NOTE: Guesses in italics are only guesses;
guesses in RED are a link to the solution or substantial clues.

Which actress had a good reason for never naming the father of her teenage daughter? The sperminator was a major American marijuana trafficker on the lam abroad who eventually returned to the United States, did a stint behind bars, and is now with a production company in California. Catherine Oxenberg

Their relationship is pretty on the outside, but totally ugly on the inside. This Hollywood couple doesn’t trust each other as far as they can throw each other (which isn’t far). He suspected her of having an affair, so he put a GPS tracking device on her car. The irony is that she isn’t the one cheating in this relationship. It’s him. How does she know? She hired a private detective to follow him. Now there are reports and timelines and photos and everything else that give her proof positive that he has a bevy of beauties on the side. Why hasn’t she confronted him with the proof yet? She’s actually just biding her time, letting the evidence pile up so that when it comes time to separate, she will walk away with the child/ren, the house, the money, and everything else.

3. BUZZFOTO 01/04
This popular celeb couple has an image problem. It being that the female REALLY cares about how she and her partner are perceived and the male couldn’t care less. The female is so obsessed about the PR side of their relationship, about looking to be secure and in love, that it is driving the male to resent her. He is starting to want out, because the harder she pulls the further he pushes away. We hear although she is super famous and beautiful, she is incredibly insecure. Her whole focus of the relationship has long ago moved away from passion and more about appearance. Over the holidays, the male tried to do some normal activities that a family would do and the female was determined to turn it into a PR event. The two ended up in a very heated argument, and the male left and spent the night with another woman. This happens more and more frequently. The female claims she doesn’t care, as long as the male shows up when she needs him to. We fear the relationship is doomed, which will break a lot of hearts - and not just those of their fans. Not Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.
Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt

This B list male reality star who is sort of related to another group of reality stars has always been known for being a bit of a player. OK, a lot of player. BUT, his playing has always been of the heterosexual variety. Well, on a recent promotional, make me some money trip out of the country he decided to take the plunge and enjoyed himself not only with many women but also at least one guy.
Brody Jenner

I don't know if you have read the reports from California but our animal shelters are overwhelmed with Chihuahuas. I blame Paris Hilton. In the last 12 months just in Los Angeles, 4700 of them have been taken in by shelters. Anyway, there has been an idea to ship some of the dogs to other shelters around the country to even things up. This usually annoying B list movie and television actress who is on/off/on a hit network drama and who has been doing nice things lately paid for the cost of flying 25 of the dogs to shelters in New Hampshire with another 45 to follow. Shelters in New Hampshire have waiting lists of people who want the dogs so this is a very good thing.
Katherine Heigl

What C list actress on a middling network comedy in a great time slot has a big problem with drugs. It isn't that she has overdosed or anything like that, but she is deeply in debt to her drug dealer who has been collecting payments lately by showing up on the set of her show and having alone time with our actress. Everyone on the set thinks the guy is her boyfriend so don't understand why she is so freaked out whenever he shows up.
Gillian Jacobs/Britta "Community"

7. BUZZFOTO 01/05
The name "Casey Johnson" has been buzzing around everywhere in LA lately due to her tragic death. The word on the street is that another female socialite is following in the tragic footsteps of people like Casey Johnson, or at least what Casey’s issues are rumored to be. We know that drugs are very accessible to the wealthy and bored, but this socialite is taking it to a whole new level. With previous DUI’s on her record, she refused to learn from cautionary tales like Casey’s and has been driving around town with a whole mix of drugs in her system. She’s rumored to have been in a few minor accidents which she has used her wealth and fame to cover up. Not Nicky Hilton, but someone who might surprise you.
John Kerry's daughter Alexandra

This actor may be the last straight man left in Hollywood, but he does have one unusual request that makes us question his past. This one requires one man (him), two partners (in this case both women), and a room temperature traditionally-shaped bottle of Coca-Cola. When he is about to climax into one woman, the other one shakes up the bottle of Coke and shoves it up his bum. The objective is to have two explosions at once. Given his screen history, we’re guessing that this actor rather likes big explosions. And, given his bedroom history, we’re guessing that neither of these women is his wife.
Bruce Willis; Sylvester Stallone; Josh Duhamel

This one is kind of complicated, but interesting. This foreign born B list actress who is a Golden Globe nominee/winner has been seeing a former B list movie actor and now a middling C with almost A list name recognition. No big deal right? Well the thing is that the actor is dating our Golden Globe nominee/winner's best friend who is also a C+/B- movie actress. Oh, and the guy is a tool. I could have made this a Four For Friday because there is one other name I could have thrown out there who connects, but that would have made it too easy.
#1 - GG nominee/winner: Rose Byrne
#2 - Former B list movie actor: Ryan Philippe
#3 - C+/B- movie actress: Abbie Cornish

A note. When I say nominee/winner I do that like I do child/ren. It is an either/or situation.

10. BUZZFOTO 01/06
This celebrity girlfriend has a less famous, but still well-known "boyfriend." The two have been together for a little while now, and not without their troubles. They’ve recently been hanging out with another celebrity couple whom the girlfriend met through one of her movies. After meeting the other couple, her current boyfriend is now enamored with the female involved in the other relationship. He has sent this other taken lady some flirty texts and tweets and hopes to hook up with her soon. No word on how she feels, but we thinks its a little skeezy and he should be grateful for what he’s got. Not Zac or Vanessa.

11. BLIND GOSSIP 01/06
Party crashers aren’t the only ones creating stress at the White House. A certain celebrity was scheduled to attend a function at the White House, but ran into a snafu when a standard security check was performed on her. It turns out that the age on her driver’s license didn’t match up to the background check. She gave them a big song and a dance about how the mix up occurred, but eventually had to admit her real age in order to gain admission for future events. We don’t know which made her actor husband more upset: the fact that she was singled out for a mild interrogation, or that fact that his wife has lied to him all along about her age. While she is unquestionably beautiful, she is quite a few years older than he thought she was.
Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas

These are the things you get from your mother. Our perfect parent found a permanent way to keep the weight down – with a lap band installation a few years ago. At the same time, she thought she’d help out her little girl too. By pretty much forcing her teenage daughter to have one put in as well. The child protested but to no avail. And better still, instead of paying out of her own pocket, she insisted that the surgery be funded out of her precious’s bank account. Well in hindsight, no wonder.
Courtney Love & Frances Bean Cobain

13. NY POST/PAGE SIX 01/07
1. Which action star was lying when he said recently he'd never have plastic surgery? The actor has obviously had his eyes done in the last year or two, judging by the way his crow's feet magically disappeared.
Bruce Willis

2. WHICH best-selling, but slow-writing, author had some help finishing his latest novel? A translator for one of the potboiler's foreign editions noticed from the shifting syntax and sentence structure that the book was penned by at least two writers. Dan Brown "The Da Vinci Code"

3. WHICH heiress who married a mob-connected artist years ago is now claiming to old friends that her husband is conspiring with shady lawyers and doctors to declare her insane and seize all her money?

14. BLIND GOSSIP 01/07
While it may be a bit early, this young star is already predicting what will happen on Valentine’s Day. She is telling friends that she is sure that her boyfriend is going to propose, and she has already started picking out her wedding gown. The only person who doesn’t know about this is… her boyfriend, who is also in the business. According to his friends, he is not terribly serious about the relationship, he has vowed not to get married until he is at least 30, and he just sees their Valentine’s Day weekend simply as a chance to escape from the unusually cold weather to someplace warm. We don’t know if she is being overly optimistic, or if he is just playing it cool with his friends. We guess we’ll discover the truth in about a month.

15. HOLY MOLY 01/07 #1
Which British film director can never hold on to a PA for more than a few months due to his shocking treatment? He insists that they follow exactly six paces behind him at ALL times, no matter where he is or what he's doing. When he needs to speak to them, he beckons them with his hand (with his back to them) and they must come up to his side, take down what he says and then return to six paces behind him.
Guy Ritchie

16. HOLY MOLY 01/07 #2
Which current reality TV star had to flee Baltimore for LA after being hit with a $300,000 fine for shooting up the house of his ex-boyfriend (as well as several parked cars) and trying to command the police not to arrest him. His boy threw him out for doing too much coke, not long after their neighbours told him of how the star in question used to claimed the FBI were spying on him using trained pigeons with miniature cameras fastened to their chests? He also once drove straight from the court hearing to his coke dealer, straight through the middle of a 90mph hurricane. Now THAT'S desperate.
Sisqo "Celebrity Big Brother UK"

Wherever this B- list television and sometime movie actress goes she causes trouble. She goes from one show to the next rarely staying longer than five or six episodes. Great actress, HUGE ego. At first she is very pleasant and kind and within two weeks is sucking up to producers and backstabbing the other cast. She was finally given a huge role in a new network show and what has she done? Same old tricks. She wants to be the number one female on the show and will not stop saying bad things about the one female who is the bigger lead. It has got so bad that the female lead has developed a twitch in her eye when she is on the set and sees her tormentor.
Michelle Trachtenberg "Mercy"

18. BUZZFOTO 01/07
Anyone who has lived in the suburbs know that women can be catty. Or maybe it just seems this way thanks to ABC’s Desperate Housewives. Either way, it seems that the Hollywood cliques are no exception. There is a group of Hollywood women, (some of whom are actresses, wives or actresses or famous for other things) that have gotten together for play groups and shopping trips. Some of them live by one another, and some don’t but they try to get together regularly when their schedules allow. Most of them are younger moms, but some are older which is no big deal. We heard that recently a new mom heard about the group and wanted to join to have some support and share experiences. She was invited to one of the activities and has not been invited back because of her ‘lack of style,’ her ‘bad taste in men and choices,’ her ‘tacky language’ and her ‘choice of friends.’ Apparently, this group of women consider themselves very exclusive and don’t want to let a newbie in lightly. The new girl hasn’t heard the gossip yet, but probably wonders why she hasn’t had a phone call or an invitation lately. The new mom isn’t Kendra Wilkinson. Khloe Kardashian

This famous Singer is starting to act strange again. She may have stopped drugs, but now she has to stop drinking! Mariah Carey

20. BLIND GOSSIP 01/08
This actress is cooking up some serious trouble in her relationship. She is foreign-born, but as American and as sweet as apple pie. However, there’s a scheming mind at work on the inside. She set her sights on her man long ago. She tried for years to wrestle a proposal out of him to no avail. When she got pregnant, he finally agreed to get engaged. Doesn’t mean they’ll actually make it to the altar, though. He told at least one friend that he is still hoping for a miscarriage as a way out of marrying her.
Amy Adams (I don't think it's her, but aside from the length of engagement, she fits)

Gorgeous young stud Parrish Maguire is as crafty with publicity as he is shy with his fans. Trust us on this one: He's no tormented Toothy Tile, who can't decide which side of the closet door he wants to be on. Parrish has his feet firmly planted inside his walk-in closet (which holds an unfortunate assortment of Lycra, we're sorry to report), where he fully plans on remaining. Especially since Mr. Maguire has such magnificent male company to keep him satisfied... As in a hot boyfriend he's absolutely koo-koo horny for and has had for a while now. And this romantic situation was in full force long before Parrish's handlers saw to it to fix him up with luscious, multitalented celeb Priscilla Desert, who has a bit more experience with boys than even Parrish himself does! The funny thing is, really, that Parrish's friends are even more cavalier about discussing his same-sex bent than even Toothy's buds are—which is really saying something. It's just that Maguire's personal pals think there's such a disconnect between their crowd and Parrish's suddenly gigantic fanbase, they figured word would never trickle down. Well, isn't that what gossip columns are for? Exactly. And let's just say Maguire's pro advisers have been far more clammed up in discussing their client's true sexual preference—and they'd like to keep it that way, and Parrey doesn't mind in the least. Ah, such fun to be young and have no convictions yet; it's so much easier that way! (Poor Toothy.) By the way, this pretty-open life that Parrish led prior to his meteoric rise to hot-stud fame suddenly explains why he almost didn't get his current fab job. Makes perfect sense. But so, too, does how Parrish's studio employers decided to get Parrish hooked up with Priscilla ASAP. And the only difference between Parrish and Toothy here is that P-boy doesn't mind his fakey tabloid ride in the least; Toothy loathes it. Hmm. Who's going to last longer, in the end? And It Ain't: Justin Timberlake, Ryan Kwanten, Liam Hemsworth.
Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift

Which bottle-blonde reality TV star has been nipping her dogs’ meds? The pooches were prescribed anti anxiety pills by a vet, but Mommy says they do wonders for her too.

At a recent photo session for an editorial in GQ, this former major league all star and still pretty decent player replaced a golfer who has had some recent issues and could no longer make it. Yes, it is who you think it is. At the shoot, our baseball player was hitting on the model he was posing with and used the following line. "I love to drink my own c*m." Yes, he actually did say it. The makeup artist who overheard the line dropped her supplies when she heard it. Now, our baseball player has had some very famous dates in the past. He has dated this former A list tweener who now is a C list television and movie actress. He also has dated this permanent married B lister who has been around since she was pre-teen and had two very hit shows.
#1 - baseball player: Barry Zito
#2 - golfer: Tiger Woods
#3 - former A list tweener: Hilary Duff
#4 - married B lister: Alyssa Milano

Which of Tiger Woods' mistresses is alleged to also have had a fling with a married war correspondent killed in Iraq?

