NOTE: Guesses in italics are only guesses;
guesses in blue are a link to the solution or substantial clues.

This singer has been losing weight for an important TV role but she’s doing it the dangerous way- with cocaine – and now she’s addicted. Friends can’t help but notice. During a two hour dinner at La Loggia in Studio City, she went to the bathroom nine times and barely ate a thing. A few weeks later she and her husband ate at Nobu, but she barely touched her food and drank instead. After six trips to the bathroom she practically had to be carried out the door by her husband. She’s convinced she’ll gain weight if she stops using, and her family is frantic.
Ashlee Simpson-Wentz

Could it be that a prior peacock has a penchant for PVC? So say several sources who ran into the openly-gay gent at NYC watering hole The Eagle - on rubber night! Yes, our natty Nancy was in full rubber regalia. And he didn't go home alone. But the first rule of The Eagle is you do not talk about The Eagle. You got that, Jonesy?
Sean Hayes; David Hyde-Pierce

This actor has dozens of TV shows and films to his credit. You would think that all that work would have made him the consummate professional. Not really. Instead, it’s turned him into a know-it-all about the role of everyone around him. He is constantly interrupting the director and the other actors with tips about how they can make their scene better. Everyone around him gets annoyed, but he is such a big star, they know that it’s usually easier to simply accommodate his wishes than to battle him on set. Perhaps he feels the need to assert himself on the set because things are so out of control on the home front? Surprisingly, his real-life primary relationship doesn’t put up with his domineering ways at home. She gets in his face and asserts her own position, usually to her benefit. If they are having a squabble – which is happening a lot lately – he sleeps in the guest room. The couple reportedly hasn’t engaged in personal relations in more than two months.
Chevy Chase; Charlie Sheen

When do the drugs kick in? Not that you need me to tell you that she’s not so innocent but this is the sh-t that goes on behind the glossy glitter, the packaging, and a billion dollar brand that must, at all costs, be protected. There was a pregnancy scare a few weeks ago. She was actually bragging about it, because of course she desperately wants people to know that she’s having sex. There was a serious sit-down, a discussion about the ramifications of her actions, and a promise from her handlers that she’d be controlled with an agreement that control also comes with a "get rid of the problem" policy that the Lord probably wouldn’t approve of. Turns out she wasn’t pregnant. But she is drinking. And boastful about it too. Once again, it’s the yapping that keeps getting her in trouble. At a shoot recently, she didn’t realise her mic was on. They all get caught with their mic on, don’t they? What came out of her mouth? Oh, only a lot of talk about her experience with "getting f-cked", like proudly, and more boasting about her flavour for "dirty martinis", apparently her drink of choice. Great lessons from mommy and daddy.
Miley Cyrus

5. BUZZFOTO 11/02
When the idea for this show was invented, there were a lot of people who believed in it. They were worried about getting the concept out there, and even more worried that the networks wouldn’t think it worth their time to produce it. To get this new show off the ground, the creators did a little ‘creative accounting’ to fund the project. They cooked the books a little in order to get the network to pick up on it. Now that this show is a hit, the Production company is scrambling to pay off debts and get things back in order before someone finds out. Not an NBC show.

#1 - 4 - Two marriages. Two cheats. Two men kicked to the curb. Actually from what I heard the first one may have been literally kicked to the curb. The first marriage involves a celebutard and his B list actress wife on a hit television show. He cheats almost constantly and doesn't care who knows it. He knows that his wife doesn't want to be seen as a failure so he takes advantage of that and keeps on cheating. The second marriage is even easier to guess than the first. Actor and a singer. What you might not know though is that the actor has been to scared to even cross paths with his wife except in the most public of places for fear that she will go off on him physically and verbally. To say that she is going through this event quietly would be very wrong. In fact, just this morning everyone in LaGuardia airport could hear her yelling at him on the phone.

#1 – Chris Ivery
#2 – Ellen Pompeo "Grey’s Anatomy"
#3 – Josh Duhamel
#4 – Fergie

This movie actress has been very vocal to inner circle about her clock ticking. She wants to be a bride and have a baby with her current famous beau, ASAP – not necessarily in that order. One warning to the guy: Don’t be a fool. She doesn’t really love you. This is all a game to her. She is actually telling friends and family that she thinks you’re an idiot – but a moldable, rich, famous, good-looking idiot who brings her more attention than she can get as a solo act. She will date you at the peak of your fame, and will lose you as soon as your star fades. Then again, we don’t know why we are warning him about her, when he is almost as bad as her.
Kate Hudson/Alex Rodriguez

#1 - This B+/A- list closeted television actress from a hit network drama was having drama of her own in the bathroom as her girlfriend was complaining that she felt left out and wanted to meet our actresses friends. Our actress kept her head on a swivel while trying to keep the conversation as quiet as possible. The girlfriend is very, very young and a gorgeous blonde.
Kate Walsh; Jorja Fox

#2 - This C+/B- list television actress formerly on one of the most interesting shows of all time which is still on the air went around the event asking almost everyone if they had just a little bump of coke she could have to get through the night. Our actress is in the midst of a career transition. Michelle Rodriguez ("Lost")

9. BUZZFOTO 11/03
Two Actresses (both who can sing) were competing for a movie role. The movie involves singing and the role has now been filled. We have now heard that the reason one actress was chosen over the other for the upcoming film had little to do with talent. The one with that landed the coveted role has a ‘history’ with the director and threatened to reveal some dirt on him if she wasn’t cast. Coincidence? We think not. Not Anne Hathaway.

winning actress: Keira Knightley
losing actress: Scarlett I. Johansson
movie: My Fair Lady
director: Joe Wright

10. BLIND GOSSIP 11/04 **#1**
Whenever we look at this actress’ face, we think "she looks weird". Are her cheeks higher? Did she get her eyes lifted? Are her boobs larger? Is it the frozen Botoxed forehead? The Restylane-pumped lips? Actually, it’s all but one of the above. Girl, where are your parents? Are they actually encouraging this? If you feel the necessity to get all this plastic work done while you are still young and pretty, we’re expecting that by the time you hit 40, you are going to look like a freak show act. We actually thought you earned jobs because you had talent, but who can focus on your acting when you are starting to look like an alien?
Sophie Monk; Amanda Bynes; Lindsay Lohan

11. BUZZFOTO 11/04
This B/C list Celebrity will announce her upcoming pregnancy soon, but don’t be fooled; it’s a stunt. Sure, it’s legit. There’s a real life baby in her belly, but what her boyfriend doesn’t know is that she skipped her pills on purpose because she feared an impending breakup. We know there are rumors of his wandering eye, and maybe she thought a child would refocus his vision. Not Ashlee Simpson (although we wouldn’t be surprised to hear her make a similar announcement in the upcoming months).
Kim Kardashian

This A list female country singer was hired to shoot a video of her just talking. She was given the script ahead of time and had cue cards at the ready. She came in the morning after a concert in a nearby town and was put in hair and makeup. A room was especially decorated for her to shoot the video in. The building was cleared for only essential people and the camera started rolling. And rolling. And rolling. Because for all of her posturing and songs of "I am a strong, smart woman" our singer couldn't even read her cue cards right. Also, "uh" is one of the main words in her vocabulary. The crew, ever the professionals, stuck it out waiting for her to get her few lines right. After a few hours, the director called it a day and said they have what they need and proceeds to try to edit those few lines into something passable. He had to use a lot more video of her singing then he thought he would but he made it work.
Carrie Underwood

13. POPBITCH 11/05
Which huge pop star is the subject of a ridiculous whispering campaign claiming he's the subject of an underage sex police investigation?
Robbie Williams

14. BUZZFOTO 11/05
Remember when we told you about the wealthy singer who brings in a body-double for a wife, you know, to rub his feet and take care of him for her? Well, we heard that she also brings in a ’sex instructor’ who coaches the husband on how to pleasure her correctly. The husband watches as the instructor demonstrates on the singer what’s right and what’s wrong. Not Christina Aguilera.

He’s newly married, and he’s already cheating on his wife. His jump off is a well known Actress.
Terrence Howard/Taraji Henson

Which hunky actor is a real stinker? His girlfriend has refused his kisses because of his seriously bad breath. Maybe that’s the reason they’re constantly on and off.
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

This former B list television actress and now C list movie actress has been single for awhile. Maybe not for long though. At a recent event, our actress was supposed to walk the runway at a fashion show. When her time to walk approached, no one could find her. People were running around looking for her. They finally found her, umm, in her dressing room in the midst of full on sex. When told she needed to be on stage that second, she jumped up, pulled down her dress and walked the runway.

18. HOLY MOLY 11/06
1. Which popstar got rudely interrupted by his colourful band mate whilst he was taking a particularly grim Strictly Come Dancing contestant (not necessarily from this series) from behind? She was going through one of her many 'large' phases.
Strictly Come Dancing contestant – Jessie Wallace

2. Which celebrity chef once shagged one of the male researchers working on one of his shows?

3. Which calendar girl has every right to be worried at the moment? One of the Sunday tabloids has her sex tape – of her with another woman. Lee Ryan & Jessie Wallace

4. Which brave pop star managed to overcome adversity but has ended up with a gigantic coke habit? Kylie Minogue

5. Which popular female singer, currently enjoying big success, got fingered behind the DJ box at Heaven in London last week? Katy Perry by Russell Brand

19. BLIND GOSSIP 11/06
Dr. Arnie Klein – Michael Jackson’s dermatologist – just did an interview with Harvey Levin of TMZ. One of the topics they discussed was Michael Jackson’s peculiar habit of whipping out his privates in front of other people (including children) to pee in a cup so that he wouldn’t have to walk down the hallway to the bathroom. Dr. Klein said he didn’t think that the habit was all that unusual. Then he told a short story of a female country singer he knew. He said that she told him that when she lived in the country, she would purposely pee in the bed every night just to stay warm. Who might he be talking about?
Dolly Parton

Back From the Dead and Bisexual, Too! There's a humpy dude who's still gorgeous and who used to be on a hit TV show that was often centered around lots of sand, and lots of boobs. Let's call him Sandy Boob then, shall we? Sure is pretty, that Sandy! He's also notoriously horny, and has been for many, many years, which, for the record, is about as much time it's been since Sandy's been a relevant player in the biz. Hmm. Could that be why Sandy's suddenly getting less and less discreet about the fact that he likes to do what Crotch Uh-Lastic does, i.e, seduce guys to watery locales? Yeah, probably, but guess what? Now that Sandy's career is on hiatus (and has been for some time), Sandy's friends tell us Mr. Boob decided for that very reason to start.....not only acting out more sexually (hey, a release is a release, right?), but to also intentionally do it in a more cavalier fashion. Secretly hoping to get caught, just so he can deny it. After all, Sandy likes girls, has procreated, and always looks butch when he's caught checking himself out in the mirror. You know the look, right? They sort of grimace when they're checking their perfectly disheveled hair—like it's so paining them to do so. Well, that just about sums up Sandy's acting talents, come to think of it. But that's beside the point—or not? After all, the only reason Mr. Boob's strutting it out there so much lately is because he's dying for some heat on his career again. If not on his thighs. It Ain't: Brian Austin Green, Jason Priestley, Peter Gallagher.
David Charvet

21. SOAP SUDS 11/06
1. Which soap vet was asked back to AMC and strongly considered doing it … that is until she watched the ABC sudser for a full week and thought it was "sloppy, pathetic and drek?"
 Eva La Rue; Cady McClain; Julie Barr "All My Children"

2. Which east-coast actress is trying to be BFFs with her new co-star because the rest of the cast hates her? Marie Wilson/ Meredith Hagner "As the World Turns"

