NOTE: Guesses in italics are only guesses;
guesses in blue are a link to the solution or substantial clues.

This blonde actress usually plays very ladylike roles on screen. That’s why it was a bit of a shock when she was caught in a very unladylike position. During her most recent film, a young support staff person was sent to her trailer to hand off some minor script changes. He found our actress sitting cross- legged on a bench, wearing a short skirt … and no underwear. He reported to his friends on the set that he indeed saw everything and that he was a little surprised that the rug did not match the drapes. Guess he thought of her as a natural blonde.
Reese Witherspoon

1. Which prestigious fashion magazine had its Twitter feed temporarily hacked into by a pornographic web site, because its password was "password?"

2. Which internationally famous solo musician, who is paid a small fortune to be a face of a luxury watch manufacturer, actually prefers to wear one made by the competition? His endorsement contract includes a handler whose sole job it is to stop him before he goes on stage to replace his wristwatch with one made by the sponsor. Lang Lang "Rolex"; Elton John "Chopard"

This Golden Globe Nominated and/or Winner television actor who is a solid B lister from his body of work is known by the nickname Retch. It is based on one of his characters. The reason he is called this is because whenever he breathes on you you really think you are going to puke. It is not a natural condition. Our actor believes in a pill and vitamin regimen that is the cause. Despite complaints from everyone he keeps taking the pills and forcing everyone who does scenes with our actor to rub Vicks under their nose.

One Tongue-Shoving Blind Vice: Another weekend, another hidden Hollywood homo to uncover! This week we're offering up a treat from Team Awful—a fabulous bonus Blind too scandalously dee-lish to keep to ourselves! You didn't think that little mister Jackie Bouffant was the only young performer who liked to get all gay every once in a while, did you? You're probably all very familiar with Maxwell Meat-Mingle. He's youngish, a little squishy but still reasonably good-looking. The guy was once a major up-and-comer in this crazy town. Even if you weren't a fan of his boob-tube hit, chances are your eyes and his abs have met at one time or another. And what's more—this isn't M3's first time to the Awful Truth rodeo. Nowadays, though, he's something of a has-been—poor Triple-M has fallen off the charts due to a string of bad press for his bombed entertainment endeavors and tales of his less-than-stellar personality (which we've experienced firsthand, natch). Nevertheless, Max definitely started out as something of a ladies' man before he lost his boy-next-door charm and smoldering sex appeal, which is why we were almost surprised when... Max went prowling for some guy-on-guy action. Please, where did you think this sucker was going, you little B.V. sleuths? At a recent poolside BBQ in the hills, relatively hunky Max had his tongue halfway down the throat of another meaty little piece—right in the middle of the entire shindig! And there were some par-tick people in attendance whom bi-guy Max definitely should have looked out for! It was one of those little piggies who ran all the way home and told us about it. There goes Triple-M's die-hard status as a womanizer! Makes sense really, 'cause we knew that Mingle had had his fair share of drug dabbling (many closeted actors do, just ask Toothy Tile). Think white nose candy literally being passed around on silver platters whenever Max was in attendance...although those days have supposedly passed. Is that why Maxwell Meat-Mingle is getting all fat? Better work on that figure, boy, if you have any chance at this planned comeback. Because secretly loving dudes and a lost six-pack surely won't give Maxwell Meat-Mingle the comeback he's dying for. And It Ain't: Adam Brody, Jesse McCartney, Mario Lopez.
Jesse Metcalfe

5. BUZZFOTO 09/01
Which celeb is so used to dumping their children off to the nannies, that when they took the family to the store this last weekend, accidentally left one of the children inside the grocery store? Once they loaded into the car and started to pull away, another child mentioned the one left behind. Our celeb turned around and got the kid, no harm done, but was glad when the nanny came back to work the next day. Not Denise Richards.
Nadya Suleman

6. BUZZFOTO 09/02
This B list Celebrity star on a popular network TV show is dating two young men at the same time. We’re fairly sure both men know about one another, and seem to be okay with it. The star told our source she was ‘just having fun’ after a rather public breakup with her co-star. We say, good for her, she’s too young to settle down! Not LeAnn Rimes.
Hayden Panettiere

This B list movie and television actress from a hit network drama went ballistic today when she overheard two crew members making fun of the fact that our actress was in the lowest grossing movie in the history of movies. Bonus points for the movie.
Katherine Heigl "Zyzzyx Road"

This Hollywood girl is vain. She is becoming more obsessed with looking perfect every single minute of the day. She has had floor to ceiling glass mirrors installed on one wall of every room of her home, including the garage and the laundry room. Apparently she does not have the same benefit while away from home, as she is occasionally caught with a little white powder smudge under her nose.
Paris Hilton; Audrina Patridge

1. Which married, former newspaperman who's now an online news editor has been having an affair with one of his single reporters? They were spotted at various downtown hotels this summer. Now an internal investigation has been launched and the wife, also a journalist, found out last weekend.
ADDENDUM: OUR "Just asking" item yesterday about a married, ex- newspaperman who's having an affair with a single reporter at the online news site where they now both work inspired a tipster to write in to with supposedly real, kinky text messages between the two. "Don't mind taking orders -- def like to give them. Can bend whatever way you need me too," the woman wrote to her lover. It gets worse.

2. Which pro golfer has bartenders giggling at his choice in girly drinks? When he's not swinging his clubs, he's swigging Purple Hooter cocktails, made with vodka, raspberry liquor & 7-Up.

3. Which womanizing crooner has been dating a reality TV starlet for more than two years, putting her up in hotels wherever he travels for shows. John Mayer and Kristin Cavallari

10. POPBITCH 09/03
Which hard-drinking bluesy singer asked the promoters of the festival he was playing to direct him to the nearest brothel the night before the gig? He left without paying, leaving his security guards to fight it out with the brothel's bouncers.

1. This Hip Hop Star looks different. Now that he is a TV Star, did he have plastic surgery?
LL Cool J

2. This R&B Female Singer has had a tough time finding love. She keeps attracting men who are on the DL. her hairstyle. She wants to separate herself from the rest of the ladies. Erykah Badu; Chilli from TLC

12. BUZZFOTO 09/03
Our source called us last week on this one and told us to wait a week so they could get more info. So we did. Last week, this star couple was on the verge of a breakup and there were even rumblings of it online. Now, we hear the PR between the two have come up with some sort of agreement to let the two stay together until the relationship can be milked for a little more. Once it hits it’s peak then the couple will have a very public breakup and hopefully more publicity and maybe even more high profile roles. Too bad for the couple though, who really can’t stand one another. The couple is not married btw. Not Megan Fox’s mess of a relationship.
Justin Timberlake/Jessica Biel

This former B list movie actor with A list name recognition who now goes from tv show to tv show on a fairly regular basis was leaving for work the other day when he ran over his neighbor's cat with his car and killed it. The neighbor saw the entire incident and screamed. Our actor stopped the car and took a look at what happened and said, "I don't have time for this right now. I have to get to work. We can talk about it tonight when I get home." He has yet to talk to the neighbor or say he was sorry.
Christian Slater

14. BLIND GOSSIP 09/03
Except for one TV series, this lovely actress has done all her work in films. However, she wasn’t quite able to act her way out of an awkward encounter with a computer repair specialist. The actress told him that the screen broke when she dropped her laptop. The service tech took a look at it and then remarked that the damage looked more like someone had punched the screen. After a few awkward seconds, the actress admitted that in fact her husband had done just that. When she asked the computer guy if they could replace it with an unbreakable screen, he jokingly remarked that she’d be better off replacing the guy. "I already have," she replied.
Robin Wright Penn

One Gory-Hole Blind Vice: Get ready for a gay, anonymous-sex hookup gone wrong—hunky movie-star style! Now, our latest Blind Vice entrant, Topher Hairy-Tuchus, has made an appearance before in the Awful Truth, but only as a supporting player—this totally handsome stud was never christened with his own moniker. Until now, anyway! And since Toph's made it into our sexyass annals, seems like he's dutifully checking off every other last step required for getting (and staying) on the Vice A-list. Lauded movies, check. Hot bod, check. Famous female companions, check. Totally closeted homo, check and then some! 'K, so a doable dude who secretly prefers the company of men is as common in H'wood as a paparazzi fender bender outside the Ivy. But it's where and how THT seeks his men that's quite noteworthy and somewhat unusual, considering how unglamorous it truly is... Topher could nab any leading lady he wants (and he has), but when it comes to his men moods, THAT goes to Craigslist. Maybe you shouldn't go looking for lovers the same place you get cheapo couches and scalped concert tickets, but no one told Toph that. And hey, his Internet dabbling worked, since somebody replied to his ad looking for a good, quickie time. No names needed, just body parts, and meaty ones at that. Hook, line and sink 'im: Once Topher had lured his catch to the house, he went far out of his way to keep this nooky expedition under wraps—he even set up a sheet with a hole in it where all the action would take place, keeping identities secret on either side. A "glory hole" one would call it, of course, except this particular hole was cut out of fine linen (what a waste!) as opposed to etched into a dingy bathroom stall wall. Guess that makes it so much more romantic, no? THT was ready for some clandestine action, but when Topher's gentleman showed up, the lured dude didn't want to keep it nearly as anonymous as Hairy-T. The guy refused to partake unless he could see THT's face—to check for sores (and let's be honest, to make sure he would be doing a hot guy). THT refused to budge on this bang request, but the guy swung the sheet back anyway to find one of the most wanted celebs staring back at him! 'Course, they both went through with the unsheeted deed, even after the unveiling of Topher's famous face. What horny man in the world wouldn't? What I want to know is why the ef doesn't THT use nondisclosure forms instead of stupid 300-count sheets? What a moron! And It Ain't: aniel Radcliffe, Robert Pattinson, Chris Pine.

16. SUDS REPORT 09/04
1. Which married soap hunk, who has been known to swing both ways, got drunk and propositioned another male hunk on another show? When he was rejected, the Emmy winner claimed he was just joking.
Maurice Benard "General Hospital"; Jacob Young "All My Children"

2. Which east-coast hunk was being checked out by all the stars — male and female — at the Emmys and after-parties? By now, "because of The Suds Report’s notorious blind items," they are all aware for what he is infamous for — and wanted a view of the goods which are always noticeably on display?

17. PAGE SIX/NY POST 09/06
1. WHICH son of a beloved rock icon has an impostor? The lookalike goes to S&M parties, wearing the same glasses his late "father" did, and doesn't correct people when they assume he's rock royalty -- but the impostor went too far by volunteering to appear as a foot-worshipping slave in a kinky video.
 Sean Lennon

2. WHICH curvaceous starlet and her new Hollywood hubby were reckless at a swanky LA hotel recently? The normally private twosome were spotted snorting cocaine in front of other guests. Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds

Could it be that a certain rocker of yesterday has traded in life on the stage for life in traffic school? His inabiity to tell green from red has landed him in hot water twice in the past couple years and has most certainly not filled him with glee. It's not always about the destination. Sometimes it's about the journey.
Steve Perry

19. BUZZFOTO 09/07
This very nice movie Actress just found out last weekend that someone in her family has a terminal illness. The whole family is devastated but they all decided they would each do their part to help find a cure for this disease. For her part, our Actress not only is set to donate a lot of her own money to research, she’s going to be doing a lot of volunteering as well. Out of respect for the family, we’ll keep this one quiet, but we wish her and her family well. Not Angelina Jolie.

Here's a report sent in by one of's faithful readers: Its gay pride weekend in Atlanta right now and Lenox mall has unofficially been turned into a gay night club. There's men with their g-strings out, girls kissing girls, men in high heels, drag queens... its just a complete zoo in there right now. I shop in Lenox allot so I'm pretty friendly with most of the staff there and we will small talk when I'm in their store ... anyway, I went to pay my bill at the t-mobile store and the girl who always serves me was telling me how [NAME REDACTED] had just been walking around the mall all day long alone, not even buying sh*it ... just walking around that m*thaf*cka on gay pride weekend like it was something to do!!! If you were in lenox mall anytime this weekend you'd understand why hearing that would make you raise an eyebrow as to [NAME REDACTED] intentions. What straight man just walks around aimlessly for hours in a shopping mall full of queens? I don't know any. After that i shopped a little bit then went and got my hair done at the Macys salon in the mall... I was talking to the girl doing my hair about how crazy the mall was this weekend and that they need to keep that sh*t to themselves. She told me that the day before two transgender girls had came in to get their hair done and that one of the girls was an escort. She had been booking clients over the phone while getting her hair done in the salon just letting her business hang out in the open for everyone to hear - My stylist told me she was telling her all about how she was f*cking [NAME REDACTED] on the regular and that he didn't know she was transgender (although I'm told the girl looks like a straight up man in a wig) and that since he’d been f*cking her raw, she was scheming to tell him she was pregnant and that he would have to come up with some money to persuade her to have an abortion.... DAMN be careful [NAME REDACTED]! We weren't able to confirm all of this report (although we were able to confirm A LOT of it), so we'll just put it as a blind item. Here's a hint *dude used to be a superstar in the NBA* now he‘s looking for a team that will take him. And he‘s married. Allen Iverson

21. BUZZFOTO 09/08
These Celebrity BFFs are now settled in their lives and careers. Over drinks this last weekend, one of the stars told our source that in the beginning of the friendship, the ladies weren’t sure if their budding friendship was something more. So, to test the waters, the two had a little make-out session, and got the urge out of their systems. After the little romp, the two laughed it off and decided their chemistry was strictly platonic. The two have been good buddies every since. Not Jennifer Aniston.
Salma Hayek/Penelope Cruz

22. GOSSIPLIST 09/09
This one was too good not to post. Which 'Sexiest Man Alive' Met His End in a Chelsea Sex Dungeon? Which Sexiest Man Alive got double-teamed by porn star escort Nick Capra and a pregnant Hungarian mistress? In Capra's latest blog entry, he offers a few clues, allowing The Sword to make a very educated guess: Back in 2004, a dominatrix at a Chelsea sex dungeon called Pandora's Box enlisted the porn star escort's help in humiliating her mostly-straight client. When he arrived, the Restalyn-deducting stud was ushered into a gothic torture chamber by a stunning blonde Hungarian named "Mistress Barbarella." Barbarella explained to him that she was 4 1/2 months pregnant, and before Nick could protest, she introduced "Master Nick" to his client, who was kneeling down on the floor naked. Capra recognized him immediately: He had a muscular build and looked quite young. I'm sorry, but when I picture the clients that go to these kind of places, I envision someone that looks more like Woody Allen, or something. So, that was kind of nice. Mistress Barbarella introduces me to him as "Master Nick." I like that! The dude peers up at me from the mat. Fuck me! It's him. Fucking him! I more than recognize the dude. I had seen him in countless big screen movies over the last few years. (He was also in People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive Issue 2003. Not the cover model, though).
Jude Law

This C list television actress who has been in very few movies is set to be a lead in a sure fire television hit set to air very, very soon. She was overheard at a party answering the following question. So, is this married C list actress (A list name recognition) with the celebrity husband going to be killed off anytime soon. The reply. "I sure hope so and I know the rest of the cast hopes so as well."
#1 - C list actress: Jessica Lucas
#2 - Married C list actress: Ashlee Simpson Wentz
#3 - Celebrity husband: Pete Wentz
#4 - Television show: Melrose Place

24. BUZZFOTO 09/09
Which B list starlet is always losing her temper and abusing her boyfriend? She slaps him a lot, pushes him, and throws things. He puts up with it, maybe because she’s gorgeous and famous, but we feel bad for him just the same. Abuse isn’t okay, period. Not Megan Fox.

