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What does A List mean?

1. NY DAILY NEWS 09/03
Which Hollywood megastar couple likes to have the hotel where they stay in New York clip flattering pictures of them and their child from the celeb weeklies, to put in frames before they arrive at their suite?
Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes

2. Jawn Murray, AOL Black Voices 09/03
Former members of this entertainer's entourage are starting the spill the beans and the stories about said superstar's private life are tabloid-worthy at best. From anything-goes sex romps to bouts with domestic violence, the lurid details being buzzed about make the 'E! True Hollywood Story' seem like 'Sesame Street.' IS IT: Jamie Foxx; Usher; Kayne West; Diddy or Busta Rhymes?

3. NY POST 09/04
1. WHICH Hollywood trio of friends is in trouble? One is on crack, one's on smack, and the other cheats so much on his wife that he single-handedly is supporting several hookers.

2. WHICH singer keeps her slender frame so thin the old-fashioned way? Seems a "major eating disorder" helps keep her midriff worth baring. Fergie

4. 3 A.M. GIRLS 09/04
1. Which faded It-Girl's cocaine habit is spiralling out of control?
Tara Parker Tompkinson

2. Which male singer got a bit too amorous with another bloke in a nightclub toilet? A big bouncer kicked them out when he spotted them...

3. Which band dumped their singer 'cause he wasn't good-looking enough? The North Londoners just told him it wasn't working out...

4. Which busty singer had a secret fling with a pop hunk?

5. Which lusty star tried and failed to persuade a sexy singer to go back to his hotel room after a wild night's partying?

#1 This former A list television actor who is still young is having trouble getting roles, not because of drugs or anything salacious, but rather because he keeps putting on weight. Since his hit show ended, this actor has put on almost 75 pounds which has put a strain on his finding work, and on his girdle. Yep, he wears one.
Matt LeBlanc

#2 The actor from #1 has been previously married and the primary reason for the divorce was that his wife couldn't handle our actor and his relationship with a recurring male guest star who usually does film from his previous show. Our actor is just bi and tried to explain to his wife that he still loved her, but she just couldn't handle it and the marriage went bye bye really quickly. Matt LeBlanc and Hank Azaria

6. NY DAILY NEWS 09/05
Which pretty actress just chopped off her trademark blond locks because her increasingly erratic Hollywood funnyman-boyfriend didn't like the feel of extensions?
Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey

This man is affiliated with hip-hop and appears happy go lucky and the life of the party. When he first started out, he was pro-black, funny how times change. Now, he's gone Hollywood and that lovable act is just that, an act, and he has no qualms about beating a woman in the streets, in full view of everyone but due to his manufactured image, you would never guess that he's a batterer behind closed doors. As for his pro-black stance, that's a joke too. He has baby mama drama and he's never done anything for his black kids yet a woman recently gave birth to his first biracial child and all the sudden, he's "father of the year." He was telling his boys, he was thinking about opening up a trust fund for this new baby and he's going to be in this baby's life, unlike he was with his black kids. And, a few of his longtime friends are now former friends. They are disgusted with his behavior and don't want to have anything to do with him despite his celebrity, they consider him a "bad joke." *A hint or two will be given out (by staff) in "the comment" section Wednesday afternoon.
Flavor Flav

#1 This gorgeous B-/C list film actress/collector with the B+ name recognition has been a reveal in the past in this space. Seems that our actress has added a new playmate to her collection but is still in charge despite the fact there are now three in the group.
Leelee Sobieski

#2 This B list television actor with C list success and A list jackass behavior who has been featured on MTV Cribs just had all of the cars he proudly displayed on the show taken from him because he couldn't afford the payments on any of them. He already lost the house.

1. Now that she has turned her back on her longtime boyfriend this Celebrity by association is feeling lost. She listened to her friends who told her leave that no good man…You’re Giving Him All These Kids And He Won’t Marry You…Leave Girl! Well, she left, and he could care less. He plans to support her financially for the rest of her life, but he is glad to be free of her.
Kim Porter

2. A backlash is slowly brewing over an R&B Singer. She loves making headlines and leaking false stories to the media. Her latest stunt left a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths. She leaked a story about having a deadly disease then took her time retracting the story because she was enjoying all the media attention. Toni Braxton

10. NY DAILY NEWS 09/06
Which actor with a troubled brother might want to deal with some issues of his own? He is constantly drunk on the set of his current film, say spies.
Luke Wilson

11. POPBITCH 09/06
1. Which award-winning US TV actor did a fashion shoot in an LA hotel and, when greeted and thanked by the famous designer, took one look around the suite and sneered "my cock's larger than this hotel room"? So not much different to his on-screen image, then.
Jeremy Piven

2. Which imaginative 80s pop star found his niche making porn movies and has a book out called Confessions of an Accidental Porn Director? Belouis Some

#1 This athlete's divorce could be very messy because he was tailed by two private detectives for much of the past year. Seems there is video and photos of our athlete with a bevy of different women in many compromising positions and situations. The detectives also managed to track down an unknown credit card used entirely for his liaisons which includes charges from strip clubs, escort services and large cash withdrawals. Shaquille O’Neal

#2 This publicity hungry male performer is always seen in the company of beautiful women. Photographed with some of the most beautiful women and some of the biggest stanks, no woman is safe from the advances of this performer as he tries to push his career. It seems that these advances and possible relationships are just as illusionary as his career because this performer only enjoys the home team if you know what I mean and the women are just for show and tell. Criss Angel

Yeah, Hollywood's full of finagling femmes (and dudes), fer sure, but Bored Broomhilda sure takes the conniving cake. Not only has she used men in the past the way I go through adjectives, but now, Broomy's sweet guy has no idea she's, like, totally ready to dump him out with last night's leftover Caesar salad. And after all this tawk that B.B. was done with her man-mangling ways, what bosh! Thing is, Bored's babe, an okay honey by the mattress-movin' name of Buzz Thrill, really doesn't have any idea whatsoever he's 'bout to get a stiletto right where he used to get far more supple attention from Ms. B, a pro at the ersatz nooky thang if ever there was one. See, B.B. really does, in the end (as it were), prefer the romantic type o' partner with less protruding genitalia. Hmmm. Does Buzz know he's just been a pawn in B2's masterminding machinations, all along? Of course he does—he's not that much of a doofus, contrary to popular gab. It's just that, eh, how shall I put this? Like so many women say about gay men, B.T. thought he could change Broomhilda's ways. What a fool. And it Aint: Kate Hudson/Dax Shephard, Bill & Hilary Clinton, Elisabeth Hasselback

Comic Bill Maher and actor Robert DeNiro openly date black women. Another white actor could be added to this category if his family wasn't against interracial romance. This man is one of the most powerful men in white Hollywood. He's worth a fortune. To avoid the wrath of his parents, he has always married white while sleeping black on the side. He has one criteria for black women: They have to be drop-dead gorgeous and if you meet that qualification, he goes out of his way to spoil you. Once, he went to a top modeling agency and asked to see the portfolios of their top black models. He leafed through photos, found someone he was attracted to and was later set up on a date. Although this affair lasted six months. He took her on a $100,000 European shopping spree on a private jet for her birthday. She still brags about this excursion. Despite his father's objections, oddly, the actor has dined with several black mistresses in the company of his father on many occasions. His father doesn't mind him dating black women, he just doesn't want him to get married. The black women who have been involved with him-continue to speak fondly of him and his generosity. Limos, private jets, sunken tub bubble baths with Dom and chocolate covered strawberries, shop to you drop sprees, private yachts, allowances, Black Amex cards, etc. A few were gifted with diamonds, homes and luxury automobiles. A few have come to the conclusion, 'He seems to be on a mission to spoil as many black women as he can in a lifetime.' We were recently informed that he is growing frustrated because he can't be himself but he also doesn't want to alienate his family. His wife has an inclination he fools around but she is not aware of his attraction to black women. Hint: It's not Tom Cruise or Tom Hanks.
Michael Douglas

#1 This A list actress was paid a substantial sum of money and got the rights to produce a movie which had been previously unavailable all for making some comments in a magazine interview.
Nicole Kidman making some very positive comments about Tom Cruise and how he was a stud during their marriage.

#2 This dog loving B list film actor was shot down last night at a club by this A list (everywhere but America) performer when he tried to hit on her. She not only turned him down, but was heard to say, "I thought you were gay." Orlando Bloom/Kylie Minogue

#3 This singer has never been known as the brightest tool in the shed, but even for her this is disturbing. At an after party last night for Fashion Rocks, this singer tried to buy some coke from a guy who took her money and promised to return right away with the coke. He never came back, so she went looking for him and found him. When she confronted him and demanded her money back, he refused. She then said, "I'm going to go find a cop and tell him you stole my drug money." The guy couldn't stop laughing. Ashlee Simpson

#4 This follicle challenged former A list teen idol and now doing anything to stay young has always been rumored to play both sides of the fence. Well, what wasn't known is his apparent love of female garments. Last week while shopping, our actor bent over and when he did so, his pink thong was visible for the entire store to see.

Who was in Toronto the other night, attempting to dance while her ex BFF’s ex fiancé worked the tables, and ended up spending half the night in the staff toilet drunk off her tree wretching her face off, irritating employees and sending them scurrying for disinfectant and antibiotics for fear of viral contamination? It IS who you think it is. Paris Hilton

17. Would You Blog Me 09/08
What famous Hollywood divorcee might've been too boring for her equally famous ex? While my friend was working with the hubby, the (then) wife would visit the set and bore everyone with talk of yoga and yogurt. That might explain the guy's new choice for a mate.
Jennifer Aniston

18. NY DAILY NEWS 09/10
Which married Oscar winner has a reputation for throwing orgies in Los Angeles where the girls are grossed out by his unappetizing sexual tastes?

This black female celebrity is always preaching self-love, high morals and spirituality despite having the morals of an alley cat. She's more of an uninhibited "sex freak" than a spiritual counselor/lifestyle coach. What 's not known is that she loves the drug dens across this country when she's on tour or location. She likes cocaine and she just started dabbling with crack. And, she likes to sleep with her friend's boyfriends behind their back, it makes her feel powerful and in control. She's down for whatever with whomever. Reportedly, she allegedly has a appetite for menage a trois as well. She also slept with the famous (former) boyfriend of one of her musical peers. She's scandalous. Whenever she feels the need to have a kid, she hooks up with a man, pretending she's all in to him, in reality, he's nothing more than a sperm donor. After she conceives, she tolerates him for a year or two, then kicks him to the curve, in her mind, 'he's served his purpose.' She will soon have financial problems due to her expanding drug use.

black female celebrity: Erykah Badu
musical peer: Angie Stone
famous (former boyfriend): D'Angelo

20. Jawn Murray, AOL Black Voices 09/10
This Hollywood funnyman wasn't laughing when he pulled out a gun on the set of the movie he was filming. Said comic got upset when a fight scene with a fellow actor got too intense and responded by threatening to shoot his co-star. Cast and crew fled the set, fearing for their lives, and at press time, work had not resumed on the film. Mike Epps

1) This Hollywood actress wants the world to know she’s very happy with her current husband, but friends know better. She’s still in love with her former beau and is still dreaming a reconciliation.
Gwyneth Paltrow/Brad Pitt

2) This Hollywood legend’s health might be so-so. After a surgery in early 2000' word was he made a full recovery. And while there might be no reason for immediate concern, industry insiders point out that frequent signs of fatigue might have hampered his work in recent years. An indication that everything might not be as well as claimed. Jack Nicholson

3) This lead singer of a popular rock band is on the fast way to self-destruction. His coke addiction over the last 6 months has gotten so out of control that friends fear it will prove fatal before the year is over. Steve Tyler

4) This recently divorced, ‘retired’actress wants her ex husband back. Their divorce was highly publicized in the 80’s and became notorious because of the height of the divorce settlement. Despite the fact he cheated on her she now wants him back. Only problem is, he’s happily married. Amy Irving/Steven Speilberg

#1 This married, goody goody A list director has all the best lines. Women feel safe with him and unthreatened and so get sucked up into his aw shucks pick up lines and the next thing you know they are spending time in his trailer throughout the hole shoot. It's even possible that his best friend's wife spent some time in the trailer as well.
Ron Howard

#2 Which disfigured celebutante makes all nice with new friends, gets them to tell their secrets and then sells them to the tabs all to make a little extra money. Although things aren't great career wise right now she doesn't need the money. She is just doing it for power and control, and to get back at the people who have slighted her or displeased her. She's also been known to make a phone call or two to the pap when she is with someone who is drunk or involved in a very unflattering situation. As people have become more and more aware of what she's doing, she's had to find more and more people to go out with and many times having to go out alone because no one trusts her. Heather Mills

23. NY DAILY NEWS 09/11
Which famous British vocalist, now happily settled down and living in the States, made a living selling Ecstasy in London nightclubs during his '90s career slump?
Gavin Rossdale

#1 This aging Academy Award winning actress not known for being pleasant was shopping for clothes this past weekend and told the sales person she had forgotten her glasses and was going to need some help with the price tags. For the next 45 minutes, our actress asked for one price after another almost non-stop. Our actress didn't buy anything, but what made this bad experience worse was our actress' cell phone rang and before answering, dug out her glasses from her purse so she could see who was calling and then walked out while talking away.
Faye Dunaway

#2 This fairly young Academy Award winning actor who hasn't done much since his win except live off that film's reputation is a drunken mess. For the past six months he has gone from friend to friend and stayed with them each for a few days while he drinks and chain smokes for almost 24 hours straight getting louder and louder until he passes out where he's at right at that moment. No matter what he can't be moved for at least 12 hours and has been in hallways, on living room floors and the worst place of all, a bed. Why is the bed the worst place? Our actor voids his bladder and yes, sometimes bowels immediately after passing out. needless to say one visit from him is enough for any friend, and our actor is never allowed entry again. Cuba Gooding Jr. (I really think this is Joaquin Phoenix, that EL, like so many of us, didn't realize he didn't win an Oscar for "Walk the Line")

Primadonna bitch is shooting a movie in Toronto and amazing people with his demands. First he refused to be driven in a limo to the set an hour away and demanded to be helicoptered there instead by his production company. Then his coffee wasn’t made right so a poor intern received the tongue lashing of life. When she started tearing up, he told her to grow a thicker skin. The other day he wouldn’t come out of his trailer because he didn’t get his cappuccino. Word is he sulks for an hour if people don’t fall over themselves quickly or often enough over his sense of humour resulting in much prompting and reminding by assistants to overtly applaud his brilliance. And despite the fact that everyone was initially stoked to work with a local legend, he has, at one time or another, mistreated the entire crew so badly, they are eager to start selling him out. Wonder how long it’ll take them to figure out he likes boys? Mike Myers

26. NY DAILY NEWS 09/12
Which Ivy-educated humanitarian actress has a secret for staying serene during her good work? She tours the developing world in a haze of marijuana smoke.
Natalie Portman

Like the old saying goes: 'It's better not to have money and success than to have it and lose it." The glamorous life of this black female celebrity will soon come to an end. She once spent $1,500-$2,000 (each) on several pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes. She also dropped a bundle on expensive customized bling and designer wear. She once lived in a mansion and she leased fancy sports cars to appear richer than she was. Keeping up with her peers. All of it was a facade. Since she's no longer in demand like she once was, fewer and fewer collaborations are being offered. To compensate, she hooked up with a guy and is manipulating him into thinking that she is crazy about him. In reality, she's put the word out, she's looking for a baller-shot caller, ASAP. Since she has name status, she's willing to be his trophy if he picks up all her bills and keeps her in furs, bling and fancy whips because she doesn't want to whore herself out overseas like a female rapper (who compensates her income with rich fans). She seriously wants a major kingpin (drugs/weapons). But, no one seems to be taking her up on this offer. Because she's considered damaged goods. She has become a has been and doesn't even realize it.