3. Which east-coast younger actor was caught spanking the monkey in his dressing room recently?

#1 & 2 - This C list television and movie actress has had quite the ride the past few years. She is probably as famous for one of her past relationships as she is for her acting. Anyway she used to be on a fairly hit cable show until two things happened. The producers of the show got tired of having their B+ list star of the show having sex with her and the star was starting to smoke too much meth with her to the point that nothing was getting done except the pair of them having sex and smoking meth.
Rose McGowan and Julian McMahon/"Nip/Tuck"

#3 & 4- Apparently this former B list movie actor and now probably a C, although with close to A name recognition has been scrambling because his beard relationship with his C list movie actress could be sinking quickly. The reason? Our actor thought he was on a private beach when he decided to lay out naked with his boyfriend. The next thing he knew, there were groups of tourists from a nearby hotel walking by and he is scared that someone recognized him and took pictures. HINT: A connection to Kate Winslet. He rarely acts but still has high name list recognition. "Titanic"
Billy Zane/Kelly Brook

What rock legend is said to be using heroin again? Pals are blaming his young girlfriend.
Ronnie Wood/Katia Ivanova; Steven Tyler//Erin Brady

While I'm venting, let me just say to a certain television star that no one buys your sudden engagement. I won't shine a light on him, but you don't need to be an investigator to figure this one out.
George Eads/Monika Casey

25. BLIND GOSSIP 11/09
This Hollywood couple’s marriage is on the rocks. He may be the more famous of the two, but she has definitely been an important trophy wife for him. Since he still wants to save his marriage, it would be extremely inappropriate for him to be seen dating anyone. So, instead, he has been hiring girls for overnight dates at several thousand dollars a pop. Since he only lasts about five minutes, the girls are making about one thousand dollars a minute. However, they are obliged to stay awake while he whines on for hours about how upset he is that his marriage is falling apart. Does anyone else see the irony here? Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas

26. BUZZFOTO 11/09
This Twilight star has joked about their big role before to the press, downplaying the appeal of the plot and movie and books. The star revealed to our source that they have now actually read the books and now has become a huge fan! Not Rob Pattinson.
Peter Facinelli

27. BLIND GOSSIP 11/10
This good-looking and award-winning male actor has always been known as being rather vain. That’s why it should come as no surprise that he is asked the director to help him mask his weight gain (he is a good 25-35 pounds heavier than when he first landed the role). He is especially self-conscious about how he appears when filmed from the side. We don’t think he looks that bad with the extra weight (he has always been built like a tank), but the wardrobe person has fitted him with a men’s compression girdle to help smooth him out. Just don’t expect to see him unbuttoning his suit any time soon.
Alec Baldwin

28. BUZZFOTO 11/10
This TV actor has been out of work for some time now, occasionally picking up spots here or there. (You might have even seen him in a commercial or two). He recently had a huge movie deal offer where he could play the supporting role of a very big name, but he turned it down because he felt it was beneath him. Not John Lehr.

This married A list television reality producer has always had a revolving door policy when it comes to the women with whom he has sex. However it seems that he has finally found just one woman he wants to have as his mistress and has cast the others aside. He wants to remain faithful to this mistress who also happens to be a B list reality star who seems to never have a boyfriend that sticks. Now you know why.

30. BUZZFOTO 11/11
This famous celebrity husband (mostly known for comedy) with a non-famous wife has convinced his spouse that every couple in Hollywood has threesomes. His wife was incredibly reluctant and refused for years, but he’s threatened divorced and told her that bringing in another partner into their marriage just comes with the territory when you marry someone famous. Our source says the wife seems really insecure about the marriage and worried that she is going to lose the star, has finally decided to hire a prostitute for his upcoming birthday. Not Steve Carell.
 Woody Allen

31. BLIND GOSSIP 11/11
He’s a movie star, he is married, and he is gay. Out of respect for his wife, though, he only allows a boy in his bed when either one of the couple is traveling. Thoughtful, right? Well, it’s rather creepy, because the last couple of guys he has been with bear a strange resemblance to his wife. So is he picking the boys because they resemble his wife, or did he pick his wife because she resembles the kind of boy he likes? Hard to say, but in either case, he has no intention of coming out of the closet any time soon. Oh, and yes, they are practically boys. He likes them young, but is pretty careful about them being of legal age.
Will Smith

32. BUZZFOTO 11/12
This engaged star goofed up last month. Although he is set to be married sometime in the future, and seems like a devoted boyfriend, we hear he had a little ’slip’ in a nightclub bathroom. Our source said the cheating happened in the men’s room, but will not comment if the other person involved was male or female. Not John Krasinski.
George Eads

1. Will this Superstar marriage survive? She’s not ready to have babies, but he wants children…..ASAP!
Beyonce/Jay-Z; Mariah Carey/Nick Cannon

2. While most TV Talkers are losing weight, this powerhouse is gaining weight. Her weight gain has been alarming. Oprah

3. She’s got a show, a hot movie, and a fabulous life, but she won’t shave her legs. Monique

Which former TV host shocked patrons at LA’s Voyeur night club on October 29 when he debuted his new face? Sources say he recently got a hush-hush eyelift that made him unrecognizable.

35. BLIND GOSSIP 11/12
This actor has been fighting off rumors about his sexuality for years. That’s why it is curious that he isn’t publicly announcing that he is engaged to be married to a very pretty girl. You would think that he would want to shout it from the hill tops, and soak up all the hetero kudos it would bring him. Instead, he’s keeping it very quiet. We can only think of three reasons for this. First, that he is not as committed as the engagement implies. Second, that he doesn’t want to scare off potential gay partners. Third, that he doesn’t want any attention. Wait, scratch that last one. He loves the limelight. We smell disaster all over this one.
Mario Lopez; Orlando Bloom; Jake Gyllenhaal; George Clooney

36. POPBITCH 11/12
Which young urban act filmed themselves on their mobile phones shagging groupies then sat around watching the footage together on their tour bus? They invited one of their crew to join, or at the very least watch, but when he made excuses on account of the fact that he had a wife at home, the boys were incredibly apologetic and told him they didn’t mean to disrespect his wife. How sweet.

This actress/member of band/reality star recently had an operation to restore a good portion of one of her ears. She and her boyfriend got into an argument. He got her in a headlock and pulled all of her earrings out without removing the backs. With makeup and her long hair she can hide it from a distance but up close it is a mess and parts of her ear are a different color than others.
Aubrey O’Day "Danity Kane"

38. BLIND GOSSIP 11/13
He is the lead actor of a current television series. He comes across as such a nice normal guy that it is hard to believe he is really odd behind closed doors. He likes it rough. No, not like "spank my butt" rough. More like "use your stiletto heel to step on my privates" rough. He can’t get his wife to engage in these activities, but there are several women on the side with four-inch heels at the ready.

39. SOAP SUDS 11/13
1. Which closeted gay star is jealous over an out gay actor’s buzz and mainstream coverage?
Christian LeBlanc jealous of the very out Thom Bierdz (Michael & Phillip/Y&R)

2. Which daytime queen finally got his wish when he finally set up a threesome with his boyfriend and another soap actor? Tony Geary

3. Which daytime diva is thisclose to having a nervous breakdown?

One Daringly Domesticated Blind Vice: Poor Judas Jack-Off. He now has it as bad as permanently closeted movie star Toothy Tile. Only, I fear Judas is not even pretending to be happy, quite unlike Toothy. Remember, our very handsome and very unkind Judas is still trying to get the ditched BF to have sex, all the while out prancing to the gullible world with his gorgeous girlfriend—whenever there's an available photo op, that is. But whereas Toothy actually likes hanging with the beard at home and out with the kids, Judas doesn't, at least not as much. Maybe that's the reason Judas has suggested to the GF, whom he glumly now lives with, that they should both take up......flying. As in, in a plane. As in 37,000 feet in the air. These two beauties are supposed to take their lives in their own hands, all 2012-like, and fly over Los Angeles like it's a damn movie set, or something? Now, either this is a true effort on Judas' part to make their prearranged living arrangement genuinely more exciting (i.e., bearable), or Mr. J.J. is planning on using one of those parachutes that go up with these schooling planes and jumping off with his after the dimpled girlfriend's chute suddenly disappears, or better, yet, malfunctions? It's all just too weird, too much. The sudden interest in having a hobby together (and a life-threatening one, at that), after getting shacked up in a living sitch Judas has never wanted to be in the first place. What's up, Judey? But then, some guys are just p--sies when their managers and their agents tell them to stay put and figure out how to make it look real. Know what I mean, Toothy? Don't go up in that plane with Judas whatever you do, girlfriend! And It Ain't: Jake Gyllenhaal, Lance Armstrong, Matthew McConaughey.
Hayden Christensen

What "star chef" has been hoodwinking her dinner guests by ordering in dishes she claims she made herself?
Gwyneth Paltrow; Padma Lakshmi; Katie Lee Joel

42. BLIND GOSSIP 11/15
These two celebrity couples aren’t super close friends in public, but it’s clear that they know each other. Everyone knows that the male half of Couple A used to work with the female half of Couple B over a period of time. Yes, we know, there were rumors flying around at the time that those two were involved in an off-screen fling. Although it was good publicity for the project, it’s not true. But there was something more insidious going on behind the scenes. Something that didn’t make the tabloids. It turns out the female half of Couple A and the male half of Couple B were both so distraught over the rumors that their mates were cheating on them that they wound up spending a lot of time comforting each other. The comforting became so frequent and so physical that it resulted in a pregnancy. Now Couple A raising a child that is only half theirs. Fortunately for them, the child looks more like the Couple A mother than the Couple B father, but those in the know can definitely see the Couple B father in the facial features. One additional hint: all of the people involved have been actors at some point.
Debra Messing and Eric McCormack

43. BUZZFOTO 11/16
Over the weekend, this award winning actress, who is supposed to be sober, was hardly discreet at the dinner table of an event when she did a line of cocaine that was in her compact. Not Christina Ricci.
Kirsten Dunst; Winona Ryder

This B- list television (hit network drama) and movie (meh) actress is known for being adventurous sexually but her latest twist is something that goes into a whole new realm. Over the past few years she has been seeing one particular C list cable actor and in the past few months he has been seeing not only the actress but also her mom. The actress knows about it, encourages it and makes it a condition of their continued romance.
Hayden Panettiere/Mario Lopez

45. BLIND GOSSIP 11/16
This television star has gained a lot of weight over the past couple of years. Because this has been an ongoing issue, s/he has started seeing a therapist to get to the root of the problem. It turns out that the star’s hypocrisy in living one life in public – and a different one in private – creates anxiety and depression which, in turn, trigger binge eating. According to the therapist, the issue will not be resolved until our star comes out of the closet. The star is actually considering it, but is worried about the timing of the announcement, and its potential career and financial impact. Will their career wither? Will their finances suffer? While we don’t know for sure, we do know that a competitor who has done so is thriving in a similar career.
Oprah; Matt LeBlanc

Spectacular is the one word to describe today's blind. This A list female celebrity chef was overheard in a restaurant the other day. Nothing unusual about that right? I mean people are nosy and we strain our ears. Well, it turns out this celebrity chef who is married was discussing an affair she recently had with this B list male singer with A list name recognition and reputation. She wasn't shy about discussing the details either. I mean explicit, graphic details about what the two did to each other. Nothing out of the ordinary, but definitely not shy in recounting every last act. It does appear to have been a one time thing, but this is totally not what you expect from our chef and the image she tries to portray to the public.
John Mayer and Giada Laurentiis