Could it be that a certain vilified vixen is actually in cahoots with the target of her accusations? So say insiders who tell me that she was paid by her target - a fella known to spend quite a bit of time in the men's room. Of course, that's all in the past - along with his oral fixation. The current scandalous story of an extramarital affair was a carefully devised smoke screen to shift attention from the more accurate same-sex scuttlebutt. Everyone has their price, and this peach was paid plenty. Mister Big would rather be thought of as a hetero hell than a homo ho!
Vanessa Lopez/Shaquille O'Neal

26. NY POST/PAGE SIX 01/11
1. Which married record label executive got caught by his bosses having an affair last summer with a 22-year-old waitress? The company investigated, but he kept his job and then hired a lawyer to intimidate the waitress into keeping her mouth shut.

2. WHICH famous football figure doesn't want to marry his much younger girlfriend of several years because she wants to have kids? He has grown children.

27. BLIND GOSSIP 01/11
A little less than a year ago, we ran an item about a tweener (who is usually portrayed as a good girl) who was eager to star in a television series about a former porn star. Well, she is still going to do the series (which is stuck in development) but she has swapped roles with another actress, because she decided that she wants to portray a classier character. Instead of playing the porn star, she will now play a character based on this former supermodel. Frankly, we don’t think that this supermodel (who was a druggie and notorious man-eater) is any classier than the porn star. Name the:
1. Good Girl:Vanessa Hudgins
2. Porn Star: Linda Lovelace
3. Former Supermodel: Janice Dickinson

28. BUZZFOTO 01/11
We overheard some chatter yesterday that kept us updated on some good blind item material! Friends of this Disney star gossiped that although she is young and cute with a clean image, she’s well on her way to trouble. The star they were gabbing about is underage, but is very talented in taking all types of drugs, even through ways we’ve never heard of! The friends seemed concerned about the drug use, but laughed off the fact that she is sleeping with two different older men, one that is involved with her career. Right now this star seems to be enjoying her life in the fast lane, but we wonder how long it will be until the lifestyle catches up to her! Not Miley Cyrus.
Demi Lovato

I guess this actor used to be B list. In a technical sense he might have been an A lister in television. He is a C now. I don't think once you have risen as high as he was that you can ever go down to D. Anyway, our actor who has been around for awhile has a bit of a booze problem. OK, a big booze problem. Well he decided to take his child/dren to a premiere and got absolutely hammered out of his mind on booze. He then got hot and had his shirt unbuttoned and open and was just a mess. Someone from the studio took him home but it was really embarrassing.
David Hasselhoff

Who makes sure that her husband has someone on staff specifically to hold her bag while she watches him at work? This is the employee’s only job responsibility. This person does nothing else but hold the bag. There’s no multitasking here. Because the bag can’t be put away in a room or on a table. It must be held. But not by her. Because she photographs much better when she has her hands free. This is Status. This is Respect. This from a woman who claims she’s down with down home living. Not high maintenance? Please.
Nicole Kidman

This out of control funny man B list movie actor is engaged to be married to a celebrity. What his fiance' doesn't know though is that our funnyman actor got married about two years ago when he was drunk in Vegas. He kept meaning to get it annulled but never did. Meanwhile since it happened he has lost track of the woman he married that night. His people are searching frantically for her so they can get the marriage annulled before his fiance' finds out about it and before he gets married to her.
Russell Brand

32. BUZZFOTO 01/12
If this is true, it’s just plain crazy. We hear that this ‘married couple’ is involved in more of a business arrangement than a romance. It’s not that unusual, since people have been using marriage for many things throughout history. We just think it’s sad there are actual transactions involved here- the monetary kind, trust us, not the sexual kind. One of the partners is paying the other a hefty stipend as an incentive to stay hitched. The receiving partner needs the money because of a drug habit and gambling issues and the other is inclined to give it to fight off rumors of sexuality/bad past/unattractiveness. Both in the relationship are celebrities, both have been up against speculation, and both are all about the PR to keep the ball rolling on their different needs being fulfilled by the marriage. Not Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise.
Fergie & Josh Duhamel

33. BLIND GOSSIP 01/12
This nighttime television show has caught a lot of flack because its cast has so few people of color that white cast members sometimes pretend to be Hispanic or black. To remedy this, they will be bringing aboard two African American cast members, both of whom really need the work. The female will be coming directly from a shuttered former competitor. The male is being hired primarily for name recognition, although his career has paled in comparison to that of his sibling. And, although this show is known for bringing aboard fresh young talent, both of these performers are nudging the half-century mark.
"Saturday Night Live" Charlie Murphy (Eddie's brother) or Tony Rock (Chris's brother) and Debra Wilson (formerly on "Mad TV")

This cute actress has been marketed as the next big thing, thanks to her role on a somewhat popular series, but she’ll have a hard time living up to the hype. What will do her in is not her acting – it’s her secret drug problem. She’s addicted to cocaine (it keeps her thin) and it’s ruining her reputation – she’s late for appointments, moody on the set, and looks worn out. Ironically, she’s often been compared looks-wise to a slightly older beautiful actress with the same problem.
Blake Lively

It can be hard to breathe when you’re as young and as famous as he is. He copes in public situations not unlike many of his counterparts in the industry – as alarming as this sounds, a bump here and there is pedestrian in Hollywood. He’s been known however to lock himself in the bathroom and blow until he can face the world. But a word of advice to our fresh star – people know, and they are watching, and they are offering money to those around you, some friendly, some unfriendly, to catch you in a compromising position. So be careful who you trust. Fortunately, for your sake, so far they’ve refused to sell you out. But everyone has a price. People with children and mortgages have a price. And eventually someone will cave. And if you’re still hiding out in the toilet and rubbing your nose in it, suffice to say that photo can set them up for life. Careful now.
Robert Pattinson

This married A list television actor on a hit network drama told his wife that he had to work late on set. He was convinced she would be home with their sick child. So, he decided to go to the movies with an 18 year old production assistant from his show. As he walked into the lobby of the theatre with his arm around the 18 year old, he gets tapped on the shoulder by who he assumes is a fan, but was instead his wife. He dropped his arm from the assistant and meekly walked out of the theatre with his wife. She has a spy on the set of his show to stop just this kind of behavior.
David Boreanez

37. BUZZFOTO 01/13
This Blind comes from on-the-street-chatter, which isn’t as reliable as when a source calls or emails us. It’s more second or third hand information. With that in mind, we still thought it interesting enough to post. This B/C star who is regularly followed by the paparazzi, has apparently been pulling "a Britney" and hooking up with one of the street photographers. The two met when he snapped her picture and have been flirting ever since. We know with the case of Britney that Adnan was allegedly looking for financial gain, but it is said this pap is sincerely head over heels for the star. He’s absolutely smitten but we’re not sure about her, since she has the reputation of being a man-eater. Not Kim Kardashian.
Kate Hudson

38. POPBITCH 01/14
Which ever-typecast aging bachelor actor sent his God-daughter a birthday present consisting of a signed photograph of himself?
Hugh Grant

39. BLIND GOSSIP 01/14
This film and television actor’s newish flame will be getting a lovely gift of jewelry for Valentine’s Day. How sweet and personal, right? Not really. We wonder how long it will take for her to figure out that he didn’t originally buy it for her. He actually bought it for his ex. When their relationship started falling apart, he took it out of her jewelry box. She discovered it missing, and an insurance claim was filed then paid out by the insurance company. A few months later, they split, and both moved on to new relationships. The guy took the piece into a jeweler to have the original engraving sanded off and the finish polished. Anyone want to tell his new girlfriend that her gift is actually a re-gift?

40. BUZZFOTO 01/14
This aging comedian, who has been in lots of films is getting bored with his life and current relationships. He ran into this young MTV star (half his age and known for wanting to get attention from the media) a few nights ago in LA. The rumor is she treated him to a little preview of her skills in a public restroom. The two exchanged numbers and he plans on getting cozy with her this weekend. Not David Spade.
Robin Williams

41. HOLY MOLY 01/14  #1
Which actress shagged some woman at Jordan's fancy dress New Years Eve party then spent the rest of the time going around the room looking for both coke and 'a natural blonde with hair' to join in with her and her bedmate? People are blaming this behaviour on her bizarre new friendship with Amy Winehouse.

42. HOLY MOLY 01/14  #2
Which Celebrity Big Brother contestant spent the first few days being quite quiet? The reason for this wasn't nerves or shyness - it was the fact that their body contained enough drugs to fell 20 horses. They gave the producers quite a headache as they kept discussing their comedown at great length on camera with other housemates.
Katia Ivanova

43. HOLY MOLY 01/14 #3
Which BBC sitcom actor was so nervous whilst filming his pilot, he wandered round stroking his brow sighing 'What would Ricky do? What would Ricky do?'

I am going to call this one bad drug behavior because of who it is. I guess an argument could be made that she was just having a really bad day and as my second ex-wife Carli would say, she lost her shit. Our actress is B list. What that means in this case is that she is a lead in an ensemble network drama. Not the lead, but a lead and it has been around long enough that people know her name. Anyway, like most people on television she would like to make it to the movies. She has had drug issues in the past that have worked against her and she made some really bad choices in movies as a result. Always going for the paycheck and not the project. Well, her manager was trying to explain all this to her last week when she suddenly started screaming about how she was better than all the people she had lost roles to in the past and that she was hotter. At that point she flashed her manager and told him to look and didn't she look good for her age. He said yes and then she went to the other four or five offices and said the same thing but by the time she had got to the third office all her clothes were off except for her panties. She then collapsed into a chair in her manager's office and stayed there for an hour not saying a word. She then got dressed and walked out.

1. This Male Celebrity is famous in his own right, but he is not as famous as his Superstar Wife. This guy is talented, good looking and has a good head on his shoulders. It’s a shame his career will stall because he has to constantly babysit his wife, who loves to drink.
Nick Cannon & Mariah Carey

2. This Female Actress just wants someone to love. She’s a nice woman, sharp, witty and attractive. She always falls for the wrong man. This time it’s a young Club Promoter who has a history with the ladies, and the ladies are telling his business for money. He is a ladies’ man, and he just may break this Actress’ heart. Vivica Fox & her new boy toy Slim

We're clearly not in the match-making business, but if we were, these two closeted stars could totally be a good thing together: Remember Crescent Kumquat and Topher-Hairy Tuchas? Both equally gorgeous studs who have equally big...secrets? If it weren't for their large-ish age gap, we would totally predict these two guys to be swapping gorgeous hair secrets and then some behind closed doors. Why, you ask? Because Crescent has been pulling a card straight from Hairy Tuchas's cruising-for-sex ways by using... Craigslist to shack up with dudes! No way! Remember, we've seen the emergence of Crescent's flaming personality over the last year or so. First with a few boy-on-boy cuddles, then with some innocent necking and now, full-on getting it on with guys. And he's not exactly being stealth about it, either. What is it with dudes like Kumquat and Topher who have easily recognizable faces, yet who use Craigslist to get their gay sex on? Hello, that is so asking to get caught. Come on, this is beyond, say, Toothy Tile doing it in a car in a West Hollywood parking lot, people. This is practically an engraved invitation to be outted, for heaven's sake! Maybe, ultimately, that's what these guys want? To be finally known as who they are, but do they want someone else to do the dirty work for 'em? Remember, Toothy just loves to get it on in super public places with Grey Goose, but even they have toned it down, as of late. Seriously, I'd put my money on Toothy coming out before Crescent. C.K. and Topher really have to rely on their large female fan bases to keep their careers going. If the girls go, so do the jobs. Particularly Crescent's. His face is totally plastered all over the Teen Beat girlie-sphere. If that demo only knew the truth! And It Ain't: Jackson Rathbone, Paul Wesley, Justin Beiber.

Remember Crescent Kumquat - Chase Crawford
Topher-Hairy Tuchas - George Clooney

#1 - This now C list only movie actress who used to be a B and creeping towards an A is back off the wagon. At a recent event she had so much free wine that she was knocking things off shelves and walls but didn't seem to care.
Eva Mendes

#2 & 3 - This female former A list singer who will permanently be a B because of her name came home the other day to find her celebrity boyfriend in bed (technically on a sofa, but what they were doing is usually found in the bedroom) with another guy. She didn't care though because our singer had a girl for herself who she had brought home.

#4 - This father of a famous golfer always had a hotel room set aside for his use at tournaments where he could bring women he met while his son played. Sponsors were also known for providing him women in case he could not find his own. Earl Woods, father of Tiger

Which underage Hollywood actress’s perfect image is all show? She got so smashed at a recent L.A. party that she had to be carried out — after making out with a random guy and puking?

49. GOSSIP BOY 01/15
So in honor of the awards Sunday, I have a bit of juicy gossip for you. This couple has been together for a long time, he never half-asses anything. On the outside they look perfect. She is off making movies and he is...well I dunno what he has been doing. Awhile ago he was thought to be the next big thing, the original Beyonce. They thought he was committing career suicide, which usually happens when they break free. He soared, and soared through some a-list ass too. He settled with this particular girl, who is for sure a-list ass. Of course, her image is a bit squeaky clean, but that's neither here nor there. So while she is off making some eh kinda movies, he stayed at home. Supposedly working on new projects. Well he is your typical Alpha male. The only thing he was working on was some down low loving. Well one day, their computer needed fixed ....or so he thought. Turns out, the gay and str8 porn just slowed it down. He left and she came home to a working computer which when it came on, everything he had been watching, every chat room he was in, every picture looked at, just popped right up in the open for her to see. Oh, did I mention that she came home with some friends, who all stood behind her, jaws dropped. He claimed that he was doing research for a role. She knew that he hadn't been offered anything since his last lil flick. He moved out and she decided to take some me time and disappear to heights that no one would see her for a few weeks. He is bumming around town like nothing is wrong. And it's not really, cause no one knows that they broke up, almost a year ago!!! They plan on having a mutual break-up, something he had in the past but only because the first time it was bad. He wasn't about to say he did it again! But my spies inform me that his "research" started years and years ago. And when it did, he and 2 buddies "studied" together at the same time!!! Well one of those buddies tried to forget it ever happened and pretty much went after any desperate woman the other buddy realized he liked his studies and kept at them. But the one I'm talking about figured if he got tutoring on the side he could still keep up his straight edge image. It's NOT John Mayer or Joe Jonas.
Justin Timberlake/Jessica Biel

50. GOSSIP BOY 01/17
1. Which some-what famous singer was in a ladies room most of the evening at a very A list party? She was in there doing, what you think. She kept ditching her date, an actor, to go play tonsil hockey in the bathroom with this famous woman. It’s NOT Fergie.