This C list television actress has been in this space before. She is the one who is having an affair with the married A+ movie star. Well, he broke up with her this past week. No, he isn't going back to his wife, but our actor has moved on to another C+/B- list television and movie actress with B list name recognition from the same show.

C list television actress:
A+ movie star:
C+/B-C list television actress:

26. BLIND GOSSIP 09/09
This over-30 TV actress spent the weekend in a popular beach town. While it is unknown if she spent much time in the water, she did spend plenty of time walking up and down the sandy shores in her bikini. She wasn’t really walking at a speed that would be considered exercise. She would just stroll approximately 100 feet, stop, stretch in yoga-type pose, and then continue walking. When she hit a certain point on the shoreline, she would turn around and repeat. Very odd. It was as if she desperately wanted to make sure that every person on that specific stretch of beach to know she was there. Perhaps she was trying to get the attention of one certain guy on the beach. Yes, her ex was there… with someone else. And he never even looked at her. Or perhaps she wanted someone in the business to notice her and offer her a job?
Nicolette Sheridan

27. BLIND GOSSIP 09/10 **#1**
A few years ago, it seemed that this acclaimed actress was in every other film being made. Then she seemed to just fade into obscurity. Well, she’s readying herself for a big comeback. First, though, a little freshening up… at the plastic surgeons office. Her body is still in good shape, but she just had some work done on her face and neck. Her friendly warning to the surgeon before the procedure: "Just don’t pull a Melanie or Meg or Nicole on me. I want to look human after this."
Sandra Bullock

28. BLIND GOSSIP 09/10 **#2**
We’ve watched this acting couple raise a family over the years. What we didn’t know was that while he and his missus were in an earlier stage of their relationship, he had a brief fling that produced a child. The child’s name is similar to the father’s, but the last name is the mother’s, so it’s not obvious that they are related. The fling has been receiving money from the father for several years without any kind of legal agreement, and the amounts keep going up. Every time he balks at paying, the fling threatens to tell his wife. Play with fire and you’re going to get burned.
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

Apparently this married, former B list movie actress from some very big movies and still a very strong C is going to come out in the next few weeks. Her new girlfriend is insisting on it.

1. This Diva still loves her Ex-husband, but to save her career, she has to stay away from him.
Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown

2. Why is this happening to my son? This Mother of a young Celebrity is regretting her decision to let him grow up too fast. He’s young, selfish and immature, and his actions have ruined his career. The Mother let him get involved with older women who have been nothing but trouble. Bow Wow

31. BUZZFOTO 09/10
This star is very conservative in their political views. They’ve even (allegedly) donated some of their own funds to help right-wing candidates. In order to ’spite’ Obama and his so-called ’socialist agenda’ this star bragged to friends of our source that they plan on ‘using as many plastic grocery bags’ as they can, leave their ‘car idling every chance’ they get and take ’some extra long and hot showers.’ We’re not sure how this politically thwarts the democrats, but it does prove a point that our celebrity is a moron. Not Heidi and Spencer Pratt.
Jon Voight

This A List Hollywood star had had public battles with drug abuse. He seems to have put it all behind him and settled into a successful career and happy home life. What his wife doesn’t know is that he has started quietly smoking pot with his teenage son and his son’s buddies. (The scene reminds of Ryan O’Neal’s early indiscretions with his kids.) The actor doesn’t see any harm in it, but friends who know are worried.
Robert Downey Jr.

Topher Hairy-Tuchus Gets Caught in Bed! We're just crazy for debauchery here at Blind Vice central! On top of our fab 'n' fierce Blind Vice Superstars gallery, we've got another Blind first today: a Vice candidate appearing two weeks in a row! Now, last week's inaugural Blind Vice about Topher Hairy-Tuchus brought all kinds of hilarious reactions, my personal fave being a comment from hmmm (could you get a little more original with your moniker, bitch?) who stated: "Sorry but this sounds made up..Ted printed an email the other day that complained how boring the straight Blind Vices are and he needs more gay ones, all of a sudden all of these gay Blind Vices happen to be appearing." Are you for real, "hmmm"? A.T. is usually all about the closeted gay dudes, and besides, not only do we never make this naughty stuff up (ever) we've since heard back about Topher's earlier life, back when he was married. Turns out he likes to take chances, just like he did with that anonymous Internet dude he tried to have sex with through a sheet. So when Hairy-Tuchus had a female spouse, he had the nerve to... Bring a guy back to his house and get down to it on the bedroom he shared with his wife! Too bad they don't put in anything about protecting the sanctity of the marriage bed in those vows, huh? And, as soon as hot Hairy and his hunky minuteman were about to complete the manly act, guess who walks in on him? Yep, the missus. To say she was pissed is to say I'm hot for Robsten. But it also explains a few things: If anybody's caught on recently why Hairy's fake relationships with various starlets these days is so upsetting his ex, this is most likely one of chief reasons why. He can prance out ersatz honeys for camera, but not her? Yep, apparently it's an utter impossibility for Topher to be under-the-radar cool like Crotch Uh-Lastic or even the recently whipped Toothy Tile. He can't keep the fact that he likes dude somewhat discreet (as long as he's choosing to stay in the closet), he just has to—as usual—take chances and parade all kinds of risk-taking measures for many to see. Gambling guy, this one is, for sure. Oh, and another thing: THT's dangerous man-activities are not only well known in many professional circles, these antics are now ripping through the hallways of Hairy-Tuchus' agency with a force he'd be smart to try and cool down. But how boring would that be? And It Ain't: Will Smith, Tom Cruise, George Clooney.

Cupid might wanna trade in his standard bow and arrow for something that packs a little more punch if he sees today’s blind item. For that matter, you might feel inclined to take a shot at a few network suits, too. See, they’re the only obstacle that a certain popular TV couple can’t seem to overcome. For seasons now, one stumbling block has been placed in front of another to keep the dynamic duo apart. But, finally, at the end of last season, viewers were supposed to get the big get-together for which they’d been waiting. The love story’s happy ending — or real beginning, as it were — was all planned out. Unfortunately, the execs got cold feet. Terrified that, without the constant "Will-they-or-won’t-they?" tension between the two, viewers would instead wonder "Why are we watching this?" — Moonlighting, anyone? — the net asked producers to delay the hook-up, and our gratification. So a new wall was blueprinted and built between the would-be sweethearts. Mind you, the couple will eventually get together — the season after this one, if the powers that be are to be believed. It’ll just take a little longer than it was supposed to. So… who’s the duo with the fragile dynamic?
Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz on “Bones”; Dr. Gregory House and Dr. Lisa Cuddy on "House"

Which west-coast on-screen couple were embroiled in a steamy, not-so-secret affair that cost the actress her marriage, and caused the actor’s girlfriend to enter rehab?
Ashley Jones & Jack Wagner (Bold & the Beautiful)/Heather Locklear

#1 - I have no idea what procedure coke mom had done to her nose, but it looks atrocious.
Tori Spelling; Debra Messing
UPDATE 09/21/09: Within the past week, coke mom has made an appearance on the site as a post or a picture or both.

#2 - This foreign born C list actress more famous for her modeling career than her acting was spotted making out with a random party goer in a corner of a room a couple of days ago. Oh, she is married. Elizabeth Hurley

#3 & 4 - This NBA all star was seen going into his hotel room with two women while his B list television actress significant other was nowhere to be seen. Tony Parker/ Eva Longoria

Which party-girl turned entrepreneur never leaves home without her stash? She checked a few tote bags with a bell hop, who later found they were filled with cocaine.
Paris Hilton

38. PAGE SIX/NY POST 09/14
1. WHICH has- been action hero has knocked up his comely assistant? When his longtime girlfriend learned of the impending birth, she angrily split.
Steven Segal

2. WHICH world-famous actor has fallen out with his equally A-list director? They have weeks to go on their upcoming block buster, but the actor thinks the director is arrogant and dismissive of his ideas, while the director considers his leading man to be a spoiled, overrated punk. Shia LaBeouf/Oliver Stone; Leonardo DiCaprio/Chris Nolan

Could it be that a certain sudsy siren of the Sapphic persuasion is with child? Well, yes and no. You see, there's not a chance she'd allow a man down there. And carrying a child yourself is such a 90s lipstick lesbian concept. Instead, she went the Deidre Hall route and hired a surrogate (in fact, that's a damn good comparison). While the surrogate is carrying our daytime diva's egg, she's been mum about the sperm donor. We hear it's her best friend - that equally cagey same-sex lovin' guy who's her confidant, on screen and off. Keeping it all in the family.
Michelle Staffod/Christian Leblanc "Young & The Restless"

40. BLIND GOSSIP 09/14
Although this actress has always been in good shape, her face was always a little too round for her liking. You may notice that her face looks a little different now, but it’s not because she lost any weight. She had some fat sucked out of the hollows of her cheeks, and something else – perhaps restylane – injected into the high part of the cheek. Compared to the plastic work done on other actresses, this is definitely more on the subtle side. Her face now looks a little longer and leaner, but not in a bad way.

41. BUZZFOTO 09/14
Last week, this diva got some press again, also due to her newest movie coming out. She did some interviews and played nice, but she’s making more and more enemies in Hollywood every day. Not only is she famous for pissing off cast and crew, she’s recently offended a very famous A Lister and the word is getting out around town that no one should work with her. Perhaps she shouldn’t be criticizing the A Lister’s work to everyone and anyone who will listen, including close family friends of the famous star. Not Reese Witherspoon.
Megan Fox

42. HOLY MOLY 09/14 **#1**
Which Torchwood actor has been up to no good? This guy (who is very attached) had a private party in his hotel room on Saturday night with another actor mate and a couple of girls - at least one of which received the torched wood?
Gareth David-Lloyd and Tom Felton

43. HOLY MOLY 09/14 **#2**
Which Corrie star is nicknamed 'the skidmark kid' because of the state of the bedsheets which are hung to dry in the garden?

44. HOLY MOLY 09/14 **#3**
Which so-called Hollywood heartthrob actor likes to do a poo on top of ladies during a bit of how's your farver?
Jared Leto

When I refer to someone as an A list reality star, it just means they are on the top of the reality show food chain. So, over the weekend, this married A list male reality star would not stop hitting on this younger A list female reality star. He kept following her around like a puppy, and saying things like, "we should really work together." Yes, he said that. When they were first introduced she was very polite, but then he started getting close and doing the touching thing. The rest of the night was the puppy dog thing and trying to impress her. She wasn't. It didn't stop him from telling everyone at the party though how she was into him.
Jon Gosselin and Kim Kardashian

46. BUZZFOTO 09/15
Which A-lister couple’s relationship is on the rocks. Seems he is cheating with his much younger co-star and the wife is now trying to accompany the two on set as much as possible. She heard the rumors way before we did and is now hanging around to nip this thing in the bud. Not Kate and Tom Cruise.
Ben Affleck/Jennifer Garner/Blake Lively

Fashion Week: What momentarily A list singer was a couple of hours late to the stage at a fashion show party because she was having sex in her dressing room?
Lady GaGa (Interesting to see that I thought she would be a momentarily A list singer)

48. BLIND GOSSIP 09/15
We frequently see this heartthrob going to the gym, playing sports with his friends, and otherwise leading a healthy lifestyle. If he is so concerned about his health, why isn’t he taking more precautions when he engages in certain intimate activities? We’re talking about bareback here, folks, and there are no horses involved. Considering his track record, you would think that his current girlfriend would insist on him wearing a raincoat 24/7.
Matthew McConaughey; Mario Lopez

49. BUZZFOTO 09/16
This cougar is bragging to everyone about her much younger beau. What everyone doesn’t know, is that the handsome younger man has been hired by this washed up old star to hang on her arm whenever she goes out. Our source thinks there’s a good chance he doesn’t even swing the way of our celeb…. Not Demi Moore.
Janice Dickinson

Fashion Week: This fairly young C list television actress who used to be B and also has had her shot at movies as a lead walked into a show this week. She had arranged for a front row seat, but when she walked in and saw all kinds of Real Housewives mess she decided that she was waaay too good for them. She decided to share this information with the rest of the tent and said it very loudly and very clearly so the whole place could hear. She then turned around and walked out. Of course at the rate of one project a year for our actress she probably should have stayed and asked if she could guest star on their show.
Amanda Bynes

51. BLIND GOSSIP 09/16
There’s a pharmacy in Los Angeles that is frequented by lots of actors who live in the area. Like many pharmacies, they have a tape line on the floor set about six feet away from the pharmacy counter so that the customer is ensured some privacy. The person behind the counter on this occasion, however, was apparently not well-trained on the concept of privacy. "Do you need a consultation with the pharmacist for the Denavir?" they asked rather loudly. "No," responded the actor, who signed something, grabbed the bag, and quickly walked away. Hopefully the piles of money he’s making on this successful drama will dull the pain of having the gift that keeps on giving. We also wonder if his co-workers have a clue.

