NOTE: Guesses in italics are only guesses;
guesses in blue are a link to the solution or substantial clues.

Judas Jack-Off may not be Toothy Tile's only homo closeted contender for barely concealed, borderline same-sex man activity here in H-town. And I don't mean Crotch Uh-Lastic (who's getting a bit bored with all that water-sport play-acting, I hear). Nope, I'm talkin' somebody else, somebody younger, somebody who's now a fabulous repeat Blind Vice offender! Do you remember… Crescent Kumquat, the absolutely beautiful dude whose sexuality seems to be as up in the air as is his career? See, last time we met C.K., the mainstream hottie had a dirty little habit of waking up after nights out in his male "friends' " beds, instead of with the girls he would occasionally bring home. But we never heard of much more than just some heavy petting going on—cuddling, spooning, real Taylor Lautner kinda stuff—which you can usually blame on the alc. Well, Kumquat has taken it to the next level. Good bad boy! Very PG folks, but telling nonetheless. C.K. has been caught getting hot and heavy, jamming his tongue down—way, way down—myriad willing dude's throat around when he parties privately. And I don't mean the bedroom, either. Out in the open, in the friggin' living, dining and family rooms of these get-togethers! That said, C.K.'s no John Mayer and out in the open about it (relatively speaking). Cres-babe's still in the "experimental phase," I'm told, and he's attempting to keep it all at least somewhat private, but we know where this kinda secret-party fooling around usually leads. To this very blolumn for more installments! Also, an important thing to note is that C.K. isn't publicly playing the bearded card (like most of this closeted celeb group does). We hardly ever see this amazingly pretty guy with girls. Like ever. And it's superweird, too, 'cause Kum could have loads of babes with his heartthrob status rising—or leveled out, at least. If Crescent's mediocre talent and hot looks keep getting him better gigs, we bet a fauxmance will follow, no question. And It Ain't: John Mayer, Corbin Bleu, Taylor Kitsch.
Chase Crawford

As summer approaches, many women pay renewed attention to the hair down there. All sorts of shaving, dipilatories and lasers are utilized to defoliate an area that may have become a bit overgrown during the winter months. This actress is the whole package, and is rocking the kind of body that defies the need for a body double. However, during her last hair-removal action, she may have gotten a little carried away. Every last vestige of hair was removed from every inch of her privates. With no supportive foliage, every form fitting outfit she was wearing for her movie turned into an instant camel toe. The wardrobe people had to scramble to create a prosthesis and supportive undergarments to smooth out the attention-getting lines.
Megan Fox "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen"

3. HOLY MOLY 05/01 **#1**
Which British tycoon always buys his conquests nice shiny red sports cars, possibly to make up for his halitosis, which has the power to strip paint?
Richard Branson

4. HOLY MOLY 05/01 **#2**
Which ex-assistant of a major movie star revealed whilst pissed that, yes, of course he is a practising homosexual - but the reason he refuses to come out is that he considers himself to be a brand so he, and everyone working for him, must "Protect the Brand".
John Palermo/Hugh Jackman/"Wolverine of The X-Men"

This B list television actress on a very hit network drama has A list name recognition. She was paid to be at an event for two consecutive weekends for teens and was expected to be a good example for those in attendance. Strict? Yeah, but she was getting paid big bucks and could have skipped it if she didn't want to follow the rules. She chain-smoked her way through the thing, refusing to do most of the stuff she was being paid to do. (this included an argument over her check which she opened up and argued through most of a show she was in the audience for. Apparently she thought she was being paid less than what had been agreed on.) Don't ask me why the check didn't go straight to her agent, but I wonder if she did this on her own without coughing up the 10%.

She didn't want to do opening remarks for a C list male R&B singer with one huge monster hit, and not much else because she thought his people were "ogling her too much" She lied about her age and drank two bottles of wine the first night and ended up drunk off her ass with people pushing her in the right direction of where to go and what to do. If any of the audience tried for an autograph or picture of her while she was walking around, she would put up her hand to block her face and ignore them. These same kids that paid to be at an event she was HOSTING.

Her first weekend there she was with her family. The next weekend, she brought her friends, including this D list movie actor who was in one of the biggest franchise movies of all-time and has really done nothing since, and looked like he was on crack the entire night. She was required to get approval for her outfits beforehand and when the event organizers came to check on it, she ignored them.

On the other hand, this annoying female A list singer (for now), but probably just a one year wonder who we will hopefully never hear from again was headlining the event, was sweet and appreciative. There was bad blood between her and our hostess because they apparently got into it over this A list movie actor who starred in a failing television show before starring in one of the biggest movies of all-time. Our A list singer refused to be drawn into an argument while our hostess tried to bring it up several times by telling everyone that she was dating the A list actor now and that it was a secret. Uh huh. He does so much better than her.
#1 - Hostess/B list actress: Hayden Panettiere
#2 - C list R&B singer: Lloyd
#3 - D list movie actor: Daniel Logan "Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones" (Boba Fett)
#4 - A list female singer: Katy Perry
#5 - A list actor: Leonardo Di Caprio

6. BUZZFOTO 05/02
This B/C Actress that recently had a public breakup, was seen with her ex’s best friend on two separate occasions. One was at a restaurant eating dinner, the other was when our photographer came upon her car with two huddled figures snuggled inside. When he got closer to take a picture, the best friend was seen putting his/her clothes back on. Calls were made from publicists and lawyers, needless to say no pictures will be published and thus it remains blind. Not Lindsay Lohan.
Cameron Diaz

This multi-talented tween star is frequently seen with cute boy stars, most of her own generation. One evening last week, however, she puzzled onlookers by ignoring every boy in the room in favor of talking, drinking, and dancing only with other girls. Is our little sweetheart actually gay? According to some of the girls in attendance, she is "curious" and "exploring her options". Is she a Pink in the making? Maybe.
Taylor Momsen

This up an coming B- list television actor is on a very hit ensemble show. He hasn't really done much except for the show, but because of his high name recognition and the show's popularity I am giving him a B-. Anyway, he and this teenager starting dating and it was fairly public until he started dating his C+ co-star. She is C because her name recognition isn't as big. Anyway, our actor has continued to date the teenager and his co-star as well as others. When our actor was out of the country doing press, his co-star found out about the teenager and has vowed revenge. As an added twist, the teenager has been our actor's drug purchaser so that he is never caught actually buying his nose candy.

B-list television actor: Ed Westwick
C+ co-star: Jessica Szohr

Here’s the inside scoop on three women with floundering careers. Actually, the word "career" when used in connection with any of the three is debatable, because none of them has a job that requires anything remotely resembling skills. If you ask them, they like to say they are an "actress", "model", "entertainer", "fashion designer" or "singer", but the truth is, none of them have any hope of a long-term plan. Girl 1 thought her reality show gig would propel her to higher heights, but she has completely bombed when trying to explore any opportunities beyond the reality genre. Her acting skills were described by one director as "appalingly bad". Expect her to return to reality as if it was a purposeful choice. Girl 2 once had a job, but dropped her career to become the accessory of a former reality star. Her last movie bombed and she has since flunked every audition for anything resembling a real gig. Now that her relationship is over (yes, it is), and she is running out of money, she may have nowhere to go but reality TV. Girl 3 also made her bones as a reality star, but has dabbled in absolutely everything. Thankfully, we’ll be seeing less of her in the US as she spends more time overseas, where she can still command appearance fees that are a mere 25% of what she once earned.

Girl 1: Kristen Cavalari
Girl 2: Vanessa Minello
Girl 3: Paris Hilton

10. BUZZFOTO 05/04
Last week, producers and executives had to be called down to the set of a film that is already getting a lot of hype. It turns out that one of the main actors showed up so high and wasted that he went on a rampage on set. He destroyed props and electrical equipment and wasn’t coherent or responsive to the pleas of crew to get him to stop. When the bigwigs arrived, they fretted over having security escort him off, calling the police, or taking care of the matter privately. They finally decided they didn’t need bad press for the actor’s image and had a private team of security take him and lock him in a private trailer until he came off it. Two days later and back on set, although the crew was pissed, Executives and the actor pretended like nothing had happened. It’s not Jude Law.
Burt Reynolds

11. BLIND GOSSIP 05/05
Which famous TV (and film) personality once try to off herself? We’ve heard tales before of her abusive past, and the odds she had to overcome to become a success. What has never been publicly revealed was a failed action she once took at the depths of her despair. Ever the consummate planner, she even wrote out instructions as to the exact floral arrangements she wanted at her memorial.

I love bad drug behavior days. They are some of my favorite items. Today's bad drug behavior involves a movie actress. Definitely C list. But, and this is a big but, she has an advantage that other C listers would love to have. Because of the films she is making or has made, she will never drop below C list. Anyway, in the movie she most recently completed, she was actually a lead. Small movie, but she was a lead. She loved being a lead and was the biggest diva ever. One day during filming her trailer door opened and she ran out screaming and yelling at the world asking "who the f**k stole my coke?" She did this for three or four minutes in front of the entire cast and crew. She then told the director she wasn't going to work anymore that day until he had someone bring her more coke. All of this at full volume in front of 40-50 people. 20 minutes later someone brought her some coke and a short time after that she emerged from her trailer ready to go to work.
Jessica Biel; Nikki Reed

13. BUZZFOTO  05/05
This one is a treat for those who love salacious gossip. These two Television costars who have been rumored to have hooked up in the past, are now inviting other members of the popular show in on their games. In fact, we have it on good authority that at least one other big name in the cast has experimented with the couple. Since the couple (one married, one not) do not take things too seriously, they see no harm in bringing in other people to their affair just to spice things up a bit. The threesome of which we speak of, allegedly happened on set, after filming and drugs were involved! It is not the cast from Heroes.
Cast of "True Blood"

This is not something terribly dramatic, but I just felt like posting a kindness today. This C list actress/writer/producer on a very hit television comedy had noticed all of these photos of a missing cat on telephone poles and in windows. She didn't really think much about it, but a day or two after she first saw the pictures, she met a little girl who was standing with her mom on the corner and they were putting up more pictures. So, our actress to be kind asked about the cat, and found it that it had been the girl's cat and that she had literally had it from almost the day she was born and she was now 8. The mother and daughter recognized our actress and they took some photos with a cell phone camera and our actress signed an autograph on one of the cat posters. The cat had managed to get outside when the front door had been left open by the cable guy. Anyway, about a week goes by and our actress called the family to see if they had found the cat and they had not and had given up hope. The next day, our actress stopped by their house along with two other members of the show and dropped off a brand new kitten to the little girl.
Mindy Kalling "The Office"

1. Which landmark NYC department store is still making its corporate jet available to senior execs for non-company business, despite being in serious financial trouble?
Saks Fifth Avenue

2. Which top British model (slash idiot) tells friends "my dogs are racist, they only bark at black people"? Agyness Deyn

3. Which Asian immigrant designer tried to kill an interview he gladly gave to a gay magazine when he started to get known back home? Jason Wu

16. BUZZFOTO 05/06
We did get fotos of this person in the last two weeks. That is one clue we’ll give about her. What we didn’t show in our pictures however, and what other photographers didn’t see was the name of her ex carved into her skin. The wounds look recent, just like the breakup. It’s not Rihanna.
Lindsay Lohan

17. BLIND GOSSIP 05/06
This famous film actor almost always flies on his private jet, but there was an occasion recently where he needed to take a public flight. While he was not forced to stand in the security line with the unwashed masses, he did have to go through a special security check with a few other celebrities. Our actor reluctantly removed his shoes and put them in a plastic bin. The security guard ran his shoes through the x-ray machine, hesitated, and then called over another guard. The two guards then proceeded to inspect the shoes up close for what seemed like an endless period of time. One guard handed back the shoes with an apology. "Sorry that took so long. I’ve just never seen ones that big before." Our actor turned red, put on his shoes and proceeded to the plane. The next celeb on line asked the guard what size the shoes were. The guard replied "Oh, it wasn’t the size of the shoes. I’ve just never seen lifts that big before."
Tom Cruise

This Comic Legend needs help. He is in poor health, but he won’t admit it. In addition to his mental state, he acts very strange in public. He needs to see a doctor immediately.
Eddie Griffiths

Which funnyman’s career might be flagging due to his dependence on downers? After a disastrous comedy set in NYC, he admitted he’s hooked on Vicodin. Deadly serious.
Eddie Griffiths

This is one of the more bizarre things I have ever heard. This male reality star is on an A list reality show. A recurring reality show with the same cast, not some random dude on Survivor. Anyway, this star carries a bag with him wherever he goes. That is not unusual. What is unusual is that he always keeps $50,000 in the bag with him at all times. Never more and never less. He doesn't keep it a big secret. He just always says it is if he ever needs to get away quickly he has the means. The question is why would he need to get away quickly. People have asked him. He always says, "you never know." What the hell does that mean?
Maksim Chmerkovskiy "Dancing With the Stars"

21. BUZZFOTO 05/07
Which Network TV Reality Star told our source that he is considering ‘coming out’ in order to boost his image and score some pricey interviews. If you’ve guessed that he isn’t gay, you’d be right. He thinks at the very least being bisexual would cause a stir. He also told this source that his agent wasn’t comfortable with the idea and the star is thinking about going against the agent’s advice and possibly getting a new agent. (And if the Agent to this star is reading this, they needn’t worry. We think it was all talk, and you’ve done great things for his career.) Watch for speculation about his sexuality in the future. It will happen, but it will be manufactured. Not Gordon Ramsey.

