great actors he's worked with throughout his career etc when he said: "The only truly terrible actor I’ve worked with is Val Kilmer – he is such a c*nt. And I’ve worked with Michael Douglas, for f*cks’ sake, so I know what I'm talking about."
Joel Schumacher

2. Which celeb's current marriage woes may not be as clear cut as newspaper reports suggested? Rumour has it that he was caught in flagrante with another male singer by the missus, who proceeded to go all Tiger Woods on his car. Only swift intervention by management and advisors kept her from divorcing him there and then. She's not that fussed anyway - her trainer has been servicing her regularly for ages. Charlotte Church/Gavin Henson

This newly minted Star is very aggressive with the men. She forces her phone number on them, barking her orders: Take down these digits! None of the men are African American.
Gabby Sidibi

Drunk Movie Star Runs Around Naked! We're takin' a slight breather from the hardcore debauched Blind Vice annals of closeted sexuality, illegal drugs and married swingers. Today's secret celeb tale is all about how pitiful a famous drunk's life can be. And no, we're not just talkin' Lindsay Lohan and her new SCRAM existence. Nope, enter mega-rich, mega-talented (and still working, too!) Buddy Rib-Toast, a dude who knows his way around blockbusters as well as he does babes. And Buddy's movie pals are getting super concerned about the good-looking dude: As the Budster has a bad habit of getting smashed out of his gourd and bolting through hotel rooms, sets, trailers and myriad on-location places in his birthday suit! (Or, if Bud's not quite as intoxicated as he usually gets, just in his underwear.) And even though most of the ladies—at least, the ones who aren't sleeping with him—don't seem to mind this up-close display of Buddy's privates on parade, a lotta Buddy's guy pals are getting seriously worried. "He has a major drinking problem," said one of Buddy's close colleagues, a friend who's working with Buddy on his latest film, Return to Nation Ruination (which is a sequel to the monster hit, Nation Ruination, the flick that really put BRT on the map). "And it's constantly getting covered up by his publicists who keep threatening to pull him from future shows if any of the TV outlets mention it." Jeez, never heard of that one. A publicist threatening banishment unless a news organization agrees to hush up a star's seedy behavior? Shocking! "But what's really weird," adds the Rib-Toast pal, "is not only that he's always naked, but that nobody's come out with this yet. It's gotta be just a matter of time." Actually, it's already happened: Rib-Toast got into a little nasty snafu, thanks to his inebriated head, when he and a friend's girlfriend he was schtupping got caught in the act. But no worries! Miss Publicist made it all go away! Also, if the naked stuff come out, Buddy knows full well his stellar abs will make more news than the fact that he's constantly loaded on his projects. It Ain't: Jake Gyllenhaal, Kellan Lutz, Jason Lewis.

104. BLIND GOSSIP 06/04
Although we don’t usually see this actress out shopping on her own, it was interesting to hear about one of her recent shopping trips. One thing that we do know for sure is that she doesn’t like to speak to sales clerks at all. If there is a question to be asked, our actress whispers into her assistants’ ear, who then relayed the message to the clerk. With her financial status, perhaps she should slow down on the spending sprees. After all, no one is giving her tons of free stuff anymore.

105. THE SUDS REPORT 06/04
1. Which Emmy-winning actor is giving notes to his co-stars after his recent nomination? And irritating the hell out of everyone in the process?

2. Which writers are in danger of losing his or her job due to leaking story information?

3. Which journalist was paid a large sum of money before interviewing a soap star to promote a mutual project?

4. Which west-coast photographer is currently embroiled in a legal showdown with an Emmy-nominated soap star?

5. Which multiple Emmy winner was so intoxicated that he/she was thrown out of a 24-hour convenience store at 3 a.m.?

106. GOSSIP BOY 06/04
1- Which television actor is lying to his wife about working late? Not so that he can cheat on her, it's because he is addicted to strip clubs. He never does anything, nor does he drink. He just sits and watches and then goes home and porks the wifey.

2- What celebrity couple has been looking for another couple to pop into their bedroom to heat it up and recently came on to a couple more famous than them? They got turned down and now are scared that everyone else will learn of their secret. Nick Lachey/Vanessa Minnillo

3- This B-List actor is moving up in the world, but is hoping that his past indiscretions don't come out. Like knocking up a woman and taking off for Hollywood with someone else.

#1 & #2 & #3 - Jackass - This B-/C+ list actor is the co-star on a network show with lots of firepower, but has been struggling ratings wise. Despite the rumors that our actor is having a fling with his A list actress co-star, the ratings continue to slump. Anyway, not too long ago our actor was in a bar with a friend. Two women came up to our actor to tell him they were fans. The actor turned to them and said, "Don't even talk to me unless you are going to show me your tits." As he said this he started fondling one of the women between her legs. The actor's friend then apologized and said the actor was drunk and didn't mean it. Our actor then said he meant every word and that the two women should go back to his place with him for a threesome or leave him alone.
#1 - Actor: Brian Van Holt
#2 - Show: Cougar Town
#3 - Actress: Courteney Cox

#4 - This B list female R&B singer with some decent hits was so wasted at party last night that she pulled a Verne Troyer. She couldn't find the rest room so went to a corner, lifted her dress and took care of her business right there. Fantasia

