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What does A List mean?

1. NY POST 11/01
WHICH designer who's gone 'round and 'round the revolving rehab door gets his fix from a model - who's been in rehab herself, though for a different problem?
Marc Jacobs & Naomi Campbell

2. NY DAILY NEWS 11/01
Which famously un-single hip-hop powerhouse recently had a booty call with three women in a private third-floor room of that very trendy restaurant on Greenwich St.?

3. 3 A.M. GIRLS 11/01
Which Hollywood star employs someone to bleach his, ahem, delicate nether regions to lighten the skin's appearance? He'd be the butt of all jokes if his fans found out.

#1 The sisters who aren't speaking are back. Well one of them anyway. It seems that since their falling out, one of them has been using and abusing almost constantly. She had a tiny problem a few years ago, but it has turned into something approaching full-time. Friends of both sisters are urging the non-using one to make some kind of reconciliation gesture to her sister in hopes that it will stop the abuse.
Hilary and Haylie Duff

#2 This C list film actress who loves her lips is involved with a convicted wife beater. She doesn't care and thinks he has reformed. Jenna Jamison

5. HOLY MOLY 11/01
A certain movie director, currently on the third instalment of his trilogy, is renowned in the business as being both hard to work with and utterly batshit crazy. On one shoot he was less than impressed with the hotel suite he had been given for the shoot, so he repeatedly phoned up the reception and informed them politely but firmly that there was a poltergeist in his room. The staff at first giggled nervously, but he remained serious, insisting that an invisible ghost was, we kid you not, moving his underpants about. He was duly moved to another suite, and as a courtesy the manager phoned him the next day to see whether this lodging was more suitable and less haunty. But still, all was not well, as the director replied: "Oh, it's very nice and all that, very comfortable bed by the way, but...Why's there all this FUCKING RED DECOR EVERYWHERE? Now you KNOW I'm a MASSIVE Chelsea fan, so what's with all this FUCKIN'GOONER SHIT???" Also, when he was shooting an interior scene it was noticed that the view from one of the windows was of a large (and immovable) Marks and Spencers banner over the road. It was agreed that the banner would have to be digitally removed after the shoot, so as to make this as difficult as possible the director demanded that the inside of the window be covered with pictures of sausages.
Guy Ritchie

One Unprepared Blind Vice: Dorrell Sausage usually loves getting attention, but this time could be different. See, Dorrell’s a fairly good guy (depending on whom you ask, ‘course). He’s pleasant enough looking, in an old International Male catalog kinda way, that’s fer sure, and, supposedly, Dorrell’s well endowed. But isn’t that comparing biz usually best left to the eye of the benefactor? Regardless, what is Sausage’s claim to fame? We’re not exactly sure. But let’s see. D.S. is from semifamous lineage, does some boob-tube work now and again and he dabbles in music and design. What fun! But natch, he also loves to date the famous femmes, which is probably why we started talking about him in the first place. Except that our boy Dorrell has gone and gotten himself in a pickle, as it were—due to his very own pickle, as it further were. Seems Mr. Pee bedded some random, nonfamous babe and didn’t use protection. And he didn’t get (or give) any nasty hickies, but he did go and get the girl knocked up. And guess what? She wants to keep it! D.S. is terrorized in his tidy whities at the paternal prospect. 'Cause if she does, it’ll be the one time Dorrell'll be wishing he didn’t have headlines harkin’ all about him. AND IT AIN’T: Shia LaBeouf, Tony Romo or John Mayer
Brody Jenner

This rapper grew up idolizing Italian gangsters. He loved watching mob movies and reading biographies on Al Capone and Lucky Luciano. He also loved the 'Scarface," film. This life attracted him from an early age. He decided, when he grew up, some kind of way, he was going to be a gangster and he wanted to work with the Italian, Russian and Armenian mobs. Apparently, his dream came true, although he didn't latch on with the Italians, Russians or Armenians still persist from a year ago, that this rapper started out as a freelance killer for black syndicates and drug gangs. Whenever there was any type of dispute, he was dispatched to kill. He was paid a large fee for his service. Although this life enthralled him, he enjoyed hip hop even more. He had a natural talent, met the right people and got a record deal. He no longer kills for a living. Another member of a famous rap crew is also suspected in two murders but due to insufficient evidence, the authorities can't touch him. Some of these rapper do 'live their lyrics.' Hint: The former "freelance" rapper is very popular.
Fat Joe

#1 This openly gay, male, pop singer must be thinking of changing teams because he was spotted making out, and groping a female fan on Wednesday night.
Lance Bass

#2 This aging married, father/manager was overheard telling a young woman in her early 20's that he had an open marriage and that he could make her a star. He said he was doing some casting for a network television show and that it required full frontal nudity and so he would have to see what she looked like. Obviously, this woman didn't come off the same turnip truck as the other people he has managed or hit on because she said, "there isn't any such thing on network television." Our manager/jerk then said he meant he was doing casting for a film. She walked away. Thora Birch's father, Jack

#3 I am too lazy to find it, but there was a blind item a long time ago where a married, Academy Award winning actress and her B list husband faked fights at parties so he could hit on women after she left. Well, I guess it works both ways, because on Saturday night our actor was incredibly nasty to his wife at a party where everyone could hear, and then walked out. She then sought comfort in the arms of another guy and they went back to his place at the end of the night.

#4 This former A list (by definition) television actress is married, with child(ren) but has moved out of her home and is now living with a female producer of one of her failed television series. Katey Sagal; Lisa Kudrow

9. NY DAILY NEWS 11/04
Which "SNL" vet is making himself unpopular on the sets of his TV guest spots? "He doesn't bother talking to any of the men," fumes one insider. "He's only interested in flirting with all the girls."
Chevy Chase; Tim Meadows

10. NY POST 11/05
1. WHICH Jets player should have been nicer to the strippers at Gossips in Melville, "the Scores of Long Island," as our topless tipster put it? "He's not a good tipper, not a nice person, and smoked a funny- smelling cigarette."

2. WHICH struggling starlet is as obnoxious and stuck-up in real life as she is in her terrible teen flicks? She was rude and cruel to the staff and to a young fan during a free meal she chowed down at a high-end Midtown restaurant. Ashley Tisdale

When she arrived in Hollywood, she relied on her looks to snag rich and famous men. Her looks didn't let her down. She has dated some of the most popular celebrities in Black Hollywood. She would eventually leave a famous man to date a black female singer who had more money. Gender was unimportant to her as long as you had a lot of money. This legendary black female singer set her up like a queen and they dated for several years until our gold digger landed a bigger fish. She hooked up with a sports star. They would eventually marry. The first few years were uneventful but now he beats her on the regular. The bruises aren't visible because he doesn't leave marks on her face but he has broken her ribs and ankle in the past. This sports star has also been spotted at local gay clubs. Hint: The sports star is extremely well known.

black celebrity: Bernadette Robi
famous man: Lynn Swann
black female singer: Tina Turner
sports star: Sugar Ray Leonard

This former A+ list film actress. Wait, she is still A list, but it just doesn't really seem like it anymore. Anyway, did I mention she is married? Yes, she is, but I don't know if her husband would appreciate all the time she has been spending with a director here in LA. Yes, she told her husband it was about a film, and it might be, but if it is a film, there are going to be two very naked bodies in it and neither one is going to tell the husband. Next time you are doing your thing at a hotel, you may want to clean up after yourself so the maid doesn't find your hair all over the unmade bed, not to mention the little something extra which was left in the trashcan. And by a little something extra, you are going to have to use your imagination, but it comes in a wrapper and is usually made of latex. Throw them away when you are done people. Maids don't get paid enough.

#1 This blonde, female singer was hit on Sunday night by another woman. When the singer realized what was going on, she replied, "Ewwww. That's sick." How about that for some tolerance huh?
Jessica Simpson

#2 This aging B list television comedy actress left the lot her show is filmed on yesterday after finding out production had been halted. As she was driving away, she lowered the window on her car, and said to the picketing writers, "have fun boys." Patricia Heaton

3. In keeping my commitment to making the strike end sooner here is a blind item about a producer. Tomorrow if there is no settlement, it will be the turn of a writer. This producer from a wealthy family is famous for his low budget productions and his screwing of actresses and actors both literally and figuratively. His M.O. is to get his cast to sign what appear to be lucrative back end gross percentage deals. The actresses are in particular thankful and he uses this as a tool to sleep with them. He keeps this up during the filming. After the film is released, he claims the movie has not made any money, and in fact has lost so much, that he has to declare bankruptcy in the corporation he established for the film, thus denying all the payments owed to cast members. He then dumps the actress in question, and when confronted by agents and managers offers a ridiculously low settlement while he keeps adding to his fortune and moves on to his next film and actress. Steven Bing

Although this professional sports star dates exclusively White and Latino women, few people know that he once desired a Black actress early on in his career. He had one of his representatives set up a date. He was impressed when his rep informed him that she preferred to cook for him on their first date. He was flattered by the down home aspect. When he arrived in Los Angeles, he rented a Ferrari but got lost enroute to her house. He called her from his cell phone, she gave him better directions and he got back on track. When he arrived in front of her house, he was taken aback because she was standing in front of her house holding a "40." When he got out of the car, she said, playfully, "It's about time you got your fine ass here, now come over here and show me some love." To make matters worse, when he entered her house, despite her success, she had a clothes line hanging in the living room. He was already turned off but he stayed for dinner. She served lasagna and was too tacky to remove the "Stouffers Lasagna" box from the top of the trash heap. So much for the home cooked meal. After dinner, he lied and said he had a business meeting the next morning and he would call her later. He never called again. Meanwhile, the actress kept calling his cell phone which went unanswered, he changed his number and she turned her attention on his rep. demanding to know why the athlete wasn't returning her calls. She finally went away when she was threatened with a restraining order. Hint: He plays sports on the East Coast in a marquee city.

professional sports star: Derek Jeter
black actress:

1. This B list television actor on a very hit drama was out last Friday night at a club. The thing is that it is a gay club, and as he was leaving with his male friend they got jumped by some assholes and our actor was beat up pretty good. The actor's friend wanted to call the cops and report the hate crime, but our actor said no because it would come out that he was at the club and focus on the fact that it was a gay club and he has the world convinced right now that he is 100% straight and that is how he wants it. They did accept some help from some other patrons who came out of the club shortly thereafter. Maybe they shouldn't have even accepted that, because it is one of those patrons that has been spilling the beans on the who and where of this.
Wentworth Miller

2. WGA Blind Item: I know that most of you will have no idea who the writers or the producers are who are highlighted in these WGA items, but the writers and producers know who they refer to because to them they are barely blind items. This film writer started off in television and got kicked off the hit show he was working on because he couldn't stop doing coke all day at work, and wasn't turning anything out that was any good. Now, after one top 10 movie last year, and another upcoming, he is being lauded for his genius by the public. Some genius. He stole the idea for the last script from the pile of them at his agent's office. The real writer who did come up with the idea is about to sue and plans on dragging the genius writer and the A list star of the film into the middle of it all with a big noisy press conference if a settlement isn't reached.

1. This comic Actor can’t stop cheating on his wife. He should be busy with his wife and two kids, but he can’t stay out of the strip clubs.
Chris Rock

2. This TV Personality claims she’s a changed woman. She says she has learned her lesson that being greedy, mean and nasty is not how you should live your life. This TV Personality has not changed. She recently got caught up in a public relations scandal regarding some women in the Midwest. She took their hard earned money, refused to do the appearance, so they put her on blast. Star Jones

#1 This singer/fighter didn't let a date stand in the way of him hitting on any woman he saw at last night's CMA show. Did it in front of her, without her, and it all did no good. His bored looking date still went home with him at the end of the night. Kid Rock

#2 At a CMA after party, this award winning group had a drinking contest. Kind of boring huh? Maybe this fact will change your mind. When they were playing quarters, if someone got the quarter in the glass, the other members of the group had to do a line of coke. Kind of surprising considering they aren't the slimmest bunch of people. Rascal Flatts

3. Producer Blind Item: On his last film, this A list producer found parts for his drug dealer, his two girlfriends, and about five guys he owed money to. He made sure that as many of the extras as possible found the five guys attractive as well. The monetary incentive to find them attractive probably didn't hurt either. With all the time and money being spent on parties, drugs and extras, it is no wonder the movie went way over budget and bombed huge at the box office despite all the hype.

One Slippery Grope Blind Vice: Okay, enough of the hetero, scatological Vices, time for some good ol’-fashioned homo rump-rangin’ activities for an (old) change! After all, when we got that smelly heap o’ emails from folks complaining about the last few stinky-poo Vices—who knew straight people could have such daring fun with excrement?—did you all think we’d actually not return to our well-stacked library of running scared, extremely horny, closeted Hollywood actors? Please. So, here we are with Seymour Plow-Me-More, multitalented star and performer, both in and out of the bedroom, where he assumes an amazing array of positions, possibilities and partners. But to be fair, when Sey-babe cheats on his hardly naive honey (whose quasi-attractive face seems to harden with each new trick SPMM picks up), it’s usually with good-lookin’ dudes. In fact, it always is. Take this last time, for ince. Academy Award-nominated Seymour was visiting one of Hell-Ay’s myriad spas, which are to Los Angeles what Greek coffee shops are to Manhattan. This time, for Plow-Me-More’s man-hunting mission, he’d chosen one of Hell-Ay’s more outta the way steam-room joints, toward downtown, thinking nobody would recognize him. Are these celebs on crack? Do they really think incognito only kicks in south of Wilshire? Seymour cornered his latest beefy selection, took off his own towel (still impressive equipment, must say, even though what’s holding it all together hardly is), and asked for what Seymour usually requests his partners to do to him—i.e., get his oversize bum diddled. The boy—he was almost a boy—declined Mr. Plow-Me-More’s gracious offer and suggested to fellate the movie star instead, a lovely idea that was accepted and received, by the by. You see, said nooky provider tells us he thought it would be "a bit much" to be corn-holed by Seymour Plow-Me-More in a public steam room. As if a blow job is nothing more than a simple shaking of hands. Well, in sex-for-everything Hell-Ay, s'pose it is. AND IT AIN’T: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson; Chris Rock; David Spade. John Travolta

19. NY POST 11/09
WHICH ancient music mogul died without providing any financial support for his longtime mistress? The woman went to her lover's widow with photographs and letters threatening a lawsuit, but the wealthy widow turned her down flat.