black female celebrity: Trina
female rapper: Lil' Kim

#1 This teenage B list actress may still be a teenager, but she also may be pregnant. The single actress has told producers it's just a little weight gain, but the producers want her to take a pregnancy test and prove to them she's not pregnant before they make any additional commitments. So far she has refused.
Jamie Lynn Spears

#2 This male singer kept trying to hit on women at the VMA after parties but was having no luck. Apparently each and everyone made it a point to tell him he was an ass and that you should never kiss and tell. Adam Levine (Maroon 5)

This former Groupie turned back up Singer is hiding her only child. She claims the father of the child is a legendary singer. Now that the singer has died, his known children are making all newcomers submit to DNA testing. The former Groupie/Backup singer is afraid of the truth coming out. So, she has sent the child away so he can’t be tested.
James Brown's "so-called" baby mama

This handsome, athletic leading man has a slightly older wife who lives with their children far from Hollywood. The actor is often on location where he leads a secret double life. This actor fell hard for a 26 year old sexy Italian production ass't on one of his movies and gave him a top job - running his production company! Not only is the good looking young man getting a fat salary, but he's got perks - he's listed as associate producer on the star's movies. People are starting to get suspicious about their relationship and it could harm the actor's career. Worst of all, the actor doesn't know that the Italian has fallen hard for a Calvin Klein model he met at a Geffen party. Heartbreak dead ahead. Hugh Jackman
& John Palermo

1) This A-list actor, whose popularity took a beating in recent years, has two problems: he finds himself increasingly isolated, some would even say "blacklisted," since he has turned the wrong people against him, and his marriage is on the rocks. He seems to be just about the only one denying both.
Mel Gibson

2) This American director, who seems to be making a habit of hitting it off with just about every single one of his leading actresses, only to dump them for the next, may have bitten of more than he can chew with his latest conquest. She might actually give him a piece of his own medicine very soon. Robert Rodriguez

3) This Blind item is a direct follow up to the one about the actress on the mission of stealing her ex husband back. Ours spying eyes have reported a first confrontation between the former and current Mrs………..(no, no, no, you figure it out). The ladies have been toe to toe in the past (despite public claims they get along surprisingly well) but those spats were nothing compared to their recent confrontation in which the current Mrs. told the previous that if she does not stay the hell away and keep her hands off, she will not live to regret this. And the man in the middle? We’ve been told he happily let the missus do the heavy lifting and did not show himself until the coast was clear.

32. NY DAILY NEWS 09/13
Which white-hot young actor had to be asked by a Los Angeles nightclub manager to at least take his cocaine to the bathroom if he was going to do it in the middle of the club?

33. PEREZ HILTON 09/13
What reality TV chump alum, who recently spent some time in rehab, has fallen off the wagon??? Life’s a beach!
Jason Wahler (Laguna Beach)

34. POPBITCH 09/13
Back in his college days in Texas this troubled actor enjoyed dating local boys almost as much as he liked the girls.
Owen Wilson

1) Is there more to the success story of this young Hollywood actor whose star is rising fast? If our information is correct, this could lead to a real Hollywood shocker! There are those who suggest people might want to pay more attention to the similarities between him and his patron.

2) This director, currently wearing the producers hat has been the subject of many jokes concerning his sudden increase in weight in recent months. The jokers might regret their words, however, if they knew he has a medical condition that could be considered life threatening.

3) This actor wants nothing more than to repair the damage he has inflicted on his friendship with this Hollywood giant. So far his attempts have backfired and may only have made things worse. Biggest obstacle might be his former friend’s wife. It’s no secret she is the one calling the shots in that household, no matter how powerful he might be in Hollywood, and he has no desire pissing her off. Our actor did himself no favors by picking a fight with the lady of the house, described as "alarming" by witnesses and with her husband present. Tom Cruise/Steven Spielberg

#1 FRENCH RIVIERA: This aging Academy Award winning A list actor invited five or six beauties to his boat every night where he would proceed to get drunk and regale them with stories about all the women he had slept with and how they had all thought he was the best lover ever. Our actor would then tell the assorted group of women that he wasn't going to have sex with them because he didn't want it to ruin it for them with others, but wanted them to dance for him, strip and then he would have each come over to where he was sitting and tell them he was Daddy and proceed to spank them. This would go on for two or three hours or until he passed out whichever came first. Our actor drank and spanked, and the women would leave at the end of the night tender but well rewarded.
Jack Nicholson

#2 This formerly married C list film and sometime television actress with B list name recognition and an A list body spent each night going to a different boat and different party looking for a guy she could capture with her body and hook him for his money. She was willing to do anything to hook a rich guy, but she told too many people what she was doing. Word got out about her game and soon she was being forced into more and more degrading situations and multiple partners and the only thing she succeeded in capturing was a new STD.

Beverly Hills is full o’ these freaks, right? Also, this one’s pretty plain ‘n’ simple, and besides, I’ll be so sleepless silly post-Emmys, I’ll probably answer this baby in next week’s mailbag (no promises), but meanwhile, here goes: Flamboyant Floyd is under quite the pressures to remain young, dewy and youthful-looking on camera. He toils for one of the more glam TV jobs, and Floyd’s following expects the devilish dude to always look crackerjack, never cracked-out. After all, F.F. skewers those who don’t always look their best, right? Oui. But, when F2 ain’t takin’ those who don’t dress appropriately to task, he likes to party with the boy-lovin’-boys (sounds fun to moi!). And there he was at one of West Hollywood’s more happening hangs, flirting up a laugh-riot storm, when a pretty young thang actually had the nerve to say to Mr. Floyd (not knowing who he was), "You actually look like a very young version of Flamboyant Floyd." Flam blanched a bit at first. But then he gathered his wits in record time—prolly even a bit faster than he does onscreen—and shot back: "Well, I am Flamboyant Floyd. It’s just that I’ve had so much Botox, I look two!" Don’t push it, boyfriend. Thirty-two, maybe. And it Aint: Anderson Cooper, Bill Maher, Ted Casablanca.
Carson Kressly

One after another – celebrity dog scandals. This one is extremely upsetting. Miss Bottom had two. Both of the same fierce breed. They say of this breed that they should never be left alone together. That inevitably only one will remain. And this is what happened recently. One ate the other. The other is gone. Killed. Seeing as she has such a wonderful publicist however, this tragedy likely won’t see the light of day. But every dog owner will tell you – they are like our children. We are responsible for our children. We are responsible for making sure they are safe. Clearly her dogs were not safe. Clearly she was too busy publicising a romance rather than prioritising her pet. Douche.
Jessica Biel

1) This A-list Hollywood actor is considered a big catch by many ladies. Yet, he’s still single and refuses to commit. The reason? His heart was broken several years ago by the only woman he wishes to commit to.
George Clooney/Lisa Snowden

2) This golf legend has been living a secret life for many years. His reputation may be impeccable, but those close to him know better. He treats the women (yes, plural) in his life deplorable and demands nothing less than their total devotion and loyalty, while he continues playing the field. Greg Norman

3) This daytime diva may preach tolerance in her show, she is anything but tolerant herself. Aides have frequently expressed their horror of the open disdain she displays for her guest behind the scenes. Tyra Banks

4) This offspring of a Hollywood power couple is screaming for (her parents?) attention. She is rapidly developing a severe drug addiction, she smokes, she drinks and she hangs out with the wrong crowd. If no action is taken a teen pregnancy and/or a trip to a rehab clinic is in her not so far future. Rumer Willis

5) This pop diva is planning yet another comeback. Friends and family don’t have the nerve to tell her she doesn’t have what it takes anymore, but fear disaster should she go through with her plans. Whitney Houston

This black female actress was once married to a very nice looking, well built man. One of her first roles was a TV gig. With no prior warning, she left her husband for a female rapper. He was stunned because he had no inclination that she was bi-sexual. Soon, it would be no shame in her game. The lesbian couple attended industry gatherings and music events together. The female rapper always strutted around like a Mack and the actress walked two paces behind her. They broke up when the rapper cheated on her, she supposedly "turned out" a black female singer and was bragging about it all over town, it got back to the actress. The actress still tries to live down this portion of her life, she seems embarrassed by it. She's even had a boyfriend and a family trying to convince naysayers she's straight. But, she thinks her prior lifestyle may have affected her career because she only gets offered 'ignorant-keeping it real' roles that don't pay much. Whenever producers want to hire a woman for a streetwise role, she is on the short list of three black actresses. Hint: The female rapper is old school prior to the careers of Brat, Missy, Latifah, Eve and Foxy.

black female actress: Tichina Arnold
female rapper: MC lyte
black female singer:
 Janet Jackson

41. HOLY MOLY 09/14
#1. On the set of 'Ordinary Decent Criminal', this actor was particularly (and openly) interested in a very young boy who was hanging around the set. This didn't go down too well with one of the electricians, who was the boy's father and had brought him into work during the school holidays. A heated exchange took place and a quiet word was had. The following day, the electrician turned up on set with his kid again, this time carrying an iron bar at all times. On any other set, he would've been fired on the spot for threatening the talent, but the actor's behaviour had creeped out the rest of the cast and crew so much that nobody said a word.
Kevin Spacey

#2. Which singer used to get his rocks off by crapping all over his then-girlfriend's chest? Bobby Gillespie of Primal Scream

#1 This female singer and her not quite as famous sister haven't spoken to each other in almost a month. Seems they have been feuding about their careers and the celebrity boyfriend of one of them. Their parents have tried to patch up the feud, and have resorted to trying to get both sisters at the same events by trickery, but they aren't having any of it. At this point the sisters can't stand each other.
Beyonce/Solange Knowles (Jay-Z)

#2 This celebutard (the male version of celebutante) with the prolific sperm has been trying to hide his relationship with this C/D list actress because her former boyfriend, a B list film star with A list name recognition has threatened to kick the crap out of the celebutard if he sees him with his ex. The c'tard acts tough but is scared out of his mind. Kevin Federline and Colin Farrell's old sex-tape friend, Nicole Narain

#3 This in production blockbuster film is in big trouble. Turns out the director and the lead actor (former A list and now B list) can't stand each other. At first they tried to get along for the sake of the project, but the director can't stand the know it all actor and the tension, arguments, and outright screaming matches have forced the rest of the cast to choose sides and made for a working environment that the worst many of them have ever seen. The production is way over budget and way behind schedule because of the arguments and childish games between the two, but it's too late to get rid of either of them. "Babylon A. D." Vin Diesel/Mathieu Kassovitz

#4 Coming out of a club Wednesday night, this married, A list television star on a hit network drama saw a bag of coke laying on the ground in the doorway. He asked any of his companions if they had dropped it, and when they said no, he just smiled and said, "it's mine now."

43. Would You Blog Me 09/15
While in Vegas, this musician brought a hooker back to his room. His wife must've been at one of their homes with the kids. It's neither of the NJ rockers. But your next guess is probably right.
Updated with extra hint: Take away that they have to be from the U.S., who comes to mind? Sting

44. NY DAILY NEWS 09/16
Which male Oscar winner whom you haven't heard from in a while has gone a little gaga with the contract riders? He demands first-class air travel for his Chihuahua, which must be next to him at all times.
Adrien Brody

45. NY DAILY NEWS 09/17
Which young MTV reality star had to be cleaned up considerably before he was ready for his closeup? The still under-age hellion has been spotted in bars since he was 16, say locals.
Jason Wahler

She had her eye on him for awhile because he was a hot boy and she was impressed with his pedigree and Hollywood connections. They met at a party. She was more sexually experienced and she rocked the young stud's world. So much so, he became whipped and talked about her to friends and family 24/7, he couldn't get her off his mind. She was his first love but he was unaware of her scandalous reputation in regards to men, he thought she was the one until devastation struck! She gave him the clap (STD) and his family was infuriated with the exception of his grandfather (on his father's side). He would later learn that his girlfriend had been sleeping with his grandfather behind his back but the old man didn't contract the disease because he wore a condom. Needless to say, she was banned from the premises. Hint: She's not a former or present video girl.

47. London Sentinal 09/15 - 09/16
1) This director needs Islands of white powder to keep going…in every sense of the word. His latest movie may have been a smash hit but there have been more than a few occasions that he was so wasted, he could barely find his way on his own movie set and higher ups had to intervene more than once.
Michael Bay

2) This top ranking tennis player recently became a proud papa but he doesn’t want the world to know. Why? Most likely because his wife doesn’t know. Lleyton Hewitt

3) This Emmy winning daytime (soap) actor died under tragic circumstances about a year ago. While he generally assumed to be gay and a (recovering) alcoholic we’re told only the assumption is correct. This is why; before he died he had an affair of many months with his latest onscreen wife. (producers even decided to break up this couple in fears their mutual affection might show on screen). She was convinced she could help him beat his recurring drinking problem and frequently bouts of depression. But when she told him she was gonna leave her husband he broke things of. Ben Hendricksen "As the World Turns"

4) This British Academy award winning director is highly successful and considered to be one of the bigger talents with a bright future…if only he could keep his hands off the booze, drugs and other women. His downward spiral has started, is exhilarating and could be his ending if he does not get himself back under control soon. Paul Greengrass

5) This actor is happily married. He has a beautiful wife, wonderful children and a successful career. People wonder however, how much longer he can continue living this lie before he comes out? Hugh Jackman; John Travolta

6) This movie company has its main ‘asset’ ensured for 1 billion dollars. That’s the amount of money they’ve calculated to lose should he die before his time. Dreamworks/Steven Spielberg

All of these took place last night.

#1 A male Emmy winner last night took at least two different kinds of pills last night as well as 3 or 4 lines of coke. He also kept getting drinks, taking one swallow and then setting it down and getting another drink. He never took more than one swallow from any drink. Jeremy Piven

#2 This former female Academy Award winner was drinking and drinking and got in a discussion about real and fake breasts, flashed her own and said, "all real baby." Helen Mirren

#3 This closeted celebutard made a big show of making out with women, but was seen off in a corner getting a phone number from this gay B list television actor. Larry Birkhead

49. Jawn Murray, AOL Black Voices 09/17
A hip-hop star quietly snuck into jail last week to serve a 30-day stint on some traffic violations. Said rapper turned himself in to authorities and will sit quietly in a New York jail until some time in mid-October. Busta Rhymes

50. NY DAILY NEWS 09/18
Which older half of a hot new Hollywood couple comes with the reputation of having hit his celebrity former girlfriend?

hot new Hollywood couple: Milo Ventimiglia/Hayden Panettiere
celebrity former girlfriend: Alexis Bledel

#1 This married, blond B list film actor from a top twenty film this year put an ad on a bondage website. Well he found someone he clicked with, and decided to meet her. Turns out she was his C list co-star from that same top 20 film.