108. GOSSIP BOY 06/06
Sleazy Six Pack is a sexy stud who's name is very recognizable. So recognizable in fact, that he was no longer able to live his life without the press following him everywhere he went. He was very good at losing them when he needed to, like when he decided that he wants a piece of ass. Sleazy likes variety and has no problem fulfilling his desires. His big attraction? Being tied up and tortured. He has been known to give the make-up crew headaches from having to cover up his many bruises from his nights with women in leather. Sleazy especially loves it when you blindfold him and drip hot wax all over his rippled Hollywood body. His wife left him because she couldn't take his sudden interest in the kink and bondage, but it didn't even phase Sleazy and he kept on rolling. Sleazy would have no problem admitting that he gets his drop kicks from being treated like a dirty little boy, but his fans would. The women and children love him to the ends of the Earth and I don't think his solid fan base would be able to survive. His fame has gone down a bit, but his name is still HUGE. And I hear that lately he is letting women and men dominate him. He should watch out because people can smell scandal from a mile away in this town and his is starting to stink. It's Not: Seann William Scott; Brendan Fraser; Jake Gyllenhaal; Taylor Lautner.
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

109. BLIND GOSSIP 06/06
Chip and Grin – an actress and actor couple – have been arguing a lot in the past week or so. She is only obligated to make public appearances with him approximately once per month for a "date night" plus once per month for a "family photo", and is annoyed that he is asking more of her. Since she has agreed to attend a movie premiere with him this month, she is totally balking at attending an awards show together in the very near future (she is also determined not to be present at events where he is going to play the fool). By the way, if she looks healthier and happier lately, it’s because she is. She is not afraid of him anymore, she can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and she is determined to come out of this divorce on top.
Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes

110. BUZZFOTO 06/07
This model is hoping to cross careers and make it into the movie biz. She’s done some television work, but reality stuff doesn’t really count. Her plan to get a role is to do it the old fashioned way, by sleeping with a married famous director. So far no roles, but we’ll see if her labors pay off in the future. Not Kelly Bensimon.

Over the weekend this celebrity mother was basically pimping out her D list reality daughter. She would walk up to actors at the event she was at and let it be known that her daughter was available to be a companion for the day or night or even on a long term basis. She was even carrying head shots of her daughter. The rate? $5000 for one day and $50,000 a month.
Frankie and Neffe Cole

112. GOSSIP BOY 06/08
Rock Jock is no stranger to this site and he is hiding something that I thought you might find interesting. Rock Jock and Black Sheep have been all over town happy and in love. Seems Rock Jock is all about the vadge this week. Or maybe it's because Black Sheep has been taking care of him and hiding yet another secret. Rock seems to have played a little to unsafe and brought home something that he needs a prescription to get rid of. Black Sheep doesn't mind though, she sees this as a way to get cement her union wth Rock. Taking care of a sick boyfriend should make him realize he needs you around 'til death do you part. After the years Black Sheep has put in, she deserves a rock. She is doing whatever she can to make sure that Rock thinks of no one but her. I wouldn't be surprised if she was the one who gave him the STD just so she could pick up the pieces. Once RJ's illness get's cleared up, I'm sure he will think twice about dishing out the butt love. Then again, summer is the season for loving. It's Not: Chace Crawford; Justin Timberlake; Justin Bieber.
Zac Efron/Vanessa Hudgens

113. BUZZFOTO 06/08
Whenever we get anonymous emails from sources claiming to know certain stars, we are always suspicious and we usually don’t publish the blind until we can get a little more info on the rumors. We’re going to publish this one only because the person has repeatedly sent us this story and claims to be an ex-publicist for the star. Go into this knowing that we can’t confirm or deny this. This C/D list actress in work but more famous in name has been pregnant at least three times. She allegedly had one child under the radar years ago through a series of cover ups and gave the baby up for adoption. Her other pregnancies were terminated because the star is so fearful of her body image, she doesn’t want to gain weight. She also didn’t want her partner to know that they were the result of one night stands with random guys. Not Lilo.

This A list athlete (in his sport anyway) told his C list movie actress wife that he didn't want her anywhere near him during some press he is doing. He feels like she tries to take all the attention away from him and makes every conversation or interview about her projects and her life and totally ignores him.
Dario Franchitti and Ashley Judd

115. BLIND GOSSIP 06/08
While filming a TV pilot a few months ago, this actor and actress chatted between takes. He is openly gay and is best known for his work on Broadway. She is a comedic actress and a closeted lesbian. She asked him if he could recommend any lesbian bars in the LA area. A nearby staffer overheard them talking and chimed in. "Hey, I didn’t know you were gay! Did you bed [name of pop diva]?". The actress shot him a threatening look and replied "Yes, but that information better stay right here or you’re fired."
TV Pilot: ‘It Takes a Village’
The actor: Cheyenne Jackson
The actress: Leah Remini
The pop diva: Jennifer Lopez

116. THE GLOSS 06/08
Which swingin’ married used to enjoy picking up girls in parking lots and taking them home to re-enact scenes from one of his most famous movies back in his single days?
Kevin Costner; Vince Vaughn