22. BLIND GOSSIP 05/07
If you’re going to be successful, some say you should copy someone who already is successful. Well it looks like this duo has taken that saying to a whole new level. They are two actors who took different career paths to the top, but who are now copying every move that the other makes. A little friction developed recently, though, over a story that each of them wanted to claim as their own. There’s been some quiet sniping and name-calling and gamesmanship behind the scenes, and the tension has mounted between the two. So if you were wondering why you haven’t seen them together recently, now you know the reason. However, we don’t understand how this could happen with two guys who are practically twins. Actor 1 got plastic surgery, so Actor 2 got plastic surgery (from the same plastic surgeon). Actor 1 wanted his children educated in a specific way, so Actor 2 did the same with his kids. Actor 2 got his kids involved in the business, and Actor 1 has now decided to do the same with one of his kids. Their houses are similar, as are their cars. Oh, and their wives both serve the same role in their lives. UPDATE: BG just received word that a photo op of these two will be staged in the next few weeks to assure everyone that all is well!
Tom Cruise and John Travolta or Will Smith

Enough with the retardalicious closeted gay movies stars. They're so two movie-weekend openings ago! Now, it's back to the straights being as predictably sleazy as only het (men, mainly) can be! 'Cause, let's just be honest here, the real creepsters are you opposite-sex folk out there. And not the single ones, either: The ultimately dangerous dudes to watch are the one's who have wedding rings on their left hands. You'd think that piece of jewelry would remind Sock-It-to-You Sleazewad to not go and grope female private parts that don't belong to his wife. Yep, the incredibly sexy Sock-It isn't just an incredible actor on screen, but off, as well. He makes you believe that all things are perf in that marriage of his—particularly when chatting to an equally talented and beautiful honey (how sorta Sean Penn of him). But as usual in Hollywood, life is not as it's portrayed: Sock-It isn't only sticking it to his wife (painfully so), but other babes in town, as well. And he likes 'em young, too. Legal of course, but youthful, vibrant and frisky. Maybe that's because that way, these conquests of Sock-It's are too naïve to know that a married alcoholic with a coke fetish and a penchant for slapping up his women isn't exactly a winner. As for Sleaze's wife? Oh she knows what's going on. But this babe has such history with her man she's not going anywhere. Besides, she's caught in that hideous trap. The one Rihanna had hopes of climbing out of. Maybe she still does? All women run when you see Sock-It lurching your the police if you have to! And it Ain't: Sean Penn, David Duchovny, Ben Affleck.
Josh Brolin

24. POPBITCH 05/08
(a British blog)
1. Which fashion designer was caught doing a Winona at the London Marc Jacobs store? She had to be called up and ordered to return the stock to keep it all hush-hush.

2. Which married female singer is enjoying some extra-marital fun with her security guard? Christina Aguilera; Avril Lavigne

25. HOLY MOLY 05/08 **#1**
(a British blog) (pixilation on Holy Moly website)
Which HUGE movie star has a new boyfriend? It keeps rearing (or rear-ending) its head every so often, but the rumours about this HUGE movie star just won't go away. Previously partial to a blond male model from Croatia, his new plaything is a very hot, black car mechanic.
Kevin Spacey

26. HOLY MOLY 05/08 **#2**
(a British blog) (pixilation on Holy Moly website)
Which UK based but now stateside TV presenter is this? Which UK based but now stateside TV presenter (although that isn't what he became famous for) is still looking for a PR since getting rid of his last one after reports of his affair were made public? The main problem he doesn't yet know about is that the likely replacement also fucked his mistress for a while. Done up like a kipper!
Gordon Ramsey

27. BUZZFOTO 05/08
Which B- Television Actress who separated from her powerful husband is leaving because of an affair? The break-up is said to be ‘friendly’ but it is anything but. Even with a pregnant wife at home, the guy couldn’t keep his pants zipped. Not this couple: Amy Poehler and Will Arnett.
Angela Kinsey

28. BLIND GOSSIP 05/09
A celebrity couple enjoyed dinner at a restaurant recently. This particular restaurant had a gorgeous flower arrangement on each table that the dark-haired woman greatly admired. As the couple was leaving, the woman - without asking permission from the restaurant - took not only the flowers from her table, but the ones from the table next to hers as well! As she was walking out, she told a stunned restaurant employee that they were the perfect thing for her own table at home. Perhaps her new film coming out this summer didn’t pay her enough to buy her own flowers?

29. BUZZFOTO 05/11
This is sort of a weird one. Our source was at the gym with a Network Television Actress from a popular show who was texting her husband back and forth. The Actress argued with her hubby through text and oddly enough, kept sharing it with our source and several other people in her group. We didn’t know how else to write this one, except to share the manipulative conversation the two had via cell phone. The texts our source saw read something like this:
Husband: It’s over. I want a divorce. I’m leaving. Tonight.
Actress: You’re telling me this through text?
Husband: Stop changing the subject. It’s over.
Actress: Where is this coming from? You’ll divorce me? I’ve stuck it out through everything.
(Apparently the dude cheated on her last year.)
Husband: I’m sick of begging for you to do things other women would do in a heart beat.
Actress: Fine, divorce me. I don’t care.
Husband: You will care, no man is going to want you, look at you. I’m the best you’re ever going to get.
Actress: So you’re leaving me because I’ve asked you to spend more time with me and the kids.
Husband: Good luck finding a man who will do that.
The conversation continued like that, over and over, back and forth, with the husband slamming her down, blaming her, telling her she wasn’t good enough. Finally, with her apologizing and him agreeing to not move out and stay. It’s Not Felicity Huffman. Jane Kaczmarek

It is kind of like a Three For Monday. We have a B-/C+ television and film actress who is currently a female lead on this network drama. It's a new show. Popular though. Anyway, her male co-star is extremely popular on this site, but he is also probably a B-/C+ mostly television actor. Apparently our actress has been acting like a diva on the show and our actor called her out on it. This is an actual quote. " You are a f**king c**t. Who the hell do you think you are that you can treat people the way you do on set. The crew hates you the cast hates you and the producers hate you and this is no way to build any kind of career, so knock it off you f**king whore." Oh, and both of our actors are foreign born.
Actress: Stana Katic
Actor: Nathan Fillion
Television Show: Castle

31. BLIND GOSSIP 05/11
This film and television girl was devastated after her breakup. She got loaded every night and got a little crazy with more than one member of the opposite sex. Discovering she was pregnant, she went looking for solace and guidance. She confessed to one of her parents, who suggested she make money from the situation by turning the pregnancy and birth into a reality show. Then she went crying to her ex. The ex isn’t playing. So she is not going to have the baby. A procedure is scheduled.
Lindsay Lohan

32. BLIND GOSSIP 05/12
He’s been served! She has finally pulled the chip out of her head and has served her controlling hubby with divorce papers! And boy, is he mad! More details at noon EST!
Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes

Today is nothing juicy or earth shaking but it cracks me up so thought I would share it. I almost didn't because there have been a lot of stories recently about actors and their lifts, but this one is too good to pass up because it's so funny. This C list actor on a very good day, and realistically a D who used to be a B was on one of the most popular television comedies of all time. Not necessarily by numbers, but it was not the fault of the show. Since the show went of the air he has done a little of this and a little of that. The other night he went over to a friend's house. This friend, like many people makes people remove their shoes when they enter the house. She told our actor that he needed to take off his shoes. He threw a fit right there in the doorway and complained for a good five minutes before finally taking off his shoes and dropping about four inches in height. The laughs in the place weren't that loud. Well, not loud enough for a neighbor to hear anyway. No one would have even noticed if he hadn't thrown the fit. But because he did everyone was staring at him.
David Faustino

34. BUZZFOTO 05/12
Which Star Musician is still secretly holding a candle for his old flame? The couple were very popular in the eyes of the press, and their breakup was tragic. He refuses to talk to her, doesn’t respond to her on Facebook or any other social networking sites. (He secretly stalks her private page, and apparently she has a private blog too!) The pair had a severe mental connection and though he and she have both moved on, he’s still very much in love with her. He won’t admit it for the world and thinks that his silence, friendly or not, is a good disguise for his feelings. It’s not Marilyn Manson.
Justin Timberlake

1. Which quietly gay young actor referred to in a previous Cut the Labels item has started hanging out with a drag queen crowd? Methinks the closet door is cracking open.
Daniel Radcliffe

2. Which Harvard-educated young reporter, recently dispatched by her publication to track down the surrogate mother of Sarah Jessica Parker's forthcoming twins, got on so well with the strippers at a local club ("sources") that she took a few spins around the pole herself? I hear she made $30 from four dances, dancing under the name of her old high school.

3. Which young designer from a struggling label is joking that he needs to get Kiefer Sutherland drunk and get a facial fracture as the only way to get enough publicity that his business might survive?

This rockin' young couple's marriage is in big trouble but not for the obvious reasons. The cute wife has been seen out and about with a Hollywood hipster and her husband is looking to beat the guy up. Actually the hipster is NOT fooling around with the wife - he's just providing drugs and fun. In reality the wife is secretly cheating with someone else- specifically her lookalike female assistant! She recently decided she's bisexual.
Avril Lavigne

Yes, it is time for another episode of Bad Drug Behavior. When I type that I keep hearing an announcer in a really deep voice saying it. Anyway, the last few have been about women, but today is about a guy. A C+ list actor on a fairly hit non network show. He is one of the leads. Mostly television. Anyway, drugs were considered to be one of the reasons his marriage fell apart. Apparently things have not got much better. At a party a few weeks ago he was at the home of a producer of his new movie. Our actor was feeling no pain and was doing coke like a fiend and drinking shot after shot of whiskey as well. This was a big house and the guests had all been directed to use one or two of the bathrooms. Our actor decided that a bathroom was too small for him. So, every hour or so when he went to, ummm relieve himself, he used a bedroom instead of a bathroom. Over the course of the evening he managed to mark his territory on ever piece of furniture, carpeting, bed, and a good portion of the walls. He thought it was funny as hell and at the end of the night told everyone what he had done. The next morning he was kicked off the movie, and ended up forking over about $10,000 in damages.
Julian McMahon

38. BUZZFOTO 05/13
Which B List Celebrity Actress went into her own trailer in between filming to find her own husband and her costar doing the nasty? Not Jaime Pressly.

39. BLIND GOSSIP 05/14 **1**
There’s a tape floating around the black market in WeHo. It features a current tween favorite. Those who have seen it say that it’s much more disgusting than the Paris Hilton tape. This one involves more than two people, same-sex activity among both girls and boys, and our star in every position possible. Did I mention our star is believed to have been somewhere between thirteen and seventeen when it was filmed?
Vanessa Hudgens

40. BLIND GOSSIP 05/14 **#2**
It’s said that eyes are the window to the soul. We’re giving you eleven pairs of eyes. Do you know to whom they belong?

Tom Cruise

Joshua Jackson

Chris Klein

L. Ron

William Mapother
(Cruise’s cousin)







41. HOLY MOLY 05/14
Which estranged couple aren’t being entirely honest about the reasons for their split? His reasons may be genuine, but her cries of protestation sound decidedly fishy - especially when her leanings are more Sapphic these days, and have been for a couple of years.
Peter Andre and Katie Price

This aging former A list television actor hasn't been on anything big in years. Back in the day he went from a hit drama straight into a hit comedy. Now he spends most of his days yelling obscenities at his neighbors dog. His neighbor is a b list actor who was the lead on a semi hit comedy. Our former A list actor is married to a former beauty queen who was on a hit television comedy.
1-former A list actor: Gerald McRaney
2-b list actor: Donal Logue
3-former beauty queen/actress: Delta Burke

1. When this female Singer first came on the scene, she was the talk of the town. She was stylish, fun and fearless. Then she decided to change her style, her choice in men and her management team. Her latest album flopped. Maybe she should call up her old management to get her career back on track.

2. When these two media Superstars hooked up, many thought it was a match made in heaven. He was going to be her next big star, but there was one big problem. One media star has a troubled past and it is coming back to haunt him. Now the other media star won’t have anything to do with him. Oprah and Steve Harvey

44. BUZZFOTO 05/14
Today is a little bit of a funny one. This C list Reality Celeb was volunteering for a youth group and invited a few cameras for photo ops. The pictures were taken, and the cameras went home but the Celeb stayed and chatted with the kids. He was asked to leave shortly after for sharing a very intense drug-use story with some of the teenaged boys that involved cocaine and prostitutes.
Andy Dick

If you have a problem with yet another Blind Vice being about veiled same-sex goings-on, you really are reading about the wrong community. This is Hollywood, home of the unfree and the unbrave, a city where everybody pretends to be something they're not—and I don't just mean the gays. But today's Blind Vice is all about a TV personality who not only goes commando when he's hanging at his buddy's apartment, but who hits on whoever walks through the damn front door! Woody Drop-Hint's a total guy's guy. He struts around his nonscripted TV offering, helping run things, not only with considerable aplomb and charm, he's totally doable while doing it, too! Woody's a really approachable guy, for sure. So much so he approached a guy who just happens to be... A very close friend of the Awful Truth, if Woody only knew! So, there Mr. Drop-Hint was, all studly, burly and hangin' loose in his gym shorts over at a friend's Hollywood apartment. But Woody's pal, who was out at the moment, needed Drop-Hint to do a favor for him: As he was moving soon, would Woody be so kind as to show the pad to a potential renter? Sure thing, bro, no prob! Buzzz. Flop. Flop. Flop. FOT (Friend of Truth) hears Woody coming to answer the door, just off the Sunset Strip, obviously barefoot. The posh apartment door swings open and Woody's eyes laser right through FOT's humpy and chiseled bod like he's something up on some porno website. Woody says, "Hey..." FOT, taken aback by the double whammy of Drop-Hint's fame, as well as the eyeballs so busy undressing him, says, "Oh, hi! I'm here to look at the apartment!"
Woody: "Yeah, that all?
FOT: "All what?"
Woody: "You want to look at?"
FOT [Awkwardly grimacing]: "Yes...?"
Our intrepid and pretty pumped source then toured the apartment as best he could, despite Woody getting an erection beneath his unstrung gym shorts, fondling it and asking FOT if he didn't "want to stay a while?" FOT, for some reason I'm not entirely not sure I understand, declined. But suffice it to say, he's probably happier with himself today because of it. Toothy Tile he's obviously not. It Ain't: Ashton Kutcher, Ryan Seacrest, Howie Mandel.
Ty Pennington; Billy Bush; Jeff Probst; Mario Lopez

46. BLIND GOSSIP 05/15
This TV star is apologizing, but it’s not because she is really sorry. It’s because she is really scared. Why would someone so powerful be worried? Because she made the mistake of crossing someone who knows the secret she has been trying to hide for years. He has threatened to reveal the secret unless she helps to fix his career. She is finding out that the sword of judgment cuts both ways. It also has the power to cut you to pieces if you use your popularity to become arrogant and destructive. Oprah/James Frey

#1 - This producer has had at least one Academy Award nomination for Best Picture. The thing is, he has been the producer of many, many movies, but has never done any actual producing. He takes the producer credit in exchange for a reduced fee in the drugs he supplies to the set.
Jon Peters; Eric Fellner

#2 - This C list actor shows up as a recurring role for three or four episodes at a time on a television show and then disappears for a year or so and does it again. His latest show was an arc on a bubble network comedy. Anyway, during his three weeks on the show, he managed to get not one, but two extras pregnant. Nice huh? It's a good thing he doesn't work more. Blair Underwood "Dirty Sexy Money"; Eric Stoltz

#3 - This director has had a top ten movie of the week this year. The word is to never visit him in his trailer. Ever. From the second he walks into the trailer he takes off his clothes. If you come to his trailer he doesn't cover himself or make any efforts to be modest. It is full frontal the entire time. He isn't lewd about it, he just goes naked until he is needed on the set again.