2. This closeted guy is well known for his list of ladies and partying. But what no one knows is that his list of ladies are actually a list of ladies that are best friends of the guy he is doing that night. I wonder what his mother thinks? It’s NOT Gerard Butler.

3. And this last one I saw with my own two eyes. Which gossip columnist actually gets paid by some of the celebs he writes about to drop their names in any way? They actually help him come up with the stories!!! It’s NOT Perez Hilton. Ted Casablanca

This A list television star has a bit of a drinking problem. More than a bit, but it definitely isn't blind item worthy. What is though is that while drinking our actor loves to switch teams. Get him drunk and he shifts from women to men in a flash. One of his favorite places for a quick hookup is a bar in New York he frequents which closes down just for him and his friends.
Alex Baldwin; Chris Noth

52. Gunnar Peterson 01/18/10
Gunnar Peterson: "I had one actress who trained with me and took six Spin classes a week. And all she ate was lettuce and Swedish Fish. When the press asked her how she’d "transformed" her body, she said, "Oh, I do yoga and hike with my puppy." That made me laugh. Don’t lie about how much you work out, because other women are going to think, I walk my dog, why don’t I look like that?"

53. BLIND GOSSIP 01/18
This post will be short, just like this woman’s temper. She acts like she’s putting it all out there on her television show, but there is actually one secret she would rather keep a secret. It’s a very explicit video of her. And if someone is going to be put out there, you can be sure that she will want a piece of the profits. That girl will rake it in until her 15 minutes are up. We suspect that much of her earnings will go toward the purchase of quantities of hair accessories.
Kate Gosselin; Snooki "Jersey Shores"

54. GOSSIP BOY 01/18
1. This tv actress wasn't up for an award last night, she was there supporting a co-star who was. And she let everyone know about it. She was constantly going on and on about how all the press was wrong and she showed up because her co-star needed her support. The entire table rolled their eyes every time. Not only were they used to her acting as if her shit doesn't stink, they knew she only came to be photographed and to not to secretly try to spread her wings. But the producers don't care, her wings have been spread, clipped and a couple of other things since she first landed into this metropolis we like to call Hollywood.

2. This A-list star and his date are clearly on the way out. She clearly was acting her age all night. She got tipsy, which we all now isn't a crime, but she turned into a 16 year old. Giggling, bouncing around in her seat. She looked like a bobble head. He turned his back to her and ignored her most of the evening. When he was asked about her, he told his buddy, "I bought her tits, I'm getting my money's worth." George Clooney/Elisabetta Canalis

3. This couple is very public. Her co-stars used to love her and they all used to hang out after filming. They filmed on location, so the cast and crew became very tight. Until one of the leads began a new relationship. Her and her lover have become distant from the cast and every time he or she is interviewed about their show, they turn the attention to their relationship. Producers can't really do anything about it, so everyone has to take it all in for what it's worth. But no one sees it lasting long, he is older and clearly trying to ride her wave.

4. This beautiful television actor was lone and ready to party. He didn't hide his admiration for men or women last night. Which suited me just fine. After meeting him at an after party and same fancy foot work, I ended up with him naked in my bed and my legs in the air. Let's just say, I think I'm in love!

55. BUZZFOTO 01/18
Since the Sundance Film Festival is coming up, we’re sure we’ll have some great blinds coming from our Salt Lake source. We got a fun call from him last night. He has told us about the antics of severals celebs from years passed and hooking up with a few himself. Apparently he got a text message from this celebrity (who is currently in a relationship) whom he has partied with in the past (and reportedly got an std from). She said she’ll be in town this upcoming weekend and she wants to know if he wants to get together for a ‘wild night’ and an ‘encore’ as she calls it. We expect this star to be at Sundance so we’ll keep you posted. We wonder if her boyfriend will accompany her? Not Lindsay Lohan.
Paris Hilton

56. BUZZFOTO 01/19
We suppose this doesn’t really need to be a blind, so we’ll reveal it soon. This MTV reality star from a new popular show frequents the same restaurant on a regular basis. According to a waitress at the place, the star is a total jerk. He is a famously low tipper (usually around $1.00 per ticket) and makes sexist remarks to all the female staff. (He once told a waitress "Don’t get your hopes up because I’m not leaving my phone number on a napkin." To which she replied, "Uh, I don’t want your phone number, thanks.") The best part is, he is constantly checking himself out in the mirrors and windows, the reflection on his cell phone, and even uses his spoon to fix his hair. When he has company with him, he spends more time looking at himself than whoever he is with. Not Brody Jenner.
Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino"Jersey Shores"

The tabloids are all in a feeding frenzy about a celebrity in sex rehab and it doesn't involve Tiger Woods or David Duchovny. Instead this has been mostly outpatient. The actor is B+/A- list. Bigger than David. Most of the time he is in movies but he would show up on television if you are his friend. Married because if you are single you don't really check into sex rehab. Oh, he is good looking. Child/ren. Actress wife.
Ben Affleck

58. BLIND GOSSIP 01/19
There are many people who like to show off new purchases. They’ll allow you to sit in their new car, or give you a tour of their new house. But who knew that you could squeeze a woman’s breasts just by asking? During a Golden Globes after-party, this is the scene that went down. One of the night’s nominated actors couldn’t stop staring at another young nominee’s chest. When he finally got to speak with her, the first thing he asked her was if her breasts were real. "No!" she laughed. "They were a present from xxxxx. But they sure look real, don’t they?" The actor agreed, then told the woman that he was an expert on breasts, and that the only sure way to tell was if he squeezed them. She allowed herself to be led into a more quiet corner of the party, and then gave him access. He returned to the group with a big smile on his face and proclaimed "They’re fake, but they’re really good fakes!"

1. Which "man on the street" from TV went to View Bar (a gay establishment in Chelsea), but fled out of view the second he was recognized by staff and customers?
Anderson Cooper; David Blaine

2. Which co-star of that Emmy-winning cable series was too hungover to deal with the limo and makeup artist sent for her by a designer whose show she was supposed to attend? (She sent them back twice and stayed in, desperately trying to recover.)

3. Who's been known to behave inappropriately at that vineyard, urging young girls to sit on his lap for some real juicing? Francis Ford Coppola

4. Which pretentious style-queen screamed at a famed photographer during Fashion Week, "No more pictures! Everyone wants to take my picture! And it'll just be a small picture in the magazine anyway!"? Anna Wintour

5. What writer for the same corporation was caught stealing five pillowcases at a party, saying, when caught, "I thought we were supposed to take them"?

6. Which saucy drag queen advertises on Craigslist as a cross-dresser in need of serious black dick? Which one doesn't? Lady Bunny

7. Which vampirey star hangs with high school kids and likes to go to their houses and intake lots of pot?

8. Which middle-aged sitcom star can be spotted regularly on the 104 bus, chatting with his favorite person"himself?

9. Which '50s singer used to be seen at dinners with the wife, where he'd cover his head when a hot waiter would walk by so as not to be led into temptation?

10. Which rocker married to a rising actress cheated at least once that I know of?

11. Which girlfriend (among many) of that bedraggled sports figure supposedly once dated a cable host, but nobly dumped him so she could be more loyal to her then-fiance? Rachel Uchitel/Keith Olberman

12. Which editor celebrated with management that they'd gotten "over the hump," even though the bloodbath was far from over?

13. Which designer nabbed so many rich men on the way up partly because she gives the most amazing head in Christendom? Tara Subkoff clothing line Imitation Of Christ

14. Which married gay insists on clear ice cubes only in his drinks and everyone's afraid to ask him why? John Travolta

15. Which Tony winner made up most of the stories she so lovingly told in that tribute show?

16. Which other Tony winner privately admits that working with that fish-out-of-water music star was a bit of a nightmare?

17. Which bi-racial star's daughter was approached by a writer who told her, "I interviewed your father," only to have her reply, "We fucking hated that article!"? Lenny Kravitz's daughter Zoe

18. Which separated Oscar winner supposedly got fucked by a trannie, but gingerly told her, "Put two condoms on that"? How can you argue with that kind of fortitude?

60. BUZZFOTO 01/20
This star has a husband who doesn’t bring in hardly any income and is fine living off his rich celebrity bride. He told his friends he has married the golden meal ticket and has gotten into the habit of having his buddies over at her expense. The men will sit around and play video games all day, drink, dabble in drugs and watch sports. The buddies have even been treated to several trips to the strip club from the money this actress has pulled in. The hubby apparently has no regard for his wife or her feelings and now gets angry if she tells him to send his friends home. This star is so fed up with her mooch of a husband that she is having a lawyer look into her finances to see what her options are. Because they have a child/children she doesn’t want a divorce, but she wants to separate their finances completely and cut him off. Can you blame her? Not Jessica Alba.

This B list actress from an NBC drama was at the Golden Globes on Sunday. It turns out she had forgot her little bag of white powder in the limo. So there she was after the show started wandering around on her phone trying to find her limo. When someone tried to help her all she could remember was her driver had an accent. Out in the rain with an umbrella, getting splashed she spent 30 minutes looking before having success.
Hayden Panettiere

62. BLIND GOSSIP 01/20
The folks who create the seating chart for the Golden Globes received a request from the team of this previous Golden Globes Award nominee/winner that she be seated as far away from another celebrity as possible at Sunday’s ceremony. Although their breakup wasn’t recent, it had been ugly, and they still typically avoid each other whenever possible. You see, although their original relationship was a setup, she thought that their relationship had gone from fake to real over time and that she was The One. She wasn’t, and she was genuinely hurt when he moved on to another fake relationship. It’s always a little funny and sad to see the fake smile she puts on whenever his name is mentioned. Then again, her entire face was oddly tight at the awards show. Snip, snip!
Cameron Diaz/Gerard Butler

63. BUZZFOTO 01/21
She’s a big name in Hollywood, though we’re not sure we’d call her an A-List actress. She is aging and going to great limits to turn back time. Two of the craziest things we have heard she is doing to slow down the aging process are drinking her own urine and eating human placenta. Is that even legal? Not Catherine Zeta Jones.
Nicole Kidman

#1 - Someone in the photos had sex last night with a person who was not their significant other.

#2 - Someone in the photos has a streak going of over six months of doing coke. They are very proud of it considering they have spent about 30 days in the six months not in their home city. They like nothing more to share how they scored coke in other cities.

Which actress isn’t really such a sweetheart? She recently shredded a pile of clothes her off-again boyfriend had left at her house and sent him a box filled with the scraps.
Reese Witherspoon/Jake Gyllenhaal; Jennifer Aniston/John Mayer

66. HOLY MOLY 01/21 **#1**
Which two girl band members used to demand 'light skinned black men' as part of their riders?

67. HOLY MOLY 01/21 **#2**
Which hugely famous British celebrity couple are about to give up the fight and split up? The girl has finally worked out he's more of a hinderance than a help in every way.
Cheryl and Ashley Cole

1. She’s losing weight and staying quiet. She has toned down her silly antics and suspect behavior. Sources say she is gearing up for her next gig on a new TV show.

2. She’s beautiful, sexy and a handful. She needs a man, and she’s on the prowl. She doesn’t care if he’s someone else’s man, or someone’s leftover. She needs a man….now! Here’s a hint: she tried some civil rights lovin’, but it didn’t work out. He got scared and bolted! Lisa Raye McCoye Misick

Cockpit Rockin' With Boys and Paranoia! We haven't heard much about Fey Oiled-Tush since he dripped (not enough) jewels all over Hollywood's leading vamp movie star. So thought you all might like to know what the closeted big-time celeb's been up to—besides getting it on with gorgeous young men up in his private plane, that is. He's getting very nervous. And no, not just because Fey's worried his myriad boy-lovers will squeal on him—they all have to sign confidentiality agreements, mind you—but because of Oiled-Tush's pilot. Yep, the guy who's seen it all, and how, is super pissed off...Can you guess why? "It's not the boys," a source very close to the pilot revealed. "It's how he's being treated, which he thinks is really badly, and borderline unlawful." Turns out that Mr. Tush's flier, who's straight, has no prob watching all the gay mile-high club stuff go down (or up, as it were). But he does very much mind how Fey's utterly controlling of his personal time, especially after they've all landed at various far-off locales. According to the pilot's tight pals, Oiled-Tush locks his employee in hotel rooms and uses surveillance mechanisms on him, so as to oversee his every move. To say the flyin' dude—who's totally not into the celeb scene to begin with—is majorly creeped out by all this is an understatement. Indeed, the pilot's so damn alarmed by his boss's evil-eye behavior, he called his lawyer and threatened legal action, which he has begun. Will Mr. Tush wise up and lighten up on the guy, maybe throw in a cool million as an apology, while he's at it? He will if he's smart, that's for sure. 'Cause it was really stupid-o-la, to begin with, to even mess with a dude who had no intention of messing with your closeted ass, until you started treating him like a prisoner in some kind of James Bond movie. It Ain't: Harrison Ford, Mike Myers, Tobey Maguire.