117. BUZZFOTO 06/09
It looks like polygamy isn’t just for HBO and religious fundamentalists anymore… This young singer is sleeping and living with her married manager and his wife. Both women know about the relationship and both are still devoted to him. The singer doesn’t have a good relationship with her own family and her manager has been with her for a while so we suppose it makes sense she would look to him for comfort. However, he takes advantage of the women in his life and makes them feel like they should be lucky to deserve him. It seems to be working since this has been going on for months now. Not Selena Gomez.
Demi Lovato; Ke$ha

This is a bathroom quickie story for the ages. This foreign born female model and now a C/D list movie and television actress who had her big break last year was caught in a bathroom at an event the other night getting orally serviced by a female waitress from the party. The thing that makes this a story for the ages is that they were discovered by this A list fashion designer who screamed when she saw them which caused 10 other people to rush in and have a look.
Ruby Rose & Donna Karan

119. BLIND GOSSIP 06/09
This movie actress is known for her beauty: piercing eyes, full lips, shapely legs, gorgeous hair. Oh, wait. Better scratch that last one off the list. She has been dieting so strictly that her hair has started falling out in clumps. She has a new project filming soon, so she’s been trying out hair extensions. We’re sure she’ll credit the extensions for the sudden increase in length, but when you see her, you’ll know that longer hair wasn’t the motivating factor for her new hairdo.
Megan Fox

120. GOSSIP BOY 06/10
1- Which A list name was at an event the other night and ended up hooking up with a sleazy reality star? We know that she is un-lucky in love but this is pretty low. Rumor has it that she is slightly bragging about bedding the young stud. Not Cameron Diaz.
Jennifer Aniston/"The Situation"

2- Which celebrity couple has decided to go all the way with their "romance" and are thinking about getting engaged to pump up their status. He is gay and she has stars in her eyes. Don't worry, they won't go through with it. They both want the publicity from the break-up and plan on milking it to the last drop. Not Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene. Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgard; Renee Zellweger/Bradley Cooper

3- This celebrity who was more popular in the 80's has become a risk taker and has recently been trying to convince his hook-ups to have sex in public places. The last public place? A bathroom at the local courthouse in the middle of the day. Now I guess we know where the wild things really are. Not Charlie Sheen. Matt Dillon

121. STAR MAGAZINE 06/10
It’s not so simple with this celeb couple. They recently had a knock-down, drag-out fight after she learned that he and his brother were partying until dawn with a gaggle of gorgeous girls.
Joel Madden/Nicole Richie

122. BUZZFOTO 06/10
On a recent trip to a popular family theme park, we hear this celeb was kicked out of the park for trying to snort cocaine on a ride. The sad thing was her kids ended up leaving with her and were upset to end their fun early. As far as we know, the authorities were left out of the situation, but there is allegedly security footage of the incident which could come back and haunt her. Not Britney Spears.
Denise Richards

I had no idea this youngish B list movie actress who has been in one movie after the other for the past year was so nice. Every day she is in town our actress goes to a coffee shop close to where she lives. Everyday she would see the same homeless man there asking for money. One day some guy kicked his cup and our actress stopped to help him pick up the change and they got to talking. From then on they would talk for a minute or two and she would give him a few dollars. She then heard his story and how he had ended up on the streets. Well, after about a month of this, our actress got him a job in the mail room of her agent, found him a place to live and gave him enough money to pay for his expenses for a few months while he was getting on his feet.
Amanda Seyfried

She’s a recent Divorcee. Her ex is a famous Basketball Player, and she is loaded with money. Her new love is much younger than she is. She’s sprung, but he’s not. He likes spending her money on women his own age. Shaunie O'Neal

Shafterella Shoshstein Strikes Again! Be careful of a sweet young thing who looks supercute in a matching hair band: As if ditching her poor PR boyfriend and leaving him out to dry wasn't conniving enough, it turns out sexually adventurous Blind Vice superstar Shafterella Shoshstein was selling out that cute romance partner of hers all along. Shafterella had arranged to be her ex's publicity-only girlfriend (they were friends and both stars' agents thought it would be a good idea for their A-list careers), but planned all along to dump him. This would leave the world to wonder why the poor dude couldn't make a relationship with a woman work—and fuel gossip that he's gay. Which, of course, he is, but that's beside the point. How do we know S.S. had such an evil plan? "She was with the boyfriend she's with now all along," says a source deep within the managerial machinations that put the two very beautiful stars in a relationship. "People think it just started after she broke up, but it didn't, the other guy was there all along—and they were very serious." The dumped boyfriend, by the by, is furious with Shafterella for leaving him in a lurch. He knew people were suspecting his romance with Shoshstein was suspect to begin with, but when she reneged on their PR agreement to be romantically involved (for show), not only did she do it behind his back—and without warning—the dumpee had actually gone to great lengths to curb his own real-life love life, and to make the ersatz affair look as believable as possible. Granted, this was one of the man's worst performances of his career, but let's put it this way: He's ultimately a nice guy and was doing his best to abide by the commitment he'd made to Shafterella, who was diddling somebody else off to the side the whole time, laughing and scheming all along. Wonder when karma's gonna twist her little sweater set around her neck, already? And what I want to know is why aren't there awards in this town for Best Fake Relationship? Oh, forgot, there are: People magazine gives them out weekly. And It Ain't: Miley Cyrus, Jessica Szohr, Michelle Williams.
Reese Witherspoon/Jake Gyllenhaal/Jim Toth

