NOTE: Guesses in italics are only guesses;
guesses in blue are a link to the solution or substantial clues.

Which mega-star's reputation is being trashed by a tranny in Miami? The endowed lass is telling anyone who'll listen all about his embarrassing sexual positions.
Will Smith

2. BUZZFOTO 03/02
Gossip’s been a little slow as far as the outrageous, so we’ll test the die-hard celeb reader today. This is an oldie, but a goodie. Which definite A list performer/singer has been single handedly ruining the planet all on her own? Okay, so that is an exaggeration, but not by much. Not only does she allegedly cover up the landfills with the packaging for just her upkeep, but there have been reports from her city that her water bill usage was an outrageous 6.5 million gallons a year. (To put it into perspective, most family homes in the area use just 120,000 gallons over a year.) Between her rumored jet setting, her garbage, and water waste we hope she learns to conserve! Although Madonna spends $10,000 a year on kabbalah water every year, we’re not talking about her!
Celine Dion

3. 3 A.M. GIRLS 03/02
Which bulimic Hollywood star is worrying film bosses? She scoffs a three-course meal every three hours... then chucks it back up...

This B list movie actress and A list wannabe made it very clear this week to the only rich guys she was hitting on, that despite what is being written in the tabloids about her being in a relationship, that they are in fact, "friends" and that she can date whomever she wishes. That however is not what her other half has been saying. He thinks they are a couple and told everyone he encountered over the weekend as such.
Evan Rachel Wood/Marilyn Manson

This reality star has a really interesting past. Although on television he/she is romantically involved with someone of the opposite sex, the past hints at the opposite. As a wild high school student, the reality star would throw off-campus sex parties to which only members of their same sex were invited.
Spencer Pratt

Which young hearth-throb dumped his girlfriend for hitting on his younger brother? She’s not as pure as she seems - she shared topless pics with her man’s mini-me!
Joe Jonas dumped Taylor Swift for hitting on Nick

Which sexy NYC-based celeb’s pickup line needs a little improvement? "Have we met?" he asks. "Have we had sex? No? Do you want to?"

This film actress is living in a rented home while on location. There was a problem with the cable television at the house. When the cable repairman arrived, the assistant was out running errands, so the actress answered the door herself. The cable guy wasn’t so much surprised by the fact that she answered the door herself as he was by the fact that she answered the door wearing only her underwear. Furthermore, she made no attempt to cover herself up the entire time he was there.
Cameron Diaz "The Box"

9. BUZZFOTO 03/03
Which Twitter-happy star uses the social site to find his next hook-up? You could be next, he has no preference as long as you live within driving distance and seem somewhat discreet. It’s not Ashton Kutcher.

This former boy bander has begging his former group to go out on tour again because he has no money. Some bad investments and spending a ridiculous amount on toys and gambling has left him with no money. He doesn't want to have to declare bankruptcy because then everyone will find out about who is biggest creditors are and they are not a good list.
Lance Bass

Which celebutard recently got dissed hard by the object of her affection? The lady in question was on the hunt for her stud -while he hid in a corner!
Paris Hilton/Robert Pattinson

This C list actress with a name that really stands out has generally made good movies. She gets many more offers than she actually accepts. She could easily be an upper B list actress if she wanted to but she enjoys her private life too much to change anything except for the perfect role. Our actress in fact, makes substantially more money as a result of her private life than she probably ever would amass as an actress despite the always rave reviews of her acting talent. She has been in this space before for her, how shall I say this, her willingness to provide an experience to certain other members of the film community. Now, she has added to her stable a woman who has been seen countless times over the past few weeks with this Academy Award nominated A list movie actor who must enjoy being treated like crap because that is exactly what this woman specializes in for her male clients. Of course our C list actress arranges the meetings and thus also gets a significant percentage of the fee.

C-list = Dominatrix/Madam: Leelee Sobiesky
NewHooker/Dominatrix: Evan Rachel Wood
A-list Actor: Mickey Rourke

13. BUZZFOTO 03/04
This is a good one and we only wish we would have heard about it sooner. It also might involve some details you might not want to know, so be forewarned. It comes from a source at a car rental shop in Idaho, but we won’t say anymore for fear of getting anyone in trouble. Both of the Celebrities involved in this have A list recognition and one is a musician. The two were a couple and broke up within the last few years (if we give you the exact amount, it will give it away). We might know the reason why! Our car rental source said he rented a car to this A list actress who arrived alone for a project she was working on. The boyfriend was not with her and it seems she took full advantage of it. When her rental car was returned it was in good shape, except for this weird twist: In the trunk where three used condoms! What were they doing in the trunk? We have no idea, but our source said there were also a bunch of empty candy bar wrappers as well. We’re not going to even try and guess what the car was used for…. Both have since moved on, but it wasn’t long after this incident with the rental car that the two announced their breakup. It’s not Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey.

14. BLIND GOSSIP 03/04
Ohhh, the weather outside is frightful, but this actress’ fire is so delightful. Which fire? Why, the very private fire between her legs, of course! You would never guess by looking at her that, although the curtains are blonde, the rug is now fire engine red. And, no, we’re not talking about our favorite Firecrotch here. This girl is definitely only into guys, and this was a private gift to her boyfriend, who is also in the entertainment biz. He is still grinning from ear to ear about it.
Jenny McCarthy; Reese Witherspoon

Which closeted jack-of-all-trades just became secretly engaged to her girlfriend? Word is, the two will wed soon in N.J.
Queen Latifah

This one is a little different because I am going to give you the name of the show. Sober House. See? I make things easy. Well, it turns out that of all the people on the show Sober House, only one has stayed sober the entire time, and it was a shocker to me who it is. I guess he would be a C list which is pretty high for that show. Used to be B list for sure, and is probably the wildest person in Hollywood when he is drunk or high. Name recognition? Probably an A, if for nothing else than it is unique.
Andy Dick

17. BUZZFOTO 03/05
We hear all the time about Celebs googling themselves and even John Mayer recently admitted in an interview that he votes for himself on online polls. If we were all honest with ourselves, we could admit we might do something similar. But would you do this: This B list Celeb in recognition but C list in work was at a party the other night. Our spy asked to borrow some aspirin from her and was told to look in her bag. When our spy did, she found the normal items a lady might have in there, except for this strange thing. The Celeb had a photo album inside stuffed full and spilling with every article of her ever printed in a magazine folded up and stashed inside. Also included in the album were the numbers of her google ranking for every month of the year. It’s not Jessica Alba.
Jessica Simpson

1. This former high profile TV Personality is so happy to have a man, she can’t contain herself. When they appear at public events, she is often loud and boisterous. When friends make suggestions to her to tone it down, she just rolls her eyes and gets louder. She wants everyone to see her and her new man.
Star Jones

2. The high rolling life of this Baller could soon be coming to an end. Years ago, he was the best on the court, but now his career is fading along with the big contract offers. His money is dwindling, and family members are losing their homes. Some family members never thought they would have to work again. Now, they are getting a rude awakening. Allen Iverson

19. POPBITCH 03/05
1. Which member of Girls Aloud was recently thrown out of an Adele gig? When Adele pointed at her from the stage, the pop star waved back - showing security the lit cigarette in her hand, in the no smoking venue.

2. Which married, tiresome star of stage and TV screen met a female fan's chat to him in a Leeds bar with the phrase "What would it take to get in your knickers?" Darren Day

20. BLIND GOSSIP 03/05
Which show host is concerned about his disappearing hair? As he ages, his hair has thinned considerably, and his hairdresser has to spend more and more time each day ensuring his locks are teased and coiffed to resemble their younger state. He has been quietly inquiring into various methods of hair restoration, but until he chooses one, the teasing will continue and the part in his hair will continue to slip farther and farther down the side of his head. No, it’s not Donald Trump.
Ryan Seacrest

Shocker! There's yet another secret gay actor whose star is rising faster than Chris Brown's temper! Right now, No-Beave Steve has a decent gig making a name for himself playing loveable but hateful characters. So much so, these semi notorious parts have landed him a sizeable part in a major movie franchise. In seconds, Steve, whose looks are as sultry as his kiss (say his boyfriends), is poised to become the next the, no question. But isn't it interesting that standing right there, right by Steve's hunky side on all those requisite red-carpets will be... ...not a fake girlfriend. What?! Is this dude on crack? Doesn't he know that's how you get ahead (and stay ahead) in this superficial town of ersatz relationships and even faker People magazine spreads? Yes, he does, actually, and he doesn't give a crap. I so love this guy! Close buds to No-Beave insist, assure and swear on their equally humpy hearts that NBS has made it an edict that he will not be participating in the only-for-show romance game so many of his movies' handlers have tried to make him participate in. As I said, fab. Just can't wait for the first reporter to call him on what he so obviously plans on not hiding? Will it be Perez? Me? The Star? Harvey Levin? Or maybe, just maybe, it's gonna be Anderson Cooper...stay tuned. It Ain't: Ed Westwick, Phillip Rhys, Tristan Wilds.
Zachary Quinto

22. BUZZFOTO 03/06
This actor has long been a target of speculation about his sexuality. Although he’s had several girlfriends, everyone is generally convinced he is G-A-Y! We have some information that makes us sure that he isn’t. He is indeed very straight. But perhaps his girlfriend should be less concerned about being in public to make him appear straight and pay better attention to his phone bills and who he’s calling for a little kinky conversation. He’s not calling men, if that’s what you’re thinking. It’s not Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen.
Jake Gyllenhaal

23. PEREZ HILTON 03/06
What cast member of the new 90210 was spotted at the Pleasure Chest sex shop in Los Angeles on Thursday? Sources tell us the "naughty girl" was looking kind of fucked up, buying sex toys with her male friend. Anna Lynn McCord; Shenae Grimes

#1 & #2 - This movie is in the final stages of production but has hit some big delays. The movie stars this A list tween star (A list only refers to his tweenness) as he attempts to break out into completely different roles. The problem the production is having is that they keep trying to get songs contributed for the movie and every artist just laughs and says no when they find out who the movie stars. At this point, the movie is just going to be filled with songs of anyone who says yes no matter who it is.
Zac Efron and "17 Again"

#3 & #4- This A+++ lister from days gone by was an Academy Award nominee/winner and no one will have any doubts he was an A lister. Anyway, back in the day, this actor was also the man you turned to when LSD was just making its way into Hollywood. Everyone wanted to try it and this actor was about the only person who could supply it. It is said he used it almost everyday from the time he first tried it. That could explain why he didn't work much, if at all after first trying it, despite being in his earning years still. He was once married to a C list actress who has one of the most remarkable true life experiences ever. Cary Grant/Betsy Drake (saved from the sinking Andrea Doria)

25. BUZZFOTO 03/07
This blind is coming to us from one of the crew members of a film that was released in 2008. Allegedly, two of the on-screen stars of this kitschy film weren’t rehearsing all of those hours that they promised the director they were. The young-ish stars insisted that their characters needed to ‘bond’ and hence they needed some time ‘alone’. They were given extra time to do so back at the hotel, where our stars stayed locked up in the actress’s room. Our source claims that instead of practicing their lines, our couple spent every session getting very, very high. This is probably why the male had such a hard time remembering his blocking (and occasionally even lines) when it came to filming. Luckily for our actors, the director and producers mistook the mental messups and red eyes for intensity, and its a good thing too. Our actors aren’t big enough to lame out like that….yet. Think deep on this one. Our darling Zac wasn’t involved.
Robert Pattison and Kristen Stewart; Seth Rogan and Elizabeth Banks from "Zack and Miri Make a Porno"

26. BUZZFOTO 03/08
This is one of the Hollywood ham and eggers. You probably might know his name, and he works hard in B roles in film and television. Here’s a clue. He has been in a movie with Emile Hirsch. A comedic role. Anyway, our actor has been recently using coupons like mad. Oil changes, restaurants, and the word is that he makes his significant other use them when she does the grocery shopping. Not sure why our actor would need to save so much. He makes pretty good bank. He tells friends its a hobby, and maybe it is. But we still think it’s a little weird to see our tall & hot actor whip out a coupon for 10 bucks off his meal. It ain’t Harland Williams.
Timothy Olyphant

Uh oh. It's decision time. What will our A-/B+ movie actor do? Will he choose the barely a celebrity friend or will he choose his A list actress friend? While the barely a celebrity celebrity friend doesn't mind sharing, it seems that our A list actress does. She doesn't want the bad publicity that the barely a celebrity friend brings and have it damage her A list career or squeaky clean image. Oh, and she especially doesn't want to have to answer questions or be ridiculed if certain pictures ever see the light of day.
Jake Gyllenhaal/Reese Witherspoon/Austin Nichols

Which pop diva just got her second boob job? Bet you didn’t know about the first one, either - it’s that good, and that out of character.
Beyonce; Gwen Stefani; Celine Dion

Could it be that a certain bearded lady is sporting a bit of stubble? So say sources close to the buoyant babe who tell me that she's moved on from her messy marital machinations by stepping out with a well-known gay blade who's dated his share of Sapphic senoritas. When the pretty palomino began showing off her legal eagle stud to friends, they warned the dazed ditz that she's repeating her past mistakes. She simply laughed and says, "Don't you think I'd know if he was gay?" Umm...NO!
Renee Zellweger & Dan Abrams

30. BUZZFOTO 03/09
Things are starting to get ugly in the lives of these two exes, and we’re surprised. You’d think all was well in the land of these past lovers, and it really has been for years. They got along just fine, even managed to chat nicely during functions involving their child(ren). But add a new lover to the mix and things change. They are barely speaking and our source says that friends are awfully worried that things might come to a head. Too bad, really. We thought these two were going to be a good example about how to break up without breaking everyone involved. Psht, it sure isn’t Ryan Phillipe.
Russell and Kimora Lee Simmons

1. Which aging supermodel is planning a fake lesbian romance to get the tabloids interested again in her flagging career?
Janice Dickinson

2. Which fashion TV production company is tightening its belt in the recession? Producers are no longer including grams of cocaine along with the goody baskets they gift to its on-air talent.