47. BUZZFOTO 11/17
This Celebrity A/B list Dad, who is very loving and by all accounts a great father, has been dealing with a wayward child. The child, who has cost his family lots of time, money and energy because of his antics is now knee-deep into drugs. Along with that comes some very bad connections that can be very harmful and dangerous. Our celeb father has tried countless times to help his son, and after several interventions and other attempts, has never given up. We just heard from a source that this son just robbed his dad and took a large amount of money as well as priceless items to feed his addiction and to pay off some of these bad people. We will not be revealing this one because it is such a hard and private matter and we believe the dad has acted like any loving father would. We just thought it was an interesting story to share and maybe more commonplace than everyone would like to think. Not Tom Hanks.
Pierce Brosnan

This really good looking A list movie actor has always had some questions raised about his sexuality. It turns out though that his female significant other is the one who, with the full knowledge of our actor has had a very long term affair with another woman who is also her business partner.
Hugh Jackmam; George Clooney; Jake Gyllenhaal

49. BUZZFOTO 11/18
This Hollywood Nice Guy Actor is actually anything but. We hear rumors, but cannot confirm, that he is actually very physically and verbally abusive to his spouse and family. This happens when he drinks mostly, but lately, he’s back into the hard, hard drugs and then his antics get worse. He has brought women home and the wife has had to be the one to kick them out and help sober up the star. She’s staying with him because she believes it would hurt the children more if they separated and she’s worried about public image. Not Matt Damon.
Denzel Washington

Which actor plays a loving dad and hubby on TV, but likes to play the field in real life? While his wife cares for their kid, he hits NYC hot spots, trying to pick up young chicks.
Matthew Settle "Gossip Girl"

51. BLIND GOSSIP 11/18
This celebrity had a little malfunction last week. No, it wasn’t a wardrobe malfunction (although she does have great style). It was a technical malfunction. Our celebrity, a television actress, is dating a non-famous guy. While she was out socializing late one night last week, she sent him a very private text message… along with a revealing photo of a private part of her anatomy. Unfortunately, instead of sending it to her boyfriend, she sent it to his mother (whose name was right below his in her directory). Whoops. The morals of this story – which we would love to see as a PSA – are: Don’t drink and drive. Don’t drink and text. Don’t drink and photograph your hooha.
Kate Walsh & Neil Andrea

52. BLIND GOSSIP 11/19
There has been a lot of speculation over the past couple of months about her weight gain. Well, she’s pregnant. However, due to a previous miscarriage, she will not be announcing until the cocoon is well into the second trimester. Will she start wearing more clothes when she becomes a mother? We hope so. Frankly, we think the girl is way too obsessed with spandex. Mariah Carey

1. This Diva refuses to take any pictures with her man. A lot of people are surprised she even has a man. She does, but she gives him no play.

2. When is this famous Actor/Comedian going to get help? If he doesn’t, he could end up having a tragic ending. Katt Williams

3. No more Sistas for me! Too much bother! This famous Actor/Comedian will only date women of other races after a failed marriage and a troublesome baby momma. He has turned his back on the Sistas! Eddie Murphy

4. Oh it feels so good to be back in his arms! This Actress used to date a famous Rapper, but he dumped her. Now she’s starring in his new music video. Can their romance be rekindled? 50 Cent/Vivica A. Fox

54. BUZZFOTO 11/19
This married/aging actress has put up with a lot throughout her celebrity marriage. She’s practically raised the kids on her own, dealt with scandals and cheating and still managed to put on a happy face on the red carpet. Within this next year, she plans to finally leave her husband and make the divorce public. The current final straw? Not other women or drugs, but an addiction to World of Warcraft. We kid you not. Not Catherine Zeta Jones.
Michelle Pfeiffer/David E. Kelley

This former B list tween female singer and now a messed up D has made some very bad decisions over the past year or so but none compare to the one she made at a party in the past few nights. Since breaking up with her D list reality boyfriend she has been on the lookout for someone who can help with her career and put her back in the spotlight. Well, she found a B list rap star and he has been helping her out and paying for expenses, providing her drugs and has promised to help her with her new record. Everything was going fine until the party the other night when he threatened to take it all away unless she orally serviced a few of his friends at the party. She did. Stay tuned because she is going to a bigger party this week.
#1 - tweener: Adrienne Bailon
#2 - former D list reality boyfriend: Rob Kardashian
#3 - B list rapper: Fabolous

56. SOAP SUDS 11/20
1. Which daytime diva, who Suds reported was on the verge of a nervous breakdown last week, actually had a meltdown on the set this past week?

2. Which two east-coast daytime divas couldn’t stand to work with each other? No worries — one of the women is now unemployed, so all is right in Brooklyn. Ellen Dolan and Judi Evans "Guiding Light"

3. Which west-coast actor is so gay even his wife suspects? Too bad everyone knows but him.

Darlings, we were going to give you a New Moon Vice update, but for all of you who are so sick of vampires you could cry blood, we'll reward you by bringing back an oldie but yummy goodie. Remember Crotch Uh-Lastic, the hunky, rising male star who would hire men to come back to his Hills pad, dress up in some swim trunks and get the naughty party started? We can't believe it's almost been two years, but Crotch has officially risen, like a hunky hero out of burning celeb-saturated waters! Mr. Uh-Lastic has solidified himself as a respected Hollywood actor, which means it's time to be even more discreet 'bout his homolicious ways... See, Crotch would love to go out, hit up the gay scene and bring himself back a cutie. But as the fagola Hollywood story goes, he so cannot out himself. Not because he cares about being famous. No, Toothy Tile Crotch is not. Instead, CUL is more concerned how his sexuality would hinder the roles he gets, 'cause he's now being taken oh so seriously. He loves acting—not the ritzy lifestyle that comes with it. He doesn't even care that much about hurting his beard (if Toothy outted himself, it would be very damning to the both of them, in many, many ways). So what's a horny, dude-loving guy to do? Sic his assistant on the unknowing gay population of Los Angles, natch. Only problem is the de-lish men in West Hollywood are totally starting to catch on—and they're blabbin' about it, too! Halle-homo-lujah! Mr. Lastic's assistant frequents the standard WeHo gay bars, successfully luring back men for his famous master. Too funny: It's also the exact same dude-fishing MO Furrowed Frank uses when he has his trainer lure future conquests for him at the gym! Only problem is, if said man isn't interested in hooking up with Crotch on the down-low, the guy has no reason not to spread it around to his gossip-lovin' friends. Seems pretty strange to us, as Mr. U.-L. is as hunky doable as they come. And as sneaky as Crotch would like to be, more and more people 'round town are starting to hear about what goes down, literally, up in his Hollywood home. And it's not just poolside, folks. Think any of these guys will out dear old Crotchy soon? Doubtful. With his adorable dimples, more men will jump at the chance to jump CUH and then shut up about it after than won't. But remember, it only takes one. And It Ain't: Alexander Skarsgård, Matthew Fox, Ryan Phillippe.

Very promising, very young, very well connected star was completely smashed at an afterparty recently, stumbling, mumbling, a total embarrassment, and not quite legal. She doesn’t eat, she’s drinking heavily, she’s experimenting with some other substances, she’s practically living with her boyfriend, and there is rarely an adult around to supervise. Many thought she had passed the danger stage and she’s so promising, especially with her pedigree, that they’ll lie and hide and camouflage when she f-cks up, hoping that the phase will pass. But drama runs in the family, they should watch this one closely before she goes the way of the Lohan. Because people are talking and these people are accustomed to seeing young girls get f-cked up all the time. She’s going so hardcore though that she’s getting their attention. Not Miley Cyrus or Taylor Momsen.
Emma Roberts

#1 - You just never know when and where you will run into a former A list television actor and producer and now a stumbling C list parody. Anyway, on Wednesday, our actor was in a drug store in Aldergrove, BC looking at herbal supplements. While he was looking a fellow customer grazed our actor with her basket. At that point our actor said, "watch where you are going," and being in Canada hip checked the woman into a neighboring shelf. The actor was in the store looking for a special herb. Why? The herb is the only one our actor trusts for eliminating the odor of booze on his breath. Our actor was also kicked out of a pizza place the night before for being drunk. The only time in the history of the place it had ever kicked out anyone.
David Hasselhoff

#2 & #3 - This female singer has a very unique hair style. She said she came up with the idea on her own. I'm sure she did after the fact. It was necessitated though by the fact she got into a fight with her idiot A list singer/producer boyfriend who took a pair of scissors and cut huge chunks of hair off our female singer's head. Cassie/Sean Combs (Apparently they got into a disagreement about her look and what would look good. I don’t know who they give the credit to for the look) (hairdo)

#4 & #5 - So what do you do if you are a brand new C list celebutard who in your mind thinks you are A list? Why you go up to women and start hitting on them and generally making an ass of yourself. This is especially evident when you walk up to a C+/B- list television actress from a hit for this network drama who is already known for not being friendly and who responds to the horrible pick up lines by saying, "Who in the f**k are you? Are you 12?" When the celebutard answered her our actress just laughed and turned away and told our celebutard to find someone else. Our celebutard then walked away with his bodyguard in tow. Yes, he really has a bodyguard and it really is funny.
celebutard: Levi Johnston
television actress: AnnaLynne McCord

60. BLIND GOSSIP 11/20
There is an actor on a television series who seems like he would be an interesting character to live with. That might not be the case for his wife, however. A couple of weeks ago, our actor came home from work a lot earlier than usual and found his wife in the hot tub with a neighbor of theirs. The neighbor, who is also an actor, is best known for his role on a classic TV show. The wife and neighbor, who were sitting on the same side of the hot tub and were somewhat intertwined when the actor emerged from the house, both jumped up, obviously startled. The neighbor explained that they were in the hot tub together because he had pulled his hamstring muscle playing tennis earlier that day, and the actor’s wife had been kind enough to let him use the hot tub, to show him some stretching exercises, and to share a glass of wine with him. While we don’t know if there is a generally accepted seating plan when it comes to neighbors and hot tubs, we think that this particular arrangement sounds mighty suspicious.

The gorgeous wife of that manly mogul is telling friends the real reason they're divorcing is that he's into guys. She claims they haven't had sex in four years.
Damon Dash; Peter Brant and Stephanie Seymour

62. BLIND GOSSIP 11/22
There is a film that won’t be in the theaters for at least another year. The schedule got pushed back because of casting issues. They were casting the male and female leads at approximately the same time. However, as soon as the female lead found out that a certain actor was ready to sign on the project, she bailed out, and the role had to be recast. The reason? The actress had some history with the actor. No, they hadn’t dated before. But the actor did have a torrid affair with the actress’ ex while they were dating. Instead of blaming her ex, she blamed the actor. She thinks that the actor is so charismatic and so charming that he must have manipulated her ex into doing something the ex greatly regretted down the road. There is still a lot of bad blood among the three of them. A couple of extra hints: the ex is also in the acting biz, and all three of these people usually have dark hair.

63. BUZZFOTO 11/23
We’re not even sure why the magazines keep pushing it, but this couple who are said to be romantically involved, are actually nothing but. Sure, they’re having fun playing with the press, but it’s mostly because they are told it would be a good marketing strategy for their career. Everyone around them knows however, that they are just good friends, not lovers. One in all the media buzz is actually rumored to swing the other way. Not Chace Crawford.
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

64. POST SECRET 11/23
"The morning after you hit our 10-year-old daughter, we all stood there and watched as a fan asked for your autograph."