20. PANACHE REPORT 11/09 **#1**
This black female singer is a former big time prostitute. She was a streetwalker and the bottom woman for a pimp before she reached success. She worked her corner for all it was worth - and she had a steady clientele. Over time, she became known as the Queen of the stroll. She left the life after her pimp got arrested for a variety of charges. She then hooked up with a big time baller who rolled in a fleet of luxury cars and wore over $100,000 dollars of bling on any given occasion. He loved to beat her, oddly, this seemed to make her love him more, she tells people,' he remains the love of my life.' He also got busted and is serving a long stretch. It's rumored, she visits him in prison and puts a large sum of money on his commissary account each time she visits. She can't seem to shake him. She moved on to a very rich and very married sugar daddy. They had a intense affair. A few years later they married. This cunning and manipulating woman would dump him for another man who was on the "up," this man would also become very rich and powerful in due time. After they divorced she became involved with a actor who comes from a family of talent. They had a reputation of-deliberately getting into heated arguments so they could enjoy makeup sex afterwards. After they broke up, his sexuality came into question and still remains in question to this day. Her marital status is also currently in question, according to who you talk to, she's either separated or divorced from a once famous man (in his field) who is rumored to have a drug problem. This reformed hooker is a woman with a scandalous past and rich men were responsible for erasing her past. They were successful until now! Hint: She had a few big hit records that went platinum and is well known in the black community.

21. PANACHE REPORT 11/09 **#2**
A few years ago a "female" rapper (who's a one hit wonder) befriended a pre-teen girl after a concert in Chicago. The young girl was so impressed when she wrote to the rapper, and she wrote back. Over time they developed a friendship of sorts. During this time the young girl was struggling with her sexuality. One day the young girls mother came home to find her missing. She called the police. She tried to figure out where her daughter was. She decided to look in her daughter's diary, and figured out she was with the rapper. The young girl finally answered her cell phone, and informed her parents that "She was not coming home." Her Godmother insisted on talking to the rapper, and told her in so many words that better put her on the next bus or criminal charges would be filed. Alleged letters sent by the rapper to the girl are rumored to be disturbing and sexual to say the least. The girl won't reveal whether she had an inappropriate sexual relationship with the rapper therefore making it harder to press charges and thus far, the letters haven't been offered up as evidence. Keep in mind, this is not a "famous" female rapper but she is very well known for one hit record. We have also been informed that compromising photos of the rapper and the girl "may" exist. We know the identity of the rapper, once everything is verified, it's a possibility the data (including a photo of the rapper and diary passages) surrounding this case will appear on our sky villa website. We will not feature a photo of the minor since she's underage. We'll keep you posted!
Khia, Lady of Rage

#1 What Presidential candidate is sleeping with an aide? Hillary Clinton/Huma Abedin

#2 This early twenties B list television heartthrob is already taking Viagra when he has sex with women. The reason? He's gay and it is the only way to get it up. Chase Crawford; Zac Efron

#3 This B list singer/actress loved by teens was all smiles and giggles when taking photos with a bigger singer/actress, but stabbed her in the back repeatedly when talking to anyone who would listen. Our backstabber used the words fake, not talented, ugly as hell, and whore to describe the other singer/actress. Mandy Moore/Jessica Simpson (they still don’t like each other)

#4 This A list film actor with A+ name recognition brought another woman home to the house he is currently sharing with his girlfriend. When the girlfriend balked at doing a 3some, the actor took his pickup upstairs and had sex with her all night. The girlfriend took the hint that she was no longer welcome, and has not been seen since with the actor despite the fact he always mentions her in interviews as his girlfriend.

23. Would You Blog Me Blind 11/11
My friend says...This actor appears surly and without much personality, but is actually a nice guy on the movie set. The crew love working with him, and are sad that he has a drug habit.
Joaquin Phoenix

Could it be that a certain mystra man is using those high-profile paramours as a smokescreen for some same-sex loving'? That's the buzz from people close to the lisping lad, whose abs are certainly no optical illusion. Rumor has it that some of his submissive sleights have aided him in the bedroom, where he specializes in being tied up. Of course, being linked with that well-known beard (with a phenomenal acne problem) isn't fooling anyone.
Criss Angel (Cameron Diaz)

She’s kept a low profile, with few new projects in recent years preferring to focus on marriage and on her head. Clearly not enough focus on the head. Because while she’s cleaned up the slovenly habits of riddles past, she’s still as loopy as ever. And still a colossal bitch. Who likes to parade around stark naked in front of her window with the blinds wide open. In a rented house on a well populated street shooting an upcoming movie on location, she can apparently be seen regularly walking around in front of the windows at the front of the house breasts flouncing around freely, oblivious to whoever might be outside. It’s too bad she’s not as chill about her attitude than she is about her body. Yet another star who stalks the set like a tyrant, yet another star who won’t deign to speak to the regular folk. Seems she considers conversation with her a privilege but the honour is granted sparingly and only through "Mute Stones". Seriously. She carries around what people on set have taken to calling Mute Stones and when she isn’t in the mood to converse with someone, she will silently hand over the Mute Stone – those in possession of a Mute Stone are not permitted to speak to her until she takes it back. Perhaps it’s a trick she can pass on to The Unfunny Douche who fired a dude recently for simply looking at him. It’s hard to believe, I get it. You can’t believe people are capable of acting so appallingly. But there are two crews over a hundred strong that can vouch for it, word for word.
Ashley Judd

This one happened over the summer at a festival which had about twenty groups. The headlining group was given a heads up that this A+ list female film actress wanted to meet the band. This actress has a history with bands and it didn't really come as a surprise, except they had no idea she was a fan. The band was really excited though because they had not been headliners long and this was someone they all had crushes on over the years. So, our A list actress shows up and brings a female friend who just went away for some water and then never came back. The actress hung out with the band the three or four hours prior to their set, and was fun and drinking and sharing stories. She did some flirting, but nothing serious. She kind of rebuffed advances from each of the group and just kept saying, "wait until after." Immediately after the show, when they went to their trailer to change, the actress was waiting there. Naked. It was after, and she wanted them. All. Two hours later she had taken them all on several times, and gave them each a sweet kiss before she left. Her female friend was right there at the front of the trailer door as our actress emerged, and even had water. From what I understand this is the first time the actress had taken on the entire group. She has however taken on multiple members of groups, but always after the show.
Kirsten Dunst

This Hollywood female is more known for her drug abuse (cocaine and heroin) than her career. Behind closed doors, execs consider her a bad joke. What few people know, although she's been linked with men, when she was super strung out, she was discreetly sleeping with a white actress who once appeared on a very popular TV series. These two were secret lovers for at least a year but the actress moved on to a richer sugar mama. Her favorite form of recreation was snorting heroin enroute to a Lakers game. The fast paced action on the floor while being high on heroin was the ultimate high. It was even rumored that due to sinus issues from snorting heroin, she shot up a few times before her most recent rehab vist. Although she puts on a drug-free front, away from the cameras, she continues to use while she stumbles her way through life.

Hollywood female:
white actress/richer sugar mama:

Another one from the road. This unrelated lead singer of a rocking family group, went on what he called the VD Tour. About two nights before he went on a world tour, this singer came down with a case of gonorrhea. Instead of getting it taken care of with a shot, he decided to spread the love of VD on the tour. Throughout the entire tour, he would only be with women who would have unprotected sex with him, and therefore have a very strong chance of catching the clap. He would try and spread it to two or three women a night, and by the time the tour wrapped he was convinced he had spread it to at least 200 women directly. He then went home, and got a shot. It is not surprising given these facts, that this STD is not the only STD our rocker currently has. He still never practices safe sex though with groupies. He will with girlfriends, just not women he meets on the road.
JD Fortune/INXS

This solo male Top 40/hip hop/ #1 songs/singer was filming as video last year and came up with a unique casting format. The video was about 3 minutes long and the singer broke it up into 12, 15 second segments. Each aspiring actress was asked how many segments she wanted to be in. All of them invariably said 12. They were told it would not be a problem as long as they had sex with 12 guys. Each segment meant one guy to f**k. All of them except for one balked at doing all 12 guys. She is in the entire video. Although there were no other takers for all 12, when you see the video and use a stopwatch, you can see how many guys they did do. Every woman in the video did at least one guy with most doing two or three. Our singer was #12 for the woman who made it that far. She was the only one he was with.
Lil Wayne

1) This American, Academy Award winning movie diva, who never came out of Africa might have political aspirations. Friends and family are to afraid to tell her this might not be one of her best ideas.
Angelina Jolie; Meryl Streep

2) This Academy Award winning actor may not be an American gangster, but, he’s not making himself loved with his fellow cast members and crew. He may have an impeccable reputation with fans and movie audience, but those who know better, know his behavior behind the scenes is quite the opposite. Denzel Washington

3) This soon to be retired US politician is doing a good job hiding his renewed alcohol problem from the public eye, as well as his abusive and violent tendencies. Many wonder, however, how much longer a public outburst, revealing his true colors, can be prevented. President Bush

4) This royalty has many issues his biggest might be he really likes to play for the home team. Viscount Linley, son of Princess Margaret

5) This conversation was picked up while shooting this super movie filmed in 2006:
Actor: So, feel like joining me for a few drinks?
Actress: Well, who else is coming?
Actor: Not a soul.
Actress: Yeach, well, in that case I think I shouldn’t.
Actor: Why not?
Actress: Because I know you … a drink with you is never just a drink.
Actor: Oh, come on. I’m completely harmless to you. Don’t you read the mags?
Actress: You already used that line with me. And because I didn’t know any better, back then, I fell for it.
Actor: I did?
Actress: Uh-huh. Maybe you should add it to the names in your little red book.
Actor: I don’t have a little red book.
Actress: I’ll buy you one.
Actor: Oh, come on. Please? I hate drinking alone.
Actress: I doubt you’re going to be alone very long, I just happen to be the first on your list.
Actor: You know, that really hurt! Come on….just one drink?
Actress: Just one?
Actor: Just one…or maybe two.
Actress: Right. And….after that?
Actor: After that you return to your room and I shall return to mine.
Actress: Really…
Actor: Scouts honor.
Actress: You’ve never been a scout! Besides, in case you didn’t know; I’m not available.
Actor: I’m asking you to have a drink with me! I’m not asking you to—
Actress: Uh-huh, yeach….yeach I remember that line as well.
Actor: But this time I mean it.
Actress: I’m sure you do.
Actor: Just one drink and…I promise I’ll behave.
Actress: I was not aware you were able of such behavior.
Actor: I’m gonna pretend I did not hear that.
Actress: Boy, you must be desperate.
Actor: I am.
Actress? …One drink?
Actor: One drink….

1. This former NBA player is still on the hunt to satisfy his downlow urges. Although he has been married and been spotted flirting with Playmates at the mansion, his downlow compulsions have become to strong to ignore. Rewind: We reported last year that he made a sexual advance towards one of the most handsome black actors on the planet and was rebuffed. Now, we're hearing, he's was after another black actor (TV), who is similar in statue (tall) and complexion as the first black actor. Again, he was rejected. His ego was severely bruised but he has found comfort in the internet. He loves to patronize black gay homo sites and male escort sites.
former NBA player:
one of the most handsome black actors:
another black actor:

2. A few years ago, a white singer was accused of having offline encounters with men from a gay site. You can now add our former sports star in the same category. It's rumored that he is now paying male escorts (incall) on a regular basis.

Which younger sibling in a famous family has been getting smashed at hipster clubs all over LA? The fashion-savvy beauty gets so sloshed she often needs a shoulder to lean on as she stumbles to her car. Thankfully, she's smart enough to let someone else -- usually her man -- drive home.
Nicky Hilton

#1 Despite the posturing, the marriage is over for this B list television actress on a hit dramedy and her sports playing husband.
Eva Longoria/Tony Parker

#2 This gorgeous, award winning B list actress on a hit network drama and her affianced have called it quits. Evangeline Lilly and Dominic Monaghan

#3 This lead singer of an aging hit rock band used to provide drugs for his celebrity daughter so she wouldn't have to get them from someone else. Steven Tyler; Bob Geldof

One Stalled-Out Blind Vice: Time for an update on the world’s not exactly best-kept secret, the actual identity of Toothy Tile, the (now infamous) closeted homo actor who used to want us to know he liked diddling boys in parking lots and everywhere else imaginable. Our inbox is a curious, overflowing influx of both salivating and outraged disenchantment. Why are we delaying things, they scream in cantankerous unison, as if Toothy’s consulting us personally, like we’re the Columbia School of Homo-Outing Journalism or something. We’ll leave that to other institutions of righteous indignation. We here at Awful still say it’s ultimately up to the celeb—not us—to say she or he leans closer to Rosie or T.R. (Isaiah, we are not.) Oh! Oh! Oh! Our fave reader stab—which are all over the friggin’ map these days—at T.T.’s real name? Joel McHale! Come to think of it, J.M. does linger in wardrobe when I’m trying on the latest Ben Sherman...though, it ain’t him. But listen, Tooth, if you’re reading, and we know you are, just wanna give ya a little fairly heated heads-up: Heaps (albeit small heaps, we’ll admit) o’ your pals are contacting us. They’re complaining not only about this damn about-face on your self-proclaimed mission to take a strong stand at letting the world know how down you are to be queer, but they’re more personally peeved, too. Remember all those canceled dinners and parties and such, the ones where your "people" (who would sell their first adopted Chinese kid for a made-up, ass-kissing item in People) said, "Better not be seen with these fagola guys"? Well, the guys are getting more than put out over your arguably ill-advised, sudden distancing. In fact, it’s prolly safe to say your old gang’s more worked up than a dog-lovin’ bitch after Ellen DeGeneres’ ass, and that’s no joke. Watch it. AND IT AIN’T: The Rock, Shia LeBeouf, Steven Weber


I always thought this black actor was homophobic because one of our gay sources says he reacted to him with contempt at an industry function when he found out he was gay. This particular gay source moonlights as a male stripper/go go boy. He is the same go go dancer who was booked for a hip-hop gathering a few years ago, as we reported before, when he arrived at the destination with a female stripper, a rap mogul answered the door, ushered him in and slammed the door in the female stripper's face. The male stripper was groped and propositioned the entire evening. The party included some of the most famous men in hip hop. Getting back to our black actor: Despite being homophobic in public, this same actor was allegedly a 'kept man,' back in the day. His benefactor was a black (high powered) male executive who was employed at a Fortune 500 company. This sugar daddy financed his career by paying for his acting classes, wardrobe, etc. When the sugar daddy informed him he had HIV. The actor disappeared on him and married a woman a month later. They are still married with children. I would have never guessed that this good looking masculine actor had a gay past. Also, we have been informed that several photos exist of him sitting on the lap of his sugar daddy, acting lovey dovey. He better hope these pictures are never made public because his marriage and career will be destroyed.