Which celebrity mom is a secret smoker? She puffs away in private and then hides the smell by applying lots of Purell and perfume. Plus, she chews gum after lighting up to mask her breath.
Katie Holmes

53. BUZZFOTO 09/17
Which Celebrity was supposed to help their child with a science fair project due this week, but instead spent Monday and Tuesday night on a cocaine bender. We’re told the nanny helped while ‘mom is taking some mommy time.’ Not Victoria Beckham.
Kate Moss

He is the most powerful Man in Hollywood don’t be surprised if someone tries to discredit him with a tell-all book.
Will Smith

Fashion Week: So, a reality star, a designer and an actress walk into a bar. No, not into a bar actually, but it sounds much better that way. They actually just walked backstage at a show. The female reality star who has a huge history of drug problems did some coke and passed it around. The designer who was just about to show their collection, did four lines back to back to back to back, and then passed it along to our C list television actress with B list name recognition on a VERY hit show. Our actress spilled a little on her dress and when trying to brush it off, rubbed it in so took off her dress and stood there naked while she did some lines on a make up table. She then put back on the dress and joined the reality star back out front.
#1 - Reality star:
#2 - Designer:
#3 - Actress:

With their partners away, celebs have been using Fashion Week as an opportunity to play!
1. Which two pop stars made sweet music on Sunday night after the gal gave the guy a private lap dance? Hope his longtime girlfriend doesn't find out.
Rihanna and Justin Timberlake

2. Which supermodel mended her recently broken heart over the weekend with the very-engaged bassist of a hot rock band?
supermodel: Miranda Kerr
bassist: Jared Followill "Kings of Leon"
fiancee: Alisa Torres

57. POPBITCH 09/18
1. Which new pop star is already knocking back enough ketamine to sink a battleship?
Lady Gaga

2. After a fantastic ad campaign, which supermodel was rumoured to have worked through her fortune so fast that she was discreetly letting it be known in the circles of Europe's super-rich that she could be "accompanied" for $100,000 a night? Amber Valleta; Amber Smith; Linda Evangelista

58. BLIND GOSSIP 09/18
This up and coming actress chills out in her trailer in between takes. She listens to some music, chats on her phone, and pops bag after bag of microwave popcorn. She doesn’t actually eat the popcorn. Rather, she uses it to cover up the scent of another relaxing activity that involves herbal inhalation. If you’d like to join her, it’s easy to discuss it in public, i.e. "Hey, do you have any microwave popcorn in your trailer?" Yes, sweetie, everyone on the set knows.
Kirsten Stewart

One Payback Blind Vice: There's a pretty successful media dude who's become awfully adept at peddling the gossipy side o' life via his electronic media kingdom. His name is Whore-Hey Hoeman. Considering Mr. Hoeman's arguably impressive background, many folks have been surprised by the guy's career path. But does Whore-Hey care in the least? Nope, not at all. Especially with all the bucks he's currently making, not to mention the great ass he's getting on the side! So what's the prob? Well, someone who's not exactly a fan of Hoeman caught him at a private resort... ...being all sorts of cozy with the secret luscious boyfriend, out in public. The fellow resortgoer was not impressed, as she has many, many friends who are, at times, razzed, ridiculed, fried and cut up to pieces by Whore-Hey's increasingly cutting media mouth. And she knew perfectly well that the nearly naked beef beside Whore-Hey's side was one he planned on keeping (firmly) on the down-low, with a sweaty grip. So she made her approach. She scooted over. She feigned mutual-friend hellos, that sort of silly social thing. Whore-Hey was cool, but polite. Then she went for it: "How would you like it if I took your picture right now with your boyfriend and sold it someplace and just put this out for all the world to see?!" she seethed, half-jokingly, but really not. Hoeman immediately clammed up, iced the woman and glared right past her. His point was clear: He would most definitely not like it, and she was therefore promptly dismissed. Our brave babe asked again, to no avail, before marching off, equally chilly, but no pic taken. But get this: The ticked-off rich bitch is plotting. She still considers it a good idea to get Hoeman photographed (or written about) in any way he would consider unflattering, whenever she gets another chance. She be on a mission, this vengeful broad. So beware, Whore-Hey. And It Ain't: A.J. Hammer, Mario Lopez, Matt Drudge.
Nick Denton "Gawker"

1. Which glamorous east-coast actress refused to dress down when the script required it to for a major plot point — and she refused to do it? And the show relented. And no, it’s not Susan Lucci.

2. Which east-coast actress was reportedly high at a recent fan event?

3. Which east-coast Emmy winner had to cancel his fan event because he only sold a handful of tickets? The reason? Another actor having a fan gathering at the same time outsold tickets in droves. But then again the sell-out actor promised two superstars who didn’t end up showing!

4. Which hot soap stud proudly showed off his "attributes" to fans in the know by wearing revealing pants to prove a recent Suds blind item was true? And clearly, Suds was not exaggerating. Mark Collier who? Grayson McCouch "As the World Turns"

5. Which gay soap star was foaming at the mouth over his co-star’s attributes — more than his lusty fans were?

Fashion Week:
#1 & #2 - A conversation was overheard between this C list singer/actor and this married A list singer at least by name recognition if not talent.
C lister - I can't get laid here to save my life.
A lister - What you need to do is go to London next week for their show. I went a couple of years ago without the wife and this guy model gave me the best blowjob ever.

C lister:
A lister: Gavin Rossdale

#3 - This very good looking foreign born C+ list actor on a huge hit show didn't have anyone within two seats of him at a show he attended. Why? He smelled as if he had not showered in days and when he had showered had done it in week old booze. Ryan Kwanten "True Blood"

#4 - Currently, and I mean only currently this television actress is probably a B-. As soon as her show gets canceled, and it will, she will be thrown back into obscurity. Hopefully. She does have a fairly famous boyfriend so she might stick around to torture the world. Anyway, she was at a show and was overheard saying how she hated 95% of the crap that the designer showed but that she would still like to get the other 5% of the stuff for free and that is the only reason she was there. Unfortunately for the actress, the designer heard every word and made sure to tell our actress that her work was 100% crap. AnnaLyn McCord (Kellan Lutz)

Friends are worried because they think THIS star signed up for "Dancing with the Stars" HOPING to be injured! Twinkle toes has long had a penchant for drugs of all kind, and especially painkillers. Rigorous rehearsals often cause amateur dancers to have injuries and back problems that can last for who-knows how long. This dancer may be eagerly anticipating the powerful pills and shots generally prescribed for recovery. Friends predict such an injury will lead directly to another stint in rehab. Ashley Hamilton

63. BUZZFOTO 09/21
The two celebrity couples are fairly publicly known as friends. They’ve been snapped going out together before and been known to double up or hang out. We’re told that the two couples are no longer such BFF’s since one of the B list males made a VERY inappropriate drunken pass at the other female that is not his wife. Since the incident, which we can only describe as awkward, with a lot of grabby/grabby action going on, the couples refuse to see one another. Not Posh and Becks.
Marc Anthony/Jennifer Lopez

64. BLIND GOSSIP 09/21
This popular actor was not with his wife at the Emmy Awards last night. They had a big fight over wardrobe earlier in the evening. He thought it would be really funny to wear something other than a tuxedo, but she didn’t want to look like a fool sitting next to him. He relented and dressed properly for the event, but there was such tension between them that he wound up going alone. The fights are definitely coming more frequently for this couple. We can only imagine how many more there would be if she knew about his private lunches with one of his co-stars.
Rob Lowe; Chevy Chase; David Boreanaz

At least two of the celebrities on the red carpet at yesterday's Emmy Awards paid for their date. You would think that just being invited to the Awards would be payment enough, but nope, it turns out that both of these companions wanted more than just tickets. Contrary to what you might be thinking, there was one male and one female who did the hiring yesterday. This C list actress from one of those initial shows is actually quite attractive. Very attractive and if she needs a date somewhere in the future she should give me a call instead of having to pay for one of the crew from the show to go with her. Oh, he wasn't technically a pro, but she paid him $1000 and bought him a suit. I don't know if dinner or drinks were included. One person who was most definitely a pro was the woman that this A list television actor brought to the awards. You know I say he is A list, but he won't be for long. I would tell you why he won't be A list for long but then it would give away his identity. My favorite role of his was actually a fairly small role on a different television series.
C list actress: Eva LaRue
A list television actor:
Tracy Morgan

This very good looking C+ actor on a huge hit cable show broke his foot about a week ago. He didn't want anyone to ask him how it happened so he removed the cast while he was at The Emmy Awards. The reason he broke his ankle? He was whacked out on meth and jumped off the roof of his house with a cape on thinking he could fly.
Johnny Lewis "Sons of Anarchy"

67. BUZZFOTO 09/22
This actress has followed her husband from one thing to another. She tries really hard to be supportive, but along the way, she’s sort of lost her identity. We hear she might be rediscovering herself with the help of a bodyguard, who ‘gets her’ and doesn’t try to change her or mold her into place. The relationship right now is said to be ‘not sexual’ yet, but the only solace the actress is finding from the confines of her marriage are through this man whom she’s told sources is like ‘her soulmate.’ Not Jennifer Garner.
Katie Holmes Cruise

68. BLIND GOSSIP 09/22**#1**
Actress 1, an Emmy nominee/winner, is married to a man. We’ve never thought that the marriage was fake, or that Actress 1 was anything other than straight. That’s why it was rather puzzling as to why she was in the bathroom at the awards show with her arms around Actress 2.
Actress 2 was not nominated for anything at the Emmys, is not married, and has dated some high-profile men. But there was something odd about Actress 1’s behavior. It looked as if Actress 2 was upset about something, and Actress 1 was trying to comfort her. Actress 1 kept hugging Actress 2 and stroking her hair and rubbing her back and pulling her closer. Then she would whisper something in her ear, and kiss her on her cheek, her forehead… and her lips. It was a little too close for comfort. Who kisses their friend on the lips?

69. BLIND GOSSIP 09/22 **#2**
Don’t believe the stories you hear about how happy her family is that she is marrying her boyfriend. Exactly the opposite. Yes, they are publicly supportive of the relationship. Privately, though, they are desperately scrambling to figure out a way to get through to her that she should wait. Why is she so insistent on getting married so quickly? She is a very competitive girl, and actually has three reasons for running to the altar: Attention. Money. Baby.
Khloe Kardashian

Back in the 90's, there was a notorious black female crew (The Posse) that consisted of pretty girls. They hailed from Texas and their intention was to get pregnant by multi-million dollar athletes (mainly NBA) for big child support payments. They were well versed on the art of seduction. FAST FORWARD: Now, you have another girl crew, but they are not focused on child support payments, instead, they set up professional ballers to be robbed. Several beautiful black women belong to this crew. They wear sexy clothing to get the mark's attention, when he invites her to his house, she makes it a point to look over his shoulder when he deactivates the alarm system to get the code. The following day, when he takes her out to breakfast or shopping, she sends a text message to her partners in crime containing the security code. The baller returns home to find his home robbed. This crew is allegedly headed by someone who stays in the shadows, unidentified. This person navigates everything and keeps up with NBA, NFL and MLB schedules. The girls are also dispatched to clubs were professional athletes hang out in cities across the country.
They've robbed several men, below are two of their famous victims.
A NBA player who dated a black pop princess was a recent victim. Quentin Richardson/Brandy; Andrew Bynum/Rihanna
Another athlete, not in the NBA, was robbed last weekend. Donte Whitner

This engagement is fairly new, but I definitely smell trouble. This Golden Globe nominated/winner B list movie actress has been entertaining a fairly steady stream of men at her fiance's home. Her fiance is a B list television actor on a very hit show. He must know this is going on as our actress doesn't hide what she has been doing and with whom but our actor doesn't seem to care.
Emily Blunt and John Krasinski

72. BUZZFOTO 09/23
Remember how we told you about the two celebrity couples who were good buddies until a little ‘incident’ happened that split the friendship up? We’re now finding out there’s a little more to the story. Apparently the incident wasn’t so one sided. The female involved and her male buddy were once caught in a heavy make-out session by the spouse of another. This was prior to the story that happened in the item mentioned here! Not Victoria Beckham and Becks.

1. This Female loves her Celebrity girlfriend despite the fact that her celebrity girlfriend cheats on her all the time. This lady is not going anywhere. Every year she gets a brand new car for her birthday.
Jeanette Jenkin/Queen Latifah

2. This Actress is desperate to rejoin her former daytime show. She has been showing up at awards shows wearing bizarre outfits to get publicity, but her former bosses are not interested in having her back. Victoria Rowell

3. This Actress/Comedienne is on the verge of world wide fame, but her greedy demands could sink her career and Oscar dreams. Mo'Nique

What upper list celebrity parents have only seen their child/children for a total of five days over the past two months. The parents feel like the child/children get in the way too much and our parents have way too much going on in their lives to be concerned with their child/children right now.
Jennifer Lopez/Marc Anthony

Which actor refused to take pictures at the premiere of Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs because he thought he was too sweaty? Hyperhidrosis or hyperdiva?
Alec Baldwin

76. BLIND GOSSIP 09/24
This entertainer was a presenter at the Emmy Awards. Nice person, very talented, slightly drunk. They didn’t weave on stage or slur their words, but they did down three alcoholic drinks just before going on stage. Their co-presenter saw this go down and responded "Oh, s*" when told by a stage hand that they should be prepared to handle all the dialogue solo.
Patricia Arquette/Jennifer Love Hewitt

77. BUZZFOTO 09/24
These two stars fell in love in their early twenties, but they only dated for a few months. Now both are settled in comfortable relationships. We know the two split amicably but there were still questions of ‘what if.’ Now, because of a recent project, the two might get the chance to rekindle that romance, but will they betray the their current partners for the price of reunited love?? Not Angelina Jolie.

On fight night, a Las Vegas hot spot was charging a $100 cover fee and an $500 charge to gain entry into the VIP section with celebrities.

1. A famous rap mogul was in the face of an rapper/actor the entire evening. The rich mogul acted like an overzealous groupie as he followed the rapper/actor's every move in the VIP section.
Who is the rap mogul? Who is the rapper/actor?
P Diddy/ Tyrese; Drake

2. Meanwhile, a married black comedian was in the corner surrounded by blondes. He could be overheard telling them how fine and sexy they were and he tried to get one of them to do a drug run for him. Rumors indicate that he's also a functional alcoholic and despite being black and being married to a black woman, he's not too black friendly.
Who's the black comic?
D.L. Hughley

3. Sadly, the sister of a black actress was in VIP tricking for money. Allegedly, she was even giving hand jobs under the table for a few hundred dollars. She's hit rock bottom. She's in the industry and has had a few gigs but her sister is the more popular of the two. Her sister is considered sexy and often wears racy outfits.
When you guess her sister, you will know who she is, who's her sister?
Meagan Goode's sister La'Myia; Nia Long/Sommore

4. The daughter of an outrageous dead black icon passed through. She's the alpha dog of her "butch crew." She entered VIP swigging from a bottle of champagne and wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. Her tough girl crew was openly checking out the attractive females in attendance and a few tried to put their mack down.
When you guess her outrageous dad, you will know who she is? Who's the dad?
Rick James' daughter Ty James

5. The brother of a female rapper (who has fallen off) entered VIP. He was surrounded by his stable of women. He's now a pimp and this was his coming out night. The girls were dispatched with orders to solicit celebrities.
When you guess who his rapper sister is, you will know his identity, who is his sister?
Foxy Brown/Young Gavin

6. This guy rode the coattails of someone close (will not say if it's a relative) but when he got word that a once feared man was denied entrance to the club, he bounced, met up with the feared man outside, he desperately looked around for the paparazzi to take photos-to aid his street cred but they were nowhere in sight. Nevertheless, he left with the feared man and they hung out the remainder of the evening.
Who is the once feared man? Who is the wannabe?
Suge Knight/Ray J (Brandy's brother)

7. Outside of VIP, a once popular rapper was making a ruckus on the dance floor with a tore up-from the floor up woman. According to our source, this woman had a body odor and wore the cheapest black dress you would see in your life and her weave was pitiful. It looked like a kool-aid dye job purchased from the flea market for a retail price of .25 cent. To make matters worse, she wore no panties and kept flashing her front end and rear end. People surrounded the couple on the dance floor when the rapper started fingering her in the open.
Who is the rapper?
DMX; Mack 10