#4 - This B-/C+ actor from a hit network drama who has had a very famous girlfriend in the past year, thinks he has a life coach that he hired last year. What he really has is a tabloid reporter who is writing a book about the show and the people on it. Balthazar Getty "Brother & Sisters"

48. BUZZFOTO 05/15
One of our faithful and reliable sources was at an event this week with some fellow C and D listers. Our source claims that this very paparazzi-popular reality star was trying to set up a three-some with someone in her entourage and a B list actor. We wonder if it happened??? The source said the trio did discuss the arrangement in length and rather seriously, but did not leave together. Alcohol and fame do not a happy marriage make we think. Not Paris Hilton.
Heidi Montag

49. PAGE SIX 05/18
WHICH reality TV dad is trying to escape rumors he's cheating by claiming the woman he supposedly slept with prefers women?
Jon Gosselin

Could it be that a former sitcom siren is desperately seeking a baby? After a number of failed relationships, she's decided not to wait for Mr. Right and, instead, is turning to the turkey baster. To fill it, she's trying to enlist the aid of one of her many gay friends (some of whom she's been romantically linked with). The most recent breakup led her to forget about chemistry and focus on muddling through solo.
Jennifer Aniston

This B list television actress on a very hit network drama is in Cannes. Hey, at least I narrowed it down for you. I mean how many could there be? Well, it seems our actress got VERY lucky. How lucky? Well our actress was apparently spotted receiving a large quantity of white powder from a male acquaintance. The person who spotted this reported it to the police, who decided to raid our actresses' hotel room. All this for coke? Anyway, after a 30 minute search with a drug sniffing dog, nothing was found. Yeah, well they should have come the night before. Unfortunately our actress is like a Hoover vacuum cleaner and had finished what she had been provided. When she finally gets busted her world is going to come crashing down.
Hayden Panetierre

52. BUZZFOTO 05/18
This star that is supposed to be sober, was seen downing shots in Cannes this weekend. Not Tara Reid.

I hope you read the post from yesterday because today involves the very same actress. Our actress is involved with a much older man who likes to have a variety from which to choose each night. At the present time he has two women he pays for and our actress. The two women are both considerably older than our actress and are much more experienced. One of the two women who is bought enjoys pain but our actress does not get involved in anything but watching it be administered. In addition to taking care of her benefactor, our actress is also expected to spend some, umm alone time with the other bought woman. It is amazing what a drug habit will do to once very strong morals. I smell rehab very, very soon.
Hayden Panetierre

1. Which (straight) male designer had a major hissy fit with the security of New York's SoHo Grand Hotel on Saturday night when he was denied access to a V.I.P. party happening in the penthouse?
Tommy Hilfiger

2. Which super-famous European supermodel fired her NYC apartment-sitter when she came home after an international job and found a condom at the foot of her bed? Heidi Klum

3. Which unhinged, avant-garde downtown NYC designer is rumored to be in the running for a top job at Escada? Talk about non-traditional casting. Betsey Johnson

55. BUZZFOTO 05/19
Maybe not so blind. This Celebrity couple are certainly going through a rough patch. The male is staying together to save and preserve his image and the female is doing it because she is crazy jealous of an ex-girlfriend and wants to prove that this relationship will not fail. They are doing the whole smile for the photos and kiss thing, but no one is fooled. Not Jon and Kate Gosselin. Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt

56. BLIND GOSSIP 05/20
She is a movie actress who has nearly eclipsed her husband in fame and notoriety. Outwardly, he seems to have no reservations in watching her succeed. In reality, though, his big ego has led him to doing some quiet things to sabotage her behind her back. He recently made a call to a director with whom he has a good relationship, asking him to forgo casting his wife for a particular upcoming role that she really wanted. We smell trouble coming. This actress takes her work seriously, and there are bound to be repercussions for her husband and marriage if she finds out he is undermining her.
Catherine Zeta Jones/Michael Douglas

Even More Cannes: For once this week it will not be about our B list actress. She really is a mess though. Not like Tara Reid kind of messy, but still, a mess. Anyway, for today, I guess it is a kindness. It might just be good manners. B list movie actor. He did the whole popcorn flick thing and it didn't work out so he is back to the co-lead or second lead in movies. He is definitely a dramatic looking guy. He doesn't really have that comedy vibe. So, he and his girlfriend I guess you would call her had been out and about doing what 20 somethings will do and apparently his girlfriend had a bit too much to drink. So much so that while they were in the taxi, his girlfriend decided to basically puke everywhere in that back seat. Truly awful. Needless to say the driver was not pleased. However, he was more pleased after our actor agreed to help him clean out the taxi and even gave the driver a $1000 tip.
Emile Hirsch

"When I was much younger I was involved with somebody where they weren't married but were into drugs and alcohol... I was obsessed with why this person wasn't showing up. "I was raised by people who made me feel really good about myself. I still got caught up in this thing of, 'What's wrong with me? Why isn't this turning out the way I want?'"
Ben Affleck

59. BLIND GOSSIP 05/20 **#2**
Say buh-bye to this reality girl! It turns out that the producers of this popular reality show have had all they can take of this cast member. She whined, whined, whined, whined behind the scenes that her talents weren’t really being used to their fullest. So the producers gave her a shot at doing what she said she did best… and it was a complete disaster. Only one head is going to roll here, and it’s hers. Related blind item
Kara DioGuardi

60. BLIND GOSSIP 05/21
Which reality show outcome may be pinned on the actions of someone completely unaffiliated with the contest? The producers were well aware of the controversy generated by a certain self-anointed celebrity on another recent reality-type contest. They were concerned that if the same celebrity got too vocal about one of their finalists, it might actually result in a public backlash against their favorite. The producers even spent a few minutes of a meeting discussing strategies as to how to incentivize the celebrity to keep quiet in the final weeks of the contest. They eventually decided that they were better off not adding any more fuel to the egoist’s fire.
Perez Hilton and Adam Lambert

61. BUZZFOTO 05/21
This married NBA Basketball player from the East Coast is notoriously known for hitting on cheerleaders and asking for their phone numbers. Normally, the girls laugh it off, but recently one took him up on his offer and they hooked up. She is now going to the clinic to get shots for the STD he gave her. Not Dennis Rodman.
Dwayne Wade

1. Why do some Stars look different when they are not performing? It’s because they leave their booty pads at home.

2. When will older male Celebrities learn that most young girls only want your money? The new trick is getting pregnant by the older boyfriend, and will be set for the next 18 years. The older boyfriend looks foolish grinning in public ‘cause he already has grown children. These men have no idea how everybody is snickering behind their back about how they are getting played. Michael Jordan (maybe just not anymore);

63. HOLY MOLY 05/21
Which famous 1980s couple (now split up, although both still independently massive) used to get so frustrated with each other that the husband would flush his megastar wife's head down the toilet?
Sean Penn/Madonna; Bruce Willis/Demi Moore

64. MICHAEL MUSTO 05/21 **1 - 4**
1. Which supposedly cleaned-up star was spotted at a hot West Village restaurant, going to the bathroom about every five minutes to take care of business? Anyone buying the weak bladder excuse? Colin Farrell; Jonathan Rhys Meyers

2. Which once-hot pop star can barely sing a note and needs mucho enhancement in the studio, getting help from a songwriter who's also vocally stepped in for that working-class rock band? Britney Spears/Danja/Simple Plan; Britney Spears/Keri Hilson/OneRepublic
Similarly, which famous young lady actually does the singing for her more famous sister? Haylee and Hillary Duff

3. Which quirky director who gives the wife a lot of work must be doing so in exchange for some heavy bearding? (He's rumored to be one of them there closet cases.) Judd Apatow/Leslie Mann; Rob Zombie/Shelly Moon; Tim Burton/Helena Bohnam Carter

4. Which still-closety '70s superstar gets regular mansion visits from a local gay promoter? Johnny Mathis; Barry Manilow

65. MICHAEL MUSTO 05/21 **5-8**
5. Which TV starlet has freaked out from her (mid-level) success and doesn't want people on the street to even look in when she's doing a photo shoot in an establishment? Wouldn't she freak out even more if they didn't look in? Hayden Panettiere; Mary Kate Olsen; Taylor Momsen

6. Which married actor is wildly flamboyant among friends and business associates, but when he sits down with an interviewer or goes out in public, he suddenly reins in the swishing and tries to pass for straight? Who's buying it? Will Smith; Hugh Jackman

7. Which French actor, who's now part of a franchise, is known for having a "dick of fire"? (I.e., he can't seem to stick it in enough orifices—all of them les girls', alas). Jean Reno "Pink Panther" 1 & 2; Alain Chabat "Night At the Museum" 1 & 2; Gilles Marini"Sex and the City"

8. Which trannie, poignantly enough, got a cut-rate sex change and can't feel much of anything down there? Amanda Lepore; Alexis Arquette

66. MICHAEL MUSTO 05/21 **9 - 12**
9. Which belter is such a drinker that she had to be pushed onstage for her entrance at that concert, after which she started singing eight bars early, thereby throwing off the whole number (and, in fact, the whole show)? Lily Allen; Chaka Khan

10. Which male Tony nominee for musicals is such an egomaniac that people dread sitting at his end of the table? Cheyenne Jackson

11. Which old-time crooner only does interviews via e-mail, so his people can provide canned answers that are often verbatim repeats of what they fed other publications? Tony Bennett; Pat Boone

12. Which Brazilian hustler keeps his cash in his mattress rather than report it to the authorities? (Not that I know any Brazilian hustlers, mind you. I got this from a friend of a friend.) Madonna's Jesus

67. MICHAEL MUSTO 05/21 **13 - 16**
13. Which comeback chanteuse lost her lower register due to all those times she took injections to get over health problems and/or exhaustion? Liza Minnelli; Whitney Houston

14. What diva's light-skinned son strangely has trouble getting it up? Diana Ross

15. Which semi-star was supposedly busted for posting anonymous threads about how she was better in that hit show than the woman who replaced her? Is it any wonder the semi-star was caught screaming, "Noooo!" when her replacement won the big award?

16. Which erudite actor who's currently on the boards was seen—by me—wiping his nose as he left the bathroom at Hiro? (Well, he had the next day off.) Anyone buying the weak sinus excuse? James Franco

68. MICHAEL MUSTO 05/21 **17 - 20**
17. Which well-chosen wife of a major star is so dumb she didn't know that a drag performance she'd just seen was indeed a collection of males in dresses? Does that explain why she married that husband?
Katie Holmes

18. Which American author's birthplace studiously omits his homosexuality from all materials and resents any attempt to get it mentioned? Tennesee Williams; John Cheever; Walt Whitman
Which author's birthplace doesn't? Truman Capote

19. Which director supposedly got married to deflect accusations (baseless, I'm sure) that he was sleeping with his young discovery? Stephen Daldry/Jamie Bell "Billy Elliot"

20. Which husband of that too-thin personality is a cheater (and a beater, too, if you believe the horrid murmurs)? Mark Consuelos/Kelly Ripa; Bill Rancic/Giuliana DePandi

69. MICHAEL MUSTO 05/21 **21 - 25**
21. Which hubby didn't want to pose for photos with the wife at her book party because, as he mouthed to her, "It's your book"? (Free answer: Dean McDermott - Tori Spelling)

22. Which surprise Broadway star is a shameless womanizer who tried to get a young lady who was auditioning for a part in his show to come over and rehearse in private? When she couldn't find the time to do so, how did he respond to her later request for tickets? (Angrily, I assure you.) John Stamos

23. Which talented blonde stage star picks her nose as if burrowing for gold and is fond of saying about job offers, "They can't afford me"? Who turned down the illustrious chance to replace her? (Free answers: Ashley Tisdale, Hilary Duff, and Brittany Snow, for starters. I guess they couldn't afford them.)

24. Which screen legend would seem to be a great icon to get to know, but at least one person who has done so reports, "Not so! She's boring and needy!"? Elizabeth Taylor; Faye Dunaway; Liza Minnelli

25. What biggie didn't talk to a stage co-star who happened to have gotten even better reviews than she did? Patti LuPone

70. MICHAEL MUSTO 05/21 **26 - 30**
26. Who wrote that movie by dredging up her perspective on her sister and other family situations, but told the press it was totally original?
Jenny Lumet "Rachel Getting Married"

27. Which Oscar winner hides her head in her hand whenever she sees me, even though we're fellow rabid liberals? Barbra Streisand

28. Which teen idol could the character named "Zack" in Dance Flick—you know, the one who sings the song about being a big gay—possibly be based on? Zac Efron

29. Which legendary restaurant that was priced out of business is reopening in a boutique hotel—this time, with a big stage, rather than have performances on the counter? (Free answer: Florent.)