1. This African-American man is considered a icon and known throughout the world. He's also a notorious womanizer and allegedly has two kids outside his marriage. We always hear rumors about his blonde mistresses. What few people know, he has had two famous black mistresses who share similarities, they are both singers and they are both gorgeous. One of the women is just as wealthy as our icon. A few years ago, our icon was entertaining guests in a magnificent penthouse. Our icon received a call on his priority cell phone, reserved for mistresses. He quickly ushered the guests out. As they waited for the elevator, our wealthy singer stepped out, before they stepped in, everyone's jaw dropped. She kept walking, ignoring them. Both of these superstars are so rich and powerful, their representatives went to great lengths to cover this affair up. Our icon rarely talks about her but when he does, he says, "She was one of the most freakiest and sexually deviate women he has ever slept with." Regarding the other female singer, our icon fell in love with her but decided to break it off when his wife threatened to leave him. Since then, he has become much more discreet regarding his affairs. Recently, our icon was spotted taking a elevator up to a "sky villa" suite in Las Vegas with a blonde on each arm.*The source for this story was one of the guests at the penthouse party.
Icon: Michael Jordon
Wealthy Singer: Janet Jackson
female singer he fell in love with: Vanessa Williams

2. We reported last year on this woman who is affiliated with the WNBA. She was known to beat the hell out of her live-in girlfriend who she considered her wifey. The beatings were severe, broken noses, ribs, and a broken jaw. She would always buy her an expensive gift to make up. The woman finally got tired of the beatings, packed up and left. She was tracked down but she threatened her lesbian abuser with a restraining order and media attention. She backed down and moved on to another woman. We were recently informed, two weekends ago, she put a whupping on her new lesbian lover, so severe, she was hospitalized, but she is scared to press charges and she’s still in love with her abusive partner. Cheryl Miller

This former girl group member has fallen on hard times. Her career is a mess, and her husband just left her. The Singer knew her marriage was a mistake, but she needed him to help her land a TV deal for a reality show. The husband couldn’t stand her. Even though the TV show could have helped his career, he had to get away from her.
Dawn formerly from the group EnVogue

#1 This female solo singer and member of a group overdosed on heroin on a recent flight. The rest of the group walked her up and down the aisle of the plane until the plane landed. At that point, they walked her around and around the plane until a doctor could arrive. They still managed to perform that same night.
Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas

#2 Haven't heard from our accountant in awhile, but he said this A list film actress received a wire transfer of $1M from the actor she is "dating."

#3 This former B list television actress in the middle of a divorce to a rocker missed a custody hearing recently because she was getting paid $50,000 for a week of travel with a gentleman. Donna D'Errico/Nikki Sixx

#4 This solo male Top 40 singer has an actress girlfriend. Well he likes the world to think they are boyfriend/girlfriend. Actually she only has girlfriends. Seems the lover of our actress got pissed at the "boyfriend" three weeks ago necessitating a quick trip to the dentist for the boyfriend. Seems the lover knocked out one of our singer's teeth when they had a disagreement. Turns out the singer cries like a baby. Justin Timberlake/Jessica Biel

36. NY POST/PAGE SIX 11/19
WHICH leading man has aged a bit since his last major starring role - and so, in an effort to freshen up, got a dye job and an eye lift? Studio execs on the sure-to-be-blockbuster movie he's in are relieved.
Harrison Ford

This black actress, despite being D-list, has always had an A-list attitude. Like her best friend, another famous woman, they both seem to hate their fans. When the actress is approached, she is so insecure and petty, if you're a female fan, she'll look you up and down and turn her nose up before declining the autograph. Her famous friend is worse, to keep her fans at bay, she is known to try and kick them away from her and she once checked into a hotel and called up room service to come and pour her a glass of water out of the tap. Our black actress has no class, people still whisper about, how she used to bring her child to auditions and breast feed the child out in the open. It's also been rumored, back in the day, her husband only married her because she was pregnant and he preferred sex parties over family life and they soon divorced. From what we hear, she is still unapproachable, rude and aloof to fans despite having no acting career. Her famous rude friend has gotten her out of a financial bind on more than a few occasions. Hint: She is well known in the black community.

No shortage of classless behaviour in Hollywood and above the maybe gaybe speculation and the drug drama, it’s these stories that are the most shocking: How can the privileged behave so poorly? Especially someone who sounds so elegant? Whose record has been spotless and golden? Then again, it’s always the ones you least expect. In her case however it’s become an M.O., a trail of cheapness wherever she goes. So you know when you stay at a hotel, if the soap and bath products happen to be on the higher end, it’s customary to ask for a few refills and take some home? This of course is standard behaviour for US…because we’re broke! But how about a busy, working actress, married to a busy working man, both with several projects on the go – does it then become less acceptable? Almost shameful? I think so yes. And still she does it wherever she goes – on junkets, on promotional tours, whenever she’s at a hotel, she orders up extras: extra shampoo, extra lotion, even extra bathrobes, taking EVERYTHING home… yes, even the bathrobes. The bathrobes that are washed then used again by every guest staying in that suite, she insists on bringing it all with her. Including the gifts too. She is also not shy with special requests. Lighting fixtures, humidifiers, strollers – kinda major items you’d think would be on loan, right? Wrong. She packs those up with her too. The woman leaves NOTHING behind. The question is: what does she do with it all? Would you believe she gives it to her staff? She saves the little soaps and gels and crafts them into small baskets and presents them to the nannies and the housekeepers as bonuses! Can you imagine? Can you imagine a Christmas gift basket full of hotel shampoos and conditioners? I mean How.F&cking.Tacky.

This B list film actress and her rocker boyfriend have been on and off and on and off. Rumor had it that he broke up with her because he thought she was an annoying twit. As real as that impression may be, it seems that he gave our little actress the gift that keeps on giving. You know that gift that only seems to get better with Valtrex. I heard that she freaked the fuck out. Like freaking out as in I actually typed out fuck. Freaking out as in homicidal rage freaking out. Freaking out as in she checked into a "rest home" for a few days. After concluding that her life was not going to end, she checked out, but you REALLY don't want to mention his name in front of her, and if any woman reading this has ever wanted a lesson on how to get vengeance, you need to get in touch with our actress. It's not Lorena Bobbitt vengeance, but it is really close.
Kristen Dunst/Razorlight frontman Johnny Borrell

40. NY DAILY NEWS 11/20
Which celebrity "girlfriend" turned up solo at her actor beau's recent party because, several wags joked, he was still busy with his boyfriend?
Zac Efron/Vanessa Hudgens

#1 This B list film actress with A+ name recognition has a boyfriend who has been known to stray. Convinced now, that nothing he does will ever prompt another breakup, our boyfriend has been inviting conquests over to the place he shares with his girlfriend. Tiring of spending his allowance bucks on hotel rooms or dodging nosy roommates, he now just uses a guest bedroom. Apparently his balls stop short of using the actual bed he shares with his girlfriend for his trysts.
Jessica Alba/Cash Warren

#2 The sisters who never speak has landed the less famous one in rehab. I told you previously about how her drug addiction was spiraling out of control. Family members finally got the reluctant sister into rehab, but with no help from her more famous sibling. What started out as inpatient treatment will soon shift to outpatient treatment.

This black female celebrity had so much potential until mental illness interfered with her life and career. Early on, famous men attempted to date her, but her reactions and conversation became so strange, they stopped coming around. One celebrity said he arrived for a date and she asked him, "What the hell are you doing here?" Although he had called her earlier in the day for directions. He hightailed it out of there! Her meds are no longer effective. She tried new meds that had horrible side effects, leaving her disorientated and dizzy. She has yet to find an effective anti-depressant drug. Family and friends first noticed something was wrong, when she became dark and moody, attacking them with wild and negative accusations that they knew nothing about. She even accused one friend of sending her negative energy. She has become so strange around her family and friends, she would often put on headphones as if she was listening to music, snapping her fingers and singing along when their was no music playing. Sadly, she has deteriorated so bad, away from the public eye, people are wondering, will she soon be institutionalized?
Lauren Hill   ALSO

43. NY DAILY NEWS 11/21
Which vocally challenged pop star was drunkenly persuaded to toss her prescription diet pills after seeing herself recently in an unflattering In Touch weekly cover story?
Ashlee Simpson; Britney Spears

1. This popular female singer is topping the charts with her latest album, but a lot of her fans are disappointed with her new sexy image. She has been wearing revealing outfits and tons of makeup because record label bosses want her competing with other singers. This female singer can sing, and she is also a talented musician. Her fans feel she doesn’t need to look like a hoochie to prove her worth.
Alicia Keys

2. This Talk Show Hostess is addicted to her wigs. She refuses to let any man she dates see her without her wig or extensions, and it’s starting to affect her sex life. Tyra Banks

45. NY POST/PAGE SIX 11/22
1. WHICH secret relationship between two editors at an online blog empire almost became public when the woman editor wrote unflatteringly about her hookup with an unnamed, but identifiable male editor on her own Web site? Her short-lived sex partner responded by posting a video of himself simulating sex with a dead fish - a commentary on her lack of animation in be.
One of the editors of Jezebel and a guy with an LJ

2. WHICH single singer/songwriter has a dirty habit of picking up women when he's wasted? He's been spotted stumbling around downtown luring harlots back to his pad.

46. HOLY MOLY 11/22
Which single male singer enjoying his bachelor status has recently bought a lovely property in Fort Lauderdale. Oddly, the singer has bought it in the name of one of his close friends, a 'former Catholic priest' from Canada. For your information, Fort Lauderdale was the town that inspired Neil Sedaka to write the song 'Where The Boys Are'.
Cliff Richard and his 'friend' ex catholic priest John McElynn

47. NY POST/PAGE SIX 11/25
1. WHICH Latina pop star's boyfriend is said to have quickly approached a photo agency to buy up all the pictures of himself with an African-American hottie snapped at Tenjune?
Shakira's Boyfriend Antonio de la Rua

2. WHICH celebrity publicist was fired from her high-profile New York firm after a slew of bad press on her client was published? The flack told everyone she quit her company but in reality was given the ax.

48. NY DAILY NEWS 11/25
Which local singer who was opening for the national tour of a well-known alt-country act lost the fake nail she was using as a guitar pick? When she finally tracked it down, the headlining band was using it to cut up cocaine lines in the back of their tour bus.
Big & Rich

49. PEREZ HILTON 11/25
What aging rocker that recently completed a stint in rehab has fallen off the wagon while on tour???? Drinking alone in the van is no fun!
Eddie Van Halen

50. NY DAILY NEWS 11/26
Which supposedly sober country queen seems to have tumbled off the wagon? The much-liked Southern singer had to be helped from the stage to her dressing room after a recent live appearance.
Wynonna Judd

Could it be that a cetain has-been hunk is hitting hard times? Ever since his failed sitcom, his failed marriage, and his failed affair with his "best friend," he's succeeded at on thing - eating. Since parting with his lady, he's constantly looking over his shadow...when not jay-walking. To help improve his physique, he's taken to wearing an undergarment that stops that incessant jiggling. Ironically, the product shares it's name with what he gets from all those low rent boys - spanx!
Matt LeBlanc

This sexy actor was a major playboy in his day, who really loved women and planned to remain a bachelor. It was a shock when the right woman came along and she tamed him. To everyone's complete surprise, he settled down and started a family. They seemed happy for years, but lately he's been having a hard time NOT flirting. One thing led to another and now there's a 21 year old girl pregnant with his child. His wife is distraught and she's trying to finish filming a movie and figure out WHAT to do.
Warren Beatty

This man's image is very manufactured. He appears to be nice, humble, caring and sincere. In reality, according to people who have worked with him, he is one of the biggest most arrogant self serving men in this business. When he left the employ of one company, staffers allegedly threw a party because they were so glad he departed. When fans approach, he walks right past them as if you are invisible. He has a God like complex and he is very caught up in his celebrity. Although the internet allows confidential news to seep out on various celebrities. Our guy may want to do damage control because Sky Villa was informed that this former "family man," was extorted a few years ago for $50,000 by a stunning black call girl located in Hollywood. The call girl allegedly tied him up and did her domanitrix routine while secretly taping the session, unbeknownst to him. The call girl couldn't stand him, she just liked his money. She told colleagues that he was rude and arrogant and acted as if he was doing her a favor by sleeping with her. His marriage would later break up over different reasons. After the call girl received her blackmail payout, she turned over the tape to him and assured him their were no more copies. Unbelievably, although she may have been telling the truth, he's so naive, he actually believed her. He took her word for it but he still worries if copies are out there, if so, this tape would ruin his 'good guy' image and destroy his career. Hints: He is not a actor, singer, rapper, sports star, model or playwright but he is wildly popular in the black community. Also, you will be surprised that this strait laced guy has a thing for dominatrix's. Follow the clues to guess the answer correctly.

All Ages & Jonesing: Free as a bird, fresh like a daisy, dating up a storm, but apparently not clean as a whistle having abstained for nearly two decades. Shame. Currently dating a lucky young man, she can regularly be seen shoving her tongue down his throat in various public establishments. Curiously enough, she was also seen not too long ago shoving her tongue down the throat of another dude… a MUCH older one – perhaps even 20 years – draped around him at a party and there’s nothing wrong with that, more power to her for playing the field, except that she was at the same time asking for drugs repeatedly.....alarming not only for the obvious but also because she had a dangerous relationship with them in the past and just because she’s an adult now doesn’t mean she’ll fare any better than she did before. Can a former emancipated addict use recreationally without serious consequence? For her sake, I hope so.

