NOTE: Guesses in italics are only guesses;
guesses in blue are a link to the solution or substantial clues.

Which newcomer musician proudly wore the same pair of knickers for three days at Glastonbury?
Lady GaGa

2. BUZZFOTO 07/01
This B List Television Actress is planning on coming out with an album soon. No one knows she can sing, but we hear that she is actually pretty good. Sadly, not Tina Fey.
Leighton Meester

What B- list movie and television comedy actor is currently having to reshoot many scenes from a recent movie. He has been doing so many drugs on his film that he has wildly different looks from one scene to the next depending on when it was shot. It has become so bad that more scenes are being written into the movie for other actors in an attempt to create a story without using many of our comic actor's scenes and story line.
Jason Segal

Which funnylady is a fan of those funny-smelling cigarettes? Tongues were wagging when she showed up half-baked at an industry dinner in L.A. on June 19th.
Janeane Garofalo

These two brothers are both successful actors. However, one has always had more success than the other, as well as the financial rewards that come with that. While they act chummy when you catch them together in front of the cameras, behind the scenes, resentment has been boiling. When one brother found out the other was auditioning for a role he really wanted himself, he arranged a fake emergency so the brother wouldn’t be able to make it to the audition on time, and showed up in his place.
Owen and Luke Wilson

Which hard-partying reality starlet is nearly bald after years of abusing hair extensions? The gal's actual locks are only 2 inches long!
Daisy De La Hoya

7. BUZZFOTO 07/02
This Actress, because of all her bad living, is losing her hair like crazy. Not only has she lost tons of weight, but now she is trying to cover up her bald patches with bad hair dyes and extensions. Those around her are afraid to tell her how terrible she looks, but we hope she turns things around soon, so she can restore her beauty. Cocaine doesn’t do a body good. Not Tori Spelling.
Lindsay Lohan

In two weeks this magazine I love to hate is going to have a cover reuniting the cast of a popular 80's-90's tweener comedy. Well, almost the entire cast. It seems that the bigger stars from the show would only agree to pose for the cover if two of the members of the cast were not involved. The magazine agreed.
#1 - Magazine: People
#2 - Show: Saved by the Bell
#3 & #4 - The two cast members excluded: Screech and Mr. Belding

Which out-of-touch TV actor spent over $600 to have someone come and change his light bulbs?
David Spade

10. BLIND GOSSIP 07/02
These two over-30 actors always appeared to be pretty happy together. As far as we know, both have worked steadily throughout their careers, neither has ever been to rehab, and they seem like good parents. Why are they suddenly having problems? Seems that our actor got a little too friendly with a cute extra on one of his recent film projects. He was spied in his trailer with the extra. Both at least partially undressed. In a horizontal position. He’ll be lucky if he doesn’t get kicked to the curb.
Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli

11. BUZZFOTO 07/03
This male Celebrity Musician has an addiction. It’s not what you think. Not drugs, or sex or even rock’n'roll, no, his addiction is to the internet. That’s right, this Celeb is probably part of your online community. He loves celeb gossip, loves computer games, and even allegedly writes some steamy fan fic! The guy is online all the time, reading what you write, reading about himself and his loved ones, reading about his enemies and posting comments and pics, just like us!
Pete Wentz

Which well known actress was denied entry to several clubs in London because she wasn't wearing any shoes?
Sienna Miller

1. This famous celebrity Brother has been ordered to stay away from the media and the spotlight. No one trusts him or his shady rich girlfriend.
Jermaine Jackson and Halima Rashid

2. He’s a soul Icon, but after a recent appearance at a major awards ceremony, friends realize intervention is needed because something is wrong with him. Don Cornelius

3. This Daytime TV Star/Comic is going to have to guard her heart. Now that she’s divorced, she’s ready to find love again. She’s losing weight, but she may gain a lot of extra baggage if she chooses the wrong man. Her current beau loves the spotlight, and is only with her to advance his sports career. Sherry Shepherd

One Moon-Glow Blind Vice: Nevis Devine, that crafty, good-looking charmer of a stud, is at it again. He had a falling-out with one of his former costars (because he, well, just can't help from engaging in a certain amount of ungentlemanly behavior, once in a while), and obviously, nobody warned N.D.'s latest costar that Neddy boy likes to play. A lot. First, let's get something straight: Miss Costar, a sexy-enough thing who's becoming famous, I suppose (in her own way), thought she really had something going with N.D., even though nothing ever really went down between them. But you know how clingy actresses can get, right? This look means that, and that look means this, she thought, and so on. But then, when Missy intercepted a text from Nevis to another gal they both knew, well, that's when... All hell broke out on the set of the movie they're shooting, but only their personal handlers are aware—at this point. For now, both Nevis, whose skin his ladyloves like to say has a "moon glow" to it, and Miss Costar are keeping their rift from most of the other cast and crew. Jeez, why didn't somebody warn Missy Costar that Nevis isn't really good for the long haul anyway (with two major exceptions) and that texting other gals while he's supposedly seeing another is the least of his manly wanderings. Yep, of course, as usual, like most of the good studs these days, Mr. D likes to keep his boy side on from time to time. Just not lately. But one thing's for sure: N.D. sure as hell isn't giving up that inclination for Miss Costar, much to the latter's extreme and revolting dissatisfaction. And It Ain't: Jake Gyllenhaal, George Clooney, Will Smith.
Kellan Lutz

#1 - This A+ list Academy Award winner/nominee actress spent some two weeks ago at a Veteran's hospital. She did so quietly and without publicity. She spent time with every patient she could and when she left, she gave them all gift bags which included a $1000 gift certificate to Best Buy.
Angelina Jolie

#2 This A+ list Academy Award winner/nominee actor also spent time with the troops at the same hospital. He didn't being gift bags but did stay for many hours and visited with everyone there and shared stories and listened and also didn't want any publicity for being there. Jack Nicholson

16. BLIND GOSSIP 07/03
This Hollywood legend had a very successful career as an actress. She also treated herself well by buying only the best: gorgeous homes, cool cars, expensive jewelry. However, her finances must be a little shaky as of late. Her assistant has been going around to pawn shops looking for loans against some of the star’s jewelry. The homes and the cars will stay for now, but we don’t know how many pieces of jewelry she has left to keep up the pretense that all is well.
Zsa Zsa Gabor

17. HOLY MOLY 07/03
Which pop sensation ran off stage at Glastonbury for one of her many costume changes and proceeded to strip off in front of the whole crew - changing her tampon at the same time - much to their utter horror?
Lady Gaga

Which fading action movie star was seen getting his dance on with a bunch of much younger ladies at a club in LA? Much to the embarrassment of the group he was with.

1. WHICH self-important, philandering writer who was dumped recently by his long-suffering wife is complaining that his jerky behavior is no longer covered on Page Six, moaning, "You start getting used to it. And then you pick up the paper and you're not there and you think, 'Well, what am I, chopped liver?' "
Michael Wolff

2. WHICH unnaturally thin celebrity chef credits her bony frame to good eating habits, but really is addicted to laxatives? Bethenny Frankel

20. BUZZFOTO 07/06
This young star, who is swearing he is actually a very good and chaste young man, is actually anything but. We hear that he is sleeping with the wife of one of his handlers, and she is also a good deal older than him. Not Zac Efron.
Jesse McCartney

Could it be that a certain gay blade has shaved off one beard and grown another? It's one thing to hang out with that friendly filly who has known her way around a queen or two. Now he's clinging onto a more desperate dame who, if I'm not mistaken, never met a gay man she didn't like. His undeniable charms have worked pretty well in the past - his breakthrough happened when he focused on a guy mentioned in this very column. That time, he landed a series. The only thing that could happen with this bitch is he'd shrink half a foot and lose all his hair.
Bradley Cooper dated Jennifer Aniston, dating Renee Zellweger (the height and hair remark refers to Kenny Chesney)...supposedly got his first role through dating Victor Garber .

22. BLIND GOSSIP 07/06
This annual party has lost its exclusive edge over the years, but since its for charity, we’ll be kind. Despite his recent relationship troubles, this controversial young guy spent a lot of time at the party with a girl who appeared to be his date. She is known in her genre, but isn’t quite as mainstream as the girl from whom controversial guy is currently estranged. She must have partied harder than observed, because once out in the parking lot, she opened the car door to heave out the side, and then slammed the door and drove away. It’s a pity that she couldn’t enjoy the party sober.
Chris Brown (estranged from Rihanna), Teyana Taylor (P Diddy's White Party)

I guess she would be considered an A list actress. So few actresses are given the opportunity to open movies, but she has. Almost always movies. Rarely television. It needs to be special. Anyway, over the weekend she had a little bit to drink and there was a guy at the party who had a little bit to drink and he made a comment about her anatomy. She didn't hit the guy, but only because two people stepped in between them when she lunged at him.
Charlize Theron

Which buff actress took a break from pumping iron in the gym to slip outside for a cigarette?

25. BUZZFOTO 07/07
We so hope this is true. These two A/B list celebrity pals are now all grown up and have both been successful. We hear that back in the day when the two were just getting started, one actor was secretly sleeping with the sister of the other actor. The actor to this day, still doesn’t know! No one associated with Leo Di Caprio.
Jeremy Piven and John Cusack

This B-/C+ movie actor is married to a B-/B+ television actress. Over the past few months there have been some rumors swirling that their marriage is in trouble. The husband even had to spend several nights away from the family home when his wife kicked him out because she thought he was cheating. This has been a huge shock because everyone has thought they would stay together forever. Not just the public, but their friends and family as well. Well it turns out that the husband wasn't cheating at all and that the couple were being played by a D list movie actress (you will never guess her) who is in the husband's latest movie and a few of her pap friends. The D list actress wanted some publicity and started telling everyone she could think of that she was sleeping with the husband when she wasn't. Then the paps got into the act by spreading the rumor and it got back to the wife who told the husband to not come home for a few days because even she believed it. At some point the wife called one of her close friends who is frequently stalked by paps. A few questions were asked and the next thing you know the wife discovers none of it was true and she and the husband make up. The problem is the rumors will not go away and are spreading and multiplying. The only good news is that the D lister has not got the publicity she has wanted.

27. BLIND GOSSIP 07/07
Don’t expect to see any new photos of this paparazzi favorite this week. She will be in hiding for several days and is not expected to give a public statement with the reason. While some may report that she is having cosmetic surgery - or spending several days holed up with her acting co-star - the real reason is much more down-to-earth. She got a bad sunburn this past weekend, and no amount of makeup can make her look photo-friendly. She will emerge from hiding when she no longer looks like a lobster in drag.

Which young actor from a highly profitable movie franchise may appear lucky with the ladies, but can only manage to raise his wand for the fellas?
Daniel Radcliffe

29. BUZZFOTO 07/08
Which D-list Celebrity male left their dog in the hot car for 20 minutes while getting groceries? Shame on him! Not Kevin Federline.
Sean Stewart

What barely hanging onto A list married movie actor who is always Mr. Macho was seen, umm, how can I put this, getting serviced by a male assistant director on his latest movie. The trailer for the actor was unlocked and a production assistant walked in and now everyone knows. I was shocked when I heard it because I had never heard a peep that he leaned that way. Ever.
Russell Crowe; Bruce Willis; Sean Penn

31. BLIND GOSSIP 07/08
This music celebrity is well past their prime, yet still seems intent on ingratiating themselves into the Michael Jackson story. They managed to score a ticket to the Michael Jackson Memorial Service. While there, they started grabbing every camera crew in sight, introducing themselves, and claimed that Michael Jackson was practically a son to them, and they were practically a parent to him. Even more fantastically, they also claimed to have discovered Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5, and to have personally coached Michael in his unique singing and dance style. It’s hard to believe that a person so close and important to the Jacksons was not invited to any of the gatherings involving the close friends and family. Perhaps it’s because they invented the story to make themselves feel important. No, it’s not Diana Ross.
Dionne Warwick

Which musically inclined young celeb has been dubbed - behind his back, of course - "Lip Gloss" because he always puts it on before hitting a red carpet?
Zac Efron

Which television star called off her wedding the night before the nuptials? She changed her mind after having a sexy fling with the best man.

