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What does A List mean?

This publicity hungry male record producer #1____________tried to get his hooks into #2_____________ when she was vulnerable, and then when that didn't work out tried his hand at teenager #3_______________. Since she made him pay to be seen in public with her, our producer has been laying low. Last week he showed up on the set of this former teen queen's#4_________________ new music video and is trying to convince the world they are a couple.
#1 J.R. Rotem
#2 Britney Spears (after she left Kevin)
#3 Hayden Panettiere
#4 Ashley Tisdale

People are talking about this divorced woman. All up in the club, trying to act young, doing krump moves on the dance floor, wearing provocative clothing and desperately trying to regain her youth. She makes a complete spectacle of herself in the clubs. What makes this even more pathetic, this woman is not in her 20's or 30's and she's trying to make up for lost time due to the restrictions of her former marriage to a Hollywood star. What few people know, one of the reasons for the divorce, was never publicized: Ex-hubby got another woman pregnant while refusing to sleep with his then wife for a year.
Nicole (Mrs. Eddie) Murphy

3. AOL Blackvoice’s Jawn Murray 07/02
Sources say that a rap star supposedly committed to his equally popular girlfriend was spotted at a Los Angeles hotel looking quite cozy with the breakout star of a pop collective. Onlookers were surprised by how openly affectionate the pair were, particularly since said hip-hopper is rumored to be engaged to his longtime love.

rap star: Jay-Z
popular girlfriend: Beyonce
breakout star: Nicole Scherzinger/Pusssycat Dolls

These two women have money. One is a sports superstar, and the other was married to a famous Superstar. These two women have one thing in common: they are not good at picking their men! They have lots of money, and they are very vulnerable to male golddiggers. The men (Straight and Gay) smell money, and they are flocking to them.
Serena Williams and Juanita Jordan

5. NY DAILY NEWS 07/03
Which teenage "American Idol" reject is already cropping up on the L.A. gay bar scene?

What actress, who is not a Latina, was flaunting by making organizers of a recent Hollywood soiree close the bathroom for ten minutes so that she could go inside and powder her nose with the (male) editor of a highfalutin magazine???
Jessica Alba

One Pansy-Pushing Blind Vice: Bulbous Seymour is one fine piece o' man-lovin’ meat. Not a bad actor, either. But Bulbous knows—just like most audiences and H-town execs are aware—that his best talents lie not on the silver screen but in the golden nether regions of B.S.’ impressive bod. Yeah, he’s a stud. And what do studs do best? Now, before I get too carried away on whatever (or whomever) Bulbous utilizes his heavenly powers for—this Blind Vice ain’t about him. Well, not exactly. See, Mr. Es has been doing what we here at the Awful Truth live for: gossiping about other closeted homosexual movie stars! Too fun for the hard-abbed tum! Delish, darlin's, so let’s get to whom B.S. is blabbin’ ‘bout: Toothy Tile, natch. You were expecting Gussy 'n' Fussy, perhaps? Like, who cares about those ersatz het jokers anymore? (Not too many folks, I assure ya.) Nah, it’s all about Toothy Tile—and when the hell this gorgeous scaredy-puss is gonna disclose his sexual pref, already—and Bulbous knows this fagola factoid. So much so, he’s been mouthing off at chic Hell-Ay events about just how Toothy isn’t foolin’ anybody. Well, I beg to differ. Had I been at this one par-tick fancy-schmancy soiree, I would have gladly explained to B.S. that half of Bush’s "Mare-kuh" thinks T.T. is as heterosexual as our current prez. Wait, Bush is straight, isn’t he? Don’t answer that, actually, do not want to go there… Back to B.S., who’s clearly dying for Toothy’s sexuality to come to the surface so the media will ease off his dubious dame-doin' existence. Uh, word to the unwise wower: Boyfriend, you just keep on gettin’ higher 'n' higher at those swell dos you go to. You’ll be outing Toothy long before anybody like moi would ever dream of doing so. AND IT AIN’T: Sean Penn; Colin Farrell; Will Smith

Bulbous Seymour: Matthew McConaughey
Toothy Tile: Jake Gyllenhaal

8. NY DAILY NEWS 07/05
Which serial celebrity boyfriend is known as "Patient Zero" because of the wide choice of venereal diseases (although not HIV) that he offers his lady friends?
Brody Jenner

They seemed like America's sweethearts. It was a shock when they broke up because it looked like like they were made for each other. Career pressures and separations led to suspicions. They were both young and accused each other of cheating. But cheating wasn't the REAL reason they split. Actually, SHE was never satisfied. HE wasn't well endowed and she didn't realize what she was missing until she had an affair!
Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey; Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake; Jennifer Garner/Scott Foley

10. 3 A.M. GIRLS 07/05
WHICH rock star refuses to go to do shows without his favourite make-up artist - because he has such bad spots? He cannot even to go on tour without her.

B list actress and famewhore, loves to "accidentally" run into pappies in an effort to wipe clean a pandering past by pimping her kids, lost a friend and gained a potential paycheque but got dumped when he found out she’s a golddigger, and now apparently can’t find work… Definitely the work of Karma Calamity. Hee. Turns out she was signed on for a role, was required to shoot on location outside the US, and was denied entry at the border as a result of a violent incident that occurred the last time she was allowed in on a working visa. In fact, given that she was practically kicked out of the country before, it’s hardly surprising we didn’t want her skank polluting our rivers once again. As such, the part went to someone else. So now she’s making nice with her babyfather until she can find her next Sugar Daddy. Once a whore, always a whore.
Denise Richards

Rewind: This black female singer is an downlow "veteran" lesbian who fronts with men. On her European tour, it was rumored that her suite resembled a train station with beautiful women coming at all times of hours, non-stop. Her womanizing is international. So much so, that a jilted lover secretly recorded them having sex. The singer was blackmailed and paid a six-figure sum for copies of the tape. This tidbit appeared in a New York newspaper. Fast Forward: This same female singer was making eyes at another female singer at a BET after party. The chemistry from across the room was so intense, that they were soon huddled together in a corner talking sexy. Later, they hooked up. What makes this so unusual. Our "veteran downlow" singer is so bold, she didn't seem to care that the female singer was in the company of her rapper boyfriend, she still put her mack down and got her prey. The rapper didn't seem to care, because he was probably having fantasies of a future three-way.

downlow "veteran" lesbian: Eve
female singer at BET after party: Ashanti
rapper boyfriend: Nelly

13. A Blind Item From Cybill Shepherd 07/06
Actress Cybill Shepherd has revealed she was once sexually assaulted by a famous actor when she attempted to cool their relationship. The former Moonlighting star plays the mother of a rape victim in new TV movie Open Window and admits she used her own experiences to prepare for the harrowing role. Speaking for the first time about her own ordeal on U.S. TV show Entertainment Tonight, Shepherd reveals her ex turned nasty when she told him she wanted to date other people. She recalls, "He jerked the necklace off of me and he threw me around the kitchen. He said to me, 'Don't even think of getting the keys to your car, because I have them, and you're not getting them to be able to get away.'" The unnamed actor demanded sex and Shepherd was terrified as he pinned her down. Eventually she wriggled free and ran to get help. She adds, "That changes your life forever. It takes awhile to trust men again. It takes awhile to trust yourself again. You wonder, 'How could I end up with someone who seems perfectly OK... to suddenly be demanding sex." Shepherd admits she never had the courage to report the incident, and years later received an offer to work with her attacker. She explains, "I said, 'I don't think so.'"
Ryan O'Neal

14. NY POST 07/08
--WHICH young real estate mogul buys six seats when he flies coach, rather than on his dad's jet, so he can sleep in peace? He buys three in a row so he can stretch out, plus the three seats behind him for the peace and quiet.
Donald Trump Jr.

--WHICH drug-addled Brit boy is so desperate for attention that he leeches onto famous friends and then calls the paparazzi on himself? Calum Best

--WHICH rocker reality star has friends worried she's moved in with a guy who's too much like her bad-boy father was? The boyfriend encourages drug use. Kelly Osbourne and Jarrod Gorbel, front man of the indie New York band The Honorary Title

15. NY DAILY NEWS 07/08
Which Hollywood horndog is developing a reputation for driving drunk from the clubs for 3 a.m. assignations?

16. NY DAILY NEWS 07/09
Which still-young household-name star lost her virginity at 17 to another household-name star after he started dating that other household-name star whom he later married? But you won't see this hookup mentioned in anyone's "A&E Biography": In California, that's statutory rape.
still-young household name star:
another household star male:
another household star female:

This hip-hop affiliated man is so full of himself, he thinks he's god's gift to the world. He also thinks he's invincible and can get away with anything he damn well pleases. He loves publicity and he has swagger and bravado. Rewind: We reported on a hip-hop call girl in past columns. The walkway to her house resembles a who's who of the hip-hop elite on the red carpet. Apparently, our hip-hop man was with her last weekend. Despite our hip-hop man always boasting about his playmaker/lovermaking skills. The hip-hop call girl reports: "He's a lousy lover and could barely stay aroused, I would have been better off with a sex gadget." He was probably impotent because of his large ecstasy intake that night." What makes it worst, he was also popping Viagra and still having a hard time." No pun intended. He eventually managed a few thrusts, all the time screaming in my ear, "I am the man, I am the King," I am a hip-hop God," she adds, "it was really pathetic." He even wanted her to have bareback sex (as if he could manage it) with him for more money but she refused. When he left, he suggested that they have a menage a trois next time, she didn't answer. Hint: It's not T.I.
Kayne West; P. Diddy

Could it be that a certain former sudsy stud has returned to his old habits - in more ways than one? Sure, the work is good for the current kiwi, but recreating that iconic body image has been a bit of a chore. Rather than go the bulimic route (again), he's gotten hooked on crystal meth - which is de rigueur given the boys he's partying with. With his Cheshire smile, he's never been at a loss for male companionship - especially guys who are willing to eat him alive.
Adam Rickitt

#1 This A+ lister who is very single has a reputation with the ladies he tries to uphold. The problem is that over the past month or so whispers or rumors have been circulating that our actor can no longer get it up at all. It's got so bad that now he picks up a woman, takes her to his place so everyone thinks he is going to sleep with her and then calls a limo after any pap are gone and sends her on her way with an excuse that he forgot he had to get up early.
Jack Nicholson

#2 It turns out that our TJ hooker may be pregnant. Look for an adoption of a Hispanic child in about nine months from our celebrity couple as it seems that the wife knows about and is all for the relationship and impregnation.

20. AOL Blackvoice’s Jawn Murray 07/09
This cable television actor, who was once thought to be one of Hollywood's next big stars, sure didn't win over any new fans with his antics at this year's Essence Music Festival. Said actor, a regular on the touring play circuit, was taking a photo with a female fan when someone asked: "What are you going to do with this picture?" Jokingly, the fan replied: "E-mail it to a 1,000 of my friends on the internet." The actor then stepped out of the shot and walked away, refusing to take the photo.
Allen Payne

#1 This Oscar winner is known for her beauty, but for years, she couldn’t seem to keep a man. Now she has a man, and he’s been hanging in there. But, what people don’t know: he stays around because he likes being controlled by her. The Oscar winning beauty likes treating her men like puppets, keeping them on a tight leash and they must obey her every word.
Halle Berry

#2 This R&B Legend is ruining his reputation and his legacy. He can no longer sing, but he continues to tour. When concert goers arrive at the shows, they can’t believe the legend is on stage lip singing. Ronald Isley

22. NY DAILY NEWS 07/10
Which Hollywood actor/singer couple recruit coeds from the UCLA campus to spice up their sex life?
Josh Duhamel and Fergie

23. 3 A.M. GIRLS 07/10
WHICH low rent glamour girl gave oral sex to a megastar rapper after he came off stage? Earlier she'd been watching his show with her famous boyfriend.
Danielle Lloyd/50 Cent/Marcus Bent

#1 Another pregnancy? This singer's sister is sporting a baby bump and rumor has it the singer's boyfriend was the one who gave it to her which would be really odd considering that everyone just assumes the singer's boyfriend is gay.
Beyonce/Solange/Jay-Z; Nadine Coyle from Girls Aloud, she has a sister/boyfriend- Jesse Metcalfe

#2 What washed up reality diva/naked photo taking/gold digging wife was supposed to spend a week in Vegas with her unappreciated staff? After 6 hours of bitching, she gave them 5 minutes to pack up and head back to LA. The assistant complained and was fired then and there and told to figure out her own way back to LA. Everyone else returned with the Queen who let them all know they were lucky to be working for her. Shanna Moakler

25. NY DAILY NEWS 07/11
Which celebrity appendage whose name is synonymous with "gay husband" spent time in an NYC hotel room last week with two gentleman friends?
Al Reynolds

A few years ago, I was informed that a very popular rapper was bouncing checks and his credit card declined repeatedly. Then his career had a minor upswing and he seemed to bounce back. But, he bounced back way beyond his means. Due to numerous record company advances-to be deducted from future income and royalties, he purchased a $1 million dollar fleet of exotic sports cars. He also purchased a mansion and kept a separate bachelor's pad on the side which he paid $10,000 per month in rent. Now, since his last album was a flop, he is in serious debt to the record company and now he 's discreetly liquidating everything for quick cash. People-who knew he was fronting are now laughing behind his back because he used to strut around, acting hard, flashing wads of "borrowed cash," and now he 's flat broke. This man also has a 'insecure complex' because he's been known to pay women to say he is "an excellent well endowed lover." Hint: It's not Ja Rule, Busta or Ray J.

