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What does A List mean?

1. NY DAILY NEWS 05/01
Which younger wife of a billionaire mogul is herself having an affair with a younger man? She's got the two kids, so what does she care, right?
Rupert Murdoch's wife Wendi Deng

So you ever had an ex that just kept coming back and coming back? This older, not aging, but good looking B list actress on a hit network show (years wise but maybe not popularity wise) has just that problem. Who knows why she was with the guy (actor/jackass/whiner) in the first place, but it was a long time ago. Over the years he has been back for money and favors. Money mostly. She really did not start getting BIG money until a few years ago. When she got her show, here came the ex. He always needed money for something. Always had a new project in the works and would pay her back. They had no baby connection or anything to keep them in touch but he did. Even when he was in a relationship, he would always be there and always making promises. Well recently, our actress ran into some money problems of our own and called her ex. He had a new thing going now and this should be payback time. When she called he told her to never call again and that he had nothing to say. He said the money she gave him was a gift and if she thought it was a loan, then she was even more stupid than he remembered. Now he was back on top and was going to stay there while she would go right back to the bottom where she belonged. Touching isn't it?
Vanessa Marcil/Corey Feldman

--What recently rehabbed hard-pAArtying starlet bought over 10 pills of ecstasy from a famous DJ at the Coachella Music Festival this past weekend for her and her posse of paid friends to enjoy????
Lindsay Lohan

--What cosmetically enhanced younger sister got so wasted at the opening of her rocker boyfriend's new bar in NYC on Monday that she had to be escorted to the bathroom several times and at one point she stumbled into the kitchen area with a look on her face that she was going to vomit everywhere???? Ashlee Simpson

4. NY DAILY NEWS 05/02
Which smoking-hot young TV actress started on her way in the industry by bedding one of the least attractive "SNL" cast members while still in college?

Although she’s a talented singer, she’s easily intimidated by the looks of equally talented singer’s, like Beyonce and Alicia Keys. At award shows and after parties, she gets noticeably quiet in the company of beautiful artists. She also has an air of resentment around attractive women and on occasion, she has been observed sulking in a corner, with a drink in her hand, glaring at pretty women in a jealous manner. She is extremely insecure about her appearance. After the success of her last album, she unwisely went on a spending spree. She even hired someone to walk her dog and she became known as someone who threw her "new found" money around foolishly. Few people know, that her most recent album (unlike her last album) fared so poorly that she was damn near in financial ruin until an opportunity rescued her from debt.

So this A list actor owns a plane. I actually didn't know it, so I guess that means you can eliminate Tom Cruise and John Travolta from the guessing. Seems our actor owns the plane for one reason only. It's the only time he really believes he can get away with anything. No spies and only people he trusts for crew. Turns out this public goody-goody actually enjoys doing some coke from time to time and bringing in two or three "dancers" for entertainment on his long flights. Favorite game is to have them snort lines of coke off of him and he from them. Total debauchery from the time the plane takes off until it lands again. On a positive note, our actor does practice safe sex. Oh, I forgot to mention he's married, with child(ren).

7. NY DAILY NEWS 05/03
Which designer, regularly thrown out of NYC clubs for his behavior, just got bounced from a film set (where he'd dressed the 21-year-old star) for being drunk during a shoot?

What recently rehabbed hard-pAArtying actress was fired from her latest movie, though she claims she dropped out, because she refused to comply with the producers' demand of mandatory drug testing????
Lindsay Lohan "The Best Times of Our Lives"

Let's stick with the A-List. This married Academy Award winning actress recently went into Bloomingdale's at The Beverly Center Mall. No big deal right? Well, she went to the men's section. No big deal right? Well she grabbed a package of tighty whities and a men's t-shirt, went into the changing room and came out with the empty packages. She paid for her purchase with cash and walked out.
Julia Roberts

Actress Asks Boss "Escrow or No?": It's every TV star's nightmare scenario: You land a hit show, splurge on your first home, and then get fired the day after the closing. (Don't laugh — it happens!) Well, the actress who is the focus of this week's blind item wasn't about to let fate play that cruel a trick on her — especially with rumors swirling that her days at a certain top-10 smash might be numbered and a plotline that seemed to confirm the gossip. So before hitting those open houses, this up-and-comer went to her producers and asked point blank whether she'd be sticking around long enough for her to make a dent in a seven-figure mortgage. Her bosses' response should put a twinkle — or maybe dollar signs — in the eyes of real estate agents throughout L.A.: "Have you considered the Spelling mansion?" So, guesses? Sara Ramirez "Grey's Anatomy"

1. So this celebutante made a Top 100 Sexy List. She was thrilled. She carried around the list for everyone to see. She told her agent that she wants more money for appearance fees now AND that she is entitled to more money than anyone on the list beneath her. When her agent said that was not going to happen, she screamed into her cell phone, "BUT I'M SEXIER THAN THEM." So you say, and now everyone at that Starbucks knows you think so also.
Kristin Cavallari

2. This aging former A list actor got his license suspended quite awhile ago and has about another year to go before he can drive legally again. He thinks he can beat the system and drive, but also knows he better not get caught. To try and appear less noticeable, our actor has an old beat up Hyundai Accent he drives around town while wearing a hat and sunglasses. **I don't think he's quite thought through the whole getting out of the car thing though.** Nick Nolte

3 & 4. OK, this one is a little complicated.
--B list television actress on network show is married to a regular guy.

-- B list television actor on hit network (not the same as our actress) show married to a producer/visionary.

Our actor and actress shoot on the same lot. They met, and started having an affair. They also started hanging out with their respective spouses together. The regular guy and producer/visionary hit it off and started having an affair. Eventually all found out about each other. Fearing no one would understand what the hell was going on, they decided to keep it secret and stay married to their respective spouses. What they did do however is switch where they slept. Producer/visionary moved in with regular guy and actress moved in with actor. Got it?

*The following was related to me by the woman identified as the actress in this item. When he first arrived in Hollywood, he was innocent and a bit naïve. He’s not what you would call a ‘working actor’ but he did appear on a series for a short time. After this gig ended, he got caught up in the Hollywood lifestyle. Soon, one-on-one sexual trysts were not enough. He soon graduated to group sex and then he started experimenting with bi-sexuality and he became a semi-regular at the downlow parties given in the Hollywood Hills. Oddly enough, his lovemaking skills became legendary and he was in demand in the ‘straight,’ and ‘gay’ world. Fast Forward: Last year, he met a pretty black actress at a Hollywood premiere, the chemistry was instant but she had heard the rumors about his sex skills and his bi-sexuality, she was torn but not stupid. After their second date, she informed him, ‘if you want to take this further, I suggest we both take AIDS tests, depending on the results, we can go from there.’ He reluctantly agreed to her suggestion. They agreed to meet at a clinic but he stood her up. A red flag went off. When she tried to call him, she couldn’t get through and she a message, he never called her back and they lost touch. She related this story to other blacks in the industry, mainly her female friends. Word travels fast, women grew suspicious, soon, it became harder and harder for the actor to get a date (with black women) and it became much harder for him to get sex. Sexually, he became shut out in Hollywood by black women. For a minute, he tried dating white girls but many of them didn’t find him attractive and his status was ‘C’ list at best. Although he was bi-sexual, he had never ventured into the TV/TS scene, up until recently. He’s been spotted as a regular at transvestite/transsexual strip clubs getting cozy and receiving lap dances and he has become known as a ‘tranny chasing trick.’ Hint: He’s not a comedian, just an actor and he's not considered movie star handsome by Hollywood or society standards.

13. Popbitch 05/03
This celebrity clothes-horse, actress and magazine favourite has had so much botox around her mouth that she has little holes above her lips from the needles. She's been to Spain this year for secret work to repair them.
Liz Hurley

14. NY DAILY NEWS 05/06
Which rocker was reduced to snorting cocaine off the back of his dog after it jumped up on him, spilling a gram of the stuff over itself?

15. Grazia Issue 114 05/07
-Which in-the-news Brit actor has been taking America by storm but might not be so enthusiastically received if authorities there find out just how big his party-boy reputation was here? His cocaine dealer is said to have turned white as a sheet when found his best customer heading abroad.
Damian Lewis

-Which recent visitor to rehab used to sell marijuana to friends, using the company name Little Buddha?

-This forumula one driver is trying to hide the disappointment of a slow start to the season. To cheer himself up, he's been asking a beautiful blonde pit girl to perform a sexual act that's usually best left to the bathroom. Jenson Button

-Her career never lived up to its potential, but this former star has found new ways of maximising her earnings. "Work" trips to Dubai have been the cover for paid-for visits to local royalty and businessmen. And she lets it be known that she doesn't spend the night unless she gets a very, very large chunk of money in return.

This older black actor is a homosexual. In Hollywood gay circles he is referred to as a "faded queen." He once appeared on a show. One of his cast members was a younger black actor, who at the time; had a playboy reputation. Suddenly, the younger actor appeared on set, moody, irritable and withdrawn. Rumors began to circulate that the older actor had turned him out. From that point on, the younger actor became a full-fledged bi-sexual. He is still uncomfortable regarding his sexuality and will deny it even if you spot him in a gay club. Hint: After the TV stint, the older actor hasn’t appeared in much.

"faded queen": Reginald VelJohnson (Family Matters); Joseph Marcell (Geoffrey on "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air")
younger actor: Darius McCrary; Alfonso Ribeiro

Could it be that a certain high-profile couple is giving the paparazzi something to talk about? My spies say that photos of the hunky hubby playing tonsil hockey with a number of shirtless circuit-type boys have been floating around, with no rag willing to pony up the big bucks to print 'em. Of course, since Mister and Missus spend more time apart than together, tongues are already wagging - especially with that big project launching. When wifey was approached to squelch the incriminating pics, she laughed and said, "What he does on his own time is his business." His amount of "own time" is increasing each and every day.
David and Victoria Beckham

Which married country singing star has his managers pick up hustlers from the Nashville airport and drive them to a hotel room rendezvous? They're back on a plane out two hours later.
Garth Brooks

Which hard-partying starlet, we hear, will soon be seeking a new publicity rep? The drug and alcohol gossip was one thing, but she hates those pesky lesbian rumors that keep turning up in print.
Lindsay Lohan

I just want you to go back and revisit some of the old blind items and I think you might find something that pertains to something in one of the posts today. Anyway, have you noticed that this former Academy Award winning actress/supporting actress (not going to make it too easy) has never been in anything quite to the level as her award winning role? For years she has tried, but for years following the award she was such a pain to work with professionally and personally that she burned lots and lots of bridges. Her demands were divaish beyond belief and her drug use was so extensive that she had to reconstruct her nose. For the last two years, she has tried to rebuild those bridges and has sucked up to lots and lots of people. It's starting to pay off. The fact that she had to spend a little time making some producers and directors extra happy and make their fantasies come true probably also helped matters somewhat. She is busier now than she ever was before. Hopefully she's learned her lesson and won't repeat the same behaviors.
Marisa Tomei

This perky celebrity is the butt of many jokes because she seems to be wrestling with substance abuse, but she won't admit it. Her behavior repeatedly indicates that she has a problem. Sometimes she's manic, and other times she's been known to practically fall asleep on the job. She's definitely overdoing it with the muscle relaxers - she's SO relaxed that occasionally she poops her pants at embarrassing times. Most recently it happened in a limo on the way to the airport and they had to stop at Target to buy new underwear.
Paula Abdul

22. NY DAILY NEWS 05/08
Which world-famous globetrotting beauty is rumored to be having a same-sex affair with a Victoria's Secret model? Some even say her lucky husband is allowed to switch in.
Angelina Jolie/Karolina Kurkova/Brad Pitt

So everyone thinks its always the B and C list actors who get into trouble, but not so. I love the A list tidbits because they just feel bigger and better. This A list actor who has been in three top five yearly box office hits has always flown under the radar. Not really seen out and about very much. Turns out he prefers activities at his home instead. He's married, but it's in name only. His wife is his partner though. He loves having threesomes and watching them as well. However with his famous face it's hard for him to go out with his wife and find someone. So, he sends her out alone to pick up women for them. She lures them back to their place and gets down and dirty with her pickups. He watches on a monitor in the other room. During the evening his wife drops hints about our actor to see if the other woman will be up for it. If she is, then our actor joins them. If the pickup does not sound like she's into it, they don't take any chances and our actor stays hidden and just keeps watching and taping. How is it known about the taping? Maids can be pretty nosy, especially when they aren't paid very well. The last maid cost our actor some serious money in order to keep the tapes quiet. Hopefully he locks his door now.
Nicholas Cage

24. NY DAILY NEWS 05/09
Which younger Oscar winner tells pals he has to smoke so much pot because he has paranoia about constantly being followed?
Adrien Brody

Jackie Onassis and Frank Sinatra’s widow (Barbara) allegedly secured lucrative trust funds for their children from their rich husbands, Aristotle and Frank. Now, on a smaller scale, we have a black woman who is currently dating a black male celebrity trying to accomplish the same thing. She’s telling her girls, ‘I got a master plan that I’m carrying out, not only have I won the lotto but I want my kids to benefit to. I am going to have him so whipped with love and affection that he will be begging me to set up trust funds for my children.’ It appears that this woman’s ‘game is tight,’ and her hidden agenda is in place, it also appears that she has her boyfriend on a tight leash, some consider him a puppet, others consider him a fool in love. Intimate photos of the two may be deceiving because I recently saw boyfriend in a dimly lit section of a restaurant getting cozy and intimate (kissing) a beautiful black model type. Last week, a source reported that-he also saw him with another woman, in the back of a limo, and they were holding hands. I guess girlfriend’s game is not that tight after all and maybe she shouldn’t take this relationship for granted. Usher and Tameka Foster

I've been trying to avoid the gay and lesbian items because they are so prevalent everywhere else, but this one was too good to pass up. So, this very soft spoken A list actress in theory, but in reality couldn't open a movie in her name hasn't had the best luck when it comes to guys. All of her relationships have been in the public eye and have had disastrous results. I don't want to make it seem like she goes from one guy to the next, because she doesn't. Over the past few years there have only been three by my count and they were all long term relationships. Well, it seems as if our actress found someone on the set of her latest movie. The thing is the person she found was a woman. She can't possibly go public with it and as far as I know its her first time being in a relationship with a woman. There's no pressure on our actress from her lover, and so the two are spending some time together away from prying eyes while they decide whether it's real or just a fling. This one is a really big shocker and would probably make your mouth drop. I actually think she deserves some happiness whether with a man or a woman.
Maria Bello (This was her first female lover she referred to. This was right after she had been the lead in Jane Austen Book Club hence the A list in theory but it didn't open that well.)