70. BLIND GOSSIP 01/22
This is the story of three young actors living together in Hollywood. Actor A is a very popular, hot, young actor and the star of a popular franchise. With his parent’s encouragement, Actor B, a fledgling actor, moved into Actor A’s home as a roommate. Actor A worked his contacts behind the scenes to successfully get Actor B a gig in the same franchise. They began sleeping together. Then Actor C, also a struggling Hollywood actor, also moved in. Actor A also got Actor C a gig in the movie in which he was starring, and they began sleeping with each other. Eventually, Actor C got a regular gig on a popular tweener show. So Actor A helped both his roomies break into showbiz, gave them a place to live, and dated both of them. Busy guy, complicated personal life, yet he was still able to keep his head in the game, crank out multiple projects, maintain a busy travel schedule, and fool the general public with frequent appearances with his faux girlfriend, another high profile young star. However, it all started falling apart when Actor A came home early from a trip to find Actor B and Actor C in a compromising position …with each other. Actor A was absolutely furious. So much so that he is now looking to move into a new home with his faux girlfriend. Meanwhile, the parents and PR folks of Actor B and Actor C are scrambling to pretend that everyone gets along and will continue to work together, everyone is straight, and that the only sexual relationship is the one between Actor A and the Actress. Whatever.
Franchise: Transformers
Actor A: Shia LeBeouf
Actor B: John Robinson
Actor C: Jonathan Trent
Faux girlfriend: Carey Mulligan
Popular Tweener Show (Jonathan Trent's gig): 90210

#1 & #2 - This B- list actress from two back to back hit dramas and her celebrity significant other are in an open relationship. Well at least he considers it open. That is what he tells all the women he meets anyway.

#3 - This C list movie and sometime television actress is trying to escape from her church because she doesn't think they have given her the support they give other celebrities despite the money she has given them. And the secrets. Leah Remini "Scientology"

#4 - This married B list mostly television actress from a hit drama who gets confused with a similar actress has been having a long term affair with a producer of her show. His wife kicked him out and now he wants our actress to leave her husband. She refuses. Olivia Wilde (Megan Fox) "House"; Rachel Griffiths (Juliette Lewis) "Brothers and Sisters"; Stana Katic (Mischa Barton) "Castle"; Robin Tunney (Emily Deschanel) "Bones"

72. NY POST/PAGE SIX 01/25
1. Which A-list married actor got overexcited filming a love scene with a much younger starlet? The director was forced to pull the actor aside and order him to calm himself down after he made the young actress "extremely uncomfortable."

2. WHICH magazine columnist invited mostly billionaires to her birthday party, and after they'd left, opened the gifts and commented on how cheap they were?

This foreign born Golden Globe nominee/winner is a C+/B- list actress who primarily does movies but is better known for being on a show loved by critics but which could never find an audience. Anyway, our actress is not the best customer at restaurants. Over the Christmas holidays our actress was at a restaurant with a party of 8 and decided to show the table what you could do if you were a star. She went to find her waitress and asked the waitress to find the biggest vegetable in the kitchen, bring it to the table and say, "Here you go ____, is this what you were talking about?" The waitress found a leek, brought it out to the table and said her lines. As she was leaving, our actress said, "You see? That's the kind of thing I can do because I'm _______." Throughout the night our actress made other staff do various tasks to laughter fromthe table. When they left, the table didn't even tip.
Anna Friel "Pushing Daisies"

74. BLIND GOSSIP 01/25
All the talk this week will be about Goat and Pillow, but as they weren’t married, this is just a breakup and division of assets, both live and inanimate. Far more complex and interesting is the ongoing saga of Chip and Grin, who are now living completely apart with a new agreement signed and sealed. She has the kid/s full time, which was a major triumph for her. Where did she get so much leverage? She found out that her marriage isn’t valid in the US and that Grin is planning on abetting a criminal pal (and alleged lover) of his out of the country and into a private love shack.

Chip: Tom Cruise
Grin: Katie Holmes
criminal pal: David Miscavige. Current head of Scientology

75. BUZZFOTO 01/25
This C List Male Reality Star hooked up with a B list film actress. He bragged to our source that he took pictures of their night together on his cell phone. He didn’t show them off, but hopes to hook up with her again. Right now she is not returning his calls so he is threatening to use the alleged pics as leverage. If she refuses to see him, then he’ll release the pics. Oh, by the way, the actress is married. Not an MTV star.

C List Male Reality Star:
B List Film Actress: Jessica Alba

1. What up and coming star is finally basking in the sparkling spotlight, being called the next big thing. However, she has been in the business for years. Now that she is mildly famous, she worried that her past may come back to bite her in the ass. She was in the business but she was also doing some night-time work, if you get my drift. Turns out, people paid big bucks to own her for the night and sign a confidentiality agreement.
Nikki Reed

2. A certain Hollywood Bigshot is chasing after this young actor to be in his next movie. And you want to be in his movie, every no-name that has been a star of his has gone on to big and better things. Only problem is, it's not as easy as it seems. To be in his movie, you must go on a weekend trip with him and his wife, and be willing to please them both.

3. This young television star is dying to get into the movie biz. She is turning her back on the show that made her and auditioning for any role that comes her way. Too bad for her, her tv family is onto her and they are planning on writing her out in a not so flattering way. And her boyfriend, who was behind her yearning for a film career, is actually the one who talked her bosses into writing her out without her knowing!

4. This young hot male was falling all over Sundance. He partied way too hard and heavy. And news is spreading through Hollywood very fast. Especially because he has been very vocal about not falling into that cliche. Too bad there are tons of pictures and maybe a video or two of his wild and crazy night.

5. This is my own lil prediction....A certain television network has tried very hard to hide some of their stars personal lives by creating them for them. But one star has had enough and says that he will expose them, as soon as his contract is up this summer! Everyone better hold on. Jared Padalecki  or Jensen Ackles CW's "Supernatural"

77. BUZZFOTO 01/26
This celeb with a famous parent is planning on selling some information about their troubled childhood to someone writing a book about the parent’s life. The book is supposed to reveal scandalous info including shocking allegations about the parenting mistakes the famous parent made. The celeb looking to cash in on the situation, doesn’t really need the money- but wants some sort of vindication for being a victim of some pretty terrible things. We imagine the celeb source will stay anonymous, but you’ll know who it is when the book comes out.
Frances Bean Cobain/mother - Courtney Love

This married A list actress knows she is losing her popularity quickly. So, she has informed her managers to get her in the next Twilight movie. When they told her there were no parts for her, she said, "Well have them make up one or I will find new managers. Who wouldn't want me in their movie?"
Nicole Kidman

79. BLIND GOSSIP 01/26
This well-known singer had a very intentional wardrobe malfunction before a recent performance at an international venue. Instead of debating what to wear in the privacy of her dressing room, she decided to make her wardrobe options much more public. So she stripped topless backstage, and then had a golf cart driver chauffeur her between the stage and her dressing room while she was completely nude from the waist up. Speculation is that she hoped that just a glimpse of her girls would cause a certain Royal Prince to ditch his girlfriend for her. Didn’t happen. Eventually there was a lame attempt by a handler to "protect her modesty" by holding up a sarong as a cover up, but the singer seemed rather intent on providing plenty of exposure for any interested photographers. Sadly for her, they just weren’t that many takers. Ouch. That’s gotta hurt, especially given that even Donatella Versace and her melted leather breast luggage merited enough attention for a buff shoot recently. While we don’t think that our singer’s chest is quite the spectacle, at least you wouldn’t need any eye bleach after viewing.
Lilly Allen

80. BUZZFOTO 01/27
This musician hasn’t been seen out for a while or put anything out lately. We’re used to seeing news of this celeb but then it just sort of dropped off. That’s because we hear the star has just gotten out of a long stint in rehab for drugs and other addictions and will be back making music shortly. Not Benji Madden.

This very good looking, married, foreign born A list television actor has been in this spot before. This time he is here because of his affair with this female celebrity who is married, but separated from a singer.

television actor:
female celebrity: Katie Lee Joel

This reality star with her own show just got her breasts augmented because her dad insisted.
Jessica Simpson

83. BUZZFOTO 01/28
She broke up with this musician a while ago, and pretends that it is friendly. However, our jilted actress is still very hurt over how things turned out. Whenever she hears or reads about the musician in the news and his latest relationship or fling, she is infuriated. She has demanded that her agent start arranging more events where the two will be able to meet up or run into one another. She is said to be slowly developing an obsession with keeping tabs on her ex and wants to sabotage any new love he might have. If she can’t be happy, no one will! Not Cameron Diaz.
Jennifer Aniston/John Mayer or Adam Levine

Which fame-hungry starlet and her hubby gift publishing people with $5000 Hermes bags to make sure they stay in the headlines? Don’t worry, Star can’t be bought.
Heidi & Spencer Pratt

1. Right now, this young Actress is hot. She is getting raves for her performance in a movie. She’s getting a lot of nominations, and she is a sure bet to be at the Academy Awards. Men are coming out of the woodwork to date her. They know if they wind up being her date for the Oscars, it could open new career doors for them.
Zoe Saldana

2. Her voice is not what it used to be. That’s why she refuses to tour in the United States. Whitney Houston

3. When is it not cool to date a much younger man? When they start spending your hard earned money on other women. Vivica Fox & her new boy toy Slim

4. This famous male Singer was recently toasted for a great cause. He used to be a part of a famous group. A lot of people were wondering why they didn’t take part in the tribute. Apparently, the guys are still sore because the famous singer left the group for his own successful solo career. Lionel Richie

Be Careful What Makes You Famous: Gosh, last time we checked in on Seymour Plow-Me-More, he had not a care in the world—other than how to nab his latest gay conquest. Gotta admit, I've always liked that about Seymour—he's like a little kid. He just wants his boy-toys, lots of cookies, his home life with the fake wife and his career...in that order. He's never really pretended otherwise, unlike so many other grasping, closeted gay stars in this town. Until now. Recently, Seymour had an unfortunate incident in his life go down, and it rocked him to his very still-handsome core. So much so, that Mr. Plow-Me-More has taken drastic measures: Seymour found himself more than a bit put out by this nasty occurrence in his life; he decided it was time to break free from the organization that was most instrumental in his creative zenith and career. S.P. realized, post-hard knocks, that life's just too damn short to put up with folks who are trying to micromind your every move, which is what Seymour decided the organization was doing, and most offensively, too. But get this: The outfit that helped create Mr. P as one of Hollywood's biggest stars wasn't havin' it. No way were they at all agreeable to the notion of releasing Plow-Me-More from their Big-Brother-type biz ways, and that's the reason they brought out "the files." And Seymour knew exactly what this meant. Message received loud and clear: If Seymour proceeded with his plan to bolt, his former minders would see to it that every media organization within its reach would be enjoying the contents the Seymour Plow-Me-More dossier of debauched gay behavior (is there any other kind, in stupid America's mind?). Now, keep in mind, these questionably gathered documents on Seymour are as impressively detailed as they are extensive. Pretty damn daunting, all put together. Which is exactly why Seymour has changed his mind—for now. I dare say he'll revert back to his original desire, which is to ditch the goons who keep watch over him and break free. But when? Before Toothy Tile comes out, I guarantee you that. It Ain't: Brendan Fraser, David Beckham, Barack Obama.
John Travolta "Scientology"

87. POPBITCH 01/29
This Hollywood actress was big news thanks to her starring role in a TV show over the past couple of years. And yet she somehow managed to get herself bad press. She put in some heroic partying performances and has a habit of dating guys way older. Anyway, studio execs who had pencilled her in for stardom have pulled back. She’s still in the same role that made her famous and getting annoyed about it.
Hayden Panettiere

#1 & 2 - The line of the night last night. This C+/B- list television actress who will disappear when her show gets canceled was all over this A list movie actor. And by all over I mean all over. She kept trying to get him to leave with her probably more for the cameras outside then anything else, but our actor said, "You are too easy even for me. Move along."
Annalyne McCord/Gerard Butler

#3 - I have always thought this A list movie actress was straight. I guess I was wrong. It turns out that when she is on the road away from her significant other that she shares one room and one bed with her female assistant.