65. BLIND GOSSIP 11/24
This is the fourth time this actress has had her breasts done. The first time was supposed to be a simple enlargement. After kids she had them done a second time. While many women have breasts that don’t match perfectly, hers were so lopsided that she had to wear an insert to even them out. The third time, the breasts were evenly sized, but looked rather cross-eyed if they weren’t taped into position. Now they’re perfect. But don’t expect her to disclose any of this any time soon. She’s had plenty of other plastic surgeries, and still denies, denies, denies she’s ever had any work done.
Demi Moore

66. BUZZFOTO 11/24
We’ve been saving this one for Thanksgiving time and you should know this story happened last year at a certain Celebrity’s Thanksgiving table. It’s no secret to the guests that came, but we still thought it was pretty interesting/strange and wanted to share it. Last year, this actress who has bragged about her cooking skills in the past, made a great Thanksgiving dinner for her friends and family. The dinner had a theme: Each guest was asked to bring a side dish laced with their favorite recreational drug of choice. The dinner was a hit, and full of crazy antics afterwards. Not Eva Longoria.
 ADDENDUM: Remember the crazy cook we told you about yesterday? Well, our source that originally shared the story sent in an email and reminded us of something that we had forgotten to add to the story. After this crazy Thanksgiving dinner, there was one guest who got very sick. We feel we should mention this so everyone knows (if they didn’t already) that the dinner was a VERY dangerous thing to do and we hope no one in their right mind is crazy or stupid enough to do anything close to it. The celeb apparently has had some fall-out for it, even from those who had participated and has lost some high-profile friends because of it.

Which up and coming Twilight actress lied about her background and said she lost her birth certificate so she would qualify for her part? She has told everyone she is adopted and Native/First Nations, but in reality has biological parents who raised her and is most definitely not Native/First Nations.
Tinsel Korey (Emily)

68. BLIND GOSSIP 11/24
This celebrity couple is spinning some tall tales this Thanksgiving. They have each told their respective families that they can’t attend Thanksgiving with them because their spouse has a film commitment out of town and they need to accompany them. Not true. Neither of them are working that day. They are actually just turning off their phones and staying home. Just them and the kid/s… and one spouse’s Significant Other. How are they going to keep the kid/s quiet about how they really spent the holiday? Well, these two are such experienced liars, we’ll bet their genes have already been passed down to the next generation.
Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith

69. BUZZFOTO 11/25
This super skinny A/B lister has always blamed her skinny weight on her incredible metabolism and good genes. Well, we know that every time she goes out to a restaurant, she purges her food in the bathroom. That’s not the gossip here. The real story is why she does it. Her eating disorder apparently started as a diet competition between her and another celeb starlet. The two were competing for a very big role a few years ago (a role which our actress did not get) and the two openly made a goal to "underweight" one another. The celeb who got the part, lost the weight in a healthy way and moved on, but our star’s ED stuck. So sad! Not: Megan Fox.
Kate Bosworth

This Female Singer may have a hard time selling her new album. She won’t do a series of interviews because she doesn’t want anyone asking her about her private life. She’s dating a married man, and her recent live performances are showing signs of a strained voice.
Fantasia; Alicia Keys

One Doozy of a Double Extramarital Affair: Enough with the skanky, closeted "straight" movie stars out getting photographed with their pretend girlfriends while doing guys on the side. This week we're goin' back to those sneaky heterosexuals who originally wrote the book on cheating on their partners, not to mention the public! Quidget and Bridget Barks-a-Little are a Hollywood dream couple, as in they both do it all with darling personalities and multitalented careers. And oh, aren't they gorgeous to look at, too, what with their sweet smiles and even sweeter kiddies? Then there's the much darker celeb duo known as Harry and La-Feelya Fun-Tanked, an amazingly hard-partying twosome who are much better known for their combative social and cohabitation skills than they are for any picture of domestic bliss. I mean, most folks don't even know Harry and La-Feelya have kids, that's how much their domestic side is never played in the press—or any place else, for that matter. White-picket-fence types they're so not. So isn't it so interesting that La-Feelya, who's still awesome-looking with her curves and cat-like attraction, and who has pretty much decided she's had it with too-far-gone Harry, just recently set her sights on a bacon-earner with a little more, how shall we say, predictability (i.e., steady paycheck and richly rewarded career)? Yep. So much so that... La-Feelya just went whole horny hog on the poor Quidget (who's marginally handsome) and seduced the crap outta him—almost literally! Quidget almost forgot sex could be this hot again! Which explains, of course, why he and La-Feelya have decided to leave their respective families and hook up together, permanently. So glad to know it's not only the gays who make dumbass decisions after a few really hot nights in bed! Only one little prob: Quidget and La-Feelya haven't told their spouses yet. Ouch. Wonder if this heartbreak will actually come to pass? Something tells me that once Bridget Barks-a-Lot finds out what her ordinarily soft-spoken hubby's been up to, she's gonna call up every soccer mom she can for a little sympathy. Then she's going to see to it that every cent of her family's money will never be touched by slinky La-Feelya's slim and very gorgeous fingers. In fact, I guarantee it. So, here's what I predict: Once Quidget tells Bridget of his departure intentions (which I hear he's planning on doing momentarily), he will be knocked so far back on his slightly soft ass he'll just as quickly beg Bridget to forget it—he just can't go through with it all, breaking up his family like that. But it will be too late. Bridget ain't the type of gal to go for that weakass apologetic crap. She'll want out for good. It's a certainty. Oh, and what's Harry doing through all of this turmoil, you ask? Just getting high. He doesn't care either way, really. And It Ain't: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes; Sting and Trudie Styler; Jerry O'Connell and Rebecca Romijn.
Shooter Jennings and Drea DeMatao

At a recent movie premiere this married foreign born B-/C+ list movie actor appeared to out this former A list tweener and now B list movie actor. At the premiere our foreign born actor said to a group of people standing next with him, "well you know ______ is gay." He said it very loudly and in the same room as the former tweener, although he wasn't overheard by the former tweener. The former tweener's C list actress girlfriend was not in attendance but ourforeign born B- list movie actress wife was.
#1 - foreign born actor: Hugh Dancy
#2 - former tweener: Zac Efron
#3 - former tweener's girlfriend: Vanessa Hudgens
#4 - foreign born actor's wife: Claire Danes

73. POPBITCH 11/27
This celebrity husband and wife have more in common than just fame, money, kids and being intensely annoying. They've both got a shag-buddy. Hers is a much lusted-after actor, while his was a big fan who got close to him at a party. While she has suspected her husband's infidelity for some time, he is said to have no idea that his wife has been getting frisky without him!
Gwyneth Paltrow/Chris Martin

74. SOAP SUDS 11/27
1. Which diva is jealous of her co-star’s perks?

2. Which gay actor’s closeted co-star is secretly jealous that said actor had a threesome with his boyfriend and another soap actor?

75. BUZZFOTO 11/30
These two actors have always had a friendly rivalry in the press. We hear it’s more friendly for one than the other. The bigger star, who has had more high profile movies and relationships does not know that the lesser celebrity is extremely jealous of him. We’ve learned that the jealous star has tried (unsuccessfully) to sabotage the work of the bigger star. But worst of all, he bragged to a friend of our source that he thinks he could break up the high profile relationship of his rival. He explained a plan he has to ‘test’ the lady lover and believes he can steal her away, if only for one night. Not Matt Damon.
George Clooney who is jealous of Brad Pitt

76. HOLY MOLY 11/30 **#1**
A female mole was in Ibiza this summer, and went to xxxxxx xxxx's house to "party." When she knocked on the massive front door, desperate to go to the loo, she was surprised to find a wide-eyed xxxx answering. Seizing her moment, she asked him where the toilet was. "You can do drugs ANYWHERE IN THIS HOUSE" he slurred. When she told him she actually needed a wee, he froze with horror, and then ran off down the hall to hide.

77. HOLY MOLY 11/30 **#2**
Which annoyingly boring movie actress/blogger took a runner by surprise when he poked his head round her trailer door to call her up for a scene? Her fiancee's (at the time, also a famous star) feet could be seen poking out from underneath her dress, obviously giving her a full MOT. She looked up and calmly said 'Not now Carlo.' That then became the crews response to any request from anyone much to the bemusement of the vapid Oscar winner.
Gwyneth Paltrow/Ben Affleck or Brad Pitt

78. HOLY MOLY 11/30 **#3**
Which über famous Hollywood actor and actress regularly get together in secret? Not to make sweet love, but to indulge in a 24 hour pills 'n' coke bender? Although both of these people look as though they take themselves far far too seriously in the acting world, in private they liek nothing more than getting completely ripped to the t*ts. The woman goes even further and holds regular coke parties at her house. The last one saw her throwing out 20 guests at 11am - she thoughtfully handed each of them a sleeping pill as they left.

79. HOLY MOLY 11/30 **#4**
Which husband of possibly the most famous woman in the UK is still sleeping around, despite already being caught out once? Risky!
Ashley Cole (wife Cheryl)

80. BLIND GOSSIP 11/30
As if this famous athlete didn’t have enough dang problems right now, you can add a couple more to the list. His wife knew that he had relied on a certain substance in the past to relieve his extreme bouts with performance anxiety. However she did not know until a couple of days ago that he has been experimenting with other substances that could get flagged during testing. The second problem he has is his penchant for women who are paid handsomely to be discreet about their extra-curricular activities with him. Word is that he likes to be punished for his bad behavior. He was subjected to harsh discipline from an early age, and he tells the women that he needs them to continue that tradition in order for him to be perfect. But don’t expect either of these habits to come to the forefront in the coming months. Everyone is getting paid off to lie or to keep their trap shut.
Tiger Woods

This aging, but still known for her looks former B list television star from one of the most popular dramas of all time shared a story about the first time she had sex with her second husband. He had seen her on television with her famous hair and they were doing what people do and he reached for her hair at some point and he pulled her entire wig off showing off her almost entirely bald head. Apparently the episode kind of removed the lift from his engine so to speak and it was several weeks before they tried again.
Joan Collins

This A list female country singer just keeps on winning people over. At a recent event a paraplegic teenager in a wheelchair had been waiting with his mom for about two hours so he could meet his favorite singer and get her autograph and hopefully a picture with her. Well, after the event, the singer came by and said, "Don't you look cute in that chair." The teenager then asked for the singer's autograph and she said, "Oh sorry, not today, I'm too tired, but I hope you feel better soon." She then walked away. Carrie Underwood

83. BUZZFOTO 12/01
We don’t want to come off as judgmental, but this item seems a little on the ‘taking advantage’ side. This baby mama of a B/C lister has signed up for a Christmas charity for the third year in a row. Not signed up to donate, but to receive- as in getting new bikes, clothes, toys etc. for her little ones. We’re not sure if she needs it or if she’s taking advantage, but we do know the daddy seems to have plenty of money. Makes you wonder….. Not Jude Law.
Jude Law

84. BLIND GOSSIP 12/01
We know parents can be protective of their kids, but this television actress really crossed the line. Her child had complained that they had been verbally bullied by some of the other students in their class. So, during a recent parent/ teacher conference, Mom confronted the child’s teacher about the bullying. Their discussion rapidly deteriorated into a shouting match, with the actress standing over the teacher and jabbing her finger at the teacher’s face. She accused the teacher of encouraging the other children to pick on her child because the teacher was jealous of the actress. The flustered teacher then had to explain that she did not even know that the actress still had a television show on the air. This totally caught the actress off guard. She wound up mumbling an apology and slinking out the door a few minutes later.

This bootylicious reality star is in for more heartbreak. She recently reconciled with her naughty boyfriend after forgiving him for cheating. Now she’s thinking about a wedding, but HE’S not. Behind her back, the boyfriend has taken up with yet another stripper in Los Angeles, and the stripper is already shopping the story around to the highest bidder.
 Kim Kardashian/Reggie Bush

86. BUZZFOTO 12/02
A while back we told you about this couple: Basting the wrong turkeys. Well, it turns out this couple has managed to not let anyone important find out yet and have decided to make it a yearly tradition. Back when we posted this Blind Item we got a few legal calls that kept us from revealing it, but this time, we heard it from a second source that hinted that on Thanksgiving the two naughty in-laws had a little second helping of love right before dessert. Maybe, just maybe we’ll get to reveal this one soon! Not any of the Baldwins.