27. NY DAILY NEWS 05/10
Which married-with-offspring designer has been regularly leaving the office for dangerous liaisons with his much younger, reed-thin, male paramour?

28. Ausiello Report 05/10
I rarely get depressed by my blind items, but I must confess, this one's got me down in the dumpers. It concerns two of my favorite actors who, through a remarkable twist of fate, found themselves paired up romantically on a show I have been known to obsess over. Unfortunately, I have since learned that what I thought was a match made in heaven was pure hell for them. Apparently, my dream duo rubbed each other the wrong way right from the start of their brief on-screen fling. In fact, the female half of the terrible twosome has already been overheard referring to her TV squeeze as the most despicable person she's ever worked with. Her other half, meanwhile, has taken the silent but deadly approach: When asked about his former co-star, he simply rolls his eyes and pleads the fifth. This whole thing has left me similarly speechless, save for these two words: Any guesses?!
Keri Russell/Zach Braff "Scrubs"

29. PEREZ HILTON 05/10
What hard-pAArtying starlet's new boyfriend is just as hard-pAArtying as she is and not a "sober" influence as she probably needs?
Lindsay Lohan/Calum Best

JACKASS: So, this former sex siren, aging B list actress on a hit network show was at a MAC Cosmetics recently. Well the brand new clerk recognized our actress and was very much wanting to help and make a big sale. Our actress proceeded to spend almost an hour with the clerk. Our actress wanted to try everything. She refused to use any of the testers on the counter and made the clerk open brand new packages of several different bottles of perfume. When the clerk began to say that she didn't know if she could do that, our actress did the "Don't you know who I am routine?" and that the store always let her do it because she spends so much money there. Our actress then proceeded to try every kind of makeup and perfume imaginable until there was a pile of about 40 different items all opened and worth about $3000. At about this time the boyfriend of our actress shows up and our actress tells the clerk she has to go. The boyfriend asks if she's going to buy anything and the actress says, "Nope. It's all junk. I was just killing time waiting for you." With that, the actress walked out the door. Luckily, the clerk didn't get fired and now the actress is banned from the store.
Nicolette Sheridan

KINDNESS: **This one came to me yesterday, is barely blind and will probably be public before the end of the day so guess quickly.** So this once married singer and his girlfriend were getting on the elevator at their apartment when an older gentleman was coming out. As the gentleman exited the elevator, he stopped, grabbed his chest and fell down in front of them. The man managed to whisper to the singer that he had left his medication in his apartment. Our singer grabbed the keys and headed to the apartment while his girlfriend dialed 911. Our singer came back and gave the elderly man a pill and stayed with him until the paramedics arrived. The man was hospitalized overnight and then released. Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo (before she became a Lachey)

Where do we start? When are folks gonna realize that blowin' out your brain cells with booze, dope and doofus doings ain't exactly the best way to go? Prolly never. But what the hell, that's not gonna stop me from tellin' on Whore-tense Past-tense, the country's latest glossy victim in chemically enhanced career descent. Whore-hon—such the doll. Well, I never thought she was, but lotsa other folks sure did. Always found W.T. to be a bit o' a fake onscreen, not to mention in real life. I mean, who else would date a gay man for years just to get herself more in the tabloids? I know, I know, half of Hollywood's female population, but you get my point. Also, forgive moi, but I never really found Ms. P., with all of her kooky outfits, to be all that attractive—and I think that's largely because, deep down inside, Whorey was projecting nothing but a desperation to find the next heroin fix. Which she always has found—much to the chagrin of Whore-baby's current group o' hangers-on. And, trust, when a bunch of nobody poseurs who leech on to a star's fading wattage just to get attention start worrying for their so-called friend's welfare, that amiga's gotta be in pretty pitiful shape. And Past-tense sure is. So much so, in W.'s increasingly notorious state of euphoric Hell-Ay horniness, she's screwing busboys here, waiters there, car parkers, too—and she never stops to think that these (almost always skinny) dudes just might talk. 'Course, they haven't (yet), but W.T.'s buds sure as ef have. And the only other thing that's got these ultra-classy hangers-on—not to mention W.T. watchers—gabbing as much would be Ms. Pee's skeletal frame. For your next meal, hon, you might try a noodle, not a needle. And it ain't: Beyonce, Courtney Love, Kate Bosworth
Kirsten Dunst

32. 3 A.M. GIRLS 05/11
WHICH crooner isn't the ladykiller he thinks he is? A conquest has told pals that the man in question is unfortunately "hung like a Tic Tac". But he soldiered on regardless
. James Blunt

33. HOLY MOLY 05/11
--News reaches us, courtesy of some Dutch middle-aged swingers (and that's not a sentence I get to type very often), that the wife-swapping scene is absolutely rife in South East England, and one way in which swingers can make contact with and recognise each other is to plant large pampas grass plants in their front gardens. This, apparently, is the swinger equivalent of a red light in the window and fairly screams out, "I want you to come in and penetrate my wife in our bedroom while I take your wife into the static caravan on the drive and have my way with her on the little sofa thing around the windows." One Southern celebrity couple were rumoured to be VERY active on the swinging scene, and made certain that their front lawn was almost obscured by the grassy plants. Have you guessed? Final answer?

--Which angry supermodel model is adopting Heather Mills' attitude to rich Arabs to such a degree that for an extra couple of thousand, you get her ma at the same time? Naomi Campbell

When we think of black actresses with alleged emotional problems, we automatically think of Maia Campbell and Lisa Nicole Carson. Now, you can add one more black actress to the list. We reported on this young lady last year. She has had ups and downs in her career and personal life but now, at the rate she's going, she's on course to become the next fatality in black Hollywood. Rewind: When she was off drugs, she was involved in a passionate relationship (on her end) with a famous black celebrity who she was madly in love with, he forced her to have a abortion. After he dumped her, she had a nervous breakdown and she had to be hospitalized. After she was released from the hospital, her life took an upswing and she was awarded a seven figure payment that she squandered in a year on men and drugs. She paid for their customized cars and the rest was spent on massive amounts of drugs. Fast Forward: Her drug use has become so severe (crack and heroin) that she is now hanging out in crack dens in South Central, Los Angeles. To make matters worse, she has began to trade sex for drugs. Due to her unsafe sex practices and shooting heroin, sadly, this once pretty actress-probably has more than one STD. Hint: She’s appeared in a hand full of movies but one stands out, made in 2004.
Nona Gaye

All of the answers have a mother. Too difficult? OK, how about all the answers are mothers. (not as in difficult, but as in are a mom)

1. This sometimes brunette A list movie actress gave up her child for adoption twelve years ago while she was still struggling. Now the child wants to meet the mom, but the mom is freaked out by what the public may say.

2. This B list television actress mom who moves from show to show caught her then 17 year old daughter having sex with her then mid 40's husband.

3. This former A list movie actress, now struggling B list television/film actress never gets to see her teenage children. The reason is that she made Mommie Dearest look like a saint. Tatum O'Neal

36. NY POST/PAGE SIX 05/12
--WHICH buffed-out Hollywood star - who loves showing off his bulging muscles - wishes he were a little more bulging in another department? According to people who've seen him naked, he's overcompensating with muscles he can make bigger. Matthew McConaughey

--WHICH actor - married with child - and known to have been gay during his years on stage - showed up at the premiere of his film at the Tribeca Film Festival with a boy described by onlookers as a lookalike? . . .  Matthew Broderick/"Margaret"

--WHICH grizzled action hero has been consuming so much alcohol and cocaine it's affecting his work? He can't remember his lines, and then loses his temper. Bruce Willis, Harrison Ford

Which rising film actor is notorious for his all-male Martha's Vineyard parties in which his buds don't leave the house for three days at a time? Maybe they're keen Monopoly players?
Jake Gyllenhaal

This black actor is finally receiving recognition for his talent but what people don’t know would be surprising. On the surface he appears like a dedicated family man never associated with scandal but he has a double life. He dabbles in black magic and witchcraft frequently and people close to him reveal, that they wouldn’t be surprised if he eventually starts dabbling in Satanism. Several years ago, despite being at least 20 years older than the people he was partying with, I was surprised to see him at a hip-hop party in Las Vegas. He was so drunk; he could barely stand up. He spent the majority of the evening, holding a drink, leering at the video girls in attendance. I had to do a double take because this man appears so quiet and unassuming on the surface. His nice guy, family man image is carefully manufactured by his representatives. Hint: The first actor that pops into your mind will be the correct answer.
Forest Whitaker

39. NY DAILY NEWS 05/14
Which handsome twentysomething prime-time leading man went to his wedding with a bruised head, courtesy of the boyfriend of the woman he drunkenly hit on the night before at his bachelor party?

Could it be that a certain Dancing With the Stars contestant was once caught in a compromising position that included a best selling author, a chair, and some rope? I'll give you another hint - this contestant may or may not still be in the running to win (although doubtful that a trophy is in their future). Oh, and said contestant and said author are of the same sex. One more hint? A close friend of the contestant was also involved. It almost sounds like a joke - "Someone of military rank, a religious person, and a writer are in a bedroom together..."
Apolo Anton Ohno

41. NY DAILY NEWS 05/14 #2
What lovable Hollywood heartthrob was doubly offensive at his recent premiere, where he groped a beautiful lady's posterior and later sent over one of his friends to ask her … well, we can't even find a euphemism for it.
Zach Braff

42. PEREZ HILTON 05/14
What pop star is dating a reality TV alum and having an affair with the head of her record label???? It's a Zinger!
Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussy Cat Dolls. She's dating Talan of "Laguna Beach." Affair with Jimmy Iovine

So this very A List Actor was shooting in the middle of nowhere. OK, I guess it wasn't the absolute middle of nowhere because there was a strip club with a very catchy name. The strip club was the only entertainment in town and our actor did his very best to make sure every dancer had enough to live on for a year or more. He also made sure the bouncers had enough for a year also because they were the ones who supplied him with his vast quantities of coke for the entire shoot. Well it's a depressing movie so you might as well do something fun.
ADDENDUM: So a little help with yesterday's item may be in order. How about recently filmed, but not out yet. How about our A list actor was not alone. How about he was joined by another brooding A list actor who happens to be married. No word on whether the married actor partook of the drugs but certainly did partake in the strip club fun.
Actors:Vince Vaughn/Sean Penn
Movie:"Into the Wild"
Strip Club: Alaska Bush Company

44. NY DAILY NEWS 05/15
That billionaire wondering about his wife having an affair might want to start looking into visits to the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles.
Wendi Deng and Rupert Murdoch

Our intentions aren't cruel, but we have to point out that this sweet actress is headed for heartbreak. After a series of disappointing relationships, she found happiness with her handsome new guy, but would she still be smiling if she found out he used to be a Gay for Pay escort? He didn't trade sex for money- he traded it for FAME. His "clients" include the editor of a top celebrity magazine. Recently he started choosing famous girlfriends who can boost his career. They can't help falling for him because he's so darn hot.
Selma Blair and model Matt Felker

46. PEREZ HILTON 05/15
What big-boobied blonde was seen making out with another chick at Tao in Las Vegas this past weekend? The Hoff would have loved to see that!
Pam Anderson

--This Female TV Personality tries so hard to be like her mentor, but she is not doing a good job. Her hair and makeup are always a mess. Bad weaves, wigs and bronzer are spoiling her look.
Tyra Banks (Oprah)

--This TV Personality has a big mouth, and a lot of people can’t stand her. You either love her or hate her. She’s trying to land a new TV deal, but she realizes she needs to soften her image. Sources say she could be the next spokesperson for Jenny Craig.
Rosie O'Donnell

48. 3 A.M. GIRLS 05/16
WHICH ageing rocker stunned a groupie by confessing he could only perform in the sack once he’d relieved himself… all over her? Talk about crazy antics.
Steven Tyler "Aerosmith"

49. NY DAILY NEWS 05/16
Which pop marriage is heading for a Mills/McCartney-style breakdown? We hear he is coming around to his daughter's less-than-flattering opinion of the latest wife.
Billy Joel and Katie Lee

This older, but not aging, film, but not indies, and definitely no television, married A list actor who has been featured in this space before has a wife who really knows how to get revenge. He's been in this space because of his cheating. Excessive cheating. Enough cheating where the wife is tired of it even if it does mean giving up millions. Our actor made a little boo-boo recently. Seems as if the missus got a hold of our actor's cell phone bill. So, she decided to call EVERY number on the bill and advised the person who answered that she was calling from the Dept. of Health. She advised them that our actor had contracted a sexually transmitted disease and had provided their number, but not their name as someone with whom he had sexual contact. She advised EVERY person she called that they needed to make an appointment with their doctor as soon as possible to check for possible infection. The actor got many freaked out people calling him that day, but still doesn't know it was his wife who did the calling.
Sean Penn/Robin Wright Penn

Not too long ago, he was hotter than fire! He also had a ‘playboy’ image despite having a significant other at home. This man was so in demand with women, it’s rumored that he has slept with some of the most desirable women in the world. He actually could have been a successful gigolo if he didn’t have a career in show business. He lived up to his image by purchasing a $250,000 car that he really couldn’t afford. He also spent a fortune on bling and he had child support payments. Now, his career has fallen off tremendously and his albums no longer sale. The six-figure car is gone and he had to downsize his lifestyle. At one time, he was so determined to make money; he cut his road crew down to three, which is unheard of. He told promoters that he didn’t need a band or background singers/dancers, he would sing to pre-recorded tracks alone. He currently receives one royalty check each month. If it were not for this residual check-no telling where he would be.