So this A list couple has been divorced for some time now. Each have moved on as divorced couples tend to do. My five ex-wives are grateful everyday they don't have to see me and the monthly checks I'm forced to send them keep them in Laboutin's and me in a basement. Anyway, there really was no reason given for the divorce. Just one day it was over. Out of the blue so to speak. Turns out that perhaps the lady in all of this was not really quite the lady we all thought. It's not that her husband minded because he really didn't. The problem was that our wife wasn't as discreet as perhaps she should have been and a huge secret was about to be revealed which neither the husband or wife really wanted. Seems that maybe the other man in this wife's life was not just some random guy off the street, but someone much closer. Each had their own reasons for keeping everything a secret. The wife really was happy being married to the husband which is why there were very few fireworks and instead just a resigned disappointment that she wasn't going to get to stay. The wife violated a rule and has slowly been eliminated from any contact with the ex and the ex's family.
Nicole Kidman/Tom Cruise

28. NY POST 07/12
WHICH hip-hop legend is going to go broke paying child support? Besides his known baby mamas, seven months ago, a member of his entourage gave birth to another child of his, which was the last straw for his girlfriend.
Flava Flav; P. Diddy

What pint-size pop star likes to pop Adderall? She's even tried to foist the prescription zinger on female friends.

Which stunning former celebrity wife and popular men's magazine model is about to ink a deal with adult film company Platinum Jewel?
Shauna Sands, Lorenzo Lamas's former wife; Nicki Ziering; Shanna Moakler

31. POPBITCH 07/12
--He may be a bit of a wizard on the green baize but which snooker star lost his passport this week in Hong Kong's bar district... on a night out with a hooker? John Higgins as his nickname is the Wizard of Wishaw

--Which Brit rap lothario keeps a shagpad in Wimbledon secret from both wife and girlfriend? When he's not ensconced his married friends can enjoy its charms. The Streets

#1 Academy Award winner. 3some. Jail.
Sean Penn/Eve

#2 What VERY best selling author and speaker seems to be such the straight and narrow guy but is really not so straight and definitely not narrow if you know what I mean. Seems our married author got carried away at a weekend seminar with someone who is definitely of the same sex. John Grisham; Dan Brown

This one's the best. And no, it's not about putting naughty things up one's bum or nostrils, sorry (we'll be back next week with those curious cavity activities, I'm sure). Nope, this time round, we're givin' ya a plain ol' obnoxious-behavior-beyond-compare Vice job, sound good? Sure, it does! There he was, Day-Old Dumbo, visiting the network headquarters of a fairly well-established Hollywood cable outfit. DOD was apparently hungry for something other than that comeback he keeps working on, endlessly (as Day-O's never really again enjoyed the fame he achieved so magnificently as a kid). Mr. D, therefore, hit the deli in the office building where said network is housed. Musta been a slow day at the pickle place, 'cause Day-Old's mere presence caused quite the commotion at the eatery. Lots o' whispering and pointing, all aimed at DOD, who pretended (poorly) not to notice a damn thing. DOD then gets to the front of the line. People are still, amazingly, breathlessly watching his every move, as if he's gonna try and pick up one of the babes hanging next to the fruit-salad counter, or somethin'. After all, gal wrangling is, by far, Day's major calling card, as of late—much more so than his nine-to-five stuff. "Can I shake your hand?" the fawning deli clerk asks, eagerly, extending his own palm at the same time. Time stops. Every set of eyeballs in that fluorescent-lit joint is transfixed by the tense scene. Will he or won't he shake the excited man's hand, everyone wonders about Day-Old—who, in typical H-town ego-crushing tradition, just lets the poor man's hand dangle in space, untouched. "What are you doing?" DOD screams, his locks practically trembling as he dramatically pulls his body away from the deli worker in horror, as if the fan's pulled a punch or a gun, instead of the well-meaning gesture. "What are you doing?" he repeats, as if he hasn't insulted the guy enough, already. DOD's new reality show should only catch such splendid 'tude-wreck moments—maybe then the guy could again get a decent viewership. And it aint: Ron Howard, Gary Coleman, Henry Winkler
Scott Baio

Rewind: Last year, we reported on a non-black video girl who has herpes. This video girl will do anything to get paid! Over the years, I 've heard she never really cared much for African-Americans. She's a fan of rap and she uses the culture to get paid and to make contacts. Over time, she began to like African American men but she still harbors a deep resentment and hatred for African American women. We were informed last week, that this woman went shopping with her black boyfriend. She had an altercation she instigated with a black female customer. The altercation became so heated that she called the black female a "Ni**er B**ch" in front of her black boyfriend. You would think, the black boyfriend would have checked her or left her ass at the store, instead, he stepped to the black female in defense of his non-black woman. He held his ground until security was alerted, they broke up the incident. Even white shoppers seemed to be shocked by the boyfriend's reaction. Hint: This video girl is very well known in the black community.
Gloria Velez; Vida Gerra

#1 So this A list actor in name recognition and actually can open a movie on his own but you just don't really think of him as A list is getting a divorce although there was some question about whether they were really married. Anyway our mystery actor has been signing false tax returns for awhile and his wife didn't quite catch on until recently that he was hiding money from her. She finds out and then relationship go bye bye, and our actor better hope he doesn't go bye bye to prison.
Johnny Knoxville

#2 This parasite was seen giving a lap dance to a record producer you don't want to cross. A photo was taken of the incident and immediately the record producer's thugs grabbed the camera, took the memory card out and gave the camera back to the photographer. Suge Knight/Paris Hilton

#3 This A list actor is already very tired of his fairly new wife. The problem is his fans expect him to be a certain way and getting divorced from the mother of your child(ren) is not something they want to see. So, he puts on a happy face and tries to find other people to act as a buffer. Ben Affleck

#4 Speaking of lap dances. Well not now, but in #2 anyway. This B list actor from a very long running television series which ended gracefully loves the strip clubs and loves the lap dances. What he doesn't do is tip though. He pays exactly the cost and nothing more and gets really upset if he feels the song is too short. All of the ladies are tired of his act especially since he said he was just doing it for research. Of course his research has been an almost every day for six months kind of research. His wife must be thrilled. Eric McCormack

36. NY POST 07/15
1. WHICH lesbian nightlife impresario is being accused of hitting on the other mothers at her kids' Laurel Canyon school? Fliers are being sent out anonymously warning, "The school playground has never been more dangerous."
Amanda Demme, openly gay but has 2 kids by late former husband Ted Demme, she used to run Teddy's at the Roosevelt Hotel

2. WHICH White House correspondent had to spring into action when his 5-year-old son used a swimming pool in Martha's Vineyard as a toilet?

37. NY DAILY NEWS 07/15
Which handsome serial dater of beautiful actresses was seen cruising for male companionship at a private concert in NYC?
Jared Leto; Jake Gyllenhall

38. NY DAILY NEWS 07/16
Which rocker-ette, who is attempting a comeback, has a new eating disorder to replace the drugs? Apparently now she will eat only yogurt products.
Courtney Love

A few years ago, a source told me-she grew up with this renowned black male celebrity. It was so much drama is his childhood, he often stayed at her family's house. They fed and clothed him. His family was so dysfunctional, they only came looking for him once. After he became famous, they lost touch but when he returned to their hometown for an engagement, her whole family went to welcome him home with open arms. The reunion didn't go as expected, he snubbed them and told them he didn't want to remember anything or anyone from his past. He left them standing there with their mouths open as he got into his limo and took off. Fast Forward: Rumors have always circulated that this man has ordered up male escorts on occasion but he continues to deny gay rumors regarding his lifestyle. We were recently informed that this man is now having a very discreet and secretive relationship with a professional athlete. They both are very careful because they both have a lot to lose. Our celebrity has dated famous women and he uses them as "beards," while his athlete stands in the shadows. Whenever you see one of them, the other is not far behind, regardless of city. Hints: He's not a actor, singer, rapper, model or athlete. And, he's extremely popular and well known in the black community.
renowed black male celebrity:
Tyler Perry
professional athlete:
Laveranues Coles

Some very interesting news. It seems that this certain A list body with the B list resume has been sticking with her guy after everyone thought that all was said and done because they got married. Not recently and no one even in the family is the wiser. They did it on a lark, but now at least she understands that in order to get out of it, people are going to find out she was in it in the first place. He's just happy to be married to her. I know when you read the first line you think it's very obvious, but it's not.
Jessica Alba/Cash Warren

41. AOL Blackvoice’s Jawn Murray 07/16
Talk about a close call. As this athlete and his wife walked past the outdoor restaurant of a posh hotel, on the opposite side of the shrubbery sat one of the sports star's former mistresses. Though the "happy" couple never saw his one-time jump-off, she saw them as she sat with friends drinking cocktails and having lunch. Shaquille O’Neal

This Music Producer thought he was being a do right man when he decided to pursue a relationship with this former Pop Star. The Star just had a baby by another man, but the man wanted nothing to do with her or the baby. The Music Producer liked the Pop Star, and he knew she needed help. At first things were going well. Then the Pop Star found out she was coming into big money via child support checks, and her attitude toward the Producer changed. She found fault with everything he did and acted like he didn’t matter. During one argument, she was so busy telling him off that she almost dropped her new baby.
 Scary Spice/Stephen Belafonte

43. NY DAILY NEWS 07/17
Which actor-comedian kept insisting on threesomes to "save the marriage" and then divorced his long-suffering wife anyway?
Mike Myers

So you heard about the baby Daddy problem of Nicole Richie. Well her situation is definitely not unique, it just is not usually advertised so blatantly. Well not too long ago, okay, within the last year or so, a B list television actress from a network show gave birth to a child. The couple was all smiles around the baby and everyone was thrilled including the tabloids. Lots of pictures of the whole family. No one did much checking into the history of the relationship and certainly didn't investigate the fact that the "father" has a medical problem that precludes him from having kids. So, who is the Daddy? How about a happily married A list actor from the same network, but different show. They had done some publicity for the network, spent some alone time together, and then uh oh. Enter the new "father." The biological dad and mom had a fling but don't get along and so the kid is going to grow up thinking mom and new "father" are his/her parents
. Julie Bowen/Matthew Fox

45. NY POST 07/18
1. WHICH hard-partying starlet has figured out a way to get high while wearing an alcohol-monitoring anklet? She was asking where she could score some Ecstasy at a Vegas club the other night.
Lindsay Lohan

2. WHICH too-good-to-be-real Hollywood leading man and his hard-bodied wife deserve Oscars for their portrayal of a perfect marriage? They both have secret lives with members of the same sex.  Will Smith/Jada Smith

46. NY DAILY NEWS (Rush & Molloy) 07/18
That very not-single songbird and that very famous basketball playa? I'm hearing the rumors are true.
Beyonce and LeBron James

47. NY DAILY NEWS (Gatecrasher) 07/18
What major young movie actor is practically giving his upstairs neighbors contact highs by smoking pot on his balcony so often?
Shia LeBouf

They say the wife is the last to know. Guess she dumped you playa, after finding out about your latest mistress. You always pretended to be so dedicated to your family, referring to her as your "soul mate," during every interview. Had everyone fooled because you didn't seem like a serial cheater, but you are. In reality, you had a legion of women to chose from. Remember the real estate hottie from last year, the aspiring actress and a slew of models. You envied one of your "rich friends," and although you didn't have the funds he had, you secretly led the life of a rich playboy (behind your wife's back) trying to emulate the success of your friend. But, your wife finally woke up! Hint: He's not a singer, athlete or rapper.

playa: Duane Martin
wife: Tisha Campbell
aspiring actress: Lisa Raye
rich friend: Will Smith

#1 Which two related musicians disappointed hundreds of fans by bailing out of a movie watching party? The reason? While being interviewed on stage one of the musicians was given a basket with filled with items for a baby. The aggrieved musician then cussed on the air and in front of the all the fans there to see him. He walked off the stage and didn't look back. So I'm guessing a baby shower is out of the question. Joel  and Benji Madden

#2 Speaking of musicians, this almost out of the closet male pop/Top 40 singer with tons of female fans was caught in his dressing room the other night enjoying a little mutual self gratification with a male member of his crew. Next time you may want to lock the door or your coming out party will be sooner than you think. Clay Aiken

50. NY DAILY NEWS 07/19
Which tipsy but beloved New York actor staggered downstairs to the Cellar Bar in the Bryant Park Hotel Tuesday night, boozily declared to the staff, "I'm ready to party!" and then disappeared?
Nathan Lane

51. POPBITCH 07/19
--Promotions in which famous shop are down more to how pretty are the sales-girls they pick to pimp out to the boss, rather than how good their sales techniques seem to be?