Drew Barrymore
lucky young man: Justin Long
older dude: Bruce Willis

#1 This male A list television star could be indicted by a federal grand jury within the next two weeks as it investigates the actor for alleged child pornography crimes.
Charlie Sheen

#2 This former, aging, A/B list film actress and now a healthy C with some great name recognition but not much else, is trying to halt the publication of a book. The book alleges that our actress had sexual relations with her daughter. The allegations come from a maid and housekeeper, but have been refuted by the girl's father.

Which young star still insists that the sudden increase in her boob size is just a result of growing up? The teen favorite denies to everyone that she's had work done -- but the wardrobe people who know her body best also know she went under the knife in March.
Hilary Duff

57. NY POST/PAGE SIX 11/27
WHICH paranoid billionaire always travels with heavy security and doesn't like any employees with him on the elevator - but also doesn't want to be seen as racist, so black staffers are allowed to share the lift?
Warren Buffett

58. NY DAILY NEWS 11/27
Which singing heartthrob currently tied to an actress is really single and living out his sex fetish dreams with different girls all over the country?
Michael Buble

59. PEREZ HILTON 11/27
What "reality" show recently sent out a casting notice looking for a boy that would show their lead star around Paris? Casting love interests, totally real!
"The Hills: Paris"

60. 3 A.M. GIRLS 11/27
Which actress irritated passengers at an airport by moaning about her fat ankles after a flight? She then threw a fit at the length of the queues.

#1 This actor is tough to classify. B list would be the best for film, but he may be A list for television. Anyway, it is going to be revealed soon, so you can debate after the fact how this funny actor should be classified. It seems our actor is starting to mature. Not old, just starting to see some wrinkles. One day our actor experimented with some makeup, and liked the way it looked. Now, our actor never starts his day without applying some makeup to try and give him that younger look. His only change is that he used to hug people, but when the first person got makeup on their shirt, he stopped. Zach Braff

#2 I don't remember if I told you this one or not. The singer who I say is pregnant. Her husband isn't so happy about it. Me thinks he thought his lovely betrothed was still using birth control. Gwen Stefani/Gavin Rossdale

#3 Seems as if this aging rocker's famous daughter has got herself into a little trouble. The partying, fairly new boyfriend has got the daughter doing the cocaine diet, with an addiction to meth thrown in. While her weight continues to drop, she will tell anyone who will listen that she is fine. Meanwhile, she isn't fine, and her hair is even starting to fall out, which is something this family never has. Kelly Osborne

62. NY DAILY NEWS 11/28
Which young actress and aspiring singer is just stringing along that hip-hop star, hoping he'll write some hits for her?
Hayden Panettiere and Ne-Yo

On the court, he is one of the best in the game. Off the court, when he has a couple of drinks, he likes to expose his private parts which are allegedly covered in blisters. He's also considered a violent drunk. He likes to destroy property and he's verbally and sometimes physically abusive to those in his inner circle. This baller is so sleazy, we are getting dual reports that he transmits chlamydia and herpes. He is a walking health epidemic and doesn't give a damn. Recently, away from the public and behind closed doors, he's booking escorts because of their promiscuity, this way, if they ever try to sue him for transmitting one of his STD's, he has a built in defense: With her background, she may have infected me and she was probably infected by one of her numerous clients. Despite his wealth and fame, a few escorts won't see him because after he drinks from his silver flask, he becomes argumentative and violent. We reported in a prior blind item that a celebrity likes to have sex in the dark because of his under-endowment but this baller is having sex in the dark so women won't notice his blisters. Hints: It's "not" Allen Iverson and you don't have to be a basketball fan to know who he is.
Jason Kidd

1. This rocker is off his rocker. Now he’s even picked up an unhealthy relationship with a teen admirer. As if the dope and booze weren’t enough to help his career down the drain completely.
Pete Doherty

2. Is this legendary Hollywood movie maker going to shock the movie world and his fans by announcing his retirement? Business partners are growing increasingly nervous about his talk of wanting to devote all his time to his family after he finishes his big, much speculated and anticipated SF  (science fiction) project in 2009. James Cameron ("Avatar" in 2009)

3. He’s done it now! If this scandal breaks, Republican hopefuls will loose all hope of keeping the white house out of democratic hands in the upcoming presidential elections. Why? Because this Republican heavyweight calling the shots at the moment is about to loose control of not only his power, but his marriage as well. Trent Lott

4. The truth about this American actor will be revealed soon, if his doesn’t cough up the money to keep those very incriminating pictures of him and his latest male conquest out of the magazines, and off the net. John Travolta

1. This man is well known in the African American community. He appears to be concerned about the community. He is not a preacher, but he often sounds like one when he is giving his commentaries. This man’s personal life is about to blow up. He divorced his wife and left her with nothing. He has since remarried a woman with a questionable past. The divorced wife has quite a story to tell, tales of cheating and abuse. She is ready to tell all. Will he be able to stop her?
Steve Harvey, New Wife: Marjorie Bridges, Ex-Wife Mary Harvey

2. This Actor played a concerned husband in his last movie, but during a recent stage production he treated the female cast members like dirt. At one point, he was abusive toward a female co-star. Next year, he is set to star in a show that could take him to Broadway let’s hope he cleans up his act. Malik Yoba

3. This Former Model and Fashionista claims she has moved on with her life. She is raising her children and she’s got a new man. But, she still keeps tabs on her former husband and who he is seeing. She recently threatened her ex’s girlfriend with a friendly warning to keep her in check. Kimora Lee Simmons

I had been saving this one to combine it with a jackass, but I just feel like I need a kindness today. Writing this kindness is hard for me, because of my overall negative feelings for the person involved, which should give you a big clue. She is a B list actress, hit television show, and been in some really bad movies. And no, it isn't Denise Richards. You can be sure I will never write a kindness about her, even if she saves the life of a school bus full of nuns. Anyway, this actress is a publicity hungry piranha, except when it comes to one thing. For the past few years, this actress quietly sneaks off to some after school programs to help disadvantage children with their schoolwork, to mentor them, and just to make them laugh and smile. She has a circle of schools and programs she attends, and makes an effort to go to at least one a week, and if she skips a week, makes it up with two visits the following week. She does this because she feels it is important, and not for any publicity or attention. The kids love when she goes. They all loved her before she got famous and love her the same now. Since here recent success, she has donated money to many of these programs and to scholarships to enable these children to continue on to college. Because it is the holiday season, I have decided to give the evil one her due, and to applaud her for her selflessness this one time. Eva Longoria

67. 3 A.M. GIRLS 11/28
Which world-famous band are feuding because one member gets all the VIP treatment? The others have got the hump because they don't feel half as special.
Fergie/Black-Eyed Peas

68. NY DAILY NEWS 11/29
Which pop star - known more for the rocker she's dating than her own vocal skills - has visited the ER several times after partying too hard on her BF's tour? Ashlee Simpson

#1 This celebudude hasn't been getting a large enough allowance from his B list film actress girlfriend to be able to afford his cheating lifestyle. So, in the last few weeks he has started selling little stories about her friends to the tabloids. The money has been so good, that it is only a matter of time before he starts selling stories about her.
Cash Warren/Jessica Alba

#2 New hit comedy show on network television. One of the male stars of the show was surprised when his ex and daughter showed up unannounced at our actor's home, and he was enjoying some time with one of the very young female actresses on the same show. Seems that he had been telling the ex he was completely single and didn't want to do anything but be a great dad. Dylan McDermott/Peyton List

A Humpy-Stumpy Blind Vice: Oh my, what same-sex shenanigans has Toothy Tile inspired this time? No no no, not with the Tooth terrible himself; yet another famous Hollywood star is out there getting his cojones off in seedy public places. What’s a faithful TV fan to do? Turn a Blind Vice eye? Well, you decide, darlings! One Keep-On-Truckin' Blind Vice: Pricey Dicey is a mucho gifted performer, everyone agrees on that. The Emmys adore him and occasionally show that fact, come fall. TV fans just go on about the sorta-cutie dude every time they blog, cheer ‘n’ gab about him, which is often. This helps P.D.’s latest boob-tube project, which is a bit o’ a gamble for the network currently employing Dicey’s always amusing talents. Are these check-doling TV suits aware Pricey likes the boys, not the girls? Of course they are. People aren’t dumb in this town, they’re just stupid, know what I mean? Like, come on, these network ninnies actually expect Pricey to be discreet and keep his peter-on-peter ways in private? If they only knew. ‘Cause here’s what P.D. lives to partake in from time to time, whenever he gets the he-man hankering: He gets his horned-up snake on a plane, flies it to a medium-size midwestern town, checks into a nondescript old hotel near a truck stop, which is next to a stripper joint, which is next to a dirty-movie arcade—see where we’re goin’ here? Yep, you guessed it: The "straight" truckers hit the girlie joint, get all worked up, and then stop on over to the arcade to utilize one of the many glory holes, behind one of which Pricey always parks himself. After all, it’s always anonymous, right? Wrong. See, some of those holes are—like Hollywood egos—bigger than others. And while Mr. Dicey was doin’ the deed one time recently, the recipient stuck his eyeball right at the cutout opening and grunted, "Hey, aren’t you on TV?" "Oh, no," blurted P.D., before promptly going back to work and finishing off the job—an impending orgasm is such a reliable tool for getting a guy’s mind off what you’d prefer him not to be thinking about, don’t you agree? Pricey hasn’t been back to his salacious stomping ground since. But we’re sure that’s merely a temporary situation, much like Lindsay Lohan’s nascent sainthood.
AND IT AIN'T Brad Garrett; Taye Diggs; Alex Baldwin Kelsey Grammer; Wayne Brady

In it's heyday, the former lesbian club "Peanuts," in Hollywood was the hot spot for the LA Lakers trying to convert gorgeous lipstick lesbians into straight women. This club also featured erotic entertainment, including X-rated floor shows by an array of racy performers, comics and drag queens. Adult star Midori is the sister of Jody Watley and she allegedly had one of the hottest erotic shows at the club. "Peanuts," was a hunting ground for this black male celebrity and his wife. They were always on the hunt for a second woman to participate in menage a trois and they often found willing participants due to his celebrity. They had one rule, the wife had to try the woman out first (solo) and then the husband could join the action, later. They brought so many women into their bedroom, they eventually broke up. After the breakup, the wife dated one of the richest A-list white actors on the sly for a brief period of time. Meanwhile, the actor moved on to another woman who seems uncomfortable in regards to three-way sex. But, she was willing to adjust since the actor can't seem to get aroused with just her. Recently, one of our sources informed us that the actor showed up at the S.F., fetish club, "Power Exchange," with his girlfriend in tow. A lot of hip-hop stars have patronized this club in the past as well. The club has themed rooms: Jail cells, hotel rooms, a coffin room and the notorious dungeon. The actor and his girlfriend spent a lot of time in the dungeon watching women get whipped by men, while other men were getting whipped by trannies. The smell of lube and sex surround the club. Afterwards, the actor and his girlfriend proceeded to the movie room, where porn plays continuously on various television monitors while men jerk off and people have sex. According to our source, the girlfriend was extremely uncomfortable in this atmosphere and was overheard saying, "This is not my scene as she fled the premises and hailed a cab." Our actor was so engrossed in the surroundings, he didn't even follow her out, instead, he stayed and participated in three-way sex acts with women. Hints: His nickname in Hollywood is "The King Of Swing," for obvious reasons and before he became an actor, he was popular in another entertainment related field.
black male celebrity: KEENEN IVORY WAYANS
A-list white actor that ex-wife dated:

72. POPBITCH 11/30
The tour manager of which indie band got so sick of the band getting wasted on gak every day that he started crushing up pro-plus tablets and getting someone to sell them to his charges?

#1 Do you remember the female singer who beats the crap out of her husband? Well, lately she has been spending almost $1000 a day on coke and refusing to give her husband any money. He makes money, but not our singer's kind of money. The only good thing that can be said about the coke habit is that it takes up so much of her time she has stopped kicking his ass.
Avril Lavigne

#2 You know that A list actor facing the child porn grand jury. Well, it isn't just evidence gathered. Two of the witnesses brought in to testify in front of the grand jury were girlfriends from the way back machine, and one of the girlfriends is married to an A/B lister in her own right. Charlie Sheen/Kelly Preston

#3 I am happy to report that our B list actress who is always getting played by her celebutude boyfriend has been getting even. Over the past two weeks, she has been rogered roundly at least on three different nights by a certain gentleman who has been in a film, but is known for much more. Jessica Alba/50 Cent

#4 The writers strike was a blessing for one B list actress on a hit network comedy/drama. Would that be a dramedy, or a coma? Anyway, she is the star of this new show. She has been in this space before due to a tiny drug problem. Tiny in comparison to Amy Winehouse, but you get the idea. Seems our actress has kind of gone off the deep end. A little private mental hospital stay for a few weeks. She went in voluntarily, but she would have been committed involuntarily if things had gone on much longer. As it is, it has been kept quiet because of the strike. If the strike ended today, the series might be shelved until next season because it is unknown when our actress is going to leave the facility. Samaire Armstrong "Dirty Sexy Money"

74. BEST WEEK EVER 11/30
Which television actress is a big fan of the alcoholic sauce, even though she’s still got young children at home? Rumor has it someone stumbled into her living room, where the actress was sitting on the floor, bare ass naked. When asked what was wrong, the actress, out of it, wanted to know why her breast milk was coming out lumpy… We hope her kids like White Russians!

75. NY DAILY NEWS 12/02
Which divorced dad has a holiday movie and two ladies at the same time? He has one live-in love, and when he's bored, he pretends to crash on the couch of his TV-star friend, but is really hooking up with a second woman.