30. Which Post gossip diva has written a Broadway show that I hear the Weislers will bring to a really big stage? Liz Smith; Cindy Adams

71. MICHAEL MUSTO 05/21**31 -34**
And now, kindly hold your noses and prance down memory lane with me for these far more vintage items: Which scriptwriter of two classic musicals once managed to solicit a blowjob out of a young lady auditioning for a revival, never realizing she was a chick with a dick (not to mention a very good friend of mine)? Ernest Lehman (wrote the screenplays for "Sound of Music" and "West Side Story")

31. Which actor who once worked in a trannie bar slept with at least one of the gals? (Again, I'm connected.) Bruce Willis

32. Which multi-octave superstar started out so rough and untrained that she wouldn't bother to bathe and, at dinners, would turn to the person next to her and demand things like, "Cut my meat"? (And no, this has nothing to do with the discount sex-change item above.) Mariah Carey; Celine Dion; Bette Midler

33. Which superstar couple's run supposedly ended when she gave him the gift of herpes? What kinds of kinky activities were the male half of that duo into? (Free answer: fisting, to name just one earthly delight. Yes, hetero fisting! I'm not making this shit up!)  Pam Anderson/Kid Rock

34. What always-acclaimed actress's marriage has lasted so long partly because the non-bizzy husband turns a blind eye whenever she beds her male co-stars? Meryl Streep's husband, Don Gummer

72. MICHAEL MUSTO 05/21 **35 - 38**
And now, kindly hold your noses and prance down memory lane with me for these far more vintage items: Which scriptwriter of two classic musicals once managed to solicit a blowjob out of a young lady auditioning for a revival, never realizing she was a chick with a dick (not to mention a very good friend of mine)?

35. Which legend's first album was a hit by mistake? (On a budget, they accidentally sped up the music, which made it all the more danceable). Madonna

36. Which ethnic multi-talent had a breakdown when her then-boyfriend was arrested? (In fact, she threw herself on the prison floor and started foaming at the mouth—a far better performance than anything she's achieved on celluloid.) J-Lo/Diddy

37. Which star of that cable phenomenon didn't thank her husband at the Emmys because he was fucking his female co-star on Broadway around that time? Sarah Jessica Parker

38. Which lesbian singer did it with a man—once, from what I can tell—and he reports that she just laid there, practically comatose? I mean, can you blame her? Melissa Etheridge

73. MICHAEL MUSTO 05/21 **39 - 43**
39. Which author of Hair has none?
Galt MacDermot

40. What daytime TV personality looks a tiny bit Asian due to her new lift? Barbara Walters

41. Which comeback gal once nabbed that mentor hubby because she claimed to be a virgin, but I assure you a lot of people knew her before she was a virgin? Mariah and Tommy Mottola

42. Which musical sensation is not quite as young as she says, though she's still plenty young, mind you? Lady Gaga; Beyonce

43. Which same girl speaks about herself in the third person, referring to her stage persona as a whole other being, since it's self created?

Finally! Somebody's actually having some heterosexual sex in Hollywood—love it! But it was some messy nooky, I'll tell ya that much: Myra MySpace and Booby Butt-Wipe, who actually used to date each other in real life, recently filmed a project together. A hotel downtown acted as the shoot's somewhat cheesy location, and filming was just planned for the day in a slightly seedy suite. Scene being filmed? Two girls fighting over one kinda hot dude. It was supposed to be all low-energy Penthouse pseudo-sex, but what ended up happening was Hustler-style screwing in the bedroom, between shots, and some WWE-worthy battling between the two gals while filming! Here's what went down, as it were: Myra, who considers herself a real Tila Tequila model of sexual media energy, what with her impressive online following, did not like it when she discovered that the other girl chosen for the job was an actual porn star. No good, snipped Myra. Booby, who just wanted to get it on with whomever he could (kinda like how he is all the time, both when filming his tragic reality show, and not), didn't care. He's the one getting serviced in the scene, what's it to him? So Myra , in order to soothe her insulted feelings that her higher art of nonporn existence was being tarnished, picked up the nearby bottle of Jack Daniels, which was a prop, mind you. Nevertheless, Myra guzzled the whole damn thing and then started taking Booby, who was wearing boxer shorts with nothing underneath, into the nearby bedroom for extended breaks, at the end of which Butt-Wipe would reenter the suite's living area, somewhat glazed, his shorts tenting out to West Hollywood, practically. But then Myra got so boozed up, she started fighting and clawing with the porn star—for real, on camera—and hitting the production assistant who took the whiskey away from the drunken broad. Jeez! Sounds so much more fun to shoot instead of the soft-porn-style scene the threesome was supposed to do! Oh, and if you're Booby's famous, current TV girlfriend, pretend you didn't read this.
And It Ain't:
* Brody Jenner and Audrina Patridge
* Lauren Conrad and Stephen Colletti
* Zak Penley and Kenley Collins

#1 & #2 - This C list almost exclusively movie actress who has been in some important movies thought she had found true love. It sounds like true terror. In what should be her coming out party for her first real big lead role, she instead has to deal with her new B list writer/director boyfriend who loves nothing more than hitting her. Very careful not to leave a mark on her face, she nevertheless was almost in tears on the red carpet from the pain he inflicted on her the night before her big premiere this week. Despite this, she still held his hand as they walked the red carpet. Sick I know.
Alison Lohman/Mark Neveldine

#3 - This former A list movie actor and now pretend singer and movie actor was playing at a recent golf tournament. Along the side of the fairways were multi-million dollar homes. In the driveway of one of these homes was a huge RV painted in a rather garish color. Our actor said the RV distracted him and he refused to play until it was move out of his eyesight. Kevin Costner

#4 - Want to make this married former A list television and movie actor stop coming to your hotel? Tell him he is banned from receiving any more massages from the male masseurs employed by the hotel because of his unwanted and unwelcome advances. Our actor hasn't been back since. John Travolta

That mogul who just copped to that extramarital affair may owe his wife another apology. We hear he also used to grease the griddle of a sexy TV chef, who herself was married at the time.

sexy TV chef: Padma Lakshmi

77. BUZZFOTO 05/25
This A list star has been feuding publicly with another A list star. Both are being catty, and both are being unprofessional. The word from one of our sources is that one A list star, plans to use her political and powerful sway to ensure the other star will either get no new roles or her next movie will be a flop. The first A list star is so confident of her power in Hollywood, our source claims she alone has the ability to destroy the other’s reputation. We wonder if it’s true or if it’s just a case of egos clashing. Not Jennifer Garner.

first A List: Madonna
second A List: Angelina Jolie

This C list television/sometime film actress had one big hit on television and a nice steady paycheck from it for at least four or five years. Since then it has been hit or miss with television and movies with a more misses than hits. Anyway, this actress has a great story that she will share with anyone who will listen. It seems that on this hit show she had a female co-star who was not so much into guys if you know what I mean. However, it was more secret at that time then it is now. Anyway the co-star sat our C list actress down and without any kind of introduction or preamble or chit chat said, "You know I f**k bi**ches right?" Our C list actress who couldn't believe they were having this conversation, said "Oh yeah. Sure I knew," even though she really wasn't 100% sure at that time either. Our co-star then said, "Good. Just checking." She then got up and walked away and presumably to tell another person.

C list actress: Kim Coles
co-star: Queen Latifah

79. BUZZFOTO 05/26
Which two Celebs that are neighbors are upset with each other and feuding because they agreed to split the cost of a fence that ran through both of their properties. One A lister paid for it and is still waiting to be paid from the other less famous and less successful neighbor. Our C lister told our source that they don’t ever plan on paying, because the other neighbor is more famous and ‘has the money’ to foot the bill. Not Mel Gibson or his neighbors.

B- list movie and television actor. HUGE summer movie, and a very popular network drama. He hasn't really come out publicly, but he doesn't exactly hide it either. This isn't a post about his sexuality so much as it is about his sexual habits. It seems that our actor is very insecure about his manhood. So much so that during the entire time he is having sex he keeps asking his partner,"what do you think of my d**k?" "Tell me you like it." The guy will not shut up about it. Needless to say, despite his resume and money he doesn't get many repeat partners. Have some confidence. You are a movie star and television star and get pretty much your pick of partners. All you are doing by asking is making whatever you don't have, worse.
Zachary Quinto

1. Which skinny NYC model busted on a night out with a bag of white powder in her purse, who claimed it was baking soda, was actually telling the truth? The bulimic girls believe that rinsing with it after vomiting neutralizes the effects of the stomach acid on their teeth.

2. Which cash-strapped fashion designer sent an empty crate of "samples" to himself across state lines so he could claim insurance for the "theft" when the container arrived with nothing in it?

3. Which notorious British druggie model who failed to attend an international photo shoot earlier this month cited "fear of swine flu" as her reason for not getting on the plane? In fact she was bundled off for a few days of emergency detox. Kate Moss

82. BUZZFOTO 05/27
Which B List Male Television Actor refused to be part of the protests for Prop 8 this last weekend? He told a source he was uncomfortable being around so many ‘gay people.’ Shame on him! No one from "The Office."
T. R. Knight

83. NY POST/PAGE SIX 05/27
WHICH beauty now going through a divorce told a pal over lunch four years ago, "I've had several abortions. If my husband ever found out, he'd throw me out of the house?" Looks like he found out.
Stephanie Seymour

84. BLIND GOSSIP 05/27
This beautiful actress is both a television and film staple, and has been nominated at least half a dozen times for major acting awards. You might be interested to know, however, that her acting skills are not confined to the screen. She’s been married more than once, but is actually more interested in the same sex. Alas, the one woman for whom she is totally mad - also a very well known actress - got married in the past year to a man, driving our actress to tears.
Drew Barrymore/Scarlett Johansson

I was going to call this a jackass post, but in reality it is just typical celebrity behavior and so although jackass-ish, probably not full on qualifying for it. You decide. This movie actress is B list for sure. All of you know who she is. Mainstream popcorn movie leads and art house leads as well. I would say our married mother has A list name recognition. Anyway, our actress bought a hat. Not some cheap Avril Lavigne looking trucker hat, but a hat which actually costs money. Serious money. I think we should all be shocked that she actually paid for the hat in the first place. Well, for three months straight she wore that hat everywhere she went. Then after three months she went to the store and told them she didn't like it and wanted a full refund of her money. This was even though it had makeup on it, had her hair plastered in it and was obviously well worn. Even though the designer of the hats would have loved her endorsement he told her to take a hike. Nice.
Maggie Gyllenhaal - the designer is  Santino Fonzarelli

80's & 90's Vintage: So, for today I thought we would shoot back in time just a little. Not going to go back to Old Hollywood. We are just going back to those carefree days of the late 80's and early 90's. This A list female entertainer has had an amazing life. She has done just about everything possible in the entertainment world and is one of the most influential entertainers ever. Back in the day, our A lister had just gone through a very messy divorce. But, our actress had needs and loved, loved trolling the Lower East Side of Manhattan for Hispanic guys in her chauffeured driven limo. On one of her forays she found a 17 year old Hispanic guy and took him back to her place where she kept him for a few days until she grew tired of him. Well, it turns out that she gave this teenage boy the gift that keeps on giving. The Herp. Yep. Well, a few months later, our A lister was trolling the same neighborhood and people from the teenager's family recognized the car and before anyone could do anything all of his family pelted her car with trash from their garbage cans. Seems appropriate.

87. BUZZFOTO 05/28
This is a juicy little one and gives us great pleasure to share. We only wish we could just reveal it now, but we need to wait! This Reality star who has a close female companion seems like a very devoted lover. Only several people around him know that he is just using her for sex and status, but is really in love with someone else. Well, love might be a strong word, especially for him. Needless to say, he’s not into his girlfriend as much as we all believe. She is extremely jealous and possessive, and if she knew this, she would flip. Not Spencer Pratt.
Brody Jenner and Jayde

1. A top-rated reality show could not let a certain front runner win the top prize. His past was too scandalous, and there were photos taken that proved that point. The show could not afford a scandal because it would go against its squeaky clean image.
American Idol (Adam Lambert)

2. Is this R&B Singer really a dad, or was it just a well orchestrated publicity stunt to protect his image. He is never seen with his child. Johnny Gill; Usher

One Total Femme-Faker Blind Vice: No kinky homo lovin' in this week's Blind, either, folks, just some straight-up hetero debauchery! Does that make you happy or sad? Relieved, regardless, I'm sure. Anyways, guess all the gays were too busy protesting this week (or hiding indoors lest they come across as too sympathetic to the cause—we know we didn't see Toothy out and about holding a sign in WeHo!). So, that leaves us with Dominique (Dommy) Do-Rightly, rising star. See, Dom's a ton more popular on the small screen than on the big one—tho for some silly reason she keeps desperately trying to make the film thing work. But Dommy's still managed to rack up a ridiculous amount of fans, all who think she's just so über-cute and cuddly, like a posh stuffed teddy bear. But would they still fawn over her so much if they knew their darling 'n' wholesome girl's one freaky wild party animal? We know we'd like her a whole lot more if she just fessed up to it! Ms. Do-Rightly likes the public to think she's all about goin' organic, living healthy, saving the world and being an all-around sweetie-pie. Make me puke right now. Ugh. I never bought that faux persona on this stink-eyed star, but I'm used to celebs totally lying about who they are! Those who know Dommy personally can't stand how stuck-up the bitchy babe is. She often refuses to promote her latest flicks as much as she's told, leaving all the legwork to her second billed, bitter costars. No one can friggin' put up with the diva's demands anymore—that is, of course, except other divas! DDR is spending more and more time with skanky H'wood regulars—privately, at house parties, since public outings together would be oh so disastrous to Dom's clean-cut image. At one such recent drug-infested fete, DDR boozed-and-bashed till all hours of the morning, blasting party energy up her nose and wrapping her legs, tongues, what have ya around dudes left and right, using the hostess's totally expensive living room couch to show off her moves (not like that sofa hasn't been tarnished enough with party germs already). And this was milliseconds after splitting with her last famous man! Guess that explains who did the dumping in that doomed relaysh. Hey, got an idea! Maybe Dommy oughta bring her slutty ways out of hiding—look how much press Paris gets! And she gets whole damn perfume lines, too! What does Dommy have? A few politically correct endorsements here and there—and we sure know that ain't enough headline attention for a naughty nose-candy princess like DDR! And It Ain't: Amber Tamblyn, Blake Lively, Miley Cyrus.
Hayden Panettiere; Vanessa Hudgens