3. Which designer is infamous for taking credit for creating every item of clothing she wears? She caused snickers at an industry event when she claimed to have designed a pair of heels a friend admired -- even though they very clearly had trademark red Christian Louboutin heels. Donatella Versace

32. BLIND GOSSIP 03/09
This actor has been spending beyond his means forever. It’s finally catching up to him. He recently sold off a couple of big ticket items and told friends it was just because he felt like downsizing a bit. Not true. With all the creditors knocking at his door, he actually needed to raise some fast cash. If he is unable to land a cash-heavy role soon, he may be desperate enough to jump back into the genre that made him his fortune in the beginning of his career, which would actually be rather funny.
Bruce Willis

This actress is C list now. Back in the day she was probably a B lister with some very famous boyfriends who were A listers when they dated. Our actress was also around for one of the most famous moments in Hollywood history. You might think she is old from the description I've given, but she's not. She just has been acting a long time and it is taking a toll. How big of a toll? Well our actress has multiple movies coming out in which she is actually the female lead in two of them. The movies need press, but she can't do it. She is on so many different kinds of pills right now that she doesn't know if she is coming or going and barely can utter a coherent sentence that is not memorized in advance. The producers of the first movie she has scheduled to come out and have already given up trying to get her to promote it and instead have come up with gimmicks. The producers of the second movie want to get her into rehab, but she just wants to be left alone to live her life as she pleases. These movies represented her comeback, but it doesn't look like it will last for long at this rate.
Winona Ryder

34. BUZZFOTO 03/10
Sometimes we feel guilty for reporting these blind items - hey, the stars may be nice to us, sweet to their kids, and donate time to charity. Who cares if they have a nasty habit? Well, sometimes these blinds are an absolute pleasure to report, and this is one of those times. The source on this one is a photographer who happened to follow this reality celeb to the airport. The photog was being entirely discreet, so much so that this onscreen ‘tard and his gf didn’t notice the camera, who was faithfully catching the sweet goodbye kisses between the boy, who was leaving, and the girl, who was dropping him off at the airport. To our photographers surprise, the girl leaned over and ALLEGEDLY gave her lusty lover a little manual send off. Fully clothed, though. You know what we’re talking about. The photog thought it was his lucky day, and it was, especially when the celeb noticed him and came over for a chat. Money exchanged hands that day, but it was only a tiny down payment. Our star bought the fotos - we’re talking 6 figures, folks, and he’s still paying. Luckily he’s got the dough. And the photog got a great story that is currently making the rounds in the pap world. It wasn’t dear Brody Jenner.
Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag

Which "Celebrity Apprentice" was such a boozebag behind the scenes that all alcohol had to be removed from the set?
Dennis Rodman

This B+ only movie actor with A name recognition has been married a very long time. He rarely cheats. When he does cheat, his wife invariably discovers it, but never does anything about it. Well, that is until on the set of his last movie he got involved with a D list actress who has moved up into the world of C list and was heading to B with a bunch of great new roles she got via the casting couch. Well, after she and our B list actor had their fun, she decided that maybe she should try and hitch herself to his star. Our B list actor's wife got wind of this idea and came to blows with the up and coming actress. No damage was done physically, but our actor's wife called everyone she knew in town and our up and coming actress has not even had a whiff of an offer since.
Josh Brolin/Diane Lane/Marley Shelton

37. BUZZFOTO 03/11
Nothing too salacious here today - we’re steel reeling over yesterday’s blind. And by reeling we mean laughing. Anyway, here’s the gossip for today. This notorious actor has been using his legal woes as a way of getting the pity…you know what. Not that he needs the help - he already gets plenty of ladies, thank you very much. This is just his current line that he happens to be using. It’s a nice change from, "Hey you’re cute lets go back to my place, oh and do you mind if I bring your friend along?" It wasn’t RDJ, obviously.
Jeremy Piven

38. BLIND GOSSIP 03/11
Which budding television celebrity is flip-flopping between two young volatile studs? Everything is fairly civil on screen, but it’s a different story when the cameras are turned off. One is an off-camera ex with whom she is getting cozy again. The other is an on-camera soon-to-be ex, who will not hesitate to throw a punch when he feels his position is being threatened. Right now the drama and fighting among these three is confined behind the scenes, but it may be impossible to keep the cameras out of it when filming resumes.
Hayden Panettiere/Jesse McCartney or Stephen Coletti/Milo Ventimiglia

1. Which young TV starlet has a stage mother destined to become the next Dina Lohan? At a stylist's fitting for the actress her mom, who is proud of being the same size as her famous daughter, insisted on also trying on every outfit and admiring herself in the mirror.
Hayden Panettiere; Miley Cyrus

2. Which European design house is especially loathed by the international licensees who pay big money to use its famous brand? A hotel bearing the name has to pay retail at its own gift store (which is operated under separate license) to replace any broken china, sending even more money back to headquarters. Versace/Palazzo Versace

3. Which tabloid-favorite actress is purposefully packing on the pudge so she can launch her own weight loss line? She's hoping to lose the first 20 pounds quickly, and cash in by following the "miracle" in a series of infomercials. Kirstie Alley

Which newly engaged lesbian would be horrified to discover her main squeeze has been sleeping around ... with men?
"Criminal Minds" Kirsten Vangsness/Melanie Goldstein; Sarah Paulson and Cherry Jones; Queen Latifah/Jeanette Jenkins

41. BUZZFOTO 03/12
Kind of a silly blind item today. We recently heard from a friend that this older, classy, Academy Award-nominated actor is in fact a bawdy jokester on set. During a recent film shoot, our actor was constantly leaving naughty adult toys in the bags of crew and cast members. No one suspected him, since he would appear to be aloof and almost offended when they were discovered and laughed over by the cast and crew. But our mole saw him put one in the purse of a starlet costar, smiling all the while. It wasn’t Russell Crowe!

1. This Hip Hop Mogul is desperate for publicity. His latest stunt made him look like a fool. Maybe he will finally wakeup and mind his own business instead of trying to always be in the spotlight.
P. Diddy (Rihanna and Chris Brown at Miami mansion)

2. This Diva is tired of being a housewife. She longs for the bling and notoriety of her former life. Now she is hooking up with her old manager to reclaim her throne. Jennifer Lopez/Benny Medina

3. There is a lot of excitement about this reunion. If they can keep a Group Member off of drugs and away from crazy men, their reunion could be a success. EnVogue

43. POPBITCH 03/12
1. Which heavily-hyped new vocalist has been getting it on with the singer of which less-cool Scottish indie band? Lady Gaga and the guy from Franz Ferdinand

2. Which Hollywood A-lister is wondering how far to go with her media-friendly relationship even though she's told friends she's mostly interested in the great publicity he gives her? She hadn't expected that he'd warm to her idea of getting married quite so easily. Renee Zellweiger and Dan Abrams

Which rapper threatened a pal after the buddy mistreated his girlfriend? The icon got in his face, then froze him out on the group’s private jet.
Jay Z/Larry Johnson/Chilli from TLC

You know how I love themes on Friday's. All of these people are D listers. If you saw them and someone told you what show or movie they had been in you would say, "Oh yeah. I remember them." Chances are you probably wouldn't know them otherwise. Whatever their faults though, they do make for some interesting blinds.

#1 & 2 - This was a very popular family movie based on a best selling book starring lots of kids. One of the teenagers (at the time) in the movie who is extremely good looking and makes his career based on those looks now got his on set tutor pregnant. They are not together anymore and she is raising their child.

#3 & 4- This actress was very young when she was on this hit network drama. It ran for at least five years and during the last three of those years she was doing coke on a daily basis. After the show went off the air she spent a year in rehab and getting her nose fixed before her parents felt she was ready to return to middle school. Yes, middle school. She has just started acting again, although this time it is movies. Karle Warren (Judging Amy)

46. BUZZFOTO 03/13
Just as one of these gross-out, former MTV stars gets sober, another falls off the wagon. Sad, especially considering his somewhat-serious GF left the house due to his substance relapse, and many say that she was the only thing keeping him alive. It wasn’t Mr. Johnny Knoxville.

47. BLIND GOSSIP 03/13
This star is in really bad financial shape. How bad? Well, they actually went to a Beverly Hills pawn shop and tried to get the pawnbroker to take their Academy Award and Golden Globe statues. The pawnbroker refused the Oscar - as they actually belong to the Academy and can not be sold - but did take the Golden Globe. The statue will be sold in four months unless the star can pay back the loan with interest.
Faye Dunaway

Schlong Fenn is a real schmuck—everybody knows he treats women worse than his liver, everybody. And yes, more than a few folks are aware Schlong, who's infinitely talented in his many different creative endeavors, likes to reserve the right to Charlie Sheen it up and pay for his booty. And as if this is going to surprise anybody, Schlong isn't just paying the ladies to distract him from his many other (nonpaid) gal interests, he's going for porn stars, too. That's what happens, right? I mean, it's like drugs, I guess—one minute you're tokin' on a little Black Gold, then—wham!—-you're shootin' up with Fake à la Ferocity, right? Right: So much so… That a chick who was just filming a porn movie—high-budget stuff, no joke—right across the street from Schlong's fancyass pad just happened to end up doing Schlong, too. Hmm…wonder what S.P. was doing over there anyway, borrowing a cup of lube? 'Cause the nasty freak surely doesn't use condoms, that we know. But get this: In the course of diddling the pretty hung dude (damn shame Schlong's usually so wasted he really doesn't know what to do with his gift of an organ), she discovered that Mr. Fenn is currently having a longstanding affair with another porn actress! Crazy, I just love this! While everybody is so frantic wondering why Schlong and his gal broke up (and then got back together and broke up and then, well, you know the boring story), no one's put it together that that other babe's a triple-X kinda gal! Oh, and that's not even the best part. In some states (maybe all of them?), I don't believe Madame X is old enough to be having sex, much less making a living photographing it. It Ain't: Diddy, Nick Lachey, Rob Pattinson.
Sean Penn

49. HOLY MOLY 03/13 *#1**
Which extremely annoying British actor is this? Heard a heart-warming story about him thanking someone who worked with him on some TV project a few years ago by taking her out to dinner at The Ivy and getting her drunk. He then went back to her place and treated the lucky lady to some teenage-style trouser grinding. That way he wasn't officially cheating on his blindly loyal wife. If he doesn't stick it in, it doesn't count. Blessness!

50. HOLY MOLY 03/13 **#2**
Which film star doesn't like penetrative sex? Which English movie star is so weird that, despite being linked to many of the world's hottest 'birds' "doesn't like penetrative sex - he only likes to fiddle with girls' private parts" according to his current rich lady friend?
Hugh Grant

51. HOLY MOLY 03/13 **#3**
Which comedian is such a prick that... Which comedian is such a prick that when he spotted members of the Coronation Street cast coming towards him in the corridors at Granada studios (Eileen, Becky and Steve, since you ask) he turned around and walked backwards past them so they couldn't see his face? Once they had passed, he turned again and continued walking. It was possibly the rudest thing they'd ever seen someone do.
Peter Kay

52. BUZZFOTO 03/14
This once-hot singer has experienced a rough patch in the love department over the last couple years. We’re wondering if this sweet soubrette has decided to switch allegiances from men to women. A friend of ours saw our girl in a gay bar last night, dancing like mad. And only with women, who were decidedly NOT straight. It wasn’t Pink.
Alanis Morissette

53. BLIND GOSSIP 03/15
This superstar athlete is the arguably one of the best of all time at his profession. However, while he was all man on the field, he was all woman off the field. You see, in his private time, he enjoys wearing women’s lingerie and cosmetics. His ex freaked out over her discovery of his secret stash of women’s clothing and makeup and left him. He is married to someone else now, and his wife knows about his hobby. As her own high-profile is tied to his, she will put up with it as long as her lifestyle is maintained.
Bruce Jenner/Kris Kardashian-Jenner

54. BUZZFOTO 03/15
If you’re going to speak for one of the big Cola companies, it’s a good idea not to be caught drinking its rival. Just ask Britney. This little lady did just that, and we doubt that her company will be very happy about it when they see the photos…which surely exist. It wasn’t Xtina!