34. BUZZFOTO 07/09
This celeb family went for a little swim along with another celeb family for a nice day at the beach. It was fun and wholesome, until one couple accidentally got too close to the other couple in the ocean, who happened to both be relieving themselves in the water. It was embarrassing for all, but mostly for the couple who decided to make the ocean their own personal toilet, and to do it together. We know we just had pics of this, but it is not Halle Berry.
Cruises and Beckhams

1. This Mom/Manager is determined to get her son’s career back on track. She is using every public event and happening to make sure her son is there performing. His personal life is a mess. She wants the focus to return to his singing and performing.
Usher's mother

2. Is this Superstar really ready for her comeback? Her handlers are concerned about her continued erratic behavior. Whitney Houston

1. Which New York fashion designer's indiscreet wife likes to tell dinner parties about the first time she had sex with her husband? Apparently the passion was so intense, he sweat his black hair dye onto the pillow.
Roberto Cavalli

2. Which former male model and calendar favorite's career switch into being a singer doesn't seem to have worked out? He's currently listed on a gay prostitution web site serving Las Vegas. Quentin Elias

What former Golden Globe Best Actor nominee has fallen so far down the acting ladder that earlier this week he was forced to audition against 50 other actors for a fast food commercial?
Tom Hulce

38. BLIND GOSSIP 07/09
We were out hiking on a remote section of popular hiking trail last week when we turned a corner and ran into the female star of a well-known TV drama. Having had some business dealings in the past, we stopped to exchange a few words. While we were standing there chatting, the celeb lit up a cigarette. My friend asked her if she usually smoked while exercising. Without hesitation, she responded that if smoking was bad for her heart and walking was good for her heart, she figured that if she did the two simultaneously that they would cancel each other out and she would be healthy. It’s tough to argue with that kind of logic.
Katherine Heigl

39. POPBITCH 07/09
This American teen TV star's fall from grace has been documented all over the celebrity weeklies recently. But perhaps the saddest thing behind-the-scenes is that the actress doesn't think she has any real friends so her entry into the London party scene was to try to lose her loner's reputation - instead she descended into a drug spiral.
Mischa Barton

One Poison-Vanilla Blind Vice: Our superfamous naughty couple today is by no means as interesting as Hard-Nipple Nick and his megastar wife. Quite the opposite, in fact. Sorry! But get this: It's high time everybody met Jerry Rock-Butt and Chutney Jones—an insanely gorgeous duo. The stars (one A-List, one B-List, sorta) have been dating for a couple of years now and they're the epitome of dull, dull, dull. Bland expressions when they're out together, same routine dinners, blah blah and more blah. Yech, already. But it wasn't always that way, we assure you: JR-B has always been a ladies' man, and has quite the track record of bedded A-List hotties. Not that he always made it to a mattress, but you get the general idea, I'm sure. Oh, and these exes of Jare's never let him lose his hard-partying ways. They were supersmart about that—quite unlike how stupidass (tightass) Chutney's being with Jerry now. See, Rock-Butt is no druggy—don't get us wrong. But when he's out with the boys or in a crazy mood, he doesn't mind dabbling in the occasional Hollywood party favor: coke. J will do a couple of lines here and there, just to help him get his dance and flirt on. But Chutney isn't having any of that. Not that we condone drugs here at the A.T., but C.J. is just as pissed that Jerry does blow as she is that Jerry has fun! She's such a stick in the overly coiffed spa mud, and she sure as hell isn't any fun to take out—and that, of course, means Mr. Rock-Butt shouldn't be out and about either, so Chutney thinks. Well...let's just say Jerry's been sneaking off to Vegas a bit more than usual, as a result. Sin City is where Jare gets all his sins outta his system, fer sure. And we think Jerry has had it with his leecher girlfriend. They've been on rocky ground for a while, and studly J is starting to miss the nightlife and bevy of hot female fans. And trust, this sexalicious guy could have practically anyone. Guys or girls. But he chooses the latter, despite his metro-esque appeal. Here's hoping JR-B ditches the douche ball and chain and goes back to the single life. Preferably for his first love. Now they were a fit like no other. And It Ain't: Sean "Diddy" Combs, Ryan Phillippe, Emile Hirsch.
Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

#1 - This female reality judge on an A list reality program is getting paid to endorse a product. The product has a very limited budget for publicity. It is about $200,000 for an entire year. Our reality star spent $20,000 of it in one weekend on hotels, room service and the long distance calls of her agent.
Carrie Ann Inaba

#2 - This C list movie actor in a blockbuster summer movie paid for his date to be at the premiere. As in she charged him by the hour paid. She looked it too.

#3 & 4 - This age inappropriate booty call relationship had another episode when our B listers hooked up again. The guy does movies and television but has made his fame on one television show. The woman does primarily television but does a movie when someone is dumb enough to pay her. Jeremy Piven/Hayden Panettiere

42. BLIND GOSSIP 07/10
This actor is part of the ensemble cast of a current television show. You don’t usually see him in the tabloids because he has a wife and kid/s and is quite low-key in his personal life. However, if those tabloids knew what he was really up to, they might start following him 24/7. He has been having an extra-marital affair with a barely legal actress who appeared on his show. You wouldn’t recognize her name, but you would definitely know his. This bad boy should watch his step before his wife finds out.
Peter Facinelli

43. PAGE SIX/NY POST 07/10
1. WHICH online columist is so aggressive about getting on TV that one network warned its male talent to keep a distance from her while she visited LA to cover the Michael Jackson story? She's already slept with several men who could help her career.
Sandra Rose

2. WHICH wife in the middle of a nasty divorce is secretly dating a successful businessman? The affair, if it went public, would complicate the litigation, and her hot-tempered husband can be scary. Stephanie Seymour and Peter Brant; Robyn Gibson and Mel Gibson; Kelly Rutherford/Daniel Giersch; Nas and Kelis

Which media star who impregnated his mistress is said to have another girlfriend infanticipating?
Mel Gibson; Lil Wayne

Which teen movie star blabs to his co-stars about how many ladies he is currently bedding, when he actually prefers to swing the other way?
Daniel Radcliffe; Chase Crawford; Taylor Lautner

What sleaze ball celebutard who is a waste of space and a criminal was at a party in the past week and spotted putting something into the drink of a woman. He claimed ignorance, grabbed her drink, chugged it down and then left the party.
Nick Hogan

47. BUZZFOTO 07/13
This star known for her good looks more than her acting ability has a celebrity boyfriend. They’re on and off for the cameras all the time, but let’s say for today’s sake, that the two are very much together. We wonder what he would say to the fact that she is pursuing a foreign singer with everything she’s got. We suspect it’s not for a relationship, but because the singer isn’t responding how she would like and she’s used to having her way. Not Vanessa Hudgens.
Megan Fox/Brian Austin Green or Shia LaBeouf/Rain

48. BLIND GOSSIP 07/13
This actress loves short skirts. She’s not an ingenue anymore, and they are not appropriate for most of the roles she plays, so she doesn’t wear them all that often herself. However, she is very quick to tell other women she sees in short skirts how great their legs look. Oh, and here’s the really creepy part: If she gets a positive response to her comments about a woman’s legs, she will often follow up by asking the woman if they are wearing underwear or if they’re going commando.We wonder if her man knows that she spends time focusing on other women’s fashion choices and physiques.
Drew Barrymore

Bonus Blind! Man-Slut McNugget Returns! Crawley McNugget is back, but don't worry, his sleaziness hasn't gone anywhere. Remember Crawley? The little TV star that could? He racks up bedroom conquests about as fast as he blows the lines out at night. After all, when are sex and drugs not one in the same in this skanky town of Hollywood? FYI: Because of the drug factor previously mentioned, that's why we can't just reveal to you all who this seemingly not-so nice guy is, but since we're feeling kind today, we'll offer superfab clues. 'Cause C.M. has now schlepped his schlong and STDs to the perfect place, teaming with fellow and impressive sluts: Vegas. The 'Nugg decided to take his game to Sin City recently. And no, he didn't run into Jerry Rock-Butt there. Cee prefers to keep his posse full of movie stars, instead. Anyway, Crawley was having a fab time out clubbing, hitting on girls left and right, natch. Most of them fell for his semi-fame bait. Except one. See, C.M. likes the chase as much as anyone else, so when his not-so-smooth "you do know who I am?" (no joke) lines didn't work on this par-tick smart babe, he'd finally had enough. "You know what, fine. If you're not going to sleep with me, then see that girl in the red dress over there? Your friend? I can take her up to my room and bang her right now if I want!" And he did. Talk about classy. Jeez, some friend, huh? Not sure who's the sleazier turd here? But whatev. Seriously, how are some girls so damn gullible? This fair-haired guy isn't ugly by any means, but he's clearly a douche prick and crab-friendly asshole. Is bedding someone semi-famous that worth it, girls? Yuck. Maybe C.M.'s turning more into his TV character than we thought. And it Ain't: Tony Romo, Penn Badgley, Bradley Cooper.
Kevin Connolly

Which lazy actor hired someone to do his college homework? Learning apparently does not do a body good. James Franco

Which openly gay TV star likes to show off his stuff at the gym by walking around sans towel - and referring to himself as "porn-worthy?"
John Barrowman

52. BUZZFOTO 07/14
We’ve heard this B/C list celebrity tried Meth last weekend, and has been doing a lot of it since. Why do people do this disgusting and terrible drug? This celeb might be doing it to overcome a recent breakup. Not Lindsay Lohan.
Jessica Simpson; Vanessa Minnillo

53. BLIND GOSSIP 07/14
There was a party last weekend, and this movie actor arrived in a glum mood. His girlfriend, who is also in the acting biz, had just broken up with him for the second or third or fourth time. After a few drinks and lots of attention from the ladies, however, our actor began to cheer up. And after a twenty-minute private consultation in the restroom with two of those ladies, he was positively grinning from ear to ear.
Brian Austin Green (Megan Fox); Justin Long (Drew Barrymore)

So, imagine if you will that you are a teenage girl and you have the opportunity to meet your male tween singing crush. Someone who comes from a singing family, but not as famous as the other part of the singing family. Imagine you meet this crush and he chats you up and before he leaves for the night he gets your phone number and you also make out a little bit. So, your tween crush goes on tour but while he is on tour he calls you and calls you fairly frequently. You really think he likes you and so when he asks you to meet him in another state you agree. Of course your mom doesn't agree to let you go alone but says she will go with you. The tween star is ok with that and so you make plans, buy tickets (cheap bastard) and book hotels. You get down there after having spent all that money and he stands you up. No call no nothing and you never hear from him again.
Aaron Carter

Talk about high school. This television show on a non traditional network is headed towards a meltdown. It turns out that one of the bigger stars coming into the show has been basically ignored since the middle of last season. Unless there are lines being spoken, no one talks to this actor. He hasn't pulled a diva or done anything wrong, it's just the rest of the cast doesn't seem to like him or maybe it is something about him. It has got so bad that he just wants off the show and out of all their lives.
Tristan Wilds/"90210"

1. Which household-name NYC designer, who has dressed and befriended that unbelievably hunky, married, singing-dancing actor, is telling pals that actually yes, he is indeed gay?

designer: Marc Jacobs
actor: Hugh Jackman

2. Which bi coastal businessman who used to date that internationally famous model-actress (who's now engaged to someone else) says that she's completely nuts? That might be because of her largely-unreported-on fondness for the booger-sugar. Vladimir Doronin/Naomi Campbell; Andre Balacz/Uma Thurman

57. BUZZFOTO 07/15
Which heiress and sometimes TV star has been taking pregnant horse urine injections to lose weight? The radical diet that can only be found in Europe also asks that you keep it under 500 calories each day while taking the injections. Nope, Not Paris Hilton.
Tori Spelling

Which reality TV star isn’t speaking to his best bud after getting stood up at Diddy’s White Party in L.A.? He’s raging after waiting all day for his pal’s call to meet up, which never came.

59. BLIND GOSSIP 07/15
Which actress has resorted to extreme dieting to drop some extra weight? She may have gotten a little depressed after her last film didn’t do well, because she stopped exercising and started eating foods that would normally never pass her lips. Her diet plan now consists of less than 1000 calories a day of organic fruits and vegetables and a special soy drink. She is also exercising several hours a day in an extremely hot environment. Sounds like a recipe for disaster to us.
Nicole Kidman; Gwyneth Paltrow

Which grungy young starlet's idea of a good time is getting stoned with her ex-hippie parents?
Kristen Stewart

Which now-married (but then-engaged) starlet hooked up with her geeky dreamboat of a co-star on the set of their film? Wisely, they frolicked in a soundproof room.
Scarlett Johansson/Bradley Cooper; Scarlett Johansson/Kevin Connolly

62. POPBITCH 07/16
1. Photos of which current celeb-magazine hate-figure are circulating showing her on a night out, with the spunk of a reality show contestant over her clothes?
Bianca Gascoigne

2. Another sometime tabloid hate-figure was seen at a Reverend & The Makers gig openly taking lines of cocaine at the bar with his friends. At least he wasn't the one jacking-off on the star above.