A Truly Desperate Housewife: No, this isn't the soapy made-up stuff on ABC. This is real-life desperation, babes, Hollywood-style! There's an aging celeb couple in town who have been pretty damn lucky with their love life, for many years. Sure, they've had their ups and downs (both professionally and personally), but Perka Penis-Player and Schlamm Butt-Wiggle have still managed to stick it out for the tabloid-headlined long haul—miraculously so. Everybody said they wouldn't make it. But so far, they have—at least for appearance's sake. Maybe that's because Perka's a broad who's willing to do whatever it takes (in her rather sex-kitten-ish, stereotyped eyes) to hold onto her still-doable guy, despite the fact that his very nice ass has dropped as much as his box-office appeal these days. So what does "whatever it takes" require Perka to engage in? Plastic surgery, perhaps? Oh gawd, that was years ago. No, now it's time for crafty Ms. Penis-Player to move on the next part of her bod that needs lifting. Can you guess what it is? Ass or eyes, you ask? Wrong! Her hands! OMG, what will these Frankenstein Beverly Hills plastic surgeons think of next! Is a knee lift next? Don't tell me: It probably already exists. Nevertheless, it's Perka who's now gone through the recent and incredibly weird process of having her hands lifted, as if that's the part of her anatomy that's gonna get Schlamm's schlong in gear. Maybe it will—I don't know what the hell makes people hot for each other, anymore. But dare I say it's all a waste of time? You see, as of late, Schlamm's own digits are notorious for touching everything but that Penis-Player he's been shackin' up with for eons. Why do couples go on like this? Just call it a day and go screw who you like, already! And It Ain't: Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin; Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks; Calista Flockhart and Harrison Ford. Goldie Hawn/Kurt Russell

This B+ television and movie actor has had some issues at home over the past year. A lot of it has had to do with his infidelity. Publicly everyone is getting along great. Behind the scenes though, our married actor has been having sex with the D list actress daughter of this A list actress. Oh, and our actor is also married to a C list actress.
#1 - B+ actor: David Duchovny
#2 - D list actress having sex with B+ actor: Eva Amurri (on "Californication")
#3 - A list mom: Susan Sarandon
#4 - C list actress wife: Tea Leoni

Being an insanely plugged-in member of this biz called show has its disadvantages. Case in point: I just found out that one of my favorite on-screen duos doesn’t get along in real life. Truth be told, they despise each other, and it’s causing serious conflict on the set. According to a well-placed insider on this unnamed smash hit, the male half of this twosome claims his leading lady is unprofessional and extremely difficult to work with. Even worse, he has accused her of behaving "inappropriately" at times. He’s made it known to TPTB that he doesn’t want to be in scenes with her, least of all love scenes. But there’s no getting around those anytime soon. "They told him the love scenes are unavoidable," says my spy. "Their characters are supposed to be having a torrid affair." Agents for the pair are attempting to defuse the situation by promising to make sure both actors maintain professional standards in future scenes. Care to guess the identity of the quarreling lovers?
Sandra Oh and Kevin McKidd "Grey’s Anatomy"

82. BLIND GOSSIP 09/24
You would think that an actress who has over 30 credits to her name would have put away some serious coin over the years. However, this one doesn’t appear to be managing her money well. She went shopping recently, racking up about a thousand dollars worth of purchases in a short amount of time. She presented her credit card. Denied. She presented a second credit card. Denied. The actress accused the salesperson of not knowing how to process a credit card transaction. The salesperson held her tongue and simply smiled and asked the actress if she wanted to pay cash. The actress snapped that she wasn’t stupid enough to carry that type of cash around with her. She pulled out another credit card. Third time was a charm. What has she done with all her money? We hope it didn’t go up her nose.
Shannen Doherty

1. Which former west-coast super-couple isn’t together anymore on-screen because the actress physically assaulted her co-star? It was so brutal that the network legal department had to get involved. And to think the fans think it’s the writers who broke up the popular pairing!

2. Which major film star and former soap star told Suds that she was "happy GL was cancelled," at this year’s Toronto Film Festival? "What. A. Disaster," she said, mimicking Chelsea Handler.

3. Which west-coast loser brags to anyone who will listen to how hot his new fiancée is, but in reality, we hear he's much more of a "meat & potatoes" kind of a guy. And word is, he's also hung! Ingo Rademacher

84. BUZZFOTO 09/28
Which Celebrity who has been away from her husband for over a month due to work schedules is finding herself a little late? And by late, we mean she could be having a baby from the guy she’s been ‘having fun with’ while she and her husband are apart…. Not Beth Ortosky.

This B- list television actor is one of the leads on a big hit network drama. One of those police type shows. Our actor has not shown up on set for almost two weeks. It isn't about contracts or anything like that. Nope. It is because he is on the drug bender to end all benders and won't stop using. Producers are getting worried because they need him on set and functioning soon or they are going to have some huge story gaps that will need explaining.
Adam Rodriguez "CSI Miami"

86. BLIND GOSSIP 09/28
This actress is making up some tall tales to convince people that she is more cultured than she really is. She was overheard remarking to someone at a post-Emmy party that although she works on TV there are no televisions in her home. This is so their child/children will grow up more interested in books and art and culture than in TV and video games. A member of her staff let us know that they actually have a half dozen very nice flat-screen televisions in their home, and that sometimes all of them are on at once so the actress can see the same show as she moves from room to room.

Funny Dude's a Dud in Bed! Nothing refreshes us on a moody Monday morning like a Bonus Blind Vice, and we're all in luck, babes! This one's full of sex 'n' love and secondhand embarrassment for Stinky Carrot-Crotch, a boob-tube dude used to rolling around in piles of money, but typically all by his lonesome. Man's not exactly a lady-killer, though his bank account and undeniable talent certainly get women to give him second, third and fourth glances, shockingly. He's not exactly tragic-looking, either—so we're kinda stunned to hear SCC's got trouble with the female sort. Well, not always—Stink got kissed by lady luck (and then some) one special evening, but maybe he should've been careful what he wished for... Stinky, who just loves to hear the sound of his own voice, slunk into a karaoke joint for a night of dorky fun, but ended up with a whole lot more in his hand than a microphone. Like two babes looking for a good time and a famous guy to do it with. The punch-drunk gal-pals recognized the dude from his work on the small screen and were more than willing to hightail it back to his place for a night of supersloshed after-hours antics. Was Carrot-Crotch into it? Totally! This was his first ménage à trois ever, and he was sick of being a prude by default. Unfortunately for him (and even sadder for the two girls) he didn't know what the hell he was doing the whole time, since he barely knows how to handle one broad in the bedroom, let alone two. The next morning, C.C. woke up with a sparkle in his eyes for one of the honeys—'course, she had endured enough of the star's inexperience in bed the night before and ran out of there, prioritizing her libido over a life of riches and jewels and other high-class crap. Her other friend, however, totally had the hots for Carrot-Crotch, but his mind was too focused on what he couldn't have: the other girl who wanted nothing to do with him. Take heed to the moral of Stinky Carrot-Crotch: This proves that money sure can't buy you everything—including how to please a woman. 'Course, he could always pick up one of these at his local sex shop; they do the trick just fine, we hear! Unlike Stinky. Poor rich, funny baby. And It Ain't: Jon Hamm, Sam Trammell, Matt Stone.
Seth Green; Kevin Connelly

88. SOAP SUDS 09/28
1. Which former west-coast couple, who are currently paired on-screen, can’t stand the sight of each other? Seems the actor’s alcoholism and homosexuality isn’t being kept under wraps anymore!
"Bold and Beautiful" Ronn Moss (Ridge Forrester)/Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke Logan Forrester)

2. Which west-coast plastic surgery addict is furious over one of Suds Report’s blind items and demanded that the show stop dealing with TV Guide Canada? Maybe she would be better served taking an acting class. Hey, it’s the cast that comes to me with this dirt, baby, so you should be mad at your co-workers because they think you’re a whack job! I like crazy bitches. Hunter Tylo

3. Which executive producer has fallen off the coke wagon again?

4. Which west-coast actor has never answered his fan mail — and then he wonders why he doesn’t have a storyline or why fans hate him these days?

5. Which west-coast actress had to file a complaint against her co-star when he flipped out and almost assaulted her during a scene when she touched his precious cellphone?

89. BUZZFOTO 09/29
This celebrity is struggling with some serious depression/anxiety. Because of religious beliefs, we’re told the issue isn’t being treated seriously by family members. To make matters worse, the ‘treatments’ that the star has been offered to improve the situation, have only worsened the problem. If these stories are true, we only hope the celeb can get the help they need, including support from their loved ones. Not Jen Garner.
Katie Holmes; Kelly Preston

This item is a little unusual. Much like the Andy Dick item from earlier in the year, this is about someone who seems to be succeeding in rehab. As much attention as I focus on people who need it or don't succeed in rehab, I think it is good to focus on the people who are sorting their lives out. D lister for sure, but was on Celebrity Rehab. Singer. Anyway, she was spotted at the Torrid fashion show last week and was being offered wine by someone who obviously didn't know better or just didn't care. In fact she was offered wine more than once by several people including waiters. She turned them down everytime and even walked away when she needed to gather herself. All the while she kept drinking sugar-free Red Bull. Oh, and the guy she was with (maybe her husband?) seemed like a tool. He kept leaving her to make and take phone calls.
Nikki McKibbin

91. BLIND GOSSIP 09/29
There is one contestant on this season’s Dancing with the Stars who just thinks they are so above it all. They have privately remarked several times about the caliber of the other contestants, calling them "nobodies" and – in the case of one particular celeb – "white trash". The dance professional with whom they are paired this season absolutely can’t stand them, and quietly prays they get the boot sooner rather than later.
Donny Osmond'; Joanna Kripa

When this rapper was in high school, him and his crew had a rep for running through the prettiest girls on campus-sexually. He's always gotten down like this and things haven't changed. When he first blew up, he was so insatiable that it wasn't unusual for him to have sex with 2-3 groupies per night. He's known to dispatch his boys out to college campuses to recruit attractive women for him and he's known for hitting it raw, he hates protection and if the girl insists, he'll tell her, "I'm a star baby, this is your lucky night!" The girl usually relents. The woman he's currently linked to tries to come across as a family value type with high morals but in reality, it's always been rumored she's been ran through by NBA and NFL players. So much so, that one baller went out of his way to say: "I'm not dating her," despite her sex appeal, people were wondering, why is he so upset? Since she's not unattractive but it was because of her rep. She and the rapper have something in common: He runs through women and she's been ran through by men, according to rumors. Who is the rapper? Who is the woman he's currently linked to?
Lil Wayne and Lauren London; Wale and Solange; Nelly and Ashanti; Ludacris and Gabrielle Union

93. BUZZFOTO 09/30
We know plenty of Celebs call the paps or give them a heads up to where they’re going to be. That happens all the time. Sometimes, they even pretend like they are annoyed by it. What is a little more unusual is when a celeb alerts the paparazzi that they are going to be somewhere, and instead of showing up, have their unsuspecting rival caught in an unflattering situation, say with no makeup or caught in a scandalous affair. Can you guess the caller and the rival that has been snapped lately? It won’t be too hard if you keep up on your Celeb gossip. No one from The Hills.
Paris Hilton on Nicole Richie

94. BLIND GOSSIP 09/30
While we are pleased that the newer styles of blue jeans include higher waists, there is one female star who needs a little help in the fashion department. She doesn’t seem to be able to find a pair of pants that don’t embarrass her in one way or another. She still wears those low-slung jeans that simultaneously highlight both whale tail and muffin top…and even the occasional plumber’s crack. We were pleased to see her recently in the newer, higher waist jeans with the stove pipe legs, until we realized that her legs were being squeezed so hard that her legs looked like tightly packed sausage links. While she is still blaming her genes for her inability to look good in jeans, maybe she should steer clear of skinny jeans and stick to the boyfriend style. Especially if she’s got a baby on board. And definitely steer clear of those horrid Mom jeans, mmmkay?

I guess this actress is C list. She probably used to be B. Was once on a very famous television show with an ensemble cast that has moved on to lots of better things. Our actress has always had a squeaky clean image because of that popular show. Right now she focuses on movies and gets leads in straight to DVD features. When she is all made up she looks fabulous. When you catch her in her trailer smoking meth though she looks like the strung out junkie she is who has no problems f**king anyone who gives her money for drugs.

1. This R&B singing Legend is not happy with his life. Despite having worldwide fame and a great singing career, his family and hanger-on’s are wearing him out. He has to constantly stay on the road to support over 50 family members and leeches.
Smokey Robinson; Al Green

2. This Reality Show has been having a hard time finding honest celebrities. The premise of the show is finding celebrities who are not known for foot skills, but now celebrities are training in advance to be on the show so they can win money. "Dancing with the Stars"

97. BUZZFOTO 10/01
A source tells us that this certain star is getting super thin because of a increasingly bad eating disorder. Maybe the pressures of handling a career and family are getting to her. Her family is concerned, but word is, her handlers aren’t - they’re the ones that suggested she lose the weight to get the work. Not Katie Holmes.
Ashlee Simpson Wentz

The spurned boyfriend of a former male member of S Club 8 has been causing a bit of a hoo-hah on Facebook recently, divulging secrets about his ex-lover's sleeping habits. Distraught, the boyfriend posted a list of people that he claimed the former child popstar had been sticking it to - naming, in particular, a former member of a similarly manufactured boy-girl band. Of course, the whole thing could just be hearsay, but it does make you wonder.. Difficult to decide which one it could be, isn’t it? s club 8 dtmys

99. BLIND GOSSIP 10/01 **#1**
This item will be short and sweet, just like this adorable TV actress. Although she’s petite, this girl apparently makes a big impression wherever she goes. There’s a famous NBA player - known for being a bad boy – who can’t stop talking about her since he met her. In his own words, "She’s exactly the right height to give me a b* j*."

100. BLIND GOSSIP 10/01**#2**
This top Hollywood film actor has never come out of the closet, but there have been lots of rumors in the past that he is gay. While he has plenty of offers from gay men – and straight women – he actually prefers a third option: straight men who are also famous. He enjoys getting them to "switch teams", even if only for a one-time tryst. His powers of persuasion must be pretty strong, because he’s talked more than one famous and straight man into sampling the goods. He always makes it as dirty as possible (including the sampling of each other’s body waste), because he feel certain that there is no way that they will ever tell anyone.
George Clooney; Tom Cruise; John Travolta; Hugh Jackman; Kevin Spacey

This former A list singer and now probably a B- or C+ went off on her ex-boyfriend the other night. He is an A lister and she said that he only ever could have sex with our singer if she stayed completely quiet the entire time. Of course since they only had sex every few months she didn't have to make that effort very often.
Alanis Morissette & Ryan Reynolds

102. STAR MAGAZINE 10/01
Which singer has rebounded after splitting from his wife by secretly bedding his sexy twenty-something assistant? And no, it’s not the one he’s been photographed with.
Billy Joel

Back in the day, she was the number one stripper in the world. Celebrities flocked to her! She was even shouted out in a rap song. She hailed from Detroit and was nicknamed the "Queen Of Clubs," from coast to coast. It was not unusual for her to earn upwards to $10,000 per night in the midst of Dom Perignon and Beluga caviar. Word quickly spread through the NBA and NFL about our stripper, word also circulated that the club provided preferential treatment to athletes: complimentary drinks, food, and dances, all in private VIP rooms. Like the amenities in other gentlemen clubs: The athletes received special treatment in the VIP rooms. Away from the stage, she was a style icon and resembled a supermodel in appearance. She often rocked $5,000 Gucci bags and expensive designer shoes. Two (late) rap icons were rumored to have been close to her and she allegedly treated both men to illicit private shows in VIP rooms, when she wasn't performing in rented mansions. Other celebrities in Hollywood and New York had their private jet on standby to fly her in at a moments notice. Famous clients included: A "former" superstar NFL running back who came across as square, never flashy and down to earth. You don't have to be a NFL fan to know who he is. Another customer was a "former" feared boxer who is allegedly punch drunk. All that glitters isn't gold. Tragedy struck the stripper after the murders of both rap icons. Several years after their deaths, well into her retirement, she and an former female roommate (who was also a stripper) allegedly contracted AIDS from a non-famous client they had both shared, both women died from complications. None of her former celebrity clients contracted the disease from her although one alleged "very famous" customer would get infected by someone else.
Who are the rap icons? Tupac & Notorious B.I.G.
Who is the former superstar running back? Barry Sanders
Who is the former feared boxer? Mike Tyson
Who is the very famous customer who got infected by someone else? Magic Johnson

104. HOLY MOLY 10/02
1. Which horrible new boyfriend of a desperate celebrity is pretty widely accepted within certain circles as an avid cross-dresser?
Katie Price (aka Jordan) and Alex Reid

2. Which British diva has had so much plastic surgery she finds it almost impossible to talk? At a recent 'do', a mole tried to have a conversation with her but left halfway through as it was like talking to Shane McGowan with 500 tic tacs in his gob. Katie Price

3. On a similar note, which tabloid showbiz columnist isn't allowed to write about her only real big scoop - the threesome she had with an ex-famous girl band member and her husband?