90. HOLY MOLY 05/29 **#1**
Which glamorous, whiter than white classic singer isn't the wholesome lady she would have you believe? Which of these statements about her is not true:
1. Her first language is Welsh
2. She partakes in the countryside sport known as dogging
3. She swings both ways

Katherine Jenkins

91. HOLY MOLY 05/29 **#2**
Which flame-haired supermodel/actress is open to a bit of 'hows your farver' with City types when away from her transatlantic boyfriend, especially around her birthday? "A good effort," is how they described her. The poor boyfriend had recently been in the press, bemoaning the fact they don't live closer to each other. Sadly, it doesn't sound like she's too arsed, mate!
Lily Cole

92. BLIND ITEM 05/29
This dark-haired actress has developed a weird eating style. On the rare occasions that she does eat, she doesn’t like the food to touch her lips. She opens up her mouth really wide and pulls the food off the fork with her teeth. We don’t know if this behavior is related to the ongoing problems she is having with her teeth, which were absolutely destroyed by an eating disorder in her teens. They became so eroded that she had to have them shaved down and have porcelain veneers applied to every single tooth at $2000 a pop. She can afford it. It’s just too bad that the eating disorder appears to be back. Conveniently for her, so are baggy boyfriend jeans. No It’s Not Demi Moore.
Katie Holmes

93. BUZZFOTO 05/29
This very A list singer is starting to get very peeved at another pop star. Although each individual’s music could be considered in different genres, the source says that our A list singer takes issue with this British Tart’s outrageous fashion sense. Our A list musician was doing the strange outfits first and can’t believe the attention this new up-and-comer is getting. She claims she will rave about her in future interviews if asked about it, but secretly she is fuming.
Beyonce /Lady Gaga

This A List Hollywood star had had public battles with drug abuse. He seems to have put it all behind him and settled into a successful career and happy home life. What his wife doesn't know is that he has started quietly smoking pot with his teenage son and his son's buddies. (The scene reminds of Ryan O'Neal's early indiscretions with his kids.) The actor doesn't see any harm in it, but friends who know are worried.
Robert Downey Jr.

95. BLIND GOSSIP 05/31
This gorgeous Oscar nominee/winner has officially dropped off the A-List. We don’t mean to be catty, but she is turning out to be the exact opposite of a class act. She hasn’t had an acclaimed starring role in a film in several years, so she has descended to that most desperate of tricks: making out in public with another famous actor. What makes this especially pathetic is that she proceeded to grab the guy’s privates as he stuck his tongue down her throat.
Halle Berry/Jamie Foxx

The coolest casting coup in recent memory was supposed to be finalized this week. Now I'm hearing it's not happening at all. The only hint I can give you is that it involves an actress we adore and a show we're obsessed with. And no, this is not a follow-up to my Summer Glau-Dollhouse story.
Katee Sackoff "24"

97. BUZZFOTO 06/01
Four years ago, this couple was the hot item in Hollywood. Everyone was crossing their fingers this relationship would last. The chemistry between the two were undeniable, and the popularity of the couple was pretty big. Why, oh why didn’t they last? For whatever reason, the agent of the female persuaded her to call it quits. Sounds like a modern-day Jane Austen novel. The female listened reluctantly and now the damage is done. We hear she wishes with all her heart that things were different. Not Jessica Simpson or any of her beaus.
Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling

98. BLIND GOSSIP 06/01
This reality girl thinks very highly of herself and her appearance. She honestly believes that other women look at her, envy everything about her, and want to be like her. She talks a lot about her vision of other women going to their salon and demanding her hairstyle by name, like a "Dorothy Hamil" or a "Farrah" or a "Rachel", along with products to support that style. However, while there are many companies who are ready to profit from her high-profile lifestyle, she is really, really annoyed that there is not a single beauty or consumer goods company who wants to name a product line after her. Perhaps they are steering clear because there are at least a half dozen other things to which she should be attending right now - like her crumbling personal life.
Kate Gosselin

This A list comic movie actor is looking for a new assistant. The pay is six figures which is extremely high for an assistant. The reason it is so high? Well first of all there is travel 70% of the time and you have to deal with one of the most obnoxious, irritating, pains in the asses in the business. Our actor has tried to offer less money in the past but they all quit after a few days. As it is he can barely hang on to them for long.
Sacha Baron Cohen

Which old-school pair of actor brothers constantly tag-team at parties, picking up the youngest girls they can find?
Luke and Owen Wilson

This one is about as fresh as they come. About an hour ago, this C list movie/B list television actor on a recently renewed (barely) network show was spotted leaving Johnny Rockets on Melrose with someone most assuredly not his wife. Not a big deal you say except for the groping and making out. Oh, and as an added bonus, the woman he was with is one of the better known shemales in town and gorgeous.

102. BUZZFOTO 06/02
One of our sources called in with this little ditty. One very religious member of a network TV show has been proselytizing to the other cast and crew members every chance they get. It’s driving everyone crazy. Not Jason Lee.
 Jenna Elfman

103. BLIND GOSSIP 06/02
This actress is pretty and talented and will be starring in a TV series this fall. Too bad everything isn’t so perfect at home. Her boyfriend moved in with her a while back, but he isn’t exactly loyal to her. He continues to make the move on both men and women at clubs in Los Angeles, and has had more than one sleepover party while our actress was away, but there wasn’t too much sleeping going on. Maybe this is normal for people in LA, but our girl is not from there originally, and the folks at home would probably be shocked if they knew what her boyfriend was up to.
Nina Dobrev "The Vampire Diaries"

I hate giving out pet names to people in the blind items because the next thing you know I will be writing like Ted Casablanca and getting my four remaining hairs bleached. However, since this is a third appearance for Coke Mom that will be her name from now until the end of time. In our previous adventures of Coke Mom she has left out coke for her child to sample. (Accidentally) Coke mom has also hoovered her way through piles of coke with another Coke Mom. (Coke Mom 2) Anyway, at an event on Monday night Coke Mom was overheard saying the following. I kid you not. "I am getting old. I really want to try for another baby, but for some reason my husband doesn't want to." Well of course he doesn't want to. I am more shocked that he hasn't filed for divorce yet and have no idea why not. Oh. The topper. Coke Mom made about 8 trips to the bathroom in an hour.
Ashlee Simpson

1. Which wealthy, philandering husband of a successful designer had to shell out for paparazzi pix of him cavorting on a beach with a woman who was not his wife?

2. Which married male designer likes to take his wedding ring off before heading to the South of France for a few weeks of carousing every summer? Roberto Cavalli

3. Which former top model, still internationally famous but now out of work, now survives on $500-a-time fees to turn up to nightclubs and hang out at the bar? Marcus Schenkenberg

106. BUZZFOTO 06/03
These two exes who recently started talking again secretly after about 6-7 years of silence, are still playing emotional games with one another. They both have others in their lives, and their successes mirror one another’s, but because the male was hurt by the breakup, he purposely waits weeks in between responding back to her emails and phone calls. Our source says he is either scared or trying to see how much power he has over her. We think it’s just a little silly and immature. We’re not sure what the recent contact is all about for the two, but we hope it means teaming up professionally again. The two could be unstoppable! No one from situation with Jennifer Aniston.
Britney Spears/Justin Timberlake

107. BLIND GOSSIP 06/03
Who is contributing drama to a reality show on a carefully orchestrated schedule? This person/couple clearly has no problem at all sacrificing reputation for money. We have actually seen the rough schedule they have worked out to impart drama at key times to keep the bloggers chatting, to keep ratings high, and to raise their payout for this and (hopefully) future ventures. It’s totally designed to drag out this period of fame as long as possible, and orchestrated to stimulate waves of outrage and controversy followed by relative calm and/or sympathy, and then repeated. They are smart enough to realize their 15 minutes will come to an end, so they are milking it for all it’s worth right now. The next time you yell at the TV or text your friends about it, know that you have been used. Oh, and look for the introduction of a new "character" in the near future to shake things up even more.
Spencer Pratt/Heidi Montag "I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here"

108. POPBITCH 06/04
1. Which music superstar mysteriously missed a recent personal appearance? An assistant found the star face down with an empty bottle of whisky by their side.
Vince Neil "Motley Crue"

2. This publicity-whore is desperately trying to keep news of her recent affair quiet by getting her publicist to plant rumours that her partner had been unfaithful? Katie Price

109. STAR MAGAZINE 06/04
Which mom-to-be should probably plan a DNA test for after the stork arrives? Several men are loudly insisting that the father is not who everyone assumes.
Oksana Grigorieva/Mel Gibson

This actor is C list, and has done 90% television. At one time in the not too distant past he was B list and decided to roll the dice for A list and came up empty. Since that roll of the dice it has been all downhill at a very fast rate. Even though our actor barely works, he was on a very big hit show for several years. People recognize him. He doesn't have a problem picking up women to take home. The other night he had four competing for his attention at a nightclub. A very crowded club. Instead of being a gentleman about his potential one night stand for that night, our actor said the one who took off the most clothes and got the most dirty while standing on the table would get to go home with him. All four ended up getting completely naked. This resulted in the actor and the women being asked to leave the club. When they got outside, our actor was asked who he had chosen and he replied, "None of you. I just wanted to see what you would do to fuck me."
Michael Muhney (This was two years after Veronica Mars and right about the time he got Y&R)

111. BUZZFOTO 06/04
This celebrity female has a very famous neighbor. She told our source this little story: The two celebs live in a really nice Beverly Hills neighborhood, so it seems strange these antics would occur. This used to be A list Celeb male likes the sauce, and when he does, his filter is turned off. He is known publicly too for saying inappropriate things, but when he drinks, boy, the crazy comes out. Our female had her parents over for a visit and the trio took a walk around the neighborhood. The male celeb happened upon them, and yes, was a little more than tipsy. He started hitting on the female’s mom in front of everyone, telling her about her nice rack, inviting her in for a drink, etc. Needless to say, it was embarrassing and awkward. Not Matthew McConaughey.

celebrity female:

112. HOLY MOLY 06/04 **#1**
Which globally famous dancer was hated by his wardrobe mistress above all others because, at the height of the show, as the audience leapt to their feet to applaud him, xxxxxx would cum?
Michael Flatley

113. HOLY MOLY 06/04 **#2**
A few years back X was doing a film with a recent graduate from RADA. They went for dinner one night and X invited him back to his flat. He went and they had a few drinks and then X tried to take things a bit further. The guy told him he wasn't that way inclined and x kept on at him and eventually lost his temper shouting: "Look will it help if I get a couple of hookers round and watch you fuck them?" He said OK. X did this and sat in the corner watching them fuck whilst wanking looking a bit spaced out.
Kevin Spacey

1. This Female Superstar is used to being in the spotlight. She loves the headlines, but her controlling husband wants her to sit down, stay home and watch their babies. Will her need to have a career ruin her marriage?
Jennifer Lopez

2. Where, oh where is this Superstar? Back in the 80’s, she was the queen of the charts, but career mishaps and her low self esteem have stalled her career. Good thing she has a rich boyfriend. Janet Jackson/Jermaine Dupri

Not-So-Secret Bisexual Twilight Star: The funny thing about the uproar over whether or not Robsten exists (they "so" do, as sources from Summit have even told us) is this: There's an equally sex-a-licious member of the Twilight team who's making tongues wiggle, wag and gossip in overdrive! Meet Terry Tush-Trade, who likes both boys and girls. I mean, why limit yourself to just one sex, isn't that every bisexual's mantra? It certainly is that of Triple-T, who's as smooth about hooking up with members of both sexes as Ashley Greene is about finagling photo ops. One question, though: Does Terry's also-famous partner know about Tush-Trade's predilection for both sexes? Abso-friggin'-lutely! That's precisely why they work so well together. See, Terry's other half also likes to swing both ways. Uh, are you getting absolutely dingbat dizzy at this point? Well, hang on, because it's just begun: Terry, so slim, so hot, so breathtakingly badass, and said partner were brought together in the first place because somebody else who possesses major power in the Twilight franchise also likes to get it on, bisexual-style. And there's even more! Terry's gotten it on up in Vancouver, and elsewhere, with somebody besides the significant other everybody's always photographing TTT with. And it's created a messy, sticky sitch within the cast. So much so, the upcoming filming of Eclipse is going to make The Hills seem like a Golden Girls rerun. Cannot wait. And It Ain't: Dakota Fanning, Elizabeth Reaser, Chris Weitz

116. BLIND GOSSIP 06/05
Which actress has publicly mentioned a certain role she wants, hoping that it will improve her chances of being cast for an upcoming film? Unfortunately, one of the film’s producer is not a big fan of hers. He is close friends with the director of one of her past movies, where they had nothing but trouble keeping our actress under control. She needs to get a clue that fame does not excuse unprofessional behavior.
Lindsay Lohan/Tim Burton for Alice in Wonderland; Lindsay Lohan/Stevie Nicks biography; Paris Hilton/"Twilight"

117. NW MAGAZINE 06/05
(Australian magazine)
1. Which music superstar had a wee accident while doing a shoot for a high-end fashion mag? The lady in question was mortified to discover, just as she was getting into the flow of things, she had made a mess of her white couture dress. There go the pregnancy rumours!
Britney Spears

2. Which teen star is secretly running off the rails? She's been drinking so much in her trailer that producers on her hit show are at their wits end — she's gearing up to be bigger and badder than Lindsay and co. Miley Cyrus; Taylor Momsen

3. Which switch-hitting superstar ran into a bit of trouble recently when he tried out a Mrs. Doubtfire-style balancing act with a brother and sister team? One of the siblings caught wind of the situation and told the other and they both walked... Jamie Foxx

4. Which A-list actress currently undergoing marital problems of the highest order has turned to comfort eating? The normally pin-thin actress has surprised the wardrobe department on her latest film with her expanding waistline... Nicole Kidman; Kate Beckinsale

5. Which very eligible bachelor has paid an unknown knockout a considerable chunk of change? Turns out the amorous actor is up to some pretty freaky tricks in the bedroom and often pays off his more prudish bed buddies... George Clooney

6. Which heavy-hitting designer isn't as happily married as once thought? Turns out he is crying on the shoulder of one of his young male pattern makers, who has a rather naughty way of making him feel better... Tommy Hilfiger

7. Which aging actress has stayed away from the spotlight of late because she tried to inject her own lips with vegetable oil during a drunken night? Melanie Griffith

8. Which top Hollywood agent is shaking in his boots now that the young star he took advantage of sexually at the beginning of her career is now an A-list actress? She's let it be known she's coming for her revenge.