63. BUZZFOTO 07/16
These two Celebs who have been known to feud and criticize one another publicly are trying to mend their ways. We hear there have been calls and cards sent with apologies. The problem is, one of the stars is still having a hard time getting over the fact that the other star slept with her boyfriend back in the day. Not Angie Jolie.
Paris Hilton/Nicole Richie/DJ AM

What millionaire NBA All-Star has a shrew for a wife. Last night at the after party for The ESPY's she kept telling anyone who would listen about how she hired an illegal immigrant couple to take care of their house and yard and kids and pays them just $10 an hour total. Remarkably enough the answer isn't Vanessa Bryant. I wish it was.
Shaunie O'Neal, Shaq's wife

1. Why can’t singers stay in their lane? I Can’t Get A Decent Movie Role Because All The Singers Are Taking Our Spots. A lot of Hollywood Actresses are expressing their concerns about acting roles being snatched up by Singers and Rappers.
Nia Long

2. This Celebrity Husband is such a joke. He gets to spend his wife’s hard earned money, but he must do as she says. Even when he has to pick up other women for her!  Stephen Belafonte ("Scary Spice" Melanie Brown)

66. BLIND GOSSIP 07/16
Of course everyone is excited to discover who will get an Emmy nod later today. What is far more interesting, though, are the preparations being made for one potential non-nominee. Her staff is gearing up for the worst. They have removed all breakables from the vicinity, and have a bottle of valium at the ready. They have also instructed all non-essential staff to check the nominations before coming in to work so they will know whether they should wear regular work attire or riot gear.
Tyra Banks (ANTM); Katherine Heigl; Salma Hayek

67. HOLY MOLY 07/16 **#1**
A mole writes: I Met him on a night out with James Hewitt and the girls... at the Mandarin Oriental Bar. James and I bought him a scotch and I ended up in his room with a best friend of mine who later left. The Hollywood actor started crying in front of me - asking me if I 'could be the one' and telling me we looked similar and had the same eyes. He kept asking me why his fiancée (another megafamous person) was not at home/returning his calls. He asked me to call him 'daddy' in bed and ended the evening with a bowl of Rice Krispies and chardonnay.
Owen Wilson/Kate Hudson

68. HOLY MOLY 07/16 **#2**
Which UK female solo singer has been fucking her way through her road crew? (Clue: not Susan Boyle).
 Lily Allen; Joss Stone

69. HOLY MOLY 07/16 **#3**
Which member of this British boy band became obsessed with the Pamela Anderson/Tommy Lee video when it first got released in the Nineties? He liked one particular bit and spent ages watching and rewinding, watching and rewinding (with a bit of wanking thrown in for good measure). This created a pretty unhealthy obsession with the "shaven haven" which bordered on fetishism. The younger the owner, the better (but not too young).
Tom Fletcher of McFly

70. BLIND GOSSIP 07/17
Two celebrities in this one. He is one of the stars of a cable series. She is an young actress who has done both movie and television work. He is married. She is single. They had an affair. He got tired of her and tried to terminate the relationship. However, she didn’t give up. In fact, she’s been pursuing him harder than ever. She calls and text messages and emails him constantly. The messages are ratcheting up both in number and intensity. She’s threatening him. If he doesn’t get back together with her she’ll go to the press, to his wife, or to the police. Why the police? She’s underage, that’s why. We just know he’s going to come home one day to a bunny boiling on the stove. Peter Facinelli

What sexy cougar refused to attend an event until was she assured that the guest list included a variety of hot young men?
Sharon Stone; Kim Cattrall; "Real Housewives" Kelly Bensimon

One Sneaky, Sell-Out Blind Vice: Last time we heard from evil and conniving Shafterella Shoshstein, that bitch was checking out on her man, who was so famously checking out on her. Only nobody knew about the former, crafty thing she is. Now, S.S. has moved on more openly—and how. Ms. S-squared has all the tabloid world thinking she's just dreamy and perfectly content with her new man, only nothing could be further from the truth. What is the real deal with Shafterella, you ask? Well, not only does it not always involve the classiest kinds of guys (think real Crawley McNugget material here), but wouldn't you know it, S.S. also likes to have over supercurvy and very......femme babes to her Beverly Hills pad whenever she can. You know, for tennis and myriad other athletic activities that involve sweaty thighs and skirts as short as possible. All the while, the lemming-like readers so faithful to ass-kissing People and similar rags, think Shafterella's all happy-butt with her dreamy man. Like I said: That's hardly accurate, as S.S.'s man is much more content shacking up with his dude, anybody confused yet? Oh, don't you know, it's just another day and story in the annals of fake-romance Hollywood, where publicists and agents (seriously, no joke) are still putting together these ersatz romances like it's the damn '50s. All so their clients can supposedly make bigger paychecks—and therefore, these 10 percenters do, too. Everybody wins in the end, right? Wrong. What about when these faker-jokers have kids? What then? It's one thing for Shafty and her dumb-crap gay BF to sell themselves out, but what, for instance, happens if Shafty and her partner do get married and have kids, what do you tell them? Shafty? Superpastel tennis hair band got your tongue? It Ain't: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Venus Williams, Demi Moore.
Reese Witherspoon

#1 & #2 - This crown prince of the celebutards is married to a B list movie actress with A list name recognition. To impress his friends, our celebutard likes nothing more than to whip out his cell phone and show them naked pictures of his wife.
Cash Warren and Jessica Alba

#3 & #4 - This married B list movie actress has seen her career slowly slide to the point where she is more likely a C. It is only her looks and her name recognition that keeps her hovering at that B line. Anyway, she has been in this space before and one of the times she was in this space was to discuss her foreign companion who has always helped support her before and during her marriage. Anyway, now she is taking those same skills and has put them to securing herself a role in this A list director's next movie. She thinks his movies will put her on her way to the A list. The fact that the director is married doesn't bother her in the least. She wants to be in that movie and will do anything to succeed. Catherine Zeta-Jones/Steven Soderbergh "Cleo"; Kate Beckinsale/Chris Nolan "Batman" project

74. BLIND GOSSIP 07/17
On The View this morning, the ladies were interviewing Jeff Daniels and Lauren Graham about their new romcom "The Answer Man" , when Whoopi Goldberg told this story: "Periodically, you hear about actors who meet the loves of their lives… they say they’ve met a young lady who doesn’t know they are… and I’m thinking of one actor in particular… who was so thrilled that the woman didn’t know who he was that he went out with her and subsequently married her." Jeff Daniels asked "Who?", and Whoopi responded "I’ll tell you backstage." Who was she talking about?
Nic Cage

75. HOLY MOLY 07/18
Which TV chef had to nip round to a computer shop to bail out his daughter, who had just had her card declined after trying to buy a ton of equipment - only to find his card in the same situation? Seems Gordon Ramsey isn’t the ONLY foodie in a spot of bother.
Marco Pierre White

76. PAGE SIX/NY POST 07/20
1. WHICH troubled starlet got her first big break on TV by sending the producer a tape of herself having sex with another girl? The producer thought the ploy was so original, he cast her instead of dozens of other ingénues?
Mischa Barton

2. WHICH perennial bachelor princeling should be more careful? While His Serene Highness was cavorting on a yacht in the Mediterranean with a hunky guy, he thought the servants on board would keep their mouths shut. He was wrong. Prince Albert of Monaco

77. BUZZFOTO 07/20
What young and spoiled musician, was set to perform a sold out concert to young fans but cancelled at the last minute? His management decided the conditions weren’t ’safe’ so he refused to perform, causing some of his fans to cry and the venue to lose a lot of money on refunds. Not Jesse McCartney.

In the next three months, a hit cable series' lead -- a character I think we'd all agree could be described as an anti-hero/ine -- is going to be shot. In the chest. Repeatedly. By a relative! Out of nowhere! I know, right? Wait, there's more... When the episode, which may or may not be the season finale, ends, our victim's prognosis, natch, will remain up in the air. So who's the soon-to-be-barely-moving target? I'll give you a hint: The show he or she is on is either Nurse Jackie or Burn Notice. Or Rescue Me or Mad Men. Or True Blood or Weeds. Or Entourage or The Closer. (I didn't say I was gonna give you a big hint.)

79. BLIND GOSSIP 07/20
She is a very famous movie actress who normally is very thin. To play a specific role, she was asked to put on approximately twenty pounds. Through a vigorous training program, including lots of food rich in carbohydrates, she managed to put on the twenty and then some. Now she is too fat for the role. Sigh. To take off a quick five, she is drinking lemonade made with organic lemons, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper.
Kate Hudson

This is a funny D list movie actor who used to be B list and has been in this space before. Somehow someone agreed to marry our actor and he is engaged. I'm guessing she is not really into him and is more into women. How so? Over the weekend, our actor was approaching various young women and begging them to have a threesome with the couple because otherwise she was very reluctant to have sex. He didn't find any takers. Oh, and this one will be revealed, but you shouldn't have any problems figuring it out.
Pauly Shore

Which indie starlet secretly has a house decorated entirely with "Alice in Wonderland" paraphernelia?
Evan Rachel Wood

1. Which cheating designer humiliated a "model" date he brought to a party when he was still supposed to be married to his wife? Having paraded the poor girl in front of his friends, he turned on the aspiring model and told her she was too fat, couldn't "walk" (meaning the runway), and "looked like [bleep]." His New York pals were mystified by the crass behavior.

2. Which NYC socialite and fashion plate didn't tell her son she left for a European vacation while he is at summer camp in New England and begging to be brought home? As camp rules forbid the lad sending e-mail, she has her assistant scan his letters home and send them to her BlackBerry as an attachment. Countess Luann deLesseps

83. BUZZFOTO 07/21
This A/B list comedian Actor did a cameo on a popular children’s program that is famous for it’s celebrity guest spots. The actor did a tremendous job on screen, but what might be considered mildly inappropriate was the fact that he was completely high the entire time. You might even be able to find the clip on the net! Not Vince Vaughn.
Jack Black

84. BLIND GOSSIP 07/21 **#1**
There’s a tough guy actor in Hollywood whose name is well known. He has a sequence of moves that he makes on a woman. If he is interested in you, he’ll first send you a text or email or leave a phone message to the effect of "I can’t bear another day without you". Once he gets your address, he will then send you a stuffed teddy bear and some flowers. If you subsequently become intimate, he will insist that you call him some sort of bear nickname in bed. And to top it all off, if he really likes you, he will tell you that he would be happy to grow out his chest hair for you.
Mickey Rourke

85. BLIND GOSSIP 07/21 **#2**
The attorneys have finally hammered out an agreement! We’re finally getting close to the announcement of a split of this couple. Have you noticed how few photos there have been of them together lately? Half this couple is on a project that requires travel. The other half joins them fairly frequently, but it’s really just for the sake of the child/ren. They both have outside relationships. He has a new - albeit temporary - boy toy that his boyfriend is not too happy about. She has an extra man in her life but is afraid to be seen with him before the announcement. No need to feel bad for her, though. She is will be doing a happy dance soon enough. Dance, girl, dance!
Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes

This married B list actress from a hit network drama who dabbles in movies is cheating on her unsuspecting husband with a producer from her most recent movie. That relationship isn't that serious, but it is still cheating. You would think her husband would catch on since the only time she generally wears her wedding ring is when she is physically with her husband.
Eva Longoria

Both former "It" girls, both around the same age, both with body issues, both experts at denial, both f-cked up, and they found themselves together one night in a limo, not alone, accompanied by assistants and business agents and other Hollywood hangers-on, and of course cranked up on something, and touching led to feeling led to stroking, led to … The slightly more famous of the two on her knees, head between the legs of the other, totally givin’er, as the others sat by awkwardly, and the recipient with her head thrown back totally enjoying it even though, in showbiz, to receive doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a preference. To give however… well… suffice to say, the pleasure dispenser has very much established herself.
Lindsay Loha/Paris Hilton or Mischa Barton

This actor is C list. He is on a hit cable show right now but was doing primarily movies before this role came along. I expect he will keep climbing the ladder but incidents like the one which happened this past weekend will probably not help. Our actor was at a party and was snorting meth and coke and whatever else he could find. He then left the party with a friend. The car was blocked in by another car illegally parked. The friend went back inside to find the owner of the car. When the friend came back out with the owner they found our actor standing with the drivers side door open and marking his territory throughout the car. He then proceeded to get his ass kicked by the owner of the car.
Thomas Jane

89. BUZZFOTO 07/22/09
Which A list, aging celebrity who has had the same mistress for years, actually invites her to events with his children and grandchildren. His wife sometimes attends, and sometimes doesn’t. Not Al Pacino.
Rober De Niro

Whenever I can write about Coke Mom it is a great day. For a few weeks there I really thought she was going to get on the path of goodness and right, but in the end she went back to her nose candy ways. Coke Mom had been missing for a few weeks. You didn't notice though did you? Where had she gone? Rehab. Yes, she finally decided she needed to go. She didn't go because she felt like she had a problem. She went because her husband said there was no way he would consider getting her pregnant in her current condition. So, off she went for a few weeks and when she returned she stayed clean for it must be, two, maybe three days. So far her husband hasn't figured out she is back on the powder. Everyday she has been going to her meetings. On the way to her meetings though she has been stopping by her dealer's home and enjoying a few lines, and on the way home, just a couple more. So far it hasn't extended beyond that so maybe there is still hope. Let's just all hope she doesn't get pregnant anytime soon.