52. NY DAILY NEWS 05/16
Which jet-setting married celeb has finally been banned from that Los Angeles hotel where he is infamous for hitting on male masseurs? No one wanted to handle his flabby back and wait for the inevitable come-on.
John Travolta

53. PEREZ HILTON 05/17
What bloke currently romancing a hard-pAArtying starlet has a part time job as a coke salesman?
Calum Best

So the other night AP was at this party and she saw a blind item mainstay who is a very well known female reality star with some past and present problems. The most pressing problem the other night was how to keep our subject from ingesting the coke that was in her purse. There was nothing else in her purse except coke. No keys, no cell phone, no nothing. Despite two nose bleeds during the evening and an appearance that was ghostly, our subject couldn't be stopped and literally had to be carried out the door at the end of the night by friends because she had passed out. She was also blabbering away during the evening about how her current relationship is over because her boyfriend hated seeing her destroy herself.
Nicole Richie

One Inflated Blind Vice: This one's too stupid for words—which means, of course, darlings, we have to blab 'bout it. So, put on your push-up bras, babes, and snap to! Board-Like Boring isn't really such a bad babe. She's sweet enough. Barely good-looking enough. She reads her lines with, oh, a fair amount of aplomb, I s'pose. But girlfriends, I daresay B.L.B.'s bosses at the big network gig where she does the 9-to-5 thang do not agree that Ms. B. has what it takes. That's why her job was recently on the line—B.-doll came thisclose to being canned, and she heard about it. And the small-screen heavens above being what they are, Board-Like realized there was only so much she could do to improve her ho-hum prime-time performance—i.e., very little. Therefore, Ms. Boring did what many not exactly talented femmes do when they ultimately realize no amount of acting classes and TelePrompTer training will help: She got a boob job. And guess what? It worked! The sex-on-their-noggins boss folk at the network changed their minds about Ms. B. (one of them just told me so directly), deciding that all the attention on B.L.B.'s impressive new cleavage would now be diverting viewers from Boring's otherwise nondescript delivery. Ah, Hollywood, predictable to the end. And It Ain't: Katie Couris; Elizabeth Hasselbeck; Diane Sawyer

The sex tape featuring Kim Kardashian may have damaged her image in the mainstream but it didn’t seem to tarnish her image in the least with black men, if anything, they seem to desire her more. Although she is allegedly dating Reggie Bush, literally every black man in hip-hop and R&B is trying to get at Kim Kardashian. Even men in long-term relationships. They are either blowing up her cell phone (requesting dates) or trying to arrange dates through representatives. Kim Kardashian remains "America’s Most Wanted," in these two industries and now you can add a third industry, ‘acting.’ Rewind: It was common knowledge, during Heidi Fleiss’ heyday, many of her girls (rates) were added into Hollywood film budgets. The women were known to appear on movie sets, servicing ‘A’ list actors in their trailers. As we reported last year (blind item), a very well respected black actor is known to fly in hookers to entertain him on the set during breaks with one stipulation, despite being married to a black woman, the hookers have to be white. We are receiving word that this same man has an obsessive crush on Kardashian despite being old enough to be her father. This man is also use to spoiling his mistresses with expensive jewelry and cars. He also pays their rent and credit card bills. But he doesn’t know how to approach Kim because it’s nothing he can offer her. She doesn’t need an allowance because she’s already rich, she doesn’t need expensive toys or bling because she can purchase them for herself and she doesn’t need money to launch a business, she already has a clothing boutique in L.A. It's doubtful that Kim would be attracted to this man despite his fame and fortune, he's operating on male ego and false hope. He’s stumped as he continues to admire her from a distance. Hint: He’s never won an Oscar.
Samuel Jackson

OK, it's been awhile since I had a fill in the blank Four For Friday, but this one lends itself to the format perfectly. The night before this recent awards show #1_________________(female pop star although also one horrible movie) went to dinner with #2__________________(aging, but classy country star), her husband #3_________________(non celebrity, but give it a shot), and #4 _________________(extremely popular male country singer) from the band #5_____________________. (think two letters from an extreme adult activity) At dinner they had about 5 bottles of wine and #1 was well on her way to being plastered. They decided to hit the casino for a little gambling after dinner and things got much worse from there. #4 only drinks tequila so he and #1 were taking shot after shot after shot. Needless to say, #1 was a MESS within about an hour, but she didn't stop. She stayed out until 2AM and more or less had to be carried up to her room by the end of the night. She was late for the dress rehearsal the next day and was so hungover by the time showtime came around she could barely make it through her performance with #2. Everyone wondered why she was so hard to hear during the performance and it was because she was insanely hungover from the night before and "didn't feel up to performing" at all.

#1: Kelly Clarkson
#2: Reba McEntire
#3: Narvel Blackstock
#4: Ronnie Dunn
#5: Brooks and Dunn (BD: back door or Bondage & Discipline)

An entire A-list celebrity family bought their drugs from the same dealer - a 43-year-old man who quit dealing after serving a jail term for drug distribution and possession. "The couple’s kid was scoring between $3,000 and $6,000 worth of crystal meth a week from me, so he had to be dealing, too," the dealer - who passed a lie detecton test - told The Enquirer. "This old lady, who was once one of Hollywood’s most gorgeous actresses, initially wouldn’t take the stuff from me. She’d have her kid get it. But then we became close friends and I did coke with her. The famous husband has been a cokehead for 25 years. He spent $12,000 to $15,000 a week with me for years. But the son was unbelievable! He used heroin, crystal meth and marijuana. He mixed the drugs with Percodan, Vicodin, Soma and Methadone, and then washed them down with Budweiser."
Ryan O'Neal/Farrah Fawcett/son Redmond

59. NY DAILY NEWS 05/21
Which married, massage therapist-loving actor had to pay a guy off on the set of his current film after he got a little too touchy-feely?
John Travolta ADDENDUM: Someone with experience of our often-cited massage-therapist-loving Hollywood star writes in with a description of exactly how he hits on them: "He tells the therapist that he's had so many massages he's become an expert - then tries to get him on the table so he can massage him."

It's not often you can shock me anymore, but this one comes close. This former A list film actor who is now a TV regular but no longer A list recently got divorced. The reason given of course was irreconcilable differences. In reality, he beat the living crap out of his wife. What is worse is that after beating her he didn't want her to go out in public to be seen and commented upon so he locked her in a two room suite in the house when he wasn't there or when people visited. When friends would visit during her incarceration periods she was either on vacation or out shopping depending on the circumstances. She finally had enough and got a huge settlement to keep it quiet.
James Caan

Despite this famous woman having a new boyfriend she still can’t seem to get over her ex. She is seriously still hung up on her ex-boyfriend. It’s as if her ex-boyfriend continues to have a spell on her. Sadly, she would drop her new boyfriend quickly if her ex summoned her back. When she’s with friends, she talks non-stop about her ex and hardly mentions her current man. To make matters worse, she’s been complaining to girlfriends that she’s really bothered by her ex-boyfriend’s current relationship and wonders why he couldn’t be in love with her the way he seems to be in love with his current girlfriend. She’s seething with jealousy and envy.
"Scary Spice" Melanie Brown/Eddie Murphy/new man film producer Stephen Belafonte

62. NY POST 05/22
--WHICH rehabbed starlet was in for addictions even worse than alcohol and cocaine? She's still battling a crystal meth habit.
Selma Blair; Nicole Richie

--WHICH bald billionaire had friends worried because he was walking with a cane? He laughed off speculation he threw out his back while overexerting himself one night in the sack. Ron Perlman

So this barely A list television actor (definition=someone who has had their own show or been the star of a television show for more than 5 years combined or 3 years on one show.) who is not CURRENTLY on a show has a very recognizable older face. His favorite game is to sign up for Girl Scout cookies or any other approach made to him at his house or at the grocery store. Whether it's food or signing up to contribute for a walk for cancer, our actor is the first to sign up and always makes the largest pledge or order. He loves being the big shot until it comes time to pay. Then he's unavailable or off filming or can't be disturbed. He has been known to order $1000 worth of goods from a kid which makes their day and then is never heard from again which often leaves the parents of the child having to pay. No one has ever forced his hand or taken him to court. The only reason it even came to light is that even though he's never paid a dime for any of these pledges or orders he keeps track of them and tries to deduct them from his taxes each year. Nice huh?

When female rappers Foxy and Kim were hot several years ago, another female rapper was desperate to achieve their fame but she never came close. Instead, she was on the outside looking in at the success of Foxy and Kim. She yearned and envied their fame and popularity but this didn’t stop her from giving the illusion of success due to celebrity peer pressure. She was fronting all over town, telling people she paid cash for her home, when in reality, the house was rented. Her bling was also borrowed (from jewelers) and her luxurious car was leased. Her fans had no idea that she was barely scrapping by. Her rap career is just about over and it’s doubtful that she’ll ever receive royalty checks (for significant amounts) because the majority of her record sales were low. For survival, recently, she has begun to date dope boys (exclusively) to help out with the bills. Hints: This female rapper is very well known in the black community and it’s not Remy Ma.

65. NY DAILY NEWS 05/23
Which mocked-up reality show "relationship" is set to unravel now that the guy wants his 15 minutes of fame - and doesn't want to pretend to be straight anymore?
Spencer from "The Hills"

This female reality star and now part-time actress is really starting to get some attention. She has been involved with a guy (C list, maybe even D film and tv actor) for years. She has always kept it hush hush in interviews but has never denied him when asked flat out. Over the past year they grew closer and closer and she was ready to take the next step. However, just when she was going to say yes, a female A-lister (tv and movies) got involved which caused the guy to have second thoughts and our star to believe she was being played. After the A-lister departed, our couple worked things out or so it seemed. Earlier this month, our reality star got engaged, but has kept it totally quiet because she is afraid our guy is not quite done with the A-lister and so doesn't want to look foolish if she makes a big deal about getting engaged and then have the guy show up in the tabs with the A-lister. No one from any of the MTV shows.
Stacy Keibler/Geoff Stults/Jennifer Aniston

Before he became an Oscar Winner, this Actor had a hard time scoring with the ladies. He’s an excellent Actor, but he’s not very good looking. He’s currently married to a beautiful woman. They have two children, but his head is getting big. With his recent award win, women are throwing themselves at him. He’s paying attention to them and ignoring his wife.
Forest Whitaker

Little Miss Rehab has figured a way to make sure her drug supply is never cut off - no matter where she goes. Her best friend/traveling companion is her drug dealer! Now she can have all the cocaine or whatever she needs all the time. Funny thing is - she "stole" her dealer buddy from another famous friend. These two girls steal boyfriends AND drug dealers!

Lindsay Lohan/Calum Best/Kimberly Stewart

69. POPBITCH 05/24
Before his career really took off this US TV actor was a Grade A gakhead and boozer. You could almost say "cheers" was his favourite word. An ex-girlfriend of his confided to us about one night back in the 80s. She got to put on a strap-on, take the comedy star up the arse and then have the joy of doing coke off his bald spot. Wonder what a psychiatrist would say about that?
Kelsey Grammer

70. NY DAILY NEWS 05/24
Which designer and TV personality who advertises for sex online insists on hooking up with all the lights off so his tricks don't find out he's a (minor) celebrity?

Feel like something spicy? Well this married/not married but definitely with a significant other (can't make it too easy) A-List film star with a movie in the yearly top ten 2 out of the last five years decided he wanted a little escort fun but didn't trust anyone in LA to keep quiet. So our brilliant actor takes a bus filled with similar minded men (like you can trust a bunch of drunk guys to keep a secret) down to Tijuana a few weeks ago. With a handful of Viagra and a wallet stuffed with cash our actor went to four different houses of ill repute where he sampled the local adult industry up close and personal. He threw around money like a drunken sailor on shore leave and got himself so hammered that he even ended up very briefly with a very convincing transsexual. One grope saw our actor running out of there in a hurry so I guess we know he's straight. He had such a good time with one of the ladies that he made a special trip back down to TJ just two days later with two of his new bus pals to spend time with her and is now working on a plan to move her up to LA so she can be there for him as needed.
Johnny Depp

One Domestic Disturbance Blind Vice: Brood-Zilla Clump-Butt is so prime-time prancing on thin ice, and no, this is not a blind item about anybody on Dancing with the Stars—think I’ve already done enough plus-size derriere digging on that boob-tube offering. Agreed? Sure ya do, which is why we're zeroing in on one of the country’s other hottest offerings… How to Happy Up Your Household! You all do watch every week, don’t you? Well, I don’t, but that’s certainly not enough to keep me from reporting the following: Brood-Zilla, host of said offering (which appears on cable or network, hmmm, I wonder which?), is scoring myriad fan-backed points for her winning ways on camera making families bond ‘n’ beautify within themselves. It’s all so touching I could puke, and quite frankly, the only thing saving me from such is the delish scoop that Brood-Zilla is turning into a veritable broom-riding be-yotch who’s getting so friggin’ corpulent not even a luxury broom built for Star Jones-Reynolds, circa the pre-wedding years, could support her. "She’s gone way up in her size," snipped a Household source, who’s fed up with Brood-Zilla’s overly demanding ways on set. And he’s not the only one. Other Household-ers and insiders are starting to sass supreme with scuttlebutt about the big ‘tude terrible: "The only thing bigger than her ass is her head," bitched back another Household vet, "which is getting horribly out of control—she’s simply a nightmare and the biggest bitch I’ve ever worked with, and that’s saying something."
Unfortunately for these TV toilers (at various levels on the fairly popular show), Ms. Clump-Butt doesn’t look to be getting any nice-it-up notes from the show’s top brass, as ratings are good. But, uh, if I were Ms. C.B., I wouldn’t exactly inhale the craft services table when I waddled near it. ‘Cause the (edible) knives are out. And it aint: Katie Couric, Joy Behar, Star Jones Jo Frost "Supernanny"

All of the following happened on Memorial Day. Okay, well maybe not.