118. BUZZFOTO 06/05
This week, there has been so much focus on a reality show star and a comeback. Other cast members of this popular show have been left on the back burner and some may be taking advantage of their break from the spotlight. This female cast member was seen cuddling up with a boyfriend of someone else who is also on the show. Naughty, naughty.
Lo Bosworth

#1 & #2 - This intense B list movie and sometime television actor takes parenting very seriously. He knows the reputation of bars and clubs in Hollywood to serve underage celebrities. So, to make sure his B list actress daughter doesn't drink he calls ahead to wherever she is going and makes sure they know they will be in for a world of hurt if they serve her booze.
Eric and Emma Roberts

#3 - She might not always be the best role model as a mother, but this former B list movie actress with A list name recognition is extremely controlling when it comes to the location of her kids. Not only does she have GPS trackers on the cell phones of her kids, she also doesn't allow them to go out at night unless she or a parent is with them. She knows what kind of mistakes she made as a teenager and doesn't want her kids to make the same mistakes. Melanie Griffith

#4 & #5 - At the opposite extreme from the above parents is this B list movie and television actor who has been around forever. While raising his C list actor son, he had only one rule. Don't get arrested. Other than that he didn't care if or when his child came home or what he did as long as he didn't get caught. James and Scott Caan

120. BUZZFOTO 06/07
Yesterday, we had several photographers at an event for charity (Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation Time For Heroes Carnival). The celebrities were there in droves, and one photographer overheard a group of Celeb women loudly bashing and gossiping a Hills star. It’s strange, because the ring leader was the co-star of the girl getting slammed. Funny, we thought these two were friends. Not Lo Bosworth.
Kristin Cavallari/Lauren Conrad

121. NY POST/PAGE SIX 06/08
1. WHICH once prominent magazine writer/TV interviewer now appears in elegant homes wearing men's clothes and a fedora? Sighed one jaded observer, "These days, becoming a lesbian is a career move."

2. WHICH sexy leading man, known for his wandering eye, recently hooked up with a pouty songstress? The raven-haired rocker is a big change from his usual choice of supermodels. Leo DiCaprio

3. WHICH actor is on hiatus due to a drug relapse? He claimed he needed time off because of the heartbreak of his public split, but he's actually headed to rehab. Baltazar Getty

I think when I reveal this one to you, you will gain a much deeper appreciation of what I am going through as I think of a good way to write this item and also trying to get all of the mental images out of my head. I literally just shivered. Anyway, what we have here is a marriage that didn't last long, but oh what a wedding it was. Everyone was there to see this couple getting married. The divorce was just as spectacular. The husband is a celebrity both in North America and in Europe. The wife is a permanent A list entertainer. She will always be A list. Anyway, contrary to everything you would think to be true, this couple did have sex on a fairly regular basis. In fact, the story goes they had sex every day and sometimes twice a day. The only catch to the whole thing was that the husband has OCD in a very serious way and he insisted that his wife remove the sheets from the bed after the deed and throw them away to never be used again. He wouldn't touch sheets either new or not and wouldn't allow anyone other than his wife to touch them or make the bed.
Liza Minelli and David Gest

This Academy Award winner/nominee A list movie actor is also a big music fan. Not so much of other music, but primarily of his own. He also has a huge ego. On a recent movie he was shooting he had it written into his contract that once a week a certain number of crew members had to show up in his hotel suite and listen to our actor play his guitar and the songs he was writing. Most of the songs were about himself and things he had accomplished in his life. Needless to say the crew hated him with a passion. Instead of going home to their families, once a week they had to go to a hotel suite for a few hours and listen to the bag of wind go on and on about great he was. In song.
Russell Crowe "Robin Hood"

124. BUZZFOTO 06/09
What B list Actor and sometimes director who is married with children (to a Hollywood Actress) has a sex tape floating around? The woman in the tape is someone other than his wife and the word is, the tape is very risque. We’re told it would definitely change your image of him, and not in a good way. The rumor is, this tape could be appearing on your computer screens soon, but we hear the actor is doing all he can to stop it. Not Liev Schreiber.
Ben Affleck

Which unsavoury former model turned actor-rapper has been Tweeting about feeding drugs to his dog?
Simon Rex

126. STAR MAGAZINE 06/09
Which singer/actress has pretty much given up playing it straight? She and a galpal openly sucked face after splitting a bottle of tequila at NYC’s Cain Luxe on May 26.
Queen Latifah

This Real Housewife was asked to leave a recent high profile charity event because of inappropriate behavior. She got really drunk and kept thinking she was at Mardi Gras and people were throwing her beads.
Kim Zolciak

128. BUZZFOTO 06/10
This A list actor, who has had some mental health slips in the past, continues to work and make successful movies. Because of his charming personality and charisma, as well as his sense of humor, everyone thinks he is fine. He allegedly is not. We hear from an inside source he is suffering and when he is alone engages in some erratic and self-destructive behavior. (Drinking, drugs, etc.) We hope he can break the stigmas and get the help he needs. Not Tom Cruise.
Owen Wilson

129. BLIND GOSSIP 06/10
Actress A and Actress B each wanted their own talk show. Not surprising, since each is known for being pretty funny - as well as very vocal about their individual causes. Actress A sought the endorsement and collaborative skills of a media mogul who has had great success in this genre, and was well on her way to getting a show into production. Actress B, who is as kooky as Actress A, got wind of this, and began talking to the mogul too. At some point, Actress B convinced the mogul that Actress A was too mouthy and scary about her cause, and that audiences would be completely turned off. It worked. The mogul unexpectedly pulled the plug on Actress A, and decided to back Actress B instead, both financially and creatively. Actress A is absolutely furious. However, knowing that talking badly about the mogul or Actress B would be a bad career move, expect her to cheer on both as Actress B’s show goes on air.

Actress A: Kirstie Alley
Actress B: Jenny McCarthy
Mogul: Oprah

130. LAINEY’S GOSSIP 06/10
They’ve been friends a long time. Recently worked together. Both family men now supposedly settled down. But not quite. Several times a week, very late at night, they’d call up for room service together. Oh no, not for food, but for a certain kind of massage. Like…together. They’d get off on it together. Literally. Apparently they’ve been doing this for years. It’s how they bond. Some dudes like beer. These dudes like the hand and mouth special. Lately it hasn’t happened often enough – schedules, kids, etc. Needless to say, when the opportunity presented itself, they made up for lost time. Problem: one of the wives found out. Is now threatening to tell the other. Almost like blackmail. She wants them to stop hanging out AND she wants the friend to find her husband a replacement gig to make up for the one he’ll lose if she makes him pull out of their next collaboration. Hollywood wives can wheel and deal, see? But she’s been placated before. He’s waiting for the rage to go down, and then he’ll buy her off again. A break from the bro massage until then.
Judd Apatow/Paul Rudd

What aging but not really old Academy Award winner/nominee A list actor recently had a heart attack and passed out but refused to go the hospital. Instead, he had his doctor come to the house and hired a nurse to watch over him for a few days. He even went to a sporting event three days after it happened.
Jack Nicholson

132. BUZZFOTO 06/11
This Celebrity couple who constantly fight rumors of splits and scandals, are actually great people. We found out last week that this couple is not only involved in several charities, but also personally donates their things to the homeless. Although this couple does a lot of good, we’re not talking about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

133. BLIND GOSSIP 06/11
This closeted acting heartthrob is hunting for a new bachelor pad. It’s not because he wants to live alone. It’s because he wants to do something about his current living situation before he really begins hating his ex so much that it interferes with his work. The reason for all the animosity? He caught his ex in bed with a tranny.
Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick

134. HOLY MOLY 06/11 **#1**
Which world-class tennis player should perhaps lay off the HGH (Human Growth Hormones) if he wants to stop his spate of injuries? The steroid is still undetectable in tests and supposedly widely in use for endurance so he can play his epic five set matches and still look fresh on court the next day.
Nafa Radal

135. HOLY MOLY 06/11 **#2**
Which recently reunited guitarist likes to stick his cocks on fans he meets through MySpace?
Graham Coxon "Blur"

136. HOLY MOLY 06/11 **#3**
Which stateside shambles of a celebrity brought more than a suitcase with them on their recent trip to London. The woman was found to have nits in her eyebrows by a make up artist on a shoot. GROO!
Lindsay Lohan

Years ago, when this Director made a movie, it was the talk of the town, but over the years he has let his jealousy get in the way. Now people could care less about supporting his projects.
 Spike Lee

One Bugged-Out Belter Blind Vice: Princess Powder-Puff has had quite the rocky existence for the past couple of years. Besides being a sizeable tabloid target, Princess P. has had some career setbacks, too. Maybe that's because everyone around Pee uses her for something. And whatever goodies those fake pals are gaining, it's never in PPP's best interest, for sure. See, Puff hardly has any real buds. Sad, but very true. Now, don't feel too bad for the babe, 'cause with her money she could easily be getting help if she wanted it. Instead, Triple-Pee resorts to seeking a different kinda aid from those around her. Like drugs. The hard stuff, babes. Like what ruins major divas' careers before the whole global tabloid world's eyes. Powder-Puff is scrounging for a fix and isn't being too subtle about it, in whatever town she happens to be touring through. And what's Pee's great idea so nobody finds out? She's asking her crew members left and right for them to score something, anything, for her. Genius. Yikes, this is definitely gonna make PPP's comeback 10 times harder. Just more trainwreckishly delish for us to watch, that's all. Oh, you all do know Princess isn't used to performing sober, don't you? It's something she absolutely hates doing, and it's definitely showing—the few times she agrees to be forced into such a desultory state. So sad, too, 'cause Pee used to have it all. Boys, hits, good-girl fame—the works. And it ain't: Nicole Scherzinger, Nadine Coyle, Christina Aguilera.
Janet Jackson

#1 - Some good news for this formerly B+ movie actress and now a C. It appears she is off the drugs and even her husband appears clean. The bad news is he can't get a job and so has been hired by the producers as her personal makeup artist for the movie she is filming right now. I can't believe she got another movie.
Brittany Murphy

#2 & 3- Bad Drug Behavior - This former B list television actress was on a hit initial show and now has said goodbye to that and has dropped to a quick C. Anyway, she is known for her love of meth and at a wrap party at the end of the season, our actress decided that she was going to drive her B- list aging comic co-star's SUV through a garage door at the party. A closed garage door. After she had crashed through the door and dented the wall of the kitchen someone asked her why she had done it, and she said just because it was something she had always wanted to do. Nice.

#4 - Kindness - This A list actress who used to be the highest paid actress in Hollywood donated her entire paycheck from a recent movie to four different charities. It was the largest donation any of the four charities had ever received. Sandra Bullock

140. NY POST/PAGE SIX 06/15
1. WHICH movie legend proclaims in her nightclub act, not once, but twice, "Although I love girls, I don't sleep with them" -- causing eyebrows in the room to hit the chandelier.
Debbie Reynolds

2. WHICH reporter with a history of substance abuse was hammered at a benefit at Cipriani 42nd Street the other night? The unsteady scribe stumbled over Hugh Jackman as they were exiting and the gallant Aussie helped him out the door. Pat O'Brien

Which married Oscar winner wasn?t acting too kingly when he was caught groping a waitress at a N.Y.C. nightclub recently?
Forest Whitaker

142. BLIND GOSSIP 06/15
This television actor has a reputation as being a great family guy. In fact, he seems like one of the last few genuinely nice guys left in Hollywood. The truth is quite a bit seedier. You see, he’s supporting a stripper on the side to the tune of $20,000 per month. Sure, that’s a lot of money - and it’s sad that his wife likely doesn’t know what’s going on - but there’s one fact that makes this really difficult for all the parties involved: the actor is actually totally and completely head-over-lucite-heels in love with the pole girl.
Kevin Nealon

What teenage B list female singer who always seems so good is having an affair with her married almost 40 road manager?
Jordin Sparks

This Academy Award nominated/winner A+ list actor doesn't get much publicity for all of the good he does, and so I thought I would share one of the things about him which he did for no reason other than being a great guy. While shooting a film our actor was introduced to a young girl. The girl had wanted to meet our actor for a very long time. Because she was dying of leukemia, her parents had asked Make-A-Wish to make it happen. For whatever reason they had not. Well, someone on the set heard about this little girl and asked our actor if it would be ok for her to meet him. He said sure, and the girl came. At the time she visited him she had a few weeks to live. When he asked about her medical treatment he was told there really wasn't any money. Our actor paid for all her medical bills and three years later she is still alive and still in touch with our actor.
Johnny Depp

1. Which legendary NYC designer, whose name is an international mega-brand, is more famous in the East Village for paying $100 a time to lick the armpits of gay bar go-go dancers?