--Which female singer expects her band-members to put out at her request? The touring musicians don't last long if they won't service the singer. Courtney Love

One Slut Fits All Blind Vice: Princess Gold-Zinger has been blessed with it all (almost, which is where we come in). P.G.Z.’s got the rockin’ puss, a svelte yet still ultrabangable bod and a fairly legit career, which is pretty friggin’ hard to find now in untalented, infamy filled T-town, trust. But, ‘course, not all is well for the fetchin’ actress, who’s got a way with good lines (on screen) and bad boys (off). P.G.Z. has had quite the rocky love life, fer sure, everything from her public busting up to her hot-and-not hookups post—and some say during—her most famous relationship. But don’t cry for this bitchin’ bitch, I insist. See, she’s never without a plus-one, and she was most recently spotted with quasi-cutie Harkness Hose. Many of you may not be familiar with H2, ‘cause his fame is quite below that of the Princess and her veddy royal fam. Now, I remember funny-honey H.H. most notably from season uno of a popular reality TV show, but since then, he’s appeared in at least one mainstream flop (where the two stars of the film found themselves in a tabloid hot-seat much like her royal highness) and has a few more likely duds comin’ out. So, what has he done to cast a spell on our Princess? Turns out he’s one big kinky freak—with the goodies to back it up! Harkness has been known to send X-rated photos and erotic emails to random women he meets on Myspace and has even met up and slept with some of them. I’m told H.H. is packin’ large and knows how to use his equipment. Able to fill out Gold Trojan Magnums XL, he serves it straight up and apparently damn good. The Princess is currently Hose’s latest utterly smitten gal. But let’s hope H can keep the kink without the creep, now that he’s with P.G.Z. (whose romance should be anything but PG). Who knows, maybe too big may be just right for the lovable golden lass. And it ain't: Sienna Miller, Nicole Kidman, Halle Berry

Princess Gold-Zinger: Kate Hudson
Harkness Hose: Dax Shepard

Some weeks just seem like everything is about actors or singers hiding in the closet and I guess this is one of those weeks. When a movie is released there of course is a great deal of publicity done by the stars of the film. Well this film is no different, and actually may even be subjected to more publicity than is normal. So, on a publicity tour the actors are asked the same questions over and over and basically can just sleep through their responses. Almost every media outlet from the very biggest to the tiniest gets their chance at the actors. There are so many reporters and questions the actors get used to saying the same thing repeatedly, and a new angle can trip them up. Such was the case this past week when a freelance reporter asked a question to an A list television but B list film actress about one of her cast mates. He asked the question in such a brilliant way that she didn't immediately realize that she had outed the B- list film actor, but B+ in name recognition. The studio publicist did realize it immediately since they are paid to hopefully pay attention. A lock down of sorts occurred and the reporter wasn't allowed to leave until something could be worked out. There was no way this studio was going to have that information come out and of course not the actor or his people. Meanwhile, the actress wasn't all that freaked out about it, and said that everyone knew anyway so what was the big deal. The reporter knew he had a goldmine and turned it into a nice healthy payoff, plus a whole bunch of other promises from everyone else which should make the reporter a tidy profit in work and money.
Amanda Bynes/Zac Effron

54. NY POST 07/20
--WHICH "socialite" who's suffering photo withdrawal since socialiterank.com closed got down on her knees for a party paparazzo? He accepted her favors and then snapped away.
Tinsley Mortimer

--WHICH beleaguered gazillionaire record genius once did everything he could to make sure the official records of his son's death didn't mention he had AIDS? Phil Spector

--WHICH celebrity chef got carried away on liquid ecstasy during a big party on Mykonos? The cute cook "ran around naked and participated in a sex orgy," our spy swears. Jamie Oliver; Rocco Dispirito

--WHICH rock star's daughter has a major drug problem? Trying to keep up with her boyfriend, she recently passed out "foaming at the mouth" at an L.A. club, where a rehabbed pal found a huge bag of cocaine hidden in her bra. Kimberly Stewart

55. 3 A.M. GIRLS 07/20
WHICH chart-topping singer is broke? The huge star says her record company is taking all the dosh and leaving her completely penniless.
Lily Allen

The domestic and overseas tabloids are running stories on former prostitute Divine Brown's financial turnaround. Apparently, she earned $1.6 million in income during the Hugh Grant scandal. She bought a Hollywood Hills home with a Rolls Royce and Mercedes in the driveway. She also sent her children to private school and she shopped on Rodeo Drive. Despite this good fortune, rumors also circulated that she was still allegedly prostituting, dividing her time between Las Vegas brothels and a Los Angeles high rise but we don't know how true this rumor is. Divine is currently engaged to a unidentified man who heads his own record label. Few people know, during her heyday, she allegedly serviced numerous hip-hop stars. One of these men (a famous rapper) became so enthralled with her that he broke up with his actress girlfriend. The girlfriend didn't know he was cheating with Divine and she's still in the dark and continues to be devastated by the breakup.
50 cent and Vivica A. Fox

57. HOLY MOLY 07/20
Which superstar singer has embraced a sensational new diet, resulting in the pounds simply dropping off? It's a crazy new treatment from Afghanistan - some are already calling it 'Heroin' - which has led to the weight loss. It's not for everyone though, being quite expensive, but if your husband is also your dealer then you get a hefty discount.
Amy Winehouse

1 - Ummmm. She's told everyone she's pregnant, BUT she hasn't been to a doctor (OB/GYN), AND has taken no pregnancy test. She has simply missed a period or two.
Britney Spears

2 - Comes from AP and like all good AP stories they come from the women's restroom. Seems this female B list television/made for tv movie/maybe one good movie role actress who has done the whole "I'm not anorexic or bulimic anymore even if I ever was," type speeches has been seen in the bathroom twice in the last ten days or so by AP puking up all the appetizers and drinks she had cheerfully consumed 30 minutes earlier.

3 - Have you noticed this A+ list couple hasn't been photographed together lately even though he has been. Do you think she is enjoying her long "vacation" because he slept with their maid's daughter or because he hit on and got rejected by the son of a family friend. Both happened but who knows which caused the "vacation."

4 - There is this network should be a hit dramedy show and it seems that a married actress on the show is having a little thing with the main star power if not lead, not currently married actor on the show.

5 - This jackass B+ actor, on a hit network drama was in a restaurant for lunch on Wednesday and was dissatisfied with his food. He called the waiter over to complain and when he didn't feel the waiter was being attentive enough to his needs took the ketchup covered cheeseburger and threw it at the waiter. Well threw is an overstatement since the waiter was about 1 foot away. Our married actor then got up with his ho of the day and walked out. Patrick Dempsey

He is super talented. Undeniably so. But like many of the most brilliant, he is also very troubled, though it was thought that he had been able to gain control of his demons with professional assistance. Thing is, he went in last time for booze…at least that’s what was "revealed" at the time… but it turns out, since he’s certainly not abstaining these days, the truth is alcohol was never his vice. His vice was actually hard core smack. Which is why he’s been brazen about drinking in public these days - carousing and cavorting with friends and family who up to this point haven’t seemed concerned, seeing as vodka wasn’t his toxic muse. Past tense. Word is he’s been hitting the bottle hard to the point of oblivion, to the point where the studio behind his new projects and the suits who manage the marketing are getting worried about whether or not he’ll be able to deliver on his commitments and are now trying to impose behaviourial conditions on his promotional appearances as a pre-emptive move to get him to clean up - something has not taken kindly to. Jury is still out on whether or not he can pull it together but everyone is pulling for him. In spite of his issues, everyone loves him. He’s a sweet endearing guy with a terrible terrible problem.
Joaquin Phoenix

60. NY DAILY NEWS 07/22
Which closeted TV hunk has an annoyed "boyfriend" who thought they were dating exclusively? Turns out the N.Y.-based cable star was seeing three other gentlemen at the same time.
Anderson Cooper

61. NY DAILY NEWS 07/23
Which lens-loving "socialite" is having an affair with an internationally famous married-with-kids artist?
Genevieve Jones and Francesco Clemente

I have heard numerous complaints from black entertainers (not A-list) and black patrons, that they have a hard time getting into some of L.A.'s trendiest nightspots. Some of these clubs have a "black quota," and they employ African-American doormen to reject black patrons to protect themselves from racial discrimination suits. But, I recently learned, their is another element at play here. A white female celebrity has called a few of these clubs and openly complained about the number of blacks in attendance when she attends. She says, "being around too many blacks make me uncomfortable." If you don't exclude some of them, I will make sure, "my young white Hollywood friends," find another club to attend. I will call them all and ask them not to patronize you establishment. Club owners cave in to her demands because this celebrity and her friends bring notoriety to their clubs as well as good publicity. This white celebrity is often in the company of blacks despite the deep resentment she harbors and she talks about these same blacks like a dog behind their backs with her white friends. It's common for her to use racial epithets to describe her "so called black friends," when they're out of earshot.
Paris Hilton

63. PEREZ HILTON 07/23
What Hollywood housewife that has been bearding a famous closeted homosexual has an on-the-side boyfriend (for several years now)? The undercover lovers were recently spotted holding hands and cuddling on an American Airlines flight from New York to LA. They were the only two in first class on a rather empty day-time flight. It shouldn’t take a lot of hairspray or Xenu to figure this one out!
Kelly Preston Travolta

Could it be that a certain hoofer who has higher hopes has dumped his long-suffering beau? I suppose it wasn't a big transition - it's not like he was faithful or anything. But that promise of big things to come didn't pan out, so he's looking elsewhere. He might want to take up one of the offers he's gotten from numerous gay porn companies who will pay big bucks to immortalize his power bottom status.
"Dancing with the Stars" Maksim Chmerkovskiy

65. AOL Blackvoice’s Jawn Murray 07/23
You better refrain from using flash photography while attending this singer's concert. The alternative soul siren apparently suffers from epilepsy and the flashes make her dizzy. Source say during a recent concert performance in Atlanta, when fans began taking photos the singer blacked out and when she came to, she thoroughly cursed the crowd out!
Meshell Ndegeocello

#1 - This attached, triple reality star was recently flying solo at a party but didn't stay solo for long. Because she couldn't leave with anyone and had to return home alone she had to partake of all her fun at the party. One couple wanted to enjoy her favors but she turned down the man in the couple but did let him watch her with his girlfriend. She then tried to make a move on a female celebutard but was turned down flat when the tard said she didn't do women. That was actually funny because the celebutard made a move on a professional athlete at the party and he said that he didn't do women.
attached, triple reality star: Adrienne Curry (party at Mansion in Miami)
couple at party:
celebutard: Caroline D'Amore
professional athlete:

#2 - Members of this band may soon be under investigation for arson. Having long complained about their tour bus, several members had been discussing trading up. However, seeing as the bus was a present from one member's A-list actor cousin for their first tour, they realized they had a problem -- the A-lister still officially held ownership. The bus fire was passed off as a drunken fan prank and no one was hurt. Another of the band member's acting family immediately gave him the money for a new bus. Funny that this all transpired within short distance of where the band's cushy new bus was delivered from.
band: Rooney (Robert Schwartzman)
A-list actor cousin: Nicolas Cage

another of the band member's acting family: Schwartzman's mother is actress Talia Shire; his brother is actor Jason Schwartzman; his uncle is director Francis Ford Coppola; his cousin is Sofia Coppola

67. PEREZ HILTON 07/23 **#2**
What supposedly reformed party boy was doing tons of blow in the Caribbean this past weekend???
Jesse Metcalf

68. NY DAILY NEWS 07/24
Which rocker half of a married couple had a steady boyfriend for years before his headline-making nuptials with his famous girlfriend?
Gavin Rossdale/Gwen Stefani; Dave Navarro/Carmen Electra

#1 This married NBA player who has been mentioned previously in this space was seen having drinks alone with this famous for being famous "movie star." I'm sure the reason they left together was so she could give him some tips on his game.
Kobe Bryant/Kim Kardashian

#2 What B- actor but with A name recognition is trying to get back together with his ex who is an A list actress, not because he really cares for her, but because he needs her help to land a new film role. If he brings her along then it could be his ticket to A list money and fame for his work, and not just for being with his ex. So far, she has turned him down cold and his career is stuck. Ryan Phillippe/Reese Witherspoon

#3 This degenerate record producer who gets lucky way more than he should walks out on dates if they don't think they are going to put out. He usually does this maneuver AFTER eating and drinking, leaving them with the tab. One recent tab was almost $1000. The girl had to call her parents who gave the restaurant a credit card over the phone. Scott Storch

70. NY DAILY NEWS 07/25
Which toke-loving chart-toppers caused a security scare because they were so stoned they left behind unattended luggage at an airport?

Rewind: Last year, we featured a blind item about a non-black/non-white actress who's "currently on a TV series." She was once discreetly involved with a rapper/actor. Her representatives asked her to break off the relationship fearing a backlash from fans and Hollywood bigwigs. She took their advice, but now, she regrets it. Fast Forward: She still has strong feelings for her former boyfriend and she's not over him. Her heart continues to ache, and she is heartbroken that he is in a serious relationship with a new girlfriend. She tells friends, "I should have followed my heart and told my agent to fuck off but I didn't because I wanted success so bad." When they broke up, she told the rapper that she needed her space but he would soon find out-the real reason for the breakup. He was devastated that she left him because of his race, and he vowed-he would never forgive her. The actress misses him so much, she is contemplating on whether she should contact him. She's secretly hoping for a reconciliation, because she really doesn't want to lose him forever to this other woman.

Things have gone from bad to worse for that Hollywood agent whose boyfriend is said to have been appropriated by a media mogul. But the mogul's wife apparently doesn't mind.

#1 Definitely over between the A list couple who hasn't been photographed together and the wife on "vacation." The problem is our actor has such a good reputation that divorce won't be an option unless he gets caught with the very early 20's blonde he has been hanging out with at one of his homes.

#2 This reality show host has been rumored to be gay and this past weekend did nothing to quell the rumors. Our host was spotted around town with makeup on, and glitter sparkled on every inch of exposed skin. We heard he even smelled like he was wearing women's perfume. Ryan Seacrest

#3 This Top 40 singer has had some recent problems with record sales and her relationship with the crazy white powder probably isn't helping matters either. What was once a pick me up is now more and more becoming a daily necessity. No, it's not Britney.

1. This hot Actress would be even hotter if she spent as much time on her career as she does chasing sport stars. She doesn’t care if it’s basketball, football or baseball. If you are a ball player, you can get a date with her. She used to be married to a football player, and she wants another Sports Star.
Gabrielle Union

2. Why do certain stars claim that they looking for a special member of the opposite sex yet you never see them in public with the opposite sex! Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! Tyler Perry and Alicia Keys

75. NY DAILY NEWS 07/26
Which indie actress, currently filming in NYC with an Oscar-winner and an Oscar-nominee, is annoying cast and crew with her superior airs? The big names are perfectly nice, but the international visitor is testing tempers on set, I hear.
Samantha Morton

76. POPBITCH 07/26
1. This Hollywood director of a summer blockbuster likes nothing better than getting a large bag of cocaine and picking up young women, usually in the company of another hard-partying, journeyman movie director. Blockbuster-chap likes the all-American look, while his friend will only go for very young Asian women.
Michael Bay and Brett Radner

2. Which female sports presenter will only stay on the ground floor of a hotel, otherwise she insists on staying in a Winnebago outside?