#4 - This A list male tween singer has some big issues to face. The issue that is threatening everything though is the fact that his sometime boyfriend snapped some naked pictures of our singer while he was sleeping. Combined with some pictures that were previously taken of the two kissing would be a huge PR nightmare. Jesse McCartney

89. BLIND GOSSIP 01/29
When the first rumblings of a George-Clooney-led charity event hit the entertainment community, one star was surprisingly reticent about chipping in to help. This celeb was convinced that Clooney and friends were just looking to sweeten their own profiles with a humanitarian gesture. He decided that he didn’t want to play second fiddle to Clooney & Friends, and started making some calls to try to get people to rally around his effort, which was going to be staged as a similar event … except that our guy would be the star. He made a few calls around, and was surprised to discover that he didn’t have many takers for his event. He says that it was because people just didn’t have enough time to pull together performances for his event. The reality is that no one really wanted to be part of a charity event that put more of an emphasis on this arrogant guy than on the charity itself.
P Diddy

I am naming this blind item because I have been hearing a lot about her lately and i have a feeling that she will become very popular in my blogs. Alice was a very young star on her way to big and bright things. She had been in the business since she was knee high to a grasshopper and is now part of a popular series. But the fame has gotten to her head. She fell into the rabbit hole and ended up in a Wonderland of sex, drugs, and a lot of Rock and Roll. She is barely legal and is already pissing off her tween fans and their parents with her outrageous behavior. It seems she is modeling herself after someone who should be locked inside a box for week. Alice is very talented in the acting and music business and she could really go places. But she has given into temptation with some men promising to make her the next big thing. So far, he seems to be delivering, but how long until she becomes yesterday's desert? And there isn't much you can do with someone who is beginning to alienate her fans. She is not famous enough to be a misfit and still have a blossoming career. Besides, what would her fans think if her having secret on-set sex with a co-star? It's not: Leighton Meester, Lea Michele, Demi Lovato.
Taylor Momsen

Which morning ray of sunshine has an agreement with their spouse that they can do anyone and everyone. The wife likes some color in her bedroom and the husband likes anyone who will fawn over his body. It's shocking that no one has ever exposed them since the live in a city where everyone knows everyone.
Kelly Ripa-Mark Consuelos

92. BUZZFOTO 02/01
This young star’s bad habit is starting to get pretty serious. We’re not talking about her substance abuse problems, because those have been serious for a long time. We’re talking about her sexual addiction problem which she is passing off to a younger sibling. She’s involved this underage family member into her seedy world of risky behavior. There is chatter that the dangerous outings the two go on involve random hookups at dangerous locations like parks, clubs, parties or mall bathrooms. The star is not content anymore to go alone, but likes the idea of corrupting someone innocent that she is close to and has at her disposal. Not Miley.
Linday & Ali Lohan

93. BLIND GOSSIP 02/01
This Grammy nominee/winner held it together during the awards show, but let it all hang out after the cameras stopped rolling. She was in the women’s bathroom during an after party, possibly drunk or stoned or both, complaining that she couldn’t "work" her dress. She kept taking her breasts out, one at a time, rearranging them, and then stuffing them back into her dress. She was even talking to her breasts, encouraging them by saying "Come on, girls, cooperate!" The other women in the room were had a variety of reactions, some turning away, and some giggling and even volunteering to help.
Katy Perry

1. Before we even left the hotel, this younger movie star, who is making quite a name for herself in some recent comedies, was spotted leaving the room of a very A list comedy star who has appeared in movies with her. She had the sex hair, and the smeared lipstick and as she entered the elevator with us, she gushed all over McHottie, as if trying to hide the fact that not only is she on the walk of shame, she had some powder left on her nose! Someone should warn her that she has to be a stone wall to survive H'Wood.
McHottie: Chase Crawford

2. As we hit the first party, this award winning singer was bragging a little too much that they won. Not only did they insult the nominees that they were up against, they laughed all night about how the other nominees thought they might actually win. They finally shut up about the whole thing, but only after disappearing into the bathroom with Frosty the snowman.

3. This married couple, not who you think, were out celebrating the night hitting after-parties where everyone fawned all over them. What the wife doesn't know, his lil ingenue is right on her ass and if she has her way, she will be the next Mrs. And if you watch them closely, you can see the hostility between them. And you can also see the fake love that is supplied just to keep the Mr. happy. Beyonce/Jay Z & Rihanna

This former A list reality star with a couple of her own shows to her credit was at Sundance. While there she rang up about $6000 in hair styling bills. When presented with the bill she said, "Umm, I usually get everything for free." The shop was not impressed with her cries that she would bring them fabulous publicity and they wouldn't even give her a discount.
Paris Hilton

96. BUZZFOTO 02/02
Did you ever see "Lars and the Real Girl?" Have you ever heard of "Real Dolls?" Look ‘em up if you haven’t because this A/B list aging, but reclusive actor is quite the collector. Apparently he prefers them to the ladies in his life. Maybe his previous nasty marriage put him off? Not Mel Gibson.

They say silence is golden. Well, they never stepped foot on the set of this hit series, where months of growing tension between the showrunner and the leading man has led to a complete breakdown in communication. "They are no longer speaking to each other," confides a staffer at the hour-long drama. "Things are really bad." At the heart of the conflict: The actor feels his boss is focusing nearly all of his/her energy and attention on another project. And when said exec does decide to contribute to the show in question, it’s at the last minute — thereby throwing the scripts "into chaos" and delaying production. It’s only a matter of time before the network or studio is forced to intervene… again. That’s right, this is just the latest backstage conflict to erupt on the unnamed series. But given the parties involved this time around, this new dust-up will prove much more difficult to defuse.
"NCIS and NCIS: LA" — Shane Brennan and Mark Harmon; "Grey's Anatomy" and ABC pilot "Off the Map"  and/or "Private Practice"- Shonda Rhimes and Patrick Dempsey

98. BLIND GOSSIP 02/02
A few years back, this multi-hyphenate was a media darling. She was on TV all the time, she dated singers and actors and athletes, and she swept the awards shows. At the peak of her fame, however, tragedy struck. Well… not really… but it did get her a lot of press. Turns out that the clever girl was faking it. So while the fans held their collective breath, hoping against hope that their darling, innocent girl would pull through from this horrible event, piling accolades upon her, and marveling at how she managed to muster the energy to perform and to go to hospitals and visit sick children during her own tragedy, it turns out she was simply recovering from a case of "exhaustion". But, hey, she did manage to squeeze in photo ops of her visiting sick children in hospitals, helping to visualize what it would be like to be well. What a good person she must be!
Sharon Stone

This former B list female tween singer with one hit is now an actress/singer who probably gets more auditions than anyone in town. Why? Well she is still very young although now legal, and is known for being very very accommodating to producers. So accommodating in fact that she went from barely getting any work to getting parts in five different movies all within about a month.
Joanna 'JoJo' Levesque

This one sounds complicated in my head which never works out well when I write it. So, this former ensemble reality star and now an actress and singer who is probably C- list based on career but B+ based on name recognition is trying to make as much money as possible. I guess everyone is, but it turns out that her husband siphoned off most of their money when they got married. He said it was for investments but what he should have said was it was going to be spent on his various boyfriends and partying with them. Our singer/actress doesn't want to get divorced and have everyone said I told you so. Therefore she just smiles pretty for the cameras and pretends he doesn't exist.
Katharine McPhee

101. BLIND GOSSIP 02/03
This TV star loves to celebrate each taping of his show. He takes the entire cast and crew – as well as extras and guest stars - to his favorite dive bar, and all the drinks are on him. Some of the drinks wind up in him, too. Actually, many of them do. The reason this is an issue is that he has been in treatment before, and he currently claims to be on the wagon. However, despite his frequent partying, when the clock strikes at the beginning of the work day, this European-born actor is always on time, and he always knows his lines.
Keifer Sutherland (born in London)

102. GOSSIP BOY 02/03
This Blind may just get you all worked up. Probably not as much as the Rob and Kristen story yesterday, but it has the power to rock a couple of Hollywood's finest. See there once was a boy. He was gorgeous and his personality made him someone you always wanted around. He came out of nowhere and all of the sudden, he is the hottest ticket in this town. He has worked his way to a prime role on television and has been linked to some of the most attractive women in the business. Of course, you all know what is coming. Yeah, he does bat for the other team. Shame for you, glorious for me. But that's not the scandal. See, no one knows about is man on man action, not even his "girlfriend." Of course she found out the hard way. Like I said before, people in this town run their mouth about the color of your underwear. Well the girlfriend found out and he confessed to everything. She agreed to stay with him and help his career soar because, let's face it, she hasn't exactly been on anyone's mind until she was seen with him. Everything was good, he promised not to lay pipe and she promised not to push him out of the closet. Then one day, there was a knock on the door and there stood a woman. He turned pale, which wasn't much of a difference, and the woman told him that she was pregnant. The girlfriend was appalled to find out that not only did he cheat on her with guys, but also this very unattractive waitress. Well, the now rich ex-waitress I should say. Because before he could get his color back, she had written a check for the woman to take care of the problem and disappear. So now not only is this guy stuck with her, but the waitress didn't get rid of the baby. She is due any day now and soon it will come out. He probably would benefit from it since his sexuality is a very popular topic these days, but no matter how fast he runs, he isn't getting away from this one. Plus, imagine what everyone else will say when they find out that the woman who they know as a pure, angelic sweetheart paid a woman to end her pregnancy! It's Not: Reese And Jake, Jessica And Justin, Katie And Tom.

I guess this actress is B- list. It's tough. She has been in some big movies and was the lead actress and has been in some big television shows too. But, she just doesn't feel like a B. Anyway, she has had some very public alcohol problems in the past. She told everyone she was clean now. Well, she isn't. She is drinking again and this is just after she and her girlfriend decided to have a baby. So, our actress is pregnant and drinking again. Not a great combination.
Michelle Rodriguez

104. BLIND GOSSIP 02/04
Some rich people like to collect coins or stamps. Not our Oscar nominee/winner. Our actor has a huge and growing collection of porn. While technology has advanced so that you can order it up on your TV in the comfort of your own home, our actor gets a lot of deliveries. Turns out that they prefer the really nasty kind that you have to order over the internet. Two more interesting points here: One, our actor is female. And two, she enjoys sharing it with her also-famous best friend.
 Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz; Kate Hudson/Liv Tyler

105. GOSSIP BOY 02/04
So do you guys remember the Hollywood Big Shot I told you about before. Well more information has come to light about him. Turns out, he is big on the sex for a job deal. There is one young Hollywood actress who once was shining star but after dealing with him, her star got a little dimmer. See he promised her the world, even told her he could get he jobs that weren't even linked to his company. She did whatever he wanted, not even worrying about her family at home waiting for her. She wanted to be #1, not #12. When it started, she just expected to have sex with this guy a couple of times and she would be off on her way. But what she didn't realize is that he was not letting go. Not only did she become his toy, her began offering her out as a public playground. Truth be told, she never had a problem with the sex, she is very career driven. And by not having a problem, she is willing to let you..well put it anywhere. And she has definitely put some notches in her bedpost. A magician , and some very big name actors. One really big name even convinced her that he and his friends were doing a musical that she would be perfect for. And after they did her seven different ways to Sunday and passed her around like a bong, they informed her that it fell through, leaving her naked in bed crying while they walked away laughing. And while she thought she was building her career, she became the laughing stock of this town. She started getting spotted in bathrooms sticking anything up her nose, and down her throat, that she could find. But, now that the stories are getting out even more and her latest acting gig was canceled, she has retreated home with the family. But once a slut always a slut, and I can promise that once it dies down. This isn't a very hard Blind, but I had to post it since I recently discovered that she has began hooking up with yet another big name actor who promised her that he will get her the covers and roles she has longed for. Hopefully, his very high tempered and little bit scary wife doesn't find out. And it's not Blake Lively, Jennifer Garner, Taylor Momsen.
Gretchen Mol/Harvey Wenstein

106. BLIND GOSSIP 02/05
When you are an action star, people naturally assume that you are as macho and confident in bed as you are on the screen. That’s why it comes as a bit of a surprise to learn that not only is this actor terrible in bed, he’s also very vocal about it. His former bedmate reports that in order for him to become fully engaged, she needs to shout his name over and over again while they are having sex. Even funnier is the revelation that if she stops doing it, our action star will begin shouting his own name over and over again.
Gerard Butler; Bruce Willis; Dwyane Johnson; Vin Diesel

When will this Rapper grow up? He gets upset when his Superstar wife talks about their marriage.
Beyonce and Jay Z

Celeb Swingers Get It On! Secretia Ohio and Chester Shorts-Off are as horny as they are famous—just don't think they're so hot for each other, that's all. Hmmm. Certainly explains some very tabloid-messy love sitches the two have been caught in, more than once. But let's back up: Secretia, an impressively put-together gal of verve, good looks and surprising steeliness, has long gotten it on with tons o' guys, even though the public pretty much doesn't know. And some folks were a bit surprised when she married Chester, an incredibly talented dude who's always so busy keeping his gorgeous face smiling, no one's really stopped to think what a slut he is. But major STD-alert? Man, is he ever: Chester sleeps with guys as often as his career provides him with huge-ass checks. This was a little known fact when Chesty and Secretia married, to much public pronouncement. How wonderful the pretty charmer hooked the quieter, chiseled-jaw type. What a celebrity fairy-tale romance everybody thought it would be! The public couldn't have been more wrong—or uninformed. The deliciously kinky arrangement Secretia and Chester have is this: She gets to hook up with all the guys she pleases—usually by picking their names out of bowls at classy swingers parties. (Is that sorta like calling an alcoholic who guzzles only Grey Goose a "classy drunk"?) And Chester gets to boink all the boys he wants. That is their secret arrangement. And, yes, the couple does—on occasion—have sex the old-fashioned married way (meaning, with each other). But hey, how long is that gonna last, I wonder? 'Cause sooner or later, one of these beautiful couple's myriad outside lovers is gonna blow the whistle. Or worse: Watch one of Secretia or Chester's affairs fall in love with them, and then go hire Gloria Allred and call a press conference because they can't have Ohio or Shorts-Off all to themselves! Either way, it's a precarious love sitch that's just bound to pop—and how. What else do you expect when you pick your partner like he's a piece of popcorn? It Ain't: Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller, John Travolta and Kelly Preston, Tiger and Elin Woods.