Which Hollywood hottie is being blackmailed by his former acting school? The sexy star was forced to speak at his alma mater - and was told that if he didn't, they would expose a sexual encounter he had with a male teacher!
Peter Sarsgaard

77. NY POST/PAGE SIX 12/03
WHICH big Hollywood actress is about to come out of the closet? She's been living with her girlfriend in a small town, where all the neighbors know, and the two are now engaged to be married.
Queen Latifah

78. NY DAILY NEWS 12/03
Which oily celebrity hanger-on, who has been through rehab, is telling friends he's found a new way to pace himself when he's doing drugs? The bicoastal bum says for every line of coke he snorts he smokes 10 cigarettes.
 Brandon "Greasy Bear" Davis

This black female celebrity is very famous but she continues to make bad choices in regards to her personal life. The pain from her failed romances led her to embark on a very downlow relationship (for two years) with a black actress (who has only appeared in a few films). This actress seems to be in love with our famous female but the love is not reciprocated. Our female celebrity only uses her (for affection) when a failed romance with a man goes awry. One of these romances became a public scandal. Sadly, the little known actress has become like a sick puppy around the famous female. Their discreet relationship now resembles that of a domanitrix and slave. She jumps at her commands and she does all the house work and cooking. She's become a flunky and lackey. And, when our famous female gets tired of her, she kicks her to the curb without warning and tells her not call. Then, like clockwork, when our famous female has another failed romance, she lets the actress back into her life. Our famous female is so desperate to find a husband, she attends all the industry events with the big hollywood players and all the sporting events. Despite her good looks, many of these men date interracially exclusively and this leaves her out in the cold. When a man does hook up with her, the relationship always seems to end after a few months. Hints: It's "not" Gabrielle Union or Beyonce and the little known actress is not known outside of the black community.
Sanaa Latham and Regina Hall

Here’s a riddle for all riddles…took several weeks to research and confirm because the level of atrocity is just so unspeakable. A legendary philanderer, now that he’s allowed, managed to talk some random twat into sleeping with him…repeatedly. She of course is an aspiring celebrity, like so many young 20 somethings running around these days, obsessed with The Hills, believing they can be the next Lauren Conrard, dreaming of finally "moving to LA" and then when getting there, hooking up with any actor that can get them papped while leaving a club. Why are some girls so dumb? So dumb they get talked into sex without a condom, so dumb they get knocked up? When he found out, of course he promised he’d make it official…he’d legitimise her as his girlfriend but she had to, as you would expect, get rid of the bump. A nice cheque and a bauble, along with several thousand dollars worth of merchandise from Fred Segal came along with the promise. Naturally she believes him. And she gets it done. And now he won’t return her calls preferring instead to set up a few photo opps depicting him the perfect single man. Her friends, seeing a cash opportunity, are imploring her to run to the tabs. Only she’s in love and is afraid to ruin her chances. So all she does is keep calling. Only to be met with radio silence on the other end. Pray Xenu she finally starts singing the jilted blues all the way to the National Enquirer. It’s about time this sleaze loses what’s left of a dwindling fanbase.
Ryan Phillippe

What you have here is a marriage between a female top 40 singer and another singer. They have made some visits to this space in the past. Mix this very strange married couple with an A list television star on a very hit dramedy. He is also no stranger to this space. So our A list actor starts hitting on the female singer right in front of the husband, behind the husband, around the husband. Everywhere. The husband has grown to being ignored and abused by his own wife so this is nothing new. What was shocking though was that apparently our female singer who dislikes men with a passion, finally had enough of the actor hitting on her and just reared back and kicked him right in the balls. No mincing words. She got him really good. Not quite, drop on the ground and call for mommy good, but close. Makes you wonder how many times the husband has suffered the same type of fate.
Avril Lavigne (Derek Whibley)/Jeremy Piven

82. NY POST/PAGE SIX 12/04
WHICH Oscar-winning star doesn't like to be reminded that she once waitressed at a swanky Midtown hotel restaurant? She went to cattle calls between meals.

83. NY DAILY NEWS 12/04
Which female singer - who has had the same unlikely nose job as her brother - has a metal brace up her schnoz to keep it from collapsing? The device was noticed by a stylist who had bent down to lace her boots.
Janet Jackson

This is a quiet couple you rarely ever hear mentioned on the gossip sites. He is a B list film actor with A++ name recognition. She is a B list primarily television actress. Married for awhile, they have always seemed to be the happy couple. Seems though that if either of them get drinking they tend to become violent towards each other. He hits her, she hits him. Rarely have the police ever been called to their home because their neighbors are used to the screaming and the flying objects smashing into walls. Lately though, he has found a little someone to have on the side and his new mistress doesn't like our actor drinking. He has stopped, but the wife has not, and her violence level has increased since she found out about the other woman. So far the pair remain stubbornly together although our actor has been spending more and more time away with the girlfriend while the wife just drinks and works and drinks, and calls in sick to work to keep drinking. Something needs to give soon.
Danny DeVito/Rhea Perlman

85. NY DAILY NEWS 12/05
Which same-sex, same-network prime-time hotties are fueling rumors that their close friendship is a tryst?

This black male celebrity is using his faded celebrity to lure women off myspace. Back in the day, he was known for his behind the scenes work and he has one smash hit to his credit. He's had his share of groupies throughout his career. A few months ago, he met a star struck young lady on Myspace, they chatted for three weeks and he talked her into visiting him in Los Angeles. She was thrilled but her friends told her: 'If he had good intentions and was a gentleman, he would send you a ticket.' She ignored her friends, she was was going to meet the man of her dreams. She flew down to Los Angeles. He didn't even bother to meet her or arrange a car to pick her up at the airport. Instead, she rented a car and followed the directions he had emailed her. She was a bit taken aback when the directions led her to a hotel. He was waiting for her in the lobby. They embraced, said a few words and he quickly ushered her up to a hotel room. They allegedly used 'X' throughout the night between sex and room service. In the morning, she got up to take a shower. When she returned to the room, she was devastated. The celebrity was gone, he hadn't even said goodbye. She was stuck with the hotel bill (including room service). She flew back to her hometown in tears. After that night, he has yet to return her calls or emails. When she went to his myspace page, she read a comment from a girl saying, she was going to take him up on his suggestion and fly to L.A. Hint: He was not a solo artist.
Bryce Wilson from Groove Theory

#1 This married with children A list film actor is having real problems with his marriage. Seems as if he finally discovered that maybe he didn't have all that much in common with his wife, and he is also having trouble figuring out how one woman can spend almost $100,000 each month on shopping. His last "wife" would go months without going to shop for clothes. Our actor also has been cheating up a storm with not only several of his co-stars on a recent film, but also anyone, anyplace who will give him the time of day.
Nicolas Cage

#2 This A list film actor and this A list film actress made nicey nice for the cameras recently, but as soon as the cameras turned off, so did the smiles. The pair it seems have very concrete cultural differences which results in them staying as far apart as possible under normal circumstances. John Travolta/Jodie Foster

#3 This once very hot top 40/R&B singer has really cooled off over the past several years. Although she does have a boyfriend, she knows how the game is played. In order to get the best songs and the best producers for her latest album she made herself available to men and in one case a woman from her record label. Her boyfriend had no problems with this as he has enjoyed the company of women wanting him to produce their records. Now that the album has been completed, she thought it would all stop. Turns out though she is going to have to keep putting out, if she wants and marketing and publicity behind her new album. Ashanti/Nelly

This veteran R&B Singer has quite a story to tell. She has been involved with legends in the music business. She could write a book and make a ton of money, but it would hurt those she cares about. She really needs the money, but the truth about the legends would be shocking news if made public. Will she guard their secrets, or make the money and write a book?
Dionne Warwick

89. NY DAILY NEWS 12/06
Which velvet-voiced crooner with a famous parent is using his new fame to stock his bed with young lovelies - every time his wife is out of town?
Robin Thicke

#1 This C list film actress/dancer hanger on and this B list film actress who thinks really highly of herself spent much of a recent party openly passing joints to each other and downing shots. Although it was a party, it was not really that kind of party. After causing numerous disruptions throughout the night which included talking louder than everyone else combined, publicly stripping out of everything but their dresses, flashing whoever wanted to see, and many who didn't, the pair were escorted out, and have been banned from any other parties thrown by this PR Company. Of course this will only last until one of them becomes A list or starts sleeping with one. They will sleep with anyone, so it is a matter of time before they get lucky.

#2 B list television actor known for being a jackass here and in other places has a new game. He hits on women almost constantly and can't remember their names or phone numbers or who is who and where he met them. What he does is arrange for all of them is to schedule a lunch for 1pm three days a week. If any of them show up, he buys them lunch. One or more. He then takes whoever wants to go, back to his place for some afternoon fun. At least once a week he gets busy though and fails to show up at the restaurant. Since he doesn't remember their names or numbers and could care less if he stands them up, they are often left waiting, sometimes a small group of them. The restaurant is perfectly aware of who they are waiting for, and will often call our actor's assistant to find out if he is in fact going to be at lunch. If he isn't coming the staff will send them home. Jeremy Piven

One Dollar-a-Second Blind Vice: So funny. Last week, when we had Pricey Dicey in One Keep-On-Truckin' Blind Vice, out in the boonies, servicing truckers through a glory hole in a video arcade (this is no joke, really happened), teams of readers thought it was a certain actor. Well, it wasn’t. Nor will any guesses for this par-tick TV dude be included in next week’s elimination mailbag. That’s because he’ll, instead, be featured in this week’s baddie-boy Vice, too fun for the seen-it-all tum! Tubby Pay-Stub, interestingly enough, shares many a kinky quality with Pricey-poo. Both men are respected, popular and fairly largely talented performers on the small screen. Both dudes are not exactly what one would refer to as traditionally good-looking. These are men who don’t always get the girl. Doesn’t bother Pricey in the least, as the dude’s a total pooftah. But let’s just say it does bother Tubby-poo plenty. That’s why he sometimes purchases his companions. And TPS' currency factoid is amusing on a couple different levels. It’s no secret folks have, on occasion, raised a plucked eyebrow or two at Pay-Stub’s flashy-trashy choice of femme company. No one’s, uh, surprised, really to find out a few of these hons have been given mucho green to appear on TPS’ arm. And Tubby likes things that way. Why, you ask? 'Cause so many execs, stars and jokers all the way around in this town have done the same. Charlie Sheen, anyone? Tubby just adores how all this ersatz cutie-and-cleavage to-do makes him appear one of the butch boys, in the end. Because—and you haven’t been reading this missive very long if you haven’t guessed what’s coming round the boy-toy bend—the hooker sensibility helps keep folks' snoopin’ noggins off the fact that Tubby equally (not completely, like Pricey, above) loves doin’ the dirty with the guys, too. See, Tubby’s something truly rare in this town: an utter bisexual. He’ll sleep with anything. Actually, maybe that’s not so unusual, after all. P.S.: We think Tubby’s boob-tube boss peeps are, like, totally in the know on this one, 'cause they already have the PR war plan in the works, should Tub’s sizable, and very innocent, audience start sniffin’ the truth. AND IT AIN’T: Jimmy Smits; Jimmy Kimmel; James Spader
Drew Carey

This successful and handsome bi-coastal actor has a beautiful model girlfriend in New York, but finds himself working in California most of the time. So they fly across the country to see each other whenever possible. He makes a big deal out of claiming to be faithful. But our guy likes to drink way too much and when he's boozed up he goes online looking for girls. He felt it was a harmless way to have fun without really cheating until he met a special girl online. She told him she would be in LA and he couldn't resist visiting her at her hotel. The model found out and she's CRUSHED. It's another romance ruptured by male internet fantasies.
Adrian Grenier/Sports Illustrated supermodel, Melissa Keller

This material girl is very underestimated. She loves her Prada, Dolce Gabanna, Louie, Chanel and Versace. She favors the Paris shops over Rodeo drive. She knows how to attract money because she is pretty, cunning, conniving and manipulative. She doesn't date poor and her looks have come in handy on more than one occasion. Famous celebrity men are the biggest cheaters in the world and her boyfriend was no different but what few people know, she was creeping with an extremely wealthy black celebrity who only seems to date black women. Despite her looks, it's surprising she was his type. This woman has her "game" on lock because she was in a love triangle with two very rich men. Both men know each other but boyfriend was not aware of their relationship. When her boyfriend was out of town on entertainment business. Her other wealthy man sent limos to fetch her. She was then transported to a private airstrip where she boarded a private jet. When she arrived at his mansion, between sex, he took her shopping and on mini-vacations. When her boyfriend checked in via her cell, she always told him she was at home. She is no longer with her wealthy side dish, she got out just in time because he has herpes and is paying women off not to go public. No one knew of this bombshell relationship until now. Hint: It's "NOT" Kimora or Beyonce.
Kim Porter/P Diddy/R Kelly

#1 - This hot blooded female singer got on an elevator at a hotel in LA with about three other people. She immediately took up a position in front of the mirror in the elevator. On the next two floors the elevator stopped, letting more people on. When the added people started blocking her own view of herself on the elevator, she told them to please move out of the way. This forced the people on the elevator to all squeeze together uncomfortably. Our singer then continued to model and pose in front of the mirror all the way to her floor. Not quite Eva Mendes strutting around a Starbucks, but close.

#2 - This B list television actress. I say B list because she is on a hit network show. It is an ensemble, but she is one of the stars, and thus, B list. If she was just a recurring character, than maybe a C. Anyway, she lives with a guy. Not a celebutard. He is a celebrity. Can't say what he does because it would give it away. If he was an actor I would say it, so that should give you some help. Anyway, turns out that our actress refuses to have sex with him. Yep. She only had sex with him until they moved in together. Now, all she does is yell at him, and call him names. Oh, and dresses him in her clothes. He puts up with it though. For now. Nicollette Sheridan and Michael Bolton

#3 - This one is kind of common knowledge, but thought you might get a kick out of guessing. This aging film actress from a very famous family and in a very famous entertainment case was at a party once. In front of her was what she guessed was a small bowl of sugar. She scooped out most of it and placed it in her coffee cup. Turns out it wasn't sugar, but instead was a bowl of cocaine worth about a thousand dollars. The hostess was not pleased and the actress was never invited back. Shirley MacLaine

#4 - This married A list film actor with child(ren) dropped off his car with valet at a restaurant in LA. When the valet got into the car, there was a horrible smell coming from the car that could only be described as something dead. There was nothing actually in the car, but it seemed like it was coming from the trunk. The valet told his boss, and instead of asking the actor about it, called the cops. The cops came, smelled the same thing, and went and got the actor and asked him to open the trunk. Two dead bunnies inside. Seems they had died three days earlier and he just hadn't got around to throwing them away and had been sitting in his trunk for three days. The cops took them for him. Matt Damon

#5 - B list film actress. I say B list based entirely on name recognition. Everyone knows she is an actress, but honestly it seems like forever since she has been in anything. A+ name recognition though. Bit of a drug problem. OK, more than bit. A lot. A bunch. She could keep the cartels in business by herself. She needs to go to rehab. The whole family knows she needs to go rehab, but she thinks she can do it on her own. Doesn't want the stigma attached to her about rehab. She is not one of those people who seeks out publicity and certainly not for that. She has been quietly meeting a counselor for several hours each day, and trying to make it. If she doesn't make it through though, don't be surprised if she disappears for awhile. If she does go to rehab, it will not be in the US or anywhere in the Western Hemisphere.