So this former A list teen television and movie star of the 80's is basically out of money because of a stale career and a serious drug habit. The only thing he has left to sell is his house. So, he calls a real estate agent and she comes over to look at the house and decide what it's worth. Well the first one is there for all of about five minutes when our actor starts hitting on her and trying to have sex with her and she basically flees. After many apologies, the broker sends over a man this time and he walks through the house. The house is in a great location and should sell for $4 or $5 million IF it was in good shape. The problems with the house are (a) multiple sections of the wall show fire damage from freebasing incidents gone bad (b) one of the second floor bathrooms has no floor because one night our actor got drunk and thought about putting a fire pole from the 2nd floor to the first and basically took a sledgehammer and knocked it all out. There is a door, a toilet and a tub. No counter or floor anywhere else. (c) The kitchen is covered in mold. The floors, the walls, any exposed surface are covered in it as well as rodent droppings and roaches everywhere. (d) the entire house smells like death and rehab. While the agent is walking through the house, our actor is doing one line of coke after another and keeps offering the agent one and is getting more and more offended that the agent will not share or participate. He then starts thinking the agent is actually a policeman and goes to find his gun. (Why he would get his gun if he thought it was a cop is beyond me) While looking for his gun, the agent gets the hell out and no one has been back. Meanwhile, people do sometimes hire this guy for work, but only enough to keep him in drugs. (Not the Corey's although I wouldn't want to go to their place either).
Richard Grieco

Look, everybody, I was going to tell you all about a certain Morgan Mayhem family member who, just like Morgy, is getting hugely wasted more often than she burps overpriced champagne, but, like, whatever, ya know? No big ser-prize there.
 Dina Lohan

So, instead, due to an overwhelming demand for all things closeted and Toothy Tile, we’re going to round up all recent clues provided for our limited-run special 20 Questions and give ya another fab clue! Ding ding ding! Hot fun for the same-sex tum, huh? Now, keep in mind, for those of you teething for Tooth, we’re not even friggin’ halfway through the 20 queries, but thus far, this is what we’ve previously let out, as it were:

Q: Was he on Dancing with the Stars?
A: No. T2 is a talented thesp who's way above reality TV, trust.

Q: Are Toothy's initials in the first half of the alphabet, or the second? FYI: I'm asking about his real name, not pseudonym, so no tricks please.
A: No.

Q: Is Toothy known to be an animal lover?
A: Uh, yes, but isn’t everybody (or at least pretending to be) in this hairy town?

Q: What happened to Baby Tile? Did Toothy and B-F Tile have the kid, or did they give up on the idea of becoming dads? Are they still together and superdomesticated?
A: Give the nonnuclear fam time, doll-babe.

Q: Is Toothy Tile known to be athletic?
A: That, my dear, depends on your definition of athletic. He can hold his own, how about that?

Q: Is Toothy Tile Isaiah Washington?
A: Wrong bum-lovin’ boy. Think younger, cuter ‘n’ sans snarkiness.

And for all you unleashed types doggin’ for the good-lookin’ dude’s identity, here are two more newbie inquiries to get ya through the weekend. Now, keep the questions burnin’!

Q: Has Toothy Tile ever been nominated for or won a major American award?
A: For Best Kinky Performance in a Parking Lot? Why, yes! By the West Hollywood Sheriff’s voting academy, actually!

Q: Why is Jennifer Aniston the only woman Vince Vaughn has been linked to in the tabloids? Is he Toothy Tile?
A: No. He’s not nearly agile enough. Certainly not for the back-seat seduction game.

AND IT AIN’T: Don Cheadle; Homer Simpson; Carrot Top

According to a member of his security detail, this "new school" singer is gay. It’s obvious because every time he’s pictured with a woman he goes out of his way to milk the publicity and he’s also known to alert the media. This singer likes the "rough neck" types behind closed doors and he’s very delicate and likes to play dress up. He also likes lip-gloss. He’s the "girl" in these secret liaisons. And, the ATL is his favorite spot to pick up gay men, because he considers this the "Black Gay Man Mecca," his personal playground and private Disneyland. Some celebrities release their own sex tapes and pretend that the tape was stolen or their cell phone was hacked. I wouldn't be surprised if this singer paid a girl to appear in a sex tape with him (and then leak it). Only problem, will he be able to get aroused with a woman? Hint: It’s not Chris Brown.

#1 This B list television actress on a hit show just had a physical for a movie she is about to star in and complained about a problem to the doctor. Turns out she has herpes. Turns out her very serious (as in relationship) guy didn't share that fascinating tidbit with her and she FREAKED out at the doctor's. No word on what happened on the homefront.

#2 The funny thing is this B list couple are going to stores together and buying things for his boyfriend's home not his home or her home as they want everyone to believe. Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen

#3 I'm not really one for royalty blind items because I don't know any, but I do know that recently there was some royalty that hit the OC hard. (you can take that however you want, but I don't think they were physically hanging out at Laguna Beach.) (It’s hard to imagine them hooking up now, but back when it happened it was a pretty intense couple of weeks. She would not stop talking about it for a year. At some point when she started dating Cisco Adler she stopped talking about it as much.) Prince Harry and Mischa Barton

#4 Quick but dirty. A list actress, maybe even A+ no discernible boyfriend, but definitely pregnant.

81. NY DAILY NEWS 07/28
Which L.A. lady power-friends are more competitive than they seem? At a major party very recently, one Mrs. Moviestar had a bunch of the other Mrs. Moviestars pals disinvited, causing bad feelings behind the scenes.
Jada Pinkett Smith and Katie Holmes for Beckham's party

82. NY POST 07/30
1. WHICH lad-mag editor couldn't wait to get a lovely lass back to his bachelor pad? He indulged in a sexual act in the back of a taxi until the Pakistani driver freaked out in Urdu, pulled over and evicted them.

2. WHICH actress' weight gain is being blamed on her scoundrel ex-boyfriend who knocked her up? She only started shedding some of the weight when he forced her to terminate her pregnancy.

3. WHICH other Hollywood beauty, who's been showing off her bikini bod lately, is fooling everyone with stories of diet and exercise? Friends say she's dropping the pounds the old-fashioned way - by snorting cocaine. Hillary Duff; Lauren "LC" Conrad of Laguna Beach

83 NY DAILY NEWS 07/30
Which troubled young star was overheard asking where to get crystal meth at a Los Angeles nightclub last weekend?
Jesse Metcalfe

SKY VILLA PRESENTS: TODAY'S "BLIND ITEM": From the left to right are: "Jinx," and "Sinnamon." Both women are upscale "companions" who charge $1,000 or more per hour for their services. Sinnamon is an adult actress who supplements are income as a "companion." Both women are represented by a mysterious "underground," exclusive agency (that we agreed not to name). The agency is not accessible through browser or phone book. Their reasoning, 'if you're anyone of importance, you will locate us.' The agency advertisement reads: We are an elite agency that represents models and women in the adult film industry with a focus on women of color and exotic ethnicities. There is a strict physical criteria for the women, they have to be drop dead gorgeous. We were informed last week that a former African-American actress, known more for her looks that her acting ability was interested in this particular agency representing her on a discreet basis. Funds were low and she wanted to supplement her meager income as an companion. She assumed her name status would come in handy. WRONG! She was stunned when they turned her down flat
! Robin Givens

#1 This A list film actress and really she is one of the very few, seems to have been working her magic again. Her magic that causes men to drool and do stupid things. Her latest victim is a B lister but if going by talent alone would be A list all the way. Long term girlfriend is no more all because he has mistaken our actress's on set affection and confused it with true love which is definitely NOT on her to do list. The actor is on the to do list if you know what I mean, but not true love.
Scarlett Johansson/Javier Bardem

#2 Maybe the reason there are no PDA photos is because one of them made a promise to their real significant other that it really is all for show and would prove it to them by not making out with the other person and groping them in public and instead really does respect their significant other. Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christianson

86. AOL Blackvoice’s Jawn Murray 07/30
Is the legendary "Papa" going to be revealed in Karrine Steffans' follow-up tome, 'The Vixen Diaries?' That's the buzz in the literary world! Sources say that Steffans next book is being kept under lock and key so that the identity of the mystery rap personality is not disclosed until the book drops in September. Method Man

87. NY DAILY NEWS 07/31
Which unlikely sports celebrity will soon be gracing a fitness magazine cover as part of a back-room deal to keep certain damaging hooker allegations out of a different publication?
Tiger Woods

#1 It worked once, why not try it again? This parasite got some help in the record department with one lap dance, so why not try and make it two? The parasite decided to try and give a lap dance to an aging record producer who said no thanks despite many attempts by the parasite to suck up and do whatever she thought might work.
Paris Hilton/Clive Davis

#2 This A+ film actor who has become sort of a do gooder as of late when not making mostly forgettable movies recently was at an event with regular folks. You know, the people who have jobs and spouses and families. Didn't stop him from making the moves on one married woman as he told her all the things he could give her if she spent the night with him or at least a few hours. They had been flirting all day but he became increasingly arrogant and blatant in what he wanted to do to her and finally she had enough. She told him no and said that if he didn't stop, she would get her husband to kick his ass. He might play a tough guy in films, but in reality it seems that the threat of a good ass kicking turned more than his hair grey. Sean Penn

Against all odds she became one of America's most beloved TV personalities. She seems so sweet but actually has shockingly little regard for her pets. She adopted a kitten from an LA animal rescue organization, but returned it a few days later, explaining that it "wasn't cute enough." She picked out another kitten and took that home but the rescuers got a call within a few days. Our celebrity asked "How can I get my kitten DECLAWED? I don't want her to damage my expensive furniture." Horrified rescuers immediately picked up the kitten and won't do business with our celebrity again.

We reported last year that late rapper Tupac hid the fact that he studied Shakespeare because he didn't want to compromise his street cred. Now, we have a thugged out rapper who is also hiding a secret. He discreetly studied investment manuals and became adaptive in investing large sums of money within his online stock account. And, he's become an investment wizard with very lucrative overseas investments. He also has an "immediate annuity," set up that pays him a five figure monthly salary as well. At the rate he's going, he should already be set for life, financially. He had considered lecturing other rappers on money management but at the last minute he decided against it because it may compromise his street cred, as we mentioned earlier. Sadly, he continues to keep his financial savvy a secret because he doesn't want to be considered a "white boy" in rap circles.  Ludacris; 50 Cent

This stage mom has been given some harsh treatment in the press as of late. Nothing like white Oprah, but still quite bad. It seems that her reputation for enjoying many different suitors has come to an end though. In one of the most shocking love matches in recent history she has hooked up with this A/B male film and television actor who has always been known as a womanizer. Seems that ever since these two lovebirds hooked up a few months ago they haven't spent more than two nights apart. Right now they are keeping it hush hush because of the child's career and also the actor kind of enjoys his reputation at least in public. He must really like our stage mom though because he's cut back over half his public appearances just so he can spend time with his new lady who is actually older than our actor. But not by much.
Leslie Panettiere

This TV Actor is about to start work on a brand new show, but he may have to start paying attention to his wife. He is always cheating on her. The wife is an accomplished Broadway Performer. To teach her cheating hubby a lesson, she may have to get her groove back with another man.
Taye Diggs/Idina Menzel

93. NY DAILY NEWS 08/02
Which Sapphic starlet employed her lover as an "assistant" to explain why they always went out together?

94. POPBITCH 08/02
1. This fashion designer has been thinking of having a baby with a lesbian friend so went to the doctor to find out what to do. Sadly, a shock was in order when the doctor told him he's got AIDS.
Marc Jacobs

2. This beautiful American movie star was tipped for a glittering career not so long ago but he quickly got more interested in drugs than acting. New York party-goers tell of an extraordinary night when he over-dosed in the middle of the room, while a Saturday Night Live funnyman vomited all around him. The actor was removed by paramedics and the party just carried on. Wes Bentley

#1 Which A+ list actor has been making the time to help out another used to be A+ actor by doing a lengthy cameo in the former A+ listers new film?