105. SOAP SUDS 10/02
1. Which major AMC star is worrying her castmates with her erratic, non-sensical behaviour? "We think she’s on drugs. Her skin is a dead giveaway. She’s increasingly irrational and forgetful. That, or she’s completely nuts," the mole suggests.
Bobbie Eakes; Chrishelle Stause

2. Which returning soap super-hunk has been nicknamed "12-pack" by some of his co-workers — but even though he has killer abs, that’s not what they are referring to. Mark Collier "As the World Turns"

3. Which soap superstar says that she’s humiliated and ashamed of the garbage dialogue she’s been given and actually apologizes to her castmates and crew before and after her scenes are filmed? And yes, it’s who you think it is. Susan Lucci

4. Which east-coast character actress will be returning to her show before the end of the year to help tell a major paternity storyline? Vanessa Marcil "General Hospital"; Rebecca Budig "All My Children"

106. PAGE SIX/NY POST 10/04
1. WHICH reality show star refused to put a housekeeper on the books, worked her like a slave and paid her spottily in cash with no regard to her Social Security or her husband, who was being treated for cancer?
Kate Gosselin; LuAnn deLesseps

2. WHICH pouty actress was recently spotted acting like a complete lush? She "got drunk and then threw herself all over a club owner," according to our spies. Megan Fox; Lindsay Lohan

3. WHICH soon-to-be married heartthrob forced his wedding guests to sign confidentiality agreements before they got their wedding invitations? Kevin Jonas

107. BUZZFOTO 10/05
Which star that recently lost weight has no tolerance for overweight people. In fact, any time our star sees someone with a little extra weight, they make terrible comments, roll their eyes and are hostile towards them. The resentment has gotten so bad, they won’t interact or attend events where they know people who are overweight will be there. We think they still have a little self-loathing from the time when the tables were turned. Not Nick Nolte.
Seth Rogan; Gary Busey

This foreign born C list movie actress was rumored to be in a relationship with this B+/A- list movie actor. The rumors were true but the relationship is having its problems. Not because they don't like each other because they are crazy about each other. It is just that our actor has had some problems in the past with substance abuse and is trying to stay clean and the actress is in a full on do drugs whenever you can time in her life and is causing some real issues between the two. In fact, over the last few weeks our actress has been doing more than usual and looks like death warmed over according to someone who saw her at a press event.
Carey Mulligan/Shia LaBeouf

109. BLIND GOSSIP 10/05
Once upon a time, there was a little girl. She was adorable and charmed everyone with her crooked smile. Little girl ran into some big trouble early on, but seems to have straightened herself out and focused on the work. However, she is now stepping on some big boy toes with her latest pursuit. That is because she dared to venture into this male-dominated field without being properly deferential to the big boys club. While one of the big boys appears to be on her side, another tried to quietly sabotage her first new project. He tried to undermine her insurance by claiming that our little girl isn’t as recovered as we think.

little girl: Drew Barrymore
boy on her side: Steven Spielberg
sabotage boy: Michael Bay

110. BUZZFOTO 10/06
This comes from a story several years ago. It has to do with a Tom Hanks movie that didn’t receive the rave reviews that were expected. The original script featured a strong female character. Someone famous, involved in the production of the movie demanded that the ‘bitch’ be taken out of the script because he didn’t want any strong females in this film. The women in it had to be beautiful, secondary and not very smart. So, the script was changed and in our opinion, the movie isn’t that great, even though it has the fabulous Mr. Hanks in it. The person throwing the female fit was not Tom Hanks. He’s a stand up guy by all recollections. Guess the movie and the misogynist?
"Turner and Hooch"/Jeffrey Katzenberg

This married B+/A- list movie actress has a dog. The dog's name is the same as the name of our actress. The reason for this? According to the actress there are two reasons and I kid you not. This is what she said. "You can never have enough of a good thing and when I look at her it is like looking at a mirror." Oh, and to top off this absurdity her dog is a boy.

112. BLIND GOSSIP 10/06
David Letterman isn’t the only guy on TV sweating the revelation of personal relationships with his subordinates. There is a star of a television series who has built a similar house of cards. He is married, but has been intimate with at least three members of his cast and crew. One was a co-star, one was a behind-the-scenes crew member, and one was a guest star whose appearance was contingent on a satisfactory private audition with him. There may be more. Somebody’s going to get hurt on this one.
David Duchovny

113. BUZZFOTO 10/07
We’ve been reluctant to put this one up, because it’s not really salacious, just plain gross to read. Gossip is a little slow, so we’re going to do it. Apologies in advance. If you’re eating or have a weak stomach, stop reading now! This one comes from the pilot of a private jet. This big time West Coast NBA star was flying on a private jet to an event and used the bathroom. They flew to their destination and the player left and all was well. Until the pilot checked the bathroom! It was in such a disgusting mess. Unknown substances in the sink and on the mirror, but worst of all, the toilet wouldn’t flush. It wouldn’t flush because the present the star left was so huge, that the pilot had to cut it into thirds to get it to go down. Not Kobe.

In some circles he's legendary, in other circles, he's a well known rocker. What few people know, he's been stepping out on his wife with a black exotic dancer for 13 years. He even took the dancer and her black friends on a shopping spree in Las Vegas. He's so turned out, when he's at the strip joints, he heckles, where are the black girls? Allegedly, his wife found out about the affair and pulled a gun on him but he sweet talked her out of any violence. He's hoping she won't file for divorce because it's cheaper to keep her and he doesn't want to lose his multi million dollar estate. Who is he?
Jon Bon Jovi; Bruce Springsteen

115. BLIND GOSSIP 10/07
A youngish film actress we all know did a bit of furniture shopping over the weekend. She was in several high end stores – accompanied by a designer – focused specifically on purchasing a pair of modern sofas in the $10,000 and up range. She found a style she liked, chose a leather fabric from among the swatches, and was told that it would be ready in several months. The star said that the time frame was ridiculous, and wanted the custom pieces in her home within a week. The sales person – and her designer – very patiently and professionally explained the process of ordering, producing and shipping custom furniture, but the star persisted in her demands. At one point, she even asked them to give her the sofas for free. Her logic? "Everyone else gives me things for free", and because "a lot of famous asses will be sitting on them." She is one of them.

This Academy Award winner/nominee actress has always said she would never get plastic surgery and that women should never get it. Apparently times change and when her Spanish female lover wanted fake breasts, our actress paid for the procedure.
Jodie Foster

117. POPBITCH 10/08
1. Warner Brothers studio threatened which young actor after he lost lots of weight and was therefore totally unsuitable for his role in a film series? A compromise was reached when they got him some prosthetics.
Harry Melling "Harry Potter"

2. Which partygoer was so out of it at Simon Cowell's party that she didn't know she was wandering round with gak smeared over her face?

118. BUZZFOTO 10/08
Which D List Celeb/Former Child Star recently tried to overdose on prescription pills in an effort to get some press and attention, but for whatever reason, either bad technique, fear or inexperience, ended up only getting really sick for a weekend? Not Corey Feldman.

This A list movie actor recently quit a very high profile movie he was to begin shooting. There was no real reason why he suddenly decided to take a pass. Well, the reason is a pass. It turns out that the A list actor hit on the wife of his fellow A list co-star who threatened to walk out if the offender wasn't fired. Our A list lecher was allowed to quit rather than being fired.

Sean Penn/Josh Brolin/Diane Lane "Cartel"

This retired Sports Player is ready to take the next step in his career. He loves acting, but if it doesn’t work out, he won’t have to worry about paying his bills. His fiancé is a rich divorcée.
Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy

121. BLIND GOSSIP 10/08
This television actress – who is environmentally conscious – usually brings her own reusable shopping totes to the supermarket. One day she forgot. When the time came to check out, she asked for paper bags. The clerk packed the groceries into paper bags, but when the actress went to pick them up, she expressed annoyance that the bags had no handles. "Where are the handles? Don’t your bags usually have handles? How am I supposed to carry bags without handles?" She became even more annoyed when the grocery clerk then slipped a plastic bag over the bottom of the paper bag in order to give the bags handles. "No, no, NO!" the actress exclaimed, and started lecturing the clerk on environmental waste. A manager came over to mediate, and after a bit of arguing back and forth, wound up gifting the actress with several reusable tote bags. The clerk then pulled all the groceries out of the paper and plastic bags and re-packed them into the tote bags, all while being lectured by the actress. The actress then grabbed the bags from the clerk rather rudely, and tossed off a very sarcastic "Thank you SOOO much for doing your part to help the environment!" before heading out the door. It must be exhausting for this girl to engage in controversy wherever she goes.

122. HOLY MOLY 10/09
1. Which Supermodel, in Paris with her boyfriend for Fashion Week, got so 'tired and emotional' in the Hemmingway bar of the Paris Ritz on Tuesday night that she passed out on a banquette in front of all the guests and had to be carried out?
Kate Moss

2. Which Brit actor was loitering in the unisex lavs of a club when he saw a girl who struck his fancy and made his move? What was that move? Well, after charming her into a cubicle, he requested that she piss on his hand - through her knickers, mind. Russell Brand

This woman is a celebrity by association only! Few people know she pursued a popular athlete in high school due to his potential (future) earning potential. Their relationship (allegedly) resulted in the birth of a child. Despite being a high school sports standout, he never got to the big leagues, they broke up and she became bitter. According to rumors, a relative stepped in and helped with the child. Over time, the relative allegedly took this on as a full-time responsibility while our single mother became a fixture in popular nightclubs trying to attract the likes of rich ballers. When the mother relocated to another city, she left the child with the relative. According to sources, she and the child never bonded and to this day, there's alleged tension and distance. The child is now 21 and the mother still hasn't publicly claimed her. Hint: The mother may have other kids she claims in the spotlight. Who is she?
Sheree from the Real Housewives of Atlanta; Kim Porter

Let's get something straight right now: Yes, I often write Blind Vices that are fairly obvious; this one isn't. That's a pretty big clue. And so, too, is Slink-a-Rella Jiggle's rear end. See, it's the main thing that got her beautifully bodied man, Dumbo Pecs, to ask her to marry him (her boobs sure didn't hurt, either). Well, that and the fact that Slink-a-Rella wasn't exactly actually Dumbo's first choice to be his wife. So Pec thought, Well, I do like Slinky's big ol' bottom, so why the hell not give this a try, huh? Aren't men funny? They make life decisions based on the most interesting things, like the notion that Dumbo also felt marriage to Slinky his career, which is the most stupidass thing I've ever heard. What Dumbo wasn't really paying attention to (since he's not really great about heeding the advice of those he pays to give it to him) was the unavoidable fact that his career was doing, uh, doing quite nicely before he ever met Ms. Jiggle. And if anything, Dumbo's marriage to Slink-a-Rella has stalled his pro job, if only a bit. Will Dumbo's day gig continue to sorta meander along, you think, until this kind of weirdo marriage of his suddenly busts up, as most of his friends think it will? And pretty messily, at that. Hard to say. And besides, a good pair of butt cheeks is hard to find in this town of starved women, so can't say I blame Mr. Pecs all that much. And It Ain't: Beyoncé & Jay-Z, Kendra Wilkinson & Hank Baskett, Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon
Fergie and Josh Duhamel

125. STAR MAGAZINE 10/09
Which starlet is Hollywood’s worst tipper? After a restaurant comped her $2600 meal, she left an 8% gratuity. What kind of warped reality is she living in?

Since this weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving, I felt it was only right that all the answers today be people who were born in Canada. It is an odd assortment of blinds, but it is the least I can do for everyone up north on this holiday weekend. Remember that if you have leftovers, I am perfectly willing to accept them.

#1 & #2 - Bad Drug Behavior - This C+/B- movie actor (Canadian) has been in his share of big movies and is currently filming what is expected to be huge by the studios but I'm not sure the public will agree. Anyway, our actor has already caused drama on the set by doing coke almost constantly and having production assistants deliver strippers to his trailer. Oh, our actor is being joined in all of this with the parent of his C list movie actress co-star. (Not Canadian)

# 3 - Kindness - This C list movie and television actress has a movie world record all to herself. She is also married to an Oscar nominee/winner writer. Anyway, our actress, who has children was at her children's doctor when she started talking to a woman who had three kids of her own, one of which had bone cancer. The woman didn't have insurance and was having a tough time paying the doctor bills. Long story short. Our actress hosted a fundraiser with her husband and raised $100,000 to pay for all the medical bills for the child and to give the family a much needed vacation. thanks to beth: Rachel Roberts (married to Andrew Niccol, nominated for The Truman Show) According to IMDB, her role in S1m0ne (2002) was the most screen time ever given to an uncredited role.

#4 - Probably the most well known of the Canadians in the blinds today. This is an actress who is B list because of a very hit show she was on. She is currently filming another show where she and her much older co-star are having a fling. No big deal in Hollywood although it will probably wreck the long term marriage of her co-star. Pam Anderson (Baywatch) and Chazz Palminteri/Hollywood & Wine

126. BLIND GOSSIP 10/09
Since this young star has had a little problem in the past when driving his own car, we were glad to hear that he had hired a driver to chauffeur him and his friends during a recent night of partying. Unfortunately, shouldering someone else with the task of driving allowed our star to get even more wasted than usual. So wasted, in fact, that he passed out in the back seat and the driver had to carry him into his house at the end of the night. Good thing that the chauffeur was a big guy and our star probably doesn’t weigh more than 150 pounds dripping wet. By the way, Star, you still owe Jeeves a tip.
Haley Joel Osment

This openly gay actor has been in a committed relationship for YEARS, but he’s been having a secret affair for several months with a toy boy half his age. It’s his personal trainer. To complicate matters, this actor and his partner decided to adopt a baby, and now the partner is pushing to hurry things up. The trainer is freaking out because he hoped the actor would leave the partner for HIM! What will our gay actor DO?
Neil Patrick Harris

What Oscar-winning actress and her Oscar-winning husband are said to be close to splitting? She's telling friends, "We've grown apart."
Frances McDormand & Joel Coen; Kate Winslet & Sam Mendes; Catherine Zeta-Jones & Michael Douglas

129. NY POST/PAGE SIX 10/12
Which closeted George W. Bush appointee and political strategist was at an all-gay birthday party at Union Square the other night?
Condoleeza Rice; Ken Mehlman

130. BUZZFOTO 10/12
This Actor who seems fairly open minded and educated, was heard using prejudiced language and homophobic slurs when drunk at bar with some friends. We wonder what his gay co-stars would think of that? Not any television actors.