91. BUZZFOTO 07/23
This Blind comes from a reader who told us about the time they got to hang out last summer with a certain Reality TV hottie. Our reader says the guy was lots of fun, and very cute and liked to party! They did say that they stopped hanging out with him when they realized how racist he was. According to the reader, he said the ‘N’ word all the time and was constantly making racist jokes. His entourage would laugh and encourage him. Not so classy after all. This confirms from another source what we’ve already heard before about this guy. Not Spencer Pratt. Brody Jenner

This R&B singer is trying to hide his secret. He won’t come out of the closet, and he keeps having breakdowns on stage. He is currently dating a transvestite, but he is still not comfortable with his life.

93. HOLY MOLY 07/23
Which singer from a huge pop/rock beat combo spends the majority of his interview time selling his religious, clean living, happily-married lifestyle. This is becoming quite amusing to the person who has to sort out his gargantuan ‘fruit and flowers’ bill. He calls his drugs batfood apparently. Can anybody tell me why? I’m quite naive you see.
Brandon Flowers; Chris Martin; Dave Matthews

Which male actor makes his chauffeurs want to drive off the road? He prays and snores loudly throughout every ride — and even spits on the seats. It’s really not pretty.
Mickey Rourke; Mel Gibson

One Debauched, Drugged-Out Duo: What a Hollywood pic of enviable and domestic bliss we have in the very handsome couple that is Snort-Up and Sass-Bitch Summerland. I mean, babes, they have it all: heaps of good looks, great bods, he's got a pretty stand-up career as an actor (Hers? Less so), they both have very beautiful hair and tons and tons of family loot. What's not to be jealous of? For starters, the fact that they screw around on each other, right and unsafe sex left, they scream and yell at each other, he takes more drugs than Sienna Miller chases after married men and he can't keep a friggin' job 'cause he's doin' so much of the blow these days! Yeah, everybody really wants to be them, uh-huh. But folks are wondering, why does Sass-Bitch stay with Snort-Up, as his highly visible philandering is a flagrant disregard for their agreement to have "discreet" encounters with others. Her reason? "They're both waiting for the next installment of his family inheritance to come in," says a friend who knows the couple well. "They don't care about each other; it's the money they're concerned about—that's it." Wow. Really healthy reason to stay together, huh? I mean, even the Gosselins know it's best to split up, regardless what ratings cash comes their way. Oh, and another thing: Snort-Up's notorious GF? They keep breaking up, over and over, only to get back together just as often. And guess what keeps reuniting them? It ain't Snort-Up's loot, I'll tell ya that much (she's got her own). "It's the drugs," says the Summerland's mutual friend, who knows Mr. Summerland's mistress also quite well. "They do piles of coke, have tons of sex, come down, break up and then start the whole thing all over again. Meanwhile, the wife's just off spending all their money." Mrs. S's obviously not investing in rehab for her hubby anytime soon, 'cause the dude would probably divorce her the sec he sobered up! It Ain't: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, Julia Roberts and Danny Moder.

This is probably one of my all-time favorites. I have heard so many things that nothing really gets my jaw to drop, but this is one that did. Then I started thinking about the participants and I was like yeah, yeah, I could see that and sure that person is a freak, but it is still really juicy. So, anyway there is a husband who is a C list movie actor. Honestly, he may even be a D, but he has B list name recognition and is married to a permanent B list television actress with A list name recognition. Well, it turns out they like to get their freak on with this other couple. Yes, exactly like it sounds. They swap. The other couple consists of a guy who is definitely D list and does primarily movies now. As for his name recognition? Not that great. His girlfriend on the other hand is a B list movie and television actress not exactly known for being super friendly even to her boyfriend. She had a very short term boyfriend prior to the D lister but he wasn't up for the game so she dumped him and went with the D lister she could control. This foursome has been kept quiet for about a year, but the D lister has started telling a few people who have told more and it isn't so hush hush anymore. HINT: #1 and #2 are divorced now; #3 and #4 are married now; #4 is probably the biggest star right now but #2 is still the biggest name; I shudder thinking about what #1 does now
#1 - Married C list movie actor: David Arquette
#2 - Married B list actress: Courteney Cox
#3 - D list guy: Dax Shepard
#4 - B list move and television actress: Kristen Bell

This B+/A- movie actor had a great relationship with his C list movie actress co-star on one of his recent movies. It didn't lead to anything romantic for them, but the actress did invite her sister to the set. Well one thing led to the other and the next thing you know the sister of the C list actress was pregnant. When our actor found out, he dumped the sister and is saying the child isn't his. It made for a VERY tense time between the actress and the actor on their recent promotional tour.
Jude Law
NOT Rachel McAdams' sister

98. BLIND GOSSIP 07/27
Some actresses battle with their weight. Not this one. For her, it’s an all-out war. Our actress is a svelte size 4, but she has a little black notebook into which she records every bite of food she eats. She calculates the portion size, calories, carbs, protein and fat. She also records every minute of exercise and how many calories she burned. If her net for the day is over 1200 calories, she cuts back the next day by that exact amount. If her net for the day is under, she allows herself one Oreo cookie as a reward. One. If you’re wondering why she is so tightly wound about food, it’s likely because her ex - also an actor - used to constantly tell her she was fat compared to other actresses, and then later rather cruelly dumped her.
Brittany Murphy/Ashton Kutcher

99. BLIND GOSSIP 07/28
Which half-jock couple isn’t telling the truth about their breakup? Both parties are sticking to the same story: it was mutual and they still really, really care about each other, but their careers forced them to spend too much time apart. LOL. Not even close. The truth is that he was a dog. Not the cute, cuddly type you carry around for a photo op. No, he was the two-timing, non-condom-wearing kind of sinner. She wound up with an STD that he picked up from one of his pickups. No, it’s not Paris Hilton.
Kim Kardashian/Reggie Bush

100. BLIND GOSSIP 07/29
This actor has some interesting grooming habits. Every Sunday, he methodically clips his fingernails and toenails. He then plucks his eyebrows and clips his nose hair. Here’s the really weird part: He collects the castoffs, and keeps them in a box with four small compartments, one for each type of remnant.

This C+ list movie actress set to launch herself into the big-time with an upcoming popcorn flick complained of food poisoning after a recent meal. It is quite likely the longest case of it ever as it has been going on for almost a week. The real reason she is sick? Withdrawal from heroin. She can't get it where she is traveling.
Rachel Nichols

1. Which promising U.S. designer had his career cut short and had to beat a hasty retreat home when he was unable to repay a large cash loan to his European mentor?
Christian Siriano

2. Which T.V. actress and fashion spread regular used to feed herself before she made it by stealing restaurant gift certificates from goody bags when she used to work backstage at celebrity events in Los Angeles? Kristen Bell

103. POPBITCH 07/30
Which Oscar winning actor has used this as a chat-up line? "Why don’t you to come back to my trailer and let me impregnate you? Think about it – 20 grand a year for life."

This B-/C+ movie and sometime television actress was at a recent party. Not a big deal. She was drinking shots at the party. Again, not a big deal probably but it depends who you ask. She then proceeded to start taking body shots off other women. Then, just when you didn't think she could drink anymore, she started doing lines of coke off males or females on any part of their body they put it on. God I love this town.

105. STAR MAGAZINE 07/30
Which blonde former teen singing-acting sensation hooked up with a woman twice his age? Even though he’s young, his cougar fling is bragging that he was experienced beyond his years.
Aaron Carter; Jesse McCartney

106. BLIND GOSSIP 07/30
This television actor just ordered up some women’s lingerie from a well-known store. Included in this lot were several pairs of size 8 panties. Since his wife is a fairly tiny woman, we can only think of two equally important explanations for the order: either he’s having an affair with a real-sized girl … or the panties are for him.

107. BLIND GOSSIP 07/31
This well-known actress has talked before about her Catholic upbringing. What she hasn’t talked about is the frequency and timing of her sins. She is usually fairly well-behaved during the week. However, every Saturday night, she crams in enough debauchery (drinking, smoking, drugs, men) to make a sailor blush. She explains that this way there’s only a few hours of guilt she has to experience before she can hit up the confessional in church on Sunday and be given a clean slate in exchange for a few Hail Marys. No, it’s not Britney Spears.
Megan Fox

1. This Diva is always being guided by her husband. Is it because she has a drinking problem, and needs help keeping balanced?
Mary J Blige

2. This Hip Hop Mogul is so full of himself he doesn’t mind dining alone as long as he has a picture of himself to look at. P-
Diddy or Russell Simmons

Twilight Blind Vice: Terry Tush-Trade's Freaked: What a mess Terry Tush-Trade feels overwhelmed by right now, both professionally and personally. If only someone could shake Terry's well-coiffed little head and say it's all OK, you've got the world before you, fans are quivering at your gorgeous toes—you have nothing to worry about, sweet stuff! But Terry just doesn't see it that way, not at all. Result: The good-looking Twilight franchise performer is sinking further and further into checking out, via booze and drugs, nothing too heavy right now, but we all know where that getting-high road leads, right? Dammit, get it together, Tush-Trade, before it's too late! Pressure to perform for Summit in top-capacity isn't the only thing troubling TTT. As we told you before, Terr-bear's got a little lovin' secret (actually not so secret) that's already creating pressure for the beauty. Not to mention affairs of the heart from both sexes pulling TTT strongly. And now, to add to that very Toothy Tile-esque endeavor, Terry's getting piles more directions from Summit on how to act, what to say, what not to say, don't go there, don't wink this, don't utter that—Terry's goin' nutso in the process! Therefore, Tush-Trade's mode of response has become increasingly... Soaked in the 80-proof stuff, not to mention smoking this and popping that, just to keep it together. Oh, if only everybody concerned (mainly you, Summit, you chastising corporate spoilsports) would let Terry be the natural bisexual lover Tush-Trade was born as. I mean, certainly didn't hurt Angelina Jolie any, right? She finally chose a mate to settle down with, once she was allowed to romp and roam on whichever mattress she chose. And good for her! It's one of the things we admire about Jolie, that she never hid her sexuality, something Terry's dying to do, as well. But Terry keeps getting told, "Pull that one, and you're on the next train to Rachelle Lefevre-ville." And we all know where that is: totally the wrong side of the career tracks...for now, at least. Fight back, Terry and Rachelle, you can both change the world! It Ain't: Rachelle Lefevre, Ashley Greene, Billy Burke.
Jackson Rathbone; Kellan Lutz

110. LAINEY’S GOSSIP 07/31
He’d strayed before with a civilian but she can handle a civilian. Their most recent rough patch however was a result of his affair with a gorgeous one hit wonder. Professional and personal lines all tangled up, especially since there was already some history between the two, and it was a humiliation that pushed the marriage to the brink. They took some time away from each other and re-evaluated and while it comes as no shock that she was willing to preserve the white picket fence his decision to end it with his paramour did surprise some who thought he was done with that life. In the end, there is still a lot of love there. And they are doing what they think is best for the kids too. All’s well now. For now. 3 famous people involved.
Gwyneth Paltrow/Chris Martin/Natalie Imbruglia