Secretia Ohio: Sarah Jessica Parker
Chester Shorts-Off: Matthew Broderick

#1 & #2 - This married Academy Award winner/nominee actress is a big fan of Adderall. She hides it from her A list celebrity husband though because of his past addictions. She has given him so much crap but doesn't want to hear him give it back to her.
Nicole Kidman/Keith Urban

#3 - This aging A list Academy Award winner/nominee actor loves when his teen children have girls come over to the house. Our actor spends the entire time they are there in a bathrobe and Speedo. No matter the time of day or the time of year. Warren Beatty

#4 & #5 - This A list comedy actor was having a party at his house. The intercom system was on so music could be listened to throughout the house. Unfortunately for our actor the music stopped just as he was berating his B- list actress wife for embarrassing him in front of his friends. He also called her worthless. Nice huh? Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor

110. GOSSIP BOY 02/05
This beautiful woman has been around for a couple of years. When she first erupted she was young, restless and very well known. She still is, just not held to the same high regard. She tried to break away from the ensamble and starred in a couple of movies. Both of them bombed and she desperatley tried to find another. She even tied herself to some bigger names to boost her popularity, but nothing. Recently she has seem to have given up and turned to something to numb the pain, and her teeth. She has become so hooked on the powder that her better half is starting to worry. She has even secretly been hanging out with her ex who is a well known party guy. The sad part is, she didn't know that she was pregnant, something they had been trying for since their honeymoon. When she fell ill one night and a doctor came to the house, he informed her about her miscarriage. She kept the news from her man until he figured it out on his own. Now he has given her an ultimatum, him or the drugs. She wants to choose him, but her ex has his claws back in her and doesn't wnt to let go. Plus, he loves the fact that she always keeps him well supplied since his career is also drying up. Hopefully her husband can save her before it is too late and the poison sets in.

111. NY POST/PAGE SIX 02/07
1. Which actor wants an entourage in his bedroom? He's been asking his various girlfriends to suggest guys who could join them in the sack.

2. WHICH socialite is distraught over the plight of her alcoholic father? The old man has been barred from his apartment because of the street people he brings into the building and is now in a hotel. Tinsley Mortimer

What celebrity couple who are famous for more than just their reality show and their arguments generated about 50 noise complaints over the weekend in Miami. It turns out that the wife was extremely jealous of the time her husband had been spending with this A list model and accused him of having sex with her. Of course the way she put it was much more crude, much more loud and resulted in the couple being advised by the hotel staff the only reason they were not being kicked out of the hotel in the middle of the night was because of their kids who got to witness all of this first hand.
Shanna Moakler and Travis Barker (Tara Conner)

113. BUZZFOTO 02/08
This musician is a very sensitive soul. Apparently, although he pretends to have a very stoic public persona he is actually obsessed with his public image. He follows every possible blog and article written on him and takes it all very personally. When someone comments on a blog, he reads it. He even takes to commenting himself. He does not take criticism well and does all he can to shift with the wave of public opinion. Although this is difficult to those around him, he has found someone who wants just as much attention as he craves, so it works out pretty well. The only sad thing is, if we, the fans were to tell him we thought he should change in any way, he’d probably do it. Not John Mayer.
Kayne West; Pete Wentz

114. BLIND GOSSIP 02/08
Which young star embarrassed themselves at a Superbowl party yesterday? Not only did they have way too much to drink, they were also very loudly critical of both musical guests that performed. During Carrie Underwood’s singing of The National Anthem, they started to howl and clutched their ears as if in pain. During The Who’s halftime performance, they talked loudly about how stupid it was to have some "Grandpa Band" that nobody ever heard of playing. When someone at the party asked them to pipe down because they actually did want to hear the music, the young star responded by saying that it was a waste of time to listen to music that sounded like crap they had heard a million times before. It will be interesting to see how much our star enjoys people critiquing their singing in a an upcoming film.
Chace Crawford

115. BLIND GOSSIP 02/09
This director/producer has an admirable list of credits, and is known as a solid family man. However, there’s one aspect of his history that may surprise you. There is a very well-known female actor with whom he is usually credited with helping to make a star. It turns out that the two of them have been carrying on an affair for years. You would have to be really sharp to catch a hint of it in their appearances together, however, as they are both very subtle and very private about it. They’ll be working together again soon.

116. BUZZFOTO O2/09
This musician who recently had a breakup is eyeing a new, younger and more beautiful celeb than his last girlfriend. He’s already talked to his manager and they have set up a meeting. He’s hoping to have at least a hook-up, but in the next couple of months, if all goes well, look for him to have a new beauty on his arm to help his image. Again, not John Mayer.

When you are working on a television show the hours are very long and people get to know each other very well. Some get to know each other even more than normal. This new hit network show is one of my favorites and if you have seen it then it is probably one of yours also. Well, on the show there is a C list actor who really has a B list body of work. He is married and has been for awhile. Also on the show is an actress who is much, much younger than our actor but it hasn't stopped them from spending every free moment together in his trailer. She is legal. Barely.
#1 - Show: Modern Family
#2 - Actor: Ed O'Neill
#3 - Actress: Sarah Hyland (Haley)

You’re gonna like this: I’m leaving it up to you to decide whether this blind item is a case of denial or spite. What’s the story? An up-and-coming actress on a doomed hour drama was the top choice to headline a much-buzzed-about pilot — you know, the sort that could’ve turned her from a "soon-to-be" to an "is." The series’ big-shot producer wanted her. The network wanted her. Everyone wanted her. But… well, you knew there’d be a "but." Even though it would take a miracle of biblical proportions to save her current show, its suits refused to release her from her contract. "We could be back next season," they insisted. Uh, yeah, so could my humility. As a result, the almost-leading lady got screwed. Who is she, and what going-going-gone drama’s producers were so deluded, or so nasty, that they wouldn’t give her the all clear?

119. BUZZFOTO 02/10
This MTV reality star thinks she’s pretty hot stuff. So hot in fact, that she believes that if she goes out into the rainy Los Angeles weather right now she just might melt. She refuses to let the rain touch her and is holed up in her home. She’s canceled several appointments (which is how we heard about this) and if the sky is even cloudy, she won’t step outside. She doesn’t want to be photographed with moisture in the air, believing it turns her skin colors and ruins her hair. We think no one really cares that much. She also has an extreme fear, bordering on paranoia that she might be struck by lightning. She is said to think that because of her fame, the lightning is more drawn to her than to ‘normal’ people. We’re not joking, she thinks fame is some sort of lightning rod and it’s looking to get her. Not Tila Tequila.
Heidi Montag

120. BLIND GOSSIP 02/10
It’s not uncommon for women these days to get hair extensions to rapidly change the length and style of their hair. One multi-talented star, however, relies on them as more than just a beauty enhancement. For her, they are a necessity. A bout with an eating d*sorder caused her hair to fall out in great clumps. While her locks look thick and luxurious in print, her real head reveals thin, sad, irregular tufts of hair. The good news is that she is eating again and the extra nutrients are believed to be leading to a much healthier body and scalp.
Fergie; Nicole Richie; Katie Holmes

This Golden Globe nominee/winner actress is probably C list. Despite the Golden Globe nod and being in one of the more famous movies of the past 20 years, she doesn't get much attention. She does however have a very, very kinky sex life. How kinky? Well, I am glad you asked. She has been known to hire herself out as an escort for the night. She doesn't do it for money. She does it for the thrill. She uses different photos in her ad and will throw on a wig when she goes to see the client. It probably would have stayed a secret except her loser ex-boyfriend who she supported has a big mouth.
Thora Birch

122. BLIND GOSSIP 02/11
This young star has fluctuated in weight over the past few years. Whether she’s heavier or thinner, though, her body remains completely boyish: no hips, flat butt. It wasn’t always that way, though. Earlier in her career, she had curves, and then she had liposuction. It was completely overdone, though, and left her devoid of curves. Well, except, that is, for her fake breasts, which look a little strange on her otherwise asexual body.
Amy Winehouse 2004   2008   fake breasts

123. BUZZFOTO 02/11
This young B/C list starlet hasn’t been getting much work lately compared to her contemporaries. She is convinced it is because she is a little on the pudgy side (if bone thin means being fat). She is on a dangerous diet plan limited to cabbage and diet coke, and is even paranoid about drinking water because it she believes it has too many calories. The idea is a terrible one, and probably won’t do anything to her but give her a trip to the hospital. So dangerous and dumb! Not Rachel Bilson.
Shenae Grimes; Kate Bosworth; Taylor Momsen; Mischa Barton

124. GOSSIP BOY 02/11
1. This hot young up and coming star is on the road to success. He has built up his resume and a long list of paramours. He is a very nice guy, unlike most you see in Hollywood. But he has a dark secret that gets girls to run from him. His favorite past time has become something very dangerous. His last A-List woman was head over heels, and so was he. So he confided in her that he has a weakness for some very strong drugs. She went with it for awhile, until he tried to convince her to shoot up with him. She made an excuse and left his place that night, and never called him again. Flash forward two months when they ran into each other at a function and he tried to talk to her. Her bodyguard warned him that if he came near her again, he would need some stronger drugs. Sad thing is, I hear she is genuinely upset that she can't be with him or help him. If her fans thought she dated a druggie her career would be down the drain.

2. Which recently split couple has been secretly hooking up in a small motel in Bakersfield? They broke up awhile ago to the shock of the public, but have recently been having mid day rendezvous. Why the secret? They both publically moved on in big ways with other people, but realized that they still love each other.

3. Which two starlets are sick and tired of pretending that they are buddy buddy? They are stuck acting like besties when in reality, one star deeply believes the other star once hooked up with her man. She has no proof, but she will not let her husband anywhere near her co-star and would not let him visit the set at all.

125. BLIND GOSSIP 02/12
There are two gorgeous actresses with a similar look and of a similar age who are frequently up for the same part. A juicy role came along that both girls wanted. Actress A – who had previously worked with the film’s director – was approached early in the process, and was basically told that the role was hers. The director then did a project with Actress B. He expected her to be professional but somewhat of an ice queen. Not only was he bowled over by how genuinely warm and friendly and funny she was to work with, but he was also thrilled to find that she garnered rave reviews from both male and female members of the cast (something that Actress A had failed to do). He asked Actress B if she would like the lead role in his new film. To say that Actress A completely flipped out when she found out that the director decided to replace her with Actress B would be an understatement. There was some serious screaming, swearing, and crying involved. Well, at least Actress A is probably well stocked up on waterproof mascara.
Actress A: Reese Witherspoon
Actress B: Katherine Heigl
Director: Robert Luketic

126. HOLY MOLY 02/12
Which American TV actress (huge TV show. HUGE) demanded that their UK PR company paid for them to have their hair and make up done for an interview? Cheeky thing was that it was for a transatlantic phonecall. Could they *be* any cheekier?!
Courtney Cox-Arquette; Jennifer Anniston

This R&B Singer is divorcing her husband, and she’s about to release a new album. In the meantime, she’s making a fool out of herself with a variety of young men. She comes across as a desperate cougar.
Toni Braxton

Naive Housewife Gets Played! Oh, Roxy Couture! Don't you know a cheating, horny, impossibly sexy tiger can't change its stripes? Sorry all, how rude of us not to properly introduce you to today's BV first! Meet Roxy—a gorg gal who likes everything in life to be of the highest and utmost class. Mainly when it comes to men. Perky yet shy, vampy yet motherly, Roxy appears as if she's got the perfect life: cute kids, successful career, A-list friends, and the most hunky husband, to boot. Only problem is, that hubby o' hers has eyes for everyone but her. Don't you remember? As you've already met him. Remember... Stud-Bucket LeBeouf? The insanely doable womanizer who likes to whip out confidentiality agreements whenever he steps out on that pixie-perfect wife of his? Sure, that's pretty standard in this sleazy town, but remember...Stud literally carries around these typed babies everywhere he goes. Yes—LeBeouf gets that much action on the side. We were always unsure whether or not Rox knew what her man was up to whenever he left her (and the kids) at home. We assumed she just turned a blind eye, like so many of these H'wood women do, but as of late, friends to both Roxy and Stud who know about S-B.L.'s extracurricular activities cannot stop talking about "poor" Ms. Couture because she truly is that clueless! See, R.C. has been recently offering up advice to select members of the Cheated-On Wives Club in Hollywood. She furrows her plucked brow and likes to sit down for a heart-to-heart about exactly what to do when husbands go looking for those much sluttier, younger girls. And the advice isn't to call your lawyer, in case you're wondering, it's to stay put and stick it out. Roxy uses her husband as an example of reformed redemption, which is preposterous, as the dog's still stepping out on Roxy left and right, unbeknownst to her. All these babes who Roxy's preaching to want so badly to tell her to look at her own sham-filled marriage, but they can't. No one has enough guts to shatter Couture's whole world! Because, trust, if she knew the kinds of moves Stud-Bucket was putting on all of L.A. (and beyond), she would surely die of humiliation. Ah, love really is blind, eh? Or demented, take your pick. And it Ain't: Katie Holmes, Angelina Jolie, Felicity Huffman.
The Beckhams

#1 - This C list television actress on a hit cable show is in her 30's. Has not stopped her though from dating a high school senior. Yep. He was a summer intern on a project she was doing and they hit it off. He is 18. I wonder if they will go to prom together.
Rose Byrne

#2 - This B- list movie actress with A- list name recognition who sometimes dabbles in television has always been a little goofy and has done coke pretty much her entire adult life. She might want to reconsider that doing coke thing before meeting directors though. Our actress went into a meeting with a director, reached out to shake his hand, and her vial dropped from her hand to the floor. She had forgot to put it away after taking a line in her car. Heather Graham; Drew Barrymore; Anne Hathaway

#3 - This B- list actor and Golden Globe nominee/winner has never been married. Sometimes he will have a girlfriend but it never really goes anywhere. It turns out our actor had an accident when he was younger and since then has not been able to umm get aroused. He says that it has been so long now that he really doesn't care about it anymore. Aaron Eckhart ; Joaquin Phoenix

#4 & 5 - Apparently this relationship between a C+/B- list movie and television actress and her A list athlete boyfriend is not as serious as the world has been led to believe. Both of them have been seen out with other people in the past few weeks and they weren't exactly platonic dates. Derek Jeter & Minka Kelly