We can't tell you, but...Which pretty twenty-something actress recently got dumped by her reality TV star boyfriend - and consoled herself by jumping into bed with another small-screen hunk?

actress: Amanda Bynes
TV star boyfriend: Doug Reinhardt
small-screen hunk:

56. PAGE SIX/NY POST 03/16
WHICH songbird's hard-up husband is having a hard time paying off her $500,000 engagement ring? He tried to stiff the jeweler and when finally threatened with a lawsuit, said he'd pay - on an installment plan.
Nick Cannon

Which rehabbed starlet’s wallet turned up in the Financial District, with her driver’s license, black American Express card and several bags of blow?
Kirsten Dunst; Mary Kate Olsen

This one is not hard, but it is fun. I am going to make it more purposefully vague than normal, because it would be way too easy to identify them otherwise. It is still easy though. About two weeks ago at Bungalow 8 in London, there was a table of three which consisted of a dropping like a stone actress, her girlfriend?, and the brother of the girlfriend. Unlike most tales of powdery substances in a club, this one didn't involve the bathroom. Instead, whoever was running the club that evening decided that the two women could use the room marked staff every 20-30 minutes for their activity. It does make it much easier if you are provided a space other than the back of a toilet or the bathroom counter. For the record, the brother didn't touch the stuff.
Lindsay Lohan/Samantha Ronson/Mark Ronson ( I revealed this one, not because it's hard, but to tell you that on this night, Lindsay did coke about ten times. In one night, she told Oprah that she only did it ten times in her entire life.)

59. BUZZFOTO 03/16
Word on the street is that this power couple is already experiencing a bit of a rocky road. After getting along so nicely for years, they’re arguing almost every day now about, you got it, babies. He’s ready, she’s not. Like, ever. Doesn’t want to ruin her figure, apparently, and also doesn’t want to interrupt her very busy schedule…no matter what she tells the press about loving kids so much. We hope they work it out soon, or else this special couple is going to end up being just another one of the broken up lonely hearts. It’s not Beyonce and Jay-Z. We wouldn’t make it that easy on you.
Josh Duhmel/Fergie

60. BLIND GOSSIP 03/16
A major cable network has made an interesting choice for the first major cast member of a new series. She’s an actress who has starred in several movies where she always played the good girl. Now she wants to shake that good girl image by playing - what else - a porn star. The character will be based on a real porn queen from yesteryear who also started out with a good girl facade. Not as big a stretch as you might think, though, for our young actress. We’ve already seen her with her clothes off.
Vanessa Hudgens

What married ingenue covertly jumped into a waiting car after a recent NYC fete? The man she was caught kissing in the car definitely wasn’t her musically inclined hubby.
Avril Lavigne

They’ve been married a while now, he’s still desperately in love with her, and has been patiently waiting to have children…only she hasn’t been healthy enough to get pregnant. Because she loves heroin. Last summer it was a last chance, he took her on extended holiday, cleaned her up, a new positive attitude, kept her busy working on a new project through the fall, away from her regular enablers, and it totally worked out. She was in a good creative space. She was able to fight the temptation. But as an actor, the work ends eventually and if there’s nothing new to do, there’s really nothing else to do. Bored and idle, the old demons have come back. One day last month he came home from a long overnight and couldn’t find her. The dealer called a few hours later telling him to pick her up, she was so out of it even he had to cut her off and she had started harassing his other clients. All the emotional wear and tear, it’s beginning to show on him physically too. But he’s working more than she is and can’t get away for several weeks so he’s hired a babysitter to watch her night and day. Babysitter. She resents him for it of course so the fights are getting worse … and the one benefitting from all of this is a slag bitch colleague who’s been waiting for her chance for a long, long time.
Eric Dane/ Rebeccay Gayheart

It's amazing to me what people will do when they are whacked out on drugs. In our latest contribution to the idiot drug users hall of fame we have a C list actress on a middling ensemble drama. I say middling because it does so-so in the ratings, but nothing that people are dying to see. Anyway, our actress got into a fender bender. She wasn't hurt, but the car was totaled. She was shaken up about the accident. So much so that she left some baggies of white powder in her car when it was towed to a repair shop. Freaking out when she got home about where she may have left the baggies, she called the repair shop and said the following. "Hi, this is _________. My car was towed there earlier today. I think I left my coke in there though. Would you go check and see if it is there? It is in the center console." At first the person on the other end really thought the actress meant coke as in the soft drink Coke. When she realized what it really was though she told the actress that she would need to come down to the shop and claim it herself. One hour later the actress did just that.
AnnaLynne McCord

64. BUZZFOTO 03/17
Another case of the baby blues today. There are television shows, and then there are reality shows that we all feel terribly guilty watching, but we can’t manage to look away. And this is definitely one of them, filled with notorious never-were peeps on one of the cable channels. The producers of this show live for the trashy crap, because they know that that’s what we expect when we watch. And despite the numerous amounts of packet-protection lying around the house, there was an accident between two ‘cast members’. When our blonde, not-overly-young gal complained to one of the PA’s that in 7 months there was going to be an issue, word was sent to the top and moolah for a procedure trickled down. Stepping beyond the bounds of decency, or merely doing the world a favor? We don’t decide, but the whole things smells a bit, well, smelly to us. Unsurprisingly, it wasn’t on Miss Tequila’s show.
“I Love Money”/Frenchie

65. BLIND GOSSIP 03/17
This real-life celebrity couple wants to make a movie together. One member of this couple is an actor, the other is in music, and one is a bigger name than the other. The movie would be a remake of a classic film. Problem is, the music-maker actually thinks that they can act. They can’t. Someone who saw the audition called it "The most godawful performance I’ve ever seen by anyone, anywhere, ever."
Robin Thicke and Paula Patton

Which hip-hop icon gets laughed at when he strips down at the gym? Guys in the locker room can't believe it's that small.

Russell Simmons

This C+/B- very good looking television actor is on a hit network drama. It is one of those law/crime/initial type shows. Anyway, this actor is a one man health epidemic. Our actor found out he has herpes about three months ago. Despite that fact, he never tells any of his prospective male or female mates that, and in fact, tells them the complete opposite and insists on never using condoms. Well, now, two of his conquests are threatening legal action about their brand new STD's. So far our actor has kept things quiet, but with as many people as he sleeps with, keeping it quiet for much longer is going to be very difficult.
George Eads

68. BUZZFOTO 03/18
This supposedly-straight blonde actor on a hit network comedy was certainly acting anything but lady-oriented at a St. Patty’s Day celebration at one of WeHo’s most notorious gay clubs yesterday. He was downing beer and male dance partners at an alarming rate. It wasn’t Jason Segel!

69. BLIND GOSSIP 03/18
Which celebrity’s Personal Assistant just walked out on him? The PA was overwhelmed with guilt about having to lie constantly to the star’s wife about where the boss was and what he was doing… and who he was doing it with. No gay gossip here. Just a horndog with a lust for beautiful women. Given that this actor isn’t the most handsome guy in the world, you’d think that he’d be a little more loyal to his sweet wife.
Ben Stiller; Adam Sandler

This one is a shocker. This married, aging, Academy Award winning/nominated actor who is probably C list if you look at what he does now, but would probably only ever appear above the title has had a 15 year habit that is finally beginning to surface. It seems that our married star enjoys certain sexual acts that are certainly not what one would call normal. Always with a woman, but they involve him being on the receiving end of yeah, how can I put this delicately. I really can't. Let's just say he enjoys showers that really don't involve water coming out of a pipe. He also enjoys toys being used on him. Anyway, enough of the sordid aspects. It seems that for the past 15 years our actor has used the same professional who was the model of discretion. She retired at the end of the year, and since then our actor has tried out the services of three or four other professionals who don't have that same level of discretion and have been blabbing all over town about our actor's crazy fetishes.

71. BLIND GOSSIP 03/19
Which reality show newbie is furious at the producers of her show? She agreed to do the show because she was told that it would substantially boost her own music career. However, the producers are only allowing little one-line snippets of her music to be used here and there, and finding plenty of excuses as to why they can’t use an entire song on the show.
Lil Kim "Dancing With the Stars"

Which NFL star would be done if his tequila guzzling skills were to surface? The fella can toss back half a bottle in one gulp without wincing.

73. BUZZFOTO 03/19
This egomaniac of a rock star reads every piece of fan mail that he gets these days (and trust us, it’s WAY less than it used to be). Since he can’t manage to get good reviews from anyone with taste, he’s content to stroke his ego with adoration from obsessive fans. It’s not Chris Cornell!
Trent Reznor

The buzz is going to off this reality show. The ladies on the show are ignoring the gag order, and are spilling all the show’s secrets. The show is set to air this summer. But by the time summer rolls around, everyone will know what is happening on the show. Ladies, shut up!
The Real Housewives of Atlanta

1. Which obnoxious former male model, cast in a recently-concluded celebrity reality show, confounded producers by not inciting his co-stars to riot? "He was put in there because the other guys were supposed to look down on him because he wasn't a real celebrity," says an insider. "Also, he's a jerk. But unfortunately, everyone got along."
Eric Nies, Confessions of a Teen Idol

2. Which well known social photographer--whose work you oddly never see printed anywhere--actually makes a living as one of New York's best-known A-list drug dealers?

3. Which legendary (much) older model amused guests at a cocktail retrospective for a major fashion magazine when she blithely pointed herself out in blow-ups of iconic covers from the '60s and '70s? She is so well liked in the fashion community that nobody told her many of the striking images she remembers as being her are actually of other models. Lauren Hutton

Which engaged young couple shocked an entire film crew when they were caught having sex on set?
Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson

77. NY POST/PAGE SIX 03/20
1. WHICH fashion/beauty marketing exec raised eyebrows with a fancy hotel wedding? The guests sniffed that her younger groom is an illegal alien happy to score a green card .

2. WHICH hip-hop fashion team is taking more credit than it deserves? While most designers acknowledge their assistants do much of the work, this up-and-coming pair accept kudos but never mention the staff in the back who actually make it happen. Angela and Vanessa Simmons

Meet Slurina Thigh-Disaster and Bart Farts-a-Lot. No relation between these two, except that they share the same nasty diet trick: nose candy. Yep, Slur and Bar are two of the more recent stars to shed their extra fluff, and we're not talking Jenny Craig here folks. More like coke. Mountains of coke. See, Slurina's legs (and other appendages) are a disaster not because of her chunks, rather they seriously aren't there anymore. It's like they've disappeared or something. Ever since that pic Slurina did a while back called Crimson Scorpio, for which she lost a shocking amount of weight, many folks have wondered where the hell that new figure came from. The same place where a lotta of T-town, stick-thin starlets like to get their stall on. Weird, too, 'cause Ms. Thigh-Disaster used to be a bit on the plumper side, but always so healthy. Result of hew new figure: More roles, yeah, but she's also getting a rep for making vulgar scenes due to her constantly jumpy nature, regardless of whatever celebratory occasion she may find herself in. But she just can't get enough of this white stuff. Christina Ricci (Crimson Scorpion= Black Snake Moan)

So unlike Bart: This guy is most decidedly not a fan of the nose devil. In fact, he really doesn't like it at all. But he was forced to lose his happy poundage and didn't know what else to do...or snort. People like to laugh at a chubby actor, but won't swoon over one. He's told friends that coke is the "only thing" that will make him stop eating. So he does as much as he can to curb his appetite. Gross. Jeez, what ever happened to some good ol' fashion diet and exercise?
And it ain't: Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie, Jessica Simpson
And it also ain't: Brendan Fraser, Jason Segal, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Seth Rogen

79. BUZZFOTO 03/20
This terribly-loved canceled show had better watch out. A lot of hints are being made to fans as far as a new movie goes, but we have it on good authority that the waffler of the ex-cast is determined not to return in the role. Not enough moolah is on the table. The rest of the cast thinks s/he’s being a brat, and hopes to guilt she/him into returning by promising that s/he will be there in interviews. Lets see if it works. It ain’t dear Lauren Graham.
Jennifer Aniston "Friends"

Sitting down? ‘Cause you’ll want to be when you hear what I have to say. A major character on a show we are obsessed with will commit suicide before the season is over — and no one will see it coming. The shocking death will send shockwaves through the show and the fallout will be immense. Spoilerphobes may want to hit the nearest exit, because I’m about to give you a hint… I learned of this death after I compiled my 2009 season-ending death chart, so it is not reflected on there. And it may never be. It’s a DEFCON 1 spoiler, so I’m proceeding with the utmost caution. I may, at some point between now and when the episode airs, stealthily update the chart with this catastrophic development. Or I may not. Just to be safe, you may want to refresh the page at least once a day. In the meantime, let’s get those guesses flowing in the comments section. Just to recap what we know. Kal Penn "House"

#1 - Kindness - This C list actress/ sometime singer with A list name recognition has moved from tween television to movies. On a recent cross country flight she was sitting in a First Class seat with one of her friends when a woman came on board who was carrying an infant, and had a toddler with her as well. While the woman was standing in the aisle waiting to proceed, our actress started talking to her and before you know it, the actress and her friend moved to the back of the plane and gave the woman their two First Class seats. Oh, as an added kicker, the actress had a middle seat for the entire flight from LA to New York and never complained. Hilary Duff

#2 & #3 - Both of these award winning actors are A list. #2 is an A list movie actor, while #3 got his start in movies, and is now an A list television actor. Oh. Both of them are married as well. And both of them also have child(ren). Three or four times a year they get invited to a porno shoot by one of their mutual friends. When they get there though, it is not about watching, it is about each taking a turn with every actress on the set.
movie actor: Sean Penn
television actor: Charlie Sheen

#4 - Kindness - This married B list primarily television actress was on one of the most popular television shows of all time. Although she doesn't always seem like it from the outside, she actually has a very warm heart. When she found out her long time housekeeper was working two jobs in order to be able to provide for four nieces and nephews that had recently moved in with her, our actress not only gave her housekeeper a huge raise, but bought her a new mini-van to drive everyone around and paid for the rent on a new place to live for an entire year.