This week I got a 4 am call from someone I had not seen in about a year and a half and she was just chatty chatty at 4 am. I am not chatty chatty at 4 am and tried to hang up about 10 times. She would have none of that and kept talking until there was no chance of falling back asleep. At that point she hung up. Well, she has a long history on this site, and was the subject of one of the very first long blind items. I think it is time we had another look at Vixen. November 2006: This item is extremely juicy, but also very long. I was going to make it two separate small, blind items, but decided to combine them and just make one big one. Also, I think someone needs to come up with some definitions for A List - D List celebrities. To set the stage here, this all takes place in Malibu so look up which celebs live there and that will give you a head start. We have a vixen who is mid to late 30's who might have been A list for about five minutes. Faded teen starlet who hit it big on tv, but now is strictly movies (when she can get them) who tries to stay in the mix but really lives well beyond her means, especially considering her lack of work and lack of marriages. As far as I know she has not been married (EL laters changed that to had been married). Along comes her neighbor, a nice 16 year old boy with a typical surfer look (my client), but a dad who made it very big in the music business as a producer and has been married and lived with multiple women many of whom are very well known actresses. 16 year old boy gets arrested for possession of cocaine and dad wonders where kid got it as dad has been clean for a very long time. It turns out it was given to him by Vixen the neighbor lady who has introduced Surfer Boy to the wonders of the white powder and has also introduced him to other intimate activities. Surfer Boy thinks he is in love of course and dad is pissed to say the least. Surfer Boy starts discussing things he has seen at the house which explain how Vixen has managed such a nice place to live on a little amount of film and tv work and no live in or former husbands around. It seems that everyone in this little neighborhood knew to come to Vixen for all their pharmaceutical needs and Surfer Boy has not only seen who was coming in and out each day, but also how often and how much they were buying. Surfer Boy originally told the police he got the coke from a friend and would not give up the name. It was not until he and dad came to my office that the whole story comes out. This is a no brainer and we call the DA and Vixen is arrested. If you look hard enough you will find the arrest in the newspaper. Surfer Boy makes a deal and is shipped off to New York to be with his mom and away from Vixen. Meanwhile Vixen is so far up the pipeline that she cuts her own deal of which I am not familiar with the details. I do know that within 48 hours of her deal the Mexican police acting with DEA officers made a sweep in the LA area and on the California/Mexico border. The VERY interesting thing about this is that Vixen kept very good records and also paid taxes on her earnings. The records have some very interesting names and it is those names that helped her stay out of the public eye during this, EXCEPT for the actual arrest. The people Vixen was supplying were not only celebrities who often paid with funds from their employers, but also maids, drivers, bodyguards, etc. and Vixen knew who each was buying for. Surfer Boy escaped from New York (wasn't that a movie?) and actually was found the next day at Vixen's house (next door to dad--well I never said he was smart) Vixen's corruption sexually of the boy was never made an issue, but dad made it an issue at that time so Vixen found a new toy and Surfer Boy went back to NY with a broken heart where he has subsequently (within the past couple of months) been photographed with a VERY A list female but with no idea of how it came to be. They should have read it here first.

TV starlet: Yasmine Bleeth
Music business producer dad: Lou Adler
Surfer Boy: Cisco Adler
Surfer Boy's very A list female: Mischa Barton

112. THE SUDS REPORT 07/31
1. Which daytime superstar is regretting switching soaps? Well, with the exception that the married Emmy winner is benefiting from sleeping with his untalented co-star?

2. Which west-coast diva gave birth to a bastard child and gave it up because her husband found out about her affair with another man?

3. Which controversial recast plans on quitting her show because she can’t believe she signed on a show that is about to be cancelled?

4. Which east-coast ingénue is hated by her entire show? And when I say everyone — I mean everyone but a network executive. Crystal Hunt "One Life to Live"

5. Which gay soap star recently had sex with his straight co-star? And now his straight co-star is demanding more? Jacob Young

What politically wired Hollywood producer is said to have a serious drug problem? Though he has enough money to afford a mountain of coke, party pals say it's meth that's given him sunken cheeks and hollow eyes.
Brian Grazer

114. BUZZFOTO 08/03
This A/B list father we hear, for one reason or another, is going to be the subject of some breakup rumors with the mother of his children. Apparently, there are some rumors floating around and some people that want to sully his reputation. The rumors will be directed mostly towards him and there will be speculation that he hates his home life. We have it on good authority that these rumors are actually not true, and this good dad actually is a devoted father, loves his partner and kids and enjoys the whole family scene. Not Brad Pitt.
Liev Schreiber

What grieving brother is carrying at least two pens and a stack of headshots to sign for fans when they approach him? His only problem is that despite him probably being the best known brother no one is coming up to him asking for his autograph or headshot. He is ready though.
Jermaine Jackson

116. BLIND GOSSIP 08/03
This actress gets paid plenty for her current television gig. However she apparently doesn’t always carry cash with her. She stopped by a popular food truck for some lunch recently. When her food arrived, she discovered that they wouldn’t take her debit or credit card. She actually pulled the old "Don’t you know who I am?" routine in trying to get the proprieter to let her walk away with the food with a promise to bring the money the next day. The owner refused. The actress began pouting and whining. Finally a kind stranger stepped up and paid the owner. The actress offered her autograph as payment, but the good samaritan refused. The actress simply said "OK, well, thank you!", grabbed her food, and left. We still don’t understand why she didn’t offer to send the stranger the money, which is probably worth more than her autograph anyway.

What Pitchfork-magazine indie-music darling swears he doesn't drink, but was seen in Brooklyn Friday night downing martini after martini? Of course, he's also said he's following up his 2005 hit album with 48 albums more along the same theme and that hasn't exactly come to pass either.
Surfjan Stevens

118. BUZZFOTO 08/04
We love it when we get juicy pieces of info like this. Okay, so this couple was together for a long time (In Hollyweird years), and even though there are rumors that they split because he cheated, we hear he was a super jealous boyfriend, especially when it came to past flames of our starlet. Now that he’s kicked her to the curb, we hear that one of our starlet’s old flames has agreed to do a few rumored hook-ups to help give a little payback to the cheating ex. Even though he dumped her, the cheating beau was particularly seething jealous over this other ex and seeing the two hook back up, is going to drive him crazy. Oh sweet revenge. Not Kim Kardashian.
Jessica Simpson/Tony Romo/Nick Lachey orJohn Mayer

1. Which TV veteran and noted celebrity fashion critic trying to sell her ornate Manhattan apartment might want to hold back on the gilt? Guests at a recent party complained that a recently-applied coat of gold paint on some of the flashier furniture was coming off on their hands and clothes.
Joan Rivers

2. Which emaciated Housewife might want to hold back on the cocktails if she's going to be so skinny? The Bravette was so drunk at a Hamptons restaurant last Friday she spilled her (hardly touched) bowl of pasta on herself. Bethenny Frankel

120. BLIND GOSSIP 08/04
We thought that this former singing star made a small fortune during their time on the charts in the 1990s. After all, every time you see them out on the town, they are behind the wheel of a different late model luxury car. It turns out that none of the cars actually belong to them. After having a couple of cars "reclaimed" by a heartless bank, they are now forced to use their local rental car agency. Guess they didn’t put away some money for a rainy day.

Which wacky celeb is certainly no angel when it comes to her hobbies? This hostess holds drawing parties for her gal pals - complete with a nude model and lots of alcohol.
Drew Barrymore; Cameron Diaz

122. BUZZFOTO 08/05
Which hardworking and talented mostly Television Actress often buys her whole cast and crew lunch, just to be nice? Not Teri Hatcher.
Tina Fey

This B list cable television and sometime feature movie actor recently took part in a contest with an organization which allowed for several lucky winners to meet him at an event. Everything went fine, but our actor seemed to spend a great deal of time focusing on one female fan in particular. He focused in on her so much that they ended up having sex in his dressing room at the event. What neither of them realized at first was the walls in the dressing rooms were paper thin. They finally realized it when they could hear the people in the surrounding dressing rooms laughing at them because the actor kept asking the fan during sex if she liked f**king a star.
Jeremy Piven

124. STAR MAGAZINE 08/05
Which Hollywood hubby has been cheating on his pregnant wife with a teenager? He’s definitely known as a cad, but even for him, this is ridiculous.

125. BLIND GOSSIP 08/05
Most of the relationship gossip lately has been about breakups. Here’s one about a couple that’s about to reconcile. They’ve certainly had their troubles in the past. To say he treated her badly would be an understatement. However, both of their careers have been dampened by their being apart, and they believe that both their stocks will rise if they reconcile. Expect there to be a lot of hoopla around their reunion in the next few days. Personally, we think they are both SO stupid and hope they don’t get into an exclusive relationship again.
Tommy Lee/Pam Anderson; Rihanna and Chris Brown; Jessica Simpson/Nick Lachey or John Mayer

126. POPBITCH 08/06
Which fashion designer was set up on a date with a model by an actress who used to be nicknamed The Coke Fairy at Cartier Polo day? The designer left with the model in his limo, looking very happy.

model: Matthew Williamson
actress: Anna Friel; Neve Campbell; Naomie Harris
Coke Fairy: Kate Moss

127. BLIND GOSSIP 08/06
This entertaining woman is well-known for being funny and controversial. Although she has done work for the big screen and the stage, she is most well known for television. It should come as no surprise that her behavior in her private life is as volatile as that in her public life. Her partner has finally had enough and has headed for the exit sign. They have both been extremely quiet about the split, and our star is very sad to be on her own. We are curious to see to what they will do about their mix of kids, especially those who are related to one parent but not the other.
Rosie O’Donnell

128. HOLY MOLY 08/06 (British blog)
Which martial artist is fond of a little ladyboy action? This person has been in the news a lot the past couple of weeks - can you guess who it is? "I met **** in July 2006 in Thailand at a Thai Boxing camp in Phuket called 'Tiger Muay Thai' where he was the local MMA instructor. He was a general tosser and whilst we were out clubbing one night at Tiger Tiger in Patong, he hooked up with one of the local lady-boys... this became a regular habit of his during that summer (I was there for a few months). He even bragged to my boyfriend that he "doesn't know what he's missing"... and the other guys that they should "give it a go". He obviously likes 'Chix with Dicks' and the whole tranny look - perhaps that's why he's gone for [sssnniiiiiiiiiiip! - Ed]"
Katie Price's fiance Alex Reid

129. BUZZFOTO 08/06
Which actor who has been known to say some questionable things about his wife publicly, even if it’s well-meaning, blabbed to our source that he is secretly in love with his sister-in-law? Not Kevin Bacon.

Morgan Mayhem Strikes Again! Most featured Blind Vice babes just guest star in this blolumn, but Morgan Mayhem's practically a series regular here at the Awful Truth. Truthfully, she should be happy for the work, especially since she's favored her drama and drug addiction over any semblance of a once spot-on career. We're almost falling asleep at Morg's predictable downward spiral, and it looks like she's bored, too—she's looking for a change. Not in lifestyle, like sobering up finally and screwing her head on right, but in drug choice. M2's party days of dipping her nose in the white stuff just don't thrill anymore, which may be why she turned to meth (Wonder if she and Emma Uh-Oh ever hung out in the same crystal-abusing circles?). Morgy got bored with that, too, and has moved onto something entirely new to stick in her bod. And it's deadlier than blow or meth, if you can believe it: If Michael Jackson's death can be used as a cautionary tale, Morgan Mayhem's new fave things, prescription drugs, are the most dangerous things to abuse. Why? Well, (a) they're easy to get and keep getting, as long as you get that first prescription, and (b) abusers don't exactly consider themselves to be abusing drugs in the naughty sense of the D-word, since they got 'em straight from a doctor. A medical "professional" gave them to me, so it must be OK! Right? So wrong. Morg's constantly up on Adderall, among other happy pills. Some wouldn't be surprised that the unfocused honey's got ADD, but this is strictly for recreational use as opposed to anything M2 actually needs—gives her a much-mellower high as opposed to an anxious tick like blow, and she can actually get some work done! Girl can actually fake being sober a lot better than she could before, which only encourages her to keep pill-popping like mad. But deep down she must know something's not right, since she still tries to hide her habit from everyone around her. But she's not always successful: M2 was just caught red-handed with the script stuff by her dearest friends—the paparazzi. Spilled all over the sidewalk, reds, blues and purples falling out of her purse, M-hon scrambling to pick them all up. She begged her photo friends to erase the pics, which they did—and they would, if they wanted Ms. Mayhem to keep calling them whenever she goes out on the town. So can't anyone help poor Morgan? Anyone? And It Ain't: Kristen Stewart, Hayden Panettiere, Mischa Barton.
Lindsay Lohan