#1 & 2 - This A list (and it pains me to call him A list) movie actor was doing press work for his latest flop. Instead of doing what he could to try and get a few people to see it by being nice to the press, he berated them constantly, would not answer their questions and was as miserable as a person can be. He also made several interviews unusable by his actions which made the whole process a waste for at least one network.
#1 - actor: Ashton Kutcher
#2 - latest flop: "Killers"

#3 & #4 - This C+/B- primarily television actress was doing press for her hit almost network ensemble television show. She showed up to everything she was supposed to, but was so whacked out on drugs that it hardly even mattered. Forget about interviews, she could barely form words.
#3 - actress:
#4 - show:

127. BUZZFOTO 06/14
This once hot film star is so desperately low on funds she can’t even get a credit card at a department store. She filled up an entire shopping cart of clothing at a local retailer and didn’t have the funds in her bank account so she tried to apply for the store’s credit card. She was politely denied. Not wanting to leave without her merchandise, she then asked a manager if she could set up her own tab based on her celebrity status. She was also politely denied. She then got upset and threw each piece of clothing all over the store until security escorted her out. Not Megan Fox.
Lindsay Lohan

This B list television actor on a very hit ensemble cable show got caught by a pap doing a line of coke off the trunk of his car last week. He paid the pap $50K for the pictures. The pap agreed to the deal but only after finding out the pictures would only be worth about $10K from the tabloids.

129. BLIND ITEM 06/14
A certain actress is feeling very uncomfortable on the set of her new television series. One of the actors has been behaving inappropriately around her. He has made comments about her appearance (e.g. the size and shape of her body) that she was able to ignore at first. However, the comments have escalated to the point that it is interfering with her ability to maintain composure on the set. What is she doing about this? Nothing. The actor is a friend of either the director or the producer, so she fears that if she was to complain that they would side with the man, and possibly replace her on the show.

130. THE GAWKER 06/14
Which Movie Producer Is Looking for a Sexy Young Actor to Be His Pool Boy? A reader has brought to our attention this Craigslist ad, posted by an "actual, real movie producer" looking for a 25-or-under actor/model to clean his country house pool, while looking young and sexy. Pics or you can't get the job. Update: Aha! The Daily News spoke with the anonymous producer. He's just looking for a little help around the house. And some company. Nothing sexy. Riiight. (

131. Jacqueline Kravette: Celebrity Tipping (and Stiffing) in the City 06/14/10
At one of the trendiest Hollywood bars, this year's hottest free agent tipped a mere $6 on a $300 bill. Despite his tens of millions in athletic endorsements, this poor tipper doesn't believe in sharing the wealth.

Forbes magazine deemed this entrepreneur's net worth to be over $4 billion. When he ate at a popular Hollywood eatery he loved every minute of the experience and had servers surrounding his party to make sure he was taken care of like a king. Even with all this attention, this eccentric billionaire only laid down a 10% tip.

Following close behind this billion-dollar man are two close friends. This two time Academy Award Winning Actor and two time Academy Award Winning Director tip 15% on the nose according to various Westside eateries they frequent.

Apparently this teenybopper boy band didn't quite finish math in high school as evidenced from their very miscalculated tip. They may be the heartthrobs of every teenage girl in America, but there is no love lost between them and their servers as they are known to tip less than 10%.

One of the most notorious non-tippers is this former Mickey Mouse Club Mouseketeer turned pop star. On several occasions, this singing sensation stiffed the bellmen at a stylish West Hollywood Hotel.

From pop queen to tennis queen, this champion apparently agrees with the no tip rule. Even with winning a dozen Grand Slams, she gave the bellman the ole stiffaroo after he nearly threw out his back hauling down three monstrous suitcases.

Hottest Free Agent: Lebron James
$4 billion entrepreneur: Richard Branson
Two time Academy Award Winning Actor: Sean Penn
Two time Academy Award Winning Director: Oliver Stone
Teenybopper boy band: Jonas Brothers
Mickey Mouse Club Mouseketeer pop star: Christina Aguilera; Justin Timberlake
Pop/Tennis Queen: Serena Williams

This A list movie and formerly television actress (and it pains me to call her A list), did something really nice on the set of her most recent flop (although it was supposed to do much, much better). On the set, she met a cameraman who spoke to our actress about the fact that his mother was dealing with a life threatening illness. She always took time to talk to him, listen to him and ask about his mother. She went way out of her way everyday to check up on him and the condition of his mother. After filming ended, the mother passed away. Our actress sent flowers and a very long letter to the cameraman consoling him for his loss.
Sarah Jessica Parker

133. BUZZFOTO 06/15
This all grown up actress might seem smart and confident, but sources reveal that she’s anything but. We hear that she has such a troubled relationship with her mother, she is secretly a cutter. Her mother is extremely controlling and demands to know all the goings-on in the star’s life. The actress calls her at least twice a day explaining her recent projects, her relationships and her day to day activities and problems. The actress secretly resents her mother but is so attached and afraid of her, she can’t help but keep up this sick cycle, even though she is an adult. Not Jessica Alba.
Jennifer Love Hewitt