82. BUZZFOTO 03/21
This tween-pleaser is not making any buddies in Toluca Lake. She enjoys taking her doggies out for a walk, like any responsible doggy owner does. Is she allergic to latex though? Because she never picks up, and people are getting pissed about the mess. And this girl doesn’t need any more unpopular points from real life folk, trust us. It’s not Hillary Duff.
Miley Cyrus

83. BUZZFOTO 03/22
Nothing salacious today, but we like to reward good behavior when we see it. This New York City-based ‘actress’ may seem like a flippant Ms., but we have witnessed some good behavior from her when she thinks no one is looking. When leaving restaurants, she is always careful to take her leftovers for whatever random bum she spots. It ain’t the greatest way to help, but we think it’s nice that she’s trying. It’s not America Ferrera…she’s much more organized when it comes to helping others.
Blake Lively; Mary Kate Olsen; any of the "Sex and the City" women

84. PAGE SIX/NY POST 03/23
WHICH TV star's fight with her man started because of his wandering eye? Seems she didn't pay enough attention to him, so he found someone else who did.
Jon and Kate Gosselin

Now, for today. Another B lister. He does a mix of television and movies, but he is making his money and fame on this hit network drama. He never had much success in movies even though he used to do them exclusively. Anyway, he has a non celebrity career wife and child(ren). Lately, he has been attending many of her work functions, and one thing led to another and he is now sleeping with his wife's secretary. Patrick Dempsey

86. BUZZFOTO 03/23
Whoever said that a starlet can’t be a fan? This skinny minnie may have a bit of a floundering career, but that hasn’t stopped her from glomping on to this hot actor with an even hotter career future. Trouble is? He doesn’t even know she exists. Our lovestruck girl is conducting this romance mostly via Google searches and chance encounters at West Hollywood parties. She doesn’t dare have her agent set up a date. Not that he would take it. She’s not his type. She knows this and prefers to have all her friends and even family believe that there is chemistry. She inserts himself at all the parties he’s at, and keeps up on his gossip so she has all the right things to talk about. It’s not Shenae Grimes…obvs.
Mischa Barton and Ryan Gosling

This young Golden Globe winner/nominee actress who is probably C list, but with B list name recognition sticks primarily to movies and has won multiple awards. What doesn't stick to her apparently is food. Last night at dinner, she ate dinner, excused herself and promptly rid herself of it in the bathroom. She came out after and ordered dessert. Another trip to the bathroom and she was ready to go home. To be fair, my spy saw her go into the bathroom after dessert, but didn't follow our actress to find out if she threw up dessert as well. Her male companion paid the bill, but I'm wondering why even bother to go out or buy our actress a meal if that is what she is going to do.
Emmy Rossum

88. BUZZFOTO 03/24
He’s off the wagon, again. So sad. We thought that this time was for keeps, but one of our spies said they saw him drinking vodka snorting up in the bathroom of a club in LA. this weekend, alongside one of WeHo’s well-known dealer to the stars. It’s not Robert Downey Jr.
Owen Wilson; Colin Farrell; Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Strap on your blinders, kids! It's that time again! This week's head-scratcher is a weighty matter but hardly in an "OMG-those-90210-girls-are-skinny!" way. Rather, it concerns a drama series lead whose growing, um, profile is becoming increasingly difficult for the network to overlook. Already, the star wears a girdle to conceal his expansive -- and expanding -- waistline. But apparently, it's not doing the trick. So the suits at the network are planning to ask the show's producers to join them in staging, for lack of a better word, an intervention. ("From now on, you'll need a secret password to get into Craft Services!") So, who's the Mr. Big who must always be shot in wide angle?
David Krumholtz "Numb3rs"; Vincent D'Onofrio "Law & Order: Criminal Intent"; Julian McMahon "Nip/Tuck"; Anthony LaPaglia "Without a Trace"

90. BUZZFOTO 03/25
This is one of the straightest arrows on the small screen - married, with a new baby in the last two years, and seemingly content on his posh network gig. So why does discreetly he keep ordering rather large lingerie from various WeHo undies hotspots? It’s surely not for his wife, she’s much too thin for such a size. It’s not Charlie Sheen…this time.
Eric Mabius "Ugly Betty"

This A list rap star who goes by one name has a photography collection of which he is very proud. What are they? He enjoys going to playgrounds and taking photos of the children playing there. He has thousands of photos he has accumulated from all over the world. He doesn't try and hide the collection from his friends, although all of them find his hobby and his enthusiasm for it very disturbing. Not Kanye.

92. PAGE SIX/NY POST 03/26
WHICH sexy movie actress angered paying members of a trendy downtown synagogue by showing up with her bodyguard, who informed the women at the door, "Ms. [Blank] wishes to enter as a [non paying] guest"? Complained one member of the congregation, "I think it is BS that rich celebs can walk around this city asking for a free pass."
Gina Gershon

1. This Celebrity Couple is trying to fool the public. They may be on different coasts, but they are still a couple. They are taking a breather from their controversial relationship to salvage their careers.
Rihanna and Chris Brown

2. This woman wormed her way into this celebrity family. She had her children by two brothers, and is still broke. This celebrity family has no money. Maybe she should have hooked up with their sister. She has the money. Alejandra, who has kids with Jermaine and Randy Jackson

94. BUZZFOTO 03/26
Oh, my, pregnant again already? Already? The first one was a mistake, albeit a happy one, but we’re wondering if tongues will start wagging about whether this one was planned or not. We’re hearing a ton of gossip about her and the baby daddy fighting till the wee hours of the night. All the hot make up sex in the world can’t keep a couple together forever. It’s not Christina Aguilera. She’s got more sense. Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz

A reader named Kelly e-mailed me something she saw on the Twitter feed of Scott Simon from National Public Radio. Scott basically posted a blind item, and now it is up to you to figure it out. This is a first. A Twitter blind item. Scott has no plans to reveal who the actor is, but I actually think it should not be that difficult if you find out where Scott went to high school. I was 2 yrs behind a guy in hs who's now famous actor. but pub sez he's 9 yrs younger than me. musta been brilliant to graduate at 8!

1. Which international male fashion model, in an unusual twist, is secretly straight? The openly gay film actor he's dating (and having pay for his lifestyle) doesn't know about the girlfriend he keeps back home.

2. Which fashion-forward socialite is secretly selling the family jewels through a middle-man in Italy so her friends don't find out the family has run out of money? This will come as a rude shock to the two generations beneath her, who don't realize the inheritance is largely gone.

3. Which NYC fashion editor tried to explain away curious wounds on his face as shaving cuts? In fact they were chemical burns left by amyl nitrate, a sex-enhancing drug, spilled during a drunken tryst.

97. HOLY MOLY 03/27
Which pop star totally freaked out Steve Jobs when he met him? The star was foaming at the mouth and insisting he have his photo taken with the Apple man. Steve had to have the hysterical singer removed by his people after the photo was taken.
John Mayer

That's right, hons, it's a Twilight-style Blind Vice just for the those special cast and crewmembers who read them religiously! See, we've just discovered that our naughty Vices are a particularly favorite pastime on those foggy Twilight sets, which is just too ironic—as this one's all about a brokenhearted Twilight honey! So get ready, you Twi-Twits. This week the Vice stuff is all about one castmember who's found herself in a romantically dangerous spot. Is there really ever any other kind? Twyla Babe-Sucker is a gorge young gal who has suddenly stumbled upon all this damn fame. She's dizzy from it. Who friggin' wouldn't be? But it's so tough for this thick-haired beauty to handle herself, the spotlight and a man. Especially when temptation is lurking literally right around the corner: TBS has had quite the rocky relationship with another dude, who's not a member of the megafranchise. It's been very hot-cold, even though the Cupid troubles have completely flown under the press's radar (save for mine). And this guy is pretty recognizable, too. Either way, it's caused our poor babe angst 'cause so many games are being played with her head. Since the relaysh status has constantly been up in the air, it's hard to tell if either of them can really move on—especially when she's getting her makeup done, or what have you, and there's a very, very hunky, scruffy and studly guy who keeps giving her mixed signals, constantly coming up and hugging her. So intensely, too. And you know that kind of body language I'm talkin' about, don't you? Classically angsty, Twilight-style lovemaking—hold me supertight (for hours), but that's it, stop there, nothing more...for now. Truly Mormon kinda masochistic fooling around. In other words: Let's just torture ourselves for now and not give in to what we really want to do, which is to totally bone each other until Twilight isn't hauling in any more money! So what's a girl to do? I say it's time to split from the current on-again, off-again guy and find yourself the real deal, babe. Like, maybe the affectionate hottie who's filming right next to you? And it Ain't: Dakota Fanning, Noot Seear, Nikki Reed.

Twyla Babe-Sucker: Kirsten Stewart; Rachel LeFevre
another dude: Robert Pattison; Michael Angarano; Jamie King
scruffy and studly guy: Taylor Lautner; Robert Pattison; Cam Gigandet

99. BUZZFOTO 03/27
This television host is refusing to talk to anyone but her assistant and her manager when she attends events these days. Any and all conversation and questions must be directed to either one of these people, but don’t you dare try speaking to her. She’ll just pretend she didn’t hear a thing. Our spy tells us that it’s unbearable to watch someone be so rude to another human being. It’s not Heidi Klum!
Tyra Banks

100. BLIND GOSSIP 03/27
Which national TV news personality is getting a little too friendly with a colleague at work? At least one of these people is supposedly in a solid marriage, but neither can seem to resist the charms of their colleague, whose good-natured teasing just seems to hit the spot. Little gifts have been exchanged, and their affection for each other is obvious to everyone around them. This is more than a little worrisome for the show’s producers, who don’t want any more controversy at their show.
Erin Burnett and Mark Haines of CNBC; Matt Lauer and Natalie Morales "Today"

#1 & #2 & #3 - Two actresses. #1 is a C lister with B list name recognition who works steadily and is married to a celebrity (#2). Our C lister has been on a couple of very popular television dramas. #3 is a B list actress who has been in this space before. Primarily television. A list name recognition. She was a lead on one of the more famous network shows ever. Anyway, at a recent party, #1 and #3 greeted each other like long lost friends. It turns out that #1 had just been paid a visit by her coke dealer right before the party. The two actresses could not stop squealing and kept looking inside #1's purse. Finally they couldn't stand it any longer and visited the bathroom. At one point during the evening they were doing it openly. They would just reach into #1's purse and do a little hit. At the end of the event, the two actresses each called their respective husbands to say they were too tired to come home and were last seen checking into an adjacent hotel where presumably they kept the party going on all night.

#1: Angie Harmon
#2: Jason Sehorn
#3: Debra Messing

#4 - This foreign born C list movie actress with B list name recognition is still a teen. It didn't stop her though from spending the night with a mid 50's married producer. The rumors are swirling that he also took her virginity.