131. BLIND GOSSIP 08/07
You would think that once someone quits a job (or is fired from a job, or doesn’t renew a contract on a job), that it would mean that the negotiations are over. Um, not quite. Both the producers of this television show and one of its stars are still talking, and that talk includes numbers. So folks, that means that although the press releases have rolled out, the negotiations dance goes on behind closed doors. Both parties are enjoying the headlines that it’s producing. They are even considering letting viewers vote via a toll-free number as to whether the star should stay or go. In any case, our star has another job waiting in the wings, so s/he might actually get the last laugh by winding up with two jobs when this is over.
Paula Abdul "American Idol" and "So You Think You Can Dance"

#1 - At The Grove on Monday this former right on the cusp glasses wearing A list movie star and now a solid B in movies and television was walking with a woman past some tables set up outside a restaurant. At each table someone would stop him and want our actor to pose for pictures. Each table. He never stopped smiling and posed patiently for each person.
Jeff Goldblum

#2 - At the Four Seasons on Sunday this controversial magazine publisher had a multi-hour brunch while his bodyguard/driver never moved an inch from a separate table five feet away. When someone would walk up to the bodyguard he would talk and converse but his eyes never left the table of his employer. Larry Flynt

#3 - Also at the Four Seasons on Sunday this former C list television actor with a very bad past drinking problem which basically got him booted from a hit network drama didn't touch a drop of alcohol even when it was offered to him. Lane Garrison

#4 - At Chateau Marmont on Sunday an impromptu dinner party for 30 was held to honor this Olympic Gold medal snowboard winner and frequent skateboarder. Shawn White

#5 - FYI - The grieving brother was also at The Four Seasons this past Sunday. Jermaine Jackson

133. THE SUDS REPORT 08/07
1. Which Emmy-winning diva refuses to congratulate her co-star on her historic nomination?

2. Which iconic daytime character was about to revealed to be a lesbian but the network nixed the idea? Too bad — it would have made A LOT of sense!

3. Which head writer is painfully sensitive when people criticize his stories?

1. This Celebrity Wife can take all the sexy photos she wants, but her husband is not coming back to her. Despite their family, he doesn’t miss her.
Usher and Tameka

2. This Celebrity Couple should leave a certain Rapper alone. He knows all the wife’s business, and it’s about to get messy. Mariah Carey/Nick Cannon/Eminem

3. This Couple has been ordered to stay apart……. but guess what? They are back together, and have been for some time. She’s addicted to him. Chris Brown and Rihanna

135. PAGE SIX/NY POST 08/09
1. WHICH elderly print journalist is deep in the closet and trolls Craigslist for younger men? When one asked him what he does for a living, he replied, "Write nonfiction books, news (can't I be a little discreet?)."

2. WHICH unmarried Hollywood couple have an open relationship? He's been sleeping with a much less attractive actress, but she prefers women anyway.

3. WHICH reality-TV starlets swing both ways? The 20-something co-stars were kissing at a recent getaway and stayed together in a hotel room.

So, there is a very popular cable television show. One of the stars of that show is probably a B lister just based on longevity in the business, but in reality is probably a C lister. She was in a recent movie with this A list movie actress and they had a special relationship if you know what I mean. Special as in clothing optional special. Well, it was the first time for our C lister, but apparently not her last as she has now formed a special bond with one of her female B list co-stars on that cable television show. And when I say special bond, I mean a clothing optional kind of bond.
#1 - C list actress
#2 - A list actress
#3 - B list actress
#4 - Television show of C & B list actress.

137. BUZZFOTO 08/10
Which Fame-Hungry starlet is claiming to be bisexual for attention and to further sexualize her image? Being drunk and making out with other girls at a party to impress the male guests, really doesn’t count as sexual preference, but she’s decided to use it to make her sound more sexy. Not Angelina Jolie.
Megan Fox

138. PEREZ HILTON 08/10
What blonde actress was sooooo drunk when leaving gay bar The Abbey in West Hollywood on Sunday that she popped a squat and urinated outside the establishment??? Hint: Her name is not Earl! Sadly, there were no paparazzi there to take pics.
Jaime Pressly

1. Which it girl with a prominent lineage, famous for her friendship with a gay designer, is infamous for sitting down with that designer and three friends and being offered first dibs on five lines of cocaine? After sucking up all five lines, she threw back her head and announced: "Momma's here!"

2. Which wealthy, drug-addled former singer still likes to shoplift from designers like her old friend who got into so much trouble with Marc Jacobs? Courtney Love/Winona Ryder

140. BUZZFOTO 08/11
About five years ago this star was in rehab. About five years ago this star hooked up with someone in rehab. This person is now claiming to lawyers that their child’s daddy is our supposedly sober star. We wonder why the woman would wait this long to reunite her long-lost family. No more information on this, but we’re sure a little internet search can give you proper timelines. Not Robert Downey Jr.
Colin Farrell

It is not quite up to the same level as Coke Mom, but I definitely think this mom is headed in that direction. The reason I say it isn't as bad as Coke Mom is because this divorced C+/B- movie and television actress who has had some very meaty roles doesn't actually use coke in front of her child as far as I know. I mean she might but her child is a little older than Coke Mom's child so would probably remember it. Our actress has always had a very solid career. If you saw her you would know her instantly even if you didn't know her name. The problem is that her coke use has got so out of hand that she missed three straight auditions for what would have been her biggest role to date. She would have been the lead in a popcorn flick but instead it went to someone else and so now our actress is stuck in a movie no one is going to see, playing essentially the same character she always plays. Oh, and since you read this far, if you see a picture of Coke Mom lately she has the crazy eyes. Those big huge how the hell do pupils get that big kind of look. Oh, and forget trying to talk to her. She can't stand in one place for longer than about 30 seconds.

One Bonus Cherry-Poppin' Blind Vice: Darlings, you have no idea how much we wish we didn't have to make this hot little gem a Blind Vice. But our E! attorney, a nasty little bitch from New York who hasn't had any action since Britney was a virgin, insists the veil must be dropped. Oh, whatever. Still, it's hot 'n' dishy! So let us introduce you to Me-Me Dallas and Tobey Yum Yum, two up-and-coming celebs who we know are going to be B.V. regulars—like Morgan Mayhem, but tons sexier and more fun! You can tell that Me-Me is dying to be bad; she always seems to be getting herself into hiccup after hiccup. And as for Tobey, we've always known he was a troublemaker, but for some reason Mr. Yummy has been able to fly more under the radar. Blame the dimples. Anyway, this stormy couple had a very thundering moment a year or so back. They were working on a TV show together, and neither of them were quite as virginal as they try to tell you they are... See, Me-Me and Tobey took a break together out in M's trailer, and let's say everyone on the set got an earful of just how much these two cuddly teens hunger for and adore each other. More importantly (and so adoringly), they decided to be each other's firsts. There. And. Then. On a stage set! For the whole crew to listen to! And everyone on-set heard exactly how well that undertaking went down. And up. And in the middle and sideways... We feel incredibly perverted writing about this, but it just had to be shared, don't you think? I mean, particularly since both parties couldn't wait to tell everybody else that what they heard was, uh, what they heard. And It Ain't: Dakota Fanning & Chris Evans, Taylor Momsen & Chace Crawford, Camilla Belle & Joe Jonas.
Demi Lovato/Sterling Knight

143. BLIND GOSSIP 08/11
This aging rock star was recently spotted out and about holding hands and affectionately cuddling with a much younger woman. It turns out that it was actually his daughter-in-law. Because she is unknown, he is occasionally able to convince people that she is his latest conquest. He will do anything to be perceived as young and hip. The daughter-in-law is not too pleased to be used as a prop, but she is afraid to say so, as she doesn’t want to be responsible for her husband being cut out of the will.

144. BLIND GOSSIP 08/12
Although the budgets on quite a few television shows have been cut over the last year, the principal actors still usually earn many multiples the salary of the show’s staff. That’s why it’s rather curious that one actress on a popular ensemble show seems to be economizing by raiding the craft services table. She makes frequent trips to the table, always taking two or three times as much as she plans on consuming, and stuffs the extra items in a bag which she takes home at the end of the day. Perhaps she’s planning on having the munchies later.

145. BUZZFOTO 08/12
Which two A Listers were giddy the other night after meeting another famous actor. Our source says that after the meeting, the two couldn’t stop talking about it. Not Reese Witherspoon.
Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt/Sidney Poiter

This foreign born, married B-/C+ movie and television actor just missed out on what would have been his big break. A lead on a great television show that was canceled. He has always been thisclose to moving up a notch on the list. Well, his actress wife is also a B-/C+ but she is on the downswing of her career and older than her husband. Anyway, the husband has got the role of a lifetime he is about to begin shooting and his wife saw a role in the movie as a chance to try and resurrect her once promising career. In public the husband was all for it, but in private he worked behind the scenes to make sure her part went to another actress because he wants the focus to be all about him and not about a husband and wife on the same movie. His wife still doesn't understand how she went from having the part one day to it being offered to another actress the next.
Antonio Banderas/Melanie Griffith

147. STAR MAGAZINE 08/12
Which singer is such a diva that she wears bright red lipstick to bed? She recently made her hubby go out at 10pm to get a replacement tube of her favorite shade.
Christina Aguilera

148. BUZZFOTO 08/13
At a party last night, this Celebrity couple was completely ignored by everyone at the party. They sat at a table by themselves, and no one chatted them up or gave them a second look. The celebs ignored them the most, but even the wait staff and fans weren’t interested in talking to them. Funny, because this couple is all about attention. Not Nicky Hilton.
Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag

Although it pains me to admit it I guess this aging television actress is B list. It is more because of her show than any real acting talent on her part. I mean it is a hit television show. Anyway, our actress has child/ren and because of that our actress found herself at a recent concert by this tweener star. Of course they went backstage. The actress and the tweener started flirting and the next thing you know they were having sex together in her hotel room. Luckily the next morning when the child/ren came into the room, the couple wasn't actually having sex, but still, very awkward. The tweener can't stop telling everyone about that night. And no it wasn't any of the Jonas Brothers. They are all pure. Haha (Nelson from The Simpson's voice)
Vanessa Williams "Ugly Betty"

Which scorned reality star is in talks with a major R&B singer to have a faux relationship — just to improve her image? Kimberly Kardashian/Usher

151. PEREZ HILTON 08/13
What two-time Oscar-winning actor was looking around to buy cocaine in Santa Barbara this weekend????
Sean Penn

152. BLIND GOSSIP 08/13 **#2**
This quirky curly-haired actor has some odd eating habits when he goes out to a restaurant. He will only drink bottled water from which he can personally removed the cap. He also picks up his plate of food and smells each item before he begins to eat. All of the food on the plate has to be separate. If any of the foods on the plate touches another food, he will send the plate back.