1. Which Actor/Wannabe Rockstar wore surgical gloves during a meet and greet session with fans? Jared Leto

2. Which large breasted long-time, but not too old B list soon to be A list network television actress (remember the definition) pissed off about 20 people at Starbucks by returning her coffee concoction 5 times because it didn't taste right, wasn't prepared right, wasn't hot enough, didn't smell right and she changed her mind. Each time she complained she forced herself to the front of the line of people and demanded immediate attention. Jennifer Love Hewitt

3. When this A list NBC actor gets bored he goes car shopping. He loves going for test drives and will often spend 2-3 hours at a dealer test driving vehicles to get "just the right one." He then either bails because he's late for a meeting with his agent or he demands the car of his choice for free. Either way he leaves angry sales people in his wake wherever he goes. Zach Braff

4. Talk about a tightwad, this former teen heartthrob movie actor and now usually an ensemble television actor is not someone you want to be behind in line at a grocery store. This actor who still has plenty of money obviously also has plenty of time. He has been known to take three hours strolling the aisles of a grocery store comparing prices and checking his coupons. Not just two or three coupons mind you, but hundreds and hundreds which he then sorts through at the checkout line. A good point for him is that he is aware that he is taking a great deal of time and thus is very friendly to the cashier and to all the people in line behind him, but it still can take 20 minutes to get him checked out. Ricky Schroeder

Bonus: I know you may think the above are boring so how about this one. This actress/singer tries to portray a very good girl image. So everyone was amazed when she got drunk the other night at a club and let herself be groped, fondled and kissed in a corner by two guys at the same time. She was doing some groping of her own and led one of the two guys back to the VIP section by his belt loop. Hilary Duff

BLIND ITEM JIGSAW (THE DARK SIDE OF FAME, BLACK CELEBRITY SECRETS) : *This story comes from a person who worked for one of the subjects mentioned in the following blind item.

During his heyday, this celebrity was known for his moves in the bedroom. He had a reputation for being an uninhibited "lover boy," in the sack, a big time freak. So much so, that a black female superstar just had to try him out. A rendezvous was set up; they spent the entire weekend behind closed doors and reportedly had non-stop sex. He was on top of the world, and bragged to everyone that he had bedded one of the most desirable women in the world. When he tried to call her imagine his surprise when she told him, "Why are you calling me? I’ve had you-now move on. Please don’t make any effort to call me again." He was speechless, he wasn’t use to women kicking him to the curb and his male ego was deflated. He became even more upset when he heard that she had moved on to have a short fling with a married NBA player who usually had white mistresses but made an exception with her because she had ‘name status.’ The NBA player and the 'star' mistress are so powerful, their scandalous affair was kept under wraps for years because both surround themselves with top dollar damage control experts. Meanwhile, lover boy set his sights on another black female celebrity. He had heard the rumors that she had a appetite for women on the sly. This info was nothing new to him because so many attractive women in Hollywood are bi-sexual. It just became more of a challenge for him because he honestly thought he could make her completely "straight" after he had sex with her. Wrong, during their courtship, they developed a pattern. Get high on drugs and have rough sex but soon it became boring and predictable. Girlfriend suggested something else. Why not try something different, invite another woman into bed. He reluctantly agreed and it became a common routine. When the escort arrived, she was stunned that she would be servicing one of the most famous women in the world. While he puffed on the crack pipe he would watch them have sex because it seemed that he was virtually invisible and they never invited him into bed. It was obvious that his girlfriend was doing this for her own selfish pleasure. Despite this, The couple started dating exclusively "on her part only" because he continued to fool around. Their relationship became so intense that physical violence often occurred followed by makeup sex. Hints: Lover Boy never quite made it to superstar status despite being considered a superstar in bed. The woman he had the hotel tryst with is a superstar, the woman he had a relationship with is a superstar and the married NBA player is also a superstar.

Lover Boy: Bobby Brown
Black female superstar: Janet Jackson
Married NBA player: Michael Jordan
Black female celebrity: Whitney Houston

75. HOLY MOLY 05/25
Pamela Anderson has been famous for pushing out her spacehopper tits for years, but it seems she's been pushing other things rather more dramatically. Courtney Love became close friends with Pammy some years ago. The 'Baywatch' breasts introduced her to dieting methods and they shared weight-loss secrets as the pair sat around in matching red swimsuits. Oddly, the main slimming secret that Anderson revealed to Love was the wonderful diuretic called 'crack cocaine', a tip she had picked up from a certain drummer husband. Pushy Pam has also recently re-introduced a certain British pop star to the delights of idiot powder, the crazy white pepper sniffed up the nose which makes one feel invulnerable and rhymes with 'propane'. She might even have said to him: "Do you want some drugs? Take that." After falling off the bandwagon, the pop star began gurning and smirking like a constipated Norman Wisdom, before regretting his lapse and planning his return to the UK. No idea who that could be, though.
Robbie Williams

76. ELLEGEDLY 05/27
Which rapper refused to get out his car after a fender-bend he had pulling out of a gay bar in ATL? After not cooperating with police, his car was towed with him still in it and a towel draped over his head?!?!??

77. NY DAILY NEWS 05/27
Which Tony-winning actor and patron of rent boys could be included in an upcoming Off-Broadway one-man-show by a former hustler and porn star reflecting on his experiences?
Kevin Spacey

78. NY DAILY NEWS 05/28
Which Hollywood mother's idea of managing her daughter's drug addiction is that she now carries the cocaine for her?
Dina Loahn

So this A list couple but in reality B listers when it comes to movies, have employees just like almost every other Hollywood couple. When they hire a new employee that employee must sign a confidentiality agreement which basically precludes said employee from spilling everything they see. Well this Hollywood couple has some definite things to hide including guests who visit for fun and games and some kids who are not as well behaved as one would imagine. It turns out that a recently fired maid was reminded when she was fired about the confidentiality agreement she had signed and thus couldn't say anything to anyone about what had gone on in the house. The maid said she had never signed such a thing and a check of the her file showed she was in fact correct. The person who had hired her had been filling in for someone else and had neglected to get the maid to sign the requisite form. Even though she had just been fired, the employer tried to get the maid to sign a new form right then and there. She refused. Immediately after leaving the house, her next act was to call a few tabloids to sell her story. When they realized she hadn't signed an agreement they jumped hard. When the celebrity couple were informed of the impending scandal they were going to face, they jumped even harder. They first offered the maid a new job with a better salary, but she didn't want to go back. She finally settled for a cool $100K to keep everything hush-hush. The employee who failed to get the original signature was fired but can't do or say anything because they had been given the confidentiality agreement and signed it.
Guy Ritchie and Madonna

This Singing Superstar is very proud of her children. Despite the hardships of show business, they have decided to follow in their mother’s footsteps. The Singing Superstar is proud of the fact that her children didn’t lean on her for their success, but she realizes there may be times when she has to step in. One of the Superstar’s kids is her youngest son. He is coming into his own as an Actor, and the Hoochies are coming after him. One of the Hoochies is a known Hollywood slut who prides herself on sleeping through Black Hollywood. The Singing Superstar has heard about this woman, and has seen her sex tape. When she realized her son was getting caught up with this woman, she knew she had to step in and protect him. The Hollywood Ho couldn’t believe it when the Superstar stepped to her. She was warned You Better Reach and Touch Somebody Else……stay away from my son!

Singing Superstar: Diana Ross
son: Evan Ross
Hollywood slut: Kardashian

Someone wrote to me and wanted me to share more singer and band blind items. The problem is that they are harder to describe. What can I say? This lead singer of a band...But anyway, This lead singer of a band which has had several number one albums over the last two decades and recently reunited owns some trailer parks around California. Now, lots of people own trailer parks for investments so this is not unusual. What is unusual about this investment is that no one actually lives in any of the ten or so trailer parks he owns. There are plenty of trailers in the parks. Just no people. Well there is one person at each park. A man guarding the place with a gate and a gun. Seems as if our singer has a lot of love for the herb and converted every trailer in every park to grow his beloved herb 24/7. Although he has a medical marijuana card for personal use, this is a bit much. Whats more is that he has way more than even he can smoke so he ends up selling it to road managers of other groups who are hitting the road or passing by one of his trailer parks.
Ronnie James Dio (he had recently reunited with members of Black Sabbath)

82. NY DAILY NEWS 05/30
Which celebrity handler just sent the following e-mail to a cosmetics company, accompanied by a shopping list of products they'd like for free? "I have a celebrity that I am working with who just had lipo. Her cellulite shows more now than before, she is very small so the cellulite is more noticeable, not happy. I thought it would be a nice treat for her to try out your line, in particular some of the products listed below. ..."
Tara Reid; Jessica Simpson

This lead singer from a holier-than-thou-art family has had at least three #1 hits. Friends and family were expecting wedding invitations to show up soon. They were right because our singer had been busy making plans with his 5+ year girlfriend. Location booked, preacher reserved, the works. But isn't it weird that, when the invitations arrived, the bride's name was not that of the girlfriend everyone knew, but that of someone they had never met? Many chose not to attend the ceremony out of disapproval. All was made clear less than six months later when baby made three. Our singer had made the quick switch of brides when his very controlling, behind the scenes father hit him below the belt -- in the pocket. Seems our singer had the choice of marrying the girl he had been secretly seeing or being disowned and losing out on the family money. He chose the former and poor girlfriend got left behind. It seems enough begging and pleading kept most mouths shut while he played devoted husband and father for a few years, the adoring wife completely oblivious to the existence of poor girlfriend. However, when it became obvious to the rest of the family that he just can't stop his wandering eye, vengeful little sister let adoring wife in on how the elaborate shotgun wedding had been planned so quickly -- she was the only detail that was added at the last minute. Now, adoring wife has made arrangements to meet girlfriend. Whether it will be a cat fight or a pity party is yet to be seen, but it doesn't look good for our husband of the year. Do I smell "irreconcilable differences"?
UPDATE Taylor Hanson

1. Which morning-show presence likes to show it all off, strutting around his gym's locker area while implicitly demanding that everyone takes a look? (Apparently he gets high ratings.)
Matt Lauer

2. Which still-not-out funnyman known for that sitcom has a gigantic trouser pipe that you'd think wouldn't even fit in a closet? Topher Grace

3. What '60s superstar, swears a hairdresser, is balder than the truth? (Her extensions supposedly start way in the back of her neck!) Diana Ross

4. What old-time performer who went from Broadway to TV to relative obscurity still hovers in the lesbian closet, as if anyone cares? Betty Buckley

5. What youngish actor confides to friends that sometimes he wishes he hadn't come out because of the limited roles being offered (though, before he came out, he wasn't getting to show much range anyway)? Chad Allen

6. What actor's dead boyfriend used to sexually harass a lot of his other students?

7. What designer's ex tells people, "There are two ways to make it in this town ?—have a big dick or be a bareback bottom"? Which one applies to him? Jeffrey Sebelia "Project Runway"

8. What local nuisance, who's long promoted his large appendage, sometimes finds during encounters that it's emitting a mild stench? (His response? Rolling some underarm deodorant on it! He must have gotten that from a MARTHA STEWART manual.)

9. Which sauced starlet had visible bruises on the backs of her knees a few years ago, probably a result of either injections or banging herself when getting up from oral sex sessions? Lindsay Lohan

10. What young multitalent admits she had a bout with the blues, but it was actually closer to a complete breakdown? Mandy Moore

11. Which zany comic who's always been weird looking—and later became weird looking in a different way—was spotted with a surprisingly hot guy in a gay bar in Brazil? Carrot Top

12. What publicist with a changed name squirms whenever someone's around who remembers he's Lebanese?

13. What overnight TV star is the newest dyke on the block? Kate Walsh

14. What cable series star broke up with his first wife when she dramatically found him in bed with a man? Julian McMahon, then wife Dannii Minogue guy in bed the son of Rupert Murdoch or Kerry Packer

15. What female pop group were all prosties—except for the one of them who was basically the procurer? Pussy Cat Dolls

16. What abrasive comic canceled his second of two scheduled Chicago readings because he felt like it, but then ballsily had someone call the bookstore he'd screwed to beg for a free $1,000 gift certificate for him? Did he get it? (No!) Don Rickles; George Carlin

17. What fashion icon has become so hatchet-mouthed from surgery that she apparently has to have some of it undone? Donatella Versace

18. What's with the talk about that ex-president and GINA GERSHON? Bill Clinton

19. What award-winning actor likes to linger by pools to flirt with the working boys, obviously not fully satisfied by the weird lover who had surgery to look more like him? Kevin Spacey

20. Who was heard murmuring before a TV interview, "If they ask me about the TV Guide channel, I'm leaving!" Joan or Melissa Rivers

21. What young female Broadway star is all too willing to tell people about her male costar's gayness? Jennifer Gambatese "Tarzan" about Josh Strickland

85. NY DAILY NEWS 05/31
Which still-closeted former boy-bander was making sure nobody got pictures of him with his handsome Spanish escort at a recent European charity event? JC Chasez

86. POPBITCH 05/31
An American travel company says it has documentary proof that which British singer has knocked four years off her real age?