#2 There is an A- film actress filming a movie with a B+ actress and they haven't spoken an unnecessary word to each other on the set of their latest movie. Seems the two don't see eye to eye on many issues and can't stand each other. The last straw was that the A- actress felt that the B+ actress was hijacking the movie by threatening to not do the part unless she got more money and perks than the A- actress. The B+ actress told everyone that she was the better actress, and definitely worth more to the film. The B+ actress didn't get the extra dough, but made a bad relationship even worse.
A- actress: Scarlett Johansson
B+ actress: Penelope Cruz
movie: Woody Allen Spanish Project

One Tush-Tweaked Blind Vice: Oh, I know what all you hets (at least the majority of you straight ones) think. You unshowered types think butt-play is for the boy-on-boy crowd, only. Oh, how very wrong-a-rooney you are. Take Harkness Hose, for ince. We were gabbing ‘bout his terribly naughty, enormously pleasing mattress activities with one Princess Gold-Zinger a few weeks ago (One Slut Fits All Blind Vice), remember? Of course you do. Well, H2 is at it again, online, as I feared he’d be. Don’t these public figures realize they’re going to be friggin’ recognized once they do the in-person deed they’ve just sent a gazillion emails to set up? Ah, well, I guess an engorged member has its privileges—like idiocy. Back to H.H.: He’s hardly being true to the Princess, as everybody and his goss-lovin' mama knew would happen. But it’s not just the doggin' round that I’m reporting for this taboo tuchus installment, it’s the accoutrement with which H-babe (who, by the by, has hideous coiffure and clothing tastes) came a-callin' to his latest e-lover. Pull out the licorice-flavored lube, lovahs, and get ready: "Even though he desperately needs a stylist and more hair transplants," a recent conquest of H.H. relayed, privately, just to yours truly, "when the boy combs his hair and gets naked…POW!" Cowabunga-kinky, love it! But why the pow-points, exactly, I inquired, like the good little dangler digger I happen to be. "Oh, the boy knows his way around the back end," answered Harkness’ latest electronically arranged Juliet. "Seriously, the boy is a great f--k," the body-to-body blabber informed moi—both with his own toys as well as the artificially made variety. My very own own little celeb Deep Throat (or should I call her Deep, uh, never mind) assures me that Princess, too, likes this sexual alternative nooky, who knew? Actually, I did! Jeez, how many gals am I gonna have to end up, as it were, writing these kind of Vices about, huh? AND IT AIN’T: Seth Green; Andy Dick; Nick Lachey

Harkness Hose: Dax Shepherd
Princess Gold-Zinger: Kate Hudson

*The aspiring white actress in this blind item is the source: This black actress has an intense hatred for black men. She once lived with a white woman when she first arrived in Hollywood. They were both aspiring actresses. According to the white actress, "It was like living with a white racist." She put black men down at every opportunity, when I asked, what about your father, he's African-American? She just glared at me without commenting." We once went to a chi-chi function and some of the guests were standoffish towards her because she was Black. Later, when I tried to sympathize with her, she looked at me like I was crazy and said, "Every situation is NOT a racist situation." I could not believe that a black person could defend blatant racism. I got fed up with her self-hatred attitude and moved out. Shortly afterwards, I saw her in a black music video, which included black men. I thought, maybe she's changed, I called to congratulate her on the video. She told me she only did the video because she needed the cash because she was between acting gigs and they paid her a little more because of her name status. As for her appearing with black men in the video, she said, "she felt like vomiting during the entire shoot and doesn't know how she got through it." I haven't spoken to her since. Hints: The music video was a rap video and she has "never" dated or married black men.
Aisha Tyler

#1 What greasy guy keeps mooching off other people. In this latest incident the greased one convinced a regular guy to go to Vegas saying he would pay him back when they got there for anything regular guy spent. Greasy said though that regular guy probably wouldn't have to spend a dime once they got there because greasy was hooked up. Well after three days of partying and promises greasy disappeared leaving our regular guy about $5000 in the hole.
"Greasy Bear" Brandon Davis

#2 The final straw for the wife of this A list film actor was when a party was being held at the couple's home and a friend at the party walked in on our actor and this former teen singing group/solo sensation laying on a bed making out and half undressed. It wasn't the first time, but it was the last in that house as a divorce was filed soon after. Eddie Murphy/Johnny Gill

#3 What laid back bachelor celebrity couldn't withstand the onslaught of this B list succubus and left his date to make her own way home while he and the B lister went to his place?

#4 What boy band group broke up not because of creative differences, but because one of the singers got tired of the sexual advances and lifestyle of one of the other singers. (No, it's not N'Sync) New Edition

98. HOLY MOLY 08/03
A nurse in a rehab unit in Harrogate tells us a tale of one recent inmate. A certain detoxing junkie had lost control of his bowels in bed (quite normal, happens to everyone apparently). While she was cleaning him up, he muttered "Leave it, Kate."
Pete Doherty

99. NY DAILY NEWS 08/05
Which formerly svelte, now size 14, famous NYC actress has a closet full of unwearable size 8 pants because that's the largest she will allow herself to buy?

100. STAR MAGAZINE 08/06
Hot Pillow Talk - Guess Who? Which blonde broke up with her musician beau because he liked to watch guy-on-guy porn while they made love? And she's not the first woman to complain about it.
Jessica Simpson/John Mayer

101. NY DAILY NEWS 08/06
Which network news executive had to confess to cheating on his partner after he caught hepatitis? Plus, he had to tell the 50 party guests whose food he prepared by hand the day before he was diagnosed.

People often wonder why they don't see photos of a very popular rapper's wife. She is buried deep in the background and is hardly ever pictured with her husband. The reason: He beats her and she's usually covered in black and blue bruises, that's why she's never seen. The rapper's wife also has self-esteem issues because she is aware of his constant infidelity but she chooses to ignore his numerous liaisons. The abuse seems to be escalating, there were always rumors of domestic strife but now the allegations have become more frequent. Allegedly, he beats her over anything but she won't leave him. He was being interviewed on a radio station last year and when questions arose about his wife, he changed the subject and appeared uncomfortable. Hint: He's a very well known rapper, domestically and internationally.

So this television actor who makes all the ladies crazy on a very hit show got a new cell a few weeks ago. The new iPhone to be exact. Well it seems our actor had about 10,000 questions for the woman on the phone at the customer service call center who set up his new service. She unfailingly answered them all and kept a smile on her face even when the actor kept taking other calls while talking to her. At one point, the actor needed to go but had more questions so he gave the customer service agent his home number and his wife's number and asked her to please call him in about 30 minutes so they could continue the call. She did and he was even more impressed. After getting her name and the name of her supervisor, the actor called/not wrote the President of AT&T Wireless to compliment the agent, AND sent her flowers AND sent her strawberries AND sent her strawberries with chocolate all to the call center where she works. As a further bonus he invited her to visit him on the set.
Eric Dane

104. AOL Blackvoice’s Jawn Murray 08/06
Quincy Jones initially wasn't amused when one of the musical guests scheduled to salute him during his Grammy Foundation's Starry Night Tribute on July 28 at UCLA backed out to attend Usher's wedding to Tameka Foster in The Hamptons. Things changed once Jones got word that the wedding was cancelled. "One of my friends called me and said, 'Q,' I can't come perform because I am going to a wedding," Jones told the crowd, before adding: "But look what happened!" The music legend then laughed hysterically.IS IT? Babyface

105. NY DAILY NEWS 08/07
Which mogul hates it when his boyfriends get along with his glamorous wife better than they do with him?
Barry Diller/Diane von Fürstenberg

So this B list film actor who had so much potential to be A list and really is A list name wise is really making a mess of his life. 10 years ago he was on top of the world. Career changing films were being offered to him, but he said no, preferring to take the money and run while he could. He must have known something then because now even though he works, he works much less than you would think without looking. He also makes less than you would think. Waaaay less. Drugs and bad relationship choices have left this actor with almost nothing. He's banking on the fact that he can have a shot at the role he turned down and that it can turn his life back around. The problem is that before anyone will think of hiring him for anything big he still needs to quit the drugs and quit f**king anything either male or female that moves. Drugs, abortions, and STD's are not the way to get positively noticed.
Christian Slater; Cuba Gooding Jr.

107. NY DAILY NEWS 08/08
Which troubled, hard-partying Lollapalooza performer cleared out a bathroom over the weekend in Chicago and then smoked what our spy-in-the-stall swears was a crack pipe?
Amy Winehouse

She's manipulating the media. Pretending like she left her womanizing boyfriend. In reality, he left her because of her deception regarding a personal matter. This playa has a woman in "every" area code, (domestically and internationally). Nothing can slow his flow. She's just trying to save face. For the past year, he was just going through the motions of being in a relationship with her, they were together in name only for media purposes and industry events. It appears that he has moved on but this may be a "decoy" scenario because he has a "famous non-black woman" stashed away that he has yet to make a public appearance with.
P. Diddy/Kim Porter

Since there was a kindness earlier in the week I figured a jackass would be appropriate as well. I believe this is the first time a woman has been featured in the jackass section but it just shows that rude behavior is not limited to the men. What makes this one extra jackassy is that the celebrity in question was in a "safe" location. By safe I mean a neighborhood where there are no tourists and most people have more money than said celebrity. Also, it's one of my favorite people so that kind of sucks. Of course this takes place at a Starbucks because celebrities save their very worst behavior for Starbucks and restaurants. So this gorgeous A list actress walks into Starbucks and says three words, and three words only. "Non fat latte." No size, no other instructions. Just those three words. When the barista asks a followup question, the actress puts her finger to her lips in a shhh motion, but says nothing. He tried again, and got the finger again. It was kind of like watching Austin Powers in front of your eyes except she wasn't actually saying anything. I guess he recognized her because he didn't ask for her name, not that she would have responded anyway. She doesn't utter a sound or make any other noise as she pays for her latte and just ignores any and all questions or comments from the barista. While she is waiting she positions her body in what well could be described as peacock or flamingo mode. She walked around the entire Starbucks thrusting her chest out and her head back like she owns the place. The three customers in the store started looking for hidden cameras because this was crazy as the actress just kept walking around in circles. It was like she wanted to put her very real beauty on display, but there was no one to display for. The place was practically empty and it's a very small Starbucks. When her latte was ready, the server just raised the cup and our actress noticed it on her next pass through the store. She walked up, took the cup and then walked out of the store like she was on a runway. As she left, one of the customers said "If I was going to do that I would at least make sure my hair didn't look like a rat's nest when I did it."
Eva Mendes

110. NY POST/PAGE SIX 08/09
--WHICH very eligible divorced man has his friends in a quandary now that he's engaged to get married again? The friends are afraid to tell him his fiancée is a gold digger who's still seeing her broke boyfriend on the side while waiting for her wedding day.

--WHICH aging supermodel is ensuring her picture still gets taken, despite her bad behavior and spiraling demand, by having an affair with the head of a major photo agency? The sex is so strong, friends say, the agency owner is thinking of leaving his loyal wife of several decades. Janice Dickinson; Naomi Campbell

111. POPBITCH 08/09
One half of Britain's most cherished comedy writing double act found himself in LA working on an Amerian sitcom back in the day. At a Hollywood party, he met one of the original Charlie's Angels. They hit it off, went back to her apartment where "it quickly transpired she was into bondage". She asked him to go get some pills from her bag in her car, down in the basement garage. And locked himself out. A neighbor called the police, he didn't want to drop her in it so spent the night in the cells on him. Next day the boss of the film studio employing him arrived to bail him out with the classic chastisement, "I can't believe you left a fucking Charlie's Angel tied to a bed!".

The new trend in Hollywood is to hook up with a woman who has money. The woman usually gets her money from a divorce or child support. Or, she is wealthy because of her career, and the men know that they are lonely. These men wine and dine the woman, but spend her money. Some of today’s top headliners are victims of these men.
Mel B and Stephen Belafonte

#1 Despite their appearances together on recent talk shows and their public comments to the contrary, these two actors really don't like each other and what you see in public and what goes on in private are two very different things.
Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker

#2 This former A list television star and now a "Didn't he used to be in?" kind of star who still works but not at the same level he did and his never higher than B list wife are each enjoying other people while remaining married for the sake of their child(ren). Each parent takes a turn at home with the kid(s) while the other goes off with their current flame. It works out well except when they need to be photographed in public. They need each other for publicity sometimes but are loathe to ask for a favor from the other. Their solution? They actually charge each other to show up for photographs. This way the other person needs to be really sure they want the person to come along and is not just saying it. David Duchovny/Tea Leoni

#3 This Western Conference NBA star has moved out of the family home and is living in a hotel. Kobe Bryant

One Power-Penetrated Blind Vice: Okay, really sorry to keep it up (pardon the penile pun) on this Harkness Hose dude, but I declare, he’s turning out to be another Toothy Tile—only the straight kind! See, while the world breathlessly coos and oohs over H2’s latest hookup with the very regal Princess Gold-Zinger, Harkness lurks the E-zones of lonely, horny women. That’s right: He hooks up, via online, with gals other than PGZ. But, ‘course, I said that already. It’s just that I have a little additional icky info on the back-door sex H.H. lives to talk his normally hesitant honeys into. Yes, yes, yes, even though I’m hearing from heaps o’ gals who prefer the alternative-nooky route (should I publish these communications next week, or would that just make everybody, including my très conservative editor, Stevie R, wanna throw up?), not all gals are so game. And what, exactly, does Mr. Hose do to get his ladies in the mood for the rather painful procedure? Roses and champagne? A million little kisses to every nether region—and not—of his partner’s bod? Sex-ay dirty talk in her ear, along with a little lobe-nibbling? Nah, nothing so amorous. The answer’s far more mechanical, not at all romantic. H2 has them use a battery-operated vibrator on themselves first. Doesn’t even offer to assist in the dirty deed. Men. If they weren’t so damn handy when ya need a good sausage dinner, I’d say to hell with the lot of ’em. AND IT AIN’T Brad Pitt; David Arquette; Matthew Perry
Dax Sheperd

This black actress continues her downward spiral into severe drug addiction. First, it was the suicide attempt, the hospitalization in a mental ward and now this. Her reps manage to keep her scandals out of the press and mainstream media has no interest. She was once offered $30,000 per week ($120,000 per month) pertaining to work but her devastating crack and meth habit prevented her from reaching this goal. On the first day, she showed up, agitated, twitching and high. She and her male friend, who is also a crack addict spend all of their time in South Central crack houses. When they escape into the daylight, they are either trying to borrow money from family members or they're recycling cans. They both resemble walking corpses. The male companion got "turned out" in jail and he has traded sex for rock. Our actress has also traded sexual favors for drugs, and I would imagine, some of these encounters involved unsafe sex. Could this be the same actress Wendy Williams was talking about when she mentioned a black actress who was passed over to portray her in an upcoming biopic because of her drug addiction? Robin Givens was the second choice for the role. Hints: This actress has "never" appeared on a television series and she is extremely popular in the black community.
Nona Gaye (Marvin's daughter) & Chico Debarge (Male Companion)

#1 This always seems so perfect A list film actress shocked everyone a few weeks ago. It seems that our princess (not Anne Hathaway so don't even start) had three or four friends in her trailer on a set and they saw some lines laid out on a table by the couch. The actress then sat down as if nothing was unusual and did all four lines. There has never even been a whisper of drugs in her past.
Natalie Portman; Scarlett Johansson