Coke mom doesn't get to spend all that much time with her child/ren. You would think what time she does spend with her child/ren would be quality. Well, nothing like this lesson. Coke Mom has her child/ren with her last week when she decided to stop by her dealer's house and make a buy. Well, Coke Mom wanted to be a good mom so decided bringing her child/ren into the house would probably not be a good idea. So, Coke Mom left her child/ren in the car while she bought some coke, took the time to sample some and the next thing you know there is a knock at the front door and it is Coke Mom's child/ren asking to use the bathroom because it has been two hours.

Which singer is less of a gentleman than he seems? He hits the red carpet with gorgeous gals while hiding his real girlfriend — because she’s a stripper.

89. BLIND GOSSIP 12/02
Some grownups enjoy a game of dress up now and then. This popular actor, though, takes it to a whole new level. When you spend the night with him, you’d better have some serious wardrobe changes available. His current favorite is "The Skier and The Pool Boy". His attire? Just a grape smuggler, a pair of flip flops, and a leaf skimmer. If you’re his date, however, be prepared to dress in full ski gear, including ski boots, ski goggles, and mittens. Oh, and those last three items have to be kept on during the entire evening. He really likes to see the goggles get fogged up.
Gerard Butler

90. BUZZFOTO 12/03
We have heard from a friend of this gay male escort that the escort is claiming to be involved in a romantic relationship with this Television and Film actor (whose sexuality remains ambiguous). The escort has been snapped with the star before, and even gone to events with him, but is claiming to have been in a relationship, one that is on and off. Not Chace Crawford.
Zachary Quinto

This R&B Singer can’t get away from his overbearing mother. His latest album is in danger because she doesn’t like his latest girlfriend. His mom is also his manager. Insiders think he should fire her to prove he’s not a mama’s boy.

92. BLIND GOSSIP 12/03
Who’s been behaving even more badly behind the scenes? This guy! He’s been famous for such a long time, he’s become quite the narcissist. He just doesn’t think the rules of life and scandals apply to him. Everyone loves me! Nobody will believe an opportunistic cocktail waitress over me! Well, Dude, what about two cocktail waitresses, two club hosts, a couple of hookers, and a stripper or two? Oh, yes, they’ll be crawling out of the woodwork now. You can’t blame the media for your bad behavior. You can’t shill for millions of dollars of consumer goods as the epitome of a good guy and then claim privacy when it comes to light that your good guy act is a sham. Take your lumps and quit blaming everyone else, and you’ll get past this scandal a lot faster.
Tiger Woods

This A list tweener has a problem. Well more than one problem but there are some things that can never be taught. Anyway, she had a boyfriend. Not exactly being a role model she got his name tattooed on her body in a place most people won't see for a few more months. Now though, she has a bigger problem than what people say about her tattoo and its location. She has a different boyfriend and he doesn't like opening the presents so to speak and seeing another name so our tweener is going to change it but can't decide if it should be the new boyfriend's name or something generic like don't chew gum with your mouth open.
Miley Cyrus/Justin Gaston tattoo which she turned into just breathe

94. HOLY MOLY 12/04 **#1**
Which Corrie actress got so hammered in Manchester members bar The Press Club that she fell of her stool and, when arse touched floor, unleashed a paint-stripping fart. Her encore was to shrug her shoulders and piss her pants. Barbara Knox; Eileen Derbyshire; Anne Kirkbride

95. HOLY MOLY 12/04 **#2**
Long time readers of Holy Moly may remember a story we ran in 1996 about an up-and-coming actor earning a crust by recording scripts for gay sex chatlines. The fact that he was going under an assumed name hasn't stopped the guy he recorded with getting in touch again. We'd forgotten all about him to be honest but, now he's a new reality TV star, the tapes are now hot property. The mole adds: "I asked him if he was gay, he said he wasn't fussy. We ended up energetically recreating our fictional work later on that evening in a cheap hotel. I am so not proud." The Mistery continues! Jimi Mistry

96. HOLY MOLY 12/04 **#3**
Which multi-Oscar winning actor scared a mole to death by gatecrashing a drinking session purposefully hidden from his legendary 'party hands'? He rumbled their plans and ended up matching them drink for drink, making increasingly smutty suggestions to a mole who bailed out at 4am and went to his hotel room. He was woken up after 10 minutes by xxxxx xxxxx in boxers shorts, clutching a bag of skunk and demanding "entry". Kevin Spacey

97. HOLY MOLY 12/04 **#4**
Which member of a 90s comedy duo was so spangled on drugs that when sitting in his plush office furiously masturbating, he didn't even notice the cleaner come in and hoover around him and leave?
Bob Mortimer

98. BLIND GOSSIP 12/04
This famous actor is a husband and a father and a role model to adoring fans. He’s also a liar and a cheater and an adulterer and a magnet for women who want to sample the goods. While he doesn’t have as much to lose as Tiger if his trysts were ever made public, he is a bit more careful about covering his tracks. In addition to his friends and family cell phone, he also carries a pre-paid cell phone solely for his booty calls. There is no announcement with his name on the voicemail, just a robotic phone number that could belong to anyone. And if he has to leave a message for anyone else on their cell, he doesn’t leave his name, just "Hi, it’s me returning your call," along with his number and a voice mail about "taking a meeting about a project." It’s all about the plausible deniability. Does his wife know about this phone? Well, she does now, because we know she reads this site. Sorry about that, Girl, but you knew he was a dog long before you married him.
Patrick Dempsey; Paul Rudd

Is America Ready for Butter's Supershocker? Interesting past couple of weeks: Adam Lambert pushes the sexuality envelope by tonguing a guy on national TV, and the world cries yuck. But chicks such as Britney Spears, Madonna and Tila Tequila do the same and everyone thinks it's just so dangerously sexy. Double standard, anybody? Yeah, what else is new in antigay America? In this very same sexually and politically charged media firestorm, megaceleb Butter Pussy is charting her next career choice privately. It's no secret folks have wondered, in varying degrees, whether Butter rides the gay or straight bus (some insist she's a regular passenger on both), and she's certainly had her own battle with goss headlines in the past regarding her sexuality. But now Butter's decided to... Go against what all of her friends and professional advisors have been hammering at her for years not to do: She's decided to come out as a gay woman! Butter is terribly encouraged by Ellen DeGeneres' success with celebrating her love for Portia de Rossi while still maintaining (hell, even increasing!) her celebrity relevance. And this is very dear to Butter's heart, even though many think the multitalent's really only been in the Biz all these years just for the bucks. What's far trickier for Ms. P. is just what to do about the man and large extended family in her life. She's far more concerned how this announcement will affect them, not her. After all, money isn't necessarily that big of an issue anymore, but Pussy's exceedingly aware her future financial coffers might be adversely affected by this scandalous planned press conference. And that's giving her tremendous pause at the moment. Will all the ol' reliably closeted machinery of Hollywood win out in the end—and Butter will continue to maintain her (fairly) discreet preference for the chicks? It's a fascinating dilemma. Particularly if Butter continues her super-risky habit of feeling up well-heeled babes under the table at all those fancy dinner parties she goes to. And It Ain't: Hillary Clinton, Fergie, Hilary Swank.
Oprah Winfrey

#1 & #2 - This married former A list television actress and now a struggling C has been trying anything and everything to get a television show for herself. Not reality. She wants a talk show and there is only one person standing in her way. That person is a former reality star turned sometime actress who is actually much more famous than the preceding description would lead you to believe. Our former A list actress never misses the chance to talk smack about her perceived competition and will say anything to anyone to have the chance to host the show.

former A list television actress:
former reality star:

#3 - In related news, this former B list television actress and now a well known D has a side gig as a business person. Not wanting anyone to know who she is when she calls she uses a different name other than her very recognizable real one. Soleil Moon Frye

#4 - What mom and former A list television actress and now a C list joke answered her front door to trick or treaters in a shirt that exposed all when she reached for candy. Moms and dads were not amused. OK, well maybe the dads were amused. I mean she is again but they probably still took a look.  Pam Anderson

101. DECEIVER.COM 12/06
This anti-fur PETA spokesperson owns several fur-trimmed leather coats. He/She has helped his/her spouse buy many genuine fur coats, "some of which have been purchased quite enthusiastically in recent seasons," according to one fur retailer who has sold the couple lots of expensive outerwear. These are coats that PETA knows about but doesn’t seem to mind, as long as the resulting publicity is good. A Los Angeles publicist who supports animal rights groups instructed this celeb, who appears on television more than a dozen times each year, to participate in a 2009 anti-fur promotion with PETA. The spouse was recently overheard telling one friend over the phone: "It’s no big deal. They just told us we couldn’t wear our coats this year." For the past six years, both celeb and spouse have actively courted a prominent fur retailer, seeking support for a children’s charity for which this celebrity serves as Honorary Chairman. The charity’s top sponsor is a pharmaceutical company that tests its products on lab animals, a fact that also doesn’t appear to bother PETA.
And the anti-fur campaign in question has happened within the past 12 months. Tony Gonzalez (tight end for the Atlanta Falcons) and October

102. SOAP SUDS 12/04
1. Which executive producer is furious over an ex-soap star’s success post-daytime and is threatening anyone who chooses to deal with her?

2. Which female soap newcomer is already dating her lesbian co-star?

3. Which soap stud had a quickie with his girlfriend in the bathroom stall at a recent industry party?

4. Which popular on-screen soap couple may turn up on another soap by springtime? "All My Children" Thorsten Kaye (Zack) and Alicia Minshew (Kendall) headed to "One Life Live"

5. Which recurring actress was about to be signed to a contract but her diva co-star put a stop to that very quickly? Victoria Rowell and Michelle Stafford "Y&R"

103. BUZZFOTO 12/07
This Hollywood dad recently worked on a project with another C list star. (The project was for the holidays). The other star is not married but in a committed relationship and has been in the press for it with her A/B list boyfriend. Well, the two hated each other the first time they worked together, but kept it civil. Now the two can’t get enough of each other and have had a few late night rendezvous! What does this mean? We’re not sure, but we think a secret affair could be brewing. Not Russell Simmons.