Amy Winehouse

People seem to like music BIs as well as TV ones, so here's one that combines both:  This show has been a hotbed of drama since it began, and not just because of the juicy scripts, which usually involve plotlines about people who are not heterosexual (to tell you which gender would make it too easy). Because of its popularity, the show has attracted numerous guest stars who are either "out" or merely comfortable with a degree of sexual ambiguity. In casting circles, it has been something of a hot ticket. But of course, behind the scenes, the petty jealousies and rampant insecurities of some of the cast members have had the crew alternately walking on eggshells and rolling their eyes. So if you've ever wondered why a certain gay music icon has never had a guest starring role (and never will), it is not for lack of willingness on their part. It just so happens one of the more demanding series leads had a long term relationship with said icon that ended badly, and not only is the well-liked singer not welcome, the crew are under strict orders to immediately shut off the radio any time the singer's music comes on the air.
KD Lang and Leisha Hailey (The L Word)

1. This reality star/celebutard has made sure to be on her best behavior the past few days. The way she has done this is by popping Vicodin like candy and smoking enough pot to make Snoop sick. The Vicodin is making her happy and the pot is making her eat. At least in her own mind everything is fine.
Paris Hilton

2. This A list married couple has an understanding. The understanding is helped along by the wife who would rather be with women. When the husband spots a woman he is interested in, our wife helps by causing a huge scene. Directly in front of the woman of interest, our wife, yells and screams at her husband and then walks out. The husband who has been nominated for Globes and Oscars then lays it on to the prospective lady and more often than not scores. Will and Jada Smith

3. What happens when your mistress bumps her head on the diving board of your pool, gets knocked out, and is underwater for almost a minute before anyone notices? Well if you are this over 45 Academy Award winning actor you say thank you God for those CPR lessons that the former lifeguard now hooker and other member of the threesome was forced to take. She not only dragged the mistress out of the pool, but also gave her mouth to mouth and got her breathing. One or two more minutes in the water and this actor wouldn't have a career anymore. Sean Penn

4. Remember the TJ hooker blind item. No, not the William Shatner show. Although there really was nothing else on television those Saturday nights. Was it Saturday? Love Boat and Fantasy Island were Saturdays, and I know all three were on ABC. Anyway, our actor got his little vixen a work visa. Seems she is going to be a nanny for the actor and his lady. When you see the tabloid pics of the 20 year old Hispanic in the background with the kids you will have it solved. Johnny Depp

One Jerk-Off Blind Vice: What can you really say about a guy like Wendell Waxer? First off, he's damn lucky. See, Wendell was attending film school on the East Coast when he was "discovered" on the streets. Wendell scored a semisweet deal acting on a network offering. Pretty fortuitous, considering our comely Wendell had no acting training whatsoever. W2 eventually ditched school and headed for T-town with his long-term girlfriend from college. Now, keep in boo-hoo mind, the good-intentioned, blushing g-f moved out west to support her man, who promptly got a huge-ass head from his newfound stardom and dumped her ass. Nice. Now, Ms. Dumped Derriere would surely hasten one to not only not date her creep-a-zoid old flame but also to not invite him to dinner at your pad. See, during a holiday when W.W. couldn't make it home, a good college bud of his graciously asked Wen to spend the time at his fam's place. And Wendell caused a huge fracas at his guest's house over a friggin' board game. Apparently, mean-ass, egomaniac Wendell made his host's younger sibling bawl over a game of Scattegories. W2 promptly got booted by the host's horrified mama. Later on down the line, after his big network debut, his same amigo from school was making a movie. And despite Wendell's pleading, he didn't think W2 was quite right for any parts and chose not to audition him. I mean, the guy had never even taken any acting classes, so it's understandable why someone might have doubts, right? Apparently not to narcissistic Wendell, who did what any mature person would do. He stopped speaking to his former friend. Like I said, sweet. Sounds like someone needs some attitude rehab, among other things. AND IT AIN’T: Doug Savant; James Denton; Shawn Pyfrom

Wendell Waxer: Jesse Metcalfe

As I see it, showbiz produces two kinds of divas: the ones with talent and the ones without. And as infuriating as the former can be to work with, it's the latter you really have to watch out for. Just ask the stars of a certain critically acclaimed series. They've learned firsthand what it's like to work alongside an NTD (no-talent diva), and they're dishing and telling to anyone who'll listen. Good thing I'm a really good listener. According to my spies, this particular NTD suffers from a major case of PPWFE (pretty and privileged white female entitlement), and her prima donna behavior is alienating nearly all of her costars. Even worse, she is widely viewed as the weakest link of what is arguably one of TV's finest ensembles. So not only is she a drag behind the scenes, but she's proving a liability on screen as well. But you know what? Karma's an even bigger bitch than she is
. Ellen Pompeo; Minka Kelly; Ali Larter; Katherine Heigl

91. NY DAILY NEWS 06/03
Which married actress in a hit prime-time show has been propositioning her boyish co-star? She recently texted him while he was on vacation in Mexico, saying: "We have chemistry - I really think we could make it work."

92. NY DAILY NEWS 06/04
Which publicity-loving New York socialite just took a free trip to Europe, ostensibly for a charity event, then was too cheap to pay for drinks at the after-party because it wasn't an open bar? "She didn't pay for a thing while there," sniffs a fellow traveler.
Tinsley Mortimer

When you hold an after-party in a hotel you are just asking for trouble. This A+ list film actor who is not married but is in a relationship decided he wanted to sample several different appetizers last night. He started off with something Live'ish because she is the in thing and he wanted to see if he still had it. He had it enough to get a phone number, but no further. He then moved on to his "fallback." He always has luck with these ladies, even though this one is a little older and a first-timer. She was smitten and ready. He put the charm on and said he would be back. Going back to the age group he finds more appealing he found gold in one of the aforementioned brightly dressed people and proceeded to take her up to his room for some fun. Back in about 45 minutes and with the maid being called to clean his room, he went back to his fallback and charmed her some more. Spent the night with her as far as I know. Definitely took her up to his room.

A+ film actor: Bruce Willis (dating model Tamara Witmer)
Live'ish in thing: Eva Mendes

brightly dressed people:

94. NY DAILY NEWS 06/05
Which designer is the subject of rumors within his own company that his latest stint in rehab was just a cover while he healed from cosmetic surgery?
Marc Jacobs

One girl is not enough for this singer/producer. VERY recently our singer/producer spent some adult time with his protege mistress and this married celebutante. The celebutante and the mistress just couldn't get enough of each other so they moved on to one of the singer/producer's condos. The singer/producer joined them after a bit, but didn't stay the night as he had to get home to the kids. Wonder if the video cameras were on or off.

singer/producer: P. Diddy
protege mistress: Aubrey O'Day
married celebutante: Tinsley Mortimer

Now, your treat. Here is a legend currently circulating in a very, very small circle about a very, very famous actress. About a decade ago, she is fresh and blushy and unknown. She, the mean rumor goes, sleeps her way onto the set of a popular drama by doffing her clothes for one of the male stars. The show’s producer notices the actress looks real nice. The actress turns her sexual high beams onto a producer, who rewards her with a part on another show. The actress next sets her sights on film. She reveals her rosy flesh to an A-list actor, who in turn helps launch her career on the big screen. She is now wealthy, respected and considered one of the nicest and most professional girls in town. Don’t bother writing to me to ask who it is. Here’s one clue: You’re not getting a clue.

very, very famous actress: Jennifer Garner
male star: "Felicity" Scott Foley
producer: J.J. Abrams "Alias"
A-list actor: Ben Afflect "Elektra"

This black actress (if you can call her that) had a thing for married men in the NBA and NFL. She also had/has no boundaries in regard to her career, she did what she had to do, with men and women to get roles. NBA wives were ecstatic when they heard she was getting married but unfortunately, that enjoyment may be short lived. She and her husband are having major problems due to her low character and his infidelity. Her logic, "two can play this game." She's gotten in touch with her girls and told them to let the ballers know, "she's discreetly down for whatever with whomever."
Gabrielle Union/Chris Howard of the Jacksonville Jaguars

98. NY DAILY NEWS 06/06
Which publicity-hogging socialite has a reputation for copying the posh mailing lists of the charity boards she's on and selling the information for $5,000 a pop?
Tinsley Mortimer

#1. The reporter everyone here loves to hate is the cause of the friction between this gorgeous A/B list star and her boyfriend. Seems back in January and February the money man and the reporter spent some time together which caused some tension in the relationship to say the least.
Maria Menounos/Jessica Alba (yeah, I called her gorgeous- was probably drunk)/Cash Warren

#2. The actress I love to hate and her deadbeat are about done. She'll be keeping everything of course. Seems there is even more to be revealed about the hubby that makes everything worse. Brittany Murphy/Simon Monjack

#3. An update on maybe the reason for a breakup between the former A list television actress and now just an annoying wannabe B list film and her relationship with this comedy actor. Turns out that perhaps our actor didn't just have a fling with a girl or two, but managed to get one pregnant as well. Turns out one of the flings gave birth a few weeks ago. The time line is right, but there is no birth certificate yet. Jennifer Aniston/Vince Vaughn

100. NY DAILY NEWS 06/07
Which daytime goddess (who clearly isn't a medium) has her staff call in that size when contacting fashion houses? The assistant then casually adds, "You might want to throw in some larges and extra-larges, too."

101. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/07 **#1**
This B list actress who has a fondness for women has been doing very good at staying off the booze after her recent trouble. VERY recently however she fell off the wagon in a big way and embarrassed herself and others as she tried to hit on every woman at an event. When she was rejected she would curse at them, then one minute later be all smiles and move on to the next person.
Michelle Rodriguez

102. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 06/07 **#2**
Aaaah. Summer time. Vacations, reunions, and visits to your real wife and child. Yes, that's right. So what happens when you are a struggling actor and move out to LA and leave the wife and child behind? No one really notices, because no one knows anything about you. Maybe after a few years you don't go back to your hometown all that much because you are moving up the career ladder. A few more years go by and now you are on the cusp of A list. You have it all. Films, some television, and magazine covers. Part of that list status is because you are single and hot. Find a woman in LA who completes the publicist's dream and even go through a wedding ceremony that doesn't mean anything because you never took out a license. Why? Because you are still married to the girl back home who you have been supporting along with your child and they have kept really quiet. Not completely quiet. Just really quiet. Your new B list television actress wife is in on the secret but she isn't as good as you in keeping secrets. Word starts to spread just a little. Now you are worried. What do you do? You head back to the hometown this summer to try and work out a deal with the wife and kid. We'll see.

--This man has achieved success in everything he has done (theatre, movies, books and TV). He wants to branch out in other areas, but Hollywood wants to typecast him in the same role. He is desperate to prove that he can do more, but he can’t get away from his most famous character.
Tyler Perry

--This Pro Football Player is married with a young child. He gives off the image of a clean cut guy. That’s why it was so surprising to hear that he was getting chased by groupies in a parking lot following a party for a famous Singer.
Pro Football Player: Ronde Barber
famous Singer:

104. PEREZ HILTON 06/07
What vegetable-headed celebuspawn, whose father claims she's sooo "anti-drug," was spotted smoking marijuana in the middle of the recent Killers concert in Las Vegas???? Rumer Willis

One Bound 'n' Bagged Blind Vice: There's a certain actor who's in the rags these days. On the cover of one of those sorry-ass publicist-sanctioned suck jobs, actually. Let's call this performer Rubba-Rubba Release, shall we? Yes, that suits the schmuck perfectly. Now, R.R.R.'s career has hit more questionable points than Posh Spice has bones showing. Nevertheless, audiences and Oscar voters alike have had their frenzied moments with Rubba, so despite having participated in some of the most lampooned flicks ever made, R3 possesses awards that many people would murder their mothers, mistresses and spouses to possess. (Ah, such is the way in H-town, where cops have the best sugar tits round, right?) But I do wonder: Could Rubba's debatable—at best—rep be the reason R.R.R.'s recently on the cover of yet another widely distributed zine? Uh, nope would be the best answer I could provide. That's 'cause R-hon—who's well experienced in the relationship game—is ensconced in yet another rocky hookup, due to R.R.R.'s myriad dicky dalliances that R. just can't seem to stay away from. Including with the editor who just put the three-initialed slut on the damn cover, don't you know. AND IT AIN’T: Steve Carrell; Oprah Winfrey; Hugh Jackman

106. POPBITCH 06/07
Which Hollywood mega-star has just employed the services of LA's top exorcist to cleanse his house? The charlatan charges five grand a day to drive out the evil spirits.
Mel Gibson

107. NY DAILY NEWS 06/08
Which Oscar nominee, briefly linked with a top model, is infamous with one ex-girlfriend for once suggesting an intimate act that involved a vacuum cleaner?

108. HOLY MOLY 06/08
--Which boyfriend of a member of a now-defunct female vocal band is renowned for playing away from home, while his long-suffering girlfriend sits at home, desperately trying to ignore his blatant bed-hopping? This Beckham lookalike is a successful businessman in his own right and the pair have been featured in the glossy magazines declaring their love for one another. Unfortunately, in private the male has confessed that he could do a lot better for himself, and has his pick of willing partners, but stays with the homely star as he wants to be famous. The lady in question should get rid of him sharpish, because it may be an Eternal Flame, but Love Doesn't Have To Hurt, does it?
Atomic Kitten's Liz McClarnon (engaged to Lee Trundle)

--A mole spotted a certain British guitar legend in a bicycle shop recently (Condor on Grey's Inn Road, if you insist) and described him as resembling 'a rather haughty tanned scrotum'. The shop assistant was fawning over his famous client so much that he was beginning to resemble Gollum meeting the Queen, and his gasps of delight when a bike was finally sold to the great man were a joy to behold. Eventually, the cap-doffing shop boy began to take the guitarist's details, inevitably requiring various bits of information. "And sir's e-mail address?" The reply was just a touch surprising for our lurking mole. "Yes," said the man once described as 'God' by some fucking idiot with a spray can and an expanse of whitewashed wall, "My e-mail address is lordknobrot@**********.com." Without raising an eyebrow or missing a beat, the toadying continued: "And can I ask, is sir spelling that with a 'K' or an 'N'"? Eric Clapton

109. 3 A.M. GIRLS 06/08
WHICH movie star has taken to leaving abusive, drunken messages on her ex's answerphone? No surprise that the once-friendly relations have turned sour.