#2 This married, actor/actress couple who have both done television and film were staying at a hotel last week and decided to go out and have some fun one night. When the celebrity couple returned, a stranger was carrying the husband over his shoulder while the wife made excuses for her husband saying he had been drinking too much. In reality, it was drinking and heroin which he shoots up frequently and has caused some major rifts in their marriage lately. Courteney Cox/David Arquette

This black 'B-C' list celebrity comes across as sincere and nice. She couldn't show her real colors until she got out of a situation. Now, she is sowing her oats like a man. She seems to be making up for lost time. She has gone hog wild as she continues to bed single and married men all over Hollywood, New York, Miami and the ATL. She has become the booty call of the industry. It wasn't enough that she broke up a black actor's marriage, he soon came to his senses and is still trying to reconcile with his wife, it's not clear if divorce papers were ever filed. And, she may be named in a divorce suit. This Jezebel is moving all over the industry, from actors to athletes to rappers. She was recently overheard at a party-downing Karrine Steffans when she's no different. The only difference is, she is a Superhead without the infamy. Hint #1: To the actor who almost left his wife for her-(PLAYS). Hint #2: It's not Mariah or Boris.
black "B-C' list celebrity: Gabrielle Union
black actor: Morris Chestnut

1) This young actor is having the time of his life. One big gig after the other, hit upon hit and breathing the same air as some of the giants in the industry. But oh, those temptations are so appealing and devious and so hard to resist. For now the young gun is still listening to the veterans surrounding him and pulling him off the slippery slope of Hollywood’s traitorous temptations. But more than a few are holding their breaths.
Shia Labeouf

2 This director thinks he’s unsinkable. But he has made so many enemies in the industry with his bullish and intolerant behavior it’s getting harder and harder for him to get hired help. Things have gotten so bad it’s rumoured it could seriously impact the quality of his upcoming new movie. James Cameron

3) This actress is playing with fire! Currently hard at work on the set of what promises to be one of next summer’s big hits, she might be looking for more heat than could be considered good for one’s health. She might be just a little too playful with the guy at the helm…The joke on the set is that if his wife finds out what the daring actress is playing at, no kingdom will be enough to keep her safe.

4) This handsome, fun loving actor is about to stun the world….and break many hearts. He will announce his surprise engagement very soon. Joshua Jackson/Diane Krugar

In the meantime, here is an Old Hollywood blind item which is very easy. This religious leader was originally very hesitant to take part in a Hollywood film. It had never been done before and has never been done since. The film had a barely there plot and was not one you would think would attract such a religious leader, but nonetheless he agreed. It turns out that during the filming of the movie, he became enraptured with the process and couldn't get enough of the whole process and just didn't want them to leave. After his part was finished filming, and the director yelled, "cut and print," our leader begged the director for just one more take because he didn't want the experience to end. The director agreed.
Jerry Falwell "The Grim Reaper"

55. NY DAILY NEWS 09/20
Which Latino TV heartthrob was spotted in L.A. Tuesday night, flirting and holding hands with a mystery brunette who is definitely not the girlfriend he has at home?

1) This politician claims he’s a "better person", now. Well, of course he has to say that since he’s a major player in the upcoming US presidential elections. But…is he really? His wife and girlfriend might disagree. And, no, it’s not Bill Clinton.
Rudy Giuliani

2) This marriage between two Hollywood giants seems doomed. Their union might have produced beautiful ‘babies’ but one of the partners is unsatisfied and feels neglected. Tensions mounted after an outsider openly started courting the neglected partner. A previous courtship between this partner and the outsider failed, leading to the ‘marriage’ it now feels trapped in. Okay this one’s a bit tricky we’ll give you a hand:
Hint 1: Don’t make it personal.
Hint 2 : There’s lots of money and bruised male ego’s involved


3) This actor flirted so openly with a striking young girl at a party last weekend his wife decided it was the last straw and emptied the content of her glass in her husbands lap. The unhappy couple is currently seeking the advise of a marriage counselor. It might not be your first guess because or actor does not have the reputation of a player.

This former A+ film actor and now a B+er with some issues has been known in the past to lend a helping hand. This time he was returning from the set of his latest film when he saw a couple on the side of the road and their car obviously not going anywhere because of the smoke coming out of it. The shoulder was very narrow and the car was almost on the highway, but no one was stopping. Our actor stopped the car he was driving and he and his passenger got out to see if they could help. After discovering the couple had no cell phone with them, and were on vacation and didn't know anyone to call, our actor let them borrow his phone and call for help. Help was going to be at least 90 minutes, so our actor offered them a lift. The problem was he was driving a two seater, and there were four people total including the actor, his companion, and the couple. Our actor told the companion/assistant to stay behind and watch the car, and then got the couple situated in the passenger seat with the woman sitting on the man's lap. He then drove them to their hotel 30 minutes away, bought them dinner and stayed with them until our actor's companion/assistant showed up at the hotel with tow truck and broken down car which was taken back to the place from which it was rented.
Ben Affleck

1. This female Superstar is getting to release what could the album of the year. The promotion is already in high gear, but the Superstar has to get her look together. She has terrible skin, but good makeup and perfect photo shoots cover it up. She was recently spotted in public without her makeup, and she looked dreadful. When her bosses saw the pictures, she was ordered to not leave her house without makeup.
Alicia Keys

2. This famed televangelist has been very quiet about a recent headline making incident. Surely a man of God would speak out against abuse, but the televangelist knows there are two sides to every story. And, one party stands to gain a lot of money from all the nonsense. T D Jakes

One Hell-Phone Blind Vice: Bravado Boom-Cocks is quite famous but not always exactly beloved. Even though he’s a mucho gifted, award-showered, multitalented performer, he’s not really known for his private cool. Indeed, BBC was out here on the coast, having flown in for a project he’s doing, as well as a charity gig he was asked to participate in—reason being, the charity’s contributing beaucoup bucks to B’s latest pro undertaking. He was sorta forced into it, actually. The organizer of said project had been in direct contact (no rep go-between) with Bravado, a line of communication Mr. Boom-Cocks sometimes chooses, as he detests pretense intensely. But Boomy-baby now regrets that decision, big-time. See, Bravado isn’t exactly known for dressing, how shall we say, chicly? BBC rarely wears anything even approaching couture. For this reason, the organizer gave the charity event’s handler Boom-Cock’s private cell number, which the handler blithely called pronto. "Even though things are more casual out here," the charitable worker bee blathered on, once Bravado answered, "you really shouldn’t be dressing like you’re going to somebody’s barbecue or anything." Bravado’s polite response? "F--k you, lady!" he bellowed, and promptly hung up. Then B dialed, brow slightly sweating with anger. Called up the guy who had given out his number in the first place. "How dare you? If you ever give out my number again," BBC fumed, "I will see to it that you get me a new phone and call every one of my contacts and give them the new number, you f--king bastard!" BBC wasn’t done, either: "And for punishment, tonight, when I show up, I will be taking no pictures whatsoever, not with anybody, no matter how much money they’ve donated, so you can learn your lesson and never do this to me again, you f--king jerk!" The poor man, no doubt holding his own phone far away from his eardrums, begged BBC to reconsider. He did not. And you thought Ireland Baldwin was the only put-upon cellie caller in town? Think again. AND IT AIN’T: Sean Penn, Billy Bob Thornton or Denis Leary. Colin Farrell

Back in the day, Maia Campbell had a lot of female friends in the industry and she became friends with a famous black female. This female has since distanced herself from Maia, like a lot of people. When they hung together in Los Angeles, it was a revolving door of men in and out of the famous woman's residence. Once the famous woman had a party-that spilled out into the hallway and a few women (party guests) were allegedly giving guys fellatio in the hallway. This famous black female has always been known as "the freak of the industry" and she's always had a reputation for sleeping around. Despite her looks, due to her reputation, she has never had a steady boyfriend. The saddest thing of all, it's rumored that she's so desperate for love that she once bought a man (she had met in a record store) luxurious presents, including expensive bling. This same man talked about her like a dog. He would tell neighbors that she was stupid and easy. Over time, she became his sugar mama, paying his bills and she even contemplated buying him a car. Despite her money, fame and looks, he would leave her. It wasn't surprising when she had money problems. Before Maia spiraled out of control, it's rumored, she tried to contact her famous friend because she needed someone to talk to but her calls went unanswered.

#1 This height challenged male singer of extraordinary pedigree, was eating at a restaurant the other night which is Michelin rated. When he got his food he sent it back twice, but not before letting his guests sample the food and almost finishing the plates before he deemed it awful. He finally just threw his hands in the air and told the waiter he wanted a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. When the waiter informed the chef, the chef caved and made it, but not before someone went down to the corner and bought some peanut butter. When it came back, our singer returned it because the crusts hadn't been removed. Finally it came back perfect and our singer spent 45 minutes eating one sandwich which was 1 hour after the restaurant closed.

#2 This closeted B+ film actor with the perfect teeth and smile recently hit on another D list actor he thought was gay. Turns out the D list actor wasn't gay and left our B list actor in tears and made the D list actor promise not to tell anyone. Seems he broke his promise huh? I could give you a million clues and you would never come up with the D lister so don't even bother.
B+ actors: Jake Gyllenhaal

#3 This married director with the B list film bombshell (to some) actress wife has been carrying on an affair with her assistant. Len Wiseman & Kate Beckinsale

#4 This curvy female singer didn't lose all her recent weight just with diet and exercise, but with a little help from a knife and some pills. Mariah Carey

62. HOLY MOLY 09/21
Lex On The Lash: A gentleman mole stayed in an upmarket Dublin hotel a couple of years ago and was accosted by a very famous Hollywood actor as he waited in the bar for friends. When the mole's friends arrived and they readied to leave, the actor insisted they stay and drink with him at his expense. So, a little starstruck, they remained, drinking a large portion of the bar's reserves. Later, the thespian announced that he had to attend a party and that his new friends simply must, must come. The party was (as parties should be) akin to the last days of Sodom and Gomorrah - awash with transvestites, strippers, wall-to-wall drugs and enough general weirdness to send David Lynch running for the door. The mole and his friends, unused to this kind of behaviour, huddled in a corner as the actor went about his noisy and occasionally moist business. However, it was when three very, very young guests joined the party and decided to play naked together in the centre of the room that the mole and friends opted to scarper before the vice squad became involved. The actor, unabashed, carried on with his frolics, even though he was distinctly Keyser Sozzled.
Kevin Spacey

This Hollywood favorite is popular, rich, successful, and considered an all around nice guy, in general. But, he also has a very dark side, a dark side which is carefully kept hidden form public eye, to not dent his impeccable reputation. In public he always seems cheerful and in full control, but in private his hot temper, which can be triggered by the slightest upset, has led on more than few occasions to attacks of blind fury and rage which is let lose on the object or person unfortunate enough to be in his reach. There are stories of smashed furniture and even trashed cars and these are just objects. And while it’s been said his wife seems to be just about the only one, able to cool him down and has been the one preventing things getting out of hand even more, it’s whispered she, too, incidentally has been on the receiving end of his fury. This dark side is meticulously kept hidden from the public and it’s rumored the LAPD has covered matters up more than a few times. But, insiders state it’s only a matter of time before he shows this dark side in public and that when this happen not even his wife will be able to save him. Most alarming of all; he himself remembers little to nothing of his rage after calming down. Tom Hanks

64. NY DAILY NEWS 09/24
Which aging action hero travels around with at least three of his "boys," aka equally aging pals, and has them do his dirty work to get rid of women when he tires of them?

These tell-all books has Black Hollywood nervous, particularly, "Downlow Black Hollywood." These downlow rappers are becoming so paranoid that they have designated one closeted gay guy as the "go-to" guy when they have urges because they know he won't kiss and tell because he has as much to lose. Rewind: We reported on this go-to guy last year. After we told our readers that he was sharing a discreet downlow love nest in Los Angeles with a well known male music executive, the residence was quickly put on the market. Fast Forward: Now, our go-to guy pretends to be straight at industry events, although he is considered flamboyant by some and he always has a "beard/front" model on his arm. Behind closed doors, he plays dress up and has a stripper pole in his residence where he entertains famous men. In the past, he had a serious crush on a ATL rapper but the rapper let him know in no uncertain terms that he would whup his ass and he backed off. This same guy is responsible for organizing hip-hop downlow events on the East Coast. He's the brains behind the parties that feature male strippers and male porn stars. These events are always given at discreet locations and names on the invite list are growing. In our "Sky Villa" newsletter we featured the photo of the black shemale "downlow" dominatrix (who looks like a woman) and performs at these events with her whip. Big money is shelled out for S&M performers, male exotic dancers and male porn stars. These parties also exceed six-figures for entertainment fees, alcohol, food and the fee they pay to rent the property. It seems that the East Coast "downlow" crew is in competition with our downlow veterans on the West Coast, in regards to who can give the best party. I guess the rappers aren't the only ones with a East Coast/West Coast competition. Also, a very rich man affiliated with hip-hop continues to keep his white male hustler on an allowance in the Hollywood Hills. He gives him an allowance and pays the rent and car note. Hints: Our go-to guy is considered effeminate by some and is known within the Black community. Our very rich man with the white kept man is on the West Coast and is very well known.

"go-to" guy: Farnsworth Bentley
ATL rapper: TI.
very rich man: Dr. Dre

He is diagnosed (although not officially) with the Asperger syndrome and ever since she entered his life she’s helped him dealing with it so it would not hamper his career. And while you may not immediately have noticed, the chances in his behavior have been significant. In the early years of his career he would hardly ever take off his sunglasses, especially when speaking with people, it was his way to avoid making eye contact. Now, whenever in conversation or being interviewed he will emphasis on making the eye contact from the start and won’t let go. Without the conversation partner or interviewer’s knowledge, he’s training himself. It is a direct result of her influence, she has made a big issue of it, form day one of their relationship. If you have a suspicion you know who we are talking about, just pay attention to the couple’s eye contact at public events and you will get an idea of what we are talking about. Watch him when he’s addressing an audience and how his eyes will search hers to stay calm and relaxed, because basically he hates it when people star at him. Another thing people with Asperger Syndrome often have trouble with is physical contact, and again she’s found a way to help (maybe force) deal with and overcome this; she is very touchy. Again, if you have a suspicion who we are talking about, watch pictures or footage of the couple and you will notice there is always some kind of physical contact. Small hint: his aides often request people to avoid staring at him while he’s working. It still makes him edgy. Do you have any idea who we are talking about?
Tim Burton and Helena Bonham-Carter

#1 This award winning B+ list television and film actress is having second thoughts about the whole marriage thing. Seems as if her significant other is dying to make it official and she used to be. Just things have changed now and she wants to see what's out there and see if she can find someone more her equal in status.
Katherine Heigl

#2 This closeted B+ list film actor was seen having a very hushed, very whispered, but yet very heated argument with his boyfriend of the moment. Seems they wanted to get away and spend some time in a hotel, but our actor wouldn't check in and wanted his boyfriend to do the checking in and call down with a room number. The boyfriend said he didn't have enough money for the room, and even if he did, he was tired of hiding and tired of all the sneaking around. When our actor sensed that people were starting to notice the argument, he just left the boyfriend standing right in the lobby of the hotel and disappeared outside. Later, the now very pissed boyfriend laid into our actor and told him his behavior was unacceptable and walked away.

68. Jawn Murray, AOL Black Voices 09/24
A member of an R&B singing group is sitting in jail after months of dodging the police finally caught up with him. Said singer, who mostly played the backseat in his music collective, attempted to run and hide after causing a fender bender in Los Angeles last week. The chiseled-chest crooner feared it would be discovered that he had nearly $100,000 in warrants against him. When authorities convinced the singer, who already has two strikes against him that a hit-and-run is a felony charge and it would better to return to the scene of the crime, he did and was arrested. IS IT Tweety of Next, Kyle of Jagged Edge, Raz B of B2K, Chauncey of Blackstreet or Mike of 112?