95. NY DAILY NEWS 12/09
Which writer and art collector has been helping her TV-producer husband during the writers strike? She has been spotted with her laptop by the pool at Art Basel Miami Beach, honing scripts for his sudsy series.

96. NY DAILY NEWS 12/10
Which fashionable fellow with a statuesque girlfriend was putting the moves on other young ladies in Miami last week? Perhaps there won't be a dynastic wedding after all.
Tom Brady

This famous baller is juggling a wife and numerous girlfriends. Three years into his marriage, he paid his mistress $3 million dollars to abort his baby. This is the highest fee ever paid for an abortion by an athlete. This man has had so many women over the years that they were once assigned time slots instead of names: His assistant would alert him, 'sir, your 9-10 is here.' Allegedly, he got married for the wrong reasons. He tells friends that he felt obligated and the kids made him happy-not his wife. His true love is allegedly a latino woman (who he called on the eve of his wedding). He wanted her to stay in his life as a mistress but she refused because her mother wouldn't approve of her dating a married man. He loves her because she has never asked him for money or gifts. This baller also has women overseas. Currently, he is romancing a woman in Italy. Before his marriage, he was always photographed with black girlfriends and his wife is black but all his domestic and overseas girlfriends on the low-are white. He rarely goes public with non-black women. Over the years, women have complained about his lovemaking. He is compatible with some and not with others. The complaints have gotten back to him and he tries to supplement the criticism by lavishing expensive gifts on women. Mainly, large sums of cash, expensive bling, houses and luxury cars. Hint: You don't have to follow sports to know who this superstar athlete is.
Barry Bonds

Could it be that a certain larger than life actress is inching out of the closet? Nah, not Jodie - the other one. I'm told that she and her longtime galpal have been somewhat more open in their New Jersey community. There is even talk of having children together, or maybe getting married - a real monster's ball. This delicate and sensitve flower is tired of living single. Of course, God knows where she's been.
Queen Latifah

Some stars you look at with blinders on. She is for me one of those stars. But the glassy eyes are hard to excuse. And the thinnification too. Thinnification to get back to work and in her case assisted by good old cocaine which she apparently did in copious amounts on sets through summer and fall to stay alert and focused and un-hungry. Which is apparently always something she’s dabbled in, only before she was able to actually stop between gigs. This time however, even though she’s wrapped, she’s taken to taking it home, wreaking havoc in her family life and bringing on serious bouts of depression. After a particularly painful episode with a very young, very innocent witness, she finally went for help. The good news is she knows she needs to stop. And she has a supportive partner behind her. Word is, to avoid public scandal, she’s fighting the beast at home during the holidays under professional supervision. Wonderful news indeed.
Liv Tyler

This is a problem I encounter frequently doing this. I find out something I know all of you will salivate for, but there is just no way to describe the person. What do you do when someone is someone you would recognize, but you don't know their name? You know their film and work, and you love them, but their name is fuzzy. The person is B list based on their work, and you would all recognize him from his films because he is very unique looking. I guess I can say he does primarily comedies. When someone first started telling me this, I actually thought it was going to go the other way. Anyway, it seems that our actor spends a great deal of his income on two specific hookers. Now, despite his looks our actor has no problems getting women, he just has a certain kink that only these two can provide. Never simultaneously mind you. This is one on one. Seems our boy could be the poster boy for being dominated. He picked these two particularly large women because he enjoys being tied, whipped, beaten, and many other things you can imagine. Yes. Anything you can imagine. The problem is that he is getting addicted to it, and beginning to become permanently scarred. He sees one of the two almost every night and is spending about $10,000-15,000 a week on this habit. Plus, he has been so beat up and sore lately that he has missed several meetings and has lost at least one very high paying job as a result.

101. NY DAILY NEWS 12/11
Which reality "star" tried to take advantage of room service on a recent press junket to Atlantic City? The heartthrob repeatedly called a staffer's cell phone at 6 a.m. to demand that she "or any of the other b’s get over to my room" for sexcapades.
Brody Jenner

102. PEREZ HILTON 12/11
What reality TV host that got arrested this past summer for DUI has been hitting the booze hard? The hunky fella has been spotted drowning his booze recently at Mulligans Sports Bar and Grill in Farmville, Virginia. He should know better!!!! Ty Pennington

#1 This reality couple's pre-marital difficulties are ridiculous because one of the couple is already legally married to someone else anyway.
Tiffany "New York" Pollard and Tailor Made

#2 This married A list film star was seen leaving an event with another woman who was most definitely not his wife who he left at the event. Michael Douglas

104. NY DAILY NEWS 12/12
Which perfectly lovely young star has an ugly assistant who is ruining her reputation in celebrity circles with her rude behavior and love of freebies?

This well known video director is a male slut behind the scenes. His male ego is so out of control, despite having a STD, he wants every industry beauty he sleeps with to have a baby by him and when the woman becomes pregnant-he brags about how virile he is to his boys. Groupies don't have to punch holes in condoms because our video director does it on the sly while he pretends to practice safe sex, which impresses the groupies. Unbeknownst to the public, this man has fathered at least 10 children we know of with just as many women. The majority of the women are at a loss for words when they become pregnant because they remember him using a condom. When one woman aborted his child, his ego was devastated and he blacklisted her video career. He has numerous baby mama drama from black, white and latino women on both coasts. He's had them all: Video girls, models, NFL/NBA groupies, playmates, etc., despite having a long-term live in girlfriend who politely looks the other way. Depending on who you believe, this man was either directly or indirectly involved in a scandal that broke early this year. The public was hoodwinked but the scam earned one of his honeys a lot of cash when she presented her sad story (which was a lie) to the public. This scandal was front page news on every urban site and made headlines in urban magazines. Our video director was "related" to this scandal in more ways than one. Hints: It's not Hype Williams and he is extremely well known.
Benny Boom (Shanelle Scott who claimed that Jay-Z was the father of her baby, but it was Benny)

#1 What Movie Actor (B list?) who was up for an Oscar used his celebrity to bed numerous women -not unusual- but the girls, hoping to get a "call back" left articles of clothing behind. Rather than do more than a 1 night stand, this actor brought all the sweaters, shirts and coats back home to his family at xmas time for a holiday grab bag for his young nieces! This came to me via one of his nieces...

#2 This visiting male writer at a Midwest university has been dating a very famous singer/songwriter who is well known for her name and heroin chic look rather than any successes in the past few years. Once he finished his commitment at the university he was supposed to move in with the singer back in LA. Only, he's not been faithful at all. There is a cute little poet here, quite the ingenue, who he pursued and pursued heavily since he got here, before the semester even began. She held off for about a month, told everyone what he was doing and how gross he was being, but for the last two months or so, they have been involved in a dirty dirty relationship. They don't even try to hide the evidence. I've overheard people talking about the compromising situations they have found them in, and have in fact run across them outside our local dive bar, up against the back wall being a bit more than just friendly. It's not unheard of here for professors to hook up (and often marry) the students, but it's not looked upon very well, and even in spite of this the writer and the poet have been very indiscreet. Like sex in public, loud kind of s and m stuff overheard by the neighbors, caught and ticketed by campus security kind of indiscreet. Our singer doesn't know anything about it. In fact, she's just waiting for him to finish up the semester and move out there. She's real sweet and the whole thing disgusts me. Fiona Apple and writer Johnathan Ames

#3 This female singer who is alleged to be a lesbian has always had a thing for young Asian girls. This went on for quite some time. The only problem was she could never pick them up on her own at a club and so whenever she was with one she paid for them. She paid well for them and paid often. Missy Elliott

4. This singer/television host was recently kicked off a jury pool because he had been convicted of a crime that would be news to all his fans I'm sure.

1. This TV Personality is having a hard time fitting in on her new TV show. In an effort to blend in, she makes outrageous statements, and she comes across as dumb as a doorknob. Her fellow hosts are getting fed up with her, and people are starting to notice it.
"The View" Sherri Shepherd

2; This media personality is paying the price for treating his ex-wife bad. The personality did his ex wrong, and now he has to face the music. Steve Harvey

3. This Singer had the looks, the voice and the dance moves, but he never made it big. A lot of people say his baby momma drama and bad management hurt his chances for making it big. D'Angelo/Angie Stone

108. POPBITCH 12/13
1. The arty ex of which pop star has a collection of photos from their time together which show the star tied up naked in a doorway being pleasured with a range of fruit and vegetables?
Julian Schnabel/Madonna

2. Which music legend was overheard reminiscing about a chatshow host who was famous for having the "best cocaine in London"? Pau McCartney/Paula Yates

#1 This recently engaged funnyman isn't taking so well to the whole commitment thing. Our funnyman is a former television star and now a struggling film actor. Going from the top to the bottom kind of sucked. His affianced is in the business and loves him because she doesn't know that when he is going to see his agent or manager or to a meeting, he is really heading off for some adult fun with playthings he meets when he is out and about. It is amazing how one man with hardly any career left can meet with his people so many times in one week. Jimmy Fallon/Nancy Juvonen (hey, at least he got his career back)

#2 This actress is so new on the scene that it is scary that she is already the subject of a blind item. Television actress and young on a new (this season) network show. A modest hit if you will. Maybe better than modest. At a recent party, she saw some people who had brought some coke. Being the idiot our young actress is, she said something along the lines of that now she is on a hit show, she wanted to see what all the fuss was about, and wanted to try coke. So try it and try it she did for most of the night. Enough so that the two guys providing it had to get some more. When informed how much they had spent and she had snorted, she offered to help pay, but they wanted more. So our actress who had the big break has now snorted coke at a party and been banged by two guys for the privilege. Can't wait to see what the other cast members are doing. "Gossip Girl" Blake Lively

At least one hit show is looking on the bright side of the writers strike: Thanks to the hoopla surrounding the walkout, there's been nary a mention in the press of the firing of a major creative force from a series we love... until now, that is. Wanna guess the identity of the axed exec? Of course you do. Here's a clue: Said bigwig's departure was hardly a surprise — it came after months of backstage tensions and infighting with colleagues that threatened to tear the production apart. Yours truly even bore witness to a rather ugly — and extremely public — incident that only served to make the bad situation worse. By the time of his/her ouster, even the cast had been forced to take sides. (And, given the outcome of the battle, I don't think I have to tell you whose side most of them were on.) However, as difficult as this individual may be, few would contest his/her genius. Guesses?

One Redux Doo-Doo Blind Vice: Celebs talkin’ trash on each other is nothing new in Tinseltown (just ask Paris and Lindsay), but when a big ol’ movie star disses his costar on set (behind her back, natch), that’s something else. But let’s back up. Seymour Slim-Bum first worked with Darlene Deviant a few years ago on a dramatic thriller. Both babes had somethin' goin' on and got props for their badass acting chops. The flick did very well at the box office and received accolades from critics and fans alike. So, it only made sense that, years later, these two good-looking honeys were both tapped to play in a flick again. Now, this particular project was a little more romantic and a little less randy than their last turn together, but it smelled of box-office gold. It’s an adaptation of a rather popular property, and with Seymour and Dar attached, studio types figured they couldn’t go wrong. But then, some equally bright-minded execs also greenlighted the densely literary Love in the Time of Cholera, so what the ef do these suits know? And then add not-necessarily translatable dynamics with a lotta nervous Nellie neurosis. See, recently when the flick was under way, Darlene-love started being very peculiar. She’d disappear into her trailer for hours at a time, with no explanation. No one was exactly sure what D2 was up to. Arguing with her hot-tempered partner, perhaps? D.D. and her man have had quite the tempestuous relationship, to say the least. Regardless of the reason, it was only a matter of time before SSB got fed up with his costar’s very regular disappearing act. "That woman has problems," he was overheard saying (many times) on set. And perhaps SSB’s newfound dislike for Darlene came across in the dailies or something, because now sources close to the hugely hyped project are saying it’s been shelved indefinitely. As for how this will affect both stars’ paychecks and reputations, guess we’ll have to wait and see. AND IT AIN’T: Meg Ryan/Russell Crowe; Julia Roberts/Tom Hanks; Nicole Kidman/Tom Cruise

Seymour Slim-Bum: Richard Gere
Darlene Deviant: Diane Lane/Josh Brolin
Past movie: "Unfaithful"
Shelved movie: Nights in Rodanthe

112. NY POST/PAGE SIX 12/14
1. WHICH jet-setting performer is stingy with the holiday cheer? The doormen and porters at her posh Central Park West building pad are left with empty pockets when it comes to Christmas tips.

2.. WHICH legendary actor's wife recently sold their luxurious Manhattan condo to a couple who later found hidden closed-circuit cameras in the guest bedroom and guest bathroom during a gut renovation of the apartment?