I didn't believe the rumors at first. This TV actor was just too rugged, handsome and masculine. Just last week, a source emailed us regarding his double life. I was still doubtful until "Sky Villa," received a grainy cell phone video clip (with audio) showing our actor making a complete spectacle of himself at a 'tranny strip club.' He was seriously making it rain as he shouted, "You better shake that thing, 'girl.' Bring it home too daddy!' Despite the fact that some of the strippers looked like linebackers in drag. My jaw dropped. as he tossed back drink after drink. What I found just as shocking, this actor seemed to be in his element in this "low rent," alternative strip establishment. And you could tell, this wasn't his first time patronizing a club like this. He was way too comfortable in this surrounding. What makes this story disturbing, he dates women, he's been married, and he has children. I don't know if he's currently married but he has always had a girlfriend or a wife. As soon as Sky Villa cleans this video up, it will be sent out in a encrypted stream for our subscribers to view. Hints: He is a TV actor, not a film actor and he played a cop on TV. It's not Phillip Michael Thomas or Ron Glass.
Henry Simmons Jr

#1. Are you an extra and want to be seen on camera more or given a bit part? This A list director who already has a bad reputation can make it happen. That is of course if you are willing to do everything he says for the entire shoot. If you do, it seems that he keeps his word and delivers. One extra was so good she even got a few lines to say and now is a regular on a hit television show.
Brett Ratner (Dania Ramirez "X-Men"/"Heroes")

The next two are from the friendly neighborhood accountant.
#2. Many actors enjoy strip clubs. They enjoy the attention they receive and they have the money to make sure they are treated great. Spending $10,000 in a night is not unheard of. This A/B list actor who showers infrequently loves strippers but doesn’t like going to clubs. I guess he’s shy. Anyway, what our actor decided to do was to pay three strippers to be on call 24/7. He pays them each $5000 a month to show up at his place within one hour of a phone call to them. The only day he guarantees them they will be off is Christmas and the anniversary of something important.
Keanu Reeves (anniversay, the death of his child)

#3. This former A list film actor who could maybe move back up has got heat in the past for going to strip clubs. Some say it was even the reason behind at least one relationship going bust. Therefore our actor hides behind the computer. He goes online to webcam girls where he can be who he wants and do what he wants with anyone and there are no repercussions. In 2006 he spent about $50,000 on webcam girls. At $2.00 a minute that would mean he spent about 5% of the year online staring at them. Ben Affleck (When you look at Ben Affleck in 2007, it really was a big question whether he would make it back to A list)

#4. It’s not only the ladies who like to give back their dinner to the porcelain throne. Seems as if this former A list television actor who has more looks than talent has been going through a dry spell lately. No one wanted to hire him anymore because he had been putting on the pounds. Too lazy to exercise, but wanting a job, our actor used a combination of diet pills and vomiting to get himself back on television this fall. Jason Priestley

112. NY DAILY NEWS 06/10
Which 17-year-old TV hellion has taken to boozing extra hard in NYC clubs now that a Los Angeles crackdown on underage drinking means she can't get through the door in Hollywood?
Hayden Panettiere

113. NY DAILY NEW 06/11
Which Hollywood actor who makes a living playing college jocks likes to incorporate another dude into his workouts, bro, and not just as a spotter?
Seann William Scott

1. This lead singer of a multi-platinum 80's band which was an MTV staple has been secretly in rehab for the past month. While there for his drinking, he is also required by a court to undergo anger management counseling as a result of domestic violence issues.

2. This B list brunette actress who has been in exactly four movies this year hooked up with her married leading man, A-list co-star on one of the films. He's still married and living with his wife, but it didn't stop our happy couple from going house hunting over the weekend. Eva Mendes/Nic Cage

115. BILLY MASTERS 06/11
What movie megastar has a young Filipino boy set up in a Santa Monica bungalow? Someone who can't handle the truth.
Tom Cruise

(SUGAR MAMA): This black female celebrity continues to have a thing for much younger men. She also has a reputation to go along with it. Her attraction to younger men is so bad-whenever a man is down on his luck or damn near homeless, he knows to contact her. He will get a hot meal and a roof over his head. All he has to do is provide sex and be younger than her. She's known as a "easy mark." This woman is also known to pay men for sex and to gift them with expensive gifts. In the past, men have stolen jewelry and other expensive items from her and recently, we received reports that her latest boy toy has left because the majority of her money has run out. She only has enough money to barely get by, day-to-day. She can no longer afford to pay gigolo's or give them expensive gifts. Over the years, men have put her through so many changes, that it's affected her career, she's missed deadlines and disappeared from the public eye on occasion. Now, that she's down on her luck, she has no one to take care of her as she struggles to recover financially.
Terry McMillan author of Waiting to Exhale and How Stella Got Her Groove Back

Actress salaries obviously vary. An A lister is going to make more than A B, etc. USUALLY. This B list film actress who is thin, usually blond, and has surprisingly good teeth can often be found in A list movies and gets paid just as much as any female A lister. She has been making A list money even when she was just C list or even just doing bit parts. How does she manage such big paydays? Have you noticed how she primarily works with the same studio for most of her films? It could have something to do with the fact that a studio boss was in love/lust with her and she seduced him and did him and filmed it with his knowledge. You can see where this goes. She has several copies of the tape and knows how to get them to his wife. Letting the company pay for your mistakes with a higher salary for an actress is much easier than having your wife divorce you and taking your personal fortune.

(KARMA): This black female celebrity is a singer. During her peak years, she was always attracted to the pretty boys to no avail. Over time, she became unlucky in love. She continuously tried to use her fame to lure good looking men but they were only interested in one night stands. She became bitter and resentful especially when she saw other women in committed and loving relationships. On a few occasions, she tried to come on to her friend's boyfriends behind their back. She hated seeing others happy when she was so miserable. She turned her anger towards a beautiful aspiring black actress in Hollywood who happened to be involved with someone our singer wanted. She was so resentful, she tried to smear the actress and blackball her, she even had her messy friends making prank calls from blocked numbers. Finally, she met a man (also famous) who seemed to want her. They married but the fairy tale soon became a nightmare. This man appears to be easygoing and in love with her but in reality, he is known for sexually harassing women, he was also named in a paternity suit and he loves to have phone sex with hookers. Our singer is aware of his infidelities and chooses to look the other way because she went through so much to get him. Her logic: A little piece of a man is better than not having a man at all. Hints: Her husband is not a rapper, athlete, model or singer and he's well known within the black community only.

black female singer:
aspiring black actress:

119. AOL Blackvoice’s Jawn Murray 06/12
I hear that a listening party for a sexy R&B starlet’s forthcoming album became a pity party after media guests began sharing with the label staff "how bad they thought the music was." A source tells me that by the time the last song was played, journalists had the same sentiment: "The album sucks!" Could that be the delay in its release? HINT: It’s not Kelly Rowland

120. PEREZ HILTON 06/13
What pretty boy British model that's dating a MANly former sitcom actress is also into men??? Yup, he's bisexual. 100%, sources tell us. Wonder if Chin knows???? We're sure she's heard about his former druggy past!
Jennifer Aniston/Paul Sculfor

Which follicly challenged A-lister recently got busted by hotel management while viewing gay porn on the internet and his wife was sleeping in the other room. Turns out, in the suite next door there was a small trash can fire. Hotel management knocked on our star's door. They didn't get an answer, but thought they smelled smoke. When they entered the room, they found the star with frank in hand watching gay porn. Maybe that's why he puts his wife to bed early every night.
John Travolta

This young Actor/sometimes Singer has no idea he is being played by his current fiancée/girlfriend. He’s a really nice guy, but he has fallen for a hoochie. She is using him for his fame.
Nick Cannon/Selita Ebanks

123. NY DAILY NEWS 06/14
Which male model, who was recently in the tabloids due to his love life, had such bad paranoia due to his monster coke habit that on a weekend in the Hamptons a few years ago he slept with a kitchen knife because he was convinced people were out to get him?
Paul Sculfor; Calum Best

The blind item from the NY Daily News today reminded me of this first one:
#1 This actress you have never heard of was very popular with a certain kind of guy and was often stalked. She started keeping a knife under her pillow at night. One night, her boyfriend, who is a foreign A-lister came into her room when she thought he was out of town. As he bent down to kiss her, she brought the knife up and stabbed him. Our actor was in a committed relationship at the time so nothing was said about where he was or who he was with. BUT, if you see him now with his shirt off, there is a scar along his right pectoral area that is about 2 inches wide.

This one comes from AP:
#2 At a thing last week, AP was in the bathroom and a C list actress starts talking about what she had done the night before. Turns out she was hanging out with this definitely not ugly A list film actor as far as name recognition, but in reality B list because he needs a strong cast to open well. He is heroic though. Anyway, the two of them were enjoying some adult activities and she started to do move down and do something with her mouth, when he practically screamed, "No." In all her many experiences, she had never got that type of reaction and so decided to take a much closer look at the member in question. A raging case of warts. It was so bad that she puked right then and there and got out of the bed and room like lightning.
HINT: The actor has not been married since the blind but has had a lot of unprotected sex judging by his progeny being born. He is still really close to A list and he is foreign born. His condition might be the reason he rarely has long term relationships and seem to be on and off. Colin Farrell/Carmen Electra

One Effed-Up Blind Vice: Now, I’ve heard of studios having it in their stars’ contracts (or, at least, agreed to under the proverbial slutty table) for them to hook up off camera, just to drive the rag-addicted ones into a ticket-buying frenzy, but did you ever think such plotting poop-heads would ask their leads to...bust up? Nope, nor did I. I’m such a romantic fool, ya might say, never thought that one would go down. But go dirty-down, it did. Well, at least it’s supposed to, when Virginal Vexed finally goes public with the fact that she’s broken up with her gorgeous and multitalented guy, Bi Cepps. Oh, how damn twisted is this town, already? Don’t answer that. Instead, read on: Prom Night Naughtiness is expected to pack 'em in, certainly in the teeny-pimply crowd, that’s fer sure. The soon-to-be released flick is—how shall I put this?—a groundbreaking hotbed of entertaining yet importantly cheesy effects and moods. Typical kinda pic that’ll make audiences scream yet feel like they’ve left actually learning something, ya know? Like Courteney Cox taught us in Scream 3 that all us journos are evil, right? Regardless, Ms. Vee thinks her man is pretty demonic, has for some time now. Could that be why everybody she’s worked with on her past films wants to boil the potty-mouthed witch in oil, with Joan Rivers' excised body parts for proper seasoning? But that’s not the point, which is simply that, conveniently for Virgy, Prom’s distributor requested that V. and her man, Bi, break up shortly after the film’s release, just to ensure that much more mindless lapping from the more gossipy movie fans. This is not a joke. AND IT AIN’T: Jessica Alba/Cash Warren; Vanessa Minnillo/Nick Lachey; Naomi Watts/Liev Schreiber

126. Popbitch 06/14
Members of this ex boy-band have revealed that they used to enjoy groupie orgies on their tour-bus as some of the band were too young to legally go to bars and clubs.
Take That

127. NY POST 06/15
--WHICH newsman and TV legend has been able to keep his skeletons in the closet for decades? He has two children out of wedlock who are now adults living in New Jersey. Walter Cronkite

--WHICH muscle-bound ballplayer likes to bring his wife to strip clubs, where the couple enjoys wild times in private back rooms? He doesn't mind when his wife gets blind drunk because then she can't see the fun he's having.

--WHICH governor is seeing so little of his wife that she's seeing a lawyer? George Pataki

#1. With the writer's and actor's strike looming, this show has been filming almost constantly. The male star of this network drama has been doing so much coke and speed to keep himself alert during filming that he looks wildly different not only from each episode to the next, but even from scene to scene which is causing even more filming.
Keifer Sutherland

#2. Just because someone got married within the last three months doesn't mean this B list television actress should stop sleeping with her ex-boyfriend does it? Claire Forlani from "CSI: NY," who recently married Dougray Scott, boyfriend/Keanu Reeves

#3. The dog fighting scandal that has rocked professional football could be set to claim another participant. This time it will be one of Hollywood's brightest young film stars. Only B- list, but rocketing up quickly, this actor has hosted dog fights and even breeds them. Not a huge scandal on its own, but he also says he's a vegan and an outspoken supporter of animal rights. I guess he may have to rethink that whole thing huh? Shia Labeouf

#4. This married A list male actor who has been in a number one film within the last year or so recently stopped in to an adult video store. He rented four movies starring the same actress. The clerk said something to the effect of our actor must really like the actress. Our A lister said he was going to f**k her later that night and wanted to see what he was getting in advance. Nic Cage

She had to have him, despite 'gay,' suspicions from family and friends. Although he was effeminate, he dated women. This convinced her that he was straight. She chased him down. Thought he was the prettiest black man she had ever laid eyes on. Only problem, he was in a relationship with a beautiful black woman but he weighed the options and realized, his "not so secret admirer" could do more for him, career and connection wise. He dumped his girlfriend and hooked up with her. At first, he was taken aback by her-in your face personality. But, he tolerated her. After they became involved, she started complaining to friends that he only got aroused if they had backdoor sex. She didn't heed the warning signs and continued to lavish gifts on him. She married him. During the marriage, he stopped being in denial and finally embraced his homosexuality. Before long, he started applying lip gloss. Despite suspicions, she didn't leave him. He steadily kept a eye on her finances, when he was confident that enough was left in her account for a reasonable settlement, he divorced her. He now lives with his boyfriend. Meanwhile, she is damn near broke and struggling to survive. Hint: She's not a author.