69. NY DAILY NEWS 09/25
Which powerhouse music producer likes to gear up before long sessions in the studio by watching his favorite kind of big-booty porn?

#1 This B list, award winning, aging actress who was on a hit television show for years and is now trying again won't be getting any free clothes for some time. Seems that everytime she gets something free to wear to an award show she either purposely names a different designer or in the case at last week's Emmy's trashed the designer to whoever asked about what she was wearing. The latest designer was so ticked off that he called everyone he could think of to make sure she never gets free things again.
Patricia Heaton

#2 What comic/actor, best friends/duo have been best friends for years but have seen their relationship crumble due to jealousy. One of the friends (A) was always the bigger television star and had the ego to match and was willing to be friends with his less than equal friend (B) as long as the second friend was second best. When A got into films, he thought his television success would carry over, but no such luck. When B got into films he kept scoring number one films and A began to seethe. Now, with B having another #1 film and A not getting his calls returned, it seems the once famous friendship has ground to a halt.
A: Ray Romano
B. Kevin James

He was once on top of the world. One of the most respected cats in the hip-hop game. At one time, he always carried a fat roll of hundreds in his pocket and was known to pay upwards to $100,000 on a piece of bling and he was a regular at the hottest strip clubs in the country where he would make it rain. He was also chauffeured around in limos when he wasn't driving one of his exotic sports cars. Although he was married, he got involved with a woman he considered a "jump-off," at first. At the beginning, she was more into him but things changed. Against his better judgment, he began to fall in love with her. He also began to dress differently and work out. His wife basically ignored the groupies from the past but this affair was different. She asked him to break it off. When he didn't she packed up and left. Surprisingly, this time, he didn't stop her from going. After the wife left, he was devastated when his mistress informed him that she had fallen for someone else. He reacted by slamming her against the wall and slapping her. He then spit in her face. She told him, 'it only takes once for a man to hit me, I'm out of here.' After that, his life began to fall apart. Now, he's acting like a scorned woman and talks bad about the former mistress to anyone willing to listen. Meanwhile, the mistress has gone on with her life and appears to be very happy. The scorned man is still trying to pick up the pieces of his shattered life and he's trying to reunite with his wife because he doesn't want to pay a big divorce settlement or monthly alimony.
respected cat: Irv Gotti
"jump-off" girl: Ashanti
"jump-off" girl's guy: Nelly

From Karrine Steffans‘s memoir, "Confessions of a Video Vixen"She was revolted by one "A-list name-above-the-title" Oscar winner who invited her to his Beverly Hills mansion. "I wanted to tell him that I … no longer wanted to be around him. I never got the chance. The next thing I knew, he was on all fours and naked on the bed. I don't have a strong enough stomach to describe what happened in the hours that followed" — except to say that, for him, it was more like a colonoscopy.

#1 This closeted looks like a boy but is really a man B list television and film star isn't hiding his sexuality because of his career, but because of the career of a studio executive who is our actor's mentor and lover and confidante. The executive is married, with children and his career would be in tatters if it was discovered he was having an affair with a man half his age. Therefore our actor says he's straight and the time he spends with the executive is just career counseling.

#2 When Halo3 was released the other night, this world famous athlete was waiting in line just like everyone else. At midnight he bought copies of the game for himself, for his kids and for the twenty other people who had been standing in line with him. David Beckham

There's a terribly famous actress from another place, as it were (not Mars), who's currently stirring up the pot between her past man and her present man. Everybody's in such a dither as to what her agenda was/is with these wholly opposite dudes, it's all making the lesbian hon's plan work beautifully. That's right. She likes the shes.

75. NY DAILY NEWS 09/27
Which aging boy bander has proposed to his NYC waitress girlfriend several times already, and they've known each other 10 days? She keeps saying no.

1. Despite this Singer’s much hyped wedding, he refuses to wear his wedding ring in public. He only wears the ring around his wife. He even hides his ring when he visits his mother. His mother can’t stand his new wife.

2. This Superstar Celebrity is finally pregnant. She has been trying for years to conceive with her hubby. Now that she’s finally pregnant, she can’t say anything. She is going on tour with her hubby, and they stand to lose a lot of money if they have to cancel any dates. Sources say she’s expecting twins, so she won’t be able hide her condition much longer. Jennifer Lopez/Marc Anthony

77. TED CASABLANCA 09/27 #2
One Closeted Blind Vice—Literally: Oh, it was such a gay party, and by that definition I don’t mean gay gay, just a good time. A typical Hollywood do, the festive bash was at a posh residence. Stars from both screens were mingling right next to the Diet Cokes, the boozy cocktails and the pigs in blankets. And in the middle of it all, nonfamous babes ‘n’ hons were oh so casually just la-dee-dah-ing it up, pretending like mad they weren’t desperate to be the human blanket around Dewbie Stammer’s very own little piggy. Oh, that Dewb, such the charmer. Never a classically handsome dude, D has nevertheless—like many not exactly stunning guys, Owen Wilson, for ince—always managed to keep the gals fretting by his side. Alas, to no avail. No one woman has ever seemed quite fretlicous enough to warrant being by Dewbie’s side for very long, quel crap. But that certainly didn’t keep the femmes from following Mr. S round the above party, as (pathetically) discreet as they thought they were being. So very ironically, it turned out to be a guy who made the following discovery: A fellow guest got bored. After all, it was late, and a lot of the major players, not to mention the soiree’s staff, had gone home. Said guy went to the coat check room, which had been abandoned, and he headed back into the furthest interior space inside the long closet. He heard moans. And he heard slurps. And he realized Missy Coat Check might just still be around after all, getting a very nice tip from a fellow departing reveler. But when the dude got to the back of the check area, looking up from his crouched position and staring back was a superflushed Dewbie Stammer, having just finished servicing a guy lying down on the floor. No wonder Dewbie never seems to meet the right girl! (He’s always looking for the right trick in a box.) AND IT AIN’T: Luke Wilson, Jim Carrey or Jeremy Piven

78. BEST WEEK EVER 09/27
Well, It Would Certainly Explain That Grin: WE hear a lot of sordid, dirty celebrity stories around these parts, and very rarely believe them to be true. (We like to give fame-ies way more credit than they deserve.) But when it came to the following tidbit, our source seemed so earnest, so determined for us to believe, that, well, we kind of believe it. So here goes: Which A-list Hollywood actor is well known among the dominatrix community for being a frequent client? Sure, he’s linked with various model-types, but in actuality, he’d much rather be tied up and whipped by some of New York’s finest leather-clad doms. But that’s not all. In addition to being treated like human garbage, he also enjoys… err, how do we put this… eating human poop. Yes, sometimes a sh*t-eating grin can be a literal term as well. That being said, we have a confession: We would gladly drop trou and serve this hunk a steamin’ pile of excrement in exchange for just one night of bliss — he’s one of our favorite actors! UPDATE: He’s between 25 and 50 years old. That should stop those more elderly guesses floating around. UPDATE 2: He has some television experience under his belt. UPDATE 3: He has won a major award! And no, it’s not a leg lamp. UPDATE 4: He was NOT born on the East Coast of the continental United States
. Leo Dicaprio

This black female celebrity once appeared on a television show. She's pretty, talented, well spoken and appears professional in manner and dress. In reality, if she wasn't an actress, she would be a prostitute, dominatrix or porn star. Her sexual deviance has scared off famous men in the past but this didn't prevent her from snagging a husband, due to her looks. She has completely turned him out. Now, he's into S&M and they both go to underground bondage clubs in L.A. and New York that cater to discreet celebrities. Our sources tell us, they once flew to San Francisco to attend "Power Exchange." A well known S&M club with a bondage clientele. Our actress tried to disguise her appearance by donning a bondage mask the entire evening but she was still recognizable. We were also informed, this couple placed bids on S&M slaves during a slave auction. Apparently, they wanted a third person for a threesome. They have also been spotted at the "Exotic/Erotic Ball." Rumor has it, they can't get aroused unless pain or domination is involved. Hint: They are both in the industry but she is more famous than him. She is very well known in the Black community.
Salli Richardson and D'ondre Whitfield

80. HOLY MOLY 09/28
Which British film star surprised all around him at the Cannes festival with his bizarre behaviour this year? The grumpy bastard seemed to believe the world was out to get him, insisting on top-notch security at the doors of his very expensive suite and checking that all exits and entrances were secure in any restaurant he was visiting. Perhaps his most famous role had gone to his head, but all this paranoia meant was that he spent a large amount of time waiting on pavements while restaurants were searched for non-existent threats, and standing outside toilets as 'his people' ensured assassins weren't lurking in the cistern. Oh, oh heavens!
Daniel Craig ("Oh, oh heavens" = I, Lucifer - DC will play Lucifer; in pre-production)

1) This young actor’s career is skyrocketing. But maybe he’s getting a little too bold? His powerful protector may not be all too pleased with the fact the young gun’s getting along with his teen daughter very well.
Shia LaBeouf and Harrison Ford's daughter, Georgia

2) Is the academy winning actress looking for trouble? She will soon start shooting a movie with a guy she's had a wild affair with a few years back. The affair may be over but the feelings remained and rumors are they are mutual despite the fact he’s been married for many years. Hint: a case of Déja vu just with another actress in the lead? Julia Roberts/Denzel Washington

3) Which troubled actress accidentally bumped into one of Hollywood’s most powerful men at a party recently and got so friendly with him afterwards his wife accidentally spilled her drink on her?

#1 This drug addled celebutard from a foreign land (not U.S.) is in a new relationship with a celebutante who is the daughter of someone sexy. Seems the celebutard hit on the celebutante's step mother at a recent event. He was rejected, but the celebutante still adores him.
Calum Best/Kim Stewart/Penny Lancaster (Stewart)

#2 This slightly chubby female Top 40 singer who is in the valley after coming down from a very big peak, has always had whispers surround her about her sexuality. Turns out they are more then whispers. Our singer and her girlfriend are now living together. To make it look more palatable, she also invited another woman to move in so it looks like they are all roommates. Having the third woman move in also makes it easier for our singer to indulge in the pills she loves so much as the third woman is also the singer's dealer. Kelly Clarkson

#3 This award winning, married with children B list film actor who is in a top ten 2007 film, was in a hotel room last Friday night when he made arrangements with the concierge to get a companion for the night. The concierge arranged for an escort. The next thing that happened was the actor was on the other end of the phone screaming at the concierge because a male escort had been sent. It seems as did many others that the concierge thought our actor was a closet gay. Turns out at least for that night, he wasn't as a female companion was sent over and the concierge paid out of his own pocket for the service to make amends.

#4 This A+ aging Academy Award winning actor has been in this space recently for some wacky summer adventures. Now, he's back in LA and for some reason that no one can fathom has started turning up at garage sales every Saturday morning. No one knows if he is just being generous or he's losing his mind because he is buying absolute junk and keeps buying junk until his car is filled, and then he drives off. It has happened the past three Saturdays. Jack Nicholson

Like Sly Stone, drugs ruined this black entertainer's life and stunted his creativity. He can't kick the habit. Whether it's panhandling in disguise for drug money or contemplating a career as a online escort due to his name status, this man has a serious addiction. He can barely drag himself out of bed in the mornings and when he is awake, the blinds are kept shut. Recently, he saw a moneymaking opportunity and he vowed to clean himself up. He stayed clean for a week when he went to a baller's house to pick up some rock to sling. They agreed, he would keep a percentage and return the majority of the profit to the dealer. He desperately needed the cash if he wanted to turn his life around. In his mind, he had already spent the money on fancy whips, a new crib and bling. He would shut the skeptics up, he would be back in the game. He would be the new dope boy in town. And then, the cravings kicked in. He started using the rock he was supposed to sling. He even gave a party for his addict friends. When he woke up the following morning, he was in a panic, all his rock was gone and he had no cash to show for it. If it wasn't for the kindness of his parents, who loaned him money, he would probably be dead. Another drug deal gone bad. Sadly, he's back to using full-time, he's no longer trying to sling. Hint: During his career, he was surrounded by others.

Last week I had a situation where a person told me what they had done. I'm not a big fan of the person so I was definitely willing to reveal it to all of you as a blind item, but wanted to make sure I wasn't the only one who knew what she was saying. The problem is, you can't just make random calls and say, hey did so and so (B- list film actress) really hit on this married A list actor on an hourly basis while they were filming together? And if so, is it also true that said B list film actress was hiding naked for over 30 minutes in A list actor's trailer while A list actor's wife (also actress) was on the set? Seems as if the A list actor kept turning down our slutty actress but she thought that being there in his trailer naked would make him change his mind. What it would have done is got his butt divorced if our actress wasn't careful. There is just no way you are going to talk your way out of a naked actress sitting in your trailer even if you didn't do anything. Apparently the actress told everyone the waiting in the trailer naked for the married A list actor and was very proud of the story because it was so funny. Never mind the consequences of the what would have happened if.....

Don't deny this R&B singer her right to praise God. Said vocalist was in the studio working with A-List producers and decided she has a song of reverence she wanted to offer unto the Lord. When one of the producers balked at the idea and wanted to get to work on an R&B song instead, the R&B starlet flew off the handle. "I want to sing this damn song for Jesus! All I want to do is sing this mother@#%$& song for Jesus. Why the f#$% won't you let me sing my damn song for God," she raged. She gave new meaning to "Radical for Christ!" IS IT: Amerie, Rihanna, Mya, Keyshia Cole or Joss Stone?

86. NY DAILY NEWS 10/02
Which famous tennis player is teased by her friends for "being such a white girl" because of her fondness for the works of Miss Cyndi Lauper?
Serena or Venus Williams

#1 This aging B list actress on a hit again network drama has been drowning her recent sorrows in booze. Seems that she is getting her liquor delivered at a rate of about 3 liters of vodka a day. None of that good stuff for her either. Despite a very large salary, the actress is spending $50 a day on the liquor including delivery.
Kim Delaney

#2 Three people walking down a sidewalk. #1 is about ten steps in front of #2 and #3 is about one step behind #2. Now it seems as if #1 reached into his pocket to get his cell phone and as he did, he dislodged two $100 bills. Person #2 is an A list television actor on a hit medical drama. #2 reached down, picked up the $200 and put it in his pocket. #3 saw what he was doing and asked #2 if he was going to give the money back to #1. From the look on his face, it was obvious that our actor was going to keep the money. As #3 raised a fuss, our actor gave the money to #3 and walked away quickly. #3 then caught up to a very grateful #1 and returned the money without mentioning our actor.