Money Talks or Polly Walks: Seems like there's a diva on every movie set these days, huh? And we're not just talking big-budget flicks like Twilight, because some of these bossy babies are wreaking havoc on indie sets, too. Meet Polly Luscious-Locks, one of H'woods hottest leading ladies and a real pain in the ass to deal with—in a number of capacities. Especially when it comes to matters of money, because P3 wants more, more, more. Like, now: Polly is getting ready to shoot her newest film and the cute-as-a-button star is absolutely perfect for the role—which is why she knows she can get the studio to pony up a bigger paycheck to keep her happy. But here's the prob: Unlike Polly's other recent flicks—which have done fairly well at the box office and have definitely boosted her star name—there just isn't enough money in the budget to meet her greedy needs. But sources super close to Luscious-Locks say she's bragging about how bitchy she's willing to be in order to get what she wants. So, since Poll won't take no for an answer, the studio is doing everything it can to scrounge up the cash—like ditching a Hollywood heavyweight that was supposed to appear in the movie for an actor they know will work for a much cheaper paycheck. And we do me much. Ouch, not even our very own Pat Poisonpuss would pull this kind of stunt. But it's not that kicked-aside dude we feel bad for—it's the film's director. They've had to put up with their fair share of divas in the past and probably thought they were finally free of the drama. Uh, hardly! Maybe it's a good thing the studio is keeping their lips zipped about Polly's part in this mess—so far. Which totally works for Polly, because she's got an uppity image to protect. Not as adorable as you thought, not at all. And It Ain't: Miley Cyrus, Dakota Fanning, Selena Gomez.

Movie: "Red Riding Hood"
Polly: Amanda Seyfried
Director: Catherine Hardwicke
Hollywood heavyweight: Gary Oldman or Julie Christie

135. GOSSIP BOY 06/16
1- Which television actor was in his trailer during a break on filming when the crew began hearing some moaning come from his direction? After a couple days of the same thing, an assistant walked in on the star having some phone talk and pleasuring himself? Seems this star can't keep his hands off of himself and was caught a month ago in a bathroom doing the same thing. He is such a fox, I'm sure he can find someone to lend a hand.
David Duchovny

2- This couple has been trying to make their union more popular among the paps, even getting drunk to cause a stir. But the real stir would arise when everyone finds out that before she married this hunk, she lived with a woman and just started a family when her people convinced her to play the PR game. Five years later she is starting to realize that she made a mistake as the woman has moved closer to HW and brought the 7 year old with her. Fergie (Black Eyed Peas)

3- What Canadian has taken HW by storm and has been hanging out with a certain singer/actress. This girl is known for her love of the gays and has taken to setting her new friend up with another gay star that she is often accused of hooking up with. If the world learned of the breaking news of the gay affair of these two stars, the tween world would explode. Cory Monteith and Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner

This C- list television and movie actress was once a B list television actress on one of the most popular network shows ever. Since she left the show (which continues to this day) she has struggled to find work. She is now pregnant. This week she went to an event and cornered a R&B singer and asking him when he was going to help her out financially. He told her that she was going to have to wait until the baby was born because he knew of at least five guys who she was having sex with at the same time as him. Oh, and to further class things up, she was boozing that night too.

137. STAR MAGAZINE 06/16
Which A-lister — who’s been sober for several years — not only recently fell off the wagon, but also sneaked out on his wife to shack up at a cheesy L.A. motel — with a man?
Robert Downey Jr.

138. BLIND GOSSIP 06/16
All actors have their ups and downs in their career. Some have them independently of a career. This actors’ previous series attempt have flopped quickly. Although he has recovered each time to land another gig, the failure is starting to take a personal toll on him. His sunny personality is gone, he’s gaining weight, and is spending every night in a bar, drinking away his rejection. Nothing funny about that. Friends are trying to distract him right now while his latest flop burns off episodes over the summer.
Christian Slater

This foreign born, very attractive, C list actress who has bounced between some great television shows and so so movies was overheard at a party discussing the fact that the married director of her most recent movie gave her herpes.
Emilie de Ravin/"Lost" and "Roswell" "Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole"/Zack Snyder

140. BUZZFOTO 06/17
Today’s blind involves an A list athlete and a C list actress. The actress is more than just a fan of the big time player. The two are having a raging affair underneath the radar of both their spouses. One in the couple is just recently married. Not Shaq.

141. CRUSHABLE 06/17
Which Pop Star Traumatized A Pedicurist By Flashing Her Ladyparts? A source close to said pedicurist tells Crushable this world-famous singer called an emergency treatment last month in New York, and opened the door wearing a bathrobe with no panties underneath. How does the pedicurist know this? Because during the toe-painting session, the singer perched her legs on a raised surface and — never shy — she had "everything all out." "My friend was pregnant at the time she was doing it, so it made her more stressed," the source says. So we’d like to know: Was the celeb flasher bare? All natural? Vajazzled? The pedicurist isn’t saying: "She doesn’t want to talk about it — she’s traumatized."
Lady GaGa; Mariah Carey; Britney Spears

1. This Celebrity Couple is learning how to grin and bear it. Their relationship is basically over, but they are staying together for the sake of their baby daughter.
Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubrey

2. This Celebrity Couple are the proud parents of twins, but career pressures are driving the couple apart. The female Actress has been spotted all over town without her wedding ring, and the Actor hubby was recently featured on a show that got cancelled. Angela Bassett and Courtney Vance

Tobey's Back, and He's Not Alone! Me-Me Dallas starred in her own Blind Vice a few weeks ago, so it's only right we dish on Tobey Yum-Yum's deliciously scandalous escapades too, dontcha think? Remember, M and T had a spicy romance there for a while, but like all Hollywood power couples, they parted ways and decided it was time to bed other good lookers in the Biz (in Me-Me's case, that meant smooching on some ladies). But don't think Tobey's trailer has been quiet since Me-Me fled the scene... Sources who happen to travel around with Yum-Yum on his various filming locations say that after Ms. Dallas moved on, he was quick to seduce another famous, "innocent" babe. Let's call her Darla Jones, a gal who's known for her virginity as much as her impressive smile and perky hair. See, it didn't take long for Tobey to convince Darla, a gal who appears to be even sweeter than Me-Me, to hop in the sack with him. So sad, this circle of friends. They literally all screw each other and then screw each other over. Where do they learn this scheming so young? "[Tobey] sleeps with everyone...then breaks their heart," is how our witness to the behind-the-scenes romping puts it. Kind of the case with poor Darla, who was only on Tobey's radar so briefly, the press barely caught wind of their seemingly virginal romance. Despite how hurt D.J. was, she could never bash Yum-Yum for pulling one over on her because that little bitchfest would blow her cover as the purest of ‘em all. You know what, Tobey? You're cute, young and talented, we get it. At your age, people who aren't even in the business are doing much worse things, trust. Just watch your back, babe, ‘cause one of these times you're gonna mess around with the wrong lady, and she'll have no problem telling the media exactly what your cute ass is all about. And it Ain't: Robert Pattinson, Mark Salling, Ian Somerhalder.

Tobey: Nick Jonas
Me-Me: Miley Cyrus
Darla: Demi Lovato; Nicole Anderson: Selena Gomez

#1 & #2 - This B list rock star might be rethinking his long term relationship with his A list celebutante girlfriend. It seems that our rock star has been spending some quality time with a wannabe model he met not too long ago. And when I say quality time, I mean, what you think I mean.
Joel Madden/Nicole Richie (I guess he decided to stick with her at least for a little while)

#3 & #4 - This aging, foreign born former A list movie and television actor has always seemed to be pretty straight. I mean the guy has been married. Well, those perceptions might be changing because he was spotted in a dressing room groping and fondling this married, foreign born, C list movie and television actor. He is probably B list or even A list overseas.
#3 - former A list:
#4 - C list:

145. BUZZFOTO 06/21
This television/film actress who made it big on a show that is no longer on the air is still in contact with an old friend from High School. The two chat about once a month and stay in contact on networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. She is now in a relationship, but has no idea that the friend from High School is madly in love with her and always has been. He of course, is married but can’t help his feelings and would probably act on them if given the chance. Not Katie Holmes.

This Academy Award nominated/winning actor has been married for a long time. He has also had about a five year relationship with this celebrity/ C list movie and television actress he has basically lived with for most of that time. Well, they broke up recently because she caught him for the umpteenth time in their bed with another woman.
Denzil Washington/Sanaa Lathan

147. BLIND GOSSIP 06/22
We may finally have an explanation for this actress’ behavior. She’s been stricken with vampire fever! More specifically, we mean that the girl is crazy for the genre, and even more crazy for two certain vampire actors. Through her rep, she has been begging the producers of Twilight, Vampire Diaries, and True Blood for a role. Any role. As long as she gets to play a vampire. One of the above is actually considering it, but they are not sure if it would result in a backlash from current fans. Besides, they are not thrilled about the idea of shooting around her other projects. Yes, despite her career dip, she is still getting work. I know, I know: Who would be crazy enough to hire her? Apparently, those who love drama.
Lindsay Lohan

148. LAINEY‘S GOSSIP 06/22
CheapAssNess: Tori Spelling says that everybody hates her from 90210. No doubt. But more people probably hate this other bitch who has virtually alienated all of her former costars and is widely known to be a pain in the ass but for some reason enjoys a popularity and a paycheque usually reserved for much more accomplished actors. So she’s rich now, yes, but that doesn’t mean she’s generous. And she’ll gouge you while she can, so aggressively that she was reprimanded by executives recently for trying to wrangle cash money out of the budget to pay for her hotel suites. Not an expense account, but straight up CASH. Apparently she was so belligerent about getting a free ride, and using her free ride cash money in other shady ways, so relentless with the demands, the people on the receiving end were emotional wrecks by the end of her tantrum. This was abuse. But there’s a history here: she’s already been rejected by her former bosses for insisting that they contribute to the furnishing of her personal residence and for inexplicably requesting that they cover the cost of her mother’s car. Every time they said no, she would call it an injustice, adding to a long list of perceived injustices that she claims affected her performance. People have been trying and trying to excuse her f-ckery. There is no excuse. She is not kind, she is not gracious, and she is cheap as sh-t.
Katherine Heigl