130. NY POST/PAGE SIX 02/14
Which aspiring socialite did the same kind of electronic spying that got Ali Wise in trouble, but managed to avoid prosecut ion? This lucky woman got caught hacking into the voice mails of her ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend and could have gone to jail since she was on probation for a previous legal problem. But she turned on the charm so her love rival wouldn't press charges, and now they are actually friends.
Kashmir Snowdon-Jones

131. BILLY MASTERS 02/15
Could it be that one of the first celebs to ever take a slam at moi in a tabloid is eating his words? Way back when, this newlywed called me a "gossipmonger" - something I took as a huge compliment. He didn't like that I diagnosed his marriage as DOA. It took a while, but it finally bit the dust. See? Told ya.
Noah Wyle

132. BUZZFOTO 02/15
This recently engaged star bragged to friends that she has no intention of marrying her betrothed. She claimed to be milking the situation to help her career and in several months, after the paps and fans have lost interest, she’ll call the whole thing off and milk the rest of the publicity for the breakup. Not Katy Perry.
Carrie Underwood

This member of a singing family has not always made as much money as he is making right now. He is probably the most famous of the remaining brothers. Anyway, since he has always tried to dodge creditors he has all his bank accounts and credit cards in his wife's name. Apparently the whole asking for i.d. when using a credit card doesn't apply to this guy. Nothing has his name on it.
Jermaine Jackson

134. GOSSIP BOY 02/15
Today's blind item involves a young star. She is well known in New York but is just getting established in television. She is very talented and very beautiful. Her character is uber sweet and everything she isn't. She started out in New York as any other aspiring actress. But when she realized that guys were drawn to her, she used it to her advantage. She has racked up a list of sexual partners that would make anyone blush. Sources say that she did what she needed to do to get known and it's the only way that she was able to get the audition that made her a household name. She has even hooked up with both of her co-stars and love interests. One is a good boy, like she tries to be and the other is the hot sexy jock. But someone else on the cast is on to her. See he knew her in New York and he knows it all. And the fact that he is trying to break-out as the star, but is over shadowed by her is helping her keep her secret. He is the one who came to me! So my advice to you, girl. Maybe you should start singing a different tune, cause there is a Diva in the wings that is waiting to take your spot.

Young star: Leah Michelle
Good boy: Cory Monteith
Hot sexy jock: Mark Salling
Diva: Matthew Morrison

135. BLIND GOSSIP 02/15
This Oscar-nominated/winning actress has always advocated the crunchy, granola approach to life. Even her official bio boasted that she was raised in a family that valued intellectual pursuits over plastic surgery. That bio changed recently… along with her face. Really, girl, if you’re going to try to be coy about getting plastic surgery, maybe it would be better to not carry your overnight clothes in your hands as you exit a plastic surgery recovery facility. Then again, she’s not the only one in her family who cares more about image than reality. Yes, they’re racking up the dark secrets in that family. Maggie Gyllenhaal

136. BUZZFOTO 02/16
This popular show, filming in New York has an actress that is a huge diva. She pretends to be kind when the cameras are snapping, but when she’s out of the limelight, she’s a real monster to those around her. She throws tantrums, screams at staff and camera crew, makes ridiculous demands and ignores fans. Her costars can’t stand her, but make nice for public appearances. The other day she demanded an entire pallet of smart water delivered to her trailer, with each bottle individually labeled with her name on it. She then wanted them arranged in a certain way in her refrigerator, but was specific that no ‘bare hands’ touch the bottles. WTF? Not Jessica Szhor. Blake Lively

FASHION WEEK: This sometime model with a very unique look/sometime publicity hound and sometime girlfriend of an A list celebrity was spotted backstage at a show sharing a needle with a model after a show. And no, the needle was not being used for sewing. Amber Rose

138. BLIND GOSSIP 02/17
Personal Assistants to celebrities are the biggest secret keepers in Hollywood. They typically sign confidentiality agreements which legally prohibit them from divulging anything about their employer during or after their tenure. The PA to one big actor, however, got a little loose-lipped after a couple of drinks on a recent night out. While the PA was unpacking the celeb’s luggage on a recent trip, they found a clothing catalog among his things. More specifically, it was a catalog of lingerie for men. The actor had circled several items in the catalog. In case you’re shopping for his birthday, he seems to favor red or pink silk panties in men’s size large.

Pick a branch of the entertainment industry, any branch, and you’ll find stars who are as inextricably linked as is their animosity toward one another. Joan Crawford and Bette Davis. David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen. Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd. Gargamel and Papa Smurf. The list goes on and on but curiously does not include the pair who are the subject of today’s blind item. Who are they? And how have they kept their mutual hatred a secret? That’s for you to figure out. But what I can tell you is that when they worked together years ago, it was to great acclaim — so great that a lotta folks have been hoping they’d reteam ever since. Recently, a small-screen opportunity arose that would’ve allowed for exactly that to happen, only the ex-castmates said, and in no uncertain terms, hell to the no. They both still took the gig, mind you, they just insisted on never being made to act opposite one another. I’d try to build in an extra clue or two, but frankly, the thought of them hating me half as much as they do each other terrifies me. And I’m not sure I could learn to sleep with one eye literally open. But you guys feel free to guess away. Though I won’t tell you if you’re right, I might let at least a few of you know if you’re wrong.
Kristin Chenowith and Idina Menzel starred in Broadway's "Wicked" guest starring on "Glee"

140. POPEATER 02/17
Are the rumors about 'Celebrity Apprentice' being fixed true? Absolutely not, an NBC source tells me, although that doesn't mean several celebrities haven't tried. "You would be shocked at how many star's producers invited to be part of the cast came back with a whole bunch of demands, including hair and makeup requirements and even what sort of flowers they needed in their dressing rooms," laughed one producer. "One certain D-list personality who was divorced from an A-list musician overestimated her level of star power so much that she told Mr. Trump she would need to guaranteed to win if she agreed to participate!" Needless to say, she never got cast because we all know that the biggest 'Apprentice' star is already guaranteed to make it to the final episode. That would be Mr. Trump and his impossibly glorious hair.
Heather Mills

FASHION WEEK: This pregnant reality star was chugging glass after glass of white wine like she was dying of thirst.
Bethenny Frankel

142. BLIND GOSSIP 02/18
This gorgeous actor and gorgeous actress met on the set of a popular TV show in which they both had regular roles. They eventually became as close in real life as their characters were on the show. Given that their relationship seemed very healthy, it was little surprising when they broke up. It turns out that there was another man involved. No, not with her. With him. That’s right, folks, he was the one with a boyfriend on the side. When she found out, she took everything he owned, piled it up in the driveway, and banned him from ever entering the house again.
Jesse Spencer and Jennifer Morrison "House"

143. GOSSIP BOY 02/18
You all remember Alice, the up and coming star who has the chance to make something of herself, but is getting sucked into the dark side. I sat back and left her alone for a few weeks, watching as co-stars tried to talk sense into her. Her PR was going crazy with recent reports that we being published, and that co-star she had been hooking up with? Well, let's just say she left behind a trail of destruction after she blew through his life. He should have known better though, he's old enough to be her father. But that is another story. As I got back to NYC today and went to brunch with my girls, I heard a lot of talk about her. I knew I would though, you could tell Fashion Week would be her playground. Turns out that when her co-stars tried to stage an intervention, she laughed and called them all out on their indiscretions. She has alienated everyone on the cast now, and they don't even want her on the show anymore. And what she did this week, really put the nail in her coffin. Seems that she has always been a flirt. And when she tried to flirt with a very hunky co-star and he didn't take, she discovered his little secret. She has been holding it over him for months, and now that he is leading the mob to have her taken care of, she has been telling everyone that he just wants her gone because she knows he likes boys. Now producers are livid and trying to decide what to do. They want her to get help, but they don't want to lose her from the show. They have been molding her for years, but they also cannot let their hunk's secret out. Major damage control is in the works, but what they don't know is that Alice is very intent on everyone learning what she knows. She has said that she wants to get to the top, and whoever is left laying in her wake, so be it. MEOW!
Taylor Momsen/Chace Crawford

144. POPBITCH 02/18
Which once-hot Hollywood blonde has kick-started her lapsed cocaine habit so well that she's seldom seen without one of New York's top dealers at her VIP table? "Let them eat coke!" is her motto.
Kirsten Dunst

145. BUZZFOTO 02/18
Which former Disney Star is trying to hook up with as many fans as he possibly can? He thinks while his name is still recognizable, he’s going to strike while the iron is hot. He’s bragged to friends and made a goal that he wants to be with a different girl, every night straight for the next new year! Not Joe Jonas.
 Cody Linley  "Hannah Montana"

This former A list rock singer and now a shell of his former self was given a seat in the front row of a show. When he saw who he was going to be seated next to he yelled out, "I don't want to sit next to no f**king fa**ots. What made this even more shocking was his reputation for f**king anything male or female when he used to tour. Of course he wouldn't ever admit to being with guys but he always had a "valet" on tour who did a lot more than press our singer's clothes.
Axl Rose

147. STAR MAGAZINE 02/18
Which TV cutie is cold as ice off-screen? Insiders at her man’s NYC pad say she’s a total diva whenever she visits, avoiding eye contact and snapping at doormen for no reason. We’ve got news for her: That’s rude.
Katie Couric

1. Watch how you get your man! If you take him away from his wife and baby, he will soon be bored with you. This Actress is finding out the hard way with her Basketball Player boyfriend.
GabrielleUnion/Dwayne Wade

2. This Singer needs to go back to his momma- he embarrassed himself over the weekend - NUFF Said! Usher

3. This Couple is secretly engaged. They can’t reveal it because everything about their life centers on her reality show. He’s just a good looking prop. Fantasia

4. This Woman is going crazy over her recent divorce-she has been acting out because she hates being a single mother of five.  Tameka Foster

Famous Wife Ignores Hubby's Many Boys! The may not be swingers like Secretia Ohio and Chester Shorts-Off, but Henrietta Hard-Ball and her blandly good-looking husband, Elijah Schwad, have a convenient relationship when it comes to sex. Like so many famous couples. Henrietta's allowed to pursue (with ferocious abandon, mind you) her high-powered career, as long as Elijah takes care of the family and the home. It's an arrangement that's served both spouses well, for many reasons. But ah, the only reason that causes us to really care about her is the one that makes Elijah happy. Can you guess what it is? A little bed-time dynamic that might make even Toothy Tile jump for joy? Yep, you guessed it (otherwise you're reading the wrong column, really), Elijah lives to get it on with the dudes. But like so many selfish men—is there any other kind?—Elijah also wanted a happy home and a family, so he brokered a deal with the attractive, driven Henrietta, who's about as interested in sex these days as Lindsay Lohan is in working. So both kinda fake-married folks get what they want—a career for her, a harem of hotties for him. What's even more interesting about this scenario is the fact that Henrietta and Elijah don't have your typical celeb following. Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick they are not. Let's just say that one of them works in a business that is mercilessly driven by what Middle America deigns right and wrong. If anybody in this corn-fed fanbase the kinky twosome so direly depends on ever got wind of the debauched details in the couple's sex arrangement, life would be over for them both—in seconds. Hmmm. That's quite a gamble, wonder why either of them are even taking it? Oh, that's right, Henrietta's never been known to see anything close to reason, completely forgot. AND IT AIN'T: Gisele and Tom Brady, Mo'Nique and Sidney Hicks, Michelle and Barack Obama.

150. BLIND GOSSIP 02/19
Working on an ensemble project does have its perks. You’re part of the team, yet the whole project’s success doesn’t rest entirely on your shoulders. You get paid good money, but your time commitment is usually much shorter than if you were working on a typical project. Two girls are part of this ensemble cast. They both behave professionally on set, but those in the know deliberately try to keep them apart during filming, post-production, and marketing. Unfortunately, one can’t seem to ease up on the competitive and stealth undermining gestures. She tried to get her own name put first and in larger print in the credits than her co-star’s name. That didn’t happen. Then she stepped up her own PR efforts for their project, honoring twice the number of TV talk show appearances as her rival. Finally, she makes a very conscious effort to never, ever mention her rival’s name during interviews. If the interviewer brings up the rival’s name, our girl simply smiles and changes the topic. She’s actually quite skilled at it.
Jessica Alba/Jessica Biel "Valentine's Day"

#1 & 2 - This foreign born still A list model/reality star and her foreign born celebrity husband have lots of employees. The thing is they treat them all very, very well. Not a day goes by where they don't send someone on their staff a letter, card or e-mail which tells them how much they are appreciated. It's the little things.
Heidi Klum and Seal

#3 & 4 - At the opposite end of the spectrum is this couple which consists of a foreign born B list movie actress and her former A list movie actor husband. Not only do they regularly berate their employees and yell at them, but the actress loves to have what she calls cleaning days. Not cleaning one of their homes mind you, but cleaning out all of their employees. As in firing them all. Her other special thrill is firing someone right before they are scheduled to go on vacation. Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas

152. BLIND GOSSIP 02/21
This star is in trouble. Her husband has been keeping her emotionally and physically propped up for months now. An intervention would be the next natural step, but for all her popularity and fame, she does not have anyone who will step up, confront her, and advocate for her. She is surrounded by an entourage of sheep who are either unable or unwilling to do anything for fear they will be financially cut off. Her career is fizzling, she is depressed, she is gaining weight, and she is drinking every single day. She recently had a blackout, but there was no publicized trip to the emergency room. A private physician was called in instead.
Mariah Carey