Although his "art" and therefore his career is entirely predicated upon the fact that he loves love and believes in love, especially love at home, and has made millions off women swooning over every word and note, it seems for him at least love does not go hand in hand with fidelity. Appears he’s been nailing a new piece in every city – from the Midwest to the Northwest to New York, he is cheating. And he is cheating on a celebrated starlet girlfriend with a career that could eclipse – if it hasn’t already – his own. Because while he might make more money, she gets more mileage – on magazines, on red carpets, on award show stages. And why not? She’s beautiful and talented – a scene stealer in every way. Still…he strays. He strays everywhere. And his modus operandi is always the same. He will meet a girl. They will go somewhere fun – playing pool, bowling, even karaoke. Afterwards he’ll invite her back to his hotel. They get it on but first he makes sure she showers. He insists on it. He almost orders it. Apparently he wants to make sure she’s clean before they get dirty. And then they get dirty. The camera will come out. He promises privacy. And so far it has indeed been private. But this is what turns him on. If there’s time they’ll watch it back together and go for round 2. Not known what he does with the evidence afterwards though it’s very possible he is now building his own porny tourist video library with entries from at least 3 American cities… that I know of.
Michael Buble/Emily Blunt

89. NY DAILY NEWS 10/03
Which Emmy- winning actor with a bad reputation has been blackballed by several important NYC publicisits after his diva behavior at a major Fashion Week event?
Jeremy Piven

This is a well respected, articulate, well dressed black family man who is a famous multi-millionaire but behind that charm and smile lies a dark side. Few people know that this strait-laced individual used to hang out at Rick James mansion where he would indulge in orgies. He always had a habit of being too rough or violent with the women, sometimes leaving them black and blue. When you see this man on TV although he doesn't appear on a show, he's all charm with a megawatt smile. This man has a frightening dark side when it comes to women. He's so neat and soft spoken, some consider him slightly effeminate and sweet around the edges. Don't be fooled. Behind closed doors and with the exception of his wife and mother, women are the absolute scum of the earth. He was once entertaining a escort in a limousine, when suddenly, a dark shadow came over his face and without warning, he yanked her head down towards his crotch and demanded she give him fellatio. She said he literally grabbed her out from the roots during the act. When it was over, he told her to get the fuck out of his car! The next day, she saw this soft spoken man who TV and was amazed by his transformation. This man is also known for being jealous and resentful of other's success and fame. He is an undercover sexual predator with a violent appetite. Over the years, his hatred for women has increased. Few people knew, he was once friends with a Black quarterback, he helped him cope with the untimely death of his blonde mistress. The quarterback had ordered his mistress a luxury sedan and the car was accidentally delivered to his wife. The mistress would later die in a tragic accident. For reasons unknown, the two men no longer associate.

black family man:
black quarterback: Warren Moon

1) This American songbird has suddenly changed her tune….and style. The reason? Her new boyfriend considers it a real turn on when she steps onstage scarcely dressed, for the world to see.
Hiliary Duff

2) Some marriages are doomed from the start, and this one certainly was. While this Hollywood giant married the mother of his oldest he was not able to forget about the woman he had a relationship with prior to this marriage. The catch? His affair with this other woman, may very well have started no later than 2 years in his marriage, until he finally called the marriage quits for the other woman, two years later. Steven Spielberg/Amy Irving

3) This presidential hopeful got more than an eyeful when he arrived home early and found his wife getting along more than well with one of his key advisors! Rudy Guiliani

4) You don’t need to be a scientist to realize this marriage is troubled, they lay their heads to rest in separate beds and are mainly seen together when the spotlight requires it. The biggest sign of trouble might be she is starting to reach out to friends again, she dropped after her marriage because he did not approve of them… Tom and Katie Cruise

#1 This whacked out, aging female singer, and I am using the term singer very loosely here, walked up to her ex-boyfriend who was with his current girlfriend. Apparently our singer was a wee bit jealous and a wee bit pissed that her ex was with someone else. She walked straight up to the new girlfriend and asked, "Did he tell you that he's HIV positive?" "I should know, he gave it to me." She then turned and walked away. How is that for a date? Probably the last one.
Courtney Love and Steve Coogan

#2 You remember the vodka queen? Well it seems as if there is a little more to her deliveries than just vodka. She always requests the same delivery guy and answers the door wearing next to nothing, making sure he gets an eyeful everytime. She hasn't made any moves on the guy, and he isn't encouraging it either because her body looks as if it was in a car wreck because of all the bruising she has from her last lipo. Kim Delaney

93. NY DAILY NEWS 10/04
Which weight-loss poster girl has her people replace the labels on her clothes for photo shoots — from 8's and 10's to 4's and 2's?
Mariah Carey

This Hollywood Screen Legend is telling everyone around her that she is ready for another husband. This would be her ninth husband. The man she has her eyes on is a businessman. Close friends of the Hollywood legend are shocked by her choice because she has never dated outside of her race. The screen legend may have to rethink her choice. The businessman is gay, and is only dealing with her to further his own business career. Elizabeth Taylor

So other than a Fatal Attraction type situation, what is the worst thing that can happen to a guy when he's having an affair? How about if you are a very big star. Very recognizable. A list. In fact A+ list actor. Huge films, huge star, and very married. How about if you are having an affair. Maybe you go over to her place or you meet somewhere, and people never see you together so it's good. So what happens when she gets a little antsy and wants to go to dinner with our huge comic actor. He says fine, but not in LA. So maybe they take a little drive out towards Santa Barbara. Things are good. They eat, she's happy, and they come back. Maybe on the way back they get into an accident. A bad accident. Our actor and date aren't hurt, but the other driver is very badly shaken up and when he recognizes the actor, here comes the pain. With the pain comes the ambulance and the policeman who starts taking names and witness names and who was in each vehicle. Now what if our actor had told the Mrs. that he was going to play some poker with some friends over in Silverlake, not all the way out here in Santa Barbara. The accident is easy to explain. The location, the ticket our actor received and the police report with passenger name. Big trouble. So far the actor has kept it secret but it has only been four days. Four very long days. Let's see how much longer this will stay a secret.
Mel Gibson

One Pistol-Packin' Blind Vice: This one’s about everything you’ve come to expect in Hollywood: bad outfits, dubious hairdos and even worse manners. Tanya Tush-Tease and Bubba Hubba are such the H-town spoiled stars. Sure, they like their swag out the wazoo (who doesn’t, besides moi?), but we can’t exactly crucify the very beautifully bottomed couple for that Debra Messing-esque behavior alone now, can we? Well, we could, but it’s better than that. Read on: T3 and B.H. and their fancy-bummed set o’ pals, like a lotta petunia-obsessed jokers out here, live to send extravagant flower arrangements (mostly to each other). This fierce flora set is sorta the same as those deranged women—and men, too—who think just because a guy’s majorly endowed he’s gonna be big-time fun in bed. So wrong! Nevertheless, TTT and B-boy keep sending bigger and bigger arrangements, courtesy the loyal florist who has been tirelessly servicing the often ridiculously outfitted couple for years. But what’s interesting—and pretty mother-effin’ sick, if you ask this sicko mother-effer—is that the more millions this Tinseltown couple makes, the less often they pay their damn fleur bill. In fact, it’s gotten so bad lately the polite flower arranger had to ask for payment, only to be told, "Well, couldn’t we pay you less money for recommendations?" Stupidly, the woebegone wisteria arranger agreed. Guess who’s getting paid even less often than before? Uh-huh, Tanya and Bubba’s poor put-upon florist, who’s now so ingrained with this couple’s decadent set she’s loathe to bolt for fear of losing the rest of her posh clientele. What’s the matter here, you two (often) bad-acting, money-grubbing dilettantes? Is stealing from other people’s livelihoods as exciting to you as swinging with those same-sex partners you two hotties are so burnin’ for? Don’t think for a second we don’t know to whom a ton o’ those phallus-shaped buds are being delivered. AND IT AIN’T: Tom Hanks/Rita Wilson; Jerry O'Connell/Rebecca Romijn; Keith Urban/Nicole Kidman
Will and Jada Smith

We reported last year that a White hunky actor, who is HIV-positive had talked his then wife into using a strap-on. They were so drugged out during this time period, they were willing to experiment with few questions asked. A few months later, he wanted the "real thing" and began patronizing transvestite prostitutes who had yet to undergo a sex change procedure. He became a "known bottom" in the TS and TV community. This is how he got infected with the HIV-virus. He now lives out of the limelight and takes his AIDS cocktail religiously. He is also a shell of his former self. Now, we have a similar story in Black Hollywood. Regarding a Black Actor, who seems to have a craving for penetration. Since he doesn't want to be labeled as gay, he came to a solution. His compromise, hire female escorts to use a strap-on. Our sources reveal, his toes curl up during sex and he screams like a woman in bed. On a few occasions, he has worn women's undergarments prior to sex and he enjoys sex in the shower with the woman positioned in the back. This man doesn't consider himself bi-curious or gay curious but he is ashamed that he has these desires. And he is constantly fighting the compulsion to hire a "male escort" to service him "without" a strap-on. This man appears masculine and macho in appearance but behind closed doors he's a different story. Hint: He's mainly a TV actor who's very popular.

white hunky actor: Jean-Claude Van Damme
black actor:

98. HOLY MOLY 10/05
Which old punk is on very familiar terms with his bodyguard? The man in question appears to follow him everywhere. And I mean everywhere, and on the punk's orders. The bodyguard takes his duties seriously, and it's not only the old rocker's back he watches closely.

#1 I don't even know how you define what list someone is when they are on some ensemble show watched by teens and pre-teens, so go with the above, and make her a female. Make her pregnant which is causing the producers to have a heart attack because they really don't need anymore scandals. But wait, there's more. One of the producers who is old enough to be her grandfather shouldn't be having a heart attack because of shock, because he is the one who knocked her up. New boyfriends are being lined up as we speak.

#2 You remember the sisters who aren't speaking right? Well not speaking implies mild discord. They hate each other, and it is getting worse. The sister without the boyfriend, managed to track down boyfriend's phone number and has been filling him in on details about other sister's past boyfriends and what she may or may not have picked up from said boyfriends.

#3 "What wife? No, I think you have me confused with one of my brothers." So sayeth this married actor brother as he groped and fondled the woman he met in the bar for the first time just 30 minutes earlier. Stephen Baldwin

#4 This oh so demanding curvy top 40 singer with the famous pipes, has a bit of a towel problem. Seems she makes one of her people go buy fresh towels daily. Yes, brand new towels must be used everyday irregardless of whether a towel was used the day before or not. Seems that our singer thinks that towels that have been hanging collect too much dust, and so wants fresh ones daily so she is always clean. I guess no one has bothered to tell her that they are gathering even more dust sitting in the store, or on the shelves of her home awaiting their first use. Hey, at least all her staff, their friends and family have more towels than they know what to do with. Mariah Carey

100. NY DAILY NEWS 10/07
Which New Orleans native and Oscar-nominated actress keeps stuffed animals from her old boyfriends and is an expert in synchronized swimming? (Okay, not exactly scandalous — but kinda funny, right?)
Patricia Clarkson

A confidential Blind Item. This American , double academy award winning, actor is considered gay by majority. But… people might be in for a VERY big surprise when they learn that not only he will tie the knot soon, he’s also about to become a proud papa.
**ADDENDUM: Remember our “confidential” blind item ? Our estimate is we’ve received a record amount of letters about that one . People wrote they’ve got a pretty good guess who the HE is, but like to get some clues who the SHE might be. You are all way of base with your suspicions, so… Per your request, some additional clues; SHE was the girl in the park. THEY have been carrying on an affair beyond the seasons , one of the real reasons her not so blooming relationship hit the rocks. HE is far past going on 21. If you don’t know now, you are never going to get it. Extra bonus: Pay close attention to the sound of wedding bells, it may go by very silent and after the offspring has been born. There is a reason why things have been kept so quiet, because…maybe she was not so unattached when they hit it off.** Kevin Spacey  & Kate Bosworth

102. NY DAILY NEWS 10/08
Which man-loving Fox personality might want to keep his cats off the bed during intimate moments? Because you know how the gays gossip about things like that.
Wentworth Miller

103. NY POST 10/08
1. WHICH philandering billionaire deserves some sympathy? His wife starting cheating on him - with a man 10 years her junior - before he started cheating on her. "They often met at the Four Seasons hotel," said our spy. "She lavished him with gifts, money and love notes."

2. WHICH recently separated star had his sidekick secure two young ladies to join him for a wild night back at his new bachelor pad? Heath Ledger

104. BILLY MASTERS 10/08
Could it be that a certain oft-bounced around beard has landed on her latest acquisition? Rumor has it that they are actually shaving each other - a position both have been in before. She with her bad skin and he with his...well, there's nothing wrong with him. But they're pretty much neck-in-neck in the talent department.

#1 So about two weeks ago there is a Vivid party (adult film company) and this music producer who reminds me a great deal of Larry Hagman drives his car right up to the front entrance of the club, slams his brakes so the tries squeal and to make sure he has everyone's attention. In front of the club is a long line of people waiting to get in. Our producer walks up to the door and says, "I'm here for the party." The bouncer sees his name on the list, but says the party hasn't started yet and won't for another 20 minutes or so. Our producer begs to get in early, but is denied. He goes back to his car and lays rubber as he pulls away from the club. 30 minutes later he pulls back in front of the club just as noisily, and as he struts up to the front entrance says, "Lets start this party. Where are the bitches? Bring on the bitches." I would like to say that he then tripped and fell and everyone laughed at him, but everyone was already laughing at him. He went home empty that night.
J. R. Rotem

#2 Oh Canada. Not really about Canada per se, but it does take place in Canada. Seems that a show that is filming there which was supposed to be a big hit is actually a bomb and the cast knows it. Since they figure they will be cancelled before the end of the year they are doing as much as they can to have fun, including all kinds of gestures and signals to their friends while filming, stealing everything they can from the various sets, and basically just having the time of their lives all over Vancouver knowing it will be over soon. Everyone is joining in except for the female lead who still thinks the show will make it and thinks everyone is acting childish and refuses to take part in anything that can be considered fun. The rest of the cast and crew have taken to calling her diamond which she takes as a compliment. Unfortunately it is referring to what a tight ass she is and how if she put a lump of coal in her ass it would turn to a diamond. Michelle Ryan"Bionic Woman"

106. Jawn Murray, AOL Black Voices 10/08
This singer has given new meaning to the Brian McKnight classic song, "Still in Love." Said crooner has a new album in stores now, but one track in particular is an ode to his ex-wife. The somber song talks the love he once had and how he misses her so. The only problem is that it's been more than a decade since the two were last together and the ex-wife has since remarried. Howard Hewett

#1 This former A list award winning actress is now B list because she doesn't work much. She still has A list name recognition however even without a famous sidekick. What she doesn't have any more is a husband. Seems as if the husband has grown tired of the inflexibility of our actress and the pair are in the midst of a separation most likely leading to divorce.
Catherine Zeta Jones

#2 This trashy B list actress with the marriage from hell has sunk even lower than Paris looking for coke on a floor. What was a bad marriage with a horrible husband has turned into our actress being loaned out by the husband to pay off some debts. The actress has agreed because of the skeletons in her own closet which would ruin her career if they came to light. Well ruin her career for serious films. Wouldn't ruin her career if all she wanted to be was the host of Wild On or something. Brittany Murphy

An older gay source once informed me that actors Howard Rollins and Raymond St. Jacques were fixtures in the gay (Castro) district of San Francisco before their deaths due to AIDS complications. During this time, the neighborhood gay mayor of the Castro district was the homosexual father of a professional superstar athlete. They all partied at a club called "DJ's." A younger, new black celebrity on the scene (at the time) joined their clique. He enjoyed flying to San Francisco for his downlow encounters, this way, he was away from the prying eyes of Los Angeles, and he didn't have to worry about his secret lifestyle being exposed. This celebrity was fanatic about practicing safe sex and he is still among us. He was even married between women (beards). For years, he was mistaken as a notorious womanizer. Fast Forward: I just received word from a gay source that this same man was in San Francisco recently, cruising the red light district for male hustlers. Circling the corner various times in his SUV before deciding on his prey. Despite pledging his love for different girlfriends at various times, over the years, he's up to his old tricks.
neighborhood gay mayor of the Castro: O.J.’s father
younger, new black celebrity: Eddie Murphy

109. NY DAILY NEWS 10/10
What TV funny guy and his wife are unpopular for being mean to the deliverymen who bring the endless train of swag and luxury goods to their apartment?
Jerry Seinfeld

While it seems that everyday there are new accusations leveled at Britney Spears about her child raising skills, and the fact that Protective Services seems to live at her house, the reality is that she is not the only celebrity to have faced an investigation from Protective Services. This award winning television actress on a long running hit show was A list for several years and now she is doing the slow slide to B list and the inevitable Love Boat when it returns. Oh, yes it will return. Anyway, she and her husband have not always been the model parents. Seems that the grandparents have basically taken over all parenting because our actress and her husband would often forget to feed their infant, leave him/her for an hour or two while they went and ate lunch or dinner, and would never change the diaper leading to severe rashes. After two visits from CPS, the grandparents promised to take over the duties and are always with the baby except during photo ops when our actress makes the world believe she is a much better parent than reality.