2. Which much-reviled fashion publicist with a European accent got into a heated argument with an NYPD lady officer outside Monday's CFDA awards? The crowd-control cop dared to tell the luxury brand rep that he couldn't cross the street where he wanted and the two traded f-bombs for a little while before he did what he was told. To those who hate him -- which is a lot of people -- it was very funny. Andre Tallon

146. BLIND GOSSIP 06/16 **#1**
Which screen siren is pulling strings behind the scenes to push an actor out of a part? Funny thing is that it’s not even her movie! It’s her man’s. Turns out that a minor part was given to an actor with whom she had a tryst a few years ago, and she doesn’t want the guy blabbing details to her current man about it. Yes, her current man already has more than an inkling about her past, as she was rather notorious for her wild ways, but our girl is totally tenacious about remaking her image into a more wholesome one. Having her SO find out first-hand about a four-way encounter just a couple of years ago would probably not help either her cause or their somewhat strained relationship.
Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt is producing but not acting in ‘Peace Like A River’

147. BLIND GOSSIP 06/16 **#2**
This famous couple has been together for a long time. They are beards for each other. Perhaps a little too vocally. Even when interviewers don’t mention it, they bring up their fantastic, creative, and very active sex life, and how much they love and support each other. Why? It’s because her career sucks. It has stalled out over the past few years because she has no credibility with producers or directors as a romantic lead. The two best film roles she’s landed this century were solely due to her husband and family friend landing the leads. So now you know that whatever excuse she gives for doing a small screen, non-network show is bogus, and that she will continue to talk, talk, talk about romance until she can sell herself to the movie world as a viable big screen lead.
Will and Jada Pinkett Smith

This married A list female singer has a very funny way of working. For example, when she is scheduled to shoot a music video she shows up at one time of day and one time of day only. If the director schedules a 7am shoot, that is great, but our singer is not going to show up until 11. No, not 11am. That would only be four hours late. Nope, our singer only shoots videos at 11pm. No one knows if it is her playing diva or because she can't get going until that time of night. No one wants to work on her videos anymore unless they are paid the very top rate available plus overtime due to all the down time and waiting and waiting. Because of the diva attitude, her videos cost an extra $25,000-30,000 a day to shoot than they would if she showed on time.

149. NEW WEEKLY 06/17
Which has-been starlet is willing to do literally anything to get a role? Apparently she's calling up male casting agents and giving them a heads-up about her many and varied talents.
Tara Reid

150. POPBITCH 06/18
Which huge 90s comedy star wasn't just a star of the TV screen - he also had a special treat for his partner? On special occasions he'd agree to proclaim his famous catch-phrase, as he came on his partner's face.

1. These two male singers are ready to pull out all the stops to overhaul their images. But, there’s no amount of videos or trips around the world to change their image as abusers of women.
Chris Brown and R Kelly

2. You cheated on me, but I will never leave you…..what famous celebs are part of this club? Kobe & Vanessa Bryant; Nicole Murphy & Michael Strahan

3. It doesn’t pay to be a jerk and this male movie star is finding out the hard way, his movies keep bombing at the box office. Eddie Murphy

What A list nationally syndicated radio host is getting dropped by her home station and the second biggest market in the country?
Dr. Laura

152. NEW WEEKLY 06/18
Which fun-loving film star may play the part of the carefree chick on the surface, but is hiding a debilitating case of OCD behind closed doors? One of her high-profile relationships recently went caput because her man could no longer hack her obsessive ways.
Cameron Diaz

153. WOULD YOU BLOG ME 06/18
I told you about him a year and a half ago. Crew members love him, and were sad for him because of a drug habit. I was more surprised that he was a nice guy, than that he had a drug habit! But I didn't think he'd have it this bad. Sad that a year and a half later we are now hearing about him in more mainstream news. This means his decisions are now being questioned by more people, and means he hasn't cleaned up. Hope he does soon. Not Joaquin or Russell.

154. BLIND GOSSIP 06/18 **#1**
Which celebrity couple seem to be unclear on the concept of parenting a teenage child? Given that at least one member of the couple struggled with substance abuse in the past, you would think that they would be extra vigilent with their own kid/s. Not so. The underage teen in question was spotted out last weekend at a party 3 am. It’s not like the parents didn’t know about it. One of them was actually there at the party earlier in the evening and had even kissed the child good bye when they left at 2 am.
Demi Moore and Bruce Willis

155. BLIND GOSSIP 06/18 **#2**
When most couples divorce, they want it over with as quickly as possible so that they can move on with their lives, or for the sake of the children, or because lengthy divorces cost more money. Not this couple! They are currently negotiating to stretch out the divorce as long as possible. Even though they can’t stand each other - and have lived separately for a while now - as long as the family is somewhat intact, they both make a lot more money than they could with a regular job. Right now they are negotiating for two plus years of continued steady income. Yes, that’s right. He is just as motivated by the money as she.
Jon and Kate Gosselin

156. STAR MAGAZINE 06/18
Which world-famous hottie will only hook up with women who don’t know who he is? At a recent bash, one babe played along, only to be dismissed when she let his real name slip.
George Clooney

157. HOLY MOLY 06/18
Which actress of the moment isn’t exactly well loved by her co-stars and directors, with them getting a bit tired of the "all fur coat and no knickers" approach?
Megan Fox

One Vagina'd Deceiver Blind Vice: Remember meeting Dommy-Do-Rightly a couple of weeks ago? The Hollywood wannabe princess who definitely thinks her sh-t don't stank? Well, Dommy dearest just doesn't know how to keep her indiscretions all that quiet. Which, of course, we love. The TV, and attempted big-screen, queen has been in one fairly high-profile relaysh and is definitely no stranger to the dating scene—despite her youngish age. Well, it turns out she's much more experienced than any of you would have guessed. Think you know what we mean? DDR is a freak in the sheets! Her lap-dancin', powder-inhalin' party ways were just the beginning, kids, 'cause we just got sex-smelly wind of a crazyass threesome DDR recently had overseas. After splitting with her boyfriend, Dommy got her skank on during one of her save-the-world efforts. And we're talking about a totally kinky ménage à trois! One stud, one gal and Ms. Rightly doing the horizontal mambo all drunken night long! Oh love it, she's into girls, too—don't tell Carrie Prejean! (Anything that reeks of being gay sends that bitch over the edge, as you know.) Seriously, looking at little miss blondie, you would never think she had it in her—we don't know whether to be impressed or disturbed. Most likely the latter, because despite D's efforts to the contrary, publicly, Ms. D.-R. just lacks total sex appeal in our very biased minds. And It Ain't: Anna Paquin, Lauren Conrad, AnnaLynne McCord.
Hayden Panettiere

Which upcoming starlet has been told to keep a lid on her God-fearing, clean-living lifestyle by her management team? Apparently, they think having an out-of-control client will be better for the books.

Which very hot Latino actor was recently at an event to watch a band that is one half of a popular duo's new side project and managed to get so drunk that he hit on every single girl and literally closed down the bar and went after the last girl there. As they were leaving together he saw another girl and immediately went after her! This guy isn’t picky.

#1 & 2 – This B list television actress on a hit network drama has some siblings. One of the siblings is an actor himself. Way down the list. D or lower. He is also very young. As in young teenage young. It didn’t stop him at a recent event though from hitting on women who were over twice his age. It would have been hilarious except for the fact he really believed his own hype and that of his sister. Oh, and he has wandering hands. He was a piece of work.
Hayden Panettiere (brother Jansen)

#3 & 4 – There has been a great deal of speculation lately about this married couple. She is a singer and he is not. She is B+ list and he is not. She has been rumored to be the cause of the break up talk because of her indiscretions. However, it seems that he is the reason for the potential break up. Apparently he got romantically involved with another gentleman who acquired some incriminating pictures and videos about the life of our couple which were found in their house. He received a very healthy payout from the couple courtesy of the wife’s checkbook. She is very resentful towards her husband for letting the blackmailer into the home and that is why there could be a split. LeAnn Rimes/Dean Sheremet

You know the HIV scare that is going through the porn industry? Well, it turns out this married B+ television/rarely movies actor on a hit network comedy has a girlfriend who is one of the infected pornstars. And no, it isn't Charlie Sheen.

163. BUZZFOTO 06/22
This Celebrity attended a charity event this last month. Apparently, she didn’t like the way the event was organized and cussed out everyone from the staff, to other celebrities. No one paid much attention to her, and so she resorted to damaging some of the displays. How nice, a diva and a control freak! It’s not Kathy Griffin.
Janice Dickinson

Which one-time kept boy of a powerful male Hollywood exec is hell-bent on revenge after his keeper gave him the flick in favour of a younger flavour? Having picked up a few tips during his time in the house, he is now shopping around a thinly disguised screenplay about their life together.
Barry Diller

165. BLIND GOSSIP 06/22
This actress peaked in the 1990s. Everyone knew her name, and her beautiful face was on the cover of every magazine. Looking to make a comeback, she has approached several directors and producers about roles that are really geared toward a much younger generation. While she is convinced that she should be playing the role of a beautiful woman, most show runners agree that several plastic surgeries have left her looking a little too scary for a mainstream part. She actually burst into tears when one offered her the role of a monstrous character and was told her that it would require only makeup - but no prosthetics - to make her look the part.
Daryl Hannah (While still a child, Hannah lost the tip of her left index finger in an accident and today she sometimes wears a prosthetic fingertip in movies.)

166. LAINEY’S GOSSIP 06/23
She trumps Life or Death: Classic story of celebrity entitlement. And she’s supposed to be so professional and sweet, not nearly as many diva stories about her than about her peers, though if you’re getting in the way of her meal, and her Maybach, you better move the f-ck out, even if you’re an old woman in an emergency situation. It was two blocks from the Waverly very recently. An elderly woman – 84 years old – went into heart failure. The paramedic arrived immediately and tried to stabilise her before moving her to the hospital. It became a traffic clusterf-ck so the cops had to redirect vehicles over to the next block because the ambulance was waiting for the patient. A black Maybach approaches, disregards the police instruction, and drives towards the ambulance. An officer stops the car and tells the driver to reroute:
Driver: We're going to the Waverly Inn.
Officer: We have an emergency situation and everyone has to re-route to the next block over - just go one block around. (Moaning and groaning and whining was heard from the female passenger in the back seat).
Driver: Isn't there any way we could get through?
Officer: Sir, this is an emergency vehicle, we have an emergency situation - EVERYone must re-route. You'll have to go around the block.
And then an imperious (female) voice pipes up from the back of the Maybach.. "Well can't they just move the ambulance?" The officer is incredulous. Then annoyed. And then he gives it to her, informing our star that "LIFE OR DEATH situations dictate traffic decisions - not anything or ANYONE else. You must re-route now." She grudgingly told her driver to find another way, inconvenienced that a senior citizen had to choose her mealtime to have a heart attack. The nerve.

Which newly minted celebrity dad is hitting on a trend about five years too late by hitting on an attractive nanny his partner hired to help with their new bub?
Cam Gigandet

168. BUZZFOTO 06/23
This actress who can’t seem to find a stable relationship, might have just found the man of her dreams. And this time, she’s steering clear of famous people. Rumor has it, she’s snuggling up with a camera man and the two are head over heels! Not Kate Hudson.
Jennifer Aniston

169. BLIND GOSSIP 06/23 **#1**
Which superstar athlete is several months behind on the mortgage payments on his house? It isn’t because he isn’t making money or because he is forgetful. It’s because he is scared. Every penny he scores right now is going toward paying off some outrageous gambling debts he racked up over the past couple of years. It seems that the consequence of someone hurting him or his family is more pressing than the thought of losing his house.
Allen Iverson

170. BLIND GOSSIP 06/23 **#2**
Which celebrity is stirring up controversy as a presenter for an upcoming awards show? The irony here is that while he is a vocal advocate against discrimination of a minority group, he seems to be utterly incapable of controlling his own impulse to assault others with hate-filled speech. We don’t know if the public loves him or hates him, but he certainly knows how to draw attention to himself.
Perez Hilton (he called of Black Eyed Peas a "faggot")

This A list celebrity chef loves his women. He loves them a lot. He always has and probably always will. I don't know how his wife puts up with it. In his latest escapade. Bad choice of words because now I will have Janet Jackson running through my head and Jermaine running after her. It's quite funny if you could see it. Anyway, our celebrity chef was at an out of town event away from his wife, so of course he needed to find some company for the night. No spank-o-vision for our chef. Nope. Instead he managed to find two blondes and a brunette for his late night entertainment. As they were headed to his room, the brunette was all over him and our chef was drunk. Probably that way he has an excuse when he is eventually caught.
Gordon Ramsey

Which TV star will absolutely scream when she discovers her husband was chasing girls at an L.A. nightclub over the weekend?
Courteney Cox/David Arquette

This one kind of hurts because I like this person. She is a celebrity. Not an actress, but a C+/B- television host and former reality star. Anyway as a host of her program she has a few provisions that she needs followed at all times. No one can speak to her prior to 8am. Also, she needs a minimum of two hours for makeup. Either her boyfriend or a friend must be with her at all times. She only does one take of each stand up she does before the camera. One. No more than that ever. She is such a diva that most of the crew quits after working with her for just one episode.
Bridget Marquardt "The Girls Next Door"

Which normally sickly sweet teen star showed her true colours on set yesterday? Having come down with a minor cold, she demanded production be shut down until she recovered and proceeded to treat all of her assistants like trash.
Demi Lovato (from her 'twitter' "I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired")

175. BUZZFOTO 06/24
This Hollywood Couple, both famous in their own way, are struggling just like any married couple. The thing that sets them apart is that the husband has always struggled with his bisexuality. He knew when he got married, he would say goodbye to his old ways and commit to his wife only. The couple are both aware of his temptations and are seeking counseling to try and save their marriage. Not Christina Aguilera or her beau.
Gwen Stefani/Gavin Rossdale

1. Which niche designer who first hit big 20 years ago looks like he might be about to break ties with the powerhouse cosmetics firm which makes his incredibly profitable fragrance? As the playwright said, "Attention must be paid."
Thierry Mugler

2. Which so-called New York Times "fashion editor" obliquely referred to as being connected to handsome Israeli designer Yigal Azrouel -- who himself is being fingered in the break-up of the marriage of Billy and Katie Lee Joel -- isn't a fashion editor? Actually she has a title in a different department but contributes to the fashion pages.