153. BUZZFOTO 02/22
We hear this wife of a talented athlete is using a recent affair as leverage to get what she wants. What does she want? She wants to be an actress. His PR team are scrambling to come up with a way to give her some press coverage, without revealing her husband’s most recent indiscretion. Not Elin Nordegren. Ginny, wife to Tiki Barber

This Real Housewife who is not currently married but had an intriguing heterosexual relationship on the show is gay.
Kim Zolciak

155. BLIND GOSSIP 02/23
This popular young actress is probably used to charming her way out of difficult situations. That’s why it is not surprising that, when she was pulled over for speeding recently, she tried to sweet talk her way out of a ticket. However, she made the unfortunate mistake of telling the officer that she’s been pulled over for speeding in the past, and if this was LA, he would probably know who she was and would probably let her go with a warning. "Well, this isn’t LA and I’m no Erik Estrada," he said. "Who?" she replied. He wrote her out the ticket.
Kaley Cuoco

156. GOSSIP BOY 02/23 **#1**
This couple seem to have it all. Perfect family, magazine covers, and a fan following that would follow them into the pits of hell. They seem to be perfect, but the story isn't about them. See the man used to be married to a beautiful actress who believed that they were in it for the long haul. She had no idea that her PR and his PR had arranged for them to be the Hollywood "it" couple. The reason? He liked boys and she had no idea. And the PR teams knew that the two of them together would be an explosion of epic proportions. He begged her for a family to help keep his image, but she wanted to enjoy being a newly wed without kids to worry about. Plus she still liked to have some fun, the herbal kind. And she knew when she became a mom she would have to grow up and she wasn't ready. He got bored being a loving husband began hooking up with his best guy friend. She finally caught on and he told her that if she wanted to keep her status she would go along with it. She actually considered it, but because she loved him and thought she could change him. HA, don't they all. So she agreed and they went on a vacation, but he couldn't stop from the boy loving and once she found out that his "buddy" was also near by, she was done. He was worried that she would spill, so not only did he leave her, he spun a whole new story so that even if she did out him, it would appear to be out of vengeance. Now he is off, living a Hollywood dream with another beard, one that is so into the Hollywood game that she should crowned as Queen. Funny thing is though, she has him so whipped that he no longer even talks to the guy that used to be his best friend because while filming their last movie together, she heard all about their trailer hook-ups between scenes.. It's Not George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis.
Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie/George Clooney

157. GOSSIP BOY 02/23 **#2**
This young actor is quickly working his way up in Hollywood. He has been doing anything he can imagine to cement himself in the industry. He almost didn't get the role that made him who he is because his sexuality is not hidden with people in the know. It's not that he flaunts it, it's quite the opposite. He doesn't even mention it at all, and has never been with a man. Or a woman for that matter. He refuses to play the dating game anymore since the one time they convinced him to do it, he ended up looking like a bigger ass than before. Now he just plays the type that is too busy for a relationship and refuses to do what is told. When threatened that if he didn't, no studio would ever work with him, what did he do? He told them he would make his own movies and that they could replace him and THEY could come up with a reason why. He knew he was instrumental to the studio and used it to his advantage. He promised he would ruin the fame that they so quickly built up by exposing all of their PR set-ups. And if that were to happen, the world would implode. He got into the shark tank and fought fire with fire and won. Some older actors should take a page from his book. Not James Franco.
Taylor Lautner

158. GOSSIP BOY 02/23 **#3**
What multi-talented girl has everyone fooled into thinking she is so pure, innocent and goes to church? She even made sure that on Sundays she has mornings off for "Church" with her family. She is on her knees on Sundays, but she isn't praying. She is usually bent over a mirror with a straw up her nose because Sunday is the day that her shipment from Miami arrives. She calls up her best friend, also an actress, lock themselves in one of her extra bedrooms and play in the "snow" all day. These girls are way to young to have such a powerful and expensive habit. The only reason they started is because they were told by their boss that if they didn't keep their young, thin appearances that they would be out on their asses faster then they could imagine. Friends worry though because of the side effects the drug can have on the girls, especially since one of them already has issues that could be flared up with the cocaine use. Not Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale.

159. BUZZFOTO 02/23
Just like we predicted in an earlier blind, this couple just broke up. The relationship was doomed from the start, but don’t give up on them just yet. The couple has more to milk out of the relationship, at least from the girl’s perspective. We know we say a lot of couples and celebs pull stunts for PR reasons, but that’s just the way it works in Hollywood. Although this girl has an additional motive, she wants the world to know she’s a whole lot better than the boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend. Not Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel.
Derek Jeter/Minka Kelly/Vanessa Minnillo

This A list Academy Award winner/nominee actress was on a set recently and had just finished a shot. As she was walking back to her trailer she noticed no one was talking to her or looking in the eye. When she walked up to the set designer to talk to him he seemed unsure of himself. At that point our actress turned around and yelled at one of the producers and said, "Did you put up those damn signs for people not to talk to me or look me in the eye? I told you I hated those things. They make me look like a bitch." Now that that is settled, dinner and drinks are on me for the cast and crew tonight. I'm sorry for the signs."
Halle Berry

Blind Items About Predatory Lesbians!
1. Which married Oscar winner gets regularly serviced by a female dominatrix in a West Village bordello?

2. Which fiftysomething singer supposedly threw a fit over a technical problem on a morning show and, as a result, other such programs are terrified to book her? Sade

3. Who got hush money for having been abused by that superstar and went on to become a reality-show personality who was credited with breaking up a major relationship (though I never believed much in the relationship anyway)? Wade Robston/ Michael Jackson /Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake; Denise Richards/Charlie Sheen/Richie Sambora and Heather Locklear

4. Which r&b singer who everyone thinks is a lesbian is a lesbian? Queen Latifah; Alicia Keys; Whitney Houston

5. Which hip-hop lady came on to a married mother of three, ripping open her jacket and trying to dive on her face with tongue out? (The woman was mildly appalled.) Missy Elliott/Kimora Simmons

6. Which big new star is obsessed with a guy described as "a dirty bartender" and a lot of her songs are aimed directly at him, though he still won't give her a proverbial free cocktail? Ke$ha

Another don't look me in the eyes film set experience. Unlike yesterday when our actress indicated she didn't like "don't look me in the eye" notices, this former A list action actor and Academy Award nominee/winner who is now a struggling B- list loves having the don't talk to me and don't look me in the eye notices put up on set. During the most recent movie he filmed, the notices went up and a crew member said, "I don't think anyone has to worry about looking him in the eye because he is so damn short." After that remark, random crew members would point to the notices when the actor was around and everyone would start laughing. The actor had no idea the entire time that everyone was laughing at him.
Sylvester Stallone

163. BUZZFOTO 02/24
This Blind is a little outrageous, but our source swears by it. This female actress, foreign born is reportedly in the closet, but has dealt with the rumors about her sexuality before. Before she was a star, she allegedly lived with her girlfriend, which also happens to be her aunt! We’re not sure how this worked, but the source claims they were DEFINITELY more than family, if you catch out drift! Not a Milla Jovovich.
Ellen Page; Charlize Theron; Salma Hayek

164. STAR MAGAZINE 02/24
Which quirky actress slept her way to a role on a long-running hit show? Now that there’s talk of a movie version, she’s offering the series creator more sex, even though she’s married."

165. BLIND GOSSIP 02/24
This actor has many successful films to his credit. Since his last couple of films didn’t do so well at the box office, though, he is having a bout of insecurity. He has recently consulted with at least three different plastic surgeons about having his face freshened up. He doesn’t want a nose job or cheek implants or botox. He just wants to look like a younger version of himself. More specifically, he gave each surgeon the following guideline: He doesn’t want to look like Rupert Everett. We are assuming he means that he doesn’t want to look overdone. Then again, he would also probably never accept a role as the gay best friend of Julia Roberts in any film.
Hugh Grant

166. BUZZFOTO 02/25
This Reality Star has Twilight fever (and a big ego it seems!) She has pledged to friends that she plans to bag the actors who played Jacob and Edward so she can give a good comparison who is better in bed. She bragged she already has an ‘in’ with Rob, and is just waiting to sink her teeth into Taylor. We hope to hear how this turn out. Not Audrina Patridge.
Stephanie Pratt

167. HOLY MOLY 02/25
Which long running feud between band members could have something to do with the fact that one of them has slept with the others husband?
Nadine Coyle and Ashley Cole

168. BLIND GOSSIP 02/25
While quite a few celebrities have managed to make their way up to Vancouver for the Olympic Games, one actor certainly made a less-than-super impression. He really wanted to see a particular event – for which tickets were in big demand – and was observed trying to buy some off of a scalper. When told the price, he started yelling at the scalper, saying that the price was outrageous and that there should be some sort of discount for celebrities like him. Although scalping is not illegal in British Columbia, a little discretion would have probably been more appropriate. Then again, maybe our actor was just trying to be funny.
Seth Rogan; Jonah Hill

This aging, former B list television actor who used to be on a very hit show, is now a C despite working almost constantly since that hit show went off the air. Or is it? Our actor is in the middle of a divorce to his long term wife. The reason? Well the affair he has been having for the past year with a lingerie model/actress and her live in lingerie model girlfriend probably had a lot to do with it.
Bradley Whitford/Jane Kaczmarek ("The Good Guys")

#1 - This former B list television and sometime very bad movie actress who is now a C with great name recognition has had some very public drug, alcohol and other drama issues this past year. Well, I am happy to report that she is now 60 days sober. This, despite the fact that she spends all her time with a drug dealer.
Mischa Barton update: This was written awhile ago. She is still doing great and dropped the drug dealer.

#2 - This A list female pro golfer is sleeping with a married college professor. Michelle Wie

#3 & #4- Do you have $35,000? Well, if you do and have an hour to kill, you can have sex with this former B list television actress who has a B list movie actor for a boyfriend. Well I guess he is B list. He had a chance to make A list but his above the line movies have bombed. Our actress is not even bothering to audition for acting jobs at this point. No one can understand how she maintains her lifestyle without acting. Now you know. Oh, the boyfriend doesn't care because he is just not that into women.

Another Straight Star Bites the Dust: Are there any straight straight people left in Hollywood? Apparently not. Marky Sweet-Puss is a sweet enough dude, dog though he may have been at one time. He cleaned up his act a bit once he hooked up with chilly actress type Cruella St. Shackles, who miraculously started Marky off on a far more domesticated diet of monogamous sex and healthier living. Many a star watcher was amazed to see this go down, as—let's be honest—Cruella isn't exactly known for her conservative lifestyle. If the hinterland-types who watch her only knew half the hell-raising crap this broad creates in a mere 24 hours! But this Vice is really more about Marky's shenanigans than Cruella's. Here's what went down: Marky's very concerned pals brought to Cruella's attention the disturbing fact that Marky's personal assistant was preparing to go to the press, saying that he and Marky had...been getting it on pretty regularly. Probably would have been fun to watch, too, as Marky's not exactly hard to look at! Horribly, the nasty-mouthed assistant was prepared to tell the press unless he was paid off. Pretty simple, everyday blackmail, which goes on in Hollywood a helluva lot more than women eating, I'll tell ya that much. So, Cruella didn't know what the ef to do. She had suspected her hubby might have desires that way, but she'd never really talked about it, pretty much hoping it would go away. As if! Cruella decided to bite the big one (not her hubby) and pay the damn bill. After all, she decided, she's been involved in other unseemly goings-down—as far as her career goes—so this wasn't exactly new dirty-works territory for her. She just thought she'd never have to participate in that kind of crap in her personal life. Funny, if you look at Cruella lately, you can tell something's just not right. Could it be that being blackmailed doesn't do anything for her complexion? And It Ain't: Eva Longoria Parker and Tony Parker, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, Josh Duhamel and Fergie.

1. This Superstar is about to go public with her new boyfriend. He’s much younger than her, and he looks a lot like her secret ex-husband.
Janet Jackson

2. Sources say this Male Celebrity likes to keep his Superstar Wife drunk. That way, it’s easy to control her. Nick Cannon/Mariah Carey

The situation is this: A hot — as in in-demand as well as easy on the eyes — free agent actor received several offers during pilot season. But one network was so determined to snag him for one of its higher-profile projects that when he turned it down, they offered it to him again. Then they polished the silver platter on which it had been offered and tried again. And again. For months! The leading man just wasn’t passionate about the show, you see, so was leaning in a different direction. Pretty much any other direction. Nonetheless, the network kept wooing him, upping the ante to the point that no human being could in good conscience refuse the kind of perks and pay they were dangling under his nose. There’s just one problem: The pilot’s producers aren’t half as enamored of the star as the network, and now resent the fact that they’re "stuck" with him. Of course, knowing who I’m talking about, I’d say odds are pretty good that they’ll eventually fall for him, too. But in the meantime… who is he? And what’s the project? Guesses below. I won’t tell you if you’re right, but I may snicker more softly then.
Alex O’Loughlin "Hawaii Five-0"; David Tennant "Rex Is Not Your Lawyer"

174. GOSSIP BOY 02/27
What middle aged television actor has finally found his path in Hollywood after years of kissing the wrong person's ass. Many wonder what took so long for him to catch on as a big name. What they don't know is that they only way he got his first starring role was by promising a washed up actress that he would take her with him. She knew people and could get him involved in a lot of films. Now he is on the A list, but has to carry her skeleton with him everywhere he goes. He has tried to lose her, but she is clinging to him like an anorexic to a piece of cake. Not Michael Vartan.
Bradley Cooper/Renee Zwelleger

What actor who's gotten a second shot at the big time better hope studio bigs don't hear about his old anti-Semitic rants?
Gary Busey


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