This Mega Producer is ready to get married and settle down. His girlfriend is a Pop Princess who is not ready to make that big step. She’s been married twice, and she doesn’t want to have kids. She likes things the way they are. She knows this guy loves her and will always take care of her. He wants to make it legal and have kids. He knows his stock will go up if he can seal the deal. His reputation is on the line. Can he convince his girlfriend to get married? Jermaine Dupri and Janet Jackson

112. NY DAILY NEWS 10/11
Which light-footed contestant on a celebrity TV challenge was so nervous before going on that he actually tossed his cookies backstage, in front of the other celebs?
Floyd Maywhether "Dancing with the Stars"

113. POPBITCH 10/11
1. Which Russian tennis pro was spotted leaving Moscow nightspot Night Flight, a place known as one of the city's top escort services, where bouncers say men usually go to choose themselves the most beautiful girls to visit their hotels later?
Marat Safin

2. Which Fox TV anchor was filming outside the UN recently when security services were clearing the area for a bomb sweep, and asked network bosses to ask the secret service to wait so he could do a live report? Shepherd Smith

#1 This celebutard was talking smack at a party about a guest who is a blinged out top male singer/producer. Word got to the singer and he made sure that whenever our celebutard started hitting on a woman, the singer would involve himself into the conversation and get the woman to come with him. Even though he was getting paid to be at the party, our celebutard left early and left pissed.
Kevin Federline/Kayne West

#2 These two actors had not seen each other since their movie wrapped several months ago. Last night at the premiere was a chance for them to reconnect and they did to the point that late in the evening before leaving together, they were spotted holding hands discreetly under the table at which they were sitting. (yes, it's general, but it's all I can do for now.)

One Lamentable Blind Vice: Corny Beefy is actually such a swell guy, we kinda hate to write up this little Blind baby—but hell, we got mouths to feed, right? I mean, that mutt Margo is getting to be a demanding little gourmet bitch! Quite unlike aw-shucks C.B., although, we must admit, Corny-doll certainly looks like he's been hittin' a lotta food bowls lately, gourmet or otherwise. Was that snitty of us to say? Well, it's kind of an important deet, actually, as Mr. B used to be such the doable little hon. 'Course, he still is (more so when he's filming), in between fat phases. Aren't we all allowed one? Tattletale truth be told, I think Mr. Beefy's reoccurring poundage is due to an emotional sitch, as is often the case with altering bod phases. See, C.B. was married a few years ago, got the missus preggers, but—how can we put this?—something's been missing in Beefy's life ever since he chose the white-picket-fence route. Could that something be an object shaped more like a salami, less a Hot Pocket? Boy-on-boy bingo! "He now regrets not coming out, as he sees more and more people doing it," fessed a close amiga to Corny-babe. "His wife doesn't know. Hardly anyone knows." (But some sure do!) Yes, as is so often the case when we embark on the Blind Vice alleyway, we are discussing yet another closeted fake-hetero homo movie star. How utterly surprising. Too sad, really, as not only is Corny sweet as his (in-shape) tits, he's also a most politically aware, very astute guy. So, why give in to this ersatz way of life? "He thought he could wish it away," adds the loose-lipped bosom buddy. Hmmm. Is that what he was hoping for when he was a hooker, before he became famous? Or was it just a successful career he wanted back then? We wonder. Can't have everything, Corny! And it aint: Ben Stiller, David Boreanaz, Will Smith

116. PEREZ HILTON 10/11
What actor, Mr. X, is having an affair? The file on him is that he’s screwing his (female) tennis instructor. Yup. His actress wife is going to become a Lion when she finds out!
David Duchovny

The following is from Heather Hunter's book "Insatiable," based on actual events: One day my manager called, the agent of a famous R&B star called my manager and wanted to know if I was available for the evening. The singer invited me to his show at Radio City. At the mention of his name, my mouth instantly fell open. He was one of the most famous R&B singers of all time. He made beautiful love songs and had a squeaky clean positive image. Who would have thought he would be interested in anything that had to do with me, never mind the adult industry. He was waiting for me backstage. He looked rich and suave and he kissed my hand gently, he was the perfect gentleman. "You are the apple of my eye, he cooed, openly admiring my assets. I felt like my legs were going to buckle. We dranked a glass of wine before his show. "After the show, we'll talk, he promised." He turned around and winked at me before hitting the stage. Afterwards, we went to dinner. He was charming and attentive. We left the restaurant and said our goodbyes, as I stepped off the curb, he asked me, why don't you let my limo drop you off at home. Flattered he was willing to go out of his way for me, I accepted and climbed in the back with him. As the car started to pull off I noticed his demeanor begin to change. In an instant, he ripped the tie from around his neck and began to speak in a heavier tone of voice "Damn, I'm glad that bullshit's over, he snapped, turning to me. "So, what's up sexy?" he asked with a sleazy look in his eye. "I've seen your films, and you f**k real well. So why don't you come over here and give me some of that mind-blowing shit you give so well?" I was shocked and disturbed by his sudden transformation. The perfect gentleman had turned into a sleaze bucket thug in a $1,000 dollar suit. Excuse me, I said, offended. "Come on b**ch. Cut the fucking games. He then proceeded to pull down his zipper and started jerking off right in front of me. Angered by his disrespect and audacity, I became furious. Yes, I had performed in X-rated movies but did that automatically mean that I was down for whatever, and with whomever as long as they unzipped their pants. Are you fucking serious! Zip your pants up, I spat at him, disgusted. He forcefully grabbed the top of my head, shoving me down onto his bulging crotch in an attempt to force me to give him fellatio. Get off me!" I screamed, tears suddenly streaming down my face. I screamed, punched, kicked and twisted my body but he was determined to get what he wanted. A crazed look in his eye told me he wanted to bust me in the head but remembering his own celebrity, he decided against it, probably not willing to deal with the backlash of negative publicity that would have come from the deed. You ain't no real porn star! He shouted as he fixed his clothes. I said, "Fuck you, you sick bastard. Let me outta here!" He suddenly settled down and began speaking in the voice that I had heard when I first met him. Not listening to his sorry excuse, I violently banged on the partition. When the car slowed down, I jumped out.

#1 Big day for cheating. But probably the biggest was this married former A list award winning actor, and now a B lister with A list name recognition. Got back to his hotel the other night and was feeling a little lonely without the missus who is also an actress around so he dialed up some strippers for his room. Two came to the room and spent most of the night there. Don't know if there was sex involved or just a show.
Sean Penn

#2 Our other cheater didn't actually manage to succeed, but I guess it is still considered cheating. He, is a married A list director. His goal was this A list actress. The married director got a little tipsy, well maybe drunk off his ass would be a better word, and started hitting on our A list actress over and over. What started out as innocent flirtation, by the end of the night became our director promising to leave his wife and give up everything if he could only be with the A list actress. Throughout the night he tried to keep putting his arm around the actress and also kept going in for kisses. The actress laughed it off for most of the night, but when the director started pawing her, she got pissed and warned him she would call his wife if he tried anything more. Sam Mendes (married to Kate Winslet)/PROBABLY: Halle Berry (The Cinema Society Hosts Screening of "Things We Lost in the Fire")

#3 This absolute stunner of a B list film actress looked even more gorgeous the other night in her full length evening gown. What didn't look so good was her doing line after line of coke in the restroom, and then falling down on said restroom floor right in a puddle of water. The $10,000 dress was ruined which didn't make the designer happy either. Eva Mendes

#4 This washed out female singer has been suffering from the drug abuse flu and a breakup with her wandering eyed actor boyfriend. Fergie

119. NY DAILY NEWS 10/14
Which oddly unfamous participant on a celebrity TV show got his slot after a secret romance with a Hollywood leading man who has a girlfriend?

1) She is a famous (retired) singer. He is a famous, popular actor. Both are living in London. Both are American. In the past they used to spend wild hours together when her husband was gone. Their affair almost came to light through a weird incident that involved a cell phone, a dog and a group of teens. After this the couple cooled things off. But when they recently reconnected on the dance floor the singer’s husband first almost came to blows with the actor, then when the singer defended the actor and refused to leave with her husband, he turned livid, shouting they were through. Hint : She’s a material girl.
Madonna/Kevin Spacey

2) This Academy winning actress is spending quite a bit of time with this (retired) legend on wheels. Some even expect a big announcement soon.
Academy winning actress:
legend on wheels: Lance Armstrong

3) This legendary director might find himself with new young kids, soon. While he might still have some doubts his wife is determined to adopt them. And it’s no big secret; at home, she is the boss.

4) This American news anchor doesn’t seem to be able to stop his fall down. First it was the drugs and alcohol, now he’s picked up an affair with a young girl many years his minor. If people don’t consider that a problem her age might be; she’s 16(!)… Pat O'Brien

121. NY POST 10/15
1. WHICH reality star turned rocker recently had major work done after a minor weight loss? Following in the footsteps of her plastic surgery-addict mother, the young starlet got her tummy tightened and her breasts lifted.
Kelly Osborne

2. WHICH pint-sized cable hit actor has major depression issues? "He has to speak to his mommy every morning because nobody on his show likes him," said our tipster. Jeremy Piven

Kim Kardashian is not the only non-black woman who shares a passion for Black Men. The only difference between Kim and another female celebrity, Kim doesn't hide her passion. This white female mega star has strong desires for Black Men and in her early years of fame, she often patronized male escort agencies (frequented by other famous women), requesting black male escorts, only! She would have married a famous Black man she continues to love but her management informed her she would lose her white mainstream audience and her career would suffer drastically. Instead, she married a white man who she's not in love with. Unbelievingly, she has been having an ongoing very discreet affair with this famous black man that has gone on undetected for nearly a decade. When both were single, they dated discreetly, when both married other people, they never stopped loving or caring for one another and continued to see each other, under the paparazzi radar but not under the "Sky Villa" radar. The famous black male feared, like his famous white mistress, he too, would lose his black fan base if they ever married, so they both settle for carrying on a clandestine affair-all over the world. They've frolicked in Europe, had a rendezvous in Canada and a few escapades in South America, etc., and they are genuinely in love. Since both are rich, she more so than him, they have everything at their disposal and they have a top notch "trusted" elite security team on payroll to honor their confidentiality and to keep their secret safe and to book them in those most secure, discreet and luxurious hotel suites/penthouses in the world when they're together. Sky Villa has been informed that guards have been spotted standing outside the door of their hotel suites with walkie talkies and earpieces.

123. Jawn Murray, AOL Black Voices 10/15
Sources say this television personality is fuming mad that her ex-boyfriend has been referencing their relationship in recent interviews to promote his latest project. Said TV talent and her one-time love ended on really bad terms. Now that her ex has indirectly mentioned her and is dogging their relationship in numerous interviews, she's contemplating disclosing personal information she discovered about him. Oprah Winfrey (this ex-boyfriend is writing a tell-all book that Oprah lied about when she last used cocaine...she said in the 70's, he said in the 80's.)

124. NY DAILY NEWS 10/16
Which teenage brother of hard-partying siblings is following in the family tradition? Visibly drunk at an L.A. nightclub on Saturday, he alarmed pals by vomiting later at a party in the Hollywood Hills, where he had been taken by his sister. And he was just off the plane from boarding school! Baron Hilton

This married award winning B list actor with very A list name recognition who won his awards as an A lister is CURRENTLY all alone while filming. There have been rumors that perhaps the marriage is a sham, and what happened in the past day or so may lend some credence to that rumor although it doesn't clear up the long standing rumor. A former female co-star was in town when there really was no real reason for her to be there. This female co-star who is known for a certain sexual lifestyle she maintains waited at her hotel until our actor was completely alone. A car was sent for the former co-star and she was driven to the place where our actor is currently staying. She stayed 36 hours and emerged early this morning and was driven back to her hotel while wearing the exact same clothes she had been wearing when she left 36 hours previously. The person she had come to town with was waiting in the lobby and had been waiting for much of the 36 hours. It seems as if our actress was only supposed to be gone 3 or 4 hours, and did not have a cell phone and did not call to tell her companion if she was ok or when she was coming home. It was this overheard heated discussion in the lobby that has the tongues wagging and the tabloids smelling blood. If the companion had been upstairs or the actress had been able to call, it is possible that no one would have ever known.
Tom Cruise/Leelee Sobieski

126. NY DAILY NEWS 10/17
Which legendary, aging Hollywood producer has his office fitted with leading-man lighting to bolster his fading mystique? "It looks like he has a key and a fill light," laughs one recent visitor.
Robert Evans

Rewind: A few years ago we reported that this black actor has an intense love for black women. When a former assistant tried to set him up with a White woman, he responded by cursing the assistant out and firing him. Despite this, he is known to take women through emotional roller coasters and severe changes due to his constant infidelity. He is such a cheat, people wonder, why does he even bother to zip his pants up. He is constantly on the make whether he is single or married. He was once involved with a beautiful woman who adored him, this didn't stop him from cheating on her with a problematic supermodel. He also had sex with a R&B diva on the eve of her wedding. The next day he attended the wedding and at the reception, engaged in a lively discussion on sports with the groom when he wasn't eyeing the women in attendance.

Fast Forward: This romeo is also a "Johnny Appleseed" with several children in several states. He always tells women in has a few kids, he never gives the exact number. Some of his children are grown but our romeo doesn't look his age because he's in good shape. Sadly, everyone thought he was going to settle down and marry his former actress girlfriend but he was cheating on her with a wealthy woman who is now his significant other. Like a broken record, he is now cheating on his significant other like crazy. Will it ever end? Hint: From the neck down.

#1 This B list actress. Actually she should be C, but when you win this award it kind of keeps you at a permanent B as a base no matter what. She was invited to an event the other night but none of the pap recognized her which really hurt. So she did what she's been doing for awhile now and started drinking. Not just a little at the reception, but just stone cold hammered. She was one big drunken mess and staggered, cussed, and tantrumed (yes I know it is not a word, but fits nicely) her way through the whole night. Rude was an understatement. Any thought that came to her head immediately came out of her mouth much to the consternation of all her fellow guests. After about an hour of this, the organizers asked her to leave. They probably still can't hear anything from the the screaming she did at them. But she did leave, and promptly threw up all over the car that was sent to take her home.
Marisa Tomei/Project A.L.S. 'Tomorrow Is Tonight' 10th Anniversary Celebration

#2 This power lesbian couple could be on the ropes. Seems they are having arguments common to any long term marriage, but the one who is a B+ actress has decided she doesn't need the aggravation any longer and is wanting someone younger and more attentive to her needs. Ellen DeGeneres/Portia DeRossi

129. LAINEY’S GOSSIP 10/17
Old gossip now leaking, courtesy of her BFF – in whose chair she sat after her split, receiving therapy and getting pretty at the same time. That’s what friends are for. Only lately her BFF is getting tired of her attitude problem – friendship is apparently on her terms and the BFF is treated alternately as servant and confidante. So since the BFF can be as catty as they come, secrets are starting seep, shedding light on several mysteries, including weight, children, and heartbreak, all pointing to one cause. Male hormones??? According to the BFF, she took male hormones as a way to stay thin. As a result, she miscarried at least once, which is what resulted in the big break – she lost love because she was obsessed with being skinny…so says the BFF. The BFF also confirms that she has since stopped, which is why her body is back to lovely. Still…her reputation, or her looks for that matter, won’t be lovely for long if BFF keeps yapping. In many ways, in one very critical way, she needs her buddy more than her buddy needs her. Jennifer Aniston/her hairdresser Chris McMillan

These two media moguls were the best of friends until a fake relationship got in the way. At first, they needed each other. They both had something to gain. Now, the two don’t even speak. At a recent promo tour, they didn’t go near one another and both acted like the other didn’t exist.