177. BLIND GOSSIP 06/24 **#1**
This young celebrity couple did not actively promote their dating status during their last project together. They kept it quiet, and were smart enough to use protection during their intimate off-screen moments. Unfortunately it did fail on one occasion, and she wound up pregnant. Sorry, no wild tales of diseases and drugs and drama in this case, nor the impending birth of a golden child. The whole event was actually handled very quickly, quietly and professionally as she dropped out of sight for only two days to have a procedure done. The couple is a fairly mature one for their age, and still have eyes only for each other.
Frieda Pinto and Dev Patel; Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

178. BLIND GOSSIP 06/24 **#2**
Her look has changed considerably over the past few years, including her hair and more than one plastic surgery. However, she had her husband convinced that if he changed his appearance, he wouldn’t project the wholesome family image the producers wanted. A key turning point in their relationship was the day he got the piercings. Once that happened, she knew she couldn’t control him anymore. Oh, you thought we were talking about ears? Think lower. Ouch.

Although she has no discernable talent, this woman is absolutely convinced that she is a star whose popularity extends far beyond her current venture. She could not stir up any interest in a line of hair products named for her, but she is now in talks for a book and a talk show. The book will definitely happen. The talk show, however, is a tough sell. Her Performer Q shows high popularity but low likeability. Would other moms really want to take advice on child-rearing from her?

Boy is he angry that she beat him to the punch in filing for divorce! The divorce was his idea more than a year ago. He wanted out, but she convinced him to keep pretending so the cameras would keep rolling on and the money would keep rolling in. She compromised by allowing him lots of room for an outside social life and allowing him to buy some toys. So all this shock for the cameras about his being caught with another woman and about the separation? Totally fake. She is just shocked that she didn’t have it all under control. When she realized that she didn’t, she made a preemptive strike with the divorce filing.

Who would hurt an innocent child? It’s not the first time she has snapped and physically disciplined one of her kids. And it’s not the first time that she’s done it in front of the camera. However, the producers have given her lots of leeway in the past and buried the other footage because they wanted to promote her as a good mother. A shift in public perception has allowed them to show snippets of her real behavior. Try as she might to portray herself as saint and victim for the camera, she simply can’t control her temper.

When you cheat on your spouse - even with their knowledge - you really need to use protection. Because you know what happens when you don’t? Someone winds up with a disease… or pregnant. Silly goose! Haven’t you learned your lesson?
Jon and Kate Gosselin

Which celebrity model is on the verge of losing all of her big campaigns? It appears she's channelling the early '90s with her burgeoning addiction to heroin.
Kate Moss

1. These two Celebrities are sporting fabulous, toned bodies. Are they using steroids to stay fabulous? Here’s a hint, they have a child together.
Mel B and Eddie Murphy

2. This Basketball Superstar doesn’t get along with his teammates. He doesn’t like the way they clown his crazy wife. Here’s a hint, he has many championship rings. Kobe Bryant

3. This Superstar Couple has everything you could ever imagine fame, riches, success and a mystery child. The Superstar Wife has finally accepted the fact that she married a man with a hidden child. She really doesn’t mind because she isn’t trying to have a child anytime soon. Beyonce and Jay Z

181. BUZZFOTO 06/25
This reality TV couple offered a photographer recently an EXCLUSIVE shot if the photographer claimed in his caption how in love the couple were. The photographer would have gone for it, had the couple not also demanding a 5 figure sum for the set up! Not Jon and Kate Gosselin.
Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt

While shooting on the set of their latest movie, these two stars have a completely different way of interacting with their fans. Well, I should say one interacts with fans, and one pretends she cannot see or hear them. Our B+ list movie actor usually plays the fun guy and it seems that when he is filming it is the exact same way. He spends most of the time in between takes speaking with fans, taking pictures and talking the entire time. Our A+ list actress on the other hand spends her time in between takes as far away from the fans as possible and has absolutely nothing to do with them. She is very good at pretending not to hear them or see them.
Paul Rudd and Reese Witherspoon

183. MavrixOnline 06/25
Which recording Princess was house hunting in the Hollywood Hills this week? For somebody who has gone platinum, she certainly wasn’t looking at anything too extravagant! She seemed to favor places around 3,000 square feet, and appears to be more interested in renting than buying. Her budget? Around $6k a month. With all of the goodies she’s acquired since hitting it big, you’d think she’d need something bigger than 3 bedrooms to store her stuff! Maybe it’s the economy?

Which sultry screen siren slept with several of the leading men in her new big-budget flick, but refused to get horizontal with the director? He's so peeved, he's threatening to ban the gal from his future films.
Megan Fox/Michael Bay

One Messy, Meth-Powered Blind Vice: Emma Uh-Oh was such the hot, writhing babe for a while not all that long ago really. All supersexy, superskinny, superglossy gal power, mainly on the small screen, Ms. U-O was indeed a major player on some of the boob tube's hottest shows (and she had the hot curves to match). We could totally see her making all the straight menfolk drool on red carpets had she not taken herself off them. How? The worst way, folks—she wasn't lazy or unmotivated. She was on... ...meth, the fastest career-ruining (hell, not to mention life-ruining) substance out there. Now, this ain't like heroin-addicted Brain-Fry Noodlestein, who totally gives everyone the skeeves wherever he goes nowadays. This is a far less for-camera checking out of one's capabilities. Really, you'd never know Em was hooked on the hard stuff, most likely, since she's still totally doable. Great skin and a great stylist can totally cover up anything, even a supernasty meth habit. The producers for Em's last high-profile gig totally loved her and offered to keep her on, even if she went the rehabilitation route. No go. She didn't buy it. I mean, she might as well have starting humming a few "no, no, no" lines from Amy Winehouse's "Rehab" to those suits. In fact, I think she did! But then, Em changed her mind about rehab. She tried it out to appease her employers, but in the end, EUO just didn't want to quit and went back to getting high. She was axed from her latest popular show and, sorry, but Em's chances of sustaining any smoldering It babe status and taking it to the next level went right out along with her trailer's contents. And not only did Em get fired from her last hot job for refusing, ultimately, to give up the nastyass stuff, she lost her last hottie boyfriend, another TV player who's currently gallivanting around town with yet another small-screen honey from a hit teen show. It's all so sadly incestuous, ain't it? And it Aint: Nicollette Sheridan, Shannen Doherty, Jessica Biel.
Heather Locklear; Samaire Armstrong

186. PAGE SIX/NY POST 06/26
WHICH rocker is back on drugs? Although she claims to be clean, when she checked out of a Manhattan hotel recently, the maid found the room littered with dirty needles.
Courtney Love

187. HOLY MOLY 06/26
Which young movie star is not only a flaming homosexual but also has his latest boyfriend on set with him and is under such a spell he canoodles with him between takes?
Daniel Radcliffe

#1 & #2 - This former A list and now a B- always movie actress always likes to pretend she has the perfect marriage. Whenever she does press for a new movie like she is now she always talks about how she and her husband do everything together and seems to forget they spend about two months a year together and those are the most miserable two months of the year. Oh, her husband is an A list writer.
Michelle Pfeiffer and David E. Kelly

#3 & #4 - Kindness - These two actors were once co-stars in television and at least one movie. One is now A list and only does movies, while the other has dropped from an A list movie star to a B- list will take anything actor. Anyway, the two were at a charity sports event recently and at the event was an auction where someone could win a round of golf with the pair. Well, instead of just one winner, they surprised the audience by inviting everyone who bid on the item to play golf with them. They paid for everyone to play, a party after and gave a $100,000 donation to the charity who had sponsored the original auction. Kevin James and Ray Romano

189. BLIND GOSSIP 06/26 **#1**
This pop tart just can’t seem to make up her mind about which flavor she likes better! Sometimes it’s vanilla, sometimes it’s chocolate, and sometimes it’s brown sugar cinnamon. Sometimes she keeps all of them handy when she travels just so she can pick a different one each day.
Lady Gaga

190.  BLIND GOSSIP 06/26 **#2**
There are many things about this celebrity family that have surprised people. This won’t be one of them. There are already exes, lovers, friends, enemies and family (especially one whose involvement is coming out of nowhere and will shock you) weighing in about what should happen to the kid/s. They perceive that control over the kid/s will automatically mean control over the money and they each want their piece. Which one of them really cares about the child/ren instead of the money? Can a child in this position ever ever grow up to have a normal life? This is going to be a mess.
Children of Michael Jackson

191. IN TOUCH WEEKLY 06/26
Which actor just had a baby with his girlfriend, but behind her back is having an affair with his fellow actor friend?
Cam Gigandet

192. BLIND GOSSIP 06/28
If you think that the family has been rocked this week, just wait! It’s going to get bad. Here are just a few of the truths that they will deny in the coming weeks: He was a drug addict. He was alcoholic. He was anorexic. He was bald. His children are not biologically related to them. He had been diagnosed with schizophrenia. He was gay. Why will they deny everything? Because they know there will be a backlash against them for enabling him for years. They had to enable him because they relied on his money. If they admit that they knew these things and didn’t do anything about them, they will never get the kids. And they absolutely want those kids. The Jacksons

Which A-list actor has such a steamship-sized head that he needs to special-order his motorcycle helmets?
Leonardo Di Caprio

Which TV actress caused a fuss at a recent store opening in NYC? Even though she’s relatively new off the mark, she was seen kicking up a stink about the fact that she wasn’t allowed to take any of the pricey duds home for free.
Blake Lively

195. STAR MAGAZINE 06/29
Which globe-trotting young hottie has been hiding a big secret in his entourage? No matter where he goes, the actor always makes sure to have his AA sponsor by his side.
Shia LaBeouf

196. BUZZFOTO 06/29
This Celebrity designer seems to be all about shameless self-promotion. He’s been using the death of Michael Jackson as a terrific marketing scheme, posting pictures of himself with Michael and going out of his way to show what devoted friends the two were. The problem is, instead of looking like a tribute, his billboards and public displays of sympathy are starting to look like a cheap way to cash in. Not Bobby Trendy.
Christian Audigier

This foreign born C+/B- list mostly movie actor with one very famous television role loves using the "N" word because he thinks it makes him look cool. This lasted about ten minutes on the set of of one of his very recent movies. Upon hearing it, his co-star and fellow C+/B- list mostly movie actor punched our foreign born actor and knocked him out cold. He didn't use the term again the entire movie.

One Tweet-Deceiver Bonus Blind Vice! Celebs aren't exactly known to be truth tellers—Toothy Tile continuously lying to himself and every ridiculous excuse Lindsay Lohan's made to get out of pretty much anything are proof enough of that. But Melinda Miscreant is another story. Dame's fibbing 'bout her own flesh 'n' blood, incredibly tacky. Mel, who somehow still gets TV work despite peaking years ago, is as guilty of desiring followers on her Twitter page as every other Kutcher-like celeb with an online presence. But that's not the truly heinous part. The despicable side of M.M.'s Internet persona is that she's totally painting a prettier pic of her motherly abilities, and the ones who are totally paying for it are her kids: M.M. has gotten on enough people's nerves in her recent attention-seeking antics that she's doing whatever she can do to get her former fans to like her again. Instead of her sexuality (hasn't worked in a while), she's focusing on winning Mother of the Year—without really working for it. Mel is known to tweet that she's at the park with her kids, when in actuality, she's really she's off tanning! So say totally tight M.M. sources who are with the babe while she deceptweets right in front of 'em! She'll totally update her status to say she's with her kids at, say, an ice cream parlor, when really she's at the spa, sans offspring. We're surprised she's putting this much effort into faux-mothering her kids instead of just schlepping them outside for a photo op. At least then your kids would actually see ya sometime. And we thought the kids' father was the badly behaving one. Hardly. Certainly he has his own parenting problems, but at least he barely tweets a thing, let alone lies. And It Ain't: Victoria Beckham, Nicole Richie, Demi Moore.
Denise Richards

Which party-loving UK celeb reserved a portaloo for her personal use at the Glastonbury festival? She even put on her own padlock and gave her celeb pals the code so they could "powder" their noses in private.
Kate Moss

200. BUZZFOTO 06/30
This A lister has a child that seems to feel as entitled as the parents. We heard rumors that the child has been irritating the neighbors by throwing rocks at windows, breaking trees and leaving toys everywhere, all on the neighbor’s property. One prized plant was already destroyed, when the child beat it to shreds with a stick and the parents don’t seem to think it’s a big deal. Not Suri Cruise.

1. Which celebrity train-wreck is back to her old ways? After an apparent improvement she recently ruined a cover shoot for a major fashion magazine with the erratic behavior that has become the trademark of her career.
Britney Spears

2. Which recently former editor-in-chief at a troubled, iconic scene and style mag is job hunting after his title was recently down-graded to editor-at-large?

This is a great story. It is all the more so because the person involved didn't want any credit for what he did. A former MVP winning NFL player recently paid to have 70 underprivileged children and their families flown to Walt Disney World for a vacation. He picked up the entire cost for everything with no sponsor help and no publicity for himself.
Kurt Warner

203. BLIND GOSSIP 06/30
This young couple turned a work relationship into a romance. There is lots of paparazzi evidence of the two spending their off-screen time together. So there was naturally a considerable amount of buzz when the actor was seen shopping alone for a very beautiful and rather expensive piece of jewelry. A few weeks later, the jewelry was spied being worn… by another actress on the same production. Oops. It looks like the couple we all think is a couple isn’t very exclusive.
 Shia LaBeouf/Megan Fox/Isabel Lucas


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Last updated: November 4, 2015