This dark haired C+/B- movie and television actress who was on a fairly hit network show and has had some very famous ex-boyfriends was at the airport last week when she fainted. She said it was because she has been working so hard. The reality is that she heard one of the producers on her new movie call her fat and so this size zero actress has been eating once every three or four days to try and lose more weight.
Rose McGowan

132. BLIND GOSSIP 10/12
While Padma Lakshmi was busy licking herself, the contestants on Top Chef Las Vegas were asked: "What’s the most annoying thing a customer’s ever asked for/ordered?" Kevin Gillespie, Executive Chef and Partner at Woodfire Grill in Atlanta, replied: "We had a famous musician demand that we not make contact, address her directly, or engage her in any way. We told her that once she could go out to dinner like normal people, should could eat at our restaurant." Who is the famous musician Kevin was talking about?
Madonna; Beyonce; Mariah Carey; Barbara Streisand; Whitney Houston

133. BLIND GOSSIP 10/13
This actor always seemed like such a healthy guy. We’ve seen plenty of photos of him engaging in various forms of exercise and chowing down on wholesome foods. He’s been in shape for every one of his roles thus far, and isn’t one of those guys who has to go into training before making a film. That’s why it came as quite a shock to us to find out that he has been drinking to excess for several years. To the best of our knowledge, he has never gone to rehab, or even acted the fool in public. However, he is consuming about half of a fifth of the hard stuff practically every single day.

134. BUZZFOTO 10/13
These two stars who recently broke up, did so because of a third party. It’s not what you think though, no affair. The third party would like it to be an affair, but so far nothing has happened. Instead, the third party was a big trouble maker in the relationship of the star-crossed pair and played the two against each other, sent steamy text messages to cause trouble and tried other antics to get the two to split. Not Jessica Simpson.
Justin Timberlake/Jessica Biel/Rihanna; Kim Kardashian/Reggie Bush/Kanye West

I get that there’s no easy way to lay someone off, but, come on, this is ridiculous: A male series regular on a one-hour drama — a onetime ratings powerhouse — learned that he was out of a job only after reading his character’s death scene in the script! According to my mole, the popular and well-respected leading man — who tapes his final scenes this week — was blindsided not just by his ouster, but by the tacky way in which it was handled. "He was hurt that the producers didn’t tell him first," says the source. "He deserved better." The real surprise is that, well, anyone was surprised at all. The actors on said show have long been frustrated by the lack of communication coming from the front office. Still, as the insider points out, "This was low even for them." So, who’ll be looking for work starting next week? And what show does he currently star on? Here’s the first of two hints: It’s not — I repeat not — Grey’s Anatomy. Look for that second hint in this week’s Ask Ausiello.
Adrian Pasdar "Heroes"

This long haired B-/C+ list movie and television actress kind of hops between one and the other. She is also a huge publicity hound. She loves to see pictures of herself. Anyway, at a party over the weekend she was drinking and smoking joints and even did the odd line or two of coke. While she was partying she told all the people around her that she was also pregnant and she had it narrowed down to two people. She didn't really care who got her pregnant she just wanted to know which one she should ask to pay for the abortion.
Michelle Trachtenberg; Pamela Anderson

137. BUZZFOTO 10/14
This star singer is used to having staff help. She’s got it all from housekeepers and gardeners to handlers and personal assistants. Now a source is saying she’s got assistants to help her out with her marital duties as well. People to rub the feet and back of her hubby when they sit around the fire, people to send in-laws birthday gifts, people to to even help her spice up her love life and help in the bedroom! Not Christina Aguilera.
Mariah Carey

We've had blind items on famous people, male and female, prostituting themselves before fame came their way. Add another person to the list. Before this female singer hit it big, like a lot of artists, she used the overseas market as an testing ground. Since she didn't have name status, gigs were hard to come by and times were lean. She supplemented her meager earnings by becoming a call girl. By design or choice, the majority of her clients were white men. Due to her illicit earnings, she was able to live the life of a star before she became a star. When she hit it big, she left the overseas market and became a superstar in the U.S. She went to great lengths to hide this secret, it's just now leaking out. She's also married and is known as the dominant one in the marriage. Who is she?
Donna Summer; Toni Braxton

This should be a very interesting divorce. This B list actor on a hit cable show recently separated from his wife. The wife who is also mother to one of his kids. Instead of letting them stay in his huge home, he decided to stay in the house himself so he could entertain and kicked the wife and kid down the road to an apartment.
Kevin Dillon

140. STAR MAGAZINE 10/14
Which sweet starlet may be switching teams? Fed up with her baby daddy’s drama, she recently confided to a friend that the ladies have been looking really good lately.

141. BLIND GOSSIP 10/14
This married celebrity couple used to fight like cats and dogs whenever one found out that the other was being unfaithful. However, they have come to a rather unusual arrangement which seems to satisfy them both. She is allowed to invite a friend for a sleepover… as long as he gets to watch. He is allowed to invite a friend for a sleepover… as long as she gets to join them. Not a perfectly even relationship, but it seems to be working for them.
Diane Lane/Josh Brolin

142. BLIND GOSSIP 10/15
This actor is part of a newish ensemble television drama. Frankly, we can’t believe anyone would want to hire him after he walked around bad mouthing another show from which he was fired. Yes, he was fired. Don’t believe anything you might read about how his character was simply written off the show. The truth is that not a single person on the set liked working with the guy. However, since he is such a litigious jerk (he has his attorney on speed dial), the producers knew that if they fired him outright there would be trouble. So they simply reduced his part from episode to episode. His new show is not faring well either, and will likely crash and burn this season. At least that lucky cast won’t have to deal with him much longer. PS: Dude, the next time you send us a C&D, we will definitely post it in this space. Not anyone from Grey’s Anatomy.

This A list movie actor is in a serious relationship but it hasn't stopped him from cheating on his partner with his B list co-star who has been in this space before for her fun times with another couple.

1. This young Actress has the best of both worlds, a hit movie, a husband who loves her (he’s a well known Singer) and a female celebrity who has a major crush on her. The actress likes the attention she is getting from her female crush.
Paula Patton/"Precious"/Robin Thicke/Queen Latifah

2. Despite his scandalous past this male R&B Singer is not humble at all. He’s rude, arrogant and could care less about his fans. R. Kelly

145. THE DAILY BEAST 10/15
Dave Martin/The Culinary Loft, Top Chef contestant: So I did the birthday party for a very, very famous celebrity who shall remain nameless. It was great; we had all this food. And then everyone kind of disappeared later in the party and then I found out what everybody was doing: drugs. It’s people that are supposed to be good and healthy and clean and their reputation is great, but then actually behind the scenes they are doing what everybody says they are doing. You want to think that that’s not really happening or give the person the benefit of the doubt but then you meet them and it is what the press and media is saying. There’s this whole meal, and they just push it around the plate and you see what’s happening in the bathroom later.

146. BUZZFOTO 10/15
This celebrity star of a reality tv show, does his best to get along with his co-stars, but secretly despises them. He tells our source he plans to soon get his own show and leave everyone else in the dust. Not Spencer Pratt.
Brody Jenner

147. HOLY MOLY 10/16
Which mouthy British pop star thought it would be alright to join the mile high club with the married singer sitting next to her on a flight from Tokyo to London? She even pondered giving the guy a repeat performance after they landed but was advised, quite rightly, by her friends that he is a notorious twat. Not fair!
Lily Allen and Liam Gallagher

He was the electrifying lead singer for an old school group. His childhood included violence. The pimp who raised him was beyond brutal and beat him on a everyday basis. Sadly, when he grew up, he turned into an abuser. Due to his drug problems and personal demons and low paying contract, he was always broke. He tried to side hustle but that couldn't support his habit. At an industry event, he met a white woman, she was the daughter of an legendary. They hit it off against her fathers wishes. She got so hung up on our R&B singer, she allegedly agreed to prostitute herself to keep him in drugs. She even tried to recruit some of her white friends into his stable. Our R&B singer wanted to fine tune his pimp skills so he got pointers from another man associated with the industry. The man told him about "shoeshine" pimping which involves pimps stripping their girls naked, pouring alcohol over them and beating them with hangers. Our R&B singer refused to take it that far. One night, our singer and the daughter got so high, they decided to dress up and attend one of her father's concerts. Our R&B singer walked in with a full length fur on, a fedora tipped to the side and rings on each finger, he had her dressed in a skimpy outfit that left little to the imagination and she clung to his arm tightly. A hush fell over the audience as they were seated front row center. When her father hit the stage, the audience gave him a standing ovation. When things calmed down and he stated to sing, before long, he looked out into the audience and saw his daughter sitting with the black entertainer (he told her to stay away from), he allegedly turned beet red and barely got through his set. It was always rumored that her father had dangerous connections. I don't know what happened after that night, but the black entertainer was never seen with his daughter again. Hint: The father "isn't" Frank Sinatra.

149. BLIND GOSSIP 10/16
We hope this young actress is handling her love life better than she is handling her car. She purchased a beautiful new automobile a couple of years ago, loaded with all the best amenities money can buy. While she had the car washed regularly, she neglected to do any mechanical maintenance. A couple of weeks ago, the engine seized up, and the car had to be towed to the mechanic. The mechanic informed her that the car had absolutely no oil in it. None. The entire engine needed to be replaced. It turns out that she didn’t know that she needed to change the oil every 3000 miles. She thought it was every 30,000 miles.

Good news: Ever since Toothy Tile decided to permanently bury himself in the proverbial Hollywood closet, it's almost as if Lloyd Boy-Toyed has decided to up his bent for dangerous, risk-taking sexual activities. No, not talkin' about getting it on without a condom—or in a car in a West Hollywood parking lot—but something almost as rebelliously mindless: like hitting on a reporter. Now, even though Lloyd has always had a penchant for doing things like.....getting his flirt on with other dudes—even with Toothy himself at the Globes, remember?—Lloyd's reserved his guy-on-guy action for behind closed doors, even if he paid for it. I mean, let's just say up until now, the riskiest thing Lloyd's ever pulled is wondering if the call-boys will tattle or not. Strange he's not like some bigass stars who insist on confidentiality agreements with their mates (whether hired or not) before jumping between the sheets. But now Lloyd's taken it to the next level and propositioned a pretty well-known reporter, who's interested. And the code was clear: Said hit-on dude was expected—not told—not to tell. It was a gamble. Will it pay off? Isn't it odd how the older certain stars get, they simply don't seem to be as interested in the watery, come-on games such stealth gay players as Crotch Uh-Lastic prefer. Does that mean with age comes impatience? Or just lack of imagination? Tough call, really, because if you ask me, it's pretty lively to ask a journo—who could blow your cover in seconds flat—to get it on. Maybe this is the kinkiest way of them all and Crotch and Toothy (ah, poor Toothy) should be taking notes? Time will tell on this one. It Ain't: Dean Cain, Billy Burke, George Clooney.

151. SOAP SUDS 10/16
—Which exiting stud is widely known for his small package?
Greg Vaughn

—What show, which is moving to out west, has been warned not to deal with a certain shady west-coast photographer? "All My Children"

—Which ABC actor was obsessed with a rival network hunk but when the big queen caught a glimpse of another soap star, he quickly ditched the object of his affection? Tony Geary

#1 - This celebutante sister of another A list celebutante has broken off her long term relationship with her boyfriend. Reason? He called her the biggest b**ch on the planet and got a round of applause from the men and women next to him when he did it.
Nicky Hilton

#2 - This former B list television and movie actress who is fairly young and very pretty and is now probably a C list actress has now been celibate for a year. This was a result of the her last relationship with a guy which she has called the worst and scariest few weeks of her life. Alexis Bledel (Milo Ventimiglia)

#3 & 4 - This C list movie actor has been in some great movies. Very good looking. Married. He is married to a B list movie actress with impeccable movie credentials. Well, a slip up now and then. Anyway, our C list actor left his wallet behind last time he visited a massage parlor. The place mailed it back to his house with a note thanking him for his business. The wife was not happy. Peter Sarsgaard/Maggie Gyllenhaal

153. BLIND GOSSIP 10/19
Which actress’ weight problem temporarily brought shooting to a halt? She’s had issues with weight fluctuation before, and had committed to a lower weight this season. We don’t know what she did to bring her weight down, but everything looked OK until a scene came up where she had to work in a rather compromising and unforgiving position. She had clearly put on a few pounds and they were all in her hips and thighs. The director tried to be accommodating, but couldn’t find an angle that worked, so they had to rewrite the scene in a way that only her upper body showed. She was hugely embarrassed, but saved her tears for a run to her trailer at the end of the scene. There are whispers that some stress with her boyfriend is causing the weight gain. Jennifer Love Hewett

Over the weekend, my second ex-wife Carli managed to stop shopping long enough to actually get a really nice juicy blind item. I replaced her names with descriptions, but other than that it is all her. I was picking up food for a BBQ my friends were having downtown and a B list television actor with A list name recognition on a hit network drama walked in and was standing next to me yammering away for 5 minutes or so. I was at Milk Bakery on Beverly when he and his buddy walked in. His buddy made some comment about ordering ice cream and our actor said oh dude, I work out so much I can afford to eat this. Um....I beg to differ, but hey, he didn't ask my opinion. Our actor and his C list actress wife are looking at houses and our actor was saying how his friend's wife had told our actor's wife about this beautiful house. Well, our actor's wife saw the house and loved it, and put an offer in on it despite the fact that their friends had wanted to buy it and will freak when they find out they have been stabbed in the back.
Eric Dane/Rebecca Gayheart

155. BUZZFOTO 10/20
We ran into this writer for a very popular network tv drama that has been around for some time. She gave us some gossip on the set of her show, which is kind of interesting. One of the big male stars on the show has slept with about every woman on set, even though he is married. He uses the same old story that his lovely wife at home is terrible and mean and never pays attention to him. Which show is it, and can you guess the star? It’s a legal drama. Not CSI.

156. BLIND GOSSIP 10/20
Who knew that there was trouble brewing behind the scenes of this television show? Two of the actors have a feud going back several years. Actor A - a rather intense fellow – was dating a woman a few years ago about whom he was very serious. He even talked to his friends about proposing to her on their one-year anniversary. However, when he found out that she was also dating Actor B – arguably the more handsome of the two – he went ballistic and they broke up. The woman didn’t last with Actor B either. When each actor auditioned for their show, they didn’t know the other was also auditioning (but not for the same part). It wasn’t until each were offered the job that they discovered their rival was a member of the cast. While there have been no fisticuffs so far, there have been a few nasty words uttered under their breath within earshot of the other.