130. THE SMOKING GUN 06/15
The operators of an X-rated Paris Hilton web site exposed the credit card numbers and identities of about 750 subscribers who signed up after the site recently returned online in the face of a federal court injunction, The Smoking Gun has learned. After a tip from a visitor who read TSG's June 11 story about the re-launching of the site,, a reporter was able to easily access the subscriber list by changing a few characters in the web address for the site's sign-up page. Included in the lengthy list are a subscriber's name, e-mail address, password, phone number, mailing address, and credit card number. On the following pages you'll find a printout of the list, which we've blurred to obscure all confidential information. The document includes personal information on subscribers who, over the past two weeks, have paid a "re-launch special" price of $19.97 for a 30-day subscription to the site, which is stocked with explicit home videos and photos of the imprisoned heiress. After TSG sent an e-mail to this morning, the list--which appears to have been available for weeks--was removed from the site six hours later. It is unclear, of course, if anyone else noticed the security breach, which exposed confidential information on subscribers (one of whom is the son of a famous TV news personality) from across the U.S. and 27 foreign countries.

131. NY DAILY NEWS 06/17
Which top model and train wreck actress shocked onlookers at an outdoor gifting suite in L.A. by busting out what one witness swears was a crack pipe?

132. NY DAILY NEWS 06/18
Which lovely blond actress has been attracting more attention for her coke habit than her fledgling career lately? It's not just her friends who are worried.

Introduction: A few years ago, I remember an incident where a black female celebrity went bankrupt. She also had a child. Her pride prevented her from accepting a job for $20 dollars per hour, 40 hours a week because she would have to come in contact with the public. She considered it humiliating, if fans saw her working a regular job, it would remind her of how far she had fallen despite the fact she had a child to feed. She would eventually get on welfare which paid much less, but this way, she could remain anonymous about being broke.

FOOLISH PRIDE: Now, we have a similar situation with a black male celebrity. His credit card constantly declines, he's always borrowing money from family & friends and he refuses to work a regular job, due to ego. He has fallen so far down, that he's a step away from living under a freeway underpass or living in a homeless shelter. He 's finally realized, that his heyday is a distant memory and he can't lure women the way he use to. In the past, due to his "lover man," reputation, women would hookup with him, feed him and let him stay as long as he liked because he had name status and they could show him off in front of their family and friends. But now, substance abuse has affected his sex drive and he doesn't keep his appearance up and he looks unkempt and women no longer find him appealing. We reported in a blind item last year, that a member of a once popular group was now a gigolo and due to his name status, he was making money but the subject of this blind item can't even do that because rumors persist regarding his lack of personal hygiene. It 's not below him to sleep on a friend's kitchen floor with a blanket and pillow. Like our female celebrity, he refuses to get immediate income by working a regular 9-5 job, despite the fact, he is nearly homeless with no forthcoming royalties or pension. He would rather be broke and starving then to take on a regular job for quick cash and benefits. Bobby Brown

You looking to find some of the biggest names in Hollywood all in one place? Movie stars, basketball players, producers? Head over to Koreatown in LA. There is an internet cafe that isn't really an internet cafe. It actually holds a high-stakes, cash only poker game that requires a $100,000 minimum buy-in, plus a $50,000 initiation fee into the club. Wonder why a celebrity who always said they would never do a commercial suddenly turns up in one? How about because this A+ lister lost $2M in one night. Of course, his pain was eased by the companionship of several different women during the night. You do get something for that $50,000 initiation fee.
Ben Affleck

135. Jawn Murray, AOL Black Voices 06/18
Sources say that a certain African-American singer/actor was really glad when he learned that a Broadway star's new baby wasn't biracial. Said singer apparently had a one-night stand with a married Broadway babe, who happens to be Caucasian, and shortly afterward she found out she was pregnant. Could you imagine the theater actress trying to explain to her Caucasian husband how she had a biracial baby?

136. NY DAILY NEWS 06/19
Which rising country star who markets himself as straight and Southern actually has a boyfriend and is from a chilly corner of the Midwest?
Jason Aldean

#1 This star basketball player has been in trouble before at home and away but had his life back on track. Now, it appears that maybe things aren't so great at home. He and his wife don't sleep in the same room, or even on the same floor. Maybe it has something to do with that hot little thing he has been sneaking around with two or three times.
Shaquille O'Neal

#2 This B list comic film and television actor is engaged and loyal. EXCEPT that he thought he had a chance with a Playboy model and so began blowing off his soon to be betrothed. Our actor called, texted and squired around the Playboy model but with absolutely no luck. Turns out she was just using him for favors and presents. He found out when she was spotted making out and all over this A list film actor. Our actor's fiancee' doesn't seem to have found out, although they have not been spotted in public together since this all began.

138. 3 A.M. GIRLS 06/19
WHICH vain - and stupid - rocker uses crack to stay thin? He's so afraid of looking porky, he's getting a nasty habit.
Steven Tyler

139. Ausiello-Report 06/20
The Sopranos' cliff-hanging finale still has people talking, but in Hollywood, it's one TV titan's reaction to the polarizing swan song that has folks buzzing. This A-list auteur — whose work on a certain long-running series made him one of the wealthiest and most sought-after writer/producers working today — gathered a group of pals together to watch Tony's farewell in his new blinged-out screening room. When the TV went blank at the end of the episode, he (like the rest of America) thought a meteor had struck his satellite dish. But when he realized that that was the intended ending, he threw a tantrum that would've made the cast and crew of a David O. Russell film cower in fear. According to one invitee, he started yelling and ranting about what a cop-out David Chase had pulled, adding that he had gone through hell trying to figure out an appropriate ending to his hit series, but Chase apparently felt no such pressure. You-know-who got so worked up that, per my mole, "It was embarrassing and uncomfortable." So, who's the TV big shot who went bada berserk?
Philip Rosenthal "Everybody Loves Raymond"

140. NY DAILY NEWS 06/20
Which cable chat up-and-comer was fired after her efforts to glom onto the network's marquee name and a gay anchor freaked them both out?
Rachel Marsden/Bill O'Reilly/Shephard Smith

141. 3 A.M. GIRLS 06/20/07
WHICH rock star's sibling fell over in a filthy festival loo while snorting cocaine off the cistern? They missed their footing and guests could hear their cries.

Her career started off promising and then she hit a snag. Behind closed doors, she's not the goody goody she pretends to be in front of the camera. She made a sex tape with a ex-boyfriend who is also famous and she's worried it may end up on the internet, eventually. During her peak years, she overspent on unnecessary material objects but she had become accustomed to playing the rich big shot in her family. Now, she's guarding her money flow. This black female celebrity has emotional problems away from the limelight, that's why she can't keep a man. Currently, she's undergoing a meltdown due to career failures, stress, etc. From afar, she continues to resent singers like Beyonce and Rihanna because they have the type of career she desperately wants.
Christina Milian, and ex-boyfriend Nick Cannon; Brandy and ex-boyfriend, Quintin Richardson

Once upon a time this Rapper was on top on the world. He had numerous hit songs and the respect of the industry. He is very talented, but he has a lot of issues in his personal life. He left the rap game at the height of his popularity. He now has a new career, but he is still dealing with the same issues. He is bisexual, and he loves transvestites. A lot of his friends feel he should come out of the closet and be true to himself.

I've heard this before, and allegedly Very Bad Things is loosely based on it to some extent. However, I always thought of it as a Hollywood legend until I recently met someone in the producer's family. When I say family, there is one widow and one child. No other family. None.

A fairly minor producer died within the past month or so. It wasn't really noteworthy for the most part, but there were three or four very happy actors to see him pass. All of the actors are aging, but not George Burns old or anything. In fact, they are still A list at least by reputation. Could they carry a movie OR television show on their own anymore? Probably not. Are they regularly in movies AND television? Yes. See, back in the day there was a party like you could only have in Hollywood's glory days. Martinis, cigars and lots of beautiful women. Well it turns out that one of the beautiful women didn't go home at the end of the night. There was some incident involving either five or six actors. Two have died. Not knowing what to do, these actors got a studio gofer, now our dead producer and told him to get rid of the body and not tell anyone about it or tell anyone where the body was buried. Throughout the remainder of the producer's life, these actors took care of him, but were always afraid he would spill the secret because he was the only one who knew where the body was buried. No body, no case. Now, they are just worried that something will show up in the estate sale and some person will stumble onto a letter or some other evidence hidden in a desk drawer which will come back to haunt them. Maybe that's why one of the actors offered to buy the house with everything in it at a price that is twice what the place is worth. Still waiting to see if it will be accepted, but there won't be an estate sale yet for sure. The actors think they are being careful and that their true motives are unknown. Not at all the case, but the producer's widow is happy to take their money and be done with it. One hint is they have all been in at least one western. Although it could be on television OR in a movie.

This hot hunk of an actor is desperate to have a career. He's young, pretty, and stupid, and the only decent acting job he ever got was because he slept with the TV series creator. The show made him rather famous, but that's over and now his career is faltering. He's getting ready to make the ultimate sacrifice of switching teams once again. He's got his eye on a powerful and connected member of Hollywood's gay mafia who's known for having lavish parties and helping the cute young guys that he sleeps with.
 Jesse Metcalfe

#1. This blond (95% of the time) bimbo like singer heads into her local Starbucks several times a week. The workers at Starbucks have told you repeatedly that latte is not pronounced latty. You think it's cute to keep doing it. They find it very annoying and you don't want to piss off people who handle your food or beverages. They also find it annoying that you seem to make a comment about the tip jar every time you are there which is directed to no one in particular but makes the other customers wince.

#2. This fairly hot younger singer, also usually blond has been married for a couple of years now. Her husband hasn't seen her naked since their wedding night. She doesn't feel right about it, so its always lights out before she comes to bed in her men's pajamas. Her nudity issues don't extend to her dogs who shower or bathe with her every day, even on the road. These baths or showers can often last an hour.

One Needling Blind Vice: Some people love Fake-à-la Ferocity...the rest live to hate her. This do-it-all diva, known to dabble in everything from fab sex to fabber shoes, has her hand in purty much everything these days. Endorsements. Charitable endeavors. Entertainment projects. You name it. And all the wowin' while, Fake-à-la manages to look super-duper delish in the process. Well, she used to, at least. Lately, F2's once enviable bod has changed for the worse. And her hunky man isn't the only person concerned about the once divinely gifted babe. Nope, now a very few inside Industry types are also concerned 'bout our gal Fakey. See, F.F. has enjoyed a fairly good reputation in the media and rags...until recently. She's known for being accessible, candid and honest. How very friggin' heretical here in lip-cemented T-town! Apparently, Ms. Ef's hiding one helluva secret. And I'm the bitch to fill ya in on what, exactly, it is that has those select few Hollywood movers 'n' shakers so shaking in their Prada wear, regarding Fakey. She's got what's known as...a heroin habit. Well, she's hardly the first dame in this drug-infested enclave to fall down that slippery alley, right? It's just, uh, so damn rich to find this out, knowing how utterly benevolent our do-goodin' broad happens to be as of late. Gosh, wonder how long before everyone finds out what's really behind Fake-à-la's rapidly withering figure? It'll be "Paris who?" should that happen, trust. AND IT AIN’T: Jessica Biel; Kelly Ripa; Keira Knightley
Angelina Jolie

148. POPBITCH 06/22
Bear in mind this is a British website, so the answers are most likely British....

--Which celebrity guest got steaming drunk at John Terry's wedding last weekend and spent the evening on the mirrored dancefloor loudly telling the other female guests what colour pants they were wearing?

--This TV food expert likes to get his girlfriends to dress up in school uniform, before asking them 'Have you been a naughty girl?' Then he bends them over his knee and spanks them with a cane. He claims it is stress relief but he obviously likes to be the Master in his relationships. Gregg Wallace

149. LAINEY’S GOSSIP 06/22
What’s worse than Rossum? ( What’s worse than Rossum is a CHEAP celebrity. What’s worse than a CHEAP celebrity are two CHEAP celebrities. Both successful, both earning millions, both with new projects on the go…both in Toronto last weekend treated to a complimentary dinner at a posh supper club. And leaving only a six dollar tip. SIX DOLLARS. Of course the teenage fan defence will be that stars don’t carry cash. Fair enough. But if you don’t have cash, do whatever it takes – call your farking manager, call your assistant, call your band if you have to, get a few bills and tip the hard working server who has to make your punk asses happy for 2 hours, would you? As of Thursday, no follow up visit has been made for more generous gratuity. Un. Forgivable. But then again, not that surprising. She’s always been a twat anyway. And he’s a twat for loving her.
Avril Lavigne

150. NY DAILY NEWS 06/22
What married mogul has persuaded his mistress to deny that he's the father of her newborn baby? Behind the scenes, he's said to be providing handsomely for the infant.