131. NY DAILY NEWS 10/18
Which larger-than-life TV personality, who is all confidence on camera, is known to sob that nobody likes her as she downs her breakfast of Snickers bars?

This married, aging, raspy, B list television and film actor who uses a fake name as his stage name had to file for bankruptcy in the past month when he ended up losing most of his money in a hedge fund in which he had invested heavily. Unable to meet some margin calls, he had to get a mortgage on both of his homes which had been completely paid off. He also had to sell many of his prized collector's items, but in the end he just couldn't get it all together and was forced to declare bankruptcy. Look for him to be almost everywhere in the next year as he attempts to start trying to build back his fortune. A male talk show host was also involved in the same fund, but had enough personal assets that he made it through ok.

married, aging, raspy, B list:
male talk show host:  Larry King

One Brown and Out in Beverly Hills Blind Vice: Sha-Sha Shimmy is one of the most beautiful babes in Hollywood. She’s also simply a doll. Hey, she’s not only a primo g-f to all her girlfriends (a rarity in this man-stealing, amiga-backstabbing enclave), but she, like, eats! Who knew? And guess what? SSS looks divine, full of luscious curves that buttloads of hungry guys 'n’ gals live to drool (and more) over. Sha-Sha can even act, too, come to think of it, but that’s, uh, not really her forte. However, Ms. Shimmy is damn serious about getting her less paparazzied career more on the roll, which is why she decided to slim down a bit for a part (heaven knows women over 62.5 pounds don’t get hired for nada in this two-by-four town). So, triple S did what a lotta ladies tryin’ to lose the pounds do: No, not barf or drug, thank heavens, but she took some laxatives, which didn’t seem to work. So, she took some more. Went to sleep, forgot about it. Next ayem, Sha-Sha remembered she needed to run some errands at the local shopping mall, which she sped off to in her smart wheels. And there she was, near Beverly Hills, comparing pillows and baskets, when—suddenly—S.S. realized she better get to a can—and fast! But, SSS hates pooping in public loos, so she sped out of the parking lot and, being impatient as she was, hit the car in front of her. A very unhappy, very large woman got out and screamed at the top of her triple-chin curdling shrill for Sha-Sha to get out of her car—now. Sha-Sha declined, which enraged the bashed driver even more. Finally, Shimmy was so vocally attacked by this brittle broad that she reluctantly got outta her spiffy job and—of course—let loose all over her skintight (SSS wears nothing else) jumpsuit, all the loosened stools those laxatives were so late in jimmying leaking everywhere inside, and through, her chic outfit. Oh, and—you guessed it—the jumpsuit was the most beautiful shade of...snow white. At least, it used to be. AND IT AIN’T: Queen Lathifa; Jennifer Coolidge; Tyra Banks

*Based on "actual events" from Heather Hunter's book, "Insatiable."* I met him in a club, he is now a famous black director. He said, "You sure are beautiful, I'm a film director, my first movie hits the theaters in two months." "Would you like to accompany me on a date sometime?" I replied, sure, of course, although I was taken off guard." As I left the club with my freaky friend, thoughts of making him my boyfriend entered my mind. He was just what I was looking for. Normal, smart, average-just the kind of guy I needed in my life. Or so I thought. He called and came by to visit me at my beach house. We went on dates, to dinner and the movies. I was at ease and relaxed with him. He promised not to break my heart. The first time we made love was hot and explosive. The next day, we took a long walk on the beach. We had become a couple. Whether it was making love on a rainy night under a full moon in Miami or getting down on the hood of a car in L.A., we had a romantic and sexual chemistry that just wouldn't quit. He made me feel special and safe when we were together and my feelings were growing for him. When he unexpectedly asked me if I would attend his movie premiere party with him, I knew he felt the same way about me. As the car pulled up in front of the theater, I grabbed his hand. As we exited the car we were blinded by hundreds of flashing bulbs. He smiled proudly with me on his arm as we strolled down the red carpet like Hollywood royalty. After the viewing, we headed over to the Palladium for the after party. The celebration was amazing and the entire cast partied alongside Hollywood's most elite. His movie was a success and I was so proud to be on his arm. People began pulling him in every direction, causing me to lose him in the crowd. I could tell he was enjoying every second of his newfound fame but was hurt that I had quickly become a shadow of him. I aimlessly navigated through the party alone, I realized that, I was losing him to fame in just one night. Two hours into the party and I was stunned at how my boyfriend was changing right before my very eyes. To make matters worse. I had to ignore the looks on the faces of so many who whispered about him arriving with a porn queen on his arm. It seemed as if my presence had made him the ultimate stud for the night, as every woman in the room wanted to get to know him better. When I was finally able to grab his attention for a moment, I pulled him aside. "I'm getting tired babe. I'm ready to leave," I said, hoping he would try and stop me. Instead, he said, 'Oh, OK. I didn't even know you were still here. Why don't you let the limo take you back and I'll call you when I can?" he suggested, not even looking at me. Hurt and insulted, I glared at him. He was flanked by groupies as if he hadn't come with a date. Without a word, I stormed off and left the party, taking the limo back to my beach house alone.

135. STAR MAGAZINE 10/29
What well known singer who is currently starring in a movie about marriage has no plans to wed off-screen? The singer says that she would like to have kids one day but won't admit that the reason she hasn't walked down the aisle with her longtime boyfriend is -- she's gay!
Janet Jackson

#1 I want to say that as far as I know Ice-T is not running a call girl ring. But, as a former pimp, if you told me he was, I wouldn't be shocked. What is shocking is that this totally straight A-/B+ film actor from a famous family has a piece (no pun intended) of an escort agency that caters exclusively to gay men. Seems as if our actor got a little drunk the other night, was talking to a waiter and when he found out the waiter was gay and looking for work, gave the waiter a phone number. Our actor said to tell who answered that our actor sent him, and that he could get some work. The phone number was to an escort agency.
Nic Cage

#2 This recent same sex non romantic breakup is definitely not traditional. However, it centers around traditional reasons for a breakup such as hitting on a significant other and wanton drug use that almost led to the arrest of our couple. Corey Feldman and Corey Haim

#3 From AP-This jet set actor/actress B list couple took a few minutes out for themselves at a party the other night. The couple spent most of the night arguing about what the wife was wearing, and made up by having a quickie in the restroom. Probably would have got away with no one noticing, except that she was rather vocal and has a very interesting pet name for her husband. Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly

#4 This jackass is back. Hiding his insecurity through a web of hateful speech, this recently divorced C list film actor spent an entire night drinking with two friends and finding whatever opportunity they could to harass this C list actress formerly of a very popular network show. The show has shot several people to the upper echelons of the "list" but not her. Our actress was there to be seen and to try and get her career jumpstarted again, but had to leave early when reduced to tears at least twice by the jackass and his friend. Ryan Phillippe and Maggie Grace

137. NY POST 10/21
1. WHICH dimpled Hollywood mommy is betraying her "all-natural" image? Friends say the down- home actress is becoming addicted to lip collagen injection.
Jennifer Garner

2. WHICH movie studio is desperately trying to hide its latest star's homosexuality? They have made him pair up with his leading lady, whom he couldn't care less about. Disney/Zac Efron/Vanessa Hudgens

This Oscar winner is considered one of the top actors in the business. He's supposed to be happily married with kids, but he turned up at the Chateau Marmont hotel Thursday night and partied till all hours in the lobby. After numerous cocktails, he asked another famous friend to get him "fixed up" with a girl. The friend walked up to a pretty blonde and brunette standing together and asked the blonde if she'd like to meet his well known buddy. The smart blonde sized up the situation and said "No thanks- I don't sleep with married men!" The gorgeous brunette immediately piped up "I do!" and off she went....
Sean Penn

139. NY DAILY NEWS 10/21
What new relationship between two famous youngsters in different entertainment fields should be judged a "faux-mance" rather than a romance, according to sources who claim the male half prefers the company of gentlemen?
Chace Crawford (Gossip Girl) & Carrie Underwood

140. NY DAILY NEWS 10/22
Which famous newlywed was — and then wasn't — pregnant by her shotgun wedding date?
Pamela Anderson/Rick Solomon

She was once one of the highest paid in her field but she had a taste for meth and she also had a taste for other women's men. This black female celebrity is scandalous and notorious to say the least. She once dated a white guy in the industry, imagine his shock when he realized that she allegedly infected him with herpes. When he confronted her, her alleged reaction was, 'What's the big deal, almost everyone in Hollywood has it, you would have gotten it sooner or later?' He had to restrain himself from hitting her. When she allegedly infected a black guy (out of the industry) he arrived at her home with a knife, the police had to be called and he reported her to the health department. The outcome is unknown. This walking train wreck of a woman got involved with a famous black actor who was already involved with a famous black actress. Our scandalous woman became annoyed, because, after sex, he would always speak in glowing terms about his actress girlfriend. He finally halted the outside relationship when he began to hear rumors about her transmitting herpes and her drug use. He knew, eventually, he would allegedly get herpes from her, since condoms don't stop herpes transmission and his girlfriend would know he was cheating. A few years later, he and his girlfriend would breakup, for different reasons. This notorious woman has hit rock bottom, she went from 'A' list in her field to being a drugged out jumpoff. She went from rolling in a Mercedes to driving a junkyard car that backfires. Despite her failures, she has a significant other (blinded by love) but she's still up to her old tricks. Hints: Our scandalous woman was well known in her prime, she has never been a video girl, she's not a actress, rapper, singer, or writer. The cheating actor is currently on a television series and the black actress girlfriend he cheated on is very famous as well.

scandalous woman: Ananda Lewis
famous black actor: Omar Epps
black actress girlfriend: Sanaa Lathan

I don't have many rules that I live by, but there are some that are inviolate.
#1. Family gatherings are not the best time to hit on a sister-in-law.
#2. If Ryan Seacrest has your cell number, don't tell him you listen to his radio show or he will call you each and every morning to find out how he was.
#3 Don't cheat on someone who collects knives as a hobby.
#4 Espressos and diet pills don't really go well together.
#5 Exercise is a scam.
The most important rule I live by though is that I don't help people move. Oh, I will come watch, or let the movers in. Hell, I'll even unpack a box or two, but there is no way in hell, I'm going to spend a weekend helping you move just because your girlfriend threw you out of the house. This weekend though one of my friend's had to evacuate his house though, and so I broke my rule because I classified under evacuation rather than moving. Next time though I'm just going to stop by a Home Depot and find some movers because this is not something I ever want to repeat. My friend knew that it better be an emergency to ask me, and I admit it was. His home was being threatened by the wildfires in Malibu and so he called me along with about six other guys to get everything out of his house. The thing is he had just moved in like three months ago and bought brand new, custom made furniture for every room and just didn't want to take the chance of losing it. So being the sucker I am, I agreed. For those of you who haven't been to Malibu, let me just let you in on the fact that there is no such thing as a one level ranch home with a flat lawn and no stairs. My friend's home has stairs outside, and stairs inside and has managed to create a never ending twist of turns and curves that do not go well with large pieces of furniture. I avoid stairs like the plague as well as anything that gets any kind of blood pumping through my artery hardened system fast enough to dislodge a piece of fat and kill me. I also dislike breathing in ash and having it coat my body so that I will be digging it out of my various fatty pockets for weeks to come. Although I'm sure you are interested in my tales of woe and how I complained incessantly for two straight days to anyone who would listen, my biggest shock came when I heard a "hi, how have you been" coming from a house two doors down. I knew the voice, but it couldn't be her. Could it? OMG, it is her. I thought she had left the state or left the country, but no, there she was. Vixen. She still has that look that made her so famous when she was younger, but with a few more lines of coke, a few more wrinkles from the sun, and a lack of any real expression, courtesy of Botox. She still radiated some of that charm and charisma she always had, but there was also a sense of what she had been through and what she continues to go through. Over the course of the weekend, she must have "accidentally" run into us 20 times, and changed clothes just as often. She did manage to work into the conversation that Surfer Boy came by now and again, but primarily when he needed money or drugs. Seems he hadn't quite given up the habit she introduced him to and he still came to her for her many connections. It is just amazing to me that someone who had it all like she did, and was so well known could almost become a "who?" where you have to really explain who she was and what she was in before anyone can remember. Even then, you know they are still struggling to put a name with the face, or in this case body. She seems to feel that she would make a good Mrs. to my friend, but she also seemed totally unconcerned about the fires we could see off in the distance. She evacuated on Sunday just like everyone else, but she didn't take anything from her home except for her dog and cat. Photos, memories, everything else, she said were unimportant to her and what she did now. I couldn't tell if she was being, deep, serious, making a joke or just preaching some kind of meditation, but she literally took nothing but the dog and cat and some clothes. She was headed off to stay with some vague friend or acquaintance and just kind of waved out her window as she drove away. Yasmine Bleeth

143. NY DAILY NEWS 10/23
Which major league athlete has been trying to sleep with all his former fiancee's celebrity friends since he broke up with the B-lister? But even Paris Hilton turned him down!
Sean Avery of the New York Rangers

#1 You know the singer with all of the towels? Well it turns out this singer plans her bathroom visits in advance. Ten minutes before she needs to go, she tells a member of her staff to clean the entire bathroom, especially the toilet and to make sure there are candles lit and music playing. She does this even when she just has to pee.
Mariah Carey

#2 This aging former A list film actor's best friend is his ex-wife. Neither his current wife or his ex-wife's current husband are thrilled that the pair often spend an hour or more a day on the phone talking, chatting and laughing. It has got to be so bad, that now they only talk when their respective spouses aren't around. Richard Gere/Cindy Crawford

145. JJ’s BLOG 10/24
Which star is addicted to the drugs: Crystal Meth, Cocaine, Marijuana, Pills and daily consumption of alcohol? This star also recently had a near mental breakdown and is totally out of control without any knowledge of it. _________ kids are often on the back burner and the disease ____ lives with will soon kill _____if____ doesn't change ____ ways fast.
Pam Anderson

Despite the rumors, this black female celebrity continues to tell anyone who will listen, "I lucked up, I have a really good man." Her good man, who is also famous, has become a cheap hooker 'trick.' On the sly, he seems to be attracted to raunchiness. The working girls say, he also has a serious foot fetish and likes to hear them talk dirty. His famous wife stood by him during a paternity claim by another woman, the outcome is unknown. She also stood by him when women were making sexual harassment allegations against him. Recently, he was sweating bullets, because his name almost appeared in a tell-all but was edited out at the last minute because his appeal isn't universal. His wife would have known all his dirty little secrets if he would've made the final cut. On the surface, this man appears happily married but he has become bored with his marriage and is constantly on the hunt for a full-time mistress.
Flex  Alexander and Shanice

147. NY DAILY NEWS 10/24
Which TV "reality' mom has had a little elective surgery to help her get over the baby weight?
Melanie Brown (this was reported in National Enquirer)

148. LAINEY’S GOSSIP 10/24
Warning – this is dirty and crass and, for some, not very appetising. So if you are the prudish type, prone to huffing and puffing your sanctimony through your nose…stop reading now. Otherwise, save your indignant emails. You’ve been cautioned. He is hot and hirsute and horny, has had a varied career spanning television and big budget Hollywood productions but has preferred of late to stick with indie fare. Currently single and while there may be many reasons why – his romantic requests regarding the finger could have something to do with it. A while back he was seeing a girl, a waitress, of course, not terribly serious but they were booty calling regularly to her delight until he became rather "obsessed" – a direct quote – with where he wanted her to put her finger. Turns out he enjoys being stimulated in that dark orifice and eventually, although she takes great pleasure in starf&cking, using her digits so creatively became too much for even her to bear. And so she broke things off…which is why he prefers to pay for it now since he knows his particular predilection skews to the kinky side. I know it’s not ladylike to talk of such things but my gays say it really is the most stimulating thing ever. Yet another reason why homos are that much more evolved.
George Clooney

Gosh, I guess he was an A list film actor. He starred in films and opened them on his own. Even though he still does that, I don't think he's A list anymore. B list and aging is more like it. Doing some press for some ridiculous project he is involved in and becoming more and more of a jackass at every stop. He doesn't even bother hiding the fact he is married now and just hits on absolutely anything that walks or talks. Women though. Only women. Playing a stereotype almost, our actor just walks up to a woman and says he wants to f**k her. 95% of the time he gets rejected. That still leaves 5% and in every city he has gone to, he has used up that 5%, and used them often. I don't know how his wife stands him. I guess the money.