This C list actor used to be a B lister. A very solid B lister. He was on two of the funnier shows ever on television. Since his last hit show ended, he has gone from job to job but has never repeated his earlier success. Our actor is married with child/ren but he has a place he runs to in LA to get away from his family and which he uses as a base for his activities with other men. A couple of weeks ago our actor was walking his dog when he ran into a a guy on the street. The guy on the street was also walking a dog and the two started chatting and then before you knew it our actor asked the other man out. The man on the street stated he already had a boyfriend, so no. Soon after our actor walked away. Several other times the man on the street has seen our actor with his dog and with other men, but never his wife or child/ren. The funny thing about this is that our actor was on a show which had a large number of gay actors so you would think he would feel comfortable coming out.
Ted McGinley; Jeffrey Tambor; Dave Foley; Kelsey Grammer

158. PAGE SIX/NY POST 10/21
1. Which married music mogul is said to have impregnated an unmarried woman who works for his label in marketing? She's on maternity leave while he's mulling options.
Tommy Mottola; Mathew Knowles; Jay-Z

2. WHICH still gorgeous ex-supermodel doesn't use her own skin-care line, which she hawks on TV? She secretly uses Somme Institute's MDT5 regimen instead. Cindy Crawford

3. WHICH son of a rock icon used his name to score six free tickets to a Broadway show, but then never showed up? Sean Lennon; Sting's son; Mick Jagger's son

We've reported in the past on female singers being jealous of the success of Beyonce, the following female singer is no exception and wanted to dethrone Beyonce and become the baddest chick in the game! Didn't happen. This female singer has an outrageous ego and she's super arrogant, for reasons only known to her. Behind closed doors, when she's among white celebrities, she always makes it a point to say, "I'm not entirely African-American, I'm mixed," which is a lie. Like many female celebrities, she has man problems but allegedly these problems stem from being clingy, needy and desperate. It's also been reported that she's aloof towards fans and she continues to burn bridges throughout the industry. She's so big headed, she no longer needs those who contributed to her success. She also hangs out with a scandalous crew who were recently overheard saying, "We're too cute and too good for this club." They also got mad when patrons stared at them, demanding that security throw them out. People are also whispering that her cars are leased, so she can keep up appearances. This woman is very disliked among her peers and fans.

160. BLIND GOSSIP 10/21
Which talk show host is having personal problems that are spilling onto the set? A standoff with their significant other is in the works, and it really seems to be distracting the star. Plus there are always the usual production issues, guests, ratings, and advertisers to worry about. They just have way too much on their plate right now. They are only getting about four hours of sleep a night, and are so wired from the day that they have to take a sleeping pills every night to even fall asleep, and something else in the morning to get them moving. Our star has even occasionally fallen asleep during staff meetings which they are supposed to be leading. While some shows have stars or hosts whom can be easily substitute, that’s not this case. This star is going to have to get their act together, kick the pills, and delegate some of the responsibilities before they wind up in a hospital or off the air.
Rachel Ray

This Emmy nominated former B list actor and now C list movie actor was seen in a Vancouver restaurant over the weekend. Our actor was with a blonde who was less than a third his age and who seemed to have one function. The function was to let men look down the top of her dress which was encouraged by our actor. Throughout the time he was at the restaurant he also leered at every woman that walked by his table. Our actor's date didn't seem to mind in the least. Oh, and our actor has an arrest record and has not been kind to women in the past.
John Heard

162. BUZZFOTO 10/21
Which C/D list reality star got so drunk at a recent event that when she had a one night stand with a friend of our source, she wet the bed? Not Kristin Cavallari.
Stephanie Pratt; Holly Montag

1. This Man will do anything his Wife says. She has the money and the celebrity. She recently made him dress up like a woman and go out in public-- and he did it!
Melanie Brown/Stephen Belafonte

2. This Football Player has a celebrity Girlfriend who is dying to have his baby. She comes from a celebrity family, and she is tired of being in their shadows. Look for her to pop up pregnant any day now. The Football Player will not be happy, but he is young and whipped. His girlfriend is older than him-- and ready to have a baby. Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush

164. BLIND GOSSIP 10/22
This fun-loving actress on a hit television comedy won’t be laughing over this item. Her husband, to whom she has been married for several years, has been having himself a little sum sum on the side. Even worse, the other woman in this case is another television actress who happens to be one of her friends. Even more interesting is the fact that the two actresses have such a similar look that they could probably pass for sisters. But there certainly won’t be any love in this family when our actress finds out what her husband is doing and with whom he is doing it.

165. STAR MAGAZINE 10/22
Which dancing hunk would rather be doing the mambo with a guy? Though publicly straight, he’s been carrying on an affair with a man for years, and he intends to keep it secret.
Derek Hough (Mark Ballas)

What married with child/ren barely an A list movie actor is very quiet on planes. It isn't so much that he is quiet but rather that he will not talk to the flight attendants or any passengers who approach him. When the flight attendant asks him for a drink he has either told his assistant ahead of time or whispers it to his assistant who passes it along to the flight attendant. This is repeated throughout the flight. If a passenger comes up to him during the flight, the assistant talks for the actor and the actor either nods or shakes his head in response to autograph requests. Oh, he does make exceptions for very attractive women.
Dennis Quaid

167. BUZZFOTO 10/22
Which High Profile, Foreign Footballer and his wife were recently seen picking up two very young looking girls and inviting them into their limo when they made a recent visit to the states? Not the Beckhams.

168. POPBITCH 10/22
This Hollywood golden girl is back in the media spinning beautiful stories about the cosy home life that she and her equally famous actor bf enjoy. Bet she doesn't blab that the pair are contractually bound together for at least one more year. Her paramour's boy-toy, however, doesn't like playing second fiddle so this might all not end well.
Reese Witherspoon/Jake Gyllenhaal

169. HOLY MOLY 10/22
Speaking of Prince Harry, which lesser famous brother and son of a showbiz family turned up at a party with his mate dressed as a Nazi? As if this wasn't enough, they both then started racking out huge lines of bugle in view of everyone. A party organiser was taking pictures at the party, and lo and behold captured the whole thing on camera. Furious, he told them to stop being so obvious, saying next time he'd go to the papers… They scarpered.

Meet Another Bisexual Twilight Star! Good news! Terry Tush-Trade has a sexually uninhibited companion on the Twilight set—and how. No, not in that way, you dirty-minded A.T. readers (for the record, Terry seems to have calmed down from when we last checked in). What we mean is that another member of the Twilight franchise is getting all kinds of frisky across the gender borders. Meet Rocky Trailer, a good-lookin' young thing who really embraces the sex card, and deliciously (and loudly) so! Oh, except there's one huge difference between Rocky and Terry: Rocky doesn't give a s--t about keeping this bisexuality thing a secret. See, R.T. is a free-loving, we're-all-young-and-horny-let's-have-fun-while-we-can kinda person (cast loves Rocky, big-time). Think more like Angelina Jolie—not Toothy Tile, Crotch Uh-Lastic or Nevis Divine (nowadays, that is). Rocky finds sexuality empowering. Although Roc may not have a gay partner now, or who knows if there was actually a really, really serious one in the past, Trailer's unapologetic about the au naturel horny feelings felt for both men and women. And guess what? This person's identity is going to be revealed sooner rather than later! That's right: revealed. We're told Rocky T.'s going to talk freely about it all, possibly during press for New Moon, although in the end, that's really Rock's decision, isn't it? For the record, this isn't some gimmick publicity stunt (like New Moon really needs it). We hear that it's really because Trailer doesn't give an ef who knows the score. Labels are so overrated. So, reporters, ya ready to ask the right questions? Sure know we are. And It Ain't: Jackson Rathbone, Anna Kendrick, Dakota Fanning.

Under the influence of drugs, he became brutal! He started off clean in the industry but was turned on to drugs by a popular black comic who is now deceased. They holed up in a hotel room and did drugs around the clock. After this episode, he became unreliable, violent and agitated. Shortly after a publicized divorce, he hit the stage to perform. He spotted a very pretty girl in the front row and signaled to one of his handlers to approach her. After the show, she came backstage, she told him she was 19, when in reality she was 16. They traded contact information and he promised to take her on tour. The next day, he showed up at her house, money was exchanged and she was taken on tour. A few months later, she would join his stage show (in the background). He would eventually take her innocence and marry her. Coming from a small town didn't prepare her for the drug fueled orgies and out of town sex parties. Life became a fast paced, fast movie party. Menage a trois was even commonplace. Over the years, she got tired of his emotional and physical abuse and started a discreet relationship with a filthy rich white woman. The woman was a heiress to a wealthy family in the U.S. This family is so prominent, they also known by their last name only. She would eventually leave him for the woman. This didn't sit well with his male ego and domineering personality, his wife leaving him for another woman. Some of his band mates were laughing at him. One night, after getting high and drunk, he called the hit man he had on payroll and ordered up a hit on his soon to be ex-wife. Thankfully, he sobered up in time to cancel the hit-the following day. Meanwhile, his ex-wife would move into a Beverly Hills mansion with her new sugar mama. They also shared homes in the Hamptons and Palm Beach. They were lovey dovey for several years until her rich family was tipped off (probably by the ex-husband) about her living with a beautiful black woman. They cut her off financially and forced her out of all three homes. Last we heard, they were scrambling to survive. Hint: The abusive husband is no longer living.
Who is the abusive husband? :James Brown; Ike Turner; Marvin Gaye
Who was the comic who turned him on to drugs? (Not Richard Pryor): Redd Foxx; Flip Wilson

#1 & #2 - Maybe they have an arrangement. I don't know. What I do know is that this A list female singer was spotted making out with someone who was most definitely not her celebrity husband.

#3 - This recently deceased D list comedian was huge back in the day. On a flight to Trinidad & Tobago our comedian asked one of the flight attendants out that night for dinner. The flight attendant went out and had her hair done and bought a new dress thinking this could be a very special date. The date? An orgy. Soupy Sales

#4 & #5 - This B+/A- list movie actress has been considering throwing in the towel on her long time religion in favor of Scientology. Her B list movie star significant other has been introducing her to some of his friends who are big proponents of Scientology and she has been giving it a try. Demi Moore (Kabbalah)/Ashton Kutcher

173. BLIND GOSSIP 10/23
This one starts out as a kind act, but ends up a little oddly. There is an actress we all know who has seen success in both television and film. Like many of us, she has closets stuffed to the gills with outdated clothing, shoes, and accessories. So she generously donated bags upon bags of stuff to a charitable organization. However, she didn’t carefully empty out the clothing pockets and some of the handbags beforehand. All told, the workers at the receiving facility found over two dozen unused condoms in various items. While we didn’t know our girl was so active, we’re glad she is at least being careful.

174. SUDS REPORT 10/23
1. What major news is being kept under wraps? Even by The Suds Report! Sorry, our lips are sealed shut.
One Life To Live will be cancelled in 2011

2. Which east-coast newcomer is a closet lesbian?

3. Which soap vet asked to be taken off contract but doesn’t want the fans or press to know?

4. Which soap producer cares more about the state of his stars’ hair than acting rehearsals?

175. BUZZFOTO 10/26
We hear this Celeb Couple’s relationship is on the rocks due to religion. Apparently, both were of the same faith, but now one is beginning to question the whole thing. One of the partners has given the other an ultimatum: Either stop questioning, or divorce. The religious beliefs are tearing their family apart. Not Katie Holmes.

questioning partner: John Travolta; Will Smith
ultimatum partner: Kelly Preston; Jada Pinkett Smith

When this white party girl arrived in Hollywood, she wanted to get put on so bad, she became a rock groupie who got passed around. She was naive enough to think famous men would want a relationship with her after sex, instead they discarded her. She loved the night life and was often spotted on the Sunset Strip. Her money was running low, despite this, she booked an appointment with a plastic surgeon. Around this time, she did the unthinkable and allegedly got put on as an Heidi Fleiss girl. She was immediately sent to a hairstylist who was rumored to style all the "Heidi Girls." So much so, he allegedly generated $30,000 a month just off her stable of women. She made enough money to have her plastic surgery. Over the next few months, she saved a lot of money and dropped out of prostitution. A few weeks later, she allegedly got involved with a self hating black "female" celebrity who was once involved with a white singer (if you want to call him that)-rumored to have herpes. They were sweet on each other for a couple of years before she started dating a black NBA baller (who is now retired). The baller was controversial to say the least and she allegedly made a few trips to the clinic. After they broke up, her ship finally came in. She hooked up with a huge white celebrity who co-starred on one of the most successful white sitcoms of all time. Hint: A show was spun off from this sitcom (can't say if he was involved in it or not). He was very rich and showered her with gifts. He became even more addicted when she put her sex skills on him. He proposed, she accepted. She acted like the perfect wife up until recently. Now, rumors are circulating that she is spending his money like crazy, sometimes totaling over six figures a month on shopping sprees, bling and travel. Allegations are also spreading that she is creeping on him with black men who are also receiving a portion of his money, from her.
Who is her famous white husband? (Camille) Kelsey Grammer
Who is the self hating black female celebrity and who was her white singer boyfriend? Downtown Julie Brown & boyfriend Billy Idol
Who is the former NBA star?
Dennis Rodman

A little something different today in the blind items as it also involves a what do you think. You won't be able to get the name of the subject but you can get the name of his father. The subject is a teenager and and is the son of a singer. The singer shares the same name as a reality judge which often causes confusion. Anyway, the son met this girl and had one date. Immediately after the date the boy started texting her, phoning her, e-mailing her and driving by her house. This went on all the time. It was certainly close to stalking. So, if you are the teenage girl's parents what do you do? Do you call the boy's parents? Well they didn't. Do you call the police? Well they didn't. Do you call the tabloids and try and sell the story? Ding ding ding. We have a winner. That is exactly what they did. Their first thought was to call a tabloid and the tabloids jumped all over the story until they realized it was the son of the singer and not of the reality judge. The fact that the parents only concern in this was to make as much money as possible off the stalking of their daughter is awful. I expect the tabloids to jump all over it because that is what they do, but parents should care for their kids and not exploit them in a potentially dangerous situation.
Randy Jackson

178. BLIND GOSSIP 10/26
This busy guy must be really good at juggling. He is a very successful actor and has more than one high profile project in the works. And as if he wasn’t busy enough at work, he also has a wife, a mistress, and an ex-girlfriend, each of whom thinks they are number one in his heart. It was actually pretty surprising for us to hear about the latter, because this actor comes across as the ultimate nice guy – the kind of guy who would never, ever cheat on his wife. He must be a really good actor. Perhaps his juggling skills aren’t quite as sharp as they could be, though, because his ex-girlfriend thinks she’s pregnant.
Patrick Dempsey

I told you a few weeks ago that "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" was letting go of three main players: Vincent D’Onofrio, Kathryn Erbe, and Eric Bogosian. Now I can tell you this: one of their characters will die. "CI" just finished filming an episode in which one of the three is murdered. That’s the exit show for the other two as well. I am told by "CI" insiders that Erbe, especially, is very unhappy with the way things have worked out over there. "She was told everything was going fine, and then they were fired." Whoever was murdered isn’t too happy, either. But I’m not giving that part away. The show is next turned over to Jeff Goldblum, who will soldier on without the original cast. Meantime, there’s a new companion book out for "Law & Order SVU" by Susan Green and the Hollywood Reporter’s own Randee Dawn. Fans of the show will love the episode breakdowns and the interviews with all the actors. And here’s something you might not know. Richard Belzer’s Det. Sgt. John Munch came over from another show, "Homicide: Life on the Streets." That show was created by Barry Levinson and Tom Fontana. They owned the Munch character, but waived all rights to him — including royalties. Ten years later, Fontana jokes, he wishes maybe he hadn’t signed it all away. Belzer is still on the show and going strong!
Vincent D’Onofrio