113. PANACHE REPORT 12/14 **#1**
The real reason behind a superstar divorce: Ex-hubby is on the DL and loved the tranny brothels. The tranny's are excited at the thought of him being single, because they can compete to be his "wifey." Our ex-hubby was quite busy during his marriage, because in his heterosexual life, he had an outside child that his wife accidentally found out about as well. He will cave in to her financial demands because he can't afford for any of this exclusive data to become public knowledge. Jerry Rice; Eddie Murphy

114. PANACHE REPORT 12/14 **#2**
This black female celebrity grew up in a single parent home. Her mother was a junkie and often forced her assistance in tying a belt around her arm before she shot up. To makes matters worse, her mom would demand she (tie the belt) in front of friends. When she attended high school, she attracted all of the boys due to her good looks but she ignored them because she wanted to stay focused on her goal-she was going to be famous one day. She would immerse herself in Right-On magazine and made a vow to herself that she would one day grace their pages. When she told her friends of her aspirations, they often rolled their eyes and laughed in her face. She hooked up with a guy in Los Angeles, they both had dreams of fame and both would achieve their goals. He tried to be abusive towards her but she fought him back, hard. After they broke up, they continued to work together. He started dating women he could abuse. Her big break came when she released her solo effort which went platinum. Sadly, her attitude changed, she didn't have time for childhood friends and she purchased a big fancy home and often traveled overseas on shopping sprees. She also got involved with a famous married man, broke up his marriage, got pregnant on him and then dumped him. She has always been openly bi-sexual but the press ignored this part of her life due to her looks and feminine appearance. At a bay area concert, she even spoke of the problems she was having with a live-in girlfriend at the time. The audience thought she was joking. She was basically a one hit wonder and she would lose her home to foreclosure and her luxury car would be repossessed. Promoters have asked her to perform on old school tours, although she needs the money, her ego is so out of control, she refuses unless she is the headliner, which is impossible because she doesn't have enough hits to headline. When she does get gigs, she has a crackhead relative who acts as her manager. He tries to intimidate promoters by asking them to pay her entire fee up front, when the tactic doesn't work, they settle for half up front. Times must been really hard, because she performed three shows recently and wore the same outfit for each show and she was seen walking after each show, to a nearby hotel. She couldn't even afford a cab or a limo. Hint: Very well known.
Jody Watley

#1 This divorced A list rock star God and father, takes his invincibility to a whole other level when he is self medicating. When he does, his guns come out and his clothes come off. Recently he and his "doctor" were naked except for machine guns and night vision glasses when the police found them. Neighbors in his LA community had called police to report machine gun fire and loud screaming and yelling. When the cops showed up they found our rock star and his "doctor" in the above stated positions. Sure they had been firing away, and should have gone to jail. Instead the police asked about the guns and asked for autographs.
Eddie Van Halen

#2 This lead singer from one of the greatest bands of all time has always been known as a ladies man. He was, but no longer. Now he much prefers the company of men. As in, never goes out with women anymore despite what he publicly professes. David Lee Roth

#3 B list film actor in top 15 film each of the past two years is starting to get a little crazy. Seems his drug habit is getting out of hand. Not in the amount of money he spends, but what happens when he gets wasted. After three hellacious nights of partying, a friend of our actor came over to the actor's house and saw that the actor had taken $20 bills and made wallpaper out of them. There were over $25,000 in $20 bills glued to the wall of one of the bedrooms. Glued as in never usable.

#4 This Idol star is in negotiations with an adult magazine to shed her good girl image and to reveal all in an upcoming pictorial. Right now there is a $2M offer sitting on the table. Katharine McPhee (would have been interesting to see how her career would have changed if she had accepted)

116. STAR MAGAZINE 12/14
Which Hollywood hottie recently had a blowout with his fiancee after flirting with his pretty costar? The two are just pals, but rumors are flying that she wants more -- and his galpal is not too pleased!
 Josh Duhamel (Fergie) and co-star from "Las Vegas"

117. NY DAILY NEWS 12/16
Which rehabbed star went into treatment after a pregnancy scare with a tall foreigner who is seen on the arms of all the Hollywood "It" girls?
Lindsay Lohan/Stavros Niarchos

118. NY POST 12/17
WHICH showbiz couple had a secret split last year? When the gorgeous star caught her man in bed with her sister, he had to promise her a baby before she would get back with him.

Which paparazzi-hating actor who claims to be sober actually has drug parties with his mistress, a certain British "It" girl?
Jesse Metcalfe (he punched out a pap recently) & Nadine Coyle

Which desperate actress is being sniped about because she has full hair and makeup done before proceeding with charity work, such as serving lunches, to look good for the paparazzi?
Teri Hatcher

You are a moderately successful black female celebrity who is considered pretty by public and Hollywood standards. You have dated your share of professional ballers but the drama and womanizing became too much. Then, you decided to date outside the industry despite your friends asking, why are you dating civilians? Over time, that became tiring because you always had to pick up the tab or they became jealous and resentful of your success, especially when fans approached you for an autograph while making them feel invisible. Just before you decided to start dating industry men-again. A new man came into your life. Although he was not in the industry, he had his own stacks and he always picked up the tab. He didn't even seem bothered by your celebrity and success and he often sent you flowers and bling. You even rolled around in his $100,000 whip. You considered him the man of your dreams but unbeknownst to you, he was only dating you for status and he lied about his occupation, saying he was a successful import/export dealer. In reality, this man was a big time drug dealer and he wanted to impress his boys by dating a celebrity. Things were looking up until you were informed that he was a street baller and it was rumored-he was on the DL as well. You became devastated and horrified. After you confronted him and he didn't deny it, you became heartbroken. You would later find out that he got turned out in jail during a brief stint and that he's nicknamed "Omar," (behind his back), after the gay stickup kid on "The Wire." Hint: She's not a singer.
Nia Long

122. LAINEY’S GOSSIP 12/17
Married and mega successful, with several children, but how to account for the gay young things seen coming and going from his trailer during production of his next hit? They were not part of the crew and they were not there to work… at least not on the film. Word is, he is insatiable and needs variety. Rarely does the same boy visit twice. And rarely are the boys not well taken care of. Though they are not paid professionals, per se, but they are compensated for being pretty and bendy. This is apparently a requirement. All of them have been observed to share the same body type: lean and fresh with short hair and they look like they all "belong in a music video". Satisfaction guaranteed on both sides. He gets his and they get trips, clothes, watches, iPods… like a gay holiday year round! Always tip well to avoid talkers, savvy?
ADDENDUM: Looks like his trailer activities have not stopped, although now, instead of a revolving door of visitors, it’s just one on the regular – his trainer with whom he has been spending an inordinate amount of time while working on location for an ongoing project, locked alone behind closed doors for hours. Not training. Not even dressed for training. Curiously enough, he’s taken to entertaining his trainer not in his own trailer but in his co-star’s trailer, foolishly believing their long sessions would go unnoticed. Not unnoticed. And actually rather shocking for crew members who until now totally believed his fraud. Will Smith

#1 This first one is easy enough to to understand when you hear it, but is difficult to write down and keep identities somewhat secret. It involves three people. Two women and one man. (W1, W2, M) Our man is a singer. He hasn't really done anything else except for singing. Oh, there was one little television thing, maybe two. But singing his how he got started. W1 is the girlfriend of our man. W2 is not a tax form, but I guarantee you she knows how much you make or what you have been in before she agrees to go out with you. Television hostess, and all around gold digger. Turns out W2 decided she was going to try and get some M because she is so publicity hungry and knows that her romance with M would be really big news. She has been trying for weeks and weeks. When she smells fame she will do anything to get noticed. Our man wasn't interested, and told W1 of what W2 was up to, and all the flirting, touching and clear looks at W2's upper half. How W2 always seemed to be getting in, or out of her clothes when she would invited M to her dressing room. W1 who has been known to swing on both sides of the fence, told M to invite W2 back to their place and maybe W2 would be up for some fun with W1 and M. Our man agreed, but only with hesitation. Turns out he is pretty basic. W2 comes over and is actually open to the idea, but will only do it if M will be seen with her in public for a month so it looks like they could be dating. W1 agreed because she wanted some of W2 and is always up for kink, but what did M say? So far, no happy new couple photos, but the week is young.
W1: Vanessa Manillo
W2: Maria Menounos (Clash of the Choirs)
M: Nick Lachey (Clash of the Choirs)

#2 This old man still has it. Charmed the hell out of a porn star and took her home. Jack Nicholson and Jenna Jameson

124. NY DAILY NEWS 12/18
Which "reality" starlet wanted $3,000 to attend a recent L.A. charity event, but stayed home in her pear tree when told she couldn?t be paid because it was a benefit?
Audrina Partridge "The Hills"

#1 This former A list film and television star and now a B lister simply because he hasn't appeared in anything in awhile got quite the shock at an event this past week. Seems our closeted gay actor (oh, did I forget to mention that part?) decided to leave the boyfriend at home because there would be too much press, and he didn't want to have to deal with the hassle of arriving separately and adding his boyfriend to the guest list. Seems the boyfriend didn't take kindly to this arrangement and showed up midway through the event demanding to be let in. When asked by security who he was, he said I'm ________'s boyfriend dammit. Since he was causing a scene, he was let in to sort out the story, and eventually our actor came and claimed his boyfriend and headed straight out the door to a waiting car.
Mike Myers

#2 Since reaching the age of majority and being able to access his earnings, this former A list child and teen actor has run through almost his entire fortune. With no jobs on the horizon, and an expensive lifestyle to try and maintain, our actor has been selling off almost everything he owns, and is moving back home with his parents. It sounds better than it looks though since our actor did buy his parent's house for them. Frankie Muniz

126. PEREZ HILTON 12/18
What Big Gay Husband checked in to the Westin in Arlington, Virginia this past weekend with a man???!!! He's blatantly gay and not even trying real hard to hide it!
Al (Star Jones) Reynolds

127. NY DAILY NEWS 12/19
Which diva songstress, as much a legend for her attitude as her pipes, demanded that an L.A. hair salon close for her on a busy Saturday, only to cancel the appointment?
Mariah Carey

Despite being wealthy, she's dated famous rich men and non-famous rich men. She's a material girl who enjoys private jets, shopping sprees and overseas travels. Her closet is filled with designer wear, including: Manolo Blahnik's and Jimmy Choo's. Back in the day, she was the hottest black women in her field. She was overjoyed when a superstar sportsman (very rich) contacted her for a date. He took her to dinner, they returned to her place and had sex. The next day, after he left, she called her girls and said, "I've just snagged the most eligible most sought after bachelor in the world." Little did she know, she was nothing more than a sex fantasy played out in his mind. He slept with her for male ego purposes only. Another name to cross off his list. Actually, she was the only black woman on his list because he has always preferred white women. Within the next few days, she called him numerous times, he refused to take her calls. She even tried calling his agent-who refused to patch her through. Later that day, the same agent left her a message, if you continue to try and get in contact with my client, despite your celebrity, we will have the police and/or his security force intervene on his behalf. She was heartbroken and couldn't face her friends for a long time. Hint: The sportsman is no longer single and the woman is not an actress.
Tiger Woods/Naomi Campbell

This married B list film actress who has been in some of the top movies of all time has a child or two or three. If I told you how many it would give it away, but she is definitely still married. None of this divorce or separation business. Did I mention the A name recognition. Not A+, but A. With all these letters you would think it would have something to do with teachers or school or something and you would be correct. Celebrities who are decent parents actually go to parent teacher conferences and such. Usually they are once or twice a year. Our actress has been going every week. Not that her child(ren) are doing bad in school. They aren't. But the actress is being bad after school with her child(ren)'s teacher. Bad as in she paid for an apartment for the two of them to visit every week. Bad as in he is married with children as well. Bad, as in they used to mess around a little at the school sometimes until someone saw them. Bad is in huge scandal for the actress and the school.

130. PEREZ HILTON 12/19
What big boobied British reality TV star and entrepreneur has been recovering in Los Angeles after having some plastic surgery???? Jordan (Katie Price)

131. NY DAILY NEWS 12/20
Which documentary maker had to turn a blind eye to all the call girls that her subject, a famous sports star, was patronizing? "The hookers got better access than I did," she joked Tuesday at a dinner for the Gucci Tribeca Documentary Fund, a new initiative of the Tribeca Film Festival.

132. PEREZ HILTON 12/20
What dirty actress just left a sexy rehab that cost a lot of money? She was in for too much of the drinky drink and other things. She's currently in Sedona, Arizona, staying with her parents and attending AA meetings. She's not in The O.C. anymore, bitch!
Samaire Armstrong

This female celebrity had a fairytale wedding, but her marriage is turning out to be a disaster. Her husband is a public figure who cheats on her constantly. He recently started creepin’ with one of his wife’s closest friends. The wife’s friend has been buck wild ever since she left her famous Hollywood husband.
Lisa Raye and hubby, Mike Misick with Nicole Murphy

#1 I think everyone thinks this couple is happily married. After reading this, you might not be so sure. Just like Tom & Katie, this A list couple has separate bedrooms. Unlike Tom and Katie, this couple actually gives the impression that their sex life is spectacular which leads to speculation as to why they don't sleep in the same room, and not even on the same floor. Well maybe it has something to do with the fact that exes aren't always exes, and the wife enjoys spending some time every week or so with her ex. Often the ex arrives unannounced in the middle of the night, and to prevent an awkward situation (like this whole damn thing isn't awkward) when the ex crawls into bed, our happy couple maintain separate bedrooms.
Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher with Bruce Willis showing up.

#2 This celebrity, pretty close to a billionaire, if not there already was caught leaving the residence of someone not his wife the other night. Would probably have not been a problem except for the fact it was 3am and the guest he was visiting ran after him in her nightgown because he had left behind his gloves. Tiger Woods

135. POPBITCH 12/20
1. This Brit acting legend failed to impress travellers to Oman recently with a foul-mouthed and somewhat racist rant at how long the passport and customs queue was.

2, Which warring duo are the subject of lurid rumours about the true paternity of their unfortunate child? Paul McCartney/Heather Mills

136. HOLY MOLY 12/20
1. Which designer 'creates' her pieces by tottering into the store headquarters with a lackey carrying a collection of her own favourite clothes which can be then copied (with a few subtle changes) and passed off as the latest 'design' by the busy woman. It's worked so far, so why change a winning formulaic formula? Well, there was a slight problem the last time her cast-offs arrived at the design studio as they were so filthy that they might have slouched there under their own power. There were dark mutterings from the staff and a total refusal to touch the garments to be copied. When a manager asked why there wasn't more busy-busy copy-copy, one worker pointed out the horrible truth about her sloughed second skins. "They're covered in fag burns and cum."
Kate Moss

2. A certain Northern comic (the one who isn't actually funny when you listen to anything that dribbles from his slick yet self-satisfied gob) was recently living the high life by making an appearance at the world famous Jumpin' Jacks in Halifax. Yes, it truly is a glamorous business. The man in question met a young lady on the night and has become quite besotted, sending texts such as "really nice 2 meet u last night u looked wicked xx" and the Shakespearian "fancy comin out for a drink im comin back up Halifax way next week xx." With such a turn of phrase you can see why his career is such a stellar success. Unfortunately, the girl has confided to friends that she isn't quite as keen on the idea of a relationship (or a quick shuffle) as the comedian, and she is texting back 'just to be polite'. Maybe just as well, seeing as she's only 16?