Is this female Celebrity ready to come out of the closet? She is hanging out with her female friends and doesn’t seem to have a care in the world--.hmmmmmmmm! Queen Latifah

One Naked-Googling Blind Vice: Handsome enough, Fruzzy Tuna-Stench has never really had much of a problem with the ladies—that's because they usually don't tip each other off! Take a recent conquest of Fruzzy's, a babe who was so delighted to have found herself in Mr. Tuna-Stench's Hollywood Hills home, she wanted to squeal! Oh, my! And they'd only been dating for a bit, she thought, and he's already taken her into his private and storied man-quarters, such an achievement! So there they are, the gorgeous brown-locked luscious one and her very, very famous bed partner, writhing away on the famous actor's oversize mattress. Tops off? Check. Jewelry off? Check. Then off fly the undies, too, so hot! And there before our lucky gal lies the utterly nude, quasi-sculpted bod of Mr. Fruzzy... Whose endowment our darling sex-horned babe cannot wait to devour and jump on—and dine away she does, impressive, horny girl! Only problem is…Mr. Fruzzy's private parts aren't exactly responding in kind. Something's wrong. Our sexed-out source wonders, Is it me? As she's a knockout above all knockouts, highly unlikely. Disappointed with the fun foreplay stuff, Fruzzy's bed partner decides to just jump ahead to the main course, and go ahead and let daddy have his entrée right away, maybe he's just not a nooky appetizer kinda guy? Just strictly a meat and potatoes dude maybe? So they assume the position. And, well, nothin's happenin' in that department, either. Alas, Fruzzy just can't get it up, and the amorous evening of promising love bites is a bust. Utterly depressed, our disappointed babe watches as Fruzzy, still naked, gets up and walk into his den, where he stays for some time. So she decides to follow him, wondering what's up. And guess who's sitting at a computer Googling himself without a stitch on? Best part of all? Finally something had arisen—and it wasn't just the poor girl's irritation. And It Ain't: Bradley Cooper, Stephen Moyer, John Mayer.
Gerard Butler

Which recently single celeb wasn’t so faithful to her last boyfriend? She’d been sleeping with a big-name hip-hop artist for the last four months of her relationship.
Rihanna/Chris Brown/Jay-Z; Kim Kardashian/Reggie Bush/Kayne West

156. BLIND GOSSIP 08/14
Unless you are using a private trainer, most people in California belong to one of just a couple of gym chains. Since the gyms primarily service locals, it’s not unusual at all to look around the room and see some famous faces. Nobody really makes a fuss about it. Except when this certain male star of an action franchise chooses to do bench press and do squats. Is he garnering attention for the massive weights he uses, or his perfect form? Nah. It’s just that he wears a pair of slightly baggy, slighty high cut shorts… with no jock underneath. Dude, it’s too much information. We don’t want to watch your junk while wee work out. Pleaes consider tucking your twigs and berries into some sort of athletic support device in the future.
Vin Diesel

#1 - This A list director passed out during a premiere of his latest movie. When people tried to help him out of the theatre they noticed he had wet himself and his seat. Nice.
Quentin Tarantino "Inglourious Basterds"

#2 - This very good looking C+ list movie actor who doesn't work as much as you would think was in a convenience store. There were two people in line in front of him and after waiting patiently for about two seconds pushed them out of the way and said he needed to go first. When the clerk told him he would have to wait his turn, our actor screamed and yelled and then walked out. He opened the door so hard that it broke off its hinges. Jason Lewis (Samantha's boyfriend on "Sex and the City")

#3 - This isn't so much of an example as bad drug behavior but it is drug related. This A list country music singer with a sterling reputation is also a huge meth dealer. Well actually it is his road manager that does the dealing. Our singer just gets the majority of the profits. Dierks Bentley

#4 - This B+ reality star and sometime actress has her very own diet plan. She is so pleased with it she wanted to try and market it. She actually approached her agent and said, "I have a great diet plan and I want to sell it." "What is it?" the agent asked. "It's this pill called Adderall. I take it and then I am not hungry for days." Heidi Montag Pratt

158. THE SUDS REPORT 08/14
1. Which two GH actors are angling to sign on with Dancing With The Stars?

2. Which Emmy winner will be returning to her alma mater very soon?

3. Which east-coast actress is pissed with her lack of screen time?

4. Which west-coast writer is furious with a certain star?

Which D-list relationship recently ended when the gal found out her man's secret vice was boy-on-boy action?
Derek Hough and Shannon Elizabeth

160. BUZZFOTO 08/17
This aging Celebrity Actor, (and we mean aging) on the East Coast took two girls home with him the other night. Our source can’t confirm exactly what went down, but both young ladies left his home the next morning in a private car in the same clothes they had on the night before, looking very tired indeed. Not Steve Martin.
George Hamilton

I guess this guy is a reality show host. The show is not really scripted although it does manage to usually bring out the tears. Anyway, the host likes to make it seem like everything on the show is all his idea when actually it is a team of people and he shows up for five minutes and takes the credit. He is also trying to sell the ideas that the other people have created and pass them off as his own.
Ty Pennington "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition"/Sears

162. BLIND GOSSIP 08/17
This TV actress put on a few pounds (six, to be exact) while her show was on hiatus, but now that they are back in production, she is desperate to lose weight quickly. She has begun a diet of 800 calories a day consisting only of the following foods: chicken, brown rice, non-fat yogurt, and blueberries. If you are assuming she eats the first two together, and the second two together, you’d be wrong.
Eva Longoria-Parker

163. BUZZFOTO 08/18
This celeb couple have been on the rocks lately. The female is taking the brunt of the gossip and getting criticized quite a bit for her behavior. Maybe everyone should give her a break. We hear her wacky antics are due to her dealing with a recent miscarriage. Not Vanessa Hudgens.
Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz

This C- list actress with B list name recognition used to be a B or B+ movie star. She then got into drugs and basically withered away her career. It happens. She had begun making a comeback last year but had to drop out of a movie because she needed surgery. What kind of surgery? Because of her past nose candy use, her entire nose had to be reconstructed and then had to have surgery on both of her cheeks as well. After taking almost an entire year off to recover she is back working and is in a big fall movie.
Brittany Murphy

165. BLIND GOSSIP 08/18
You would think that in the Internet age it would be very difficult for a well-known person to fabricate their history. However, that is exactly what this youngish multi-hyphenate has done. She is approximately five years older than she claims to be, and she did not grow up in an upper middle class neighborhood, nor go to private school. She has been known to dabble in some unsavory substances that are in direct contradiction to her public persona. Perhaps as long as she maintains A-list status she has the power to convince people that her alternate identity is the truth.

1. Which curvy celebrity with a lucrative fragrance deal and defunct fashion line doesn't like to admit she's packed on a few pounds since the height of her fame? Her assistant has learned to ask for labels of a smaller size sewn into the fashion samples she calls in for her famously tempestuous boss.
Jennifer Lopez

2. Which fashion designer's bicoastal (and quite possibly bipolar) husband hasn't quite kicked his addiction to nicotine? One former employee recalls being on a private jet with the hot-tempered power-player just after it took off for the five hour flight to the West Coast, when he pulled out a cigarette and asked one of his flunkies for a light. "Nobody had one," recalls the former peon. "We were terrified. We seriously considered asking the pilot to land in Kansas or somewhere so [redacted] could get a light. We were all like -- 'are we fired?'" Harvey Weinstein/Georgina Chapman

What A-list actress, always movies, may be finding it harder these days to afford her much admired clothes and style as her career has stalled? She took not one, not two, but TEN irreplaceable 1950s vintage couture dresses from the set of her last film. The LA rental house who supplied the dresses was of course paid replacement value and damages by the embarrassed production, but next time you read about this actress on the red carpet in "an amazing vintage couture gown she chose herself", feel free to point and laugh.
Renee Zellweger

168. BUZZFOTO 08/19
This Actress is trying hard to be a supportive wife. She’s sat back to let her husband further his career, and has tried hard to stay home and be a good mom and wife, putting her career on hold. She enjoys being a mom and we hear is glad to do all that comes with it, but the problem is, she is the better money maker, and coupled with her man’s mounting legal/gambling debts, it looks like she’s going to have to go back to work soon. Not Katie Holmes Cruise.
Julia Roberts

169. BLIND GOSSIP 08/18
Even though cameras seem to follow reality stars constantly, there are still many incidents that never make it to your small screen. For example, it wasn’t until recently that you learned that this reality couple split up last year, but continued to act like a couple for the cameras for at least eight months after the breakup. With the encouragement of the show’s producers, they covered up the truth for the sake of ratings and dollars. Jon and Kate Gosselin

Here’s another example: It seems that one star of the same show was involved in a hit and run last year, but managed to completely skirt any legal ramifications. She hit a parked car, causing substantial damage, but continued on her way without stopping. Well, witnesses wrote down the license number - which was not difficult to remember as it was a vanity plate - and the police soon came knocking at her door. According to two different neighbors, the reality star began yelling "I did not stop because I’m a public figure! You can’t charge me, I’m a public figure!" Despite this admission of guilt, she was never charged with a crime, nor was it ever mentioned on the reality show. Fast payouts to the municipality and to the car’s owner may have had the effect of soothing ruffled feathers and rumpled fenders. Kate Gosselin

1. Which slightly horsey yet sexy young actress is a lesbian, gamely accessorized with one of those perennial girlfriend-slash-assistants? What does that say about her boyfriend? Anne Hathaway; Jessical Biel

2. Which soul legend approves outfits after being presented with drawings of them in a size two? (If she says, "Uh-huh," her designer proceeds to make them in a size 2000.) Aretha Franklin

3. Which Broadway diva who didn't get the part in that movie musical eventually telegrammed the legendary composer with, "Liked the movie. Wish her music had been better served"? (His sardonic response: "Who asked you, you fucking cunt?") Patti LuPone/Stephen Sondheim/"Sweeney Todd"

4. Who once introduced herself to a theater actress by saying, "Hi, I'm [so-and-so], star of [Disney spoof movie]"? Who asked you, etc., etc.? Denise Richards "Scary Movie 3"

5. Which hunky '70s tennis star used to like three-ways with women, one of whom he would charmingly ask to insert a dildo in his butt? (I guess the other one kept score.) Bjorn Borg

171. MICHAEL MUSTO/VILLAGE VOICE 08/18 **6 - 10**
6. Which blonde movie star starts every shoot by scanning the set to see who's looking at her (and therefore who wants to play fill-the-nacho)? Cameron Diaz

7. Which brother who has achieved his own measure of success is a creepy egomaniac, according to some who have worked with him and don't really care to again?

8. Which actress who was once married to that biggie tells gossip-seeking friends, "I'm not allowed to talk about that based on the terms of our agreement," rather than say the much simpler, "No, he's not"? Nicole Kidman/Tom Cruise

9. Which flamboyant promoter orders lube by the crate? Does Costco really sell lube?

10. Which '60s pop group supposedly started out as harmonic hookers in the projects? The Dixie Cups

172. MICHAEL MUSTO/VILLAGE VOICE 08/18 **11 - 15**
11. Which married nonfiction book writer who everyone thinks is gay actually isn't? (In fact, he's quite the hetero horndog. What's the world coming to, people?)

12. What married rocker with big hair spurned that superstar's attempts to bed him years ago because "I can't fuck anyone who sweats a lot and smells even worse than I do"?

13. Which designer gets plowed raw by his boyfriend? Marc Jacobs

14. Which actress was just caught doing drugs with a friend in the bathroom of an East Village bar, an act that makes perfect sense if you consider her TV show?

15. And this one will surely become the intelligentsia's favorite for some time to come: What one-named star used to eat pussy at the Playboy mansion to feed her then-insatiable meth habit? Huh? I'm waiting! Fergie

173. STAR MAGAZINE 08/19
Which comedian’s not-so-funny sexual comments caused his costar to walk off the set of their upcoming film? The crew found it hysterical, but the target had to be begged to come back.
Russell Brand/Gemma Arterton

1. I’m Tired Of Spending My Money! This is the reason this top athlete is reconciling with his celebrity girlfriend.
Reggie Bush/Kim Kardashian

2. Will the most powerful Woman in media ever come out of the closet? Hmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!! Oprah

3. This Oscar Winner is not living up to expectations. Oscar Winners don’t take nude pictures of themselves for the public to see. Jamie Foxx

175. BUZZFOTO 08/20
This Celebrity has a TV obsession. Although this well-known actor has been in plenty of blockbusters, he’s obsessed with the show he once made a cameo in. CSI. He can’t get enough of it and has seen every single episode. We also hear he reads crime novels on the side too. Not Danny Bonaduce.
Kevin Federline

One Stalled-Salami Blind Vice: OMG, two heterosexual Blind Vices in a row! What's the world coming to? And guess what? This installment, just like last week's horror, is also about a supposed lady-killer who just somehow finds himself not really able to follow through—in every sense of the word. Here's what went down, or rather, didn't: Horace Hum-Brow likes to play up his slightly nebbish, dork-dude appeal. It's certainly worked for the sorta good-lookin' horndog in the past, as Horry bags babes (entirely of the female variety, no Toothy Tile-type here, for sure) all the time. So much so, these femmes don't really have time to compare notes; they're all so busy getting pissed about his all-too-often abrupt departures and then his requisite brush-offs thereafter. He's a real skank, this one. But guess what? Horace's questionable bedroom MO is finally catching up with him! Some of his castoff gals have now convened, and guess what sexual failing Hum-Brow's exhibited for each babe in question? Well, it turns out... Horace must still be oh-so excited about all the tail his boob-tube fame gets him because once he's entered his partners, that's where it all stops. Uh, what do you mean, exactly? "He just goes in and parks," complained one pretty sweetheart who'd had the misfortune of having a brief affair with Mr. Hum-Brow, whose famous name is probably what reels in half his conquests. "I thought maybe it was just a one time thing," added our between-the-sheets source. "So I tried it again in the morning, and then bam! He parked again! Just goes in and doesn't do a damn thing. It's awful!" Regardless of the circumstances of coitus frozenitis, this much is clear: HHB doesn't try to please his partner in any other fashion, either. He just sort of nonperforms and then gets outta there! Über-douche! Jeez, bro, what's your prob? Premature ejaculation? Not really into girls after all but keep trying to convince yourself otherwise? Or are ya just doin' the typical male thing and not caring about your partner at all? In any case, don't think you're gonna have so many babes to disappoint pretty soon, 'cause they're all stating to blab...about time, too. And It Ain't: Jeremy Piven, Jerry Ferrara, Kevin Connolly.