102. BUZZFOTO 03/28
This little blonde is a favorite of ours here at BuzzFoto, and when we heard this story from a friend of the party in question, we knew that our love was not misplaced. This teen is a star on a network drama, where she plays a spunky heroine. She was having lunch at a place in West Hollywood this week that has valet. When she went to tip the valet, she found that she’d misplaced her cash, and could only come up with a few bucks. She was very apologetic as she gave him the money. Our buddy’s valet friend thought nothing of it, and was just happy enough that the actress was sorry about the small tip. The next afternoon, our actress PERSONALLY delivered a $20 bill to the restaurant, and asked for the valet by name. He wasn’t working, but she asked for an envelope so that she could leave the moolah for the valet, along with a short note of apology for not having money the night before. Very few in Hollywood would go this far. See, this is why we love this girl! We think we’ve made this super clear already. But…of course it’s not Taylor Momsen.
Hayden Panettiere

103. BLIND GOSSIP 03/28
A couple of years ago, she was one of the most popular acts in the business. So this singer expected that her career would be soaring higher than ever this year. Turns out to be exactly the opposite. She is completely stressed, she is spending more than she is making, her weight is all over the place, her career is not being managed well, and she is now practically giving away tickets to her performances. Enough people have told her to boot her current management that she is actually starting to listen. However, she is terrified of the implications it may have on her family life. If she does find the strength, she could be a star again. If she doesn’t, expect the downslide to continue.
Jessica Simpson; Britney Spears

104. BUZZFOTO 03/29
This idiot of a D-Lister may be more known for her drunken sidewalk antics than her "music" career, but the recent gossip we’ve heard about her is definitely hilarious. She went for a spot of shopping earlier this week, and when she got ready to pay, her card was declined. She tried another without batting her eyelashes. Also declined. Her shopping buddy graciously stepped in at that point and covered the purchases, but we were kind of hoping to see how many cards she could go through. It’s not Daveigh Chase.
Lily Allen

Last week, I told you about the actress who was bulimic. Well, guess what. It turns out that bulimia is not limited to actresses. How can I describe this person without giving it all away? The problem is that he does everything in the business. Singer. Actor. Even more actually. While not A list at any of them, he definitely has B+/A- name recognition. You might not put the face with the name, but when you hear the name, you will have heard of him. That is a really long description, but a blind item like this deserves a nice build up. This weekend our actor was at Katsuya. He goes there frequently, although this was only the second time our spy saw him. Our actor ordered 2 orders of the rock shrimp tempura. Here is where it gets interesting, and a little wasteful if you ask me. Our actor chews the shrimp, but never actually swallows them. Instead he chews them, and then spits them out into a cup. He is a nice guy though. The first time he did this there, he went to the back of the place and washed his own cup. Anyway, this time while he was there performing his ritual, he accidentally swallowed some of the shrimp, and immediately ran for the bathroom where he stayed for the next 20 minutes. He then returned to his seat and started chewing and spitting again.

106. BUZZFOTO 03/30
Most men in Hollywood fudge their height - its just a fact. But this dark actor on a tv show is more guilty than most. He says that he’s 5'10", but we’ve met him and he’s a good 5'7", maybe 5'8" with his heeled shoes on. Here’s a hint - he’s worked with Jane Lynch.

This married, aging, Academy Award winning actor is no stranger to divorce. If his current wife gets wind of what he's doing there may soon be another. Our actor has been "researching" a role for a new movie and to help with that research he has been flying in a B list Venezuelan soap and movie actress he met on a recent trip there. She recently quit the soap on which she is starring because our actor was paying her more money to fly to the US every two weeks than she would earn on the show. Our actor has met her in at least four cities over the past two months. Not Sean Penn.
Nicolas Cage

108. BUZZFOTO 03/31
Hmm, what would a person be doing with three cases of Patron? A buddy of ours let us know that this sorta-actress, now known more for her reality work often puts in an order for three cases of the stuff, and that she orders the same a few times a year - sometimes once a month. Who on earth drinks that much tequila? We think she’d be better off spending time with the kids. It’s not Tori Spelling…we love that girl!
Denise Richards

109. BLIND GOSSIP 03/31
Which actress refuses to takes her clothes off, even during very intimate moments? She is young and beautiful, so you would think she would wear as little clothing as possible. Actually, she is so self-concious about some recent plastic surgery improvements that she has taken to wearing a bra and tshirt to bed.

110. BLIND GOSSIP 04/01
This MTV reality girl was a wild one in high school. She got suspended for having sex in the boys’ bathroom with the school’s star football player.
Kristen Cavallari

111. LAINEY GOSSIP 04/01
Award winning band hard partying with friends last Friday at an upscale hotel. Furniture trashed, a chair thrown across the room, glass was broken everywhere, the place was a mess – like wrecked! – and hotel guests on other floors complained and complained… Mostly it’s the lead singer. He was also seen in the lobby bar trying to ride up on some skanky broad. Problem: his woman walked in on the action resulting in a nuclear scrap. She stormed out and he was overheard yelling at her on his cellphone later on: You f-cking bitch! You are a f-cking c**t! Hotel management has now banned the band from coming back. Upon being told of the news, the lead singer’s response was: Do you know who you’re dealing with? You are going to regret this. You are going to regret f-cking with me. A rocker trashing a hotel room…it’s a bit cliché but whatever, not exactly super damaging. Probably works in his favour, if anything. What’s objectionable is pulling out That Line. That Line is the worst. Do you know who I am? Oh and he’s a f-cking pig too. Probably because he can’t believe he’s made it this far – all this money, all this success. Seriously, neither can anyone else.

This A list actress is more famous for one lucky television role than the truly awful acting she has done in movies. Well, she had a recent breakup. Her publicity machine cranked out every story it could to say she was the one who had done the breaking up with her singer boyfriend. Well, this may be true, but then why would the singer have to change his phone number and e-mail address after she wouldn't stop trying to contact him? When she couldn't reach the singer why would she start calling all of his friends to beg them for his number? What she is telling his friends is that she can't move on without some kind of closure.
Jennifer Aniston

113. BUZZFOTO 04/01
There are two leading ladies on this show, technically, and both of them are equally hated by the crew members and lesser cast. They seem to have a competition as to which can come up with the most ridiculous demands. Last week it was a certain kind of purified water for Lady A’s manicure, which was going on in her trailer and made everyone late for a shot. This week Lady B demanded all her food be delivered to her trailer. She didn’t want to bother with speaking to the little people. It’s not Molly Shannon and Selma Blair.
Vanessa Williams and America Ferrara "Ugly Betty"

114. BUZZFOTO 04/02
This older, semi-classic actress has grown such a distaste for American, English-speaking television that she is now watching Spanish TV almost exclusively. She even ordered more channels to give her some variety. She does not speak any Spanish, but that doesn’t seem to bother her a bit. It’s not Betty White. She’s too busy being awesome.
Shirley Maclaine

Unbelievably shocking. It is just an affair. Those things happen everyday, but this one is mind blowing. Married. Child(ren). Academy Award Nominee/Winner. Actress. Permanently B list. Probably won't ever move up or down from that position. She is having an affair with one of her trainers. She has a couple. He comes to her place when her husband is not around. No hotels, no sneaking around. Only at her place. It has been going on for almost 9 months.

1. Which partnered NYC designer has a profile on the gay sex site Manhunt seeking weekday assignations? Not only is there a headshot on the ad, but he'll also send you his cell phone number if you ask nicely. However he's not telling the whole truth when he claims to be 5'11".
Marc Jacobs

2. Which fashion magazine tried to do the right thing by collecting cosmetics swag to send along to a women's shelter? Pity they didn't explain to the interns, who picked it clean, that the collection unit by the elevators wasn't a give-away bin. Vogue

3. Which under-employed actress is supporting herself by pretending to be her own stylist to call in samples and then selling them on eBay? Lindsay Lohan

117. POPBITCH 04/02
1. Which controversial Hollywood superstar isn't afraid to be seen in the company of plastic surgeons but is said to be unhappy that his Contour Thread Lift (i.e. revolutionary, subtle face lift procedure) hasn't delivered quite the expected age-reduction?
Tom Cruise

2. Who's the Daddy? Which Hollywood heart-throb with young kids spent most of January and February photographed only wearing sunglasses? The glasses are off and the eyelift is looking good.

118. BLIND GOSSIP 04/02
Before she appeared on TV, this reality star worked behind the counter of a department store frequented by A-list celebrities. She was so desperate to be noticed that every time a celebrity came in to the store she would emerge from behind the counter, introduce herself, and start chatting with the celebrity as if they were at a party. Several celebrities complained about her creepy and overly familiar behavior, and she was fired for unprofessional conduct.
Tiffany 'New York' Pollard

I know what you're thinking: Is anybody in Hollywood straight? Skanky David Duchovny is. Brad Pitt maybe. I think that might be it! But seriously, the town's full of pooftahs. Get friggin' used to it. Always has been that way—always will be. It's a community full of creative types, babe, that's just the way it goes! Take Saucy Bossy, for ince. He's made a living by exuding the easy, cool side of powerful in his acting, his looks, his walk, all his endeavors. Ya know, he's just one of those handsome, effortless figures who command authority, with just a touch of kink on the side. Well, doll-babes, I'm here to tell you... It's a helluva lot more than just a damn "touch" for Saucy's libidinous bent! He sneaks dudes right and left into wherever he's hanging, whether it's his house in L.A. or whatever hotel room he happens to be partying in while on location. Oh, and all those (female) big-butt babes Bossy's always feeling up in public, at events, in clubs, etc.? "It's all an act," said a member of S.B.'s management team, which is terrified somebody's gonna catch Saucy getting vroom service from the guys. Jeez, I swear. It's one thing for a single guy to live a lie like this. But should a dad being doing this? What a horrible message of deceit this sends to Bossy's kid! (I mean, it's only a matter of time before the kiddo discovers pops is a down-low kinda man). And It Ain't: Colin Farrell, Kiefer Sutherland, Denzel Washington.
Jamie Foxx

120. BLIND GOSSIP 04/03
Remember the post a while back about the celebrity who would not publicly acknowledge that another famous celebrity was his son, but who helped with his career? Well, here’s an example of another Dad with paternity issues, but in this case, the father does not treat the illegitimate child well. Dad has several kids, but we’ll focus on two, who are both adults. Offspring A is the A list celebrity everyone knows, who Dad acknowledges as his blood, and who has his name. Offspring B is his illegitimate child, and has a different last name. Offspring B is in the same business as Offspring A, and they have even worked together, but B has always been treated as a second-class citizen. Sadly, Dad has even made several moves to sabotage B’s career. For example, every time B has a project that’s about to be released, Dad pushes Offspring A into the headlines. Now B is struggling a bit, but are Dad and A stepping up to help? No. As usual, B will have to rely on him/herself to find work and pay the bills.

Offspring A: Beyonce
Offspring B: Kelly Rowland

This Songwriter’s dream job has turned into a nightmare. Since joining this top-rated reality show, she has alienated the top stars and fans. No one likes her, and she adds nothing to the show. Will she back for another season? Kara DioGuardi "American Idol"

122. BUZZFOTO 04/03
This hostess extraordinaire hates to fly, but those 40-odd hour bus rides from NYC to LA can get super old. So how does our Miz entertain herself? She watches old movies from the 40’s and calls her exes. Nothing shady or untoward here. She just likes to chat, and she makes them laugh, so they keep accepting the calls. It’s not Heidi Klum.
Whoopi Goldberg

#1 & #2 - This B list movie actress in a franchise had to get an abortion in order to keep filming the franchise. She didn't tell her boyfriend because it wasn't his baby. It was the baby of a co-star on a different film who is a married C+/B- movie and television actor who is slowly moving away from television.

B list movie actress: Kristen Stewart; Megan Fox
boyfriend: Michael Angarano; Brian Austin Green
baby daddy: Bill Hader; Brad Rowe

#3 - This C list movie actress with A list name recognition who used to be kind of a big deal, but now is only a big deal in her mind chain smokes constantly when she is doing any kind of photo shoot. The reason? Her goal is to make the clothes smell so bad that the designer or magazine will give them all to her for free. Lindsay Lohan

#4 - This former A/B list movie and television actor is driving producers crazy with demands on the set of his new movie. It seems that our actor has some very odd spiritual beliefs and he is willing to only shoot during certain hours of the day because to do otherwise will harm his soul. I think he has smoked way too much pot. Woody Harrelson

124. BUZZFOTO 04/04
This young-ish, semi-popular rapper has apparently been utilizing the customization options for his credit card. His artwork of choice? The cover of his latest album. Yes, the one with his face on it. He probably thought it was super cool, but even the bank workers were giggling at the arrogance. It wasn’t Nelly!
Soulja Boy

125. US WEEKLY 04/04
Which two actresses, who recently co-starred in a film, dislike each other so much that when they were at the salon the same day, one asked to have her color applied in the garden?
Anne Hathaway/Kate Hudson; Jennifer Aniston/Jennifer Connolly

This frantic actress has been battling her weight, but that's not the only problem she has. Recently she screeched in her sportscar up to an all night Hollywood drugstore in search of a bottle of Absolut Vodka. She and her mannish girlfriend coaxed the clerk into selling it even though it was close to 2 AM. The clerk handed her the bottle and she grabbed it and took a gulp "I really needed that!" The actress generously handed the guy $50 and also tossed him a joint and a pill she described as a "muscle relaxer."
Lindsay Lohan

127. BUZZFOTO 04/05
Which dumb blonde pissed off her parents with her little April Fools joke? It’s not so funny when you forget to warn the people that care about you the most. It’s not Lauren Conrad!
Heidi Montag

128. BUZZFOTO 04/06
Remember this couple? Yes, the naughty little couple we’ve told you about before? Well, it looks like they’re still on. Our photographer saw them both at a Red Carpet Event last night arriving separately of course. They did pose for some photos, but the best part, when they walked into the Event, our young cutie was the recipient of a little ass-grab! Not Miley Cyrus, although her underage relationship seems cool with everyone.
Bonnie Wright/Jamie Bower

This A list television actor on a hit network drama has been in a relatively long term relationship. He is cheating on his significant other with a female crew member on his television show. To cover it up he has been paying a male crew member to act as the boyfriend for the female crew member so his significant other won't catch on. Confused? Well it gets more interesting. The two crew members are actually sleeping together without the A list actor knowing.
Editor’s Note: Young actor and actress, co-stars, he’s married to someone else, she’s underage.