This male A list (unfortunately) producer/singer/performer has several children. He goes to all of his children's events. He doesn't go for their activities though. His favorite game is to find the best looking mothers of other children and then has his kids invite those kids to play dates. Our producer then hits on the moms when they come over. It doesn't matter if they are single or married, he goes after them all.
Sean Combs

150. BUZZFOTO 06/22
This married celeb couple with a singer/performer hangs out with an actor/actress couple. Although the couples pretend to be great friends, the females secretly hate one another. The singer is convinced that the actress steals medicine out of her medicine cabinet when they visit. Not Angelina or Brad.

singer/performer: Posh/David Beckam
actor/actress: Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes

151. BUZZFOTO 06/23
This celebrity with a kitschy fan base, has a fetish for pregnant women. We hear it’s nothing perverse, he just thinks they are beautiful. Whenever he sees a pregnant woman, he can’t help himself and starts chatting her up. He told our source he’s never seen anything so lovely as a woman "in full bloom." Not Hugh Jackman. Taylor Kitsch

So, it was not that long ago that this female singer got engaged. The night before she said yes, and about a week after the night she said yes, she was still sleeping with this male singer who has had his own marriage issues.
Katy Perry/Russell Brand

153. THE GLOSS 06/23
This model turned musician (aren’t they all?) is slightly known more for his dalliances with tabloid-favorite starlets than for his face. He was spotted last night at the East Village’s Lil’ Frankie’s traipsing after a gaggle of those low-end, bottom feeder models that no respectable designer would hire. From their table, to the bathroom, to the sidewalk and back again, he followed the leggy (and clearly starving) models for a couple hours much to the disdain of the eye-rolling fellow patrons. The beautiful and classy brood also failed to tip their waitress…guess models aren’t making that $10,000 a day anymore.
Justin Gaston; Jamie Burke

1. This mega media Mogul is finding his personal life once again in question. Now he’s being clowned in cartoons.
Tyler Perry - "Boondocks"

2. This former Reality Star winner has got her man back. She was dating a married man who kept going back between her and his wife and kids. She recently got him a fancy motorcycle, so now he is with her. Hmmmmmmm, Fantasia

155 BUZZFOTO 06/24
Why is it that so many singers always seem to live up to the name of Diva? This B list performer is so wasteful, she’d make Al Gore cry. Among her crimes: She is known to leave her car idling for at least a half an hour before she gets into it so it is just the right temperature. She is paranoid about germs so she has her staff clean her toilets twice a day. Her refrigerator is stalked with fresh food every day and the food that is over a day old is thrown out. She also takes up to three showers every day. Not Christina Aguilera.
Mariah Carey; Jennifer Lopez

156. BLIND GOSSIP 06/24
These two actors were a couple a long time ago. While they are both married to other people, their ties to each other are unbreakable, and they are always very nice to each other in public. Behind the scenes, though, it’s a different story. She is remarkably insecure about her looks and she still relies on him to prop up her fragile ego. He finds it hard to resist letting her cry on his shoulder sometimes. A couple of times, her tears have led to some comforting… which led to some more intimate physical contact… which led to some clothesless comforting. While she does want to have a baby with her husband, he seems to be shooting blanks, so if she turns up pregnant, we can all play a little guessing game as to the identity of the kid’s real father.
Demi Moore/Bruce Willis

It was always assumed that this D list movie actress and her B list singer boyfriend broke up because he was cheating on her. It turns out though she was cheating on him. With his brother.
Hilary Duff/Joel Madden/Benji Madden

158. THE GLOSS 06/24
What recent award-winner was out with some friends (but not her husband) last night at a bar in the West Village when she accidentally smacked a fellow bargoer with her pool cue? She politely apologized to the guy she hit, who reported to TheGloss that said celebrity was "really nice and normal."
Scarlett Johanssen

159. GOSSIP BOY 06/25
1- This young teenage star held out sex from her boyfriend the entire time they dated, even though he oozes young sex appeal. She had heard stories of him with his ex, but she was adamant on not sleeping together. After a little bit longer, he finally convinced her that oral was "not having sex." Then next thing you know he walks in on her "not having sex" with his best friend. Not Joe Jonas.
teenage star: Selena Gomez
boyfriend: Nick Jonas
ex: Miley Cyrus
best friend:

2- Which married couple spent the past two evenings in separate NYC hotel rooms? She likes heroin and he likes cocaine and once a month they go on binges. Separate rooms so that he can have his boy guests come in to help work off the stamina. She gets wasted and watches movies from when she was an A-List name. Not Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith; Demi Moore/Ashton Kutcher

3- This tot has no idea that their parents are not really their parents. Turns out that the star dad doesn't like sex at all but hates the gay rumors. So he took a famous wife and stayed out of view while she was "pregnant." Not Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Keith Urban/Nicole Kidman

160. BLIND GOSSIP 06/25
This actor is both creative and inventive. He is straight but he needs the helping hand of a man to get "ready" for his actress wife. This service is performed by his assistant. Once he is "ready", the assistant bows out and the wife takes over. Another interesting detail is that our actor has trouble going down on his wife without the assistance of a sweet condiment like honey or fluff. Sounds like a sticky, messy situation for all involved.
Hugh Jackman