177. BLIND GOSSIP 08/21
This TV-turned-movie actor is almost phobic about germs. Whenever he stays in a hotel when traveling for a shoot, the first thing he does in his room is spray or wipe down every surface with disinfectant. He also insists that the hotel provide him with brand new bed linens and a brand new remote control for the television. Another one of his quirks is to subtly pull the sleeve of his shirt or jacket over his hand whenever he has to open a door with a doorknob. If the door opens with some kind of lever or bar, he uses his wrist or his elbow.

#1 - This B+ director is known around Hollywood as King Peen. The nickname comes from one of his movies and also because he has what has been judged to be the biggest peen in town. He is happy to show it to anyone. Not in a sexual way but as kind of like a Ripley's situation.
Bobby Farrelly

#2 - This former A list movie actress has a nickname of Deputy Dawg. Yes, spelled like that. She got the nickname because of a movie she was in which featured police. Oh, and the dawg part came because as she made her way through cast and crew sleeping with them she would bark like a dog during sex. The name stuck. Sharon Stone

#3 - This very large, former A list television actor and now movie actor got his nickname Flash because he likes nothing more than to wear boxers around the set and makes sure his fly always stays open. John Goodman

#4 - Fire was the nickname of this former B list movie and television actress who is best known as the movie girlfriend of this A+ list actor who only does movies. Over the course of four movies she burned down three of her trailers on set because she would leave her burning cigarettes everywhere so she could keep smoking no matter where she was. Kristen Dunst

179. THE SUDS REPORT 08/21
1. Which east-coast ingénue throws her vast fortune in the faces of her colleagues?

2. Which east-coast actor’s wife has a restraining order against her hubby?

3. Which daytime diva asked to be let out of her contract because of her lack of screen time over the last several years but the producers refuse to accommodate her request?

4. Which iconic east-coast soap legend was refused entry into the show's makeup room by a newcomer?! The ignorant newbie told the shocked diva that, "only contract actors get their makeup and hair done!"

180. BUZZFOTO 08/24
These cheating TV costars have been very sneaky in the past to keep their affair under wraps. One is married, one has a boyfriend, but now another costar, with connections to our source discovered their little secret rendezvous and told everyone else on set. No one is happy about it, because the cast really like this actor’s wife. No one from the Office.
Jim Parrack "True Blood"

This would certainly confirm some long term rumors. This bald, male, former A list action star and now a solid B in movies only was spotted at a house party this past weekend making out with a guy. The thing about it is he wasn't trying to be discreet at all. There have to be some pictures of this because there were just too many people at the party.
Vin Diesel

182. BLIND GOSSIP 08/24
This actor effortlessly plays the role of good husband or good father when the cameras roll. In real life, though, he’s not very nice. He spends little time with his long-suffering wife, probably because he has a piece on the side. His own kids feel so distant from him that they usually just call him by his first name rather than "Dad".

183. BLIND GOSSIP 08/25
This under-40 primarily film actor is unmarried, so he certainly can date whoever he wants. However, the kind of girl he prefers dates for a living. He likes the fact that he can have them do whatever he wants with no strings attached and no fear of tabloid tattletales. However, one little detail has slipped out. While some men want the "girlfriend experience", our guy wants the "fan experience". His idea of warming up includes having the girl/s (sometimes more than one) clap and scream out his name like an admiring fan, and then chase him around the house begging for his autograph. We thought he was getting plenty of that in real life. Obviously his ego is a bottomless pit.
Gerald Butler

1. Which reasonably hunky yet under-employed actor, married to a model-turned-actress made good, is pimping himself out to the paps? A recent "gotcha" moment with a roving camera crew took place because he called up and arranged it.
Jerry O'Connell

2. Which senior L.A. socialite, known for her fabulous jewels, almost seems to enjoy being treated for shingles? "I get to take Valtrex, which I think is very glamorous because it's like I have a sex disease," she told friends last week over lunch at the Polo Lounge. Candy Spelling; Barbara Davis

185. BUZZFOTO 08/25
Which star just backed out of a recent movie role and is blaming it on conflicting work schedules, when it really has to do with the fact that she and the director were having a relationship that ended badly when his wife demanded he kick her to the curb or else? Not Rachelle Lefevre.

This well respected Academy Award winner/nominee actress has had a dramatic weight loss recently thanks to her heroin use. Her habit has become so bad that people are convinced they saw her using in a popular LA Japanese restaurant.

187. BUZZFOTO 08/26
Which Celebrity Grandpa with a Celebrity daughter has been taking care of his daughter’s child because he deems her an unfit mother? Not Lionel.

188. BLIND GOSSIP 08/26
This celebrity couple is stressing out over one of their kids. Despite their best efforts at parenting, the child was almost expelled from a very expensive private school last semester. While we are not exactly sure of the details, the accusation had something to do with the repeated theft of private property. In order to prevent the publicity and shame that might result from an expulsion, the parents have paid to make the problem go away. Their precious child will not only return to the same school this fall, they will get to enjoy the facilities enhanced due to the very generous donation made by Mommy and Daddy.

This blind item is going to be phrased as a piece of advice. If you pay your drug dealer on time he won't break into your house and take your things. Just saying.
Lindsay Lohan

190. BLIND GOSSIP 08/27 **#1**
You would think that an actor would be the last person to suffer from stage fright. However, don’t ever expect this young actor to perform on Broadway or to film a television series in front of an audience. Crowds make him nervous. He is even genuinely scared to attend meet and greet appearances. His hands shake so badly that he would rather pose for photo with a fan than sign an autograph. Perhaps his evenings spent partying are an attempt to calm his nerves?
Shia Lebeouf; Robert Pattinson

191. BLIND GOSSIP 08/27 **#2**
This celebrity couple hauls the child/ren everywhere with them while they travel. While it may sound glamorous for them to travel from country to country, the truth is that they lack a consistent educational program. It has left them well behind their age level academically, as well as socially awkward with their peer group. In a recent embarrassing incident, one of the kids was put in a play group with kids their own age for a few minutes, and spent their time alternating between crying and bullying.
Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie; David and Posh Beckham

This Comic Legend needs help. He is in poor health, but he won’t admit it. In addition to his mental state, he acts very strange in public. He needs to see a doctor immediately.
Bill Cosby

This Academy Award winner/nominee actress who does a mix of television and movies has a best friend who recently got married. Her friend is a special education teacher for a school which does not pay their employees very much. The friend married a man who is also a teacher at the school. The original plan was for the couple to just get married at their home and have a very tiny reception and not even a honeymoon as they are trying to save whatever dollars they earn for a home. Well, our actress gave them and paid for the wedding of a lifetime as well as a reception, the honeymoon and even gave them $50K towards their house.
Anna Paquin

194. BUZZFOTO 08/27
This Celebrity has opened up a restaurant, but really has little to do with the actual place itself. They are trying to distance themselves even more now, since their famous food gave a famous tummy some food poisoning. Instead of reporting the incident to public health, the sick Celeb called the owner and the apologetic owner offered a vacation package to make up for the whole thing. We hear the food has been criticized several times and situations like this have happened before, for the eatery. One thing is for certain, we’re not going to be eating there any time soon! Not Ashton Kutcher.
Eva Longoria Parker

#1 - This game show host thinks of himself as a rock star and loves nothing more than to find groupies of the show he can take back to his dressing room so he can get some rock star treatment if you know what I mean.
Drew Carey

#2 & 3 - This former B+/A- female television star and now probably a C lucky to get work was overheard complaining the other day that her A list movie star boyfriend has not had sex with her in two years. She is hoping that if they get married she will get some action that day. Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christiansen

#4 - This permanent B list television and film actor and Golden Globe winner/nominee has had a string of normal sexual relationships with the women in his life. It is only when he is with men that he explores his more umm eccentric pleasures. He loves nothing more than to be spanked and whipped. Umm, yeah, sounds like fun. Jonathan Rhys-Meyers

One Young and Not-So-Confused Blind Vice: You all didn't really think the hetero-Vice streak would continue, did you? Ted may be gone, but unfortunately, the closeting of some of Hollywood's most famous isn't going anywhere. Get ready to meet the guy who will have Toothy Tile breathing easy for a while. Introducing Jackie Bouffant—a name you'd better get used to hearing. He's one of the most sought-after actors in the world right now. The undeniably gorgeous and multitalented young dude has taken the entertainment Biz by storm. His level of fame has been steadily rising over the past couple of years, although Jack hasn't really had to prove himself talent-wise just yet. But with that face, hair and body, no one cares. This town is way too superficial! So while Jackie is looking pretty in all the glossy mags with a beard constantly at his side (Crescent Kumquat or No-Beave Steve Jackie Bouffant most definitely is not), hardly anyone out there knows J.B.'s past life and love... With another male actor, wouldn't you know? At the time they started dating, they were both probably equally famous, but no one talks about Jackie's ex that much anymore. An equally gorgeous and recognizable face, he just never really amounted to much career-wise. Let's call him Frank Dangerfield. Jackie and Frank were very much boyfriend-boyfriend, and they didn't do a very good job of hiding it. They went to a few gay functions together, a little hand-holding here and there à la Toothy and Gray Goose, and Industry folks knew the two boys weren't just going through an experimental phase. Unlike Nevis Divine, these two fellas are gay, gay and more gay. But no one cared much because everyone (their managers and publicists included) thought these kids would just be F-list actors. Uh, not the case for Jackie. He became an overnight superstar. So you know how it goes: Jackie's whole team of people tell him that if he comes out his heartthrob status will be shot and his red-hot career will go buh-bye. No teenage girl (Bouffant's prime fan base) will fantasize about growing up and marrying a gay guy. So Jackie dumps Frank and starts faux-mancing with some other babes around town. Such a shame. And you all wonder where true love is in Hollywood? It's behind closed closet doors. And It Ain't: Channing Tatum, Kellan Lutz, Nick Jonas.
Zac Efron/Lucas Grabeel

197. THE SUDS REPORT 08/28
1. Which gay star tried unsuccessfully to convince this hot, drunk, straight actor from another show to have a threesome with him and his boyfriend?
 couple:Van Hansis and Jake Silbermann

2. What cast is mourning the fact that after months of threats, this actor and/or actress ultimately resigned after all? And yes, this could apply to three shows! Steve Burton

198. NY POST/PAGE SIX 08/28
1. WHICH well-liked pro golfer once switched sponsors because he needed several million dollars in hush money? Seems he knocked up a stripper while playing at the Firestone Country Club in Akron, Ohio, and had to pay her off to keep their love child a secret
. Tiger Woods

2. WHICH political leader in the Caribbean is under investigation by the US government for using foreign aid to renovate his palatial home? The $443,000 spent was falsely listed as "security and road improvements." Turks and Caicos prime minister Michael Misickichael (ex-husband of Lisa Raye)

199. BUZZFOTO 08/31
These two stars went out on a shopping trip and were photographed recently. Both carried drinks and shopping bags and looked like they were having a great time. Apparently one of them was having a really good time! Our source said they saw the star crushing up several little white pills and mixing it in her drink before heading out to be snapped by the paps! Not Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal.
Nikki Reed and Elizabeth Reaser

200. BLIND GOSSIP 08/31
We thought we knew every move this Award-winning girl made. After all, she loves to be seen with high-profile and very wealthy men, and she never shies away from publicity. Therefore, we were a little red-faced to suddenly discover that she has allegedly been dating someone for over a year. If you are a fan of hers, you certainly know who he is, as you’ve seen them together many times. We just can’t believe that she’s been so devious as to hide the romantic side of their relationship from the public for this long.
Kathy Griffin

It has been a big week for those Academy Award nominated/winning actresses and their drugs. In this week's adventure, this barely a B Academy Award nominee/winner (different from last week's druggie) was boarding a flight to Europe when she realized she had a handful of OxyContin in her purse but no prescription. Instead of throwing them away she decided to take the entire handful before proceeding through security. Then, she and her child and nanny all boarded the plane. Our actress stayed conscious for about 45 minutes which the nanny found remarkable.
Catherine Zeta Jones


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