130. LAINEY GOSSIP 04/07
Hunky, serious actor was shot by the paps the other day dragging on a ciggie after getting off a plane. But his wife doesn’t know. So he asked them, pleaded with them – please, can we try it again? Let me just finish, then I’ll go back to where started, and I’ll walk back this way again, and you can reshoot these photos without me smoking? Otherwise the Mrs will kill me. This is blind for obvious reasons. Don’t want to put him in the sh-thouse when he gets home but also a great example of how they work with them, the paparazzi, they all work with them every day. They negotiate, they choreograph, they rehearse, and they reshoot. It’s part of the job. Don’t believe them when they complain.
Ben Affleck; Hugh Jackman

Have you ever waited in line at a bookstore? You know how they have designed a way to make you feel like a rat in a cage by winding you back and forth like you are in line at an amusement park? Well, last night at Barnes & Noble at The Grove there was quite the line wrapped around and around. People were waiting patiently in line to either check out or to get their parking validated. There was only one person working the front and so the line was taking unusually long to move. As the "everyday people" were all waiting patiently, up comes this former A list television actor and show host who considers himself a funny man, but comes across as a skeevy perv. At one point in time it seemed as every show on the network had this guy on it. Our actor/comic/tool looked at the line and basically said forget this. He then went around the line to the front and if that wasn't bad enough, interrupted the person being checked out so that our actor/comic/tool could get his parking ticket validated. Way to win friends. Oh, and people did say things to him, but he totally ignored them. Oh, he was there with the current host of the show he used to host who was wandering around the store with some woman.
Bob Saget

132. BUZZFOTO 04/07
Which stodgy smoker of an Academy Award nominee makes sure to cash every single check that comes into his mailbox? Including rebate checks for 54 cents? It’s not Jack Nicholson.
Danny DeVito

133. BLIND GOSSIP 04/07
This young couple went through a high-profile breakup. While both moved on to other relationships, she had always thought they would eventually reconcile and raise a family together. That fantasy has just been shattered. He just told her that he is getting engaged to someone else. While she is privately devastated, we’re curious to see how she handles it in public. Hope she doesn’t do anything drastic.
Britney Spears/Kevin Federline

Which seemingly down-to-earth starlet is actually a wicked diva? When she wasn't featured as prominently as her other cast members in a recent photo shoot, she left the set in a huff.
Jessica Szohr "Rolling Stone"

135. BLIND GOSSIP 04/08
This young actor received kudos for sacrificing a few years of earnings in order to obtain a college degree. However, their enthusiasm for academics has since waned substantially. Turns out that they are spending most of their time skipping class and partying. However, they will probably score an "A" in at least one class due to some extensive extra-credit work. They had just better hope that the professor’s spouse doesn’t find out.
James Franco

This married B list actress from a longish running network drama has cheated on her celebrity husband three times in the past 12 days. Oh, and it isn't like this was one guy she cheated with three times. Noooo. It was three guys over the past 12 days. It is definitely an interesting way to run a marriage.
Eva Longoria

137. BUZZFOTO 04/08
This former boy bander and seriously, former hottie may play like he has a sense of humor about his rather D-list situation, but those that know him know better. He’s constantly on about his ‘comeback’ and how he’s going to switch over to serious, a la Timberlake. His friends don’t have the heart to tell him that his glory days peaked in like, 2002. It’s not Nick Lachey.
Nick Carter

1. Which Euro fashion designer with an outrageous reputation and a recent contract with a major US retailer might yet regret that night out at a leather club many years ago? There's a picture involving nipple clamps and a douche d'or that won't play so well in Peoria.

2. Which swarthy NYC fashion editor is the first in history to ask the Council of Fashion Designers of America if he could nominate himself for their prestigious Eugenia Shepard journalism award? The answer was "yes" ... but he still didn't get it.

This foreign born singer who has been in this space before, doesn't even disguise her dislike of her celebrity husband. When she is drunk, her favorite game is to put her husband on speaker phone and let everyone around her listen while she yells at him, calls him names, and humiliates him as much as possible. No matter what though, he still hasn't left.
Avril Lavigne/Deryck Whibley

140. BUZZFOTO 04/09
This up and coming British actor has been mainly seen to this date in period pieces that show in America on PBS. He’s got the brooding, sexy intensity thing down pat, and we hear that that’s how he likes to portray himself in real life too. His secret passion? Rapping. He loves it, and wants to release an album. We’re not sure how that would sound, but we’re interested to hear. Obviously, it’s not Colin Firth. Tom Hardy

Ever since Judas Jack-Off made his smarmy debut, I do think it’s fair to say Toothy Tile’s been breathing a tad easier. Of course, Toothy went so far back into the proverbial closet, I think the only heavy panting T.T. ever does anymore is when he and the GF moon over Pottery Barn chenille throws together. Back to Jack-Off: The dog’s still trying to finagle the old BF into sex again—and I think he’s damn close to succeeding. After all, Judas is impossibly sexy (some say too much so, but I think of beauty like Kate Bosworth does thinness, never can have too much of that stuff!). He’s hard to resist. Especially when he’s lying to the ditched boyfriend and telling him they can still go off and get married like they'd originally planned, only he just has to "hang out" a little bit longer with the fake girlfriend his management set him up with. Look, you cretin publicity whore with killer dimples (I mean the ones on your rock-hard ass, not your innocent little face), you’re screwing with the feelings of a man who loves you. This ain’t no Rock Hudson movie. It’s real life. And unless you want some pathetic kind of lying, lonely ending like Hudson himself got, quit effing with people’s lives, starting with your own. It Ain’t: Taylor Kistch; Chris Evans; Chris Pine.
Hayden Christensen (boyfriend: Canadian actor Trevor Blumas)

142. BLIND GOSSIP 04/10
This actress, who is part of an ensemble drama, created a little drama of her own last week. While out with some friends, her friend noticed a buzzing sound eminating from the large designer purse she had placed on the floor. Thinking it was the actress’s cell phone, her friend picked up the purse and handed it to her. The actress fumbled around for a few seconds, and then set the purse back down. When her friend asked her who it was, the actress, without a trace of embarrassment, said, "Oh, that wasn’t my phone. It was my vibrator."
Poppy Montgomery

143. US WEEKLY 04/10
Who scores so much attention from paparazzi while she is at the beauty salon that other stars schedule their services around her?
Lindsay Lohan

#1 & #2 - This aging C list actor has been as high as A list and as low as a D lister. His A list status came from television and that is where he has tended to stay. He has been in this space before. Anyway, I don't know what kind of open relationship he has with his wife (F list movie actress), but at a party the other night he and his wife attended, our actor met a female fan who wanted some special time with our actor. Although certainly not what one would call attractive, our actor obliged by taking her into a smaller banquet room for 20 minutes. They then came back out and our actor and his wife continued their night.
Kelsey and Camille Grammer (Five years later and she would get a different description for sure because of RHBH. He would too because I think he is a permanent B lister. Just too many projects.)

#3 - This C list movie actress who came into her A list name recognition through a hit television show no longer on the air has always thought very highly of herself. But this is ridiculous, and shows you what an idiot she is. When she sees a homeless person on the street asking for money she stops and gives them her autograph and tells them to sell it on e-bay. I assume she thinks all homeless people have some type of wireless laptop they carry around with them and a way to collect the money. Kim Cattrall "Sex and the City"

#4 & #5 - This C list actress and reality star with A list name recognition has been married for a little while to this celebutard. She might be finally catching on to the fact he is only after her money. How so? He wants her to foot the bill for a brand new $500K recording studio at their house.

145. BUZZFOTO 04/10
This actress is known for her comedy chops, primarily playing the ditzy blonde role (even though she’s decidedly brunette). We were sad to hear from a former employee of hers that she is in fact a raving witch in real life. She once threw an omelet (yes, the kind with eggs) at her maid, who was terrified and spoke very little English. Yikes. It’s not Sarah Silverman.
Anna Faris

146. BUZZFOTO 04/11
Here’s another Blind Item from our good friend, bank worker Fonda Saks! Fonda sent us this email this week. "We just had [name] stop in to order a stamp of her signature. Apparently, she gets a discount on her hand insurance premium. She told us this with a completely straight face, so we’re not sure if she was joking or not but it didn’t stop anyone here from making fun of her and the snotty way she treated all of us." This actress does mainly movies, and has been in a recent comedy hit in the last two years. It wasn’t Jaime Pressly.

147. BLIND GOSSIP 04/12
We posted in February about this out-of-control actress’ family staging an intervention with her by summer. Many of you wondered why the heck it would take so long. Well, there are three reasons. First, the parents needed her biggest enabler on board. Second, they were consulting with another celebrity’s parents on the whole conservatorship matter. Third, they needed to figure out how to make money from all this. The first and second are done and the third is in process. It’s all scheduled to go down in the next couple of months. She’ll be given a choice, but if she chooses wrong, she’ll be legally forced to go. Meanwhile, expect the craziness to continue. No, It’s Not Evangeline Lilly.

Lindsay Lohan
1. Samantha Ronson
2. Britney Spears' father
3. reality show on E!

148. BUZZFOTO 04/13
Are open marriages in Hollywood only open to the famous member of the marriage? We feel sorry for the wife of this older movie actor. She can’t possibly be unaware of his philandering ways - in this case, with the actress playing his much-younger family member in his upcoming film. He’s telling people that his wife knows and is cool with it. Maybe she just wants to keep his moolah but either way, we don’t know how she can look in the mirror every day and respect herself. It wasn’t James Caan. He clearly disapproves of such actions.
Robert De Niro

A couple of months ago in this space I talked about the actress who left her coke out while she went to answer the phone and her child found it. The child of course was copying what mommy had been doing. Well, apparently mommy's habit is getting out of control again because she was at a swim class with her child. She was in the water with her child and several other parents and yet went to the dressing room 3 times in a 45 minute class. Each time she went, she would leave her child to be watched over by another parent or the teacher of the class.
Debra Messing

Which troubled starlet is getting over a bad breakup with a member of the same sex? We just hope the latter’s current boyfriend doesn’t get wind of the girl-on-girl shenanigans!

151. BUZZFOTO 04/14
Here’s an update to our Blind Item #69. A friend of ours saw our star pitching a fit at a sporting good store when the cashier couldn’t apply his coupon to a purchase. Our star didn’t pull the "Don’t you know who I AM??" card, which we respect. He wanted his coupon used, and nothing else. We love this guy for this crazy coupon obsession, and hope to bring you more stories about him in the future! It’s not Jerry O’Connell.

152. BLIND GOSSIP 04/14
This A lister owns his own jets, and usually takes them wherever he goes. However, he recently flew on a regular commercial airline to prove to his studio that he is capable of helping them save a few bucks. Seems that after years of setting himself apart from his audience with his luxe life and odd personal choices, he now wants to be seen as a regular guy to whom audiences can relate.
Tom Cruise

It is that time of the year. Tax time. And with tax time comes lots of stories from the accountant about how celebrities are spending their money, and on whom. This B-/C+ actor is the co-star of a very highly rated, long running network drama. He has been on the entire run of the show. Anyway, in 2008, our actor bought not one, not, two, but three sets of fake breasts for women I guess he was dating. Besides breasts he also paid for several other procedures, putting his plastic surgery total from last year at about $65,000, none of which was apparently spent on him.
Michael Weatherly; Adam Rodriguez

154. MAVRIX ONLINE 04/14
This is my first time writing one of these, so bear with me: We’re talking about the ensemble cast of a cable drama series, a series that the network LOVED right away. It was picked up for a second season, but it doesn’t look like Season 2 will ever be shown (despite already having been written). Why? Because of some BS with the production company. So, it looks like the 12 episodes are all anyone is going to get (for now, at least). And those 12 episodes have run at least 300 times in the US, not to mention the handful of other countries that are currently running the series. With all of those episodes running all over the place, you’d think that the stars, writers and director would be swimming in royalty checks. Sadly, that isn’t the case. As a result, at least one of the major stars of the show is having his house foreclosed on. The guy(s) in question had to rely on family and friends (of Dorothy?) to help them through troubling times. Sordid Lives: The Series

155. NY POST/PAGE SIX 04/15
1. WHICH famous ex-wife should hire a less cynical bodyguard? At a recent Palm Beach bash, as she expounded unsteadily to other guests, her burly escort stood behind her and rolled his eyes.
Heather Mills; Ivana Trump; Linda Hogan

2. WHICH singer/talk show hostess should be more careful where she shops? She was taken recently to a downtown storage facility where she bought $10,000 worth of luxury designer goods of dubious provenance -- not fake, but fallen off the truck. Kathie Lee Gifford

3. WHICH wife of an NFL owner has let it all go to her head? She recently greeted a woman she's known for many years with: "I know you know who I am, but who are you?" The woman, dumbfounded, replied, "That's for me to know and you to find out."