Closeted Movie Star Gets Cockier, Literally! We first met Parrish Maguire when he was just a young movie-starrin' gay. Then we checked in on him and found out that the dimpled diva was starting to get his serious gay public places. How very Toothy Tile of him! You go, boy! So what's the stud, whose fame is on the rise every friggin' day, doin' now that's catching our radar? Or gaydar. Duh... The darling, adorable, dimpled Parrish has been getting even more comfortable with the gay community, frequenting a famous Hollywood social player's pad more and more lately. The party host has been known to have notoriously gay bashes, inviting only the hottest of the hot (and they just keep getting younger, don't they?). And since most everyone at these hotass bashes is out and proud—or at least that's what you'd think—little is done not in the open. Indeed, these are the same shindigs some of our other sexually swingin' Blind-Vice alums have been going to for ages! How terribly boy-on-boy chic. So, Parrish is one of the host's new favorite boys. And from the way Parrish has been acting at these gatherings, you'd think the guy was ready to come out in a freakin' People article tomorrow. But trust, he's not doing that any time soon—let's give it at least two more years. What the heck is Pare-Pare thinking? How would his devoted fan base react to the news that this little hunk is getting it on with other little hunks in increasingly public places? And why have none of the other partygoers ratted him out? We think it's 'cause no one wants to be kicked out of these sex-filled get-togethers, to be perfectly honest. Once you're in, you're in, and that circle of celebs is far too elite to risk getting booted by blabbing to the rags. Then again, you're reading about it, aren't you? And It Ain't: Emile Hirsch, Justin Bieber, Henry Cavill.

Parrish Maguire: Taylor Lautner
party host: Lance Bass

162. THE GLOSS 06/25
While getting a mani-pedi at a New York City salon, what young celebrity tried not to look obviously embarrassed when one of her ex-husband’s songs came on the radio? Luckily for her, it wasn’t a ballad.

This one becomes juicy because of who it involves. This soclose to A list television actor who has been in movies, but is only really known for ones that involved a television character he plays cheated on his D list actress girlfriend. While she was pregnant. More than once.
Chris Noth

164. BLIND GOSSIP 06/28
A paparazzo from a website with high internet traffic was peering into this b-list TV and movie actress’s car a few days ago and snapped a photo of her iPhone. The front screen had the name of her ex-boyfriend and the rehab facility where he is currently staying. So, despite pretending that she is no longer in contact with the ex, her phone seems to tell a different story. Of course, she doesn’t want her contact with the ex to get in the way of her divorce settlement with her husband – nor does the website want to find itself on the other side of a lawsuit with the very litigious husband – so it looks like everyone will simply keep quiet about this one for now. Just knowing that this relationship is coming to an end is enough to make us grin any day.
Katie Holmes/Chris Klein/Tom Cruise

165. STAR MAGAZINE 06/28
This Hollywood hunk is having so much trouble finding a girlfriend, he had his buddies invite the hottest waitresses and dancers to his house for a wild party. But by 3 am, everybody left — and he spent yet another night alone.
Chace Crawford; Chris Evans

166. BUZZFOTO 06/28
This celebrity that everyone loves (including many actresses) has been famous for so long, he is out of touch with the real world. He has gotten so used to not talking to ‘regular’ people, he doesn’t know how to do it. During a recent holiday weekend which most of his staff had off, he had some problems with his cable. When the cable man came to the door, our star literally did not know how to communicate with him. He stood at the doorway stammering, and then expected the cable man to know what to do automatically. Finally he got upset, cursed at the man and yelled, "Hold up a minute, I’m not good with people." He punched a number in his cellphone and had a man on the phone explain to the cable guy what the problem was and what he needed to do. Not John Mayer.
Jack Nicholson

167. BUZZFOTO 06/29
This aging big-time rock star, has found himself a new love. It’s the son of his PR assistant and the boy just turned 18 only a few months before the relationship started! Wonder what the star’s recent ex-wife thinks of this….. Not Paul McCartney.
Ronnie Wood; Billy Joel

This B-/C+ list television actress has a B- list movie actor boyfriend. Everyone knows that. What they don't know is that the sister of the actress joins the couple in bed every chance they get.
AnnaLynne McCord /Kellan Lutz/sister Angel

169. BUZZFOTO 06/30
This very outspoken musician has fought against illegal downloading for years. Guess how he filled up his Ipod? Here’s a hint, he didn’t pay for any of the music…. hypocrite. Guess he only wants you to pay for his music. Not Adam Levine.
Lars Ulrich from Metallica

The celebrity ex-boyfriend of this former A list television actress and now unemployed B lister has been spreading tales about their sex life. #1. Only sex under the covers and in bed. #2. Only at night or with the lights out and curtains closed in the bedroom. #3. No sooner than one hour after eating. #4. He had to turn his phone off, but she was allowed to leave hers on and to answer calls during sex. #5. No talking during sex. #6. Only certain music was allowed but he was allowed to choose between the four or five offerings. #7. No sex on consecutive days. Jennifer Love Hewitt/Jamie Kennedy

171. BLIND GOSSIP 06/30
This television star claims that she lost those annoying pounds so quickly because she was so completely committed to being healthy. Really? Committed to an addictive substance is more like it. Sure, she exercised and ate healthier. She also ingested enough white powder to cause rapid weight loss, a sudden burst of energy, and a future commitment to a rehab facility.


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