180. BUZZFOTO 10/27
This Celebrity couple will soon announce that they are splitting. They will probably try for a little while to pretend the breakup is friendly. It is anything but. Apparently, the male in the relationship has had some troubles. Mostly that involve his many accounts on singles website, both for gay and straight. When his girl found them, he claimed that he was doing it ‘just for fun.’ We think the ‘fun’ he means is when he actually meets some of the people he secretly courts online. Watch for the breakup announced very soon. Not Megan Fox.
Jessica Biel/Justin Timberlake

I love the word cranky. It isn't as good as Phil Hartman saying "Sassy," on SNL but it's still a good word. Most of the time I would call this item a Jackass, but I think it is more cranky rather than anything else. Over the weekend this aging Academy Award winner/nominee actress spent some time in an antique shop. Whether she wasn't feeling well, or had too much to drink at lunch, there was something very off and as I said very cranky about her during her shopping trip. She kept asking to see jewelry and items in various showcases and then complaining about what was wrong with all of them. She would point in the direction of an object in a showcase and if the owner didn’t instinctively take out the right item, she would "get snappy" and complain about her as well. Eventually our actress did buy something and her credit card was swiped and returned but she insisted she never received it back. She thought the store owner had kept it. She then abruptly left. A few minutes later, an assistant came back to the antique shop insisting the owner had kept the credit card and demanded its return. There was nothing to give back and the assistant finally left in a huff.
Vanessa Redgrave

182. BLIND GOSSIP 10/27
This television guy is both a familiar name and familiar face. He’s been involved in many high-profile appearances, and is currently part of a television ensemble. It may come as a surprise to you that he drinks. Not just an after-work cocktail, mind you, but a beers-for-breakfast kind of drinker. He always comes to work prepared, but – depending on how many beers he has had – sometimes slurs his lines so badly or races through his lines so fast that he needs additional takes. Oh, and sometimes his scenes have to be re-blocked so that he is sitting down rather than standing up, because he sways too much. We haven’t heard of him doing any high-profile stints in rehab, but we do wonder what’s taking him so long.
Ted Danson; Ed O'Neill

Nude Dork's Sexting Strikeout: Think most of our homo Vices have totally effed-up ways of pursuing love? Well, don't rule out the horny-ass heteros, cause Adam Pounce-Prick is at the top of the heap when it comes to humiliating ways of getting off. Adam P.P. dated a few other celebs once becoming a recognizable name—some honeys way out of his league, but they seem to fall for this funny fella's charm, if not his somewhat-appealing looks. But Adam, like every other swell-headed male out there, wants what he can't get. Cue violins now, please. Specifically, APP has his randy eye on one particular lady not in the business, not into casual stuff in the boudoir, either. Too bad for Pouncey, cause that's all he's looking for nowadays, and with this gal, he kept getting outright (and painfully) rejected. Did he finally prevail? Well, listen up: Those close to the lady of our dear Ad's affections don't say she has high standards or morals when it comes to bedding guys—they say she's a "prude." Because how dare a dude, and a famous one at that, get denied! What an icy bitch this girl is! Adam has been incessantly texting Miss Priss late at night to thrill her with sweet nothings. Such as? Asking her if she wanted to "suck face," or "roll under the covers with me." We're not kiddin', folks, we couldn't dream up these lame one-liners (that still live in the femme's phone so she can whip 'em out at parties and give everybody a good laugh). APP's totally horrible pickup lines for a booty call show just how immature he is in real life, not just the man-children he plays onscreen. (Though we give the dude some respect for not flat-out telling her to sit on his face or some other crude Piven-like crap.) Well after a few weeks, Pouncey finally got the girl to come over by asking if she wanted to watch a movie. Right. Not sure why Miss Priss fell for this dork's see-through excuse, but she came over to his pad. "Door's open," he shouted from inside, and she sauntered in. And there Ad was, standing completely in the buff. Miss Priss screamed, as any normal babe would who was being flashed (and sexually harassed) by Pouncey's paunchy bod, and flew the ef out of there, leaving Ad cold, alone and with a fab drop-dead line: "I've already seen your movie." What a way to woo a girl, man. It's a wonder you get laid at all. And It Ain't: Paul Rudd, Bradley Cooper, Jonah Hill.
Jason Segal; Vince Vaughn

He's a ladies man and he's known to lavish his women but when the newness of the relationship wears off, he's abrupt and kicks them to the curb. He gives the impression he's a big time baller and he's had some recent big paydays. This is nothing but an illusion. Allegedly, four of his luxury cars have been repossessed in the last three months. The IRS has also allegedly frozen some of his accounts and he no longer lives in a luxurious house, instead, he's fronting in a rental until his money runs out. He used to take women on private jets (overseas) for shopping sprees. He's also been known to withdraw $100,000 (in the past) out of his account to make it rain at the strip clubs. He lived high on the hog until he started overspending to maintain his lifestyle. Despite this, a celebrity female (who is on the downside of her career) is still impressed by his baller status. She's not getting any younger and she has a bad reputation, that's why she's trying to snag him. He's cheating on her with a lower class of women due to the nose dive regarding his financial status. She prefers to look the other way hoping he'll put a ring on her finger. She doesn't realize, she's just his new flavor of the month. He's also been involved with a "keeping it real" black singer and a scandalous non-black woman who he wants to sleep with again, according to his boys. Hint: He's not a NBA, NFL, or MLB player.
Who is he? Floyd Mayweather
Who is the celebrity woman hoping for a ring? Chili from TLC
Who is the keeping it real female singer? Keyshia Cole
Who is the non-black woman? Aubrey O'Day; Paris Hilton; Kim Kardashian

185. BLIND GOSSIP 10/28
This actor has strange taste in home décor. While all the houses in his neighborhood were painted in pretty pale pastel colors, he painted his house a dark, scary color. He received so much flack from neighbors that he repainted it in pastels less than a year later. Inside the house isn’t much better. He has sort of a comic book theme going on in several rooms of the house, complete with pictures of Superman, Batman and The Green Hornet. He’s been married more than once, probably because there aren’t many adult women who would enjoy having their home look like it was decorated by a 12-year-old boy.
Nic Cage

186. BUZZFOTO 10/28
At a recent store opening, this C/D list celeb was offended when she found out that other stars were there and being paid to do so. After several angry calls to her agent that proved fruitless, she went to one of the employees of the store and threw a giant tantrum, demanding freebies to make up for her shame. The store employee held her ground and didn’t give out anything. So our star began threatening to destroy merchandise if she wasn’t offered something. That night she went home with some coupons to neighboring businesses and a free t-shirt and a warning to never return to the store. Not Paris Hilton.
Lindsay Lohan

This A list photographer and sometime director was at a screening of Paranormal Activity. Don't tell me what happens because I am seeing it next week. Anyway, our photographer was at the movies with an entourage and was extremely loud and annoying throughout the entire movie. At one point he screamed out, "Wait, is this Blair Witch?" Throughout the movie he would also yell to his entourage and ask if they needed anything or to go get him something. People in the audience tried to get him to be quiet but he just wouldn't shut up. Eventually many members of the audience walked out. Thankfully the manager gave them all their money back and a free ticket to another movie. Nothing was done however about the photographer.
David La Chappelle

This past weekend this C list cable reality star who had his own show spoke at an event addressing tattoos, taboos and Jews but he did talk a bit about his TV show a bit as well. As an admittedly non-practicing Jew he was asked if he had any Jewish tattoos. His reply? "I have a dollar sign on my hand." Some in the audience laughed, most did not. Know your audience dude. He recognized how reality TV had changed his life financially for the better and that it opened many doors for him, but he also spent considerable time complaining about the show. He did not enjoy it and never wanted to do subsequent season(s) but was tied to obligations in his contract. He complained about how the producers wanted to make each episode about death. He felt less like an artist and more like he was playing psychiatrist to the customers. He seemed very bitter about the experience.
Ami James "Miami Ink"

189. BUZZFOTO 10/29
Which Celebrity mom and network TV star with a teenage daughter just walked in to find her underage little girl doing a line with one of her adult co-stars? Not Teri Hatcher.

This Celebrity Brother is determined to hog the spotlight, and he doesn’t care who he has to hurt to be famous. He is ready to take his shot in the main spotlight. He’s ready because he doesn’t have to live in his brother’s shadow.
Jermaine Jackson

191. STAR MAGAZINE 10/29
Which divorcée hasn’t had a date with a man in months, because she digs the ladies? The housewife introduced her girl as ‘a friend,’ but now that things are over, she’s on the prowl for a new gal to keep her company.
Sheree from Real Housewives of Atlanta

192. BLIND GOSSIP 10/29
This pop diva has caught the acting bug. While she has barely any acting experience, she’s been begging the producers of this highly anticipated biopic for a role. No, she doesn’t want to play the star. She wants to play her famous offspring. She has already made several phone calls to the producers, and has impressed them with her dead-on impressions. She’s also been promising to "ugly down" and use her real name in the film’s credits. In short, she’s willing to do almost anything for a piece of the fame once enjoyed by the characters of the film.
"Get Happy: The Life of Judy Garland" Lady GaGa playing Liza

193. POPBITCH 10/29
Back in the 80s, Bernie Winters was staying in the same hotel as a hard-living rock band. He got talking to one of the female members, who ended up in reality TV. Bernie was visibly distraught, as his dog, Schnorbitz, had died. The big-hearted girl ended up walking him back to his room and going in for a drink. He broke down in tears again, and she ended up putting her arm around him to comfort him a bit. She claimed that when she lifted her head she realised that Bernie had his cock out... The singer told people afterwards "I just let him jizz on my knee. I mean his f**cking dog had just died, for Christ's sake, what was I supposed to do?"

This less than (lukewarm) but well known artist idolizes a super wealthy hip hop affiliated man from a distant. He tries to keep his fascination with this man's swagger a secret because he doesn't want to be known as a mere follower but behind closed doors, he orders up the same girl his idol does when he's not sexing a well known female singer unprotected. Allegedly, they go unprotected because they both have the same STD (non-fatal) makeup. The follower copies everything his idol does accept renting private jets because it's out of his price range but he's another one who loves to make it rain in strip clubs. He's also known to visit his Detroit girlfriend. He rents a penthouse, invites a crew over and when the party wears down, it turns into a freak festival. In his mind, he has a lover man's rep and he does a lot of this stuff to keep his name out there, he never met a camera he didn't like although people snicker behind his back because he tries way too hard to be down and to be a ladies man.
Who is he? Ray J
Who is his idol? P Diddy
Who is the woman he goes unprotected with? Whitney Houston

195. BLIND GOSSIP 10/30
A few years ago, it seemed this actress was cast in nearly every project. However, after an initial burst of fame, she wasn’t very discriminating about which roles she picked. A few bombs later, she fell out of the limelight. Wanting to make a comeback with a strong new look, she cut her long hair into a shorter, more contemporary style. Bad move. She was now too boyish looking to land anything. So she had hair extensions put in using a glue bonding process to return her to a more feminine look. Prior to one audition, she made the mistake of using a hot iron to straighten her hair. During the audition, she ran her fingers through her hair a little too roughly and pulled out a couple of the extensions right in front of the director. She was left standing there with a fistful of hair and a very red face, babbling about how she couldn’t understand how this could possibly happen when she paid so much money for the extensions, etc.
Sienna Miller

It seems like Lloyd Boy-Toyed is just one example of an über-famous celeb playing the I-dare-you-to-out-me gay dance. We're bringin' back an oldie, ladies and gentlemen: Remember Seymour Plow-Me-More? The multitalented, married dude who had a guy service him in a public steam room? Well, it seems Seymour is back and finding himself in crazier situations than he's used to... Like the possibility of love. Oh, jeez, can it get any more horrifying than that? See, this A-list actor was once daringly handsome but has suddenly let age start to get the best of him. Although with the ups and downs in Seymour's life, we can imagine how some of his secrets have taken a toll on his dark features. Well, it turns out Seymour's getting guy-on-guy frisky again...with a reporter, no less! (Guess Lloyd really started something last time he went hornin' all over a journalist, huh?) Seymour's companion works for a mediocre outlet, but thanks to his famous partner, said journo just so happens to swoop all the exclusive stuff Seymour and his family have to offer. Yes, S's wife knows what's going on. In fact, the whole Business knows what's going on. Even the movie studios that employ Plow-Me know about—and approve of—the boy baggage Seymour insists on carrying with him. S has tried various methods to ungay himself, but the fact remains: He can't keep himself away from this par-tick tabloid type...and no one in this town seems to give a damn. Really? And It Ain't: Kevin Costner, Nicolas Cage, Will Smith.
John Travolta

197. SOAP SUDS 10/30
1. Which two west-coast co-stars who play best friends can’t stand each other? Greg Rikaart & Michael Graziadei (Y&R)

2. Which east-coast gay actor is playing out views that he personally disagrees with? Scott Evans  or Nicholas Rodriguez (One Life to Live)

3. Which AMC actor has prompted various eye rolls from her co-stars because she was asked to move out to L.A.? Chrishell Stause (Amanda "All My Children)

This is the scariest blind I have and I actually first posted it way back in June of 2007. It took me forever to find it amongst the blinds, but it is one of my favorites and very appropriate for Halloween.
June 20, 2007: I've heard this before, and allegedly Very Bad Things is loosely based on it to some extent. However, I always thought of it as a Hollywood legend until I recently met someone in the producer's family. When I say family, there is one widow and one child. No other family. None. A fairly minor producer died within the past month or so. It wasn't really noteworthy for the most part, but there were three or four very happy actors to see him pass. All of the actors are aging, but not George Burns old or anything. In fact, they are still A list at least by reputation. Could they carry a movie OR television show on their own anymore? Probably not. Are they regularly in movies AND television? Yes. See, back in the day there was a party like you could only have in Hollywood's glory days. Martinis, cigars and lots of beautiful women. Well it turns out that one of the beautiful women didn't go home at the end of the night. There was some incident involving either five or six actors. Two have died. Not knowing what to do, these actors got a studio gofer, now our dead producer and told him to get rid of the body and not tell anyone about it or tell anyone where the body was buried. Throughout the remainder of the producer's life, these actors took care of him, but were always afraid he would spill the secret because he was the only one who knew where the body was buried. No body, no case. Now, they are just worried that something will show up in the estate sale and some person will stumble onto a letter or some other evidence hidden in a desk drawer which will come back to haunt them. Maybe that's why one of the actors offered to buy the house with everything in it at a price that is twice what the place is worth. Still waiting to see if it will be accepted, but there won't be an estate sale yet for sure. The actors think they are being careful and that their true motives are unknown. Not at all the case, but the producer's widow is happy to take their money and be done with it. One hint is they have all been in at least one western. Although it could be on television OR in a movie.


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