This celebrity endured a long and painful divorce. She was heartbroken for months and it took a long time to recover. She was always close to her mother and welcomed her advice. Suddenly one day for no apparent reason she cut all ties with her mom and never wanted to see her again. Why? Insiders say our famous person suspects her mother of having an affair with her exhusband! Now she despises them both.
Britney Spears

Few people know, this man's compulsion to beat women is nearly uncontrollable. Although his juvenile records are sealed, it's always been rumored that he started beating girlfriends in high school. When he pursued a career in singing, the victims changed but the beatings never stopped. As reported before, when he first started out, a girlfriend loaned him money. When he received his first royalty check, instead of paying her back, he took her shopping, when she protested, she got beat so severely, she had to be hospitalized. Due to his rumored connections with the black underworld during this time, the girlfriend received a hospital visit from two men who threatened her life if she filed charges. This incident would be covered up. This singer also did a collaboration with a racy one-hit female singer. It was rumored that they hooked up, after one encounter, she told friends that during sex, he became so rough and violent that she decided to end their budding romance and friendship. He likes to tell his boys, "It's only one way to tell if a "b**ch is truly yours, whoop her ass! If she don't haul ass after the first beatdown, she's yours forever!" His career declined but the violence seemed to increase. He began beating women with objects. One former victim said, "It's as if he gets turned on by the sight of blood, he is determined to draw blood and right after a beating, he wants to have sex." This man has had financial difficulty over the years. His manager once booked an overseas tour but due to delinquent child support payments, he was unable to leave the country. He has become very bitter and due to his reputation, it has become harder and harder for him to find a date with women in Hollywood.
Aaron Hall and Patra

#1 There was a slight fire at the home of this B list television star's home the other night. Hit show by the way. Network. Married. Child(ren) Fire department was called out to the home which destroyed the Christmas tree and presents and half the living room furniture. Cause- Seems our star was freebasing and things got out of hand. Guess the cash he passed out to the firefighters who responded to keep things quiet wasn't quite enough, or you wouldn't be hearing about it.

#2 This one almost makes me want to jump up and down and scream. Unfortunately I am physically unable to do so. But on the inside. The inside it is happening. Married couple. A list celebrities, but B list in their chosen profession if you judge their recent results. Husband was kicked out. He cheated. If you saw who this was, you would be jumping up and down too. Unfortunately, he is probably going to be allowed back into the house because they can't stop appearing in public together. I can't believe he cheated. Crazy.

#3 I hate to put two move outs back to back. But, what can I say. The holidays are big for this type of thing. This one doesn't directly involve cheating although there has been some. It is more because of behavior. A list film/television/film couple. He will be allowed to visit on Christmas Eve and Christmas and that is it. If he can straighten out, she will take him back, but I don't think he wants to straighten out. Needs to, but doesn't want to. Ben Affleck/Jennifer Garner (interesting that even that long ago they were having trouble)

#4 After catching an STD on his last tour, this male country singer of epic proportions now has a roadie interview each prospective one night stand to see if they have a STD because when he gave the STD to his wife after the last tour, she wasn't too happy. Kenny Alphin of "Big and Rich"

140. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/21 **#2**
Last year this B list film actress with A+ name recognition was going through money at very healthy clip to support her drug addiction. Tired of stealing from her friends at parties, she came up with a grand scheme. She said she was collecting donations for a toys for tots like organization, but since it was overseas she needed cash instead of unwrapped presents. $50,000 in donations later, she had herself one hell of a holiday season. The only reason she got busted on it was because the idiot offered some coke to a person she had previously plead poverty to. When asked where she got the money for the coke, she told the person about her scam. In her drug addled confusion she forgot that her fellow coke sniffer had been one of the contributors to the cause.
Lindsay Lohan (remember when she was a B lister? I can't imagine her offering to share her coke)

OK. We just got an email from a man who claims to have been "involved" with a popular hip hop artist. Here is the email (which has been heavily edited for readability): Everyone thinks that [NAME WITHHELD] is such a hood [EXPLETIVE]. Well he's not - [N Word] is more like a hood b*tch. We were both at [A Correctional Facility] - he was there on a drug charge and I was there on a robbery. At first everything was cool, but [Name Withheld] likes to gamble and that got him into some problems. He lost $4,000 to [one of my fellow gang members] playing Tunk. Just so you know - in jail $4,000 is like a million dollars on the outside. But it was [no big deal] because everyone knew who he was and we all knew he had paper. Plus he was supposed to be getting some commissary that week so everything was cool. The week came and went and [N Word] didn't give anybody [EXPLETIVE]. We had to teach this [N Word] a lesson. So [a bunch of us] ran into [NAME WITHHELD] on the way to the library and pulled him into the closet. [N Word] was scared like a b*tch. He thought we were going to {EXPLETIVE] him up. We did [EXPLETIVE] him up, but not like he thought we would. We tore that [N Word's] [behind]. There must have been four or five [N Words] that went up in him. When it was done, [N Word] was bleeding and [EXPLETIVE] was everywhere. [NAME WITHHELD] paid the money the very next day. Now I know this may be hard for you to understand, and you're probably thinking that we're gay - but we're not. What we did was an ASSAULT prison style. [There] wasn't anything gay about it. Any dude that did more than [a year in prison] knows exactly what I'm talking about. We are at a COMPLETE LOSS FOR WORDS. Remind us to never break the law, EVER EVER EVER!!! Oh and we can't tell you who this rapper is. But here's a hint - dude is from ATLANTA and he's pretty hot right now.
Gorilla Zoe; Jeezy

142. NY DAILY NEWS 12/23
Which reality show winner has been distinguishing himself around town for boozy same-sex hookups with drunken patrons in the bathroom of a karaoke bar? Apparently he is into quite senior gentlemen.
Todd Herzog winner recently of "Survivor China"

143. NY POST 12/24
WHICH married Hollywood couple - she's an actress, he's a director - is on the rocks? The famously happy lovebirds are fighting constantly and are "having problems."
Kate Beckinsale/Len Wiseman

144. NY DAILY NEWS 12/24
Which nanny for an A-list NYC showbiz couple, each of whom is famous, is sharing her suspicions that the husband is having an affair?

Have to have a Jackass on Christmas Eve right? Tis the season and all that. I'm not sure this guy got coal, but I do know he spent 3 hours locked inside a bathroom at a Cisco Adler party. This is a different night however. This male "singer"/talk show dude decided to get drunk. He got so blindingly drunk that when he went to his hotel room he couldn't get the keycard into the door of his room. He then went down to the front desk, told the desk clerk what room he was trying to get into and that the hotel sucked, the clerk's family sucked and that if he didn't get into his room right now that he was going to keep yelling and abusing the poor clerk all damn night. The clerk gave him a new key, and the "singer" returned to the room. This time the key worked. Without turning on the lights he got into bed. Unfortunately he got into the bed of an elderly woman who was the rightful guest of the room. She obviously didn't know she was sharing the bed of a famous "singer" and instead began screaming at the top of her lungs for help. Security came and our "singer" realized that maybe the elderly woman's room wasn't actually the room he was checked into for the night. Not even the correct floor. Never did apologize to the desk clerk either.
Mark McGrath

146. NY POST 12/26
1. WHICH former madam is a raging meth-head? The leading procurer for rich billionaires takes drugs daily and is becoming increasingly erratic, pals say.
Heidi Fleiss

2. WHICH wild child daughter of an Internet billionaire has major problems? The lady-loving gal has been to rehab twice and still doesn't show any sign of slowing down. Courtenay Semel

3. WHICH married director is not so discreet about his affair with a hot young Australian starlet? His wife of 30 years has no clue - but she's got to be used to it by now.

This black female celebrity has hit the ground running. She's a man-eater and there is no shame in her game. She doesn't even care if the man she's after is married, All that matters: If he can be helpful to her career. She is ruthless, cunning and manipulative. It's all about her and she's going to get hers no matter what! When a man proves to be no longer helpful to her dreams and aspirations, he's kicked to the curb without hesitation. She operates by the motto: "Use them and lose them, get what you need and move on." A few weeks ago, rumors were circulating that she had a famous new boyfriend, this is a publicity stunt worked up by her publicist. Whispers indicate, that this is an elaborate smokescreen because she has her sights set on a black married celebrity. He's ignored her advances thus far but she is determined to have an affair with him because she thinks he can be helpful to her career and she thinks he's the finest man she's ever seen. She's developing a bad reputation (early on) due to her overly aggressive and immoral behavior. Who is she? Who is the famous smokescreen boyfriend? Who is the married black male celebrity? Hint: She's not an actress.
Female: Rihanna
Smokescreen celeb: Josh Hartnett
Married Man: Will Smith

The spy I like to call RN has more from the world of five star hotels and the celebrities that frequent them.
#1 During a required physical last week this singer indicated she is HIV+. If you follow the partners and they were not safe, this could lead to some incredible revelations during the next year.
Britney Spears

#2 "But how do you really know that this male B list film star is really gay?" Answer- "Because he spent a great deal of time on his knees proving it to me." Jake Gyllenhaal; Tom Cruise ("Village People" Randy Jones)

#1 You know that required physical from yesterday? Reason for the physical? Abortion. Father? Unknown. Britney Spears

#2 This stage mom has been around and in the tabloids herself. She is currently married but not for long. Seems her husband found out about his wife, the B list actor/host and his celebrity girlfriend who enjoy spending time with each other often, and generally without clothes. The husband might have been okay with just that, but when the trio started dropping hints about including the teenager of the couple, a divorce was inevitable. Lesley Panettiere and Mario Lopez/Karina Smirnoff

There is currently a secretive network of men in black Hollywood who congregate discreetly for pedophilia events. There have always been rumors surrounding a black male star. Allegedly, an up and coming star (teenager) at the time idolized him. When a meeting was arranged and they were left alone, allegedly, the teenager was sexually molested by this man. Afterwards, he stopped referring to him as his idol. Rumors have always persisted that a former NFL star (you don't have to follow football to know who he is) is a major pedophile. He even belongs to pedophile chat groups and he operates online with an untraceable offshore IP. The men who belong to this rich and famous network are protected by other powerbrokers involved in this organization. Mainly, powerful lawyers, judges, etc. They look after their own and have the power to have a case drag out or disappear altogether because they don't want the defendant to take a plea deal and reveal their identities. Many of the men are powerful millionaires. A former basketball star had to pay off the family of a underage girl because they threatened to go public when they found out about the relationship. The girl was 15, the basketball star at the time, was in his 30's. Some of these men hide away children they purchase in overseas countries. They bring them over here for sex slave activity. A prominent lawyer was busted some years ago when it was discovered it had purchased two underage boys overseas. His co-workers were not even aware that the young boys lived with him. One of the boys escaped his home while he was at work and notified the cops. It was once featured on AMW that a young black man appeared on his sister's doorstep, asking for help, he had just got laid off. Unbeknownst to her, he was a member of NAMBLA (North American Man Love Boy Association). While she was at work, he was pimping out her 12-year-old son (his nephew) to other NAMBLA pedophiles who lived in the area for quick cash. In regards to pedophiles in the music industry, record companies have so much invested in their talent that they look the other way and a few media outlets have been known to accept under the table payment "not" to report on their sickness or to spin it when the truth leaks out. A black powerbroker music mogul was never a hit with the models and call girls in the sack. Word got back to him and he decided to act on his gay tendencies. After we reported on his love shack in L.A., he sold the property and does business from New York. He is the ringleader for the downlow events among black entertainers, he organizes all of the events and functions. He also loves to sleep with young muscular men.
black male star: Diddy
up and coming teenage star: Usher
former NFL star: Jim Brown
former basketball star:
black powerbroker music mogul: Chris Stokes

#1 Which singer will not be invited back for Christmas anytime soon? Seems the prospective in-laws dislike diva behavior. Our singer was not a very gracious guest.
Jessica Simpson/Tony Romo

#2 This B list actress has bigger financial problems than we thought. Turns out for appearances she wants cash only and delivered directly to her. Not to her agents or her manager. Her manager hasn't been paid in ages and is threatening to sue. Lindsay Lohan; Sharon Stone

#3 I told you previously that the two sisters have made up to some extent. I also told you it was a boyfriend of one that originally caused the rift. Well, the reason for the rift was the fact that the boyfriend got the less famous sister pregnant. Hence the reason for the breakup and... the abortion. Hillary and Haylie Duff/New York Islander Mike Comrie

#4 This B list actor who is the star of an upcoming A list film might have some explaining to do to his long suffering wife. Seems that he is having a fling with his married with child co-star.

152. NY DAILY NEWS 12/30
Which actor on a hit show, who has been in a fake relationship for the publicity, enjoyed an undercover date with his boyfriend recently at Paris Commune in the West Village?

actor: George Eads
fake relationship: Monika Casey
his boyfriend: Eric Szmanda

153. STAR MAGAZINE 12/31
Which singer/actress has friends whispering about what she's really doing to stay so thin? While shooting a film recently in New York, the young starlet was heard asking where to buy $2000 worth of cocaine!
Hillary Duff

154. NY DAILY NEWS 12/31
Which supposedly rehabbed star has been stealing minibar bottles from her friends' hotel rooms to stash in her purse for a quick fix?
Lindsay Lohan

155. PEREZ HILTON 12/31
What beleaguered British songstress' husband used to be a gay escort, sources tell us????? The bad boy has also been a "social" dealer for years, selling drugs to his friends and acquaintances. Amy Winehouse's husband, Blake Fielder-Civil

Last updated: November 7, 2016