This very attractive and popular female model and sometime reality star thought she had the funniest joke the other night. While at a Christmas event/party she kept saying, "Oh it will be a White Christmas." She then would do a bump of coke off her hand. All night she followed the same pattern until finally at one point the whole table she was at said it before she could. She then laughed and did another line.
Joanna Krupa

105. BLIND GOSSIP 12/07
There were reports that this couple split up recently. Apparently, she had enough of his double life. But while they really have broken up, expect to continue to see them together occasionally. They are simply fulfilling commitments they made to their publicists to attend certain key events.
Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal

106. BUZZFOTO 12/08
We’re not sure why everyone cares so much about this whole Tiger Woods thing. Sure, it’s despicable, but it’s not like it’s unique. What would really shake things up is if the mistresses started coming out for this married female A list singer. Not Christina Aguilera. Gwen Stefani

What do you do when you are promoting a movie and two of the biggest names in the movie can't stand each other? Well usually they just smile and pretend, but this B list movie actress and B list movie actor dislike each other so much they refuse to even be at the same premiere let alone walk the red carpet together or pose for any pictures.
Mark Wahlberg/Rachel Weisz "The Lovely Bones"

108. BLIND GOSSIP 12/08
This singer with a famous name has finally left the Church of Scientology. She is so disenchanted with the organization that she posted a series of YouTube videos under an assumed name detailing her grievances with the cult. The Church’s Office of Special Affairs (OSA), which polices the internet for "Suppressives", managed to shut down her YouTube channel twice, but it has recently been successively reposted. Lisa Marie Presley

109. BLIND GOSSIP 12/09
Although several of his films in the past ten years have received critical acclaim, this actor is acutely aware that his fame peaked last century. Part of the problem is that while he has dated many beautiful and famous women in the past, he has been flying solo for a while. In order to put himself back into superstar status he is going to partner up with a female star. He and his PR people have been shopping for the right woman for the past couple of months. You won’t catch a glimpse of the new couple until next year. The timing will very conveniently coincide with the release of his new film.
Leonardo Di Caprio

110. BUZZFOTO 12/09
This Reality TV Star is telling all her friends that she has slept with a certain famous Twilight star. She was drunk at a club this week and when our source questioned her about it, she said ‘it’ was really ’small’ but the actor can ‘really work with what God gave him.’ Not Lindsay Lohan.
Kellan Lutz and Kristin Calamari

111. STAR MAGAZINE 12/09
Which athlete has been playing the field behind his A-list girlfriend’s back? One flirty night club encounter has already turned into a series of dates, and his main girl is getting suspicious.
Alex Rodriguez/Kate Hudson

Which story involving a B list television and movie actor and his singer wife should be corrected by a national tabloid but isn't because they have paid so much money to the person who gave them the original story. Now you may be asking why the B list actor doesn't sue. Well it turns out that although this time he is not guilty that hasn't always been the case and he doesn't want those stories to come to light.
Josh Duhamel/Fergie/stripper

This D list funny guy/B list television actor got his first Botox recently. It was at the insistence of his A list television actress girlfriend who said she was tired of going out with a guy who looks 100. The funnyman went reluctantly but since the first didn't need any prompting to return for his second. It doesn't really matter anyway though since the relationship is going to be toast about a week after Christmas presents are pretended to be exchanged.
Amber Tamblyn/David Cross

114, BUZZFOTO 12/10
This story comes from one of our readers (who would like to remain anonymous). Our reader got invited to a premiere after party and several big names were there. This B/C actress with what we’ll call a ‘girl-next-door’ reputation happened to use the powder room at the same time as our reader. As our reader was washing her hands, she was naturally star-struck and excited to see the famous starlet, but played it off because she feared she would be annoying. Next thing she knows, the actress is ordering our reader around to get drugs out of the star’s purse. Our reader handed the actress the purse because she didn’t know what else to do and the actress pulls out a bag of ‘white powder’ and then yells at our reader for not fetching it for her quicker. Our reader was upset and embarrassed and quickly left the restroom as fast as she could. Not Jennifer Love Hewitt.
Elisha Cuthbert

It’s hard being a dad, especially when you are a Rich Superstar with a beautiful daughter. The young lady is a stunner like her mommy, but she is spending her father’s money on her rapper boyfriends. She just brought her latest boyfriend a sports car.
Eddie Murphy's daughter, Bria/Pleasure P

116. BLIND GOSSIP 12/10
This actress is a chameleon on the screen but seems to be quite down-to-earth in real life. That’s why it was surprising for us to learn that she is considered a real nut case by a former employee. One day she ordered the staffer to throw out everything in her refrigerator and kitchen cabinets that contained any alcohol or caffeine or sugar or flour. Within 24 hours, she was pitching a fit because there was no food in the house. She ordered the staffer to go to the store and purchase about two dozen items. The shopping list included Grey Goose Vodka, Oreos, and Mountain Dew. All of the items were consumed over the course of the next three days.
Charlize Theron; Eliza Dushku; Renee Zellweger

117. HOLY MOLY 12/10
You think Tiger Woods created a shitstorm? Wait until the US Tabloids print the expose of an even bigger sports star who's been found having ANOTHER year long affair in the states...
David Beckham

#1 & #2 - This one was a bit of a shocker to hear, but hey, it's Hollywood so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. This C list movie actress got her big break recently and on the set of her big break got involved with her married A list movie actor co-star. They have continued to see each other since shooting wrapped.
Marguerite Wheatley/Matt Damon "Invictus"

#3 - Kindness - This gorgeous B- list movie and television actress with a string of hit television shows and movies as co-star but not the best luck as star doesn't always get the biggest paycheck but she is really good in donating it. In her last two projects she has donated her entire paycheck to a shelter that houses homeless women that have been the victims of domestic violence. She also volunteers her time at the shelter and tries to get as many of them jobs as possible on her productions. Carla Gugino

#4 - Kindness - This C list comic actor who used to be A list and on what seemed like every show on a network for awhile was at an event for one of his children. The event was to raise money for music programs. The school was just trying to raise enough money for one year for one class. Our actor wrote a check that will allow the program to hire two teachers and fund their salaries for the next five years. Bob Saget

119. BLIND GOSSIP 12/11
It looks like this triple threat starlet (TT1) is heading to Broadway! The only problem is that her part would be opposite this triple threat pop star (TT2). That isn’t sitting well with the TT2’s family members, who refer to TT1by several vulgar names. It’s actually rather funny when you consider that both TT1 and TT2 have been caught up in separate scandals over the past few years. Scandals aside, though, the TT2’s family should be more worried that TT1 will probably upstage TT2 when it comes to pipes and acting ability and sheer number of fans. Ho ho ho!

TT1: Julianne Hough
TT2: Ashlee Simpson

120. SOAP SUDS 12/11
1. Which GL star called up Ellen Wheeler upon learning that she was directing As the World Turns for a job the day after the soap cancelled?
Kim Zimmer

2. Which recently fired heiress is bragging to anyone who will listen that even without a job she’ll be richer than anyone on soaps? Crystal Hunt (Stacy, OLTL)

3. Which soap diva will not allow anyone to direct her scenes except the executive producer?

4. Which east-coast gay actor got drunk at a recent party and admitted to a straight soap star from another show that he had a foot fetish? Later, the gay star begged his peer to let him rub and smell his feet!

If you were at The Mall Of America this weekend in Minneapolis you might have seen this very good looking B- list actor from one of those network initial shows. He was walking through the mall when a woman stopped him and asked our actor for his autograph. No problem. The actor obliged and even took a photo. So, where is the Jackass behavior? Well, the actor asked the woman what she was doing in the mall. What, is this like pick up time? Anyway, she pointed down to her 4 year old twins and said they were about to get in line to see Santa. The actor then bent down to the kids and said, "You should know by now there is no Santa." He then walked away.
George Eads

122. BUZZFOTO 12/14
This hip-hop ‘rapper’ is so confident of his moves in bed, he is currently in the process of having one trademarked. We kid you not, the man is trying to put a copyright on a sex move. He bragged to friends that once that is done, he plans to launch a whole marketing scheme around the name. Underwear line, men’s cologne, etc. No word yet on the name of the move (the celeb is keeping it super secret) but we’re currently trying to track down anyone who has had the pleasure(?) of experiencing the move firsthand so we can see if it is all it is cracked up to be. Not Sean John/Diddy/Puff DaddyCombs.

123. BLIND GOSSIP 12/14
Girl A just can’t seem to catch a break. This gorgeous actress wanted to please her equally famous significant other – an actor who we’ll call Boy A – for his birthday. His fantasy was to invite a second girl to a join them in the bedroom. So original, right? He begged for this for months, continuously assuring Girl A that it was going to be a one-time thing. Girl A finally caved in and invited some random pretty young thing (Girl B) to join them for a one-time party. She even wrapped a red bow around Girl B so that Boy A could unwrap his gift. Unfortunately, Boy A liked his gift a little too much and started seeing Girl B on the sly. When Girl A found out about it, she went ballistic (not surprising, as she has a tendency to do that). To try to calm her, Boy A told her that he would do absolutely anything she wanted. Well, to get back at him, Girl A decided to invite Boy B, a working actor, to join them for a romp. She wanted to give Boy A a dose of his own medicine, and thought that Boy A would be incredibly jealous of Boy B. Unfortunately, that plan backfired too. Boy A enjoyed the festivities a little too much, and has since started seeing Boy B on the side. Even we were a little shocked to hear that, as we had never heard of Boy A going in that direction before.

Girl A:
Boy A:
Girl B:
Boy B:

124. BUZZFOTO 12/15
This young Hollywood hot couple will be breaking up in the next year. No question about it. Our source is claiming that the female in the pair is obsessed with matrimony and the male is obsessed with a blossoming career. He also wants an open relationship while she wants a house together, babies, the whole deal. The source claims that the girl is really just worried she is losing her grip on her BF and will do anything to keep him around. Not Blake Lively.
Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel; Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens

125. BLIND GOSSIP 12/15
It’s great to have hobbies. This guy loves to sing and he loves to take photos. All of those girls whom he has bedded over the past few years should pay attention to the second part of that statement. If you wondered why he asked you to come home with him for the night, watch out! He’s just waiting for you to fall asleep so that he can take some photos of you in your birthday suit. Before you start popping Xanax, though, you should know that he doesn’t really have any intention of ever making those photos public. However, the possibility alone is one of the reasons why none of these women badmouth him after dating him.
John Mayer

I always knew this B list Golden Globe nominee/winner television actor was self conscious about his hair. But, what I didn't know is that although he has a few plugs, he covers 95% of his extremely bald head with four different very expensive toupees. He tells his many one night stands not to touch his head and he has four models in his bedroom where he keeps them when not wearing them.
Jeremy Piven

127. NY POST/PAGE SIX 12/16
1. WHICH Hollywood hottie is less than impressed with her ex-boy friend's equipment? She's telling friends he's a flop in the sack.
Kate Hudson

2. Which television anchor is frantically denying he had an affair with his wife’s sister? Larry King

This B- list actress from a show that was recently dropped is engaged. The thing is though no paps or tabloids care enough to actually ask her anything about it. This is just not acceptable to her so she has personally started telling every pap she runs into about her engagement but they still don't care to write about it or mention it. This is a direct result of her always being difficult to them in the past so they don't feel like doing her any favors.
Eliza Dushku

129. STAR MAGAZINE 12/16
Which fading reality starlet recently pulled a Britney? She shaved her head and was involuntarily admitted to a mental hospital in early December, but cameras missed the whole thing.
Monica Leon "Danger" on "For the Love of Ray-J"

130. BLIND GOSSIP 12/16
This Hollywood bad boy had supposedly cleaned up his act. However, his wife has been consulting very quietly with a prominent divorce attorney, and has also been asking a lot of questions around town about their stock portfolio and bank accounts. We’ve heard it’s because her husband’s former bouts with both substance abuse and the kind of sex that requires a fat bank account have made comeback. While he is working and he still has the fat bank account, he has lost his grip on both fidelity and sobriety. His wife has had enough, and has her foot halfway out the door. Dude, you’d better get your act together before she takes you to the cleaners, because your PR people are going to have a tough time spinning you out of this one. The girl may be pretty, but – in case it hasn’t dawned on you yet – she sure isn’t dumb.
Charlie Sheen

131. BUZZFOTO 12/16
This new momma is suffering from a little of the ‘baby-blues.’ Instead of her partner being supportive, he is being a total jerk. He tells her to ’snap out of it’ and ’stop feeling sorry for herself.’ He makes her do all the work with the infant and is constantly criticizing her and making fun of her if she doesn’t get dressed and made up in the morning. Not Sarah Michelle Gellar.
David Boreanaz’s wife; Mel Gibson's girlfriend

This Football Player needs to repair his image. He needs to hook up with the right woman. Could this woman be a well known Hollywood Actress? She’s between projects, so she may be up to it.
T.0. Terrell Owens/Nia Long

133. POPBITCH 12/17
Which sometime emaciated Hollywood A-lister is demanding that her people step up her arrangement with her current actor beau so that they get engaged quite soon, to help with publicity for her next movie? While he went along with the contracted relationship quite happily his star is rising fast enough for him to have second thoughts about the next step.
Renee Zellweger & Bradley Cooper

134. BLIND GOSSIP 12/17
This A list actor has always dated the most beautiful girls in the world. These girls are his beards. He actually prefers skinny boys. His latest flame is a boy who was involved in a European scandal involving starlets, drugs and high class prostitution. Scandal Boy recently shipped out to Los Angeles so that he could be at the beck and call of our actor.
George Clooney; Leonardo Di Caprio

135. BUZZFOTO 12/17
This Former American Idol has fallen into a very bad habit. Very bad indeed. Not only are they heavily into drugs (which really isn’t a secret), we’ve heard a rumor that they are now selling themselves to get money to pay for the drugs. Very sad. Not Katharine McPhee.