This female celebrity was discovered by a famous black man. This man also happened to be her boyfriend. Only problem, he was married to another woman. Despite this, he spoiled her and eventually left his wife for her. He introduced her to the right people in the industry and helped her career tremendously. How did she pay him back? As soon as she achieved success, she dumped him and replaced him with a white boyfriend. She also distanced herself from her black friends and only hired white dancers to appear in her videos. But she's still in the public eye. Over the years, allegedly, this woman has become a pill popping sex maniac whose attracted to men half her age. She's become so pathetic -it's rumored she needs sex just to get through the day. And when she's not popping pills, this rumored lush is throwing back drinks. And, according to rumor, she's also spent a small fortune on gigolo's. Not only does she use them for sex, she also uses them to battle loneliness. She's a walking train wreck waiting to happen and a ticking time bomb waiting to explode.
 Paula Abdul

#1. This teenage actress hasn't been seen with her boyfriend lately. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that he took her virginity and has been telling anyone who will listen that he's ready to find the next one now.
Hayden Panettiere (Stephen Colletti)

#2. Speaking of virgins, this virgin actress is about to say so long to her husband because she's tired of him doing nothing but making a living off her name and not even doing a good job of that. Tori Spelling

#3. The Virgin Mary she ain't, but this blond 420 friendly actress recently paid for a new roof for an elderly neighbor who has no homeowners insurance and is on a fixed income. Cameron Diaz ("Something About Mary")

#4. Speaking of insurance, this married B +/- actress is set to begin filming on a new movie in a few months. It keeps being delayed though because no one wants to insure her, and the fairly large all B+ cast needs to get it done before the strike. No insurance in the next week or two means a new leading lady for the film. Brittany Murphy

153. NY DAILY NEWS 06/24
Which hip-hop playa likes to take his wedding ring off before hitting the N.Y. party circuit? The married mogul scored the number of a pretty blond editor last week.
Damon Dash

154. NY POST 06/24
IT was like the good old sex-ed-up days in Motley Crue for Tommy Lee last week at the Download Festival in England. Lee was hanging out in his dressing room with a famous rock star's daughter and another woman when the two ladies started "going at it," our spy reports. Lee enjoyed the private show while deejaying in the corner and tried to get some friends to join in on the action, but they passed and walked out. Lee just kept playing music and egging the girls on.
Kimberly Stewart

155. NY DAILY NEWS 06/25
Which young actress, angling for a club owner who wouldn't leave his starlet girlfriend, settled for hooking up with the venue's manager instead?

Young actress=Michelle Tractenburg
Nighclub owner=Scott Sartiano
Girlfriend=Jamie-Lynn Sigler
Manager=Brandon Hirsch

156. BILLY MASTERS 06/25
Could it be that a certain Hollywood heartthrob is battling an ever-expanding waistline? Sources on the set in New England tell us that the former hottie (who hasn't looked good since he cut his hair) was called on the carpet by the studio brass. Good news - he's getting all meals catered in his trailer. Bad news - he's been BANNED from the craft services table and put on a strict diet. And the crew has been instructed to blab if they catch even a whiff or sniff of any verboten vittles.
Leonardo DiCaprio filming "Revolutionary Road" in Bethel, Connecticut, USA

Rewind: Last year, we reported on men complaining about the lack of personal hygiene issues regarding a very popular female rapper. Apparently, this female hip-hop star has "feminine odor," problems that she has yet to correct. Sadly, this isn't the only problem she has. If any woman in her entourage receives more attention than her from a celebrity or fan, she explodes! The employee will be sacked the following day without explanation. Rumor has it, she fired an overworked assistant for not being able to get her on "People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful List." She's so conceited and full of herself, she figured she would be a shoe in. Despite not having a hit record in more than a few years, this woman has an A-list attitude and thinks she's God's Gift To Men despite the fact people still discuss and laugh about her offensive feminine odor behind her back. Hint: She is very famous and popular in the black community.
LiL Kim; Foxy Brown

So there was this Bachelorette party this past weekend. No, not EL's. Although. No, never mind about her. This party guest is a singer/actress with the squeakiest of squeaky reputations. A list for name recognition, but closer to B or even B- for everything else. So at the party there were male and female strippers. Our actress/singer got drunk and decided to experiment. First she decided to take the male dancer's bottoms off and had him sit on her lap while she how shall I say this? Helped him along. He didn't finish, but from what I gather it was close. She did however help one of the female dancers to finish and was finished by her in return. Everyone was shocked because (a) the first time ever anyone had seen her drunk. (b) the first time anyone even guessed she knew what was down a man's shorts, let alone how to help him along, and (c) never has anything nice to say about lesbians and gave no indication she ever was going to give that s shot.

159. NY DAILY NEWS 06/26
Which married-with-kids film star was out picking up women in L.A. Saturday night? Says a tipster: "The hilarious part is that you can see he's got a designer baby seat in the back of his car while he's hitting on my friend."
Cuba Gooding Jr.

#1 What looks challenged record producer with the very hot lady has been seen driving around town in his new bazillion dollar convertible holding hands and kissing another man?
Scott Storch; Jermaine Dupri

#2 This Academy Award nominated actor used to be A list in films even though he got his start on television. Now he's just struggling to stay clean and not doing a good job of it. He is on a very strict allowance and not given any cash. When he was invited to a party last week at a house, our former star was caught looking through a pile of women's purses looking for money. Our actor wasn't even embarrassed to be caught and didn't even bother apologizing. The host slipped him a couple of hundred dollars and told him to leave and not come back. The guests didn't lose any money, BUT, one of them lost a little bag of powdered candy. The woman in question was heard saying "That little (not referring to our actor's size) f**k stole my coke." Haley Joel Osment

161. GRAZIA 06/26
1. This over-exposed cover star is usually made-up and airbrushed to the max. But fashion students who recently met her were not only shocked by her dismissive and uninterested attitude, but also surprised by how horrendously bad her skin was. The general consensus was that the A-lister needed to start eating some more vitamins.
Kate Moss

2. Some celebrities just take no chances with their image. This big-screen actress has a contractual clause for photoshoots and films, which says that any skin blemish or spot will be digitally removed to ensure her complexion always resembles a perfect, flawless English rose. Catherine Zeta Jones

3. This long-standing movie couple are incredibly popular with their neghbours, both in Hollywood and at their rustic vacation home, as they always bring the best marijuana with them to share at social gatherings. Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn

This hip-hop veteran has serious psychological problems. His favorite drug cocktail: Crack, anti-depressants and Vicodin. These drugs have made him a paranoid, bi-polar acting fool. We are receiving reports that his money is getting low and he's freaking out even more, if that's possible. Although he's married, he tells his boys to be on the lookout for his type of woman 24/7 and they don't have to be cute, just freaky looking. Reports indicate, sex with him is similar to a act of rape. He also has more kids outside of his marriage than he has with his wife. His wife doesn't seem to care. If this rapper doesn't eventually get help for his numerous emotional problems, sadly, he may be the next rap fatality.

1. This R&B Diva hasn’t had a hit in 20 years. She can still sing and looks amazing, but she has the worst attitude. At a recent concert in Florida, the staff hosting the event could not believe how rude and nasty she was. She’s been behaving like this for years.
Diana Ross

2. This NBA Player is in the midst of making one of the biggest changes in his young career. He is a nice guy and the future of the NBA. He has never won a championship, and now he may be moving to a team to finally catch the big one. If the move happens, he better be careful. The team already has a star player and he is a hater. He was behind the exit of another star player, and he wants all the attention for himself, but he needs help from other players, to help the team regain their dynasty status.
Young NBA player: Kevin Garnett
Team: LA Lakers
Star player and hater: Kobe Bryant
Star who exited: Shaq

1. So this record company is starting a new boy band. Trying to keep it hush and hush and waiting for the right time to spring another bubblegum nightmare on an unsuspecting world. So three of the boy banders are set. They all have been paired off with appropriate girlfriends and I mean friend. The girls are up and coming actresses who have a chance to make it big or at least make some noise. The record company doesn't want scandals they just want photos of the couples. The problem is that a scandal is sure to occur because at least two of the boys are gay and don't really care who knows. The problem is that the record company is one that doesn't know for some reason and so this will get messy when they find out their boys are up for anything and anyone.

2. This B list actor (only television, no film) who is currently the star of a network television show recently became diagnosed with HIV. He contracted it from drug use. The producers don't know yet, but a few of his fellow actors in this ensemble show do.

165. NY DAILY NEWS 06/28
Which iconic pop star is an even better businesswoman than she is a singer? She has allowed the press to misreport her latest real-estate purchase by $3 million to bump up its resale value.

1. Actress - "Honey you go on and I'll be there in a minute. I have some more press to do." Actor/BF/C lister - "OK." The B-minus list actress then heads for a limo and climbs in. Stays in for ten minutes and gets out putting on fresh lipstick, and trying to fix her hair while she walks away. Out of the limo shortly after is an A list television actor (by definition) and sometime film actor checking to see if anyone noticed while tucking his shirt back in. Only about 30 people are standing around the limo. I'm sure no one will say anything. Ooops. Guess they did. Did I mention the A lister has a girlfriend?

B-minus list actress: Megan Fox ("Transformers")
Actor/BF/C lister: Brian Austin Green
A list television actor (by definition) and sometime film actor: Josh Duhumel
A lister's girlfriend: Fergie

2. How dumb can someone be? You may have noticed that there is an A list aging, but not old film star. Actually not A list. He's definitely A+. Some might even throw on another plus. Anyway, you will notice there is a certain woman he dates for a month or two and then she disappears. She then returns in six or seven months for another month or two. This cycle has been played out for a long time. Turns out that she is dumb. (How dumb is she?) I'm glad you asked. She is so dumb that our A+ actor has got her pregnant at least three times. Each time he tells her that he has had a vasectomy and so she can't possibly get pregnant. She always believes him and is always getting pregnant. In fact when she gets pregnant is when she disappears. Seems that is the actor's goal each time. George Clooney/Krista Allen

167. HOLY MOLY 06/28
Which high-profile celebrity, with a very famous ex-wife and a face like a dusty scrotum was rather drunk and boasty at a recent press party in Manchester? Even though he has a new celebrity partner, he was waxing lyrical about the prowess of his ex-wife in the bedroom, claiming: "XXXX used to suck my cock for HOURS ON END! I used to lie back while she hoovered up every last bit of pre-cum." Have you guessed yet?

high profile celebrity: Tommy Lee
ex-wife: Pam Anderson
new celebrity partner: Kimberly Stewart

One Horny Improvement Blind Vice: Houses in Hell-Ay, just as domiciles round the world sometimes can be, are often used as backgrounds for movie and TV film projects as well as photo shoots. In fact, there are companies that specifically farm out T-town’s more posh houses for whatever media project comes a-callin’—and I’m not talkin’ porno shoots (that’s a diff number ya call, trust). These housing minders like to think they’re discreet (usually they are) finaglers of design and commerce, sort of architectural matchmakers, if you will. Very snitty and highbrow, exclusive, that sorta thang. Which is why Butt-Burning Bruce, media and film legend of sorts, called one particular firm like the ones mentioned above. B3 hasn’t exactly been working that much as of late (so, no, all you hard-working detectives, it ain’t Monsieur Willis, I’ll say that much right now). Mr. Bee, uh, needed some loot—fast. What better way to score some major quickie moolah than to rent out his supercool lovelorn pad perched so magnificently in the City of Fallen Heartthrobs, right? So, he did. And now he regrets doing so. See, when the film company that subsequently came in to take advantage of B.B.B.’s hipper-than-slick streamlined job, what just about everybody involved on the project got instead was what B. left in the oversize master b-room. And, no, I don’t mean he simply forgot to flush. Butt-Burning failed to remove a fancy jewelry box from a polished bathroom counter. Not that fabulous gems and baubles could have been stolen, not at all. Carats of far greater value (i.e., kinkiness) were inside: sex toys, to be exact. Guess they’d been placed on the counter for washing, one supposes. And sure as you can smell a whole lotta strawberry-flavored lube right about now, B3 had an entire assortment of dildos, whips and ticklers in the wooden container. Used. All of it. Gross me out with an industrial-size bottle of 409, already! Hey, Bruce, don’t you know you’re supposed to put that crap in the dishwasher, boyfriend? Gosh, straight guys never know how to get really debauched efficiently, do they? (By the by, B-boy, those playthings for your partner—or you?) AND IT AIN’T: Harrison Ford; David Hasselhoff; Cuba Good Jr.

They say the wife is the last to know. This is the case with a popular black female singer. Not only is her husband cheating with women off the Internet, he's using her money to lavish them with gifts. While the singer works like a dog to put food on the table, her loser non-working husband lounges on the computer, posting ads on dating services when he's not watching Oprah, stretched out, with his feet propped up, clutching the remote in one hand and holding a can of beer with the other hand. He's real trife. He's pimping her big time, she's his instant cash flow and meal ticket and she doesn't seem to care despite family members questioning her about his lack of motivation. He's so sorry, he can't even order out or cook for her when she returns home from a local performance. He expects her to cook dinner for him regardless of how draining her performance might have been. He tells his boys, he hit the lotto. He never expected to be retired from doing anything while still in his 30's. Hint: It's "NOT" Mary J.

#1. This B list film actress who is an A list gold-digger and not afraid to take it all off in films was recently stopped by police for driving a stolen car. Turns out her boyfriend had bought it for her, but kept it in his name. When he realized what a gold digger she was, he kicked her out. She left in the car and he reported it stolen. No charges were filed.
Denise Richards/Richie Sambora

#2. What actress is using rehab as a hedge against jail and not really to get clean? Lindsay Lohan

#3. Go back in time and you will see this married A list film actor has a problem with a great deal of body hair. Body hair on top of body hair. Then, a month or so ago. Poof. All gone. Why? His new 20 year old girlfriend could handle the age difference but not the hair so he had it all waxed. Psssst. Everywhere. Yes, even there. And yes, there also. Robin Williams

#4. Juicy? The others weren't juicy enough? How about a top fifteen highest paid actress about to come out either on her own or with a good shove from her girlfriend. Jodie Foster

171. 3 A.M. GIRLS 06/30
WHICH singer pops pills with his daughters on a regular basis? They even have the same dealer on speed dial.

Last updated:  November 25, 2016