1. This Pop Superstar doesn’t want to hurt her Producer's feelings. She appreciates his support and helping her with her success, but she wants no part of his latest project. The Producer needs to produce a hit album for his girlfriend. He figures he’s got a winner if he can get his girlfriend to record with the Pop Superstar. The Pop Superstar doesn’t want to work with people who really can’t sing.

Pop Superstar: Mariah Carey
Producer: Jermaine Dupri
Girlfriend: Janet Jackson

2. This Actress/Comedienne gives new meaning to keeping it real. At a recent event in Las Vegas, she showed up on the red carpet with no stockings just her very hairy legs. Monique

3. Is there a curse on reality show winners and contestants? Two women in particular have had major success, but they continue to dress like they have no clue. They are always on the worst dress lists. Jennifer Hudson & Fantasia

151, NY DAILY NEWS 10/25
Which Hollywood faux-mance is being cranked up higher as their film sinks at the box office?
Reese Witherspoon/Jake Gyllenhaal

This Oscar nominated actress and her new love interest, a B list actor on a hit network drama have been spending lots and lots of time together primarily at her place or a love nest he has in Venice Beach. Wanting to spend some serious time together they have been doing so outside the US. This doesn't sound like anything all that blind item worthy until you know that the actor is allegedly a happily married guy who plays that up whenever he gets the chance.
Amy Adams/Patrick Dempsey

One Even Stinkier Blind Vice: ‘Kay, we know last week everybody got so damn grossed out over Sha-Sha Shimmy’s accidental (due to too many laxatives) poop session at a Hell-Ay mall. Well, all we have to say is, after you read today’s latest Blind installment, you’ll be screaming to bring Shimmy and her brown-stained antics back, already! But we’ll give ya one saving grace on this new one: It’ll be brief. It’s just too gross not to be, really. Here goes: Now, we’re not prudes at Awful, not by any means. Can’t speak for Cristina, really, but certain elder members of the Truth team have pretty much done it all. Spanking, peeing, bondage, cellophane, groups, ho-hum, whatever. All kinda boring, in the end, as it were. Nothin’ like plain ol' nasty one-on-one, we (predictably, and romantically) say! But Super-Dooper Cooper hardly concurs, of that, we are sure. See, not only does Super-Doop live to urinate on—and be peed on by—his sexual partners, always very pretty, not often terribly smart gals, but now, we’re hearing he likes it even dirtier than that. Yep, you guessed where we’re going here, surely. Mr. C just thinks it’s so orgasmic-fantastic to get shat upon by whichever curvy pretty hon he’s seeing. So yuck-o! And when his sizable, legendary talent isn’t enough dangling bait to lure whatever wary baby he can find to his rank boudoir, SDC simply orders out. And hookers charge a lot for that kinda merde, trust. This is just too sick even for us. So, we’re outta here! Good luck guessing! Remember to towel off afterward, please. AND IT AIN’T: Kiefer Sutherland; Chris Rock; Nick Lachey
John Mayer

Rewind: We told you about this black female celebrity who is gay and how she loves to patronize strip clubs. On the surface, she appears pro-black but at the strip clubs she loves the blondes while she ignores the black girls. She's been known to drop $10,000 in one night on white strippers. She loves stuffing hundreds in their g-strings and she invites them to the VIP room for special treatment which includes: private lap dances, erotic dances and sex acts. It's not uncommon for a dancer in the VIP room to make upwards to $5,000-$8,000 each night. She doesn't even acknowledge the black girls, when they perform on stage, she is quiet as a mouse but when a white stripper appears, she seems to lose her mind, she claps, stomps and makes it rain.

Fast Forward: She's still known as a big tipper and a big spender at gentlemen clubs across this country and she has been known to take her favorite white strippers on all expense paid shopping sprees and romantic trips when she's not sipping Dom Perignon with them in VIP rooms between lap dances. She was once spotted in the Caribbean, on the beach, receiving a back massage from a blonde stripper. When she's working and unable to patronize the strip joints, she's like a junkie who needs a fix. She interacts with strippers online (sexually) when she's not viewing girl/girl action on webcam. White strippers love to see her walk through the doors, she boosts the sex economy for the evening which generates a lot of cash in their pocket. Black strippers are whispering, "She has a self-hatred complex and she reacts to us like a White racist, it's really sad, while the White girls make a bundle off her and laugh behind her back afterwards." Missy Elliott

#1 This dancer/celebutante who had a certain amount of fame from her dalliance (I always wanted to use that word) with one boyfriend but was primarily passed around from boy bander to boy bander is now making her living as an escort, and not a very expensive one at that.
Jenna Dewan

#2 In what would be the scariest hookup of modern times either gay or straight, the rumors are swirling that this stylist to the stars has hooked up twice in the past week with this equally outrageous decorator to the stars. Ken Paves and Bobby Trendy

#3 This currently single A list film actor was making frantic calls all around town yesterday because when he returned home after being evacuated, he noticed that his DVD collection was gone. Not that big of a deal except that some of the DVD's were made at home, and made when the actor was naked, and made while having sex with men and women, often at the same time. It's not a secret he has the films and so he was calling around to see if someone was playing a joke on him, or if they are going to end up on the internet next week. I'm told that he enjoys touching himself on film also, while singing the theme song from a film he was in. It takes all kinds to make the world. Owen Wilson; Jamie Foxx; Leo DiCaprio

#4 This rocker married couple could be headed to the lawyers after a screaming match at a store included the words, "why do you always hit me? I'm tired of you beating on me all the time, and one of these times I am going to hit you back." The interesting thing here is that it was the guy who said the words. Avril Lavigne/Deryck Whibley

156. HOLY MOLY 10/26
Which US 'star', once famous for being a beard, made an appearance in the Hawley Arms, the pub which now appears to serve beer and tossers in equal rations. After a troubled marriage, this poor fellow was in need of large amounts of high-quality painkillers, so perhaps it was these that he was sharing around the four men who accompanied him into the same toilet cubicle last week? No, it was just a big fat line of cocaine each that the giggling idiots consumed.
David Gest

157. NY POST 10/28
1. WHICH double-digit billionaire gives away fortunes for charity but neglected to tip the hardworking staff at The Pierre hotel?
Bill Gates; Warren Buffett

2. WHICH big TV star who dabbles in nightlife enterprise took his drunkeness to the next level? He was spotted sucking face with another guy in his car while hammered. Chris Noth

158. NY DAILY NEWS 10/28
Which internationally famous, feel-good spiritual guru feels so good because he takes massive amounts of antidepressants?
Deepak Chopra

159. BILLY MASTERS 10/29
Could it be that a certain high-ish profile couple has started entertaining guests in their bedroom? According to source, the Brentwood co-habitants have a steady stream of college-aged couples joining in the fun. Not surprisingly, it seems that when such pairings happens, each ends up with a partner of the same sex. And these encounters are often filmed - like home movies (which is hardly an impossible mission in this house). Naturally, if any photographic evidence every surfaced, they could just say it was their evil twin or a body double.
Heidi Montag/Spencer Pratt

160. NY DAILY NEWS 10/29
Which magazine columnist with superior airs fakes a friendship with a leading dame of American TV - just so he can get tips from her dinner parties and mock her mercilessly afterward?
Dominic Dunne/Barbara Walters

This black male celebrity is not good looking by society or Hollywood standards. In college, he married the first girl who had accepted a date with him a year earlier-but this didn't stop him for desiring pretty women from afar. He had a plan, he would study drama and become an successful actor. That way, he could creep on the side with as many pretty women as his heart desired. His plan worked. He became successful and he has a fair amount of money. After his first six figure payday, he let it be known, he was in the market for a wifey (bottom chick) and a jump-off (sporadic chick), not to mention the wife at home. His first time in the company of a pretty escort, he lost his cool, because his fantasy had now become a reality. He tore her clothes off and he was so excited, the rough sex didn't last long. The escort told us, "It's like he thought I was going to reject him so he was in a hurry in case I changed my mind about being with him." This episode may have led to his taste for rough sex, over the last few years, we have heard from a variety of women, that he likes it rough and painful and sex with him is similar to rape. Apparently, his staying power has improved because we were recently informed, after he had a physical encounter with a extra on the set, she told friends, 'he got aroused again right after we had sex and he started self pleasuring himself right in front of me.' On the surface, he appears like a dedicated family man but away from his family, he's a sexual predator who's always on the make.

#1 On a day when you were being nice and maybe just had some great loving, you might consider this film actress to be B list. She used to be for sure. Now, she doesn't do much of anything except show up where the beautiful people are and every once in awhile make a fool of herself. Definitely only with beautiful people though. At a party the other night, she was overheard giving a lengthy dissertation on why she doesn't have any ugly friends and how if you do, people will think less of you, and that you should only surround yourself with the best which means rich guys, quality clothes, and no ugly friends. "What happens if someone becomes ugly after they are her friend?" "I never speak to them again, unless of course they are rich or can help me in some way. But it better be a very big help. Of course they aren't my friends then, just a business partner."
Tara Reid

#2 This pregnant singer decided to spend the night at a hotel with her man. She must have really enjoyed what they were doing because the management called twice to let her know that the other guests were complaining about how loud in bed she was. Christina Aguilera

163. Jawn Murray, AOL Black Voices 10/29
Looks like cougar syndrome is taking over Hollywood. This actress is not only dating an on-the-rise star almost 15 years younger, but she moved him into her home and is asking pals to give him work. While said actress may be having the time of her life with her hunky live-in love, I'm told her baby's daddy is none too happy about the relationship. Nia Long

1. This Mega Producer and music legend continues to embarrass himself by dating women young enough to be his granddaughters. His latest conquest is an internet stripper.
Quincey Jones

2. This Acclaimed Minister and gospel sensation claims to have changed his ways, but his past is catching up to him and his former lovers are talking. They claim he hates his baby momma, and he still feels pulled in by his former lifestyle. The former lovers say he protests too much, and should be quiet because he still keeps in touch with former lovers.

3. This woman was a TV Star in the 80’s. In addition to her TV show, she did a couple of movies. But, she was known for her stuck up, hilarious character. Since the TV show ended, she has not been on TV much. She is now a wife and mother. She recently hosted a film festival, and organizers were shocked at her behavior. She was acting like a drunken witch barking orders and creating havoc with other celebrities.

165. NY DAILY NEWS 10/30
Which blond sitcom star and new mom should watch her man more closely? When apart, he likes to hit on girls that look a lot like her.
Jaime Pressly

This English New Wave popstar has been performing and touring for decades as a hetero male to support his double life as a cross-dresser. He lives part-time in Berlin where he conducts his life as a woman. Not as a flashy drag queen or tart- he dresses like an upper crust society lady in a blonde wig with proper stockings and sensible shoes that match his purse. This immaculately groomed and refined lady has a feminine name and nobody ever mentions the singer's name. She has a masculine male assistant and hopes to have enough money saved someday to retire from the music biz and live fulltime as a woman.

167. JJ’s Blog 10/30
Which top male music mogul once slept with his former male assistant? Sean Diddy Combs

#1 You know what I love? Baby mama drama. Not whether or not someone is pregnant or if they announce it, but whether or not they know who the real dad is and what deal they can make with him, and very quickly. I always think it is funny when it is an ex you thought was long gone. One time is all it takes.
Nicole Ritchie (Jeff Goldblum possible father)

#2 Two crew members were fired from this top ten network drama for theft. Seems they were taking some valuable items from the cast. At least that is what the suits believed when they initially fired the crew. Turns out it is one of the cast members herself. The B list film and television actress confessed after the crew members were fired. She tried to pass it off as a joke, but her fellow actors are doing everything they can to make her life miserable and have been pressing producers to get rid of her quickly, or they might start talking about it in public.

This black actress is known to keep a filthy house and her offscreen attire has become unkempt at best. In her heyday, she made money from a few TV shows but she never hit it big. Instead, she married a golddigger who took the little money she had before abandoning her. She takes her anger out on others, she was recently spotted in a head-rag, pointing, rolling her head and cursing a fellow motorist out who almost hit her car. Men have complained that she is 'way too nasty in the bedroom' for their taste. She is currently working the modern day chitlin circuit just to keep the lights on.
Jackee Harry

170. Ausiello Report 10/31
Distressed Diva Wants Off Hamster Wheel!: This one stars on a very popular series that has a bad habit of recycling its old storylines. So, as you might imagine, the actress is experiencing a little deja vu lately on the set: Yet again, her character is letting someone in, and yet again, she's going to get screwed for it. Even worse, the leading lady is keenly aware that the retread is likely to result in her counterpart yet again being slammed by fans for her stupidity, and, to put it mildly, she ain't happy about it. She very loudly ain't happy about it. Got a hunch as to the identity of the haggard heroine? I think you do.
Maura Tierney from ER

#1 The scene. B list film actor who used to be on the edge of A list but can't quite seem to get there. Our actor has a little get together. Our actor invites another couple over as well as a lady friend he is dying to get into bed with. At some point in the evening, the lady friend our actor lusts for decides to use the restroom. While doing her business, she feels something ticking her bare leg. Looking down she sees a huge cockroach crawling up her leg. As she screams, she notices there are several others throughout the bathroom. Needless to say, our actor didn't get any that night.

#2 This C list television actress/reality star has been spending some time with a married couple who are half A list celebrity, half regular in the past few weeks. Our actress thought it was just about friendship, but it turns out the couple would like the actress for much more than just friends. Promising they could help her career and get her noticed around the world, our actress is on the fence about it, but so far has said no.

Last updated: November 6, 2016