136. LAINEY’S GOSSIP 12/17
1. Which recently singled douchebag’s publicist has been calling every tabloid begging them to print his version of the breakup in order to protect his ego? The rep has been desperately trying to play competing publications against each other to make sure his client comes out of it with his penis size preserved which only reinforces the widely held belief that his client is a giant prick – in personality, and not necessarily in his pants. Alex Rodriquez/Kate Hudson

2. Everyone knows about this delightful action star’s relationship with the head of his company and that his wife isn’t really his lover. But the boyfriend is jealous and overprotective and now his hiring practices are raising some eyebrows. He will not hire anyone prettier/hunkier/more stylish than he is for fear of tempting his famous partner. Hugh Jackman

This might just be a first. This C list movie actress who has fallen from grace was seeing a guy on and off about six months ago. He wasn't the only person she was dating but he is for sure the one who got her pregnant. Not for the first time our actress had a procedure and she was no longer pregnant. Fast forward to three weeks ago when a sister of our actress had the same procedure and it was the result of her being with the same guy who had impregnated our actress.
Jordana Brewster and her sister Isabella

Which Vampire's Batty for Boys? No wonder so many gay men are gossip columnists: All these supposedly "straight" stars are constantly cruising us (and our friends) for sex! And the latest celeb to daringly do so is one of the biggest, hunkiest vampire sensations out there right now. So much so, even I was shocked when a bud of mine, who gets off hunting around Griffith Park—a notorious area of L.A. where homosexual sex in the woods is rampant and a constant annoyance to the police—enjoyed what you're about to read. Nelly Fang is as hot as he is adored by his millions of fans. His smoldering looks are talked about just as much as (if not more so than) his red-hot acting talents. Nelly simply smolders onscreen, what with his trance-like gaze and lithe, mildly muscled bod, which he keeps in shape by jogging through Griffith Park, wearing shorts but no.....underwear, oh my! I wonder if that's because Nelly likes to be extra-free to whip it out, just in case he needs to take a whiz? Nah. More likely, that lack of clothing constraint is due entirely to Nelly's penchant for stopping a guy who catches his fancy on the trail so he can lure his conquest to a hidden path and then have hot, hot, hot sex under the sun! Something Fang's now done with my friend not once, but twice! Love it! And people say Tiger's a slut! So glad Woods isn't the only celeb who's being supernaughty these days, what a relief. "He's a real talker, too," adds Nelly's lucky path partner. "He kept saying, 'Yeah, do it, yeah, you like that, don't you, yeah, you like my ass?' " Oh my. If only Nelly's gazillions of girlie worshippers could hear him talk. They'd either try to convert him or tell him to start talking dirty to them—or they'd stop being his fan—or both. By the way, I'm sure if you've made it this far, you'll want to know the rest of the dirty deets, which are: Yes, Nelly's endowed (longer than wider, to be precise), and yes, he's a very neat boy down there. "Very groomed," was how Mr. Fang's private parts were further described to me. Or to be even more precise (and gay): "Manscaped." Hmmm. How very interesting, as this body-maintenance routine doesn't match the sometimes slightly grungy image Nelly likes to show off to the very unknowing public. And It Ain't: Kellan Lutz, Brad Pitt, Ryan Kwanten.

139. BLIND GOSSIP 12/18
This a traditional "shopping" weekend for this established celebrity couple. She will likely be combing the aisles of every exclusive store, looking for that perfect flat panel TV or watch or digital camera or set of golf clubs for him. He will be busy too, but not in the way you think. Since he must keep up appearances by spending the holiday with his family, his boyfriend gets this weekend. Our star will be very busy instructing him on how to properly unwrap and handle his gift. Don’t worry about his SO, though. His assistant will pick out a very nice gift for her – as is done every year – and she will feign excitement over her gift and their lovely and picture-perfect Christmas. We can’t wait for the photos of the whole family gathered around the tree, smiling, smiling, smiling. Fake, fake, fake!

140. SOAP SUDS 12/18
1. Which major soap star was just fired? More on Monday!
Bryan Dattilo "Lucas" on "Days of Our Lives"

2. Which gay actor left a five-minute scathing phone message to a straight soap star for telling everyone about his foot fetish fantasy?

3. Which soap hunk shocked the cast in morning rehearsal when he blurted out that he was late to work because he spent the morning "eating out" with his girlfriend?

4. Which soap vet threw a fit when she came off set to find her dressing room toilet used and clogged? It wasn’t pretty. And was probably done on purpose!

141. BLIND GOSSIP 12/19
Which geeky actor from a popular TV show tried to pull a fast one on an established retailer? Several months ago, he set his sites on a particular item and asked the retailer if he could have it. They told him that although they would not simply gift it to him, they were willing to entertain a reasonable offer for it. He never made an offer. A few months later, he came back, wanting the same item again. This time, he fired off an angry email, claiming that the item was stolen from him. Perhaps he theorized that they would believe him and simply hand the item over to him? The company took his claim seriously and began an investigation of the provenance of the item. However, when they asked him for any kind of legitimate proof that it was his, he realized that he was caught in a lie and quickly backed off. Then, instead of blowing the dust off his wallet and buying it, he began whining very publicly about it. We don’t know if he will get sued for making defamatory statements, but his false accusations against the retailer – and subsequent public whining and playing the victim to gain sympathy – just make him look like a big jerk.

142. LAINEY’S GOSSIP 12/21
He wants this so badly, to be taken seriously as an actor. But on the set of his new movie, everyone is baffled. By how terrible he is. Like laughably terrible. The worst timing, the most awkward line reads, cheesy expressions… at this point it’s become a fun work-time activity: watch him get through a scene, feel the fontrum for him while he sucks it so hard so obliviously, giggle your tits off later because he walks around thinking he is the sweetest sh-t ever. There’s an ego involved, of course, and he actually thinks he’s doing a good job, that he is gifted in this discipline too. Please. He is not gifted. And his lack of gifts in this respect could cost the entire production. The weakest link drags it all down. Which is why people are mystified that the director has not bothered to fix it. Like suggesting more classes, like pushing his coach, like replacing him with someone who can actually do it? None of the above. Word is, he’ll make the corrections in post by greatly reducing the role. Unless there’s a miracle and suddenly Cate Blanchett comes out of his ass to save the day. Not likely.
Justin Timberlake "The Social Network"

143. BUZZFOTO 12/21
A bunch of stars were at a party over the weekend. They were all supposed to bring gifts for a sort of "white elephant" exchange. One of the stars (a C list actress) took the "white" part a little too literally. They brought three little packages of white powder, neatly wrapped in Christmas ribbon and tied with a candy cane. Because there were children at the party, most of the guests were offended and asked the actress to leave. Not Rachel Bilson.

So, this A list singer who is married to an A list movie actress was in a music store over the weekend and was looking at guitars and trying some of them out. Also in the store at the same time was a teenager who was looking at effects pedals. The specific one the kid was looking at cost about $500 which is pretty pricey for a pedal. Anyway our singer and the teen talked for awhile and then the singer ended up buying a guitar for himself. While he was at the counter paying he told the cashier to also charge the effects pedal to his credit card and to tell the teen Merry Christmas.
#1 - A list singer: Keith Urban
#2 - A list actress: Nicole Kidman

145. NY POST/PAGE SIX 12/22
1. Which knock out party girl, a mistress of a huge sports star, has her lips plumped at the SmoothMED clinic on East 59th Street?
Rachel Uchitel

2. WHICH lady who recently filed for divorce is trying to lure her husband to a Christmas reunion? Friends suspect she hopes to generate footage for a reality show. Tinsley Mortimer

146. LAINEY’S GOSSIP 12/22
He was working out one day at the gym and a well known tranny caught his eye. So he gave her the signal and they ended up in the bathroom where he told her it wasn’t the first time he’d been with a tranny and then she blew him and the entire time it was all cocktalk as he kept asking her "Do you know whose dick you’re sucking…?" like she was supposed to be honoured by his penis in her mouth. With him, it’s always about ego. Even when he’s being serviced, he still needs affirmation for his ego. Hilariously though, at the time, she had no clue she was helping herself to an award winning artist. Not 50 Cent. Not Justin Timberlake. Not Josh Groban.
John Mayer

147. BLIND GOSSIP 12/22
This actress is expecting a very special gift of jewelry soon from her actor boyfriend. After all, they’ve been dating for a while, they’ve met each other’s families, and they each get more press together than either one would get alone. So, it’s reasonable to expect that an engagement ring would be forthcoming, right? Um, yes, but not to her. The engagement ring is going to his very special boyfriend, who has been forced to lurk in the shadows for several years now. Oh, our actress might get a ring too, but although the jewelry may be real, all involved are very clear that the hetero sentiment is totally fake. Yes, she knows all about the other guy, and she knows that she plays a distant second to him, but she also really loves how the fake relationship boosts her image and her income. We personally think that a three-stone ring would be most appropriate. Not to symbolize their pas, present and future love for each other, but to symbolize all three of the people in the relationship.
Renee Zellweger & Bradley Cooper

So this female Real reality star was out shopping on Sunday and standing in line with what my source said was an incredibly hot guy. Anyway, who she was with is not really the point of this, but just an added bonus. Anyway, the point is our reality star who has even had her own show was talking on her cell phone in a very, very loud voice. This was annoying to the other 20 people in line, but not as annoying as the way she was talking on the phone. It was described as the most superficial, high pitched squeaky phone call of all time and everyone in line was cringing. The guy with her was apparently used to it and his main job appeared to be carrying things for the reality star. Well, as the line progresses she is so absorbed in her own world and her own call that she fails to see an elderly man in front of her who has bent over to retrieve something. Not seeing anyone in front of her, our reality star pushes by the guy, knocking him to the floor and walks up to the register. Meanwhile the people behind her help the man back to his feet. Our reality star continued to chat very very loudly the entire time at the register and as she walked out the door.
Jo De La Rosa (Real Housewives of Orange County)

149. BUZZFOTO 12/22
This very gorgeous and very voluptuous singer is thinking of switching religions. She thinks her music isn’t getting enough hype and that by subtly declaring she is joining a spiritual group quite popular in Hollywood, she’ll get some more press. Hey, it beats fake relationships and breakups! Not Beyonce.
Jessica Simpson

150. BLIND GOSSIP 12/23
They will spend Christmas morning together with their child/ren, opening gifts and having a family breakfast of pancakes and hot cocoa. Sweet, right? Not really. Their Christmas present to each other is several uninterrupted hoursin the guest quarters with their "other partner" on Christmas Day. So it will look like the family spent all day together – with a stream of friends coming and going during the day – while there’s actually a carefully scheduled series of merry making in the guest house. Will Smith/Jada Pinkett

151. BUZZFOTO 12/23
Trouble is brewing between these two Celebrity families who used to be very close friends and the trouble started with their children. One child from one of the families is being accused of bullying a younger child from the other family. Apparently, when the two clans get together this older ‘bully’ pushes, hits, threatens and intimidates. To make matters worse, when the accusations were brought up, the parents of the child denied it and claimed that their child was close to perfect, further causing tension. Needless to say, the two families aren’t hanging out anymore…. No one from Sarah Jessica Parker’s family.
Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt and Gwen Stefani/Gavin Rossdale