This B list movie actor is on the cusp of A list. He had a breakout year last year. He considers himself to be a method actor to some extent. For researching one role he spent a great deal of money on drugs. Just for research mind you. Since he considered the research crucial to his acting performance he wanted to know if he could deduct the $15,000 he spent on drugs.
Seth Rogen "Pineapple Express"

157. BUZZFOTO 04/15
We cannot make this any more obvious. This wreck of a starlet is back to her habit of Bolivian marching powder, and despite the months spent clean, she has jumped back in to the same amount she was snorting before she went into rehab. This info is coming straight to us from her dealer. Its not Hayden Panettiere.
Lindsay Lohan

158. US WEEKLY 04/15
Which A List actress requests that she be notified if the now-girlfriend of her ex-husband is slated to be in the salon the same time she is?

Reese Witherspoon = A list
Abbie Cornish = girlfriend
Ryan Phillipe = ex husband

159. BLIND GOSSIP 04/15
This Stepford Wife is close to splitting from her husband. She has actually consulted with several high-profile divorce lawyers on both coasts. The main issue here seems to be custody of their kid/s, whom the husband is intent on keeping. Thankfully, she’s gotten her parents involved, even though she had distanced herself from them over the past few years. No It’s Not: Nicole Kidman.
Katie Holmes

This D list movie and television actress with A+ list name recognition keeps auditioning for teenage and early 20's acting roles. The problem she hasn't realized yet is that all the meth she keeps consuming is making her look 40 and as a consequence hears one no after another for decent roles. Producers don't want to tell her that though for fear of making her angry or upset which could be very bad for future business.
Lindsay Lohan; Kirsten Dunst; Mischa Barton

161. BUZZFOTO 04/16
This mummy has been passing stories on the set about how she drinks a glass or two of wine every night. No problems with that, except that she said she did so when she was still breastfeeding. We hope she was joking, but she’s not really known for her sense of humor. It’s not Jennifer Garner.
Jessica Alba; Rebecca Romijn

1, This 80’s Heartthrob is finding out the hard way you should never abandon your kids. When they grow up they come back to haunt you and make you look like a fool!
Al B. Sure

2. This Actress/Singer/Rapper hates the spotlight on her private life, but a new lawsuit could bring the truth out. The people suing her say they want to reveal all. Queen Latifah

163. BLIND GOSSIP 04/16
This young and pretty television actress is a pro on the set. Always on time. Always know her lines. But that may not last long. She has started drinking on a regular basis. It doesn’t take a party for her to pour a little something extra into her beverages. A shot in the afternoon coffee, some vodka in the water bottle. Girl, you’re not hiding it as well as you think. Please get help.

1. Which former Project Runway personality has some rather disturbing "art" pics of himself on his Facebook page, from when he was maybe a little too young to take his clothes off?

2. Which senior fashion critic hates the profile illustration being used by the web site of her media outlet, and bombards the editors with a different, youthfully flattering image of herself every week?

3. Which teen-favorite international actor, who avoids gay rumors but never seems to have a girlfriend, has fallen in love with his own stunt double? It would be the perfect relationship for an actor (falling in love with a version of himself), except the object of his affections is straight. Tom Felton from Harry Potter

165. POPBITCH 04/16
Which young, up-and-coming and freshly engaged Hollywood couple are already arguing - over the terms of the contract they both signed to stay together for at least one year while rumours around his sex life die down, and while her management try just one more time to get her established as a movie rather than a TV actress?
Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen

Back in the day, I had a "frenemy" who, as it turned out, was pretty hell-bent on taking me down. This person really did what they could to hurt me. I was deeply upset, I was angry, I was all of those things you feel when you find out that someone you thought you liked was venomous and dangerous. I restrained myself from fighting back. I tried to take the high road. But one day I heard that something unfortunate and humiliating had happened to this person. And my reaction was deep relief and…happiness. There went the high road. So, why does it feel so good to hear something bad about someone you don’t like? Or someone you DO like? Or someone you don’t KNOW? I once asked the editor of a tabloid newspaper why all of the stories about a famous British couple had a negative bent. He said that when the headline was positive, the paper didn’t sell. Why is that? What’s wrong with us? I asked the sages to shed a little light. Here’s to washing our mouths out with soap...
Winona Ryder

167. BLIND GOSSIP 04/17
Women aren’t the only ones who are occasionally in denial about their age. This West Coast actor in the forty-ish range is planning on playing a teenager in his next film. No, it’s not like one of those "Big" or "17 Again" scenarios, where the character knows he is one age but is pretending to be another. This actor really thinks he can still pass for a teenager. Those around him won’t tell him to his face that they think he will look like a fool trying to play a character twenty plus years younger, but they sure are talking about it behind his back. Dude, get a clue.
Matthew McConaughey

Move over, Twyla Babe-Sucker, you've got company on the New Moon set: Her name's Julie Bone-Jumper. But first, gotta say: It's almost as if Twilight creator Stephenie Meyer made sure the contract stated that her angst-ridden teeny vampire love story be cast only with equally pale, angst-ridden love-torn young actors. Such is the case with Twyla Babe-Sucker, star of our last Twilight Vice installment. And it's certainly the case, as well, for Ms. JBJ. And Julie, like Twyla, has another love... Though, we must admit, Julie's man isn't nearly as jealous as Twyla's cranky, twitching freakazoid of a BF. Still, he's not exactly thrilled that Julie's been all-too-obviously jonesing for one of her humpy Twilight costars, who isn't exactly hiding his feelings for Julie, either. Now, can we be honest here? As perfecto as Ms. Babe-Sucker's tastes may be, it simply must be stated—plain and stud-simple—that I do think Julie's going gonzo for the hunkier dude. I can def see why she's considering dumping the full-time BF for a sweet little fling with the muscled costar in question. Who wouldn't? Just wonder if it would last (so, too, no doubt, would certain Twilight powers that be). I mean, Nikki Reed probably would have launched on this dude at the first table reading! Wonder if she did... Oh, and I've had it with E!'s snitty, pearl-and-cardigan wearing lawyers. I'm Twittering the next set of clues. Follow my ass and make some guesses. Screw old-time snail blolumns. It Ain't: Nikki Reed, Elizabeth Reaser, Rachelle Lefevre.
Ashley Greene and Jackson Rathbone

#1 & 2 & 3 - This B list television comic actor(#1) was at a party very recently. At the party he was overheard offering a female reality tv host (#2) increasing amounts of money to sleep with him that night. At one point the offer was $20K. She declined everytime and said she was faithful to her very talented celebrity significant other (#3)

#4 - This foreign born movie actor is probably C list but has a B list body of work and has been in some of the biggest movies of all time. Although he is in a relationship with someone, he has spent the last two weeks doing nothing but having sex and shooting heroin with a female reporter he met recently on a press junket.

170. BUZZFOTO 04/17
There are so many babies in Hollywood - and we’re not talking about children. So we were happy to hear about this exchange. This actor and actress dated for ages, and there were many that thought that they’d get married. But they didn’t and both have moved on to other spouses. Our actress is an A-lister, and was at an event earlier this month. When she crossed paths with her ex and his wife, our actress smiled very big and greeted the ex and the ex’s wife very happily. She also took the time to say hello and talk very briefly with the ex’s wife, who is an actress too, albeit not a very well known one. As soon as our actress left, the ex’s wife started mocking her to her husband. He seemed uncomfortable, and rightfully so. Our actress was clearly only being kind and sweet and not a gigantic baby about it, but apparently the wife wants to be immature. Dennis Quaid was not involved.
Julia Roberts/Benjamin Bratt/Talisa Soto Bratt

171. PEREZ HILTON 04/18
What recently rehab-ed wacktress was spotted boozing up a storm at the Coachella music festival near Palm Springs on Friday???? Here's a hint: She's very blonde!
Tara Reid

172. BUZZFOTO 04/18
This actor, first popular in a foreign country, keeps on pissing off the ladies in his proximity. Turns out that he is really just an old fashioned woman hater, full of snide comments and uppity innuendo for the fairer sex. This probably won’t help him in battling all those gay rumors. It’s not Hugh Laurie!
Javier Bardem

173. BUZZFOTO 04/19
Here’s some hot gossip from over the weekend in Hollywood! These two exes were spotted smooching at a nightclub in WeHo. We guess the romance is back on? Glad to hear it, we liked these two together! It wasn’t Lilo! (Lindsay Lohan)
Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia

174. BILLY MASTERS 04/20
Could it be that a certain former heartthrob has left his wife for someone of the same sex? Well, there are so many contenders for this one. In the past couple months, three guys on the down low have announced separations. The one we're talking about, however, is a case of life imitating art since he's played gay before - notoriously. Of course, this was before his marriage, before he got famous (well, kinda around the same time)...but after he was pushed back into the closet. What goes in, despite good intentions, must eventually come out. And in and out!

175. STAR MAGAZINE 04/20
Which actor needs to give his nose a break? His coke-heavy ‘model parties’ have already sent him to the hospital once recently, but he can’t stop being host to starlets.
Josh Hartnett

176. BLIND GOSSIP 04/20
Which male celebrity is genuinely upset that Ashton Kutcher recently scored headlines over a competition for Twitter members? This celeb is so self-absorbed that he ranted to friends that he should have gotton the publicity instead of Ashton because he had been on Twitter a couple of months longer than Ashton. To make up for this perceived slight, he is now calculating ridiculous ways to ride on Ashton’s coattails to catch the crumbs of publicity. Look for him to use the words "Ashton" and "Twitter" in every conversation and interview for the next few weeks. Spencer Pratt

This married, aging C list movie actress was the indie "it" actress long before Parker Posey. For the past six months she has been having an affair with a man on parole for killing his wife.
Karen Black; Rosanna Arquette

178. BUZZFOTO 04/20
This action/comedy star has some serious odor issues. On the set of his film which just wrapped, the studio has had to complete redo his trailer - new paint, floors, etc. Apparently the smell of B.O. was strong enough to curl anyone’s nose, and no amount of scrubbing could eradicate it. It’s not Matt Damon…or his BFF Ben for that matter.
Keanu Reeves

Three directors. All A list. Each has had multiple #1 movies. Well I have written about them in this space before and some of their really bad behavior. This one though might even top what I wrote before. Last summer one of them took a trip to Thailand where he enjoyed the services of several women who make their living the old fashioned way. He enjoyed one of them so much that he arranged for her to get a visa so she could intern at his production company. Of course the only thing she was doing was continuing what she had been doing for him back in Thailand. Well, of course the director had to share the good news with the other two. They promptly did the same thing. After three months, they send the women back to Thailand and get brand new ones. If they did the same trick here, one of the women might spill to a tabloid, but with these women they don't have to worry about it. Or so they think.

#1: Quentin Tarantino
#2 and #3: Michael Bay and Brett Ratner

180. BUZZFOTO 04/21
This C-lister has been dating a C/B-list co-star on the sly for a couple months. Our spy overheard her telling a friend that she’s been off her pills for several months now. Wonder if the dude knows that there’s a possible baby on the way? It’s not Cheryl Burke!

181. BLIND GOSSIP 04/21 **#2**
This celebrity claims to be a Size 2, and starts ranting whenever anyone even suggests that she might be a larger size. Frankly, we think it’s hard to keep up with which parts of her body are real, and which have been enhanced. Whose body part is this? What size do you think she really is?
Kim Kardashian

182. BLIND GOSSIP 04/21 **#3**
This show had a good run with the teen crowd while it was on the air, and it produced more than one popular star. One of the handsome leads literally charmed the pants off nearly all female members of the cast. One guest star was so smitten that she actually took off her lacy bottoms under the sheets with him while cameras were rolling for the scene. The TV censors had no idea they were practically showing porn in primetime. Hint: The actor now stars in another TV series.
"The OC"/Benjamin McKenzie; "Party of Five"/Matthew Fox; "Dawson's Creek"/Joshua Jackson

1. Which well-known NYC style scribe messed up a TV pilot when he tried to perk up for the camera by doing a line of cocaine? Turns out the baggie of leftover party drugs in his sock drawer was ketamine, which had the opposite effect.
Isaac Mizrahi/“The Fashion Show”

2. Which aspiring model had an awkward moment when she was introduced to a fashion editor by a trying-to-be-helpful friend? Turns out the editor had already met the young lady at a restaurant when she was on a paid date with an older male companion, and using a different name.