#2 Everyone has their own clothing line, perfume or water and it seems like any celebrity of any stature can get one if they put their mind to it. (Something to look into Ms. Pompeo) However this B list television actress on a popular network show who thinks she's A list but has the class of D list has gone from company to company and has been turned down repeatedly because contrary to the opinion she holds of herself, the companies all feel that anything she promotes would be a loser. When the product does inevitably bomb they also know that she would never take any of the blame, but blame everything on the company involved in the project with her. Eva Longoria; Paula Abdul

#3 That NBA star from yesterday's blind item who is living in a hotel now made a little call last night and hired two women for some adult entertainment. When they showed up and saw who it was, one of the women said she would f**k almost anyone but wouldn't f**k him and walked out. The other one stayed. Kobe Bryant

#4 Ever wonder why this FHM regular, and B list film and television star is never photographed with a boyfriend? Well it turns out she's playing for the same team. She refuses to come out publicly, but also won't stoop to having a beard. Carmen Electra

117. NY DAILY NEWS 08/12
Which married NBA great was spotted at the Plumm grooving to a pop hit by a singer with whom it was widely rumored he had an affair?
Steven Nash/Nellie Fertado

--This black singer was known as a male slut but he got so strung out on substances, he simply didn't care where the sex came from. Before he died, he was being serviced by a pre-op Asian transsexual who looked exactly like an attractive woman. "She" was also known for "her" 10' endowment. Shockingly, the singer was allegedly the "bottom."
Rick James; James Brown

--This hip-hop lesbian is down for her role as the "man" in her relationships. She tells her friends, "I put my mack down in and outta bed." This skirt chaser is also known to raid escort agencies for pretty girls. She brings the sex toys to use and is known to freak out if escorts suggest using the gadgets on her (fear of penetration). The escorts add: You also have to call her "Big Daddy" throughout the encounter or she gets very angry, won't tip and won't request you again. Missy Elliott

This A list film actress from a top ten grossing film this year is gorgeous but dumb as rocks and also dangerous. While in a foreign country promoting one of her most recent films, this actress encountered a man who was trying to be friendly but was having a hard time making himself understood because of the noise in the room and his poor English. Our actress turned to her publicist right as the noise level dropped and said, "Who the hell is this asshole and how come he can't speak English?" The publicist replied, "This is ______, and he is the President of this country." The actress then said, "but how come he doesn't speak English? Doesn't everyone speak English?" This actress earned over $15M in 2006 and will earn more than that this year. Great role model huh?
Cameron Diaz

1. This guy wants to be famous and in a way he is. He’s just forgettable. Despite having a famous sister, former superstar girlfriends and a sex tape, he’s still not on the A-list. He tries so hard, but no one cares about his fake celebrity.
Ray J

3. This Superstar has no luck with women. They wind up with his money (via divorce and child support) and wind up giving it to men who are scam artists. One wonders what is more upsetting: losing the women or knowing his money is going to trifling men. Eddie Murphy

121. AOL Blackvoice’s Jawn Murray 08/14
This R&B starlet is not winning any new fans with her apparent nasty attitude. The once-charming and former sweet entertainer is developing a reputation with promoters, former stylists and hometown associates for being "a real b#%*@," as one person who was once close to the star put it. A publicist recently working with the singer even quit because of her attitude. Ciara

122. 3 A.M. GIRLS GIRLS 08/14
Which high-profile model was snorting coke at the weekend? She swears she's clean but we know different.
Kate Moss; Naomi Campbell

#1. Which Spice Girl has a baby daddy confusion between two known celebrity males?
Geri Halliwell and Robbie Williams or Aiden Turner

#2. Which LATIN heartthrob will be outed 'officially' very soon by someone who has nude pictures of he and other men in a bed nude? Ricky Martin

#3. What other lesser named actor from a movie with a plane will be outed by me next week???

Ever hear of the Trojan Horse? No, not Trojan condoms, although please do always wear protection. Ever wonder how someone could get so much information without actually being there to see it or hear it personally? Ever wonder if maybe one person who is sleeping with someone who has all the inside information. Fall outs and fall backs.

The truth is finally seeping out regarding the behavioral problems of a very famous black TV actress. This actress is the "black Britney Spears/Lindsay Lohan" in terms of bizarre and egotistical behavior offscreen. She is a terror to work with, she experiences unprovoked rages, she screams and belittles her castmates on a constant basis and she drowns her sorrows in alcohol. She is a raving lunatic but her image handlers and the network cover up her mishaps. Her offscreen attitude prevents her from having friends, that's why she's never photographed with friends. She's an out of control-snooty diva! But she's tolerated because everyone around her benefits financially. To the public, she appears to be a sweet, kind and gentle soul.
Raven Simone

126. PEREZ HILTON 08/15
What recently fired celebrity assistant is backstabbing her former employer? The conniving former employee had a hand in selling and profiting from certain pictures that ran in celebrity magazines worldwide last week. The fired ASSistant, who signed a confidentiality agreement, is also talking ("anonymously") to the tabs this week too. What a slag!
Britney's former assistant, Shannon Funk

127. NY POST/PAGE SIX 08/16
1. WHICH suave Latino actor has been tempting sociable cocktail waitresses to act out his sultry movie role scenes in the bathroom of a certain downtown hot spot?
Benicio Del Toro

2. WHICH "fauxcialite" has tongues wagging that her longtime boyfriend prefers men? She was overheard avoiding questions about their sex life at a Hamptons party, while he was spotted checking out guys. David Lauren (designer Ralph Lauren's son) and Lauren Bush (President's niece); Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt "The Hills"

One Comeback-Cliché Blind Vice: Sylvester Slimeball was a household name years ago when he was a major posh pooh-ba on a long-running boob-tube series. Boyfriend hasn’t done anything really big (well, certainly not as big as the man’s equipment down below happens to be) until now. See, Sylvester’s coming to an entertainment enterprise near you...how exciting! I’m simply thrilled, and you will be, too, I’m sure! And now that S2’s a hot commodity again in ever-fickle Hollywood, S.S. has supposedly become quite the lothario—again. I mean, you know how a schmuck’s sleaze scale rises and falls along with his pro-meter, doncha? Men are always so predictable that way. Now, Sly (no relation to Sly Stallone, promise) has been hitting on the hot young thangs who toil at his agency’s office and asking them out, despite the fact that S.S. is very much hitched, with tykes, to boot. Oh, please. Make me barf, already. You straights are even more indiscriminate than we fagolas are, and we can certainly be Slutty Sallys, fer sure! Now, a little flirting never hurt anyone, but Sly Slime-B totally crossed the line with his recent bad-boy behavior, as Mr. Es actually showed up, unannounced and uninvited, to an assistant’s house—after working hours, natch. Dirty deets be that S.S. was carrying flowers and begged said worker bee to go on a "date" with him. When the horrified hon pointed out the much older S.S. was friggin’ married, his reply was too Tinseltown typical: "It’s just for show," he swore, "like all the Hollywood marriages." Nice. AND IT AIN’T: Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Denzel Washington
David Duchovny

After leaving court this morning I saw they were filming a television show and so I stopped to watch and take some pics with my crap cell phone camera. Actually it takes good pics but you have to be closer than I was allowed to be. Also of course as with some of the DS photos I took, my finger always seems to find its way into the photo. The finger is just so fat it gets in the way. Anyway, the subject of this blind item is in all the pictures. The reason why I have gathered you here today are the umbrellas you can see in the third photo. Two guys each with an umbrella. Their job was to rush out in between takes and shade our former B+ film star and always a hit with the ladies, or at least he likes to think so. Our actor along with almost everyone else in the scene is wearing business attire. Today is hot in LA and everyone looked miserable but what can you do? Our actor on the other hand wanted his umbrellas immediately after each take. This is how it went.
Director - Cut
Actor - Umbrellas where are the umbrellas?
Enter two guys with the largest umbrellas you have seen
Actor - That's just not fast enough guys. I need those umbrellas quicker
Director - Action
Director - Cut
Actor - Where the hell are those umbrellas? I want to see you guys running out here.
Director - Action
Director - Cut
Actor - Dammit didn't anyone tell you how to open an umbrella. Yes, you got out here faster, but you need to have that thing open or get it open within seconds. It's burning up out here.
Of course all the other people in the scene didn't get to move at all except back to their original positions which were all exposed to the hot sun.
FOR PHOTOS: http://tinyurl.com/3ar9w5

James Woods "Shark"

130. HOLY MOLY 08/17
1. An ex-girlfriend of this half of a British comedy duo has revealed that the star had one particular bedroom kink. Whenever he was a 'bad boy' he liked to be rogered up the backside with a large black dildo.
David Walliams

2. Which curly-haired Scouse pop maestro is shaking in his pointy boots every time the doorbell rings? But then that's the kind of grief you have to put up with if you're been caught shagging an underage girl. John Power  of The La's

About 18 months ago, when the site was down for maintenance, we leaked some disturbing information to Wendy Williams. Rewind: An aspiring black actress (not well known) attended the party of a white actress-who appeared on one of the most successful shows of all-time-but she wasn't on every episode. When the aspiring black actress was leaving the party, the white actress encouraged her to accept a ride with her male friend. When she got in the limousine, she realized that two more men were in the back seat, before she could get out, the car took off. In the next few hours, a brutal gang rape occurred. Afterwards, they dumped the black actress out on the side of the road. She had to have reconstructive surgery on her face. When this incident was reported to the police, the party guests were advised by the white actress to stonewall the cops. It's surprising they weren't charged with obstruction of justice. To this day, the suspects identities are unknown but this story was picked up by black radio and appeared on one black message board, for a day, then it disappeared because details were so murky and no one was talking (wall of silence). One tabloid even hit a roadblock. It appears, the case wasn't worked hard because the victim wasn't well known. Fast Forward: The white actress, who was suppose to be the black actress' friend, was recently overheard saying, "She brought it on herself, why else would a white man have sex with a black woman?" This comment is not surprising because I hear this same white actress only hangs out with black women because she doesn't consider them threatening. And, she tells her white friends, 'whenever I date black men,' it's because I'm between acting jobs and I need my bills paid. She was allegedly, once involved with a former black professional athlete, Hint: Imus. They broke up after he was informed-she hired a private investigator to check the balances in his bank accounts. This same white actress use to hire starving college students to pose as fans and pester her for autographs when she entered nightclubs. To increase her popularity among the paparazzi. It was even rumored, that she once hired a "fake stalker" to grab headlines. Now, we're hearing, she's discreetly dating a former NBA 'black' pretty boy.
white actress: Angelica Bridges
black actresss: Cristina Balmores
former black professional athlete: Charles Barkley
NBA "black" pretty boy: Rick Fox

#1 In front of Yamashiro last night, this female singer who was wearing even less than in her music videos was doing everything but taking off the rest of her clothes in order to get a music producer to take her for a "ride" in his brand new red Bentley. Her approach consisted of much bending over (clearly showing what she was bringing to the party), using two fingers and her tongue to suck on a mint, and clearly explaining how important fresh breath was in her life. Her fellow female band member looked really uncomfortable and the producer ultimately turned down the offer. The two singers left in a very cheap rental car but not before they stiffed the valet. When the singer's was asked by her fellow band member why she wasn't tipping the valet, the singer was heard saying, "looking at my body should be tip enough."
ADDENDUM: When I saw this happen, I mis-identified the singer wearing almost nothing. The singer wearing almost nothing looks a great deal like the assumed leader of the group, and from 30 feet away at night, I thought it was the assumed leader, but is in fact the person probably considered 2nd in the group heirarchy. Also, the producer is white, not black as has been guessed. Shannon Bex/JR Rotem

#2 This former A list action star was recently out in public and no one was paying any attention to him. He whispered something to his son, who then shouted out, "look, it's ______." Soon there was a crowd around the fading star but he claimed he was too busy for any autographs. Sylvester Stallone

#3 This B list film actor used to be famous for who he was with and now just can't get any respect. Recently he tried to get into a nightclub by moving to the front of the line. Neither doorman recognized him and was told go to the end of the line. He then pulled out his cell and called some of his friends inside the club to come get him in. After explaining for 15 minutes who he was there was still no entry. Then one of the friends mentioned the ex and the doormen opened the ropes immediately. Ryan Phillippe

#4 This A list director was at a recent after-party for his new film's premiere when his wife got a little crazy and started screaming and shouting at friends and strangers. She then got up on a table and started taking off her dress before her husband managed to get her down. The next morning she was put into rehab. Judd Apatow/Leslie Mann

133. PEREZ HILTON 08/19
What well-known music mogul (in his 70s) is secretly gay??? The record label honcho, who got into a big fight with one of his idolized starlets this year, has been married and has like four kids….plus a boyfriend on the side. This comes from an impeccable source very close to him. We had no idea!
Clive Davis/starlet: Kelly Clarkson

Nobody knew who Mr. Nice Guy was until he married a very famous celebrity. She adored his good manners and sweet disposition. He was manly and sensitive and even loved to dance. But the marriage imploded and since his A-list wife left him he hasn't had much luck with the ladies. Even though he's famous and has money now. Why? Because what he really needs in an implant. He's a big boy who's tiny in all the wrong places - a prime candidate for "enhancement." Girls who've gone home with him seldom come back for seconds.
Cris Judd

135. NY POST/PAGE SIX 08/20
WHICH Oscar-winning actor has his friends worried? His career's gone downhill since getting the gold statue and his drinking has increased tenfold. Now, he doesn't even try to hide his public drunkenness or his affairs.
Cuba Gooding Jr.