#1 & 2 - This foreign born much more famous in the rest of the world than in the US world class athlete and his American born C list singer/reality star broke up because she said she wanted to really focus on her singing craft. Her boyfriend then laughed so hard he cried. She didn't find it funny and they are no more.
Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger of the "Pussycat Dolls"

#3 & 4 - From the I don't even know why they bother column. This C list actor who has way more name recognition than he probably should has a movie to promote. So, before he heads off to film his new movie with his boyfriend he wants to spend two weeks with his "girlfriend." She is a C list actress who doesn't do anything but is tired of pretending. However, she does want to star in a future movie that our actor just signed on for. It makes sense for her to be in it, but he wants his two weeks of publicity before he will agree. Honestly, I have to say that if I hear one more of these types of stories from this couple I am just going on a full blown, non- blind rant because they are not even good at pretending and I'm tired of it and them. Hayden Christensen/Rachel Bilson "Jumper"

153. BUZZFOTO 12/24
This male television star has been fighting off rumors about his sexuality for some time now. He hasn’t confirmed or denied and seems to put down any credibility to speculation. We have a source that says the star is not really interested in revealing his sexuality, because he doesn’t really care about it himself. He has no drive, no real sexual preference and no interest in a sexual relationship. His asexuality is pretty well known among family and friends, but he has no desire to advertise it to the world. Not Zachary Quinto.
Wentworth Miller; Ryan Seacrest

154. STAR MAGAZINE 12/24
Which closeted male celeb drew the suspicions of his A-list costar when he was just not that into their love scenes? She’d never met a straight man with no interest in her goods!
Scarlett Johansson/Bradley Cooper “He’s Just Not That Into You”

155. BLIND GOSSIP 12/27
This actress – who has been known to balance more than one job at a time – has always presented a squeaky-clean image on TV. So it came as a surprise to hear that she and her actor husband regularly take a walk on the wild side. No, they are not cheating on each other. Rather, the couple likes to direct each other in the making of live videos of their enthusiastic bedroom sessions. When they have adult guests over, they wait until all the children are tucked away for the evening, then show edited versions of the films to the guest. If the guest/s react with shock or horror, the husband and wife laugh it all off as a big over-acted joke. If the guest/s react with interest, however, they are invited to join the couple for a romp.
Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos

156. BUZZFOTO 12/28
We got an email this weekend from someone claiming to have once been good friends with this B List Actor. They have since parted ways, but this incident apparently happened two years ago. The B Lister was in love and wanted to get married to the girl we was dating at the time. He said he had never met a girl like her and was completely head over heels. Even though he is a full grown adult, he has what we’ll call some ‘mommy issues.’ The reason why a wedding never happened or has never happened is because this actor’s mother is extremely controlling and extremely involved in his life. She has broken up any real relationship the star has ever had and is so meddling and controlling, he still calls her almost every day, usually to be berated and criticized. The source says that no matter what, mommy dearest’s opinion comes first. Always. Not Justin Timberlake.
Ryan Gosling

157. NY POST/PAGE SIX 12/28
1. Which male model is regretting he got carried away with a certain starlet? He succumbed to her aggressive seduction, didn't use protection and now worries he may have contracted an STD.
Lindsay Lohan and Adam Senn

2. WHICH memoir by a 92-year old, yoga-practicing East Side socialite was actually written by the lover of her walker? Ruth Mueller

3. WHICH novice restaurant co-owner table-hops, orders food and drink for the table, partakes with gusto, then moves on before the check comes? Old friends are horrified to end up paying for the owner's dinner.

This former A list female reality star and now struggling to stay in the spotlight recently lost one of her dogs. She didn't care about the dog running away, but she cared about the fact that she wanted a picture taken which showed her boyfriend and her dog because she thought it was the right message to send. So, she sent her assistant back to LA to get another dog from her collection, fly back and then our reality star was able to get the one photo with the paps she wanted before passing off the dog again to the assistant.
 Paris Hilton

159. LAINEY’S GOSSIP 12/29
It was mystifying several years ago why she was hyped the way she was hyped. Just another starlet with no real significant starring vehicles somehow ending up with a prestigious magazine cover proclaiming her as the next It. Well It never happened. And after all this time and a string of failures, she’s been trying to change the course. So she’s gone back to the major player who tried to make it happen for her the first time. There was an arrangement back then – her sexual services for his professional services – and apparently the same arrangement was resurrected recently in the hopes that she’ll finally confirm a juicy role to kickstart a stagnant career. Never mind that he’s married. His wife benefits handsomely from his generosity and while he may not fulfill her with fidelity, he certainly makes up for it through client exchange. Probably better that way. And given what he looks like, it totally makes sense. But he is a legend in the business both for his accomplishments and for the way he leads these ladies to their accomplishments, counting a couple of award winners and a few box office heavyweights on his resumé…which is why he quickly tired of our poor girl and discarded her. But not before drying her out. One day late summer, they were joined in a hotel suite by a third gentleman (identity insignificant), both of them enjoying her as she allowed herself to be taken, and, um, decorated appropriately, all for a reward at the end of the session – the privilege of simply looking at a script, no promise, no confirmation…just an advance read. And a suggestion to show up at a premiere for a few introductions. She is so desperate, it’s been so meagre, she submitted to the humiliation although gamely seems to have enjoyed it. An actor after all, obviously able to shut out her husband and child waiting for her back at home. And then he just cut it off. Told her he could no longer help her. That her body in his bed was no longer required. Which of course only added to her degradation. She tried and tried to offer up more, willing to engage in further depravity, but was only met with rejection. Because he’s moved on. He’s hunting his next target. A young, nubile, blonde babe with a large profile and a perky rack who so far has been able to resist his advances but is trying to graduate from supporting roles in film, as the fact that she’s a headliner on the small screen has not helped with the quality of scripts she’s being offered, or with many of her auditions so far. She’s currently waiting on a big break and he’s trying to make sure it doesn’t happen, so that in her disappointment, she’ll come running to him, ready to wheel and deal. Note: there are 4 famous names at play – the reject, the replacement, the power player, and his wife.
Reject: Gretchen Mol
Replacement: Blake Lively
Power Player: Harvey Weinstein
His Wife: Georgina Chapman/Marchesa

160. BUZZFOTO 12/29
This actress dated a lead singer in a band a while back. The two were very much in love and the singer’s music reflects this in some of his songs. We hear that the actress, although in a different relationship now is secretly hankering to get back together with her former lover. She keeps all of his music on her ipod and follows his twitter, facebook, and webpage religiously. Not Charlize Theron.
Renee Zellweger/Kenny Chesney or Jack White; Emily Blunt/Michael Buble

161. BLIND GOSSIP 12/29
While you should take the rumors that she is pregnant right now with a grain of salt, this star couple is definitely looking to add a child to their family next year. Their latest hunting ground may surprise you. It’s not Africa or Asia, or even the United States. She wanted even more publicity than usual, so she looked beyond the usual borders to … the Middle East! Mr. and Mrs. recently made a very quiet trip to Jordan to inquire about adopting a child of Muslim parentage. They were both very covered up during the trip, and she wore no makeup. As usual, this entire venture is her idea, and he is just tagging along. We’re curious about his strategy for getting out of this relationship if their family gets bigger.
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Oh, I guess this actress is B list, but only because of her name. If not for her name she would be C list at best. Movies, always movies. Oh, and she is married. Oh, and she has child/ren. One of her favorite tricks for losing weight is to meet people for lunch or dinner. This works best for her when it is a first time meeting. She will go to great lengths to order a big meal. When it arrives she invariably finds something wrong with it and sends it back while insisting her companion keep eating. When her food arrives again, she picks at it and will say she doesn't want to send it back again but it still isn't perfect. By this time her companion usually finishes and our actress just says she will eat a big dinner when in fact she will eat nothing.
Kate Beckinsale

163. BLIND GOSSIP 12/29
Which famous actress will be traveling to Antarctica to peruse adoption candidates? Having watched "March of the Penguins" and "Happy Feet" multiple times, she is ready to take the icy plunge with a chilly child. We also hear that she is insisting that her handsome SO wear a tuxedo and take tap dancing lessons to facilitate the bonding process.

After this actor unexpectedly lost his wife, he had a major life change. Now that he’s single, he’s considered to be a great catch, but it’s unlikely that any lucky ladies will "catch" him. That’s because he now prefers young men. Particularly slender male escorts between 18 and 21. He cruises the web for young men and calls himself "Leo." If he’s VERY interested in someone he will fly the guy to wherever he is. He brings the escorts to his homes in New York and Los Angeles and is always polite and generous. Sorry, ladies.
Liam Neeson

165. NY POST/PAGE SIX 12/30
Which Palm Beach faux-cialite has more money than class and a very busy schedule? When a close friend passed away earlier this month, the funeral conflicted with a luncheon canasta game she was hosting, so she called the grieving family (on the day her friend lost a long battle with cancer) and asked that they reschedule the funeral so she could have her card game and pay respects to her friend, whom she "loved dearly." When the family declined to reschedule the funeral, the socialite did not attend. Her canasta game went on as planned.
Ivana Trump

166. BUZZFOTO 12/30
Yesterday several stars were snapped out shopping and running holiday errands. While they were out doing that, one star tipped off photographers about another star who was shopping nearby. It worked and the photographers took their shots and then ran off to follow the other star. We heard that the reason for our actress to send photographers after someone else is so that they could buy coffee for everyone in the store and didn’t want to make it a big deal. Not Michelle Trachtenberg.

I like to have one old Hollywood item every six months and I have been saving this one to sneak in under the reveal deadline. This actress was definitely A list back in the day. And by back in the day, I mean prior to television. She was all movies. Our actress came from a very unstable background with perhaps the queen of stage moms as her mother. Our actress was never nominated for any of the big awards but starred in lots of movies. She was in and out of marriages frequently and one of the ways she got out of one was by killing her husband. Oh, not the husband everyone knows was found dead by a gunshot. Nope. He is considered her second husband, but in reality was her third. The second husband was a guy in the mafia who had seen our actress on screen and loved her. He wined her dined her and romanced her. Our actress loved it and eloped with him after just a few weeks. Well, at the same time this was happening our actresses career was about to skyrocket because she was moving to a new studio. The new husband wanted her to stay home and be a wife and our actress and her domineering mother wanted the big career. So, one night our actress and the man who would be her next husband and her next victim killed her husband of two months and buried him in the desert. It is said that the reason her next husband was killed was revenge by the mafia but I say it was our actress who saw a future which was brighter with a new man in her life. With divorce not an option, a gun was.
Jean Harlow

168. STAR MAGAZINE 12/30
Which starlet has friends worried she could be Hollywood’s next untimely death? Few outside her circle suspect, but she’s abusing pills to dull the pain of missing her ex.
Lindsay Lohan (Samantha Ronson)

169. BLIND GOSSIP 12/30
This actress was very quiet during the entire holiday season. Although she has a big project coming up this year, she simply disappeared over a month ago and hasn’t been seen or heard from since. We haven’t seen a single photo of her shopping for gifts, or dishing up food for the homeless on Thanksgiving, or gathered with the family round the Holiday Tree. We found out that she’s been keeping a low profile because she just had her face freshened up. It was a major overhaul and she bruised pretty badly. When you see her, you will know it. It’s a pretty good job. She simply looks like a slightly surprised younger version of herself. Let’s just hope, however, that she doesn’t behave like the younger version of herself.
Julia Roberts (niece Emma Roberts); Teri Hatcher (saw her on GMA)

170 BUZZFOTO 12/31
This A/B list singer/performer has slept with the drummer from a popular rock band at least three times now. Both are married or with partners, and both are famous, and both have been secretly hooking up at random intervals in bizarre public places. We hear a public park was the first spot for the rendezvous, then a studio bathroom, and the third in a hotel. Not Christina Aguilera.


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