3. Which male model who used to be involved with an A (well, B+)-list Hollywood actress is telling anyone who will listen about her shocking booze and drug habits? Paul Sculfor and Jennifer Aniston

This B list television and movie actor is more famous for his current television role, than any movie in which he has appeared. Filming of his show is delayed by hours everyday, because our actor refuses or is unwilling to learn his lines each day and therefore necessitates take after take after take for him to finish his scenes.
Jeremy Piven

185. BUZZFOTO 04/22
All is not well on the set of this successful comedy. The two leads are no longer speaking to each other, and for what reason? Well, the usual ego clashing, etc. The public expects this sort of crap from the male, but would be surprised to learn that the female is just as bad, if not worse. She’s well-liked but from everything we’ve heard, can be a real pain in the butt to work with as well as petty. It’s not Jenna Fischer.
Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin"30 Rock"

186. BLIND GOSSIP 04/22
This funny actor wasn’t kidding when he copped a total diva attitude on the set of a recent movie. While every other actor would walk from their trailer to the set, Diva Boy insisted on taking a golf cart. The set was an entire thirty feet from his trailer. No It’s Not Will Ferrell.

Some couples crave publicity and attention and will do anything to get it. A certain celebrity couple is wearing people out. No matter what they do or what lies they tell the media, they are deemed too boring to care about. Most people wish this couple would sit down and go away.
Nick Cannon/Mariah Carey; Spencer Pratt/Heidi Montag

As a guy, this one is extremely painful to write. This A list movie actor who was also a star on television has a scene in a recent movie where he strips down to his underwear. Because of the lighting no one noticed anything amiss. It was only when the movie was being edited that his penile piercing was noticed through the underwear. A large piercing that had to be digitally removed.
Jamie Foxx

189. BUZZFOTO 04/23
This pint-sized actress is best known for her TV work, but her movie roles have been hits and we’re pretty sure that she’s on her way to the A-list of the silver screen. Anyway, she has become well-known in Hollywood for sweet ways when it comes to coffee consumption. She’s made a habit of tipping $20 when she buys a cup, and now she’s often paying for the person in line behind her on top of it. What a great way to be! It’s not Leighton Meester.
Kristen Bell

#1 - "He's just faking. Don't give him anything." Words from the mouth of this A-list tweener to her friends as they passed a homeless man sitting on the ground. Oh, she then spent about $1000 on food for dinner. Nice.
Miley Cyrus

#2 - This B list actress/singer tweener is a little older than the characters she portrays. She is tired of studios, managers, and agents telling her what to do and so as her first order of business with her new self she kicked her "boyfriend" to the curb. Oh, she likes guys, she just didn't want the arranged "boyfriend" any longer. Ashley Tisdale

#3 - This C list singer/actress is a tweener, but she has never really done the whole tweener show thing and has basically had to eke out a living on her own. Even though she is still a teenager, she has gone through a string of music producers in their late 20's and 30's. And when I say gone through a string of them, I don't mean just for producing her records. Hey, at least she is legal now. Joanna 'JoJo' Levesque

#4 - This tweener actor on a hit show needs to get off the coke that was introduced to him by a former tween actor, and now, unemployed drug addict on the same network.
tweener actor: Kyle Massey/“Cory in the House”
unemployed drug addict:  Orlando Brown/“That’s So Raven”

191. HOLY MOLY 04/24
Which boring married singer has been having an affair with a married ex-supermodel who has a penchant for rock stars? Hope the wife doesn't find out...
Sting; Chris Martin

Hard-Nipple Nick is the hottest star, both bod-wise and at the box office. His wife's figure and professional goings-on aren't too shabby, either, as both Mr. and Mrs. Nick enjoy fame and fortune regularly up on the big screen—though his paychecks dwarf hers, big-time. Yep, everything's pretty cozy Chez Nick, even the bisexual couple's agreement to have lovers outside the marriage. Instead of his-and-hers towels, they have his-and-hers sex partners! And you guessed it, there's a girl for Mrs. Nick and... A boy for Mr. Nick! And like the smart have-it-all couple they are, the Nicks chose other famous people to be their closeted lovers. Too crafty! Only problem being Hard-Nipple's boyfriend is married to an established actress who's growing increasingly peeved over the clandestine arrangement. "He's starting to go out and fly him with him everywhere," a good friend to the Nicks told yours truly about Hard-Nipple taking the BF a few too many places as of late. "They're turning up everywhere together, and [the boyfriend's wife] is getting really pissed about it. It's going too far. It's only a matter of time before she spills." Guess all those pricey little gifties to the wife for borrowing her hubby aren't as attractive as they once were? Must say I'm a tad surprised to hear this latest development, as H.-N'.s always been one of the best in the Biz about keeping his preferred love life on the down-low. And now that it's flyin' high, guess a tabloid revelation is only seconds away from takeoff! And It Ain't: John Travolta, David Beckham, Jerry O'Connell.
Will Smith and Jada Pinkett/Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

Congratulations are in order! A major female character on a popular and highly rated hour-long drama series will learn that she's pregnant next month. Come to think of it, hold off on the congratulations. This is far from a happy occasion. You see, the expectant mom will be none too thrilled to find herself with child. For starters, the timing couldn't be worse -- both professionally and personally. And then there's the baby daddy. He's been, um, going through some stuff lately. Personal stuff. The kind of stuff only a psychologist and/or a surgeon can fix. A kid is an extra dose of crazy he probably doesn't need right now either. On the other hand, maybe a new life is exactly the kind of game-changing event these two do need. As the saying goes, good things come in initially small packages. Of course, there's an added wrinkle I have yet to mention. The bun in her oven? It may have company. Who will unexpectedly find herself in a family way and then some? Deliver your best guesses to the comments section below!
Sarah Tancredi and Michael Scoffield of "Prison Break"

194. BUZZFOTO 04/24
This dirty older star tells airport security that he has a pacemaker, so he has to be hand screened. The real reason? He enjoys the personal attention from the lady that does the screening. He’s careful to choose the line with the woman he finds most attractive. He must get off on the kinky side of it, because our star could definitely afford to buy it if he wasn’t getting it at home. It’s not Bruce Willis!
Jack Nicholson

195,. BUZZFOTO 04/25
This C-lister got into a car wreck recently, and we hope that for his/her sake, the bountiful amount of drugs that are usually in that car weren’t noticed by the coppers. We haven’t heard yet, but it’s bound to come out. It wasn’t Kristen Cavalleri.
Paris Hilton

196. BUZZFOTO 04/26
This B-ish list actor is dating a nobody - someone he met while she was waiting on him in one way or another. Looks like she must be something special, because they haven’t been dating all that long and he recently paid off a whole bunch of her debt - mostly pay day loans that were making her life a living hell. She is terribly grateful and we think that, whether or not he did it to be nice or to make her feel indebted or whatever, it was a very sweet thing to do. It’s not Nic Cage.
Jeff Goldblum

197. BUZZFOTO 04/27
One of our spies spotted this tween-ish actor out late on Saturday night…at a grocery store of all places. He was with several friends, and they were all red-eyed and giggly. If that wasn’t enough, they were buying all sorts of crap like chips and pizza rolls. This kid is not a Nickelodeon star. Not Shia LaBeouf.
Mitchel Musso

Friday night at The Grove. Movie theatre is packed to see Obsessed. The lights are down, the movie is about half way, when a cell phone stars ringing. Not vibrating, but ringing. One of those really loud ringing ones for people who like to hear it from a mile away. Everyone is looking around to see who the culprit is. This used to be an A list, Oscar nominated movie actress who now really doesn't work except for keeping her husband glued to her, starts digging through her purse. It is still ringing. She finally gets the phone out of the purse. What would you do if this were you? You would turn it off. Our actress, says, "Hello." And then has a one minute conversation before hanging up. Yeah, I can't wait to see her at the premiere of the next movie her husband does, and get everyone to start talking on their cell phones.
Melanie Griffith

199. BLIND GOSSIP 04/27
This top celebrity makes a big deal out of talking about motherhood and how much time she spends being a good mom. She would lead you to believe that she dotes on her children and takes an active role in thier lives. Not so. When the kid/s were little, she only changed about one out of every hundred diapers. The kid/s are being raised by a small army of nannies. Our star has limited contact with them except during photo opportunities, which are always staged with her carrying the child/ren, even if they are big enough to walk on their own. Why? Because she thinks that carrying a child makes her look motherly and "likable."
NOT Madonna

This very funny C+ television actor with B list name recognition on a very hit ensemble television show was recently pulled over by the police. Our actor had a bit too much to drink and was probably going to get arrested for a DUI. Figuring he had nothing to lose, he offered the policemen their choice of the three women he had just picked up at a club and was taking back to his hotel room. Remarkably both the officers and the two women chosen agreed. The policemen made one of the women drive, followed the actor to his hotel and spent about an hour in his suite before heading back out on patrol.
Tracy Morgan

1. Which messy tabloid favorite who thinks she's a rock-style icon (actually she just married shrewdly) is known for calling journalists in a pill-haze and ratting out her celebrity friends? She has some especially good stories about her famous pals The Shoplifter and also The Godmother Of Her Child.

rock-style icon: Courtney Love
The Shoplifter: Winona Ryder
The Godmother: Drew Barrymore

2. Which married NFL legend recently did a TV panel with yours truly, not realizing that one of the other guests had been a pizza guy in college, and used to make deliveries to the secret apartment he used to stash his girlfriends? Dick Butkus

202. BLIND GOSSIP 04/28
While the breakup of this couple seemed amicable, behind the scenes… not so much. Party 1 blames the other for their career having stalled out while they were together. Party 2 works through friends to warn their ex-mate’s current dates about diseases they may contract through intimate contact.
Paris Hilton and Benji Madden

203. BLIND GOSSIP 04/28 **#2**
This over-30 actress is not known for having the greatest taste in men. Well, it turns out that her taste in home décor is even worse. Although she is working with professional interior design folks, she keeps derailing the agreed-upon plan by insisting that they incorporate some of her really ugly personal items. The decorators are grumbling behind the scenes that the actress has the taste of a ten year old, and "we wouldn’t be surprised if she asks for a Hello Kitty kitchen". Just proves that money can’t buy you taste. Jennifer Aniston; Drew Barrymore; Jennifer Love Hewitt

This former A list always movie actress still considers herself A list even though in reality she is about D. She does have A list name recognition and was the star of one of the most famous movies of all time. Not highest grossing, just one of the most famous. Anyway, she is not known for her quiet demeanor and when she has a drink or seven can get rather nasty. Recently she got into a fight with her current boy toy and during the argument threw a glass or two or three at her toy. Well, on one of her throws she missed and hit an original Picasso she has hanging on her wall. The painting was shredded by the glass as it shattered as well as the beverage she had inside. Of course she told her insurance company it fell during a mild earthquake and landed on a glass table beneath the painting, shattering the table and damaging the painting.
Sharon Stone

205. BUZZFOTO 04/29
Which East Coast-Resident Star forgot to pick up their child from school and had to be called and reminded from school staff? Our source claims the whole mishap was not a matter of memory, so much as it was of Methamphetamine. It’s not Ms. Tina Fey, she’d never do something like that!
Jennifer Connelly; Tea Leoni

This Media Personality is doing everything she can to stay relevant. She is keeping up with the latest social networking sites. She has even befriended her enemies, but it’s still not working. No one is interested in her.
Star Jones

207. BUZZFOTO 04/30
Which C List Reality Star recently made a very racist joke directed towards a photographer? This woman seemed to be pretending that she was offended that her picture was being taken, which is pretty ironic seeing as how she was shopping on Robertson Blvd. where everyone goes to be photographed. It wasn’t Tila Tequila!
Janice Dickinson

208. BLIND GOSSIP 04/30
We don’t know the exact reason this star is so skinny now, but we do know how she stayed thin as a teenager. She was on a hit television show and had lots of kissing scenes with her on-screen boyfriend. When she would engage in those scenes without first brushing her teeth after one of her regular bouts of bulimia, her costar would make his disgust known to all within earshot. So now our girl is all grown up, but she is once again disturbingly thin. While it’s more difficult for her parents to intervene in their daughter’s life at this stage, a recent death has brought them all a little closer and given them access to their daughter’s emotional side - much to the chagrin of her controlling mate
. Katie Holmes

This actor is C list. He probably used to be B list. Not a very recognizable name, but you would definitely know the face. He has done a mixture of both television and movies. Every few years he gets a really great lead in a movie or television show, but nothing long lasting. He got his big break and the lead in his first movie because he blackmailed the producer of the movie, who was also an actor in the same movie and has a good guy reputation. The blackmail in question consisted of some photos our actor had taken at the party of the good guy producer/actor snorting coke. It doesn't seem like a big deal, but this producer/actor's entire career is based around his good guy reputation.


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