This gorgeous black actor was having an affair with a very pretty black actress (B-actress). Both of them are well known and extremely popular. The actor's wife found out because he was flaunting his famous mistress. He openly took her to events and outdoor musical festivals. When word got back to his wife, she filed for divorce. The actor ended the affair and went back to his wife. He eventually wore down her resistance and she stopped divorce proceedings. Now, we have been informed, the affair has started back up again, this time, the forbidden lovers are more careful and more discreet. 2 Hints: It's not Boris Kodjoe and "chocolate." Denzel Washington and Sanaa Lathan

137. BILLY MASTERS 08/20
Could it be that a certain reality star is making subtle inquiries into the world of gay porn? We hear that this relative newbie has let it be known that he's available for a price - but only if he's dubbed "gay for pay." This might not be so bad if he weren't such a bottom. Of course, people would certainly line up to watch him slip on a pigskin before squealing. "Kaipa se ois ihan ookoo jo laittaisit mua äässiin!"
Nick Starcevic of "Big Brother 8"

138. STAR MAGAZINE 08/20
What singer and her crooner boyfriend found a special way to relax on the set of their movie? Folks who saw them filming on a tropical isle are whispering that the sand wasn't the only white powder around!

This A list television actor has been a star of a hit prime time drama for a few years now. The last thing he needed were reports of his drug use getting out. When he was recently caught up in a drug buying sting, he agreed to do anything to keep his name out of the headlines. So, over the past week, this actor has been calling all his drug contacts and dealers and setting up meets with them. He has been wired for sound and there is a camera installed in his car. Four times this past week he has made a buy of drugs from dealers he has done business with in the past. He makes the buy and when the dealer gets about a block away, the cops have been pulling them over and arresting them. Our actor is going to stay out of jail and the headlines, but when the dealers put this all together, our actor may have wished he had just been arrested and embarrassed rather than possibly killed.

Keifer Sutherland

140. AOL Blackvoice’s Jawn Murray 08/20
Who brings their mistress to church? This athlete did! Sources at a Bay Area church in California were shocked when said jock came into the sanctuary with his also-married mistress, whom he's had a longtime love affair. Apparently said sports star has a family relative who is a minister at the church, and he and his lady love went to meet in the minister's office. Maybe they went to have prayer? IS IT: Michael Jordan; Gary Payton or Keyshawn Johnson

Which TV bigwig's daughter recently commandeered the family beach house for a weekend-long orgy of psychedelic drugs?

Which druggy young actress, who commands in the solid seven figures per role, is infamous for pocketing the rolled-up bills of her pals after snorting cocaine?
Lindsay Lohan

This fairly recently divorced B list actor/actress couple had a fairly long separation because there were a few issues that needed to be ironed out before the divorce could be finalized. The first was a confidentiality agreement for both sides. For her part she had to agree not to share any details of his abusive behavior or ever imply or indicate that it was a factor in their divorce. For him, he had to sign an agreement which promised to never reveal who he caught her in bed with (A/B list actress with A list name recognition) and under what circumstances (someone watching). The main sticking point to the negotiations was which story was worth more or would damage a career more. Eventually the actress and her A list bed companion coughed up about $1M with the majority of that amount coming from the A lister. I wish I had more information on the person watching. I think I know who it was, but don't know for sure and so don't even want to make a blind until I'm confident.
B list actor/actress couple: Christina Applegate and Johnathon Schaech
A/B list actress with A list name recognition: Cameron Diaz
watcher: Justin Timberlake

144. NY DAILY NEWS 08/22
Which celebrity actress' Xanax prescription is often passed around in Los Angeles nightclubs by an equally famous younger actress, who's friends with her daughter?

celebrity actress: Demi Moore
daughter: Rumer Willis
famous younger actress: Hayden Panettiere

This aging black actress still has a thing for actor Leonardo DiCaprio. Despite being older, she has been trying to get close to him for the last few years. They have crossed paths at several Hollywood functions, he acts as if she doesn't exist. When she heard he liked hip-hop, she thought this was a sign for her to make another move. She told a mutual friend that she found him attractive, and could the friend please relay the message. It's not known rather the friend did or didn't but what is known, she got no response. This "cougar" has even attired herself in clothes appropriate for much younger women, trying to catch Leo's eye. When she attended a premiere-he was at, he ignored her, focusing all of his attention on his girlfriend, instead. Once again, the plan backfired. Hopefully, she will stop making a fool out of herself and give up this obsession.
Vivica A. Fox

#1 This married, used to be a part of something good, singer has been telling his celebrity wife that he's been working on a new album. In reality what he's been working on has a d**k between his legs even though he promised his wife he was done with that sort of thing. Gavin Rossdale/Gwen Stefani

#2 So what do you do when you have two very good looking B list television actors on a top 15ish prime time network show and they both are head over heels in love with their female co-star? Well, what they tried, and what ended up happening are two different things. The end result is these two men and their co-star all live in the same house and share the same bed no matter the combination staying there that night.

This Oscar winning Actor has turned out to be a major disappointment. He cheats on his wife all the time and his drinking is out of control. After a promising film start and an Oscar, he has starred in one flop after another. Can his career be saved or will he destroy himself with his reckless behavior?
Cuba Cooding Jr.

148. NY DAILY NEWS 08/23
Which Oscar-winning actor was recently spotted enjoying a summer cocktail with a male friend at the very gay Ramrod Club in Mykonos?
Kevin Spacey

#1 This Academy Award nominee for Best Supporting Actress is homeless. Sort of. She bought a house about six months ago and used up all her savings on the down payment. On her very first night there she woke up when she heard loud banging from all throughout the house. Needless to say she was freaked out and went to a friend's house for the rest of the night. Since that night, she hasn't been back, has been unable to sell the house and doesn't have enough money for a hotel room each night of the kind to which she's accustomed. Therefore she's been crashing at different people's homes and taking any job she can find so she can stay in a hotel and have them pay for it.
Rinko Kikuchi

#2 This B list television/film actress with A list name recognition recently posed nude for a men's magazine. She told her friends and family in advance so they wouldn't be shocked when they heard from someone else. It was something unexpected and it took all her courage to do the shoot and to tell her family. Well, it turns out the shoot turned out so bad that the magazine isn't going to use it all. Even with the wonders of photoshopping her face just didn't seem in sync with her body. The magazine did consider adding her face to a different body, but then would have had to put back in a very famous mark the actress has on her body. It was too much effort, so they gave up. The actress is crushed because everyone knows she posed naked and now she is telling them that she changed her mind and decided not to go through with it rather than the truth. Rachel McAdams

One Off-Key Blind Vice: Mercurial Manfred’s quite the entertainer. All the the social boys 'n' girls live for the multitalented dude’s in-demand party offerings (and I don’t just mean the pretty dudes M.M.’s known for bringing along—hmmm, wonder if that’s been a very expensive endeavor on Mr. M’s part?). But not only does Manny know how to sex up a Hollywood do, he knows how to croon for his supper, too! And most folks—more so in the Kathy Hilton set, not the fried-to-the-hilt Paris scene—who invite M2 are only too ecstatic to get the guy, after great cajoling, to finally agree to belt out a song or...16, as it sometimes turns out to be. I mean, it’s not everybody who gets Mercurial Manfred to perform at their private dos. But honey-pies, gotta tell ya: These lucky hosts don’t feel so damn fortunate once they receive a little thank-you note, always beautifully written and composed, from M.M. the following ayem. 'Cause along with the lined note is always one very nasty little something: A turd, you wonder? Or a guide for better party giving, perhaps? No. Worse: a bill. Usually to the tune of several thousand smackers. Good thing more than a few (select) folks are saying good riddance ‘bout M.M. these days, wonder why? AND IT AIN’T: Ricky Martin, Mandy Patinkin, Joey Fatone

151. NY POST 08/24
--WHICH rapper - and it's not Diddy - has exaggerated his hardscrabble childhood to help build his reputation? In fact, he had a middle-class upbringing and his mom wasn't as bad as he rhymes.

--WHICH network executive tries too hard to prove he's straight? He makes a show of chasing skirts in the United States, but when he goes to Europe, his preferences are decidedly more masculine.

This black actor really tries to have swagger, not only does he fail at his attempt. He also fails in the sack. Women are complaining, he is soooo under endowed that it's laughable. When he strips down to his underwear, there is practically no outline of a bulge. His nickname behind his back among women is: 'Not working with much.' Women consider him blessed in certain areas but he is cursed in regard to his manhood. He also has problems outside the sack. He has a bad habit of referring to his race as "they," especially among white people. He really is a Uncle Tom and when he appears in a black movie, he acts as if he's doing everyone a favor. His arrogance is pathetic and he always thinks he's the smartest man in the room among blacks. On black movie sets, he stays in his trailer unless he's in a scene. On white movie sets, you can't shut him up, he tries so hard to please and he's very sociable. The "lack of lovemaking-under endowed' rumors got back to him. Now, he has a complex and sleeps with a new batch of girls but now he only has sex with the lights off.
Terrence Howard

153. 3 A.M. GIRLS 08/24
Which fruity "IT girl" is not quite the celeb she thinks she is? The rocker's daughter ran down Regent Street, London, thinking paparazzi were after her, when they went past chasing a Z-list reality star.
Peaches Geldof

#1 This drug free celebutante was spotted doing lines of coke last night. Paris Hilton; Rumer Willis

#2 This female, who is a former A list television star and B list film actress had to have her stomach pumped a few months ago because she ate a brownie laced with more than the pot she thought was in it. Turns out some friends of friends brought the special brownies, while she thought she was eating brownies prepared by friends. It happened after all the guests had left, but the hosts were still there. She started freaking out within 10-15 minutes, and then collapsed. A private doctor at the resort was called in and her stomach pumped. Mischa Barton

#3 This B list television actress on a network show was told by her doctor recently that anymore plastic surgery would leave her unable to perform many facial expressions. She is holding off until she decides whether being a great actress or looking 10 years younger is better. Well, she isn't that great of an actress, so might as well go for the looks I say. Teri Hatcher

#4 This B list film actor's assistant forgot to bring the actor's special shoes for a recent photo call which forced the actor to wear regular shoes and be 4 inches shorter than normal. After the 4th comment, our actor decided to remain sitting for the entire photo call. Not Sly Stallone. Think younger, but also think someone who used to be A list. Tom Cruise (this was his Lions For Lambs/Valkyrie/fighting with Redstone phase and very unliked. I would have used a different description today)

155. NY DAILY NEWS 08/26
Which fashion designer has been known to take mass-produced garments and sew her own label over them in order to keep stock in her trendy boutique?

156. NY POST 08/27
WHICH political candidate enjoys visiting New York because he has a girlfriend who lives downtown? The pol tells her he'll marry her when his current wife is out of the picture.
John Edwards

157. BILLY MASTERS 08/27
Could it be that a certain star of yesteryear has fallen on bad times and can't get up? So say people close to the once fetching fella who tell me that he's actually renting himself out for parties. Don't get any ideas - these are not of a sordid nature. But for a mere $5K, you too could have a legendary lad at your dinner table, regaling your guests with bon mots from Tinseltown's golden age. The sad thing is, there aren't many takers. And those who have paid up are not happy. He drinks himself into a stupor and dozes off. Sounds like many of his film performances!
George Hamilton

158. Jawn Murray, AOL Black Voices 08/27
What inspirational R&B star recently took her children to Disney World, but wouldn't allow them to meet Mickey Mouse because of her unctuous fear of the Disney characters in costume. Said singer spent nearly a week at the Orlando-based theme park and apparently made up countless excuses for not taking her children to areas of the park where Mickey and his cohorts dwell so that she wouldn't have an encounter with the characters. Kelly Price; Coko of SWV

This complexed black singer has issues. He's physically and mentally abusive. In the past, he beat his wife and mistresses on a regular basis. After people encounter him on video sets, they always comment, 'he has a dry personality and darkness about him.' Despite success and wealth, he never seems happy. Always agitated and aloof. People have tried to categorize him as gay or bi. Although he's straight he likes to tease and play games with gays. One incident in particular stands out. A male escort who was attending a industry party got the singer's attention from across the room, they went to a secluded spot off party grounds. Suddenly, without warning, the singer punched him and yelled a gay epithet at him. He then went in his pocket and flung a roll of hundreds at him. The escort took the money and didn't sue. This man is strange to say the least. His preference is Asian women because he's a control freak. He also has to be reminded how great he is on a constant basis. Hint: Some consider him a crooner.
Brian McKnight

About two years ago, this A list director known almost as much for the number of women he f**ks as for his directing, decided to keep an electronic journal/blackbook of the women he had been with, wanted to be with and only heard about. It included their names, reputation, if they were good in bed, if they were bi, if they would have sex to get a role, anything and everything was included. One day he shared his journal with another A list director friend who also has a reputation and that director started adding all of his info as well and where the women overlapped, both reports were included. The two directors decided they wanted to be able to share their information with friends, other directors, and producers and so created an invitation only blog which now has several hundred entries and has been updated as recently as last week. It's like a wiki sex book but these two directors are the only ones who can edit the information or add anything. The only reports that are added are those of the 15 or so people who have access to the site and have had first hand knowledge of the women. No secondhand or rumors are allowed. No actors are allowed access to the site, and no married men either. If one of the 15 gets married or starts living with someone, the password is changed.
Brett Ratner/Michael Bay (The book still exists and is still updated, many times each week.)

161. NY DAILY NEWS 08/28
Which adult video star is bragging he has pix of a certain hip-hop big asleep in bed after a tryst?

porn star: Ty Lattimore
hip-hop big:

162. 3 A.M. GIRLS 08/28
#1 Which star threw a hissy fit when she and her pals were refused entry to the VIP area at a recent festival? The brat got trashed on the field instead and had to be carried home...
Lily Allen

#2 Which actor who's dating a Hollywood actress punched a photographer who tried to snap his missus? Liev Schrieber

#3 Which popstar wants to dump his PA after almost missing his best mate's wedding? The dozy girl forgot to make the travel arrangements - he now only keeps her on for sex...

This B list actress who I enjoy saying bad things about broke up with her recent non actor boyfriend after finding him in a married, female co-star's trailer on a couch, laying down, with hands in very not innocent places. Of course you only heard the kind and wonderful things about them when they were dating, and then poof, nothing when he cheats on her with a co-star.

164. MICHAEL MUSTO 08/28
1. Which Tony nominee was actually relieved that he lost to that other Tony nominee rather than a third one he has an intense rivalry with? Raul Esparza, whose rival is Michael Cerveris. They both lost to David Hyde Pierce.

2. What movie star is a little less congenial—in fact, she's a demanding diva— now that her A-list status is a bit tarnished by the aging process Hollywood so despises? Sandra Bullock

3. What much younger actress—a TV star—mysteriously left a bedpan filled with pee-pee in her apartment, as the guy who took over the place found out to his distaste?

4. What French legend looks so damned good because she supposedly has a gold mesh wire implanted in her face to keep it all trés tight? Catherine Denueve

5. What wacky singer flinches when asked if she feels she's influenced a current superstar? (She feels the superstar can't really sing and therefore the question is kinda insulting.) Stevie Nicks (superstar Lindsay Lohan)

6. Which old-time movie star—a perennial screen virgin—actually slept with all her male co-stars except the two gay ones and the morally upright one? June Allyson

7. What sinewy guy spoke at that closeted gay's funeral, fueling rumors that the dead gay was a generous supporter of the sinewy guy when he started out? Merv Griffin/Arnold Schwarzenegger

8. Which soap star doesn't gain an ounce mainly because her husband threatens extra sadism if she does so? Melody Thomas Scott

9. What rapper with children can never help cruising the cute guys, boring into them with his eyes in between boring us with his attitude?

10. What actress who's played a trannie bristles when asked about her size-11 feet? Famke Jannsen (played a transsexual on "Nip/Tuck")

165. NY POST 08/29
1. WHICH wealthy bachelor who was living at the Peninsula got a pretty concierge at the hotel fired when her bosses found out they were having an affair? He took his business across the street to the St. Regis, where they continued their trysts.

2. WHICH famous lady is going to be asked for a substantial financial contribution by the hospital where she recently had major surgery? Or maybe the administrators will settle for her hosting a fund-raiser. Martha Stewart

166. NY DAILY NEWS 08/29
Which international sex symbol had to return to her own country to terminate a pregnancy that was the result of a brief fling with a U.S. hip-hop titan?
Sienna Miller/P. Diddy

A lot of hip hop wives and girlfriends tolerate infidelity from their famous spouses but this young lady takes tolerance to a whole new level. I don't know if her tolerance is her philosophy or comes from her upbringing or a combination of both. Last year, we were informed that she accepts her husband's constant cheating and she tells female friends, 'ignore what your man does, because men have different needs compared to women. A woman is content with one man throughout her life span but a man needs to be with several different women throughout his span to feel complete and I accept that." "Keep your family together, no matter what he does." Sadly, this same woman helped her straying spouse pick out names for the two children he has outside their marriage. If that's not enough, rumors are circulating that she critiques sex tapes he has with other women, giving him tips on how to become a better lover to these women. He loves the situation of having his cake and eating it too. His buddies, jokingly, want to clone his wife. No wonder, he's often quoted as saying, "I WILL NEVER LEAVE MY WIFE."

I don't remember the first time I met JJ. It just seemed like from the first day I started at my first position he was there. It seems like he has always said he is retired, but at the same time it seems like he always has a piece of every project. JJ is pushing 90 if he isn't there already. He started in the business when he was a kid doing gofer work and his career rise has matched the rise of films through their infancy all the way to the present day. He knows everyone and for those few people he doesn't know, they certainly know him. I've always told him he needs to write a book about his life and times and let future generations have an insight into his life and what he has seen. I get the feeling he has, although he hasn't ever confirmed it. Maybe he is waiting to publish it after he dies. I don't know. With what I do now I don't come into contact with JJ much anymore on a professional basis but I always stay in touch on a personal basis. Every other month or so we get together for brunch and I get entertained for a few hours. I'm not sure what JJ gets out of it except for some company and some free food. Somehow I think I'm getting the better part of the deal. This past Sunday the conversation turned towards an event he had hinted at previously, but had never really finished the story and I took the opportunity this time to get the answers I wanted. All I will say about these events are they happened within the past 50 years and only about ten people know the whole story. Timmy was a gay man at a time when gay men were treated miserably, not only in Hollywood but in the rest of the country as well. Timmy's homosexuality was compounded by the fact that he was very slightly built, had very pale features and a skin condition that prevented much hair growth on his body. What Timmy had going for him was a personality that wouldn't quit and a way of capturing an audience whether one person, five hundred or through film that was unlike anything most people had seen previously. Timmy grew up in the Northeast in a small town where he really and truly didn't fit in. At some point he knew he wanted to be an actor and began performing in theatres across the country. He would stick in a city long enough to work in some plays and shows and then move on when he heard of another opportunity in a bigger town or for more money somewhere else. Each of these moves pushed him further and further west to his ultimate destination in Hollywood. When he first arrived in LA, the studio system was still going strong and most performers were tied to a studio for many years. They would often work on several films simultaneously and often share accommodations with other performers of the same level who also worked at the same studio. Timmy worked often, but nothing more than a few lines here or there and spent a great deal of time in the "chorus" sections of musicals which were still fairly popular. To supplement his income Timmy began performing in local theatre productions. One night the lead actress was unable to perform and there was no understudy. A sold out audience was going to be sent home unless something was done. Enter Timmy. With the audience none the wiser, Timmy performed the entire two hour show as the lead actress and received a standing ovation. He was brilliant and there was even a review in the paper which talked about this understudy who was even better than the regular actress. As good as Timmy was, it was only for one night, and he went back to his regular role the next night. Timmy was excited about the possibilities the night before had held though and the response he received was never far from his mind. After another year working at the studio without getting much further than bit parts, Timmy decided to do something which would put him in the spotlight. When his studio contract ended he basically reversed his original trek to LA and began performing in small town theatres again, but this time as a woman. Timmy traveled and did the theatre route for almost two years while building up a resume and a background for his new persona. When he finally felt as if he had it down, Timmy returned to Hollywood. This time as a woman. From his very first screen test as a woman, Timmy was destined to become a star. Timmy was initially given meaty supporting roles and moved into an apartment with two other women who worked at the studio. One of those women was JJ's wife. There was just no way for Timmy to keep his masculinity a secret in such close quarters and so the two women became Timmy's confidantes and helped him whenever possible. Over the next two years, Timmy worked steadily as a woman and kept getting better and better roles. He was very rarely the lead, but in memorable role he was cast as the lead opposite a very closeted A list at the time actor who also remained single for his entire life. The two began a relationship which was always kept quiet but lasted for many years. Shortly after Timmy was cast as the lead, he was cast in another role which is the subject of the blind. Timmy was incredible in this role and whether his acting was as a result of his new found love or as a result of just the right part at the right time, Hollywood took notice and so did the critics. During award season, Timmy began winning regularly for his role. I want to make it perfectly clear that none of these organizations knew Timmy was actually a man when they were honoring him with awards as an actress. This award season was a blessing because it honored Timmy for his work, but at the same time the increased publicity and probes into his background were causing a great deal of stress and Timmy began getting hives and breaking out as the stress of trying to maintain three different persona's. Timmy himself, Timmy the actress, and Timmy the gay man in a loving relationship with a closeted star. When it came to the very big award, the one with all the television viewers, Timmy won again. There he was, the woman who was really a gay man was being honored for being the Best Supporting Actress/Best Actress of the year. Its up to you to figure out which of the two he won. After the award season, Timmy thought the hives and his skin would go back to normal, but if anything they became worse. The severe outbreak he had been dealing with had altered his body to the point where it just wouldn't go back to normal. At that time there was no CGI, and makeup could only do so much. Timmy the award winning actress was having trouble finding work because of his condition and so he saw his career slowly work its way back down the ladder over the course of three or four years. Timmy considered trying to resume a film career as a man but the skin condition made that impossible because it would have been one hell of a coincidence that two people who looked remarkably alike had the same condition. What he could do though was return to the theatre, and he did so, as a man and worked as a man until his death from AIDS related complications. Sunday after brunch I went to Blockbuster and I rented the award winning film, and even knowing what I knew, when I watched it Sunday night it was almost impossible to tell. If you watch it carefully there is one giveaway which is a scar. It's not a big scar, but its evident in photos of the male Timmy which you can still find online in old cast photos and in the female version of Timmy as she acts her way to one of the biggest awards in films. Timmy as an actor and actress was in over 100 films and theatre productions from Topeka to Broadway, but this is about one role and one award.

Shimmy-Alice Brady
Timmy-Arthur Blake

This world renowned Singer is planning a comeback. Back in the 80’s, she was very popular, but she let bad personal decisions and relationships get in the way. A lot of people thought she was mentally unstable. Can she prove her doubters wrong, and be the Smooth Operator that made her famous.

Which repeat rehabber helps her hotel staffers earn extra points when they wait on her? The upscale hotels, who require staffers to earn points based on rooms they tend to, get three times the amount to pick up her panties, scores of condoms and tidy up the room after she trashes it.
Lindsay Lohan

Which struggling new glossy is so out of money that staffers are having to pay for photos on personal credit cards?

172. POPBITCH 08/30
1. This Hollywood heart-throb was abusing his Faculties this week in Hong Kong club Dragon I, where he enjoyed several lines of cocaine. Fellow clubbers said he was "very nice and chilled".
Josh Hartnett

2. You can take the factory out of the girl... but which star enjoyed Ibiza so much this week that they were asking every other clubber for pills? Sienna Miller

This B list film actor who is usually in very A list movies with at least two children has security cameras throughout the home. He claims they are strictly for security, but what he really enjoys doing is taping, and then editing videos of his kids friends when they come over to visit. He especially enjoys the sleepovers. Turns out he was having some problems with the camera system and when a technician came over to fix the system, there were several screen caps on the computer which had nothing to do with security and everything to do with our actor's "hobby." The security technician told the police, but it turns out that our actor only films the kids friends when they are clothed, he's not selling them, and consequently not doing anything illegal.

Introduction: It was rumored that one of Wesley Snipes former non-black girlfriends didn't have a problem when he had verbal interactions with white females but she often played interference when he spoke to black women, mainly African-American actresses at industry events. "BOTTOM MISTRESS" Another non-black female has the same problem regarding her black NBA husband. She openly has a problem when she observes him having a discussion with black females but behind his back she often tells her friends, 'I never have to worry about him creeping with black women, they don't hold his attraction.' This type of attitude makes her feel secure and better about herself. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your man may give the impression to you and the media that he has rarely dated black women and he doesn't have affairs with them BUT he is currently carrying on an affair with a stunning black woman out of state. He even put her through school and she has a high ranking six-figure position in her hometown. He tells his boys, "she's my bottom mistress." He even paraded her around during the All-Star game a few years ago and he openly held her hand in public. It's rumored that he has her on an allowance (although she doesn't need it) and in the past he gave her his black AMEX card to go shopping with on her birthday. He also bought her a customized Mercedes and he recently gifted her with Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdale credit cards. Infidelity is wrong but his wife needs to come out of her denial. Hint: You don't have to be a sports fan to know who the NBA player is. Kobe

175. HOLY MOLY 08/31
So, you're a woman on a business trip to New York. It's been a long day and you're unwinding over a few drinks in the hotel bar with your boss. The second your boss stands up to leave, his place is taken by a sweaty man with a terrible hairdo who looks vaguely familiar. You share a drink, then everything goes black. You wake up the following morning in your room, naked on the bed and with no idea how you got there or what happened. The only thing that you ARE sure of is that a sweaty, sex-obsessed Emmy Award-winning actor has slipped you a Micky Finn and taken full advantage of your helpless body.
Michael Richards

#1 This B- , oh hell let's call her C list, but not quite a D reality star with A- name recognition decided to surprise her similar boyfriend by showing up at the hotel he was staying at for the day during a photo shoot and finding him full on making out with another guy.
Heidi and Spencer from "The Hills"

#2 When leaving an LA restaurant on Wednesday night, this A list television actress on a very hit network show was stopped by the manager on her way out. Yes, she had paid, but what she had neglected to do was to fully replace the little plastic bag of white powder she had been using earlier. Half of it was sticking out because she had latched the purse closed before pushing it all the way back in. Jaime Pressly

#3 What comedian/actor/out of control mess was thrown out of a music video shoot because the band threatened to walk out if the actor was involved in the shoot in any form. Andy Dick/Nickleback

#4 Which two former A list actors have not spoken to each other in months because of a power struggle in an organization of which they are both members. Tom Cruise/John Travolta "Scientology"

177. LAINEY’S GOSSIP 08/31
Perfect young couple: beautiful and cute, comparable status, first colleagues now lovers trying to stay out of the spotlight. At first, she was charmed by his charm, thought that she had found someone less brooding than her last boyfriend, someone less complicated, with fewer issues. Problem is, the honeymoon phase is over, and as is often the case when dating all narcissistic whiney bitches, their life has become completely about him – what he wants to do, who he wants to see, and what he wants to use. It was cocaine last year – an addiction he managed to get under control rather quickly. But plagued by professional setbacks and self doubt, he started using recreationally again a few months ago, escalating now to the point where he has become surly and grumpy, alienating many of his own friends and isolating her from hers. Although she is not doing it with him, she is giving up her other relationships to be with him. Her once close group of girls has been pushed out of her life, she hardly sees them, she hardly calls, and she makes excuses when she’s with him, ignoring pleas from her confidantes to slow things down. Worse still, it’s beginning to affect her work. She has been loathe to accept offers without checking with him first… and his response? "But I want us to be together, baby". Apparently his cheese is as bad as his acting.
 Rachel Bilson/Hayden Christensen

Last updated: November 6, 2016